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The Devil’s Pact Tales from the Best Buy Incident: The Number One Rule of Retail Chapter Four



The Devil’s Pact

Tales from the Best Buy Incident: The Number One Rule of Retail

Chapter Four: My Boyfriend is a Pimp

by mypenname3000

edited by Master Ken

© Copyright 2013, 2014

Story Codes: Male/Female, Male/Females, Oral Sex, Prostitution, Anal Sex

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Comments are very welcome. I would like all criticism, positive and negative, so long as its
constructive, and feedback is very appreciated. To contact me, you can leave a comment or email me at, and you can contact my editor by email at

Click here for Chapter 3.

Monday, June 17th, 2013 – Jessie Smith

It had been a little more than a week since I quit my job so Kevin, my boyfriend, and I could found our ‘escort’ company, Divine Escorts. Our motto—the prettiest girls to keep you happy. I was the only pretty girl, for now, and things were going great. Kevin was right, we were making far more money going into business for ourselves. Why should I use my tight snatch to satisfy Best Buy’s customers? Many of the men that I satisfied in the bathroom were eager for another taste of my snatch, becoming the basis for our business. Then Kevin had the great idea to offer discounts to clients for referrals, and now my cunt was getting quite the workout.

“This is the last client for the afternoon,” Kevin said as he pulled up to the brown house in Sumner, a small town east of Puyallup along Highway 410. He bent over and gave me a kiss. “You’re gonna blow him away, Jessie.”

I giggled, “You know I will.” I checked my makeup one last time in the passenger visor-mirror, gave Kevin one last kiss, and slid out of his new Honda CRV.

It was a flashy car, and quite expensive, but we were raking in the dough, and we did need a car. My boyfriend had changed a lot since he found out just how dedicated to customer service I was; he became more assertive, more commanding with me.

He was my pimp, and my boyfriend.

“You look hot,” he called out as I walked away. I wore a tight, purple miniskirt and a matching halter-top. The push-up bra made my breasts seem nice and round in the low-cut top. I smiled at Kevin’s comment, and swayed my ass to give him a sexy view as I walked to the door.

I rang the doorbell. Hanging on the door was a carved, wooden sign that read: “Philips Residence,” and underneath, “Eric + Beth,” surrounded by a heart. A pang of guilt fluttered about my heart; I didn’t know the client was married. I guess that’s not my problem. If Beth didn’t want to keep her husband satisfied, well, that’s what our business was all about.

The door opened and a handsome, muscular man stood there. His hazel eyes glinted with nervousness, and he rubbed at his short, black hair. He wore a wife-beater, showing off his muscular arms and hairy chest, and a pair of gray sweatpants. I smiled, seeing the bulge forming in his crotch as his eyes took me in.

“Hi, I’m from Divine Escorts,” I smiled, toying with my hair and bouncing on the balls of my feet to let my boobs jiggle.

“Come in, I guess,” he said, nervously. Eric was a referral, and clearly was nervous about hiring a whore for the first time.

“I’m Jessie,” I said as bright and bubbly as I could, walking past him into the living room.

“Um, I’m Eric,” he said; I could feel his eyes on my ass.

I looked around the neat living room – a mauve couch draped with a crochet dolly, a shelf full of Hummel figurines, a glass coffee table on which rested a single book – and noticed a hallway leading deeper into the house, to the bedrooms. I started crossing the living room, heading for the hallway, when I realized he was still at the door. Heading back, I grabbed his hand, letting my fingers gently stroke him, and said, “C’mon.”

“I’ve never done this before,” he muttered as I pulled him across the living room. “Um, well, it’s just my wife hasn’t seemed interested in sex lately. She just hasn’t seemed the same since we went car shopping.”

“Ohh, I’m sorry to hear that,” I purred as we entered his bedroom. Clean, neat. Matching, dark furniture; cream comforter with small, pink flowers; pillows in lacy cases; a woman’s hairbrush resting on a nightstand next to a thin, brass lamp.

I reached down and boldly stroked his cock. “Let me take care of everything your wife’s been neglecting. If you have the money.”

He flushed. “Right.” He pulled out a wad of twenties.

There were five bills I saw, and slipped the money into my purse. “What would you like to do, Eric?”

“Um…I…eh…well,” he stammered.

I pushed him gently down onto the bed, knelt before him, and pulled off his sweatpants, exposing a small cock. Well, they can’t all be the size of Kevin’s, I thought, as I ran my tongue up the length of the shaft, flicking my tongue across the tip. Eric moaned as I lapped at his cock. Salty pre-cum leaked out of the tip, my tongue collecting it into my greedy mouth, then I sucked his cock into my hungry lips.

“Oh, fuck!” Eric moaned as I bobbed my head slowly, rubbing his cock against the inside of my cheek. “God, it’s been awhile since Beth blew me.”

I popped his cock out of my mouth. “Where would you like it?” I asked with a grin. “Do you want to finish in my mouth or another hole?”

He swallowed. “Could I fuck your, um, your butt?”

I smiled at him, a sultry, wanton smile. “Of course you can.” I grabbed my purse, pulling out my lube. “Do you want me to undress, or just hike my skirt up?”

“I have to see those tits,” he panted. “But, keep the skirt on.”

“Naughty,” I purred, pulling my halter-top over my head, and exposing my lacy, black, push-up bra.

He suddenly stood, looming over me; I suppressed my instinct to run, and smiled seductively up at him. He reached behind me, his fingers fumbling with the bra’s clasp. I heard a rip and the bra came loose. Great, he tore it. I liked this bra. Embarrassed, Eric pulled the bra off my shoulders, holding the broken clasp in one hand.

“Sorry,” he muttered, then his eyes saw my perky breasts and dark, pink nipples. “So lovely,” he whispered, reaching out to finger my nipple.

“It’s okay, Eric,” I said gently, keeping my irritation out of my voice. “It’ll be an extra twenty for the bra though.”

“Sure,” he answered, still fingering my nipple.

My pussy was moistening as his finger traced my areola, then his head bent down and he sucked roughly at my boob. He sucked as much of my tit into his mouth as he could, slobbering all over my breast. He released that tit with a loud, wet sound, and sucked my other boob into his hungry mouth. I mewled, letting the guy think he was making me feel great. Usually, I got off on satisfying the client, but his titty sucking technique left something to be desired.

“Ohh, suck my hard nipples,” I cooed; like all working girls, I was learning how to fake it convincingly.

“You like that, slut?” he asked, his nervousness vanishing as his lust took over.

“Oh, yes, I’ve never had a guy suck on my nipples like that,” I purred. It was the truth—he was the absolute worst at titty sucking. But I couldn’t tell him that; it wasn’t good customer service, and I always followed the number one rule. So I lied, “It was amazing! You got me so horny. Why don’t you stick that nice, big cock up my ass, and make me cum.”

“Fuck, that sounds great.”

I coated his cock with a nice bit of lube from my purse, then got on all fours on the bed, shaking my skirt-covered ass at him. “Come fuck me, big boy!”

He lifted up my skirt, exposing my lacy black panties, and he yanked those down my ass until they bunched around my knees. I shuddered as he ran his finger across my tight slit, then he spread my asscheeks, and I felt his cock prodding my tight sphincter. Thanks to the lube, he slipped right into my ass; I moaned in appreciation as he slowly started to fuck me.

“God, that’s amazing!” he groaned. “Beth never let me fuck her in the ass!”

I rolled my hips and panted, “Ohh, your cock feels so big up my tiny ass!” Another lie. Kevin’s cock had been up there a few times, and he was far bigger than Eric. “Fuck me, stud! Make me cum with your big cock!”

The room was filled with sound of flesh slapping on flesh as he pounded my ass. “Slut!” he would pant over and over. “Fucking slut!”

My ass was starting to feel good as he reamed me, and I reached underneath to finger my clit. That felt better, but it was too hard supporting my weight with one arm, so I had to stop. His hips were fucking me faster and faster, his heavy balls slapping against me. Eric gripped my hips, and slammed harder into my bowels.

“Fucking slut!” he shouted, and I could feel his warm cum shooting into my bowels.

“I’m cumming!” I lied, moaning and gasping loudly. “Your big cock made me cum so hard!” I purred as he pulled out of me. He had the largest grin on his face. Every guy loved to think their cock made me cum. Sometimes they even succeeded.

“That was great,” he panted. “We have to do it again sometime.”

I smiled, “Just call the number, and we can set up another date. I’m going to get cleaned up in your bathroom, and I’ll need that extra twenty for the bra.”

“Oh, yeah, sorry again about that.”

I shrugged, patting his cheek. “It’s fine. These things happen.”

I went into the bathroom, sat on the toilet, and started frigging my clit. I had been so close to a nice cum when he shot off inside me. It didn’t take much; I rolled my clit between my fingers with one hand, and pinched my wet nipple with the other. I moaned quietly through clenched teeth as my body quivered on the commode.

When I was all cleaned up, I returned to find my halter-top. Eric gave me the extra twenty, and I stuffed it and my ruined bra into my purse, and he walked me to the door. “Thanks,” he muttered. I could tell he was embarrassed now.

“Umm, I can’t wait to do this again,” I purred, leaning in to whisper, “I loved your cock.”

He grinned, pride replacing embarrasment. “Yeah, we should do this again.”

Smiling, I headed back to the car. Kevin was on the phone when I slipped in.

“Yeah, I can meet you in an hour or so,” he said into the phone. “Listen, I got to go.” He paused. “Looking forward to it, too. Okay, bye.”

He smiled at me, and bent over to give me a nice, lingering kiss on the lips. “What was that about?” I asked.

“I have a meeting about the business,” he told me. “I’ll drop you off at the mall so you can buy that outfit for tonight. Can you take a cab home? This meeting’s in thirty minutes.”

I smiled; a regular hired me to play the babysitter for him. He wanted me dressed in a naughty schoolgirl outfit, and was paying triple the normal rate for the entire night. I was a little nervous, having never spent the night with a client, but he was one of the first guys from the Best Buy, and seemed like a nice man.

“Yeah, okay, Kevin,” I said as he started the car.

“So everything went well?”

“He tore my bra,” I sighed. “But, he paid an extra twenty to replace it. And he was very satisfied. He’ll definitely be a repeat.”

Kevin grinned, “That’s my girl.” He rewarded me with another kiss.

Kevin dropped me off at the mall. I found a new bra, purple and lacy, and the slutty schoolgirl outfit at Hot Topic; I was hoping to see Anne, my roommate – she worked at Hot Topic – but she must have had the day off. I could have sworn that she was working today. As the surly clerk – Becky, according to her name tag – rang me up, I called for a cab. Ten minutes later, Jerry pulled up in his yellow cab in front of the Mall, an eager grin on his face. I slid into the front seat and he drove us behind the Safeway. My apartment was nearby, but first I had to pay Jerry. He was all smiles on his fat, jolly face, as I pulled out his cock, and stroked it with my hand.

“God, I love your blowjobs,” he moaned as my mouth engulfed his cock.

It was a good deal—I got a free cab ride, and Jerry got his rocks off inside my sucking mouth. His cock was a lot bigger than Eric’s, almost as big as Kevin’s, and he moaned in appreciation as I relaxed my throat and slid his cock all the way into my mouth. I sucked hard as I slid my mouth up, then bobbed down, taking his full length into me again.

“Fuck, you’re a great gal, Jessie!” he groaned. His hands were stroking my blonde hair. My hands cupped his balls, gently massaging them. “Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!” Salty cum flooded my mouth as Jerry came, and I greedily swallowed every drop.

Jerry had a huge grin the rest of the ride to my apartment, as I savored the salty flavor of cum in my mouth. I grabbed my shopping bags, and swayed my ass for Jerry’s enjoyment as I walked to the stairs. Jerry honked his horn in appreciation, and drove off as I reached my apartment door. I fumbled for the keys in my purse when I heard a low, girlish moan.

I frowned. Did Anne have one of her boyfriends over? She was quite a slut, having four or five different guys she called her ‘boyfriends.’ Usually, she fucked them at their places, but sometimes I would come home to find them going at it in the living room.

“Harder, harder!” Anne moaned as I opened the door. Yep, definitely one of her ‘boyfriends’ was over.

There she was, bent over the couch, getting fucked from behind. She was dressed in one of her slutty, goth-schoolgirl outfits she loved to wear. Tartan skirts, obscenely short, and a tight, white blouse, her long legs clad in white, knee high socks. She was every pervert’s wet dream. Her short, blonde hair was flying about as she got fucked hard from behind by…

“Kevin!” I gasped in surprise.

I could feel tears brimming in my eyes. My Kevin was cheating on me with Anne. I didn’t understand. Things had been going so great between us. Kevin smiled when he saw me, not caring at all that he was buried to the hilt in my roommate’s whorish snatch.

“Hey, Jessie,” he smiled. Didn’t he care that he was cheating on me, hurting me?

“What the fuck are you doing?” I demanded, anger rising inside me.

He frowned, “Well, fucking? What’s the problem, you get fucked all the time?”

“For our business!” I screeched. And to get free cab rides, but that was more like a trade between two businesses. “To support us!”

He finally stopped fucking Anne and pulled out of her. He walked over to me, his cock hard and glistening with that hussy’s juices. “And I’m fucking Anne for the same reason.”

“Oh, did she pay you?” I sarcastically demanded. “Are you her gigolo?”

A frown crossed his face. “Are you forgetting who’s in charge, Jessie? I’m your pimp. You agreed to be my whore.”

“I didn’t think you were going to fuck other women!” I screeched, my anger making me shrill. I sounded like my mom when she fought with her disgusting boyfriend. “And I’m your girlfriend, too. Not just your whore!”

He smiled, caressing my face. “Yeah, you’re my girlfriend. That’s why you’ll be my bottom bitch.”

“Your what?” I asked, frowning at him. Bottom bitch didn’t sound that appealing.

“My number one whore,” he smiled. “It’s a pimp term. Anyway, Anne wanted to get in on the business. So I had to fuck her. You know, to make sure she could satisfy our clients. All part of the job interview.”

I frowned, glancing at Anne. “Yeah,” Anne smiled, her lip piercing glinting gold. “I’m tired of working at Hot Topic for minimum wage. I want to make some real money.”

“Well, I guess, that’s fine,” I told Kevin, relaxing. “I guess you do need to make sure she’s a good fuck.”

“I love you, Jessie,” Kevin whispered, and kissed me. “Why don’t you let Anne lick your pussy. Make sure she can satisfy a female customer.”

Anne licked her lips at me; I felt a flush of warmth spread through my pussy. “I’ve always wanted to munch on your twat,” she purred. “I’ve been prancing around in next to nothing for weeks, hoping to attract your attention.”

“I thought you were just a slut,” I answered with a nervous laugh. What would it be like to have a woman lick my snatch?

I pulled off my black panties, curious to experience a woman’s caresses, and laid down on the couch before her, spreading my legs. Anne eagerly licked at my cunt, her lip piercing rubbing deliciously about my labia. I gasped; it was so different—soft and gentle, her tongue and fingers knowing just where to touch me.

“Ohh, that’s nice,” I moaned as she nibbled at my clit, pleasure sparking through me.

Kevin groaned as he started plowing Anne again, every stroke shoving her face back into my pussy. Anne was my whore, I realized. Our whore—and there would be others. Beautiful women that would make us so much money. I smiled at my boyfriend, my pimp, and enjoyed Anne’s tongue on my pussy.

“She’s got a nice, tight cunt,” Kevin panted as he fucked her. “Really knows how to work her hips.”

I moaned back, “She’s got an agile, little tongue. Umm, she’s making my pussy feel amazing. Fuck, you’re a whore, aren’t you?”

“I am,” Anne cooed back. “And loving every minute of it!”

Anne slipped two fingers into my cunt; I gasped in pleasure at the sudden intrusion. Her mouth sucked at my clit, then her tongue danced across my sensitive nub, sending waves of pleasure flooding through me. Her fingers went in and out rapidly, wiggling against my sensitive pussy walls, while Kevin pounded faster and faster at her cunt, hands gripping her hips. He fucked her so hard her asscheeks rippled.

“Oh, fuck!” he moaned, and pulled out, quickly walking around, presenting his cock to my lips. I tasted Anne’s tart flavor as I swirled my tongue around the head of Kevin’s cock. He groaned and filled my mouth with his tasty cum. “Thanks, Jessie,” Kevin moaned. “Love ya.”

I swallowed his tasty load, “Oh, I love you, too, Kevin.”

My orgasm crashed through me, and I rode Anne’s lips and face as I stared up at Kevin and his broad grin. I was so happy that Mark Glassner came into the Best Buy. Without his orgy, I never would have gone out with Kevin. I never would have become his girlfriend, and his whore. Standing up on wobbly legs, I hugged him tightly and kissed my boyfriend, my pimp, my love, on the lips.

The End

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The Devil’s Pact Chapter 46: The Fall of Seattle



The Devil’s Pact

Chapter 46: The Fall of Seattle

by mypenname3000

edited by Master Ken

© Copyright 2013, 2014

Story Codes: Female/Female, Mind Control, Magic, Body Modification, Violence

For a list of all the Devil’s Pact Chapters and other stories click here

Comments are very welcome. I would like all criticism, positive and negative, so long as its
constructive, and feedback is very appreciated. To contact me, you can leave a comment or email me at, and you can contact my editor by email at

Click here for Chapter 45.

Wormwood, as the disease became known, ravaged the world. No-one knows the precise number of men who died of the Demon Plague, but estimates are 1.02 billion. One-third of all the men living on the planet succumbed before the disease ran its course five months later.

–excerpt from ‘The History of the Tyrants’ Theocracy’, by Tina Allard

Monday, November 18th, 2013 – Lilith – Sangi, the Democratic Republic of Congo

I looked proudly at my assembled daughters, most newly matured, as they stood in the muddy square of the rude village. It grated that I was forced to retreat to such a… distasteful place. Well, that was about to change.

Alitha, Mazikeen, Tzavau, Manticore, Edimmu, Nirah, Zu, Aesma, and a dozen more different breeds stared worshipfully at me. A thousand monsters out of the darkest nightmares of mankind. The humans sill remembered my children in distorted legends and tales. The fear they caused etched into the very soul of mankind. My children were so feared, so powerful, the Creator had drowned the world and started anew. But not this time—He promised on the slopes of Mount Ararat to never destroy the world by deluge again.

And He keeps his promises.

“Open the portals!” I commanded. Lana, Chantelle, and Thamina leapt to obey, carving holes in the air to the Shadows.

It was time to retake my city. From Seattle I would breed an even larger army and sweep this world clean of all the vile men. I would fix the Creator’s mistake in ever bringing the brutish pigs into being, ushering in a utopic paradise.

I would recreate Eden in my image.


Mark – The Matmown, Tacoma, WA

I was exhausted.

Mary and I spent the day healing those that had fallen to Lilith’s plague. Hundreds had already died and thousands were falling sick. The plague burned across the world. It was more virulent than the common cold. Seattle was the worst hit. It seemed like every man in the city had fallen ill, Doctors included.

Hospitals had exhausted their resources trying to deal with the sick, reduced to staffs of mostly nurses and many of those were staying home to care for their own husbands, sons, and fathers. So far none of the Legion – the military sworn to me – had fallen ill, or any of those bound by the Zimmah ritual. But 10,000 soldiers was not enough to maintain order in the US, let alone the world.

“Our Hot Labs have isolated the bacteria,” Dr. Franny Albertson explained. She was an Epidemiologist Officer from the CDC, trained to deal with pandemics. “It’s a modified version of the Treponema pallidum, commonly called syphilis.”

“It’s an STD?” I asked.

“Well, not anymore. But it started out that way.”

That explained why I was immune, and all those bound to us by the Zimmah spell. Months ago, Mary and I performed the Bathuwlah ritual and made ourselves, and those bound to us, immune to STDs.

“Someone has engineered this attack to affect only men,” Dr. Albertson continued. “We’re not sure how. And they’ve increased its durability, giving it a protein to protect it from UV light, allowing it to be transmitted in the air.”

“What can we do to stop it?” Mary asked.

“Syphilis has a history of being resistant to antibacterials,” she answered. “The exact protein of its outer shell has never been fully studied, and this strain is even more robust. The best thing to do is isolate the men not already infected. The only good news is we’ve seen about half of those infected begin to recover.”

“What about containment?” I asked.

“We may be beyond containment,” the doctor said. “There are cases appearing across the entire world. Seattle is a hub for international traffic, and the dormancy of this bacteria appears to be about 3-5 days before symptoms appear. This has allowed the disease to spread far and wide.”

My stomach sank. “What about the military?”

“It’s hitting the general troops hard,” General Brooks answered. He commanded the Legion. “The Legion seems unaffected. Healthy units are being quarantined, and we’re forming new units out of female soldiers. But they only form about 15% of the military.”

There was a knock on the metal door to the Matmown and a junior officer walked in and whispered something to General Brooks. “My Lord, something is happening in Seattle.”


Jessica St. Pierre – City Hall, Seattle, WA

I was exhausted.

I don’t think I’ve slept since the outbreak started, other than a few minutes dozing at my desk. The situation was horrible. The hospitals were crammed with sick and dying men with only a few overworked nurses and doctors – the few who were still coming to work – to tend to them. It seemed most of the male doctors and nurses were infected before proper quarantine procedures could be established, creating more patients for the beleaguered female nurses and doctors.

This is what Lilith wants—a world without men.

I stared down at the report in front of me. It was an order to start burning the dead. There wasn’t time to bury them and they were beginning to pile up in the makeshift morgues. The battalion of soldiers Master gave me were stretched thin. They were the only men in the city immune to the disease, and had to be everywhere, trying to help out. I only had a section, half of a platoon, guarding me at city hall. It was all that could be spared.

I nodded my head and jumped. I had fallen asleep. I was so tired. I rubbed my eyes. What was I doing? I looked down at the order. Right. I reached for a pen, and scrawled my signature neatly at the bottom. I set that aside, and reached for the next piece of paper. A casualty list. It was heartbreaking. Most who died were young boys and elderly men.

I grabbed the next paper. Proposed food distribution sites. Every store in the city was shut down, no-one wanted to be out in public anymore. But people needed to eat and rations were being brought in by the military. Places needed to be chosen for those spots. I blinked, the page growing blurry as I struggled to focus.

I jumped; fireworks exploded outside.

I frowned, standing up. Why would anyone be setting off fireworks at a time like this? I walked to the window, glancing down at James Street and saw three soldiers firing their weapons down the boulevard. My exhausted mind struggled to think. Why would they do that?

A black rock crashed into one of the soldiers, caving in his chest. That woke me up; adrenaline spiked through me, setting my heart thudding. Up the street a brown-skinned, hairless woman ripped up another chunk of asphalt and hurled it at the soldiers. No, one of Lilith’s monsters, I realized with a chill. More monstrous women rushed the soldiers, covered by the asphalt missiles. They were all varied: a gray-skinned woman with white hair, a gaunt woman with shriveled sacks for breasts, and a green-scaled woman loping on all fours.

