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My Fallen Angel 1 is released!

MyFallenAngel1I’m proud to finally release the first of my supernatural, erotic Urban Fantasy! Sex, suspense, action, angels, and demons! The Girls of My Dreams can be picked up for $2.99 on Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, and Amazon DE, and for Kindle Unlimited subscribers, you can burrow The Girls of My Dreams for free! You can read Chapter One for free below!

Bill is a dreamer. He spends all his times dreaming about all the women he desires: Cynthia, Rochelle, Juanita, and Hikaru.

When Bill witnesses his dreams coming to life as a Succuba dominates Cynthia and transforms her from a good, Christian girl into a nymphomaniac, Bill vows to find out what’s going on. With the submissive Rochelle’s help, he attempts to unravel what’s going on. But Daevia the Succuba is going to stand idly by and let Bill ruin all her plans.

My Fallen Angel is a supernatural erotic thriller full of hot sex and exciting action. Join Bill and his women as they battle the supernatural and defend their college campus from Daevia’s predations.

Chapter One:

Juanita sat on her bed in her college dorm, sobbing onto the mussed sheets. She was alone, her roommate, Rochelle, had already left for classes. As had the man Juanita had sinned with last night. And again this morning. The proof was staining her thighs, forming a wet spot on her bed, and her pussy still ached from the vigor of their morning tryst.

Once again, she had given into her lusts. She was supposed to be better than this. She dreamed of being a preacher, attending Parkland Lutheran University to study theology. But what preacher gives into her lusts? And with a man she had only met the night before? How can I tend to a flock, if I can’t even control my own passions?

Why am I so weak?” she prayed, looking up to the heavens. “Why can’t I resist sinning?”

Light blossomed. A man appeared before her, blue-white wings extended, his body burnished bronze. Juanita gasped; he was so handsome, a perfect specimen. Her eyes traveled his naked, muscular frame and widened at the size of his cock dangling from a thatch of golden hair. Desire burned between her thighs for this being.

He was an Angel sent from Heaven to answer her prayers.

You are weak because you have yet to find the man your heart yearns for.”

Who are you?” Juanita gasped, pulling the sheets up to hide her nakedness, new shame flushing through her.

I am the Archangel Uriel, and I have a task for you.”

What?” she eagerly asked, ecstasy gleaming in her eyes and joy bursting in her chest. I have been chosen. My faith is rewarded.

I need your oath of obedience.”

I swear I’ll obey you, Uriel,” she gasped without hesitation. An Angel asked her, how could she say no? He was a Heavenly being and whatever he asked would only be for the greater good.

No matter what I ask of you?”

Her heart thudded and her answer came without hesitation: “I do, Uriel. I’ll obey you without question or hesitation!”

Something settled about her neck, clinking like metal, a great weight almost strangling her as it tightened about her throat. She reached for it, trying to feel what bound her neck, but there was nothing about her—her fingers found only her smooth skin. And then the weight vanished.

Good,” he smiled. He held out his hand, light coalescing, shaping into a silver dagger. “Keep this safe until it’s needed.”

I will,” she breathed. “What is my task?”

The Angel’s smile was perfect. “To save the world.”

~~ ~~~~~ ~~

Bill dreamed…

It was one of the few things he was good at. Ever since he had discovered there was a difference between men and women, those wonderful, feminine creatures had filled his dreams. Some would make brief, guest appearances, while others would show up time and time again.

Two of his favorites filled his dreams today. One was demure Cynthia, his beautiful co-worker whom Bill had had the biggest crush on since he had met her, stared up at him, her blue eyes shining with desire. A vivacious strawberry-blonde woman knelt next to Cynthia, pressing against the shy girl’s body, and reaching out to stroke his cock.

Pleasure burned through him as the redhead stroked him, her grip firm and skillful.

A third woman pressed her body against his back, her breast soft pillows topped with hard nipples. Her arms wrapped around him as she nuzzled his neck. Her bronze hands stood out against his white, flat stomach as she caressed him with fire.

Suck his cock,” purred the redhead, holding it up to Cynthia’s lips.

Bill didn’t know the redhead’s name, but he had seen her around his college campus more than a few times since his Freshman year. He had always loved how she dressed in tight, low-riding jeans that showed off her thongs, and low-cut halter tops that left little of her lovely tits to the imagination. She was a frequent guest in his dreams, showing up as often as Cynthia, Juanita from his Religious Iconography class last semester, and the cute, Japanese coed that volunteered at the university’s library.

You’ll love it, Cynthia.” The redhead’s hand slid slowly up Bill’s cock, drawing out a single drop of clear precum; he shuddered as she thumbed his tip.

I shouldn’t,” Cynthia whispered. Even in Bill’s dream, she was a good girl, but since this was where his perverted subconsciousness ruled, his desires shaped Cynthia to be the woman he wanted—slutty. Her tongue licked out, swiping across his cock’s tip; more shudders swept through him.

See, it’s not so bad.” The redhead licked at Cynthia’s neck, while her hands played with the sweet woman’s small breasts, little apples topped with dusky nipples. “Just open wide, and suck his cock. Let your slut out. I know you want to.”

A flush rolled across Cynthia’s tan face. She played lacrosse, and her face and forearms had a nice tan that slowly faded back to her pale, white complexion. “I shouldn’t. It’s so sinful.”

The redhead grasped a lock of Cynthia’s blonde hair—a lighter shade than Bill’s sandy blond hair—straight and lovely, and pulled the coed’s lips right to his hard, throbbing cock. The tip brushed her lips, and she opened wide. “That’s good, Mistress,” whispered the redhead. “Suck it, Master’ll like that.”

Bill groaned, savoring Cynthia’s sucking mouth—she felt like wet heaven and pleasure roared through him. The redhead leaned under her, and sucked his balls into her lips. The mysterious woman with the bronze skin tightened her grip about his body. He could feel her round breasts pressing against his back and heard a swishing noise, like the flap of wings. Her lips brushed his neck, cool against his burning flesh, kissing up to his ear.

You want them both, don’t you,” she whispered.

Yeah, I guess,” Bill muttered.

He never had the courage to approach the redhead in real life. She was too confident and beautiful. What would she see in a loser like me? Bill was lean, not broad-shouldered like the jocks, his body more compact like a runner’s, and his hair was always a mess. Bill had nothing to offer to the gorgeous redhead. And Cynthia, well, she had turned him down more times then Bill could count.

They’ll be yours one day,” cooed the mysterious woman, her lips brushing his ear. Her voice wasn’t familiar, and had a ringing, bell-like quality to it. “Just have faith.” He turned his head to look over his shoulder and their lips met; she tasted like the sweetest honey. “You’ll have both of them one day, and those other two you’re always dreaming after.”

Umm, I can see why you chose him,” purred a sultry voice.

A fourth woman had joined Bill’s dream, as curvy as any centerfold model. Her skin was pale, and made her deep, red hair, almost the color of blood, stand out like a neon sign at night. Her breasts were amazing, large, round, perky, a silver chain piercing both her nipples, dangling down between her breasts. She was dressed like some sort of dominatrix: leather bustier that cupped those magnificent mounds, a black garter belt holding up thigh-high fishnets, stiletto heels, and elbow-length, leather gloves. For a moment, black wings flapped behind her.

The bronze woman’s arms tightened around Bill, wings flapping and a gentle breeze buffeted Bill, ruffling his mused, sandy-blonde hair. “He’s mine, Succuba. I have already claimed him.”

The dominatrix laughed, as deadly as a cougar. Her vulpine mouth twisted into a hungry smile. “Have him. He’s too soiled for me. The lust that brims in his mind…” Her hand lashed out, grabbing a fistful of Cynthia’s hair and yanked the girl off Bill’s cock. “She’s more my style. Pure and innocent, don’t you think, Seraph?”

Bill!” Cynthia shrieked, the dominatrix hauling her back. “Bill! Bill! Bill!”

Bill! Wake up, Bill!”

Someone was prodding Bill’s arm.

Bill!” A finger jabbed his arm hard. He groaned.

Cynthia,” he muttered, opening his eyes. Cynthia was staring down at him, an exasperated look on her beautiful face.

Wake up!” she hissed.

Frustration filled him as he came fully awake. Damn, I was looking forward to watching the dominatrix force Cynthia to pleasure her. He sighed. Why did my dreams always have to end at the good parts?

Ms. Katsaros is back,” the blonde whispered. “Get up before you get in trouble again.”

He smiled up at Cynthia. “You’re the best. Let me thank you.”

She raised an eyebrow, asking, “Would that be dinner and a movie?”

Sure. We’ll have fun.”

A faint tinge of red colored her cheeks. “I know what ‘fun’ means, Bill. I’m not that type of gal.”

He stood up, dusting off his pants. He was in the back room of the University Bookstore, and was using a small pile of textbooks as an impromptu, if uncomfortable, pillow. It was right next to the heating vent, and the warmth helped to zonk him out. He was supposed to be sorting the new shipment, but why should he do all that work when he could have a nice, perverted dream instead?

You make it sound so dirty,” he protested. “I promise to be a complete gentleman.”

Just like you were a complete gentleman with Tammy?” Her eyebrows arched and her voice had a frosty tone.

He coughed; he had had a nice romp with Tammy, a former employee, in the backroom almost two months ago and Cynthia would never let it drop. “Geez, it was just some fun. She kissed me first, anyways.”

And that’s why I won’t date you,” she declared. “You’re too worldly, Bill.”

I’ll come to church with you.”

She hesitated, frowning at him. “You’d still pressure me. I’m saving myself, you know that. It would just end badly.”

You don’t know that. I could wait, for you.” It was a lie. He figured if he could just get his foot in the door, he could pry her fingers off her virginity. She was a great gal, sweet, kind, patient, and warm. Being pretty was just a bonus. “I fell for you the moment I saw you.”

Aw, that’s sweet. You fell heads over heels in love with me right into Tammy’s embrace, huh?”

Irritation flashed through him. “If you won’t date me, then you can’t act like a jealous girlfriend, Cynthia.”

Sorry,” she flushed.

He reached out and grabbed her hand. “Come on, give me a chance. Be my girlfriend for real. Then you can get as jealous as you want.”

I told you, it’ll end badly.” She squeezed his hand back and warmth rolled through him. “You’re a great guy, but you’re just too worldly for me. I need a guy more my experience level.”

