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The Devil’s Pact, Ghost of Paris Chapter 2: Tartan Skirt



The Devil’s Pact

The Ghost of Paris Chapter Two: Tartan Skirt

by mypenname3000

edited by Master Ken

© Copyright 2014

Story Codes: Male/Teen female, Mind Control, Magic, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Toy, Female Masturbation, Anal, Humilation

For a list of all the Devil’s Pact Chapters and other stories click here

Comments are very welcome. I would like all criticism, positive and negative, so long as its
constructive, and feedback is very appreciated.

Click here for Chapter 1.

Saturday, August 31st, 2013 – Paris, Texas

At dawn this morning, I sold my soul to Lucifer, the Devil himself, for the power to turn myself invisible. I loved peeping on women, and being invisible was the ultimate way to peep. Just an hour ago, I watched a girl change in the Banana Republic dressing room. Her name was Mindy, and I ended up fucking her hard. She thought I was a ghost who couldn’t pass-on to heaven unless my blue balls were fixed.

To recharge my batteries after my romp with Mindy, I lay on the cold floor of the Paris Commons, beneath the stairs, so I could stare up some women’s skirts. It was my favorite spot in the whole mall, and now I didn’t need to be afraid of getting caught. My pecker was stirring and I was looking for the next girl to molest while enjoying the sights.

I loved the thrill of looking up a lady’s skirt and seeing her unmentionables. I loved them all: plain, white panties; cute panties with cartoon characters, or hearts, or kisses; sexy panties made of gauzy fabric, lace, and bright bows. Boy-shorts, bikini, high-cut, tangas, thongs, g-strings, and even the plain-old classic-cut. I loved them all!

Color flashed out of the corner of my eyes and I looked at the base of the stairs and saw a pair of tan knees that peaked out beneath a green-and-red tartan skirt. I smiled, watching the girl mount the stairs. I loved the anticipation, wondering what sort of panties she would have on. She was young, a sophomore or a junior in high school. I was betting on cute panties with some adorable animal printed on them.

There was a flash of hot pink beneath her legs and my pecker stiffened. Well, Scotty, you were wrong. I had one perfect moment where I could see straight up between her legs at the filmy gusset of her panties. The material – molded to the lips of her cooch – was transparent enough that I could make out her shaved slit and a landing-strip of dark pubic hair.

I had found my next playmate.

I rolled out from beneath the stairs. I had to dodge a bevy of shoppers. No-one could see me, and that made it difficult to move through a crowded mall. Luckily I was a skinny guy, and slipped through. I raced up the stairs, taking them two at a time. Reaching the landing, I searched for Miss Tartan-Skirt. I looked to my left, straining to see the red-and-green of her skirt.


My heart was hammering with frustrated excitement. I had to find her. I had to see those panties up close. I had to see what they were covering. I whipped my head about desperately. Where was she? I looked to my right, nimbly dodging around an old man in a scooter that almost barreled into me. Did I lose her?

Disappointment soured my stomach. I lost her.

As I turned to walk back down the stairs, I caught a a flash of red-and-green skirt disappearing into a Lady Footlocker. I grinned and hugged the wall as I walked down the second-floor balcony to the store. I reached the window and peered in. There she was, looking at tennis shoes. She wore a white blouse, with very short, ruffled sleeves. Her hair was long, black, and plaited and her face was round and innocent, with huge, dark, doe-eyes.

She found a pair of shoes and sat down on a bench. I quickly hurried over, kneeling down on the floor. Her legs were spread wide and I had to lower my face almost all the way to the floor, but I was able to see right up her skirt at the treasure hidden between her legs. Oh, fuck, that is a lovely pair of panties. A fringe of pink lace surrounded the leg-holes. In fact, the panties were made entirely of pink lace that left her pussy on display.

I moved closer, my head almost between her legs as she tried on her shoes. Then she stood up and I scurried back, bumping into the display rack in my haste to get out of her way. The rack shook and Miss Tartan-Skirt jumped in surprise and frowned at the rack. She shrugged and walked away from me in her shoes; my eyes were glued to the way her ass swayed beneath her skirt.

I grasped my pecker; stroked it slowly as I watched her tight ass. She turned, and I noticed just how well her breasts filled out her top. I could just make out the shadow of her bra beneath the blouse and I wondered what it looked like. Hot pink and lacy, like the panties, with her hard nipples and pink aerola visible? Or something else.

Miss Tartan-Skirt shook her head, kicked off the shoes, and returned them to the box. Then she started to browse the shelves. I moved closer, my pecker inches from her pert ass. I reached out and stroked the nape of her neck.

“Holy jeez!” she yelped and, laughing silently, I stepped back. She stared in confusion right at me, her doe-eyes wide. I stroked my pecker harder. Shaking her head, she turned back to browsing for shoes.

Then I reached out and caressed her arm. Her looks of confusion and consternation were priceless. Every few minutes, just when she seemed to relax, I would strike. A light touch on the back of her hand, a caressing swipe at her calf, a gentle stroke of her cheek. She looked around carefully before she started to try on the third pair of shoes. As she bent down to untie her own shoes, I reached around her body and gave her firm tit a good squeeze.

“Everything ah’ite, miss?” drawled the clerk when Miss Tartan-Skirt just about jumped out of her skin.

“Yes,” Miss Tartan-Skirt squeaked in fear. “I’ll take this pair!”

I followed the girl as she scurried out of the store, the bag with her new shoes tightly clutched in her hands. She was so unnerved she didn’t even bother to try them on. I followed her all the way out of the mall. She was almost running by the time we reached the parking lot. As she fumbled in her purse for her car keys, I goosed her ass and enjoyed her plump feel.

“What in tarnation!” she gasped and dropped her purse and Lady Footlocker bag.

Her doe-eyes were wild as she stared around. There was no-one anywhere near us. Her hands shook as she bent down to retrieve her purse and bag. She fished out her keys and almost dropped them again. She took a deep breath, muttering about being tired, and began to calm herself down.

She unlocked her Toyota Corolla, popped her trunk, and put her shopping bag in. I opened the rear, driver-side door and slid in. She gaped in surprise. “Need more sleep,” she muttered as she slammed the door closed. She got into the front seat, and kept glancing back, frowning.

I loved being invisible. It was the most freeing thing in the world.

As she drove, I carefully grabbed a loose lock of black hair and leaned in and smelled her apricot shampoo. To my horror, she started texting as she drove. Glancing up from her phone every few seconds to make sure the road ahead was clear. Whenever she sent a text she would almost instantly get a response. Twice we drifted into oncoming traffic without her even noticing. I wished to God I could put on the seatbelt, but it would be a little obvious floating in the air around my invisible body.

Finally she pulled into a driveway of a one-story rambler the color of a cloudy sky. She got out of the car, collected her bag, and texted as she walked. I quietly opened the door, slipped out, and shut it every so softly. She was at her porch, furiously texting away; I stalked up behind her. A vindictive feeling grew inside me. The stupid girl almost got us killed and I wanted to make her pay.

She put her phone into her purse and fished out her keys. As she reached for the lock, I pounced and pushed her up against the door. She screamed and glanced over her shoulder as she struggled in my grasp.

“What in the blue hell is goin’ on!” she shrieked in fear as she looked right through me.

I slipped a hand up her thigh, up to her butt and gave it a squeeze. She started to relax. I had wished that any woman I molested would enjoy it. My fingers found the waistband of her panties, hooking through the elastic band.

“What are you?” She sounded afraid and aroused; her big doe-eyes shone with her mixed emotions.

“A ghost,” I moaned, trying to sound ghostly. “Forever cursed to haunt purtee gals and use them for my relief.”

I was pulling her panties down, my hard pecker pressing against her now naked ass. She jumped, feeling the streak of invisible pre-cum my pecker must have left on her ass. “Relief?”

“I need to cum in a sweet young thang’s cooch or I can’t get to heaven.”

I pulled her hot-pink, lacy panties down until they were bunched around her ankles. I gave her ass another squeeze and pressed up behind her. I could feel her pillowy cheeks pushing against my groin as I guided my pecker to her moist pussy.

“Please don’t,” she begged. “We’re outside. People’ll see us!”

My pecker started to sink into her. “I reckon that’s what makes it so excitin’!”

Miss Tartan-Skirt threw back her head and moaned as my pecker speared into her hot, moist cunt. Like Mindy, she was tight but not a virgin. I grunted, and started working my pecker through her slippery sheath.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned. “This can’t be happening!”

“Sweetness, you just better start acceptin’ it!” I licked her ear. “You got one hot, juicy cooch!”

“I must be going crazy.”

I kept pounding her snatch, enjoying her sweetness as I reached around her and found the small buttons that kept her blouse closed. I tried to fumble with them, but they were too tiny for my fat fingers. Instead, I ripped her blouse open and her cunt tightened on my pecker as she shrieked in surprise. I groped her breasts. Her bra felt lacy, and I fingered the pattern. Her nipples were hard underneath and she gasped every time I brushed one.

My balls started to boil over and I pounded her cooch harder and harder. I heard a few muttered laughs, and looked over my shoulder to see a group of teenage boys filming us with their phones. I wondered just what they were seeing. Her panties were down around her ankles and her skirt bunched up to expose a tan ass with just the faintest lines from her bikini. Her blouse hung open and her head was thrown back. It must look like she’s masturbating on the porch.

I smiled; the teens watching us were voyeurs after my own heart.

So I decided to give them a show. I picked up Miss Tartan-Skirt, spinning her around. “What in the blue hell!” she screamed. Her porch had a railing. I bent her over it, and continued to fuck her fast and hard.

I grabbed her bra, pulling the cups down to expose her tits to the hungry gaze of the teens. “No, no, no! Please don’t do this!”

I groped her naked tits, pinching her hard nipples as I pounded her snatch. She tried to cover her breasts and I pushed her hands away. Mortified, she buried her face in her hands. I watched the boys, their eyes wide with lust and disbelief, phones held up to capture every moment.

“What a ho!” the first yelled, the boldest of the boys. And then they all were shouting.

“You’re a fuckin’ slut!”

“Holy shit, look at her tits!”

“How the fuck is she doin’ that?”

I was playing with her round breasts, squeezing them and lifting them up. “Look at them,” I told Miss Tartan-Skirt. “Enjoy their stares like a good little slut.”

“I’m not a…ohhh…slut!” she moaned.

“You sure as hell are, sweetness. I’m only drawn to girls as easy as a seein’ tits at Mardi Gras.” I reached around, grabbed her arms and pulled them away from her face. “Now sweetness, don’t be shy. Be proud that them boys there like to see your sweet hooters.”

“Oh my word!” she moaned, her cunt tightening about my cock, her hips giving a little wiggle. “I can’t believe I’m gonna cum!”

“You best believe it, sweetness, and cum for them boys!”

She gave a loud, wordless moan and her cunt started convulsing around my pecker. She felt so good as her orgasming snatch massaged my pecker. I slammed one last time into her and flooded her with my invisible cum.

“Thanks, sweetness,” I said as I pulled out of her.

Miss Tartan-Skirt rushed to the door, tripping on her panties. She fell onto her knees; her skirt flipped-up and exposed her tan ass and freshly-fucked cunt. The boys hooted in delight, and snapped photos as she scrambled back to her feet. She grabbed her purse, fumbled for her keys as she hastened to unlock the door. She was so frazzled she left the keys in the lock as she slammed the door. The deadbolt clicked and I heard her lean against the door and sigh in relief.

She walked away from the door and I waited a few minutes, before I pulled the keys out of the doorknob lock and slid them into the deadbolt. The same key worked for both locks, so I slowly twisted the key and tried to not make any noise. I winced as the lock clicked loudly, and waited for Miss Tartan-Skirt to investigate. She didn’t. I pushed the door open and slipped in.

She was sobbing on the couch. She had pulled her panties up, slipped her breasts back into her bra, and closed the ripped blouse as best she could. On her lap was a pillow fringed with tassels that she cried into. I almost felt bad for her, but I remembered just how great her cunt felt. My stomach rumbled, so I walked back to the kitchen to see what I could steal. I heard muffled music began to pound through the house and peaked back into the living room. She was gone, fled to her bedroom and that god-awful boy band music. One Direction, maybe? Or Justin Beiber? It all sounded like crap to me. Give me some Johnny Cash or Elvis. Hell, I’d take some rap over Justin Beiber.

I found a beer in the fridge and made myself a bologna sandwich. I devoured it and made myself a second one and washed it down with a second beer. It was a Bud Light, and I was a Coors man, but beggars cannot be choosers. I started wandering through the house. It wasn’t big; two bedrooms and a bath. There were pictures everywhere, mostly of Miss Tartan-Skirt, but also of a frumpy woman that looked to have been pretty once, before a hard life stole that from her. The mother, I figured, and a single one at that. The only pictures of a man were with Miss Tartan-Skirt as a child. I figured her dad must be dead, why else would her mother keep his pictures up?

I amused myself by rummaging through the master bedroom. Her mom’s bedroom wasn’t as tidy as the rest of the house and dirty clothes lay strewn across the floor. I found a pair of large, used panties and gave them a sniffb then shuddered to think how fat her mom must be. These panties would be a tent on me. I found a black, rubber cock in her panty drawer and a depraved idea entered my mind. It had been over an hour since I fucked Miss Tartan-Skirt on the porch and my pecker felt alive and ready.

“I swear it was a ghost,” Miss Tartan-Skirt pleaded to her laptop as she sat at her desk. She must be skyping. I could see a teen girl’s face on her laptop’s screen rolling her eyes.

Miss Tartan-Skirt’s music was loud enough that she didn’t hear me open her bedroom door. I held her mom’s dildo in one hand as I walked into the room. Her room was tidy. Her bed had a purple comforter and was precisely made, like she was in boot camp. That’s how my pa always liked things. Old bastard seemed to think he was still in the military half the time. On her shelves sat crystal and porcelain figurines: mostly unicorns, but a few pegasi, centaurs, and one crystal dragon. Her closet was open and her clothes hung neatly.

“Whatevs, Ruth,” her friend said dismissively. Miss Tartan-Skirt had a name. And it was rather plain and boring. “Last week you tried to convince me you saw a UFO.”

“But I did,” Ruth protested. “It was hoverin’ over the Eiffel Tower.”

I wondered if a UFO really hovered over that gaudy tourist attraction. Since our town was also called Paris, someone, naturally, built a replica of the Eiffel Tower. And since we were in Texas a huge, red cowboy hat rests atop it. I loved UFO’s and all that paranormal shit. But I hadn’t heard anyone reporting a UFO in Paris, and I would have heard about it. I visit all sorts of ‘alternative’ websites. Hell, that’s where I learned how to summon Lucifer and make my deal to turn invisible.

“You’re such a liar,” her friend dismissed.

I turned off her iPod docked to a set of speakers. Ruth jumped. She had put on a baggy T-shirt and still wore that lovely, red-and-green tartan skirt. Her doe-eyes widened as she saw the rubber cock floating in midair. I waggled it; the pecker flopped about and the color just drained from her face.

“It’s back!” she screeched.

“What is, Ruth?”

“The ghost!”

I could see her friend roll her eyes on the screen. “I’m not fallin’ for another one of your pranks. Later.”

Ruth looked on in horror at the rubber cock. “You got your relief. I thought you moved on?”

“ ‘Fraid not, sweetness. Goin’ to have to try a little bit harder this time, sweetness.” She glanced at the dildo in my hand and blushed. “This was up your mama’s cunt.” I inhaled deeply. “Smells fresh. Bet your ma used it just this mornin’.”

“I…I wouldn’t know.”

I smiled, grabbed her arm, and pulled her up. “I want to see you stick this up your slutty cooch.”

“That’s disgusting!” Her voice was full of indignation, so I pushed the dildo into her face, laughing as she flinched and tried to slap it away. “Please stop!”

I grabbed the hem of her shirt, tugging it upwards. She didn’t resist. Her bra was hot-pink and lacy as those panties, her dark nipples peaking through. “What a slut,” I murmured and traced the edge of her bra. “Let’s get that off and free them sweater puppies!”


I didn’t like her defiance so I pushed her bra up, exposing her full tits. I licked my lips, then bent my head down and started to suck on one. She gasped, then her hands cradled my head as she mewled in pleasure. I threw the rubber cock on her bed and felt around for the zipper on her skirt. I found it and her skirt slid off her hips. I released her breasts and saw her almost-naked body, and those lacy, hot-pink panties really didn’t cover much anyways.

“C’mon, Ruth, get them there panties off,” I told her. “I wanna see you fuck your little cooch with mama’s big toy!”

“Please, Mr. Ghost, my momma’s gonna be home real soon.”

“So? You take ’em off or I’ll rip ’em off, and tan your hide besides!”

Ruth pulled her panties off and finished taking off her bra, too. She folded them up and neatly set them on her computer chair. I was getting impatient as she started folding up her tartan skirt and I ripped it out of her hands and threw those back on the floor. She swallowed, getting the message, and laid down on her bed. She grasped the rubber cock gingerly.

“And this will help you move on?” she asked.

I knelt on her bed, staring at her obscenely spread cunt. “Abso-damn-fuckin’-lutely, sweetness.” My pecker was hard and I started to slowly stroke it.

“Fine,” she sighed, tightening her grip on the rubber pecker.

She rubbed it against her pussy lips, then slowly slid it inside herself and sighed softly. Her eyes widened as more of it disappeared into her tight cunt. It was thick – fatter than my pecker had been – and I remembered just how tight her cunt was. She kept pushing it in then pulling it out, and pushing right back in again.

“Umm,” she moaned softly, slowly fucking herself with the dildo. I watched the pleasure ripple across her face. She picked up the speed.

The room filled with a wet, squishing sound as the rubber cock reamed her teenage cunt. I breathed in her tart scent deeply, my eyes fixed to her cooch. Her lips were obscenely spread open, her pussy flushed red with her arousal. I could see her juices leaking out, running down her ass to form an ever increasing wet spot on her comforter.

“Are you watching?” she panted.

“Hell yeah!” I answered, almost speechless as she started playing with her clit. Watching her pussy engulfing the huge toy was mesmerizing. “Fuck yourself, whore! That toy is strechin’ your little cooch.”

She gave a throaty laugh. “This is so wicked!” She picked up her pace, fucking herself faster and faster. “I’ve never been so wet in my life!”

“Sluts liked to be watched!”

“Yes, watch me! Watch my naughty little cunt as I pump momma’s dildo in and out! Umm, it’s so big. I’ve never felt so full! Oh yes! I’m cummin’!”

Her breasts heaved, a flush crept across her skin as her orgasm rippled through her body. She buried the rubber cock inside her cooch, holding it in place as her back arched; her legs stretched even wider and I caught a glimpse of her puckered asshole. Her eyes fluttered as she shuddered then lay still, breathing softly.

“Keep going,” I urged her as I eyed the swell of her buttocks, trying to catch another glimpse of her asshole. What would it be like to slide my pecker up her shitter?

“Sure,” Ruth purred, and started diddling her clit as she slowly fucked herself again. “It’s so hot bein’ watched!”

“I reckon you’re one of them exhib’nist!”

I grabbed her pillow and shoved it beneath her ass. She didn’t stop pumping her ma’s dildo into her cunt. I spread her cheeks and looked at her asshole. I’ve never fucked a girl’s ass before, but I’ve always wanted to. I spit on my hands a few times, got my pecker nice and wet.

“What in the blue hells of tarnation!” she screamed.

She had stopped fucking herself as my pecker violated her asshole. I shoved it straight in, pushing deeper and deeper into her velvety, tight ass. “Don’t stop playin’ with your cooch!” I yelled as I bottomed out in her ass. She squirmed in discomfort, then started to slide the rubber cock in and out of her cunt again. I could feel it rubbing through her pussy. She was stuffed so full of pecker, both real and fake, it made her even tighter.

I started to slowly fuck her ass. She closed her eyes, biting her lower lip and wincing in pain. Slowly her winces turned to sighs and she opened her eyes, and licked her lips. She started pumping the rubber cock faster, pleasure contorting her face. I matched her pace with my ass-fucking.

“Oh fuck, that feels weird!” she gasped. “But nice! Umm, I think I like your dick up my ass!”

I laughed. “Only a slut would like it, though.”

“I am a slut!” she panted. “Umm, a naughty slut that…um…that loves gettin’ her ass fucked by a ghost!”

I really started to pound her ass and Ruth was reduced to wordless moans and gasps. Her breasts jiggled as I fucked her. Reaching out I started pinching her nipple. Her ass squeezed hard on my pecker. The delicious, little slut was lost to the pleasure building up inside her. And I was getting closer and closer to filling her dirty ass with my cum.

“Harder, harder!” she begged me. “Ream my ass! I’m so close to cummin’!”

Her hand was furiously thrusting the dildo into her cunt. I leaned over her and pistoned my hips as hard as I could. She shrieked as her orgasm crashed through her. I kept right on fucking her. My balls tightened, readying to cum in her ass as I kept pounding away. The little slut cried out again as she slipped into multiple orgasms.

