Misc. Stories

Hello. I’m just a guy who likes to write. And who enjoys dirty stories. So, I’ve decided to write my own. Hope you enjoy them and remember they all are fiction. Comments are welcomed at my_pen_name3000@hotmail.com. All stories copyrighted by me 2013-2015.

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Sequel to The Bimbo Treatment. Frank and ALice are gearing up to sell the bimbo formula, but a rival company, led by a power-hungry lesbian, wants the formula all to herself.

  • BimboTech 1: Bimbofied into a Lesbian Slutuploaded 10-31-16
    Story Codes:
    (MFF FF bodymod bimbo oral anal exhib)
    Description: Frank and Alice prepare to mass produce the bimbo formula, but a rival company has gotten wind and the female CEO wants the formula for herself.
  • BimboTech 2: Bimbo Wife & the Black Cockuploaded 11-09-16
    Story Codes:
    (MFF MF FF Fsolo oral bimbo cheat inter exhib public)
    Description: Two bimbo wives go shopping and a helpful Black man shows them how to check for ripe melons and hard cucumbers!
  • BimboTech 3: Bimbo Wife Gets Caughtuploaded 11-23-16
    Story Codes:
    (FFF MFF MF bimbo bodymod oral wife cheat toy exhib public)
    Description: Alice gets wild at the grocery store, but her antics get her in trouble and Frank will have to come to her rescue.
  • BimboTech 4: Bimbo Wife’s Special Assuploaded 12-09-16
    Story Codes:
    (MF MFF bimbo bodymod voy oral spank exhib wife cheat anal A2M)
    Description: Frank convinces a married bimbo that her ass is special and every man, but her husband, has to fuck it while Ms. Savage seeks out a powerful ally to stop Frank and the bimbo serum.
  • BimboTech 5: Bimbo Wives’ Orgyuploaded 12-26-16
    Story Codes:
    (FF FFF MF MFFFFF bimbo wife anal rimming toy oral voy exhib)
    Description: Frank bribes the Director of the FDA with five hot, busty bimbos to get his support to bring the Bimbo Serum to market.
  • BimboTech 6: Cum-Hungry Bimbo Wivesuploaded 01-03-17
    Story Codes:
    (MF MFF Fsolo bimbo voy oral wife swing exhib bondage toy)
    Description: Frank swaps bimbo wives with his investors while watching the FDA Director fuck his wife, ensuring Frank’s bimbo serum would have the government’s approval.
  • BimboTech 7: Bimbo Pussy Suppositoryuploaded 01-20-17
    Story Codes:
    (FF MFF bimbo anal oral toy bodymod creampie 1st)
    Description: Frank tests a new delivery method for the bimbo serum–a pussy suppository!
  • BimboTech 8: Bimbo Wife DPeduploaded 02-01-17
    Story Codes:
    (MF MMF MF bimbo wife inter BMWW oral anal DP exhib)
    Description: Alice loves nothing more than being DPed while Frank plans a trip to Washington D.C. with his bimbos.
  • BimboTech 9: Bimbo Wife’s Big Black Mistakeuploaded 02-25-17
    Story Codes:
    (MF FF MFFFFF bimbo inter spank wife cheat oral toy)
    Description: Alice’s intelligence serum reacts badly while flying causing all manner of naughty fun for the bimbo wife!
  • BimboTech 11: Bimbo Wife Kidnappeduploaded 03-21-17
    Story Codes:
    (MMF FF bimbo wife exhib voy oral anal toy)
    Description: Alice is kidnapped by a rival cosmetic company in a bid to gain control of the bimbo serum.
  • BimboTech 12: Bimbo Serum Surpriseuploaded 04-05-17
    Story Codes:
    (FF MF FFFFFF anal rim bimbo bodymod oral)
    Description: Alice is has been kidnapped by Magnolia Savage, held ransom for the bimbo serum!

Boarding School Encounter

Henrietta, a young girl attending a boarding school in 19th Century England, comes in contact with a lesbian alien and her nubile tentacles!

The Vampire’s Kiss

Damien and Abigail, a pair of vampire hunters, are at the center of a contest between Aurora, an angel, and a Jezebel, a demon.