You mean, none?”

She nodded.

I’m not that experienced.”

But you wish you were.” Her eyebrows arched. “You’re a pervert. You may be a great guy, but let’s be honest, Bill. I’m looking for a guy that’s…normal.”

That guy doesn’t exist. We’re all perverts. I’m just honest about it.”

I have faith my guy is out there.”

Have faith… A chill ran through him—déjà vu.

I could change for you.”

Her smile was sad. “You can only change for yourself, Bill.”

I mean it, Cynthia.” Probably. “You’re the one for me. I dream about you all the time.”

Her eyes flashed down and he was acutely aware of his hard-on tenting his jeans. “Yes. I think I know just the sort of dreams you’ve been having about me.”

I can’t help it if I have dreams like that. You can’t control your dreams, Cynthia.”

She chewed on her lower lip, then opened her mouth, then snapped it and shook her head. “Listen, my shifts done. I have lacrosse practice. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Later,” he muttered, letting go of her hand and watching her blonde tresses disappear into the store.

Why does life have to be so complicated? Why can’t it be like my dreams? Bill knew she had a crush on him, though he didn’t understand how she could love a scruffy loser like him. But he could see her feelings in her eyes, and the way she always looked out for him. She was just scared; too wrapped up in her bible-belt upbringing to take a chance and have a little fun, and who knows, it could always lead to something more.

Fuck,” he muttered.

What was that?” a woman barked.

He jumped, turning to see Ms. Katsaros glaring at him, hands on her hips. She was a tall, Greek woman, with glossy-black hair that fell in a wonderful curtain about her olive face. She wore a lavender pantsuit and flowery blouse that fit her perfectly, hugging her curves. Bill wanted to get down on his knees and worship her. She had a made a few appearances in his dreams. Not as often as the main four, but she put her time in.

Nothing,” he muttered.

She eyed him, then looked at the boxes. “I want the shipment unpacked before your shift’s done, Bill.”

Yes, Ms. Katsaros,” he nodded, flinching beneath her flinty stare.

I don’t know why I put up with your laziness,” she continued. “I don’t pay you to sleep in my storeroom.”

I wasn’t—”

Her glare was fierce and he flinched before it. “You get your butt moving, buster, and unpack my shipment, or you can find yourself another job! Get yourself together, Bill. How do you expect to get a real job once you graduate from college with this kind of attitude?”


Employers want a hard worker, not some lazy ass with, what, a History degree?”

Art History.”

She snorted. “Even more useless. It’s why Cynthia won’t date you. She can tell you’re not worth the effort. The girl may think the moon of you, but she’s smart enough not to throw her future away.”

Hey, that’s—”

Women want a man, not a spineless slacker hiding in a storeroom. They want someone that takes their responsibilities seriously. You’re a sweet guy, but that’s not enough in the real world. Take the world by the balls and make something of yourself.” Her dark eyes bored into his. “And you can start by unpacking my shipment!”

She strode off, her ass writhing wonderfully beneath her tight pants. He wanted to seize her and just press her against the wall and show her what a real man was like. Of course, he didn’t have the balls. She’d just freak out and have him arrested for sexual assault or something.

Bill had always been a coward, too afraid to even ask a woman out beside Cynthia, and she was safe—she wouldn’t say yes. Even his fling with Tammy had all been her doing. He had never quite understood what had happened; he had been napping in the storeroom, as usual, dreaming one of his perverted dreams—he couldn’t remember about whom, though he thought Tammy and Juanita may have been involved—when she had woken him up with a kiss, her lithe body writhing atop him.

Afterward, she had been embarrassed about the entire incident and quit her job. “I just had a dissociative moment,” she had said. “Something came over me. Just forget about, okay. It was my mistake.”

Bill was pretty sure it was his fault and she was just letting him down to spare his feelings. That had been his first time with a woman, and he clearly didn’t satisfy her. He had tried a few times to have a repeat performance with Tammy, but that had earned him a slap in the face and a talk with campus security about boundaries.

His mind drifted back to his dreams, and he fantasized about the dominatrix forcing cute Cynthia down to her knees. Her black, leather-gloved hand clenched a fistful of Cynthia’s golden hair and pulled the struggling coed’s lips right to her pussy. The dominatrix’s red eyes squeezed shut, a purr issuing from her throat as Cynthia pleasured her.

Something about the fantasy didn’t sit well with Bill. It felt wrong. Lesdom was a favorite fetish of his, and he would be lying if he had never spanked it to Cynthia, or one of the other girls in his dreams, being dominated by another woman. But there was something so off about that dominatrix—inhuman.

His fantasy continued, the redhead’s mouth was sucking his cock, and the mysterious, bronzed-skin woman clutched him tight from behind, her lips sucking at his earlobe as she whispered sadly, “She’ll turn Cynthia into a slut,” the mysterious woman whispered. “If you don’t stop her, she’ll transform Cynthia into a wanton woman hungry for any cunt or cock her cute, little lips can taste.”

What?” Bill gasped, the redhead’s mouth sliding up and down his cock, so warm and wet.

The dominatrix moaned, her breasts heaving as Cynthia worked her mouth on her pussy, filling the air with a wet, obscene noise. Cynthia seemed to love the dominatrix’s pussy, moaning as she worshiped the woman’s cunt, her face buried as deep into the dominatrix’s flesh as possible. It was so close to his fantasy, and yet it disturbed him.

You need to make Cynthia yours before the Succuba claims her.”

She doesn’t want me.”

Yes, she does. You have made her want you. Your dreams have shaped all four of those women, you just have to have the courage to make them yours fully. She’s scared, so you need to overcome her fear and show Cynthia how much you truly love her. Then she’ll be yours and safe from the Succuba.”

She’ll only reject me again.”

I believe in you, Bill.”

Me, too,” added the redhead, jerking his cock while she looked up at him. “You have it in you to make all of us yours, Master.” Her mouth swallowed his cock again, sucking hard.

Bill groaned, his hips shifting, pressing his shaft deeper into her mouth as her hands played with his balls. He was moments away from cumming. His eyes flashed over to the dominatrix as she writhed on Cynthia’s lips. He couldn’t peel his gaze away from those large breasts, both nipples connected by pierced rings and a silver chain. He wanted to grab that chain and pull the dominatrix to him, force her to her knees, and shove his cock into—

You better be finished!” barked Ms. Katsaros.

His eyes snapped opened. Even when I daydream, I never get to the good part! He looked down at the boxes; they were empty. After three years working at the University Bookstore, the unoriginal name Ms. Katsaros had come up with for her business, he knew the storeroom like the back of his hand, and this wasn’t the first time he had unpacked the boxes while lost in a daydream.


Good,” she nodded in satisfaction. It was why he still had a job; no one else had ever figured out the chaos of her storeroom. “You can go home, Bill.”

Sure,” he shrugged.

I better not catch you sleeping back here again.”

He wanted to retort, “But you didn’t catch me.” Instead, he swallowed his words and muttered a “won’t happen again.”

You’re a good, young man. You just need to get your life together. Then the women will be all over you.” She leaned in. “The bad boys are fun, but it’s the guy with his shit together, seizing life by the balls, and succeeding in his career, that women really want. It’s what Cynthia wants. She talks about saving herself for marriage, but she just hasn’t found the right guy yet. You could be that guy, and I bet she’d give it up to you.” His boss patted his cheek. “At the very least, you’ll have a more successful life.”

Her advice didn’t make him feel better. Why couldn’t he be the bad boy? Why did he have to be the one the chick settles for after she’s had her fun? Fuck that! I should shove Ms. Katsaros up against the wall, and—

I’d get arrested for assault.

He slumped out of the backroom, like a dog slinking off, his tail tucked between his legs.

But he didn’t slink home.

Cynthia’s lacrosse practice would just be finishing.

The September sun was warm as he stepped out onto Garfield Street. His college, Parkland Lutheran University, lay just a few blocks down the road. A picturesque collection of red-brick buildings amid the dirty, fading houses and business of Parkland, Washington, a suburb south of Tacoma. He jogged down the street, crossed two intersections—C Street and Park Avenue—and entered the campus. Students bustled about, and his eyes were drawn to all the cute coeds, many who were still wearing shorts and skirts, flashing beautiful thighs, and scanty tops showing off their delightful flesh.

Bill reached Gordon Gym, and hesitated. He wanted to go to the nearby field, where Cynthia was practicing, and listen to his dream’s advice and make her his girlfriend. He wanted to seize her by the shoulders, look into her eyes and say, “You’re my girl. I love you and I’m tired of taking no for an answer. I can see how much you love me, so just stop being afraid and lets give it a chance. I don’t want to have any regrets. Do you?”

And then she’ll just say no again.

His enthusiasm faded, gnawed away by fear. He slipped in to the gym through a side door, heading for the supply closet. Every free afternoon he was in here after Cynthia’s lacrosse practice. Last semester, he had a comparative sports class, an easy PE credit, and had discovered something amazing. Some pervert, a guy after Bill’s own heart, had drilled a few peepholes through the back wall of a supply closet into the women’s locker room. Now he couldn’t help himself. Every afternoon he was here, watching Cynthia and her teammates soaping their nubile bodies.

He felt like a creep.

But he wanted her so much, and if she wouldn’t date him, he couldn’t resist this outlet for his desires. He walked with purpose as he entered the gym, pulling out the key—he had been the TA for Coach Kalleberg during that PE class, and had the key made last semester after discovering the peepholes—and unlocked the supply closet. He moved through the dark room, not affording to turn the lights on and risk getting caught. It was cramped and impossible to see, so he went by feel, tripping over loose sports equipment and bumping into shelves.

At the back wall, he moved a piece of plywood leaning against the wall and three beams of light shone through, brilliant shafts in the darkness. They were spaced a few feet a part, giving a good view of the showers and some of the lockers. As long as it was dark in here, no one should be able to see the holes from the locker room. Bill figured that’s what the plywood was for.

Women laughed and talked. He bent down—whoever had drilled the holes was shorter than him—and unzipped his pants. Three coeds were stripping out of their lacrosse uniforms: maroon shorts and light-gray T-shirts. Rosa’s round pair of dusky breasts came into sight, topped with dark nipples. His cock hardened, his hand stroking it slowly.

