Girl at the Bar Update

Hey Everyone

Hope you all enjoyed Tiffany Wants a Nooner! It’s a nice slice-of-life vignette. Devil’s Pact Chapter 42 first edit is complete. There is some nice sex coming up: Mark and a MILF, Mark/MILF/MILF’s teen daughter, Sex on a Beach, and if your a fan of hermaphrodites Lilith reenters the story and fucks Lana/Chantelle. There’s also a shadow demon.

Working on the first arc of the Battered Lamp. Unlike the Devil’s Pact, which has a slow start, this one jumps into things a little faster. Antagonist show up earlier, but there’s plenty of hot sex. Kyle Unmei doesn’t know how fateful a decision it was to buy that battered lamp, but Aaliyah is going to change his life.

I finished Girl at the Bar today and it’s available for Pre-order from Smashwords. With this coupon FH58A, it’s $0.99 to purchase. This coupon is good until 05/21/14 and only for you guys. Everyone else has to pay full price. Or if you want to win a free copy, click here.

It will be available for purchase 04-21-14.

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P.S.: Aren’t these women lovely?


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2 thoughts on “Girl at the Bar Update

  1. dreamer1406

    Hi Caught up to your story The Devil’s pact. It’s so great i’m really really enjoying. Can’t wait to see what you write us later :). I just have one thing to say that is incorrect is your translations in spanish. I speak fluently spanish and french. So if you need some sentences translated just send me a mail and i ll be more than happy to give you a hand. Please keep up the great work. Thanks a lot again for the great story 🙂

    1. mypenname3000 Post author

      Thanks for the offer. I was just using what I found on the internet. I speak zero Spanish. Glad you like the story.


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