The World of Erasthay

Hello. I’m just a guy who likes to write. And who enjoys dirty stories. So, I’ve decided to write my own. Hope you enjoy them and remember they all are fiction. Comments are welcomed at All stories copyrighted by me 2013-2015.

The World of Erasthay

A fantastical world populated by monsters and knights, wizards and demons, and all hosts of races, creatures, and denizens. Read the sexy, exciting tales of the heroes and villains, monsters and gods that love and fight, live and die.

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The Knight and the Acolyte

A prophecy threatens a king’s life. Angela, a knight, and Sophia, a lesbian acolyte, are plunged into danger, adventure, and intrigue when they leave on a quest to kill a dragon.

  • Book 1, Prologue: The Oracle’s Wordsuploaded 12-09-15
    Story Codes:
    (Mf Ff MFfff oral magic voy fantasy)
    Description: King Edward receives a troubling prophecy from the Oracle of Sekar.
  • Book 1, Chapter 2: The Ritual of the Holy Virginuploaded 12-17-15
    Story Codes:
    (FF MF Fsolo magic fantasy oral lac exhib voy)
    Description: Angela heads to the lesbian temple of Sapphique to receive her Quest and the virgin goddess blessing while Sophia has been chosen to accompany her.
  • Book 1, Chapter 3: The Hopeless Questuploaded 12-24-15
    Story Codes:
    (FF MMMMF orgy oral anal DP lac fantasy magic)
    Description: To give her strength on her perilous quest, Angela is gangbanged by nine priests of the Warrior God. Sophia is visited in her dreams and given a divine message.
  • Book 1, Chapter 4: The Monster’s Lustuploaded 12-31-15
    Story Codes:
    (Fsolo Ff MF voy anal oral monster drug tentacle fantasy)
    Description: Angela and Sophia began their quest, but Angela quickly finds Sophia’s spoiled attitude grating. Everythign changes when a beast, half predatory cat and half tentacle monster, attacks, eager to mate with Angela.
  • Book 1, Chapter 5: Elvish Heatuploaded 01-07-16
    Story Codes:
    (FF HFF MF anal oral toy fantasy magic viol)
    Description: Sophia is in love, but Angela is having second thoughts about their shared kiss. But she finds the acolyte hard to resist. Meanwhile, Xerathalasia leads her elvish hunters on the trail of a dangerous basilisk.
  • Book 1, Chapter 6: Monstrous Matinguploaded 01-14-16
    Story Codes:
    (MF FF oral fantasy magic viol monster nc lac)
    Description: Angela and Sophia enter the elvish woods while Xerathalasia’s hunt of the basilisk goes wrong. Xera finds herself submitting to her prey’s lusts.
  • Book 1, Chapter 7: The Knight’s Sacrificeuploaded 01-21-16
    Story Codes:
    (HF FF Fsolo oral voy fantasy magic bodymod)
    Description: Xera the elf leads Angela and Sophia thruogh the woods to the Lesbius Oracle. Will Angela find the answers that will let her defeat the dragon Dominari? Or is her quest doomed and hopeless?
  • Book 2, Prologue: The Mageryuploaded 01-27-16
    Story Codes:
    (FF toy bondage fantasy magic)
    Description: Faoril, a young mage, prepares with her friend to take a dangerous test to advance their skill while in Secare, King Edward hires a rogue Warlock to kill Angela.
  • Book 2, Chapter 1: Spidery Passionuploaded 01-28-16
    Story Codes:
    (FF FFF fisting bondage drug oral fantasy magic monster viol)
    Description: Angela, Sophia, and Xera have to cross a forest vale crawling with giganaraea, a race of spiderwomen that hunt the woods for women to lay their eggs in.
  • Book 2, Chapter 2: The Elf’s Choiceuploaded 02-04-16
    Story Codes:
    (FF HHF anal toy oral creampie exhib bondage fantasy magic wl preg)
    Description: Xera returns home to her pregnante elf-wife and wonders if she should continue on the quest. Meanwhile, Sophia studies in the library and Angela enjoys the hermparoditic delights offered by the elves.
  • Book 2, Chapter 3: Wicked Conjuringsuploaded 02-11-16
    Story Codes:
    (MMMF FF FFF fantasy magic monster ghost oral anal DP lac spank bondage)
    Description: Faoril the mage conducts a dangerous ritual to summon three spirits to harvest sexual energy from. Meanwhile, Xera the elf learns there are delights to be found in human lands in the form of a lactating serving girl.
  • Book 2, Chapter 4: The Mage’s Ordealuploaded 02-18-16
    Story Codes:
    (MF FFF FF fantasy magic monster anal DP viol lac creampie oral food toy)
    Description: Wyverns attack Angela and her group, and there is only one naughty way for Angela to survive. Meanwhile, the day of the test has arrived and Faoril the mage will have to prove her skills in magic.
  • Book 2, Chapter 5: Tentacular Testuploaded 02-26-16
    Story Codes:
    (MF FF fantasy magic monster tentacle oral anal DP BDSM D/s sex toy)
    Description: Faoril faces the consequences of her failed spell and is fucked by a tentacle monster. In an inn, Sophia is eager to be bound and dominated by Angela!
  • Book 2, Chapter 6: The Grieving Mageuploaded 03-03-16
    Story Codes:
    (MF HF fantasy magic prostitute oral anal voy)
    Description: Faoril’s depression spirals her into a life of prostitution. Meanwhile, Angela and her party arrive in Esh-Esh to find a mage to join their quest.
  • Book 2, Chapter 7: Fireeyesuploaded 03-10-16
    Story Codes:
    (FF HF oral anal D/s fantasy magic viol)
    Description: Angela has found her mage, Faoril. As they head north, they do not know they are walking into Fireeyes ambush. Will the Warlock destroy Angela, or will Faoril’s magic protect her new companions.
  • Book 3, Prologue: The Haunted Barbarianuploaded 03-17-16
    Story Codes:
    (MF fantasy magic oral ghost)
    Description: Thrak, an orc barbarian, grieves beside the grave of his wife, but when her spirit appears, she promises him a new destiny as she pleasures his cock and drinks his cum.
  • Book 3, Chapter 1: The Simulacrum’s Ordersuploaded 03-24-16
    Story Codes:
    (HF FF MF fantasy magic anal oral bondage BDSM toy)
    Description: In the aftermath of Fireeyes’s attack, Foaril is need of a massage and the hermphroditic Xera knows just how to relax her. But though Fireeyes is dead, he has a plan to return.
  • Book 3, Chapter 2: Incubal Desiresuploaded 03-30-16
    Story Codes:
    (HF hf hFF MF fantasy magic viol voy ghost lac oral anal)
    Description: Fireeyes rebrith ripples the fabric between life and death, and a dangerous spirit escapes. It’s up to Sophia to exorcise the poor, possessed girl and banish her spectral cock.
  • Book 3, Chapter 3: Stolen Virginityuploaded 04-07-16
    Story Codes:
    (HF MF Fsolo FFFFFFFFF fantasy magic ghost anal breath lac exhib orgy 1st toy)
    Description: A ghost possess Angela and forces her to fuck Sophia with a spectral cock, breaking the lesbian priestess’s connection to her goddess, Saphique.
  • Book 3, Chapter 4: Passion’s Cureuploaded 04-14-16
    Story Codes:
    (MF Fff FF fantasy magic viol lac anal D/s bondage)
    Description: After Angela’s possession, Sophia avoids her lover. Angela, fearing she may have lost Sophia, realizes the depths of her feelings.
  • Book 3, Chapter 5: The Orc’s Wifeuploaded 04-21-16
    Story Codes:
    (MF FF FFF fantasy magic oral ghost anal)
    Description: Angela and her party meet Thrak the orc barbarian while Serisia, Thrak’s dead wife, haunts the party as she searches for the woman to love the orc.
  • Book 3, Chapter 6: Orcish Pasionuploaded 04-28-16
    Story Codes:
    (FF MF Fsolo fantasy magic ghost creampie oral anal lac viol)
    Description: Angela’s party is led by Thrak across the orcland. Soon, an orc shaman tracks the party with magic, a bad sign.
  • Book 3, Chapter 7: The Mage’s Desiresuploaded 05-05-16
    Story Codes:
    (MF MFF FF FFF fantasy magic lac voy oral toy anal ghost)
    Description: As Angela and her compaions cross the orc lands, Faoril grapples with her newly awakened feelings for Thrak. But behind them, the dark warlock Fireeyes follows, gathering the dead slain in the party’s wake.
  • Book 3, Chapter 8: Necromantic Dangersuploaded 05-12-16
    Story Codes:
    (MFF fantasy magic ghost oral viol)
    Description:As Angela and her compaions search the ruined city of Murathi for the first piece of the High King’s sword, Fireeyes has caught up with an army of zombie orcs and foul plans to inflict his vengeance.
  • Book 4, Chapter 1: Elf in Heatuploaded 05-26-16
    Story Codes:
    (HFF MF MFFH FF fantasy magic voy oral anal DP lac)
    Description:Angela and her companions make the trek across the orc lands not knowing a new threat stalks them–a goddess’s vengeance!
  • Book 4, Chapter 2: The Erinyes’s Passionuploaded 06-02-16
    Story Codes:
    (HF FF FFF MFFH fantasy magic oral viol D/s toy bondage anal DP)
    Description: Angela is ambushed by an erinyes, a vengeful demigoddess!
  • Book 4, Chapter 3: Virgin Delightuploaded 06-09-16
    Story Codes:
    (FF Ff MFf fantasy magic wax BDSM bondage D/s anal toy oral 1st voy)
    Description: Angela and her compaions enjoy a pair of virgins as they travel south.
  • Book 4, Chapter 4: Song of Unbridled Lustuploaded 06-16-16
    Story Codes:
    (FF MF fantasy magic exhib oral anal viol)
    Description: Angela and her party fall under the influence of Chaun’s lusty song.
  • Book 4, Chapter 6: Hot Mage Menageuploaded 06-30-16
    Story Codes:
    (FF MF MMF fantasy magic oral trib voy anal DP)