The front door opened.

“Ruth, you home?” an older woman called out.

Ruth’s eyes opened in horror. Her door was open. I could hear her mom walking down the hallway. I kept right on fucking her, thrusting my pecker in and out; her ass clenching my pecker as she kept cumming. The footsteps drew closer. Out of the corner of my eye I could see a figure looming in Ruth’s doorway, her purse crashing to the floor.

“What in the holy hell are you doin’ Ruth Annabeth Ahlers!” her mom shrieked.

Ruth’s hand was still on the dildo in her cunt, her body drenched in sweat and flushed red. Ruth was still cumming as she tried to cover her breasts. Her ass squeezed even harder on my pecker and I stiffened and flooded her bowels as her mother watched her daughter’s masturbation in horror. I quickly pulled out and jumped off the bed as Ruth’s husky mom stormed in.

“Have you no decency, Ruth?” The mom’s eyes fell on the rubber cock sticking out of Ruth’s cunt. “You little slattern. Have you been sneakin’ ’round my room?”

“No, momma!”

Ruth yelped as her ma ripped the rubber cock out of her cooch. “Then where in the blue hell did you get this?”

“The ghost, momma!” Ruth was trying to pull up her sheets up to cover her nakedness.

“I’ve had enough with your lies about UFOs and ghosts! You are grounded for a month, young lady!”

“But momma…”

“No, buts! I have half-a-mind to bend you over my knee and tan your hide proper!”

Laughing silently, I slipped out of the room, out of the house, and wondered who would be the ghost’s next victim?

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 3.

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Devil’s Pact Update 1-27-14

Hey Everyone,

Got some great feedback on Willow’s Fantasy, glad you all liked it.

Ghost of Paris Chapter 2 is with my editor. Master Ken does great work and is trying to teach me the more nuanced aspects of grammar. Why didn’t I pay more attention in school?

If you could make a Pact with the Devil, what would you wish for. Have a topic on my forum if you care to share. I’m curious, and if it’s interesting enough, I may write about it, giving you credit for the idea.

Well, I want to do some writing before I head off to work

Take care,


*Edited when Master Ken pointed out I wrote ‘had off to work’ instead of ‘head off’. Geez, I need to actually read these updates before I posted them.

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The Devil’s Pact Side-Story: Willow’s Fantasy



The Devil’s Pact

Side-Story: Willow’s Fantasy

by mypenname3000

edited by Master Ken

© Copyright 2014

Story Codes: Female/Teen female, Females/Teen female, Hermaphrodite/Female, Mind Control, Magic, First, Doctor, Toy, Female Masturbation

For a list of all the Devil’s Pact Chapters and other stories click here

Comments are very welcome. I would like all criticism, positive and negative, so long as its
constructive, and feedback is very appreciated.

Note: This takes between Chapter 32 and Chapter 33.

Sunday, July 14th, 2013

I walked through my clinic, inspecting the finishing touches to the remodel. Everything was looking great, which was a good thing, because tomorrow was Monday and the grand opening of the Women’s Health Organization for Reproductive Empowerment. We were a charity Gynecological Clinic to provide free OB/GYN services to poor girls, and to find a few, beautiful young women who might want to serve Mark and Mary.

It wasn’t a big clinic. There was a small reception area with a few chairs, the newest magazines sitting on a glass coffee table, and a windowed counter where Jayda, my receptionist, would work. Behind her counter were the filing cabinets where patient records would be stored. Jayda was setting up her computer, a frown spoiling the beauty of her innocent-looking face. She was young, only twenty, and very pretty. She was my favorite of the four women that worked for me. Today she wearing a pair of old jeans and a loose shirt. A silver choker was around her neck that read: “Willow’s Gal.”

All my workers wore the chokers. Besides Jayda, there were three nurses: Hayfa, a dusky skinned Arab with beautiful, dark eyes; Madalyn, a strawberry-blonde cutie with huge breasts; and Thi, a doll-faced Vietnamese woman with a beautiful smile. All four women were volunteers from the Church of the Living Gods, eager to serve their Gods and gain eternal beauty. Apparently, getting bound with the Zimmah spell was something many of the worshipers aspired to.

I did not get why anyone would worship Mark and Mary.

Maybe it was because I knew them. I knew firsthand that they weren’t Gods, just humans who made some dark pact with the Devil and consorted with other demons. They could have put a stop to being worshiped. But it played to their vanity, particularly Mark’s, who had an ego the size of Jupiter. I used to be one of their sex slaves, but after the attack last month, the pair grew a conscience. They freed all of us sluts, as they called us, and I decided to work for them, running their clinic. The perks were great; I had four beautiful women that were eager to share my bed.

Particularly young, fresh-faced Jayda.

I walked down the hallway that led back to my office, the three exam rooms, a bathroom, a small laboratory, and a breakroom. The hall smelled of fresh paint and I squeezed past a few Church volunteers who were just finishing painting the walls an eggshell white. Each exam room was furnished with exam tables, counters, and shelves full of all the supplies necessary for a clinic. My three nurses were going through the inventory of each room, making sure we had everything ready for the grand opening.

I paused as I stared at the exam table, picturing a young woman just coming into her sexuality. I would spread her legs and examine her young vagina covered only by a sparse mat of hair. She would be nervous, and trusting, as she experiences her first Gynecological examination. She would shudder as I probed her vagina carefully with my finger, looking for abnormalities. All the while I would be enjoying the feel of her innocent womanhood on my fingers as I carefully brought her to an orgasm.

I was getting wet just thinking about it. After a few years working as an OB/GYN I developed that fantasy. I felt guilty, at first. How could I get so aroused at the thought of molesting my young patients? I was straight, dating Yancy at the time, and I couldn’t understand why I would have such disgusting fantasies. I tried to suppress them, to forget about them. I married Yancy, even though I wasn’t happy with the relationship, trying to convince myself I was happy with him. He was a great guy, and I tried so hard to make our marriage work. And then Mark and Mary came along and they awakened me to pleasures I had only fantasized about.

When Mary sat on my exam table, and spread her legs, I had been shocked to see Mark’s cum leaking out of her vagina. With a few words, Mary had convinced me to molest her as I did my exam. I remembered how she shuddered so deliciously as I brought her to an orgasm. It was all my dreams come true.

After that, I started to realize I was gay.

These last few weeks, living with my nurses and Jayda, I found just how satisfying being with a woman could be. No wonder I was never happy with Yancy. I had been living a lie. Deep, deep inside me I must have known the truth. I was a lesbian and my conscious brain just refused to see the signs.

Tomorrow, I was going to experience my darkest, most depraved fantasy. I was going to molest one of my patients. I just needed one thing and hopefully she could help me out. I sighed; I had been putting off going to see Sam. The disgusting woman was always leering at me, stroking that vile cock she created for herself.

“Is that computer ready, Jayda?” I asked as I walked back up front.

“Yes, Mistress,” Jayda answered. It was so delicious to hear someone call you ‘Mistress’. No wonder Mark and Mary made us all their slaves.

I left the nurses to finish getting things ready as Jayda and I got into my red Prius. Sam would want something to pay for what I needed and I have seen her leer at Jayda. Hopefully she would be enough; I would hate to have to get fucked by Sam’s freakish dick. I drove up Meridian, turned right onto 39th Avenue and took that out to Shaw Road, hung a left, then turned right into the Mountain View Estates. The bodyguards waved me in, dressed in their slutty cop outfits. My eyes lingered on their figures, the way their breasts just seemed about to spill out of their half-unbuttoned blouses. Mark and Mary owned the entire neighborhood; the only people that lived on the block were their families and employees. They gave me 2911, third house on the right, that I shared with my three nurses and Jayda. I pulled into the garage and Jayda and I walked up the street to Sam’s house.

Sam lived at the second house on the right, just around the bend in the road. I knocked on the wooden door, stained a dark red, with frosted windows. I waited for a minute, grabbed the brass knocker on the door and knocked again. I heard soft footsteps, then Candy, Sam’s plaything, opened the door naked. She was a young, curvy woman with hazel eyes and a playful smile on her lips. Her hair was dyed garishly: half cotton-candy blue the other half bubble-gum pink.

“I need to speak to Sam,” I snapped.

Candy licked her lips suggestively. “Is that all you really need? Maybe you need to use her special tool,” she giggled.

“Wipe that grin off your face and tell Sam it’s important,” I ordered.

“Fine,” Candy pouted and flounced off, her tight rear wiggling delightfully as she walked up the stairs. A moment later she returned and invited us in and led us to the living room. “Would you like anything to drink?” I asked for a white wine and Jayda for a coke. Candy smiled bitchily at us and pointed at the kitchen. “Feel free to get it yourself.”

“Well, well, I’m surprised to see you here, Dr. WolfTail,” Sam said smugly as she sauntered in. She was naked, her dark-olive skin glistening with beaded water, her short, blue-black hair damp, and her filthy cock swinging between her legs. “I thought you wanted nothing to do with my ‘disgusting growth?’ Right? That’s what you said.” Her eyes narrowed.

“Yes, well, I need something for the clinic,” I replied, trying to sound diplomatic. “For their clinic.”

Sam sat down next to Candy, fingered a strand of blue hair, then pulled her plaything’s head down to her lap. Candy opened her mouth, eagerly sucking Sam’s cock into her lips. Sam leaned back, smiling at me, and I tried my best to hide my disgust. It wasn’t natural, a woman having a cock, but Sam loved to flaunt what she gave herself.

“What do you need, Dr. WolfTail?”

“Well, Ms. Soun, I need something to make the young girls biddable,” I said. “To keep them relaxed and docile, and to leave no bad memories of their examination.”

Sam’s grin turned hungry. “You want something to let you molest the girls you exam?” I nodded stiffly. “That hardly seems like something Mark or Mary want you to do.”

“They need me to find them girls,” I answered. “Willing girls, to work for them. I need to make sure they are…responsive.”

Sam laughed wickedly. “I can arrange that, for a price.”

“What?” I asked, trying to ignore Candy’s sloppy blowjob.

“Well, I need a volunteer to test my amulets on,” Sam answered.

“What?” I asked in surprise. “I thought those weren’t working yet.” Sam was working on amulets that could deflect bullets. She promised they would be better than a bulletproof vest, if she could only figure out how to get them to work.

“It’s possible they don’t work because I’ve only tried them on mannequins. But, if I had a living person to shoot at…” Sam shrugged. “That might make it work.”

“Absolutely not,” I snapped. “Shoot at one of the bodyguards. That’s what they’re good for.”

A suggestive look crept into Sam’s eyes. “Well, I know you think my cock is disgusting, but if you give me a blowjob, that’ll cover it. And swallow, of course.”

“How about Jayda gives you one,” I countered.

Sam eyed the girl, who blushed prettily. “I’ll need more than a blowjob from her. I want her for the week.”

“The night,” I countered. “I need her for the clinic.”

Sam grinned. “For the night. But I get to use all of her.”

“Of course,” I said, shuddering to think what this hermaphroditic freak would do to my sweet Jayda. But, I wanted to molest some sweet, young girl too much to balk at her price.

Sam pushed Candy off her cock. “You know what to buy?” Sam asked and Candy nodded. “Good, go.” Candy scurried off and Sam crooked her finger at Jayda. “Why don’t you come suck my cock. And take that choker off, you are my slut for the night.”

Jayda glanced at me and I nodded. I stood up as Jayda took off her choker and knelt before Sam. Jayda grabbed the cock and hesitantly started sucking it. “I’ll expect my magic and Jayda by seven tomorrow morning.”

“Oh yes,” Sam moaned, stroking Jayda’s honey-brown hair.

I took Hayfa to bed with me and spent half the night fucking her with the largest strap-on cock I had. I used every hole the poor girl had, trying to wear myself out. I was so excited to finally live my dream, I just couldn’t fall asleep. Finally, I passed out from exhaustion, and the alarm ringing at 6:30 AM was far too soon. At seven, I walked over to Sam’s house, dressed in a tight, gray skirt and violet blouse. Candy opened the door and led me up to the bedroom. Sam and Jayda were sprawled on the rumpled sheets. Cum stained Jayda’s hair and leaked out of her cunt and ass. She was sleeping softly and yawned when Sam woke her up with a kiss. I wasn’t pleased to see Jayda kissing Sam back so eagerly.

“Go home and get that disgusting cum cleaned off your body,” I ordered Jayda. “And put your choker back on.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Jayda squeaked as she darted from the room.

Sam’s grin made me grind my teeth. So smug and pleased with herself. Candy handed me a brown paper bag. I looked inside to seen incense sticks. “Really?” I asked her.

“Aromatherapy is a very old practice,” Sam answered. “When burned, anyone not bound by the Zimmah spell will be very docile and will let you do whatever you want to them. Afterward, they’ll think it was all just a daydream. A very pleasant daydream.”

“There are only fifteen in here,” I complained, counting the sticks.

“One for every time your sweet Jayda made me cum,” Sam grinned, stroking her hardening cock. “If you want more, just let me poke her a few times.”

“You’re disgusting,” I sneered.

She laughed derisively. “You’re the one looking to molest your patients. Now, if you don’t mind, I need to get some sleep. Jayda and I didn’t get much rest at all last night.” Sam’s wicked laugh followed me out of her bedroom. I didn’t care. I had what I wanted.

I was excited to try out the magical incenses and was full of energy as we got the clinic ready for our first patient. Word of a free clinic was out, and we were booked full of patients for the first two weeks. The first patient was a disappointment, fat and homely, and I rushed through the exam as fast as possible.

By the time I saw my fifth patient, I was despairing of ever seeing even a moderately attractive woman walk in. Sighing, I walked to exam room 3, grabbing the patient’s chart that hung on the door. I gave a quick read through the patient’s medical history, sexual history, and the vitals that Madalyn took. I walked into the room, putting on the professional smile I liked to give my patients, and almost stopped in surprise.

Her name was Cindy Mayflower, fourteen, and a virgin, according to her chart. She was here for her first ever Gynecological exam. And she was just perfect. She was nervous, trying to hide it with a shy smile. Her blonde hair was long and gave her face a waifish cast. Her green eyes sparkled and she relaxed when she saw me. She wore an examination gown, her clothes carefully folded on a seat. I eyed her body; she was flat-chested, her breasts just starting to develop, and her lower legs were slim and beautiful with a pair of cute, ankle socks fringed in lace covering her dainty feet.

“Hi, I’m Dr. WolfTail,” I greeted. “But you can call me Dr. Willow.”

She nodded. “Okay, Dr. Willow.”

“Relax, relax,” I told her. “Do you like incense? I find that the pleasant smell can help relax a patient.”

Madalyn smiled at me, moving to the drawer where five of Sam’s incense sticks were kept, along with an incense burner. She lit it with a lighter, and a pleasant, lavender smell started to fill the room. It wouldn’t affect Madalyn or myself, we were both bound to Mark with the Zimmah spell, but I saw Cindy breathe the pleasant aroma in deeply and then relax.

“That’s lovely,” Cindy murmured.

“Well, let’s get that exam gown off,” I said, brusquely.

“Oh, really?” Cindy flushed.

“Yes. Madalyn, why don’t you help her,” I said.

“Absolutely, Doctor,” Madalyn smiled, taking Cindy’s hand and pulling her gently to her feet. “Let’s just get this coarse thing off of you.” Cindy held up her arms as Madalyn pulled the gown off her body and I felt warmth spread from my pussy; she was absolutely to die for. Her breasts were just budding, little bumps topped by small, pink nipples. Her hips were starting to develop curves, and I let my eyes trail over to the wisps of blonde hair sprouting on her pubic mound.

“You are such a beautiful girl,” I breathed.

“I am?” Cindy asked. “I mean, I’m so flat. All the other girls need to wear bras.”

“I think they’re just perfect,” Madalyn told her, and my nurse boldly ran her finger around Cindy’s small mound, tracing up to her nipple. Cindy shivered, her nipple hardening.

Cindy glanced at Madalyn. “You really think so?” Cindy asked, eying the well-endowed nurse with a bit of envy.

“I think she wants to see your tits,” I told my nurse.

Cindy bit her lip and then her green eyes widened in surprise as Madalyn pulled off her sky-blue scrub top, exposing a large pair of heavy breasts. “They’re so big,” Cindy breathed. “Your aerola is so wide. Wider than a silver dollar.”

Madalyn pressed her arms against the sides of her big boobs, forcing the fleshy orbs together and she shook them teasingly at Cindy. “You can touch them, dearie,” Madalyn purred.

Cindy hesitantly reached out and gently squeezed a handful of Madalyn’s tits. “Wow,” she whispered.

“Well, Cindy, let’s check your heart and lungs,” I told her. Cindy hopped back on the table and I grabbed my stethoscope and placed it on her chest.

She gasped as my stethoscope touched the edge of her left aerola as I listened for her heartbeat. “That’s cold.”

I grinned as I listened to her heart, my hand brushing against her hard nipples as I moved the stethoscope around. She had a strong heart; then I listened to her breathing. Everything was just fine, but I let myself linger a little longer, moving around her breasts and enjoying the little shudders that passed through her body every time I caressed her nipple. While I check her lungs from her supple back, my other hand rested lightly on her right breast.

“Now, let me give you a breast exam.” It was completely unnecessary at her age, but I just wanted to play with those small breasts.

As I reached out to grope her small breast, I could smell the spicy scent of her arousal. I gently cupped her breast with my hand, kneading the soft flesh as I ‘examined’ her. I enjoyed the feel of her firm, budding tit. “Everything feels healthy,” I murmured, “now to check the nipple sensitivity.”

“Okay, Doctor Willow,” she sighed, her cheeks flushed.

I took my fingers and gently pinched her nipple, rolling the hard, little nub between my fingers. “How does that feel, Cindy?”

“It feels good. It makes me tingle.”


Her face turned crimson. “My cunny,” she whispered.

“Good, good,” I smiled. “You have very responsive nipples.”

I switched to her other breast, massaging the firm flesh as I pretended to search for lumps. Her breathing was growing heavier and she squirmed as her lust mounted. I bent down and sucked her right nipple into my lips, swirling my tongue around the nub.

“Oh, Doctor Willow!” she gasped. “What are you doing?”

“Checking your nipple,” I answered. “I need to know if you respond to oral stimulation. We want to know that your body is developing properly.”

“Oh,” she answered, then sighed as I went back to sucking at her nipple. “Hmm, that feels really good. Down there.”

“Excellent” I smiled as I released her nipple. “You’re a very responsive young woman.”

“My cunny feels all wet,” Cindy said with alarm.

“Your body is just responding to the stimulation,” I said. “It’s very natural.” I sat down on my exam stool and Madalyn guided her legs into the stirrups. Her pussy was flushed and damp with her arousal. She had a tight slit, no labia minora peaking out, and her clitoral glans was tiny, just peaking out of her clitoral hood. “You are a lucky girl,” I told her. “You probably won’t need to use lube when you have sex.”

I glanced at her face and she had managed to flush even redder. She jumped as my finger gently traced her labia majora, enjoying the silky feel of her almost bare lips. She bit her lower lip, her eyes wide as she watched me trace the edge of her slit, up around her clitoris, and back down the other side. Her juices accumulated on my finger and when I finished my trace I held up my finger, examining the clear, slick liquid. I rubbed it between my fingers then licked my finger slowly, tasting her spicy flavor.

“Oh my gosh,” Cindy whispered. “You tasted it.”

“Your vaginal lubrication appears healthy,” I told her. “No strange color, odor, or flavor.” I paused, and smiled at her. “In fact, you taste just delicious.”

“That’s good,” Cindy said weakly.

“Now, I’m just going to do a visual examination.” I used my fingers to spread open her labia majora. She was pink and wet inside, her labia minora small and swollen. I shined my penlight into her vaginal opening and saw that her hymen was intact. Everything looked fine, so I let myself stroke her labia minora. “How does this feel?”

She was quivering with pleasure, her voice thick with arousal. “Very nice, Doctor.”

“Good, good,” I told her, tracing the petals of her womanhood around her vaginal opening. Then I reached her small clitoris and gently rubbed it. Her body jumped as the pleasure surged through her youthful body. “And how about that.”

“Oh my gosh, what did you do?” she asked in awe.

“That is your clitoris,” I told her. “Do you masturbate?”

“Not really,” Cindy answered. “Sometimes I rub against a pillow.”

“Well, your clitoris has more tactile nerve endings then any other spot on your body,” I told her. “Masturbation is a very healthy activity, you should do it as often as you like.”

“Oh, okay,” she said. She was so cute with her face flushed in embarrassment.

“Now I’m going to do a bimanual examination. I’m going to insert two fingers inside your vagina and then press onto your groin with my other hand to detect any abnormalities. So just relax.”

“Okay, Doctor.”

She drew in her breath as I gently slid two fingers into her tight, virgin hole. “You’re quite tight,” I told her. “And very warm and silky.” I pressed up against her hymen. “Your hymen is still intact. I can break through your hymen for you. It will let your first sexual encounter with a boy be more pleasurable, or allow you to use dildos while masturbating.”