The remaining soldiers kept firing; their bullets ripped into the green-scaled woman and she collapsed in a bloody heap, smoke rising from her wounds. The gray-skinned monster stopped and thrust her hands forward; a great wind swept down the street, buffeting the soldiers and knocking them to the ground. The skeletal woman reached one of the prone soldiers, her fingers sharp as claws, and she drove them through his body armor into his chest and plucked out his heart.

I couldn’t hear what the last soldier shouted as he struggled to aim his weapon. He fired a grenade from a launcher slung on the bottom of his rifle. The window shattered before me as a boom rocked the building. I threw up my arms as a few shards of glass cut my forearm. The skeletal woman was gone, bits of her staining the street.

The door to my office burst open and I whirled about in fear. It was Privates Brasher and Santillian. “We have to go, ma’am,” squat Brasher shouted. His radio squawked noisily. “Those damned monsters are popping up all over the city!”

Santillian grabbed my shoulder and pushed me forward while Brasher led the way to the elevator. Another boom rocked the building, then a loud, repeating roar—some sort of heavy weapon firing. The elevator ride seemed to take an eternity to go down the two floors to the lobby. I trembled in fear; my heart seemed to beat a million times a second. I was afraid it was going to explode.

The doors opened on the lobby. Outside was parked a Stryker. The repeated roaring noise came from the machine gun mounted on a turret atop the armored vehicle, firing down Fourth Avenue. No-one manned the turret, it was controlled remotely from inside. Two more soldiers huddled on the side of the vehicle, firing their weapons in the same direction.

The air rippled behind one of the kneeling soldiers, like a mirage dancing on hot pavement, and then a woman stepped out of the ripples. She was pale; her hair seemed to glow with white light. She pointed her finger at the back of the soldier and a bright, red beam struck him and he fell forward, a smoking hole through his body armor.

“¡Madre de dios!” Santillian cursed as he and Brasher opened fire on the woman. The glass front doors shattered into tiny beads of broken glass. The woman turned, pointed her finger at us as a bullet struck her in the chest. Her red beam went wide, slicing through the front of the city hall, leaving behind a smoking line of destruction.

“Go! Get in the Stryker!” Brasher roared and raced for the front door.

A bullish, winged woman dropped on the Stryker from the sky, the vehicle rocking on its four axles, groaning in protest. How could something so heavy fly? She grabbed the turret and ripped the machine gun off, hurling it down. Then she grabbed at the hatch on top and started prying up the metal. Brasher fired his weapon at the winged monster. She didn’t even flinch as his shots stung her body, leaving small, bloody holes.

The remaining soldier outside the Stryker ran for city hall as a horde of monstrous women poured down the street, no longer kept at bay by the turreted machine gun. The lone soldier did not get far before a leonine woman spat a quill at him; he convulsed and fell upon the steps of city hall.

“Run, chica!” Santillian yelled. He knelt down behind a pillar, pulled out a grenade and tossed it out the door. “We’ll try and hold them off.”

The grenade detonated, killing several monsters, but more were pouring up the stairs. I turned and fled deeper into the building. I vaguely remembered that there was a fire escape out onto Cherry Street this way. Behind me, Brasher and Santillian’s gunfire faltered and went silent. I raced down hallways, fear spurring me to run faster than I thought possible.

There was the fire escape! There was safety!

I sprinted down the hall and crashed through the red door, ignoring the alarm I set off. Cherry Street looked like a warzone. Three cars burned, set ablaze during the firefight, and a few, cratered holes littered the street. The soldiers guarding this street lay torn apart. There were no monsters. They all seemed to be around the corner, so I turned and ran down Cherry street away from the carnage.

I was going to escape!

A red-winged woman with a hawkish nose dropped before me. I tried to stop, but my momentum carried me into the monster. Her talon-like hands gripped my arm painfully and she eyed me up and down, her head moving with jerky, stilted motions, like a bird.

“Well, well, Mother will be pleased to see you, Jessica.”

The bird-monster dragged me back into city hall. More monsters roamed the hallways, breaking down office doors and dragging out the few women that were trying to keep the government running. As we walked past, the monsters growled, snarled, or leered at me. I shivered in fear, clutching my choker. What was going to happen to me?

“I will take her,” a man’s voice said.

I blinked. Nate Kirkpatrick stood next to my former slut-sister Thamina. It was a punch to the stomach. I had relied on Nate. He had been my right-hand man in running the city. Why was Nate helping them? He was a man. I thought Lilith hated men?

“I caught her, I’ll bring her to Mother,” the bird-woman protested, squeezing my arm painfully.

“Lilith’s orders, Pazu!” Thamina snapped. There was a flinty look in the Arab woman’s eyes.

“Yes, Priestess,” Pazu pouted, shoving me at Nate.

“What’s going on, Nate?” I asked as he and Thamina led me to the stairs that led to the utility basement.

“I’m not Nate,” he answered. “I’m Ziki. You are going to help get my mother back.”

Your mother? He’s one of Lilith’s children? She could have male children? Then the import of his words struck me and hope blossomed. “We captured Lilith?”

“No, Fiona!” Thamina hissed. “Mark and Mary love you. They’ll be more than willing to trade you for her.”

“But first we need some information,” Nate-Ziki smiled and I shuddered. “Then we’ll trade you for mother.”

I swallowed my fear. They couldn’t hurt me too much. They needed me if they were going to trade me for Fiona. I glanced askance at Thamina. “Why are you helping Lilith?”

“For Fiona,” she whispered, then glared at me. “It doesn’t matter. I have chosen my side. You chose yours. Now we have to live with our decisions.”

They opened a door, and I was pushed into a storage room piled with folding tables and boxes; it smelled a little musty. Nate-Ziki threw me roughly to the floor as Thamina pulled out a thick, black marker from her pocket and proceeded to draw strange symbols on the wall while muttering under her breath. They were like the symbols in the Matmown.

“What are you doing?” I asked, falling back on my reporter training. Ask questions, get answers. “What are you drawing?”

“I’m masking this room from unwanted sight,” Thamina answered. “It won’t stop a powerful entity from spying here, but it will keep out Mark’s ghosts.”

“Is that how Lilith kept Master from finding her first lair?” I asked her.

“We thought it would, yet he seemed to find it anyways,” she complained. “How did he do that?”

“I can’t tell you that,” I protested.

“Of course not.” She was working on the third wall, skillfully drawing the symbols with what smelled like a permanent marker, sharp and pungent, burning my nose.

“So what are you?” I asked Nate-Ziki. “You say you aren’t Nate Kirkpatrick.”

“He’s dead,” he answered. “I killed him.”

“And took his form?”

He nodded. “It was useful to get our people into the government.” He gave a small laugh, his fat belly jiggling beneath his sweater. “All wasted thanks to Mark.” He practically spat out Master’s name, like it left a bad taste in his mouth.

“I assume all the women you recommended for arrest were innocent?”

He grinned at me; I suppressed a stab of anger at the betrayal. How could I have been so stupid. I was so fixated on Lilith’s hatred of men that I assumed any man could be trusted. Then it hit me. “You knew where all the soldiers were stationed in Seattle.”

“That’s why I was born,” he shrugged. “To spy on Mother’s enemies.”

“Strip,” Thamina commanded abruptly, as she finished drawing her symbols.

“Why?” I asked.

“We can’t take the chance you have some enchanted item from Sam,” she answered. “Like the amulet you have around your neck.”

“Fine,” I sighed. I pulled off my bronze amulet, handed it to Thamina, then pulled off my transparent blouse and my short skirt, then I pealed off my stockings. “There.”

“Choker, too.”

My hands went protectively to my gold choker. “No.”

“We’ll take it from you, Jessica,” Thamina sighed. “You’ll get it back when we trade you for Fiona.” Her expression softened. “We can’t take the chance that it’s enchanted, okay. I’ll take care of it. We were sisters once. Trust me, Jessica.”

I stared into Thamina’s face and remembered the passion I once shared with the woman. “They still love you,” I said, reaching behind my neck to unclasp the choker. “Fiona, too. Ask for their forgiveness and come back to them. Remember all the fun we had. You’re missed.”

Thamina shuddered. “I won’t be their whore again!”

“Fine, but why side with Lilith? She’s evil.”

“Lilith never stole my free will.”

“No, she’s just unleashed a plague that’s killing thousands and many more.”

“Men,” Thamina dismissed.

“Even the children? The infants?”

She flinched, then turned and fled the room with my clothes. I glanced at Nate-Ziki and realized he had stripped naked. He was a big, burly man, his fat stomach hanging over his groin and his cock just visible beneath the pouch.

“Are you going to rape me?” I asked.

Nate-Ziki cocked his head, his eyes examining me. There was no lust in his eyes. It was—clinical. He was studying me, like a scientist peering into the microscope at some strange, new bacteria. For the first time since I became their slut, I felt self-conscious at being naked, and covered my breasts with one hand and my pussy with the other.

“What do you want?” I asked, fear trembling in my voice.

“What do you want?” The words came from his mouth, but that was my voice. The same pitch and timbre, the same rhythm. The same fear trembled in his words.

“Oh, Gods!” I gasped.

“Oh, Gods!” His head cocked, still examining me like a specimen.

“What are you?”

“What are you?” he mimicked perfectly. “You have a very controlled voice,” he said suddenly, still sounding like me. “But this is not your real accent. I can pick up its intonations buried beneath this learned diction. You are from the area known as the South, yes?”

How? I had worked very hard in school to lose my accent; a journalist should speak clearly.


“Fuck you!” I snapped.

He smiled, then began to change; his skin rippled like water and he contracted, his fat disappearing, absorbed by his body. The limbs shrank, turning skinny, lithe. The stomach was completely flat now, the shoulders narrowed and pleasant curves appeared at his hips. His sagging man boobs perked up, shrinking and transforming into a pair of nicely formed breasts; the cock between his legs shrank, vanishing up inside his body along with the coarse pubic hair. And not just the pubic hair, all the body hair disappeared, growing back inside his body. The age vanished from his face, the lines softened, the nose shrank; his hair grew honey-brown and lengthened. Spots of caramel blossomed on his skin, spreading like mold until his entire body was the same, rich brown.

Nate Kirkpatrick transformed into me.

I swallowed, and my doppelganger swallowed, adopting my trembling pose. I moved my arm, it moved its arm. It was like looking into a mirror. I raised up my right arm, so did Ziki. No, not a mirror, my image wasn’t reversed. I licked my lips, Ziki licked hers. I breathed in and so did she.

And then she walked to me, her hips swaying just the way I liked to sway them. I backed away from her, bumping into a stack of folding tables. She reached out, touched me with my fingers, sliding up my stomach between my breasts. She drew her finger across my tit, and touched my hard nipple; pleasure tingled through me.

Her face moved closer, my eyes swam closer and closer, and then I was kissing myself—my doppelganger. My hands reached out and cupped Ziki’s breasts. They felt just like mine, the same weight, the same feel. I gave the tit a squeeze—the same yielding firmness. Our passion grew as I kissed myself, made love to myself.

This was so wild!

We sank down to the floor, kissing, our hands exploring each other. I knew just where to touch her, and she knew just how to touch me. Never in my life had someone aroused me so thoroughly. The more we kissed, the more we touched, the closer we became. It was like we had one mind, one thought—to give each other as much pleasure as possible.

The concrete of the floor was cold on my back as my doppelganger straddled my face, my shaved pussy descending to my lips. I tasted her, tasted my sweet, sour juices. Her tongue mirrored mine. Wherever I kissed her pussy, she kissed mine. I sucked her clit, she sucked mine. I buried my face into her cunt, sucking and licking, moaning my pleasure as she vigorously ate me out.

She slipped a finger into my pussy and I copied her, pushing a finger into her cunt. She felt just the way I remembered, and I curled my finger, searching for that special spot that would set off the explosion building in our pussies. It was right there; I knew this pussy intimately. We touched each other’s G-spots at the same instant.

We came together, bucking into each other’s cunts, and all my thoughts, my memories, my experiences opened up. And she knew them, absorbed them like a sponge drinking in water. Everything. My secrets. Master’s secrets. We were one creature for a split second, our souls wrapped tightly together, bound by pleasure.

And then the orgasm faded and we were two.

I froze. My doppelganger stood up. Oh, no! She knew everything. She stole the most important secret entrusted to me—Master and Mistress couldn’t afford to kill Lilith. Not without causing the end of the world.

“No!” I shouted, lunging at myself, but she nimbly dodged away and slipped out of the room. The door slammed shut with a metal thud. I grabbed the door, turned the knob and wrenched it open. The leonine woman was there and she bared her teeth at me as she loomed over me and I stumbled back in fear.

I collapsed onto the floor and sobbed. Oh Gods, what have I done?


Mark – I Corp Headquarters, JBLM

The predator drone’s footage was in black-and-white infrared and everyone glowed brightly. The last of my soldiers were holding out at the Washington State Convention Center as Lilith’s monsters swarmed the massive building. A bomb went off on Pine Street, dropped from an A-10 giving air support, leaving a giant crater and the broken remains of dozens of her daughters.

But still they came.

A second A-10 banked into view, firing its massive cannon mounted on the front of the plane. It was a tank buster, and it left small craters as the bullets marched up 8th Street, blasting cars and monsters to ruins. A bright, white line lanced up from a group of monsters and the wing of the A-10 sheered off. The plane spun through the air and slammed into a building. Smoke and flames erupted, then the building collapsed in a cloud of dust.

It was the third A-10 shot down. Another two F-22’s had been brought down by some sort of flying monster. The pilots’ frantic maydays reported a bullish woman with wings ripping their canopies off.

“Seattle is lost,” General Brooks muttered. “It’ll be costly to take the city back. I’ve mobilized the Legion still in the region at three staging points around Seattle. 3000 men. The Air Force is sending more fighters and bombers. Luckily the percentage of female pilots is higher than the 15% average of the rest of the military.”

I glanced at Mary, who chewed her lower lip. She looked haggard and I reached over and squeezed her hand. “How long before you can launch a counterattack, General?”

“Five or six hours, my Lord.”

“Do it,” I commanded.

The General nodded. There was apprehension in his eyes. This was going to be a bloodbath. Lilith must have been breeding this army in Africa. Her daughters grew supernaturally fast. They spent longer in the womb – forty days – then it took them to mature. In three days Lilith’s daughters would grow from infancy to maturity. The only positive was that a human woman could only conceive with Lilith once. Most would bear a single child, but twins were not unheard of and triplets might be a possibility. But no second pregnancies.

“My Lord,” a lieutenant reported. “A Chantelle is calling. She claims to speak for Lilith.”

“Put her through,” Mary ordered, sitting up.

The lieutenant routed the call to a speaker phone that sat in the middle of a conference table. “I am High Priestess Chantelle Paquet-Holub. Whom am I speaking to?”

“It’s good to hear your voice,” Mary answered. “We’ve been searching for you and Lana for months. We miss you.”

Chantelle laughed, “I do not miss being your slave, even if it was only for that one day.”

I gritted my teeth. It’s possible Chantelle is Lilith’s slave, and not a willing participant like Fiona and Thamina. It hurt to discover our former sluts plotting against us. We loved them and set them free, and they had the gall to side with Lilith. Ungrateful bitches! And what about Noel? Had she also sided with Lilith?

“What does Lilith want?” I asked.

“A ceasefire,” Chantelle said. “And a prisoner exchange. We have Jessica and a dozen of your soldiers. We will trade them for Fiona.”

“When and where?” Mary asked.

“Tomorrow, 7 AM. On I-5 at the Seattle City limits,” Chantelle answered.

“We need to discuss this,” I said.

“Fine,” Chantelle answered. “I will call again in one hour.” The phone clicked and hummed as the line went dead.

“What’s there to discuss?” Mary asked. “We can get Jessica back.”

“By delaying the attack, letting Lilith dig in,” I pointed out.

“And what happens if…” she trailed off, staring at me intently. What happens if Lilith dies is what she wanted to say. “The attack is risky.”

“And after the exchange?”

Mary chewed her lip, worrying it so much I was afraid she was going to gnaw it off. “We attack,” she finally answered.


Monday, November 18th, 2013 – Mary – I-5 at Seattle City Limits

The icy rain hammered the hood of the limo as we stopped three hundred yards short of the Seattle city limits. An entire armored column escorted us, twenty Strykers led by two M1 Abrams tanks. Orbiting overhead were Apache and Black Hawk Helicopters. We were ready if Lilith tried to do anything during the prisoner exchange.

Sitting between Mark and me was Fiona, gagged and restrained. The strawberry-blonde woman had been well treated during her week-long captivity in the Pierce County Jail and seemed eager to go back to Lilith.

Are you ready? Mark sent.

I knew he didn’t want me coming to the exchange, and it was sweet how he tried to protect me, but I just couldn’t stand staying behind and waiting. I was protected by my enchanted stab vest, and readied to cast whatever spells were necessary to protect us. Sam had dug up a paralyzing spell in the Dead Sea Scrolls, the only useful thing she had found so far in Israel. I checked to make sure my bronze dagger was in its sheath in case I needed to carve a portal to the Shadows if things went sideways.

Yes, let’s get Jessica back. I sent back.

The rain was freezing cold, sending a shock through me as I stepped out into it. It fell heavily and quickly plastered my hair to my head. It was still dark, the sun just starting to rise. At least I think it was. It was hard to tell with the angry clouds above. A wind whipped up, driving the rain sideways. Around us, soldiers disembarked from the Strykers, setting up their battlelines. I grabbed Fiona, and marched her forward.

Six hundred yards down I-5 a mass of monsters waited, dark shapes in the driving rain. We agreed to meet in the center, bringing only fifteen guards apiece. Mark summoned his Celestial Gold armor and sword, and then he summoned our guard. A mist appeared and fifteen figures coalesced about us. Chasity, Karen, and our thirteen dead bodyguards. They were clad in silver armor, and clutched silver 9mms in their hands.

“Master, Mistress,” Chasity smiled. She looked fierce, a warrior women with blue eyes and blonde hair. A Valkyrie.

“It’s good to see you all,” I smiled back. “You are all missed.”

“Are they going to try anything?” Mark asked Karen. We often summoned her for information.

“Not that I can divine, Master,” Karen answered. I blinked, just realizing the driving rain passed right through her ghostly body. It must be nice to control when you interacted with the physical world. “They’ve shielded City Hall with spells that keep ghostly eyes out.”

I could see a group break off, walking down the highway. That would be Lilith and her guard. I nudged Mark and he nodded, muttering, “Let’s get this over with.”

We marched down the highway, an army at our back to cover us if anything went wrong, and our ghosts formed up in a protective circle about us. My stomach fluttered with nerves as Lilith’s group became more visible. She must have chosen the fifteen biggest daughters she had: there were two of the giantesses, nearly ten feet tall; three of the bullish, winged women; and two leonine woman that, according to Mark, could spit poisoned spines. Walking in the center was Lilith, her silvery hair plastered to her lush body; Chantelle walked beside her, marching Jessica.

Relief flooded me, she looked fine. A hopeful look appeared in her eyes when she saw us. Behind them marched a few of our captured soldiers. They looked proud as they marched unarmed, not willing to show weakness to their captors. We both stopped twenty yards apart, facing each other warily. My heart was really hammering and I tried not to tremble. I saw what those monsters could do up close when we attacked the warehouse last week and, even with our ghostly guard, I wasn’t sure the odds were even close to our favor.

“My Goddess wishes to speak to you two face to face!” Chantelle shouted. “She proposes that we leave our guards behind and meet in the middle to talk!”

“Talk about what?” I shouted back.

“A truce!”

I glanced at Mark and he grimaced. “You should stay here, I’ll go by myself,” he finally said. “It’s too…”

I touched his lip with my finger. “I know, but we’re in this together. My life bound to yours.”

“Fine,” he stiffly said. “Let’s do this.”

We strode forward as Lilith and Chantelle did likewise, leaving behind our guards. Lilith was as beautiful as I remembered, even soaked by the driving rain. In fact, the rain-soaked dress wetly clinging to her lush body only added to her sensuality. My eyes fell to Chantelle, who looked as cold as she was drenched; she still moved with a dancer’s grace.

“Lilith,” Mark growled.

The demoness ignored Mark, glancing at me. “Hello, Mary. Do you ever think about that cock I gave you?”

My cheeks warmed, and Lilith’s smile deepened. That bitch did tell me about the Magicks of the Witch of Endor just to tempt me! “We’re not here to talk about that!” I snapped. “What do you want?”

“What happened to your species?” Lilith wondered. “Your kind used to live on ceremony. Now it’s all rush, rush, rush. It’s so…undignified.

“Cut the crap!” my husband growled. His right fist clenched, and his face grew flushed. He wanted to summon his sword and ram it through the bitch, the consequences be damned. Part of me wanted to let him. She killed Karen!

“Seattle,” Lilith answered. “It’s my city, and I want you to formally acknowledge it.”

Mark laughed. “Why would we do that. You can’t fight my forces.”

“No,” she admitted. “But you don’t want to kill me.”

I didn’t think I could feel colder in this driving rain, but her words turned to ice inside. Does she know the truth? They had captured Jessica.

“I’d love nothing more!” my husband growled.

“It is a shame this disease is spreading across the world,” Lilith smiled like a serpent eying a mouse.

“We know you are responsible, Lilith!” Mark spat. “And you will pay for all those deaths!”

“Will I?” Lilith asked. “If something were to happen to me, I could only imagine what one of my daughters would do. They would be inconsolable, and in their grief they could spread a new plague. One not so discriminating.”

A weird relief flooded me. Lilith didn’t know that we couldn’t kill her. Now we just had another reason why we had to spare the bitch. The CDC had been quite clear; the disease was engineered to only affect men. That could be changed.

“Blackmail, Lilith?” Mark asked. “How disappointing.”

“You have grown too powerful,” Lilith sighed. “It is pointless for us to fight. We’ll just destroy each other. Give me Seattle and you can have the rest.”

“Really?” I couldn’t keep my derision out of my voice. Never trust a demon.

“It is better than going back to the Abyss,” the demoness replied. “Whatever happens in Seattle is my affair, not yours. And whatever happens outside it is yours.”

I don’t think we have a choice, Mark, I sent. Even if she’s bluffing on the disease, we’re not ready to fight Lucifer. If we attack the city, Lilith could easily be killed by accident.

“What about the men in the city?” Mark demanded. “Will you let them go?”

“I will see that they are properly cared for.” I shuddered at the venom in Lilith’s tone. “But that is none of your concern. What are a few thousand men versus the world?”

I could see the frustration in Mark’s face, his fists were balled tightly. “Fine, Seattle is yours. But if any of your ‘daughters’ set foot outside of Seattle, they will be hunted down and executed.”