Another pair of breasts, ebony and round, bounced into view as the gorgeous, African-American Reggie walked back to the shower. “I want to wash your tits,” he muttered as his hand pumped faster on his cock, picturing those chocolate breasts in his hand, squeezing them and sucking on her sweet nipples. “I’d get them so clean.”

More and more girls joined, bringing the total up to eight. A feast of youthful flesh, all gorgeous, with toned, athletic bodies. And so different. Large breasts, small breasts, some that were conical, and some that were heavy. Curvy asses, flat asses, shaved pussies, thick bushes, landing strips, and neatly trimmed triangles. A beautiful rainbow of feminine delights. His hand stroked faster.

Then Cynthia appeared. “Ugh, that took longer than I thought,” she said, peeling off her gray T-shirt. Her sports bra, not that she really needed one with her little tits, was black; she deftly unfastened it, her dusky nipples exposed to his gaze. He breathed faster, pounding his cock.

The other girls were drying off, getting dressed. “Did it? Sorry.” Cassie answered, shrugging into a loose, blue top, her dyed-green hair damp from her shower.

It’s okay,” Cynthia answered, bending down to peel off her maroon sweat pants—she never wore the shorts, too immodest—and her panty-covered ass wiggled in Bill’s direction.

Oh, Cynthia,” he groaned, his hand slapping against his groin as he jerked faster, his orgasm building. “I want to love you so bad! Look at that ass.” Her panties slipped down. It was a perfect rear, the cheeks nicely round, and he caught flashes of her golden curls between her thighs. “I’d worship your ass.”

That’s nice of you,” a woman whispered behind him.

Fear spiked inside him. He was caught. I’m in so much trouble.

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The Battered Lamp Chapter 5: The Appetite of the Succubus



The Battered Lamp

Chapter Five: The Appetite of the Succubus

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2014

Story Codes: Teen male/Teen female, Teen male/Teen females, Teen males/Teen female, Female/Teen female, Magic, Reluctance, Cheating, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Public Sex

For a list of all the Battered Lamp Chapters click here, and for the Devil’s Pact click here

Comments are very welcome. I would like all criticism, positive and negative, so long as its
constructive, and feedback is very appreciated. To contact me, you can leave a comment or email me at

Click here for Chapter 4.

Note: Thanks to b0b for being my beta reader.

Saturday, January 17th

Kyle couldn’t help but admire how beautiful Christy was as she slept curled up next to him. He had finally made love to his girlfriend last night, and she had been as lithe and eager as Aaliyah and Fatima had been. Would Fumi be as good?

In the last few days, since he had freed Aaliyah from her lamp, Kyle had found himself in love with not just his girlfriend, but the sexy Genie, his sister, and Fumi, a girl he had met once. But she was so gorgeous. His thoughts drifted to the graceful beauty of Fumi, with her long, blue-black hair that framed her porcelain, pale-olive face.

He felt his cock stirring. Thanks to a wish he had made with Aaliyah, his cock always seemed ready to fuck. Christy shifted, rolling over, letting out the cutest sigh. He rubbed his cock against her ass, tempted to wake her up and see if she was up for another go. But he didn’t have the heart to disturb her sleep.

I wish there was some girl I could fuck, he thought, sighing, and tried to ignore his erection.


Aaliyah appeared in bed, her naked body pressing against his back. Her breasts were full, and her were nipples hard as they rubbed against him. She nuzzled against his neck and cheek, her breath was hot and her lips wet as they nibbled on his ear.

“I’m ready for you, my love,” she purred.

“Make sure Christy doesn’t notice you,” Kyle told her, rolling over. He didn’t think his girlfriend would like finding another girl in her bed fucking her boyfriend, even if Christy seemed to be okay with sharing him with Chyna, his sex slave. I still don’t know who cast the spell on Chyna.

“She’ll sleep through it,” Aaliyah grinned, her eyebrows arching.

The mystery of Chyna could wait—he had a lithe, beautiful Genie to pleasure. Aaliyah’s lips were sweet as he kissed her, and his hands found her tits, enjoying their soft plumpness. She was gorgeous, with dusky skin, more brown than Kyle’s dark olive, with sultry eyes and thick lashes. The Genie’s hands traced the muscles of Kyle’s chest, melting into her husband’s kiss.

He wrapped his arms around her, and rolled onto his back, pulling her with him. Her body was light as she lay on his chest, her legs spreading to straddle his waist; his cock nudged into the warm wetness between her thighs.

“How was she?” Aaliyah purred in his ear, rubbing her slick pussy against his cock.

“Amazing,” Kyle answered. “As great as you and my sister.”

The Genie beamed. “Good. I want all your women to keep you satisfied. And did you make her scream your name?”

It was Kyle’s turn to grin, proud of how hard he had made Christy cum. “We made each other howl!”

“Then it’s my turn!”

The Genie’s hand reached beneath her, grasping his cock and guiding it to the entrances of her pussy. She pushed back, sliding him inside her. She was tight and warm and spongy wet. Kyle moaned, lifting his hips to thrust his cock deeper inside her. She rocked on him, her tits sliding across his chest as she writhed.

“Fuck, Aaliyah! Jesus, that’s good!”

“How about when I do this?”

She added a roll to her hips, a sexy twist that sent his cock nudging new parts inside her. “Holy shit! Keep doing that! I love it!”

“Do you love me?” his wife asked.

“Yes, yes!” he moaned. “I love you!”

She rose up, her round breasts topped with dark nipples that jiggled and bounced as she rode him. Christy’s bedsprings creaked, the bed rocking. Christy rolled over and fear spiked through Kyle. Shit. Aaliyah’s power didn’t work! Kyle braced himself for his girlfriend’s eruption.

Instead, she hugged him, her small breasts rubbing against his chest. She murmured something, laying her head on his chest, and seemed to fall back asleep. Kyle relaxed, kissed her forehead, and held his sleeping girlfriend as his wife rode his cock and moaned like a banshee.

“Oh, Kyle! Your cock’s driving me wild!”

His right arm cradled Christy, so Kyle reached with his left and pinched Aaliyah’s nipple. She gasped, bucking harder on him. “You like that?” he asked.

“Oh, yes!”

He pinched and pulled, her cunt tightening on his cock, then she yelled his name at the top of her lungs. Christy kept right on sleeping as the Genie screamed her passion, Aaliyah’s cunt spasming about his cock as she climaxed, doing amazing things to his dick.

Her chest heaved; her hips slowed. “Umm, that was wonderful, husband.”

Kyle enjoyed her slow strokes. It was almost agony as her cunt rose up and down on his cock. The pleasure grew and grew; his hips twitched, then drove his cock upwards into her sheath as she came down. She gasped, her clit grinding into his groin.

“Keep doing that and I’m going to flood your pussy,” Kyle grunted.

She grinned, a sultry hunger burning in her dark eyes. He hugged Christy tighter, her warm body pressed against him, a hard, pink nipple topping a pale breast lying on his chest. He pinched it, and she shifted, squirming in her sleep. He could feel her pussy grow hot and damp, pressing against his hip.

“Kyle,” Christy sighed, eyes rapidly moving beneath her eyelids.

He grinned. She’s having a sex dream about me.

Her hips rubbed harder, smearing her tangy juices on his thigh. He could smell both women’s arousal—Christy’s tang and Aaliyah’s spice. A flood of wetness smeared his hip and his girlfriend shuddered, cumming in her sleep.

“Fuck!” Kyle groaned. his balls ready to burst. “Aaliyah!”

He flooded her cunt, his entire body tensing as he flooded her depths. He gasped for air, pulling his wife down and kissing her lush lips. She slid to his left, never breaking their kiss, and curled up against him, sandwiching Kyle between both teens. He held them both, two of his four loves. The pleasure bled out of his body, leaving behind exhaustion.

He closed his eyes and fell asleep.


Christy woke up, a warm body next to hers. Kyle’s. She hugged him, enjoying the warmth of her boyfriend’s solid form. Last night had been magical. Her boyfriend had been an attentive lover. She’d heard horror stories of other girl’s first times, complaining of the pain and the guy lasting just a minute before cumming. And once the boy got his rocks off, he was uninterested in returning the favor.

Not Kyle. He made me scream his name, she thought with a fond smile.

She sat up, stretching. And blinked. Did I just see another girl sleeping in my bed? She rubbed her eyes. No, there was no-one sleeping on the other side of Kyle. I guess I wasn’t fully awake.

Her sheets had pulled back and her boyfriends half-hard cock rising out of a forest of dark-brown, curly hair. She smiled, admiring his muscular body. He had the lean build of a runner—toned, but not the overdeveloped muscles of a bodybuilder. She stroked his abs, her fingers moving down to toy with his pubic hair. Then she grasped his cock, fascinated by it. Long, smooth, with a wrinkled, mushroom-shaped head that leaked a clear liquid as it hardened beneath her strokes.

She leaned down and sucked it into her mouth. She tasted something faint. Pussy juices, but spicier than hers, like he had just fucked another woman. But, no, he was with me all night. How could another woman’s juices be on his cock? Mine must have grown spicier as they dried.

She bobbed her head, looking up at his face, eager to see his expression when he woke up.


The warm, wet suction drew Kyle from his dream.

“Christy,” he moaned, opening his eyes and seeing her curly, brown hair and hazel eyes.

She grinned around his cock.

“What an eager girl,” giggled Aaliyah, waking up beside him. “She’s perfect. When will you introduce us?”

“Monday!” groaned Kyle.

“What’s Monday?” frowned Christy, his cock popping out of her mouth.

“Monday?” Kyle asked, mind whirling. “Oh, there’s someone I want you to meet. I don’t know why it popped into my head right now.”

“Oh, okay.” Her warm mouth engulfed him.

“God, that feels great,” he groaned. “I love you so much.”

“I think you’re going to love me more in a moment,” she promised. “I think you’re ready.”

“For what?”

“There’s a bottle of lube in my nightstand drawer.” She took a deep breath as he opened it. “I want you to take all my firsts. You were my first blowjob and I want you to be the first to fuck me in the ass.”

His smile exploded across his lips. “You’re right, I do love you more now!”

“So I read about this,” she smiled, laying on her stomach, sliding a pillow beneath her, and raising up her pale ass. He grinned as she wiggled her lush rump in excitement. “Lube your cock and then use your fingers to lube my ass.”

