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Patreon Update

I have posted another free story for my Patreon followers. For as little as $1 a month, you can read this story and others I’ve posted to my Patreon page. I would appreciate all the support and thanks for following my writings over the years. The support of my fans has changed my life. Thank you!

A naughty succubus corrupts a priest as he takes an innocent coed’s confession!

Anastasia, a wicked succubus, is free from hell. And she’s looking to play a naughty game. When she finds a priest aching to violate his vows, she knows just how to have fun.

And when an innocent coed named Alyssa walks in to give her confession, things heat up.

As Alyssa gives her confession, the succubus heats things up. Whispering naughty thoughts into the priest and the sultry coed, she inflames their desires. Alyssa will be taken hard for the first time by her hunky priest!

Coed’s Naughty Confession is a 6900 word sinful, succubus, paranormal, demon, priest, clergy, first time, older man/younger woman, oral, menage erotica that is not for the faint of heart!

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Hello everyone,

I am recovering from my cold, but it has nothing to do why not much was published this week. I had to take a week off of writing The Futa Fairy series to plot out the final tale. It’ll be longer than three parts as our ten futas has to pay the price for their wishes in a cum-filled finale! The first part will be up middle of next week.

And I’ll be starting the fourth Triad story, The Triad and the Village of Pregnant Beauties, next thursday. Seamus, Fiona, and Aoifa are back investigating a village where all the men have vanished and all the women are pregnant. Seamus is eager to dive in and inspect all the pregnant hotties while Fiona is more concerned about figuring out what happened.

After the Triad finishes its short run, I’ll have another week off and then it’ll be The Rakshasa’s Heart. This is a femdom story written about a rakshasa princess mired in the bloody politics of the Queendom of Naith. When she sees the opportunity to become queen, she plots with her human sex slave Lucy to seize the throne for herself.

And then I have a much longer fantasy erotic series in the work, a three book trilogy called the Rogue’s Harem. About Sven, a roguish hero plotting revenge of his family on an evil tyrant. With hi is his sexy sister a priestess of Rithi (Goddess of Art), a submissive lamia, and a naughty princess with unusual powers. Set 800 years before The Knight and the Acolyte as the various powers of the lands of Zeutch vie for dominance in the wake of the collapse of the High King’s Empire.

If you’re looking to support my writing, for as little as a $1 a month, you can join my Patreon. You can get access to free stories that I publish on Amazon as well as one free erotic story a month. This month is Futanari Lipstick Surprise, about a woman who becomes a futa thanks to an interaction of her beauty products. Shocked by it, she ends up in a hot threesome with a mother and daughter behind her boyfriend’s back.

A young woman is transformed into a futa when using a new brand of lipstick!

Heather is eager for her night out with her boyfriend. They’re having dinner with those closest with her boyfriend. Using her new lipstick, Heather’s starting to feel an itch beneath her skirt as she turns into a futa! Growing more and more excited, she can’t help but get turned on by Susan, a sexy MILF, and youthful Dee during dinner.

But when her futa transformation hits her, Heather flees to the bathroom. Shocked by the extra bit sprouting from her crotch, Heather is unprepared for the pleasure her futa-addition gives her. Especially when nubile Dee and mature Susan burst in on her.

The new futa’s in for one hot, taboo threesome!

Futanari Lipstick Surprise is a 7300 word futa-on-female, body modification, cheating, oral, creampie, anal, taboo, MILF, older woman/younger futa, erotica that is not for the faint of heart!

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The Knight and the Acolyte – My Final Thoughts

Two years ago I began writing the Knight and the Acolyte two years ago. I developed it five years ago. It rattled around in my head as I drove my vehicle for my former day job. An idea of combining filthy erotica with my favorite genre: fantasy. The vast majority of the story made it through unchanged. I had all the places they’d visit decided, I knew all their relationships, how each were betrayed. Though the vampires did get cut. But there were surprises. I had no idea Angela and Sophia would end up in a BDSM relationship. It just evolved out of the naughty encounters. I didn’t know when Xerathalasia would use the fairy’s boon, but I knew I’d figure it out.

And I didn’t know what would happen past reaching the dragon’s cave. How that would all play out. I had ideas of going past it, to have Angela embrace her destiny. But it just never felt right. It wasn’t her character. I’d be forcing it into it, much like Sophia was trying to force her into it. And she would have done it, but it wouldn’t have been right. Then I debated on should Angela live. Should she die? Should Sophia die? Should they both die? Countless versions of this story has lived, breathed, and died in my mind. No other part of the story held such scrutiny as the ending.

Because it’s the important part of the story. You have to stick the landing. I don’t know if I did it. Like all my invested stories, these characters are real to me in some way. Their stories are now written, they’ve lived it, and now their futures get to live on in our collective imaginations.

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The Devil’s Pact Sex Slaves Gone Wild 3: Sex Slaves’ Bukakke Party

I have published a revamped version of the Devil’s Pact Side-Story: Apirl’s Cumbath. Join April as she, Violet, and Lillian are drenched in cum. It takes place during The Devil’s Pact Part 39: Demonic Passion!

You can pick it up here! And, of course, I offer it free to my fans if you chose to!

Regular Price: $1.99
50% off with RH94M coupon at checkout.
100% off with SL22J coupon at checkout.