    Description: Faoril has a passioante night when Chaun puts his changeling powers to use and becomes Thrak. With two hunky orcs to please, Faoril is in for one hot night!
  • Book 4, Chapter 8: Oozing Delightuploaded 07-14-16
    Story Codes:
    (FF FFF MF fantasy magic monster D/s viol)
    Description: Angela and her party venture into the cursed dwarven mine and discover an ancient horror.
  • Book 5, Chapter 1: Dwarf-Queen’s Rewarduploaded 07-28-16
    Story Codes:
    (FF Fsolo HF MF fantasy magic monster oral tentacles D/s voy toy anal)
    Description:The party emerges from the mines and are rewarded by Queen Barzidi for defeating the ancient evil.
  • Book 5, Chapter 2: Passion’s Avalancheuploaded 08-04-16
    Story Codes:
    (MF FF fantasy magic monster anal oral lac spank D/s viol)
    Description: The two erinyes drop an avalanche upon Angela and her party.
  • Book 5, Chapter 3: The Redheaded Elfuploaded 08-12-16
    Story Codes:
    (FFF MFF MF Hf fantasy magic toy oral D/s voy anal lac)
    Description: mysterious, redheaded elf has a job for Minx the thief.
  • Book 5, Chapter 4: Halfing’s Nubile Haremuploaded 08-18-16
    Story Codes:
    (MF fantasy magic wife voy oral fist anal)
    Description: Angela and her companions sell south on a ship crewed by a halfling and his seven wives.
  • Book 5, Chapter 5: Nimble Fingersuploaded 08-25-16
    Story Codes:
    (Ff MF fantasy magic oral exhib fist edge Fdom S/M)
    Description: Xera chases a thief with nimble fingers while Chaun’s past threatnes to ruin the quest.
  • Book 5, Chapter 6: Catgirl’s Clawsuploaded 09-02-16
    Story Codes:
    (Hf Ff MFf FF fsolo fantasy magic viol oral voy creampie toy)
    Description: Minx hides in an intimate location to sneak into the Vault.
  • Book 5, Chapter 7: The Orc’s Dominanceuploaded 09-08-16
    Story Codes:
    (Mf MFf MF fantsay magic exhib oral cuck monster voy anal)
    Description: To save their mission, Thrak will have to deal with Minx’s thief boss.
  • Book 5, Chapter 8: The Sphinx and the Concubineuploaded 09-15-16
    Story Codes:
    (Ff FF fantasy magic viol voy oral anal bondage D/s)
    Description: The erinyes’s attack has ruined all of Angela’s plans and now the knight and her companions have to fight for their lives!
  • Book 5, Chapter 9: Lust’s Daughteruploaded 09-22-16
    Story Codes:
    (FF MF Ff fantasy magic monster oral viol)
    Description: Minx and Xera sneak into the palace to break into the Vault while Incessae the Erinyes makes her move to kill Angela.
  • Book 6, Prologue: Bitter Memoriesuploaded 09-29-16
    Story Codes:
    (fsolo fantasy magic)
    Description: A young avian shaman masturbates as she fights bitter memories of her failure to fly and find her mate.
  • Book 6, Chapter One: The Pirate’s Clawsuploaded 10-06-16
    Story Codes:
    (MF MMMF fantasy magic S/M BDSM gang oral anal DP)
    Description: Thrak must satiate the dominating lust of the sexy, pirate captain ferrying the party from Raratha.
  • Book 6, Chapter Two: Dirty Mageuploaded 10-13-16
    Story Codes:
    (MF FF fantasy magic drug anal D/s exhib oral)
    Description: Faoril is a dirty, filthy mage trying to forget her pain in heaving bodies and spurting cocks.
  • Book 6, Chapter Three: Alchemical Solutionsuploaded 10-20-16
    Story Codes:
    (MF Hf Mf fantasy magic oral inc 1st)
    Description: Faoril reels from her actions while Chaun seduces a virgin while in her father’s form.
  • Book 6, Chapter Four: The Virgin Shamanuploaded 10-27-16
    Story Codes:
    (MF Mf fantasy magic monster viol voy exhib 1st)
    Description: Angela and her compaions fight (and fuck) couatl while Xandra prepares for the marriage dance.
  • Book 6, Chapter Six: Bounty Hunter Surpriseuploaded 11-10-16
    Story Codes:
    (Msolo MF fsolo viol monster)
    Description: Angela, joined by Xandra the Shaman, venture into a volcano’s core to find the next piece of the High King’s Sword.
  • Book 7, Prologue: Justice’s Pursuituploaded 11-17-16
    Story Codes:
    (MF fantasy magic exhib D/s anal oral viol)
    Description: Word of Angela’s theft from the Doge has reached her home, and her ex-lover Kevin volunteers to return her for justice. Meanwhile, the bounty hunter Frason and his lamia slave have figured out Angela’s next destination.
  • Book 7, Chapter One: Mother-in-Law Delightuploaded 11-25-16
    Story Codes:
    (fsolo Ff MF fantasy magic cheat wife oral anal exhib)
    Description: Chaun desires his new mother-in-law, the changeling desire to become her husband and fuck her hard behind his new bride’s back.
  • Book 7, Chapter Two: The Shaman’s Struggleuploaded 12-01-16
    Story Codes:
    (MF Mf HFf FF fantasy magic oral voy anal exhib D/s bondage fist creampie)
    Description: Xandra struggles with desires, wanting to stay faithful to her husband Chaun as the party prepares to leave the Island of the Birds for the next leg of their quest.
  • Book 7, Chapter Three: The Pirate’s Clawsuploaded 12-08-16
    Story Codes:
    (FF MFF Mf fantasy magic D/s oral spank toy lac)
    Description: Faoril tries to dominate Captain Thryna, but the pirate captain holds deadly secrets.
  • Book 7, Chapter Four: The Shaman’s Threesomeuploaded 12-15-16
    Story Codes:
    (MF fsolo Hf FF Mf MHf fantasy magic monster D/s voy oral exhib)
    Description: The party has arrived in Hargone where the bounty hunter Frason waits. Xandra has a threesome with her husband and hermaphroditic Xera.
  • Book 7, Chapter Five: Desert’s Passionuploaded 12-23-16
    Story Codes:
    (FFf Ff fantasy magic anal rim oral toy lac)
    Description: Angela and her compaions set out into the desert to find the Mirage Gardens and the next piece of the High King’s Sword.
  • Book 7, Chapter Six: What Shadows Hideuploaded 12-30-16
    Story Codes:
    (fantasy magic viol)
    Description: Desert raiders attack the caravan and Farson makes his move to claim the bounty on Angela’s head.
  • Book 7, Chapter Seven: Surrender’s Sweet Delightsuploaded 01-05-17
    Story Codes:
    (FFF FF fantasy magic lac toy anal D/s food)
    Description: Sophia fights against the pleasures of the harem, her body wanting to surrender to the beautiful jinn. To save Sophia and Xandra, one member of Angela’s party will have to venture into the lamp and dominate the Jinn inside.
  • Book 7, Chapter Eight: Passion’s Illusionuploaded 01-12-17
    Story Codes:
    (FF Ff MF Hf MFFF fsolo fantasy magic D/s oral food spank viol wife bodymod)
    Description: Angela has to fight the intoxicating lusts of the jinn. If she fails to dominate Saniyya, Angela will forever be trapped in the lamp.
  • Book 7, Chapter Nine: Illusive Dreamsuploaded 01-19-17
    Story Codes:
    (Mf fsolo Hf fantasy magic wife cheat voy viol)
    Description: Angela and her companions are lost in the Mirage Gardens. Assaulted by illusions, they have no idea what is real and what is fake.
  • Book 8, Prologue: Womb’s Bonduploaded 01-26-17
    Story Codes:
    (MFFF fantasy magic lac oral)
    Description: Sir Kevin and three naughty women cast a sexual ritual to give them an advantage over Angela and her party.
  • Book 8, Chapter One: The Shaman’s Desiresuploaded 02-02-17
    Story Codes:
    (FFF MFf fantasy magic D/s BDSM toy fist oral)
    Description: Chaun grows concern about his wife’s lust-filled behavior after her time in the Mirage Gardens.
  • Book 8, Chapter Two: Cuckolded by the Orcuploaded 02-09-17
    Story Codes:
    (HFf Mf Msolo fantasy magic bodymod oral anal viol wife cuckold cheat voy exhib)
    Description: Faoril’s experiment backfires, and Thraks rage is unleashed upon the party.
  • Book 8, Chapter Three: Forgotten Loveuploaded 02-16-17
    Story Codes:
    (fsolo fantasy magic viol lac)
    Description: Angela faces her forgotten lover, the man she forgot to hear the Oracle’s prophecy. The man who wants to arrest her and save her life.
  • Book 8, Chapter Four: Taming the Rakshasauploaded 02-23-17
    Story Codes:
    (MFF MMf FF Msolo fantasy magic BDSM D/s oral cheat wife cuck inter exhib anal creampie rim spank voy A2M)
    Description: Thrak proves to the pirate captain just who she is while Xandra spirals into self-destructive sex in the ship’s hold.
  • Book 8, Chapter Five: Songbird’s Passionuploaded 03-02-17
    Story Codes:
    (MHff FF MF fantasy magic oral bodymod exhib voy creampie anal DP toy D/s)
    Description: Xandra and Chaun explore their new relationship by inviting Xera and Minx into their bed.
  • Book 8, Chapter Six: Labyrinthine Passionsuploaded 03-09-17
    Story Codes:
    (FF MF fsolo fantasy magic exhib D/s spank oral wl voy)
    Description: Angela and her party prepare to enter the labyrinth while Chaun and Xandra explore new aspects of their marriage.
  • Book 8, Chapter Seven: Shifting Pathsuploaded 03-16-17
    Story Codes:
    (Fff MMF fantasy magic oral anal rim)
    Description: Angela and her companions venture into the shifting maze of the Labyrinth.
  • Book 8, Chapter Nine: The Knight’s Passionuploaded 03-30-17
    Story Codes:
    (FFf MF FFF MMF MFf HFf fantasy magic orgy viol lac oral trib toy fist crempie anal bodymod)
    Description: Angela comes face to face with Sir Kevin again. What will happen when she remembers the knight’s passion?
  • Book 9, Prologue: Pleasure’s Dominationuploaded 04-06-17
    Story Codes:
    (FF fantasy magic viol bond D/s BDSM toy)