The lube was cherry flavored and slightly pink. And cold. He slathered it on his cock, almost losing his hard-on, but her ass was too inviting to soften now. He squeezed a generous gob on his finger, then spread her butt-cheeks. Her asshole was cute, brown, and he couldn’t help kissing it.

“Ohh, that was nice,” Christy purred.

“I love this girl,” Aaliyah smiled. She was sitting on the bed, her legs spread and Christy’s face almost in her snatch. His girlfriend was still unaware of Aaliyah’s presence. It was so hot watching the sexy Genie masturbating inches from her unknowing lips. “She’s made to be our wife.”

Kyle grinned back, then worked some lube into her ass. He kissed her ass, tasting sour mixed with sweet cherry, and shoved his tongue inside. Christy tensed and gasped, then relaxed as he tongued her. He alternated tonguing and fingering her, until he could easily work two fingers in and out of her. His cock ached; he could wait no longer.

“Fuck her ass!” purred Aaliyah.

“Fuck my ass!” begged Christy.

Kyle chuckled. “It’s such a beautiful ass. I’m powerless to resist it!”

He guided his lubed cock to her hole. He pushed, her asshole resisting. She groaned as he popped inside. He slowly worked himself all the way in, her breathing coming in short, ragged pants punctuated with gasps.

“Oh, fuck!” Christy cursed. “That’s different!”

“You feel wonderful,” Kyle whispered in her ear, slowly pumping in and out of her. “So tight.”

“You have no idea how big you feel!” she moaned. “But it feels kinda nice.”

Aaliyah’s fingers danced across her slit, one hand pinching her clit, while the other pumped fingers in and out of her pink hole. He watched her masturbation, pumping faster and faster into his girlfriend’s ass.

“Oh, Kyle!” moaned Christy.

“Make her scream!” gasped Aaliyah.

The bedsprings creaked and groaned as he fucked her harder and faster. Her ass was tight and oh-so-hot. Christy gasped every time he bottomed out in her, writhing her hips. She moaned his name, her cries growing louder and louder.

“Fuck her, fuck her, fuck her!” Aaliyah screamed, her full tits heaving and juices erupted from her cunt, squirting into Christy’s face. His girlfriend didn’t seen to notice the pussy juices dripping from her face.

“Kyle! Harder! Gonna cum!” Christy moaned.

“So am I!” Kyle gasped. “Your ass feels amazing!”

“Cum with me!” she begged. “I’m so close! You’re driving my clit into the pillow! Harder! Harder!”

He pounded her ass as hard as he could, the entire bed shaking. His balls, slapping against her cunt, tightened, ready to erupt. He gritted his teeth, fighting off the urge. He slammed into her ass once, twice, and then she came. Her ass squeezed down on his cock, so hard, the friction as he drove into her driving him wild with ecstasy.

“Shit!” he grunted and then unloaded in her.

He buried into her, holding her tight as they trembled in passion together, sharing this moment of bliss. Kyle collapsed on his girlfriend, holding her and nuzzling her neck. She turned her head and they kissed, her lips spicy with Aaliyah’s passion.

“Wow,” Kyle breathed.

“Uh-huh,” she gasped. Both too drained to speak. They just held each other.

Aaliyah vanished, and the two teens cuddled, dozing in each other’s arms. They would have spent the entire day in there, but someone banged on the door, yelling breakfast. They both tensed in panic, but then Kyle remembered his wish, and relaxed. So did Christy. He was surprised by that, then remembered what she had done last night She ‘prayed’ to that goddess. Christy had gotten into Wiccan a few months back, worshiping Hecate, and now and seemed to think she could cast spells.

What if she could? Someone had cast that spell on Chyna? He gave a dismissive chuckle at the thought of Christy casting a spell. She couldn’t be the one since she isn’t pleased with how Chyna acts around me. It has to be someone that wanted to break us up. Only one name popped into his head: Braiden. The asshole who used to his friend until he had made a pass at Christy.

Kyle decided to keep a watch out for Braiden.

“I guess you got to go,” Christy sighed.

“Yeah, I have some training to do today.”

“At the dojo?” Christy frowned.

“No, no. A, um, friend is coming over to spar.”

She kissed him. “Well, have fun. I love you.” A second kiss. “Umm, I love you so much.” A third kiss, full of heat.

“C’mon, Christy!” her mother yelled.

“Coming, Mom!” she shouted in annoyance.

“I love you, too,” he told her.

Kyle sneaked out as Christy walked into the kitchen and loudly spoke with her parents. Kyle walked a few blocks down the street to where his car waited and drove home. He found Fatima getting her pussy licked by Aaliyah, his Genie wife tied up and her ass red and freshly spanked.

“What’s this?” Kyle asked.

“She didn’t bring me with her,” his little sister pouted. “So I had to punish her.”

“It was so bad of me!” Aaliyah moaned, then dived back into his sister’s pussy.

A smile broadened Fatima’s beautiful face, lust shining in her almond-shaped eyes. “So how was your date? Did you make her scream?”

Kyle related the entire date as his sister straddled him and rode him cowgirl style. She fucked him hard, her pussy on fire, and she screamed his name before they were finished, collapsing on his chest. Satisfied, Fatima finally untied Aaliyah.

“So you wanted to train me?” Kyle asked.

“Yes,” the Genie nodded, yellow silks sprang around her naked body. “The back yard should do. I was sent to fulfill an alliance with the Mortal who could defeat the Marids and free the Djinn.”

“Right.” A bit of fear bubbled inside him. “And that’s me?” How can I save the Djinn?

“Yes. So I was sent with weapons. You need to learn to use them.” She shifted, taking a deep breath. “Something is searching for me. I need you to make a wish, husband.”

He looked at her in concern. “What kind?”

“Wish for your home to be protected.” Her eyes fixed on him. “My homunculi killed a familiar.”

“A what?”

“An animal that is under the control of a witch or sorcerer. It was searching for something and stank of foul magic. It was dispatched, but next time, the familiar may get away and report back to its master.”

“I wish my home to be protected.”

Relief flashed across Aaliyah’s face. “Done.”

“So what is this threat?”

“I know not. Magic is not an area I’ve studied. It could be a mortal servant of the Marids. They had spies in my father’s court and…well, my lamp was misplaced on my journey. That is why you need to train. To protect your family.”

Kyle put a hand on her shoulder. “I’ll protect you, Aaliyah.”

“Me, too!” Fatima exclaimed, giving a little jump and whoop. “I know how to fight just as well as our husband.”

Aaliyah smiled and nodded. “Well, let’s get started.”

He gave his mom a hug as they passed in the hallway, then he and his two wives trooped outside. Aaliyah summoned four weapons with the wave of her hand. They were magnificent weapons, all clearly Arabic: an ornate scimitar, the blade inlaid with bright gold; a short spear, the haft and slim spear-point etched with a strange, red metal; a curved dagger, inlaid with a blue metal; and what looked like a recurve horsebow, the limbs inlaid with green metal.

“Choose one, my husband,” Aaliyah purred. “With these you shall free my people from oppression.”

Kyle swallowed, the fear growing. “I’m only seventeen. How am I supposed to do that.”

“You’re a fighter,” she answered. “I can see it in your bearing. The blood of warriors and kings flows through your veins. And you awakened me, proving that you are the one person who can save my people. So please choose your weapon, my husband.”

“And who are these other weapons for?” Fatima asked, eyeing the spear.

“Great warriors that will serve our husband,” Aaliyah answered.


Aaliyah nodded at her wife. “Of course. Who else would be warriors?”

The scimitar drew Kyle’s gaze. I know how to fight with a katana, and I could learn how to fight with the curved sword. He walked over, grasping it in his hand. The sword seemed to come alive in his hand and he could feel its power—the blade was as ancient and implacable as a mountain. It glowed yellow, transforming into molten light. The weight shifted, like the balance of the sword was somehow changing. The hilt morphed in his hand, becoming familiar.

The light died.

He held a beautiful katana in his hand, perfectly balanced and gleaming in the weak, January sunlight peaking through a gap in the gray clouds. He couldn’t help swinging it. This weapon was made for me. A name seemed to rise up in his mind—Earthbones.

“Oh, wow!” Fatima gasped.

Aaliyah nodded in satisfaction. “I am glad you choose that weapon. It is of the Jann, of the earth.”

Fatima walked over to the spear, a grin on her face. She reached for it.

“No!” the Genie yelled. “Only the chosen warrior may handle it.”

His sister grasped the spear, hefting it. The spear turned into fire in his sister’s hands, burning brightly. Aaliyah gasped as the spear lengthened, the point turning into a long, straight blade. The glow faded, and a beautiful yari, a Japanese spear, was in his sister’s hand. She smiled, and then preformed a complicated kata, swinging the spear about and punctuating her thrusts with loud yells. She was so graceful, her black hair dancing about her, fire glinting on the blade’s metal.

“I guess I’m a chosen warrior,” Fatima declared, eyes burning with defiance.

“You are,” Aaliyah blushed darkly. “I forget how…progressive this time is. Progressive, that is the word?”

“Yeah,” Kyle answered.

“I beg your forgiveness, my sister-wife.”

Fatima walked over and gave her a kiss. “Forgiven.”

“Each weapon represents an element,” Aaliyah started to explain. “The sword is earth and…”

“Mine is fire!” Fatima chimed in. “Her name is Fireheart.”

“You should be able to sense the element associated with your weapon around you,” Aaliyah continued. “Listen to the song of your weapon, let it guide your soul. For Kyle, you must command the earth, and Fatima, you must share your passion with the fire.”

The ground beneath his feet felt alive, strong and proud, willing to submit if he had the strength to dominate it.


Christy trembled as she pulled up at Ms. Franklin’s house. The sun was setting. She had spent her Saturday dreading this moment. She’s going to fuck me now. I made my oath, and now I have no excuses to keep me from submitting. She didn’t regret letting Kyle take her virginity—how could she regret such a wonderful night—but she wasn’t looking forward to Celestite’s appetite.

I made this choice, and I have to live with it. It was worth it to save my mom’s life. But she desperately wished there was a way out. That Kyle could save her from the teacher’s clutches. Then they could live happily ever after.

Clenching her teeth, she walked up to the door. Sable Purcell arrived at the same time. There was a knowing smile on her orange face—Sable used a spray-on tan that looked absolutely horrifying—and lust in her green eyes.

“Hello, Amber,” she purred. “Did you let your boyfriend pluck your cherry last night?”