“More than reasonable,” Lilith purred.

“And if there’s another outbreak, I will reduce Seattle to rubble,” Mark promised. “I have the US nuclear arsenal under my control. The first hint, Lilith.”

I saw concern, fear even, flash across her face for one instant, and then she was back to her sultry insolence. “Then we are agreed. I propose a yearly meeting right here on the anniversary of this meeting, in case there are any issues that need discussing.”

“Fine,” Mark spat.

“Then we have a Pact.” She gestured behind her, and our imprisoned soldiers marched forward, passing by us. “As a gesture of good will,” Lilith explained. “And now you send Fiona and I’ll send your little slut.”

Fiona and Jessica both walked forward, Jessica’s head held high, trying to ignore the freezing rain, and Fiona hunched, hugging herself and shaking with more than the cold. I could feel Mark’s tension in the air; it was worse than mine. At any second Lilith could betray us. This could all be just a ruse to lure us into letting down our guard. Jessica and Fiona passed. Jessica glared daggers at Fiona; the former slut didn’t even react. A smile broached our slut’s caramel face as she neared. Fiona reached Lilith, and they retreated.

Jessica threw her arms around me, hugging me tightly. “Thank you, Mistress. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“They didn’t hurt you?” I asked her. “Or…”

“No, they just stuck me in the basement,” she answered, shivering in my arms. She wasn’t dressed for the rain. “They never touched me.”

“C’mon, let’s get you home,” I told Jessica, wrapping my arm around her, throwing one last glance over my shoulder at Lilith. She seemed to be retreating back. I sighed; it wasn’t a trap.


Noel Heinrich – Patriot’s Headquarters, Montana

“They found a girl,” Wyatt said as I stepped out of the portal from the Shadows. “Stowed her in the small bedroom.”

Wyatt, my second-in-command, was packing clay into the chicken wire frame of the golem. Seven more assembled golems – made of the local, red clay and vaguely shaped into the form of powerfully built men – loomed in the pasture before the ranch house that served as our headquarters. We were twenty-five miles south of Sanford, in the middle of nowhere, Montana. The nearest neighbor was over five miles away. The perfect place to plot the end of Mark Glassner and his Theocracy.

“Good,” I nodded.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked. “It’s not too late to let the girl go. Christ, Noel! It’s evil!”

“The golems are coming along well. How long until they’re all ready?”

“It’s going a little faster. Six months maybe.” He fixed his brown eyes on me. “You avoided the question.”

“We’ll need the blade,” I answered. “It’s the only way to neutralize the ghosts protecting them. Mark thinks the Shadows is safe and will not expect an overwhelming attack from there.”

He sighed, shaking his head. “This hate’s going to destroy you, Noel.”

“As long as I take the Tyrants with me.”

He turned back to the golems. “A lot of people are going to die if we unleash these monstrosities.” He grimaced. “Innocent people.”

More blood to feed the tree. Freeing mankind from his tyranny was worth any price. “We have six months to find a way to kill Mark without resorting to such extreme measures.” I glanced at the house. “She’s inside?”


I strode towards the ranch house, nodding to the hulking Davin. He leaned next to the front door, smoking a cigarette. He nodded back, not saying a word. He was a good man, and normally affable. He had a blank look on his dark face, his eyes troubled. Wyatt wasn’t the only one uncomfortable with my plan.

“You’ll never be the same if you do this, Noel,” Wyatt persisted. “Please reconsider!”

I shook my head, pushing through the front door. “I have no compunctions about doing this. It has to be done!”

I reached for the door to the bedroom. He grabbed my arm. “Doesn’t mean this won’t change you, Noel.”

I shook him off. “It’s the only way to summon Asherah.” I opened the door.

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 47.

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New Poll is Up

Hey everyone,

The new poll is up!

Ghost of Paris Chapter Six has been added. The Ghost visits the Boone High Locker Room and comes to a realization. Contains a lot of hot sex, and twincest, which is my favorite form of incest.

The Lesbian Cuckold is still not getting any love. There are three more Tales from the Best Buy Incident that I cannot release without this hot story getting published. Which includes a Good Muslim Girl about a woman struggling with her guilt over being a lesbian, Obsession about a Married woman who can’t forget the stranger who fucked her during the Incident and is willing to risk even her marriage to get another taste, and the final chapter that wraps it all together.

Leah’s Reunion is a sequel to Rachel’s Honeymoon as Rachel tries to understand what happened to Leah in Brandon’s captivity.

Cindy’s Interview is a hot tale. A spinoff of Willow’s Fantasy and the first of a series of stories about the lives of Mark and Mary’s various servants: Maids, Bodyguards, Nurses, etc. Cindy and her mother Pearl have a joint interview and get to experience the joys of Mother/Daughter love.

I’ve also decided instead of plugging my sell on ‘Naughty Wife’s Surprise’ I’ve added a link on the sidebar. Give it a click if you like my works, for only $.99 it’s a great bargain for such a hot read. Contains: Bondage, FDom, MDom, MFM and MFF threesomes, candle play, whipping, exhibitionism, anal sex, oral sex, and a loving couple that’s learned what true intimacy is–being able to share your dirty fantasies with the one you love without fear of their rejection.

I’m also entering in a supernatural short story competition that has $300 in cash prizes. My entry is about a virgin woman on the verge of marrying her high school sweetheart that gets possessed by an incubus and suddenly finds herself so horny she’ll fuck anybody. So I hope you’ll all support me!



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The Devil’s Pact, Ghost of Paris Chapter 5: Sunday Service



The Devil’s Pact

The Ghost of Paris Chapter Five: Sunday Service

by mypenname3000

edited by Master Ken

© Copyright 2014

Story Codes: Male/Female, Mind Control, Magic, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism, Cheating, Cuckold

For a list of all the Devil’s Pact Chapters and other stories click here

Comments are very welcome. I would like all criticism, positive and negative, so long as its
constructive, and feedback is very appreciated.

Click here for Chapter 4.

Sunday, September 15th, 2013 – Paris, Texas

The joyful noise bled through the walls of the tent—the home of the Paris Revival for Christ.

I think they were an offshoot of the Pentecostals. My pa, a fire-and-brimstone Baptist preacher, never respected the Pentecostals. “They lack decorum, boy,” he would say. “No restraint. Always shoutin’ and carryin’ on like a bunch of hellbound fools.” And from what I’ve heard, the Revival for Christ makes regular Pentecostals seem as staid as any Baptist matron.

The Revival met in a tent – large, striped red and yellow; the type of tent you’d see at a circus – pitched on an empty lot at the outskirts of town. Its been there for the last five years—an ugly eyesore to the expensive neighborhood built up the street. A sign out front read:

Paris Revival for Christ
Reverend Merrywether Roberts
First Lady Happy Roberts

I fixated on Happy Roberts name—the Reverend’s prudish wife. She once tried to get me banned from the library for surfing some harmless porn. The prissy bitch didn’t give one fig about my Constitutional rights to free speech in a public building. It was time to teach her a lesson.

I gave my pecker a few strokes, picturing the look on her face as my slab of iron teaches her a lesson. Happy Roberts was horribly misnamed—I reckon she’s never had a smile on her face before. Probably because of the stick up her ass. Maybe I could change that; pull that stick from her ass and replace it with my cock, and give her a nice, hard cum.

I very much doubt even the world’s greatest cum could put a smile on her face.

I slipped into the canvas tent; the joyful noise washed over me like a heavy surf. There were maybe fifty or sixty people filling the tent, all standing up in a circle around the Reverend, who stood on a raised platform. He was an iron-faced man in black robes, his arms held high, leading them in song. They clapped and jumped and shook like the Holy Spirit was upon them. Some babbled incoherently. I reckoned they were speaking in tongues, though it sounded like horseshit to me.

I spotted Happy, curly, dark-brown hair swaying about her shoulders as she moved to the music, a look of worshipful ecstasy painted on her face. Imagine that, the prude could smile. Her face was actually pretty when she wasn’t frowning. She looked a youthful thirty, her figure sleek beneath a long, floral skirt and modest white blouse.

I pushed my way through the crowd. None seemed to notice – or maybe they didn’t care, chalking it up to ‘God’ – that an invisible force pushed them to the side. I reached Happy, perspiration dotting her face. It was sweltering in the tent; the pathetic AC chugging away didn’t seem to do a damned thing. The Reverend launched into another hymn, one I vaguely remembered from my childhood sitting in my pa’s church bored as a coonhound too old to hunt. ‘Come All Ye Faithful,’ I reckoned the song was called.

“O come, let us adore you,” sang the congregation. I smirked; someone was definitely going to cum.

I knelt before her, pushing up her skirt and scooching between her legs. She froze, feeling my hands on her thighs, stroking her slightly. I loved panties. Wondering what kind a girl wore, then seeing up her skirt is one of my great passions, and I was excited to see what sort of panties a prude like Happy would wear. Probably boring granny-panties, ugly and baggy. It was dark beneath her skirt, but enough light passed through her skirt to make out dark panties, bikini-cut, and trimmed in lace.

How naughty.

I nuzzled against the crotch of her panties, inhaling her musk. “Oh sing, all ye citizens of heaven above!” sang the church. Happy’s crotch wasn’t heaven, but it sure smelled heavenly.

“The Holy Ghost has come upon me!” I heard her shout, barely above the singing. “Sweet Jesus, thank you!”

I chuckled; I liked to think of myself as a ghost since I sold my soul for the power of invisibility, but I definitely wasn’t holy. There was nothing holy about what I planned to do to Happy. I pulled the gusset of her panties to the side, exposing a dark bush. I licked through her slit, tasting her spicy musk; her body spasmed as a low, throaty moan escaped her lips.

“Thank you, God, for sendin’ your Holy Ghost to me!” gasped Happy. “Amen!”

I didn’t have a lot of experience munching on a woman’s carpet, but I’ve watched enough porn to know my way around. I lapped up her slit, letting my tongue flick against her hard clit; her thick bush tickled my cheeks. Her hips shook, writhing on my face, and she moaned louder and louder as I really dug my tongue into her hole. The singing died down, until only Happy’s passionate moans echoed through the tent.

“Oh, yes! The Holy Ghost is fillin’ me with God’s Love!” she moaned. “Oh, Sweet Jesus, yes! Keep touchin’ me! Oh, praise the Lord!”

“Amens!” and, “Praise the Lords!” sounded through the tent.

Her juices poured into my mouth, and I slipped a finger up her moist cooch, enjoying the feel of her velvety depths. My lips were wrapped around her nub, sucking on her clit as she fucked my face. I could feel the pleasure trembling through her as she neared her cum.

“Fill me up more!” she moaned, so I obliged her by slipping a second finger inside her. “Oh, yes! The Holy Ghost is fillin’ me up! Umm, keep feelin’ me up, Lord! I’m so close to bein’ one with you! Just a little more!”

“Fill her up, Lord!” someone shouted encouragingly.

“Praise Jesus!” she screamed. I slipped a third finger inside her cooch. She came, and gave a low moan, juices flooding my hand as her cunt spasmed on my fingers. “Yes, yes! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah, Praise Jesus!”

“Praise the Lords!” and, “Hallelujahs!” chorused throughout the tent.

I slipped out from under her skirt. The congregation had formed a circle around us, watching her with awe. Happy was flushed, her hair damply clinging to her temples, a huge, shit-eating grin plastered on her face.

“God is with us!” her husband called out. “Amens!” and, “Praise the Lords!” answered him. He raised his hands up high, exulting, “Sister Happy has been blessed with His presence!”

“Yes, I have, Brother Merrywether!” she breathed. “Praise Jesus!”

“Praise Jesus!” her husband answered back.

“Phew, I need a breath of fresh air,” Happy panted, wiping sweat from her forehead.

“Let us thank God for sending his Ghost upon us,” the Reverend said, lifting his arms to the sky. I chuckled, never thinking a husband would thank God for being cuckolded.

I followed Happy as the worshipers parted to let her outside. Once she left the tent, she walked to a black sedan – a few years old, with a dent in one fender – and leaned against it, breathing heavily. I walked to her, brushing a strand of hair that stuck to her face. She shivered, smiling. I kissed her lips. Her tongue was eager, tasting her own juices on my face as she passionately moaned. Her hands reached out, feeling my naked body, exploring me, until she found my hard pecker. A wanton moan escaped her lips.

“Hmm, you’re not the Holy Ghost, are you?” she asked, smiling like she just won the lotto as she stroked my slab of iron. “The Lord Almighty would never have made me cum!”

“No,” I answered. “I’m the Ghost of Paris, and I molest only the most purtee girls and women.”

“You think I’m purtee?” she asked. There was a direct, predatory tone to her voice; lust brimmed in her hazel eyes.

“Abso-damn-fuckin’-lutely, sweetness! You’re as purtee as a debutante at her first ball! And as wanton as a cheerleader on homecomin’.”

She giggled wickedly. “I could use a good fuckin’.” She opened the back door of the car, scooching in on her back. “Come and get me, Ghost.”

“Hot damn, you’re as full of surprises as one of them scratch lottos!” I hooted, crawling into the sedan after her. She reached under her skirt and pulled off her panties. I took them from her, black and lacy, inhaled her intoxicating scent. “You’re purtee naughty for a reverend’s wife.”

“Well, if the Reverend could be bothered to fuck me more than once a month…” she trailed off, shrugging. “A girl’s got needs, and there are plenty of men willin’ to scratch ’em.”

I settled between her thighs, rubbing my pecker on her wet cooch. I sank into her, and she let out a soft moan. She was wet, a little tight, and hot as a griddle. “You got one nice cooch, sweetness!”

“Fuck me, Ghost!” she moaned. “I need it bad! You got me so excited down there, I’m ’bout ready to explode!”

“Yes, ma’am,” I grunted, and fucked her cooch. She moaned, writhing her hips, and kissed me, her mouth hot on mine. She seemed to enjoy tasting her juices on my lips, her tongue exploring about my face, gathering every last drop. “You a muff diver, too, sweetness?”

“Lord, yes!” she moaned. “Me and Sister Franny go down on each other all the time. Her husband’s ‘nother man that don’t know what to do with his wife in the bedroom!”

“Is she hot?” I asked.

“Drop-dead, fuckin’ gorgeous!” Happy panted, grinding her groin into me as I plowed into her. “She’s young, with fiery-red hair.” A naughty grin filled her face. “She’s got a wonderful case of fire crotch! I love to bury my face in her tasty snatch and rub those curly, red pubes on my cheeks!”

“Hot damn!” I moaned. “I think she needs to meet me!”

“Maybe!” she moaned. “Oh, sweet Jesus, fuck me harder! Your cock feels amazin’ in me! God, yes! You fuck as well as Brother Brett! Pound my snatch! Make me cum!”

I obliged her, slamming my cock into her delicious depths; the car rocked and creaked with the vigor of our fucking. She clung to me, her nails raking my back and ass. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she loudly shrieked; her cooch become a vice on my pecker as her powerful cum gripped her. She cursed and bucked like a wild filly trying to throw her rider.

“Sweet, fuckin’ Jesus!” she groaned. “Praise God for sendin’ me this wonderful cock!”

“Gonna cum in your fuckin’ tight cooch, sweetness!” I moaned, pounding her cunt.

“Cum in me!” she groaned. “Give me another bastard! Knock me up! Yes, yes!”

The thought of knocking this slut up, and her husband having no clue the child wasn’t his, went straight to my balls; they unloaded what felt like the largest blast of cum I ever shot. Five squirts, straight into her womb. And the whore came again, a small one, her cunt milking my pecker for every last drop of baby-making cream.

“Another bastard, huh?” I asked after catching my breath.

“Neither of my kids are his,” she giggled conspiratorially. “He’s none too good at doin’ the math. I really sweated on the last one; I wasn’t sure if the father was this Black plumber I fucked or Brother Brett. Luckily, it was Brother Brett. Don’t know how I woulda explained to my husband why our daughter was Black.”

I never thought in a coon’s age that the seemingly prudish reverend’s wife was actually one of the biggest sluts I had ever met. I guess you never know what sort of pervert is lurking beneath the skin. When she made that stink about me viewing porn in the library, it must have all been an act. She had just been pretending to be the straitlaced reverend’s wife, when she probably wanted to sit on my lap and stare at those pretty, young things.

As I pulled out of her, she smiled happily, pulling on her panties, then rolled down the windows. “The car needs to air out,” she smiled. “Wouldn’t do for my husband to get suspicious.”

“What about the stain?” I asked; a large puddle of pussy juices and cum was slowly being absorbed by the gray fabric of the back seat.

She swiped a finger through the gunk and licked it off. “The kids are always spillin’ back here.”

“Well, I reckon I’ll be back next Sunday,” I told her.

“I’m lookin’ forward to the Holy Ghost cummin’ upon me again!” she purred, a twinkle in her hazel eyes.

“Abso-damn-fuckin’-lutely, sweetness! I’ll be here every Sunday, enjoyin’ that sweet cooch!”

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 6.

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Der Pakt mit dem Teufel Kapitel 14: Karens Entscheidung



Der Pakt mit dem Teufel

Kapitel 14: Karens Entscheidung

Von mypenname3000

Übersetzt von Horem

© Copyright 2013

Story Codes: Male/Female, Female/Female, Male/Female/Teen female, Male/Females, Female Masturbation, Mind Control, Orgy, Exhibitionism, Rape, BDSM, Humiliation, Magic, Oral

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constructive, and feedback is very appreciated.

Click here for Kapitel 13

„Hi Alice“, begrüßte mich Mrs. Martin.

Die Martins waren mein 11-Uhr-Termin. Ich zeigte dem Pärchen ein Haus in Spanaway, ein süßes Haus im Landhausstil. Nachdem ich ihnen das Haus gezeigt hatte, hätte ich den Nachmittag über frei, damit ich mich im Blue Spruce Motel mit Mary treffen konnte. Ich war so erregt, dass ich an diesem Morgen bereits dreimal masturbiert hatte, während ich mit Mary verschiedene sexy SMS ausgetauscht hatte. Sie hatte mir mehrere verdorbene Fotos geschickt, darunter eines mit einer jungen Frau, die ihr die Möse ausleckte. „Eine Schlampe, die ich mir mit Mark teile ;-)“ hatte sie geschrieben. Als ich das Foto sah, war ich nur noch eine geile eifersüchtige Masse Fleisch. Ich hasste diese Frau und beneidete sie zur gleichen Zeit.

Ich konnte es nicht mehr abwarten, bis mein Mund Marys Fotze ausleckte. Deshalb trug ich meinen kürzesten Rock und ein dunkelblaues Hemd unter meinem blauen Blazer. Und dann hatte ich noch Strümpfe an, die gerade bis zum Saum meines Rockes reichten. Ein Höschen oder einen BH hatte ich nicht an. Ich war darauf vorbereitet, mich von meiner Liebhaberin ficken zu lassen.

Die Führung zog sich wie Kaugummi. Und die Martins stellten ständig dieselben Fragen. Die beiden waren ein sehr frustrierendes Pärchen. Ich hatte ihnen schon 15 Häuser gezeigt und für dieses hier schienen sie sich wirklich zu interessieren. Sie konnten sich nur verdammt nochmal nicht endgültig entscheiden. Es war schon beinahe ein Uhr und den beiden fielen immer wieder neue blödsinnige Fragen ein, die sie mir stellen konnten.

Ich brauchte meine ganze Selbstkontrolle, dieses Pärchen nicht auf der Stelle zu erwürgen. Ich fischte mein Telefon aus der Tasche und schickte Mary eine SMS: „Wird leider etwas später, sorry.“

Mary schickte mir nur ein finster blickendes Emoticon und ein Bild von ihr. Sie hatte einen sexy roten Rock an, ein rotes Oberteil und Strümpfe, die ihr bis zu den Oberschenkeln reichten. Sie hatte ihren Rock gerade so hoch gehoben, dass ich ihre leckere Spalte sehen konnte. Meine Muschi fing an zu sabbern und mein dicker Saft trat aus.

Es wurde Zeit, den Martins mit einem alten Maklertrick Beine zu machen. „Es tut mir leid, aber ich muss Sie ein wenig antreiben. Aber ich habe noch einen anderen Kunden, der sich auch für dieses Anwesen interessiert. Der wird bald kommen.“

„Oh tut uns leid“, sagte die junge Mrs. Martin. „Wir nehmen das Haus.“

„Na, das ist ja wundervoll“, sagte ich und zu meiner Überraschung umarmte mich Mrs. Martin.

Ich hatte den Papierkrieg schon bei mir und ließ ihn gleich von den Martins ausfüllen, bevor sie es sich noch einmal anders überlegten. Ich war zwar scharf darauf, endlich umgelegt zu werden, aber ich brauchte auch das Geld. Mary würde das sicher verstehen. Als alles erledigt war, hüpfte ich in meinen cremefarbenen Jetta und fuhr rasch zum Blue Spruce Motel. Ich schickte Mary schnell eine SMS, dass ich kam und erhielt die Antwort „Zimmer 15.“

Ich klopfte an die Tür von Zimmer 15. Mary öffnete. Als ich sie in ihrem roten Outfit sah, war sie noch überwältigender. Sie lächelte verführerisch, drückte ihre Brust heraus und ihre Nippel drückten sich hart in den Stoff ihres Tops. „Hey, Sexy“, schnurrte sie. „Schön dich hier wiederzusehen!“

Ich war so geil, ich machte nur ein grollendes Geräusch und fing meine Liebhaberin in einer Umarmung ein. Ich küsste sie leidenschaftlich. Unsere Zungen rangen miteinander, während ich sie in das Zimmer zurück drängte. Sie stieß mit den Rückseiten ihrer Beine gegen das Bett und fielen beide darauf. Wir küssten uns leidenschaftlich, saugten einander an den Lippen und rollten über das Bett.

Ich brauchte unbedingt den Geschmack ihrer Schnalle. Seit sie mir das Foto geschickt hatte, auf dem diese andere Frau ihr die Fotze ausgeleckt hatte, musste ich ihr beweisen, dass ich sie mindestens ebenso gut befriedigen konnte. Ich drückte sie auf den Rücken, schob ihren Rock hoch und freute mich darüber, dass sie kein Höschen anhatte. Ihre Schamlippen waren vollständig haarlos und sie glänzten vor Lust. Ich küsste das flammend rote Herz oberhalb ihrer Muschi und dann küsste ich ihren Kitzler.

„Oh verdammt“, stöhnte Mary. „Leck mir die Fotze Baby. Oh, deine Zunge fühlt sich so gut an!“

Ich verschlang ihre Fotze mit Gusto und drang mit meiner Zunge tief in sie ein. Sie schmeckte süß und würzig. Ich erkundete jeden Zentimeter ihrer rosafarbenen Muschi. Sie stöhnte und fluchte vor Lust, als ich anfing, an ihrem Kitzler zu saugen und sie gleichzeitig mit zwei Fingern zu ficken. Ihre Muschi war warm und sie pulsierte auf meinen Fingern. Ich winkelte meine Finger an und suchte nach ihrem G-Punkt. Sie atmete immer schneller und sie stöhnte und sie zuckte, als meine Fingerspitzen schließlich über das Nervengeflecht rieben. Ihr Saft überflutete mein Gesicht und ich wäre am liebsten in ihrem Honig ertrunken.

