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The Devil’s Pact Chapter 24: Homecomings



The Devil’s Pact

Chapter 24: Homecoming

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2013

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“It’s time to go home,” I told Mary.

“Yes,” Mary sighed happily. “All the sluts miss you so much.”

We were lying in my mom’s bed, cuddling after we made love. For the last two days, I had been under some spell. A nun had turned my baby sister into a trap that would spring when I slept with her. There was a spell, the Ritual of Mowdah, that would let me recognize a nun by seeing people’s auras. I needed to fuck my sister to perform the spell, and, somehow, the nun must have known, had tracked my baby sister down on her vacation to Miami.

I looked at Mary, a faint, red outline about her body, her aura. Hers was red, like mine, signifying she was a Warlock, someone who made a Pact with the Devil. I concentrated and a red glow sprang about her. We were touching, and strings and chains radiated out from Mary. They represented all the people that were in some way connected to Mary. Two, red threads, tightly entwined connected the two of us. Five black chains headed off to the living room where my mom and Mary’s sluts waited.

And a single, gold thread pointed north.

“Mary,” I said in alarm. “You have a golden thread touching your aura.”

“Do I,” Mary frowned. “My sisters had the same, golden thread.”

“Summon Lilith, I think we need to talk to her.”

“I can’t,” Mary said, then took a deep breath. “I used my last boon today. To save you.”

And then she explained how Lilith tempted her by giving Mary a cock, how Mary fucked all our sluts, enjoying the pleasure of having a dick. She was tempted to keep the dick, but her love for me overcame her lust. She used her boon to get the same power I have, the power to control others with her words. That’s how she got her four sex slaves that helped subdue me: Joy, Via, April, and Felicity. She confessed that she slept with her father, Sean, and bound her slaves with the Zimmah ritual, making her slaves immune to another person’s control. I had all our sluts bound with the same ritual.

“What do you think it means?” Mark asked.

“I must know someone who is a nun,” Mary shrugged. “Or someone under the control of a nun, I guess. Damn, we really should have had Lilith explain all this.” Then her eyes widened. “She mentions a book. The spells of the witch of Endor or something like that.”

“Endor?” I asked, trying not to laugh, a smirk creepign across my face. “Like Star Wars? Do we need some Ewoks to help us?”

“Maybe I heard wrong?” Mary wondered, then glared at me and wiped the smirk off my face. “Anyway, she said it would complete our magic education.”

Mary stood up and I enjoyed the sight of her naked body as she walked over to her clothes. Her auburn hair fell loosely about her shoulder, her breasts were perky and freckled, and her ass was pleasantly plump. She bent down and I caught a glimpse of her freshly fucked pussy, my cum leaking out of her shaved lips, down her legs. She stood back up, her phone in hand and came back to the bed.

“Here it is,” Mary said after searching on her phone. “It’s called the ‘Magicks of the Witch of Endor’. Let’s see, Wikipedia says, ‘its thought to be a thirteenth century pseudepigrapha attributed to the Witch of Endor from the First Book of Samuel chapter 28 verses 3 thru 25.’ That’s the Old Testament, hmm.”

“What’s a pseudepigrapha?” I asked.

“Um,” she tapped the screen of her phone, “Let’s see, Wikipedia reads, ‘Pseudepigrapha are falsely attributed works, texts whose claimed authorship is represented by a separate author; or a work, whose real author attributed it to a figure of the past.’ I guess that makes it a forgery?”


“The Witch of Endor, sometimes called the Medium of Endor, was a medium who apparently summoned the prophet Samuel’s spirit, at the demand of King Saul of the Kingdom of Israel in the First Book of Samuel, chapter 28:3–25,” the Wikipedia page read.

This was seeming more and more promising, I thought as I scanned the Wikipedia article. All the money I was paying Doug, my P.I., to watch Mark was really paying off. If I could only get my hands on this book, I might have a real, fighting chance to beat Mark and get my wife, Desiree, back from his clutches.

“Only three known copies of the book exist,” the article read. “The Institute for Ancient Studies at New York University have one copy. A second copy is in the private collection of the August Alfred Bernard, Altgrave of Salm-Reifferscheid-Dyck, who resides in Cologne, Germany. The final copy lies in the Motherhouse of the Order of Mary Magdalene, in Rennes-le-Château, France.”


“…Rennes-le-Château, France.” Mary finished reading from the Wikipedia article.

“Well, this is starting to seem more and more likely,” I said. “The Order of Mary Magdalene, that’s what Karen said her nun order was called, right?” Marry nodded. “And if they have this book…” I smiled, we wouldn’t have to consult any unreliable demon like Lilith. Thank god she was gone from our lives, I could always sense hatred and contempt from her. She had already tried to hurt me once, using her succubus powers on me to drain my energy. Luckily, my wish for unlimited sexual stamina protected me.

“So, which one do you want?” Mary asked.

“Want to go to New York?”

Mary’s grin answered that question.


“NYU, Ancient Studies,” a bored young woman answered. “How may I help you.”

“Yes, I was hoping to take a look at the Magicks of the Witch of Endor,” I said.

“What’s your name, sir.”

“Brandon Fitzsimmons,” I answered.

“What’s your field of study.”

“Uhhh,” I floundered, not sure what to say. “Ehh, just an amateur.”

“I’m sorry, sir, only someone in an accredited graduate program or who has a Ph.D. in a related field can see our manuscripts. They are far to valuable and fragile to let just anyone look at them.”

“Do you have a transcript available then?”

“Uhh, let me see.” I could hear typing on a keyboard. “No, not on that book, yet, I’m afraid,” the young woman replied. “Our grant ran out before we finished transcribing all of our manuscripts. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

“No,” I said, sighing, hanging up the phone. I guess I needed to go Europe. I’d try the nun’s first. That was the same order Sister Louise belonged to. Surely they would help me fight Mark and rescue Sister Louise. In his P.I.’s surveillance photos, he could see Sister Louise amongst the harem Mark had gathered in his house going by the name Karen, according to Doug’s transcripts.


“We should leave after my dad’s funeral,” I said. A tightness gripped my chest. My emotions were all mixed up with my dad. I hated him for how abusive he was to me and mom. But part me, the little boy inside, missed his dad. I didn’t blame my mom for shooting him, hell I might have done the same thing myself.

“When is the funeral?” Mary asked, wrapping her arms around me, supportive and gentle.

“Friday at noon,” I told her. “At the Dwyer Funeral Home. They’re cremating him.”

“So, I guess we’ll need plane tickets,” Mary muttered. “I’ll get on Travelocity and get us some plane tickets.”

I laughed. “Why don’t we get our own plane.”

“Ohh, with sexy stewardess?” Mary smiled, those cute dimples appearing on her face and I just had to kiss her. “Mark, I think we need to protect our families,” she said, her face growing serious. “I can control your mother, you can control my father…”

“Yeah,” I sighed, catching Mary’s drift. “We’ll also need more bodyguards.”

“I guess we’ll have to hold more tryouts,” Mary archly said. “C’mon, let’s get dressed. Your mom may want her bedroom back.”

“For what?” I asked.

Mary rolled her eyes, she always did it when she thought my question was stupid. “For her and Betty.”

“Oh, right.” Betty was my mom’s lover. That had been a shock. My straitlaced, Christian mother had been having cheating on my father for years, and with a woman, no less.

“I’m going to play matchmaker,” Mary happily said. “Your mom and Betty looked so cute together.”

“And what did you do with my sister?” I asked, suddenly remembering Antsy. It was weird, an hour ago she seemed like the most important person in the world, and now she was back to being my annoying little sister. Last I saw Antsy, she had been off to answer the door. That’s when my mom had lured me into the bedroom so Mary and her slaves could overpower me and break the spell.

“Oh, she’s up the street with the bodyguards,” Mary answered as she pulled her skirt up her waist. “I’ll give them a call.”

Dressed, Mary and I found my mom talking with Mary’s new sex slaves. I knew three of the slaves. Joy was a Vietnamese stylist that gave Mary her wax. April and Felicity were high school students that Mary and I deflowered last week. The fourth had black hair with red streaks and was dressed as a nurse with blue scrub pants and a white, flowery scrub top. Apparently, her name was Via.

“Sluts,” Mary said in a firm, commanding tone. “This is Mark. He’s your Master. You’ll obey him as happily as you obey me.”

All four voiced their agreement, smiling happily.

“Where do you keep finding these women?” my mom asked. “They are absolutely delightful.”

“Would you like one?” Mary boldly asked.

My mom flushed. “After I spent the night at your house, with Jessica, it’s all I could think about.”

“Well, choose one,” Mary said, “and she’s yours.”

“I…” my mom swallowed. “I couldn’t. It wouldn’t be right.”

“Sure it would,” Mary cooed. “They’ll happily be your slave.”

My mom looked them over and then motioned to Joy. “Can I have this one?” my mom asked. “I know its so wrong but…it’s so exciting, too.”

“Joy, this is Sandy, from now on she’s your primary Mistress.”

“I am so happy to be yours,” Joy gushed in her heavy accent Vietnamese, and sat on my mom’s lap and I felt my cock stir as they started making out. Even at 43, my mom was still a beautiful woman. She exercised daily to keep her body as thin and fit as a twenty year-old.

“Damn, that’s hot,” Mary said and sat down next to my mom, spreading her legs. My cum had run sticky down her thighs. “April, come clean me up.”

“Yes, Mistress,” nerdy April excitedly squeaked and knelt before Mary, her tongue running wetly up Mary’s thigh, licking goblets of cum up.

The door banged open and Antsy walked in. She looked at me and flushed. “Hey,” she said, awkwardly. We both remembered are passionate, spell induced affair. For the last two days, we had been fucking almost none stop. I barely found time to make arrangements for my dad’s funeral between fuckings.

“Uh, hi,” I said. “Listen, we were under a spell, okay.”

“Sure,” she muttered.

“Did you have sex with any women, in Miami?” Mary asked, patting the couch next to her.

Antsy sat down, licking her lips. “Yeah, this chick, Theodora. We had a threesome with a guy we picked up in a bar and she went down on me, I think. I was pretty wasted.”

“Theodora, huh,” I said. So that was the nun’s name. I would have to remember to ask Karen about her.

Mary put her arm around Antsy’s shoulder and caressed her face. “Mark and I shared my sisters, and I was looking forward to sharing you. But, well, stuff happened. So, I want to eat Mark’s cum out of your snatch.”

On the other side of Mary, Joy’s blouse was open and my mom was nuzzling at her Joy’s apple-sized breasts, sucking at her dark nipples. My cock was hard and I walked over to my sister, pulling her to her feet. Antsy licked her lips nervously. “I…I’m a little scared, big bro. What we went through was so intense, I…”

“It’ll be fine,” I reassured her, my cock achingly hard. I sat down next to Mary and put an arm around her as I unzipped my cock. “Come and sit on my dick, little sis.”

“This is so wild,” she muttered and unzipped her jeans, shrugging them off her thin hips. Her cunt was shaved bare and she was sopping wet as she mounted my cock.

I groaned as she slid down my cock, her pussy wet and tight, squeezing wonderfully on my cock. Mary, her face flushed with pleasure as April was eating out her cunt, leaned over and whispered into my ear, “Whose cunt is the best?”

Antsy’s cunt felt great on my dick, but it wasn’t the earth shattering, mind numbing pleasure from last time I was in my little sister. “Yours, Mare,” I whispered back.

“Good,” she moaned. “Hmm, April, have you been practicing your pussy licking?”

“Yes, Mistress, with Felicity,” April answered from beneath Mary’s skirt.

“Oh, bro, it feels different,” Antsy moaned as she rode me a little faster. “You still feel pretty damn good its just not…”

“The best sex you’ve ever had,” I finished.

“Yeah, sorry big bro,” Antsy said with a grin, her hips writhing a little faster.

“You’re forgiven,” I moaned, pushing up her shirt to expose her perky breasts. They were larger than Mary’s by a cup size, and topped with cute, pink nipples. I captured one her hard nipples as she rode me, sucking the pink nub into my mouth and swirled about it with my tongue while Antsy moaned in pleasure.

Mary’s hand reached out and began to fondle Antsy’s butt as she writhed in pleasure on April’s tongue. “Ride my horny stallion!” Mary panted, fondling Antsy’s ass. “Give him a good fuck!”

“I am Mary,” Antsy moaned. “Oh yes, I’ll make sure he shoots plenty of cum inside me for you drink.”

Beyond her, my mom was diddling Joy, her mouth sucking on the Vietnamese slut’s nipples. “Yes, yes, yes, Mistress!” Joy was moaning. “You finger so well!”

Via and Felicity were on the floor, making out. Via’s bottoms and panties had been pulled down and Felicity’s jean skirt flipped up and Via was grinding her cunt into Felicity’s. God, I loved watching girls tribbing. Mary’s pants and moans were growing higher in register as her orgasm neared. Her mouth was nibbling at my neck and licking at my ears.

“Oh, you fucking slut!” Mary gasped. “You naughty little minx, I’m going to cum all over your pretty little face.” She bucked once, moaning loudly as her orgasm rolled through her. “Oh April, you did so good!”

April’s face appeared from beneath Mary’s skirt, smeared with cunt juices, her glasses fogged up. “Oh, I’m so glad, Mistress,” she happily said, rubbing her face against Mary’s thigh like a cat. Mary ran her fingers through April’s bushy hair.

“I’m cumming, big bro!” Antys moaned, suddenly, her cunt quivering on my dick. I slammed my hips up into her and unloaded three blast into her cunt. Antsy rotated her hips once more, before settling down on top of me and kissing me. Her tongue was as nimble as I remembered, but the kiss wasn’t anywhere as sweet as a kiss from my Mary.

Mary stood up and patted the the spot she vacated. “Let me get a taste.”

“Sure,” Antsy breathed. I groaned as my cock slid out of her pussy as she rolled into the empty spot. “I’m not gay, or anything,” Antsy told my fiancee, “but you’re just so beautiful, that I’m gay for you.”

“You can thank your brother for making me bi,” Mary told her, licking her lip as she stared at Antsy’s messy cunt. My cum was running out of her lips, milky and mixed with her juices. “Hmm, looks delicious,” Mary husked, as she knelt down between my sister’s spread thighs. “Antsy, would you like to be one of my bridesmaids.”

“What?” Antsy asked, looking down at Mary between her thighs.

“For the weddings?” Mary asked. “Mark has three groomsmen and I need a third bridesmaid. I would absolutely love it if you were one of them.”

“Sure, Mary,” Antsy said. “How can I say no to a girl about to go down on me.”

I watched eagerly as my fiancee’s tongue dug through my little sister’s slit, gathering a huge gob of cum and gulping it down. April was watching and I pointed at my cock. The girl was a good slut and knelt down next to Mary and began licking my cock. She remembered all I taught her about cock sucking, her tongue licking softly up my shaft, tasting my sister’s tart and spicy flavor upon my dick.

Joy was slipping down on the floor, unbuttoning my mother’s jeans while mom licked Joy’s juices off her fingers. Mom lifted her ass up, allowing Joy to pull her pants and panties down her legs, exposing her hairy, brown fur. “Oh, yes, sweetie,” my mom moaned as Joy began lapping at her cunt. “Hmm, lick momma’s cunt.”

Antsy looked over at mom. “You’re so beautiful, momma.”

My mom’s hazel eyes flickered open and she gazed lovingly at my sister. “Not as beautiful as you’ve become, Samantha.” I just about flooded April’s sucking mouth as my mom leaned in and kissed my sister on the lips. Antsy closed her eyes and leaned in, her hand reaching up to stroke my mom’s cheek as they made out.

April was bobbing her head on my cock, sucking and twirling her tongue while her fist pumped up and down on my shaft. I looked down and saw Mary’s hand rubbing on Antsy’s thigh as she devoured my sister’s cunt. I reached down and placed my hand atop hers and Mary looked up, smiling, her lips stained with my cum and Antsy’s juices, and then she dived back in.

The doorknob rattled and everyone froze as the front door creaked open. “Hey, Sandy,” a woman called out. “My mom baked a casserole for you.”

Betty Cooley, my mom’s lover, walked in holding a glass casserole dish and a look of stunned hurt painted her face mocha-skinned face. Disbelief gleamed in her blue eyes. Her lips worked soundlessly as she took in the scene. Her lover was making out with her daughter while an Asian woman went down on her. Her son was getting a blowjob from another woman, and her daughter had a red-head going down on her. And, in the center of the living room, two girls writhed atop each other. It must have been quite the shock to her.

Betty was my own age, in fact I once asked her out to a school dance. She said no. She was half-black and half-white which gave her this beautiful, light chocolate skin and brilliant blue eyes. She was so exotic looking. When the economy tanked, Betty moved back in with her parents and she and my mom became close and somehow fell into being lovers. Last Saturday night my dad caught them in bed together. My mom believed he was going to hurt Betty, so she shot him in the back. He probably was going to hurt her, the guy was an abusive, drunken asshole.

Mary was the quickest of us to react, standing up and reaching the stunned woman, placing an arm around her shoulder. “It’s okay. It’s just a family that’s expressing their love for each other.”

“I’m sorry, Betty,” my mom said, covering her face in shame. “I…I don’t know what to say.”

“It’s okay, Sandy,” Mary soothed taking the casserole from Betty and handing it off to Via who scurried off to the kitchen with it, her naked ass flashing beneath the hem of her scrub top.

Betty was wearing a flowery sundress and Mary reached beneath her dress and pulled off a racy pair of red panties. Mary tossed the panties to me and I gave them a sniff. Betty had a spicy musk. Mary led her over to me and I saw that naughty glint in her eyes. Mary knew I once had a big crush on Betty when I was fifteen.

“April, why don’t you finish Antsy off,” I told her.

“Yes, Master,” April said, my cock popping out of her mouth. She scooted over and Antsy gasped as April dived into her cunt.

“Betty, just sit down on Mark’s cock and everything will feel better,” Mary whispered in the girls ear.

“Okay,” Betty whispered. She glanced at my mom, who smiled and nodded at her while Joy nosily ate out her pussy.

I groaned as Betty’s tight cunt slowly sank down on my cock, wet and tight. It was my boyhood fantasies come true. I spent so many nights jerking off into my sock thinking about Betty Cooley riding my dick. Betty sank all the way down on my cock, her eyes closed, her mouth open in silent pleasure.

Mary sat behind her on my legs, pressing her body up against Betty’s back and licked at her ear. “Mmhh, doesn’t Mark’s cock feel great inside you?”

“Yes,” Betty whispered, her hips slowly starting to move on my cock. “Ohh, I haven’t had a cock in me for years.”

Mary reached her hands up, pulling the straps of her sundress off Betty’s round shoulder, pushing the dress down to expose a racy, red bra supporting her round breasts. Mary released the clasp and her beautiful, chocolate breasts spilled out before me, dark nipples erect. I rubbed my face between them, enjoying the silky softness as Betty rode my cock.

“Now, Betty, do you still love Sandy?” Mary whispered into Betty’s ear.

“I do,” Betty moaned, her hips moving a little faster, her nipple hard against my cheek. “I love you, Sandy!”

“How about you, Sandy?” Mary asked.

“God help me,” my mom admitted, looking surprised. Joy was still eating her pussy out. “I, I guess I do. Even though its wrong.”

“Love is never wrong,” Mary told my mom, firmly. “Now, Sandy, I have three orders for you and you can choose to ignore any other thing I tell you, okay. One, you will be available to Mark so he can perform the Zimmah ritual whenever he needs to.” For me to perform the ritual, I need to fuck my mom, cum in her cunt, and have whatever Thrall I was binding drink our combined fluids. It was an important ritual. The only way to ensure our sluts couldn’t be controlled by someone else was to bind them, otherwise a nun could turn them against us. “Two, you will let me perform the Zimmah ritual on you. Three, you will move into our neighborhood and let Mark and I protect you from our enemies.”

“O-okay,” Sandy admitted, then she gave Betty a tremulous smile. “Would you like to,” she took a deep breath, “…move in with me?”

“Yeah,” Betty gasped as I sucked her nipple into my mouth. Mary reached around, her soft hands playing with Betty’s breasts as I nursed at her Betty’s nipple. “I’d love that, Sandy.”

“This is Joy, she’s our sex slave,” Sandy introduced.

Joy looked up, her almond eyes shining with happiness, her lips sticky with mom’s juices. “I hope to make you very happy, Mistress,” Joy said to Betty in her thick, Vietnamese accent.

Betty’s eyes nodded, lust shining in her eyes. “Betty, I’m going to give you a few orders and then you can ignore whatever else I tell you. First, having a sex slave if perfectly normal. Second, you will let me perform the ritual of Zimmah on you. Third, incest is perfectly all right. Okay, sweety?”

“What’s the Zima ritual. Isn’t that the weird alcohol from the Nineties?” asked Betty, turning her head to look back at Mary.

“It’s a spell,” Mary told her. “And it has nothing to do with any alcoholic drink.” Mary caught her lips in a kiss as Betty’s cunt rubbed velvety wet against around my cock.

Next to me, Antsy gave out a little shriek and shuddered on the couch, her eyes fluttering as an orgasm washed over her. “Ooh, that was nice. Can I have a sex slave?” Antsy eagerly asked. “They seem kinda neat. It’s nice having someone available to lick your pussy when you get horny.

I released Betty’s nipple. “Sure,” I told her and pulled my sister’s face in and kissed her on the lips. “Love you, baby sis.”

“You can have Via,” Mary said. “Ask to pee in her mouth, she loves it.”

“I do,” Via said, kneeling down before Antsy, behind April. “Would you pee in my mouth, Mistress?”

Antsy blinked at her. “Um, I guess I could.”

Mary gave Antsy similar orders that she gave my mom: to move into the neighborhood and to let Mary perform the Zimmah ritual on her and then she could ignore any other orders Mary gave her.

Betty was riding my cock pretty fast, working hard to make us both cum. Mary was sucking at her neck, one hand playing with her breast, the other reached down and found Betty’s hard clit and rubbed it between her fingers. Via had been pestering Antsy, and my sister had finally caved in and agreed to piss in Via’s mouth.

“Fine, I’ll piss in your mouth,” Antsy said, standing up.

Via excitedly knelt before her, sealing her mouth tight to my little sister’s cunt. Antsy just stood there as everyone, except Betty, watched her. Betty kept right on fucking me, her hips writhing as she fucked me, my hips thrusting up into her. She was nearing her orgasm, her gasps and moans growing louder and higher in pitch.

“Please stop looking,” Antsy muttered. “I can’t go if everyone’s looking.

Mom stood up. She had cum a few minutes ago on Joy’s mouth, and walked up behind Antsy, pressing her body into her daughter’s back and licked at Antsy’s ears. “It’s okay, Samantha. I think we are all passed being embarrassed about the nasty things we like to do,” mom whispered.

Antsy nodded, and I could see her body relax and then I could hear the urine splashing in Via’s mouth. Antsy sighed, “Fuck this is nasty.”

Antsy through back her head as mom found her tits and begin pinching her daughter’s nipples. Antsy finished peeing and Via started licking at her cunt, a trickle of yellow liquid ran out the corner of her mouth and down her neck, soaking into the top of her scrubs.

“Fuck, you’re one nasty slut, Via,” Antsy moaned, rubbing her ass into mom’s stomach as she writhed on Via’s face.

Betty was fucking me faster, grinding her clit into my pubic bone as she bent down and kissed me on the lips. “I should have said yes when you asked me out to that dance,” Betty whispered into my ear. “Your cock is amazing! I just didn’t want to…to not be popular.”

She moaned into my ear, and then her cunt was squeezing my cock, hard, as she rode me. Her body trembled in our arms. Mary was licking at her ear as I groaned and spilled my seed inside Betty’s cunt, inside my mom’s lover. Mary got off my lap and sat down next to me and I put my arm around her, pulling her close. “Thank you, Mare, you’re the best.” I told her and kissed her.

“You found a winner there, son,” mom said as she walked over from Antsy. She bent down and kissed Mary, too. Then she grabbed Betty and pulled her off my cock. “Come on, my chocolate bunny, I want to eat my son’s cum out of your cunt.” My mom led her lover and her sex slave away, down the hall, to her bedroom.

Antsy was shuddering on Via’s mouth. “Fuck, that was hot.”

“So you’ll pee in my mouth again?” Via asked, hopefully.

“Hell, ya, slut!” Antsy excitedly said. “I came so fast and hard on your nasty, pee drinking mouth. What should we do tonight?”

“Well, there’s this great club called the Clam Diver,” Via said.

“I’m not twenty-one,” Antsy said, looking crestfallen.

“Oh, they’ll let any pretty girl in,” Via confided. “You’ll love it.”

“Sure, let’s go,” Antsy said, then led Via off to her bedroom. “Let’s find something for us to wear. You look about my size.”

“Are you going to tell her that the Clam Diver’s a lesbian club?” Mary asked me.

“That’s the club you went to last week?” I asked Mary.

“Yeah, I met Via there.”

I laughed. “Well, Antsy may not be gay, yet.”

We got our clothes straightened out and headed for my Mustang. Mary had one of the bodyguards, a black gal called 25, drive her Eos while 30 followed us in her squad car. Mary wanted to stop by her family and give them the same instructions. Her dad just lived up the street from my mom. Turned out we both went to Washington High School, I was the class of 2004 and she was the class of 2012. Small world, huh. I gave her dad identical orders to the ones my mom got. Since Mary was putting my family under her control, I would control her family. We gave her dad Felicity for a sex slave.

“So you can have your very own high school student to fuck, dad,” Mary fondly says. “I just bet there are loads of your students you’ve been secretly fantasizing over.”

Sean had an embarrassed smile on his as he took his new sex slave off to his bedroom.

Missy, Mary’s younger sister, was also home, she was still in High School, and her boyfriend Damien was over. I talked to Damien’s parents and they quickly agreed it was for the best that Damien moved in with his girlfriend. Last Saturday, at Missy’s request, I ordered the two teens to love each other forever. I gave the two teenage lovebirds the same orders Mary gave my sister, and we were going to give April to Missy and Damien, but she insisted on a classmate, Dawn Cooper.

“She always picked on me,” Missy complained. “We shared a bus stop and she would always say mean things to me.”

Mary hugged her sister. “I remember the little skank. It’ll feel really nice when she’s yours to abuse.” Mary kissed her little sister on the lips.

“Damn that’s hot,” muttered Damien. “Could I have Mrs. Corra, my math teacher. She has these amazing knockers and always dresses to show them off.”

I laughed, remembering Damien mentioning some busty teacher he had a thing for last Friday. “Sure, do you know where she lives?”

Damien shook his head. “Her first name’s Polly,” he added helpfully. What the hell, I liked the kid, so I promised I’d track his teacher down for him.

Mary knew where Dawn lived, it was just up the road from her dad’s house. When we knocked on the door, a middle-aged man, balding, with salt-and-pepper hair. “Hello?” he asked, annoyed. “If you’re preaching or selling I’m not interested.”

“No, no,” I told him. “Is your daughter, Dawn home.”

“Yeah,” he frowned. “Who are you.”

“My name is Mark and I have a wonderful opportunity for your daughter,” I said, smiling. “You are just so proud that your daughter has been chosen to be a sex slave.”

A proud, fatherly smile blossomed on his face. “How wonderful for her.”

“So, she’ll be moving out of your house, of course, but don’t worry, she’ll be very happy.”

He just nodded his head. “Dawn, come here, there’s a man here to see you. He’s got some great news.”

A voluptuous, teenage temptress in daisy dukes and a tight, low cut halter-top, sauntered up. There was a sneer on her face, framed by bleached-blonde hair. She eyed me and glared at her dad. “What? I was texting, dad!” she had a bitchy tone to her voice. She was still texting, her fingers flying across the keypad. How did teenage girls text so fast?

“Precious, Mark, here, has chosen you to be a sex slave,” her father told her. “Isn’t that wonderful?”

An incredulous look crossed the bitches face. “What the fuck, dad! Have you lost your mind!”

“Dawn,” I barked. “You’re going to be a sex slave from now on, you’ll do whatever your Master or your Mistress wants you to do, slut!”

“I…yes,” she mumbled.

“She’s a handful, isn’t she?” I asked her dad.

“Yeah, she can be quite a trial,” he admitted.

“I bet you’ve always wanted to rip off those shorts and spank her naughty tush,” Mary said, licking her lips. “That pert ass is just begging to be spanked.”

“No, I never spanked her. I believe it’s wrong to spank a child,” Dawn’s dad admitted. “It causes all sorts of development problems.”

“Well, if you don’t want to,” Mary said with a wicked smile and she grabbed Dawn and boldly went inside the house, “then you can watch me. I love spanking naughty little sluts asses. And I remember how mean you were to my little sis.”

I followed my fiancee in the house, leading April. Mary was pulling off her halter-top, exposing a nice pair of teenage melons. Mary squeezed a tit. “No, bra, slut?”

“No, I like boys to see my nips,” Dawn admitted with a flush.

“Did you know how much of a whore your daughter is?” I asked, sitting down on the couch. April knew what to do, and fished out my cock and started sucking.

Mary was tugging down Dawn’s daisy dukes, exposing a tight ass, a pair of cute dimples dotted her cheeks. Mary stroked her ass and then pulled Dawn down across her lap. Dawn squirmed, her firm, teenage ass shaking in fear.

Mary smacked her ass, a loud, stinging sound, that brought a cry of pain from Dawn. I could see a red handprint on her ass. April was bobbing her head on my cock and I leaned back into the couch and enjoyed the show. Mary did love spanking naughty sluts and I loved to watch her do it.

“Oh, that hurt,” Dawn objected. “Daddy, help.”

“I’m sorry, Dawn,” her dad said evenly, “but you have been a bad girl, and I don’t know how to control you anymore.”

Mary reached under her chest, to her hanging tits, and pinched a nipple, hard, bringing a yelp from Dawn’s lips. “A good slut counts the spanking and says, ‘Thank you, Mistress.’ Understand, slut?”

“Y-yes,” Dawn stammered. “One, thank you, Mistress.”

Mary released her nipple. “Good.”

Smack! Dawn’s ass jiggled from the force of Mary’s spank. “Two, thank you, Mistress.”

I stroked April’s bushy, brown hair, as she gobbled my dick, my cock brushing the back of her throat. I grabbed April’s hair as Mary spanked Dawn again. “Three, thank you, Mistress.” I forced April’s head down and she didn’t fight me as I pushed my cock all the way into her mouth, down her tight throat. Smack! “Four, thank you, Mistress!”

The room was filled with stinging spanks, April’s sloppy blowjob, and Dawn’s count. Her father was staring at his daughter’s ass, at her shaved cunt peaking wetly between her thighs, a bulge growing in his pants. Mary saw it too, smiling naughtily.

Smack! “Eleven, thank you, Mistress.”

“You sure you don’t want to spank your daughter’s pert ass?” Mary asked, caressing Dawn’s red cheeks, her fingers dipping down to run through her shaved cunt. “God, she’s soaking wet. What a slut. She’s been practicing to be a sex slave all her life, hasn’t she. Dressing slutty, cock-teasing any poor man who saw her, dropping her panties to any half-way handsome guy that looked at her. Don’t you want to punish such a wanton daughter?”

“I…” her dad started to say and then he moved forward and grabbed his daughter’s arm and pulled her to her feet and dragged her over to the couch and bent her across the chair arm. He drew back his hand and smacked her hard on the ass.

“One,” she squeaked. “Thank you…daddy!”

Mary got up, walked over to me and pulled April’s mouth off my cock. “Thanks for getting him ready, slut,” Mary told the nerdy girl.

“You’re welcome, Mistress,” April smiled as Mary sank her wet cunt down on my hard dick.

As Mary rode my cock, we watched the father spank his daughter’s ass over and over. “Fucking whore!” he suddenly shouted. “You’re just like your cunt of a mother! She was a whore, too! And you grew up to be just like her!”

Spank. “Nine, thank you daddy!”

Mary’s cunt felt amazing on my dick as she rode me. I slipped a hand up her blouse and found her perky breast and played with her hard nipple. Mary squeezed her cunt appreciatively on my dick as I fondled her. I pulled up her blouse and found her dusky nipple, and sucked it into my mouth, playing with the hard nub.

Spank! “Thirteen, thank you daddy!”

“Fucking whore,” her dad moaned. “You were always dressing like a fucking slut!” Then he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants, pulling out his cock. “Not caring how your slutty clothes were affecting your poor father! Well, you’re a sex slave, now,” he muttered. “And sex slaves get fucked.”

Dawn gasped as her dad thrust his cock into her cunt, fucking her frantically fast. He pumped in her maybe ten times and then spewed his cum into his daughter’s teenage cunt. He pulled out, stumbling back, breathing hard. Mary was fucking me faster as we watched, her breath quickening as her orgasm approached.

Dawn walked over to her dad, who sank down into the chair, and sat on his lap. “I’m sorry, daddy, for being such a bad girl. I promise I’ll be the best sex slave, ever. I’ll make you proud, daddy.”

I spilled my seed into Mary as her cunt clenched on my cock, her body bucking atop me as her orgasm rolled through her. I let go of her hard nipple, and captured her lips in a kiss. Mary felt nice as she rested atop me, her lips soft and gentle as we kissed, before she rolled off me.

Father and daughter cuddled on the chair as Mary had April clean up her cunt. I pulled out my phone, searching for Damien’s teacher on His teacher was the third P. Corra I called and she was more than happy to be Damien’s sex slave. I asked her to send me a photo of herself, curious to see what Damien found so hot about his teacher.

A minute later she sent me a photo of her taken using her closet door mirror. She was in her early thirties, brown hair, dressed in a tight, black pencil skirt that showed off her curvy hips and ass, a low-cut blouse that her rather large tits almost seemed to be about ready to spill out of. Her face was beautiful, horn-rimmed glassed were perched on her cute nose, and beneath those frames were these big, pouty lips just made for cock sucking. She had a Mrs. Robinson vibe that must have every boy she taught jerking off into socks and Kleenexes thinking about her.

I called Mary’s older sister, Shannon, next. She lived in Milton with her boyfriend, George. Farther than I wanted to drive today. She answered the phone and I spoke to the two of them on speaker phone and gave them the same orders I gave Missy.

“If you guys want, I can get you a girl, like the ones at my house,” I told them.

“Really,” George eagerly asked. “One of your bang-maids.”

“Oh you horny devil,” Shannon giggled.

“What, you said we could have another threesome,” George pointed out.

“All right, George,” Shannon fondly said. “Mark’s…bang maids seemed quite happy.”

“Any requests?” i asked.

“Hot,” George said, then he laughed. “Stop tickling me Shannon.”

“Ooh, that’s all you want is hot,” Shannon chortled. “Nothing else? No blonde with giant tits? No petite, Asian schoolgirl that’s eighteen but looks ten?”

“Smoking hot, I guess. I don’t know,” George laughed. “I give up, you can pick sweetypie.”

“Your secretary,” Shannon answered.


“I’ve seen you panting after her,” Shannon answered. “I’ve seen how she bends over, showing off her ass to you. She’s been trying to seduce you for weeks. The little tramp.”

“I’d never cheat on you,” George promised.

“And you won’t, not if she’s our bang-maid,” Shannon declared. “And she can be your bang-secretary at work. Keep you from straying when I’m not around.”

George laughed. “How could I cheat on the best girlfriend in the world?”

George gave me Starla’s number and Starla was so happy to be their bang-maid. “I’ve had a crush on him for so long,” Starla confessed. “I’ll be the best sex-slave for them.”

When I hung up, I looked over at Dawn, who was still cuddling with her dad. “Dawn, go to Missy Sullivan’s house,” I ordered. “She’s you new, primary Mistress.”

“Okay,” Dawn said, getting off her father’s lap and bent down to grab her daisy dukes.

Mary slapped her ass. “Did Mark tell you to get dress, slut?”

“No, Mistress,” Dawn gasped and disappeared naked out the door, she didn’t even put shoes on.

We got in my Mustang, April in the back seat, and I drove us towards 512, our bodyguards following. We passed the naked Dawn, walking as quickly as she could on her bare feet towards Missy’s house, her red ass swaying a she walked.

I reached over and placed my hand on Mary’s thigh, stroking her silky skin. “You’re so beautiful, Mare,” I told her.

She gave me a sultry smile. “Do you want me to suck your cock, Mark?” I smiled and nodded. “It’s just too dangerous while you’re driving, Mark.”

“You’re so amazing, so perfect,” I told her, sliding my hand higher on her thigh. “I’m just so horny for you.” I stopped at a light, and bent over and nuzzled at her beautiful neck. “I just love you so much, Mare.”

“Fine,” she said. “But this is the last time.” She always said that it was the last time, but I always managed to convince her to do it again.

Mary bent over, unzipping my pants, fishing my hard cock out of my pants. Her mouth was wet as she sucked my cock. I turned onto 512, accelerating quickly as my fiancee swirled her tongue about my cock’s head.

“Damn, your mouth feels great, Mare!”I moaned.

Mary was cupping my balls, now, her deft fingers playing with my nuts. She started bobbing her head, sliding down my cock and then sucking as she slid up. I groaned, enjoying the suction on my cock’s head. Every time she went down, more and more of cock disappeared into her mouth. I was brushing her throat, and then I was sliding down her throat. Mary worked my entire cock into her mouth. Her throat was tight, and rubbed deliciously on my cock head.

When Mary got all my cock down her throat, she would slid up my shaft, flick at the head of my cock with her tongue, and then deepthroat me all over again. Over and over, bringing me close and close to flooding her sweet mouth with my cum.

“God, you’re the best, Mare!” I moaned, my balls tightening. “About to cum, Mare.”

She pulled up my cock until only me sensitive head was in her lips, swirling her tongue about it while she fisted my shaft. My balls tightened and then I was spewing into her mouth. She swallowed my entire load, squeezing my cock as she slowly stroked it to draw out the last of my cum.

Mary sat up, smiling, licking the little bit of cum that stained her lips. “Thanks, Mark. I missed that.”

“I thought you didn’t like blowing me when I drove?”

“I didn’t say I hated it,” Mary smiled, “Just that it’s not safe.”

Mary’s phone beeped and she pulled it out and smiled. She showed me the picture as I was stopped at a light. It was Dawn, licking Missy’s foot. “Thank’s for the slut! :-)” Missy captioned.

“I think you may have corrupted your sister,” I said with a smile.

“That’s an understatement,” Mary laughed wickedly.

The sluts were all waiting when we got home, dressed in their non-slutty clothes. “Master!” they happily squealed. Allison, her bubblegum-pink hair flowing behind her, was the first to reach me. She threw her arms around me and kissed on the lips.

Desiree, Allison’s fiancee, hugged me, next. Her nut-brown face was flush with excitement. “Welcome back mi Rey!”

All the sluts had to kiss me: strawberry-blonde Fiona, doll-faced Korina, Thamina in her headscarf, busty yet petite Xiu, sandy-blonde Noel, cinnamon-skinned Willow, Chasity in her cop outfit, Karen the former nun, teenage Violet, caramel-skinned Jessica, and goth Lillian.

“Sluts are supposed to be naked or in their slutty outfits in the house,” I scolded the sluts after they had their kisses.

“You said our ugly bodies should be covered,” Thamina said. “W-we were just following what you said, Master.”

“None of you have ugly bodies, so go change,” I told them. “I want to see all of your sexy flesh exposed, sluts!”

The happy sluts all scampered away and returned in a few minutes. Most were dressed as sexy maids with transparent tops that showed off their hard nipples, and short skirts that would reveal their asses if they bent over even a little bit. Thamina and Willow were in their sexy nurses outfits, sheer tops that revealed off their dark breasts and nipples, and short skirts. Jessica had a sexy, office lady outfit, extremely short business skirt, sheer blouse, and fishnet stockings. Noel and Chasity had on their sexy cop uniforms, short skirts, thigh-high, black boots and blouses half-unbuttoned that showed off their ample assets. Korina had her sling on, and nothing else. She got shot before she was able to get her maid outfit.

“I have a present for all my sluts,” I said, motioning to April and the Kay Jeweler bag she held. On the way home we stopped by to pick up the jewelry I ordered last week. It was ready yesterday, but I was just too busy fucking Antsy to pick it up. When we picked these up, I ordered one for April, so it would be a few days before she got hers. I pulled out the first box, opening it up. Inside was a gold choker. Lillian’s name, written with emeralds, adorned the front and underneath was engraved, “Mark and Mary’s slut forever.”

Lillian stepped up when I called her. Her black hair was streaked with blue and purple highlights, and tied in two pigtails. Her face was pale, with black lipstick and dark mascara. Her lip, eyebrow, and nose were pierced with delicate, gold rings. She was trembling when I clasped the choker tight about her pale throat.

Lillian fingered it. “Now everyone will know who I belong to,” she whispered, tears glistening at her eyes. “Thank you, Master. I’m so happy you came into my work and made me yours!” Lillian knelt down, rubbing her face against my hardening cock. My zipper rasped metallically, my boxers pushed down and Lillian had my cock out, her tongue happily licking at my cock.

Mary fished out the next box, opening it up. Inside was a silver choker with a sapphire name. “Noel,” Mary read.

Noel’s gray-blue eyes shone with happiness. Mary brushed aside her sandy-blonde hair as she put the choker around Noel’s neck and then kissed the FBI slut on the lips. “Thank you, Mistress.” Noel dropped to her knees, pushing up Mary’s skirt. Mary smiled, rubbing her hand through Noel’s sandy hair as the slut began licking at her cum-filled pussy.

Willow got a gold and ruby choker and joined Lillian on the floor. They both were servicing my cock, half-licking my dick and half-french kissing each other. Mary placed a silver and emerald choker about Xiu’s neck, and the Chinese slut knelt behind Mary and started rimming her ass.

I place a gold and amethyst choker about Violet’s throat. Willow had my cock in her sucking mouth, now, as Lillian kissed at the shaft. Violet walked over to April and took her hand. “So, you’re our new slut-sister?” Violet asked.

April nodded shyly.

“You’re so cute with these glasses,” Violet told her, stroking her face then the two teenage girls were kissing.

My balls were tightening from Lillian and Willow’s hard work on my cock. The little sluts were taking turns sucking my cock into their mouths, passing them back and forth. Violet was kneeling down and lifting up April’s skirt and pulled down the girls white panties.

“Umm, that’s good,” moaned April as Violet began to devour her cunt. Violet was a sweet girl.