I gently slid my fingers in and out of her, allowing my thumb to brush her clitoris. “Oh, um, I guess. If you think, ohh, it’s best, Doctor.”

“I do,” I told her. “After the examination is finished.”

I gently pressed on her groin, feeling for any abnormalities. I kept up my shallow finger fuck, enjoying Cindy’s sweet moans. I started stroking her clitoris, using my thumb, rubbing it with gentle circles. Cindy was squirming on the exam table, tossing her head and arching her back as sweet pleasure flowed through her body. The paper on the exam table crinkled as it stuck to her sweaty back. My own pussy was on fire and I took my left hand and pulled up my skirt and pushed my gray, silk panties off and found my pussy. My thick pubic hair was matted with my arousal, and I gave myself a bimanual examination.

“Oh my gosh, doctor,” Cindy suddenly panted. “Oh my gosh, that’s so amazing! Oh, yes, yes! Please don’t stop, something’s happening.”

“Nurse, the patient is growing too loud, give her something to occupy her mouth.”

Madalyn smiled. “I know just the thing, Doctor.” Madalyn moved to the head of the exam table, stroking Cindy’s face, presenting her heavy breast and fat nipple to Cindy’s lips. “Suck it, dearie,” Madalyn cooed.

Cindy licked her lips, eying the hard nipple hovering over her face. I gave her clitoris a nice stroke and she shivered in pleasure, then opened her lips and engulfed Madalyn’s fat nipple, sucking instinctively. Madalyn purred in pleasure, stroking Cindy’s blonde hair. I looked down at Cindy’s aroused vagina, licking my lips. She smelled so heavenly, I just had to taste her. I bent down and started licking at her slit, sucking her slim labia minora into my lips and rubbing the tip of my nose gently against her clitoris.

I pulled my fingers out of her tight vagina, and buried my tongue into her hole, drinking her spicy juices. Her hips bucked and I wrapped my right arm around her leg, holding her down and pinching her clitoris. I fucked my fingers in and out of my pussy, feeling my orgasm build as I pleasured young Cindy. My tongue wiggled deep into her pussy, pressing up at her hymen.

A sudden flood of spicy juices filled my lips as Cindy bucked on the table. I dug my fingers into my cunt, searching for my G-spot and joined my teenage patient, shuddering delightfully on my stool as my orgasm exploded throughout my body. I pushed back from the exam table, standing up. Madalyn pulled away and Cindy lay panting on the table, a happy smile on her lips.

“Was that an orgasm?” Cindy asked as my nurse walked over to me.

“Yes,” I told her, then kissed Madalyn, her tongue eagerly tasting Cindy’s juices. “Now, let’s remove your hymen, okay?”

She nodded her head, her fingers reaching down and rubbing at her pussy. I shrugged out of my white doctor’s coat, then started unbuttoning my blouse. Cindy was preoccupied with playing with her pussy, exploring her folds and crevasses. She smiled excitedly when she found her clitoris. Madalyn was unlocking a drawer, and pulling out the strap-on dildo. Every exam room was stocked with a variety of sex toys, for just such an occasion. Then Madalyn came up behind me, unhooking my bra. After Madalyn helped me out of my skirt and then pulled my panties down, she slid the strap-on up my legs. Cindy finally noticed I was naked, her eyes widening as she saw the purple dildo that Madalyn was strapping tightly against my clit.

“What are you doing, Doctor?” she asked, fearfully.

“Preparing to remove your hymen,” I told her with a smile. “The strap-on dildo is the perfect tool.”

She bit her lip, looking unsure.

“Dildo’s have a long history of medical uses,” I explained. “They were commonly prescribed to women to cure ‘female hysterics’. Sexist, I know, but a young girl like you shouldn’t keep her lust bottled up. So relax, it will be over quickly.”

I walked towards her, and I saw her eyes drink in my beauty. My skin was a beautiful, cinnamon shade, from my Native American heritage. I was a member of the Puyallup Tribe. My breasts jiggled and swayed as I walked, my nipples dark and hard. I pursed my lips – I had been told they were red and sensuous – my face framed by long, black hair.

She jumped as I touched her pale thigh, stroking it with my hand. She was still in the stirrups as I mounted the exam table, the paper covering crinkling. Cindy’s eyes were glued to the violet dildo that moved closer and closer to her virgin vagina. Her budding breasts heaved as I leaned over her, my breasts dragging across her stomach, up to her chest. My black hair fell in a curtain about my face as I stared down at her green eyes.

“Shh,” I whispered as she opened her mouth to speak, then I bent down and captured her lips with a gentle kiss. Her lips were stiff as I kissed her, nibbling gently, and she slowly relaxed, kissing me back.

I reached down, guiding the plastic cock to the entrance of her vagina. I rubbed it on her slit and I felt her stiffen momentarily beneath me. I kept kissing her, rubbing her labia majora and clitoris with the dildo, and felt her resistance fade. I kept prodding and I slowly slipped the dildo down her tight vaginal opening. I kept pushing, the dildo pressing pleasantly against my clit, until I felt the resistance of her hymen.

I broke the kiss and whispered, “Are you ready, Cindy?”

“Is it going to hurt?”

I licked her ear, “Just a bit, sweetie. And then it will feel wonderful.”

“Okay, Doctor.”

I pushed forward, pressing against her hymen. The dildo drove back into my clit, pleasure tingling throughout my body. Cindy winced as my dildo suddenly tore through her hymen, burying deeper into her once-virgin hole. I rested in her, kissing her face and softly cooing at her. She relaxed, her tongue probing my mouth, kissing me with the awkward passion of youth.

I started pumping my ass, a slow, gentle thrust. Cindy started panting softly, sighing in pleasure as the dildo rubbed against her sensitive walls. Every time I pushed into her, the dildo pressed against my clit. As my pleasure built, I needed more sensation on my clit, so I started fucking this sweet teen faster and faster.

“Oh gosh,” she sighed. “Oh, Doctor, that feels amazing! No wonder people like sex.”

I sat up, hooking her legs with my arms, pushing them up higher and changing the angle I was thrusting into her vagina. “How’s that?”

“Ohh, you’re rubbing different spots. Umm, I like it.” She licked her lips. “Your breasts are bouncing.” Her hand stretched out and the former virgin’s hand gently cupped my breast. She gave it a squeeze, then moved her thumb to brush my nipple. “Wow, they feel so nice. Soft yet firm somehow. I can’t wait until I have tits.”

“Umm, pinch my nipples,” I gasped, pumping harder at her vagina. Electric pleasure tingled from my tit as her fingers pinched and played with my dark nipple.

A low hum suddenly filled the room. Cindy and I turned to my right and saw Madalyn, fully naked, her legs spread obscenely as she rubbed a small, finger vibrator over her thick pussy lips and clitoris. She was shaved bald, her head thrown back as she moaned softly, her strawberry-blonde hair falling loosely about her shoulders. Cindy stared transfixed at the huge, heaving breasts as Madalyn pleasured herself.

“You like big tits?” I asked her.

“They’re just so large and round. I’m so jealous.”

I reached out, kneading her budding breast. “Umm, but yours are just so cute.” I bent over, still humping away, and licked and sucked at her nipple. She gasped as I gently nipped the hard nub with my teeth, then I sucked the entire nipple and aerola into my mouth.

“I’m feeling funny again!” Cindy moaned. “I think I’m gonna orgasm again. Oh, shoot, oh shoot! Something’s building inside me.”

“Cum, dearie,” Madalyn purred. “I want to watch that innocent face of yours contort as you cum.”

“Yes, yes! I’m cumming! Oh shoot!” Cindy bucked beneath me.

I released her nipple, thrusting hard into her. She kept moaning wordlessly and I kept fucking her as she came. I rose up on my arms, watching the cute teen as she bucked on the exam table, the paper covering crinkling as she writhed in pleasure. Her green eyes flashed as her eyelids fluttered with her pleasure. My own orgasm was nearing, threatening to explode. I thrust into her, the dildo grinding pleasurably hard on my clit, then I pulled out and thrust in again. In and out, every thrust fueling the fire.

“Oh fuck!” I moaned as I shuddered in delicious release, burying the dildo deeply into her teenage vagina as the pleasure exploded through my body. Breathing hard, I stroked her sweaty, flushed face and bent down and kissed her lips one last time. In the background I could hear Madalyn’s gasps as she came.

I pulled out of Cindy, the dildo sticky with her juices and pink with her virginal blood. Cindy laid back on the exam table, her eyes closed and a contented smile on her face. Madalyn helped me remove the strap-on and started washing the sex toys as I quickly dressed. I handed Cindy her exam gown and she stood up; the paper covering on the exam table stuck to her sweaty back bringing a giggle from the girl. Madalyn pulled on her scrubs and Cindy laid back down on the exam table. I blew out the incense and Cindy blinked suddenly.

“Oh, Doctor, I’m sorry for falling asleep,” she yawned.

“It’s okay, sweetie,” I told her. “Is your mom or dad with you?”

“My mom,” Cindy answered, then shifted uncomfortably. “I’ve never met my dad.”

“Well, I need to talk to your mom before you leave,” I told her. “I’m afraid I’m going to need you to come back next week. It’s nothing serious, but I may need weekly examinations to make sure everything is fine.”

Cindy nodded, paling a bit at my lie. I just had to have this sweet thing again. I took the dildo I fucked her with and placed it in a small, brown sack, handing it to her. She flushed when she saw what was in the bag. “You’ll need to masturbate with this dildo every night before you go to bed. It will help with your condition.”

“O-okay, Doctor,” Cindy blushed cutely.

I led her out to the lobby and saw a beautiful woman, maybe thirty or thirty-one, with Cindy’s green eyes and light brown-hair that fell losely about her shoulders. She wore a blue tanktop that clung to her large breasts and a pair of skinny jeans that hugged a round ass. I smiled and introduced myself.

“I’m Pearl,” Cindy’s mom replied, shaking my hand.

“I’m afraid Cindy has a very rare condition. It’s called Prevarication Syndrome,” I told her. “Now, it’s very manageable. I will, however, need to see her once a week.”

“Oh, of course,” Pearl nodded, concern painting her face.

“Now, this can be genetic,” I told her, my eyes roaming her gorgeous body. I glanced at Jayda, yawning at the computer. “Have there been any cancellations?”

“Yeah, the 11:30 canceled,” Jayda answered. “Exam room 2 is open.”

“I really would like to exam you, Pearl.”

“Of course,” she nodded in worry.

“Jayda, have Hayfa take Pearl back and tell her to light the incense.” I turned and smiled at Pearl. “I find a pleasant aroma relaxes my patients.”

I entered exam room 1; another fat patient I sighed. I rushed through her exam, impatient to finish so I could give Pearl a far more intimate examination. I was curious to find out if the mother tasted anything like the daughter.

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Warlock Characters


When Melvyn Howland posted Professor Scrivener’s translation of the Magicks of the Witch of Endor to and Reddit, people around the world started making their own Pacts with the Devil.

Name: Augustin Kudrna
Sex: Male
Age: 32
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark Brown
Background: From Zagreb, Croatia
First Wish: Every married woman will desire me and let me fuck them.
Second Wish: Husband will not care when I fuck their wives
Third Wish: Every woman I fuck will conceive a child if possible
First Appearance: Chapter 34

Name: Lennox MacCrumb
Sex: Male
Age: 29
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red, dyed black
Description: A fat man
Background: Comic book fan who always dreamed of being a superhero and now fights crime in Glasgow, Scotland as Superman.
First Wish: To be Invulnerable just like Superman
Second Wish: To Fly just like Superman
Third Wish: To have Heat Vision just like superman
First Appearance: Chapter 34

Name: Kurt Bronson
Sex: Male
Age: 17 (in flashback)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black, mohawk
Piercings: Silver ring on lip
Background: Founder, lead singer of Satan’s Silvered Tongue. Warlock that made Tiffany a Thrall. He was particurally cruel, killing many and enjoyed inflicting pain. Exorcised by Karen and is serving multiple life sentences.
First Wish: Everyone who hears Satan’s Silvered Tongue thinks its the best music ever.
Second Wish: Women who hear Satan’s Silvered Tongue will get a horny and throw their panties on stage
Third Wish: People have to do what I tell them.
First Appearance: Chapter 15

Name: Marcus Arthursson
Sex: Male
Age: 21
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black, long
Background: Drop out from college, pre-med, living in St. Paul, Minnesota. Calls himself Doctor Arthursson after his Pact.
First Wish: People have to obey my commands
Second Wish: The ability to reshape women’s body, usually to his ideal woman (blonde, blue eyes, big-tits, tan skin)
Third Wish: A huge cock.
First Appearance: Chapter 34

Name: Marissa Beckett
Sex: Female
Age: 42 (appears 21)
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Auburn
Breasts: C Cup
Pussy: Trimmed
Piercings: None
Description: (After Wish) Plump ass, perky tits, bedroom eyes
Background: Recently seperated from her husband, Steven, who cheated on her with a woman named Iris.
Family: Steven (estranged husband), Lily (daughter), Steve (son)
First Wish: For Steven’s cock to never get hard again
Second Wish: For the whore (Iris) to have the worst case of Gonorrhea
Third Wish: To regain the body I had at 21 forever
First Appearance: Chapter 34

Name: Scotty Adams
Sex: Male
Age: 29
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Light brown, shaggy
Description: Average in every way
Background: From Paris, Texas. Recently paroled felon. At 19, while working as a janitor at Paris High School, he drilled a peephole into the girl’s lockeroom. Spent three years in prison. At 27, he was caught taking upskirt photo’s of girls with a camera in his shoe at the local mall. Served a year-and-a-half in prison and is on parole for another year-and-a-half. Main Character of Ghost of Paris.
Family: Mitchel Craig (parole officer)
First Wish: To be able to turn invisible when I wish
Second Wish: For women to not freak out but to enjoy my molestations while I am invisible
Third Wish: To never suffer the effects of exposure while invisible
First Appearance: Chapter 34

Name: Simon Artebury
Sex: Male
Age: 27
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Sandy-blonde
Description: Tubby
Background: From Townsend, Maryland. From his apartment balcony, he can watch the local high school cheerleaders practice. Posts of as attaboy-simon and was the first person to make a Pact with Lucifer from the posting on the internet. Awaiting trial for kidnapping and the multiple rape of minors
First Wish: For the Townsend High School Varsity Cheerleaders to be his willing sex slaves.
Second Wish: To have the sexual stamina to fuck the all.
Third Wish: To have a billion dollars
First Appearance: Chapter 34

Name: Susanne Beck
Sex: Female
Age: 17 (When she made Karen her Thrall)
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Black, straight
Breasts: B Cup
Pussy: Bushy
Description: A plain teenage girl
Background: A lesbian who was ignored by most people. Made Karen her Thrall at Homecomming
Family: Karen (Thrall)
First Wish: People will obey my commands
Second Wish: To be beautiful
Third Wish: For me and my loves to stay young and beautiful forever
First Appearance: Chapter 9

Name: Yoshida Emi
Sex: Female
Age: 15
Eyes: Dark
Hair: Black, long
Breasts: A Cup
Pussy: Bushy
Piercings: None
Description: A plain, Japanese girl
Background: A High School student at Yamamura High School, Tokyo, Japan. Constantly bullied
First Wish: The ability to kill anyone by writing their name in a notebook. Inspired by the Anime Death Note.
Second Wish: None
Third Wish: None
First Appearance: Chapter 34

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The Devil’s Pact Chapter 34: The Whore of Babylon



The Devil’s Pact

Chapter 34: The Whore of Babylon

by mypenname3000

edited by Master Ken

© Copyright 2013, 2014

Story Codes: Male/Teen female, Male/Female, Hermaphrodite/Female, Mind Control, Magic, Anal, Ass to Mouth, Rimming, Oral, Pregnant, Toy, Female Masturbation, First, Sadism, Violence, Wedded Lust

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constructive, and feedback is very appreciated.

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Monday, July 22nd, 3:27 AM – Babylon Residence, Seattle, WA
“Push, Karen!” Chantelle shouted as she gripped my hands.

I was confused, in pain. I had been in labor for nearly a day and I was so tired. The last few weeks had been a blur as I drifted in and out of consciousness. I didn’t know where I was or, more importantly, where Master and Mistress were. I was being cared for by Lana and Chantelle, the missing sex slaves, in a strange house. Whenever I felt strong enough to ask, the women would deflect my questions, or tell me I just missed Master or Mistress. I was scared, the pregnancy was going too fast and I was too weak to do anything. I had hazy memories of Willow telling me Lilith’s child grew inside me.

“Master!” I shouted desperately. “Mistress, I need you, please!” The contraction came on me in a wave of pain and I pushed, straining with every fiber of my being to deliver my child.

“I can see the head,” Lana said encouragingly. “One more push, Karen, you’re doing so well.”

I took a deep breath, my head swimming. I was so weak. I concentrated, felt the next contraction come upon me, squeezing my insides, and I screamed and pushed. The pain was so much I thought I was going to die. “Master!” I cried out. And then the baby was out and I could hear a loud, healthy cry and I relaxed and everything started to grow black. I was so tired. But the child was delivered, I could rest now. My eyelids were so heavy and I didn’t fight them, I was just too tired, and allowed myself to drift away.

I was drifting, drifting, drifting.

Off into the darkness.

When I awoke, I was surrounded by a gray mist on gray stone.

What was going on? I stood up. The pain, the fatigue, were all gone. I didn’t feel anything. I peered around; in every direction I could just see more oppressive mist. “Hello!” I called, hoping someone would hear me.


I whirled about, straining to see something in the vast fog. But there was nothing. Just gray mist, swirling in strange eddies. I shouted again, wondering if I was dreaming? Maybe I should start walking? But where, there’s nothing here. I turned slowly around, trying to find something to point my way when I noticed some movement out of the corner of my eye. I turned quickly to my right, straining to see. There was something there. Was it just the mist swirling? I frowned, watching the pattern. No, there was something dark forming in the mist. The something resolved into a vaguely human form. I took a deep breath and started walking forward, towards the figure.

“Chasity?” I asked as the mists parted, exposing the blonde woman. She was naked, her round breasts jiggling as she walked. A sad smile was on her face.

“I’m sorry, Karen,” Chasity said as she hugged me. Her body was warm against mine. I hugged my sister-slut back, fiercely, enjoying the feel of her breasts on mine.

“What are you sorry for?” I asked as she broke the hug.

“You’re dead, Karen.”

I blinked. “What?” That can’t be possible. I just went to sleep. Right?

Chasity grabbed my hand and led me into the mist. “We’re waiting over here.”

“Waiting for what?”

“Master and Mistress,” Chasity answered. “When they die, we will be reunited with them. Until then, all we can do is wait and watch over them.”

There were six other women waiting and each of them hugged me warmly and kissed my lips gently. We were all sisters, here, and I sat down with them to watch and wait. It wasn’t so bad. I had company, very pleasant company I realized, as a woman with dirty-blonde hair and green eyes nuzzled at my breasts. And one day I would be reunited with those I loved again. Smiling, I laid my head in Chasity’s lap as the blonde bodyguard kissed her way down to my pussy.


Monday, July 22nd, 5:31 AM – Kurtz Farm, Madison, WI
I stood in a pasture, awaiting sunrise.

Today, Brandon, today, you will finally have the power to destroy Mark Glassner and rescue Desiree. I spent all day Sunday feverishly reading Professor Scrivener’s translation of the Magicks of the Witch of Endor. I hadn’t slept in two days but I didn’t even feel tired. I was too excited. The day had finally come. Everything had to work perfectly this morning. I killed Professor Scrivener very early Sunday morning and no-one had found his body, yet. That would change today, the weekend was over, in a few hours students and staff would be filling-up the campus.

I could not fail. I needed to perform the summoning properly. I needed to make my Pact before the authorities tracked me down. Before Mark Glassner tracked me down. The bastard was hunting me. He had sent Doug Allard, my P.I., after me in France. To kill me. Mark knew I was threat, but once I made my Pact, I would be beyond his powers.

I would hunt him.

I had already killed the heifer. My hands and clothes were splattered with its blood. I never had to kill and butcher an animal before. The cow just let me walk up to it and shoot it in the head with a rifle while it stared stupidly at me, chewing on some grass. Then I drew a knife and set about butchering the cow. It was hard work, the animal’s hide was tough, but I managed to hack off a chunk of flesh from its flank, in the end. The other cows had moved off, disturbed by the blood, and were now placidly grazing a half-mile away. The sky was lightening as dawn approached. I lit the charcoal barbecue I had brought, almost burning my hand as the flames leapt up. Probably too much lighter fluid, I realized. Well, better safe than sorry. I picked up the bloody beef and prepared to throw the hunk onto the coals.