  • The Vampire’s Kiss Chapter 2: Chaineduploaded 11-14-15
    Story Codes:
    (MF vamp oral clergy cuck voy wife anal A2M humil)
    Description: Damien awakens to undeath chained and is forced to watch his wife degraded by the very vampire that killed and turned her.
  • The Vampire’s Kiss Chapter 3: Virgin Blooduploaded 11-29-15
    Story Codes:
    (MF lac oral anal vamp blood 1st D/s)
    Description: Damien’s life hangs in the balance while Father Augustine falls further into Jezebel’s corruption.
  • The Vampire’s Kiss Chapter 4: Slut on the Altaruploaded 12-15-15
    Story Codes:
    (MF FF vamp clergy blood lac oral voy anal magic D/s spank)
    Description: Father Augustine gives into his desires and soils his church by fucking a nubile slut over the altar. Meanwhile, Britney lures her best friend into Damien’s bed so her vampire master can feast on her succulent flesh.
  • The Vampire’s Kiss Chapter 5: Feeding the Fangwhoreuploaded 01-03-16
    Story Codes:
    (MMMF MF FF oral anal viol vampire blood lac)
    Description: Faust sends three big man to feed and humiliate Abigail while Britney waits for her best friend to wake up as a vampire.
  • The Vampire’s Kiss Chapter 6: Unholy Communionuploaded 01-25-16
    Story Codes:
    (MFF MF 1st oral anal vamp blood humil D/s toy)
    Description: Father Augustine takes Samantha’s cherry and makes her and Joy into his demon-possessed servants. Meanwhile, Damien has reached Chicago with a virgin of his own and a sexy Latina to turn into his next vampire slut.
  • The Vampire’s Kiss Chapter 8: Unholy Hungersuploaded 03-07-16
    Story Codes:
    (FF MF vamp viol exhib creampie oral)
    Description: Damien races to save Abigail while she has retreated from her humiliation into her mind. There she makes love to a Dream-Abigail.
  • The Vampire’s Kiss Chapter 9: Vampiric Hungersuploaded 03-18-16
    Story Codes:
    (MF FF MFF Fsolo vamp viol oral 1st D/s)
    Description: Damien has rescued Abigail, but the sun rises stoon. Will there be time for he and his wife to escape the sun’s killing rays?
  • The Vampire’s Kiss Chapter 10: Sinful Holesuploaded 04-05-16
    Story Codes:
    (MF MFF FF anal oral creampie vamp lac)
    Description: Father Augustine and his whores is on the hunt for Damien and Abigail. The priest desires to find the vampires lair and attack them during the day.
  • The Vampire’s Kiss Chapter 11: Bloody Incestuploaded 04-23-16
    Story Codes:
    (MF FFF MFF viol vampire angel demon clergy inc lac)
    Description: Father Augustine and his whores are on the hunt for the vampires Damien and Abigail.
  • The Vampire’s Kiss Chapter 12: Wanton Sinuploaded 05-09-16
    Story Codes:
    (FF HF MF MFF vamp inc lac oral anal bodymod)
    Description: Father Augustine goes through changes as Jezebel dominated the corrupted angel Aurora.
  • The Vampire’s Kiss Chapter 13: Bloody Orgyuploaded 05-22-16
    Story Codes:
    (MF MFF MFFFF FF vamp viol lac oral orgy inc inter anal)
    Description: Damien, Abigail, and their harem of vampiresses receive a shocking gift from Father Augustine.
  • The Vampire’s Kiss Chapter 14: Passion’s Trapuploaded 06-04-16
    Story Codes:
    (MF FF anal cheat cuck wife vamp oral A2M voy viol)
    Description: Abigial has fallen under Father Augustine’s control. Damien is forced to watch his wife’s wanton surrender to the priest’s dark lusts.
  • The Vampire’s Kiss Chapter 15: Angelic Lustsuploaded 06-05-16
    Story Codes:
    (MF MFF FF D/s cheat inc lac cuck wife vamp anal exhib humil Fdom oral viol)
    Description: Damien and Abigail attack Father Augustine to rescue Aurora.

The Bimbo Treatment

A pair of scientist come up with a formula that can transform any woman into a busty, beautiful bimbos.

  • The Bimbo Treatment Chapter 1: The MILF Patientuploaded 11-08-15
    Story Codes:
    (MF trans bimbo oral anal wl interracial BMWW cheat)
    Description: When Frank’s wife Alice injects herself with an experimental, beauty-enhancement drug she is transformed into a drop-dead bimbo, easily convinced to do any sex act.
  • The Bimbo Treatment Chapter 4: Cuckolding the Assholeuploaded 12-26-15
    Story Codes:
    (MFF MF oral wife anal cuck cheat sci-fi bimbo wl)
    Description: Frank cuckolds his asshole neighbor and fucks the man’s bimbo wife while Alice is face with a hard decision.
  • The Bimbo Treatment Chapter 6: Bimbo Wife’s Interracial Gangbanguploaded 02-06-16
    Story Codes:
    (MF MMMF bimbo wife cheat gangbang inter BMWW oral anal DP bodymod)
    Description: Alice is taken away by a pair of Black man posing as cops, but the busty, bimbo wife doesn’t care. She’s eager to help the Black men and their friends. Today, the bimbo wife is gangbanged hard.
  • The Bimbo Treatment Chapter 8: Fucking the Bimbo’s Assuploaded 02-21-16
    Story Codes:
    (MF MFF FF MFFF voy orgy wife inter BMWW oral anal)
    Description: Frank administers the bimbo serum to ten women, including Alice’s old boss. Frank has the perfect idea to pay the bitch back.