Mary gave Allison a gold choker with her name written with diamonds and pulled the teen to her and kissed her on the mouth. I could tell by the way Mary’s body writhed that my filly was having a great orgasm on Noel and Xiu’s lips. I grit my teeth and came in Willow’s mouth. The slut released my cock and aimed it so the next blast caught Lillian in the face, then the final blast splashed on her own happy face.

“Thank you, Master,” Lillian purred and then started licking my cum off Willow’s cheek.

I placed a gold choker about Korina’s throat with her name written in opals on it. “How was the doctor’s appointment.” Korina had been shot last week when the nun attacked us. Yesterday, Korina had a checkup with her doctor, but I was too eager to fuck Antsy to check up on her when I got back home last night.

“I’ll get the sling off next week,” Korina answered. “And I have to go to physical therapy three times a week.”

I caressed her doll’s face. “I haven’t fucked you since you got hurt, have I?”

“No, Master,” Korina said, a smile on her beautiful, doll’s face. Her blue eye’s sparkled with lust.

“Do you feel up to it?”

“I do, Master,” she cooed. “Fiona’s been licking my pussy for a few days, but I need your cock in me, again. We just have to be careful.”

I sat down on on the recliner and Korina careful straddled my waist. Her large tits swayed, partially covered by her left arm in the sling. I could smell the musky, sweet smell of her arousal. She was smiling happily as her tight cunt slid down my cock. She was warm and wet and started rising up and down on my cock so achingly slow.

“Oh, Master! Your cock feels so good inside me,” Korina moaned. “Oh, thank you! Umm, I missed this so much!”

Mary continued passing out the chokers while Korina slowly rode me. She never went fast, and I could see her wince in pain as her arm would get jostled, but she persevered. Her cunt was tight and so very wet.

“You feel so good on my cock,” I moaned. “Wet and velvety tight!”

A smile played on her lips and she bent over and, careful not to jostle her arm, kissed me on the lips as she rode my cock. Her slow pace was amazingly sweet as her pussy walls rubbed velvety against my cock’s head. Every slow rise and fall of her cunt on my cock was bringing me closer and closer to cumming.

“Fuck, I’m going to flood your slutty cunt!” I grunted. “You ready for my cum?”

“Yes!” she shrieked, throwing her head back. Her hips started moving faster and faster, a flush creeping across her body. “Cum in me, Master! Use my body as your cum dump! Fill my naught cunt with your spunk!”

Her hips were moving faster and faster as her orgasm neared. She was no longer caring about the pain, she was too close to cumming to care. Her head was thrown back, her eyes squeezed shut and she let out a low, throaty moan as her cunt contracted on my cock. She slammed down on my cock, burying me all the way into her cunt. I squeezed her ass cheeks and gasped as I flooded her cunt.

“Ohh, thank you, master,” she murmured, kissing me gently.

Fiona was smiling as she watched Korina cum on my cock, a silver choker with her name written in yellow heliodors tight about her throat. She helped Korina off of me, kissed her tenderly, and led her over to the couch, sitting the doll-faced slut down. Fiona knelt on the floor, her strawberry-blonde hair spilling across Korina’s thighs as she began to lick my cum out Korina’s cunt. Fiona’s short, maid’s skirt had ridden up, exposing her curvy, freckled ass. I could see her brown, puckered asshole winking at me.

I looked around the living room. Mary was naked now, lying atop Chasity, tribbing with our cop slut. Chasity had a gold choker, her name written with rubies, around her throat. Desiree and Allison were sixty-nining. April was going down on Violet this time while Lillian was going down on Willow, my cum licked clean from both of their faces. Karen, a silver and amethyst choker about her neck, was making out with Jessica, a gold choker set with sapphires tight about her caramel throat. Thamina was pulling on Xiu’s nipple piercings as the two rubbed their cunts on each other’s thighs.

I knelt behind Fiona. My cock was lubed with Korina’s cunt so I slid easily into Fiona’s ass. Fiona moaned lustfully into Korina’s cunt as I began to fuck her ass. I smiled, looking around the room. I almost lost all of this. If Mary had not freed me from the nun’s spell, I would have been chained to one cunt for the rest of my life. There was one cunt I could be satisfied with for the rest of my life. I caught her green eyes as she rubbed her cunt against Chasity’s. Mary smiled at me. She was so beautiful. I could be happy only with her.

I needed to speak with Karen about this new nun, Theodora. About the golden thread that I saw touching Mary’s aura. But Fiona’s ass felt too good on my cock for me to be worried about that right now. There would be plenty of time later on tonight or tomorrow to talk with Karen.

“Ohh, fuck me Master!” Fiona moaned. “I love your cock up my slutty ass!”

I smiled, I was home, balls deep in a sluts ass.


“Master!” Jessica shouted, half in a panic, turning on the television.

I was cuddling with Mary on the couch. Scattered about the room were the sluts, napping and cuddling with each other. Everyone one of the sluts wanted to get fucked by me, and I came in at least one of their holes. It had been a wild few hours. I had April sit on my face while Violet rode my cock. Mary had put on her strap-on and we double-teamed busty Xiu. I fucked her ass while Mary fucked her cunt. Then Jessica was sucking on my cock, kneeling like a dog, while Mary pounded Jessica’s ass and Willow rimmed my ass.

“What?” I asked as she changed to channel five.

“I got a tip, KING 5’s about to run a story about you, Master,” Jessica answered. Jessica was a reporter for KIRO 7. I recruited her to keep tabs on the media. “It’s suppose to lead the eleven o’clock news.”

The credits for some NBC show raced across the screen. KING 5 was the local NBC affiliate for Seattle. Then the news music played and it cut to the anchors. “Good evening, I’m Larry Siemen,” the male anchor introduced.

“And I’m Natalie Kramer, bringing you Seattle’s best news. Tonight we are joined by investigative reporter, Carlos Guiterrez, for an explosive story about sex, bank robberies, and corruption in Pierce County.”

“Thank you, Natalie,” a middle-aged Hispanic said. “Nearly two weeks ago, in Puyallup, this man,” a surveillance photo of me at the Best Buy appeared in the upper right corner of the screen, “used some as yet unidentified gas causing the now famous Best Buy Incident. This same man reportedly robbed a Kay Jewelers the same day. He was seen with two women,” pictures of Mary and Allison appeared on the screen. “This same man appeared in Seattle a few days later, and held, by all accounts, a wild sex party in the Sky City Restaurant at the Space Needle and was briefly implicated in the disappearance of Violet Matheson.”

“Wow,” the female anchor interjected. “And do we know who this man is?”

“Authorities do,” Carlos said. “His name is Mark Glassner. Last week, he robbed several banks in Pierce County, using his gas to make the branch mangers open the safes while he sexually assaulted several female bank tellers.”

“Mark Glassner, isn’t that the guy who the FBI raided last Thursday morning?” the male anchor interjected. “I believe the FBI spokesman said they were mistaken, that Mark Glassner wasn’t the person responsible for these crimes.”

“You are referring to Special Agent Kip Peterson,” Carlos nodded. “He famously gave that interview to Jessica St. Pierre from KIRO 7 news.”

A clip played from the interview. “Mark Glassner is an innocent man,” Peterson said. “It was all my fault. I was too eager to make an arrest in the case, I didn’t use good judgment and our raid has terrorized an innocent man and his family.” I smiled, remembering how I made Agent Peterson give that embarrassing interview. The clip ended, cutting back to the news desk.

“I have documents here,” Carlos said, holding up some papers, “from a source in the Justice Department that show Agent Peterson is being investigated by the Office of Professional Responsibility, the FBI’s Internal Affairs. He’s being investigated for corruption and incompetence. The FBI had concrete evidence on Mr. Glassner, yet Peterson, after raiding Mr. Glassner’s house, claimed he was innocent.”

“The FBI thinks their Agent was bribed by Mr. Glassner?” the female reporter asked in astonishment.

“Yes,” Carlos answered. “Mr. Glassner has stolen over forty million dollars.”

“Wow, that is unbelievable,” the male anchor said.

“Today, I received a series of surveillance photos from the home owner,” Carlos said. “The house the FBI raided is owned by Brandon Fitzsimmons, who claims his wife is living with Mr. Glassner. Mr. Fitzsimmons had hired a private investigator to watch the house and the P.I. caught the entire raid on film.”

A video played, showing the backyard and left side of our house. A little of the front yard could also be seen and the cul-de-sac in front of the house. You could just make out police cars and swat vans parked before our house in the gray, pre-dawn light.

“Son of a bitch,” I muttered.

“Master, that had to be taken from one of the houses on Shaw Road,” Noel said in alarm.

“Figure out which,” I ordered, anger burning inside me. Chasity and Noel headed for the back of the house.

“The interesting part came after the Pierce County Sheriff Department’s SWAT officers raided the house on the FBI’s behalf,” Carlos continued.

Photos appeared, close up of various windows on the rear and side of the house. You could see SWAT officers in various states of undressed fucking our sluts, blurred to hide any nudity. Fuck, the sluts had all gotten horny that morning and saw Mary fucking two SWAT officers. The sluts asked if they could play with the handsome officers, and I didn’t seem any harm in letting the boys in blue get laid.

“What am I watching here?” the female reporter asked, stunned.

“In the surveillance photo’s we’ve received there are upwards of a dozen women living in the house,” Carlos answered. “They appear in various states of undress, and they appear to be giving sexual favors to the SWAT officers as some sort of bribes.”

“This is just astounding,” the male reported stated. “To think an entire unit of SWAT officers, and an FBI agent would engage in this sort of behavior. It’s just disappointing.”

“Two FBI agents,” Carlos corrected. A picture of Noel appeared on the screen. “Special Agent Noel was also on the raid, and has appeared in many of the surveillance photos of the house in various states of undress, engaging in sex acts, along with Jessica St. Pierre, the KIRO 7 reporter who Agent Peterson gave his original interview to.” A picture of Chasity appeared on the screen. “This is Officer Chasity Vinter of the Puyallup Police Department, also seen in surveillance tapes participating in sex acts. There have been reports of unusual activity around the Shaw Road vicinity of Puyallup for the last week, and these reports have fallen on the deaf ears of the Puyallup Police Department.”

Chasity and Noel returned. “Master, we think we know which house is surveilling us.”

“Take all the guards and raid that house!” I barked. “Bring me whomever or whatever you find!”

I grabbed my phone, and looked up Sheriff Erkhart’s phone number. “Erkhart,” the Pierce County Sheriff answered.

“Have you seen the news report on channel 5?” I demanded angrily.

“Yeah, just caught the end of it. This is bad, Mr. Glassner.”

“Put out an APB on Brandon Fitzsimmons,” I growled. “I let him have his independence and this is how he repays me! I want him found and dragged before me!”

“I’m on it, sir,” the Sheriff answered and I hung up.

“He’s been watching us, Mark,” Mary grimaced angrily. “You can see our bedroom on these photos.”

“Brandon’s going to regret this,” I told her. “Fuck, we’re going to have to do a lot of damage control.” I squeezed my fists. “When I get my fucking hands on him, he’s going to howl!”


“When are you coming home, Doug?” my wife asked me as we spoke on the phone.

“I don’t know, Tina,” I answered, tiredly. I was standing in one of the second floor bedroom of the house Mr. Fitzsimmons rented so I could watch Mark Glassner. I was checking all the cameras and the laser-mikes I had pointed at various windows of the house I was surveilling. I was about to turn in for the night and wanted to make sure everything was working. “The check cashed, right?”

“Yeah, honey,” Tina answered. “Its…quite a lot. This isn’t anything…you know.”

“No, I’m just surveilling him, Tina.” There was a pause. She was chewing on her lip, I realized. Tina always worried her lower lip when she was nervous. “What is it honey?”

There was some movement outside, on the street, and I frowned, missing what my wife said. Mark had a group of women that dressed like slutty cops. Maybe they were cops, their equipment looked real, and there were a dozen cop cars parked on the street. But, no cop wore uniforms like those. They looked like sexy cop outfits you’d get at a porno shop. His ‘cops’ were pouring out of their houses, heading for their cars. What was going on?

“Are you there, Doug?” my wife said, loudly.

“Oh, sorry, Tina, something’s going on at the place I’m surveilling.” I grabbed a pair of binoculars, tying to figure out what was happening.

“You’re safe right. This Mark guy your watching, he was just on the news.”

I frowned, watching as Mark’s cops were piling into their cars. What was going on. “What’s this about the news, honey?” The lights on a half-dozen cop cars turned on, flooding the night with strobing red and blue lights, and the cop cars started peeling down the street towards Shaw Road.

“They had pictures from your surveillance on the news,” Tina said. “This guy sounds dangerous, are you sure…”

My stomach sank, adrenaline pumped icily through my veins. “Shit, I got to go, Tina.”

I hung up my cell phone, shoving it into my pocket and grabbed my laptop, ripping out cable connecting my laptop to the USB hub all my surveillance equipment was hooked into and ran for the stairs. Oh, shit, oh shit, my heart was hammering in my chest. Fuck! What the fuck did you do, Brandon? Tires squealed outside and police lights were flashing through the front windows, as I thudded down the stairs.

Shit, front was no good. I reached the bottom of the stairs, turned to race for the dining room and the glass sliding door that led to the backyard. Behind me, the front door splintered in and I could hear booted feet pounding into the house, shouting, “Police!” I ran down the hallway for the dining room. I knew my exit routes. There was a pile of wood against the fence, I could be over it and into the neighbors yard. My own car was parked a few houses down the street. I just needed to be quick and I could get away.

I reached the dining room, the sliding glass door in sight. I was going to make it. And then my hopes were dashed away as I saw the two cops rounding the house and reached the sliding glass door, their guns drawn. Fuck, I was trapped. I turned to face the cops pouring in the front door. God damn fucking Brandon Fitzsimmons!

“Police!” the lead cop shouted, a blonde with a gold choker about her throat, a bulletproof vest over her trampy cop outfit, and her gun leveled at me. “Hand’s on your head! Do it now!”

I set my laptop down, slowly, and put my hands on top of my head and knelt down. Another cop walked up, grasped my wrist and handcuffed me. Anger boiled inside me as fear pumped through my veins. What the fuck have you gotten me mixed up in, Brandon? Fear coiled about my heart. These weren’t real cops, anymore. Tina’s face floated up before me, the way her smile transformed her chubby, plain face beautiful.

Please, god, I prayed, let me see my wife again! Please!”

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 25.

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The Devil’s Pact Update – 11-29-13

Hey everyone

For this in America, I hope you had a happy thanksgiving yesterday.

I hope to have Chapter 24: Homecomings up tomorrow. It wraps up the second arc and sets start the events of the third arc. After I got home from thanksgiving dinner I wrote up a short, side story. It follows Bill and Erin Connar from the Best Buy orgy in Chapter 3. It’s part of series of side stories following the various people caught up in the orgy and how it affected their lives. I’m calling this series ‘The Devil’s Pact Tales from the Best Buy Incident’. Bill and Erin’s part is called Practicing Cuckoldry.

I planning on starting Chapter 25 today.

I saw Catching Fire, if you’re a fan of the books, you’ll love the movie. It hit all the important plot points, the characters were spot on. Really enjoyed the actress playing Joanna. She hit the unstable crazy that is Joanna. Shame it was PG-13 because I would have loved to see her naked body when she stripped in the elevator scene.

Well, I got to go to work, have a great weekend everyone,


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The Devil’s Pact Side-Story: The Naked Jogging Club



The Devil’s Pact

Side-Story: The Naked Jogging Club

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2013

Story Codes: Male/Female, Male/Females, Male/Female/Teen female, Male/Teen female, Female/Female, Female/Teen female, Females/Teen female, Mind Control, Anal, Rimming, Ass to Mouth, Oral, Wife, Incest, Exhibitionism, Creampie, Orgy, Cheating

For a list of all the Devil’s Pact Chapters and other stories click here

Comments are very welcome. I would like all criticism, positive and negative, so long as its
constructive, and feedback is very appreciated.

Day One, Monday, June 10, 2013


Notes: Takes place during Chapter 10.

It was six AM when I slipped out of the house for my morning jog, alone. My husband was still asleep, snoring like a lumberjack sawing wood. I wish Stan would join me, I would bug him to go jogging, to stay in shape, and he would, for a few days. And then his excuse would crop up. “I didn’t get a good night sleep,” Stan would say. Or, “Sorry, Ana, my knee’s hurting.” And for a few weeks I would drop the subject, and then start nagging him all over again and we’d start the cycle all over. It wasn’t fair. Stan expect me to keep in good shape, the least he could do was return the favor.

Age was starting to catch up to Stan. He just turned thirty-one, and his metabolism was losing the war against the junk food I know he eats at work. He didn’t get any junk food at home, only all natural, organic food was allowed in the house, but I knew he was cheating on my wholesome cooking with junk food behind my back. He lied, but Stan was such a bad liar I could see right through him. Particularly, when his lips tasted of Cheetos.

Well, it was better that he cheated on me with food than with one of those hussies at his work.

Which is why I was out jogging in my pink, Lycra tanktop and my black leggings. My Babushka always told me, “My little kotyonok, men are dogs, always sniffing at asses. So make sure your ass is better than any woman around your husband. Then, he will never stray.” My mom would always frown at my Babushka, but me and my cousins would just giggle at her earthy wisdom. And my ass looked very nice in my tight leggings I was proud to say.

My earbuds in, and my iPod loaded with Taylor Swift and Sharon Crow, Beyonce and Rihanna, I jogged down Mountain View Court, the street our house was on, out onto Shaw Road, and turned left. From here I would jog up to 39th Avenue, cross Shaw Road and jog down to Pierce College. I would circle the campus and head for home.

The sun was rising beautifully over Mount Rainier as I made my return, jogging on 39th Avenue as I approached Shaw Road. I reached the intersection, hitting the crosswalk button and waited for the light to change. I could hear cars honking as they drove by over the soulful dulcet of Rihanna’s Unfaithful. The light turned green and got halfway across the road when I saw what they were honking at.

I froze in the middle of Shaw Road. I couldn’t be seeing that?

There, jogging down Shaw Road was a naked man.

He was about my age, late twenties, a little overweight, his fat jiggling as he jogged, and there, flopping between his legs, was a half-hard cock and a pair of balls. Bouncing up and down, side to side, like the trunk of an elephant. There was a naked man jogging down the road, I thought in disbelief. What is going on? I caught a hungry look in his blue eyes as he grew closer and closer. He was staring at me, his eyes running up and down my body. Fear shivered through me, ice water filled my veins.

What do I do? Panic gripped my mind. What do you do when a man is jogging naked at you? I reached for my phone, patting the non-existent pockets of my legging. Panic shivered across my skin, my hairs standing up. I didn’t have my phone. My jogging outfit was too tight for a phone. And it was such a nice neighborhood, I never felt in danger jogging. Until now. Idiot!

He was closer, reaching the light. A car honked. The light had turned red while I stood frozen in the crosswalk, holding up traffic. He was getting closer and closer, reaching the crosswalk, his blue eyes fixed on me. Oh God, what do I do? He started crossing the road, maybe ten feet away. My feet started moving on their own as I saw his mouth open, yelling something. I couldn’t hear what he said over the pulsing beat of Rihanna.

I had to get away. My black hair whipping behind me as I ran.

I glanced back and he was chasing after me, crossing Shaw Road, his cock bouncing about. Oh God, it was harder, poking straight at me, straight at my sex. He was getting excited. I could see his mouth opening, he was yelling something at me, but I still couldn’t hear him over my iPod, over Rihanna. My heart pounded, adrenaline was coursing through my body as I stretched out my legs and really started to run.

The song ended.

“Stop!” A single word, barely heard, in the brief silence between songs.

And I stopped, nearly falling over from my sudden halt, the rubber soles of my shoes squeaking as they slid on the sidewalk. What the hell? Don’t stop, stupid legs! Move! Get Moving! I glanced behind me and he was closer, breathing hard, his fleshy body flushed with exertion. His cock was hard, the head red and angry, rising out out of a forest of brown hair. More hair covered his flabby chest and stomach. Lust shined in his blue eyes. Run! Oh, please legs! Run! My heart was hammering in my chest. He was going to hurt me, rape me! God, he was going to rape me!

I screamed as loud as I could, “Help! Rape!”

The naked man was so close now, walking the last few feet with a confident swagger. He reached out and pulled out my earbuds. “Damn iPods,” he muttered, breathing heavily. “What’s your…name?” Then grabbed his knees, struggling to catch his breath. Sweat gleamed on his naked body, and I could smell his exertion.

“Anastasia Milburn,” I answered. God, his voice was so intense. It seemed to reach into me, touching my soul. How could I resist such a voice. You couldn’t. The voice just had to be obeyed.

“Well, Anastasia, I’m Mark and I’m the founder of the Naked Jogging Club.” His blue eyes roamed my body, a leer on his face. He stretched his back, arms on his side and drew in a deep breath, his cock thrusting obscenely out at me, hard and angry. Oh, please don’t rape me! “And you are the perfect candidate to be the first recruit. So, from now on, you’re part of my club, okay.”

“Sure,” I said. How could I say no to the man. Relief flooded through me. He didn’t want to rape me, he just wanted me to join his club. Then I realized what I agreed to and flushed. “Does that mean I have to…” I couldn’t bring myself to say it.

His grin broadened, became almost like a boys. “Yep. So start stripping.”

Before I even realized it, I was peeling my Lycra top off, exposing my white sports bra. Mark grabbed my top, freeing me to reach behind my back and find the clasps to my sports bra. I fumbled with the clasp, feeling nervous about exposing myself. Cars were driving by us, honking their horns, yelling obscene things. My breasts were free and to my horror, my nipples were hard as rocks. I moved to cover my small breasts, 32Bs, but Mark grabbed my arm.

“Hmm, those are some nice tits,” he murmured, reaching out to touch me. I flinched away. “You want me to touch you,” his words vibrated in my soul. “You want me to fuck you. You’re getting wet just thinking about it. So, just let me do what I want to you. You want to be my jogging slut, right Anastasia?”

I could feel my panties getting damp with desire. I glanced down at his hard cock. Imaging how it would feel pushing into my cunt, filling me up. What’s wrong with you, Ana. You’re married. You shouldn’t be thinking that, hoping for it. But God, it would feel amazing. He looked a little bigger than Stan. I knelt down, telling myself it was just to untie my shoes so I could get my leggings off. It was just a coincidence that I was getting a good eyeful of his cock and balls.

Up close, his cock was big and powerful, twitching with his heartbeat. I don’t know why I had been so scared of you, I thought. His cock will feel amazing as he thrust it inside me. There was a drop of clear liquid beading at the tiny slit at the crown of his dick. I licked my lips, part of me wanting to stick out my tongue and taste Mark’s pre-cum, to suck his dick into my mouth and bob my head. Get a grip, Ana, you’re on a busy street. I finished untying my shoes and stood up.

I peeled off my tight leggings and my powder blue panties in one motion, exposing my naked body to the entire world. I bent down, making sure Mark could see my ass and pussy and my bush getting matted with my excitement. I wanted Mark’s cock, God help me. I wanted it so bad. I wouldn’t object if he took me right here.

“Your pussy hair’s blonde,” Mark blinked. “You dye your hair black?”

I nodded. “I don’t like being blonde,” I said. “Everyone thinks you’re a bimbo.”

Mark laughed. “So many women would kill to be blonde and you go and dye your hair.”

I smiled, pulling on my shoes.

“All right,” Mark said, staring lustfully at me as I retied my jogging shoes. “Head home, and I’ll follow. I want to stare at the ass. It’s so nice and tight.”

I could feel his hungry eyes the entire jog back to my house. I put a roll to my ass, as sexy a sway as I could manage while jogging. My small breasts bounced uncomfortably and I missed wearing the sports bra clutched in my right hand. But Mark wanted me naked, and there was a certain freedom in showing my assets, especially my tight ass, off to the world.

My Babushka was right, men loved sniffing at another woman’s ass. “Men will come sniffing at your ass, my little kotyonok, and that can be much fun.” There had been such a wicked smile on her wrinkled, old face when she told my cousin’s and I that and we all tittered at her naughty intimation. Well, Stan, you didn’t want to come jogging, and now another man’s come sniffing at my ass. And I was going to have some fun, I thought with a wicked smile.

Soon, I reveled in every car honking, every lewd shout. All these people were just jealous that they didn’t have the courage to be as free as us. My elation faded, however, when the flashing lights of a cop car pulled up and a stern looking man got out of the car. Oh no, what would Stan think when he found out his wife was jogging naked. With a strange man. I couldn’t go to jail.

“Hi, I’m Mark Glassner,” Mark shouted at the cop, “whatever I do is legal! If anyone says, ‘I’m Mary Sullivan.’ or ‘I serve Mark Glassner’ do what they say.”

“Yes, sir,” the cop saluted and got back in his car and drove off.

Mark had a grin on his face and he smacked my ass. “Keep jogging, slut,” he barked at me, “I want to fuck that cunt.” His words shivered through my body, I was his slut. I was Stan’s wife, but I was Mark’s slut.

“I can’t wait to feel your cock inside me,” I heard myself husk back. I was such a slut.

The thrill, the excitement, pushed me to jog faster. Mark was struggling to keep up, as excited as I was. I was his motivation, I realized. He needed my ass, the promise of my cunt, to keep him going. He looked fairly new to jogging, he was definitely out of shape. I was honored to be his motivation and I flashed him inviting smiles as I ran, shaking my pretty ass, urging him to keep up, to claim his reward.

We reached my house. “I live just across the street,” Mark said, pointing.

“Oh, isn’t that the Fitzsimmons house?”

“I took Brandon’s house from him, but kept his wife,” he said. “She’s a great fuck.”

“Is Desiree one of your sluts?” I asked. Like me, I wanted to add but just didn’t have the courage.

“Yeah,” he grinned. “One of my many sluts.” He groped my ass. “No, let’s get inside your house so I can get inside your cunt.”

I opened the door and he grabbed me, pulling my body against his and kissing me on the lips. His mouth forcefully captured mine, sticking his tongue past my lips. His hard cock pressed into my stomach, my hard nipples pressed against his hairy chest, being tickled by his curly hair. His hands squeezed my ass, kneading my cheeks. My husband was upstairs, asleep, and I was making out with another man, naked. A naughty shiver ran up my spine.

Mark broke the kiss and I squirmed out of his grasp, backing out of the doorway, dropping my clothes on the floor. He stalked after me and it was so thrilling. He was chasing me all over again, just like when he chased me down the road. I fled into the kitchen, but I wasn’t fast enough and he caught me, pushing me against the island counter in the center of the kitchen, bending me over it, his hand stroking my ass.

Upstairs, I could hear my husband walking about. Fear spiked in me. There was a gurgling sound as he started the shower and water moved through the pipes. “No, my husband’s awake early,” I gasped. “You’ll have to go.”

“Fuck that,” Mark growled and then he was inside me and I was moaning as the pleasure filled my body. His cock felt amazing, better than I could imagine.

Fear and lust battled within me. Oh god, it was so amazing. Stan was upstairs, showering, probably whistling some stupid show tune, while I was down here, his loving wife, getting fucked hard by the man who made me his slut. Mark was fucking me powerfully, not caring that my husband might finish his shower and walk downstairs any minute and catch him. Not caring that Stan might hear the slap of flesh, our sighs and moans, and come downstairs to investigate.

“Fuck,” I gasped, “oh fuck this is so wrong!”

“That’s what makes it feel so good, slut,” Mark growled and fucked me harder and harder.

His balls were slapping against my clit, building my pleasure more and more as his cock felt so amazing inside my cunt. “Yes, yes, fuck me!” I hissed. “Oh, fuck you’re a naughty, little slut!”

The island creaked from the force of Mark’s thrusts, the cabinet doors rattled as my knees were knocking into them. God, I felt so good, so naughty! I loved my Stan, but Mark was making me feel so fucking alive! I knew this wouldn’t be the last time I let Mark fuck me. My orgasm was building and building, every thrust of his cock, every slap of his balls on my clit, brought me closer and closer.

The shower upstairs shut off. “Oh no,” I gasped as fear surged through me. Stan couldn’t see this, it would break his heart. “You have to hurry!”

I could hear Stan moving around upstairs. He would be getting dressed, then coming downstairs for his coffee. I had started the pot before I left for my jog. I glanced at the coffee pot, imagining my husband walking in, making it halfway to the coffee pot in his half-awake daze and then realizing that his wife was getting her cheating cunt pounded on by a strange man. This was so fucking wrong! I slammed my hips back against Mark and let out a stifled moan as my orgasm exploded throughout my body.

“Yes, yes!” I gasped. “Oh, fuck, please hurry, Mark!”

The bedroom door closed. Oh, no he was coming! Mark slammed into me once, twice. The footsteps were nearing the stairs. Then Mark was cumming inside me, his hot cum flooding my slutty cunt. The stairs creaked and I moaned as Mark yanked his cock out of me and. There was a huge grin on Mark’s face, and then he turned and raced for the front door.

“Tomorrow, my house, be naked!” he shouted as he reached the door.

“Yes,” I happily answered.

Mark opened the door and slammed it. “Honey, you back,” my husband called, hearing the door close.

I was right behind Mark, pulling on my leggings over my shoes then grabbing my top, pulling it over my breasts and turned around as my husband walked up, looking half-awake in his sweat pants, his hair damp from his shower. I could feel Mark’s cum leaking into the fabric of my leggings, soaking the spandex material as my husband bent down and kissed me on the lips.

“Have a nice jog, Ana?” he asked as he walked by. I sighed in relief, he didn’t notice my underwear on the floor or smell the semen leaking out of my cunt. Stan wasn’t alive in the morning before his second cup of coffee, thank God.

“Yeah, it was quite thrilling!” I said with a smile. “I’m going to take a shower, I’m all sweaty.”

“Okay, Ana,” he said. I could hear him pouring a cup of coffee. I grabbed my underwear and raced upstairs to wash the evidence of my adultery off my body.

Day Two, Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Notes: Takes place during Chapter 13.

I wondered how Louise was doing as I jogged out of my driveway.

On Sunday, I had found the poor girl sitting in her car watching my next-door neighbor’s house. Louise had said her husband, some cad named Mark, was shacking up with Desiree Fitzsimmons, my neighbor. Desiree was Brandon’s second wife. The hussy clearly didn’t marry Brandon for his looks. And now she had another guy shacked up with her.

So I invited Louise to stay in my house, I felt so bad for the poor dear, and when I got home from work yesterday, she was gone. There was some commotion at the Fitzsimmons house last night. The police and ambulances showed up and when I woke up this morning, the news reported that Louise had tried to kill Mark last night. The poor, sweet dear. It would be just like a man to get a woman so riled up she’d try and kill him.

I knew what that was like when I caught my Albert in bed with his secretary, and was itchin’ to kill the both of ’em. But, I was a good Christian woman, so I kicked him and his hussy’s ass out of my house and slapped him with divorce papers. Last I heard, he had knocked the stupid bimbo up and they were making each other miserable.

I reached the end of my street and turned onto Shaw and stopped in surprise. There was a naked man and woman not ten feet in front of me. “St. Peter’s ghost,” I gasped. It was Mark, that disgusting hound dog that drove poor Louise to her wits-end, and…Anastasia from across the street. Poor Stan. He was such a nice guy, shame his wife was some sort streakin’ hussy.

“Stop,” Mark said and I froze. His words seemed to reach right inside me and froze my legs in place. “Hi, aren’t you a pretty one.”

“Hi Madeleine,” Anastasia said. “She lives next door to you, Mark.”

“Do you think she should join our club?” Mark asked her.

“Oh, definitely,” Anastasia said and hugged me, rubbing her naked body against me. “It’s great, Madeleine. You get to jog naked. And afterwards, Mark fucks you with his cock.”

“What kind of back alley tramp do you take me for, sugar?” I demanded angrily. My eyes flickered down to his hard cock pointing at me. “I am a God-fearing, good Christian woman. Not some sort of…of jogging floozy.”

“The kind that wants to join my club,” Mark said, a boyish grin on his face. “You want to, don’t you. You can’t wait to strip off your clothes and enjoy the freedom of running naked. Your pussy’s getting wetter and wetter just thinking about my cock filling your cunt, fucking you until you have a mind-numbing orgasm.”

I could feel my cooter moistening. It was like a levy broke and flooded the gusset of my panties. Oh God, I was suddenly as randy as a goat. “I would like to join your club,” I muttered. Why did I say that. It was his voice, so deep and powerful that it resonated within me. My eyes again were drawn to his hard cock. What would it feel like inside me, filling me up.

“What’s the magic word?” Mark asked with a smirk.

He wanted me to beg. I wicked thrill went though my body and I felt as wanton as a cheerleader after homecoming. “Please, sugar,” I husked, “let me join your club. Pretty please.”

“Since you asked so nicely with that delightful Southern drawl of yours,” Mark said. “Welcome to club.”

Well, I guess I better start stripping. I felt as slatternly as an Old Miss sorority girl at a frat party as I pulled of my tanktop. My face burning, as I released the clasp on my sports bra, exposing my tits. They were still a great pair, I thought, maybe not as perky as they were when I was eighteen, but still were quite fetching. A car honked as it drove by and I saw pink flushing Anastasia’s face. I guess she wasn’t as nonchalant about about being naked as she pretended.

Mark smacked my ass, giving my plump cheeks a squeeze. The older I got, the harder it was to keep my ass as tight as a teenagers. My breasts bounced about as I jogged, up and down, uncomfortably so. Anastasia jogged next to me, and I kept glancing at her small, perkier breasts as they bounced. There was something almost hypnotic about a woman’s breasts bouncing up and down.

“Are you a budding dyke?” Mark asked me. He was behind us, staring at our asses to motivate him to keep jogging.

“I’m no rug muncher, sugar,” I answered, flushing at getting caught staring at another woman’s tits.

“Your mouth is just salivating to munch of Anastasia’s rug, slut,” Mark said and I found myself licking my lips, my eyes wandering down to Anastasia’s rug and I realized she was a natural blonde. Why would she dye her hair black, her pubic hair looked as soft and yellow as cornsilk. I wondered what she tasted like. I remember tasting my own honey when I was a teenager and first discovered ticklin’ my cooter.

My honey was leaking down my legs by the time we reached my house, my curly pubes must be positively matted with my desire. I jogged up to my door, my cheeks red. Anyone of my neighbors could see just how wanton I had suddenly become if they looked out their windows. My keys were in my shorts pocket and I was fumbling through the bundle of clothes I clutched in my hand when Mark pressed up behind me, his cock hard on my ass.

“Hmm, I can’t wait any longer to feel your cunt on my cock,” Mark growled in my ear.

“Out here, Mark?” Anastasia nervously asked, glancing across the street to her house. “What if my husband sees me.”

“You said he doesn’t usually wake up until eight,” Mark told her, I could feel his cock between my legs, brushing against the lips of my wet cootch. “Plenty of time,” he moaned as his dick pushed up inside me. I moaned, he felt so wonderful inside me as he took me right there on his porch, like a bull mounting his heifer.

“He woke up early yesterday,” Anastasia pleaded. “We almost got caught.”

Mark was slowly fucking me and he pulled Anastasia mouth to his and kissed her. “You want to be a good wife and spare your husband pain, right?”

Anastasia nodded. She gasped as Mark’s hand cupped her crotch and began ticklin’ her cooter. “Yes, I love him. I don’t want him to know about…us.”

“Well, you’re my slut,” Mark said forcefully, fucking me a little harder. “And my sluts get fucked whenever and wherever I want them to.”

“Okay,” Anastasia nodded. Then her face transformed into such wantonness, and she moaned, “Umm, your finger feels good inside me.”

“Maybe your husband is watching right now,” Mark whispered. “Watching you from a window. How do you think he’d feel, knowing his wife is being such a slut for me.”

“Don’t say that,” Anastasia pleaded. “He’d hate me.”

Mark was fucking me faster, my breasts were rubbing against the painted wood of my door. Every thrust of his dick felt better than the last, rubbing wickedly against my sensitive walls. I heard my self yowling like a cat in heat getting mounted by a tomcat. I started pushing back with my hips as the pleasure grew stronger and stronger inside me.

“Maybe he’ll pull his little dick out and jerk it, wishing he could make you into his slut,” Mark moaned as he pounded my cooter. “Wishing he had the stones to make you his bitch! All while he’s envying me for making you so such a wanton slut!”

“Yes, yes!” Anastasia moaned, her tits heaving as an orgasm trembled through her body. “Oh, my Stan! Make me your slut!”

Mark pulled his fingers out of her cunt and licked her juices off his finger. “When we finish here, why don’t you go to your husband and see if he’s man enough to make a slut out of you.”

A smile broadened Anastasia face. “I will, Mark.”

Mark was really pounding my cooter, every plunge of his cock made my nipples rub roughly against the door, adding spice to the orgasm cooking in my womb. Anastasia’s panting face was so close to mine, her lips red and enticing. I felt so wicked, so wanton. I leaned over and captured her lips in a kiss. It was my first time kissing a woman, and her lips were so soft, so gentle as she kissed me back.

“You cunt feels great,” Mark groaned into my ear. “Do you want me to cum in your cunt? I bet you do. I bet you want nothing more than my cum flooding your juicy cunt!”

Oh god, I wasn’t on the pill. I didn’t have my diaphragm in. But God did I want his seed inside me, even if he might get pregnant. I was so hot for it. I broke the kiss, and wantonly husked “Yes, please, fill my cooter up, fill up my cunt! It’s as eager as a beaver gnawing on a log for your seed, Mark!” My admission triggered my orgasm and I moaned my pleasure for all the neighborhood to hear.

I could feel Mark’s cum flooding my cooter, flooding my fertile womb. His sperm could be swimming up to my womb, to where a fertile little egg waited to be penetrated. “Take my cum, slut!” Mark groaned, slamming his cock into me again, and again, and one last, hard thrust before he pressed up against my back, breathing hard.

As we stumbled into my house, Anastasia grabbed me and lead me to my couch. She pushed me down, knelt and spread my thighs and began eating the creamy mess Mark left inside me. Her tongue felt amazing on my labia. My husband would never dream of going down on me, and none of my past boyfriends would either. Getting your rug munched felt so amazing. Anastasia’s tongue explored all over my cooter, sucking on my lips, nibbling on hard little pearl, and spreading me wide open and digging her tongue deep inside me.

Mark was kneeing behind Anastasia, lining up his cock at her eager cooter. Anastasia moaned into my cootch as Mark slid inside her. Soon there would be a creamy mess in Anastasia’s rug for me to clean up, and I couldn’t wait to return the favor.

Day Three, Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Notes: Takes place during Chapter 15.

“Come on, mom,” Cassie cajoled, jogging backwards. The girl had too much energy and fifteen years on me.

Cassie was almost a spitting image of me at fifteen. We had the same, beautiful shade of honey-brown hair; Cassie was still long and tied back in a ponytail with a pink scrunchy, while mine was shorter, in an easier to manage haircut. Cassie had my dainty nose, my pouty lips, and my delicate cheekbones. She had her father’s hazel eyes, and her build was slim and lithe, just like my mother-in-laws. She didn’t get her mother’s curves, that’s for sure. I often caught her envious stares at me D Cups and she would whine about how small her breasts were.

“C’mon slowpoke,” Cassie said with a mischievous smile.

“Slowpoke,” I said in mock outrage. “Is that anyway to address your mother! I ought to tan your backside!”

“You’d have to catch me first, mom,” Cassie said and turned back around and sprinted away.

Even after sixth months of jogging with Cassie, I didn’t have anywhere close to her endurance. When I decided I needed to get in better shape, Cassie volunteered to keep my company while I jogged. Truthfully, I would have quit ages ago if Cassie didn’t seem to look so forward to our morning jogs. I had finally found a way to hang out with my babygirl again, and it was worth all the sweat and pain of jogging. Besides, my efforts had started to pay off. I’ve lost thirty pounds, most of it off my ass and stomach, and I was feeling sexy again. And Oscar, my husband, was enjoying the results almost nightly, now.

“Belinda, your ass is looking as great as it did when you were twenty,” Oscar told me just last night, when he came up and rubbed my ass through my nightie. “As beautiful as the night we made Cassie.”

We were pretty sure I got knocked up on our honeymoon, or maybe right before the wedding. Cassie was earlier than we planned, apparently the pill isn’t one hundred percent. Our first few years of marriage were a little rocky, and money was very tight until Oscar got a few promotions under his belt. And now, I wouldn’t have had it happened any other way. Cassie was growing up to be such a fine young lady.

We reached the light at 39th Avenue and Shaw Road and waited for the light to turn green.

“Mom?” Cassie said, tugging at my shirt sleeve. There was a panic, urgent tone to her voice.

Cassie was looking across Shaw Road where three people were jogging naked. I blinked in surprise. There were two women, one was a black-haired woman in her late twenties and the other was a brunette in her early thirties, who was maybe a year or two younger then myself. Behind them was a naked man, his cock obscenely hard, bouncing about in front of him as he jogged. They were just reaching the crosswalk across Shaw Road from us.

“Mom, their naked!” Cassie gasped in a strangled tone, then looked down at the ground, her face flushing.

Cassie flushed like a girl who’d never seen a cock before. She always claimed she was a virgin, and I never questioned her claim. When I was her age, I already had lost my cherry and had a pregnancy scare. The condom had broken and for two weeks I was in a panic that I was pregnant. Then my period came, two days late, to my great relief. My life would have been so different if Billy Caldwell had knocked me up at fourteen and I hoped my daughter would make some better life choices.

Why were they naked? Maybe there was some naked jogging event going on, today. You always heard about those up in Seattle and maybe they’ve spread south. Or maybe that was a naked bike ride they had up in Seattle? I couldn’t remember. I looked up Shaw Road, expecting to see more naked jogger that I failed to notice the light changed and when I glanced back at the naked trio, they were halfway across Shaw Road, the black-haired woman waving friendly at us.

“Hi,” I said, nervously.

The man had a hungry smile on his face and suddenly fear clutched my heart and I grabbed Cassie and pushed her behind me. “I’m Mark, who’re you?” he introduced himself, pushing ahead of the two naked women.

“Belinda,” I found myself answering, “and this is my daughter, Cassie.” Wow, that voice was so…so powerful. So mesmerizing.

His grin grew hungrier. “Hmm, there something sexy about a mom and daughter, together,” Mark leered suggestively and I flushed. That’s disgusting. “I want the two of you to join my jogging club.”

Of course I would join his club.

“Do we have to be naked?” my daughter asked as she trembled behind me.