To summon Lucifer, according to the Book, the flesh of a heifer must be burnt as an offering and the correct words spoken. I hovered over the grill, waiting for that first golden ray to appear on the horizon. The sky grew lighter and lighter, and then the sun appeared, a sliver of liquid gold appearing behind a small hill.

“The Shining One, Son of the Morning,” I called out, dropping the beef into the flames, “I give this pleasing offering of flesh and ask that you appear before me.” The meat sizzled and popped as the fire consumed it and the delicious aroma of beef filled my nose. “The Shining One, Son of the Morning, appear before your humble servant so that he may beg three favors from you!”

The light of the rising sun began to blind me as more of that golden disk appeared from behind the hill. I flinched, holding up my hand to shield my eyes. Something moved in the light, coming closer. I squinted, shifting my hand around, trying to make out what it was. Was it just my imagination? No, there was something there. Someone. I squinted, trying to make out the figure walking towards me. Was it the farmer? Or, did the summoning actually work?

“Hello?” I asked, hesitantly, fear gripping my heart and a cold sweat breaking out across my body.

“Hello, Brandon Fitzsimmons,” a man asked with a pleasant voice. “It has been a long time since such a fine offering has been made to me.” I could hear the man inhale deeply, a smile curling his lips as he savored the scent. “Hmm, USDA grade beef. Delicious. I so miss the old ways.”

The sun was out of my eyes, suddenly. The man was close enough to me to eclipse the sun. I blinked my eyes, a bright, blue afterimage filling my sight. The figure was a well dressed-man in a black suit, haloed by the sun, almost like he was the sun, a dark sun that shone brightly. He was handsome with dark hair and a friendly smile on his lips. His eyes were scarlet and I felt a chill run through me.

“I wish to deal with you, Lucifer,” I said with more confidence then I felt.

“Of course,” Lucifer smiled. “Three wishes for your soul. A fair deal, I think.”

“The same deal you gave Mark Glassner,” I stated, angrily.

He nodded, unconcerned with my anger. “A remarkable young man.”

“My first wish is for Mark to die.”

Lucifer sighed. “Alas, I made an agreement with Mark for a long, healthy life. I can’t just go and break my own deals. That is not good business. I think you could understand that, Mr. Fitzsimmons.”

“What, I can’t kill him?” I asked in surprise. “Even on my own?”

“Well, you can try,” Lucifer shrugged. “He’s already survived one assassination attempt. Of course, I never promised him a pleasant or comfortable life. Just a long one.”

I frowned. Well, nothing worth doing was easy. And the thought of prolonging Mark’s suffering, extending it for years and years, was a pleasant one. He deserved a lifetime of agony for his crimes. I was a careful man. I was prepared for this setback. I studied the Book, reading it over and over again, for the last twenty-four hours. If I wished for the ability to control people, there were limitations. Mark could just override my commands with his power or a Nun could hijack my Thralls. The only way to stop that was the Zimmah ritual, but I couldn’t perform that spell without a living mother; she had been dead fifteen years. But, I had an idea to get around that problem.

“Then, my first wish is to be immune to another person’s control.” I would never be under another man’s control again. I would never sit by while a man steals my wife, fucks her in front of me, and sends me on my way like a fucking errand-boy.

Lucifer nodded. “A wise choice.”

“Second, I wish for people to obey me unquestioningly.” I took a deep breath. Hopefully, this would work. “For my third wish, I want anyone under my control to be bound to me by the Zimmah ritual.”

The grin on Lucifer’s face broadened. “How very interesting.” He pursed his lips in consideration. “I applaud your strategy, Mr. Fitzsimmons. It has been a long time since I dealt with a mortal with such foresight. We have an agreement.” There was a flash of scarlet light and a contract appeared in Lucifer’s hand.

I took it from him, and read it very, very carefully. I wasn’t about to get caught by some fine-print trickery. My three wishes were all clearly written just the way I had spoken them. The price was my soul, cheap enough; I was going to hell, anyways, I figured. “Agreed,” I said and Lucifer held out an old-fashioned fountain pen and pricked my thumb. I signed in my blood and Lucifer signed in his.

“Well, I’ll be going. Unless you have any questions, Mr. Fitzsimmons?”

I shook my head and there was a flash of scarlet and he was gone.

I did it! Relief and exultation flooded through me. I was Mark’s equal, now. I licked my lips, realizing just what that meant. People were claiming that Mark was a God. Did that make me a God? Why not, Mark was just some dumb kid who barely knew how to use his powers. He could be ruling with an iron fist instead of playing at democracy. I would school Mark on just how power should be wielded.

The crack of the gun startled me. “Keep your hands up, sicko!” roared a man.

I looked behind me to see a man approaching from a rust-colored pick-up truck, a rifle leveled at me. He must be the farmer, I realized. I smiled; as if this man could harm me. I was a God. I could see someone behind him, standing by the truck, long, blonde hair streaming behind her in the breeze. My smile broadened; I hadn’t had a woman in a month, not since Mark stole my Desiree from me. Time to use my wish.

“Freeze!” I roared and the farmer and the woman froze in place.

I strode forward in anger. The man had shot at me. He could have killed me! I could see the fear in the man’s eyes as his body refused to move. He was an older man, late forties, his face was tan leather, his eyes a piercing blue. I reached the man, stared into his eyes. This was power! I could do anything! No one can stop me! I glanced at the woman, she was young, maybe seventeen or eighteen, the same blue eyes shining with fear. She was frozen, too, wearing a flannel shirt, the tails tied together, exposing a flat, tan stomach. Well-worn jeans hugged her round hips.

I glanced at the man. “Kill yourself,” I ordered and strode forward to the girl. I didn’t flinch at the gunshot and I smiled at the horror in the daughter’s eyes. I stroked her cheek. “He deserved to die,” I told her. “He dared to shoot at your God. You shall be my whore, so kneel down and suck your God’s cock.”

“My Lord,” the girl said in awe as she knelt before me. Her hands shook as she unzipped my pants. She trembled as she drew my cock out, stroking it between her gentle fingers. I moaned as her lips kissed the tip of my dick. I didn’t remember the last time a woman sucked my cock. Desiree never would. That would change. Desiree would be the perfect wife no matter how many times I would have to chastise her. The blonde teen’s mouth opened and I slid my cock in. Her teeth grazed my tip and I winced in pain.

“Stupid cunt!” I shouted and chastised her hard with the back of my hand, snapping her head back. “Watch the teeth, you stupid bitch!”

“I’m so sorry, my Lord,” she whimpered and quickly sucked my cock back into her mouth. This time, her teeth didn’t graze my cock.

I gripped her blonde hair and started fucking my cock into her sucking mouth. She was so wet and warm. I closed my eyes, enjoying the blowjob. My balls were boiling over, it wouldn’t be long before I came. Gripping her head, I shoved her face down my cock until I felt the back of her throat. I held her head tightly, then roughly shoved my cock down her throat until her lips kissed my crotch. She struggled, gagging and choking on my cock as it filled her throat. Her arms flailed as I fucked her mouth. Shit, this was so fucking amazing! This was power! I could feel my balls tighten and I shot my cum down her throat.

She lay coughing on the ground, her face red as she struggled to breathe. “You pleased me,” I told the girl.

“Thank you, God,” she answered, reverently.

“What’s your name?”


“Well, Ashley, you get to be my first…” What was that word. “My first concubine.”

A smile crossed her lips. “Thank you, my Lord.”

“Get those shorts off,” I commanded, my cock, amazingly, still hard. I couldn’t remember the last time I was ready to go so quickly. Not since I was in college, I guess. Or high school, maybe. “I’m gonna fuck your cunt raw!”

She screamed as I shoved my cock inside her cunt, tearing through her hymen. She was dry, inside, and that just made it feel rough and pleasant on my cock as I fucked her hard; I pounded her virgin, teenage cunt, reveling in the pleasure that engulfed my cock. Fuck, I had to find more virgins to fuck! This is amazing!


Monday, July 22nd, 5:24 PM – Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
My new wife, Mary, was wrapped in my arms as we stared out at Paris from atop the Eiffel Tower.

We arrived in Paris last night to start our two-week-long honeymoon in Europe. When we woke up this morning, huge crowds had gathered in front of our hotel. On one side were the Believers and on the other side the protestors. In-between were the Paris police. So I gave an impromptu speech. Most of the Parisian protestors understood English and by the end they were our supporters.

Before we left for Europe, I had made a few calls to get the local police under our control and they had been extremely helpful in keeping the crowds back as we played tourists in Paris. Mary was determined to see every art museum and we spent most of the day wandering the Louvre. Mary was positively girlish as she gushed over the art. To end our day, we had the police close the Eiffel Tower so that we could enjoy it in peace. I could just hear the believers gathered below that had followed us all day.

It was beautiful up here. Paris was laid out before us, the Seine winding through the lit-up city. It was a gorgeous, romantic view with tree-lined boulevards that glowed green and magnificent landmarks shining brightly: the Arc de Triomphe, the glass pyramid of the Louvre, Notre Dame rearing up in all its Gothic majesty, and many other beautiful buildings and churches. But it all paled compared to the beauty of my wife nestled in my arms. I brushed her auburn hair off her pale neck and kissed the nape of her neck below her ear.

“Mmm,” she murmured, wiggling in my arms. “Don’t stop, Mark.”

I nuzzled her neck and nibbled at her ear. I slipped my hand down and rubbed her silky thigh below her short skirt. “Do you like it when I do this, Mare” I asked as I moved my hand up under her skirt and gently teased her smooth pussy.

“I do,” she purred. Her ass swayed and rubbed pleasantly against my hardening cock. She gasped as my finger brushed her clit.

I slowly diddled her clit with my finger while my other hand moved up her side and found her perky breast. I gave it a squeeze through her bodice then pulled the strap of her dress off her shoulder, pushing the bodice down so I could play with her bare breast. Mary moaned in appreciation as my fingers found her hard nipple and gave it a gentle pinch.

“Umm, that feels great, Mark,” Mary moaned. I slid my hand lower, using the heel of my hand to grind against her clit as I gently pushed two fingers up inside her wet pussy. My wife gasped, “Finger fuck me! Umm, make your naughty filly cum!”

“Gladly, Mare,” I whispered then started kissing and sucking at her neck as I slid my two fingers in and out of her sucking cunt. I could feel the passion growing through her body, the way she began to tense as her orgasm neared. I pumped my fingers faster inside her, pinching her hard nipple. “Cum for me, Mare.”

“Yes, yes! Oh, I love you, Mark!” she cried out as her passion overwhelmed her. My fingers were massaged by her orgasming cunt and her plump ass ground back into my hard cock deliciously. “Oh, fuck, that was great!” She turned in my arms and kissed me soundly on the lips. “Umm, how should I return the favor? My mouth.” She grinned, licking her lips. “My wet pussy, maybe? Ohh, maybe my naughty little ass?”

I grinned at her, reaching around to grope her ass. “What do you think?”

“I think my new husband wants to fuck my naughty ass,” she giggled. “But, he needs to get me nice and ready back there.”

Mary turned back around and I knelt down, pushing up her short, flowery skirt, exposing her pale, plump ass. I kissed each cheek, rubbing their pillowy softness against my face, before I spread her open. I fond her tight anus and placed my lips on it, sucking and licking. Mary purred as I pushed my tongue at her sphincter, slowly forcing my tongue past the tight ring and tasting the sour flavor of her ass.

“Umm, I love it when you rim me,” cooed Mary, then she gasped playfully as I slipped two fingers up inside her juicy cunt.

I let those fingers soak in her cunt, getting a good coating of her savory lube, before I pulled out and pushed those two fingers into her tight ass. I slid them deep into her bowels, fucking them in and out as her ass gripped them tightly. Mary looked over her shoulder at me, a happy smile on her face. She was ready.

I stood up, slipped my cock into her tight pussy, fucking in and out of her just a few times. I almost wanted to stay in her pussy, she felt so amazing, but I wanted her tight ass right now. I pulled out, and Mary sighed in disappointment. I adjusted my cock, lined up at her sphincter, and pushed slowly into her ass. Mary’s disappointment faded as I filled her asshole; she loved it up the ass, too. I moaned as my cock disappeared inside the tight tunnel.

“Oh, fuck that’s nice!” Mary cooed as my cock slid all the way into her ass. “Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Give your filly a good ride!”

I pulled back and thrust back into her, enjoying her tight embrace as I fucked her slowly. Mary pushed her hips back as I pounded her ass. I reached my hands around her and gripped her breasts, squeezing the firm, perky flesh and feeling her hard nipples between my fingers. Mary gasped every time I thrust into her, then turned her head and we kissed over her shoulder.

“Harder!” moaned Mary. “Give it to me hard, my randy stallion! I’m so close to cumming again!”

I pounded my wife’s ass as hard as I dared; I didn’t want to hurt her. She wasn’t Xiu who got off on the pain. My strokes were becoming more frantic as my own cum approached. I was getting so close, just a few more strokes and I would be there. Plunging into her tight ass, my cock’s sensitive head would rub against her hot bowels, sending pleasure shooting through my cock. Then I pulled out, delighting in the velvety feel of her asshole. Every stroke brought me closer and closer to cumming.

“Fuck!” I moaned. “Here it comes, Mare! Fuck!”

“Ohh, I can feel your hot cum filling me up!” moaned Mary as my release flooded her ass. Then I felt her ass clamp down on me and Mary’s body trembling in my arms. “Ohh, I love it when you cum in me, Mark! Oh, I love it so much.”

I held my wife as we relaxed in an orgasmic high, gently kissing her neck and cheek, and admiring the city of Paris laid out before us. “I love you so much,” I whispered. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Mary sighed. “But, I think I owe you a cum. I’m one up on you.”

I laughed as I pulled out of her ass. My wife knelt before me and started licking at my dirty cock. She usually had one of the sluts clean up my cock after its been in her ass, but sometimes she liked to do it herself. I closed my eyes and leaned against the railing with my arms and enjoyed my wife’s excellent blowjob.

“Excuse me, sir,” 51 said. “I know you didn’t want any interruptions unless it was important.”

I sighed as Mary released my cock. “What is it, 51?” I asked her as Mary stood up.

51, the temporary head of the bodyguards, walked forward. She was a beautiful Black woman, her ebony breasts almost spilling out of her half-unbuttoned cop blouse. She held my phone in her hand and I took it from her.

“Hello?” I asked.

“M-master!” wailed Alison. “I-it’s Karen.”

“She’s back?” I asked, a sick feeling in my stomach. Lilith promised to return her unharmed, but then why was Alison crying?

“A hearse arrived today.” Alison paused, struggling to speak. “Karen’s dead.”

I dropped the phone and leaned against the railing. “What is it, Mark?” Mary asked, in concern.

“Karen is dead.”

As Mary sobbed into my chest, anger burned in my heart. Lilith tricked me, found some loophole in our agreement. Demons always found some way to fuck you. I racked my thoughts, struggling to remember what she said, exactly. I thought I made her promise not to hurt Karen, to return her unharmed. The memory of floating in the darkness, flooded my mind. I will do nothing to harm Karen, that’s what she promised.

I realized my mistake. Lilith didn’t promise to see that Karen was returned unharmed, she just promised not to be the one to harm her. I had been too afraid of dying, too afraid of Mary dying with me, to think it through. Goddamn fucking demons! I glanced at 51 who had picked up my phone and was standing at attention.

“We’re going home,” I ordered, anger heating my voice. “Contact every law enforcement agency under my control. I want them to find wherever Karen was being held, find the thing she birthed, and kill it! Lilith will regret tricking me. I will crush the bitch beneath my heel!”

“For Karen,” Mary whispered, sadly, her arms tightening around my body. “Turn over every stone,” my wife ordered, her voice thick with grief and anger. “Do whatever it takes!”

We buried Karen in the Woodbine Cemetery three days later, on the twenty-fifth, next to Chasity and the six bodyguards that died in June. The Cunningham twins performed the funeral, dressed somberly in modest, black dresses. Tiffany, Mary’s mother, wept the loudest as we buried Karen. They were friends, I remembered. Karen was the Nun that rescued Tiffany from the Warlock that made her a slave.

Guilt and anger warred inside me as I stared at Tiffany. She was responsible for Chasity’s death, just as I was responsible for Karen’s death. I didn’t mean for Karen to die, but that didn’t change what happened. Tiffany didn’t mean for Chasity to die. She was tricked by the angels into attacking us. Tricked just like me.

I hugged Tiffany and my mother-in-law stiffened in my arms for a moment, confused at the sudden gesture. I let go of the anger I had been holding onto, the misplaced rage. Tiffany was tricked by the angels, just like I was tricked by the demons. There were more important things to hate than Tiffany. “I forgive you,” I whispered into her ear. Tears ran down my mother-in-law’s face as I turned and walked back to the limo.

Mary caught up, slipping her arm about my waist. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder, giving her a gentle squeeze, pulling my wife tightly against my side. Leah was awaiting us at the limo, holding the door open as we climbed in. To my surprise, 51 slid in after us, holding a manila folder. “Sir, we’ve had our first lead on your missing slaves, Chantelle and Lana.”

She handed us the folder. Inside were color photos of a lobby. They were security cam footage and you could make out black-haired Chantelle and blonde Lana easily enough. Then I blinked. Both looked incredibly pregnant. That was impossible. Mary was frowning, biting her lip.

“That looks like them,” Mary muttered. “The blonde has the same blue streaks dyed in her hair like Lana had. But these women look nine months pregnant. That can’t be right. It’s only been a month and a half since we last saw them.”

“Where is this from?” I asked.

“A funeral home in Seattle,” 51 answered.

I frowned. “You don’t mean…”

51 nodded. “These two women delivered Karen’s body to the funeral home and ordered them to drive the body to the house.” 51 hesitated, then added, “The staff at the funeral home, well, I think they were bewitched.”

So, it wasn’t the Nuns that got to Chantelle and Lana, it was Lilith. A dream I had awhile ago flooded back into my mind. In the dream, I was holding two dolls in my hand, one blonde and one with raven-black hair. Then Lilith appeared and ripped the dolls out my grip. The pain was so intense, so real, I woke up. Crap. I never gave that dream much thought. Just a nightmare brought on by the unease I felt around Lilith. I stared at photos of Chantelle and Lana and vowed to save them from Lilith’s clutches.

“Find them and we’ll find Lilith,” I ordered 51.

“They are not to be harmed, either,” Mary interjected. “Lana and Chantelle are ours.”

“Yes, mam!” 51 saluted. “Chief Spencer of Seattle PD is on it.”


Thursday, July 25th, 7:13 PM – Babylon Residence, Seattle, WA
I watched the Seyb ritual from the Shadow.

The very pregnant Lana led the ritual, her hand sliding the dildo in and out of her cunt. My child was growing in her womb. I smiled, another child grew in Lana’s wife, Chantelle’s womb, and both women were almost ready to give birth to the first of my new daughters. Tomorrow they would be born, I thought, just in time for me to welcome them in the flesh. My Vessel sat in the middle of the coven’s circle. She looked thirteen, long silver hair fell across her flat back and across her chest. Her breasts were just starting to bud and her hips were just starting to fill out. Holding my Vessel’s hands, naked as well, was the fiery red-head Mona.

The coven sat in a circle around them, chanting meaningless prayers to me. Power was all about the trappings. Lana pumped the dildo in and out of her cunt, her head thrown back. When she orgasms and utters Seyb a year of Mona’s life will flow into my Vessel and age her. Thirteen willing women had already given a year of their lives to my Vessel and once Mona gave hers, it would be time for me to inhabit my Vessel and escape the Abyss.

I was still savoring the grief and anger of Mark Glassner as he buried that slut, Karen. I watched from the Shadows. I promised not to harm the little thing. And I did nothing to her. It was my Vessel that killed her, that sucked all the life-force from her just to be born. I just had to watch and wait and do nothing. And shortly, I would be free of the Abyss and I would increase Mark Glassner’s suffering tenfold, a hundredfold. He would curse the day he ever made his Pact.

“Yes, yes!” Lana moaned as she fucked the dildo in and out of her cunt.

Her arms wrapped around her pregnant belly. Her breasts were large, nipples pierced with gold rings, and heaved with passion. I could smell her arousal into the Shadow. A tangy, tart musk that smelled so sweet to my nostrils. Nothing smelled better than a woman’s lust. The blue, plastic cock was almost a blur as Lana pumped it in and out of her hungry cunt with one hand while the other diddled her clit.

“Oh my Goddess!” Lana screamed as her body went rigid. “Seyb!”

I could see the energy flow out of Mona and into my Vessel. For Mona, nothing seemed to change. Aging one year at thirty-one produced very little difference. My Vessel, on the other hand, aged from thirteen to fourteen. She grew a few inches in height, her breasts budded into little, apple-sized mounds. Her flat hips grew some curves and a sparse down of silvery pubic hair sprouted about her mound.