Three naughty sex slaves are drenched in sticky passion by a dozen men!

April is eager for her naughty fun with her fellow naughty sex slaves Violet and Lillian. The three naughty sluts are eager go wild at a local bar. A dozen horny men are waiting to shower the three girls in their salty seed.

April can’t wait to be drenched in passion, and lick that creamy treat off her glasses. With Violet and Lillian, this naughty sex slave will go wild!

Sex Slaves’ Bukakke Party is a 6000 word mind control, lesbian, oral, barely legal, orgy, facial, glasses, exhibitionism erotica that is not for the faint of heart!

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Hi everyone,

Thought I’d talk about future projects for this blog. I have another Triad story for those who are fans of Seamus, Fiona, and Aoifa that will be published after The Knight and the Acolyte finishes. That will be followed by a femdom BDSM tale called The Rakshasa’s Heart about the sex and politics of the Queendom of Naith, and I’m in the works on a harem fantasy series called The Rogue’s Harem following a brother and sister as they seek to overthrow the ruler who killed their family.

For incest fans, Daddy’s Mind-Controlled Daughters will go for six parts and then I’ve had the idea of showing off what goes on in the Institue whenever the story cuts away. Then we’ll get back to The Incestuous Harem universe and a mother who decides to train her daughter how to be a slut, inspired by the rumors about Clint and his harem.

And for the futa-fairy. We are nearing the brewing conflict between the two fairy. After Keily’s tale, we have only one more and then conflict time. I’m working on the details, and there might have to be a week or two break to let me plot it out instead of writing it.

I also have a Patreon page if you’d like to support me. For as little as a $1 a month, you can get access to the free monthly story. Right now it’s The Naughty Space Adventures of the Futa-Captain, a star trek parody with futas. Two parts are already published. For larger pledges, I also give free collections of my published works on Amazon. I have more supernatural harem stories in the vein of The Battered Lamp, lots more futa stories, and some other tales.

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So the website is back up. If any links go to a weird 404 error, clear your cache because it’s still pointing towards the old server.

So what happened? Wednesday night I went to upload the next futa-fairy story. I got a very weird error when I tried to access the admin side of the site. I contacted my ISP and they told me they were moving my website from one of their servers to another. It should only be 4 hours. Thursday morning, still had that same error. Thursday night, my site was down completely. I decided to wait, it’s gone down before and usually would come back up in an hour or so. I went to bed, woke up, found it still down. Contacted my ISP. Was told they messed up on telling the rest of the internet where my site was now located. I was told 24 to 48 hours for it to propagate through the internet. By Saturday night, I was tired of waiting for it to propagate. Contacted ISP again. I was told this time it was a DNS error and it’s fixed and should be up in 4 hours. I waited. Never came up. Went to bed about 3 hours into this. Woke up. Well, still down. This time, my ISP customer support had to kick it up to a senior technician. I get an email a few hours later saying fixed the DNS error (for the second time) and that my website was working. If you had visited my website this morning, you’d see it was pretty messed up. Contacted customer service again and don’t know what they did, but the fixed it.

So I’ll get next Knight and Incest story tonight. The futa-fairy from last week will go up tomorrow. Then on Tuesday I’ll post the next futa-fairy. Now I’m going out of town on Thursday for a vacation. So on Wednesday I’ll post the next Knight story and their won’t be anything posted until the following Monday evening (the 7th) I believe.

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New Release: The Devil’s Pact 39-Demonic Passions

I have published the thirty-nineth part of the Devil’s Pact on Smashword just now!

You can purchase it here! I have several price options for my fans that will only be found here on this blog! Pay what you feel is appropriate or just pick it up for free! This covers chapter 42 and chapter 43. Much of the original material was cleaned up and rewritten bringing it to 27,000 words.

I would love feedback. If you don’t want to leave reviews at Smashword (which I would really appreciate!!!) then please comment on this post and let me know what you think of the changes.

Regular Price: $2.99
33% off: $1.99 with DP72L coupon at checkout.
66% off: $0.99 with CF73D coupon at checkout.
100% off: Free with BE67C coupon at checkout.

The demon Lilith’s futa passions throb hard as she enjoys her sexy priestesses and nubile daughter!

Mark and Mary’s power grows. But so do their enemies. The two warlocks dominate the world and enjoy their worshiper’s, including a mother and her virgin daughter. They revel in their mind control powers. But while they enjoy their powers, Their enemies plot their doom.

The futa-demon Lilith is close to her plan to destroy Mark and Mary.

Lilith’s lusts grows hard as her frustration mounts. The demon satiates her futa-passions on her followers and her beautiful daughter, Lamia. The demon knows Mark and Mary plot against her, and she just needs to hold out a little longer.

Will Mark and Mary stop her, or will Lilith’s plan bear fruit?

Demonic Passions is a 27,000 word mind control, domination/submission, oral, anal, menage, incest, mother/daughter, MILF, tribbing, lesbian, supernatural, monster, futa-on-female erotica that is not for the faint of heart!

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Incestuous Harem Update

So I had planned on having Dominating My Older Sister as three parts, but after some feedback from fans, and realizing I couldn’t do quite everything I wanted in three parts, I have extended it to six parts. It still ends the way I had thought about it, but there will be more time spent in Carmelita’s journey.

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