“Of course,” Mark laughed. “It’s the Naked Jogging Club. I know, I know, not the most original name.” He shrugged. “The good news is, not only do you get to feel the excitement of being naked in public, your cunts are growing wet just thinking about my hard cock inside you. You two are my jogging sluts, aren’t you.”

Oh God, I loved my Oscar, but I have never been hornier in my life for a man. “Yes, I want to be your slut.” Was that my voice that sounded so sexy? I rubbed my thighs together, my twat was getting all wet and itchy. I needed a good fucking and Oscar wasn’t around and Mark’s cock looked more than adequate. I grinned, in fact, it looked like the perfect tool to fix the itch in my twat.

“Oh yes, I’ll be your slut!” My sweet Cassie sound so slutty. She was still pressed against my back and I swear I could feel her nipples harden through her top and sports bra.

“Then welcome to the club,” Mark said. “And good sluts are always horny for another woman’s pussy, even if she’s related.”

A naughty flush went through my body as I eyed the two, naked women, drifting down their lush bodies to their fur-covered muffs. Then my eyes drifted over to my babygirl as she undressed. I wondered what her pussy tasted like. What it would feel to have my sweet Cassandra licking at my slutty cunt.

The black haired woman hugged me. “I’m Anastasia, and this is Madeleine. And you will not be disappointed by Mark. Yesterday, he fucked us so hard. And then, when I got home, I begged my husband to treat my like a little slut! Oh, it was so satisfying. My Stan got so into it. He took charge like a real man. Last night, he had me make him dinner wearing only an apron. And then I was desert.” She touched my wedding ring. “You should try it. The only thing better than being your husband’s slut, is being Mark’s!” she said with a wink.

I bet Oscar would love it if I was his slut. I glanced back at my daughter who was pulling off the pink sports bra that contained her perky, B Cup breasts. The little slut was horny, her nipples were hard, and I was so proud of my babygirl as I saw the hungry grin on Mark’s face as his eyes feasted on her tits.

“Let’s get that top off, sugar,” Madeleine said in a delightful, Southern drawl. She had a beautiful face and a wicked smile played on her lips. She was grabbing the hem of my shirt and I let her pull it up over my head. She deftly undid my gray sports bra and my big, D Cup breasts spilled out. “Sugar, the Lord gave you one beautiful set of hooters.” I shivered in pleasure as the Southern woman ran a finger around my large areola, brushing my fat nipple.

“I know, s’not fair,” Cassie vented. “The only two things I got from my dad were hazel eyes and small tits like grandma. Everyone on mom’s side of the family has huge knockers.”

Mark reached out, kneading her perky tip, his thump swiping across her hard little nipple. “You got a sexy pair of tits,” Mark told her and she flushed, pleased.

“Where’s all your pubic hair, young lady?” I gasped when Cassie’s baby blue boy shorts came off. She was shaved bare, her slit tight like a little girls.

“I shave it,” Cassie said, rolling her eyes. “Everyone shaves their coochies, mom. Jeez.”

“Have you let some boy stick his dick up your cunt,” Mark asked.

“Yeah,” Cassie admitted, sheepishly.

I guess she really was me at fifteen.

Mark jogged behind us ladies, staring at our asses. We barely had jogged a hundred yards when Cassie gasped in shock and pointed down the road. There was a news van parked across the road and a cameraman filming us. A strange exhilaration burned through me as I realized some complete stranger was filming me naked.

“Fuck,” Mark muttered, examining the situation. “Well, she’s probably hot.” I furrowed my eyes, wonder what Mark was talking about, and I saw a second figure in a pink blouse. “Ladies, jog back to Madeleine’s and go home. We’ll meet there at six tomorrow morning.”

“You’re not going to fuck me?” I asked, then flushed. I couldn’t believe I asked him that. But I was so horny, I really needed his dick in me.

“I’ll fuck you and your daughter tomorrow,” Mark grinned.

Maybe when I get home, I’ll convince Oscar to make me his slut and take a sick day. We could spend the entire day in bed, doing whatever nasty things my Oscar wanted. I glanced at Cassie and a terrible, depraved thought filled my mind. Maybe she should stay home, sick, too. After all, we were both sluts, now.

Day Four, Thursday, June 13, 2013


Notes: Takes place during Chapter 16.

I out distanced the others as we turned onto Mountain View Court. I was just so excited to get fucked by Mark. It’s all I thought about last night. My poor little pussy was still a little sore from how many times I petted my kitty. And so I had to wait, breathless, on Madeleine’s porch for Mark and my mom, for and Anastasia and Madeleine.

Yesterday had been so wild. Even though I didn’t get to fuck Mark, when we got home my mom begged dad to let her be his slut. And dad was more than happy to let her. It was kinda disgusting and kinda hot all at the same time. My mom got dad all hot and bothered then told him she’d love to see him fuck me. I didn’t have a problem with that, my dad was so handsome and kind. Not like the boys at my school who just want to get off inside me. I knew my dad would make feel so amazing.

Turned out my dad didn’t have a problem with it, either. Fuck, I came so hard for dad. And then mom surprised us both by giving me a second orgasm as she licked my little kitty-cat clean. Dad was roaring to go after that and mom mounted his cock and rode him hard. My dad was grunting like an animal, calling mom such filthy names and she loved it. When they finished, mom taught me all about how to lick another woman’s pretty kitty. And mom tasted wonderful, sour and sweet all at the same time, mixed with daddy’s salty flavor.

“Hurry up!” I shouted eagerly as the adults finally rounded the corner. I was so excited, I was dancing on the balls of my feet, my kitty drenched with my juices.

It was fun watching their breasts bounce up and down, and Mark’s cock was swaying and bouncing. I licked my lips, rubbed my thighs together. I couldn’t wait to feel Mark’s cock up my pussy. I was his slut, and a good slut needs to feed her kitty a lot of dicks. That’s what Jodi Miller said in the girls bathroom a few days ago. And she should know, she was the biggest slut in school.

I threw myself at Mark, pushing past Madeleine, and hugged him. Letting him feel my hard nipples rub against his hairy chest, and I could feel his hard cock rubbing against my stomach. I kissed him greedily as Madeleine opened the door. Then I jumped up and wrapped my legs around Marks’ waist, my hot little kitty rubbing wetly on his belly and he carried me inside.

“Eager slut,” he growled and threw me onto the couch. “Sit on your slutty daughter’s face.”

“Ohh, I’d love that,” mom moaned.

Meanwhile, Madeleine and Anastasia were sitting on a recliner, Anastasia in Madeleine’s lap and the pair were making out madly. Anastasia was caressing Madeleine’s tits, another pair of breasts larger than my little B cups. Ugghh, why did I have to take after my dad’s side of the family. Mom has these amazing tits. Large and pillowy, they swayed so sexy as she walked. Her slightest motion made them jiggle. I practically had to do jumping jacks to get any jiggle out of my tits. Madeleine’s hand was roaming Anastasia’s ass, now, squeezing her cheeks, her finger dipping into Anastasia’s crack.

Then my view was blocked as mom’s sleek thighs straddled my face, and her shaved kitty lowered down to my eager lips. Yesterday, my mom had a well groomed, brown bush. But daddy loved my shaved kitty so much, mom asked me to show her how to shave it. I had a lot of fun lathering up her bush and carefully shaving her lips with a razor. When I was all finished, I gave her kitty a nice lickin’ and mom gushed all over my face.

I started lickin’ my mom’s kitty as Mark’s cock thrust into my pussy. I moaned into my mother’s pussy as Mark filled me up so deliciously, his cock rubbing all the best places inside me. I drank my mom’s delicious flavors, sour and sweet, rubbing my tongue all over her pussy. I sucked her large, drooping labia, nibbled on her tiny clit, and jammed my tongue into her wet hole.

“Oh yes, eat mommy’s pussy! Mmm, my babygirl’s such a great muff diver. Ohh, you’re making mommy feel so great, you slutty child!”

Mark was pickup the pace, fucking me harder. I could feel his balls slapping against my taint. Every thrust of his cock felt better than the last as my entire cunt began to burn with pleasure. I started moving my hips, matching Mark’s rhythm. His cock rubbed all over my tight cunt and I started squeezing down on him as he thrust in.

“Such a tight pussy!” Mark moaned and I felt a surge of joy. I was making him happy, like a good slut. “God, I love teenage cunt!”

I slurped on my mom’s delicious juices as Mark pounded my cunt. Mom started wiggling her hips on me, rubbing her cunt all over my face as I brought her greater and greater pleasure. I was getting closer and closer to my orgasm when Mark pulled out of my pussy, leaving an aching emptiness inside my kitty.

“No!” I moaned in disappointment. “Please, put it back in! I was so close! My kitty needs to be fed some man-milk! She’s so hungry!”

Then I felt Mark raise my hips up a bit, his hard cock pocking at my ass crack. “You ever been fucked in the ass, Cassie?”

“No,” I answered, feeling a little scared. But I shouldn’t be. I was Mark’s slut, and a good slut takes it up the ass, or at least that’s what Jodie Miller always said. And she should know, she fucked the entire first string of our varsity football team at a party.

“How ’bout you, Belinda?” Mask asked my mom

“Yes,” mom answered. “Oscar always wanted me to, but I always said no. But last night, he reminded me I was his slut. And it felt so amazing, Cassie. You’ll love it, babygirl.”

I felt soft fingers caressing my kitty, soft as a mother’s caress. Then mom bent over and we were sixty-nining as Mark pushed his cock against the tight ring of my asshole. I groaned into my mom’s kitty as my ass was invaded. God, I thought he felt big in my pussy, but he felt enormous in my ass. And it was so weird, almost like I was pooping in reverse. A strange tingle slowly started to radiated from my ass as Mark’s cock slid slowly in and out of my tight ass. It started to feel better and better as Mark fucked in and out of my ass, slowly picking up speed.

My mom’s tongue flicked at my clit, and my orgasm was nearing again. My clit vibrated as my mother moaned her orgasm into me, her juices flooding my eager mouth. Mark was fucking my ass hard and fast, mom’s tongue swirling about my clit. It was too much, mom’s tongue felt wicked on my kitty and Mark’s cock felt amazing as he reamed my ass, I was going to cum. Stars danced before my eyes as I bucked beneath my mom, my ass clenching on Mark’s cock. My screams of passion were muffled by my mom’s juicy kitty.

“Fucking tight teenage ass!” Mark moaned, and then I felt him, hot and wet, shooting his cum into my ass.

He pulled out and then my mom was off me. I sat up on my elbows and watched as he led mom to another chair. He sat down and I watched in amazement as mom started licking his dirty cock clean of my ass. My mom was tasting my ass! God, she was such a slut. Madeleine was suddenly standing over me, her face sticky with Anastasia’s juices and she slapped my ass.

“You’re leaking cum onto my couch, girl,” Madeleine said, angrily. “Did your parents learn you no manners, sugar?”

“Oh, shit, sorry,” I gulped, standing up. I could feel the cum running greasily out of my ass and down to my taint.

“And don’t swear in my house, sugar,” Madeleine said, sternly. “I’m a good Christian woman, and I’ll not abide a foul mouth.”

“Okay, sorry,” I said, intimidate by the woman and her accent.

She sat down and spread her legs, revealing a brown furred kitty. “You can forgive me by give my cooter a good lickin’.”

“What’s a cooter?” I asked, frowning.

“My pussy, sugar,” she purred. “My wet, horny pussy.” She ran a finger through her bush, pushing a pussy lip to the side and exposing the wet, pink flesh of her kitty.

I smiled, licking my lips. “I can do that, Madeleine.”

“That’s Mrs. Rowe to you, sugar,” she corrected as I knelt down and she pulled my face into her furry kitty. My tongue licked across her tangy-spicy slit. “Hmm, you’re like a pretty cat lapping at a saucer of milk,” Madeleine moaned as I lapped at her delicious pussy.

I felt hands spreading my asscheeks and then a tongue licking at my ass, swirling about my puckered asshole, sending delicious tingles through my body. I glanced behind me to see Anastasia, lips stained with Mark’s cum, lapping at my asshole. It was such a naughty feeling as she rimmed my puckered hole.

“Hey now, sugar. You kids need to learn to finish what you start.” Madeleine strong hands pulled me back to her cunt and I eagerly resumed lickin’ her cooter.

Day Five, Friday, June 14, 2013


Notes: Takes place during Chapter 18.

I was nervous as I walked up to Mrs. Rowe’s house, just up the street from my own house. Yesterday, the strangest man had come to my house. He seemed so ordinary, just another dumb adult. And then his blue eyes fixed on me and looked me up and down. Great, another skeevy adult perving on me, I had thought.

“You look like an athlete,” the man had told me. “I have this Jogging Club and I want you to join it. It meets at Madeleine’s house at six AM. You’ll have a lot of fun.”

It was such a great idea, that I readily agreed, even if he was perving on me. And then my parents up and sold our house. Mark, the skeevy adult just handed my parents a bag of cash and my stupid parents just agreed to sell our house. They didn’t argue, or nothing. Just agreed like mindless idiots. It was so cray. And then Mark let us stay if he could fuck me whenever he wanted. I was shocked when my parent’s didn’t have a problem pimping their own daughter out for rent on our own house.

I, on the other hand, thought it was a bad idea.

So my parents took my phone away, my laptop away, and grounded me!

“Issy Marguerite Norup, Mr. Glassner’s a generous man,” my mom said, icily, “and you will repay his generosity by spreading those legs for him! I know you’ve spread them for some boy already!”

“You will stay in your room until you start behaving properly!” my dad said as he gathered up my phone and laptop. “And tomorrow morning, you’re going to go and join Mr. Glassner’s jogging club. And if he wants to fuck you, you’ll let him fuck you! Do you understand me, young lady?”

What had happened to my parents. They were like pod people. Last night was so boring. I’m sure I missed a ton of important tweets and instagrams! God, why did my parents have to turn into a bunch of freaks! I should call the cops on them, only they took my phone away! I screamed in frustration into my pillow. Fuck, I’ll I had to do was my homework and watch boring TV.

Yet here I was, showing up for this stupid Jogging Club, with the guy my parents pimped me out too. I didn’t know what his connection with Mrs. Rowe was. Mrs. Rowe was the sweet, southern lady, that was always so nice to me. When I’d mow her lawn for her, she’s always have the best pitcher of ice tea siting out on her porch for me to drink.

Why was I doing this? Because it would be fun, I answered myself. I knocked firmly on the door and blinked in shock when Mrs. Rowe answered dressed only in her birthday suit. There were more naked women behind her. Mrs. Milburn, who lived across from Mrs. Rowe and…Cassie from school. We were in the same grade, about to finish our sophomore year, but I didn’t know her that well. And the fourth woman must be Cassie’s mother. They look so much alike.

“W-what is going on?” I stammered.

“Are you here to join the Naked Jogging Club, sugar?” Mrs. Rowe asked.

“Wait, Naked Jogging Club. Mark didn’t say nothing about having to be naked!” I protested.

“Didn’t I?” Mark asked and I jumped. There he was, naked and…ohmygod his cock was hard and pointing straight at me.

“Well, c’mon sugar, let’s get you naked,” Mrs. Rowe said sweetly, pulling me inside the house.

The women and Cassie started grabbing at my clothing, pulling my tanktop over my head, pulling my tight, jogging shorts down my legs. My sports bra came free and hands pinched at my nipples. I grabbed my panties, holding onto the elastic waistband as the women tried to yank them off.

“Please stop,” I begged, tears brimming in my eyes. I could feel Mark’s pervy eyes as he stared at my bared tits.

“Relax, Issy,” Cassie said and she hugged me, her naked breasts pressed against me and then she was kissing me.

I was so surprised that I let go of my panties and they were pulled down my legs. Cassie broke the kiss, a sultry smile on her face. I blinked my eyes, licked my lips, my face flushed with heat, and realized I was lifting up my feet so my panties could be taken all the way off. Embarrassed, I covered my brown pubes with one hand and tried to cover my breasts with the other arm.

“Don’t be coverin’ up your beautiful body, sugar,” Mrs. Rowe purred, pulling my arms to my side. “Now aren’t you just as pretty as a rainbow after a storm.”

“Yes she is,” Mark said as pervy as possible. He caught my chin and turned my face to his. “You want to be my little jogging slut, don’t you.” My cheeks burned and I found myself nodding yes. Of course I wanted to be his jogging slut, that’s why I was here. “Good, and what does a slut do?”

“Ooh, a slut feeds her kitty as many dicks as she can,” Cassie answered excitedly.

Kitty? Why would I feed my cat a dick. Then I saw Cassie stroking her pussy and I flushed as I realized which kitty she met.

“A slut is excited for Mark to shove his cock in any hole he wants,” Mrs. Milburn said, reaching out and stroking my ass. Her finger’s felt like fire on my smooth cheeks. “Any hole.” I flushed. I knew a few girls who did anal so they could keep their cherries.

“And lets us gals play with her pretty pussy,” Cassie’s mom husked. “And then plays with ours.”

I was Mark’s slut, and my pussy getting wet thinking just about Mark fucking me, even fucking my ass. I eyed all the women, imagining them licking my pussy and even the image of me, kneeling down and licking one of these beautiful women’s pussies sent a naughty thrill through me. “Is that why my parent’s pimped me out to you Mark?” I asked in realization. “Because, they knew I was your slut, right?”

“Yeah,” Mark whispered, his cock was pressing against my ass. “I love your hair. Why green?”

I shrugged. I had dyed my brown hair green with black streaks. “It just seemed like it would annoy my parents, I guess.” My pussy was a flood of liquid now, feeling my nose with the fresh, tart smell of my arousal. I was Mark’s slut, and that meant I needed his cock inside me.

Cassie walked up and she reached giving my titty squeeze, a look of mournful disappointment on her face. “Yet another pair of breasts bigger than mine.”

“Oh, but yours are so cute,” I told her, eying her perky breasts and the cute little nipples. I reached out and gave her titty a squeeze.

“Fuck, my cock need to cum,” Mark said, interrupting our titty play, and he roughly shoved me forward, bending me over the arm of a couch, his hard cock rubbing against my cunt. “Hmm, I love fucking teenage cunt!”

Mark’s cock was pushing into my tight pussy. I had been fucked a few times by Johnny, my boyfriend. But he wasn’t as big as Mark and it felt weird. Mark wasn’t using a condom and there wasn’t the feel of rubber sliding inside me, but the electric feel of flesh sliding against flesh.

“Oh god,” I moaned. “Oh, wow this is so wild.”

Mrs. Rowe sat on the couch in front of me, her legs spread and her furry pussy was mere inches from my face. “Don’t be shy, sugar,” Mrs. Rowe cooed. “Give me a good lickin’.”

Mark’s thrusts were shoving my face closer and closer to Mrs. Rowe’s cunt. I could feel heat radiating from her pussy, a spicy, tangy scent filled my nose. Her pubic hair was silk on my face, and my tongue hesitantly licked up her slit. And she tasted amazing. My tongue dipped into her pussy over and over, greedy to drink all her delicious juices.

I wiggled my hips, enjoying Mark’s thrusts. His cock was rubbing my cunt in all the right places and I could feel a great cum building inside me. Mrs. Rowe was moaning, her hand clutching my dyed-green hair, pulling my face into her sopping cunt. Mark was groaning every time he bottomed out inside me, filling me up. His balls would brush my clit when he thrust in, a staccato beat to match the pleasurable rubbing inside my cunt.

“Oh, sugar!” Mrs. Rowe moaned. “Umm, sugar, your mouth feels so good on my cooter! Oh wow, you’re a natural rug muncher! You got me as excited as a hound dog worrying a bone! Oh sugar, here I go!”

Mrs. Rowe quaked on the couch, her head thrown back as she came hard. More tangy, spicy juices flowed into my mouth. I kept licking her as Mark pounded away at my cunt. Mrs. Rowe just writhed on the couch as my eager mouth gave her cum after cum until Mrs. Rowe shoved my face away.

“No more, sugar,” she panted. “My poor cooter can’t take anymore.”

Mark’s thrusts were coming hard, now. The entire couch was shaking under the force of his cock slamming into my pussy. Mark groaned, and buried himself deep inside me, his cock must be brushing my cervix, he was in so deep. And then I felt something shooting inside me. Mark’s cum I realized and moaned as the muscles in my cunt contracted as a hard cum spasmed through my body.

“Whew, now I’m ready to do some jogging,” Mark panted. He smacked my ass. “Gonna fuck you again when we get back. You have such a nice, tight pussy, slut!”

“Oh, thank you Mark,” I gushed, thrilled my tight hole made him happy. “Your cock was amazing inside me.”

Mark’s cum ran wetly down my legs as we went jogging. A greasy, sticky mess that slowly cooled against my skin. Cars honked at us as we jogged by, and I threw my head up high, my breast thrust out. I was Mark’s jogging slut, and I could care less who saw me. I hoped they could see the cum running down my thighs, proof that I was Mark’s slut.

Day Six, Saturday, June 15, 2013


Notes: Takes place during Chapter 20.

I admired my husband’s body as we rested at the intersection. Sweat gleamed on his dark brown skin, his muscles rippling beneath as he moved.

We were out for our Saturday morning jog, at our halfway point at the intersection of Shaw Road and 39th Avenue. My husband was a big black man, built like a linebacker. He played football in college, and still stayed all big and muscled. He was smokin’ hot, and my cooch was moistening as I thought about him throwing me over his shoulder and carrying me off. In my fantasy, he would throw me down on the bed and just start ravishing me.

His dark eyes were eying my body appreciatively, so I turned and waggled my black booty at him. It was a pretty nice booty, if you asked me, definitely my best feature. With just enough junk in the trunk to jiggle without being fat. Feeling a little naughty, I backed my booty up and rubbed it against his crotch, letting Ernard know how horny I was his for cock.

“Da fuck is that,” Ernard muttered. “Vertise, babe, there is some naked crackers joggin’ this way.”

I looked over to see five women jogging naked towards us. No three women and two teenage girls. And behind them, a man jogged naked. The women’s breasts bounced and jiggled, up and down, almost hypnotic, and the man’s hard cock bounced obscenely. The only thing the naked joggers did wear were their shoes.

“White folk,” I said, shaking my head, dumbfounded. “They always be doin’ something foolish.”

Ernard stepped in front of me. He was so big, I could easily hide behind his frame. “That’s close enough!” he shouted at the naked joggers.

The women stopped jogging and the naked man strode forward. He was a little overweight, in his late twenties, short brown hair and piercing, blue eyes. A mocking smile played on his lips and his cock was so hard, the tip angry-red. It seemed to be pointing right at me and disgust sneered my face. What a fucking pervert.

“Your woman looks hot,” the naked man said. “I wouldn’t mind fucking her ass.”

“What da fuck did you just say ’bout my wife, boy!” Ernard growl. “You better damn apologize or I’m like to bust your skull in, bitch.”

The man snorted in laughter. “What do you think, ladies. Is she hot enough to join our club.”

“Umm, definitely,” the black-haired woman purred.

“Her skin is so beautiful,” the green-haired teenager said, licking her lips. “The color of coffee.”

“I love your hair, sugar. The blonde streaks make you seem wild,” the honey-brown haired woman added. Were all these white chicks gay? They were fuckin’ perverts, that’s fo’ sure.

“Da fuck is wrong with you people!” Ernard demanded, walking up to the man. Ernard had a good half-a-foot on the man, and was far broader in the shoulder, and easily had fifty pounds of muscle on the white boy. Ernard cracked his knuckles. “How’d you like me to pound your face in, bitch?”

“Kick his ass, Ernard,” I urged. “Fuck the little peckerwood up!”

“Stand aside, Ernard,” the man said.

Looking confused, Ernard stepped to the side and the man walked up to me. “You are one fine piece of ass.”

“Ernard!” I shouted, too angry at my dumb husband for letting this pervert near me to be at all scared of the little peckerwood.

“Sorry, Vertise,” he muttered, shrugging his huge shoulders.

“Ernard, keep jogging,” the man said. “Vertise will be joining my club and jogging with us from now on. And you don’t have a problem with that, or with me fucking your pretty wife.”

“Oh, sure,” I was stunned to hear Ernard say. “Of course you can fuck her.” He kissed me on the lips as I stood rooted in place. “See you at home, babe,” and then he just started jogging back home.

“Ernard! Ernard, you useless asshole, get back here!”

But he just turned and wave. “Have fun with your club, Vertise.”

“You don’t care this peckerwood want’s to fuck your wife?”

Ernard shouted back, confused, “Why would I? I hope you have a good time!”

“Hey, Ernard,” the crazy peckerwood shouted. “Ever fucked your wife’s ass?”

“No!” Of course my husband hadn’t, that was nasty. Plus, my suddenly wimp of husband has a big cock. I’d hate to feel that monster up my booty.

“You will when she get’s home,” the peckerwood promised. “I’ll leave a big load of cum up her ass to lube the way for you!”

“Hell yeah, man!”

“Ernard, da hell’s gotten into you! Ernard! Stop jogging! This isn’t funny, Ernard!” But my suddenly whipped husband, by some little bitch of a peckerwood no less, just kept right on jogging.

“Well, Vertise, I bet you are just excited to strip naked and join our club. I’m Mark.” Mark introduced the other joggers: Madeleine, Anastasia, Issy, Belinda, and her daughter, Cassie. “From now on, you’re my jogging slut. And what does a jogging slut do, Issy?”

“Let Mark fuck her cunt whenever he wants,” the green-haired girl answered.

“I bet you’re just itching to feel my cock, aren’t you, Vertise?”

“I…” Fuck, I was. My cunt was dripping at the thought of his cock plunging inside me. “I am.” I pulled off my tanktop and peeled off my green jogging shorts in a flash. My nipples were hard when my sports bra came off. Mark was behind me and he pulled my panties off and inhaled them.

“Mhh, I love the smell of cunt,” he sighed, then squeezed my ass. “You’re getting wet just thinking about my cock reaming your tight ass! When you get home, you’re going to let Ernard fuck your ass, too. You’ll be a good, slutty wife for him from now on, won’t you, slut?”

I moaned. I so wanted my husband’s huge cock up my ass. My Ernard was such a great guy to share me with Mark and he deserved his reward when I got home. I knew he always wanted my ass, and from now I would be the best, sluttiest wife for him. “Yes, fuck my ass, Mark! Get me all ready for my husband’s giant cock!” And I started shaking my booty for Mark, letting him see it jiggle as his cock brushed against it.

He slapped my ass. “Let’s get jogging ladies!”

As we jogged, I got to know the other ladies. Anastasia who’s husband was waiting for her to get home so she could cook him breakfast, wearing only an apron. “And, if I’m lucky, he’ll just bend me over the table and fuck me good and hard,” she giggled wickedly.

Madeleine who bemoaned her own husband leaving her. “If only I had been a slut for him, then maybe he wouldn’t have needed that whore of a secretary,” she lamented.

The Blackwoods, Cassie and Belinda, happily told me all about how they were sluts for Oscar, Belinda’s husband and Cassie’s dad. “He takes charge of us when we get home,” Belinda happily said. And Cassie eagerly piped in, “Yesterday he bought matching, slutty nurse costumes for us, and we had to give him a sponge bath!”

“My parents are just happy I’m keeping Mr. Glassner satisfied,” Issy added. “My mom was so happy when I came home yesterday with cum leaking out of my pussy. She knew I was satisfying him and she gave me a big ol’ hug. And this morning, my dad gave was giving me such pervy stares as I walked naked out of the house. Maybe I should be a slut for my daddy, too.”

“Ooh, being a slut for your daddy is so fun,” Cassie gushed. “But don’t leave your mom out. That can be just as fun!” The teen girl gave a wicked giggle. “Right, mom?”

Belinda had a happy smile as she answered, “Ooh, having a slutty daughter is great, and sharing her with her dad is the best.”

When we reached Mountain View Court, Mark grabbed my arm, stopping me. “God, I can’t wait any longer. I need to fuck that juicy ass!”

God, I couldn’t wait any longer, either. My cunt was dripping, was aching to be fucked. “Yes, please, fuck me now,” I begged. I didn’t care that we were outside, didn’t care that cars were driving by, honking loudly. Let everyone see me be a slut for Mark.

Mark bent me over the granite sign, carved to read, “Mountain View Estates.” The stone was cold on my belly. “Anastasia, eat her ass out, get her ready for my cock.”

“Yes, Mark,” purred the black-haired beauty. I felt gentle hands spreading my booty and gasped as her tongue began swirling about my asshole. I had a couple girl-on-girl encounters in college, but none of them ever touched my asshole. It was so fucked nasty, I loved every minute of it.

“Why don’t we have a nice sixty-nine, Cassie,” Madeleine said, pressing her body against Cassie’s.

“I’d love that, Mrs. Rowe,” Cassie answered, pulling Madeleine down on top of her.

Mark was getting his cock sucked by Belinda and Issy stepped up in front of me, her shaved, teenage cunt right in front of my lips. “Like my shaved pussy?” Issy asked. “Mom shaved it for me last night, so I’d be more appealing to Mark. She’s the best mom in the world. Would you like to lick me?”

“Sure, boo,” I answered, grabbing her ass and pulling her cunt to my lips.

Issy had a fresh, tart flavor as I ran my tongue about her cunt. My dormmate my junior year at college, Tallia, taught me how to eat a woman’s pussy out, and it all came flooding back to me as I tongued Issy’s teenage pussy. Issy moaned appreciatively as I ate her out, rubbing her cunt all over my face. Anastasia had wiggled her tongue up my ass and slipped two fingers up my snatch, slowly fingering me.

“You have a tasty ass,” Anastasia murmured, pulling her fingers out of my cunt.

I groaned as her finger, slicked with my cunt’s juices, pressed against my asshole and slid in, pushing past the tight ring of my sphincter. She fucked it slowly in and out of my ass, letting me get used to the strange intrusion. Naughty pleasure tingled out of my ass and I groaned when Anastasia’s other hand began gently playing with my clit, rolling the sensitive nub between her fingers. I moaned my pleasure into Issy’s cunt, rubbing my lips against her soft vulva.

A second finger slipped into my ass, Anastasia was reaming my asshole faster and faster. Her tongue began lapping at my cunt and my orgasm began to build. Issy was gasping and moaning above me, her hips bucking as she came sweetly on my tongue, flooding my lips with her delicious girl-cum.

“Oh, thank you, Miss Vertise,” she panted, kneeling down and then she kissed me on the lips, her tongue tasting her juices on my face. “Hmm, I taste good, don’t I?”

“Yes you do, boo!” I moaned. I was getting so close to cumming. “Anastasia, ohh, keep doing that. I’m getting so close to cumming, you nasty slut!”

My ass clenched on her probing fingers, my muscles clenched in my womb, as electricity ran through my body and I moaned loudly. It was a great cum, and I groaned in disappointment when Anastasia pulled her fingers from my ass. She gave my cunt one last lick, that sent a small shudder of pleasure through my sensitive pussy.

“She’s all ready, Mark,” Anastasia proudly said.

“Good,” Mark groaned. “Umm, don’t swallow it all, Belinda. Let Vertise get a taste.”

A taste of what, I wondered. Belinda walked over and I could see sticky cum, glistening white on her red lips. And then she was kissing me, her tongue shoveling salty cum into my lips. I wrestled with her tongue, savoring Mark’s sperm. I heard footsteps behind me, a cock brushing my ass and I shook my booty.

Belinda broke the kiss and sat down next to me on the granite sign. “Issy, be a dear and eat my pussy!”

“Oh, yes Mrs. Blackwood,” Issy eagerly answered, kneeling down and diving into Belinda’s shaved cunt.

“Fuck my black booty,” I moaned, shaking my ass, letting my cheeks jiggle so prettily.

“You fucking asked for it, slut!” growled mark.

His cock was at the entrance to my ass and he just shoved it in, hard and fast. I gasped in pain and surprise as he invaded my asshole. “Relax, honey, it’ll makes it easier,” Belinda told me. I relaxed my asshole, letting Mark invade me, and the pain lessened. “There, isn’t that better?”

“Thanks, Belinda,” I groaned. Mark’s cock was pounding my ass, and pleasure was beginning to replace the pain. I started moving my hips, rotating them and twisting them, letting Mark get a good fuck out of me. “Ohh, ream my ass!” I started moaning. I always loved to talk filthy in bed. “Fuck me, stud! Fuck me hard! Yes, yes, you feel fucking amazing in me, stud! Uhhhh, getting fucked up the ass is fuckin’ amazing! Oh yes, I’m a nasty anal slut!”

“God, you got a tight ass, Vertise!” Mark moaned. “Your ass jiggles every time I slam into you!”

“You like my black booty!” I moaned. “Of course you do, every guy likes a black girl’s big booty! With a little junk in the trunk!”

“Only booty better is my Mary’s,” Mark groaned. I didn’t know who this Mary was, but Mark was right. I had the second best booty out there. “Fuck, your ass is tight, slut! I’m gonna cream it good, leave a nice, big load in there for your hubby to enjoy when he fucks your ass!”

I couldn’t believe how excited getting fucked up the ass was! And outdoors! I was one nasty slut, and loving every minute of it. Every car that honked, every person that saw just how much of a slut I was for Mark, made my cum grow closer and closer. Mark’s reaming felt amazing. “You’re making me cum, stud!” I moaned as I approached the sweet release of orgasm. “Yes, yes, yes! Harder! Fuck my nasty booty harder! Yes!” I screamed out as my orgasm crashed through me. My ass was clenching on his cock, milking his dick. I needed that load up my ass. I was going to need all the lube I could get up my ass to let my husband’s big cock could fit up there.

And Mark didn’t disappoint me. I felt like I had a gallon of cum sloshing around inside me when I got home. Ernard was waiting, eager to fuck my ass. I pulled down my sticky jogging shorts. My cunt was also messy with a load of Mark’s cum, and I presented my well fucked ass to my husband. Mark’s cum lubed the way, and my husband stretched my poor, tiny asshole as he fucked my ass good and hard.

God, I had turned into such a nasty anal slut, I happily thought as I came on Ernard’s cock reaming my ass slutty ass. There was no going back, Mark made me a slut, and I was loving every second of it.

Day Seven, Monday, June 17, 2013


Notes: Takes place during Chapter 22.

Mark was late and we were all getting restless. Yesterday was Sunday, so there was no club. Everyone needed a break from jogging and we were all eagerly waiting for Mark to show up. Vertise was sitting on my lap and we were making out. The coffee-cream-skinned woman kissed me fiercely, her tongue aggressively probing my mouth, as I rubbed her generous rear. Vertise just slipped a hand up to my breast, giving it a good squeeze, when the door banged open and Mark walked in trailed by a black-haired, young woman.

Mark looked us all over and then sighed. “No club today, you can all go home. I’m just going to fuck Antsy here for my exercise.” And then he and the girl rushed up the stairs. We could hear the bed creek and then then the woman started moaning as it sounded like Mark was fucking her hard.

“I guess we go home, huh, Anastasia?” Vertise asked me, disappointment on her face.

I shrugged. “It’s what Mark wants, cupcake. I guess I’ll go wake Stan up and see if he wants to fuck. God, I’m so horny.”

“Ohh, can I come, Mrs. Milburn!” Issy asked. “Your husband is so handsome.”

“Oh, you little slut, have you been eying my man?” I demanded playfully.

“I’ve rubbed a few out thinking about him,” Issy answered with a coquettish grin on her face.

“All right, let’s go,” I said, grabbing the teen’s hand. “You better be thankful I’m sharing my man with you.”

“Oh, I’ll be very appreciative,” Issy said, then made a V with her fingers, put them against her lips and waggled her tongue between her fingers. A shudder went through my cunt, thinking about her tongue waggling like that inside my pussy.

Day Eight, Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Notes: Takes place during Chapter 22.

“It’s eight, he’s not showing up,” Belinda pouted. “I need to go and get ready for work.”

Disappointment painted all our faces. I felt like a puppy that just had his favorite chew toy taken away. “Yeah, me too,” I sighed. My cooter was itching for some action, and, unlike the other ladies, I didn’t have a man at home to be a slut for. None of us sluts hadn’t even fooled around with each other this morning, all of us too anxious as we waited on Mark to show up.

Vertise gave me a hug and I groped her booty. “Tomorrow, then?” Vertise asked.

“Of course, sugar,” I told her. “We’re Mark’s sluts. We need to be ready for when he need’s us.”

“Yep, we’ll be here every morning until he says he doesn’t want us,” Issy piped in.

Cassie and Belinda nodded, mother and daughter were cuddling on the couch. “That’s just what a good slut would do,” Belinda added.

God, I hope Mark shows up tomorrow. My poor little cooter needs a nice dick up inside it.

Day Nine, Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Notes: Takes place during Chapter 25.

I parked my Prius in Madeleine driveway and Cassie and I got out of the car. We were wearing loose clothing, no underwear underneath and the moment we got out, we pulled the clothes off. The morning air felt great on my naked body, the rising sun warming the air. Cassie looked beautiful, painted in the dawn light and I couldn’t help myself. I hugged her, rubbing my big breasts against her perky tits, and kissed her pouty lips, slipping a little tongue into my daughter-slut.

“Do you think he’s coming today, mom?” Cassie asked as I broke the kiss.

“Hopefully, babygirl,” I told her. Arm in arm we walked up to the door.

We were the last to arrive. Vertise was there, cuddling with Anastasia on the chair. Madeleine had cute little Issy sitting on her lap. Everyone leapt to their feet when we entered, and then hope disappeared from their faces when they saw us.

“Sorry,” I said, pulling Cassie down onto the couch with me.

“What’s up with all the media outside?” Cassie asked. “It was a zoo out there.”

“There was something about Mark on the news,” Anastasia said. “Something to do with the FBI that raided his house last week.”

Cassie’s eyes widened. “Wait, the FBI raided his house? Cool!”

“The news says he robbed some banks and bribed the FBI,” Madeleine replied, browsing on her phone.

“Wow, he’s like some robin hood?” Issy asked, excited. “That’s cray-cray.”

“So, he’s a criminal?” I asked, suddenly a little nervous.

“That don’t matter,” Vertise said. “We’re his jogging sluts. Right, ladies?”

Vertise was right. I didn’t matter what Mark may or may not have done. I was his jogging slut, my cunt was wet for his cock. Between six and eight AM, and eight to ten on Saturdays, I was Mark’s. He could do what he wanted with me. Even if all he wanted was too ignore me. So I waited, as hopeful and anxious as the other ladies.

And we waited, our eyes focused on the cloak. Time seemed to slow to an agonizing crawl. It was 6:11 now, Mark was already late. Frustration welled inside me, but I forced that down. We were Mark’s sluts. We served him, not the other way around.

There was a crunching sound from outside. Everyone perked up, as the crunching noise turned into footsteps approaching the door. Someone was walking on the gravel walkway. My heart was hammering with excitement, my pussy moistening with desire. The doorknob turned and everyone in the living room held their breath in anticipation.

Mark entered, naked, his arm around a pretty, young woman, his cock hard and swinging as he walked. The same girl wasn’t the same girl from Monday. This one had auburn hair gathered in a ponytail. Perky breasts covered in freckles. Her pubic hair had been shaved, save for a fiery heart above her slit. She was smiling happily, her green eyes twinkling with love as she gazed at Mark.

“Mark!” I gasped. “You’re here.”

“Yeah, sorry,” he apologized, sheepishly. “I haven’t been myself the last few days.”

The auburn-haired girl laughed and squeezed him tightly, a fond look on her face. “That’s an understatement.”

Mark caressed her face, tenderly, lovingly. “Hi ladies. So, some of you know Mary. But for the rest, she’s my fiancee, and she has decided to join us today. You are all going to be just as slutty for Mary as you are for me.”

“Of course we are,” I said, coming over to hug Mary. “She’s your fiancee.” Mary squeezed my ass and kissed me on the lips. I bet those lips would feel amazing on my cunt.

After all us sluts kissed both Mark and Mary, Mark slapped my ass. “Well, let’s get going, sluts!”

I happily jogged up the street, Cassie on one side of me, Vertise on the other. Madeleine, Anastasia, and Issy following behind us, and lastly, Mark and Mary brought up the rear, so they could watch our shapely asses as we jogged.

“I see why you like doing this so much,” Mary said with a laugh. “It’s quite the motivation, all these fine asses shaking in front of you.”

Joy surged inside me. I was Mark and Mary’s jogging slut, my ass, my cunt, was their motivation. I was just so happy that they were enjoying the view.

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Devil’s Pact Update – 11-26-13

Hey everyone

Finished writing my rough draft of the Jogging Club side-story. Covers every morning from the first meeting in Chapter 10, to the yet to be written Chapter 24. Everyday is told from a different woman’s perspective: Anastasia, Madeleine, Belinda, Cassie, Issy, and Vertise and covers nine days. I’ve been planning on writing it one we got past Theodora’s first attack. I should post the side-story on Thursday and hopefully Chapter 24 we’ll shortly follow. Depends on how much free time I get at work. Last week I lucked out and had a pretty light workload and I had plenty of free time.

Just finished plotting out the next arc. Had a rough draft in my head, but now i think i have the logistics and plan for the orders of events and stuff and can start writing Chapter 24 today.

Appreciate all the feedback and criticism. Also, grammar-nazis please continue to correct me when I make mistakes. Just don’t be insulting about it. I want to strive to improve my writing and editing and an outside perspective is quite useful for that.



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The Devil’s Pact Chapter 23: The Last Boon



The Devil’s Pact

Chapter 23: The Last Boon

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2013

Story Codes: Male/Female, Male/Females/Teen females, Female/Female, Hermaphrodite/Female, Hermaphrodite/Females, Mind Control, Female Domination, Ass to Mouth, Anal, Oral, Orgy, Creampie, Bondage/Domination, Romance, Watersports, Incest

For a list of all the Devil’s Pact Chapters and other stories click here

Comments are very welcome. I would like all criticism, positive and negative, so long as its
constructive, and feedback is very appreciated.

Click here for Chapter 22.

Violet lay panting on the couch, my cum trickling out of her cunt. I was enjoying the cock Lilith gave me as part our bargain. For the next two hours, I would have the cock. I knew why Lilith wanted me to have the cock as her price. It had nothing to do with her wanting to give me a pleasant experience. No, she was hoping I would become addicted to the pleasure, to be unable to give it up. Lilith had bitter resentment to all us humans, and seemed to delight in causing us misery. Once before, she tried to tempt me to use my boon to Mark’s detriment.