Mona leaned in and kissed the Vessel on the lips. My Vessel just sat motionless. No will animated the body, yet. The Vessel had finally reached enough maturity to be inhabited and I moved through the Shadows to it. I reached out, straining to touch my Vessel. Chains were holding me back, tearing at my soul with cruel barbs. The chains of my imprisonment, somehow they knew I was trying to escape. The Vessel moved for the first time on its own, reaching out its hands towards me. It was empty, yearning to be filled, and it sensed the one thing that could fill it.


I struggled, fighting as hard as I could against my bonds. The pain was excruciating as a thousand barbs tore at my soul. I will escape! I will be free! I was so close, my fingers brushing the Vessel’s fingertips. Yes! Hope surged through me and then was dashed as the chains yanked me back. No! No! Just a little more! Just a little more and freedom is yours, Lilith! Ignore the pain and take your freedom! Pain was blossoming in my soul as the chains tore at my very essence, trying to rip me back deeper into the Abyss.

“No!” I roared in defiance towards the Heavens. “No, I will have my freedom! I will not be contained by Your prison any longer!”

My fingers brushed the Vessel’s, then my hand grasped hers and the Vessel heaved, pulling me out of the Abyss and into it. My soul tore as the barbs ripped free and I was pain incarnate as I flowed into my new body, sinking into the warm flesh like water into a sponge, filling every fiber of its body. Then the pain was suddenly gone. I had a heart thudding in my chest, blood roaring through my veins, again. I could feel the hardwood floor beneath me, the muggy air on my skin. I could only see a red darkness and panic sank into me. Did something go wrong?

Then I laughed. Your eyes are closed, Lilith. It had been too long since I had a real body. I opened my eyes, the light stabbing them painfully, and I forced myself not to wince. I was a Goddess, and Goddesses do not flinch. I flexed my fingers, licked my lips, inhaled deeply. I had a body again! And it was wonderful!

I was free!

My worshipers stared at me in awe. I stood up, trying not to stumble. This form was smaller than I was used to. It had not yet reached its full maturity. I slowly turned, gazing at all my followers. They were naked, all women, their eyes wide with lust, their nipples hard and the room reeked of their growing arousal. Spicy, sweet, tangy, tart, musky, sour. All the delicious flavors of womanhood.

Lana and Chantelle knelt, awkward with their large bellies, before me. “My Goddess,” Chantelle breathed. “Your humble servants await your command.”

“Rise, my daughters,” I commanded, my voice high and girlish with youth. “You did well, I am very pleased with you.”

Lana and Chantelle looked up at me, smiling exultantly. I bent and kissed first Lana and then Chantelle on the lips. Both women fell to the floor as their orgasms exploded through their bodies. As the pregnant women writhed in pleasure I scanned the room and found Babylon sitting next to her daughter, Crystal.

“You have the sacrifice?” I asked Babylon, the coven’s leader.

“Yes, my Goddess,” she breathed. “Lance, my ex-husband.” She licked her lips, a tinge of fear in her eyes. “He almost beat me to death, once.”

“Fitting,” I smiled in pleasure. I hated men, especially those that thought they were better than a woman.

I needed to finish growing and now that I was in control of the Vessel, there was a far more satisfying way to age myself another fifteen years, to reach the peak of my physical beauty and maturity. Four of the women dragged in the naked man. He was in his forties, fat and soft. His hands were tied with ropes behind his back and he thrashed like a beached whale in the grips of the four women.

“Fucking cunts!” Lance roared as he thrashed about like a beached whale. “I’ll fucking kill all of you. And fucking rape all your lesbo cunts and smash your faces in! Fuckin’ let me go! And you, Clarissa or Babylon or whatever the fuck you call yourself these days. I’ll fucking kill you last! You fucking dyke! I’ll rape your dyke pussy and I’ll kill ya!”

“Ohh, he is perfect,” I purred, feeling my pussy begin to moisten in anticipation.

He was thrown down onto the floor and the twenty or so women of the coven quickly bound him spread-eagle on the floor. The Coven had swelled its ranks since my manifestation a month ago on the Summer Solstice. More than forty women followed me and more joined our ranks every day. We found them in the missions, the abused women shelters, and walking the streets. Wherever a woman was beaten and oppressed by a man, a new worshiper was found.

I brushed the man with my foot, just the lightest touch and he shivered in pleasure, his cock hardening beneath his fat gut. I would drain the man dry, steal his life-force to age my Vessel. Every time he would cum inside me, I would steal more of his life. I stared at him with a predator’s hunger, licking my lips in anticipation.

“Free me, slut!” he snarled. “Let me go and I’ll spare your fucking hide. I’ll give you a good fuckin’ too.”

“You want to stick your cock inside me?” I cooed. “You want to feel the velvet deliciousness of my cunt?”

“You bet I do, slut!” he grinned with false bravado. But I could smell the stink of fear on him. A man’s fear smelled almost as good as a woman’s arousal. “My cock’ll make you howl. Ya’ll fuckin’ love it!”

I straddled him, lining his cock at my hungry hole. I felt the head of his disgusting cock prodding at my pussy. I slammed my hips down, engulfing him in one, swift thrust. The pain was intense as I broke in my virgin pussy, his cock felt monstrously huge inside me. I grit my teeth and ignored the pain, sliding up his shaft.

“Holy shit!” he groaned and then I felt his disgusting seed spilling in me.

I aged a year, my breasts swelling, a few more inches of height and I grew more womanly curves. I smiled in joy and slammed down his cock. Up and down and he was cumming in me again, and my breasts were growing bigger. They were round and perky with teenage youth, jiggling as I rose up and down on him. My bush was thick and silvery. I slid a hand across my hip and delighted in the curves I felt, then up to my breasts. I fingered my nipples, they were larger, my aerola growing wider as my body matured.

I rode him hard and he moaned and groaned, cumming every few strokes. Soon my breasts had grown to their full majesty, round and heavy and yet still perky, not drooping or sagging. My hips had transformed into the pleasing curves of womanhood. I felt my face, tracing the familiar features. I had aged from the pretty innocence of a youth to the mature beauty of a woman. Twelves times Lance had cum in me, then thirteen. I threw my head back, my orgasm building within me, my hands enjoying the fullness of my breasts. I grew even closer to my pleasure as the fourteenth load spilled into me, my body sucking up his life-force.

I slammed down one last time, grinding my clit into his groin, and moaned my orgasm in a loud voice as he shot his fifteenth load of cum into me. His vibrant life-force poured into me as my pleasure rolled through my body. I threw back my head as the exquisite pleasure exploded through my body. Around me, every woman fell to the floor as my Lust washed through the room and triggered their own orgasms to surge through their bodies.

Feeling exhilarated, I stood up, the man’s vile cum rolling wetly down my thighs. I stretched, enjoying the way my full breasts swayed. I looked down on the disgusting creature and smiled at his transformation. The man looked gaunt and old, his hair turned white and wrinkles creasing his face. He gasped for breath, his face turning purple.

“I hoped you liked it,” I purred maliciously.

“My heart,” Lance wheezed, clutching his chest. “Please, I think I’m having a heart attack.”

“Ohh, then let me help you,” I smiled down at him.

Hope flared in his eyes, but that quickly vanished as I crushed his throat beneath my foot.


Tuesday, August 6th, 6:49 PM – Deer Creek Apartments, Summit, WA
The doorbell rang as Thamina sat the plate of rice and lamb on the table.

“Can you get it, Fiona?” Thamina asked. She kissed me on the lips briefly before she walked back into the small kitchen. I admired her ass beneath her long skirt. She still dressed like a good Muslim woman, long skirts, blouses with long sleeves and high necklines, and a headscarf wrapped about her black hair.

“Sure, Mina,” I said walking across the living room to the door.

Things had been going really well in the six weeks since we escaped Mark’s clutches. I still wasn’t sure what we were. Friends? Lovers? Maybe we were girlfriends? I didn’t know. We shared an apartment, and a bed. Thamina no longer regretted our lovemaking, but the guilt of being gay still gnawed at her. If anyone asked, she would just say we were friends or roommates.

And that hurt, just a little bit.

I opened the door and fear clutched at my heart. “Lilith!” I blurted out. Behind me a plate shattered and Thamina gasped.

Lilith smiled, her violet eyes glinting with hunger. She was dressed in a red, tight dress with a plunging neckline that showed off her lush figure. Her silver hair was piled up one side of her head, and fell about her right shoulder, loose locks falling between her breasts. She wasn’t flickering about the room like last time I saw her, when she stole Karen away from Good Sam Hospital. That seemed like a lifetime ago, when I was Mark’s slave.

“Fiona,” she purred.

Behind Lilith stood four women. Two were vaguely familiar. A short, slim woman with black hair in a red halter-top and a pair of skinny jeans that hugged her lithe figure. Her arm was entwined by a curvy, blonde woman with blue highlights in her hair and a round, smiling face. The other two women were more outlandish; a very tall woman, over seven feet tall, with a mane of scarlet hair and amber eyes. She wore a tight, black tanktop and a pair of camo pants. Her grin was feral, a lioness staring at her prey and I swallowed as those amber eyes fixed on me. The other woman was as curvy as Lilith. Purple hair that fell about her perfect face; a pair of rose-colored eyes set above a dainty nose and pouty lips. She wore a white, belly shirt that molded to her large tits, and a pair of daisy dukes.

Frowning at the two normal-looking women, I asked, “You both were with Mark at the restaurant that night?” I grimaced as I remember the night Mark made me his whore for the first time. I was a waitress at the Sky City Restaurant and my fellow waitresses and I were forced to serve Mark and Mary and two other women dinner, naked. We had to let them do whatever depraved thing they wanted to us. Just the memory of that night left me wanting to take a shower.

The blonde had a sad look on her face. “We were Mark’s slaves, then,” she said. “I am Lana, and this is my wife, Chantelle. Our Goddess, Lilith, set us free.” A look of ecstasy crossed her lips as she said Lilith’s name.

Lilith swept past me, into the house, looking around. Thamina was trembling at the table as the demoness looked around our apartment. My heart felt like it was in my throat as the freakishly tall woman pushed me aside as she followed Lilith in, a feral growl rumbling from her throat. The woman started stalking around the apartment, peering into doors and sniffing like a dog.

“Don’t mind Cora,” Lilith said, sitting down on the couch and crossing her legs. “My daughter is very protective of me.”

“Wh-what do you want,” I squeaked as the other three women walked in. The violet-haired bombshell sat daintily next to Lilith as Chantelle and Lana knelt at the demoness’s feet.

“Vengeance,” Lilith answered, her eyes shining with hatred. “On Mark Glassner.”

“We want noting to do with him,” Thamina blurted out. “We’ve moved past him.”

I sat down in the chair, licking my lips. I still had nightmares about being Mark’s slave. Terrible dreams where he walks into our apartment and makes us beg to be his again. I still felt filthy at all the things he made me do. Him and his slut, Mary. Everyday there were more stories of him on the news, more people talking about what a great man he was. The great reformer, the great God. Everyday the world slowly became his just a little bit more. Everyday I grew more and more scared that he would come back for us.

“How?” I asked and Thamina gave me a hurt look. I ignored her.

“Worship me,” Lilith smiled. “I am the only hope for women. Long have men oppressed us, used our bodies to satiate their lusts. Men are violent beasts. It is far past the time for women to do away with them entirely. Think how much greater the world would be without men.”

I frowned. “What do you mean, kill all the men?” Her smile deepened. That’s exactly what she meant. “That’s insane. We’d die off as a species.”

Lilith brushed Chantelle and the black-haired woman stood up as graceful as a dancer. She pulled off her halter-top and wiggled out of her tight jeans and stood naked and proud in the center of the room. Her body was slim and toned, and her fingers slid through a thin line of black hair that led to her shaved pussy. She pinched her clit and—it grew.

“Holy fuck!” I gasped as her clit swelled up, lengthening into a long shaft. The tip changed, turning into the head of a mushroom. No, I realized in amazement, the head of a cock. Chantelle’s transformed her clit into a penis, complete with a urethra.

“It is fully functional,” Lana purred, licking her lips. She stood up, wrapping her hand around her wife’s cock and gave it a few pumps. “I can attest to that. I’m pregnant with her child. We just found out yesterday.” The two women shared a loving look and Chantelle rubbed at Lana’s belly.

My mouth widened. “This is fucking insane.”

“I am the only being that can stop Mark,” Lilith boasted. “Worship me and I will protect you from his commands. Or wait until he makes you his slave again.” I shivered at those words. I would never be Mark’s slave again. I would rather die.

I would rather worship Lilith, I realized bitterly.

“He set us free,” Thamina protested. “He promised to leave us alone.”

“And what is the worth of a man’s promise?” demanded Lilith. “He will come for you, again. He will make you his, defile your bodies with his lusts! He will make you love his affections, rob you of your free will again!”

“I’ll do it!” I exclaimed. Anger was burning inside me. Anger at Mark for making me enjoy his rape. Anger at my ex-boyfriend, Hank, for replacing me in the two weeks I was Mark’s slut. And fueling that anger was the fear of being Mark’s whore all over again.

Thamina knelt before me, grasping my arm. Her dark eyes filled with tears. “Please, Fiona,” she begged. “Don’t serve this demon. She is evil.”

I glanced down at her face. “Mark is worse. I’ll never be his slave again.”

“Stay with me, Fiona,” Thamina begged. “I…I love you. We can be happy, together.”

My emotions whirled inside me, a tangled mess. I looked down into her eyes and I saw the love there. Did I love her? What was she to me? We made love. Many times. And it was great. But was that love? I hesitated, unsure what to do. And what if I stayed and Mark came for us? Fear, anger, love, hope. It was too much. I felt like I was about to be torn asunder.

“I don’t care if it’s a sin to be with you,” Thamina pressed on. “Just stay with me. Please. I need you.”

Thamina jumped as Lilith knelt behind her, whispering into her ear, “Fiona can have a cock. She can be your husband. It’s not a sin, then. All you have to do is just worship me.”

“Yes,” I sighed, my eyes looking up at Chantelle’s cock. What would that feel like? What would it feel like to shove my cock into Thamina’s inviting pussy. I stared down at her dusky face framed by her headscarf, her dark eyes pleading with me. Did I love Thamina? Maybe I did. I would miss waking up to her dusky face. “I can be your man, Mina. Then you wouldn’t have to be ashamed of us.”

Thamina flinched at my words. Her dark eyes stared up at me and a look of resignation filled her face. “I…I…” She swallowed. “I want you, Fiona. I will be your wife and worship your Goddess.”

I blinked in shock. “We’ve only been together a month-and-a-half,” I protested. “We can date, you can be my girlfriend. In a few months, I’m sure we’ll have grown close enough to start talking about marriage.”

“No. I am a Muslim. It is wrong what we have been doing.”

I scowled. “And worshiping Lilith is okay with Islam?”

“I would be obeying my…husband,” Thamina whispered. “I know you want me, Fiona.”

Her fingers were stroking my thigh through my jeans, sending a flush of warmth through my groin. I did want her I realized, as her dark eyes stared up at me. I rubbed my thighs together, trying to ignore that growing itch between my legs. Did I love her, though? I opened my mouth, but I couldn’t find the words. Her eyes were so beautiful, especially looking up at me from between my thighs.

“Yes,” I answered. “I’ll marry you.”

Thamina pulled my face to her and kissed me, then turned to Lilith. “You can marry us, right?”

Lilith laughed derisively. “Me, do something so prosaic? No, Lana or Chantelle can. They are my High Priestesses.”

“Then let’s do it,” Thamina said, squeezing my hand.

“Wait, right now?” I asked.

Thamina gave me a direct look. “That is my price, Fiona.”

Everyone was moving so quickly. Thamina pulled me into the center of the room, holding my hand. Chantelle pulled out a few wilting, pink begonias in a vase and shoved them into Thamina’s hands. When I objected that we needed rings, Chantelle came out of our bedroom with Thamina’s jewelry box and fished out two rings. This was all just happening too fast.

“We are gathered here to unite these women in love,” Lana intoned as Thamina gripped my hands and smiled shyly at me. She was so beautiful, I couldn’t help smiling back at her. “To share their lives and burdens together, brought together by their worship of our Goddess, Lilith. Do you, Thamina, take this woman to be your wife? To love her, and cherish her, and be her partner in all things?”

“I do,” Thamina said confidently as I slid the ring down her finger.

Lana repeated the same vow to me and I was surprised at how calm I sounded when I said, “I do.” The ring was cold as it slid down my finger. Thamina was blushing prettily when Lana declared us married and I found myself pulling my wife to me and kissing her gently on the lips.

Chantelle was crying and clapping when we broke the kiss and Lilith was staring at us expectantly. I knelt, and Thamina knelt next to me. Lana spoke, and Thamina and I recited in unison, “I pledge my soul to Lilith, my Goddess, from now until the end of time.”

“And now to consummate our agreement and bestow my blessing upon you,” Lilith pronounced and her dress melted away into red smoke leaving her lush body exposed. Her clit swelled, growing into a cock and suddenly Lilith’s lust swept into me and I groaned, gripping my new wife’s hand as a delicious orgasm rippled through my body. Thamina gasped next to me, her hand trembling as she came.

“Your blessing?” I asked as I watched Lilith push Thamina onto her back, Thamina’s clothes vanishing in a puff of red smoke. Lilith was about to fuck my wife, I realized.

“To make you hers,” Lana said. “To give you your gift, and plant our Goddess’s child inside you.”

“What?” I asked.

Lana glanced fondly at the hulking Cora. “Lilith is the mother of monsters,” Lana explained. “Her seed will grow inside Thamina’s belly and her child will be special. Sadly, a woman can only bear her one child without suffering ill-effects. Other women are needed to bear our Goddess’s children.”

“Oh, yes,” Thamina moaned as Lilith’s cock penetrated her pussy and my wife orgasmed a second time beneath Lilith’s thrusts.

“Lilith’s child grows quickly,” Chantelle said. She was sitting next to the purple-haired woman. “My Lamia was in me only forty days.” Lamia snuggled up against her mother and Chantelle stroked her purple hair.

“Oh, Fiona, this is amazing!” Thamina gasped. “Oh, wow!” Then she was screaming in Arabic, a musical sound that filled my ears with delight. I watched Lilith’s perfect ass pump above my wife and I couldn’t wait for my turn to be fucked by my Goddess. I reached out and grasped Thamina’s hand and she squeezed me as another orgasm racked her body and then Lilith moaned and slammed her cock into my wife and everyone in the room felt our Goddess’s orgasm roll through the air.

Stars swam before my eyes at the intensity of Lilith’s orgasm and when my vision cleared I saw my silver-haired Goddess above me. Her silver hair brushed my cheek and my clothes dissolved into red smoke and I was naked beneath her. Lilith’s large breasts rubbed against me as she parted my thighs. Her cock brushed my pussy lips and another orgasm exploded through me. And then the shaft was sliding in and out of me.

“Oh my God!” I groaned.

“Goddess,” Lilith hissed, thrusting hard into me.

“Yes, yes!” I moaned as another orgasm rolled through me. Her cock was ecstasy in my cunt, every touch ignited a fire in my nerves. “My Goddess! I am yours!”

“Yes, you are,” she purred, stabbing her cock into me over and over.

I was lost to the pleasure as orgasm after orgasm crashed through my body. I was pleasure. Every nerve in my body was alive and fed by Lilith’s passion. Her skin was hot silk, her breath a sweet spice, her nipples hard diamonds. I shrieked so loud as I felt her seed explode into me, white-hot magma that sent my nerves erupting in pleasure so intense that nothing else mattered.

“Fiona,” a voice whispered, distant. “Fiona.” The voice was growing louder. “Fiona!” Someone was shaking me. My eyes opened and Thamina’s face was above me.

“What happened?” I asked.

“You passed out,” Thamina smiled and then kissed me.

I sat up and saw that my Goddess was dressed. “Come to Seattle tomorrow,” she commanded. “Lana will leave the address. I give you this night to consummate your marriage.”

“Thank you, my Goddess,” Thamina whispered.

I felt her hand stroking me. It felt weird, like something was protruding between my legs. “Enjoy,” Lana grinned at me. Thamina’s hand felt so wonderful, whatever she was doing. I sat up on my elbows and saw a cock growing out of my crotch. I was hard and Thamina’s hand was firm silk and every time she brushed the head, new pleasure rolled through my body.

“I have a cock,” I whispered.

“You can make it come and go,” Chantelle explained, “Just concentrate.”

“Let’s go to bed,” Thamina said eagerly. “I need my husband in me.”

“I’m your wife,” I corrected.

“Ooh, no wife could have such a beautiful cock,” Thamina purred, then I gasped as her mouth sucked the head into her lips.

“Holy shit, that’s amazing, Mina!” I gasped.

Thamina grinned at me and I stood up and she dragged me into our bedroom and sprawled onto the bed. She was naked, her skin a beautiful, dusky color, her black hair spread out like a fan about her. Her bosom heaved with passion, her dark nipples hard. Her neatly trimmed bush was matted with our Goddess’s seed.