    Description: A twinborn witch dominates a pack of werewolves to ambush Angela and her party.
  • Book 9, Chapter One: Bound Up Loveuploaded 04-13-17
    Story Codes:
    (FF Ff Mf fantasy magic BDSM bondage D/s exhib toys oral fist bodymod)
    Description: Sophia is ecstatic that Angela chose her, and her joy only grows when she’s bound by her mistress!
  • Book 9, Chapter Two: Siren’s Calluploaded 04-20-17
    Story Codes:
    (FF MF fantasy magic BDSM D/s exhib anal A2M creampie rim)
    Description: A school of seductive sirens lure Chaun and the other men aboard the Golden Hunger into their watery, treacherous embraces!
  • Book 9, Chapter Three: Naughty Elementsuploaded 04-27-17
    Story Codes:
    (MF HF MFH Ff fantasy magic oral monster anal DP toy lac)
    Description: Xandra discovers a naughty use for her elementals while Xera and Minx relationship splinters and shatters.
  • Book 9, Chapter Four: Fear’s Chainsuploaded 05-04-17
    Story Codes:
    (MFH Mf Hf MF fantasy magic viol anal DP bond)
    Description: Another bounty hunter has found the party, unleashing a pack of werewolves on them.
  • Book 9, Chapter Five: Songbird’s Delightuploaded 05-11-17
    Story Codes:
    (MF Fsolo Hf MFf fantasy magic D/s viol oral creampie exhib BDSM bondage)
    Description: Xandra finds such delight in punishing a naughty werewolf who tried to poach her husband.
  • Book 9, Chapter Six: Heady Perfumeuploaded 05-18-17
    Story Codes:
    (MF Mf Ff FF HF MHf HH fantasy magic drug tittyfuck oral toy anal monster tentacle DP bondage)
    Description: Angela and her companions enter the ruins of Drakin Castle looking for the final piece of the High King’s sword.
  • Book 9, Chapter Seven: Flowering Passionuploaded 05-25-17
    Story Codes:
    (MFH HH HF MfH FfH fantasy magic drug monster tentacle oral DP anal creampie A2M toy)
    Description: The party is caught up in the embrace of a plant monster, drunk on its aphrodisiac spores.
  • Book 10, Prologue: The Mother of Alluploaded 06-01-17
    Story Codes:
    (MFF MF fantasy magic 1st oral)
    Description: The Goddess Slata offers King Edward a chance to ensure Angela’s death.
  • Book 10, Chapter One: Acolyte’s New Pleasureuploaded 06-08-17
    Story Codes:
    (MFF MF HFF fantasy magic piercing oral BDSM bondage spank)
    Description: Sophia has a naughty choice to make while Thrak and Faoril enjoy punishing their naughty slave.
  • Book 10, Chapter Two: The Princess’s Barduploaded 06-15-17
    Story Codes:
    (Mf fantasy magic oral voy cheat wife cuckold)
    Description: Soldiers have come to arest Angela and her companions, sent by someone from Chaun’s past.
  • Book 10, Chapter Five: Rainuploaded 07-06-17
    Story Codes:
    (MFf Hf FF fantasy magic oral monster sex toy anal DP tentacle breed trib)
    Description: Angela and her companions have to regroup after witness the terrifying prowess of their quarry: the dragon Dominari!
  • Book 10, Chapter Six: The Flaming Womanuploaded 07-13-17
    Story Codes:
    (HFF fantasy magic oral bodymod)
    Description: Angela and her companions meet the figure who has shadowed her entire quest.
  • Book 10, Chapter Seven: Breeding the Acolyteuploaded 07-20-17
    Story Codes:
    (HH HF HHF fantasy magic bodymod breed oral voy creampie anal DP)
    Description: Angela, turned into a hermaphrdoite, breeds her submissive acolyte on the eve of facing the dragon Dominari.
  • Book 10, Chapter Eight: Differing Opinionsuploaded 07-30-17
    Story Codes:
    (Fsolo fantasy magic lac)
    Description: Angela reaches Dominari’s lair. Prophecy, love, and duty contend around her as she struggles to make the right decision.
  • Book 10, Chapter Nine: Betrayeduploaded 08-02-17
    Story Codes:
    (Mfff MF fantasy magic voy cheat wife)
    Description: The goddess Slata reveals the truths to Angela and her companions.
  • Book 10, Chapter Ten: Liesuploaded 08-10-17
    Story Codes:
    (fantasy magic viol)
    Description: Reeling from the emotional pain of the Goddess Slata’s revelation, Angela and her companions have to fight the enraged dragon.
  • Book 10, Chapter Twelve: Decisionsuploaded 08-24-17
    Story Codes:
    (FF HF fantasy magic oral)
    Description: In the wake of their Quest’s completion, Angela and her companions face decisions about their future.
  • Book 10, Chapter Thirteen: Discovered Loveuploaded 08-31-17
    Story Codes:
    (Ff Hf FF Msolo MFF Mf MFf HF fantasy magic preg oral bodymod fist voy BDSM D/s spank toy anal DP wife cheat cuck bondage)
    Description: Angela and her companions reflect on how their lives changed during the quest and begin their new journeys in teh conculsion to The Knight and the Acolyte.