And part of me wanted to keep the cock, I was disturbed to learn. Particularly as our goth slut, Lillian, knelt down and started licking my cum out of Violet’s tight cunt. My cock was hardening again. Lilith also gave me incredible stamina and watching Lillian, dressed as a perverts wet dream in a slutty, schoolgirl outfit, eat out innocent-looking Violet’s creampie was getting me hard and ready to go again.

Around the room, the sluts were fucking each other. They were all present, save Willow, Jessica and Noel, who had day jobs. The other ten were enjoying themselves. God, I could fuck all these girls if I kept my cock. No, what about Mark. Part of me ached for him. Part of me was mad at him for the hurtful things he said. But that was just the spell, I had to keep telling myself. Right now, Mark was up upstairs fucking his younger sister, Antsy. Whatever spell afflicted them seemed to make Mark and Antsy desire each other, and only each other. Mark no longer found me attractive. Or any of our sluts, or even any other woman. Just his sister Antsy.

At noon, if I was strong enough, Lilith would tell me about the spell. In the mean time, my cock was hard and I had this insistent drive to stick my cock up whatever hole was willing. God, no wonder guys were such horny bastards with this thing between their legs tugging at their thoughts, just aching to be stuck in something, anything to get some relief.

Xiu was tonging Karen’s ass. I had enjoyed raping Karen’s ass when we were punishing her. Karen was a nun, once, and had tried to take our powers away. Thanks to Lilith, we broke her powers and made her our sex slave. Her ass was smooth, and firm, and I just wanted to thrust my cock up it.

“Move,” I ordered Xiu. The busty, Asian slut saw my cock and smiled happily, spreading Karen’s ass open for me, exposing her tight, brown asshole. “She’s ready for you, Mistress.”

“Oh yes, please use my dirty ass, Mistress” Karen moaned, wiggling her hips.

I rubbed my cock on her puckered hole, pushing slowly, savoring the wicked feeling on my cock shoving into Karen’s tight ass. The ring gave way and I was sliding inside her. Karen moaned like a wanton bitch as I filled her up. She was so warm and tight, I groaned, low and throaty, as the head of my cock rubbed against the silky walls of her ass, sinking deeper and deeper inside her until the soft cheeks of her ass pressed against my groin.

“Oh, Mistress, your cock feels so delicious up my ass,” she moaned as I started fucking her.

I groaned, closing my eyes as I enjoyed the amazing feelings running through my cock as her ass gripped it tightly. “Wow, this is so amazing,” I moaned. No wonder Mark liked fucking my ass. Not that I hated it, in fact I loved it, but man it felt amazing when you had the cock. “I love your ass, slut!”

“I’m so glad,” Karen panted. Her hips were starting to fuck back into my cock. “I’m so happy that my ass makes you feel so much pleasured, Mistress. Hmm, use me! Use my dirty ass to satiate your lusts, Mistress.”

Xiu was masturbating next to us, her large breasts heaving. Her nipples were pierced and pink butterflies dangled from her nubs. I reached out and grabbed her piercing, pulling her to me. Xiu’s mouth contorted in pleasure and pain. She was a masochist, enjoying pain with her sex. I pulled her up until her big tits brushed my arm and I captured her lips with a kiss, tasting the sour flavor of Karen’s ass.

“Finger me,” I hissed into Xiu’s ears, then nipped at her lobe.

She smiled eagerly, and stuck two fingers into her mouth, sucking her digits coquettishly. Then she slid her hand across my ass, giving my cheeks a squeeze before sliding down between my legs. She started caressing my pussy as I reamed Karen’s ass. Then she was sliding her fingers up inside me. Xiu held her hand still, so when I pulled out Karen’s ass, Xiu’s fingers slid deeper into my cunt. When I thrust into Karen, Xiu’s fingers slid out until only the tips remained. Back and forth. In and out of Karen’s ass, Xiu’s fingers in and out of my cunt.

I felt my passion build. Xiu’s fingers, Karen’s ass. My skin was alive with sensation. Xiu’s large tits rubbing against my arm, her hard nipples, the cold metal of her piercings, her warm breath on my ear. Xiu started moving her finger inside me and brushed my G-Spot. Pleasure quaked through me and I moaned. Xiu caressed my G-Spot, rubbing the sensitive bundle of nerves with a gentle touch and exquisite pleasure burned through me.

“Oh fuck!” I moaned as my orgasms rolled through me. My cunt squeezed on Xiu’s fingers and my ovaries tightened. I kept fucking her sweet ass as the pleasure kept radiating out from my womb. My strokes got more frantic, my cock was so close to cumming as well, and then I grunted as my semen burst from my ovaries and creamed Karen’s ass. “Jesus Christ, that was amazing!” I gasped. Cumming as a man and as a woman at the same time was so exquisitely nice. My breasts heaving, I pulled out of Karen’s ass and sat down on one of the recliners.

Xiu started cleaning my dirty cock, just like a good slut. Allison and Desiree were tribbing. Desiree was on top, rubbing her cunt on Allison’s while they kissed passionately. Violet was writhing as she came on Lillian’s face. Korina was cuddling with Fiona on the other recliner. Fiona’s face was sticky with Korina’s juices. Dusky Thamina lay on her stomach while blonde Chasity massaged her back.

“Give me a titty fuck,” I ordered Xiu.

My cock popped out of her mouth and her pillowy tits surrounded my shaft, silky flesh pressed against my throbbing member. She pressed her tits together with her hands and started to rub her melons on my cock. Up and down, her spit lubing the titty fuck. Her piercings swayed with her movement and I reached down and pulled on one the butterflies, watching her breast stretch as she titty fucked me.

“Oh, yes, pull my slutty nipple,” Xiu moaned. “Hmm, that hurts, Mistress. Harder, please!” I pulled harder on the piercing and Xiu gasped, her eyes fluttering from the mix of pain and pleasure.

I slipped my foot between Xiu’s thighs and found her wet pussy. I rubbed my foot though her slit, feeling her moisture coat my toes. Xiu moaned and rubbed her tits up and down on my cock harder, faster. I slipped my big toe up her cunt, feeling her silky walls sucking hungrily at my toe. It was so nasty, rubbing my dirty foot into her cunt as I pulled on her nipple piercing.

“Oh, Mistress, that feel so amazing!” Xiu husked, her dark, almond eyes shining with desire, her tongue running pink over her red lips.

“Hmm, here it cums, slut,” I moaned. “Get ready for my cum.”

“Yes, cum on my tits!” Xiu purred. “Please, Mistress. Shower me with your cum! Please, Mistress.”

My ovaries tightened, I yanked hard on her nipple as that powerful feeling of pleasure rushed out of my cock, spraying her breasts and face with my white, sticky cum. Xiu shuddered, moaning in pain as her tit stretched as I pulled on her nipple. Her body was trembling as she came, her naughty cunt flooding my foot. The nasty slut enjoyed being hurt and debased. She looked so sexy, dripping in cum and I bent down and tasted it. I enjoyed Mark’s cum, and mine wasn’t as salty and was sweet. I loved cum, and mine tasted great.

The only problem, it just wasn’t Mark’s cum.


I watched Mary from the shadows. The whore was enjoying my gift, licking her cum off the busty Asian’s tits. This was so delicious. I wanted to track down the nun who cast the Avvah spell on Mark’s sister and thank her for providing me with this opportunity. Mary was beckoning to the slut dressed like a schoolgirl. Lillian was her name. The whore was enjoying my gift.

Mary pulled the slut onto her lap and she happily sank down onto Mary’s cock. Her short, plaid skirt swayed about her ass, exposing the pale flesh as she fucked Mary. Another slut, big-titted Desiree, crawled across the floor and crawled between Mary’s legs and began licking at Mary’s cunt as Lillian rode her cock. Mary was throwing her head back, moaning in pleasure.

“Having fun, Lilith?”

Light flooded the Shadows as Lucifer appeared. I ground my teeth. He always was showing up, butting in when I was having my fun. “I am, Lucifer. I hope I’m not disturbing any plans of yours. I’d so hate to do that.” I hoped he heard the sarcasm dripping from my words.

“As I told you, Lilith. All outcomes serve me.” Anger seethed inside me. He was standing next to me and his light hurt eyes. Lucifer enjoyed burning bright. He was the Morning Star and shone as brightly as his pride. “Do you think she’ll choose pleasure over love?”

I shrugged. “All outcomes serve me,” I said. See how he likes the answer. I hoped he found it as frustrating as I found his bold assertions that every outcome served him. While it would be amusing for Mary to chose pleasure over love, I didn’t need her to. Chantelle and Lana were feeling out the local Wiccan covens, searching for women to worship me while my children grew in their bellies.

I could feel Lucifer smirking next to me. “Well, Lilith, enjoy playing your games, while you can.”

“Oh, I will, Lucifer.” Once my vessel growing in Karen’s womb is born, I’ll be free of the Abyss. Free to roam the Mortal Realm, free to experience all the pleasures denied Lucifer in the Abyss. Free to destroy Mark for daring to place his hands upon me, to stick his disgusting cock inside me. Mark had been foolish to let me fuck his slave, thinking it was of no consequence. He was a man, though, and understood the lengths another man would go through to stick his cock in a wet hole. As if I was a weak-willed as any pathetic man, I thought with a sneer. And what did he get out of it, some spells he could have learned if just tracked down the right book.

Lucifer was behind me, pressing up against me, his disgusting cock rubbing against my ass. “Such lewd, disgusting acts these mortals perform,” Lucifer whispered into my ear, his tone turning bitter, “to think the Creator expected me to bow to such…filth as humans.”

I groaned as Lucifer slid his burning cock inside me, pain and pleasure warring in my cunt as he took his pleasure in me. Lucifer was as bad as any man, using women as mere vessels to satiate his lusts, not caring one iota about my pleasure. I was merely a convenient hole to stick his dick in. I focused on Karen, on the vessel growing quickly inside her, ignoring the cock inside me.

I just needed to figure out how to get Karen away from Mark, now.


Noon approached as I flooded Thamina’s cunt with my cum. About the living room, the other sluts were cuddling with each other, my cum leaking out of pussies and asses, splattered on tits and faces. I was enjoying the cock, a little too much, and I was torn. I loved Mark, but the intense, focused orgasm of a man was becoming addictive. My cock was still hard and I wanted nothing more than to stick it into another woman’s hole.

After I had came in Lillian’s cunt, I had lied down on the floor and let Desiree straddle my cock and Lillian straddle my face. I ate my cum, sweet and salty, out of Lillian tart cunt. I loved eating Mark’s cum out another woman’s cunt, it was so wickedly delicious. It was hot and nasty eating my cum out of Lillian’s cunt, listening to her moan atop me, while Desiree rose up and down on my cock. But it wasn’t as satisfying as eating a creampie Mark made.

Then I bent Fiona over the chair and started fucking the red-head’s cunt hard. Doll-faced Korina, her arm still in a sling from getting shot, knelt between our legs, licking at my cunt, licking at my cock were it penetrated Fiona’s pussy. Her tongue felt wickedly soft as she lapped about my cunt. When I unloaded inside Fiona, I felt a pressure in my bladder to pee. And in my cock. That was interesting.

“Korina, do I still have a urethra in my pussy?”

“No, Mistress,” she answered in shock. “It’s gone.”

I smiled. “Clamp your mouth to Fiona’s cunt and get ready?”

I relaxed my bladder, and enjoyed the sensation of piss shooting out of my cock. It was almost like cumming, that same feeling of release, and was slightly pleasurable. I sighed happily, as my urine splashed into Fiona’s tight cunt, running past my cock and leaking out of Fiona’s cunt into Korina’s waiting lips.

“Oh, Mistress, what are you doing?” Fiona moaned. “It feels like you’re douching me!”

“I’m pissing in your dirty cunt,” I sighed. The stream was dieing down, only a few more squirts left.

“Oh, wow, Mistress,” Fiona moaned. “That’s so nasty! Thank you for using me as your toilet.”

“Thank you, Mistress, for letting me drink your piss,” Korina cooed. “It was mixed with your tasty cum and Fiona’s delicious juices.” Her tongue was licking at our crotches, lapping up the piss staining us.

I pulled out of Fiona and more urine mixed with cum and cunt juices poured out into Korina’s eager mouth. Yellow piss ran down her chin, her throat and down her breasts and belly. Korina latched her mouth to Fiona’s urethra and Fiona relaxed her bladder and started pissing into Korina’s mouth as well.

“Oh yes, drink my piss, Korina,” Fiona moaned. “I love it when you do.”

“You piss in her mouth often?” I asked, stroking my cock.

“Hmm, yes Mistress,” Fiona moaned. “Ever since that Sunday in the hotel room when you made me piss on Korina, we’ve been drinking each other’s piss.”

I had started fucking Allison’s cunt as I had watched Fiona kneel down before Korina. Korina’s doll face contorted in pleasure as her stream of urine splashed into Fiona’s mouth, running in yellow rivulets down her mouth and body. And then they licked the piss off each other’s bodies, tenderly cleaning each other up. After Allison, I enjoyed Desiree’s ass while Desiree ate my creampie I left in Allison. Then I had Chasity and Karen’s suck on my cock together, delighting in two tongues, two mouths, pleasuring my cock. I shoot my cum all over their tits and pounded Violet’s ass as I watched Karen and Chasity lick my cum off each other. Then finished off in Thamina’s cunt.

The clock on the cable box read noon, and my cock suddenly softened and then began to shrink, reducing until it was just the hard little clitoris it started out as. Lilith was waiting, so I walked into the kitchen, the sluts following, and sat down at the dining room table. And waited, impatiently. I had made my decision. The cock was amazing, but I needed my randy stallion inside me. I needed to drink his cum, from his cock or a woman’s cunt. I needed to be held by him and stare into his blue eyes and hear him whisper, “I love you, Mare.”

Suddenly, lust washed over me, my nipples hardened, my pussy moistened. The sluts all moaned as Lilith’s presences washed over them. Violet knelt behind Thamina and began licking my cum out of her cunt. Allison was going down on Desiree while Chasity started rimming Allison’s ass. Karen and Lillian slipped into sixty-nine while Korina knelt carefully before Fiona and ate out the red-head’s cunt. I stood up, looking about for the demoness.

“So, what have you chosen,” Lilith purred, pressing up behind me. I grit my teeth as pleasure washed over me. Lilith was sex made manifest,and her merest touch could make someone cum, unless you’ve felt it before and were ready to fight it. And having her lush body pressing into your back was almost unbearably pleasurable. Her nipples were hard, tits pillowy, and her pubic hair silk on my ass.

As the lust surged through me, memories of the pleasure I felt with the cock filled my mind, how Allison’s cunt felt when I came insider her, the way Fiona gasped as I pissed in her cunt. Watching Chasity and Karen licking my cum off each other’s tits. My resolve wavered for a moment, and then I remembered what I really craved. Mark’s cock. Mark’s cum. Mark inside me, filling me up, his rough lips on mine as he kissed me. His boyish grin and piercing blue eyes. The sweaty musk of his body. Lilith’s body pressing against me, her nipples hard on my back, was sending electricity through my body, tingling my nipples, my pussy, my achingly hard clit. I pictured Mark’s cock plunging into me, over and over, and shuddered as I orgasmed.

“Mark,” I answered, gasping as my body shuddered in passion, my juices running sticky down my thighs. “I choose Mark, Lilith.”

“Your loss,” Lilith murmured in disappointment and backed away from me. “A nun got to his sister and used the Prayer of Avvah on her, making her a trap,” Lilith explained. “Mark and Antsy will forever find each other attractive, and no others. You saw Mark and yours threads, right.”

I nodded. Normally, our souls were connected by two red threads, entwined tightly together, so tight they almost seemed one thread. This morning, I saw golden wedges, forcing our threads apart. We were still connected, but slowly those wedges were growing, separating us more and more. Mark and Antsy were connected by a red thread and a black chain bound together by a golden chain.

“Once your threads are forced apart, Mark will be lost to you forever,” Lilith said. “There is a spell, very dangerous to perform, that can break the prayer. It is called Chabab. It will only work if you truly love each other. If not, both of you will die. So, are you sure you don’t want the cock and life, or gamble on the fickle feelings of a man and death.”

“I’ll gamble on Mark,” I told her, without hesitation. Mark loved me. He freed me from his control. And I loved him.

“Very well,” Lilith said, skeptically. “You will need to bring him to orgasm inside you. When he spills his seed, you must say, ‘Chabab,’ and, if you two truly love each other, the Bond of Chabab will bind you together so tightly that no power in Heaven or Hell will ever be able to come between you.”

“That’s it?” I asked, frowning. That was easy. Too easy.

“Ahh, but how do you get Mark to fuck you?” Lilith pointed out. “He no longer finds you attractive and nothing I can do can change that.”

“Then…I’ll overpower him,” I said. “And force him.”

“By yourself?” Lilith smirked.

She was right. Mark was bigger than me. I might get lucky, but one of us, probably me, would get hurt. “The sluts will help me.”

Lilith laughed derisively. “Did you forget his powers. He’ll just dominate any person you recruit to help you. Unless…”

Unless what? I frowned, then a cold feeling sank into my stomach. “Unless, I use my last boon to get Mark’s power. The power to make anyone do what I want.” I didn’t want that power, that responsibility. Mark enjoys playing god with peoples lives, and I was afraid of it. Afraid what I’d do with it. I had struggled with the guilt of what Mark did to these women, the guilt at how much I enjoyed their degradation. “And then, I have to use the Zimmah spell to make my Thralls immune from Mark’s power.” God, I would have to fuck my father.

A naughty tingle went through my cunt.

“How do I make Mark…desire me? Is there a spell?”

“Yes,” Lilith answered. “But, you humans made something vastly superior. I believe it’s called Viagra.”

That would be easy to get. I could have Willow, our doctor slut, get me a prescription. “Fine.”

Lilith smiled nastily, her violet eyes delighted in my pain. “And you better hurry, who knows how long before Mark is beyond your reach.” I wanted to claw out her violet eyes.

I drew in a deep breath, clenching my hands. Once I used my last boon, Lilith would be out of our lives for good, banished back to Hell. “Lilith for my final boon I want every human, save for Mark, to do whatever I tell them to do.”

“Done,” Lilith murmured. “Our Pact is finished. My time on the Mortal Realm is complete. But, before I go, I have another agreement to fulfill with you and Mark. There are many other spells for you to learn, other magic a Warlock can possess. Seek the ‘Magicks of the Witch of Endor.’ The ancient tome will complete your education.”

And then she was gone.

I took a deep breath, trying to think. I would need thralls, four or five to overpower Mark safely. Who should I choose to be my Thralls. I grabbed my phone, flipping through my address book. There was one number, listed as Pee Slut. Right, the girl from the restroom of the Clam Diver, the club I went dancing at last week with Diane. She had a sexy mouth and took to being a pee slut so easily.

“Hello?” a woman’s voice asked after I dialed Pee Slut.

“Hi,” I was suddenly nervous. Mark always was so confident when he made people do what he wants. You need to have that same confidence, Mary, just believe it will work. “I met you in the bathroom at the Clam Diver last Wednesday. I made you drink my pee.”

“Oh, yes,” she sounded embarrassed. “I-I remember.”

“Good, what’s your name?”

“Avialle Willard, but everyone calls me Via.”

“Via, you’re my sex slave,” I told her. “You’ll do whatever nasty thing I tell you to do.”

“Ohh, okay,” she said. “Uhh, I don’t know your name.”

“Sluts like you call me Mistress.”

“Okay, Mistress,” she said.

“I need you to go immediately to 1011 Violet Meadows, in Parkland,” I told her, giving her my father’s address. “And wait for me to arrive.”

“I will, Mistress,” she said excitedly. “I’ll leave work right away.”

“Good.” I hung up. Then I dialed the next number.

“Hi, Mary,” Sandy purred when she answered the phone. She was Mark’s mother, and someone his powers didn’t work on.

“Hey Sandy, I need you to invite your son over for dinner tonight,” I ordered. My powers would work just fine on her, however. “Tell Mark that you really need to see him, okay. Say whatever you have to. Just get him to come over.”

“I will Mary,” Sandy said. She paused. “Samantha intimated some things to me yesterday. Is…is everything all right?”

“Remember how I told you we had enemies?” Sandy answered yes. “Well, one of them placed a spell on Antsy and Mark. That’s why I need your help.”

And I begin to explain my plan to her.


My stomach rumbled. I had been making love with Antsy all morning and I needed a break. Antsy was up, walking about the room. My cum covered her body, dripping out of all her holes. She was like an addiction, I just couldn’t get enough of fucking her. She was all I needed. No other woman compared to her.

Fight, the voice whispered. It was getting fainter and fainter. Don’t forget her. Fight!

Fight what? Who shouldn’t I forget?

“I’m going to clear out Mary’s clothing,” Antsy said. “You don’t need another woman’s clothes in our bedroom.”

“No, of course not, Antsy,” I said, admiring the curves of her body. “Want some lunch. We’ll get Desiree to whip up something.”

“Sure,” Antsy said, pulling clothing out of the closet until she had a pile in her arms.

I followed her downstairs. I found all the sluts in the living room looking all freshly fucked. They were all naked, their ugly bodies on display. Someone’s cum was leaking out of their holes, though I saw no guy around. Well, I didn’t care to fuck any of their ugly bodies ever again, so any man was welcome to them. I felt bad, every other guy in the world had to settle for some ugly, homely woman. Only I got to fuck Antsy, the only beautiful woman in the world.

Mary was with them, naked as well, hanging up her cell phone.


“Mark,” she said, cautiously. “I…”

“Here’s your clothes,” Antsy interrupted, dropping the pile of clothes at Mary’s feat. Then she pointed at a few of the sluts. “Go get the rest of her clothes out of my bedroom. Now!” The sluts scurried to obey. Last night I told them Antsy was their Mistress.

Hurt flickered across Mary’s face. “Of course,” she sadly said, and fished through the clothes and started to get dressed.

“Desiree, Antsy and I need some lunch,” I ordered Desiree. “And puts some clothes on, no one wants to see such ugly women running around naked.”

“Yes, Master,” Desiree said, jumping to obey.

Fiona came downstairs with my cellphone. “Master, your mother is on the phone.”

“Hey mom,” I said, after taking my phone from the slut.

“Mark, I really want you to come over for dinner, we need to talk,” my mom said. “I…I need some company. It’s been really hard, since your dad died.”

“Yeah, okay,” I replied and looked over at Antsy. “Mom wants us over for dinner, tonight. She sounds lonely.”

Antsy shrugged. “I guess we should.” I could see it in her eyes, she’d rather be fucking me. I’d rather be fucking her, too, but mom needed us.

“Okay, mom, we’ll be there around five. Love you, mom.”

Mary was dressed, some unflattering skirt, show far too much of her ugly legs, and a loose blouse, and was walking to the door. “Mark, I love you. Just fight, okay, hun.”

Fight! “I…I…lo…” the words were so hard to say. “love y-you!”

Mary smiled, tears glinting at her eyes, then she was gone. I heard her car start and she drove off. Why did I hurt so much inside. Then I saw Antsy, naked and beautiful and my cock got hard. She was smiling so enticingly at me.

“We have a few minutes to kill,” I told her.

“How shall we past the time?” she asked, walking towards me. Then she knelt down and sucked my cock into her mouth.

What could be better that this?

Mary, barely a whisper now. Fight.

Antsy swirled her tongue about my cock’s head, bringing a soft moan to my lips. How could Mary better than my baby sister. Anty’s hand was stroking my shaft as she played with my tip. She looked so beautiful on her knees before me, her hazel eyes shining with pleasure. The pleasure was increasing and I closed my eyes in joy. I grabbed the sides of her head and began forcing my cock deeper inside her.

Antsy didn’t fight as my cock brushed her throat, just relaxed and let me deepthroat her. Her hands wrapped around my waist, gripping my ass as I began to fuck her mouth. Her hands pulled me deeper into her mouth. Fuck it felt good as my cock head forced itself down her throat over and over again.

“Love your mouth, Antsy!” I moaned. “Fuck, it feel so amazing.”

I could feel my cum boiling in my balls, so close. I pulled back my cock until just the tip remained in her mouth and held her head tightly. My cum flooded her mouth in three large blasts, white cream leaking out the sides her mouth as she struggled to swallow my huge load. Finally she released my cock, smiling happily.

“Thanks big bro,” she cooed. “You fed my mouth, but my other lips are hungry, too. Down here.” Her hands reached down and ran through her sticky slit, coming away with a mix of our cums. “My poor little pussy needs to be fed, too.”

I smiled and let her push me back onto the couch as Antsy straddled my hips. My cock was hard and ready, eager to be back inside my baby sister’s cunt. Antsy moaned so deliciously as she sank down on my cock. The best cunt in the world. I captured her cum stained lips in a kiss and enjoyed my sister’s tight snatch as she rode my cock.

“Oh, God, your cock feels so good inside me, big bro,” Antsy moaned. “I love you, I love you so very much!”

I wanted to tell her how much I loved her, but a tiny part of me fought the words. You love Mary, that part of me faintly whispered. That was ridiculous. How could I love Mary when my baby sister was made for me, my perfect woman. And I was made for her.


I parked my car in front of my father’s house. On the way, I picked up three more sex slaves. Joy, the woman who waxed me at the Heavenly Creatures Salon. And April and Felicity, the two virgins Mark and I deflowered last week. And there was Via, the pee slut, waiting for me in nurses scrubs, teal bottoms and a white, flowery top. What did she do for a living? Well, that didn’t matter right now.

Dad should be home from work soon. I still had a key and opened the door to the small, three bedroom rambler that I grew up in and let the sluts in. I had them all undress and enjoyed the sight of my four naked sex slaves. Joy, with her dusky Vietnamese complexion, small breasts and friendly smile. I remembered that pleasant morning of making love to her in the Heavenly Creatures Salon. I discovered tribbing with Joy, as she lay atop me. Via was the opposite of Joy. White skinned, huge tits and several piercing. There was a heart charm dangling from her bellybutton and her clitoral hood was pierced with a golden ring. A black strip of hair above her pussy was all the bush she had. Via’s face was framed by black, streaked with red, and her pretty lips were smiling and I remember how eager they were to drink my piss.

April and Felicity were not nearly as nervous as they were last week. April stood proudly naked, her budding breasts topped with hard nipples. She looked so sexy with those glasses perched on her face framed by her bushy, brunette hair. Felicity had bigger tits, her black hair braided and thrown over her shoulder to nestle between her tits and a saucy smile on her face.

I hid in Missy’s old room, leaving the door cracked. I heard a car pull into the driveway and footsteps. Through Missy’s lacy curtains I could see the silhouette of my dad as he walked towards the front door. Key rattled metallically in the lock and then the door was opening.

“What the heck!” my dad exclaimed. Years of teaching had condition swearing out of his vocabulary he always said.

“Hello, Mr. Sullivan,” purred Via. “Mark sent us to entertain you.”

“Did he,” my dad said. Was that an excited hint to his voice? My dad must have really enjoyed Fiona last Friday and seemed eager for another tumble with a woman.

“Yes, we so want to fuck you,” April cooed.

I heard some wet smacking. He’s kissing one of them. Then a giggle. “Umm, you feel so big,” husked Felicity.

“So big and strong,” Joy said, in her heavy Vietnamese accent. “I bet you fuck long time.”

“Let’s get these pesky clothes off,” giggled Felicity.

“Hmm, so I get to play with all of you,” my dad asked, excited. Clothes were rustling, the sluts were stripping my dad naked.

“All of use,” Via said and there was more kissing sounds.

My dad moaned. “Umm, suck my penis.”

“Wow, Joy, how do you take that much into your mouth?” April asked in amazement. I could see it in my mind, Joy kneeling before my dad as she deepthroated his cock.

“It’s called deepthroating,” Felicity said.

“Oh,” April answered.

“To the bedroom,” Via said.

The group was all giggles and kisses as the trooped down the hallway. My dad’s bed creaked and my dad was moaning again. “You must relax your throat,” Joy was explaining. “And then you can take him, April.”

“Okay,” April said, and I could hear wet, sucking noises. That nerdy teenager was trying to deepthroat my dad. She must look so cute and sexy, with those tiny glasses perched on her delicate face, her mouth bulging with cock as she struggled to slide my dad’s shaft down her throat. I reached underneath my short skirt and began to stroke my moistening pussy.

“Have you ever been blindfolded?” Via asked, remembering the plan. “It makes sex so much more exciting.”

“No,” Sean answered, hoarsely.

“Good, we can make a game of it,” Via purred. “Who’s sucking at your cock now?”

“Um, the girl with glasses,” dad answered.

“Wrong,” April giggled.

“The girl with a braid?”

There was a wet, popping sound. “Yep,” Felicity answered.

My dad blindfolded, I walked quietly into the bedroom. I didn’t want my dad to know he fucked me. He was too nice of a guy and would feel guilty about fucking his daughter. Unlike Mark’s mother, I couldn’t change his outlook at all. There was one person all Warlocks couldn’t affect. For me, and other women Warlocks, it was our fathers. For Mark and male Warlocks, it was their mothers. Blindfolded, my dad would never know the pussy fucking his cock was his precious daughter’s tight cunt.

When I entered the room, my dad was naked on his back. One of his ties was about his eyes. Via was sucking at his cock, bobbing her head up and down. April was kissing my dad while Felicity had guided his hand between her legs and he fingered her tight slit. Joy knelt down and started licking at his balls. I walked silently up and tapped Joy on the shoulder and the girl slipped off the bed and I took her place.

Via released his cock and moved out of the way as I straddled my dad’s waist. I was dripping wet as I placed my dad’s cock at the entrance of my cunt. I grit my teeth, stifling my moan as I slid down onto his cock and slowly started to fuck him. This was so wicked, fucking my dad while he thought I was someone else.

“Who’s fucking you?” Joy asked.

“Umm, she’s tight,” my dad moaned. “Glasses girl?”

“Nope,” April said and then kissed him.

“How about the girl with a braid?”

“Nope, you’re fingering my cunny,” Felicity giggled.

“How about the Asian girl?”

“Oh yes,” Joy moaned, standing at the foot of the bed. “Your cock feels so good inside me!”

“You feel so good on my penis,” my dad moaned and I smiled. “Such a dirty girl!”

I started fucking faster and faster as Joy moaned a string of dirty, nasty things. “You’re stirring my cunt up! Your cock so big! So hard! You fuck me so well! Ohhh, such a nice cock!”

The pleasure was rolling through my body as I rose up and down on my father’s cock. This was so wrong, so wickedly wrong. I clapped my hand over my mouth and let out a muffled moan. Behind me, Joy was moaning wantonly. I bet it’s not the first time she’s had to fake an orgasm, she was so good at it. If I didn’t know she was acting, I’d swear she was getting the fucking of her life. Via had a naughty smile on her face and she caught my nipple into her mouth, sucking on my sensitive nub gently

“Oh, Mr. Sullivan,” April moaned, straddling his face. “I need my poor little pussy licked. Would you mind, sir?”

“No,” my father groaned, swiping his tongue through the nerdy girl’s cunt.

“Oh yes, pet my little kitty,” April moaned. “Your tongue feel so good, Mr. Sullivan.”

I leaned over and captured the little minx’s lips with a kiss. Her tongue was quick and agile as she kissed me back. I ran a hand across her body, feeling her budding breasts. My dad’s cock was hitting different parts of my cunt as I leaned over, and felt even more amazing. I rotated my hips, moving faster and faster.

Felicity shuddered on my father’s fingers. “Oh, yes, yes!” she gasped. “Ohh, thank you Mr. Sullivan. That was a great cum.”

I could see my dad’s lips were sucking hard on April’s clit and the nerd was sliding her cunt all over my dad’s face. I broke the kiss with April, throwing my head back. April bent down and captured my other breast and I had two sluts sucking at my tits. My fucking was growing faster and faster, my orgasm was coming closer and closer. Pleasure tingled from my nipples as two wet tongues swirled about my hard nubs.

“Oh gosh, gonna come,” my dad moaned, muffled by April’s cunt. “Keep going, so close. So close.”

“Yes, cum in me!” Joy moaned. “Flood my nasty cunt with your delicious cum! Fill me up!”

My own orgasm was nearing. This was so exciting. My dad’s cock was nice and big, and filled me up so deliciously. I went faster and faster, grinding my clit against his pubic bone on the down stroke, delighting as his cock rubbed back and forth against my pussy walls.

“Oh man! Here it comes!”

Warm semen flooded my cunt. The same sperm that once flood my mother’s cunt and made me was now spilling into my womb. Oh, it was so wicked, so nasty. My cunt constricted on his cock as I came. Behind me, Joy drowned out my muffled screams with her fake orgasm.

“Yes, yes!” she moaned. “Your cum so good inside me! Fill me up! Hmm, yes! Love when a man cums in me!”

“Umm, yes!” moaned April. The little, nerdy slut was cumming, too. “My little kitty’s cumming! Oh, fuck yeah!”

I got off my dad as Felicity sucked his cock into her mouth, cleaning off my juices and the last of his cum. I retreated to the living room. One by one, the sluts slipped out and bent down between my thighs. First was April, kneeling down before my naked cunt and taking a single, glorious lick up my slit. “Zimmah,” I muttered. Energy seemed to run out of the bedroom, from my father, into me and April and there was a moment where I could feel her.

“Oh, Mistress,” April gasped, a smile on her beautiful, innocent face. “I’m get to be yours forever.” There was a current of awe and wonder to her words and I bent down and kissed her. “Yes, you’re mine, little slut.”


“That was a great dinner, mom,” I said, pushing back the plate of pork chops and applesauce.

“Oh, thank you, Mark,” my mom answered.

“Yeah, it was delicious,” Antsy said, flashing me a smile on her perfect face. She was a younger, and far prettier, version of mom and my cock was half-hard as my thoughts drifted to fantasy of bending her over the table and fucking her right now. But my powers didn’t work on mom, so I couldn’t risk my mom finding out about us. Mary may have convinced my mom that incest with her son was okay, but would she feel the same about me fucking her baby girl? Who knew how she’d react.

My mom was up, clearing away the table. “How are you doing, mom?”

She sighed. “Sometimes I feel fine, then it hits me that your dad’s dead. That…” she swallowed. “That it’s my fault. And then I weep and weep until I feel wrung out.”

The doorbell rang. “Oh, Antsy, could you answer that. I need to speak to your brother in private, anyways.”

“Sure,” Antsy said, heading for the door.

“Follow me, Mark,” mom said and lead me to her bedroom. The carpet in the hallway had been ripped up. It’s where my dad died. I guess it was ruined.

“What is it, mom?” I asked. “I’m not interested in sleeping with you. That was just for the spell.”

“No, its not that,” my mom started to say when I heard footsteps heading down the hall. Several of them.

The door banged open and Mary walked in, flanked by four women. I recognized three of them. There was Joy from the wax salon, and April and Felicity, the two virgins Mary and I deflowered. The fourth woman I didn’t recognize, she had black hair with red streaks. All five women held a pair of handcuffs in their hands. Fear suddenly spiked my stomach. Black outlines surrounded the four women, they were Thralls. But to whom?

“Mom, watch out,” I shouted, looking back. My mom looked calm and I really looked at her and noticed a faint, blank outline about her. Crap, I had been avoiding looking at her ugly face that I didn’t notice that someone made her a Thrall.

“Mark,” Mary said, stepping forward, the other women spreading around me. There was love on her ugly, freckled face. “Please, just cooperate. You need to fight the spell and let me help you.”

Fight, the voice whispered, so very faint. So faint, in fact, I almost thought I’d imagined the voice.

“I’m sorry, Mary, I just don’t lo…” a cough strangled my voice. I wanted to say that I didn’t love her, but I couldn’t bring myself to say the words. Because, you still love her, the voice faintly whispered, just fight a little longer. “I’m sorry I don’t find you attractive anymore, but this isn’t the way.”

Mary sighed. “I’m sorry, too. Get him, ladies.”

I stuck my hand into my pocket, pulling out the Nextel as six women, my mom included, jumped at me, small hands grasping my arms, my chest, anywhere they could get a purchase. I pushed April off me and she fell back onto her ass. Felicity was scrabbling at my Nextel, trying to take it from my hand. My bodyguards were outside. They had guns. Mary brought this upon herself.

I pushed the talk button, the Nextel chirped as it connected to the network. “Master to anyone!” I shouted into the Nextel. “Help!”

Felicity pried the Nextel out of my hand and threw it to the floor. That didn’t matter. My bodyguards would have heard my call for help. They would be storming into the house any second, guns drawn, ready to help me.

“Mark, I took the Nextel away from your bodyguards,” Mary said calmly, “and sent them up the street. Back at home, I told everyone to turn of their Nextel. No one’s coming, so just stop fighting! I don’t want to hurt you. Please, Mark.”

My stomach sank. “Then stop attack me!” I protested, trying to fight against the six women.

I struggled and we fell back onto my mom’s bed, the springs creaking in protest at our weight. Mary had my left arm and snapped a handcuff on my wrist. Fuck, this was just like the nuns attack all over again. Why was Mary doing this? Was she mad because I chose Antsy over her. I couldn’t help how I felt.

“I’m sorry, Mary!” I shouted. “But I lo…like Antsy, now!”

She was getting closer to handcuffing me to the brass bed frame. No! Fear surged through me. I threw off Joy and my mom from my right hand, balling my fist and swung with all my strength at Mary’s face. And…I couldn’t hurt her. Something inside me, some last vestige of feelings for Mary, stopped my hand inches from her face. My hesitation cost me as Mary ratcheted the handcuff onto the brass bed frame, trapping my left arm.

My mom and Joy were on my right arm again, and Mary was helping April and the other girl as they struggled with my leg. I kicked and shoved, causing the strange girl to stumble back. Mary sat on my leg, pinning it beneath her weight. I wanted to kick her off, but that same vestige of feelings within me stopped me again. Mary snapped the handcuff about my ankle and the then to the brass bed frame, trapping my left leg.

And then, it was over. Six women pulling on my right arm and then on my right leg and I was spread eagle, helpless before them. What was Mary going to do to me? Fear hammered at my heart. Mary was stripping off her clothes, her ugly breasts with those disgusting freckles came into view. And that ass, far too plump. Not the tight, firm ass of Antsy.

“Where’s Antsy?” I gasped, remembering she went to answer the door. “What have you done with her?”

“She’s fine,” Mary answered with a soft smile. “I wouldn’t hurt your sister. It’s not her fault what’s happened to the both of you.”

What was she talking about. She was on the bed, now, unzipping my pants. What was she going to do to me? Was she going to cut off my cock. I struggled, harder, the handcuffs biting into my wrists. I felt as helpless as the time Karen had me. Was she working with a nun? No, all the women had black auras and Mary had her red aura.

“Shh, hun,” Mary cooed, trying to sound sexy. It wasn’t working. She fished out my soft cock, stroking it in her rough hand, sucking it into her disgusting mouth. Her tongue swirled around the head of my cock, trying to get me hard. But how could she, only Antsy got me excited. Her attempt at a blowjob was terrible. Finally, she gave up, releasing my cock.

“Give him the Viagra,” Mary ordered with a sigh.

Joy was holding a bottle, fishing out a blue pill. I clamped my mouth shut but Joy just pinch my nose. No, I wouldn’t cooperate, I would fight. My lungs started to burn as I vainly tried to hold my breath. I had to breathe. My heart was pounding, darkness was fuzzing the edge of my vision. Have to breathe. My mouth opened, I sucked in a lungful of sweet air, and a blue pill dropped into my mouth.

“Swallow,” Joy said, clamping a hand over my mouth and pinching my nose. I had no choice, I swallowed the pill and Joy released me mouth.

“Okay, clear out sluts,” Mary ordered.

“What’s going on, Mary?” I asked as she pressed her disgusting body against mine, her rough hand stroking my cock.

“You’re under a spell, Mark,” Mary answered. “A nun got to Antsy. Made her a trap for you.”

That was impossible. No, it’s not, the voice whispered, barely audible, more like an echo of a voice, or maybe a memory. Just fight a little longer, the memory whispered.

“But it’s okay,” Mary continued. “I’m going to free you, Mark.”

I felt my cock stirring in her hand, blood beginning to engorge my cock as the Viagra took effect. Her hand was starting to feel good, stroking roughly on my shaft, and I shifted my hips about as pleasure began to radiated from my engorging dick. Mary smiled, stroking my cock faster. My cock had grown to its full length and I shifted as the pleasure begin tingling through me. Mary rubbed the pre-cum leaking from my cock, rubbing it about my sensitive head.

“I think you’re ready Mark,” she cooed and straddled my waist.

“No, please, Mary,” I begged. “I don’t want your nasty pussy on my cock! I only want Antsy’s cunt on me.”

Her pussy sank down, slowly, engulfing my cock in velvety warmth. “You have to remember how much you love me, Mark,” she moaned, as she slowly begin to ride me. “Remember how I trembled before you, the first time you saw me naked, in the Starbucks. How nervous I was?”

I could see Mary, standing naked next to Cynthia and Vivian. The moment I saw her naked, she was my favorite of the three. Her lovely auburn hair, gathered in a pony tail, her breasts covered by a dusting of freckles. Vivian had huge tits and Cynthia had a wicked smile, but neither had held a candle to the beauty and innocents of Mary. She smiled so beautifully the first time I squeezed her plump ass.

I shook my head. No, that couldn’t be right, only Antsy was beautiful. Right?

“After you fucked both Cynthia and Vivian, you said I was your favorite,” Mary moaned, her breasts bouncing before my eyes. “You said I was yours forever as we kissed on the floor of the Starbucks. You whispered, ‘I love you,’ the first time you came inside my pussy.”

I remembered being on top of her, fucking her on the Starbucks floor. No, making love to her. Her pussy felt amazing, like silk, as I moved inside her. Mary’s body was warm and soft beneath mine. We had stared into each other’s eyes, her eyes were a deep green, so beautiful. We stared into each other’s souls and I saw love inside of her. That’s when I knew she was mine. Forever.


No, no, no! Not Mary, Antsy’s the one I want forever. Remember her hazel eyes, Mark. Antsy loves me. She’s the one I need. I gritted my teeth, struggling not to cum, closing my eyes.

The memories were flooding my mind, whispering, just let go and cum, Mark! Let Mary save you! No! I struggled against those words, those memories. I was being torn apart between Mary and Antsy. My soul was ripping, tugged in too directions. If I came, Mary would win. I’d lose Antsy and I’d be stuck with this ugly hag.

She wasn’t always ugly, the voice whispered. Remember.