Amber was Christy’s coven name. It was the color of her aura. Not the most powerful aura—she knew only one person with a diamond aura, her boyfriend—but not the weakest. Tourmaline, Sable’s aura and coven-name, was one step above her own.

“Yes,” Christy answered, unable to suppress her smile as joy bubbled inside her. Then it faded as Ms. Franklin, or Celestite as she was supposed to be called, opened the door for the two teen girls. There was a predatory hunger in the teachers green eyes.

“You’re mine tonight,” she purred, stroking Christy’s face. “I can see your newfound womanhood painted on your face.”

Christy took a deep breath. “I swore my oaths, and am no longer a maiden. By the ancient laws, I submit myself to you, Celestite.”

The teacher captured her lips in a kiss. Christy tried not to squirm and forced herself to kiss the teacher back. Then she was pulled inside. Ms. Franklin slipped off the silk robe she wore, revealing her lush, naked form. Sable and Christy undressed while their coven leader feasted on their nubile figures with her eyes.

“The other’s are all here,” Ms. Franklin purred, pulling Christy to her. The teacher’s hands slid down her side to cup the teen’s perky ass, giving her a good squeeze.

Christy’s heart beat faster and faster as they walked down the stairs. She was going to be fucked by Ms. Franklin’s strap-on. Before she had only had her pussy licked and had to lick out the teacher’s cunt. And while getting her pussy licked was wonderful, and she had grown to like the taste of a girl’s passion, letting the teacher fuck her with the strap-on seemed too much like cheating on Kyle.

But I don’t have a choice. It’s not really cheating if I don’t want to do it, right?

“Don’t be so scared,” the teacher purred in the teen’s ears. “I’ll make you cum far harder than that boyfriend of yours did!”

Christy didn’t think that was possible. Last night had been…magical.

“Summoned, so have I appeared,” first Christy, then Sable, intoned upon reaching the bottom of the stairs. “I fulfill my oaths of fealty to the Coven and present myself naked so you can see the proof of my womanhood.”

The other four members of their coven—Onyx, Garnet, Jade, and Opal—waited in around the seven pointed star inscribed on the floor in white chalk. Christy went to her position, Opal on her right and Sable on her left. Ms. Franklin stepped up to her place.

“The circle is complete,” Ms. Franklin pronounced. “Tonight, we shall attempt a powerful scrying spell. Christy shall be our Oracle.”

The teen swallowed, and stepped obediently into the circle. Opal fetched a black strap-on and assisted the teacher in donning her tool. Christy knelt, presenting herself to be used by the teacher. She shuddered as Ms. Franklin’s hand traced the globe of her ass, then reached between her thighs and pressed into her pussy. To her disgust, warm pleasure tingled through her and her pussy moistened.

I’m sorry, Kyle.

“Great Goddess Hecate, we beseech you!” intoned Ms. Franklin, the tip of her dildo rubbing against the petals of Christy’s pussy, building the sexual energy to power the spell. “Send to us your daughter Prophecy and inhabit this willing vessel.”

Christy swallowed, and intoned, “Come upon me Prophecy, daughter of Hecate, and possess me so that my Circle may see beyond time and space.”

The dildo thrust into Christy. She gasped, pleasure tingling through her. The teacher pulled out so slow, and a low moan escaped her lips. There were ridges on the dildo that ignited every nerve inside her pussy. I’m sorry, Kyle. I’m so sorry for enjoying this!

She hated herself for enjoying the pleasure burning inside her. Christy tossed back her head, moaning like a wanton bitch as the strap-on pumped inside her. Her pussy was on fire with lust. She had never felt so horny in her life. She needed to cum. I’m so sorry! I’m just a dirty whore! I’m so sorry, Kyle! She was thrusting her hips back, her breasts swaying as she fucked Ms. Franklin.

“Make me cum!” she moaned, feeling more disgusted. “Make me cum, Celestite!”

“You’re my whore, aren’t you,” the teacher purred, stroking Christy’s back.

I’m sorry, Kyle! “I’m your whore! Please make me cum!” she screamed. Why am I saying this? Why do I feel so out of control? “I’ll do anything for you! Please let me cum, Celestite!”

“You’re my pretty slave, aren’t you?”

That wonderful dildo kept sawing in and out of her pussy. The fire consumed her thoughts, driving everything from her but a desperate needed to please Celestite and cum. “Yes! Your slave! Let me cum, Mistress!”

“Then you’ll dump that disgusting boy for me?”

Her mouth opened, about to speak, and then she clamped it shut. No! Remember Kyle! Her boyfriend’s face swam in her mind. Something’s wrong. She’s done something to me. A lust spell? Her lust burned so hot, she could barely think. She needed more, and reached between her thighs, thrumming her clit with her fingers.

“If you dump that boy, you can cum,” purred Ms. Franklin.

“No!” she moaned. “No!” I love him!

She frigged her clit faster, imaging it was Kyle fucking her. His loving hands on her back, his wonderful cock pumping in her pussy. Pleasure built and built inside of her, a huge flood that threatened to drown her.

“He cheated on you with Chyna!” Ms. Franklin moaned, fucking her harder. “I saw him!”

A moment of clarity fell on Christy. This is the spell cast on Kyle and Chyna. Ms. Franklin was the bitch that cast the spell on them. She’s the one that tried to destroy our relationship! Oh, goddess, what have I gotten myself into?

“He’s unworthy of you. Your love is wasted on such a brutish man.”

“No! I love him!” she cried out and came.

Prophecy fell upon her.

Her spirit soured out of the house, flying on the black wings of Prophecy. She was above South Hill. Meridian was a ribbon of lights as cars drove north and south, splitting off to go down side streets or pull into the many business that lined the busy boulevard. Houses were lit up by yellow flooding out windows or shining from porches, islands surrounded by dark trees. Prophecy circled the community, flying higher and higher, then saw something.

“A storm of sand billows,” Christy intoned in a flat voice.

Prophecy dived and Christy clutched her black feathers as they rushed towards the mass of whirling sand. It covered maybe a half-mile of residential neighborhoods. The sand stung as Prophecy flew into the storm, tearing at her soul; she hunched into the spirit’s feathers, trying to shield her spirit from the stinging grit. Everything was indistinct in a yellow haze inside the storm. They flew through a neighborhood, the houses shadows. A light burned at a window at the epicenter.

“A gray house sits at the center of the storm.”

Prophecy flew to the window; the sand ripped at her soul and tore black feathers off Prophecy’s wings and tail. They alighted on the window sill, peering into a large room. It seemed too large inside, taking up more space than the actual house appeared to from the outside.

“The Djinn lies in a passionate embrace with a girl. They share ecstasy. The girl is not the Djinn’s master.”

Something scurried on the window sill, a hulking figure made of dust. More scrambled up the siding of the house, their hands shaped into sharp blades that almost gleamed like metal, uncaring eyes fixed on the spirit.

Prophecy fled.

Christy collapsed back into her body. The stone was cold as she quivered. Everyone stared at her, disappointment in their eyes. “Her house is warded,” Christy moaned as she writhed, thrust back into her orgasming body. “I couldn’t see much details. And she has guardians made of dust. She’s powerful.”


“South of the High School,” Christy answered. “I’m not sure. She’s warded an entire half-mile area.”

“Dammit!” snarled Ms. Franklin. Christy flinched in fear; for a moment the teacher’s hair seemed to burn, surrounding her rage-filled face with fire.

“I’m sorry,” she quailed.

Then Ms. Franklin grew calm, her green eyes falling on Christy with hunger. The strap-on slid off her legs, and the teacher walked forward; the teen couldn’t help but notice the juices matting the teacher’s fiery bush. Ms. Franklin reached out, grasping a handful of her hair, then pulled her face into the teacher’s cunt.

“It’s alright,” Ms. Franklin purred. “Make me cum, and all is forgiven, my sweet Amber.”

Christy hated how much she enjoyed the taste of the teacher’s pussy. Her tongue licked out over and over as she buried her face into the teacher’s snatch. Ms. Franklin moaned appreciatively, fucking her cunt across the teen’s face.

“Eat me!” she moaned. “Eat me, slave! Make your mistress cum and all is forgiven!”


“Where are we going, Unmei-san?” Fumi asked as they walked to his car.

She was dressed conservatively in a teal cardigan, buttoned up, underneath a heavy jacket. Her skirt was a dark maroon, falling to her calves, and she wore a pair black boots. Her hair fell straight down her back, a pair of hair clips pinned above the ears. She had a light, airy perfume, smelling faintly of lilies.

“How about Red Robin?” Kyle asked her. “We’ll have dinner, then there’s this movie playing.”

“What is ‘Red Robin’?”

He explained that to her as he unlocked his car. He could feel Fumi’s mother glaring at him from the window. Clearly, she wasn’t happy with her daughter dating him. Maybe she was offended by his attempts to say good evening in Japanese. Kyle had practiced a little before he left the house, but maybe he mispronounced the phrase.

“So what part of Japan are you from?” he asked as he backed out of the driveway.

“Hokkaido,” she answered.

“Is that near Tokyo?” Kyle only had the vaguest knowledge of Japan, and felt a flush of shame. My family’s from there, you’d think I’d know something?

She shook her head. “It’s the northern island. You are part Japanese, yes?”

“Yeah.” He said, smiling, and explained about his dad’s family immigrating to America in the thirties and his mom’s family fleeing from Iraq in the nineties.

She was shy. Every time he tried to ask her questions about herself, he found himself answering her questions. She seemed to want to know everything about him from his Kendo to his school to what sort of music he liked. She seemed genuinely interested in him, and he found himself opening up more and more.

“Lately things have been crazy,” he said.

“Oh, how?”

“I…” Kyle realized what he was about to say I married a Genie. “I…um…There’s been some remolding at my house. So, my sister and I have been sharing a room.” A memory of making love to his little sister rose in his thoughts, her passionate cries echoing in his head, and he felt his cock harden.

“I see,” she answered, her voice had dropped an octave and had become smoother, sexier. There was crimson flushing her cheeks, and she shifted in the seat. “That sounds…frustrating.”

She licked her lips. I would love to feel those lips about my cock! His nose was filled with her perfume, suddenly so strong, so enticing. He wanted to make love to her right then and now. Just stop his car in the middle of the street and fuck her.