„Verdammt, das war gut“, keuchte Mary. Sie zog mich hoch und küsste mich auf meine Lippen. Ihre Zunge leckte über meine Lippen und mein Kinn und leckte ihren Honig von meinem Gesicht. „Zieh dich aus, dann habe ich eine Überraschung für dich.“

Ich zog mir den Blazer aus und versuchte, so etwas wie einen Striptease hinzulegen. Frischer Saft rann aus meiner Schnalle, während ich mich fragte, worin wohl ihre Überraschung bestand. Mary klatschte und gab anzügliche Kommentare ab, als ich vor ihr tanzte. „Zieh aus, Baby“, sagte sie. „Lass mich deine Tittchen sehen!“ Oder „Diese Muschi werde ich gleich genießen.“ Es war ein furchtbarer Tanz, aber Mary schien er zu gefallen. Schließlich war ich nackt und Mary legte mich mit dem Gesicht nach unten auf das Bett. Sie schob mir ein paar Kissen unter den Bauch und hob damit meinen Arsch an.

„Mach deine Augen zu, Baby“, sagte sie leise in mein Ohr.

Es war sehr erregend, nicht sehen zu können, was passierte. Ich hörte scharrende Geräusche. Kramte Mary in ihrer Tasche herum? Was konnte da wohl drin sein? Dann raschelte Wäsche. Sie zog sich aus! Oh Gott, ich wollte so gerne meine Augen wieder aufmachen und meine Liebhaberin anschauen. Dann gab es weitere Geräusche, so als ob Gummi an Gummi reibt und dann war Mary hinter mir auf dem Bett. Sie spreizte meine Beine.

Es kam mir beinahe, als sie mit ihrer Zunge durch meine Schnalle fuhr, von meinem Kitzler bis zu meinem Loch, Sie stieß mit ihrer Zunge nach oben in meine Öffnung. „Du schmeckst so gut, Baby“, schnurrte Mary. „Du bist ganz nass für mich, nicht wahr?“

Ich wackelte mit meinen Hüften. „Ich bin bereit für dich!“

Mary kam nun hinter mich und dann berührte etwas Kaltes und Hartes meine Muschi. Es rieb an meinen Schamlippen vorbei und schob sich dann in mein Loch. Mary hatte einen Dildo mitgebracht, dachte ich mit einem Lächeln. Mary schob den Dildo immer tiefer in mich hinein. Sein Durchmesser füllte mich so schön aus! Und dann spürte ich Mary an meinem Arsch.

„Oh mein Gott, fickst du mich etwa?“ keuchte ich und schaute endlich über meine Schulter. Mary trug ein schwarzes Geschirr um ihre Taille. „Ist das ein Umschnall-Dildo?“

Mary grinste, zog zurück und stieß wieder nach vorne. „Du hast mir dich gesagt, dass du schon ziemlich lange keinen Schwanz mehr in deiner Vagina gehabt hast.“

„Oh Gott, das ist gut“, stöhnte ich, während Mary mich langsam fickte. „Danke.“

Mary wurde schneller. Es fühlte sich so gut an, dass etwas meine Fotze fickte. Das war zwar nur ein Dildo und kein Schwanz, aber es war ein ganz guter Ersatz. Und zu wissen, dass er an meiner süßen Mary befestigt war, machte das Gefühl noch perverser. Ich schob meine Hände unter meinen Schoß und fing an, meinen Kitzler zu reiben. Lust erfüllte meinen ganzen Körper und baute sich ziemlich schnell bis zu einem Orgasmus auf.

Ich brauchte mehr, ich brauchte es schneller und härter. „Fick mich hart!“ rief ich und Mary wurde schneller. Auch sie keuchte jetzt. Sie genoss den Akt genau wie ich. Ich war ganz kurz davor zu kommen. Mein ganzer Körper war in Erwartung gespannt. Und dann kam ich großartig auf diesem Dildo und ich zuckte unter Mary. „Oh ja, oh ja!“ schrie ich immer wieder und Mary rammte das Ding immer weiter tief in mein Loch.

Mary fiel auf meinen Rücken und wir rollten gemeinsam auf die Seite. Mary lag wie ein Löffelchen hinter mir. Der Dildo steckte noch in meiner Schnalle. Marys Brüste und ihre harten Nippel drückten sich höchst angenehm gegen meinen Rücken und ihre Arme waren um mich geschlungen. Sie fuhren an meinen Seiten auf und ab, griffen nach meinen Brüsten und streichelten meine Schenkel. Sie küsste meinen Hals und meine Schultern.

Ich drehte meinen Kopf und fing ihre Lippen ein. Ich drehte mich auf den Rücken und der Dildo rutsche aus meiner Fotze. Wir schmusten sanft miteinander und unsere Hände erkundeten den anderen Körper. Es gab keinen Ort an meinem Körper, den Mary nicht berührte und mit dem sie nicht spielte. Überall, wo sie mich berührte, entstand dieses kribbelnde Gefühl. Und es gab nichts an ihrem Körper, das mich nicht erregt hätte.

„Darf ich das auch mal versuchen?“ fragte ich und fuhr mit der Hand über den nassen Dildo.

„Ja, Baby“, sagte Mary.

Sie half mir dabei, das Geschirr anzulegen und befestigte es an meiner Taille. Sie sorgte dafür, dass der Dildo gegen meinen Kitzler drückte. Dann kniete sie sich auf den Boden und sie schluckte den Dildo. Das sah total geil aus. Sie gab mir meinen ersten Blowjob. Sie fuhr mit ihrem Mund auf dem Dildo auf und ab. Ich streichelte ihr rotbraunes Haar und schaute auf diesen Engel hinab. Sie leckte an dem Ding entlang und nahm den Dildo dann wieder in den Mund. Sie schob ihn sich bis in die Kehle und ihre Lippen küssten das Geschirr. Dann ließ sie ihn wieder heraus.

Mary ließ den Dildo los und küsste sich an mir nach oben. Ihre Zunge kitzelte meinen Bauchnabel. Sie kam zu meinen Brüsten und leckte in Kreisen um meine Melonen herum, und dann saugte sie meinen harten Nippel in ihren Mund. Ihre Hände streichelten meine Seiten, meinen Arsch, meine Beine. Ich kribbelte vor Erregung. Dann ließ Mary meinen Nippel los und rutschte langsam noch weiter nach oben. Ihre Lippen pressten sich auf meine. Ich schlang meine Arme um sie und küsste sie leidenschaftlich, sanft und liebevoll.

Ich liebte sie. Sie war mein wunderbarer Engel.

Ich drückte sie auf das Bett zurück und ihre Schenkel spreizten sich bereitwillig für mich. Plötzlich war ich total nervös. Es war so, als würde ich jetzt mein erstes Mal erleben. Ich kletterte auf Mary und meine Brüste schoben sich über ihren Bauch und hoch zu ihren Titten. Mary schlang ihre Arme um meinen Hals und sie zog mich zu einem Kuss herunter. Ihre Zunge spielte in meinem Mund.

Der Dildo drückte gegen meinen Kitzler und ich hatte wieder dieses kribbelnde Gefühl, als ich langsam in ihrer Schnalle versank. Ich brach den Kuss ab und starrte tief in ihre smaragdgrünen Augen. Es war ein magischer Moment. Es war wie in meiner Hochzeitsnacht, nur war diesmal ich der Bräutigam und Mary war die Braut. Ich fing an, langsam Liebe mit ihr zu machen. Ich stellte mir vor, dass sie meine Frau war. Ich konnte sogar unsere Hochzeit sehen. Mary ging wunderschön den Gang entlang. Sie hatte ein weißes Kleid an, während ich in einem schwarzen Kleid auf sie wartete. Unsere Familien und Freunde waren bei uns, als wir unsere beiden Herzen miteinander verbanden. Wir würden so glücklich sein miteinander, mein süßer Engel und ich!

Meine Frau, meine Ehefrau, klang es in meinem Kopf, während ich mit Mary Liebe machte. Unsere Körper drängten sich aneinander, unser Fleisch war durch den Dildo miteinander verbunden. Dieser süße Engel würde mir gehören. Ich würde sie von Mark lösen, so wie sie mich von Dean gelöst hatte. Beide keuchten wir vor Lust und küssten und streichelten einander. Meine Frau hatte einen weiteren Orgasmus unter mir. Sie zuckte und stöhnte laut ihre Lust heraus. Als ich meinen eigenen Orgasmus hatte, wollte ich herausschreien, wie sehr ich sie liebte. Wie sehr ich meinen grünäugigen Engel liebte.

Aber so war es leider nicht. Dafür war es viel zu früh! Ich musste langsam machen. Ich durfte sie nicht verschrecken. Ich hielt meine künftige Frau in meinen Armen und ich schmuste mit ihr, als wir beide unsere gemeinsamen Orgasmen genossen. Ich schaute hasserfüllt auf ihren Verlobungsring. Schon bald wäre dort mein Verlobungsring. Ich würde Mark in ihrem Herzen ersetzen.

Sie kannte Mark noch nicht lange, also würde ihre Beziehung nicht lange halten. Ich würde da sein, wenn es auseinander ging. Ich würde da sein, um meinem Engel beizustehen und dann würde sie ganz und gar mir gehören. Ich küsste ihre weichen Lippen und streichelte ihre weichen Brüste. Ich würde mich von Dean schieden lassen und meinen Mädchennamen wieder annehmen, Coburn. Und dann würden wir Mrs, und Mrs, Coburn sein. Ich drückte meinen Liebling fester. Meine Hand glitt zu ihrer nassen Spalte. Ich musste sie noch einmal haben.

Als ich ihr den Dildo in die Muschi trieb, wusste ich, dass es nur eine Frage der Zeit war, bis sie mir ganz und gar gehörte. Mrs. Und Mrs. Coburn!


Nachdem Mary losgezogen war, um sich mit Alice zu treffen, kamen die Leute, die den Teppich im Wohnzimmer auszutauschen. Ich sagte ihnen, dass sie sich beeilen und dann gehen sollten. Ich ließ ihnen das Geld auf dem Wohnzimmertisch und sagte ihnen, dass sie sich sonst nirgends im Haus aufhalten sollten. Allerdings konnten sie das Bad benutzen. Dann sammelte ich alle Schlampen ein, die sich im Haus befanden und wir machten uns auf zu einem Einkaufstrip.

Korina war noch im Krankenhaus und Allison war bei ihr. Chantelle und Lana waren noch in ihrem Flitterwochenurlaub, also blieben Desiree, Violet, Lillian, Thamina, Xiu, Fiona und Chasity. Thamina, Violet und Fiona drängten sich mit mir in den Mustang, während Desiree Lillian, Xiu und Chasity in ihrem BMW mitnahm. Ich warf schnell eine Sporttasche mit Geld in den Kofferraum und entschied, dass wir noch ein paar Autos brauchen würden. Unser Haus hatte eine große und breite Auffahrt und in die Garage passten drei Autos. Außerdem konnten auch Autos auf der Straße stehen.

Wir fuhren die River Road in Puyallup hinunter, wo es die meisten Autohändler gab. Ich beschloss, dass zwei weitere Autos in Ordnung waren und dachte selber an einen Pickup. Ich fuhr zu einem Ford-Händler und beschloss, einen Wettbewerb unter den Schlampen zu veranstalten, um festzulegen, wer die neuen Autos bekam. Ich versammelte sie beim Händler um mich.

„Zwei von euch bekommen neue Autos“, sagte ich den Schlampen. Die Schlampen lächelten aufgeregt. „Du allerdings nicht, Desiree. Du hast schon ein Auto. Die ersten beiden Schlampen, die sich zu einem Orgasmus masturbieren, bekommen ein Auto. Los!“

Kleidung fiel auf den Boden und alle Schlampen fingen an, sich zu befriedigen. Ich nahm mir Desiree und stieß sie vor mir auf den Boden, damit sie mir einen Blowjob geben konnte. Desiree verschluckte meinen Schwanz und ich schaute zu, wie es sich meine Schlampen selber machten. Ich zog den Camcorder heraus und filmte eine jede Schlampe, wie sie Hand an sich legte. Ich war ganz überrascht, wie unterschiedlich ihre Techniken jeweils waren.

Xiu kniff sich in den Kitzler und riss schmerzhaft an ihren gepiercten Nippeln. Violet fing an, ihre Möse an der Stoßstange eines Ford Taurus zu reiben. Fiona nahm beide Hände. Mit der einen spielte sie mit ihrem Kitzler und mit der anderen fingerte sie ihre Fotze. Chasity nahm eine Hand. Sei schob sich zwei Finger, den Mittelfinger und den Ringfinger in die Fotze, während sie mit der Handfläche gegen ihren Kitzler drückte. Mit ihrer freien Hand spielte sie mit ihren Titten. Lillian steckte sich zwei Finger in ihre Fotze und einen in ihren Arsch und fickte beide Löcher gleichzeitig. Thamina streichelte nur ihre Schamlippen und drang nicht in ihre Fotze ein. Sie fuhr immer auf und ab und rieb dabei auch ihren Kitzler.

Leute versammelten sich um uns und ich sagte ihnen, dass sie die Schlampen anfeuern sollten. „Ich möchte wetten ,dass es der Rothaarigen als erster kommt“, sagte ein Mann zu seiner Frau.

Seine Frau schüttelte den Kopf. „Schau dir mal das Mädchen mit den Piercings an. Die ist schon ganz dicht davor.“

„Guck mal, wie die Blonde ihren Kitzler reibt!“ rief einer der Verkäufer. „Gott, wie gerne würde ich mit diesen Titten spielen!“

„Nein, die Asiatin mit den Piercings! Die steht wohl total auf Schmerzen!“

„Guck mal die da, wie die sich an dem Auto reibt!“

„Zwanzig Dollar auf die Blonde!“

„Hau doch ab! Die Muslima!“

Lillian kam es als erster. Sie schrie laut und dann lutschte sie sich die Finger, die in ihrer Fotze und in ihrem Arsch gesteckt hatten, sauber. Die Ehefrau klatschte. „Ich wusste, du schaffst das!“ rief sie. Lillian lächelte glücklich. „Siehst du, ich hatte recht“, sagte die Frau zu ihrem Mann.

„Ja, ich finde, du solltest deine Frau lecken, weil sei recht hatte“, sagte ich dem Ehemann.

Er kniete sich vor seiner Frau auf den Boden und riss ihr die Jeans und das Höschen herunter. Sie hatte einen pelzigen dichten schwarzen Busch. Er tauchte hinein und fing an, sie auszulecken. „Oh verdammt, das ist gut!“ stöhnte die Frau.

Fiona masturbierte wie eine Wilde. Es sah so aus, als würde sie die nächste sein, als plötzlich Thamina sich schüttelte und keuchte. Ein überraschender zweiter Platz. „Du schuldest mit zwanzig Dollar!“ rief ein Mann. „Leck mich“, gab ein anderer zurück. „Sie war doch nur die zweite!“ Fiona schrie laut und es kam ihr nur ganz kurze Zeit später. Violet verschmierte den Ford Taurus mit ihrem Saft und Xiu war die letzte. Ich schoss eine große Ladung in Desirees Mund und sie teilte ihren Preis glücklich mit Lillian und Thamina.

„Sucht euch ein Auto aus“, sagte ich Lillian und Thamina. Ich klopfte beiden auf den Arsch. Dann fing ich selber an, nach den Pickups zu schauen und suchte mir selber einen F350 aus.

Lillian suchte sich einen metallic-blauen Ford Fusion Hybrid aus und Thamina entschied sich für einen weißen Ford Escape Hybrid SUV. Ich bezahlte alle drei Auto in bar und machte mich dann schnell noch auf den Weg zum VW-Händler, um Marys Eos zu bezahlen. Ich ließ Chasity meinen neuen Pickup fahren und führte dann die ganze Gruppe zur South Hill Mall, um für die Damen ein paar neue Sachen einzukaufen. Ich ließ sie von Chasity in verschiedene Bekleidungsgeschäfte führen, während ich selber zum Juwelier ging.

Patricia, die mittelalte Frau, die ich beim letzten Mal beraubt hatte, war wieder da. Sie zuckte zusammen, als sie mich sah. In ihren Augen stieg Angst auf. Das war erklärlich, weil ich sie gefesselt im Hinterzimmer zurückgelassen hatte. „Es ist alles in Ordnung. Ich werde dich heute nicht berauben. Du kannst dich entspannen.“

Patricia entspannte sich und dann fragte sie: „Hat Ihr Mädchen ja gesagt?“

„Hat sie.“ Sagte ich.

„Meinen Glückwunsch, Söhnchen.“

„Ich brauche ein wenig Spezialschmuck“, sagte ich ihr. Ich gab ihr ein Blatt Papier mit Namen, das ich vorher beschrieben hatte. „Ich brauche enge Halsbänder mit verschiedenen Steinen, die auf der Rückseite graviert sind.“ Ich sagte ihr, welcher Stein zu welchem Namen gehörte und dann sagte ich ihr noch, dass ich den doppelten Preis zahlen würde, wenn die Schmuckstücke innerhalb einer Woche fertig wären. Ich zahlte den halben Kaufpreis vorab und suchte dann nach einem weiteren Schmuckstück für Mary. Ich fand eine Kette mit Rubinen, ein Halsband mit Diamanten und fünf Paar Ohrringe mit verschiedenen Steinen. Auch für diese Dinge zahlte ich.

„Wenn Sie mir einen Ratschlag erlauben, Söhnchen“, sagte Patricia. „Bei so vielen verschiedenen Frauen kann das ganz schnell mal ins Auge gehen.“

Ich lächelte. „Keine Sorge, damit kann ich schon umgehen.“

Sie lachte ein wenig verrucht. „Da möchte ich wetten, Söhnchen. Wenn ich dreißig Jahre jünger wäre, würde ich das gerne selbst herausfinden.“

„Das glaube ich gerne“, sagte ich und verließ das Geschäft.

Ich suchte die Schlampen und fand sie beim Hot Topic. Alle redeten ganz aufgeregt über die Sachen, die sie gefunden hatten. Endlich trugen die Schlampen Sachen, die nicht aus Desirees Kleiderschrank stammten. Jetzt, wo sie alle ihre Sachen hatten, führte ich sie noch zu Victorias Secret und dann zu Lovers Package, um ihnen Uniformen zu besorgen.

Thamina erhielt ein sexy Schwestern-Outfit aus durchsichtigem weißem Stoff, durch den ihr dunkler Köper gut zu sehen war. Der Rock war sehr kurz. Dazu gehörten weiße Kniestrümpfe und eine Schwesternhaube. Chasity erhielt eine sexy Polizei-Uniform, eine königsblaue Bluse, die sich nur zur Hälfte schließen ließ und ihre Brust beinahe ganz unbedeckt ließ und einen königsblauen sehr kurzen Rock. Sie trug den Gürtel mit ihrer Waffe, dem Schlagstock, dem Elektroschocker und den Handschellen um ihre schmale Taille. Stiefel, die ihr bis zu den Schenkeln reichten vervollständigten ihre Uniform. Die anderen Schlampen erhielten Zofen-Outfits wie Allison eines hatte, transparente Bodies, durch die man ihre Brüste sehen konnte und kurze Röcke mit vielen Petticoats darunter. Die Röcke waren so kurz, dass man ihre Ärsche und Fotzen sehen konnte, wenn sie sich nach vorne beugten.

Für Fotzenlappen kaufte ich ein paar Nippelklammern, ein Hundehalsband und eine Leine, einen Analstöpsel mit einem Hundeschwanz und ein Kopfband mit Hundeohren. So konnte sie gerne eine Bitch bleiben, wenn sie nicht meine Sexsklavin sein wollte.

Ganz zuletzt gingen wir noch in ein Möbelgeschäft. Uns wurden langsam im Haus die Betten knapp und Chantelle und Lana waren noch gar nicht da. Außerdem wollten Mary und ich noch mindestens eine zusätzliche Schlampe zu uns holen, wenn wir eine Frauenärztin fanden, die unseren Ansprüchen genügte. Sie musste jung und scharf sein. Der Keller im Haus war allerdings groß und so kauften wir drei französische Betten, um sie dort aufzustellen und dann noch ein viertes für eines der beiden Wohnzimmer. Wir brauchten keine zwei Wohnzimmer, und schon gar keines, in dem es keinen Fernseher gab. Ich zahlte und gab Anweisungen, die Betten sofort zu liefern.

Ich wollte schon nach Hause fahren, als ich eine Key Bank sah. Ich fuhr in eine Parklücke und lächelte. Ich hoffte, dass es dort eine hübsche Kassiererin gab oder auch vielleicht drei, damit ich mir die Zeit ein wenig vertreiben konnte, während ich darauf wartete, dass das Zeitschloss am Tresor sich öffnete.


Ich fuhr meinen Eos in die Auffahrt. Ich hatte mit Alice viel Spaß gehabt und ich hatte ihr versprochen, dass wir uns am Donnerstag wieder treffen würden. Ich hatte ihr versprechen müssen, dass wir uns vor unserer gemeinsamen Verabredung im Blus Spruce Motel treffen würden, aber so einen angenehmen Preis zahlte ich gerne. Alice hatte es wirklich genossen, mich mit dem Umschnall-Dildo zu ficken und es war auch für mich sehr schön gewesen, obwohl nicht annähernd so schön wie Marks Schwanz, aber Alices hatte mir eine ganze Reihe von sehr befriedigenden Orgasmen mit dem Ding gegeben.

Vor dem Haus parkte ein Lastwagen und eine Reihe von Männern packten Sachen ein. Das mussten die Leute mit dem Teppich sein, dachte ich mir. Einer von ihnen pfiff mir nach und ich lächelte innerlich. Äußerlich allerdings starrte ich finster. Es war schon ganz nett, wenn Männer einen für eine scharfe Braut hielten, aber nur dann, wenn es die richtigen Männer waren. Und diese Kerle hier waren definitiv nicht die richtigen.

Ich schloss die Tür auf und ging gleich nach oben. Ich zog mir mein Oberteil und den Rock aus. Ich dachte mir, dass ich ein wenig malen könnte, als nahm ich mir eines von Marks weiten Hemden und zog es an. Ich fühlte mich ein wenig sexy, als ich so angezogen war. Ich konnte seinen Duft wahrnehmen, diesen würzigen herben Geruch eines Mannes. Ich war plötzlich sehr geil und ich spürte, wie ein kleines Bach aus meinem Liebessaft an meinen Beinen nach unten rann.