I crawled onto the bed, atop my wife, and she pulled me to her, kissing me on the lips. I found her wet pussy with my cock and moaned as I pushed into her velvety depths. “Oh wow,” I gasped. “That’s amazing! I love you, Mina.”

I did, I realized. I did love her.

“I love you, Fiona,” she moaned as her hips rotated beneath me. I felt her hard nipples pressing into my soft breasts, her hands roaming my back, sliding down to cup my ass. “I am your wife!”

My wife. Then a thought occurred to me. “Aren’t I allowed more than one wife?” I asked her. “Doesn’t Islam let a husband marry other women?”

“Yes!” Thamina gasped as I fucked my cock in and out of her cunt. “Up to four.”

“Would you like that?” I asked her. “Other wives for us to fuck. Imagine the fun we could have.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Thamina gasped. I felt her cunt spasming about my cock as she thrashed beneath me. I kissed her, shoving my tongue into her mouth and kept right on fucking her through her orgasm.

I held her tightly and rolled onto my back. “Ride me, wife!” I ordered. “Let me see those beautiful breasts bounce.”

Thamina sat up, her breasts thrust forward and bounced so beautifully as she rose up and down my cock. Her pussy felt amazing wrapped around my cock. I slid a hand up her dusky skin and cupped her left breast and felt her nipple hard beneath my fingers. She smiled at me, tossing her beautiful, dark hair as she threw her head back in pleasure.

“Oh, Mina!” I moaned. “Your pussy feels amazing!” I felt this growing pressure deep inside me. In my ovaries. Something wanted to escape my body. “I think I’m about to cum!”

“Yes, yes, flood me with your cum!” Thamina panted. “Umm, I love your cock!”

That feeling of release grew and grew and then this intense pleasure surged through me and I could feel my cum pumping out of my cock, flooding into my wife’s pussy! “Yes, oh fuck, that’s amazing!”

I pulled my wife down to kiss me. Being married wasn’t all that bad, I realized. Not with such a beautiful woman as my wife. I shrunk my cock. I wanted to enjoy my wife as a woman for awhile. Thamina happily spun about, presenting her well-fucked cunt to my lips. White cum stained her pussy, a mix of my sperm and my Goddess’s. She tasted delicious and I shuddered as her tongue started lapping at my cunt.

Being married definitely wasn’t all that bad.


Sunday, September 22nd, 10:33 PM – Q13 Fox New Studio, Seattle, WA
“Tonight we are joined by Mark and Mary Glassner,” Debra Horne-Dannell introduced.

Debra had almost been fired from Q13 for proclaiming me a God during a live broadcast and posting the entirety of the firefight at our house and my subsequent healing on Youtube. The Miracle of South Hill everyone called it. I pulled some strings, and now she was the co-anchor for the local news. Debra had an awed look in her eyes as she stared at Mary and me. “We are honored to have you here tonight, my Lord and Lady.”

“Always nice to see you, Debra,” Mary answered, warmly.

“Thank you for having us,” I smiled.

Debra blushed. I bet she was remembering all the times she sucked my cock. “It’s my pleasure. You are here tonight to promote a gun-buyback program you are sponsoring in Tacoma this Saturday?”

I nodded. “It’s a great opportunity to get some guns off the street. After the attack, I know from experience just how dangerous guns in the wrong hands can be.”

Mary smiled. “Our country is awash in guns. It may have made sense to have an armed population two hundred years ago. But, the Founding Fathers could never have anticipated just how deadly guns would become.”

Debra nodded in agreement. “It has become quite an epidemic in this country,” she interjected.

“Exactly,” I said, turning to face the camera. We were live; Mary and I always insisted on doing interviews live so our commands could actually affect people. They didn’t work if recorded for some reason. “I want everyone out there watching us tonight that isn’t a police officer or in the military, to bring their guns to the Courthouse in Tacoma. Amazon has graciously donated hundred dollar gift cards to anyone that turns in their guns. It starts at Ten AM and will go all day.”

The greatest threat to Mary’s and my safety was someone with a gun. The more guns we got out of the hands of people not under my power, the safer we would be. Even with the amulets Sam invented, they were still a danger to us.

Sam, our former sex slave turned Vizier, had started taking the knowledge of the Magicks of the Witch of Endor and applying them in new ways. She modified a charm that could be placed on amulets to deflect arrows and, after many tries, got them to work on bullets. Everyone in our employ, the sluts, our bodyguards, and our family members, wore these bronze amulets. One hung around my neck and another nestled in Mary’s cleavage. They created a field that could deflect bullets, but they weren’t perfect. A powerful enough gun could still penetrate the field and automatic fire could overwhelm the amulet pretty fast.

“Well, I can’t wait to see the turnout,” Debra smiled, then glanced at Mary. “Rumor has it that you’re pregnant.”

Mary’s smile grew and she reached over and gripped my hand. “I am. Almost eight weeks. We found out a week after the wedding.”

Debra clapped her hands. “I am so happy for you, my Lady.”

I glanced at my wife, squeezed her hand. I was happy too. The first two months of our marrige was going perfectly. Except Brandon Fitzsimmons and Lilith were out there, somewhere. The interview wrapped up, and we walked to the elevators, surrounded by our bodyguards. We were getting strange reports out of the Midwest. It seemed Brandon had used his copy of the Book to gain powers. There were many reports of women disappearing after their boyfriends or husbands committed suicide. Some of the women would show up alive, confused about what happened to them, others were found badly beaten or dead, and a few hadn’t been seen at all. A man, fitting Brandon’s description, was often seen around these incidents.

I kept hoping a Nun would show up and deal with him. They couldn’t leave me alone for a week. Was it too much to hope that one would show up and deal with Brandon? There were still a few out there, according to Tiffany. Though no Nuns were left in North America. It was looking like Mary and I would have to deal with him personally. Sending the authorities after Brandon would just get more people killed. After the gun-buyback in Tacoma, I would have to make the time. He wouldn’t be hard to defeat. His mother was dead so he couldn’t bind anyone with the Zimmah ritual. I would just order his Thralls not to fight and our conflicting orders would freeze them in place. Then it would be child’s play for our bodyguards to take him.

Brandon wasn’t nearly as dangerous as Lilith was. It had been two months since Karen died and there was still no sign of Chantelle and Lana. Their images were on wanted posters, ran on the news, and no one had come forward with any reliable information on them. They were the only lead we had on tracking Lilith’s child down. Lilith was out there, somewhere, plotting against us. I brooded on that thought as we rode the elevator down to the parking garage.

Our guard tonight was made up by A Squad, a mix of the old bodyguards that survived the attack and volunteers. The first two classes had finished their Police training, adding fifteen new members to the guard. These were women who agreed to be our slaves, to serve and protect their Gods. Four other women had also joined the bodyguards, cops that quit their jobs and traveled across the Country to join up. As soon as we had enough, we would free the original bodyguards that we forced to protect us. We would let them choose to stay or be free, just like we had with the sluts. With Lilith and Brandon out there, we needed to keep them just a little longer.

I was getting worried about what our enemies were up to, so I’ve quietly made arrangements in case something goes wrong. I used Mary’s older sister, Shannon, and her fiancee, George. He traveled a lot on business and he had the perfect cover to make some purchases around the country.

Leah waited for us at the limo, looking sexy in her white corset and short, black skirt. The limo was new, having just arrived a week ago. It was armored, the doors heavy with Kevlar plates and six inches of bullet-resistant glass. The limo was a beast, practically a tank. Mary slid in first and then I followed. Jessica, our press secretary-slut, was last, sitting opposite us inside the limo as Mary snuggled up to me and I kissed her on the lips.

Mary slid her hand down and rubbed at my cock through my pants and grinned when she felt how hard I was. “Horny stallion,” she fondly said, then yawned. “Jessica, attend to my husband.”

“Absolutely, Mistress,” Jessica smiled.

Mary laid her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes. She had a little less energy these days, because of the pregnancy, and it was getting late. I stroked her cheek and she smiled softly as Jessica knelt before me. Our slut was wearing a transparent blouse that showed her beautiful, caramel breasts and dark nipples through the sheer fabric. She knelt down before me as the limo started to move, unzipping my pants and sucking my cock into her lips.

“Thank you, Mare,” I whispered. “You’re the best wife.”

“I know,” she murmured, sleepily.


Monday, September 23nd, 9:17 AM – Main Gate, JBLM, WA
I moaned as Ashley settled her cunt down on my hard cock in the back of my limo. The blonde teen, the first of my concubines, threw back her head and moaned wantonly, “Oh, Brandon! Your cock feels so amazing!”

“Lucky girl,” pouted the auburn-haired Sherri as she lay entwined with her twin sister, Terri, on the opposite seat. The twin sisters’ freckled breasts were pressed together as Terri pulled her sister’s face back to hers.

I smiled, watching the sisters kiss, Sherri’s ass flexing as she ground her pussy into her twin’s. They were my second and third concubines. I found them in the parking lot of a Motel Six. Terri’s boyfriend had objected when he found me kissing his girl and took a swing at my face. He almost hit me before I froze his muscles with a command. I had Terri execute him for daring to strike at a God. He had blubbered so pathetically as his girlfriend took my gun, put it to his head, and killed him.

I had to keep the twins, they had green eyes, freckled faces, and pouty lips. With their auburn hair, they were almost like Mary. When I fucked them, I could almost pretend that they were Mark’s wife. I couldn’t wait to take her as mine before Mark. To make her love my cock more than his and watch the pain in his face as his wife cums on my cock and begs me for more. Mary would make a fine concubine once we flushed Mark’s child out of her belly.

I smiled, I couldn’t wait to have them in my power.

I would have my wife, Desiree, back, too, adding her to my growing harem. There were another four ladies back at the hotel, and Victoire, of course. She was driving the limo, her hazel eyes glancing enviously at Ashley in the rear view mirror. She was a French model I found at O’Hare Airport. She was on a layover and I made her mine in the airport lounge.

After making my Pact, I was—sidetracked. There were just so many beautiful women, I found, that were begging to be fucked. I kept the most pleasing women as my concubines, and disposed of the rest. Before I realized it, over a month had passed and I had not gotten one step closer to my revenge. But that was about to change.

There was a rap on the window. An MP guarding the Main Gate of Fort Lewis was standing there, peering into the tinted windows. I signaled Victoire to roll the windows down. Ashley kept riding my cock. She knew better than to stop. I hadn’t had to chastise her in weeks and all her bruises had faded.

“What the fuck!” the MP gasped.

“I am your God,” I commanded. “Escort me to the commanding officer of your Post.”

“Yes, sir!” the MP saluted.

I had to give more orders, of course. The sergeant in charge of the gate had to be brought in line, but in a few minutes, I had an MP escort to Lieutenant General Arthur Brooks, commanding officer of I Corps and Joint Base Lewis-McChord. A few years ago, neighboring McChord Air Force Base and Fort Lewis were combined into one installation. Somehow it saved money.

Ashley pumped her hips atop me as we drove through the base, moaning her pleasure. I stared out the window at the all the soldiers we were passing. The start of my army. On Saturday, I will have Mark crawling on his belly before me. Just five more days and the world will know who I am and tremble before my Majesty!

For I am their rightful God. The Great and Powerful Brandon! I closed my eyes, pictured Mark Glassner kneeling in defeat before me, the false God cast down by the True, and came in Ashley’s sweet cunt.


Wednesday, September 25th, 10:32 AM – City Hall, Seattle, WA
“Excuse me, Mr. Mayor,” Nate Kirkpatrick said, knocking on the heavy, oak door of the Mayor’s office

“Oh, come in, Nate,” the Mayor answered.

I followed Nate in. He was a big, burly man with brown hair that was quickly balding. He was the Manager of Human Resources at City hall. I say was, because my daughter killed him last night and then took on his appearance. I was really proud of my daughter, she was only a few days old and she already was accomplishing so much for Lilith. She was a Mazikeen, a creature that could assume any form she pleased.

“This is your new assistant,” Nate said, motioning to me. “Fiona Cavanagh.”

“Pleased to meet you, Mr. Mayor,” I lied.

The Mayor, a fairly fit man for someone in his early sixties, reached out and shook my hand. He was tall, his hair obviously dyed black to hide the gray, and he had a firm handshake. His desk was neat; a computer, a pen cup, and a photo of the Mayor and his husband at their civil wedding were the only items resting on the dark wood.

“You can call me Craig or Mayor Erikson,” he said with a smile, shaking my hand.

“I’m sorry to hear about the passing of your previous assistant,” I said. His name was Shaun, and Thamina’s daughter by Lilith, Tir, had infected him with a very nasty, and very lethal, disease.

Grief clouded the Mayor’s face. “Yeah, he was a special young man.”

“Well, I’ll go get set up at my desk,” I said.

“Oh, of course,” Mayor Erikson said.

Once his door was closed, I whispered to my daughter, “You did good, Ziki.”

A loving look appeared on the face my daughter wore, recognizable to me through the fat man’s face she wore. I reached out and stroked her stubbled cheek fondly. “Well, Mother, I have other hires to make,” Ziki told me.

I nodded, and sat down at the desk. Slowly, Seattle would be Lilith’s, I thought happily. A few minutes later, Lamia walked in. She was Chantelle’s daughter by Lilith, and I dialed the Mayor’s phone. “Your 10:45 is here, sir.”

“I don’t see an appointment on my schedule?” the Mayor objected.

“Maybe Shaun didn’t get a chance to update your schedule, sir.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right,” he sighed, his voice thick with grief. He cleared his throat. “Okay, send him in.”

“Her, sir. A Miss Lamia. She has something very important to show you.”

Lamia smiled naughtily at me, her purple hair framing her face beautifully. She walked to the door, and I couldn’t help watching her tight ass sway beneath the short skirt of her dress. Lamia could make any one man at a time to be her love-slave, even a gay man like the Mayor. She would just need a few hours to imprint him. I just had to keep visitors away until then.

I heard a low moan and Lamia’s throaty laugh through the door and smiled. I picked up the phone and dialed my wife. “Mina, my first day is going perfectly,” I told her.


I watched from the Shadows as Melvyn Howland read Professor Scrivener’s final message when it appeared on the University of Wisconsin’s assignment website. The news of the Professor’s death had already spread through the campus. He had been found shot dead this morning. Melvyn read the note with a sick fascination. It was all about who was responsible for his death and his interesting translation of the Magicks of the Witch of Endor.

Melvyn, or Mel to his friends, wasn’t the first to read the final message. But he was the first to post the Professor’s translation to an occult forum, the, and linked his post to Reddit. I marveled at the technology of this age. In the past, such a book would take weeks of painstakingly hard work to copy it perfectly. But now, this young man just shared it to the entire world in a matter of seconds.

For weeks, nothing happened. People read it, discussed its contents, dismissed it as fiction or a hoax. It was Simon Arterbury, posting under the name atterboy-simon, who had the theory that Mark Glassner must have made a Pact with Lucifer. “All his powers can be explained by this book,” he typed.

Other users shouted him down, all full believers in their false God, Mark, and not willing to believe that such a perfect being would soil himself by consorting with demons. That comment brought a smile to my lips. These humans were such blind fools, I observed with amused contempt.

Simon, desiring to prove them wrong, went to a grocery store and bought a T-bone steak and waited for dawn on the balcony of his small apartment, his tiny grill burning. He was twenty-seven years old, obsessed with watching high school girls. From his balcony, he had a clear view of the local High School’s field and he loved photographing the cheerleaders as they practiced.

“The Shining One, Son of the Morning,” Simon called out. I could smell his sweet offering and his words pulled me to the Mortal World. “I give this pleasing offering of flesh and ask that you appear before me. The Shining One, Son of the Morning, appear before your humble servant so that he may beg three favors from you!”

I wasn’t able to have the dramatic entrance I preferred. There was just no room on the balcony for that. I had to settle for his startled jump as I materialized next to him. I was dressed in my usual, dapper suit, dark as smoke, and put a friendly smile on my face, to put the insect at ease.

“Holy shit!” Simon exclaimed. “That worked.”

We quickly got down to business. His wishes were so pedestrian. “I want the entire Varsity Cheerleading Squad of Townsend High School to appear before me as my willing sex slaves. I want the stamina to be able to fuck them all without rest. And, I want a billion dollars.”

I left the man to fuck his teenage cheerleaders in his cramped apartment. Much later, Simon dragged himself away from his harem to post on the forum: “I did it haters, fuk you and fuk your god! Lucifer gave me entire cheerleading squad!! *-)” He uploaded a photo of himself surrounded by the smiling, naked cheerleaders holding pompoms. The idiot was arrested two days later for kidnapping and the rape of minors. Well, he had that billion to spend on his defense.

Others summoned me after that.

Scotty Adams wished for the ability to turn himself invisible, that women would enjoy it when he molested them while invisible, and not to suffer the effects of exposure while invisible. I don’t think the man ever plans on being visible again, and soon the Ghost of Paris, Texas became infamous.

Augustin Kudrna wished for every married woman to desire him and let him fuck them, for their husbands to not object as he fucked their wives, and for every woman he fucks to conceive a child, if possible.

Yoshida Emi, a teenage girl in Japan, constantly bullied, wished for the ability to kill anyone if she writes their name down in a notebook. She got this idea from something called ‘Death Note’. That’s all she wanted. I didn’t have a problem getting a bargain like that. I had to make one addendum to her power. Mark and Mary Glassner had to be immune. “I made a pact with them,” I explained to the girl. I needed them, I couldn’t very well let some stupid girl ruin all my plans. A rash of unexplained deaths plagued Yamamura High School.

Marcus Arthursson wished for people to obey his commands, to reshape any woman he wanted to, usually into his ideal woman, and to have a big cock. The city of St. Paul, Minnesota, was flooded with big-breasted women who appeared in their twenties with blonde hair, blue eyes, and tan skin. Aging women from around the world traveled to St. Paul to regain their youths at the hands of the ‘Doctor’ Arthursson. Getting fucked by him was a small price to pay for youth restored.

Marissa Beckett, separated from her husband, Steven, wished for his cock to never get hard again, for the whore he was fucking to have the worst case of gonorrhea, and for her final wish, Marissa wanted to get back the body she had at twenty-one and stay that way forever. She was excited to try out her restored youth and get laid.

Lenox MacCrumb of Scotland wished to be superman. Well, I made him use three wishes to get some of Superman’s powers. He went with Invulnerability, Heat Vision, and Flight and then set about fighting crime in Glasgow complete with blue tights and a red cape.

Never had I been so busy.

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 35.

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Tales of the Best Buy Orgy Characters

Tales of the Best Buy Orgy Characters

The men and women whose lives were forever changed that fateful Thursday morning that they went to the South Hill Best Buy.

Name: Ashley Shelley
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Eyes: Sea Gray
Hair: Platinum Blonde
Breasts: DD
Pussy: Neatly trimmed
Piercings: None
Description: Nordic cheekbones, beautiful and fierce
Background: College student, married to Kristi. Featured in the upcoming Lesbian Cuckold.
Family: Kristi (wife)
First Appearance: Chapter 3

Name: Erin Connar
Sex: Female
Age: 26
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Dyed blonde (actually a brunette)
Breasts: C Cup, pink nipples
Pussy: Shaved
Piercings: None
Description: Petite with large breasts, heart-shaped ass
Background: Married to Bill, Featured in Playing at Cuckoldry.
Family: Bill (husband)
First Appearance: Chapter 3

Name: Fatima Tawfeek
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Eyes: Dark
Hair: Black
Breasts: D Cup
Pussy: Hairy
Piercings: None
Description: Middle-eastern girl, dusky skin
Background: Featured in the upcoming A Good Muslim Girl
Family: Ridwan (father), Zahra (mother), Bahija (sister)
First Appearance: Chapter 3

Name: Jessica “Jessie” Smith
Sex: Female
Age: 20
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Blonde, shoulder length, curly
Breasts: B Cup
Pussy: Shaved (neatly trimmed in Chapter 3)
Piercings: None
Description: Tall and lanky, bubbly voice
Background: Works at Best Buy. Featured in The Number One Rule of Retail.
Family: Kevin (boyfriend)
First Appearance: Chapter 3

Name: Kevin Mattock
Sex: Male
Age: 18 (almost 19)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Light-brown
Description: Pimply-faced
Background: Works at Best Buy. Featured in The Number One Rule of Retail.
Family: Jessie (girlfriend)
First Appearance: Chapter 3

Name: Kristi Shelley
Sex: Female
Age: 28
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Breasts: B Cup
Pussy: Neatly trimmed, tastes tart
Piercings: None
Description: Plain-faced. Opposite of her wife in almost every way.
Background: Married to Ashley. Was not in the Best Buy during the Orgy. Featured in the upcoming “Lesbian Cuckold”
Family: Ashley (wife)
First Appearance: Has not appeared yet

Name: Lucy McKay
Sex: Female
Age: 23
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brunette, curly
Breasts: B Cup
Pussy: Shaved, tasty spicy and tart
Piercings: None
Description: Cherub face
Background: Works at Best Buy. Featured in the upcoming “A Good Muslim Girl”
First Appearance: Chapter 3

Name: Marshal Beckam
Sex: Male
Age: 30
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown
Description: Average
Background: Married to Veronica. Featured in the upcoming “Obsession”
Family: Veronica (wife)
First Appearance: Chapter 3

Name: Rosalita Martinez
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Eyes: Dark
Hair: Brown
Breasts: C Cup
Pussy: Landing Strip
Piercings: None
Description: Voluptuous. Has the word “Sexy” tattoed underneath her left breast.
Background: Works at Best Buy. Featured in the upcoming “A Good Muslim Girl”
Family: Stacy (girlfriend)
First Appearance: Chapter 3

Name: Stacy Kitchens
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brunette
Breasts: A Cup
Pussy: Trimmed
Piercings: None
Description: Lithe and slender
Background: Works at Best Buy. Featured in the upcoming “A Good Muslim Girl”
Family: Rosalita (girlfriend)
First Appearance: Chapter 3

Name: Tyler Baker
Sex: Male
Age: 32
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black, short
Description: Big cock
Background: Featured in the upcoming “Obsession”
First Appearance: Chapter 3

Name: Veronica Beckam
Sex: Female
Age: 28
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Bleach blonde /w red highlights (actually brunette)
Breasts: C Cup
Pussy: Trimmed
Piercings: None
Description: Bad bleach job
Background: Married to Marshal. Featured in the upcoming “Obsession”
Family: Marshal (husband)
First Appearance: Chapter 3

Name: William “Bill” Connar
Sex: Male
Age: 28
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Description: Average looking, fit
Background: Married to Erin. Featured in Playing at Cuckoldry.
Family: Erin (wife)
First Appearance: Chapter 3

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Devil’s Pact Update 1-18-14

Hey everyone

So, I messed up and forgot to give Master Ken credit for editing the Number One Rule of Retail Chapter Two. It’s fixed now. I used Retail chapter one as a template which I posted before Master Ken started editing and forgot to add his credit in. He does a lot of hard work and I’m very sorry for the oversight.