He pulled into the South Hill Mall; the Red Robin shared the Mall’s parking lot. His blood boiled with lust and he almost hit an old man as he navigated through the busy parking lot. Wincing, he drove around the cursing man, and tried to pay more attention—it was Saturday evening and the mall was packed. They couldn’t even park near the Red Robin, so he found a space in front of Sears.

“Unmei-san,” she purred. “Would you like to kiss me?”

He swallowed, surprised by her boldness. “Yes,” he answered, leaning over, drawn to her lips.

They were sweet as honey, and as passionate as a hurricane. Her tongue wiggled into his lips, her hands roaming his body, teasing him like a gentle breeze. His own hands found her cardigan, fumbling to unbutton the teal sweater. He reached inside, feeling her small breast through her white blouse and bra.

She pushed him back. “We have to stop, Unmei-san,” she panted.

“I don’t want to,” he said, and kissed her again.

Kyle wasn’t sure what had come over him, but she smelled so wonderful, tasted so heavenly, he just couldn’t resist her. He had never been so aggressive with a girl before. He barely knew her, and his hands were sliding under her blouse in the busy mall parking lot to feel her tits through her bra. And her hands seemed to roam everywhere on him, stroking his chest, rubbing his bulging crotch, caressing his cheek.

“We must stop!” she moaned between kisses as her hands unzipped his pants.

“Do you want to?” he asked her, his fingers rolling a hard nipple between them. He had pushed the cups of her bra up to get access at her firm tits.


His cock was out, and she bent over and sucked him into her mouth. He groaned, stroking her blue-black hair as she bobbed on him. She sucked hard; he groaned. The window’s were fogging up, hiding them from the gazes of the shoppers moving through the parking lot.

“Fumi!” he groaned. “Oh, my god! Your mouth!”

She sucked harder. Her tongue swirled around. He squeezed his eyes shut, squirming in his seat. His balls were boiling over. Fumi knew how to suck cock, doing things with her mouth and tongue none of Kyle’s other lovers ever had. He thrust his hips up once, and shuddered. His pleasure escaped him, erupting into her hungry mouth. She swallowed noisily and shuddered in the seat, moaning around his cock like she had just cum.

Her scent seemed to lessen, no longer filling his nose so vibrantly. Whatever strange lust had come over him had vanished and he could think again. He opened his mouth to apologize, but she caught him off.

“I hope you do not think I am a…slut,” she blushed, licking her lips. “I do not know what came over me.”

“No, no,” he answered. “It’s my fault. I’m sorry for forcing you. I should have stopped.”

“Maybe we both got carried away, Unmei-san” she smiled.

“Kyle,” he said. “I think after blowing me, you can use my first name.”

She blushed again. She was so beautiful when her light-olive cheeks burned with crimson. “Yes, you are right, Kyle-san.”


I need to be more careful, Fumi berated herself as they walked into the restaurant. I need to take it slow and not let my desires overwhelm me! Drinking his cum had helped. It wasn’t where her body really craved to absorb his seed, but it would tide her over.

The vast majority of men could survive cumming in her mouth. A lot of men could survive cumming in her ass. Only the right man could survive cumming in her pussy. And she was sure that Kyle was that man.

Just like you were so sure of Shiro and Kenji?

Her blood chilled. If I take it slow, I can figure out if he’s the one. “If you find the one,” her mother had said, “you will have to take it slow. Start with blowjobs. The more he gets used to you, the sweeter and sweeter he tastes. Then move on to anal sex. Taste the cum that leaks out. When it’s sweet, he maybe the man who can survive your pussy.”

Fumi envied her mother for finding the one man for her. Guilt still plagued her. She had barely known any better with Shiro, and had let her lust overwhelm her. So with Kenji she had tried to take it slow, but her lust had gotten the better of her, and she had convinced herself that he was ready for her pussy.

There was one more thing Fumi’s mother had told her: “If he’s not one hundred percent Japanese from Hokkaido, then there is no way he’s the one.” Kyle wasn’t fully Japanese, so how could he be the one for her. She ignored that nagging voice in her head


The date was going far better than Kyle had thought. Fumi turned out to be a far ‘friendlier’ girl than he could imagine. At Red Robin, Kyle found his eyes staring at her tight blouse and it was almost like she could feel his desire, because she leaned over and whispered in his ear.

“Meet me in the bathroom,” she whispered.

He waited a minute, and followed her into the men’s room. A guy was using the urinal, but he didn’t seem to notice a cute, Japanese girl slipping in followed by her horny date. Kyle sat on the toilet and she knelt down and gave him another mind numbing blowjob. She swallowed, but grimaced.

“Something wrong?”

“Just bitter,” she answered. “I hoped it would be a little sweeter.”

“Sorry,” Kyle muttered.

“Don’t be. I needed that.”

“I can return the favor,” Kyle said, reaching out to lift up her skirt.

She blushed again. “Oh, no. I climaxed when you did. I love cum. I guess I get off on it.” She stood up and grabbed Kyle’s face, peering into his eyes. “Do you believe in love at first sight?”

She was so different than he first thought. At the dojo she seemed so reserved, as peaceful as a blue sky. Her moods seemed to shift, blowing from lust to amusement to joy to calm at a moment’s noticed. She was as free as the wind.

“Yeah,” Kyle answered. I fell in love with Christy the first time I saw her, and definitely with you.

“I think fate brought us together!” She frowned. “That is the right word, yes. Fate?”

Kyle shrugged. “I guess so.”

She kissed him gently, then turned, and slipped out of the bathroom stall, leaving him a little bemused. She was back at the table, sitting reserved like she had the day he had first met her, eating her burger with small bites. It was almost comical, the burger was huge and she took only little nibbles.

She barely ate half her burger. “The portions are so big,” she complained to the waiter. “But it was very delicious.”

They drove to the movie theater, and saw the very same movie he took Christy to last night. He sat his date in the back corner, hoping to get lucky with her again. Thinking of her blowing him in the crowded theater made his dick hard. Her perfume filled his nose and he wrapped arm around her and found her wet lips.

She couldn’t blow him. There were enough people sitting in the theater that he didn’t want to risk it, so he covered their lap with his jacket, and her tiny hand pumped on his cock. He kissed her harder, and hiked up her skirt. She tried to stop him, until his hand found her panties and rubbed at her wet pussy. Then she sighed into his mouth, and jacked him faster.

Kyle came first, groaning into her lips, his chair creaking as his body spasmed. He kept fingering her pussy as she broke the kiss and pulled up her hands. In the fast changing light from the screen, he could see his cum glinting on her hands. She licked her hands clean, shuddered and sighed as soft as a spring breeze.

She really loves cum, Kyle thought as her pussy spasmed on his probing fingers. He pulled his hand up, and she smiled as he licked her sweet juices off his hand.


His cum still tasted bitter after the second time Fumi jacked her date off. She sighed. It took weeks for Shiro’s cum to taste sweet. Did his ever taste this bitter? It was hard to remember. She had sucked so many guys off, their flavors all blended together after a while.

Kyle nuzzled her neck, licking her ear. He was still so horny. It was fanning her own lusts, and that made her pheromones affect him even worse. A normal guy should be done for hours after how many times Kyle had cum tonight.

He was as solid as a rock, at least his cock seemed to be. “I need more,” he whispered, a pleading catch in his voice. “You’re just so irresistible, Fumi.”

The movie was a mistake. There was no-one sitting near enough to them, and the darkness made them feel all alone and intimate.

“Please.” He kissed her. “You’re so beautiful and…I love you.”

She stiffened.

“I fell in love with you the moment I saw you at the dojo,” he whispered in her ear. “That’s how I knew that there was love at first sight.”

His fingers slid up her skirt. She squeezed her eyes shut as he teased her pussy. “Yes,” she moaned. “I love you, too.”

“I don’t care that we’re in a theater. I want to fuck you right here.”

“Yes!” No! You can’t! He’s not ready! The warning voice shook off the fog of her lust as his hands tugged her panties down. “Not my pussy. My ass.”


She turned onto her side, facing away from him. He folded up the arm rest, his crotch pressing against her ass. His jacket still lay across her lap, hiding them as he hiked up her skirt. It was awkward, uncomfortable even, but they were both too horny to care.

His cock poked her naked ass, smearing precum as it searched for her anus. She gasped, his cock pushing past the ring of her sphincter. He slid easily in her. Unlike a human female, her ass lubed itself. Not as copious as her pussy, but enough to let him pump inside her without causing pain. And when he rubbed his cock inside her; she let out a throaty moan. His dick feels delicious inside me.

I bet it would feel amazing in my pussy!

He pumped faster, breathing in her ear. Fumi closed her eyes, fighting the urge to pop his cock out of her ass and let him slam it home in her pussy. Remember Kenji! Kyle’s not ready!

“I love you,” he whispered in her ear. “You’re so wonderful!”

She smiled. He must be the one! He loves me! He doesn’t think I’m a slut!

A shadow loomed over her. She gasped as someone sat down next to her. “Hey, Kyle.”


Fumi’s ass felt like wet silk as he pumped inside her. He couldn’t believe he was doing this. There were people just a few seats away as he pumped inside her ass. But she was just so intoxicating, he couldn’t resist her. He felt like he could have done something to make those people not care, but it was so hard to think about anything but fucking Fumi.

“Hey, Kyle.”

He froze for a moment, seeing a figure sitting beside Fumi. She was leaning over, her face practically in his lap as Kyle fucked her ass. He recognized that face. His former friend—Braiden. They had been great friends once, but not long after he began dating Christy, his supposed friend had made a pass at her.

“Where did you find this slut?” Braiden asked, stroking her hair.

Kyle didn’t know what to say. His hips began pumping; Fumi’s ass was too inviting to stop.

“Christy is going to be so heartbroken.”

Kyle wanted to deck his former, smug friend.

“Who?” panted Fumi.

“His girlfriend. Poor girl doesn’t know what a cheating, sack of shit her boyfriend is. It would be a shame if she found out.”

That almost halted Kyle’s hips. Almost. Maybe Christy was fine with Chyna, but would she be fine with him taking a girl out on a date? And what about Fumi? She’s going to be pissed to find out he already has a girlfriend.

“I’ll tell you what, Kyle. If you have your whore suck my cock, I won’t tell Christy. For old time sake.”

“You asshole!” Kyle groaned, unable to stop fucking Fumi’s ass.