Images flooded my mind. Mary biting her lower lip, cute as a button. Mary sleeping on her side, a curl of auburn hair contrasting with her fair cheek, a slight smile on her face. Mary’s face contorting in pleasure as I made her cum. Her emerald eyes sparkling with lust and joy. Mary’s face, drool leaking down her lips, as she slept on my lap. Mary turning around, her hands covering her pussy, and the revealing her freshly waxed lips, the fiery heart of pubic hair above her tight, bare slit. Mary, wearing one of my shirts and nothing else, painting on our balcony. Mary standing in the shower, her auburn hair dark and wet and plastered to her gorgeous body. Mary smiling, Mary crying, Mary laughing so sweetly. Cuddling with Mary on the couch, watching that terrible Grey’s Anatomy show. Mary holding my hand with comfort and love.

I opened my eyes. I could almost see the beautiful Mary from my memories superimposed on the hag riding my cock. It was getting harder and harder to fight against the pleasure of her cunt. It was like Karen all over again, soon I would cum, there was a limit to what I could endure. Eventually, my body would betray me and I would lose my Antsy.

“Remember the Space Needle as the sun set behind the Olympic Mountains,” Mary begged. “Remember how you felt, what you said to me, as you proposed.” She held her left hand up, showing the black diamond ring. I could remember when I saw that ring, how beautiful and perfect it seemed sitting in the display case. “Remember, Mark, please!” She was crying as she pleaded with me. “I love you, Mark, please remember.”

I had knelt before Mary. She had this stunned and excited look on her face. I almost dropped the box as I pulled it out of my pocket, I was so nervous. And I said, “Mary, I stole your heart and you stole mine, and while we may not have known each other long, it has been long enough for me to know that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” And she said yes, over and over, excited and crying all at the same time.

“When you…kissed…me,” I struggled to say, “after I…proposed. Time seemed…to stop.”

“Oh, Mark,” she whispered, and bent down and her lips were warm on my lips, full of love. Time seemed to stop and there was only Mary and I, connected body and soul. I felt something inside my soul, hard chains binding me to Antsy and I struggled against them, straining to break the steel. They were keeping me from my Mary, my beautiful, naughty filly.

My love.

My cum shot into her pussy and Mary broke the kiss. “Chabab!” she shouted, as her orgasm rolled through her, her cunt constricting on my cock. I could feel the chains on my soul shatter and energy flowed between Mary and I. It was so intense. Our souls merged together, briefly. For a single, perfect moment, we were one. I felt how much she loved me; the deep, strong river of love that carried her through the pain of the last few days. And Mary felt how much I loved her, how hard I struggled against the spell, trying to break free, to hold on long enough for my sweet Mary to save me.

“I love you, Mare,” I whispered as she panted on top of me. “I’m so sorry.”

“Shh,” Mary said, kissing my lips. “It wasn’t you. It was a nun.”

Mary got off me and I admired her beautiful, plump ass as she walked over to her clothes. When she bent down, her tight pussy, messy with my milky cum, flashed between her legs and I felt my cock hardening.

“You’re so beautiful, Mare,” I told her.

Her smile was so beautiful when she stood up, her perky breasts jiggling as she walked back to the bed. She kissed me on the lips and then began unlocking my handcuffs. She kissed my chaffed wrists and ankles as she released each limb. Freed, I grabbed Mary and pushed her onto her back, kissing her lips, forcing my tongue inside her mouth as I climb atop her. My sweet Mary was once again beneath me, wet and willing.

“Oh, Mark,” she moaned, guiding my cock to her sopping wet pussy. “Fuck me, I need you so badly!”

I slid inside my sweet Mary, my naughty filly. A nun had attacked us, but that could wait for later. All that mattered was that I had my Mary back and together we could overcome anything. I kissed her again, her lips salty with tears. Her legs wrapped around my waist, her hips bucking up to meet my thrusts. I broke the kiss, nuzzling at the slope of her neck, sucking hard. Leaving a hickey, marking my Mary as mine for all the world to see.

“Yes, fuck me!” she moaned. “My mighty stallion! Fuck your naughty, little filly! Ride me hard, stud!”

“I love you, Mare,” I whispered into her ear. “My sexy, naughty filly!”

I pounded her harder, our groins slapping together with urgency. I could feel her hard, little clit rubbing into my pelvis, bringing gasps of pleasure to her lips. I stared into her deep, green eyes, into her soul, delighting in the love I saw there. Her cunt was amazing on my cock, the best cunt in the world.

“I only need you, Mare,” I whispered. “I could be happy only with you.”

“I love you Mark,” she gasped. “You’re my world! I just need you, your cock, your delicious cum! Please, flood my naught pussy! Please!”

“Yes,” I moaned. “Here it comes, my delicious filly. My wanton lover!”

Our groins came together once, twice, thrice, and I was flooding her cunt. Her pussy spasmed on my cock, milking all my cum out as she screamed her passion wordlessly. I kept thrusting until all my cum had filled her up, had emptied from my balls. And then I rested on top of her, inside her. Her lips were soft as she kissed gently at my lips.

“It’s time to go home,” I told her.

“Yes,” Mary sighed happily. “All the sluts miss you so much.”


I was tired as I got off the plane. I was back home in Washington State. It had been nearly thirteen years since I’d left. I wondered how Sean was doing. And my daughters, they must be all grown up and beautiful. I wanted to go and see them, ached to see them, but that would only bring more pain. That part of my life was over, taken away from me by Kurt.

It’s why I had to stop Mark from destroying anymore lives.

A sudden pain clenched my stomach. I saw a bathroom and stumbled inside it, entering the stall. What was happening. It wasn’t pain, I realized, more like the memory of pain, of the nerve stabbing agony I experienced when I had appendicitis as a kid. What was going on. Oh, God! Please take this feeling away, I prayed as I fell to my knees before the toilet. And then it was gone.

My body shuddered as a hand reached through my dress and the Ecstasy came upon me.

“The Bond of Avvah has been broken,” Ramiel the Angel whispered into my ear. “Our opening gambit has failed.”

“What do we do now?” I asked. My pussy moistened beneath Ramiel’s touch, my nipples hardened in my bra.

“A messier plan,” Ramiel answered sadly, his hard cock sliding into my pussy and an orgasm shuddered through my body. “A far messier plan.”


“Hey, Carlos,” McKenzie, my bubbly producer said as she walked up to my desk in the KING 5 newsroom. “How’s that story about Mark Glassner coming.”

“It’s weird,” I answered. “Something hinky is definitely going on. Agent Peterson, the FBI agent that led the raid on Mark’s house last Thursday morning is being sweated by OPR. They think he’s dirty, that Mark bought him off.” He had been working on a story on Mark Glassner when that FBI raid messed everything up. He could hardly run a story about this Mark when the FBI was saying it was all a case of mistaken identity. But, if Peterson was dirty, his story had life again.

“Really,” McKenzie’s eyes lit up, sensing a juicy story. “Is this sourced?”

“I got a friend inside the Justice Department,” Carlos says. “The evidence against Mr. Glassner is pretty substantial and yet Agent Peterson let him go and does that interview with Jessica from channel 7 where he just embarrasses himself, claiming Mark is innocent and the entire raid was just a big fuck-up.”

My phone chirped. I had gotten an email from someone named Brandon Fitzsimmons. I frowned, why was that name familiar. Right, Mark was living at his house, shacked up with the guys wife. “Holy shit,” I muttered when I opened the email and saw the photos attached.

“I am I seeing what I think I am?” McKenzie asked greedily as she looked over my shoulder.

“Yeah,” I nodded. This was going to be an explosive story.

“This is leading the eleven o’clock news,” McKenzie ordered. “Get this ready, Carlos. Oooh, we’re going to scoop everyone else!”


I clicked send, my e-mail off to Carlos Guiterrez of KING 5 news. I had attached some of the juicy photographs Doug, my PI, had taken of my house and that bastard, Mark. I was about to close Outlook when a new email arrived from Doug. I had hired him to surveil Mark and everyday he emailed me the surveillance logs. Doug was a great PI, he helped me out when I divorced my first wife. I stashed him in a rental house that had a good view of my backyard and he was watching the houses with telephoto cameras, laser mics, and all sorts of other high tech gadgets.

“Brandon, this is some wild stuff I got,” the email read. There was a video attached.

I downloaded the video and was looking at my dining room. Mary was sitting at the dining room table, other naked women were lounging about. Suddenly, a silver haired woman in a transparent dress appeared out of thin air. The audio on the video wasn’t great. Luckily, Doug had provided me with a transcript. It was a fascinating read. Mary was negotiating a deal with a demon to rescue Mark from some problem. One line from the transcript caught my eye.

Lilith: “Done. Our Pact is finished. My time on the Mortal Realm is complete. But, before I go, I have another agreement to fulfill with you and Mark. There are many other spells for you to learn, other magic a Warlock can possess. Seek the ‘Magicks of the Witch of Endor.’ The ancient tome will complete your education.”

“Other spells,” I read aloud. “complete your education.” This tome might just be what I need to give me a chance against Mark. I’d need it.

I opened up Google and started my search.

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 24.

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The Devil’s Pact Chapter Twenty-Two: The Bond of Avvah



The Devil’s Pact

Chapter 22: The Bond of Avvah

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2013

Story Codes: Male/Female, Female/Female, Hermaphrodite/Female, Hermaphrodite/Teen female, Mind Control, Female Domination, Incest, Anal, Oral, Toys

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Comments are very welcome. I would like all criticism, positive and negative, so long as its
constructive, and feedback is very appreciated.

Click here for Chapter 21.

I was sunning myself on the beach, catching the last rays of the Miami sun. I was wearing a skimpy bikini, white with pink flowers decorating it. The sun felt great on my skin. Antsy plane should have landed in Seattle by now. It was only a matter of time before her brother, Mark, fucked her and triggered the Prayer of Avvah.

When Mark slept with his sister, she would be the only woman he desired. No other person would ever excite him sexually again. Hopefully, it would drive a wedge between Mark and his lover, the other Warlock, and make it easier for me to defeat them. One Warlock could be hard enough, but two was going to be very difficult. Plus, there was the demoness Lilith to consider, summoned by Mark’s lover.

Guilt burned inside me. I served Antsy up to her brother, she would also be affected by the Prayer as well. I was a nun, a Sister of the Order of Mary Magdalene. I was supposed to save people from a Warlock’s powers, not give him victims. But, it was for the greater good. Mark had to be stopped. Every day he wasn’t stopped, more innocents were abused by him. It was for the greater good.

If I kept telling myself that, maybe I’ll actually believe it.

Antsy had left early this morning to catch her plane. She was a wreck. I stayed up with her most of the night as she talked about her father who passed away yesterday. From what I gathered, he wasn’t the greatest father, but you couldn’t always help who you loved. Before she left, she gave me her original return ticket, promising to have it changed to my name.

I had all day tomorrow, and half of Tuesday to kill before I would fly out to Seattle. Plenty of time for the Bond of Avvah to wreck havoc on the Warlock’s lives. So, in the meantime, I decided to relax, enjoy Miami’s beaches, because I would be very busy when I returned home to Washington State.

Suddenly, a weird feeling trembled through my womb. It was almost like an orgasm, like my body was remembering the sweet pleasure that an orgasm brought. But there were no muscle contractions, no electricity shooting through my body, no toe curling pleasure that made me howl with passion.

I smiled, wiggling my hips. Mark just fucked his sister.

The Bond of Avvah has formed between them.


I woke up, reaching for Mark and felt a pair of small breasts.

I eye opened my eyes and saw Violet’s sleeping face. The teen looked so peaceful. I was struggling to remember, shaking sleep off my mind. Another body was pressing against my back, not Mark. Mark didn’t have a pair of perky breasts.

I wasn’t in our bed. Mark wanted to be alone with his sister. So they could comfort each other. Jealous hurt burned in my heart. What had happened yesterday. It was our first night we didn’t share a bed. And, since when did we not share our lovers. Was it just his dad’s death? The excitement of fucking your sister. I knew how exhilarating it could be. I fucked both my sisters on Friday. But I shared them with Mark. I wasn’t being selfish like he was.

You haven’t shared Alice, a guilty voice whispered in my mind. I ignored that voice, Mark never asked. I would, if Mark wanted too. It’s got to be his dad’s death. He just needs a little space, to grieve. I made the Pact with the Devil and wished for Mark and I to love each other forever. I just needed to let him work this out of his system. Maybe he was already back to his normal self.

Hope blossoming inside me I positively raced out of the bedroom. He wasn’t in our room, I went down stairs. Several of the sluts were enjoying scrambled eggs and bacon. “Have you seen Mark?”

“He’s out jogging, mi Reina,” Desiree answered.

I glanced at the clock. “Still? It’s ten.”

Chasity was nursing a cup of coffee. “I’ll get his twenty,” Chasity said. Chasity was the head of our bodyguards and she pulled out her Nextel. “Chasity to all units, can I get a 10-20 on Master?”

“09 to Chasity, Master’s at the Rowe residence,” 09 reported.

“That is where his jogging sluts meet, right?” I asked. Every morning, Mark would go jogging with a group of women and would fuck one of them when he was done. He was usually back by seven or seven-thirty.

The Rowe house was next door, owned by Madeleine, a southern divorcee with a nice body. I walked over, naked. 09 was leaning against her cop car and smiled when she saw me. She said something, but I was in too much of a hurry. My heart was hammering with excitement and fear as I entered the house. I could hear muffled cries of passion coming from upstairs. I walked up the stairs, the cries growing louder and louder. There was a woman’s loud shrieks, a man’s low grunts, a bedsprings creaking.

“Ride my cock,” Mark’s muffled voice came through the wall. He was fucking one of his jogging sluts. “Oh, god, your cunt’s the best.”

I stopped, Mark’s words freezing me in place. Who’s cunt was that best? I thought my cunt was, Mark. Fear suddenly clenched at my stomach, destroying the hope I was feeling. I stopped at the bedroom door, my hand on the knob. I must have heard him wrong. It was through the door. Mark loves me. Just open the door and go join him and whatever slut he’s banging and have some fun.

It was Antsy riding his cock, her breasts bouncing up and down. She had a beautiful figure, her hips writhing as she fucked Mark in reverse cowgirl style. Long, black hair waving about her body as she shook her head in pleasure. Cum stained her tits. How long had they been fucking? All morning? Mark had never shown this much interest in any other woman besides me. Just stop being afraid, Mary, and get in there and have some fun.

Strutting my stuff, I walked as sexily as possible to the bed. Mark’s eyes flickered towards me and then went back to watching his sisters ass. “Hey, hun,” I purred. “Is your sister giving you a good fucking.”

“Yeah, she’s the best,” Mark moaned.

I ignored that, and slipped onto the bed, rubbing my body against Mark and kissed him on the lips. He didn’t kiss me back. “What’s wrong, Mark?”

“Nothing,” he moaned. “I’m just having fun with my sister. Isn’t she so beautiful?”

“Don’t you want to have fun with me?” I asked, hopeful.

Mark glanced at me. “I’m sorry, Mary. It’s just with dad dead, I’m feeling so close to my sister. You understand, right?”

“I… yeah, I guess,” I said, stung by his words. “You still love me, right?”

“Yeah,” he grunted. “Oh, Antsy your cunt feel so great. I’m going to cum!”

“Umm, fill me up big bro! Feel me with your hot, brotherly cum!”

“We have the appointment in Seattle,” I said, lamely, after he finished cumming in his sister’s cunt. I didn’t know what else to do. “Are we still…”

“Oh, yeah,” he sighed. “Yeah, to buy the land. Yeah, what time do need to leave.”

“A few hours,” I said, answered. My voice was cracking as I fought back tears.

“Okay, I’ll meet you at the house,” he said.

“I love you, Mark,” I said, looking back from the door. Mark was focused on his sister, who was still riding him hard, and didn’t answer.

Antsy’s wanton moans followed me as I staggered out of the room. I stumbled down the hall and leaned against the wall. My legs gave out and I slid down the wall to the carpeted floor and sobbed into my hands. What had happened to my randy stallion? Why didn’t he want his naughty filly? Did I do something wrong? No, it was the grief. Just be patient, Mary. Just be supportive. Grief does weird things to people.

The drive to Seattle was strained. I was wearing the sluttiest dress I had, a slinky black thing that was so low cut, my freckled breasts were about to pop out. And the skirt showed off my nice legs, and swayed deliciously on my ass as I walked, so short flashes of my ass cheeks could be seen. I had hoped that Mark would pay attention to me once he was away from his slutty sister. She had gone to see her mom, finally. But Mark didn’t grope my ass, kiss me, try to fuck me the moment he saw me in this dress. I kept wanting to ask Mark what was really going on, but fear held my tongue. What if he didn’t love me anymore, find me attractive. What if he’d fallen for his sister.

He had fallen for me that quick. What if he fell out of love with me just as fast. No, he’s just grieving. I just need to suffer through it. He’ll come around. His sister is just how its manifesting. I just need to be patient. I reached out to squeeze his hand but he drew away. Hurt burned at my eyes and I looked away, wiping at my tears.

He didn’t even want a blowjob. I’ve never driven with Mark more than a mile without him wanting me to suck his cock. I would pretend that I didn’t want to and he would be all sweet and give me flowery compliment and caress my body. I would let him think he talked me into it, but I was as eager to blow him as he was to get blown.

We got stuck in traffic and were an hour later for our meeting. Mark did his thing and the owner was more than happy to sell his property. It took another hour to draw up the paperwork, get things signed. Then we had to wait on a notary. The owner had a beautiful secretary, but Mark didn’t seem interested in passing the time with her.

“You just enjoy her, Mary,” Mark had said. “I’m not in the mood.”

The secretary tasted of spice, and when I tried to kiss Mark, to share her flavor with him, he turned his head and I just kissed his cheek. Feeling more hurt, we left the office, heading for our make-up dinner. We had been on a date Saturday night when we found out his dad was dead, on our way to dinner. Mark felt bad, not that he should, but he was a sweet, caring guy, with me anyways, and wanted to make it up to me. Mark had made a reservation at 7 pm at Spinnasse, famed for its pasta.

Mark was distracted all through dinner. I pointed out pretty women for us to enjoy. Or even to enjoy by himself. But he would just glance at them and shrug and pick listlessly at his food. I just had to be patient. I tried talking about movies. About books. We both loved to read fantasy and we could usually talk about our favorite books. But he just twirled his pasta on his fork, not paying attention.

“Tomorrow,” I said, trying to make conversation. “I need your guest list for our wedding. We need to get the invitations mailed out.”

“Maybe we should delay the wedding,” Mark absently said.

A cold knife stabbed my heart. “I understand, its because of your father’s death. You have to get his affairs in order, there’s the funeral to plan. We can delay. I understand.”

He chewed his food, silently.

“I’m here for you, Mark,” I told him. “I know its been difficult for you. I…I get that your sister is helping you, but I can help you to.”

He snorted with laughter and I blinked.

“What?” I asked as ice flowed through my veins. My stomach clenched in knots. “What, Mark? What’s going on in your head. You can tell me anything.”

“I’m not sure I want to marry you,” he finally said.

I’m not sure I want to marry you. The words hit me in the stomach, hard. I couldn’t breathe. This couldn’t be happening. Please, this must be a dream, a nightmare. I did everything for this man, I loved him with all my heart. I degraded myself, soiled myself. I sold my soul for him. And now that he’s fucked his sister, he doesn’t want me.

“Why?” I asked, coldly. The anger was beginning to roil in my stomach.

“It’s…” he swallowed. “You’re just not…how to say it.”

“Just say it, Mark,” I spat.

“You’re just not that attractive,” he said. “I don’t know what I saw in you, but you just don’t stack up to Antsy.”

“I’m not attractive?” I said, flabbergasted. Tears were brimming at my eyes. I ripped open the bodice of my dress, my perky tits spilled out. “These aren’t attractive?” I demanded, hefting a breast. I didn’t care that an entire restaurant full of people were looking at me, at my breasts. Let them look, I was proud of them. They were perfectly shaped, topped with dusky nipples, and covered with freckles.

“No,” he said, barely glancing at my tits. “I’m sorry, Mary. I just…I just don’t find you pretty.”

A hysterical laugh escaped my lips. This just could not be happening. This must be a dream. “You found me pretty yesterday!” I shrieked. “When you fucked me in the shower.”

The restaurant had gone silent. The Maitre D’ was walking over. Mark shrugged. “Things change, Mary,” Mark said. “You just don’t hold a candle to my sister.”

His words cut so badly, I could feel the tears running down my face. Anger was roiling inside me. I grabbed my wine glass and splashed it in his face and stormed out. Oh, god. What had gone wrong. Everything was going so well. And then Antsy arrived and messed it all up. How could he not find me pretty anymore. This couldn’t be happening. Please let this just be a nightmare. Please!

“Shoot, I left my jacket in the restaurant,” a man said at the valet. His beautiful wife was sitting in the passenger seat of a very expansive-looking red sports car. “I’ll be right back.”

“Hurry up, dear,” she said. She had a doll’s face and raven-black hair. Her black dress was covered in shiny sequins and was low cut to show off her nice pair of tits. I was walking to the car, reaching for the driver’s door.

I slid into the driver seat and she looked at me in surprise and then smiled. What was I doing? “Am I beautiful?” I heard myself ask the woman, my voice quavering with emotion. I was beautiful, right? I didn’t somehow go to bed pretty and wake up ugly?

“Oh,” she looked me up and down. I was holding my ripped bodice closed and I let go, the cloth falling away to expose my breasts. She licked her lips. “Very beautiful,” she purred.

“Do you want to fuck me?” I asked her, rubbing her thigh.

“Hmm,” she purred. “ I would. God help me, but I would.”

I tore out of the parking lot. Behind us, I could hear her husband calling out. My hair whipped in the wind as I drove the convertible fast, racing away from the pain. The woman’s name was Karmen, and she was gorgeous. And she found me desirable. I used my phone to find a sex shop and bought the largest strap-on dildo I could. “You going to fuck me with that?” Karmen giggled, her large breasts jiggled in her tight dress.

“I am, Karmen,” I told her.

Her husband called her three times and each time she told him she was out having fun and would be home in a while. He didn’t sound pleased. We drove to a cheap motel, the Rain City Motel, and she paid for a room.

I was still furious at Mark and wanting to prove that I didn’t need him. When we entered the hotel room I tore the dress off Karmen, ripping open the bodice and tearing the sides. She took off her bra before I could rip that off of her while I was pulling down her panties. I pulled out the strap-on, adjusted the big, black cock and roughly shoved Karmen down on to her hand’s and knees. I lined up at her glistening cunt.

“Fucking slut!” I shouted as I thrust the cock into her cunt. She was wet and ready and moaned as I thrust it in. “You goddamn fucking whore!”

I was pounding her hard, the dildo rubbing hard against my clit, almost painful. It matched the pain tearing up my heart. Tears were running down my face. Mark didn’t want me. That fucking whore stole him from me. Antsy. What a terrible name. I grabbed Karmen’s black hair, pulling hard as I fucked her.

“Oh fuck,” Karmen moaned. “I haven’t been fucked this hard in years!”

I smacked her ass. “You’re a fucking whore, aren’t you!”

“Yes, yes!” Karmen moaned. “I’m a filthy whore! At the Christmas Party last year, I let my husband’s partner diddle my cunt in the board room! Hmm, I’m such a bad, naughty slut. He would’ve fucked me if my husband didn’t come looking for me. Luckily, he was too drunk to realize what was going on.”

“That’s what I thought!” I gasped. “A filthy, man stealing whore!”

“Fuck me, fuck me!” Karmen moaned. “Oh god, this so amazing! I’ve never been this turned on before in my life.”

Fucking Antsy! The dildo rubbed so deliciously on my clit as I fucked her hard. I wished it was Antsy. I wish I could just fuck her man-stealing, slutty cunt until she bled! I fucked Karmen harder. Her ass jiggled every time I slammed into her cunt. In and out, in and out of her pink cunt. Karmen’s moans of pleasure spurred me on to fuck her harder and harder.

“Yes, oh fuck yes!” she screamed, spasming on her hands and knees. “Oh, fuck that was a great cum!”

“Did you cum on my cock, you filthy whore?” I asked, slapping her cheek.

“Yes!” she squealed. There was a red print on her ass, bright against her pale ass.

I slapped her ass again, loving the sound of flesh slapping flesh. The way an ass reddened as you spanked it. “You dirty, fucking slut! I’ll teach you to steal my man!”

I pulled out of her cunt, spread her ass cheeks and aimed the dildo for her brown, puckered asshole. “Oh, fuck!” Karmen gasped as I shoved the dildo up her ass, lubed only by her pussy juices. “Oh, fuck that hurts!”

“Oh, you love it, cunt!” I barked, smacking her ass. “You’re a fucking nasty, anal slut! I bet you love it up the ass!”

“Oh, fuck I do,” Karmen gasped. “Last year, when we were on vacation in Mexico, I let the cabana boy bugger me while Scott was off fishing! I’m such a nasty whore!”

I was getting closer and closer to cumming. I didn’t need Mark. I could fuck whores just as much as he could! Fucking Antsy! I gripped Karmen’s ass and drilled into her bowels harder and harder. The pressure on my clit was mounting, more and more, growing larger and larger. I was so close to cumming. My fingernails bit into the soft flesh of her ass as I drew back and then slammed in for one last, hard fuck.

My orgasm rocketed through me. Every muscle in my body seemed to spasm and stars swam before my eyes. I fell back, falling on my ass on the floor and quivered as the pleasure slowly faded from my body.

Tears were running hot down my face. I didn’t want to fuck whores! I wanted to fuck Mark! I wanted his weight on top of me as he slowly slid his hard cock in and out of my wet pussy. His rough lips on mine, kissing me, loving me. How his curly chest hairs rubbed on my sensitive nipples. Oh, god! I wanted him so badly.

“Get out!” I shrieked at Karmen, throwing her torn dress at her. “Get the fuck out! Go back to your fucking husband!”

“But…I…” she stammered. “What do I tell him?”

“Tell him whatever you want, you fucking whore!” I screamed. “Just go!”

Tears in her eyes, Karmen struggled to cover her nakedness in her torn dress and fled the room, heels clutched in one hand, her bra and panties in the other. I curled up in a ball, hugging myself as the tears sobbed out of me. Oh, why did this happen? How? I stared at my engagement ring. The black diamond glinted in the light, a brilliant fire contained in its smokey depths. We were supposed to be together for ever. This ring was the symbol of that. I wanted to rip it off, smash it, shove it up Antsy’s cunt and make her bleed! But I couldn’t take it off, I loved Mark too much. God, I hurt inside. I just wanted to stop hurting, I just wanted Mark to love me again.

There was a minibar. I licked my lips and crawled to it, opening the little fridge and pulling out the first alcohol mini bottle in there, downing the liquid. It burned as it ran down my throat, feeling warm in my belly. I grabbed another, Absolut vodka, then I downed a Jack Daniels. I just wanted the pain to go away. I just wanted my Mark back. I grabbed a Jim Bean and chased it with a peppermint Schnapps.


The wine stung my eyes, and I wiped the liquid off with a cloth napkin. Blinking, I saw Mary storm off. Stop her, that voice whispered. Fight.

Fight what? I asked.


I stood up. It was for the best that Mary dumped me. I had Antsy now, and Mary needed to move on with her life. Find someone that could stand her ugly body. Hell, there was Alice. Somehow that bitch loved Mary. Mary could find happiness with her. My cock was hard. I needed my sweet, baby sister. It had been hours since we’d last fucked. Far too long.

You need Mary, the voice whispered. Go after her.

I snorted, I didn’t need Mary. I need Antsy.

I dropped a hundred on the table and walked out. Outside, a man was shouting after a red Ferrari as it tore off up the street. I saw Mary’s ugly, auburn hair whipping in the wind and smiled. Looks like she found someone. Good for her.

“She’s stolen my car,” the man complained. “My wife’s in there!”

He was fumbling at his phone. “Don’t call the police,” I told the man. “No one calls the police.” It’s the least I could do for Mary. We had good times, once.

15 ran up, one of the cops that was guarding us this evening. “Do we follow her, sir?” she asked.

“No, let her go,” I said. “I’m heading home.”

“Okay, sir,” she said, saluting. What possessed me to recruit a bunch of ugly women to be my bodyguards. I may as well have hired a bunch of guys. At least they’d be intimidating.

The valet brought up my Mustang, I slipped him a hundred. What the hell, right. I used to work shitty jobs. They guy was very thankful. I got in my Mustang and tore off. I had to get home to my Antsy. My cock needed some relief. I was so happy when I pulled into my driveway. There was Antsy, waiting on the porch.

“Mark!” she excitedly yelled, racing towards me. “I missed you so much!”

She threw her arms around my neck. “Antsy, I need you,” I whispered.

Her hand rubbed my hard cock. “Hmm, I know just what my big brother needs,” she said, archly.

I pushed her down onto the grass, pushed up her skirt. She wasn’t wearing underwear, her cunt shaved. I could smell the tart and spicy flavor of her arousal. Her hands unzipped my pants and fished out my cock, stroking me a few times and then guiding me to her hungry hole. She felt so amazing as I slid in. No cunt ever felt half so good as Antsy’s did.

“Hmm, Mark, you feel so good inside me! Your dick’s the best! So big, so hard, I love it!” Antsy moaned. “Fuck me, big bro. Fuck your little sister!”

The sun was setting, bathing the lawn in brilliant orange, as I fucked my sweet Antsy. “You’re the best!” I panted. “I love your cunt! Oh god, it’s squeezing so velvety on my cock. I love fucking my baby sister!”

Her hips rose to meet mine as we fucked each other harder, faster. Both of us were desperate to cum. We had been to long apart. Never again. We needed to be with each other all the time. My cock needed to be in her sweet cunt, her tight ass. Her fingers clawed my back, fiery pain that spurred me to fuck her harder and harder. I sucked at her neck, leaving another hickey. Marking my baby sister as mine!

“Yes, yes!” she moaned. “Fuck my naughty cunt, big bro! Oh shit, I’m gonna cum! Shit! Shit!”

Her cunt spasmed on my cock and my balls tightened. I was fucking her as frantically as possible, every stroke bringing me closer and closer to the precipice. I was so close, grunting as I fucked her tight, baby sister cunt. And then I was over the edge, pleasure exploding from my dick, shooting my cum in her sweet cunt. I captured her sweet lips in a a kiss as I spilled my passion inside her hungry pussy.

“I needed that,” I whispered into her ear, as the pleasure faded.

“Hmm, I love you, big bro,” Antsy said, a satisfied smile on her lips.

“I lo…” I love Mary. I got all tongue tied. Fight! Don’t say it! Fight! “I lo…love your ass,” I managed to say, relief surging through me. Why did I feel relieved. Why couldn’t I tell my sister I loved her. Because you love Mary, the voice whispered.

“Hmm, I love it when you fuck my ass, too,” Antsy giggled. “I could use a good ass reaming right now.” Antsy rolled over, presenting me with that ass and my cock was more than happy to slid into her tight, velvety hole. Nothing mattered, I was inside my sister. Nothing else matters.

Except Mary, the voice whispered.


I lay on the floor, sobbing, surrounded by empty bottles, clutching my phone, hoping Mark would call. But he didn’t care enough to even see if I was fine after I stormed out of the restaurant. He was probably fucking that whore of a sister.

I don’t even remember looking up Alice’s phone number. “Hello,” she answered, sleepily. “What’s up, Mary?”

“I need you,” I sobbed. “Please, I’m at the…” shit where was I. I staggered to my feet, the room whirling about me, and found the placard next to the phone. “I’m at the Rain City Motel. Room 14, I think. Please come, I need you, Alice.”

“Okay, Mary,” Alice said. “I’m on the way. What is it? What’s wrong?”

“It’s Mark,” I sobbed. “He…he doesn’t want me anymore!”

The room was still spinning when Alice arrived and I had to hold onto her as we walked to the bed. She was so beautiful, I thought, and I reached out and stroked her thick, raven black hair. Then I leaned in and kissed her sloppily on her full lips. They were just so beautiful and begging to be kissed. I was suddenly so horny. Fuck, Mark. If he didn’t want me, I could do better.

“Am I beautiful?” I asked Alice, then fell back onto the bed. I was naked so I spread my legs, showing her my wet, horny cunt.

“You are gorgeous,” Alice purred.

“I don’t need Mark,” I muttered. “Not when you think I’m beautiful.”

Alice had a happy smile on her face then she bent down to my pussy. I shivered as Alice licked my wet cunt. Her tongue felt so good, so relaxing. I breathed in deeply, enjoying the pleasure. My eyes were so heavy, I’ll just close them and enjoy Alice’s cunnilingus. The room didn’t spin with my eyes closed and…

…I woke up, my head pounding in pain. My mouth tasted of old tire.

I sat up, looking around the room. I was in a cheap motel room. There was a black haired woman sleeping next to me. Alice, I realized. I called her after I fucked that woman. Karmen, I think her name was. After Mark…oh god, he dumped me. Tears threatened to spill out of my eyes.

No, keep it together, Mary. He’s just reacting to the death of his dad.

“I’m sorry, Mary. I just…I just don’t find you pretty,” his words echoed in my head. His dad dying doesn’t excuse him for treating me like dirt.

Alice stirred, sitting up. “You’re alive.”

“Maybe,” I muttered. I wished I was dead. Mark didn’t love me anymore.

Alice put her arms around my shoulders. “You were so drunk when I got her last night. What happened? I gather Mark hurt you somehow.”

I shook my head, I didn’t want to talk about it.

“C’mon, let’s get you in the shower,” Alice said. “You got some vomit on you.”

I flushed. I dimly remember Alice holding my hair back while I puked in the toilet. “Thank you,” I muttered in embarrassment.

“Oh, no problem,” Alice said. “I’ve done it for your sister loads of time.”

In High School, Alice and my older sister Shannon had been good friends. Alice spent a lot of time around the house. She was the older sister that Shannon never was. Shannon was too busy trying to be mom that she didn’t have time to be my older sister. Last week, when I went to see Alice about buying the property around our houses, it came out that Alice had a torch burning for me ever since she saw me naked when I was thirteen. And we ended up in a motel room, making love all afternoon. She’d become my best friend, with benefits.

The warm water felt wonderful on my skin and I held my head under the warm spray and, for a minute, I forgot all about the pain Mark caused me. Alice was in the shower with me, her naked body rubbing up against mine. An itch formed in my pussy and I turned to face her. Our breasts brushed each other, our nipples kissed.

I stared into her hazel eyes and saw love there and I leaned in and kissed her. I needed to feel loved right now and Alice seemed more than happy to give it to me. She wasn’t Mark, but she was all I had. She pressed me against the shower wall, her tongue fencing with mine. Her hands gently stroked my sides and hips, reaching back to give my plump ass a squeeze.

Mark used to love my ass.

I pushed that thought away as Alice’s lips captured my right nipple, sucking gently as her tongue played with the tip of the hard nub. Pleasure was tingling through my body and Mark and all my problems vanished beneath the gentle kisses and caresses of Alice. She kissed lower and lower. Her tongue flicking into my bellybutton bringing a giggle to my lips. She rubbed her face through the silky heart of fiery pubic hair above my cunt.

Her hands spread my thighs and my breathing quickened. I could feel her breath on my cunt and then delightful feeling as her tongue slid through my tight vulva, sinking momentarily into my wet hole and then grazing my aching clit. I gripped the shower bar and was lost to the pleasure of her lips as the warm water splashed down my body.

She slipped first one and then a second finger inside me. Probing the delicate walls of my pussy, stirring ever great pleasure out of my sex. Her tongue was caressing my clit, every touch sending shivers of pleasure throughout my body. My body shuddered when I came on her mouth, my hands gripping the shower bar to keep from losing my balance.

And then I was on my knees, returning the favor. She tasted tangy and sweet, her smooth vulva felt like silk on my cheeks. Her clit was a hard pearl nestled in the beautiful folds of her pussy. I licked and sucked on her pussy, reveling in the taste of her. She was moaning, enjoying my tongue. She desired me. Alice’s hips were moving in pleasure because of my touches. I slid my tongue into her pussy hole, shaking my face around, rubbing against her labia as I tongue fucked her.

I looked up at her, across her flat stomach, her heaving breasts, to her beautiful face, black hair caked wetly to her body, her eyes were closed as she enjoyed my tongue. Her lips were pursed and soft moans escaped her beautiful mouth. Her body started to shake as her orgasm rippled through her. Thick, tangy juices poured into my mouth, proof that someone found me desirable.

“Oh, god that was good,” Alice panted as I rose up and then she kissed me.

Her tongue was in my mouth and I was pressed up against her. We made out, not even stopping as tears began running down my cheeks. Alice just kept right on kissing me until they stopped, comforting me with her full lips, the press of her body against mine. Only when the hot water gave out did we break our kiss.

“I saw a Denny’s up the road,” Alice said. “Let’s gets some breakfast and talk about what happened, okay.”

I nodded, dully. I found my dress, the blouse was ripped open and Alice had to go out and bring me a tie-dyed t-shirt that was too big for me. “It’s all I could fine,” she said. “Trust me, that was the nicest shirt that convenient store had.”

We sat at a booth in the Denny’s. I ordered french toast and a coffee and Alice ordered a meat skillet. Alice reached across the table and held my hand as I sipped my coffee, waiting for me to finally be ready to talk.

“Mark, he…” I started to say. I took a deep breath. “There’s another woman.”

“I’m sorry, sweetie,” Alice said, squeezing my hand.

“He, he became obsessed with her on Sunday,” I told Alice. “I thought it was just his dad dieing. Like, he just needed to work something out of his system. But he…he’s not interested in me anymore.”

“What a pig,” Alice muttered.

“We were out at dinner, last night and…” Tears threatened to overwhelm me again. “He said getting married may have been a bad idea. I thought he meant he wanted to delay it. I’m mean its a month away, and he has to deal with his dad dieing and all that crap that goes along with it. I was fine with it but…”

I’m sorry, Mary. I just…I just don’t find you pretty. The words still felt like a punch in the stomach.

“He said he wasn’t attracted to me anymore,” I said. “He said I wasn’t pretty.”

“Wow,” Alice said, stunned. “He was a pig, but how could he say that. Your gorgeous. You are the most beautiful woman in the world.”

Alice’s words sent a momentarily happy flush through me, and then was crushed on the despair of Mark dumping me for his sister. For that fucking cunt, Antsy. “I don’t get it, everything was fine until we met that…other woman.”

“You knew what sort of a guy he was,” Alice said, grabbing my hand. “He liked to fuck other women and he tricked you into thinking it was okay. Then, when he meet a new piece of ass that excited him he threw you out like garbage. I’m mean you were what, dating for a two weeks? He got bored of you, Mary. I’m sure he’s already fucking around on this other woman and in a week she’ll be the one crying her eyes out. He’s a fucking pig. You’re better off without him.”

“It wasn’t just me, he wasn’t interested in any other woman,” I said. “Just Antsy.”

“Antsy?” Alice asked. “What kind of name is that?”

“It’s a nickname,” I said, absently. Mark didn’t look at any of the beautiful women in the restaurant. He didn’t want to fuck that secretary with me. It wasn’t like him. He was a horny guy. And with his power, he could make anyone woman want to fuck him. Until Antsy.

I sipped my coffee, frowning. When I made my Pact with the Devil, one of my wishes was for Mark and myself to love each other for eternity. So how could Mark not love me. My other wish worked. Karmen was proof of that, so why wasn’t my love wish working.

A realization hit me. Mark never said he didn’t love me, just that he didn’t find me attractive. Ever since he slept with Antsy. God, hope was blooming inside me again. Was I crazy? Did Mark fall under some sort of spell? Antsy was out of town, and who knows what she was up to. I needed to speak with Antsy, see if my powers worked on her.

“You need someone that loves you,” Alice was saying, biting her lip. “That doesn’t love anyone else.” I was lost in my thoughts, not registering her words. “I-I love you, Mary.”

“What I need is Mark,” I told her. A hurt expression crossed her face, and I frowned, what had she said. Something about love. “Please, I may be crazy, but I have to try. Can you please give me a ride home? I love him, Alice.”

“Fine,” Alice said, a little waspishly, then sighed. “I think you’re being an idiot, but I’ll be there for you when he breaks your heart all over again and put you back together.”

Was I just being a delusional idiot? Maybe. But I had to try.

I was on pins and needles the entire ride, my stomach seemed to be up in my throat. Hope and feared whirled inside me. Alice tried to talk to me, to distract me, but I was too preoccupied with keeping a lid on the turmoil inside me to do more than grunt a yes or no and Alice eventually stopped trying. Mark was under a spell, he just had to.

At the entrance, we were stopped by 16, I think. “Oh, mam, you’re back,” she said with a big smile. “Everyone was worried. When you tore off in that Ferrari last night, 15 and I didn’t know what to do and Master came out right after you. He stopped that guy from calling the police on you.”

“It’s okay,” I told her while Alice just started flabbergasted at the woman dressed like a slutty cop, standing next to a Lakewood Police Department patrol car. “Where is Mark.”

“He’s at the house,” 16 said, “with…with Mistress.”

That hurt. “Antsy?”

She nodded. “Yeah, Master said she was our new Mistress last night.”

“Did he say I wasn’t also your Mistress?”

Stupid question, she was treating me like her mistress. “No, mam. Everyone’s concerned. Master, he’s ignoring all the sluts.”

“Thank you, 16,” I said and I looked at Alice. “Just…just don’t worry about the cop, okay.”

“Fine,” Alice said, frowning as she drove me down the street to our house at the end of the cul-de-sac.

“I’ll call you and let you know what happens, okay,” I promised Alice.

“Don’t do this,” Alice pleaded. “You are stronger than this. Don’t go crawling back to a man that threw you out for another woman. Please, I can love you better than him.”

I smiled at her. I needed Mark, not a woman, even if it was Alice. “Thank you for being such a great friend.” And I stepped out of the car and walked up to the door.

“Mistress,” Violet happily said when she saw me, throwing her arms around my neck.

Other sluts started appearing. Allison and Desiree, newly engaged, were holding hands and smiling. Lillian, our goth slut, and looking like a perverts wet dream in her sexy schoolgirl outfit, came up and kissed me on the lips. Korina, her arm in a sling, hugged me carefully. All of our sluts were here, save the three with jobs: Noel, our FBI informant, Jessica, our reporter, and Dr. Willow, our Gynecologist.

“What’s going on, Mistress?” Thamina asked, timidly. “Master ignored us when he got home last night. He just took his sister upstairs. They’ve been in there all night fucking. And Master said Antsy is our Mistress, too.”