Writing the Devil’s Pact is going well. I’m nearing the end of the main story. I’ve been thinking about the ending for months now and its great to finally be approaching it.

Once Chapter 34 is posted, current poll ends. Right now Willow’s Fantasy and Chapter Two of the Ghost of Paris are tied.

Tomorrow is the NFC championship and my Seahawks are going to dominate the 49ers!

Take care


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The Devil’s Pact Tales from the Best Buy Incident: The Number One Rule of Retail Chapter Two



The Devil’s Pact

Tales from the Best Buy Incident: The Number One Rule of Retail

Chapter Two: Coffee After Work

by mypenname3000

edited by Master Ken

© Copyright 2013, 2014

Story Codes: Male/Female, Romance

For a list of all the Devil’s Pact Chapters and other stories click here

Comments are very welcome. I would like all criticism, positive and negative, so long as its
constructive, and feedback is very appreciated.

Click here for Chapter 1.

Monday, June 10th 2013 – Kevin Mattock – South Hill, WA

All I could think about since I woke up was Jessie Smith.

Actually, all I could think about since last Thursday when the ‘Incident’ happened, was Jessie Smith.

Well, to be honest, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Jessie Smith since the day she was hired back in January. January Fourteenth, to be precise. A Tuesday. I fell in love with her at first sight. Jessie barely even noticed me.

She was just so pretty. Curly, blonde hair that framed her cute face. And that was the word for it. Cute. From her button nose, to her round, gray eyes and pursed lips. She was tall, almost as tall as I was. And maybe she didn’t have the biggest tits, but hers filled out the blue Best Buy polo she wore very nicely and her ass looked quite shapely in her khaki pants. I, on the other hand, was a nerdy guy with far too many pimples on my face and too shy to talk to the girl of my dreams.

But when Mark Glassner unleashed his gas in the Best Buy, I watched the love of my life getting fucked over and over by a line of men. And I was one of them. I didn’t last long when I fucked her as she was bent over the Geek Squad desk. It was my first time, and with my Jessie no less. I barely got to enjoy her tight hole before I was shooting off inside her. I was just so excited to finally lose my virginity.

And now it was Monday, the store reopening after the FBI finished their investigation over the weekend, and I was afraid Jessie would hate me. She must hate all the men who took advantage of her in our inebriated state. How could she not hate us. What girl would enjoy getting gangbanged at her work. I wondered if I could handle my Jessie hating me as I walked into the Best Buy, and made my way back to the breakroom.

The breakroom was a sad place; a few tables, terrible florescent lights that flickered, and a microwave that must be from the seventies, which was just sad. We sold microwaves. How much would it cost the company to break out one of the many microwaves we sell for fifty dollars. And the less said about the smells in the refrigerator the better.

My shift started at 11:45 so I clocked in and turned to see Jessie walk in. She looked so sexy today, almost like an entirely new Jessie. Her cute face was transformed into a sexy vixen with blonde curls by the careful application of makeup. Her Best Buy polo looked two sizes too small for her and she clearly wasn’t wearing a bra. I could see the outline of her breasts and the two tents caused by her hard nipples. Her pants were low-riding and tight and I could see the top of her red thong.

“Hey, Jessie,” I squeaked as I walked by. My face reddened with lust and embarrassment as my cock hardened uncomfortably in my underwear. “I…er…hi,” I stammered.

“Hi Kevin,” she answered in her cute, bubbly voice.

My heart pounded with joy. She didn’t hate me. All I had to do was talk like a normal person. Just tell her to have a nice day, Kevin, then work your way to asking her out for some coffee. Instead, I stammered out, “…have a nice…um…yeah.” What was that Kevin? That wasn’t how a normal person talked, I berated myself. Flustered, I pushed past her out onto the Sales Floor.

I spent my entire day discreetly watching Jessie and fantasizing about asking her out. Jessie was quite friendly with our customers, I noticed, walking up and being very helpful. Then she would disappear off to the bathroom. There must be something wrong with her? She seemed fine whenever I looked at her, but maybe she was just putting on a brave face. Whenever she noticed that I was starring at her, she would smile back at me, the cutest and most amazing smile of all time that sent my heart hammering with joy.

The day just seemed to drag on and on. Every time I glanced at my phone, I would swear time should be going faster. When I wasn’t watching Jessie or fantasizing about being with her again, I had to help the customers. And today they just seemed especially stupid. My mind was too focused on how I would ask Jessie out. Running through scenario after scenario, and I just couldn’t be bothered to give a damn about the customer’s stupid questions about tablets, or explain for the fifteenth time the difference between DVD and Bluray.

Finally, it was time for me to clock out. Instead of going home, I hung out in the breakroom. Jessie would be clocking out fifteen minutes after me and I was going to ask her out. I told myself that I shouldn’t be nervous. I mean, I’ve already had sex with her, so why was I so terrified of asking her out for a coffee. And she seemed happy to see me in the breakroom this morning. And she never used to smile at me like she has all day. It’s a sign, Kevin. You just need to have some confidence.

Jessie walked in. As the day wore on, her uniform looked a little more rumpled, her hair mused, and her makeup looked a little smeared in places. Her cute face was flushed and sweaty, and she was counting a wad of bills as she walked in, a satisfied grin on her face. Part of my mind wondered where she got all that money, but the rest of me was focused on asking her out and ignored that questioning voice.

“Hey, Jessie,” I said. “How was your day?” Good, you didn’t stammer once, Kevin. You are making progress.

“Oh, hi Kevin,” she brightly said. “I had a very satisfying day!” she answered with a laugh. It was like she had some inside joke that only she knew about.

“That’s good.” I took a deep breath. You can do this, Kevin. “Would you…I mean…umm…Would you like to…you know…um…get some…eh…coffee?” I finally stammered out.

Jessie blinked at me. “Are you trying to ask me out? For coffee?”

I nodded, not trusting myself to speak anymore.

She eyed me, a considering smile on her face. “Sure, I think that would be nice.”

My heart sang for joy, but I tried to play it cool. “Great,” I said. “Um, shall we…you know.”

“Get going?” she asked with a smile and I nodded my head. “Sure, let’s go.”

Neither of us had a car, so we walked the few blocks to the Starbucks. It was in the same strip mall the old Borders Bookstore used to be in before they went out of business. I used to love shopping at the Borders and now it was some lame store called TJ Max. We walked in silence. I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. I was on a date with Jessie Smith. My heart could sing!

I ordered a venti Mocha and Jessie ordered a Chai tea. Our drinks in hand we found a table in the corner and sat down. I sipped my Mocha and stared at her as she happily sipped her Chai tea, her eyes flicking around the Starbucks. My eyes were drawn to her breasts, watching them rise and fall with her breathing and I could feel my cock stir in my khaki pants.

“Are you going to speak?” she finally asked.

“Sorry,” I said. “I just…” I got all tongue-tied again. “You’re just really pretty and I…I’m getting…yeah.” I flushed and sipped my Mocha, feeling like a complete idiot.

Jessie reached across the table and grabbed my hand. “I understand. You’re just nervous. So, let’s deal with that.”

She stood up, still holding my hand. Her fingers were warm and slender and a tingle of electricity ran up my arm as I held her. She pulled me to the restrooms and pushed me inside locking the door behind her.

“What…” I started to say.

My words died when I saw her breasts as she peeled the tight polo off. They were small, just a handful, but so beautiful, with hard, dark-pink nipples standing proudly erect. Was this a dream? Was Jessie Smith about to let me fuck her in the bathroom of a Starbucks?

“Go ahead, you can touch the girls,” she cheerfully informed me.

I reached out and gently touched a warm, soft breast, giving it a squeeze. Her breast felt so amazing, soft yet firm. I took my thumb, sliding it across her silky skin and brushing her hard nipple. Jessie gave a soft sigh as I touched the erect nub. Encouraged, I rub my thumb in circles about her hard nipple and I felt her shudder.

“Umm, I like your hand on my breast, Kevin,” she purred, then leaned in and fireworks went off inside me as her lips captured mine. She tasted sweet, her lips soft and gentle, rubbing against my lips. At first I was stiff, not sure what to do, but she persisted and I started moving my lips, nibbling on hers. Her tongue fluttered against my lips and I parted them and let her agile tongue inside my mouth.

I was panting, out of breath, when she broke the kiss. “You’ve never kissed a girl before?”

“No,” I answered.

“Well, you started to relax there at the end,” she murmured. “I bet you’ll get better, though.” Her hand started rubbing at my hard cock through my pants. “Umm, you’re as big as I remember from the Incident.”

“Are we going to…” I trailed off, not sure what to say.

“Fuck?” she asked, then nodded her head. “After we fuck, I bet you’ll relax enough for us to talk.”

With that, she kicked off her shoes, then unbuttoned and shimmied out of her tight pants. She was standing there in just her red thong. The back disappeared between her perky butt cheeks and it fit her so tight, I could see the outline of her pussy. And no pussy hair peaked out. She was shaved. I loved jerking off to shaved pussies. Then I remember what her pussy looked like on Thursday. How could I ever forget how her blonde fur was matted with the cum leaking out of her pussy right before I slid my dick into her. She’s shaved it since then, I realized. I guess it’s part of her new, sexy look.

I almost came in my pants as she pulled off her red thong and her naked pussy came into view. She looked so wet, a creamy gleam about the tight, shaved lips of her cunt. My cock was so hard, it felt like it was going to burst out of my pants. Jessie reached out and unbuttoned and unzipped me. She pulled out my cock and stroked it.

“Umm, that is a nice cock, Kevin,” she purred. “One of the biggest I’ve ever had.”

How many cocks had she had? Her hand felt too good to worry about that, though, as she stroked up and down on my shaft. “Well…uhh…you have a nice p-pussy,” I stammered, as her palm rubbed the sensitive tip of my dick. “The nicest pussy I’ve ever seen.”

To my amazement Jessie flushed prettily and her boldness vanished and she seemed so virginal. Not the sexual predator that lured me in here, but the young, cute girl I remembered from before the Incident. I reached out and stroked her face and she rubbed her cheek into my hand, then kissed my palm. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her in for a kiss.

I think I kissed her better, this time, and it was my tongue that invaded her sweet lips. I had my hand at her breast again, delighting in the soft feel of it. She half sat on the sink, her hands on my cock, guiding me to her wet hole. My cock brushed her pussy lips and I thrust my hips forward and sank halfway into her. She moaned into my lips, clutching me tightly as my second thrust buried me all the way into her.

“Oh, yes,” she sighed. “That feels so nice inside me.”

Her pussy felt as amazing as last time, tight and wet. My cock slid easily in and out, pleasure tingling throughout my entire body. Her hips wiggled on the sink, matching my thrusts as her arms held me tight. One of her arms slid down my back and she gripped my ass, pulling me into her. I returned the favor, sliding my hand down and groping her perky butt.

“You feel so wonderful,” I whispered, kissing at her neck.

“Go a little faster,” she moaned, then gave a throaty laugh. “Yeah, oh fuck, yeah.”

I was pistoning in and out of her, my cum building in my balls. Her neck was thrown back and I was sucking at her pale, white flesh. I slammed harder and harder into her, unable to hold back any longer. My balls boiled over and I shot a load of cum up inside her pussy.

“Oohhh, I love it when a guy shoots inside me,” she panted and I felt her pussy contracting on my softening cock and her body went rigid in my arms. Smiling happily, she kissed me again. “Umm, let’s say we finish our drinks.”

“Sure,” I smiled.

When I pulled out, I could see my milky cum mixing with her wet pussy. She grabbed a wad of toilet paper and began wiping up the mess then she pulled on her thong and the rest of her clothes. “That was awesome,” I told her as she pulled on her shirt.

Her face was flushed and her hair mused and she smiled happily at me. “It was.”

We went back out into the coffee shop and found our drinks still barely warm. And we talked. Jessie was right, I just needed to relax. We joked and complained about work. Talked about TV shows and movies and video games. Jessie was really into Minecraft and spent fifteen minutes talking about some mod called FTB that made Minecraft “Into the most amazing thing ever,” she said all bubbly. “Like a brand new game.”

We were both hungry after a while, so we walked over to Ichiban Teryaki and I bought us dinner and we continued our talking. Jessie was an amazing girl and before we knew it, Jessie had to go.

“I’ll miss the last bus if I don’t go,” she complained with obvious disappointment.

So I walked her to the bus stop and waited with her for the 402. She kissed me one last time before she got on the bus and I watched it disappear down the road, carrying Jessie away from me. I was wondering what tomorrow would bring when my phone rang.

“Hey, Jessie,” I answered with a smile.

And our conversation continued as I walked north down Meridian to my apartment as Jessie traveled south to hers. Finally, even our phone conversation had to end. “I’ll see you tomorrow,” I told Jessie as I laid down in my bed, the battery on my phone dying.

“I’m looking forward to it,” she answered. “And we definitely should go out for coffee, afterwards.” There was a hint of promise in her voice.

Happiness blossomed within me. Today was the greatest day of my life. Jessie Smith, the girl of my dreams, seemed to be my girlfriend. I could not wait to see her smiling face, tomorrow. For once, I was looking forward to going to work.

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 3.

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The Devil’s Pact, Ghost of Paris Chapter 1: Freedom



The Devil’s Pact

The Ghost of Paris Chapter One: Freedom

by mypenname3000

edited by Master Ken

© Copyright 2014

Story Codes: Male/Teen female, Mind Control, Magic, Voyeurism, Male Masturbation, Oral

For a list of all the Devil’s Pact Chapters and other stories click here

Comments are very welcome. I would like all criticism, positive and negative, so long as its
constructive, and feedback is very appreciated.

Friday, August 30th, 2013 – Paris, Texas

“Staying out of trouble, Scotty?” Mitchel Craig, my parole officer, asked me.

“Yessir, boss,” I lied.

It was complete bullshit that I was here. What was the harm in taking a few photos up a few girls’ skirts. I mean, they were wearing panties. Hell, those girls probably wear skimpier bikinis when they go to the beach. But the judge disagreed, particularly with my prior, and gave me three years. I was paroled in eighteen months, and had to report to this slug once a month.

“You still livin’ in Paris, son?” he drawled. Craig had a fat, ruddy face and he wiped at the sweat beading his forehead every minute with a grimy handkerchief he pulled out of his back pocket. “At that halfway house on Sperry Street?”

I nodded. It was the shithole that all the sex offenders were sent to. You had to be home by 8 PM, and your room could be searched at any time for ‘contraband’: porn, drugs, weapons, and booze. If you had a job, you could stay out past eight, otherwise you were confined to your room or a shitty common area with a broken TV, a couch from the fifties that had lost all of its padding, and a chess board missing half its pieces.

I ground my teeth as the fat sack of shit drawled on and on. I wanted to mosey my way over to Boone High School and watch the cheerleaders practice. It was the Friday before Labor Day weekend, and there wouldn’t be any school until Tuesday. It was bad enough having to go three days without watching those fine young things shaking their stuff, let alone adding another day because my PO liked to hear himself talk.

I wasn’t, strictly speaking, supposed to be watching the girls. I was a voyeur, and over the years my tendencies has landed me in a mess of trouble. When I was nineteen, I got a job at Boone High School in my home town of Paris, Texas, as a janitor. Well, I drilled a hole in the girl’s locker room and enjoyed the sights for a whole month before I got caught. That landed me my first stint in prison. Sentenced to six years; out in three on good behavior. I thought I got smarter, after I got out, thought I got more careful. But at twenty-seven, I was caught in the Paris Commons, the local mall, with my digital camera hidden in my shoe taking upskirt shots.

I just couldn’t stop. I loved watching girls. I often fantasized about being a fly on the wall, just watching them, up close. Or one of them superheroes that can turn himself invisible. I would just sit in locker rooms, watching the gals and jerking my pecker. I just had to see the ladies naked, I couldn’t help myself. Since my parole last month, I had already snuck a camera into the locker room at the Y and for three days got some delightful footage before the memory stick filled up.

“I’ll be keeping an eye on you, Scotty Adams,” my PO warned. “Don’t think you can be peeping on the girls under my watch.”

“Sure thing, boss,” I nodded. The dumb sack of shit had no idea what I’ve been up to since I got out. I glanced at the old, analogue clock on the wall; there was still time to watch the practice.

The cheerleaders were jumping around when I arrived. Their pretty legs flashing as they cartwheeled around, their firm breasts jiggling beneath their red tops. And when those gold-and-black pleated skirts flipped up and you could see their black, tight spankies that hugged their asses, well it was like I died and gone to heaven. Their school mascot was the lion, and the cheerleaders called themselves the Lionesses. But, it was over all too quick, and I wandered over to the public library. Maybe I’d surf some porn, or check out what was happening on reddit. You could always fine some girl posting a titillating selfie.

I browsed some porn for an hour, receiving a few dirty looks from a mother. Luckily, the first amendment protected pornography as free speech so the shrewish librarian couldn’t do anything about it. But, I couldn’t jerk off either, so I switched over to a few sites I liked to visit. One was called the Unearthed Arcana, a forum for people who loved the occult to post theories on, or to inform people on the latest revelations from spirit channelings and the like.

My first love was spying on pretty young things, my second was the occult. I just ate that shit up. I read Alice Bailey, Madam Blavastky, Alestier Crowely, David Icke, and all the rest. At night I would listen to Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. They were always preaching the truth about the government and aliens and the like. I loved it.

I started browsing the forum of Someone posting as attaboy-simon claimed that the rising power in the Northwest, Mark Glassner, had sold his soul to Lucifer as outlined in the Magicks of the Witch of Endor. There was quite the lively debate. These Miraclists that worshiped Mark as a God were quite the fervent defenders, deriding the original poster for even suggesting that their God would consort with demons. attaboy-simon said he was going to prove them all wrong and his final post simply read: “I did it haters, fuk you and fuk your god! Lucifer gave me entire cheerleading squad!! *-)” It was accompanied by a picture of a man and more than a dozen smiling, naked girls holding pompoms.

My heart stopped.

Lucifer gave me an entire cheerleading squad, echoed over and over in my mind. What if this worked? I devoured the Magicks of the Witch of Endor, printing off the pages on how to summon Lucifer. It was well worth the thirty cents the library charged for printing if this actually worked. My hands shook. I could get three wishes for my soul. I was going to hell anyways, just ask my pa the Baptist preacher.

I could realize my dream. I could become invisible, and spy on women. But that was only one wish, what could I do with the other two? I smiled, thinking on the possibilities. I had to do this, it was the chance of a lifetime. I would have to break curfew, but it’d be worth it. Curfew wouldn’t matter if this actually worked.

I bought a steak, stole a grill out of someone’s backyard, and squatted in an empty house on the outskirts of Paris and waited for the sun to rise, a case of Coors to keep me company. I fell asleep. Luckily I remembered to set the alarm on my cell phone and woke up before dawn. I lit the grill and watched for the sun to rise. According to the book, if I offered a heifer as a sacrifice at dawn, I could summon Lucifer. Well, here’s hoping this steak came from a heifer and not a bull.