He snorted. “You’re the one still fucking the whore.” He caressed Fumi’s face. “She sure looks pretty. How about it, slut? Suck my cock to bail your fuck-buddy out of trouble.”


Kyle was stunned. She sounded eager. Fumi bent down and deftly pulled out Braiden’s cock, and sucked it into her mouth. Her ass tightened on his cock as she noisily sucked. He couldn’t believe this was happening. What type of girl did I fall in love with? Or is Braiden the one that cast the spell on Chyna? Did he just cast one on Fumi?

Aaliyah. I wish to know if Fumi is under any spells?

*None. Why do you ask, my husband?*

Tell you later. It was getting harder to concentrate with Fumi’s bowels wrapped around his cock.

*Have fun. Fatima and I send out love.*

“Fuck. She is a slut! Where did you find her?” Braiden asked. “You got to hook me up with her number. I would love to give this slut a good time. She seems to love my big cock.”

“Shut up!” Kyle hissed.

“That’s eight inches of man you’re sucking slut! I can’t wait to bust a nut in your mouth.” Braiden chuckled. “She’s sucking harder. The little whore loves cum!”

It was exciting watching Fumi—a girl he was in love with—sucking another guy’s cock and getting degraded by him. He fucked her harder, driving her face onto Braiden’s cock. His asshole, former friend gripped Fumi’s head, forcing her mouth to bob up and down on his cock. He gave a grunt, and he could hear the Japanese girl swallowing his cum.

Her ass convulsed around his cock. The taste of cum seemed to trigger her orgasms. Her velvety, tight hole massaged his cock. His balls were boiling. She had another man’s cum in her mouth. He couldn’t hold back, and slammed into her and released his built up passion. He shook, body convulsing in pleasure, a muffled grunt escaping his lips.

“What a slut!” Braiden giggled as Fumi sat up, looking back at him. He could see the cum glistening on her lips.

Oh, fuck! Christy’s going to learn about Fumi, and Fumi knows about Christy! Panic filled Kyle. He had to get out of there. It was too much. He was going to lose two of his loves. He stood up. Shit, shit, shit!


Kyle fled from her. She’d shown just how much she needs cum, and he’d rejected her. Why wouldn’t he? We were on a date and I just blew another guy. Why can’t I control myself?

“Too bad he left,” the guy she just blew said, trying to put his arm around her. “Guess we can have some more fun…”

Fumi slapped him. “Like I’d want anything more to do with you!” she hissed. “Baka yarou!” Her body itched with disgust at letting the asshole touch her.

Then she chased after Kyle. She had to explain to him, make him understand that she loved him. She just had to have cum. Kenji had understood, and she felt Kyle might as well. He has to understand! I just know he’s the one for me!

She found him outside the building, leaning against the wall. He was breathing heavily, eyes closed. She took a deep breath. “Kyle?”

He flinched, opening his eyes. “I’m sorry, Fumi. I’m such a piece of shit.”

“What?” she asked. “I was going to apologize for my behavior.”

He blinked. “You’re not mad?”

“About what?” She was confused. He didn’t seem angry at all about her behavior.

“I have a girlfriend.”

“Oh.” She had been too preoccupied with the cock in her mouth and the one in her ass to pay attention to the disgusting words the stranger had uttered. A girlfriend? Well, I can hardly be angry about that. “Perhaps, we should wait to have another date until you break up with her.”

“I love her.” He ran a hand through his hair. “Fuck. I love you both.”

He was cracking, a strong rock slowly stressed by the heat and cold until fractures spread across his face. “You love her? And me?”

“Yeah. What type of terrible person am I?”

“I don’t think you’re terrible,” Fumi told him, reaching out to touch his chest, above his heart. “You seem to have a generous heart.”

He seemed to relax.

“I understand,” she continued. “I have my…appetites. I’m addicted to cum. One man could never be enough. That doesn’t mean I don’t love you, and I certainly do not love the other men. But if you can accept that, I can accept sharing you.”

He looked at her. “It was kinda exciting,” he admitted. “Watching you. And Christy seems to be fine with sharing me. We’ve had a threesome before. Maybe…”

“Oh, well, I’m not interested in women,” Fumi answered. “But, I guess, for you I could…”

“Well, he’s probably going to tell Christy, and that might be the end of us.”

She hugged him. “Maybe not. I did make him cum. I’m sure he’ll keep his word.”

“Maybe,” Kyle smiled, but it seemed sad, resigned.

“I had a lot of fun tonight,” Fumi smiled. “When can we have a second date?”

“Sure.” He thought for a moment. “Tomorrow?”

She sighed. “No. There is something at my father’s work.”


“Not sooner?” she asked.

Kyle shook his head. “No. I don’t think so. Christy and I study at my house on Mondays, and Tuesday is training at the dojo.”

“Sounds good.” She gave him a kiss on the cheek. “I should be getting home. My mother worries.”

He laughed. “She doesn’t seem to like me.”

“No. She’s…protective.”

He kissed her, and that got her heart racing. She could feel his lust growing, and her body reacted, producing the pheromone that made men desire her. She broke the kiss, and headed for his car before anything happened.

Every time they stopped at a light, Kyle’s hands were on her. Rubbing her thighs, her breasts, her face. She was going to have to blow him when they arrived at her house. Her body ached for cum. Even the cum he shot in her ass only held off her true hunger. Maybe it was good that he has another woman. If he stays so horny, it would be best for him to have another release for his libido until he is ready for my pussy.

The moment he pulled into her driveway, she was pulling his cock out and sucked his cock into her mouth. He tasted wonderful! She wanted his cock inside her pussy, she sucked harder and harder. He groaned, then he pushed her mouth off his cock.

“I need your pussy!” he groaned.

Oh no! Fear pumped like ice through her veins as she realized their date had went on too long, her desire for him was too great. He had been around her too much, soaking in her pheromones.

He opened the car door, racing around. His dark-olive face twisted with passion and his dark, Asian eyes were almost black; his pupils were fully dilated. “I need you!” he groaned, his voice thick.

“No!” she shouted.

He ripped open her door and pulled her out roughly. Her pussy wept juices as he manhandled her. She felt so weak, so helpless, and he was so strong—excitement burned inside her. He reached under her skirt and ripped her panties down.

“We can’t!” she protested, even as she pulled him to her and spread her legs. This is what she needed. “Fuck my ass! Please!”

“No!” he roared; his voice rough, gravelly. “I need to be in you!”

She gasped, shuddered, and came as he entered her pussy. He’s not ready! a voice screamed inside her. She fucked her hips against him, not caring. She needed his cum as badly as he needed to be in her. Nothing else mattered but satisfying her appetite.

She didn’t even care that he would die when he came in her. She was too lost to her hungers.

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 6.

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Battered Lamp Update!

Hey, everyone!

I would like to clear the air on why I slowed down to one release a week. I know there was a time when I was releasing a devil’s pact chapter every 3 days. And they were not well edited. Thanks to Master Ken, I learned a lot of about grammar and I improved my self-editing. Adding Master Ken added more days to the editing process. Then in March I decided it was time to publish my first smut on Amazon: Roleplay Gone Wrong.

It did not sell well. My expectations were unrealistic.

Then I released The Girl at the Bar and Naughty Wife’s Surprise.

The response was not great. I ran a contest to give away two free copies of Naughty Wife’s Surprise on this blog. Five people entered. Of the two winners, one never even claimed his free copy. I really got depressed. That was May 18. I wrote this poem on May 25.

driving my bus
head full of darkness
i cannot escape the Plague
of words Afflicting my mind
all I can do is drive
while my soul is Needled
by acrimonious doubt
and crushed
by bitter self-recrimination
would the world even miss me
if i was gone
or would it turn on
uncaring, unremembering

I share this poem not to try and make anyone feel guilty for not buying my works. What I was selling wasn’t worth it to you guys. That’s how publishing goes. If people don’t think my product is worth buying, it’s all on me. I just want to share what I was going through because it’s therapeutic. A few weeks ago, I finally told someone how depressed I was and I really felt a lot better afterward.

If you noticed, I was promoting my new releases on this site up until that Naughty Wife’s contest, but not after that. It became obvious to me that my fans of my Devil’s Pact were not fans of what I was publishing. And that’s okay. I was publishing far more vanilla material than the Devil’s Pact.

All I had was the Devil’s Pact keeping my spirits up and I worked hard to get it all released to you guys. Here, at least, I had fans that appreciated my writing. I had just decided to say fuck it with my published works and write something more like the Devil’s Pact. If my work wasn’t going to sell, at least I would write what I liked instead of trying to be more mainstream. That’s how My Fallen Angel, a supernatural erotica thriller, was born. Sex, demons, angels, and fast-paced action.

While the last few chapters of the Devil’s Pact were being published in late June, things began to change. I had released more published works, and some of them starting to sell. I went from having one sale a week to one sale a day. So more of my effort went into my published works. I decided I would continue to release the Devil’s Pact as fast as I could, but after that I would need to slow down to keep building the momentum of my published works. During July, after the Devil’s Pact was completed, I went from a publishing once a month, to a once a week, and now I published every two days. That’s 15k words I’m writing, editing, and publishing every work. On top of that I spent September rewriting and editing the first novella of My Fallen Angel. And on top of that, I’m writing a non-erotic Fantasy novel.

I’m exhausted. I have been cutting back my sleep to have more time to write thanks to my day job. And it’s really hitting me. I’m committed to releasing one free story a week. A Battered Lamp chapter is 9 to 11k words that I have to write and edit on top of all my other work. Devil Pact Side-Stories range from 3 to 6k words. I also have to make covers for my published works. I have to promote them on social media, put together the ebooks, build my brand.

But the light is at the end of the tunnel. This month I have made 3/4 of my day job’s pay. I’ve turned in my notice. Due to royalties from Amazon being paid two months after the end of the month, my last day is October 31st. This will let me sleep. More importantly, I hope to release more free material because I really enjoy sharing the Devil’s Pact Universe and the Battered Lamp with you guys. Thank you for the support you given me for these works. 🙂

My Fallen Angel will be released next week at $2.99. That’s 42k words, or a Harry Potter novel (one of the early ones). It will be the only published work I’ll promote on this site. It is right in line with the Devil’s Pact and the Battered Lamp with a mix of sex and story. I hope you would support me, but don’t feel obligated to.

Take care,


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New Poll!