Ich drehte mich um und dort stand Lilith. Ich zuckte vor Überraschung zusammen. Sie trug heute nur ihr silbernes Haar. Ihre Brüste waren groß und rund und viel zu fest für Brüste von derartiger Größe. Sie hatte angenehm geschwungene Hüften und ihre Beine waren schlank und lang. Zwischen ihren Beinen sah ich ihren silbernen Busch, der von ihrem Saft bedeckt war.

„Hallo, Herrin“, schnurrte Lilith. Sie streckte ihre Hand aus und ich keuchte, als sie mich an der Wange berührte. Ein kleiner Orgasmus lief durch meinen Körper.

„Lilith!“ krächzte ich. Meine Stimme war von Verlangen ganz belegt.

„Hast du über deinen Segen nachgedacht?“

„Nein“, stöhnte ich, als Lilith mich an sich zog und dann lagen ihre Lippen auf meinen. Sie schmeckte nach Lust, feurig und würzig. Ihre Zunge bewegte sich in meinem Mund. So wundervoll. Ich spürte, wie ihre runden Brüste sich gegen mich drückten. Ihre Hand fuhr nach unten und legte sich auf meinen Arsch. Ich kam wieder, diesmal härter und ich zuckte in ihrem Griff.

„Willst du denn nichts mehr von mir?“ fraget Lilith und unterbrach den Kuss.

„Oh doch!“ stöhnte ich. „Ich will nur…“ Es wurde schwer zu denken. Mein Hirn war vor Lust benebelt.

Lilith drückte meine Schultern nach unten und ich ging gerne vor ihr auf die Knie. Ihre Beine teilten sich und ich konnte unter ihrem silbernen Haar ihre Schamlippen sehen. Ich musste sie jetzt schmecken. Ich presset meinen Mund auf ihre Muschi und ihr Schamhaar kitzelte in meiner Nase. Ich schmeckte ihre Muschi. So etwas hatte ich noch nie geschmeckt. Würzig, süß, herb, frisch, alles gleichzeitig. So wie alle anderen Muschis, die ich je geleckt hatte gleichzeitig.

„Es gibt so viele so schöne Dinge, die ich für dich tun kann“, schnurrte Lilith. „Reichtum, Unsterblichkeit, Lust.“

Meine Zunge drang tief in ihre Grotte ein. Ich musste einfach mehr von ihren Säften haben. Während ich sie leckte, kam es mir schon wieder. Diesmal war es eine ganze Kette von Orgasmen, die meine Sinne zu überwältigen drohten.

„Ich könnte dir auch einen Schwanz geben“, schnurrte sie. „Ich habe gesehen, wie du meinen angestarrt hast. Du hast keine Ahnung, wie intensiv ein männlicher Orgasmus ist.“

Sie hatte recht. Es war so geil gewesen zu sehen, wie ihr plötzlich ein Schwanz gewachsen war und wie sie dann Fotzenlappen gefickt hatte. Ich saugte ihren Kitzler in meinen Mund und stellte mir vor, wie er zwischen meinen Lippen wachsen würde, immer größer und wie er dann in meine Kehle eindringen würde. Schon wieder rauschte ein Orgasmus durch meine Fotze und ich stöhnte in Liliths Muschi.

„Oder vielleicht willst du ja Macht haben. Die Macht, Menschen zu kontrollieren“, fuhr Lilith fort. „Oder die Macht, um eine einzige Person zu kontrollieren.“

Ich saugte noch fester an ihrem Kitzler und steckte zwei Finger in ihre enge Schnalle. Meine Orgasmen fuhren immer wieder durch meinen Körper. Sie wurden immer stärker. Ihre Fotze saugte gierig an meinen Fingern. Ich fügte einen hinzu und dann noch einen und dann hatte ich meine ganze Hand in ihrer Fotze. Ich fistete sie. Die Wände ihrer Fotze umschlossen fast schmerzhaft mein Handgelenk, während ich sie mit meiner ganzen Faust fickte.

„Oh du wunderbare Sterbliche“, schnurrte Lilith. „Vielleicht ja auch Rache! Rache an deinem Feind. An jemandem, der dich verletzt hat. Rache an deiner Mutter!“

Meine Mutter! Der Schmerz, den mir meine Mutter zugefügt hatte, weil sie mich verlassen hatte, durchfuhr einen kurzen Moment meine Lust. Ich war sechs gewesen, als sie mit ihrem Muskelmann weggelaufen war. Diese verdammte Nutte! Aber Liliths Lust war sofort wieder da und sie war stärker als meine Emotion. Ich fistete die Dämonin weiter und saugte fest an ihrem Kitzler. Lilith fing an, schneller zu atmen, als sie sich ihrem eigenen Orgasmus näherte. Ich fistete sie schneller und härter.

„Oh du verdammte Hure!“ stöhnte Lilith. „Du wunderbare verdammte Hure! Fick meine Fotze noch härter! Fester, du gottverdammte geile wunderbare Hure! Jaaaaa!“

Als es Lilith kam, war mein Orgasmus so stark, dass ich ohnmächtig wurde. Als ich wieder erwachte, lag ich zusammengerollt auf dem Boden. Mein Hand war von Liliths Saft ganz klebrig. Lilith war nicht mehr da. Ich leckte die Ambrosia ab, die meine Hand bedeckte und keuchte, als noch ein kleiner Orgasmus durch meinen Körper lief. Lilith brachte unglaubliche Lust, aber sie machte mir auch gleichzeitig Angst. Mir war völlig klar, dass sie wollte, dass ich den dritten Segen endlich nahm. Sie wollte sich von mir befreien. Ich musste sehr vorsichtig sein. Lilith war unsere Rückfallposition. Ich konnte es mir nicht leisten, diesen dritten Segen zu verschwenden. Beim nächsten Mal würde ich gegen die Lust ankämpfen und nicht verlieren wie eben.

Ich musste darüber nachdenken, wie ich mit Lilith umging. Die Türklingel schellte und ich lief nach unten. Die Elektriker waren da, um die Computer zu installieren, die ich auf dem Rückweg gekauft hatte. Während sie die Rechner im Atelier installierten, setzte ich mich auf einen Sessel im Wohnzimmer, schaute den Mount Rainier an und verlor mich in Gedanken.


Als wir endlich wieder zu Hause ankamen, war Mary von ihrer Verabredung mit Alice auch schon wieder da. Die Eifersucht wollte schon wieder ihren Kopf zeigen, aber ich zwang sie zurück. Mary liebte mich. Alice war nur ihre Freundin. Die Freundin, für die sie sich so sexy wie möglich anzog und die sie am Nachmittag gefickt hatte. Wir gingen ins Haus und sahen, dass die Leute mit dem Teppich ganze Arbeit geleistet hatten.

Ich fand Mary in ihrem Atelier, das früher mal das Büro von Brendan Fitzsimmons gewesen war. Sie malte. Da waren zwei brandneue Computer, an einem war ein Zeichenbrett angeschlossen. Sie war dabei, das Gemälde des Mount Rainier fertigzustellen, das sie vor einigen Tagen begonnen hatte. Alles was sie trug war eines meiner langen Hemden, das ihr bis knapp über den Arsch ging. Ihre wunderbaren Beine waren darunter zu sehen.

„Hey, Mare“, begrüßte ich sie. „Du siehst sehr sexy aus.“

Mary lächelte mich über ihre Schulter an. Ihre Grübchen waren so süß. „Hey. Liebling. Ich hatte einen schönen Nachmittag mit Alice. Ich habe sie mit meinem Umschnall-Dildo gefickt und dann hat sie den Gefallen erwidert. Zweimal.“

„Ich wäre gerne dabei gewesen“, sagte ich ihr und küsste sie vorsichtig auf ihren Hals. Ich wollte sie nicht beim Malen stören. „Wofür sind denn die Computer?“

„Ich werde eine Webseite machen“, sagte Mary. „Es hat sich herausgestellt, dass Lillian eine Ausbildung in IT erhält. Sie wird mir bei der Software helfen und ich werde mich um das Grafik-Design kümmern.“

„Und wofür ist diese Website?“ fragte ich neugierig.

„Wir haben doch so wunderbare Schlampen. Ich denke, dass die Welt sie in Aktion sehen sollte“, sagte Mary. „Gegen Geld versteht sich.“

Ich lachte. „Das würde ich gerne sehen, Mare!“. Ich stellte die Einkaufstüte vom Juwelier auf den Tisch.

„Was ist das?“ fragte Mary mit einem wissenden Lächeln. Sie griff in die Tüte und lächelte, als sie ihren neuen Schmuck sah. Sie warf die Arme um meinen Hals und küsste mich leidenschaftlich. Ich drückte sie an mich und streichelte ihren Rücken und ihren Arsch durch mein Hemd.

„Danke“, sagte sie, als sie den Kuss abbrach. Ihre Augen waren von Tränen verschleiert. „Die sind so schön!“

„Nicht so schön wie du, Mare!“

Sie küsste mich noch leidenschaftlicher und dann drückte sie mich auf einen Computerstuhl. Ich schmeckte die Möse einer Frau auf ihren Lippen und ich war sofort hart. Alice schmeckte köstlich. Ihre Finger fummelten an meiner Hose und sie zog schnell meinen Schwanz heraus. Ohne dass ihre Lippen meine verließen, setzte sie sich geschickt auf meinen Schoß. Ich stöhnte in ihren Mund, als mein Schwanz langsam in ihrer seidigen Wärme versank. Mein Gott, war sie heute geil! Ich dachte glücklich bei mir, dass Alice ihr nicht reichte.

Mary machte langsam Liebe mit mir. Ihre Hüften bewegten sich auf und ab und rotierten. Ich griff nach dem Hemd und fummelte an den Knöpfen. Es war sehr schwer, sie zu öffnen, weil Mary auf meinem Schoß saß. Also riss ich einfach fest und die Knöpfe sprangen ab und flogen durch die Gegend. Ich fand ihre feste Brust und nahm sie in die Hand. Vorsichtig drückte ich beide und fing dann an, mit meinem Finger um den Rand ihrer Brustwarzen zu fahren.

Marys Hüften wurden schneller. Ihr Schoß knallte regelrecht auf meinen. Sie rieb jedes Mal ihren Kitzler an meinem Schambein, bevor sie sich wieder erhob. Ihre Muschi lutschte richtig an meinem Schwanz. Ich fuhr mit einer Hand nach unten und fasste ihren Arsch an. Ich drängte sie zu noch höherer Geschwindigkeit. Und noch immer klebten unsere Lippen aneinander und unsere Zungen kämpften miteinander.

Schneller und schneller ritt sie mich. Ihre Hände rieben meine Arme und meine Schultern. Sie umfasste mein Gesicht. Mein Schwanz brannte und meine Lust stieg an. Jede Bewegung von Marys Körper brachte mich immer höher. Ihre Fotze verkrampfte sich auf meinem Schwanz und sie küsste mich aggressiv, als es ihr kam. Ihre samtige Möse molk meinen Schwanz und mein Saft spritzte in ihr Loch.

„Danke!“ flüsterte sie. „Ich liebe dich!“

Sie liebte mich und nicht Alice. „Und ich liebe mein verdorbenes Fohlen.“

„Jetzt haben unsere Schlampen ein paar ordentliche Sachen zum Anziehen?“ fragte Mary und setzte sich auf meinem Schoß auf. Ihre runden Brüste schwebten vor meinen Lippen.

„Ja, willst du mal sehen?“ fragte ich und dann küsste ich einen ihrer dunklen Nippel.

„Ja“, sagte sie und stand auf. Weißes Sperma lief ihr aus der Fotze und langsam an ihrem Bein nach unten.

Ich ließ die Schlampen eine Reihe im Wohnzimmer bilden und Mary lächelte erfreut. „Oh, ihr seht jetzt alle so richtig schön nuttig aus“, sagte sie. Mary schaute sich jede Schlampe genau an. Sie streichelte ihre Gesichter und lobte das Aussehen einer jeden. Chasity“, sagte sie und zog die Polizistin nach vorne. „Ich bin sehr böse gewesen. Du musst eine Leibesvisitation bei mir durchführen.“

Mary setzte sich auf das Sofa und spreizte die Beine. Da ist definitiv etwas Weißes in deiner Muschi“, sagte Chasity. Sie kniete sich vor May auf den Boden und zog ihre Schamlippen auseinander. Sie schaute in die Muschi hinein. „Das scheint Diebesgut zu sein, das ich herausholen muss.“

Mary stöhnte vor Lust, als Chasity ihre Zunge in ihre Fotze drückte und mein Sperma und ihren Saft aufleckte. Während ich Chasity beobachtete, fiel mir ein, dass ich diese Polizistin noch gar nicht gefickt hatte. Ich beschloss, dass sich das sofort ändern musste. Also kniete ich mich hinter ihr auf den Boden und schob ihren Rock nach oben. Ich legte ihre Fotze mit dem blonden Fellchen frei. Sie war nass und geschwollen vor Lust. Mary schaute durch halb geschlossene Augenlider zu, wie ich meinen Schwanzherausholte und ihn von hinten in Chasitys enge Fotze drückte.

„Du hast eine mächtig feine Fotze, Chasity“, sagte ich, während ich sie fickte. Ich drückte ihr Gesicht in Marys Möse.

„Sie hat auch eine mächtig feine Zunge“, keuchte Mary. „Hmmm, mach weiter so, du Schlampe!“

Die anderen Schlampen bildeten Pärchen. Lillian mit Fiona, Thamina mit Violet, Desiree mit Xiu. Ich rammte mich in Chasity und bewunderte meine Schlampen. Das war das Leben, das diese Nutte, Schwester Fotzenlappen, mir hatte wegnehmen wollen.

Fiona setzte sich links von Mary hin und Lillian kniete sich vor sie, Sie fing an, ihr langsam die Fotze auszulecken, Mary legte einen Arm um Fionas Kopf und zog die Strohblonde zu ihrer linken Brust herunter. Fiona saugte den dunklen Nippel in ihren Mund. Thamina nahm den Platz rechts von Mary ein und Violet kümmerte sich um ihre Fotze mit dem schwarzen Pelz, während Thamina an Marys anderer Brust lutschte. Desiree und Xiu waren auf dem Boden und rieben ihre Fotzen aneinander.

„Oh ja!“ stöhnte Mary. „Meine Schlampen machen mir so tolle Gefühle! Leckt meine Muschi und saugt an meinen Titten! Ihr Schlampen seid einfach die besten!“

Ich fickte Chasity härter und rammte mich tief in ihre nuttige Fotze. Dann schlug ich ihr auf den Arsch. „Ich spritze gleich in deine nuttige Fotze, du Schlampe!“ grunzte ich. Ihre Fotze war eng und die Wände rieben sich höchst angenehm an meinem Schwanz.

„Spritz ihr die Fotze mit deinem Saft voll, Meister!“ stöhnte Xiu, während sie sich wild mit Desiree rieb.

Marys Augen waren in meinen. „Reite sie hart, mein Hengst“ stöhnte Mary. „Oh verdammt, hat die eine tolle Zunge! Hier kommt es, Schlampe! Hier kommt mein leckerer Saft!“ Mary zuckte unter den saugenden drei Mündern der anderen Frauen, als sie ihren Orgasmus erreichte.

„Hmmm! Das ist so lecker!“ stöhnte Chasity. Dann tauchte sie wieder in die saftige Muschi ihrer Herrin.

Ich rammelte Chasitys Fotze hart und spürte, wie ich ihr meinen Saft tief hinein spritzte. Ich zog mich aus ihrer Möse zurück und setzte mich keuchend auf den Boden. Sie war ein mächtig guter Fick. Mein Sperma lief ihr langsam aus der Fotze und bedeckte ihre blonden Locken. Die anderen Schlampen arbeiteten auch an ihren Orgasmen und Mary war gut unterwegs auf dem Weg zu ihrem zweiten.

Es war Zeit, Schwester Fotzenlappen ihre Geschenke zu geben.


Gib doch einfach nach, sei ihre Sklavin, Schwester Fotzenlappen.

Nein, nein, nein. Das werde ich nicht tun!

Ich war wieder in diesem Wandschrank eingeschlossen. Ich hatte keine Ahnung, wie lange. Minuten, Stunden, Tage. Die Zeit schien hier drin still zu stehen. Alles, was ich hatte, waren die Schmerzen in meinem Körper und die verräterischen Gedanken in meinem Kopf. Es musste doch irgendeinen Ausweg geben! Ich musste nur geduldig sein. Irgendwann würden sie nicht aufpassen und ich würde entwischen können. Ich musste nur noch ein wenig länger durchhalten.

Du hast es doch genossen, all die Jahre die Sklavin von Susanne zu sein. Gib doch einfach nach und sei die Sklavin von Mark und Mary. Dann werden die Schmerzen aufhören. Die Erniedrigung. Die Angst. Alles wird besser werden. DU wirst glücklich sein.

Nein! Nie mehr wieder!

Ich schluchzte erneut. Ich wurde schwächer. Ich gab langsam nach. Ich musste nur noch eine kurze Zeit stark sein. Nur ein bisschen noch.

Schritte kamen näher und ich spannte mich an. Würde die Person vorbei gehen oder würde die Schranktür sich öffnen? Was hatten sie sich jetzt für eine Folter für mich ausgedacht? „Bitte, geh vorbei!“ flüsterte ich.

Die Schritte stoppten vor dem Schrank und dann kreischte die Tür, als sie geöffnet wurde. Ich sprang in Richtung der Öffnung, vielleicht konnte ich ja schnell vorbei, zur Tür rennen und nach draußen gelangen. Ich fiel hin, als meine Beine diesen Befehl nicht richtig umsetzen konnten, weil sie durch die lange Ruhe ein wenig steif geworden waren. Ich lag zu Füßen von Mark. Vor dem Monster, das mich vergewaltigt, gefesselt und schlagen lassen hatte.

Ich schnaubte vor Lachen. „Dumme Bitch“, sagte er. Dann stellte er eine Plastiktüte auf den Boden und beugte sich zu mir. Er war nackt, leicht übergewichtig. Ein junger Mann mit dunklem Haar und einem angewiderten Gesicht. Sein Schwanz war nass von dem Saft von irgendeiner dieser Schlampen im Haus und halb hart.

Mark löste meine Handfesseln und ich rieb mir die wunden Handgelenke. Die Haut war unter den Handschellen aufgerieben. Mark griff in die Tüte und holte ein Kopfband mit Hundeohren heraus. Er schob es mir auf den Kopf. „Das ziehst du nie ab!“ befahl er. Dann kamen zwei stählerne Stahlklemmen.

„Bitte nicht!“ schrie ich und kroch im Schrank ganz nach hinten.

„Willst du meine Sex-Sklavin sein?“

Sag doch einfach ja. „Nein!“ krächzte ich.

Seine Hals griff nach meinem Hals und er zog mich nach draußen. Ich schrie vor Schmerz auf, als er die erste Klemme an meinem Nippel befestigte. Dann folgte die zweite Klemme. Meine beiden Nippel brannten, aber die Intensität des Schmerzes ließ nach, bis ich nur noch ein dumpfes Gefühl spürte. Dann zog Mark einen Analstöpsel mit einem Hundeschwanz heraus. Er drückte mein Gesicht nach unten und ich wurde beinahe ohnmächtig, als er den Stöpsel in meinen Arsch drückte. Der war noch ganz wund von Marys Vergewaltigung vorher.

„Bitte, bitte! Nimm ihn wieder raus!“ jammerte ich. Ich wollte ihn selber herausnehmen, aber Marks Befehl war eisern in meinem Kopf.

„Du weißt, was du sagen musst, damit das hier aufhört“, sagte Mark.

Er zog das letzte Teil aus der Tüte. Ein schwarzes Hundehalsband mit einer Leine. Er legte es mir um den Hals und zog es fest zu. Nicht so fest, dass es mich gewürgt hätte, aber do so fest, dass es sehr unangenehm war. Dann stand er auf.

„Lass und gehen, Bitch“, sagte er. Ich stand auf, um ihm zu folgen. Er schlug mir hart ins Gesicht und sagte: „Hunde gehen auf vier Beinen, du blöde Bitch!“

Ich schluchzte leise und folgte ihm auf allen vieren. Der Teppich kratzte an meinen Knien. Er führte mich in das Wohnzimmer, wo Mary und die Schlampen sich gegenseitig befriedigten. Eine Frau saugte an Marys Brust und eine andere leckte ihre Muschi. Andere Schlampen rieben sich auf dem Boden aneinander.

„Hier ist unser neues Haustier, Mare“, sagte Mark.

Alle hielten inne und schauten mich an. Erstauntes Murmeln. Desiree reib meinen Kopf. „Was für ein süßes Hündchen!“ sagte sie giftig.

Mary lachte und ging um mich herum. Sie beugte sich herunter, tätschelte meinen Rücken und meinen wunden Arsch. Dann zupfte sie an einer meiner Nippelklemmen. „Braves Mädchen“, stöhnte sie.

„Desiree, du könntest mit dem Abendessen anfangen“, sagte Mark. „Thamina, du könntest ihr helfen.

„Si, mi Rey!“ antwortete Desiree. Sie nahm Thaminas Hand und die beiden gingen in die Küche.

„Lillian, du fährst zum Good Sam und löst Allison ab und achtest auf Korina. Es wird Zeit, dass du deine Mitschlampe kennenlernst.“

„Ja, Meister“, sagte Lillian und dann zögerte sie. „Meister, wie kommt Allison denn hierher?“

„Sie wird dein Auto nehmen“, sagte Mark und schüttelte den Kopf.

„Ach so“, sagte Lillian. Sie war ein wenig enttäuscht.

„Wer hat dir das Auto gegeben, Lillian?“

„Du, Meister“, sagte Lillian.

„Und ich kann es dir genauso schnell wieder wegnehmen.“

„Entschuldigung, Meister.“ Mark küsste sie auf die Lippen und schickte sie mit einem Klaps auf den Arsch los.

„Du hast all diese Schlampen verletzt“, sagte Mary und zeigte auf die übrig gebliebenen Schlampen. Die Asiatin Xiu, Chasity, die Polizistin, den Teenager Violet und die sommersprossige Fiona. „Xiu hat wegen dir eine gebrochene Nase. Und du hast versucht, ihnen ihre Eigentümer wegzunehmen, die sie glücklich machen.“

Violet nickte und Xiu starrte mich an. Ihre Nase trug eine weiße Schiene, die von einem medizinischen Klebeband gehalten wurde. Die Polizistin hatte die Hände in die Hüfte gestützt und Sperma lief ihr an den Beinen herunter. Fiona sah so aus, als wollte sie mich wieder anpissen.