The Rogue’s Harem

800 years before the Knight and the Acolyte, a roguish adventure, his sexy priestess sister, a catgirl sex slave, a wicked princess, a playful faerie, and a hermaphroditic warrior are embroiled in the schemes of a despot and a cruel naga!

  • Book 1, Chapter One: Taboo Danceuploaded 11-30-17
    Story Codes:
    (Fsolo MF FF fantasy magic voy viol oral inc creampie D/s)
    Description: A new adventure begins as Sven and his sexy sister Kora free a catgirl slave from her cruel master!
  • Book 1, Chapter Two: Canvas Darknessuploaded 12-02-17
    Story Codes:
    (Fsolo MF FF fantasy magic voy viol oral inc creampie D/s)
    Description: A new adventure begins as Sven and his sexy sister Kora free a catgirl slave from her cruel master!
  • Book 1, Chapter Three: Catgirl’s Hot Pussyuploaded 12-04-17
    Story Codes:
    (Fsolo MF FF fantasy magic voy viol oral inc creampie D/s)
    Description: A new adventure begins as Sven and his sexy sister Kora free a catgirl slave from her cruel master!
  • Book 1, Chapter Four: Realized Desiresuploaded 12-07-17
    Story Codes:
    (MFF MF fantasy magic inc D/s oral exhib)
    Description: Zanyia helps her new master finally enjoy his sister and revels in their incestuous love!
  • Book 1, Chapter Nine: The Buxom Lassuploaded 12-18-17
    Story Codes:
    (Fsolo FF MFF fantasy magic voy oral exhib creampie tittyfuck)
    Description: Kora is jealous that other women can fawn over her brother while she has to hide her incestuous passions.
  • Book 1, Chapter Sixteen: Patroluploaded 01-04-18
    Story Codes:
    (fantasy magic viol)
    Description: Things grow tense for Sven and his sister when Prince Meinard’s soldiers find them!
  • Book 1, Chapter Eighteen: Hard Rideuploaded 01-08-18
    Story Codes:
    (MFF fantasy magic oral inc)
    Description: Kora rides her brother hard, hating having to keep their incestuous relationship a secret!

The Triad and the Kidnapped Virgins

A dark warlock is abducting the young virgins from the surrounding villages to enact a forbidden spell. It is up to Fiona, a witch, and her twin sister/wife Aoifa and paladin husband Seamus to save the day. But the insatiable appetites of her husband and sister-wife may make saving the day difficult.

  • Chapter Two: Fucked by the Warguploaded 12-19-15
    Story Codes:
    (MF FF voy exhib monster creampie oral inc fantasy magic viol)
    Description: Aoifa discovers a new way to fight a warg–spreading her legs and letting the beast fuck her. The disgusted Fiona can’t help but watch as her twin sister/wife is ravaged by the beast’s passions.
  • Chapter Three: Virgin Prizeuploaded 01-01-16
    Story Codes:
    (MFFFFF MMMF MF fantasy magic mc oral viol 1st inter monster anal DP)
    Description: Seamus and his two wives, Fiona and Aoifa, face challanges as they climb a tower to fight a dark Warlock who had kidnapped five nubile virgins.

The Triad and the Gorgon’s Hypnotic Gaze

In a mining village, a gorgon is kidnapping miners and prostitutes. The Triad is on the case to figure out the mystery of the gorgon’s behavior. Why is she taking women? Gorgon’s only prey on men.

  • Chapter One: Fucking the Hot Wifeuploaded 02-19-16
    Story Codes:
    (MF wife cheat magic fantasy viol oral monster voy exhib)
    Description: Fiona is upset that her husband is seducing a married women while Aoifa discovers the joys of a new monster to fuck–the barguest.
  • Chapter Two: The Gorgon’s Sex Toyuploaded 03-09-16
    Story Codes:
    (MF FF monster magic fantasy wife tentacle voy exhib)
    Description: Fiona is kidnapped by the gorgon who has naughty plans for the twinborn witch!
  • Chapter Three: Serpentine Passionuploaded 03-14-16
    Story Codes:
    (MFF MMFF inc oral fantasy magic viol monster)
    Description: Fiona is prisoner of a loved-mad gorgon and it’s up to her spouses, Seamus and Aoifa, to rescue her.

The Triad and the Virgin’s Passion

The triad’s newest adventure is their strangest yet when a special girl is kidnapped by a dryad.