I nodded. “Everyone stay down here, I’m going to have a word with Mark and Antsy.”

The sluts waited nervously at the base of the stairs. Strawberry-blonde Fiona had her arm protectively around Korina. Violet clung to Lillian. Busty Xiu hugged herself while Karen paced back and forth. The sluts could sense something was wrong with Mark. It wasn’t just my imagination or false hope. Something happened to him.

I could hear them fucking through the door. Mark’s grunts and Antsy’s moans. It was like yesterday all over again. But this time I was prepared. When I opened the door, they were fucking doggie style. Antsy had dried cum all over her body, more dripped out of her cunt every time Mark’s cock fucked into her.

“Mary,” Mark said in surprise. “I thought you dumped me.”

Anger started to boil inside of me, I dumped him? But I swallowed my anger. Something wasn’t right here, and I needed to find out what. I could see the faint outline of their auras. Mark’s was red and Antsy’s was black. Nothing strange there. I concentrated, and their auras sprang into full view, pulsing about them. Antsy’s wasn’t completely black, there were fringes of silver on the edges.

From my talks with Karen, the former nun, how long a Thrall stays a Thrall depends on the command. The sluts had their entire personalities rewritten by Mark when he made them his sex slaves. But for people like Antsy,who have had just a few commands, like “Let me fuck you,” Slowly, their auras would fade back to silver.

I walked to the bed and and stroked Antsy arm. “Would you like to lick my cunt?” I asked, as sultry as I could muster. “That would make me ever so happy.”

Antsy snorted. “I’m not dyke,” she said, pulling her arm away. My wish didn’t work on her. According to Lilith, the only person a Warlock couldn’t afflict was one of their parents. For a man, it was their mothers. For me, and other female Warlocks, it was our fathers. There was definitely something wrong.

So, I touched them both and observed the strings and chains that radiated out from their souls. Mark’s red thread wound loosely about Antsy’s black chain, connecting the pair of them. A thin, golden chain bound their threads together. I hadn’t seen gold before, what did that represent? From Mark, leading to my chest, was our red threads. Before they had been entwined so tightly together that they were practically one thread. But now there were small, golden wedges that forced our threads apart. Our threads still touched, but less than half of Mark’s thread still touched mine. And it seemed to me the wedges were slowly growing, spreading out threads wider and wider apart.

It was magic. I smiled as relief surged through me. Mark wasn’t himself. Now, I just had to find out how to undo it. I was positvely skipping as I headed for the door. “Thank god she’s leaving,” Antsy panted. “Fucking dyke!”

“M-mary!” I paused, looking back as Mark said my name. He looked up at me and there was a pained expression crossing his face. His lips struggled to say something. “I…I…Goddammit, I love…” he gave a strangled cry. “…you.”

My heart soared, he was fighting it. “I love you to, Mark.”

“I’ve never heard of anything like you described,” Karen said after I explained it to her. We were all gathered around the dining room table. “Gold is the color of a nun’s aura. But, we can’t affect regular mortals. You said Antsy had a silver aura when you first saw her, Mistress?”


“Then I don’t know, I’m so sorry I couldn’t have been more help.”

I kissed her on the lips. “It’s okay, I know who I need. Sluts, clear the room.”

“Yes, Mistress,” they all said, almost in unison, and filed out.

I took a deep breath, steeled myself against desire and said, firmly, “Lilith, appear before me.”

Lilith stepped out of the shadows and her lust ran through my body. Being in her presences was electric, my nerves tingled with pleasure, I could feel my nipples hardened against the ugly, tie-dyed shirt and juices began to trickle out of my pussy, running down my thigh in trails of fiery passion. Lilith was lust given female form. Her breasts were perfect and large, far to perky for tits that size. Her hair was a curtain of silver that fell about her body and contrasted with the deep, red dress she wore. The dress clung to her like a second skin, molding about the curves of her body, and was sheer enough that her hard nipples and silvery patch of pubic hair were easily visible though the dress.

“What can I do for you, Mistress,” she purred. There was an evil glint in her eyes.

I explained what I saw, the golden wedges forcing our threads apart, the golden chain that bound Mark and Antsy together. A wicked smile played on Lilith’s lips. The bitch was enjoying this, delighting in my pain.

“I know what has happened,” Lilith said. “All that we needs do is negotiate the price.”

“Use my last boon,” I begged.

Lilith sighed. “I cannot break the spell. It has…protections. But there is a way for you to break the spell.”

“What?” I asked desperately. “I’ll do anything. Use my boon to tell me.”

Lilith put her finger to my lips. “You will need to use your boon, but on something more powerful than simple information.”

“Well, it’s a spell, we already made a deal for you to teach us magics,” I told her.

“Ah, I said spells a Warlock could use,” Lilith said with a smirk. “This is Angelic Magic. A nun performed this spell.”

“Fine, what do you want?” I asked, narrowing my eyes suspiciously at Lilith.

“I want you, until noon, to experience the pleasures of having a cock of your own,” Lilith purred. “I saw how hungrily you stared at mine the night I took that nun. I know you’ve fantasized about having your very own cock.” A flush crept up my face. I had wondered about that, what it would be like to take a woman, shove my dick inside her, feel her embrace. “You wouldn’t have to use those pitiful substitutes. Those strap-ons.”

“That’s it?” I asked. It seemed too easy.

“Well, when your time is up,” Lilith purred, reaching out to caress my face, “we’ll see what you want to use your boon for. Maybe you’ll want to keep that dick. Why be Mark’s favorite whore when you could have whores of your own to fuck. And, of course, you can control when you have the cock. Be a woman when you want to, or be more than a woman. Mark will be happy with Antsy, the nun’s spell will see to that. And you can be happy with your cock.”

I shuddered at the thought of having my own cock. No, be strong Mary. “I love Mark, so it’s not going to work. I will not waste my boon so selfishly.”

“Then why do you hesitate,” Lilith whispered. She was so close now, I could smell the scent of her arousal: spicy, sweet, tart, tangy, fresh. She smelled of every pussy I ever tasted, mixed together, more beyond that. “If your will is so strong, then what do you have to lose for a few hours of pleasure.”

“Fine, we have a deal,” I gasped, my body shivering as an orgasm rolled through me and I clutched the back of the chair for support.

I could feel something growing, hardening, pressing against my skirt. I looked down to see a tent form at my crotch, pushing out the fabric of the skirt. A small shudder when through my body as the head of my cock was rubbing pleasantly at the fabric of the skirt. I lifted it up and there it was, hard, throbbing, extending out from my clit. It was my clit, transformed into a fleshy cock. I stroked it, smiling a the pleasure that rolled through my body, it was so much more intense, more focused. It was like all my pleasure nerves were concentrated in one little spot; the head of my cock. I slid lower and found that the cock extended from my clitoris, and my pussy was beneath, wet and hungry.

This was so amazing.

“I’ll leave you to your fun,” Lilith purred. “I’ll be back in two and a half hours. And don’t worry about getting soft. I gave you stamina to rival Mark’s.”

And she was gone. God, my cock was so hard. So insistent that it needed to cum. No wonder guys were such horny bastards, always sniffing after us gals. They had this…this pull in their cocks that was so hard to ignore. I needed to fuck something, someone. The sluts were home.

The ten sluts that were home gathered in the living room: Desiree and Allison, Lillian and Violet, Fiona and Korina, Xiu and Karen, Chasity and Thamina. Who to fuck? Busty Xiu could give me an amazing titty fuck. There was Lillian and I remembered with a smile how Mark had stood behind her, his cock up her cunt, as she worked the register at hot topic. I remembered how shy Thamina had given Mark a sponge bath at the hospital and used her pussy to wash his cock.

I considered Karen. I enjoyed raping her ass with a strap-on when she was being punished. God, how would it feel to rape her ass with my cock? Allison had that tattoo that read “Cum on in,” and that seemed like a great idea. And then her fiancee, Desiree, could eat my cum out of her cunt. I saw Violet, sweet Violet. Mark had taken her virginity in an elevator.

“My cock’s the only one that’s been up her cunt, I want it to stay that way,” Mark had said in the aftermath of Karen’s attack.

Oh god, my cock ached to know her cunt. Even knowing Mark wasn’t responsible for those words he said to me last night, I still felt the pain. Part of me was still angry at him, wanting to get some payback. And fucking his precious, near virginal Violet seemed like a good place to start.

“You have a cock, Mistress?” Chasity gasped. “Is…is everything alright?”

“It’s the price I have to pay to get back Master,” I told them.

Allison, bold as always, walked up, dropped down to her knees and sucked my cock into her mouth. Her tongue felt amazing on my cock’s head, the hard metal of her tongue stud contrasting with the soft flesh of her tongue made me shuttered. Her mouth started sucking and I groaned in pleasure and spilled my seed in her mouth. I was the excited virgin, I realized, shooting off prematurely the first time someone touches my cock.

“Thank you, Mistress,” Allison purred, licking my white cum off her lips. “Thank you for the gift of your cum.”

I pulled her to her feet and kissed her, tasting my salty flavor. It was similar to Marks, not quite as salty and a little more sweet. I pushed Allison to the side and pulled my shirt over my head and then slid out of the ruin of my dress. As I walked over to Violet, her eyes fixed lustily on my cock as it bounced and swayed.

I grabbed one of her brown pig-tails, pulling her up to her feat. She was naked, her nipples hard on her budding breasts, her bare slit weeping juices. She looked younger than her fifteen years without her pubic hair. Her body was slim, and lithe, only starting to fill out.

“I’m going to fuck you, Violet,” I purred, toying with her pig-tail.

“But, I’m only allowed to have Master’s cock in me,” Violet protested.

“Master only meant that you couldn’t fuck other men,” I retorted. “I’m a woman, see.” I lifted my cock, exposing my flushed cunt. “Besides, Mark would want you to please me, wouldn’t he.”

“I…I guess, Mistress,” Violet flushed.

Violet laid down on the couch, her tiny breasts heaving with desire. She spread her legs as I crawled between her thighs, exposing that tight slit glistening with moisture. I crawled atop her, kissing her on the lips. Our breast rubbed together as my cock found the tight entrance to her cunt and I slid in.

“Oh my god!” I moaned. This was so amazing, so different. Violet’s cunt was a tight, warm, velvety glove squeezing so pleasurably on my cock.

I started fucking her, slowly at first, enjoying her pleasant sighs, the way the walls of her cunt sent shudders of pleasure though my body. Violets hands gripped my ass, pulling me into her as her hips started to rise up to meet my thrusts. I rose up on my arms, supporting my weight and really started to fuck her hard. My breasts bounced about and Violet bent her head and captured my right nipple, sucking it into her wet mouth.

Her tongue and mouth added new sensations to my cock plunging in and out of her cunt. My pussy ached too, hungry for touch. “Finger my cunt!” I moaned. Violet’s hand on my ass slid lower, down between my legs and two slim fingers slid into my cunt, fucking me as I fucked her. The pleasure was wickedly delicious.

I was getting close to cumming, to filling this sluts cunt with my cum. No longer was her cunt Mark’s private reserve. I had violated her, taken her last shred of innocence away from her. She was mine, now, as much as she was Mark’s. Our groins slapped together, the pressure in my ovaries was growing, tightening. I started fucking her more and more frantically, desperate for that explosive release.

“Your cunt feels so amazing,” I moaned. “You fucking whore! Gonna cum!”

I groaned as my cum spat out of my cock into her hungry cunt. My pussy spasmed on Violet’s fingers and starts swam before my darkening vision. Violet was bucking beneath me, her cunt clenching deliciously on my cock, drawing out the last of my cum, as her own orgasm rippled through her body.

Violet was panting, her face damp with sweat and a satisfied smile on her lips. “Oh, thank you, Mistress. That was so wonderful.” My cum leaked out of her tight slit, milky white and mixing with her juices.

God, that was so amazing, I thought as I breathed heavily. Would I be strong enough to give up this cock? Did I love Mark enough to give up such amazing pleasure? I looked at the sluts. Allison was sixty-nining with Desiree. Xiu was tonguing Karen’s ass, like she knew I wanted to fuck it. Chasity was tribbing with Thamina while Lillian sat on her face. Korina sat on a recliner as Fiona gently ate her cunt out, Korina cooing in pleasure and wincing in pain as every shudder jarred her wounded arm.

I wasn’t sure if I’d be strong enough, if I loved Mark enough to give up this cock. It wasn’t noon, yet. Until then, I had more sluts to fuck and my cock was hard and ready for its next hole to plunge into.

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 23.

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The Devil’s Pact Chapter 21: The Glassners



The Devil’s Pact

Chapter 21: The Glassners

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2013

Story Codes: Male/Female, Male/Females, Female/Female, Mind Control, Incest, Oral, Magic, Rough

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Comments are very welcome. I would like all criticism, positive and negative, so long as its
constructive, and feedback is very appreciated.

Click here for Chapter 20.

“I shot him.”

Silence filled the car. Mary’s hand was holding mine, gently squeezing. Her hand was warm and comforting. My dad was dead. My mom shot him. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what to say. I opened my mouth, worked my jaw, but nothing came out. What could I say? What should I do? My dad was dead. The bastard was dead.

A ragged sob came over the speakers of my Mustang, my phone synced up to the car stereo via bluetooth. “Mark, I don’t know what to do,” sobbed my mom over the phone. There was a muffled banging and shouts in the background. “The police are here, Mark. I…I got to.”

“Wait, mom!” I shouted hoarsely, finally finding my voice but the line was dead.

Mary reached over and hugged me tight. “I’m so sorry, Mark,” she whispered.

“I’m fine,” I muttered. I had felt nothing when mom said dad was dead. Hearing the shouts, the bangs, fear was gripping my heart, now. My mom, my sweet, patient, saint of a mom was in trouble. She’s never done a wrong thing in her life. Dad probably had it coming. He used to beat my mom all the time when I was a kid. Fuck, he’d beat me, too. God, I should have done something to my dad, earlier. Why didn’t I?

Fuck, I was going to tell him off tomorrow, when my parents came over for dinner. I was going to make him feel as powerless and helpless as I had. He was going to suffer, to crawl and grovel at my feet. He was going to pay for all the beatings he gave me. All the bruises he gave my mom. And now he was dead. And my mom was in trouble.

“Let’s go,” Mary said, calmly. “Put your cock away, and lets go help you mom.”

I pulled out my Nextel, pushed the call button. The Nextel chirped, connecting me to the network. “Master to 23,” I calmly said, holding the Nextel a few inches form my mouth.

“23,” a female voice answered back. 23 was one of our twelve cops I turned into bodyguards today. 24 and her were our guards this evening, sitting in a cop car just a few parking spots down from us.

“We’re going to 1414 S. Alaska St, in Parkland,” I said. “It’s an emergency. We’ll follow you.”

“10-4, 23 out.”

We raced behind the DuPont Cruiser. 23 had the sirens and lights blaring, weaving through traffic as I tailgated her. We got on 512, flying west towards Parkland. In no time we were exiting onto Steele St at the Parkland-Lakewood boundary, turning left and in two minutes we were pulling up at my parents house.

Four Pierce County Sheriffs and a Lakewood patrol car were on the scene, along with a Medic One ambulance. Neighbors were milling about. The only one I recognized was Betty Cooley. She was my age and lived a few houses down when we were kids. Concern painted her light, mocha-skinned face. She was half Black and half White, and had vivid, blue eyes. I vaguely remembered my mom mentioning she had to move back in with her parents a few years ago. The memory of the time I asked her out some school dance was flashing in my mind. The one time I worked up the courage to do so and after she laughed in my face, I never had the courage to ask another girl out.

I wasn’t sure why I was thinking about all of this. I had bigger things to worry about then some stupid high school crush. My dad was dead. My mom killed him. Betty Cooley hardly mattered at all. She still looked pretty, thin and with that beautiful skin. If I didn’t have bigger problems I probably would bend her over the car and fuck her raw while she ate out Mary’s cunt.

“It’s alright,” Mary whispered, touching my arm. “We’ll face it together.”

I don’t remember what I said to the cops outside to get us into the house. I was like a robot, not in control of my body, as I walked up to the door. Inside my dad was dead. My mom killed him. That was all that rattled about in my head. I gripped the brass handle of the door knob. My dad installed this handle when I was seven or eight. I helped him out, handing him his tools. He told me I was good son and ruffled my hair with his hand. Mary reached out and placed her hand over mine.

“We’ll face it together,” she whispered. God, she was the best. I pushed down on the handle and the door opened.

Inside, my mom was handcuffed, sitting on the couch, sobbing softly. Two Sheriff Deputies were talking to her. Her brunette hair was a mess, tousled and tangled like she just woke up. But it was nearly eight o’clock at night. She wouldn’t have gone to bed that earlier. But then why is she wearing her pink, frayed housecoat? Her beautiful face was puffy from her tears, her eyes bloodshot.

“Take off the handcuffs,” I barked at the two deputies. “It was clearly self defense and that’s how you’ll right it up in your reports. My dad was abusive and my mom had to defend herself.”

One of the deputies started uncuffing my mom, who blinked at me. “Mark,” she croaked. “I shot him in the back.”

“He was beating you, wasn’t he,” I asked.

“He…” she broke off. “I just had to stop him, Mark.”

“It was clearly self defense, mam,” one of the deputies said. “I think we have all we need. You’re free to go.” He handed her a card. “Here is the name of a grief counselor.”

“But…” my mom started to protest, confused by the sudden change of behavior of the cops, clutching the white card in her hands

“He deserved it,” I said, sitting down next to my mom and putting a comforting arm about her shoulders.

“No one deserves to die,” she muttered, miserably. “I…I just had to stop him.”

“From what, mom?” I asked, but she just sobbed again. The demon, Lilith, had told me that the only person my powers couldn’t work on were my mom and it looked like she was right. For Mary, it would be her father, if she had any powers that worked on a man, that is. “Okay, mom, you don’t have to tell me.”

“You don’t hate me, do you, Mark?” she whispered, plaintively.

“No, mom,” I said, hugging her tighter. “I could never hate you, mom. Dad was a bastard, anyways. He deserved it. And now you’re free of him. Free to be happy, to not live in fear.”

“I don’t deserve to be happy,” she bitterly whispered.

My mom sniffed, then noticed Mary in her purple blouse trimmed in white and her short jean skirt. My mom’s eyes lighted up with emotion for the first time as she looked Mary up and down. My powers may not work on my mom, but Mary’s did. When Mary and my mom had spoken on the phone a few days ago, my mom had gotten so horny we were pretty sure she was masturbating as Mary described herself.

“You must be Mary,” my mom said, giving her a wan smile. “I’m sorry we couldn’t meet under better circumstances.”

“It’s okay, Sandy,” Mary said and bent down and hugged my mother and kissed her lightly on the cheek. “We’re going to take you home, okay. Things will get better, okay.”

“I…I guess you’re right,” my mom said, looking around at a loss. “I don’t think I can stay here.”

No one objected as we led my mom out of the house. My dad was dead in the hallway leading to the bedrooms and the crime scene guys were going over it. None of us wanted to go back to her bedroom to get her some clothes, so my mom walked out only in her housecoat. I was starting to think that my mom was naked underneath there. And why was dad home on a Saturday evening. That’s his poker night. I glanced at my mom, a sudden thought flashed through my mind. Was she having an affair? No, that couldn’t be. She went to church twice every Sunday and on Wednesday evenings. I had begged my mom to leave dad for years and she said she loved him, that Christians shouldn’t get divorced.

“Mrs. Glassner, I hope you are okay,” Betty said, coming over and hugging my mom.

“Its fine,” I told her. “My dad was being abusive and my mom had to defend herself.”

“Oh,” Betty said, looking confused. “And that’s what the police think?”

“Of course, that’s what happened,” I said.

“Right,” she said. “Call me if you need anything, Mrs. Glassner.”

“I will, sweetie,” my mom said, fondly. “I…I’ll call in a few days.”

“Sure,” Betty said. “You take care, okay.”

“You too, Betty,” replied mom, squeezing her hand.

That nagging thought that my mom was having an affair wouldn’t go away. I noticed that she had lipstick on, smudged, and mascara ran down her face from her tears. Why would she have makeup on if she was just hanging out in the house on a Saturday night. I wondered who she could be having an affair with. It was mindboggling. My mom was so straitlaced, I just couldn’t believe that she’d cheat on my dad. Not that I’d blame her, my dad was an asshole.

I pulled out my cell phone and called the house. “Glassner residence,” a bored Allison answered. Allison was one of our sex slaves, our first actually, a sexy teenage nympho.

“Get all the sluts out of the house,” I ordered. “Go next door.”

“Yes, Master,” Allison quickly answered. “Is everything all right, we heard from the bodyguards that something wrong?”

“Just clear the house,” I ordered, suddenly angry. I wasn’t even sure what I was angry about.

“Sorry for questioning you, Master,” Allison apologized. “The house will be emptied.”

I hung up and saw Mary was helping my mom into the back seat of the Mustang. My mom sat in the back, quiet. Her face was blank, her eyes dead, as she stared down at her open hands. 23 followed in her patrol car as we headed home. The entire drive was filled with uncomfortable silence. Mary kept opening her mouth, wanting to say something, but just couldn’t seem to find the words, and would close her lips.

“Should we order a pizza, or something?” Mary asked as we pulled into the driveway. “I mean…” she trailed off. Her stomach gave a guilty rumble and she flushed.

We had been on our way to dinner when my mom called and I shrugged. “I guess. And a bottle of wine or three.” Then I caught Mary’s hand and kissed her palm. “I love you,” I whispered. “We’ll go out to dinner Monday night, okay.”

“Oh, it’s alright,” Mary said with a shrug.

“We have to go to Seattle anyways,” I said. “To buy the land.” We were planning on building a mansion on the giant, empty lot behind our house. It was supposed to be a housing development before the housing bubble burst. It had a magnificent view of Mount Rainier.

“Sure,” Mary said, smiling.

Mary led my mom up into the house. She seemed lost, not aware of her surroundings. I found a bottle of red wine, probably a good vintage. Brandon Fitzsimmons, the original owner of the house, seemed to have good taste in wines. I took his house and made his wife, Desiree, our sex slave. Brandon, however, seemed to be fighting back against my orders. He sent the FBI to raid my house on Thursday. I would need to track him down.

I called Pizza Hut and ordered a couple of pizzas, meat lover for me and a half Hawaiian (for Mary) and half Veggie Lover (for my mom). I gave them Brandon’s credit card to pay for the order. While I had a lot of money in the basements from my bank robberies, it amused me to make Brandon pay for things.

“I’m sorry, sir, the card came back declined,” the bored teenager on the line said. I guess Brandon finally canceled his cards.

“Cash then,” I said and hung up.

Mary had my mom seated on the couch and I handed mom a wine glass. She stared at it for a moment and then downed it in a single gulp. My mom wasn’t one for drinking. Maybe a glass of wine when she saw my aunts once a year, at most. I poured her a second and she sipped it.

Mary was sitting next to her, a supporting arm around my mom. I sat down on the other side and took my mom’s hand, squeezing it. “It’s okay,” I told her. “Everything’s going to be fine.”

She looked up at me and I saw some life in her dead eyes. “I killed him, Mark. I shot him in the back. How’s that going to be okay.”

“Why, mom? Why did you shot him?” I asked, squeezing her hand. “I’ll still love you, no matter why. Even if he wasn’t trying to hurt you. He was a bastard.”

“He was,” she whispered. “I…I was…” her voice quivered. “I…I…”

“You were with someone else,” I said, carefully. Part of me hoped it wasn’t true. My mom couldn’t be having an affair. She was too nice, too wholesome, to do something as sordid as that.

“Yes,” she said. “I…I had been seeing someone for a few years.”

Her confusion rocked my foundations. My mother was so straitlaced. So good and proper. To find out she’d been having an affair, for years, was so surprising. My mom refused to leave my dad. She loved him, she was a good Christian, all the excuses she gave, and then to find out she was cheating on him. Wow.

I studied my mother. At forty-three she had a great body. She was short, petite. She had always exercised everyday, keeping in shape, and it paid off. Her figure was as fit as any twenty year old. Her face had transformed from her pretty and youthful face she had when I was a child into the mature and beautiful face she had now, only slightly marred by a few wrinkles.

“You don’t hate me, do yo Mark?” my mom asked. “B-because I’m a ch-cheating whore.” She started sobbing again.

I brushed a strand of brown hair from her face. “It’s okay. You’re not a cheating whore,” I told her. “Dad was pig. He didn’t deserve you. You deserved some happiness, mom. So he caught you and your…uh…boyfriend?”

My mom wiped at her tears, an almost grateful smile on her face, for a moment. “Yeah, my b-boyfriend,” she nodded, flushing, the almost smile gone. “We were in bed. He was supposed to be playing poker all night with his friends. He was so angry when he caught us. My lover fled and I locked myself in the bathroom. He pounded on the door and then he said something about teaching a lesson. I thought he was going after…after my lover. So, I left the bathroom, grabbed the shotgun in the closet and shot him in the back as he stumbled down the hallway.”

“So it was self-defense,” I said. “Or at least, you stopped him from hurting someone. So don’t feel guilty.”

“Was he going to hurt my lover?” my mom asked, desperately. “What if he was just storming off, disgusted with me. There was so much pain in his eyes when he saw us. I never wanted to hurt him. I was just lonely…and my lover was there for me. And I just panicked.” She started sobbing and in embraced her and held her as she sobbed incoherently.

Mary paid for the pizza when it arrived, and it sat on the coffee table, growing colder and colder, as I held my mother. Mary was crying, as well, tears running down her face as she watched us. Finally, my mom’s sobs decreased into tiny hiccups and then she pushed away from me and wiped at her tears.

She saw the pizzas. “It’s okay, if you want eat,” she said. “I…I…” She took another sip of her wine. “He was going to do something,” she whispered to herself, trying to convince herself that she was right to shoot him. She took another sip of wine. “He was a bastard. He’s never going to hurt me again.”

I squeezed her hand. “I love you, mom,” I told her.

“Thank you, Mark.” She ruffled my hair, a tremulous smile on her face. “You always were a good boy.”

The pizza was cold, but I was starving, so I didn’t care. My mom nibbled at a slice, and looked at Mary. “That’s a lovely top, dear,” she said, stroking the fabric of Mary’s blouse. “I like the feel of it.”

“Thank you, Sandy,” Mary replied, smiling flirtily. “I like the color of your robe.”

“This old thing,” my mom dismissed with a flush. “You are quite beautiful, Mark’s a lucky guy. I hope he treats you right.”

“Oh, he does, Sandy,” Mary said, archly. “I have no complaints.”

“Good,” Sandy said. “A pretty little thing like you deserves to be treated right. I enjoyed talking to you on the phone the other day. It was so stimulating.”

I bet it was stimulating, mom, I thought with a smile. Mary’s had made a wish with the Devil to have all women desire her, and it worked over the phone, apparently. My mom had gotten so horny talking to Mary, she started masturbating. It had been hot, realizing my mom was masturbating while on speaker phone with me and my fiancee.

“I enjoyed it too,” Mary said with a wicked smile. Mary had started rubbing her cunt when she had realized what my mom had been doing. “It was a very pleasurable conversation. I couldn’t wait for you to come over. I hope you can come over and over…to our house.”

“Hmm, I would love to come again,” my mom purred. “I want to know every thing about you, cutie.”

My mom hugged my fiancee, rubbing her body against her. Mary smiled and hugged her back, stroking her back. My mom was nuzzling at her neck, whispering, “You smell so lovely.”

Mary smiled happily and when they broke the hug, my mom’s nipples could be seen pressing hard against her housecoat. Mary made eye contact with me and motioned for me to leave. To make my sex slaves immune to a nuns control, I needed to fuck my mom and have the slave drink our combined cum from her pussy. The only problem was, my powers didn’t work on my mom.

Luckily, Mary’s did. We planned on having Mary seduce my mother tomorrow night when she came over for dinner. Once Mary got her in bed and horny, she’d convince my mom to fuck me. With her wish, Mary could get any woman to do any sex act, no matter how depraved. I just needed to give them some privacy and let Mary do her thing.

“Shit,” I said, pulling out my phone. My mom jumped, seemingly forgetting that I was there and flushing in embarrassment. “There’s an emergency at my rental property,” I lied.

“You have a rental property,” my mom asked, surprised.

“I invested in real estate with some of my poker winnings,” I lied. I was telling our families I won money in a poker tournament. “There’s a burst pipe. I got to take care of this. I’m really sorry.”

“Oh, okay,” my mom said, then placed her hand on Mary’s thigh, rubbing it. “I’m sure Mary and I will find something pleasant to do.”

“I’m sure we will, Sandy,” Mary said with a throaty laugh.

My cock was painfully hard as I walked out of the living room. Outside, red-head 09, the bodyguard watching the house, leaned against her Milton Police Department patrol car. She had a nice pair of tits that filled out her half open blouse. Her legs looked beautiful, clad in thigh-high, black boots and barely covered by her short skirt. Leaning against the car, you could almost see her pussy, and her parted thighs looked so inviting.

“I’m sorry to hear about your father, sir,” 09 consoled.

I wasn’t. “He was a bastard,” I spat and walked up to her. My cock needed relief and 09 would be wet and willing for me.

She smiled when I unzipped my fly and pulled out my cock, spreading her legs wider. “Hmm, let me make you feel all better,” she purred, lifting up her skirt to expose her fiery-red bush.

I shoved up against her and thrust into her cunt, angrily. I fucked her hard, pounding her dirty cunt. Anger was boiling through me. The bastard went and died before I could tell him how I felt. “You are a fucking asshole!” I shouted at my dad as I fucked 09, my eyes squeezed shut. “You’re a worm. A goddamn coward who could only feel like a big man when beating his tiny wife or his kid! And now you are fucking dead! Too scared to face your son grown as a man! To afraid of what I’d do to you.” I wasn’t making sense, a tiny part of me realized, just ranting. Letting all the anger and hurt pour out of me as I pounded 09’s cunt. “I wanted to crush you. To strangle you. To feel your life pulse beneath my fingers!”

I could feel it, I realized, that frantic pulse of life in my hands. The beating of a heart as blood pumped through tiny arteries. That flutter of life being slowly squeezed out. I fucked faster and harder at 09. I squeezed harder and tighter at my dad’s throat. I had to kill him. Why didn’t I do it earlier. Why didn’t I confront my father sooner. Then my mom wouldn’t be wracked by the guilt of doing it herself. I had the power. For a week, I could have marched in and protected my mom. But I left her, abandon her to my dad while I enjoyed myself. Why didn’t I step in sooner.

Because you’re the coward, a voice whispered back. You’re still that cowardly little boy, deep inside, scared of your father.

The cunt I was in spasmed hard on my cock as the slut came, milking my cock for my seed. I exploded. My cum out of my cock, painting the sluts insides with sticky cum, and my emotions out of my soul, as tears poured out my eyes, running wet down my cheeks..

I was the coward. It was my fault. Sobs were rocking my body. I could have stopped all this, but I was still scared of my dad. I was still that little boy, deep inside. I looked at 09 through blurry eyes, her face purple as she struggled to breath. My hands were at her throat, squeezing her. When did that happen?

I let go and stumbled back. 09 fell to her knees, coughing, struggling to breathe. Guilt and shame burned inside me. What was happening? I could of killed her. I cried into my hands. My dad was dead. My dad was dead and I would never get to see him again. I don’t even remember the last time I saw him, or what he said to me. My emotions were all mixed up, anger, hatred, love, grief.

A woman hugged me, her red hair silk against my face. “Shh, it’s okay,” 09 cooed, her voice raspy. Even after I strangled her, she still loved me. What choice did she have, I made her love me.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered to her. “I’m sorry I hurt you.”

“It’s okay, sir,” she whispered. “It was so exciting. I came so hard when you were choking me. You could do it again, if you want.” I had heard being strangled makes sex more intense. I guess it was true. “I’m yours to do with as you please, sir.”

“No, forget that it happened,” I told her. “We just had regular sex.”

“Thank you for fucking me, sir,” she said, wiping at my tears. “I’m glad my slutty cunt satisfied you, sir.”

“Yeah, it did,” I said, standing up. I breathed in deeply, regaining control of my emotions. Dad was dead. I had arrangements to make.


The ringing phone woke me up.

I sat up, rubbing my eyes. It was two in the morning. After last night I needed to get some sleep. Antsy and I had taken this guy back to our motel room from some bar to fuck. I figured, let a guy get Antsy all hot and bothered and then I could have an easy time fucking her so I could perform the Prayer of Avvah on her.

It worked.

And while Travis and Antsy both passed out after they came, they eventually woke up, horny, finding me masturbating away. I fucked Travis and then I went down on Antsy, licking up the sloppy mess Travis left in her cunt. I was looking forward to her going down on me. She had a tongue piercing and I always heard that it made cunnilingus feel so much better. But Antsy had sobered up to much and would just finger me.

So when Antsy wanted to go out, I pleaded exhaustion. I may look eighteen, but I was feeling all of my forty-four years. So I crawled into bed and fell asleep. And I was enjoying that sleep before the phone rang.

“Sorry,” Antsy said. She was walking across the room. The bathroom light was on and I could see that her clothes were mused. She’s just been fucked, I realized. Antsy came to Miami to party and she had been thoroughly enjoying herself. “It’s my stupid brother. Ugg, I don’t want to talk to him.”

Her finger was moving to hang up. “Wait!” I shouted. I needed her to get together with her brother. This seemed so wrong, I was supposed to stop Warlocks, not serve people up to them. But, Ramiel said this was the only way. I just needed to have faith in God’s plan.

“What?” Antsy asked, her finger stopped above the phone.

“It’s late,” I said, trying to think of a reason to get her to answer the phone. “It…it…must be important.”

“I guess,” Antsy said, rolling her eyes. “Hey bro.” A look of stunned disbelief crossed Antsy’s face. And then, in the quavering voice of a little girl, she whispered, “He’s dead?”

Her legs seemed to give out underneath her and she stumbled, sitting heavily on the bed. Her eyes were wide with pain, a tear started trickling down her cheek. She saw me looking at her and she turned away, trying to hide as her brother talked to her. I watched her aura go from silver to black. Her brother gave her a command, exerting control over her. It wasn’t much control, his hold wouldn’t last long. Odds are, she’d have done it without him controlling her. Her aura would be silver by tomorrow afternoon, I judge.

“I’ll be on the plane,” Antsy said. “Tomorrow morning at 7:55 AM, American Airlines,” Antsy was repeating into the phone. “Mark, how’s mom.” She paused, listening. “Okay, okay, we’ll talk when I get in.” Another pause. “I love you, too Mark.” And then she hung up.

“My daddy’s dead,” Antsy said in her quivering, little girl’s voice. Her face contorted in pain and then the sobs overtook her. I held the girl to my chest and rocked her gently as she sobbed her heart out.


“Shit,” Mark said, and I jumped.

I was so enchanted by my son’s fiancee, I forgot Mark was sitting next to me. What was wrong with me. Ever since Betty, I was starting to wonder if I was a lesbian. And here I was panting after my future daughter-in-law. The fact I just killed my abusive husband barely register in my mind. All that seemed to matter was Mary and her beautiful, wicked smile. “There’s an emergency at my rental property,” Mark said.

“You have a rental property,” I asked, confused. He was a vacuum-cleaner salesman. Since when did he own a rental property.

“I invested in real estate with some of my poker winnings,” Mark answered. He did mention that in the phone call. Those darn FBI agents almost had me believing my good boy was a bank robber and a rapist. My eyes were drawn back Mary. She had the deepest, green eyes that twinkled naughtily. Get a hold of yourself, Sandy. But she’s just so desirable. I wanted to kiss her lips so badly. “There’s a burst pipe. I got to take care of this. I’m really sorry,” Mark finished.

“Oh, okay,” I absently said, staring into Mary’s eyes. I felt something warm on my hand and realized I was rubbing Mary’s beautiful thigh. Her jean skirt was so short, so inviting. This was just like when I talked to Mary on the phone. I couldn’t believe that I started masturbating. “I’m sure Mary and I will find something pleasant to do.” Why did I say that. I needed to take a cold shower. I needed to get out of this itchy housecoat and show Mary my body.

“I’m sure we will, Sandy,” Mary said with a throaty laugh. Was she flirting back.

How did this happen to me. I must be a lesbian. When I started the affair with Betty a few year ago, I thought it was just a fluke. David may have always been an abusive prick, but he was a passionate lover. And I enjoyed our lovemaking. But his drinking had grown so much, he had trouble getting erect anymore. I had gotten so horny and then Betty showed back up.

She was so beautiful, with that mocha-cream skin and her enchanting, blue eyes. It was so exotic. Her father was half-black himself, and her mom was a Norwegian beauty, and the combination produced a stunningly beautiful girl. And that day that I realized Betty was flirting with me, it had been months since I had been with David. I was so lustful, masturbation wasn’t cutting it anymore. I had even considered taking a lover, but I just couldn’t bring myself to break my marriage vows. But she was a woman. It wasn’t really cheating. I didn’t even think I was a lesbian, afterwards. It was pleasant, not as good as a man, but fun. And I felt I had kept my vows.

It’s only sex if a man’s penis goes up your vagina. President Clinton had said. So, you couldn’t really have sex with a woman. Therefore it was just fun, not adultery. Maybe homosexuality is a sin, but I wasn’t an adulteress. That’s how what I told myself. Mark and Samantha always wanted me to leave David, but I swore a vow before god. Until death I swore, and that’s how it ended. I could still feel the shotgun in my hands, how hard I had to squeeze the trigger, the roar it made and how much it hurt when the stock bucked into my shoulder.

Mary’s enchanting presence was drowning out the guilt over killing David. When I shot him, I was sure he was going to go kill Betty. The sweet girl had fled when David caught us in bed and this mad thought entered my mind that he was going to hurt her. I couldn’t let him do that. And…and it was easy. He had treated me so badly, I didn’t even hesitate.

“What should we do?” Mary asked, scooting a little closer. Her flowery perfume was filling my nose, an intoxicating fragrance.

I found myself sliding my hand higher up her thigh, nearing that short, enticing skirt and what was hiding underneath. I was such a horrible mother, thinking about seducing my son’s fiancee. But that didn’t stop me from sliding my hand higher and higher. Her thigh was silky smooth and warm.

“I would like to get to know my future daughter-in-law better,” I husked, like wanton trollop. You are a good, god-fearing woman so why are you doing this. Betty was bad enough, but she’s almost your daughter.

Is that why I’m so wet? I wondered. She’s the same age as Samantha. No, that couldn’t be it. Mary and Samantha were so different. Samantha had raven black hair, not the enticing auburn of Mary, nor did she have Mary’s enchanting green eyes. Our her delicious lips.

It took me a moment to realize that I had leaned over and captured those red lips with my own, hungrily nibbling at her lower lip. Oh no, I thought with dismay, she’s going to think her future mother-in-law some sort of lesbian hussy. But she’s kissing me back, I realized with delight. My son’s fiancee was kissing me, her tongue lightly pressing against my lips and I let her in.

Her hands unknotted my housecoat and the scratchy fabric was off my hard nipples. This was so wrong. How could I do this to Mark. He was my good boy. How could I betray him like this. How could Mary betray him. For a moment anger surged in me. How could this hussy allow her fiancee’s mother seduce her. She’s not even putting up a fight. She’s into it.

And then her hand was touching my hard nipple, her fingers deft and gentle as they rolled the hard nub and all resistance fled me. I was a lesbian. I was a slave to my desires. And I desired Mary so much. Eternity seemed to pass as we kissed on the couch, her hands exploring my body. She touched me everywhere, my face, my throat, my stomach, my thighs. My wet vagina. My achingly wet and naughty vagina.

No, I realized. It was a hungry, lesbian pussy and I shuddered on Mary’s finger when she slipped inside my hungry hole. Mary’s thumb rubbed my clit in small circles, coaxing an orgasm out of me. I gasped into her mouth, wrestling with her tongue, as she fingered me slowly and gently, until I could take the pleasure no more.

“I need to taste you,” I panted as Mary sucked her fingers clean of my pussy, savoring the taste of my pussy.

Mary stood and let me naked up the stairs to a bedroom. I was going to make love to this beautiful creature in the very bed she shared with my son. That thought sent a naughty thrill through my body. Mary pushed me back onto the bed and my breath caught as she pulled off her blouse and wiggled out of her jean skirt.

She was naked underneath. The most beautiful woman I could ever imagine. Her breasts were small, perky, and covered with freckles. Her nipples were hard and dusky. Her pussy was shaved bare save for a small heart of fiery hair, and her slit was tight, like a young girls. She looked so innocent until I saw her eyes and the hunger there.

I wanted to taste her but she beat me to it, diving into my bushy brown pubes, matted with my arousal. Her tongue licked through the hair and I shuddered, arching my back. I grabbed my nipple, pinching it hard as I enjoyed Mary’s tongue. Her tongue licked around my labia, teased my clit, and probed my hole. Everywhere she touched tingled with electricity. A growing charge that spread wonderfully through my body.

“Umm, eat my pussy,” I heard myself moan. “Yes, yes, eat me! You are making me cum, sweet Mary! Yes, yes! Keep doing what you are doing! Oh, wow! Wow!”

I was gripping the sheet in iron fingers as I writhed on the bed. Her tongue was flicking at my clit while two fingers slid up inside me, rapidly fucking in and out of my naughty hole. My muscles spasmed as my orgasm shot through my body.

“Yes, yes!” I cried as the electricity crackled through me. “Oh, fuck yes!” I was moaning so wantonly, like the lesbian whore I had become. “Umm, let me taste myself,” I purred, pulling on Mary’s auburn hair.

Mary crawled up my body, her face sticky with my cum. Her breasts dragged across my flat stomach, only slightly marred with a few stretch marks from my pregnancies. Our nipples kissed as our lips kissed and I could taste the tart and spicy flavor of my passion on her lips. Oh God, I had to taste her.

She sense my desire, too, because she kept on crawling, until her pussy hovered above my lips, wet and tight, her vulva was flushed with desire and completely bare. She tasted sweet and spicy and so delicious. She moaned above me, settling her weight down on my face, beginning to grind on my lips as I drank her ambrosia.

Her clit was a hard little pea that my tongue delighted in playing with, flicking back and forth and bringing such wicked moans from Mary. My hands gripped her plump ass, enjoying the feel of her flesh between my fingers as I kneaded her cheeks. I stopped playing with her clit and moved my lips lower, sucking at her tight slit, parting the crease with my tongue and feeling the wrinkled lips of her labia and then I found her wet hole and I shoved my tongue up inside her. I made my tongue as rigid as I could and fucked it inside her.