„Du wirst ihnen allen die Fotzen lecken, bis es ihnen auf deinem dreckigen Gesicht kommt“, befahl Mary. „Mit Chasity fängst du an.“

Das war jetzt nicht so schlimm. Ich leckte gerne Mösen. Aber nur, weil Susanne dir das beigebracht hat, flüsterte die verräterische Stimme in meinem Kopf. Stell dir nur mal vor, was Mark und Mary dir noch alles beibringen können. Ich unterdrückte den Gedanken und kroch zur Couch hinüber, wo Chasity schon mit weit gespreizten Beinen auf mich wartete. Ihre Fotze war mit lockigem blondem Haar bedeckt. Ich leckte mit meiner Zunge durch ihre Furche und schmeckte salziges Sperma unter dem herben würzigen Aroma ihrer Muschi.

Ich verschlang ihre Möse und wollte ihr einen Superorgasmus geben. Ich erkannte, dass ich mich schuldig fühlte. Gestern war ein absolutes Desaster gewesen. Ich war beinahe verantwortlich für den Tod von Desiree gewesen. Ich hatte geschworen, sie zu retten und stattdessen war sie beinahe gestorben. Mary hatte recht. Ich würde diesen Frauen als Entschuldigung den besten Cunnilingus geben, den sie je erlebt hatten.

Chasity wand sich auf meiner Zunge und schon kurze Zeit nach meinem Angriff fing sie an zu keuchen. Hinter mir hörte ich mädchenhaftes Kichern und dann ein Stöhnen und dann rhythmisches Klatschen von Fleisch auf Fleisch. Das klang so, als würde Mark eines der Mädchen ficken, vielleicht Violet. Chasity bäumte sich auf meinem Gesicht auf und es kam ihr mit einem lauten Schrei. Ich trank gierig ihren Saft.

Chasity stand auf und Mary zog sie zu einem Sessel. Sie hatte ihren Umschnall-Dildo angelegt und Chasity senkte ihre Fotze auf das rosa Ding und fing an, Mary mit Hingabe zu reiten. Violet nahm Chasitys Platz auf der Couch ein. Ihre Fotze war von einem zurecht gestutzten dunkelbraunen Busch bedeckt. Ihr Schlitz war eng und Marks Sperma sickerte heraus. Sie schmeckte Frisch und süß. Ich bewegte meine Zunge in ihrem kleinen Loch und sie kam auf meinem Gesicht.

Xiu war die nächste. Aus ihrer rasierten Fotze tropfte es. „Beiß mir in den Kitzler!“ stöhnte sie. Sie stöhnte heftiger, als ich anfing, ihre Muschi auszulecken. Ich knabberte vorsichtig an ihrem Kitzler und sie erschauderte. „Fester! Beiß fester!“ Ich biss zu und es kam ihr wie bei einer Rakete. Sie stieß einen markerschütternden Schrei aus und überflutete meinen Mund mit würzigem Mädchensaft.

„Ohh, wir haben eine Party“, rief Allison aus, als sie in diesem Moment das Haus betrat. Der schlanke Teenager zog sich sofort aus. Fiona spreizte ihre Beine für mich.

„Runter auf alle Viere“, sagte Mark zu Allison und er wichste seinen Schwanz dabei.

„Oh ja, Meister, sagte sie glücklich. Sie kniete sich hin und griff dann nachhinten, um ihre Schamlippen zu spreizen. „Meine verdorbene kleine Fotze hat Hunger auf den Schwanz meines Meisters.“

Ich tauchte in Fionas hellroten Pelz, der von Marks Saft bedeckt war. Fiona schmeckte herb und sie griff in mein Haar und fickte mein Gesicht mit ihrer Muschi. „Leck meine Fotze, du Bitch!“ rief Fiona. Ihre Beine schlangen sich um meinen Kopf und hielten mich fest an ihrem Loch. „Oh verdammt, jaaa!“ rief sie, als es ihr kam.

Allisons frisch gefickte Fotze ersetzte die von Fiona. Sie war glatt rasiert und aus ihr tropften Sperma und ihr eigener Saft. Allison hatte einen süßen Geschmack von Honig und sie spielte mit ihren gepiercten Nippeln, während ich sie befriedigte. Das war doch gar nicht so schlimm, flüsterte die verräterische Stimme in meinem Kopf. Du liebst doch Fotzen! Und hier gibt es so viele zum Auslecken. Allison kam auf meinem Gesicht und ich stellte fest, dass sich mein Mund öffnete, um darum zu bitten, ihre Sklavin zu werden.

„Nein!“ schrie ich meinen verräterischen Körper an und schloss meinen Mund wieder.

„Doch!“ schrie Mary und schlug mir ins Gesicht. Sie setzte sich vor mir hin und spreizte ihre Beine. Ihre rasierte Muschi glänzte vor Saft und war mit Sperma verschmiert. „Fang schon an zu lecken, du Bitch!“

Mary schmeckte süß und würzig. Sie stöhnte vor Lust, als ich ihre Schamlippen in meinen Mund saugte. Mark packte meine Hüften und sein Schwanz fuhr in meine Möse. Verdammt, das war gut. Ich war so geil, nachdem ich all diese Muschis gelutscht hatte, dass es mir kam, als er mich dehnte.

„Gott, die ist eine geile Schnalle!“ keuchte Mark. „Es ist ihr gerade gekommen!“

„Hmmm, und Fotze lecken kann sie auch gut!“ stöhnte Mary.

Mark musste sich unbegrenzte Standfähigkeit gewünscht haben oder zumindest etwas Ähnliches. Wie sonst konnte er sieben Frauen hintereinander ficken und dann immer noch für die siebte hart sein? Es fühlte sich richtig gut an, wie Marks Schwanz mich aufbohrte. Die Klemmen an meinen Nippeln schmerzten jetzt sehr angenehm und sogar der Stöpsel in meinem Arsch fing an, sich gut anzufühlen. Mark wurde schneller und sein Schwanz rieb sich an den Wänden meiner Muschi. Marys Fotze schmeckte unglaublich gut auf meinen Lippen.

Marys Hand fuhr in mein Haar. Sie zog mein Gesicht näher an ihre Fotze. „Diese Bitch macht mich fertig!“ stöhnte sie. „Oh ja, du verdammte Nutte, Jaaa!“ Süß-würziger Saft lief in meinen Mund und ich trank ihn. Sie ließ meine Haare los.

Mark fickte jetzt heftig meine Muschi. Er musste kurz vor seinem Orgasmus stehen. Ich bewegte meine Hüften. Ich wollte meinen jetzt auch haben. „Die verdammte Bitch will auch kommen!“ stöhnte Mark.

„Gibs ihr!“ gurrte Mary. „Spritz ihr dein Sperma in ihre Drecksfotze! Reite sie hart, mein Hengst!“

Ich kam, als Mark meine Muschi überflutete. Ich fiel auf meinen Bauch und Marks Schwanz rutschte aus meiner Möse heraus. Ich lag auf dem Teppich und keuchte. Ich spürte, wie Marks Saft aus mir heraustropfte. Meine Nippel brannten, die Klammern bohrten sich in das Fleisch meiner Brüste, ich konnte mich vor Erschöpfung nicht bewegen.

Ich schlief ein. Der erste Schlaf, seit ich gefangen genommen worden war. Aber der Schlaf dauerte nicht lang. Jemand schlug mir auf den Arsch und ich erwachte vor Schmerz. Ich schrie auf. „Zeit zum Essen“, sagte Mark.

Ich musste mich schnell auf meine Knie hochrappeln, weil Mark an meiner Leine zerrte. Ich kroch hinter ihm her ins Esszimmer. Der Parkettboden tat meinen Knien weh. Mark setzte sich auf einen Stuhl am Kopf des Tisches. Mary saß zu seiner Rechten und ich saß auf dem Boden zwischen beiden. Die anderen Schlampen versammelten sich um den Tisch und Desiree und Fiona brachten das Essen ins Zimmer. Ein würziger süßlicher Geruch durchströmte den Raum, offenbar gab es etwas Asiatisches. Mein Magen knurrte.

„Ich habe meine Schwestern angerufen“, sagte Mary. In ihrer Stimme klang Nervosität mit.

„Ach ja“, sagte Mark nebensächlich. Er nahm etwas zu Essen. Hmmm, das ist richtig gut Desiree.“

„Gracias, mi Rey!“ sagte Desiree.
„Sie ist eine so tolle Köchin“, gurrte Mary. Vom Boden aus konnte ich sehen, dass Allisons Hand Desirees nussbraunen Schenkel unter dem Tisch streichelte.

„Sie waren ganz aufgeregt, als sie von unserer Verlobung gehört haben“, fuhr Mary fort. „Deswegen habe ich sie für Freitag zum Essen eingeladen.“

Mark nickte. „Okay, wirst du…“

„Ja“, sagte Mary empfindlich. Sie räusperte sich. „Mein Vater wird auch kommen. Und meine Schwestern werden ihre Freunde mitbringen.“

„Dann werden wir dafür sorgen, dass unsere Schlampen sie gut unterhalten“, sagte Mark.

Mein Magen grummelte wieder sehr laut. Mark schaute zu mir herunter. „Hast du Hunger?“

„Ja“, antwortete ich und wurde rot.

Mary nahm ein Stückchen Fleisch von ihrem Teller und hielt es mir hin. In mir stieg Zorn auf. Sie fütterten mich wie einen Hund, der bettelte. Das Fleisch war sehr würzig und war von einer Orangensoße bedeckt. Ich drehte meinen Kopf weg.

„Das ist alles, was du bekommst“, sagte Mary und hielt das Stück wieder vor mein Gesicht.

Es roch lecker und mein Magen knurrte wieder. Ich würde stark sein müssen, wenn ich fliehen wollte. Ich gab nicht ihrem erniedrigenden Verhalten nach, ich musste überleben. Ich öffnete meinen Mund und nahm das Stück Fleisch. Es schmeckte wirklich delikat, ein würziger Geschmack mit einem Hauch Orange.

„Meine Finger kleben“, sagte Mary. Ich seufzte und leckte ihr dann die leckere Soße von den Fingern. „Hmmm, sie saugt gerne“, sagte Mary Mark. „Ich möchte wetten, dass du dir gerne mal den Schwanz von ihr blasen lässt.“

„Da hast du recht“, sagte Mark.

„Nun mach schon“, bellte Mary.

Ich kroch unter den Tisch. Allisons Hand war zwischen Desirees Beinen und sie fingerte der Frau die Fotze. Marks Schwanz war hart und ich saugte ihn in meinen Mund. Ich saugte sehr feste und bewegte meine Zunge um seine Eichel und nahm seine Eier in die Hand. Ich wollte möglichst schnell damit fertig werden.

„Sie ist richtig gierig darauf!“ sagte Mark. „Danke, Mare, du bist einfach die Beste!“

„Ich weiß“, sagte Mary. Sie war zufrieden mit sich selber. Eine Hand strich über mein Haar. „Gutes Mädchen!“ lobte mich Mary. Verdammt, das war echt erniedrigend.

Nun gib schon nach. Sei ihre Sklavin.

Nein, nein, nein! Ich bin stärker. Ich fuhr fort Mark seinen Blowjob zu geben und bewegte meinen Kopf auf und ab und kraulte ihm die Eier.

„Am kommenden Donnerstag kommt gegen sechs eine Gruppe von meinen Freunden vorbei.“

„Okay“, sagte Mary.

„Wir spielen miteinander. Wir treffen uns donnerstags immer und spielen Dungeons and Dragons.“

Mary lachte. „Dungeons and Dragons. Ich erinnere mich an jemanden, der sich totgelacht hat, als ich ihm erzähle, dass ich Vampire: Die Maskerade gespielt habe.“

„Ja, es ist halt so, dass D&D-Spieler immer auf die Rollenspieler herabschauen“, sagte Mark verteidigend. „Wenn das ein Problem ist, können wir auch zu Tom gehen und dort spielen.“

„Nein, ist schon in Ordnung“, sagte Mary. „Ich wollte dich nur ein bisschen hochnehmen.“

„Darf ich mitspielen?“ fragte Lillian. „Ich spiele gerne D&D.“

„Sicher“, sagte Mark überrascht.

„Wie dem auch sei“, sagte Mary. „Diane wollte in einen Club gehen, Donnerstag ist also ganz okay.“

„Diane?“ fragte Mark.

„Ja, von dem japanischen Steakhaus“, erinnerte ihn Mary.

„Die war geil“, murmelte Mark, „echt geil!“

Und plötzlich überflutete Marks Schwanz meinen Mund mit seinem Saft. Ich hustete und zog überrascht mein Gesicht weg. Sein nächster Spritzer landete auf meiner Wange und ein dritter traf meine Stirn und meine Nase. Sein Sperma schmeckte salzig und ich schluckte es. Ein vierter Spritzer kam und landete auf meiner rechten Brust.

„Gutes Mädchen!“ lobte Mark mich und reichte mir ein weiteres Stück Fleisch unter den Tisch. Er fuhr damit durch das Sperma auf meiner Brust und brachte es dann an meine Lippen.

Ich zögerte, aß dann aber das Stück. Ich hatte ja schließlich eben erst eine ganze Ladung geschluckt. Außerdem verdeckte die würzige Soße den Geschmack seines Spermas vollständig. Mary machte es Mark nach. Sie zog ein Stück rote Paprika durch das Sperma und fütterte mich damit.

„Und in welchen Club wollt ihr gehen?“ fragte Mark.

„Der Muscheltaucher“, antwortete Mary. Jetzt zog sie ein Stück von der Zwiebel durch das Sperma und gab es mir zu Essen. Ich leckte ihre Finger ab, ohne dass sie mich danach fragen musste. „Das ist ein Lesbenclub in Tacoma.“

„Ich kann es gar nicht abwarten, dass du mir anschließend davon erzählst“, sagte Mark und dann küsste er sie.

„Ach ja“, sagte Mary dann. „Ich glaube, ich habe eine Gynäkologin für uns gefunden. Sie hat gerade erst in Tacoma angefangen. Ich habe eine Verabredung mit ihr am Donnerstag um zehn.“

„Das klingt vielversprechend“, sagte Mark.

Plötzlich stöhnte Desiree laut. Von meinem Platz unter dem Tisch konnte ich Allisons Finger ihre Schnalle verlassen sehen, sie waren von Desirees Säften ganz klebrig. „Bist du gerade gekommen?“ fragte Mary.

„Ist sie“, kicherte Allison. „Ich wollte ihr einfach nur meine Anerkennung für das leckere Essen zollen.“

Als das Essen zu Ende ging, brachte Violet mich in die Küche und stellte einen Teller auf den Boden. Streifen aus Rindfleisch und Gemüse in einer würzigen Soße auf braunem Reis. Violet gab mir allerdings kein Besteck. Sie sah mich entschuldigend an.

„Hündchen benutzen keine Gabeln“, rief Mary schnippisch vom Esszimmer her, „und auch keine Hände.“

Ich war am Verhungern, also beugte ich meinen Kopf und fing an, hungrig das Essen direkt vom Teller zu essen. Zu meiner eigenen Überraschung aß ich den ganzen Teller leer. An meinem Gesicht klebten jetzt Soße und Reste vom Reis. Danach ließen sie mich aufstehen und mir mein Gesicht abwaschen. Dann gab man mir ein Glas Wasser. Meine Kehle war ganz ausgedörrt und ich leerte es in einem einzigen Zug.

Dann musste ich das Geschirr abwaschen, während Desiree und Fiona zusahen. Wenn ich zu langsam wurde, oder wenn sie glaubten, dass ich zu langsam wurde, schlugen beide mit einer zusammengerollten Zeitung auf meinen Arsch. Als ich mit dem Abwasch fertig war, nahm Fiona mein Halsband.

„Hunde gehen auf allen Vieren“, herrschte sie mich an, als ich einfach hinter ihr her gehen wollte und sie schlug mich wieder mit der Zeitung.

Fiona führte mich aus der Küche in das Wohnzimmer. Dort warteten Mark und Mary, beide waren angezogen. Mark hatte Blue Jeans und ein weißes T-Shirt an, während Mary ein gelbes Sommerkleid mit einem Eindruck von Orchideen trug. Mark nahm das Halsband.

„Es ist Zeit, Gassi zu gehen“, sagte er in diesem aufgeregten Ton, den Herrchen immer benutzen, wenn sie mit ihren Haustieren sprechen. Er schlang seinen anderen Arm um Mary und trat mir in den Hintern. „Los, Bitch!“

Er wollte mich doch wohl nicht nach draußen führen? Nackt und auf allen Vieren? Mit einem Hundeschwanz in meinem Arsch?

Mark benutzte seinen Fuß, um mich zur Haustür zu lenken. Mein Herz hämmerte in meiner Brust. Das konnte ja gar nicht wahr sein! Bitte, nicht das! Lieber Gott! Mary öffnete die Tür und ich erstarrte. Er stieß meinen Arsch mit seinem Fuß noch einmal an. Der Schmerz war heftig, aber ich konnte es nicht tun. Mark ging an mir vorbei und riss fest an der Leine. Ich fiel nach vorne und mein Arm schabte über die hölzerne Veranda.

„Entweder gehst du jetzt auf allen Vieren und wir schleifen dich hinter uns her!“ warnte Mark mich.

Ich sammelte meine ganze Würde und krabbelte langsam nach draußen, die Stufen hinunter und auf den Bürgersteig. Meine Knie brannten und meine Handflächen waren wund. Mark führte mich auf weiches Gras und das war eine gewisse Erleichterung für meine armen Knie. Die Sonne schien war auf meinen nackten Rücken und auf meinen wunden Arsch. Ich sah mich um. Noch war niemand auf der Straße. Mark führte mich zu einigen Büschen.

„Ich möchte wetten, dass du pissen musst“, sagte Mark und zeigte auf die Büsche.

„Nein“, murmelte ich. Das konnte ich nicht tun.

„Du pinkelst hier“, befahl Mary. „Oder bitte darum, dass du unsere Sklavin sein darfst.“

„Ach Hallo, Madeleine“, sagte Mark plötzlich. „Hier passiert nichts Ungewöhnliches, ich führe nur meinen Hund Gassi.“

„Ach ja“, sagte Madeleine. „Hi Louise, ich sehe, du hast dein Problem mit deinem Mann gelöst.“

Ich spürte, wie mein Gesicht vor Scham rot wurde. Warum musste es ausgerechnet Madeleine sein, die mich so sah? Madeleine war so nett zu mir gewesen. Sie hatte mich bei ihr schlafen lassen. Ich hielt eine Menge von dieser Frau. Ich sah sie an und ich sah in ihrem Gesicht nur Abscheu. Ich spürte, wie mein Herz brach.

„Hat sie dir erzählt, dass ich ihr Mann bin?“ sagte Mark und lachte. „Ich bin mit Mary hier verlobt. Louise ist nur unser Hund.“

„Sie hat eine tolle Zunge“, sagte Mary. „Ich möchte wetten, dass du dir gerne deine Schnalle von ihr lecken lassen würdest. Sie wird dich sicher ganz schnell fertig machen. Das würde ich echt gerne sehen.“

Madeleine lachte ein geiles Lachen. Mary schien die Macht zu haben, Frauen alles Sexuelle machen zu lassen, was sie wollte. Und die süße Madeleine mit dem wunderbaren Südstaaten-Näseln unterlag ihrer Kraft. „Sicher, wenn dich das glücklich machen würde, Süße!“

„Das würde es“, sagte Mary. „Heb einfach deinen Rock hoch und dann wird diese Bitch dafür sorgen, dass du dich toll fühlst.“

Madeleine stellte sich über mich in ihrem grauen Bleistiftrock und ihrer weißen Bluse. Sie schob ihren Rock nach oben und man sah ein einfaches himmelblaues Höschen. Ich zog das Höschen zur Seite und legte damit ihren gestutzten brünetten Busch und große Schamlippen frei. Gestern Morgen hatte ich noch davon fantasiert, ihre Fotze zu lecken und jetzt wurde ich hier in der Öffentlichkeit dazu gezwungen. Ihre Muschi schmeckte süß und würzig, als ich ihr meine Zunge tief in die Fotze drückte.

„Oh, das ist wirklich sehr schön“, sagte Madeleine aufgeregt. „Sie ist ja richtig gierig darauf.“

Ihre Hand legte sich auf meinen Kopf und ihre Hüften fingen an zu rotieren, als ihre Lust anstieg. Ich schob ihr einen Finger in die Schnalle und fing an, mit meiner Zunge schnell ihren Kitzler zu lecken. Madeleines Atem wurde schwerer und schneller. Ihr Stöhnen wurde lauter und leidenschaftlicher.

„Oh Gott, ist das gut“, keuchte Madeleine. „Sie macht mich richtig an!“

Madeleine zuckte auf meinem Gesicht und keuchte laut, als es ihr kam. Sie ließ meine Haar los und ich fiel zurück auf meinen Arsch. Der Arschstöpsel drang tiefer in mich ein. Ich sah zu Madeleine auf und sie sah mich angewidert an. Tränen flossen aus meinen Augen.

„Puuhh!“ sagte Madeleine. „Ich weiß nicht, was über mich gekommen ist, aber diese Bitch hat mich eben fertig gemacht. Richtig schön.“

„Wir sehen uns morgen“, sagte Mark, als Madeleine weiterging.

„Ich freue mich schon darauf, Süßer!“ rief sie zurück.

„Komm“, sagte Mary. „Wir müssen noch Gassi gehen.“

„Muss ich das wieder tun?“ fragte ich und schluchzte.

„Ja!“ sagte Mark. „Jeder, den wir beim Gassi gehen treffen, wird von dir befriedigt werden.“

Mary nickte. „Ob mit deinem Mund oder mit deiner Fotze, du wirst eine Menge Leute glücklich machen.“

Gib auch, flüsterte eine Stimme in mir. Ich versuchte, den Gedanken zu verdrängen, aber ich war zu schwach. Gib auf.

„Bitte“, wimmerte ich. Sie hatten gewonnen. „Bitte macht mich zu eurer Sexsklavin!“

„Wie war das Bitch?“ fragte Mary.

„Ich möchte eure Sexsklavin werden“, rief ich.

Mark beugte sich herunter und schaute mir in die Augen. Seine Augen war blau und sie schienen direkt in meine Seele zu schauen. „Sag mir die Wahrheit. Willst du wirklich unsere Sexsklavin sein?“

Ich konnte nicht lügen. Er hatte mir einen Befehl gegeben. „Ja.“

Mark half mir auf die Füße. „Von jetzt an gehörst du Mary und mir. Du wirst alles gerne tun, was wir dir sagen, egal wie pervers es auch ist.“

„Ja, Meister“, sagte ich und ich lächelte.

Mein Meister drückte mich an sich und küsste mich auf die Lippen. Ich weinte, aber nicht, weil ich traurig war. Ich weinte vor Freude. Meine Herrin umarmte mich leicht und ihre Lippen waren weich auf meinen. Mein Meister machte die Nippelklemmen ab, öffnete das Hundehalsband und zog den Stöpsel aus meinem Arsch.