There’s a new poll up! Click here to vote!

Ghost of Paris 9 won the last poll.

I’ve been posting my new releases on this blog as well. Do you guys find it annoying? It does bury my latest story post. Let me know in the comments if you find it annoying. You won’t hurt my feelings!

I’m quitting my day job at the end of October and going all in on writing. My Fallen Angel Part 1 is about to be released. You can read the first chapter for free on my other blog here! It’s going to be a 42k novella, that’s about 4 Devil’s Pact chapters.

Take care,


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New Release: Futa Chikan Surprise

Futa Chikan Surprise

AphroditeSisterhoodLogoMy new futa release set in the Aphrodite Sisterhood Universe. All my futa stories take place in the same universe, with connections between them. If you’ve never heard of chikan, it’s a Japanese fetish were women are groped in public, usually subways. Futa Chikan Surprise can be picked up for $2.99 on Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, and Amazon AU, and for Kindle Unlimited subscribers, you can burrow Futa Chikan Surprise for free!

futachikansuprisecoverSara, a hot blonde, has to ride the subway to work everyday. Only today something unusual happened, her gorgeous butt is groped. But not by a man, but a beautiful, sultry redhead. Aroused and confused, Sara gives into the molestation, her lusts burning hot as she enjoys every second of the redhead’s attention. But when something hard presses into her rear, Sara realizes her nameless, lesbian lover is something far more.

A futanari!

Sara knows she’s going to have the subway ride of her life as the sultry, redheaded futa plays with her body and shows her just how much fun a woman packing something extra between her thighs can be while their fellow commuters are oblivious to the fun the pair are getting into!

Futa Chikan Surprise is a 4400 word futa-on-female story that will scorch your eReader. This story is not for the faint of heart.

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New Release: Futa Hawaiian Surprise

Futa Hawaiian Surprise

AphroditeSisterhoodLogoMy new futa release set in the Aphrodite Sisterhood Universe. All my futa stories take place in the same universe, with connections between them. Vivian and Shelley from Futa Coeds went on to found Aphrodite Air from Flying the Futa Skies, and Futa Hawaiian Surprise is about Erin and Cassie from Futa Mile-High Club. Futa Hawaiian Surprise can be picked up for $2.99 on Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, and Amazon AU, and for Kindle Unlimited subscribers, you can burrow Futa Hawaiian Surprise for free!

futahawaiiansuprisecoverErin, a beautiful, curvy gal takes a vacation with her gorgeous, redhead, lesbian friend Cassie, she has no idea the surprise Cassie has in store for her in Hawaii. Instead of hitting the beach, Cassie drags Erin to Ms. Futa ‘N Ari’s Massage Parlor. When Erin finds out what her surprise is, her jaw drops, and then her desires ignite.

A sexy futa name Melody offers to transform Erin into a futanari, fulfilling Cassie’s desire to be intimate with her best friend and experience the joys that only a futa can give a woman. Her lust burning, Erin leaps at the opportunity to have something extra swinging between her legs, and is eager to put her new-found gift to use on her sexy friend Cassie and the sultry futa Melody.

Futa Hawaiian Surprise is 4800 words or scorching futa-on-female and futa-on-futa action as Erin learns how all the joys of being a futanari! This story is not for the faint at heart.

A story of the Aphrodite Sisterhood Universe!

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Der Pakt mit dem Teufel Kapitel 33: Die Ruhe vor dem Sturm



Der Pakt mit dem Teufel

Kapitel 33: Die Ruhe vor dem Sturm

Von mypenname3000

Übersetzt von Horem

English version edited by Master Ken

© Copyright 2013, 2014

Story Codes: Male/Teen female, Male/Female, Male/Females, Male/Female/Teen female, Female/Female, Hermaphrodite/Female, Mind Control, Magic, Incest, Exhibitionism, Oral, Romantic, Lactation, Wife, Wedded Lust, Voyeurism

For a list of all the Devil’s Pact Chapters and other stories click here

Comments are very welcome. I would like all criticism, positive and negative, so long as its
constructive, and feedback is very appreciated.

Click here for Kapitel 32.

Die letzten drei Wochen seit dem Überfall des SWAT, bei dem ich fast gestorben war, waren nur so verflogen. Und bevor ich es richtig wusste, war schon der 20. Juli. Die Sonne ging warm unter und die Brise war angenehm kühl. Die Luft war vom süßen Duft der wilden Blumen erfüllt. Hinten stand der Mount Rainier und dominierte den östlichen Himmel. Selbst im Sommer war seine Spitze weiß und blau wegen der vielen Gletscher. Eine Mütze aus weißen Wolken hing am Gipfel. Das waren die einzigen Wolken am Himmel.
Continue reading

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New Release: Futa Surprise

Futa’s Surprise

AphroditeSisterhoodLogoMy new futa release set in the Aphrodite Sisterhood Universe. All my futa stories take place in the same universe, with connections between them. Vivian and Shelley from Futa Coeds went on to found Aphrodite Air from Flying the Futa Skies, and Futa Surprise is about Simone and Becky, the founders of Ms. Futa ‘N Ari’s Massage Parlor from Futanari Massage. Futa Surprise can be picked up for $2.99 on Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, and Amazon AU, and for Kindle Unlimited subscribers, you can burrow Futa Surprise for free!

futasuprisecoverSimone, a sexy and lithe coed, is house-sitting when she discovers a mysterious book dedicated to the goddess Aphrodite that claims to have a spell that can enhance Simone’s beauty. Unable to resist her desire to perfect her form, Simone becomes consumed with casting the spell.

But Simone casts the beauty spell she gets more than she bargained for. When the sexy, blonde Becky shows up, selling make-up door-to-door, Simone finds herself lusting after the buxom Becky. Her lust growing, Simone is shocked what sprouts between her legs. When Becky finds out the surprise Simone is packing, both ladies have an evening to remember as they learn just how amazing a futa can be!

Futa Surprise is 5000 words of sexy, futa-on-female action. Simone learns all the different ways she can use her futa shaft as she explores all the delights Becky has to offer. This story is not for the faint of heart.

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New Release: Naughty Wife’s Plan & Naughty Wives Collections 2

Naughty Wife’s Plan

Naughty Wives Surprise 6

The final part of the Naughty Wife’s series is at. Happy to complete my first published series six months after it started. I got sidetracked by futa! You can pick it up for $2.99 at Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, and Smashwords!

Naughtywives6covers2Grace’s plan to destroy Frank and Evie’s marriage has shattered the once loving couple’s relationship. But Evie has figured it out, and she is desperate to reconcile with her husband and repair the damage the naughty trophy wife inflicted.

With the help of her sexy friend Cherry, Evie sets her plan into motion to take back her husband and get her revenge on the foxy Grace. Luring Grace to a sexual tryst, Evie sets up cameras to record every bit of Grace’s infidelity and expose her cheating ways to Grace’s billionaire husband.

Will Evie reconcile with her husband and get her revenge on Grace? Find out in this BDSM, menage erotica! This erotica short contains 10,800 words of naughty wives indulging in their most wicked sides!

Naughty Wives Collection 2

And here’s the collection for the final 3 parts of the Naughty Wife’s Series. You can pick it up for $4.99 at Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, and Smashwords!

naughtywivescol2coverFrank and Evie have had their share of swinging fun, but when they meet Grace at a swingers club, the bored trophy wife turns their lives upside down with her sexy machinations. Frank and Evie’s relationship is strained as they indulge in their desires: wife watching, interracial, BDSM, menage, swinging, and so much more kinky fun! This collection of three stories is 31,000 words of steamy, naughty wife fun!

Swinging At the Keys: Frank and Evie, married for almost fourteen years, join the most exclusive swingers club in the Pacific Northwest: The Key Club. Nothing is off limits in this sexy club and handsome, studly Frank and his vivacious and playful wife, Evie, plunge into the delights it has to offer guided by the sex, vivacious redhead, Grace, the trophy wife of a software billionaire. But Grace, their guide through the sea of delights, has her own game in mind, and her sultry beauty hides her sharp claws as she plans to see how far she can push the couple and see if their love can survive the debauchery of the Key Club.

Bored Wife’s Fun: On a girl’s night out with Evie, Grace lures the hunky, Black Officer Connoly out, taking him behind the alley as Evie watches. But little does Evie know what Grace intends to do next—convince Frank that it was Evie getting frisky with the Black cop. Thinking his wife had cheated on him, Frank falls into Grace’s clutches, and he takes the redheaded Grace every way he wants, mastering her body as anger consumes him. When Evie comes home early, Frank drives his wife right into Officer Connoly’s strong arms and she lets the Black cop use her any way he wants to drown the grief of her broken heart. Will Frank and Evie’s marriage survive the cruel game Grace is playing?

Naughty Wife’s Plan: Grace’s plan to destroy Frank and Evie’s marriage has shattered the once loving couple’s relationship. But Evie has figured it out, and she is desperate to reconcile with her husband and repair the damage the naughty trophy wife inflicted. With the help of her sexy friend Cherry, Evie sets her plan into motion to take back her husband and get her revenge on the foxy Grace. Luring Grace to a sexual tryst, Evie sets up cameras to record every bit of Grace’s infidelity and expose her cheating ways to Grace’s billionaire husband.

Will Evie reconcile with her husband and get her revenge on Grace?

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The Devil’s Pact Servants’ Chronicles Chapter 3: A Bodyguard’s Day



The Devil’s Pact Servants’ Chronicles

Chapter 3: A Bodyguard’s Day

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2014

Story Codes: Female/Female, Female/Teen female, Mind Control, Magic, Femdom, Watersports, Voyeurism, Violence

For a list of all the Devil’s Pact Chapters and other stories click here

Comments are very welcome. I would like all criticism, positive and negative, so long as its
constructive, and feedback is very appreciated. To contact me, you can leave a comment or email me at, and you can contact my editor by email at

Click here for Chapter 2.

Notes: This takes between Chapters 46 and 47.

Thursday, February 14th, 2014 – Emine Mataraci “24” – Tacoma, WA

Something wet and warm nuzzled at my breast. A mouth sucking, nibbling, a tongue licking. My eyes fluttered open, a mewling sigh escaped my lips. Sandy-blonde hair spilled across my my dusky body as Jan sucked my nipple between her lush lips. Her brown eyes flashed up at me, and she smiled around my dark-brown nub.
Continue reading

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