“Mmhh, Sandy, you’re tongue is amazing,” Mary purred.

A delighted gasp escaped her lips as my finger started teasing her asshole, feeling the puckered ring beneath my finger. David used to enjoy anal sex, and I grew to enjoy it as well. It was so much fun introducing Betty to it. I had used a carrot and reamed her ass then washed it and feeling wicked, used that very carrot in a stew I fed my husband.

Mary gasped as my finger pressed passed the tight ring and into her hot ass. My tongue was wiggling up her pussy as my finger wiggled up her ass. Her hips were twitching from side to side as pleasure washed through her. I started fucking the finger faster and faster in her ass and captured her clit with my lips, sucking on the pearl.

“Fuck yes!” Mary cursed. “Eat my cunt, oh fuck yes! You’re so good! Mhh, I’m gonna cream your face! Yes, yes, oh fucking yes! Here it cums, Sandy! Here comes my girl-cum!”

I felt her ass clench on my finger as her orgasm exploded through her. Fresh juices flooded my mouth and I eagerly drank them as I felt Mary writhe on my lips. A second orgasm rolled through her as I kept sucking her clit and fingering her ass. Her hips were writhing in circles upon my face as her third orgasm crashed through her and then she fell to the side, panting.

“Holy shit,” she moaned, turning about to snuggle up against me. “Where did you learn to eat pussy like that?”

“I…I…” started to say, but I just couldn’t bring myself to tell her about my lesbian affair. I was too ashamed of it.

“Was it Betty?” Mary perceptively asked. “Was that who your husband caught you with?”

“Yes,” I answered and the guilt and grief and shame was there and I suddenly was sobbing and Mary was hugging me, her perky breasts pressed up against me. “He was going to hurt her,” I cried. “I couldn’t let him. She was so innocent. He should have just beat me like he always did. But not her.”

“Shhh,” Mary soothed. “It’s okay. He’ll never hurt anyone. Mark told me about him. He was an asshole. Don’t waste your grief on him, okay.”

I sniffed. That was easy to say. If only life was that simple. I had loved him, once. Part of me never stopped loving him. The foolish girl in me that thought he would change. One day he would stop drinking and be the man that I fell in love with. The bitter woman in me hated him, hated the way he drank, the way he’d hit me. Hit my children.

Mary’s hand was stroking my face and I felt desire rushing through me as her lips brushed mine.

“Just put that aside for tonight,” Mary whispered. “You can grieve tomorrow. Tonight is about love.” Mary grabbed her phone and started texting. “Just checking up on Mark,” Mary said and the guilt hit me. This was my son’s fiancee.

“Oh god,” I moaned. “What have I done.”

“You needed comforting,” Mary answered, setting her phone aside. She bent down and nibbled on my nipple.

“What have you done to me,” I whispered as my blood started to boil. “I’ve never felt like this before. Never.” Her eyes were so bewitching. “You are so enchanting, so enticing.”

“I put a spell on you,” Mary answered wickedly. “You’re putty in my hands, aren’t you. You’d do any depraved, nasty sex act I told you to.”

I wanted to say no. “Yes,” I answered. “God help me, but I would.”

Mary’s smile was so wicked as she licked up to my neck. There were footsteps coming up the stairs, echoing though the house. Panic set in. Mark was back. He was going to find me in bed with his fiancee. He’s going to hate me, look at me in disgust, just like David did. He looks too much like his father. I can’t take that, not again.

Mary’s tongue nibbled at my ear as the door opened. I wanted to yank up the sheets, to hide my nakedness from my son. Mary’s tongue was so wet on my ear, so pleasurable, that I could do nothing but let her lick me, to caress me. I could see Mark silhouetted in the doorway. Please, just go away. Don’t see me like this! I’m such a horrible mother.

“I want you to fuck your son,” Mary whispered. “He needs you. We need you!”

My legs were spreading open as Mark entered the room. He was naked, his body almost lean, just some pudginess remaining. He’s lost weight, I realized. He’s looking fitter than he ever has. His cock was hard and swayed as he walked. My precious boy was hard for me. I could feel moisture leaking out my pussy.

This is so wrong, I thought. But the ache in my pussy drowned out that voice.

“My boy’s grown up,” I purred. God, how did I become such a wanton hussy?

“We need your help,” Mary whispered. “To cast a spell. To protect our servants from our enemy.”

“Yes, let mommy help,” I moaned. I didn’t know what Mary was talking about, but how could I say no to my son. Mary was right, I would do anything she asked, no matter how depraved. And nothing was more depraved then a mother fucking her son. And his cock was so hard, trembling with every beat of his heart, aching to release his cum inside me.

How could I say no? I couldn’t.

Mark was climbing onto the bed, climbing on top of me. I was open and ready for him. My arms reached around his neck and pulled him in for a kiss. His lips were strong and manly, capturing my lips with a forceful kiss, thrusting his tongue inside my mouth. His weight was atop me and my legs wrapped around his hips. This was so wrong, so wicked, my pussy burned in anticipation. His cock bumped at the entrance of my pussy and I reached down and guided him back inside me.

“Yes,” I moaned as he entered me. “My son’s grown so big! And now you are back inside me! Show mommy what you know! Yes, yes! Fuck me!”

“You’re so wet,” he moaned in my ear. “You feel so good!”

His cock was plunging in and out of me. In and out, so amazing. “My sweet boy,” I whispered in his ear. “You are back inside me! My big son!”

He felt so amazing and I felt relief; I wasn’t a lesbian. This felt too good for me to be gay. A strange relief swept over me. I was bi, certainly, but not gay. I rose up to met his thrusts, grinding my clit against his pubic bone, my nipples rubbing on his hairy chest.

“This is so hot,” Mary whispered into my ear as I clawed my son’s back. I turned my head and she kissed me and Mark’s lips were there and somehow we were all kissing each other, tongues touching, exploring each other’s lips. Sharing and enjoying each other’s passions.

Mark was fucking me hard, the bed shaking with the force of his thrusts. “This is so fucking exciting,” he moaned. “I’m inside my mom. I used to jerk off to you, did you know that.”

“No,” I panted, feeling incredibly sexy. “All the girls you could have jerked off to, you chose me?”

“Yes,” he grunted. “You were so beautiful when I was young. You still are, mom.”

His thrust came harder, more insistent. Then I could feel it, his seed spilling inside me. Inside the very womb that I made him in, where I carried him beneath my heart for nine months. My orgasm exploded through me, stars danced in my vision. God, I wasn’t on the pill. David had that Vasectomy years ago. Was my son going to make a baby inside me. A new life? Proof of our new, incestuous love?

Mark rolled off me, a hand on my right thigh. Mary was on my left, her hand on the other thigh, keeping my legs spread open. “Don’t be scared,” Mary whispered. “We needed you for a spell.”

“What,” I panted and then I saw the girl enter the room.

She had bubblegum pink hair, was maybe seventeen, and naked. Her small breasts were pierced by silver barbells. Her pussy was shaved and there was a tattoo above her pussy. “Cum on in,” it read, an arrow pointing to her slit so there could be no confusion what the little slattern meant. The girl knelt down and I wanted to close my legs, but my son and his fiancee kept them open.

“Shh, this won’t hurt,” Mary said and kissed me.

The pink-haired girl licked my slit, tasting the mess I had made with my son. “Zimmah,” Mark whispered and I felt something, some energy, flow out of me into my son and this girl.

Mark shuddered and the girl gasped. “Oh, Master, I’m yours forever, aren’t I?” she asked, breathlessly.

“Forever, Allison” Mark answered and the pink-haired girl crawled up to him and kissed him on the lip.

A nut brown, big-breasted Latina woman crawled up next. Behind her I could see more naked women waiting. Just what was my son up to? I gasped in pleasure as the Latina licked at my slit and Mark whispered, “Zimmah,”. The energy flowed, Mark shuddered, and the Latina gasped.

There were tears in her eyes as she crawled up to Mark. “I’m yours forever,” she said and kissed him and then she was kneeling before Allison, the pink-haired girl.

“Allison, mi Sirenita,” she said, holding the girl’s hands. “Since Master claimed us, I have grown to love you deeply. You are so beautiful, innocent and whorish all at the same wonderful time.” She opened her hand, revealing a gold ring topped with a diamond. Little fish were carved on the ring. No, not fish, mermaids, their arms forming the mounting for the diamond. “Will you marry me?”

Allison glanced at Mark and he nodded. “Oh yes, Desiree,” she squealed and everyone was clapping as Desiree slipped the ring on her finger. “We’ll be together, forever,” Allison whispered, hugging her fiancee. “Forever Master and Mistress’s slaves.”

They kissed and Mary sighed next to me, rubbing a tear from her eyes. “Oh, that’s so beautiful.”

Their kisses became more passionate and then the Latina was kneeling down, spreading open Allison’s thighs, and dove into her shaved cunt with gusto. “Umm, my sweet Desiree,” Allison moaned, staring at the diamond ring on her finger as her fiancee ate out her cunt.

What was going on. Another girl, a doll-faced girl with beautiful, blue eyes crawled awkwardly between my legs. Her left arm was in a sling, a bandage covering her shoulder. She bent down and licked and Mark whispered the words. And on it went, girl after girl. When the eleventh girl, a cinnamon-skinned, Native American woman, licked my cunt, nothing happened.

“There’s no more sperm, Master,” she said, eyes wide with panic.

“It’s okay, Willow,” Mary soothed. “Mark and his mother can make more.”

I was eager to let Mark make more, I discovered. As weird as this entire situation was, I didn’t care so long as I could feel Mark’s cock inside me again. Mark lasted longer the second time and Mary sat on my face and I ate her pussy as my son fucked my pussy. Ten more girls licked my cunt and then I was empty of sperm. So, for the third time, I sat atop him, cowgirl style, and rode him passionately. Mary sat on his face and I made out with her as we rode my son.

Finally, the last woman, the twelfth one dressed as a slutty cop, kissed Mark and walked out of the room. The original thirteen girls, the once who weren’t dressed like slutty cops, were scattered about the room or out on the small, private deck; some were kissing, others were making love, and a few just cuddled. Desiree and Allison sat out on the deck, making out on a love seat. A red-head was cuddling with the injured girl. The Muslim girl and the cinnamon-skinned girl were sixty-nining on the floor.

“What’s going on?” I finally asked my son. I was wrung out, emotionally, physically.

“Well mom, I have powers,” Mark said. “And so does Mary. And there are people out there that want to stop us. They think what we’re doing is wrong.”

“On Monday, one attacked us,” Mary said and she motioned to a curly haired teenager. She looked eighteen. “This is Karen. She took control of several of the girls and overpower Mark and I.”

“I was bad, then,” Karen said. “I didn’t know how kind and great Master and Mistress were. My actions caused Korina to be shot and Desiree to almost die.” There were tears in the young girls eyes. “Master and Mistress punished me and then forgave me and now I happily serve them.”

“More will come,” Mark said. “And now we’ve protected ourselves against their most potent weapon, thanks to you, mom.”

I gaped at my son. “This is to much,” I said. “I…I need some time.”

“Of course,” he said, disappointment painting his face. “Choose a girl and she’ll take you to a bedroom. You can let her stay, warm you bed. She’ll be quite willing.”

I swallowed they were all beautiful, and I didn’t really want to be alone. Not after what I did. My pussy ached as all these beautiful women looked eagerly at me, lust painted on their faces. God, I could see how Mark grew to like this. All these beautiful, naked women willing to do whatever you wanted to them.

“You are on TV,” I said, recognizing the caramel-skinned one.

“Yes,” she said, with a smile. “I’m Jessica St. Pierre, reporter for KIRO 7 News.”

“You always looked so beautiful on TV,” I told her. “Would you mind…”

“I’d be honored to,” Jessica purred. “You are the mother of Master. I’ll do whatever you want.” Her smile promised so much and I found myself being led away. This wouldn’t do, I thought, as led me into a bedroom and her mouth eagerly kissed me.

Jessica was pushing me back onto the bed. She smelled of cinnamon and jasmine. How was I supposed to think straight when this sexy minx was sucking at my breast? God help me, but I wanted one for myself, my very own slut. I could think later, I could grieve later, for now Jessica was lithe and wet and gasped sweetly as my finger slid into her cunt.


I waited at the carousel for American Airlines flight 2269. It was supposed to be in at 1:35 PM, but it was already closer to three and still the plane hadn’t landed. I stiffed a yawn, and rubbed my eyes, staring up at the Arrival Board, hoping for a change in the status of Antsy’s plane. Nope, still delayed.

I didn’t sleep well last night. After my mom was taken away by Jessica, I tried to sleep but I was haunted by bad dreams. I was always looking for my dad and I always arrived too late. I would be terrified that I missed him and I would wake up in a cold sweat. Sometimes I would be crying, others I would be filled with such profound anger I wanted to pound my fists against something, anything.

Every time, Mary was there to hold me, to calm me down. She never complained, never even gave me a dirty look. All she gave me was compassion and understanding. In the morning, my mom looked just as haggard as I felt. She was sitting in the kitchen, chatting with the sluts, sipping a cup of coffee.

“I don’t understand how you got your powers,” she finally said after staring at me. “But, I think I understand why you do it.” A flush crept down her face, and she glanced at Jessica who sat listlessly, sipping her coffee. I wonder if she got any sleep at all. “It’s intoxicating, being in control.”

I nodded. “Especially if you haven’t been in control your entire life.”

And she nodded and thanked me. “I needed to go,” she finally said. “I have to think, but I understand.”

“Antsy flying in today, she’ll want to see you,” I told her.

“I’ll be at home,” mom answered.

“There’s a house available just down the street,” I had told her. “Quite a few, actually.”

“Maybe,” she said, tiredly. I had Desiree drive her home.

“I’m sorry, Alice,” Mary was speaking into her phone with her friend, Alice. I should say friend with benefits, since all they seemed to do is get together at a motel and have sex. I didn’t trust Alice. When I met her on Thursday, it was quite clear she was in love with Mary. “Listen, Mark’s dad died last night, okay. I needed to be here for him.” She paused, listening to Alice. “I know, we’ll get together soon, okay.”

Mary and I headed to the airport, arriving about twenty minutes before Antsy’s flight was supposed to arrive. 01 and 09 were our bodyguards, driving 01’s State Patrol car. And then we waited. And waited. Sitting on these fucking uncomfortable seats.

“Well, I guess not even you can make a flight be on time,” Mary had joked when I complained about how late the flight was.

I yawned a second time. I had been sitting on this plastic chair for far too long. I was too tired to even muster the energy to find a pretty girl and find a better way to pass the time. Or maybe that was just the excuse. My dad was dead and everything seemed a little less beautiful this morning. I barely was able to muster the energy to make love to Mary this morning. Mary was exhausted, too, dozing, her head on my lap.

“Hey, bro,” a woman said, shaking my shoulder.

I opened my eyes, blinking. I must have fallen asleep. Standing before me was Antsy, in a violet halter-top and a pair of skinny jeans. Her black hair fell loosely about her shoulders. She looked as tired as I felt, eyes baggy with exhaustion. She had a smile on her face, she was forcing herself to look happy.

“Who’s the hottie?” she asked in fake excitement. “Did you finally trick a girl into going out with you?”

Mary sat up, wiping drool off the side of her face. “This is Mary, my fiancee,” I said. “Mary this is annoying, little Antsy.”

Antsy smile turned genuine. “Wow, how good in the sack is my brother to snag you. You’re gorgeous.”

“Thanks,” Mary said, rubbing sleep out of her eyes. “He’s amazing in the sack.”

“So…” she started to say, her smile fading. “Dad’s dead?” she asked and then grief rippled across her face.

I was hugging her and my sister sobbed on my shoulder, her body trembling like a child in my arms. My shirt was wet with her tears as she cried into my chest. “H-how,” she finally said, looking up at me with tear-stained eyes. “You didn’t want to say, on the phone.”

“Mom shot him,” I said. “He was…you know.”

“Yeah,” she sighed, bitterly. “God, why didn’t she just leave him.”

I shrugged. “There’s more, she was with…someone when dad found her and…”

“Betty, right?” Antsy asked.

I blinked. “No, no, she was having an affair.”

Antsy nodded. “Yeah, with Betty.”

“What?” I gaped. My mom and Betty. I was flabbergasted. No wonder my mom took to flirting with Mary so easily.

Antsy told me all about how she caught the two of them. Antsy was just happy that mom had found somebody and urged her to leave dad. “Mom seemed ashamed of being gay,” Antsy explained. “You know mom, church twice a week.”

“Yeah,” I nodded.

We talked the whole drive. I didn’t remember the last time I saw my sister, her graduation from High School last year, I guess. And dad was around, so I left pretty quickly. We shared stories about dad, remembering the few good times we had with him. And as much as I hated him, I realized there was still a part of me that wanted to be that little boy, getting patted on the head by my dad and told what a good son I was.

“Where are we?” Antsy asked when I pulled into my driveway.

“Our home,” Mary answered.

“What’s up with the cop?” Antsy asked. 24 was parked in front of the house in her Bonny Lake patrol car.

“Our bodyguard,” I told her. “Don’t worry about it.”

Inside the house, Antsy gaped at the parade of naked and half-naked sluts. Violet walked up to her, naked, and hugged Antsy. “I’m so sorry about your dad,” Violet said.

Antsy stood frozen. “Mark, who are all these women? Are you a pimp?”

“These our sex slaves,” I said. “It’s perfectly normal to have sex slaves, right Antsy.”

The command sank in. “Oh, of course, bro. I’m just so jet-lagged.”

I led her upstairs. Mary stayed behind. I wanted to have my sister to myself, just like Mary wanted her sisters to herself at first when they came over last Friday. I took her into the bedroom, my cock was growing hard. I was about to fuck my kid sister. She was no longer the gangly youth that annoyed me. A beautiful woman had somehow grown from that bratty child. So lovely. A younger version of mom, with bigger breasts, I noticed appreciatively.

“You want to fuck me, don’t you, Antsy.”

“I do,” she whispered, flushing. “It’s so wrong, but I do.”

I pulled off my shirt and she eagerly pulled off her top. She wore a sheer, red bra underneath, her nipples dark shadows through the fabric. Her skinny jeans came off next, sliding off her slim thighs. Her panties were a matching, sheer red, the smooth lips of her cunt just visible through the fabric.

“What about your fiancee?” Antsy asked as her bra came off. Her breasts were large, round and perky.

“She’ll be joining us later,” I said.

Antsy smiled. “I don’t know what it is about her. I’m not a lesbian, but I’d be gay for her.”

“Mary has that affect on people,” I told her as my boxers came off. She licked her lips when she saw my hard cock and quickly shoved her panties off her hips and fell back onto the bed.

She spread her legs, wantonly, showing off her tight slit, wet and flushed. “God, I’m so horny for you, bro!”

I knelt between her legs, inhaled the tart and spicy flavor of her sex. I dug a tongue through her groove, delighting in her flavor. Her legs twitched as pleasure rolled through her. I gently spread her lips open, revealing the moist, pink flesh and started lapping at her cunt. I explored the wrinkled folds of her labia, the hard pearl of clitoris, and the velvety hole that led to her sweet depths.

“Wow, bro,” Antsy moaned. “You’re pretty good at giving head! Hmm, yeah, keep doing that. Fuck, I can’t believe how hot this is! Crap, I’m going to cum already!”

Her delicious juices flooded my mouth. I smeared some on my finger, rubbing it on my eyes. “Mowdah,” I muttered, casting the spell that would let me recognize a nun.

I looked up at my sister and could see a faint, black outline about her. Just like Mary described. According to Mary, most people had silver auras. All of our sex slaves had black, and I had a red aura. My sister’s aura was black. Maybe it was people under my power had black auras. I think Karen, the former nun, mentioned that once. Thralls had black auras and Warlocks red.

My cock was hard and I could figure this stuff out later. My sister was wet and ready to be fucked. Her eyes just shouted it as she started hungrily at my cock. So I crawled up her body, kissing her on the lips. Her tongue eagerly slid out to taster her juices on my lips. Her hands grasped my cock and guided me to her wet hole.

When I slid in intense energy seemed to flow between us. We both gasped and panted as orgasms rolled through our bodies. Stars swam before my eyes as my cum shot four massive blasts into my sisters cunt. Antsy moaned beneath me, her back arched, pressing her soft breasts against me.

“You’re so beautiful,” I whispered to Antsy as I started fucking her. She was the most beautiful, desirable women in the world. What woman could compare to the beauty of my sister.

“Oh, Mark,” she panted. “Hmm, when did you get so sexy.”

Her hips were bucking up to meet mine. I was fucking my sister, the most beautiful creature in the world. We were made for each other, I realized. Made by mom and dad to be perfect lovers. I didn’t need any other woman, just my sweet sister. Her sweet cunt. Her perfect tits. Her beautiful mouth as she gasped in pleasure beneath me.

I don’t know how long we fucked. But we tried every position: doggie, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, standing up, on our sides. I came in every hole she had: her sucking mouth, velvety cunt, and tight ass. We sixty-nined and I didn’t care her cunt was full of my cum, just that I was eating my sweet Antsy’s pussy.

When Mary walked in, naked, I remembered that she was supposed to join us. She had a drab body, small breasts, and her ass was too plump. Even her shaved pussy was wrong, too girlish and unappealing. And that heart she had shaped her pubic hair into. It was so pathetic. After I had Antsy, Mary was no longer beautiful. Hell, how did I ever find her beautiful. She pressed up against us, rubbing those ugly tits against us.

“Can you give us some privacy, Mary?” I asked. “We need to comfort each other.”

“Can’t I comfort you?” Mary asked, hurt in her eyes.

You love her, a voice whispered. Fight.

Fight what?

“No,” I told her, then I tried to try to take the hurt away from her eyes. “We just need some privacy.” Tell her you love her, the tiny voice whispered. You have to fight. “I…I…love you,” I managed to choke out.

“Okay,” Mary said, a tear trickling down her face. “I love you too.”

It felt good to be fucking my sister without Mary around to ruin the mood. So why did I hurt so much inside? Why did I feel like a piece of my soul was being torn away from me. But Antsy’s cunt felt too great, too amazing, to listen to that voice, to feel that pain.

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 22.

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Devil’s Pact Update-11-21-13

Hey everyone

Just finished my rough draft of Chapter 22. I’ve never finished a chapter so fast. It’s the middle of a three chapter arc that starts with Chapter 21. Plan on starting 23 today. 22 just wrote itself.

After I post this, I’m going to do my second draft of Chapter 21. My plan is to post it Saturday Morning. I like to do three edits/drafts of a chapter. I like to wait a day between edits to give myself some perspective on what I wrote the day before.

Also, if there are any Side-Story ideas you guys have, characters you’d like to find out about, suggestions are welcomed.

Everyone have a great week


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The Devil’s Pact Chapter 20: Tryouts



The Devil’s Pact

Chapter 20: Tryouts

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2013

Story Codes: Male/Female, Teen male/Teen female, Female/Female, Female/Teen female, Male/Females, Male/Teen male/Teen female, Mind Control, Female Domination, Orgy, Magic, Anal, Oral, Rimming, Ass to Mouth, Ass to Pussy, Incest

For a list of all the Devil’s Pact Chapters and other stories click here

Comments are very welcome. I would like all criticism, positive and negative, so long as its
constructive, and feedback is very appreciated.

Click here for Chapter 19

When Mark slipped out of bed, he jostled me from my dream. It was a reoccurring dream, where my whore of a mother never left us and we were all living together again, happy. There was always that moment of disappointment when I awoke and realized it had been a dream, my mother had run off to whore around with that musician. Anger was starting to roil in my stomach, so I forced the thoughts of my mother away. Last night had been amazing and I was still feeling good about it to ruin it by wasting energy on her. She didn’t care about me, so why should I waste time thinking about her.

My family had come over for dinner last night, my dad, and my sisters Shannon and Missy, and their boyfriends, George and Damien. After dinner I had made love to both my sisters. It was so beautiful and amazing. I have no idea why we didn’t do this earlier. Missy and I shared a bedroom until I moved away from home last year. So much wasted opportunities, I thought with a sigh.

I rubbed my eyes and glanced at the clock. It was 8 AM. Mark liked to wake up early and go jogging. It was sweet of him to get in shape for me, and whether it was his jogging or pacts made with the Devil, he was looking fitter and fitter everyday. And hotter. His ass was becoming quite delicious. I frowned, he usually goes out jogging at 6 AM. I guess he goes jogging later with his sluts on Saturday. I myself, liked to sleep in, so I snuggled up to Shannon, my older sister, giving her a quick peck on the lips and tried to go back to sleep.

But Missy’s soft snores behind me prevent it. I forgot how much my younger sister could snore. A soft, stuttering noise that would be cute if I wasn’t trying to sleep. I shared a room with my sister for most of my life and found her snoring to be grating since she started at twelve. When I first moved out of the house, last summer, and before I moved in with Mike, I had trouble sleeping. I had actually gotten used to her snores and missed them in some weird bit of loneliness. Apparently, after a year of not hearing her snores, it wasn’t a comfort and back to being an annoyance.

“She’s still snoring, I take it,” sighed Shannon, her hazel eyes blinking open. This close to her face, I could see the flecks of green in her hazel eyes.

“Yeah,” I answered.

“Where’s Mark going?” Shannon asked and I answered, “Jogging.” Then I yawned.

“He’s an…interesting guy,” Shannon said. She kissed me on the lips and stroked my cheek. “Don’t you think you’re rushing into this. You only met him a week ago and you’re getting married in what? A month?”

I smiled. How to explain it to Shannon. I thought about that day when Mark walked into the Starbucks where I worked, over and over in my mind. Mark had commanded me to love him near the end, but the more I thought about it, the more I felt like I loved him the moment he told me how beautiful I was. I had been standing naked and trembling before him, such an innocent creature. Big-titted Vivian on one side and wild, vivacious Cynthia on the other. And Mark told me I was beautiful. I didn’t realize it the night I almost left Mark, after he freed me from his control, but I must have fallen in love with him before he commanded me to. It’s why I still loved him when he freed me, why I stayed with him. And I was glad I stayed. As long as I had Mark, it didn’t matter what we did, who we hurt.

“I fell in love with him the moment we met,” I told her. “My feelings for him run so deep. I’ve never felt that way about anyone. I thought I loved Mike, but I didn’t, not really. I was just used to him. He took my virginity and I convinced myself that I must love him. Why else did I allow Mike to sleep with me? I confused lust and love and when the lust faded, there was just inertia holding us together.”

“Wow,” Shannon whispered.

“So, you think George is going to propose?” I asked. Last night, Mark walked in right when she told me that she thought her boyfriend was going to propose. We never got back to our conversation, we were a little too busy fucking to talk about it.

Shannon gave me a happy smile. “Yes. Last week, we went into a jewelry store. And he was trying to be subtle, but I swear he was trying to find out what style of engagement rings I like.”

I giggled, excited for my sister. I’ve never gotten along this well with my older sister. She used to always treat me like a kid, bossing me around. I guess she finally saw me as a woman last night. This was definitely a delightful outcome of my Pact with the Devil. And I’m glad she was getting on with George. Shannon had dated some scummy guys over the years. One had hit on me at Shannon’s birthday party.

“He’s a great guy,” I told her. “Definately the best boyfriend you’ve ever had.”

Shannon laughed mirthfully. “Yeah, I’ve had some bad boyfriends.”

“Which one left you at the soccer game?”

“Lance,” Shannon answered. “He claimed he forgot about me and went drinking with his buddies. I dumped a pitcher of beer over his head when I found him at that bar. And there was Tyler who I caught fucking some skank over my sink. When I walked in he was like, ‘Hey, babe. Threesome?’ So I grabbed a broom and hit both him and his skank until they left my apartment.”

I snorted with laughter. “You never told me about Tyler.”

“We didn’t date long,” Shannon laughed, then her smile failed. “Do you think I’m a bad girlfriend?”

“Why, because you had an orgy with your two sisters and my fiancee?”

Shannon bit her lip. “Mark said I was a bad girlfriend for not letting George fuck my ass. He’s right, I can see that now. But should I fulfill George’s other fantasies?”

“Well, I think if you two truly love each other and trust each other, you can share your fantasies and experience them together,” I told her. “But, if you’re really not comfortable in doing his fantasies, then don’t.”

“There’s one he really wants,” Shannon confessed. “One that all guys wants.”

I smiled. “A threesome?”

She nodded. “Maybe, if it was with you,” Shannon started to say and I cut her off with a kiss. “I would love that,” I told her.

I crawled out of the bed. Missy was still snoring, sprawled out and taking up half the bed now. Her naked body was half exposed beneath tangled sheets. I grabbed Shannon’s arm and pulled her to her feet. Her breasts, larger than mine, swayed as she stood up, her dusky, little nipples hard as pebbles.

“Now?” Shannon asked in trepidation.

I grinned. “Yeah, Mark and I have a busy day, so we need to do this now or who knows when we can get together.”

I wasn’t sure which guy was shacking up with which slut. Or even in which of our three guest bedrooms we would find them. I opened the first door and blinked in shock. Their was dad, sleeping naked against Fiona. Did he choose the red-head because she looked similar to me and my sisters, or because Fiona’s eyes had the same deep blue as our mother. Dad still hadn’t gotten over that whore even though its been thirteen years since mom abandoned us.

The next bedroom we found Damien, Missy’s teenage boyfriend, pressed up against Desiree. Mark had mentioned last night that Desiree was teaching him how to pleasure a woman. The covers were pulled down and his butt was exposed and it was pretty cute. Missy at least found herself a guy with a cute body even if he had a ridiculous haircut.

Well, third time was the charm, and there was George, snoring on his back with Thamina’s dusky body draped over him. Thamina was our Middle Eastern nurse slut we found at Good Sam Hospital on Monday. After Mark got hit in the back of the head by Korina I insisted he go to the hospital and Thamina was his nurse and we had a lot of fun with her. Giggling, we snuck into the room. I smacked Thamina’s ass to wake her up and pointed to the hallway.

“Yes, Mistress,” Thamina sleepily murmured and stumbled out of the room.

George was stirring as we slipped into bed with him on either side. I rubbed up against his body, he was lean and muscular. He obviously spent as much time at the gym as Shannon did. I needed to hit the gym myself. My ass was a little plump. It was okay as far as asses went, but I could stand to lose a few pounds and get it a little tighter.

“Morning, George,” Shannon whispered, then kissed her boyfriend on the lips. I pressed up against his other side and started kissing at his neck, rubbing my breasts against his side.

“Hey, George,” I whispered when he broke the kiss. George went to kiss me and I stopped him. “Mark’s the only man I kiss on the lips.”

“Oh, yeah, sure,” George said. “Are we going to…”

I nodded. “Yep, every man’s dream. You get to fuck sisters.”

“I thought it was twin sisters,” George said and then gasped as Shannon pinch his side.

“Hey, you’re lucky that you’re getting any sisters,” Shannon said. “Keep it up and you’ll just have to watch us together while you sit in the corner all alone.”

“Oh, I am so sorry,” George said in mock apology. “Please, I am honored to have such beautiful sisters pleasure me.”

“You should be,” I told him, rubbing my breasts against his side.

George started playing with my breasts, gently kneading my tit, his fingers brushing my nipple, then he rub my hard nub under his palm. My pussy was starting to moisten as tingles of pleasure spread through my body. I slid up, on my side, and fed my tits to his eager lips. Shannon was kissing her way down his chest and flat stomach. She found his cock, it was about the same size as Marks, maybe not quite as wide. Shannon sucked his cock into her hungry lips and started sucking on the head while her hand jacked off the shaft.

“I got to taste your pussy,” George gasped. “I love how a woman tastes!”

I hadn’t washed out my cunt and I had a load of Mark’s sperm inside me. After watching Vivian and Cynthia’s hot stream last night, Mark had fucked me good and hard while Missy and Shannon ate each other out and then we all collapsed and went to bed. A naughty thrill went through me at the thought of man eating cum out of my cunt so I flipped around and straddled his face and watched Shannon blowing him. Her fiery red hair spread out across his belly, hiding most of the action.

I shuddered in pleasure as George’s tongue licked though my cunt. “Your pussy has a very…salty flavor to it,” George said, delicately.

I giggled wickedly. Shannon looked up and eyes widened. “Mark’s cum is in her.”

“What,” George protested and I sat my full weight on him, smothering him with my cunt.

“Wow, honey, that’s hot, lick her cunt,” Shannon moaned. “I’ve always fantasized about a guy licking cum out of my cunt!”

George could not answer, my pussy was smothering his face. Shannon sucked his cock into her mouth, bobbing up and down. And then I felt his tongue, almost hesitantly, licking at my cunt. Then he seemed to be getting into is.

Shannon released his cock, licking around the head. “Oh, honey, I need your cock inside me,” she moaned, and mounted her boyfriend, placing the tip of his cock just inside her pussy. “When you cum in me, can you lick me clean? I’ll let you fuck my ass!”

I lifted up and George groaned, “Yeah,” as Shannon sank his cock down on her pussy.

I leaned in and started kissing Shannon passionately as we rode her boyfriend. His tongue dug into my cunt, sucking on my pussy lips, and flicking his tongue on my clit. Shannon’s was sucking on my lower lip as she slowly rode her boyfriend. I reached out and cupped one of Shannon’s tits, squeezing her melon and feeling it jiggle as she rode George’s cock.

George was a pretty good cunt eater and his mouth was building the fires of my lust. I could feel Shannon’s passion growing as her kisses became more and more aggressive. She was fucking her boyfriend harder, rising up and down faster. I placed a hand on her waist, feeling how she twisted her hips on the down stroke.

Shannon broke the kiss, and moaned, “Oh George, you’re cock feels so great in my cunt!” She leaned back and started bouncing faster and faster and I watched her breasts rise up and down, bouncing erotically about. Her fiery red hair tossed about her head, like a flaming nimbus. There was a faint, silvery outline about her, just noticeable. If I concentrated, a silver aura would surround her. Last night I cast a spell that would let me see a nun. Apparently, it did more than just that.

I noticed Thamina watching from the doorway, her fingers playing with her pussy. There was a faint, black outline about her. Why was her’s black? George’s tongue on my clit drove that thought out of my mind. His tongue was circling my clit, then flicking it. It felt so wicked and I shut my eyes and enjoyed the pleasure.

“I’m cumming!” gasped Shannon. “Oh, George, I’m cumming. You stud. Hmm, I love your cock. I love you, George!”

I opened my eyes and watched as Shannon slowed her fucking, sweat running down her flushed body. Behind Shannon, I saw Mark, naked, watching us fucking. There was a faint, red outline surrounding Mark. Why red? Was it because I loved him? He grinned at me and blew me a kiss. I smiled happily back at him. He was the best guy. He loved me enough not to be jealous when he sees me with another guy. Just like I love him enough to trust him when he’s with other women.

Shannon leaned in and kissed me, her hands playing with my nipples, rolling my hard nubs between her fingers. And then my orgasm overcame me and I shuddered atop George, gasping into Shannon’s hungry mouth. I rolled off of George, panting happily. I glanced at the doorway and saw that Mark wasn’t there any longer. I wonder what he was up to?

“Your pussy feels amazing, sweetypie,” George moaned. “Go a little faster, I’m so close!”

I stroked Shannon’s thigh, feeling the muscles ripple as she started riding a little faster. George was groaning in pleasure. Shannon leaned over and started kissing George and licking my juices off his face. She was rocking on his body. I sat up on my arm and watched in fascination as George’s cock fucking into her cunt and I reached out and fondled his balls.

“Oh, shit, shit!” George cursed and then I felt him cum, shooting his sperm into my sister’s cunt. “Damn, that was good.”

Shannon giggled. “It was.” And then she pulled off his cock, her cunt dripping a frothy mix of cunt-juices and white cum. “Ready to clean my pussy, honey?”

“And then I get to fuck your ass?”

“Yeah, honey.”

As Shannon straddled his face, lowering her sloppy pussy to his lips, I captured his cock with my lips. His cock was drenched in Shannon’s tangy, sweet juices. His cock was limp, but I could feel some life stirring in the shaft, and sucked harder.


I had a good jog today with my Naked Jogging Club. We added a new member, a coffee-skinned Black woman named Venise that was jogging with her husband, a huge guy named Ernard. Venise was eager to join the club, and once I explained it to Ernard, he was happy enough to continue jogging on his own. Venise was a wild fuck and made a great addition to the club. It was worth selling my soul to make people do what I want.

When I got back, I found Thamina standing in the doorway of one of the guest bedrooms masturbating furiously while she watched the fucking going on inside. I peered in to see Mary and her sister Shannon, fucking George. Mary was sitting on his face and Shannon was riding his cock. I blew Mary a kiss

“Thamina, there’s a list of things I need you to go buy,” I told our Arabic slut. “Down on the table. Grab a couple thousand from the basement and another slut from next door. Take your SUV and get everything on the list and meet us at sparks stadium by 11:30, okay.”

“Yes, Master,” she said, pulling her hands regretfully from cunt.

I was about to go in and join Mary and the others, when I saw Missy coming out of our bedroom, naked. Her hair was wet and her body glistened, lithe with youth. She had small breasts, just budding and slim hips. It looked like she just got out of the shower. Missy jumped when she saw me, and tried to cover her naked body with her hands and flushed crimson, around her fingers, fiery red pubic hair peaked out.

“A little late for that, Missy,” I said. “I’ve already fucked you.”

Her blush deepened. “Sorry, I was going to go and…and…” she worked her jaw, struggling to find the word. “…and surprise Damien.”

“Fuck Damien, you mean?”

“Yes,” she blushed.

I held out my hand. “Come on, let’s find him. I want to watch.”

“Kay,” she muttered.

We found Damien sleeping half on top of Desiree, his white skin contrasting against Desiree’s nut brown. I walked in and shook Desiree awake. Desiree blinked sleepily at me and let me pull her away. Damien snored right on threw, rolling onto his back when Desiree slipped out from beneath him. The kid was a heavy sleeper. Missy slipped into bed with her boyfriend and gently shook him. I pushed Desiree down to the floor and she sucked my cock into her mouth like a good little slut.

Damien woke up, muttering, “Desiree?”

He winced as Missy punched his arm. “No, it’s your girlfriend, dick!”

“Shit, Missy! I can explain!”

Missy placed a finger on his arm. “It’s alright. It’s not cheating with family. And Mark and his…maids are close enough to family.”

“Did you really fuck your sisters last night?” Damien eagerly asked.

“Yes,” Missy said. “Christ, you’re hard already.”

“Well, you’re just so sexy,” Damien said and kissed her on the lips. “And sisters together is just so fucking hot, Missy!”

“Well, if you please me, maybe you can watch us,” Missy said. “And if you do an amazing job, maybe you can join.

Missy let Damien force her down onto her back as he kissed her. His hands gently started playing with budding breasts and large nipples. Missy had the biggest nipples of the three sisters, but the smallest breasts. Damien started kissing her neck and throat and Missy was sighing and making a mewing noise.

Damien started kissing lower and Missy gasped as his mouth sucked one of her nipples into his mouth. “I see Desiree taught you well,” Missy smiled.

“I was an eager student,” Damien grinned and Missy giggled.

Desiree’s mouth felt wonderful as I watched the teenage lovers. She was swirling her tongue around the sensitive head while she cupped my balls, gently playing with them in my sack. Her tongue licked the tip of my cock, playing with the slit, then slurping the cock into her mouth and sucking hard. She bobbed her head, changing the angle so sometimes my cock brushed her throat and other time it rubbed against the inside on her cheek.

Missy purred in pleasure when Damien started kissing her pussy. He put all of Desiree’s lessons to the test and Missy was moaning her appreciation. Her lithe body writhed on the bed, hands gripping the bedsheets as the pleasure bounced through her body. Her head was thrown back and she gasped and panted when Damien slipped a finger up her cunt.

“Oh Damien! I love you!” she moaned. “Please, keep eating me out, you’re going to make me cum! Ohh, it’s so wonderful! I love you, love you, love YOU!” Her body shook and quaked as her orgasm exploded in her teenage womb.

“You tasted great,” Damien said. “Sorry, I never ate you out before.”

“You’re forgiven,” Missy said with a big ol’ smile on her face and pulled Damien up her to kiss him passionately on the mouth. “Roll on your back,” Missy told her boyfriend when she broke the kiss. “I want to show you what Mark taught me.”

Damien groaned in pleasure as Missy sank onto his hard cock and started to ride him just like I taught her last night. She was wiggling her hips, leaning forward and backwards, changing where his cock brushed against her cunt. She found a position that she liked and eagerly started riding him hard. Damien gripped her hips, groaning in pleasures.

“Holy shit, Missy!” he moaned. “That’s so amazing! Wow! Keep doing that!”

“Does it feel great when I do this?” she asked and did a twist with her hip and Damien gasped a yes. “Do you love me, Damien?”

“Yes, yes, I do?” Damien gasped. The girl had a lot to learn. Any guy would tell her he loved her when she was fucking him like that. “Oh, babe, I’m going to cum!”

I flooded Desiree’s sweet mouth as I watched Missy’s ass wiggled back and forth as she rode Damien. Her ass was so cute and slim and I just had to fuck her ass. Last night I had Shannon’s ass. I’ve had Mary’s ass many times. I just needed one more Sullivan girl’s ass.

Missy breath started to quicken. “Cum, cum, cum!” Missy chanted. “Umm, cum with me, Damien! Please, cum with me, my love!”

“I can’t wait any longer,” Damien panted. “Here it comes!”

“Yes, yes!” Missy moaned,cumming as well, writhing atop her lover. “Flood my pussy with your cum! Yes, yes! That feels so amazing!”

I pulled Desiree to her feet and whispered in her ear, “Eat out Missy’s ass, get her ready for my cock.”

“Ohh, yes, Master,” Desiree purred and walked to the bed.

“Missy, Desiree’s going to show you something while I have a little man to man talk with Damien,” I said. “So come over here.”

Damien got out of bed, and blushed, covering his junk with his hands as he walked over to me. He stopped a good foot and half away. On the bed, Desiree was slipping a pillow underneath Missy’s stomach and then spread her pale, slim ass and Missy gasped as Desiree started tonguing her ass. Desiree was kneeling, her shaved cunt on display between her brown thighs. Desiree was wet, fluids running down her leg.

“Damien, do you love Missy?” I asked him.

“Yeah,” he said, nodding, “I thinks so.”