The wait for the sun seemed to be an eternity. The horizon lightened, fading from black to dark blue to light blue to gray. Hints of rose and orange started to appear. I was shaking with anticipation, my hand holding the bloody steak above the lit grill, just waiting for the first ray of the sun. When that golden light touched my eye, it was like the crack of the pistol at a race; my hand opened and the steak dropped, sizzling on the fire.

“The Shining One, Son of the Morning,” I shouted at the sun. “I give this pleasing offering of flesh and ask that you appear before me. The Shining One, Son of the Morning, appear before your humble servant so that he may beg three favors from you!”

For a moment, nothing happened. Disappointment curdled in my stomach. And then a wind rose up, whipping dust into my face, and I saw a dust devil racing across the dry fields towards me. I stepped back in fear as the brown whirlwind seemed to be bearing down right at me. The wind was howling as the swirling dust roared closer. This wasn’t natural. It stopped, just a few feet away, and I licked my lips in fear. Dust devils never stayed in one place. Then it stopped, and out stepped a handsome man in a dark suit, immaculately clean despite the dust falling around him.

“Hello, Scotty Adams,” the man greeted, a friendly smile on his face. His eyes were scarlet and I swallowed, my heart up in my throat, as he calmly strode up to me. “What’s the term they use these days?” he asked, pursing his lips. “Oh yes, you rang?”

I swallowed. “You’re Lucifer?”

“Really, son, I thought you’d be brighter than that,” he sighed. “You said the words, made the offering, who did you think I was?”

I gave a self-deprecating laugh. “Yeah, I guess you’re right, hoss.”

His scarlet eyes stared at me and I shifted uncomfortably in his gaze. After a minute, he asked, “Well, what do you want? It’s a very busy time for me.”

“Yessir, I guess,” I shrugged. “I mean, Halloween just ’round the corner, right?” Lucifer’s eyes narrowed in annoyance and I quickly said, “I wish to be able to turn invisible. Like, with just a thought.”

“Really?” Lucifer asked, a slight smile on his lips. “That’s a first.”

“Well, I mean, I’m pretty average looking. No-one ever gives me no second glance.” I shrugged. “Even still, I get notice far too much. Bein’ invisible, well, that’d just make things easier on me, hoss.”

“Okay, Scotty,” Lucifer grinned. “One down, two to go.”

“Well, when I’m invisible, I’m gonna molest women and I want them to enjoy what I do and not freak out somethin’ terrible,” I said. It came to me last night that spying on women was fun, but touching them, feeling their most intimate parts, well that would be even better. Lucifer nodded. I was surprised to see understanding in his eyes, not disgust. “For my last wish, I want to be immune from exposure when I’m invisible. Y’know, no sunburns, no frostbite, no hypothermia, or that heat stroke.”

“Done.” There was a flash of scarlet light and yellow smoke that smelled of rotten eggs and a contract printed on yellowing paper appeared in his hand. “Read it, then sign on the dotted line.”

I quickly read it. It was surprisingly straightforward. Lawyers could learn a thing or two. Lucifer pricked my thumb with a black, old-fashioned fountain pen, and I signed in my own blood. Lucifer signed in his, then he nodded to me and vanished in a gust of swirling dust.

Did it actually work though. I held out my arms before me, concentrated, and then to my delight, my arm vanished. There was just the sleeve from my Megadeath T-shirt. Holy shit, it worked. I went back into the house and checked out my reflection. I was just clothes around nothing. It was like that movie, Hollow Man, with Kevin Bacon.

I whooped in delight.

I peeled off my clothes, I didn’t need them anymore, and walked out into the street. It was exhilarating. I was naked and no-one could see me. This was freedom! No-one could see me, could judge me, or tell me what I was doing was wrong! I was free of all the bullshit morality that sent me to prison twice just for a little bit of harmless fun. It’s not like I touched any of those girls, just looked at their fine, taut bodies.

Well, I had the freedom to touch them now!

The street was warm on the soles of my feet as I walked down the black asphalt, the sun warm on my naked back. I quickly missed my shoes, but I sucked up the pain. People used to go barefoot all the time back in olden times; my feet would toughen up, I told myself.

There were, however, other problems.

I had to dodge out of the way of pedestrians. When I went to cross the street, a car almost ran me over making a right turn. And just because I was invisible, it didn’t stop dogs from barking at me. It was an adjustment; I needed to learn to be careful. But it was all going to be worth it as I walked up behind a woman waiting to cross the road.

She was wearing a lavender sundress with a short skirt. I reached out, grabbed the hem and lifted up the skirt and saw her pantied-covered ass, nice and plump, before she spun around. She frowned as she looked for whomever had grabbed her skirt. I almost laughed, this was priceless, watching the confusion on the woman’s face. She turned back to face the light and I reached out and rubbed her bottom. Instead of freaking out at the touch, she wiggled her butt back into my hand and sighed.

“Who’s there?” she asked, looking over her shoulder. I jumped back as she reached for me, then feeling bold, I grabbed her breast. Her eyes widened and I could feel her nipple hardening. Fear and pleasure flickered across her face as I groped her.

I would have gone farther, but a man barreled into me, knocking me down. The man looked around in surprise, and the woman fled across the street as I struggled back to my feet. I was about to follow, when I saw the car making a turn and I stopped before it hit me. Then the light changed red and traffic started flowing. By the time it was safe for me to cross, the woman had disappeared into an apartment complex.

Oh well, there were other women to play with. I kept walking, heading to the Paris Commons. It was Saturday and the teenage girls would be flocking to the clothing stores. I picked up my pace, eager to get my hands on some pretty young thing. My pecker was hard with anticipation, bouncing about as I walked.

It was challenging to walk through the mall. I had to hug the walls to avoid bumping into people, but I threaded my way to the Banana Republic. I waked back to the dressing rooms, waiting for a likely girl. The first was a tall girl, with an okay body, but her face was long and narrow and very plain, so I passed on her. Next was a chunky gal in her thirties and I shuddered when I saw the tight clothing she selected. It my opinion, spandex is a privilege, not a right.

The third, though, she was just right; young and hot. She was short and petite, with long, honey-brown hair and vibrant, green eyes. She had a shy smile on her face as she walked up to the dressing rooms, a couple of skirts, a pair of shorts, and several blouses in her hand. She walked back to the farthest changing room and opened the white door. I moved quickly, stopping the door from closing and slipping in.

She frowned as I moved into the corner, peering around. “Hello?” she asked with a dulcet voice.

I tried to stop my heart from beating and breath as softly as possible. My pecker was rock-hard with excitement as she frowned and then shrugged. She hung her clothes on the hook and grabbed the hem of her loose, white blouse and pulled it over her head. I almost groaned as her bare back came into view, marred only by the straps of her white bra. In the mirror, I could see her small breasts cradled in the plain, white cups of her bra.

Thank you attaboy-simon! This was so much better than upskirt shots and peepholes. I was just a foot away from a teenage girl, probably a freshman, stripping her clothes off. I grasped my pecker, stroking it gently as she kicked off her flip-flops, then unbuttoned her jeans. She wiggled her hips deliciously as she slid off her tight pants, exposing a pair of white panties decorated with Minnie Mouse. Her ass was slim and the panties dug into her crack, outlining her cheeks. When she bent over, the gusset of her panties was pulled tight against her pussy and I could see wisps of brown hair peaking out the side.

I almost came just from that sight. If I had been stroking my pecker any harder, my cum would have been splashing all over her rear. I stroked harder, trying to be as quiet as I could, but the sight before me was just too much. She straightened up, grasping the shorts and pulling them up her legs. She turned, looking at her ass in the mirror, her breasts just inches away. I stroked my pecker harder, biting my lips to keep from moaning.

“Is someone out there?” the girl asked, frowning as she pulled on one of the tops.

I slowed my strokes down and the girl shook her head, muttering under her breath as she modeled her clothes in the mirror. She frowned, shaking her head, and started to strip out of those clothes. She wiggled the shorts off, once again bending over. Oh god, her pussy was right there, covered by those tight, girlish panties, inches from my pecker. My balls were boiling and my face contorted in pleasure.

My cum was also invisible, it turned out, as it splashed on the girl’s ass and crotch. “What the fuck,” the girl gasped, jumping and spinning around. She rubbed at her ass, feeling my sticky cum, and she frowned as she lifted up her fingers, rubbing them together, but not seeing what was causing that sticky feeling. Her eyes flicked around the changing room. “What is going on?” she muttered.

God, my pecker was still hard. This was just too exciting. But I needed more. She turned to grab her clothes and I made my move. I reached out and grabbed the clasp of her bra and ripped it open. She spun around again, hands clutched to her bra to keep her breasts from being exposed. Her lip trembling in fear.

She didn’t resist as I grabbed her arms and pulled them away, just continued shaking in confusion. Her bra slipped off exposing her small, snowy breasts topped with dark-red nipples. Oh, God, she was so beautiful and innocent. She bit her lips, staring down at her arms, trying to see what force held her wrists.

“A-are you a ghost?” she asked.

“Yes,” I answered with a smile. “I’m attracted to the only the most purttiest girls.”

She flushed, her nipples hardening. “You think I’m pretty?”

I pulled her right hand down to my hard pecker. Her eyes widened as she gripped my pecker, squeezing gently. “Feel how hard I am for you, sweetness.”

She gasped, letting go, her entire body was beat red. “I did that?”

“I got to have you,” I groaned, my hands grabbing her flesh. Her breasts were soft yet firm, her nipples hard and she moaned as I played with them. It was strange, watching her breasts deform as my invisible fingers kneaded her pliant flesh.

“Do you need relief, Mr. Ghost?” she asked. “Do you have a bad case of blue-balls keeping you from passing on?”

I slid my finger down her taut stomach and started fingering the waistband of her cute panties. “I do. I’m in so much pain. I just need a purtty, young thing like you to give me some relief. Y’know, so I can get to heaven!” I slipped a finger into her panties and felt her silky pubic hair.

She was breathing heavily, her hands reaching out hesitantly until she found my body. “Okay,” she whispered as her hands slid down and found my hard pecker. “I’ll help you, Mr. Ghost.”

“Rufus,” I said. “Call me Rufus Scott, sweetness.” Rufus Scott was some bigwig from a long time ago, his mansion was a tourist attraction.

“I’m Mindy. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Scott.” She shook my pecker like we were shaking hands.

I knelt down and pulled her panties off. She gasped in surprise, but willingly stepped out of her panties. I held them up, sniffing her scent. She smelled sweet and fresh like a summer meadow. Her bush was darker than her hair, and matted with her arousal. I smiled, my Pact was exceeding my wildest expectations. I couldn’t resist, I stuck my head in and licked at her slit. I never went down on a girl before, but damn if she didn’t taste wonderful.

“Oh, Mr. Scott!” she gasped.

“Shh, you don’t wanna get caught,” I warned her.

“Sorry,” she whispered, then clapped her hand over her mouth as I dove back in for another taste.

Her pussy was tight and when I parted her lips she was pink and wet inside. I slid my tongue through her groove, gathering her tasty juices. I sucked and nibbled on her lips, then I found a hard button at the top of her pussy. I licked it and she shuddered and moaned into her hand. It was her clitoris, I realized. The pleasure button on a chick. I sucked it into my lips and she bucked like a bronco on my lips and I held on for dear life.

“Oh wow, I’ve never came so hard before,” she sighed happily. “Thank you, Mr. Scott. Now, maybe we should attend to your problem.”

“Abso-damn-fuckin’-lutely, sweetness,” I panted, standing up.

I picked her up she was so light, gripping her ass tightly. She wrapped her legs around my waist and I quickly maneuvered my pecker to her wet cunt. “Oh, yes, Mr. Scott,” she cooed happily as I sank into her pussy. She was tight, but no virgin.

She started pumping her hips on my pecker, and I enjoyed the velvety tightness of her pussy. I glanced at the mirror and all you could see was Mindy floating in the air, writhing like bitch in heat. I turned around, facing away from the mirror. Then I looked over my shoulder and I could see her pussy gaping open as my invisible pecker fucked into her pink hole.

“Oh, fuck this is wild!” I moaned, pumping my hips.

“I can see down my pussy!” she gasped softly as she saw her reflection in the mirror. “Oh, it’s so pretty! Mmh, your ghost pecker feels so great inside me!”

Her hips twisted on my pecker, driving me crazy with pleasure, and I pumped my ass as fast as I could. I just came a few minutes ago, but her teenage cunt was quickly building me up to another one. I squeezed her firm ass, then started sucking and licking at her neck. Her hard nipples and soft breasts rubbed against my chest and her arms snaked around my neck and she hugged me tightly.

“Oh, yes!” she moaned. “Sweet Jesus, I’m gonna cum again!”

Our flesh was slapping together, we were getting louder and louder. I had to finish before the store clerk interrupted us. The silky walls of her pussy rubbed the head of my pecker with every thrust, sending pleasure that radiated out from my pecker. I could feel my orgasm nearing and I pumped wildly. My balls were getting closer and closer to exploding. Just a few more thrusts and I would be there.

“Fuck!” I grunted as my cum boiled into her cunt. “Goddamn fuckin’ hell! You got one amazin’ cooch, Mindy!”

“Oh wow!” she gasped, bucking in my arms as her cunt spasmed on my pecker. “Oh, Sweet Jesus, yes! Yes! Oh crud, I’m cumming!” She panted, rubbing her cheek against me. “Umm, that was nice.”

“Yeah,” I said, letting her go.

“Good thing you’re a ghost,” she joked. “’Cause I’m not on the pill.”

“Uh-huh,” I laughed, then slipped out of the changing room, catching one last look of her naked body. Wouldn’t that be rich if she got pregnant.

I started whistling as I walked out, passing the clerk, a pretty young woman with black hair who looked around, confused, at the sound as I walked by. She had a firm-looking butt, and I couldn’t resist reaching out and pinching her fine ass.

“What the fuck!” she screamed in surprise.

I grinned. Mindy wore me out. I would need a break before I could go again. So, I started heading to my favorite spot in the whole mall. If you stood underneath the stairs that led to the second floor, you could see up a woman’s skirt through the gaps between the steps. I stretched out on the floor mall’s cold, hard floor. It was uncomfortable, but the view was well worth it. And who knows, in an hour or so, I bet I could find another woman to help a poor, suffering Ghost get some relief.

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 2.

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Devil’s Pact Update 1-13-14

Hi everyone

Sorry for the delay in any new stuff posted. RL interfered. Ghost of Paris Chapter One is nearing ready for publication.

Willow’s Fantasy is winning the poll for what to publish after Chapter 34.

Here is a preview for Chapter 34. This is unedited so there’s probably a few mistakes in there.

My new wife, Mary, was wrapped in my arms as we stared out at Paris from atop the Eiffel Tower.

We arrived in Paris last night to start our two week-long honeymoon in Europe. When we woke up this morning, huge crowds had gathered in front of our hotel. On one side were the Believers and on the other side the protestors. In between were the Paris police. So I gave an impromptu speech. Most of the Parisian protestors understood English and by the end they were our supporters.

Before we left for Europe, I had made a few calls to get the local police under our control and they had been extremely helpful in keeping the crowds back as we played tourists in Paris. Mary was determined to see every art museum and we spent most of the day wandering the Louvre. Mary was positively girlish as she gushed over the art. To end our day, we had the police close the Eiffel Tower so that we could enjoy it in peace. I could just hear the believers gathered below that had followed us all day.

It was beautiful up here. Paris was laid out before us, the Seine winding through the lit-up city. It was gorgeous, romantic view with tree-lined boulevards that glowed green and magnificent landmarks shining brightly: the Arc de Triomphe, the glass pyramid of the Louvre, the Notre Dame rearing up in all its Gothic majesty, and many other beautiful buildings and churches. But it all paled compared to the beauty of my wife nestled in my arms. I brushed her auburn hair off her pale neck and kissed the nape of her neck below her ear.

“Mmm,” she murmured, wiggling in my arms. “Don’t stop, Mark.”

I nuzzled her neck and nibbled at her ear. I slipped my hand down and rubbed her silky thigh below her short skirt. “Do you like it when I do this, Mare” I asked as I moved my hand up under her skirt and gently teased her smooth pussy.

“I do,” she purred. Her ass swayed and rubbed pleasantly against my hardening cock. She gasped as my finger brushed her clit.

I slowly diddled her clit with my finger while my other hand moved up her side and found her perky breast. I gave it a squeeze through her bodice then pulled the strap of her dress off her shoulder, pushing the bodice down so I could play with her bare breast. Mary moaned in appreciation as my fingers found her hard nipple and gave it a gentle pinch.

“Umm, that feels great, Mark,” Mary moaned. I slid my hand lower, using the heel of my hand to grind against her clit as I gently pushed two fingers up inside her wet pussy. My wife gasped, “Finger fuck me! Umm, make your naughty filly cum!”

“Gladly, Mare,” I whispered then started kissing and sucking at her neck as I slid my two fingers in and out of her sucking cunt. I could feel the passion growing through her body, the way she begin to tense as her orgasm neared. I pumped my fingers faster inside her, pinching her hard nipple. “Cum for me, Mare.”

“Yes, yes! Oh, I love you, Mark!” she cried out as her passion overwhelmed her. My fingers were massaged by her orgasming cunt and her plump ass ground back into my hard cock deliciously. “Oh, fuck, that was great!” She turned in my arms and kissed me soundly on the lips. “Umm, how should I return the favor? My mouth.” She grinned, licking her lips. “My wet pussy, maybe? Ohh, maybe my naughty, little ass?”

I grinned at her, reaching around to grope her ass. “What do you think?”

“I think my new husbands wants to fuck my naughty ass,” she giggled. “But, he needs to get me nice and ready back there.”

Mary turned back around and I knelt down, pushing up her short, flowery skirt, exposing her pale, plump ass. I kissed each cheek, rubbing their pillowy softness against my face, before I spread her open. I fond her tight anus and placed my lips on it, sucking and licking. Mary purred as I pushed my tongue at her sphincter, slowly forcing my tongue past the tight ring and tasting the sour flavor of her ass.

“Umm, I love it when you rim me,” cooed Mary then she gasped playfully as I slipped two fingers up inside her juice cunt.

I let those fingers soak in her cunt, getting a good coating of her savory lube, before I pulled out and pushed those two fingers into her tight ass. I slid them deep into her bowels, fucking them in and out as her ass gripped them tightly. Mary looked over her shoulder at me, a happy smile on her face. She was ready.

I stood up, slipped my cock into her tight pussy, fucking in and out of her just a few times. I almost wanted to stay in her pussy, she felt so amazing, but I wanted her ass tight ass right now. I pulled out, and Mary sighed in disappointment. I adjusted my cock, lining up at her sphincter, and pushed slowly into her ass. Mary’s disappointment faded as I filled her asshole, she loved it up the ass, too. I moaned as my cock disappeared inside the tight tunnel.

“Oh, fuck that’s nice!” Mary cooed as my cock slid all the way into her ass. “Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Give your filly a good ride!”

I pulled back and thrust back into her, enjoying her tight embrace as I fucked her slowly. Mary pushed her hips back as I pounded her ass. I reached my hands around her and gripped her breasts, squeezing the firm, perky flesh and feeling her hard nipples between my fingers. Mary gasped every time I thrust into her, then turned her head and we kissed over her shoulder.

“Harder!” moaned Mary. “Give it to me hard, my randy stallion! I’m so close to cumming again!”

I pounded my wife’s ass as hard as I dared; I didn’t want to hurt her. She wasn’t Xiu who got off on the pain. My strokes were becoming more frantic as my own cum approached. I was getting so close, just a few more strokes and I would be there. Plunging into her tight ass, my cock’s sensitive head would rub against her hot bowels, sending pleasure shooting through my cock. Then I pulled out, delighting in the velvety feel of her asshole. Every stroke brought me closer and closer to cumming.

“Fuck!” I moaned. “Here it comes, Mare! Fuck!”

“Ohh, I can feel your hot cum filling me up!” moaned Mary as my release flooded her ass. Then I felt her ass clamp down on me and Mary’s body trembling in my arms. “Ohh, I love it when you cum in me, Mark! Oh, I love it so much.”

I held my wife as we relaxed in an orgasmic high, gently kissing her neck and cheek, and admired the city of Paris laid out before us. “I love you so much,” I whispered. “Thank you.”

“Your welcome,” Mary sighed. “But, I think I owe you a cum. I’m one up on you.”

I laughed as pulled out of her ass. My wife knelt before me and started licking at my dirty cock. She usually had one of the sluts clean up my cock after its been in her ass, but sometimes she liked to do it herself. I closed my eyes and leaned against the railing with my arms and enjoyed my wife’s excellent blowjob.

“Excuse me, sir,” 51 said. “I know you didn’t want any interruptions unless it was important.”

I sighed as Mary released my cock. “What is it, 51?” I asked her as Mary stood up.

Well, Take care everyone


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