  • Chapter One: Hot MILF Delightuploaded 05-20-16
    Story Codes:
    (Ff MFf MFF fantasy magic voy oral 1st inc anal monster)
    Description: Seamus has to exorcies a dryad possessed by an evil spell while Aoifa is kidnapped by a sexy monster!
  • Chapter Two: Dryad Delightuploaded 06-11-16
    Story Codes:
    (MF MFF fantasy magic wife cuck cheat tentacle monster anal bondage)
    Description: The triad is on the quest to rescue a young maiden kidnapped by dryad.
  • Chapter Three: Octogirl Surpriseuploaded 06-26-16
    Story Codes:
    (MFF Mf FFF fantasy magic inc oral creampie anal monster exhib viol)
    Description: The triad tackles an evil warlock and his sexy octogirl!

The Triad and the Village of Pregnant Beauties

The triad’s newest adventure kicks off when they learn of a village entirely of pregnant women!

  • Chapter One: Mother/Daughter Pregnant Delightuploaded 09-21-17
    Story Codes:
    (MF MMMMMF Ff MFf FF voy public fantasy magic exhib oral preg inc lac)
    Description: The triad investigates the mysterious disappearance of all the men in a village and how their women all became pregnant. Seamus is eager to “interview” a pregnant mother and daughter.
  • Chapter Two: Faerie Bondageuploaded 09-28-17
    Story Codes:
    (MFFF MMF MF fantasy magic bond Fdom D/s preg breed monster BDSM oral spank voy titty anal)
    Description: Seamus is captured by three hot, dominating faerie who ache for his submission while his two wives encounter a pack of horny spriggans.

A Girl and Her Unicorn

Cherise has grown up friends with the unicorn Willoweyes. Cherise fears the day of her marriage. The taking of her virginity will mean more than loss of her maidenhead, but the loss of her friendship with her unicorn.

  • Chapter One: Virgin Connectionuploaded 01-09-16
    Story Codes:
    (ff hf 1st monster unicorn magic fantasy oral bodymod)
    Description: Cherise fears having to marry and losing her virginity. If she does, she will lose her friendship with Willoweyes, the unicorn she’s known all her life. But when their innocent friendship turns to love, Cherise discovers a new future.
  • Chapter Two: The Unicorn’s Prowessuploaded 01-18-16
    Story Codes:
    (ff hf oral anal A2M rim monster unicorn bodymod viol)
    Description: Cherise’s idylic life with her unicorm mate when Anton, the man who wanted to marry Cherise, enters the forest to take her back.
  • Chapter Three: The Unicorn’s Mothersuploaded 01-30-16
    Story Codes:
    (HFf HhFf lac inc oral viol unicorn monster fantasy preg)
    Description: Cheris is exicted when Willoweyes’s mother and dam show up, but little do they know that Anton is back to claim Cherise.

The Mermaid’s Courtship

Aryal, a nubile mermaid, is fascinated by the old stories before King Triton appeared. Her father, the first merman, has forbidden any mermaid from courting the fishermen who ply Calthin Bay. But Ayral can’t believe humans are as terrible as her father’s stories claim.

  • Chapter One: Rebellious Daughteruploaded 03-28-16
    Story Codes:
    (MF FF Fsolo fantasy magic mermaid inc anal oral voy)
    Description: Kolin and Willa, a fisherman and his new bride, yearn to meet a mermaid, but none have been seen in a thousand years. Below the waves, Aryal hates the commands of her father, King Triton, who forbid her swimming to the surface and finding a fisherman and fisherwife to court.
  • Chapter Two: The Mermaid’s Passionuploaded 04-16-16
    Story Codes:
    (MF MFF fantasy magic mermaid oral anal creampie)
    Description: Aryal courts Kolin and Willa and discovers that her Father has lied to her.
  • Chapter Three: The Mermaid’s Disciplineuploaded 05-02-16
    Story Codes:
    (MF MFF fantasy magic bondage mermaid oral anal)
    Description: Aryal is imprisoned by her jealous father and kept away from her human lovers.

The Rakshasa’s Heart

Princess Malakisha, a member of the violet rakshasa ruling family of Naith, plots with her lover and her slave-warriors to gain the throne.

  • Chapter One: Rakshasa’s New Slaveuploaded 10-19-17
    Story Codes:
    (FF MF fantasy magic Fdom BDSM SM public viol spank voy inter toy)
    Description: Princess Malakisha, a vicious rakshasa, enjoys breaking in a new slave.
  • Chapter Two: Knife Playuploaded 10-26-17
    Story Codes:
    (MF FF fantasy magic D/s BDSM viol edgeplay SM oral creampie voy inter anal rim)
    Description: Princess Malakisha, a voluptuous and dominating rakshasa, faces down her enraged slave, risking her life to tame him.
  • Chapter Three: The Rakshasa’s Whipuploaded 11-02-17
    Story Codes:
    (MF Fsolo MFF MMF FF fantasy magic oral D/s BDSM SM Fdom exhib creampie bond anal DP toy)
    Description: Things heat up as the rakshasa and her heart plot to seize the throne!