“Damien, you’re going to love her forever with all your heart,” I told him. Last night I promised my future sister-in-law that Damien would be hers forever. “It’s a partnership, remember that.”

“Yay, okay,” Damien nodded and ran his hand through his weird haircut. It was long on top, and shaved on the sides.

On the bed, Desiree was slipping a finger into Missy’s ass. “How good is she at blowjobs?”

“She’s alright,” Damien shrugged. “I mean, there was this one girl that gave good head, but she wouldn’t let me fuck her.”

“We’ll change that,” I said. It turned awkward as we stood there, watching Desiree eat out Missy’s ass. When Desiree got a second finger in her tight ass I told her to stop and had Damien get before her.

“Start by licking the cock,” I told Missy. “Use your tongue and pay attention to the head. It’s the most sensitive part. And stroke his cock with your hands, or cup his balls.”

Missy was following my instructions, licking the head of Damien’s small cock like an ice cream cone while she stroked his shaft with her right hand. She swirled her tongue around the head, then licked up the pre-cum that was leaking from the head of his cock.

“When you suck into your mouth, watch your teeth,” I said as I knelt behind her. She sucked the cock into her mouth and Damien moaned in appreciation. “Now, it’s important you don’t bite down on his cock when I shove my dick up your ass!”

I placed the head of my cock at the puckered entrance of her virgin ass. I pushed slowly forward, feeling the tight ring give away before my cock and then I slipped in and Missy jumped in pain but managed not to bite Damien’s cock. I kept pushing forward, sliding into her tight hole. It felt so amazing on my cock. When my balls rested on her taint, I drew back, just as slow, savoring the pleasure.

“Now, Missy,” I said. “Start bobbing your head as you suck. And don’t be afraid to move the cock around in your mouth. Let him brush up against different parts of your mouth. Like when you were riding him cowgirl style. It’ll feel better for him.”

Her head started bobbing as I started slowly fucking her ass faster and faster as she relaxed and stretched to accommodate me. Damien stroked her head and closed his eyes, moaning as his girlfriend sucked his cock fiercely.

“Shit this is hot,” he moaned. “God, I’m double teaming my own girlfriend!”

“You ever double teamed a girl before?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he moaned, “at a party. A buddy of mine was fooling around with his girlfriend on the couch next to me and then…I was fooling around with them.”

“You never know, Missy might be up for it,” I told him.

“God, that’d be hot,” Damien muttered. “Umm, she’s sucking harder. You like that idea, babe?”

“Yeah,” Missy gasped, and then popped his cock back in her mouth.

“Wow, babe, this feels amazing!”

“You should try her ass,” I told Damien.

“Oh, fuck yeah I am,” Damien groaned. “Here it cums, babe! Swallow my cum! Don’t spit it out like you always do! It’s so much hotter when a girl swallows!”

Missy swallowed his cum and licked her lips proudly. “That was nice,” Missy moaned, and started fucking her ass back to me. “Hmm, I can’t wait to try your dick up my ass, Damien. Mark’s dick feels amazing!”

“Let me just rest, babe,” Damien sighed.

I didn’t last much longer, Missy’s ass was a vice that squeezed the cum out of my cock real quick, flooding her slutty ass with my cream. I pulled out and Desiree was a good little slut and cleaned my cock real nice.

“You kids have fun,” I said. “Mary and I have some things to do.” It was already approaching ten. We had to be down at Sparks Stadium to start getting ready for our bodyguard tryouts. Earlier this week, I had met with all the police organizations in Pierce County and ordered them to send up to three beautiful cops from their organization to be potential recruits for our bodyguards.

I left the teens making out, madly, and went to find Mary. She was still in bed with George and Shannon. Shannon was in the middle of the bed with George on one side and Mary on the other side. Shannon was lying on her stomach, her taut ass leaking cum. George and her were kissing while Mary looked like she was dozing.

I cleared my throat and Mary looked up and smiled, crawled out of bed and waked over to me and kissed me on the lips. “Have fun?” I asked her.

“It was alright,” she said. “My sister hogged his cock, though.”

Shannon broke the kiss with George and grinned insufferably at Mary. “He’s my boyfriend.”

“I let Mark fuck you,” Mary retorted.

“My poor George is worn out,” Shannon said, stroking George’s arm. “He’s not the machine Mark is. What did you do, pop a Viagra last night?”

“Yeah,” I lied. It’s one way to explain how I have such unnatural stamina. People didn’t need to know I sold my soul to the Devil.

“Anyway, Mary and I have things to do today,” I said. “So, please, let yourselves out.”

Mary and I made love in the shower and then cleaned ourselves off. I put on a pair of khaki shorts and a green t-shirt and Mary put on a short, white tennis skirt and a pink halter-top. She tied her hair back in a ponytail with a pink scrunchy. We were going to be outside for a few hours, so Mary insisted on wearing sunscreen and slathered the smelly stuff all over me and I enjoyed rubbing it all over her.

Mary’s family were all gathered in the living room to say their final goodbyes. I shook Sean’s hand and George’s hand. Then Shannon and Missy gave me hugs and kisses. Damien just shrugged and wrapped his arm around Missy. The pair clung to each other, sharing quick kisses.

After her family was gone, we rounded up all the sluts, except Korina, who was still recovering from being shot. All of sluts, save Chasity and Noel, were dressed in a variety of casual clothing, shorts, skirts, flowery tops, and flip-flops. Chasity and Noel were dressed in their slutty cop outfits. Thamina and Violet were already gone, out buying the items on the list I gave Thamina, so the rest of the sluts piled into our various vehicles and we drove down to Sparks Stadium, next to Puyallup High School in downtown Puyallup.

Thamina and Violet were already there, unloading Thamina’s white Ford Escape. The sluts started getting things set up. A folding table, chairs and a small pavilion were quickly set up. Lillian set out the forms for the recruits to fill out. It contained important information such as their name, which police department they represented, their measurements, their relationship status (with phone numbers in case I had any marriages to break up), and any children or other dependents.

Desiree was setting up the grill. She had an apron on that said, “Barbeque Bitch.” She was going to be grilling up hotdogs and hamburgers for lunch. Allison was assisting her. The two women were close and I wondered when Desiree was going to propose to her. She had already bought the engagement ring, a cute ring engraved with mermaids. The mermaid arms were the mounting for the diamond.

Cops were already starting to arrive. As instructed, they arrived in uniform with their patrol cars and all their tactical gear. I was getting excited. Soon I would have a loyal cadre of beautiful cops protecting us. We had bought every sexy cop outfit in Pierce County so we would be ready to outfit our new recruits.

By noon, thirty-four female cops had assembled, standing at attention in the grassy field of Sparks Stadium. All were dressed in their uniforms, a mix of blues and browns, representing all the Law Enforcement Agencies of Pierce County. They ranged from as young as nineteen fresh out of the academy to their late twenties. Most were White, but there was a smattering of Black, Latina, and Asians in the group.

I stepped up onto the small step-stool Thamina brought and faced my recruits. “I am Mark Glassner. Besides me stands Mary Sullivan. Whatever we do is legal! Do whatever we tell your or someone who says, ‘I serve Mark Glassner!’ Do you understand!”

“Sir, yes, sir!” the woman yelled back.

“Good!” I nodded. “Today, you are trying out to be our bodyguards. Your captains and chiefs know why you are here today! I want all of you to do your best. You all want nothing more than to please Mary and I!”

“Sir, yes, sir!” It was intoxicating, all these women obeying me, ready to do whatever filthy thing I wished. My cock stirred in my shorts.

“Good, strip naked, and apply sunscreen to your bodies,” I ordered. “Help each other out! Then line up at the table. You will be assigned a number. You will be referred to by that number during the assessment!”

“Sir, yes, sir!”

The cops started disrobing, folding their clothes up neatly and then they were handed bottles of sunscreen. The sluts, Mary, and I started helping out. None of us could resist rubbing sunscreen on the naked bodies of all these beautiful woman. I walked up to a small breasted, Korean cop and took the bottle from her hand.

“Let me do that,” I told her and she nodded, smiling happily at me.

I squirted the cold, greasy sunscreen into my hand and started rubbing it into her body. I started on the face and she closed her eyes. She had fine features, beautiful features like a porcelain doll. I moved down to her neck and shoulders, her silky arms and then her chest. Her breasts were small, topped with large, dark nipples. I rubbed the sunscreen into her breasts, enjoying the firm feel of her cones. A moan escaped her lips and her eyes were wide with lust.

I moved down, rubbing sunscreen into her flat stomach and boyish hips. I knelt down, eye-level with her black bush that hid her pussy. I rubbed the sunscreen into her toned legs. Starting at the bottom and rubbing up her shapely calves and beautiful thighs. When I reached the top of her leg, I brushed through her silky pussy hair and she gasped as I grazed her wet clit. Then I worked my way up her other leg. Juices were matting her bush and I could smell her tart aroma.

I turned her around, rubbing the sunscreen into her back. My cock was hard and I just decided to pull it out of my shorts. I rubbed lower and found a tribal tramp stamp with a heart worked into the spiky design. I rubbed her firm ass, kneading her cheeks. I spread her open, and saw her brown, wrinkled asshole and shove a finger up inside her.

“Oh, sir, that’s so nasty,” she purred.

“Your turn,” I said, pulling off my shirt.

The sunscreen was cold on her hands, but she skillfully rubbed my chest and stomach, down to my groin. She rubbed it on my legs while my hard cock brushed her face. She playfully licked at my cock as she rubbed my thighs. Then she put some more suncream on her hands and sucked my cock into her mouth. I moaned in pleasure as her hands reached behind me and started rubbing sunscreen onto my ass as she bobbed her head on my mouth.

Nearby, Mary’s halter-top was off and a big-breasted black-haired girl was rubbing sunscreen on her freckled tits while a Black cop was eating out her cunt. The Korean cop released my cock, standing up to put sunscreen on my back.

“Get on your knees,” I barked when she finished.

“Yes, sir!” she saluted.

Her slim ass wiggled as she knelt on the grass before me. I got behind her, spread her ass and plunged into her butthole. “Ohh, does my ass feel good on your cock, sir!” she asked.

Her ass felt like heaven, tight and velvety. “Yeah, slut!” I panted, my balls smacked on her taint as I bottomed out her hot ass.

I watched Mary getting eaten out by the Black cop as I pounded Korean cop’s ass. The big-breasted girl was now sucking on Mary’s freckled tits, her tongue swirling about Mary’s hard, dusky nipples. The other cops were finishing up putting on the sunscreen and were lining up at the table. Lillian, our goth slut, manned the table with teenage Violet’s assistance. Violet was drawing a number on each cop’s right breast and then the same number on their right asscheek with a big, black permanent marker, while Lillian handed out the paperwork.

“Fuck you got a tight ass!” I moaned, feeling my balls tighten. “Here it cums, slut!” Three blasts of cum shot into her bowels and I pulled out and slapped her ass. “Go line up!”

“Sir, yes, sir!” she exclaimed, jumping to her feet and jogging to join the line.

Mary was breathing heavily, recovering from her orgasm, as her two sluts running off to be the last two people in line. “Have a nice cum?” I asked.

“Any cum’s a good one, I guess,” she shrugged. “But that black chick is not a good cunt eater. I liked the other girls tits, though.”

As recruits filled out their paperwork, people started getting food from Desiree’s grill. I grabbed a burger and Mary was chowing down on a hot dog. She definitely liked her meat, I thought with a smirk. I topped the burger with some onions and ketchup and chowed down, sitting next to Mary.

“We got some good looking sluts to choose from,” I told her.

“Mark, when we’re done, here, I want you to give Jessica an interview,” Mary said. “She’s talked to her producer about doing a piece on our charity.” The charity to was Mary’s idea. We recruited Willow, an OB/GYN, as a sex slave, and Mary thought of using her to setup a free OB/GYN clinic. She wanted to host fundraisers and get influential people under my control. And screen for women to work for us. Mary had the idea to open a brothel. Jessica was our reporter slut, we used her to plants stories in the media and keep us appraised of anything going on.

“Okay,” I said. “If there’s time before our date.” I was taking Mary out to dinner and a movie tonight. We probably would go to a club afterwards, do some dancing if she wanted to. I looked over at her and smiled at a glob of mustard at the corner of her mouth. I bent over and licked her mouth.

“Mustard,” I said when she looked quizzically at me.

After everyone had filled at their forms and eaten, Lillian handed me a list. She had divided the cops into groups of three, with one group of four. The female cops, naked, were all standing at attention. I climbed up onto the step stool to address them once again, my cock half hard. The sun felt great on my skin and I was enjoying the freedom of being naked in public. Mary was standing next to me, topless, but still had on her tennis skirt.

“Recruits, you will be divided into small groups for evaluations. Do whatever your evaluating slut tells you to do. Mary and I shall wander about, doing our own evaluations. So remember, we may be watching at any time!”

“Sir, yes, sir!”

Chasity stepped up first, she was dressed in her uniform, a slutty cops outfit with a short skirt, a blue blouse that only buttoned up halfway and left much of her breasts exposed, and a pair of thigh high, black, healed boots. Chasity was a Puyallup Police Officer and would be in command of the bodyguards. “Recruits 01 through 04! Get your whorish asses over here!”

Four white women, two red-heads, a brunette, and a honey-blonde cop raced over to Chasity. Chasity had them stand spread legged with their arms behind their heads and their breasts thrust out and began examining their bodies. She would heft breasts, tweak nipples, and stroke cunts, then write notes down on her clipboard.

“Very nice tits,” she told number 01, hefting the red-head’s round melon. Chasity bent over and sucked the dark nipple into her mouth and 01 moaned softly. “Very, very nice.” Chasity made some notes on her clipboard.

Noel stepped up next. She was also wearing a slutty cop’s outfit identical to Chasity’s. Noel was a Special Agent in the FBI and our informant. “Recruits 05 through 07, follow me!” Two White cops and a dusky skinned, Middle-Eastern cop, followed Noel.

Once all the recruits were assigned their evaluators, Mary and I started moving about. The sluts were given their instructions. First, they were to inspect the recruits bodies, making notes of any imperfections they found. Next, each recruit was to eat their inspector’s cunt. Chasity already had 01, a fiery-red head, kneeling before her, eating her cunt, while the other three recruits stood in the inspect position.

I walked over to Fiona’s group where a Black cop with skin the color of coffee caught my eye. She was small breasted and had pouty lips made to suck cock. Fiona was inspecting 24, a Middle Eastern cop, when I walked up to the black cop, number 25.

“25!” I barked. “Drop down and suck my cock!”

“Sir, yes, sir!” she shouted enthusiastically, dropping down and devouring my cock.

25 was a great cocksucker, her tongue swirling about the head of my cock while her hands cupped my balls, playing with my nuts. She started bobbing her head. I grabbed her thick, wooly black hair and started fucking her mouth. 25 felt great, and I shoved her mouth down my cock, brushing the back of her throat. She relaxed and deep-throated me, her lips kissing the root of my shaft. It wasn’t long before I was about to cum, so I pulled out and jerked off on her tits.

“24!” I barked at the Middle Eastern cop. “Lick that cum up!”

24 was quite eager to lick up my white cum of the Black girl’s tits and I marked both girls on my clipboard. Fiona was evaluating 23’s cunnilingus skills. 23 was a sandy blonde White cop that was devouring Fiona like a champion. Fiona was writhing on her face, her strawberry-blonde hair tossing back as her head shook in pleasure.

Mary was fingering a red-head in Karen’s group while Karen had a brunette cop going down on her. Karen was a former Nun, one who had caused so much problems on Monday. She was responsible for Korina getting shot and Desiree almost dying. When the demoness Lilith broke her powers, I punished Karen and degraded her until she voluntarily asked to be my sex slave to end the torment. Now, she was a proper slut. Karen didn’t seem as into the cunt eating as Fiona had, maybe the brunette cop wasn’t that good at giving head. Well that was the point of the evaluations, to find the best cops.

I headed over to Violet’s group next. Violet was getting her cunt eaten out by an Asian cop and was lost to the pleasure of her tongue. They only Latina cop, number 29, was in her group and she had some nice sized tits. I had her kneel down and plunged into her cunt. 29 had a velvety cunt, but she just knelt there while I fucked her, not making a sound or moving her hips. I finished in her cunt and 29 was called over to be evaluated by lithe Violet, flushed from her last orgasm.

I enjoyed two more recruits, bleached-blonde 16 and honey-blonde 04. I fucked both their cunts and both were more spirited fucks then 29 had been and I filled their cunts with my cum. Mary had her fun, too. Once I saw her with a dirty blonde eating her cunt and an olive-skinned cop eating her ass, moaning loudly in pleasure of two sluts at eating out her holes.

After all the recruits had eaten their evaluators cunt, we started the aggressiveness test. Each recruit would wrestle each other, the goal was not to pin her opponent, but to molest them. To win, the recruit either had to make her opponent cum, or force her opponent to make herself cum. While we were evaluating the recruits, Lillian had been making up a single elimination tournament bracket. Because there was thirty-four recruits, four recruits had to wrestle in a qualifying rounds.

The matches would be held together, otherwise we would be here all day. Mary and I would be the judges for the qualifying round. I chose to judge 14, an auburn-haired cop with small, conical breasts. She was fighting 22, a black-haired cop with a nice set of melons topped with large, pink nipples. The cops got down into the starting position, 22 in the bottom position with 14 on top, her breast pressing against 22’s back.

“Fight!” I barked and they instantly started grappling.

14 got her fingers up 22’s shaved cunt, fingering her rapidly while 22 struggled beneath her. 22 used her legs to provide torque, jerking out of 14’s grasp. 14’s fingers came out wet from her cunt and 22 was on her, wrestling 14 onto her back. 22 slid her hand down to 14’s fiery bush, pinching her clit while she captured 14’s nipple in her mouth, sucking and nibbling.

14 writhed in 22’s hold, struggling to break it. She somehow hooked her right leg over the arm that was fingering her cunt and used her leg to force the arm away and break the hold. She slithered free and got on 22’s back, forcing 22’s face into the grass as her finger found 22’s asshole and she shoved two fingers up her butt while cooing in 22’s ear.

“Cum for me,” 14 cooed. “You know you want to, you fucking slut! Just come for me and you can get up and go home like that fucking loser cunt you are.”

14’s taunts fired 22 up and she struggled harder and then squirmed out from under 14’s pin. 14 was flipped onto her back, the wind knocked out of her and 22 pushed her advantage, straddling her face and pinning her arms all at the same time. 22 rubbed her wet pussy on 14’s face.

“Suck my slutty cunt, whore!” 22 moaned, rubbing pussy cream all over her face. “Mmmhh, that’s it you nasty whore. Lick my slit. Who’s the fucking loser cunt, now, bitch!”

14 was kicking hard, struggling to get out from underneath 22 as she sat on her face. 22 was moaning, pinching her nipples on her big tits. My cock was rock hard and it was pretty clear that 14 had lost, so I knelt down, lifted up her hips and just fucked my cock into her wet pussy. 14’s tits jiggled as I fucked her and I could see her tongue licking through 22’s cunt.

“Ohh, fuck that’s nasty slut,” 22 moaned. “Hmm, her tongue is digging through my dirty snatch!”

22’s breasts swayed before me and I bent down and captured a pink nipple into my mouth, enjoying the feel of her hard nub on my lips, playing with it on my tongue. 22’s arms wrapped around my head, cradling me to her breast. Her hands stroked my cheek as she moaned in pleasure.

“Yes, yes,” 22 moaned. “Oh god, this is so amazing, eat my snatch you nasty dyke!”

14’s cunt started spasming on my dick as the dirty slut came on my cock. I fucked her cunt harder and harder, balls tightening as her cunt was bringing me close and closer to cumming. I slammed into her, my cock brushing against her cervix, and spilled my seed into her womb. I wondered as I came in her if she was on the pill.

I pulled out of her cunt, my cum running out into her fiery bush. “22, you’ve won. As a reward, you can drink my cum out of her cunt!”

“Oh, thank you, sir!” 22 moaned, and started sixty-nining with 14, cleaning her cunt up with an eager tongue.

At the other match, 31 was pinned beneath 09, getting her cunt furiously fingered. 09 had fiery red hair and and her bushy cunt was matted with her juices as she fingered the raven-haired 31. The recruits not wrestling were pleasuring the sluts. Teenage Violet was sixty-nining with Asian 30. Karen, the former nun, had 04, a big-titted, honey-blonde cop, tonguing her ass. Petite Xiu, an Asian waitress from Seattle, with her big tits, had 18, a Black cop, and 20, a dirty-blonde, sucking at both of her tits and fingering her cunt. Caramel-skinned Jessica had blonde 16 lapping away at her twat.

Mary, who was supposed to be judging the other match, had red-headed recruit number 01 kneeling before her and eating her pussy with gusto while 18, a Black cop, was passionately kissing Mary. 18 had chocolate skin and a plump, Black booty that looked so enticing. I walked behind her, spread her cheeks and plunged my cock up her ass.

“Da fuck!” 18 moaned, breaking her kiss with Mary and then grunted with pain.

Mary pinched her nipple. “A recruit doesn’t complain when Mark fucks her ass! A recruit should be honored that Mark would choose her fat ass over other women!”

“Sorry, mam,” moaned 18. “Thank you for fucking my ass, sir!”

“You’re welcome, slut,” I panted. “You’re ass feels great!”

Mary kissed me over 18’s shoulder, her lips soft and I nibbled on her lower lip. I enjoyed the recruits Black ass as I made out with my fiancee. Every time I plunged into 18, her body pressed up against Mary’s. Mary slipped her tongue into my mouth, exploring my mouth before she broke the kiss and sighed in pleasure, rubbing against 18.

“Is 01 doing a good job licking your pussy?” I asked.

Mary smiled and moaned, “Yes! Umm, the bitch is making me cum!” I watched the pleasure tremble through Mary’s face as she came on 01’s face. “Hmm, I think 01 might be a keeper.”

“Oh, thank you, mam!” 01 cooed, her face sticky with girl-cum.

I fucked 18’s ass harder, her booty jiggling with every stroke. It was almost hypnotic, watching her booty shake. Fuck this was nice. I was going to cum soon and I frantically fucked her ass. “Here it cums, fucking slut!” I moaned as I shot a load of spunk into her

I pulled out and Mary, ever the doting fiancee, grabbed 01’s red hair and forced her to start cleaning my cock, the red-head’s tongue licked skillfully on my cock. While I had been fucking 18’s ass, 09 had fingered 31 to an orgasm and won her match. 09 was licking her fingers clean of 31’s cunt juices, looking quite pleased with herself as 31 panted on the ground, flushed with shame.

With the qualifying matches over, it was time to start the first round. Chasity, Noel, Karen, Xiu, Fiona, Allison, Jessica, and Willow would be judging the first eight matches of round one. Lillian assigned the matches and Mary and I would be walking about, evaluating. Everywhere, naked cops were wrestling, trying to molest each other. The air was filled with grunts and moans and shrieks.

I was pleased to see 22 was dominating 06, one of the Middle Eastern cop. 22 had her pinned and had three fingers up 06’s shaved cunt. Black 26 was making blonde 13 eat her ass out. Sandy-blonde 23 made strawberry-blonde 27 cum as she furiously fingered her cunt and rubbed her clit. To reward 23’s win, I fucked her shaved cunt doggy style and left a nice load in her cunt.

When I finished fucking 23, the other fights had ended. 22 had won her match, I was happy to see. She was an aggressive girl and I was starting to root for her. The second group of eight squared off and started wrestling. Violet, who wasn’t judging, was making 26 eat her ass out. I had corrupted sweet Violet, turned her into a such a slut, and enjoyed watching her make the black cop tongue her ass.

I had 13 tongue my ass. Watching the slut being forced to eat 26’s ass was so hot, I had to feel that tongue on my own asshole. And she didn’t disappoint. 13 was a natural ass-licker. I saw auburn-haired 02, who just lost to 29, and had her kneel down and suck my cock. I watched Violet getting her ass eaten out and enjoyed my two sluts. 13’s tongue felt amazing on my ass as 02 sucked my cock sloppily. Violet was shuddering in orgasm on the black cop’s face and I shot my load into 02’s mouth as 13’s tongue probed my ass.

I enjoyed watching brunette 11 furiously fingering honey-blonde 04. The honey-blonde cop looked like she was about to cum when she somehow broke the pin and flipped about and pushed her pussy into the brunette’s face and moaned as she smeared her cunt all over 11’s face. Blonde 16 was tribbing 10, pinning the brunette beneath her. 08 fingered 19 to an orgasm and Korean 32 forced brunette 12 to lick her cunt until she creamed all over 12’s face.

In the second round, I watched 22 dominated 24, the other Middle Eastern cop, forcing 24 to suck on her big tits while she rubbed her cunt on 24’s dusky stomach. Black 25 was making red-head 01 finger her cunt. While I watched honey-blonde 04 getting her ass fingered by blonde 16, I had brunette 10 sucking on my cock with her greedy lips.

During the quarter finals, I fucked Black 07 in the ass while I watched 22 in the fight of her life against raven-haired 34. Every time one of them would gain the advantage, the other would slip out of the pin. At one time, it seemed like 22 was going to be forced to make 34 cum, as 34 shoved her black furred muff into 22’s face. 34’s D Cup breasts heaved as she writhed under 22. But then, 22 got her hand free and grasped 34’s nipple and pinched it and pulled 34 off her face and pinned her to the ground. 22 snaked a hand down to 34’s cunt and pinched her clit until the Black cop came while I creamed 07’s Black booty.

During the semifinals, red-head 09 jerked my cock, her nice melons brushing against my arm, as I watched coffee-skinned 25 rolling about with Korean 32. 32 was lithe, and kept wiggling out of 25’s pins. I came on the two wrestling women. Some cum splashed on 25’s small breasts and the Black cop grabbed 32 and forced her to lick up my cum while 25 rubbed her cunt on 32’s thigh, orgasming and winning the match.

The finals came down to black-hair 22, with her nice melons, and Black 25, with her A Cups. Everyone was gathered around the final match, cheering their favorite. It was a fierce fight, nipples were twisted, cunts were fingered, ass were licked. It was such an amazing sight to watch. I was enjoyed 20’s ass, pulling on her dirty-blonde hair, as I reamed her asshole hard. 22 got 25 in a leg lock, holding 25’s face into her cunt. 25 struggled, pushing against 22, but her legs were too strong. 22 was moaning as 25 started licking her cunt, her large tits heaving as her orgasm neared.

“Yes, yes, eat my cunt, you fucking dyke!” 22 moaned. “Oh, God, yes, yes!” Her body writhed as her orgasm flooded over her.

I came hard in 20’s ass and pulled out. “22, here’s your reward,” I said, pointing at 20’s ass and my cum running down her crack to her taint.

“Thank you, sir,” 22 happily said, her big melons heaving with exertion.

22 knelt down and spread 20’s ass and happily ate the blonde’s asshole, scooping up my cum with her tongue. My cock was dirty from 20’s ass, so I knelt behind 22, spread her thighs and found her shaved cunt and shoved my cock in, using her pussy to wash my cock clean. Her cunt was tight and wet and felt amazing on my cock.

“Having fun, hun?” Mary asked me.

“Always, Mare.”

She was standing next to me, her tennis skirt staring me in the face, rustling in the gentle breeze blowing across the stadium. I licked my lips. Mary’s wet, juicy pussy was underneath that skirt, and I just had to taste her. I lifted her skirt up, exposing her shaved cunt and the fiery heart of pubic hair above her slit.

“Ohh, that’s nice!” gasped Mary as my tongue licked through her slit, tasting her sweet, spicy flavor.

I devoured her cunt as I fucked 22’s pussy. Mary’s moans filled my ears, her fingers running through my hair as her hips writhed on my face. I wrapped my arm around her and started kneading her plump ass, delighting in the fleshy feeling. I fucked 22’s cunt harder and harder and Mary’s breath quickened.

“Don’t stop,” she moaned. “Umm, I’m so close! Yes, yes, suck my clit! Oh fuck, fuck! Here it cums, hun! Umm, my randy stallion! Make me cum! Fuck yes!”

As she came, she flooded my mouth with more of her delicious juices. Her fingers pulled my face into her cunt as her body trembled in pleasure. Then she was kneeling next to me, throwing her arms around my neck and kissing me passionately, her eager tongue tasting her juices on my lips. Her perky breasts pressed against my chest, nipples hard as rocks as they rubbed against me.

“Oh, I love you, Mark,” Mary panted when she broke the kiss. Then she slapped my ass. “Fuck the slut good. Hmm, you’re such a randy stallion.”

I fucked 22 hard, my balls slapping against her clit. Mary’s hand reached down and found my balls, cupping them in her hand and gently massaging them. Her lips were wet as she nibbled at my ear and neck. And 22’s cunt was velvety warmth on my cock, every stroke bringing me closer to my shuddering release. Closer and closer, in and out. I groaned and slammed into her and my cum burst from my cock, showering her cunt with fertile little sperm.

The recruits had to stand at attention while Mary, the sluts, and I gathered at the table to discuss who to keep. We only needed twelve. It was difficult. Some were eliminated out of hand: 29 was a bad fuck, Mary didn’t like how 34 ate her pussy.

“12 grimaced when she tasted my pussy,” Allison reported. Jessica nodded, saying, “I tried her out and she made such an unpleasant face as she licked my cunt.”

“I disliked 10,” Karen reported. “She had a limp tongue when she ate me out.”

“I think you should choose 30,” Violet chipped in. “She has an amazing tongue.”

“We are keeping 9,” Mary said forcefully.

“Well, 22 is a given,” I inputted. “I also want to keep 24. That Turkish slut loves cum.”

“I like 33’s tits,” said Mary, “and 23’s. She’s got a nice set.”

“Hmm, and 23’s is a good muffdiver,” purred Fiona.

“She’s a keeper then,” I said.

“07 has some unsightly stretch marks,” Noel reported. “She’s already had three kids.”

“Both 15 and 16 are amazing snatch eaters,” Willow, our doctor slut, put in. “And did you see the pair of breasts on 16. They’re so lovely.”

It took almost an hour, but we made our selections and I addressed the recruits. “We have made our selections. For those not called, you are free to go and never speak about what happened here.” I called out the twelve we selected: two Black cops (18 and 25), the Korean (32) and the Thai (30), the Turkish cop (24), and reaming seven were White (1, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23, and 34). “You twelve are under the command of Chasity. You will obey her as diligently as you obey Mary and myself. Noel is her second-in-command!”

“Sir, yes, sir!” the remaining twelve called out.

“You will be known as your numbers from now on,” I bellowed. “You will be spilt into partners. The only persons you will love more than your partner is Mary and myself! The three of you that are married will be getting divorce papers, you will sign them. You have realized that you never loved your husbands. Those with boyfriends, and 18 with your girlfriend, you have realized they were just people you had fun with but now you’ve met your true love, your partner.”

“Sir, yes, sir!”

God it was intoxicating playing with people’s lives. We paired them up and assigned them to their crew. Half were in A squad and half in B squad. They were then divided into three shifts, days, evenings, and nights. They would be on active duty every other day. One would guard the entrance to the street, the other would watch the house and patrol the neighborhood. On their off-duty day, they would be on standby. If Mary or I needed to go out, one of the standby cops would accompany us.

Uniforms were handed out. We had plenty and all twelve found a slutty cops uniform that fit them. There was some variation, but they all had the thigh-high boots, short, navy blue skirts, and revealing blouses. The only part of their old uniforms they kept were their badges and their gunbelts.

I had Thamina get Nextels this morning, cell-phones that worked as Push-to-Talk radios, and each bodyguard was assigned one. Mary and I each had our own, as did Chasity and Noel. Another Nextel would be at the house. Lillian had set up the network for us and programed all the phones while the wrestling matches took place. I placed phone calls to all their spouses and boyfriends. Husbands would file for divorce and send the papers to the house and boyfriends wouldn’t cause any problems. The sluts and bodyguards packed up and we headed home.


“So that’s it?” Mary asked Jessica.

We were sitting in our living room on the couch. Mary had I had showered when we got back from Sparks Stadium, and dressed for our date. Jessica’s cameraman, Freddy, had arrived. He was the same cameraman with Jessica when I met her few days ago while jogging. Jessica is a reporter for KIRO 7 News and had been sent to investigate reports of nude jogging a few days ago. I took the opportunity to make her our slut and keep us appraised of what the media is up to.

“Yeah, Mistress,” Jessica answered. “I’ll edit it together and make your charity seem very, very important. My producer says the story should air Monday night.”

“Good work, Jessica,” I said and kissed her on the lips and groped her breast through her silk blouse.

Jessica flushed darkly and murmured, “Thank you, Master.” Mary bent down and kissed her as well and stroked her face.

Freddy wouldn’t say anything, he was under my order to not speak of anything that goes on with Jessica and us. He just quietly started packing up the gear, his face greasy with sweat. Mary and I left him too it and headed out to my car. I checked my pocket, I had my keys, my wallet, cell phone, and Nextel. 23 and 24 were waiting at a DuPont Police Cruiser. Both were beautiful in their sexy cop outfits, 23’s tits were jiggling as she breathed in her half-open blouse.

“Sir, mam!” 24, the Turkish cop, saluted. “23 and I shall be your security for the evening.”

As Mary walked around the car, I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she was in her sleeveless, purple blouse trimmed in white, and jean skirt. The skirt was short, mid-thigh, and hugged her sexy ass. The blouse had a scooped out bodice that showed off her freckled breasts.

23 and 24 followed in their patrol cruiser as I drove to the Longston Place Regal theater. At the entrance to the our street, an Eatonville Patrol Car was parked manned by 18. We raced to the theatre, barely making it in time for the five-thirty showing of Man of Steel. The movie just opened, and I had been looking forward to seeing it. Mary was sweet enough to let me choose the movie for our date, with the caveat she would choose the movie next week. 23 and 24 waited outside.

A few simple commands allowed us to skip the concession lines and armed with popcorn and sodas, diet coke for Mary and a cherry coke for myself, we headed into the theater. The theater was full and the trailers were already starting to show. Mary spotted two empty seats in the last row all the way against the wall. It was a small section of seats, only four seats between the right aisle and the theater wall.

We slid past a pimply teen boy, sitting on the aisle, with thick, black-framed glasses holding hands with a freckled-faced girl, sixteen or seventeen. The teen was pretty, with fine cheekbones, and lustrous, black hair plaited in a braid down her back and wearing a red sundress with white flowers. The dress fell to just above her knees, exposing a pair of skinny legs. Mary sat between the wall, and I sat between her and the teen girl.

About an hour into the movie, the popcorn was finished, and Mary started rubbing the legs of my pants. I put my arm around her shoulder and she snuggled up next to me, kissing at my neck. Mary was feeling a little randy, and soon her hand was stroking my crotch. My cock was starting to harden in my pants and I placed my hand on Mary’s bare knee, sliding my hand up, under her jean skirt, up higher until I found her naked pussy, growing damp with moisture as my hand cupped her cunt.

I felt more than heard the metallic rasp as Mary drew down my jeans zipper and her hand slipped in and pulled out my cock, stroking it to full hardness as I fingered her. The teen girl sitting next to me glanced over at the movement and her eyes widened in shock when she saw Mary jerking my cock off.

The girl flushed and looked back at the screen. She kept glancing over at my cock, squirming in her seat as she tried to ignore it. Her hand gripped the chair-arm and I could see her tongue lick nervously across her lips. Mary released my cock, reached over me and grabbed the teen girl’s hand and pulled her to my cock.

Mary’s power was affecting the girl and she licked her lips and slowly started stroking my cock up and down on my cock. Mary placed her hand over the girls and together the they jacked me off. I gritted me teeth, fighting off a groan. The teen’s boyfriend remained oblivious, focused on the movie, as his girlfriend was jerking my cock off. I fingered Mary’s cunt faster, rubbing her clit with the palm of my as I slipped two fingers in and out of her slippery hole.

Mary was kissing at my neck, panting in pleasure as I fingered her. Mary and the teen’s hand maintained a steady stroke, with a firm grip on my cock. Mary’s cunt tightened on my fingers and she gasped in pleasure, almost nibbling my neck as she came. I pulled my fingers out of her cunt and licked her tasty juices of my finger.

“I’m going to cum,” I whispered in her ear.

Mary smiled and bent over, sucking the head of my cock into her mouth. The teen girl, trying to stare straight ahead so her boyfriend didn’t notice what she was doing with my cock, kept right on stroking my dick. My cum flooded my fiancee’s mouth and she skillfully swallowed it down then sat back up, licking her lips.

I put my cock away and the teen girl sat silently, her face flushed and her eyes fixed rootedly at the screen. After a few minutes, Mary stood up. As she passed the teen, she whispered, “Bathroom, one minute.” The teen girl flushed and nodded, shivering in pleasure as Mary’s ass brushed by her face.

“I’m using the restroom,” the girl whispered to her boyfriend.

“Oh, sure Nina,” he absently said.

Nina’s boyfriend was transfixed by the movie, and didn’t realize his girlfriend was gone for almost fifteen minutes. She returned first, a few strands of hair escaping her tight braid, and a faint, tangy smell of pussy filled my nose. Mary returned a minute later and sat down then handed me a pair of blue panties, trimmed in lace.

I brought Nina’s panties to my nose and inhaled her tangy flavor. Then Mary kissed me on the lips and I could taste that same flavor on her mouth. My cock was hard in my pants and I had to experience Nina’s charms as well. I pulled out my cock, then leaned over to Nina’s ear, whispering, “You’re going to climb up on my lap and sit on my cock.”

Flushing, Nina stood up and did exactly that. My power gave her no choice in the matter. Pulling her skirt up and lowered herself to my lap. Her cunt sank slowly down on my cock and I moaned at the pleasure of her embrace. She was still facing forward, and anyone looking back wouldn’t realize that she was sitting on my lap unless they looked hard.

“What the hell,” her boyfriend hissed, finally noticing something was going on with his girlfriend.

“Just be quiet and watch the movie,” I ordered and he fell silent, eyes fixed on the screen.

I had Nina just sit on me, enjoying her velvety cunt twitch on my cock as she shifted her weight every few minutes. It was sweet torture and I found it hard to pay attention to the movie. But that was alright, the movie was proving to be a big disappointment, anyways.

After fifteen minutes of my cock buried up her twat, I came, gritting my teeth as a flooded her cunt. Nina gasped in startlement as she felt my cock flooded her teenage cunt. I stayed hard in her and she started wiggling more and more, her breath quickening. Then she started rocking on my cock. She was getting hornier and hornier, becoming so desperate to cum that she no longer cared she was in a theater full of people. Her cunt felt wetter, squeezing harder on my cock. Soft moans escaped her lips and she grabbed the empty chair before her and started using it for leverage as she rose up and down on my cock.

Nina started going faster and faster as her orgasm neared. Her body shuddered and her cunt spasmed on my cock as her cum rocked through her body and a soft gasped escaped her lips. A few people turned to look back at her and she stopped sat back down on my lap, impaling my cock all the way in her triggering my own orgasm and I flooded her cunt a second time.

“Did you enjoy the movie, hun,” Mary asked with a giggle, holding onto my arm, as we walked out of the theater into the parking lot.

“Well, I enjoyed Nina,” I said and Mary gave me a throaty laugh.

“Where shall we go for dinner?” Mary asked as we got in my Mustang.

“BJs?” I asked.

Mary rubbed my cock through my pants. “I need more than cum to eat, hun.”

“I meant the restaurant,” I said.

“So you don’t want me to suck your cock?” Mary asked with a mischievous grin.

“I always want you to suck my cock,” I told her and smiled as she unzipped my pants. I groaned as her mouth sucked my dick into her warm mouth.

My phone rang through the speakers of my car. The car radio was bluetooth enabled and on the display, the caller ID said my mom was on the phone. “She always calls when you’re sucking me off,” I muttered and hit the call button. “Hey, mom.”

There was silence and then a choking sob echoed through the car speakers.

Frowning, “Mom, what’s wrong.” Mary released my cock and sat up. “Mom?”

“Mark,” a strangled, dead voice said. It was barely recognizable as my mom’s voice. “I…I…”

“What is it, mom?” I asked, panic starting to squeeze my heart.

“You’re father…he’s d…” She took a deep breath. “He’s dead, Mark.”

I blinked. “What, mom?”

Stunned incomprehension rolled through my mind. He’s dead. The bastard’s dead. Why did I feel so strange. So empty. I hated the man most of my life. Once he hurt his back and went on disability, he changed. He started drinking, and then he started hitting. He treated me like garbage, always beating me for bullshit reasons. He used to beat my mom, always for the same stupid bullshit. Dinner wasn’t done, the house wasn’t clean, there was no bear in the fridge. It was the worst when he was drunk, and he was always drunk. So why didn’t I feel happy, elated. Hell, why didn’t I even feel sad. I felt nothing, just emptiness. My father was dead and I didn’t seem to care.

“How did he die?” I heard myself ask. Mary squeezed my hand, sympathy painting her face.

“I shot him.”

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 21.

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Devil’s Pact Update – 11-19-13


Taking a break from writing chapter 21. I should post Chapter 20 tomorrow. Just have to finish editing it. With Chapter 20, most of the pieces are in place to get the plot moving and leads in to chapter 21: The Glassners. We’ve met Mary’s family, now its time to meet Mark’s. David, the abusive father, Sandy, the long suffering mother, and Antsy, the little sister that’s Sister Theodora’s trap.

Here’s a little preview of Chapter 20: Tryouts. The day has come for Mark to recruit his cadre of sexy cops for his bodyguard.

By noon, thirty-four female cops had assembled, standing at attention in the grassy field of Sparks Stadium. All were dressed in their uniforms, a mix of blues and browns, representing all the Law Enforcement Agencies of Pierce County. They ranged from as young as nineteen fresh out of the academy to their late twenties. Most were White, but there was a smattering of Black, Latina, and Asians in the group.

I stepped up onto the small step-stool Thamina brought and faced my recruits. “I am Mark Glassner. Besides me stands Mary Sullivan. Whatever we do is legal! Do whatever we tell your or someone who says, ‘I serve Mark Glassner!’ Do you understand!”

“Sir, yes, sir!” the woman yelled back.

“Good!” I nodded. “Today, you are trying out to be our bodyguards. Your captains and chiefs no why you are here today! I want all of you to do your best. You all want nothing more than to please Mary and I!”

“Sir, yes, sir!” It was intoxicating, all these women obeying me, ready to do whatever filthy thing I wished. My cock stirred in my shorts.

Take care everyone,


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