„Du bist nicht länger Schwester Fotzenlappen“, sagte meine Herrin mir.

„Danke Herrin“, flüsterte ich.

Mein Meister runzelte die Stirn. „Aber ich mag den Namen Louise nicht.“

„Meister, ich habe den Namen Louise Afra angenommen, als ich mein Gelübde abgelegt habe“, sagte ich leise. „Ich wurde als Karen Redding geboren.“

„Okay Karen“, sagte mein Meister und zog mir die Hundeohren aus. „Jetzt wollen wir dich mal sauber machen.“

Der Meister nahm eine meiner Hände und die Herrin die andere und sie führten mich ins Haus zurück. Meine Mitschlampen saßen im Wohnzimmer und ich entschuldigte mich bei jeder einzelnen dafür, dass ich sie unseren Herren wegnehmen wollte. Jetzt verstand ich. Im Gehorsam lag Glück und in Unterwerfung lag Freude. Alle umarmten mich glücklich und küssten mich. Jetzt hatte ich so viele Schlampenschwestern!

„Thamina“, sagte Mary. „Bring Karen nach oben und kümmere dich um sie.“

„Ja Herrin“, sagte Thamina. Sie nahm meine Hand und führt mich nach oben. Ich begann mein neues Leben als Sklavin von Mark und Mary.

To be continued…

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The Devil’s Pact Chapter 45: Wormwood



The Devil’s Pact

Chapter 45: Wormwood

by mypenname3000

edited by Master Ken

© Copyright 2013, 2014

Story Codes: Male/Female, Female/Female, Males/Female, Mind Control, Magic, Wedded Lust, Pregnant, Anal, Oral, Ass to Mouth

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Click here for Chapter 44.

We had been in San Francisco for a week, spreading the Holy Word, when Wormwood erupted. Brian fell ill, and a great fear clutched my heart. The hospitals had been overwhelmed and I could only sit next to my husband and pray. I furiously prayed to our Living Gods, over and over until my sex grew sore with the ferocity of my devotions. On the third night, the God appeared in a vision before me, glowing like the sun. He took me in the vision, pleasure suffusing my entire being. “All will be well, my slut,” he had proclaimed as my passion overcame me. “Your faith has been rewarded.” The next morning, Brian’s fever lifted.

–Second Missionaries 14:01-03

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013 – Mark Glassner – City Hall, Seattle

I found Mary in the mayor’s office, sitting on the edge of his desk. Mayor Erikson appeared to have been enthralled by Lamia – who was either Lilith or one of her daughters – and I left the man calling pathetically for, “My sweet Lamy!” with the soldiers downstairs. Mary would have to fix him with her Gift later.

My wife still wore her black fatigues, though she took off the stab vest. Underneath the vest she wore a tight, black halter top that molded to her perky breasts and slightly round stomach. She was just starting to show her pregnancy. Her auburn hair was pulled into a ponytail, and she looked fetching as the rising sun streamed in through the window behind her.

“Mark,” she purred. “I believe I promised to fuck your brains out?”

I grinned, my cock hard. The fight in the warehouse had been terrifying, but afterward I felt so alive. And I wanted nothing more than to prove how alive I was by fucking my wife. I sauntered to her and she slid off the desk. Man, she looked sexy in her fatigues, like an amazon.

She kissed me with passion, pressing her body to me, and shoved her tongue deep into my mouth. “Fuck me,” she hissed, grinding her crotch into my hard cock. “God, I need it so bad!”

I spun her about, bent my wife over the desk. She pushed the computer monitor and keyboard to the side, and they crashed to the floor. I squeezed her ass through the fatigues, then ripped them off her ass along with the sky-blue boy-shorts she wore underneath. Her cunt was wet, waxed bare, and I whipped my cock out and shoved it in.

“Fuck, that’s nice!” I moaned as I pounded her pussy.

“Yes, yes!” she cried, writhing on the desk. “Take me, stallion!”

The soldiers guarding the door were sure to hear us; that just made it hotter. I buried my shaft into my wife’s tight hole over and over. The desk rattled and slid on the beige carpet. Mary’s freckled ass jiggled every time I bottomed out in her cunt; the cheeks were plump, inviting, and I smacked my hand down on her ass.

“Ohh, spank my ass!” Mary groaned.

I slapped her again, leaving a red hand-print. Then I grabbed her auburn ponytail and yanked her head back. I usually wasn’t this rough with her, but after the fight, we both were boiling over with energy that needed a release.

I pulled her head up, and whispered in her ear, “You like this? You like it when I fuck you hard?”

“Yes, yes!” she cried out, her green eyes lidded with lust as she looked over her shoulder at me. “Fuck me, stud! Make me howl in pleasure!”

“Naughty filly!” I panted, and slammed my rod harder into her cunt. “Naughty fucking filly!”

“Yes! So naughty! I’m your naughty filly! Oh God, make me cum!”

Her cunt convulsed on my cock as her passion swept through her. She felt delicious, wonderful as her sheath milked my cock. I pulled back, and drove my cock home. Every muscle in my body tensed as my passion exploded thick into her.

Mary was shaking, breathing heavily, and then I heard a soft sob escape her lips. Fear filled me. Was I too rough? “Did I hurt you?” I tenderly asked.

“No,” she said, sniffing. “It’s just…You almost died again, Mark.”

I pulled out of her, scooped my wife up in my arms, and carried her to the plush, leather chair behind the desk. Mary curled up on my lap, and I stroked her hair as she softly cried. “I didn’t die though,” I reassured her.

“I know, but…it was so close.” She looked up at me, her green eyes red with emotion. “You were so burned. I didn’t even know how you were still standing.”

“You have no idea how close it was,” I whispered.


I swallowed, remembering the hate I felt when I saw Lilith. “I almost killed her. I…”

“Shh…” she said, putting her finger to my lips.

I swallowed; she was right. It wasn’t safe to talk about this here. If I had killed Lilith, then the final lock on the Devil’s prison would have sprung open, and he would have escaped Hell. I was only supposed to capture her.

I had to be more careful.

Mary kissed me gently. She couldn’t say anything more, not outside of the Matmown. The Devil could be spying on us right this second from the Shadows. The only safe place to talk was that metal room, the Matmown. No spiritual being, not even the Devil, could penetrate the spells warding it. She was trying to reassure me, to quell the guilt and recriminations that twisted about inside me. We had driven Lilith from Seattle. She was no longer right on our doorstep, and we could take the time to figure things out, and to be ready for our next confrontation—and the consequences. Sam should be leaving for Israel in a few hours to study the Dead Sea Scrolls and figure out how to trap Lucifer if the worst should happen.

The kiss was soft, gentle, loving. I stroked Mary’s face, relaxing into her lips. The kiss grew more passionate, Mary shifting, squirming on my lap as she kicked off her fatigues and underwear. My tongue explored her sweet mouth. I kept hold of her face, not wanting to break the kiss as she straddled me. We broke the kiss only long enough for me to pull her black halter-top off, my hands instantly going to her freckled breasts as we kissed again. Mary shivered in pleasure as I played with her nipples.

My wife raised her hips up, guided my cock to her wonderful hole, and slid achingly slow down my shaft. I groaned into her lips, enjoying the sensation of being buried in her sopping cunt. Then she raised up slowly – a shudder passed through my body – and then back down. This wasn’t the frantic rutting of a few minutes ago; we were making love this time, slow and passionate.

My right hand let go of her left breast, sliding down her silky skin to cup her plump ass, guiding her hips as she slowly rode me. The leather chair creaked and my stomach sank as it leaned back. For a moment, I feared the chair was falling backwards. Then it stopped; her breasts hung down to brush my chest. She smiled in relief, then she pumped up and down on my shaft.

“Oh, Mark,” she moaned, her emerald eyes staring down at me. Her ponytail hung down her neck and brushed my shoulder. “I love you.”

I squeezed her ass, urging her to go faster, and pulled her down for another kiss. I put all my love into my lips, nibbling on hers and playing with her tongue. She tasted sweet. She rocked faster on me. The pleasure intensified, building in my balls, and I drove my cock into her. The chair wobbled and creaked, sliding about on the plastic mat on the floor, moving into a shaft of morning sunlight. Mary’s hair was a tongue of fire kissing my shoulder and chest as we made love.

“My Mare!” I groaned, feeling my balls tightening. “I’m gonna cum.”

“Do it,” she whispered, her face flushed and sweaty with passion. “Cum in me.”

Her velvety cunt gripped my cock as she slammed down and I exploded in her. She mewled in pleasure, her body shaking atop me as her passion burst inside her. She gasped once, then sighed, and snuggled against my chest.

“I love you, Mare,” I whispered, my hand stroking down her side, down to her baby bump. “You and our child.” I was going to have other children, with the sluts, with other women, but I knew I was going to love our children just a little bit more.

“Our only child,” Mary sighed.

“What?” I asked her. “We can have other children.”

“Nuns don’t get pregnant, Mark. As long as I have the Gift, this is our only child.”

I didn’t know what to say, so I just kissed her forehead. “I’m sorry. It’s not fair that I’m having all these children.”

“It’s okay, Mark.” She shifted, looking up at me, and kissed me. “We’ll have one child, at least.”

“One daughter. I told my sperm, remember.”

She laughed. “It doesn’t work that way, Mark.”

“Sure it does. Willow told me so. She’s an OB/GYN.”

Mary rolled her eyes. It was good to see her happy. Maybe having only one kid wasn’t so bad, Mary wanted to name our first son Albert, after my grandfather. He was a great guy, but Albert was a terrible name. Our daughter would be named Chasity in memory of the loving woman that gave her life for Mary.

“Fine, if we only have one child…” Mary started to say.

“A daughter,” I corrected.

“Fine, if we only have a daughter, her middle name will be Alberta,” Mary declared with a mischievous grin. Did she read my mind? “Chasity Alberta Glassner.”

Fuck. That was almost as bad. I opened my mouth to object, when the doors opened and Jessica walked in. She smiled at us, sauntering over to the desk. She wore a slutty secretary’s outfit: a very short skirt, gray, thigh-high stockings, and a transparent, blue blouse that her caramel breasts were easily visible through.

“Master, Mistress,” she smiled, sitting down on a chair across from us.

Mary smiled back, then climbed off me. Jessica’s eyes fell on her messy cunt, and licked her lips. Jessica was a good slut. When Mary perched on the desk’s edge and spread her legs, the slut quickly buried her face in my wife’s pussy and licked my cum out of her. Mary gripped her honey-brown hair, writhing her hips. Her auburn hair tossed, and it wasn’t long before she was shuddering in pleasure, tossing me a smile over her shoulder as she came.

“Umm, that was good,” Mary purred.

“Thank you, Mistress,” Jessica smiled, her lips sticky with pussy cream and my cum.

“Why don’t you bend over the desk and let Mark fuck your ass,” Mary ordered her. I smiled at Mary; she was a such loving wife, and always made sure my needs were taken care of.

“Are you ready to run the city?” I asked Jessica as I hiked up her gray skirt.

“Yes, I…ohh…am!” Jessica gasped as I slipped my cock into her tight ass.

“Good, we’re heading back to Tacoma after this,” I told her, fucking her bowels.

“I’ll make sure things run smooth, Master!”

“I know you will. I have complete faith in you.”

Her dark face flushed as she turned around to look back at me. “Thank you, Master! I won’t let you down.”

Her ass was tight, hot, as it gripped my cock. I squeezed her caramel hips and pounded her hard. My balls slapped against her pussy, and her ass constricted slightly every time her little slit was struck.

“I don’t trust the new head of Seattle’s Police,” I continued. “Have her arrested. In fact, you might want to purge as many women out of the government as possible. Lilith had a lot of female followers. No men though.”

“Oh, yes!” Jessica responded, thrusting her ass back against me. “That makes sense. She’s a man-hater.”

“Round up all the high-ranking government officials that are women,” Mary commanded; she looked so sexy perched on the desk, the morning sun lighting up her body. “We’ll sort out which ones work for Lilith and which ones are innocent.”

“Yes, Mistress!”

Mary leaned over, her face inches from Jessica. “Are you making my husband feel good, slut?”

“I am, Mistress,” Jessica answered.

“Good,” Mary smiled and kissed her.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” I muttered as I watched my wife kissing Jessica. My balls were close to exploding, and I groaned and shot my wad into Jessica’s ass.

Mary broke the kiss. “Clean his up cock, slut.”

“Absolutely,” Jessica purred, and quickly knelt before me, sucking my dirty cock into her mouth.

Mary slipped off the desk, rubbed Jessica’s head, and told her, “You’ll do just fine. We both love you.”

Jessica beamed around my cock.

The door banged opened and Sam walked in, flanked by Candy. “I think Lilith may have done something to Fiona.”

“What?” I asked her as Jessica released my cock.

“It’s possible she’s a trap,” Sam answered. “Fiona was left alone in the Mayor’s house with none of Lilith’s children to guard her. The demoness had to know we were coming for her soon. She was ready to escape when your forces assaulted.”

“Lilith meant for her to get captured?” Mary asked.

Sam nodded. “What if Lilith intends for you to exorcise her. She’s a Warlock, right?”

“Yeah,” I answered. “She’s made some Pact with Lilith.”

“Well, Lilith knows a lot. What if she baited Fiona somehow. If you try to exorcise her, it’s possible for it to backfire and harm you. Maybe even kill you.”

Mary paled, swallowing, and a chill ran through me.

Candy nodded. “It’s what I would do. And Lilith is a crafty bitch!”

“Then how do we interrogate her?” Mary asked. “I’m not sure I can torture Fiona. She was one of ours, Mark.”

It left a queasy feeling in my stomach, but we needed to know about Lilith’s plans. “Maybe there is a way,” I realized, glancing at my wife. “When you made your Pact with the Devil, Mary, what did you wish for?”


Tir – Sangi, the Democratic Republic of Congo

I watched Thamina, my birth-mother, sit disconsolately on the doorstep of a rough hut.

Fiona, her wife, never made it to the rendezvous. She was dead or captured; my birth-mother grieved her absence. We were in one of the three villages filled with the women we rescued from several ‘refugee’ camps in the jungles of Africa. In these camps, vile men called ‘warlords’ would wander in and claim these women for his men to be raped. Well, Mother sent my sisters and I to save them, and we made short work of a dozen of those bands. These women, recognizing the divinity of Mother, welcomed her embrace. By the end of the week, an army of my sisters would be born and we would retake Seattle.

“Mother will save her,” I said, hugging my birth-mother.

“No, she won’t.” Despair creased her dusky face. “Lilith doesn’t care.”

“Of course Mother cares,” I protested. Mother loved all her followers; she said so all the time. “You’re just sad, but Fiona will be fine.” She buried her face in my chest, and I held my birth-mother, and chirped a reassuring song to her. My song trilled beautifully, soft and comforting, and I rocked her as she sobbed, gently stroking her black hair.

“Tir,” Mother purred.

I shuddered in delight, looking up at a perfect face framed by silver hair. Lilith. My Mother. She was the Ideal woman, the mold all others were imperfectly cast from. Her lust poured over me, over us. Even my sobbing mother shuddered in pleasure. Lilith ignored my birth-mother, staring down at me.

“How is the disease progressing?”

“Wormwood is spreading through the population,” I answered, reaching out to sense my half of the disease.

I could feel it. Every man who drank from the city’s water supply. The man he infected on his way to work, to school, to breakfast, to the gym. Some left the city, spreading it to the communities surrounding Seattle. Others entered the city and became infected. Even better, some had boarded planes, traveling to other parts of the United States and to other parts of the world. When the symptoms started manifesting in a few days, the world would descend into chaos.

“Wormwood?” Lilith asked. “That is what you’re calling it?”

“It seemed appropriate, Mother.”

Mother laughed, rich, beautiful. It made my song sound like an off-tune screech. “It does.”


Fiona Cavanagh – Murano Hotel, Tacoma, WA

I lay on the hotel bed, watched by two of Mark’s disgusting bodyguards. They still wore the same, ridiculously slutty, cop outfits. Though the chokers with their number printed on them was new.

How degrading. Mark couldn’t even call them by their names, he just assigned them numbers. A pig who viewed women as nothing more than objects to satiate his myriad, twisted lusts. And that whore he married was even worse. Not only did she tolerate his degrading behavior, she encouraged it by finding women and serving them up to him so he could feast upon them.

I didn’t recognize the two bodyguards. Of course they were beautiful, and Mark dressed them in such demeaning outfits. The Hispanic guard’s large tits looked about ready to spill out of her top, and she wore no bra to give those large breasts any support, poor girl. Her number was 127. Next to her stood 126, a porcelain faced, Korean beauty. When did he get that many bodyguards?

I gave a snort of laughter. He’s taken over the entire country, would soon control the entire world, and had driven my Goddess from her place of power, and here I am wondering when they expanded their bodyguards. Get your priories straight, woman!

I curled up on the bed, hugging a pillow, and wondered if Thamina was okay. And Ziki, my daughter with Lilith. She had been masquerading as Nate Kirkpatrick, head of Human Resources for the city of Seattle. Were they alive? The warehouse had been burned down. Did Thamina escape? She could make a portal to the Shadows, so she should have been able to escape. I didn’t want to lose my dusky, Arab princess! She must have escaped!


And what was going to happen to me? Would Mark try to make me his whore again? No. My deal with Lilith should protect me from his control. So what would they do to me? Rape me? Torture me for information? I remembered how they treated Karen when she attacked them. They degraded her, broke her spirit until she agreed to be their little slut. Would they do that to me? Force me to be their whore again and wear that loathsome choker?

For a moment I couldn’t breath, remembering the choker tight about my neck, strangling the will and dignity out of me. No! I’m a free woman! I will not submit to their vile lusts again!

At noon, they brought me a hamburger and fries for lunch. If I had any hope of escaping, I needed to keep my strength up. That’s what people always said in movies in these situations. Keep my spirits up, keep my strength up, and wait for my captors to mess up and take my chances with an escape. After I ate, they let me use the bathroom, but one of the guards, 127 and her huge tits, followed me in.

As I sat on the toilet, pissing, I eyed her gun. I could go for it, grab it and shoot my way out.

The guard shifted, sensing my gaze and turning her body so the gun was on the other side. A warning look flashed across her dark face. I flushed. Crap! Now they would be more careful. When I finished peeing, the guard watched me wipe myself.

“You can take a shower,” 127 told me.

“Are you going to watch?” I asked.

She gave me an apologetic smile. “Those are my orders. You should get used to this. Criminals always get watched.”

“Is that what I am?” I asked, a bitter taste in my mouth. I reached into the shower and turned the knobs.

“Of course,” she answered. “You served their enemies.”

“We’re fighting for you,” I told her as I disrobed. “For every woman oppressed by a man.”

“I’m not oppressed.”

I laughed. “They why do you dress like a slut? You do it for Mark’s perverse amusement.”

“And why shouldn’t my God delight in my form? Aren’t I a gorgeous, sexy woman?”

“You’re his slave, his toy!” I snapped at her.

“So? I chose to be their slave.” Her eyes burned with fervor. “When I saw them wreathed in flames, standing triumphant before that false god Brandon, I knew I had to serve them. I quit my job, dumped my boyfriend, and traveled here.” An exultant smile filled her face. “And they let me serve them. A flawed, imperfect human unworthy of their time or attention. Being their whore is a small price to pay.” She let out a long, low sigh. “No, it was a wonderful price to pay. Her pussy tastes divine and his cock feels magical as it pistons inside me!”

I stared dumbfounded at her, then shut the shower curtain. She was like Alison and the other sluts that chose to stay with him. No, she was worse. The other sluts were clearly suffering from Stockholm syndrome. But this woman chose Mark; I shuddered at the thought.

“Guards have died for them, why would you chose that?” I asked her.

“I was a cop. I already decided to put my life on the line for others. This is no different.” There was a pause. “No, this is very different. They’re the Living Gods, the hope for mankind in defending against the demons. Like your foul Lilith!”

I stiffened. “My Goddess just wants to liberate women from the oppression of men! We are not objects to be used and discarded at their whims! We’re smarter, more compassionate, more loving! We’re not violent, we wouldn’t cause war and suffering!”

She snorted a laugh. “Trust me, women can be just as violent, oppressive, and harmful as men.”

There was no talking to this bimbo, and I turned my back and tried to enjoy my shower. With the curtain shut, I almost felt alone. Almost. I tried to ignore her shadow, the sound of her booted heels clicking on the tiled floor, and the muffled squawk of her radio.

“You’re clean,” 127 barked, finally growing impatient.

I reached out, shut the water off. A towel was flung over the curtain; I dried myself off, wrapping it around my hair. I opened the curtain, and I put on a terry cloth robe with the hotel’s monogram.

Mark and Mary awaited me in the hotel room.

My blood chilled as Mark’s blue eyes fixed on me and I suddenly felt naked; I clutched the robe tight around me. Oh, Goddess, this is it! He’s going to try and make me his whore again. I started to tremble and froze in place. Be strong! You have to survive. For Thamina and for Lilith. They can only harm my body, not my mind.

Not my soul!

“Hello, Fiona,” Mary purred and I flushed.

My eyes slid to her and I remembered just how beautiful she was, the most gorgeous, sexy, radiant woman in the world. A warmth spread through my loins. I licked my lips, remembering how soft and moist her lips were. I used to love nursing at her perky breasts, and worshiping at her delicious cunt—sweet and spicy and wonderful on my tongue. Goddess, what was wrong with me. My nipples hardened. The terry cloth robe rubbed pleasantly on my sensitive nubs, and I squeezed my thighs together, trying to relieve the ache in my loins.

“I see that you’re not immune to all my powers,” Mary cooed.

“How?” I asked. Mark had tried to give me orders already. “Lilith protected me from your mind control. We made a Pact!”

“I wished for all women to desire me,” Mary answered. “Lilith told me it wasn’t mind control. It merely lowered your inhibitions until you can’t control your desire for me.”

Mary stood up, slipping off the light, green dress she wore. She was naked underneath, beautiful, perfectly formed. Oh, Goddess, she was right. I wanted her so bad. I struggled, forcing my desire down. I pictured Thamina. I just needed to focus on my wife and fight these desires. She walked to me, her ass swaying. Her stomach was round, her pregnancy starting to show. I wanted to kiss her belly, and rub my face against her silky skin.

“Mmm, I’ve missed you, Fiona.” She stood just a foot away, her eyes green pools, shining with lust. I shuddered as she reached out, touching my arm. “Why don’t you take that off so we can get reacquainted.”

It’s just one little request, I told myself. And it was so hot in here. I slipped the robe off, her eyes falling down to my full breasts. I felt a little pleased; she found me attractive. I raised my hand, reaching for her when I froze. What are you doing, Fiona. Remember Thamina. I pictured her round, dusky face and dark eyes shining with love. I had to be strong!

I pulled my hand back and stepped away.