22 thoughts on “The World of Erasthay

  1. Martin

    Hey so I’m curious are you gonna flesh out the world of Erasthay more when the nations and organizations in it? Are you gonna make any stories set in that world?

    1. mypenname3000 Post author

      I should. It’s just a time thing. And yes, when the Tyrant’s Daughter finishes up, I’ll start releasing the World of Erasthay. I have one main, long story and several short stories set throughout the world that have nothing to do with the main story.

    1. mypenname3000 Post author

      Knight and the Acolyte today. Triad tomorrow. I was going to post the Triad yesterday, but I just was too busy to do it.

  2. Vesh

    Hey Mypenname3000, wonderful stories here, the perfect mix of fantasy, story and sex!

    I noticed that the list of The Knight and the Acolyte chapters all say they were posted in 2015 (which we know isn’t the case). Just wanted to tell you, because I’d imagine a new reader might get confused.

  3. Bob Allen

    I’m really enjoying this series. A thought I had was, if it was, say, cleaned up just a little bit (not that I would ever complain about it not being) it would make a good setting for, or even its own, role playing game. Kinda like D&D, among others. I can see the universe worked into D&D rules with just some minor rules changes. Any thoughts on that subject?

    1. mypenname3000 Post author

      It is intentionally similar to a D&D party. I think of the characters by their class. We have our fighter (Angela), our cleric (Sophia), our ranger (Xera), our Barbarian (Thrak), our wizard (Faoril), and there’s a bard, a rogue, and a druid to recruit. All the races are your standard generic fantasy i.e. D&D settings. I used to play a lot of D&D and I chose a generic fantasy setting so that there would be some amount of familiarity with it so I could have more time for the sex.

  4. Nicholas

    Hi mypenname3000.

    Thought leaving a comment here is as good a place as any. I stumbled upon your work via the front page of ASSTR and have been completely hooked on it since. I’m busy working my way through the main Erasthay story and have read the side ones. I’m astonished at the consistent high quality of your, its crazy to see something this good being offered for free. I’m very impressed.

    On a more specific note, do you have any plans for more stories involving the triad? I’m quite taken with those characters and the dynamics of the relationship although my favourite of your stories so far has to be the unicorn one for its sheer inventiveness.

    Thanks for all your work!

    1. mypenname3000 Post author

      Glad you enjoyed the story and like my writing. I do want to write more Triad stories and other ones. Once I finish writing the Knight and the Acolyte, I’ll probably write more.

  5. Sin

    Admittedly I have enjoyed your writings for a while. However, for some reason I have delayed in starting any of the Erasthay works. Now that its done, I was thinking of reading them. Is there any recommended order for the side stories and how they incorporate into the main K&A storyline?

    1. mypenname3000 Post author

      Other than the three Triad stories which involve the same characters and should be read in their publication order, the side-stories have no impact on each other or The Knight and the Acolyte. They just take place in the same world. The Triad stories for instance take place 800 years before the main story. There are a few references to the Triad stories in the main series, you meet a descendant of those characters, but it’s nothing that would spoil either stories by reading first.

      1. Sin

        Just finished the series and had a few thoughts. First off is house keeping. There are some dead links at the end of some chapters which don’t take you to the next chapter (this might primarily be in the triad series but I seem to remember it in k&a too). There are also a few chapters in books 8-10 that don’t have links to the next chapter at all. Not a big deal but thought you should be aware.

        Second issue is a nitpick. Have your proof reader watch for hominims, things like knight vs. night came up a few times throughout and you may want to go back through if you plan on doing a smashwords release like devil’s pact.

        Ok, main story. Well done. As others have mentioned, it has a very D&D feel but with added sex. For the most part the character arcs and sex scenes did seem to build well and had purpose. It was rare that a scene seemed unnecessary when viewed as part of the whole.

        The only real issue I had with the story was the Delilah arc at the end. Without spoiling it for anyone dumb enough to read this far I will say I’m surprised at how gullible she was when presented with her “betrayal”. I get that x number of years suppressing her nature was a factor, but one would think that after the alter of souls she would have able to see through it.

        The other issue I took was Xera’s betrayal. While hinted at throughout the story, it seemed like it was the least necessary other than to tie up loose ends. Perhaps had there been more enmity in that triangle in the beginning then it would have seemed more reasonable or apropos.

        Apart from those frankly minor issues I would just have to say congratulations on finishing a great story. You put a ton of time and effort into this and it shows. The ending seems like it was a struggle but they always are and given the complexity of the characters I don’t know that you could have done much differently and had a satisfying outcome.

        1. mypenname3000 Post author

          Well, I’m glad you enjoyed the story. I will definitely have someone proofread before publishing. Sorry some of the story didn’t work with you. I think for Delilah seeing it was more visceral than hearing about it. And out slipped her true nature before she could even think. If I was thinking, I would have put in some signs that turning into a dragon and attacking the army to save Angela had caused her to slip in her control and she was still fighting to get it back. But I didn’t.


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