Mary frowned and I froze in place; I didn’t want to disappoint her. Mary’s hand reached out, and I shivered as she caressed my stomach, trailing down to finger my fiery-red bush. “You let it grow out?”

“Yes,” I answered, trying to sound defiant instead of eager. I failed.

Mary stepped closer, her dusky nipples inches from brushing my breasts as her face swam before me. I licked my lips as she leaned in, closing my eyes, and I melted into her lips. I’m so sorry, Thamina, I just couldn’t resist her. My arms wrapped around her, pulling her beautiful body into mine. I rubbed myself against her, reveling in the feel of her silky skin on my body.

I whimpered in disappointment when Mary broke the kiss. She turned, her plump ass swaying as she walked to the bed. She stretched out, then beckoned to me with a single finger. Smiling, I eagerly moved to the bed, sliding down next to her. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Mark’s leering, blue eyes. I didn’t care, all that mattered was extinguishing the inferno Mary had stoked in my pussy.

I kissed Mary, my hands gently grasping her perky breasts. I fingered her nipples, then I kissed down her chin, nuzzling into her neck. Her fingers left trails of fire as she traced my skin. I moved lower and lower, rubbing my cheek into her breast and enjoying Mary’s mewls of pleasure as I brushed against her hard nipple.

“Where is Lilith?” Mary asked.

I froze, my lips inches from her nipple. I looked up at her questioning eyes. “I can’t tell you that.”

“Why not?” Her hand reached down, fondled my breast. “It would make me so happy. And then I’ll make you very happy.”

I so wanted to make her happy. But Lilith was my goddess. “I’m sorry,” I croaked. “I can’t.”

Her finger found my nipple, gently circling my areola and sending pleasure shooting down to my loins. My lips engulfed her nipple; maybe I could make her happy another way. I sucked, swirling my tongue about her hard nub, my other hand questing between her legs, and discovered her dripping-wet pussy. I teased her outer lips, then found her hard pearl and gently rubbed it.

“Umm, that’s nice,” Mary purred. “You want to make me happy, don’t you Fiona?”

“I do,” I insisted, slipping two fingers into her cunt.

“Then tell me where Lilith is.”

“Africa,” I whispered before I could stop myself. Mary’s hips writhed beneath me. “A tiny village in Africa. The Congo, I think.”

“Good, Fiona,” Mary purred, then she pushed my head down. “You can use your mouth to please me.”

I kissed her round stomach, rubbed my cheek through her pubic hair – still styled it into a fiery-heart – then I found her wet, beautiful pussy. I breathed in her sweet, spicy fragrance, spread her pink lips open, and dove in. How I missed this wonderful flavor! Mary moaned, arching her back as my tongue dove into her hole. I wrapped my arms around her waist, pulling her tight against me.

“127, suck my cock,” I heard Mark order.

“With pleasure, sir!”

There was metallic rasp, then a sloppy, sucking sound. I ignored it; let the pervert watch. Nothing mattered as long as I made Mary happy. My tongue probed her hole, fucking into her while my fingers reached around her hips to pinch gently at her clit. Mary’s hand grabbed my strawberry-blonde hair, and pulled me harder into her cunt, writhing her hips.

“Oh, fuck, that’s nice!” she gasped. “You fucking whore! I’m gonna cum all over your pretty, little face!”

That sounded wonderful!

I massaged her clit harder and really worked my tongue into her cunt’s depths. Her moans grew louder, and I had to hold on tight as her hips writhed beneath my tongue’s assault. Her body went rigid, shuddering a few times as a flood of delicious juices poured out of her cunt into my eager mouth.

“Fuck, that was amazing!” she gasped. I looked up her sweaty body, past her heaving breasts, to the smile on her lips. I crawled up her body, my heavy breasts dragging across her skin. I kissed her; her tongue licked at my lips, tasting her pussy and savoring her flavor.

“I need to cum so bad,” I whispered, rubbing my pussy on her thigh.

“I’ll let you cum, if you tell me one thing.”

“Anything,” I begged.

“What is Lilith going to do next?”

I bit my lip. It felt so wonderful to rub my pussy on her thigh, relieving that ache inside me. “A plague. Tir, one of her daughters, has been working on it.”

“A plague?” Mark asked, concerned.

“It’s not ready,” I quickly reassured him, then frowned. Why was I telling Mark anything?

Mary pressed her thigh up into my cunt, and I rubbed harder on her, the pleasure driving my question from my mind. “What kind of plague?”

“It…it…” I tried to speak. This was Lilith’s deepest secret. I couldn’t revel it. But her thigh felt so amazing, so silky smooth. She was relieving this terrible ache inside me. She was giving me this great pleasure; it would be wrong of me not to tell her. “It will kill all the men,” I finally gasped, then I shuddered as my orgasm exploded through me.

“But it’s not ready?” Mary asked.

“No,” I sighed as the toe-curling release flooded through me. It felt so wonderful to cum.

She slid out from underneath me and I stared in confusion at her. “Take her to the prison,” Mary commanded preemptively. “Keep her gagged and watched at all times!”

127 and 126 grabbed me. There was a line of Mark’s cum leaking down 127’s face, dripping down to her dark, heavy breasts. “What, why?” I asked, my mind still addled with lust.

“You sided with Lilith,” Mary spat at me as she pulled on her dress.

“We let you go because we loved you,” Mark said, his blue eyes hard with anger. “We would have left you alone! You can rot in the jail while we figure out what to do with you.”

And then Mary was gone; my thoughts suddenly cleared, like a car window being defrosted. It came crashing down on me. I betrayed Lilith. And I betrayed Thamina. I collapsed in the bodyguards’ grip, sobbing hysterically as they shoved a gag in my mouth, and dragged me out of the hotel.

My Goddess, what had I done.

Friday, November 15th, 2013 – Jessica St. Pierre – Seattle, WA

The first week of governing the city of Seattle was over. I needed to blow off some steam.

The last three days had been long and frustrating as I ferreted out all the followers of Lilith from the city’s government. Over three hundred women had been rounded up and interned at the Washington State Convention Center. Master or Mistress would have to sort through them. Luckily, Nate Kirkpatrick, the head of HR for the city, was a great help in identifying those who might not be trustworthy.

Master had left two companies of soldiers, almost three hundred men, to protect me and to search for any of Lilith’s children that lurked in the city. Seattle itself was peaceful. Many of the citizens were under my Masters’ control. Often Master or Mistress would broadcast general orders to the population—to obey laws, be happy, follow orders, and so on. Crime in Seattle, and the country, had plummeted dramatically. Utopia was slowly, and painfully, being forced upon mankind.

The Humvee that chauffeured me around pulled up at the Four Seasons Hotel. A squad of soldiers – 1st Battalion, 23rd Infantry Regiment, all pledged to Master – escorted me in. They were all young and rugged men, and very sexy in their fatigues and bulky body armor. And their big guns; my juices trickled down my thighs! I could feel their eyes on my taut body.

I wore a micro skirt that barely covered my rear and thigh-high fishnets. And no panties; I had to be ready to be fucked. Stiletto heels gave my ass more shape and added an extra, sexy sway to my walk. My blouse was pink silk, and clung to my braless breasts like a second skin. Tight about my throat was a gold choker. Even though I ran the city, it was important that people knew whom I belonged to.

“Good evening, Holy Slut,” Yvonne, the night concierge, greeted as I walked in. She was a fiercely beautiful Black woman; a leather choker tight about her neck proclaimed her devotion to Mark and Mary. I couldn’t help touching my own, gold choker.

“Yvonne,” I smiled back, remembering my first night in the hotel and the very warm welcome she gave me. She was as fierce in bed as she looked, and left me gasping in pleasure. Afterward, she had told me about the time Master fucked her in the elevator last June. Fiona had been with him that night, and I suppressed a surge of anger. Both Fiona and Thamina had sided with Lilith. Ungrateful bitches!

The elevator dinged; I was pressed into the rear of the elevator as my protectors piled in around me, sandwiching me between two handsome, young privates—Brasher and Santillian. I smiled winsomely at Private Brasher, a flush spreading across his young, handsome face. He was a few inches shorter than me, but I could feel just how solidly built he was as I pressed my body against him. Private Santillian was tall and whip thin, a charming, confident smile on his Latino face.

“Hmm, you boys are strong,” I purred on the ride up.

Private Brasher flush deepened, and Private Santillian’s leer grew. “I could show you just how strong I am, chica.”

I boldly glanced at Santillian. “Oh, do you think you’re man enough to handle me?”

“Chica, I have the biggest cock in the company! A foot-and-a-half just for you!”

“More like an inch-and-a-half,” another soldier laughed.

“Hey, you been lookin’ at me in the shower again, Pearson?”

“Oh, yeah,” Pearson replied sarcastically, “I’m unable to resist your Latin magnetism.”

“Damn straight! No-one can resist my manliness!” He turned to me, grabbing my hand and shoving it on his crotch. “That’s no inch-and-a-half, eh, chica?”

I gave his hard cock a squeeze as the elevator dinged. “Hmm, that may get the job done.” I reached out and grabbed Brasher’s crotch and felt how hard he was. The other soldiers piled out of the elevator, scanning the hallway for threats briefly. “I think I need two strong men to keep me safe and sound all night long.”

“Eres una perra caliente,” Santillian breathed as I sauntered out of the elevator.

Pearson opened the suite room with a keycard, the lock whirring. As I walked across the suite to my bedroom, I unbuttoned my blouse and dropped it on the floor. I wanted all the soldiers to see my perky, caramel breasts topped with dark-chocolate nipples.

“Holy shit,” Private Brasher muttered as a soldier patted him on the shoulder.

“Fuck that slut,” another soldier called out. I smiled, glad they knew what I was, then I dropped my skirt and disappeared into my room.

“You are smokin’ hot, chica!”

I turned to find Private Santillian pushing into the room. I pressed against his bulky body armor, kissing his handsome face with passion. His hands wasted no time in squeezing my ass hard. The other soldiers whistled and jeered. I pushed away and found the nervous Brasher. I pulled him to me, bent down and kissed him on the lips. He was stiff, awkward, but he got into it after a moment.

“Why am I the only one naked?” I pouted, moving to the bed and stretching out so they could feast on my body.

“¡Madre de dios!” Santillian breathed as he began ripping off his gear, dumping it messily to the floor. Next to him, Brasher just stared dumbfounded at me as I played with my hard nipple. I smiled invitingly at him; he began fumbling with his body armor.

“Fuck,” he muttered, struggling with a stuck strap.

Santillian peeled off his shirt, reveling a slim, yet toned body, like a swimmer, the muscles rippling beneath the nut-brown skin as he moved. He bent down to unlace his boots, muttering curses as his haste made the knots worse. Brasher finally took his body armor off and dropped his thick, webbed belt and tore off his shirt. He had a few tattoos on his thickly muscled body: a screaming skull on one upper arm, and the words ‘Indianhead’ and ‘We Serve’ on the other.

“Here I come, chica!” the now naked Private Santillian exclaimed.

His cock – not the foot-and-a-half he had boasted, but it wasn’t tiny either, a good eight or nine inches – proudly jutted out from a nest of thick, black hair. He crawled on the bed, kissing me; my hands sought out his cock, stroking the hard shaft. His hands squeezed my breasts painfully hard, roughly pinching my nipples. My cunt loved it; a flood of juices wept from my hungry hole.

I broke the kiss and saw Private Brasher had stripped. His cock was shorter, but thick, and uncut, the dark head peaking out of foreskin. I patted the other side of the bed and he shyly walked over, sitting on the edge.

“You’ve never done a threesome before?” I asked the shy soldier, sitting up and draping myself across his muscular back and licking at his ear.

“No,” he admitted.

“Hey, vato, it’s only gay if we touch,” Santillian assured him. “As long as you’re touching this hot chica everything’s just fine.”

I reached around, feeling Brasher’s muscular chest and his hard abs before I found his cock. I gripped it, rubbing the head; he shuddered in pleasure. I pushed him back on the bed, my mouth reaching down to suck his cock in my hungry lips. Brasher moaned as I let my teeth gently graze his sensitive head, then I swirled my tongue around it, tasting his salty pre-cum.

I loved being a slut!

“Shit,” Brasher muttered.

Santillian’s hands grabbed my ass, giving me a good squeeze, then he pulled my butt up in the air and spread my legs. “Gonna taste your clam before it gets all messed up, chica,” he muttered, his breath hot on my juicy cunt.

As I bobbed my head, Santillian’s rough tongue swiped through my slit, starting at my clit and going all the way up to my taint. He moaned in satisfaction, then buried his lips into my snatch, his tongue wiggling all over. I could feel rough stubble tickling my vulva; I squealed in delight about Brasher’s cock as I enjoyed Santillian’s muff diving. His fingers pinched my clit, sending shuddering pleasure through me.

I moaned in disappointment when Santillian stopped tonguing me. I could feel him moving around behind me, the bed shifting about, then his hand was on my hip, and his cock nudged my pussy. He pushed slowly into me; his cock spread me open and filled me up. I gave him a squeeze with my cunt, and then he fucked me, ramming that hard shaft deep into me and igniting my passions.

“This puta just came on my cock!” He smacked my ass; I sucked harder on Brasher’s dick.

“Fuck, fuck, goddamn fuck,” Brasher moaned; his hands reached out. grabbing my head. Then his hips thrust, fucking his pole into my mouth, and shoving my head roughly up and down on his cock. “Fucking slut! Take it, whore!” I gagged as his cock erupted in my mouth; I swallowed his salty cum as fast as I could. “Goddamn,” he muttered, letting me go.

His cock slid out of my mouth. I gulped a deep breath of air as Brasher panted on the bed. I looked back at Santillian, his eyes squeezed shut as he pounded my cunt, and I slammed back into him. His cock stirred me up, bringing my pussy closer and closer to another explosive orgasm.

“Fuck me!” I groaned. “Shit, your cock is driving me crazy!”

“Course it is, chica. I got the best cock on the planet! Ain’t no-one gonna fuck you this good!”

“Oh, there’s one cock better,” I groaned.

“Whose?” he grunted.

“My Master’s!” I screamed as my orgasm crashed through me, milking his cock, hungry for his cum.

“Fucking puta!”

His cum blasted into me, and I collapsed onto the bed, his cock popping out of me. I rolled over onto my back, reached down and scooped up a glob of his cum leaking out of my pussy. I stared at the milky fluid, then I sucked the salty cream into my mouth.

“You one dirty chica.”

“I’m a slut,” I proudly declared.

“Yeah, you are,” Brasher panted, reaching out to grab me. “My dick wants a taste of that pussy.”

I glanced at his hardening cock and grinned at him. “I’m ready for you.”

Santillian scooted over as Brasher mounted me, his short, fat cock spearing hard into my greasy depths. Gods, it was the fattest cock I ever had. It almost hurt as he spread me open, a delicious ache that revved my engine. Brasher started fucking me faster, his mouth finding my dark nipples and sucking hard on them.

“Fuck me, fuck me!” I chanted as I writhed beneath Brasher. He ravished me like a hungry beast, pounding hard at my cunt. “Oh, shit! Yes, yes, yes!” My cunt clamped hard on his cock as a third orgasm exploded through me. My head lolled to the side as I writhed in pleasure, and saw Santillian polishing his hard pole.

I had to feel that inside me again. I told Brasher to roll over and I rode him, his hands squeezing my breasts. I looked over at Santillian, and reached behind me, spreading my asscheeks, and gave him a suggestive smile.

“Fucking puta,” he excitedly muttered as he moved around the bed.

He smacked my ass and I squealed in delight. He spread my cheeks, the tip of his cock sliding about my crack as he struggled to shove it up my ass. His dick found my tight hole; he pushed. “Oh god!” I moaned, relaxing my ass as he slowly invaded me. I was so full, both my holes stuffed with cock. Santillian pulled back and shoved again, building a slow rhythm as he fucked me.

The pleasure spurred my hips into moving, riding up and down on Brasher’s dick and finding a rhythm with Santillian’s thrusts. I moaned as the cocks reamed my holes. Electricity rippled through me as both shafts pistoned in and out of me. It was so amazing! Two dicks sawed inside me, rubbing my sensitive flesh and driving me wild with passion.

“You are one fuckin’, wild puta!” Santillian hissed, gathering a handful of hair and pulling my head back. “You’re not going to be able to walk tomorrow after we’re done fucking you!”

“Oh, yes!” I screamed. “Fuck me harder! Make me cum on your dicks!”

I shoved my ass back, burying his cock deep inside me, then I slammed my cunt down on Brasher’s fat dick. Brasher sucked at my tits again, his teeth painfully nipping my nubs. I was going to burst inside. I could feel it. My passion grew and grew, swelling up until I couldn’t think anymore. All I could do was pant and let these two men fuck me hard.

To use me for their pleasure like the slut I am!

“Take it puta! Take it!” Santillian hissed in my ear as he pulled my hair, sending sharp pain through me, and adding fuel to my growing fire. He buried inside me and erupted, painting my bowels with his cum.

“Yes!” I howled as my passion burst and intense pleasure roared through me.

My vision blackened; I collapsed on Brasher’s muscular chest. Santillian’s cock popped out of my ass, and Brasher kept thrusting his dick up into my cunt. I was too weak, too lost to the pleasure, to do anything as Brasher flipped me onto my back. He let out a loud grunt, then pounded away at my pussy.

“Whore!” Brasher gasped every time he bottomed out in me, his degrading words fanning the flames of my orgasms to burn hotter. “Whore! Whore! Fucking Whore!”

I am a whore! Their whore! My pussy kept cumming, squeezing his thick shaft as he pumped it in and out of me. His face contorted in a grimace, his eyes squeezed shut, and then his cum flooded my pussy. He stayed in me, breathing hard, staring down at me. I reached up and stroked his muscled arm, smiling at him.

“That was great, baby,” I purred.

With a grunt he pulled out of me and went to find his pants. I sat up on my elbows, a dull, pleasant ache in my well-fucked pussy and admired his muscular body as he dressed. Santillian lounged naked on a chair, his eyes closed and his mouth hanging open as he slept. Sleep sounded great, but my stomach rumbled, so I reached for the phone to order some room service for dinner.

There was a knock at the door. “Ma’am, they need you back at city hall.”

Dread filled me on the entire drive back to City Hall.

“We’ve had a hundred and three men walk in complaining of sores and rashes, sore throat, fever, sudden hair loss, and muscle ache,” Dr. Simpson explained on the conference call as I sat in the Mayor’s office – my office – in City Hall. “Once admitted, we’re seeing their conditions rapidly deteriorate into paralysis and blindness, before they suffer cardiac arrest and die.”

I looked at my advisers: Nate Kirkpatrick, the city’s head of HR who quickly had become my right-hand man; the six male city council members – the others council members were women, and I ordered them interned – and Lieutenant-Colonel Maxey, commanding officer of 1st Battalion, 23rd Infantry Regiment. They all looked as horrified as I felt at the news, even Colonel Maxey. Gods! In a day, a hundred men dead or dying of some disease. A chill spread through me. This was Lilith’s plague. But Fiona said it wasn’t ready yet. Did she lie, or did Lilith hold back information from her?

No, that doesn’t matter now. I need to deal with this plague. That’s what’s important.

“It’s a very unusual disease,” Dr. Simpson continued. He was the Chief of Medicine at the University of Washington’s Medical Clinic. “So far, only men have fallen ill. Every hour more and more keep showing up. And not just at my hospital.”

“We need to quarantine the city,” I commanded, amazed at how firm my voice was—I felt like a mass of jello inside. But I led Seattle. I needed to remain calm and in control. Master and Mistress trusted me with this important task, and there was no way I would fail them!

“It may be too late for that,” Dr. Simpson responded. “While the hospitals in Seattle are getting the most admittance, hospitals in the greater Puget Sound region are receiving similar cases.”


Lilith – The Abyss

I watched the chaos of the hospital’s ER from the Shadows. It was crammed full of sick men. Their pitiful moans were sweet music; I savored every, agonizing moment. The first man died just an hour ago. I watched his final, gasping breath as the doctors struggled to keep him alive.

He wouldn’t be the last.

Wormwood burned like a wildfire, spreading through the world. The first cases were already overwhelming the hospitals in Seattle and the surrounding communities. Mark would be too distracted as the disease broke out across America, across the Earth. In a few days, the chaos would be so great my daughters will have no trouble retaking my demesne.

I floated up, surveying Seattle. It would be mine again!

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 46.

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Naughty Wife’s Surprise Release

Hey everyone,

naughtywives2cover-romNaughty Wife’s Surprise is out! It’s Friday night, and Frank and Evie are looking to have some more fun. Their relationship changed when Frank watched Evie be ravished by a Black cop, and now its Frank’s turn to have some fun. He want’s Evie to find a girl to join in on the fun. One wife is a lot of fun, but two wives can be very naughty, and someone is getting a very exciting surprise!

If you want to pick up a copy, it’s $0.99 for you guys only with this coupon XW94P at Smashwords. I hope you guys enjoy it, and if you like it, please leave a review!

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Naughty Wife’s Surprise

Only about twelve hours away from the drawing. So if you want to win a copy of ‘Naughty Wife’s Surprise’ just post here and you’ll be entered to win one of two free copies by tonight at 8pm PST.

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Devil’s Pact Update 5-16-14

Good morning everyone

How are you all doing? Hope you guys enjoyed Jonathon’s New Wife, there is a sequel to this story in the slave chronicles. ‘My Husband’s Slave’ takes place sometime later. ‘Ghost of Paris Chapter 5: Sunday Service’ won. The Ghost is out for revenge on the reverend’s wife, Happy Roberts. I had a lot of fun writing this one!

A new poll is up and a new story, ‘Cindy’s Interview’ has been added. Mark and Mary need a servants to maintain their growing household, and Dr. Willow’s clinic has been finding likely candidates. Cindy and her mother Pearl have been offered a new job opportunity, they just have to get through their interview with Mark and Mary. Will contain Mother/Daughter incest! It’s also the first chapter in my Servant’s Chronicles. I noticed I had written several side-stories following servants of Mark and Mary, and have plans to add a few other chapters.

I wrote two new Ghost of Paris chapters, bring the series up to twelve chapters and an epilogue. Thanks to PeacelovingXXX for the idea for the second chapter. I’m outlining the Church Camp series. Suzette Mitchels, newly converted to the Living Church, plans on bringing Mark’s message of free love to her church camp. Suzette is the redhead that Mark followed into the locker room in ‘Mark Goes Back to School‘ and is spotted in ‘Ms. Blythe is Hot for Her Students‘.

Finished the rough draft for the first arc of the Battered Lamp, and almost have my outline done for the second. Its ambitious.

On my other blog, there is my new review of ‘Doctor Next Door’ written by J. D. Grayson. He’s been really supportive on twitter with my commercial erotica, so check out my review. There will also be a link to the right with the current review on my other blog.

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