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Updates on my writings


Hey Everyone,

We’re nearing the change in The Futa Fairy series. I’m working on how the finale series works out, plotting it out. This might cause a week delay in the publication schedule.

Now for Incest, we’re jumping back to the Incestuous Harem Universe with a series called Daughter’s Slut Training. Mrs. Umayyah, a busty teacher whose classroom is adjacent to Clint’s Aunt, has spent the last year spying on his antics with his aunt and sister. So when she discovers her pure and innocent daughter masturbating, the warped mommy only sees one solution: to train her daughter as a slut. This story sparked when I read a similar story and wanted to write my take on it (many of my stories start out that way).

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Battered Lamp News and Tyrant’s Daughter Update

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the delay. I haven’t heard from my beta reader in a week. I sent him the next Battered Lamp chapter to beta read and sent The Devil’s Pact a Good Muslim Girl to a backup beta reader. If I haven’t heard back from b0b by Saturday, I will do one more pass and upload it without beta reading.

On other news, I have written the prologue and Chapter One of the The Devil’s Pact The Tyrant’s Daughter, as I’m calling Chase’s story. Here’s a scene from the prologue. It’s a rough draft, so excuse any mistakes. It takes place almost a year after Mark and Mary’s death.

Saturday, May 1st, 2055 – Aoifa Coughlan – Canyonville, OR

My lungs burned. My sides ached. I wanted to stop running, but the screams of battle propelled me. My heart hammered in my breast.

I threw a look over my shoulder at the inferno consuming Canyonville, tears running down my face. My friends and family were being slaughtered. I clutched the box and the printed pages of Isabella’s epistle to my breasts, holding them tight.

It was our only hope.

The Living Gods had to answer my summons. Their worshipers were being slaughtered. The Holy Liberation Army of Oregon had descended upon us two weeks ago demanding our repentance We had to give up our worship and love for the Living Gods and submit to the cross.

We refused. We only wanted to live in peace, to hold onto the perfect lives we had before the Death. Mark and Mary had ascended to heaven, and we failed them. We didn’t maintain the utopia they had created. Within days, man fought man. We were as evil as the Gods always said.

And the Apostates were the worse.

I was the only priestess that made it through the screen. Rachel, Mary, Debra, Ursula, Rosa, and Gretchen all died trying to get clear. I don’t know why I made it. Perhaps the Living Gods watched out for me. Perhaps I was just lucky.

If only Isabella’s epistle had arrived earlier.

I burst out of the brush on Grazley Bridge Road, racing north towards the South Umpqua River. Stage Coach Road crossed ahead, a quarter mile from the bridge. My heart beat faster. Soldiers shouted behind me.

A loud boom erupted. Fire roared and light flared, momentarily painting the road with orange, stark light.

I reached the crossroad, pushing back my fiery-red hair as I fell to my knees at a pothole. I reached in, prying out a chunk of broken asphalt and revealing the dirt of the road. I had no idea how far off midnight was, I just had to hope I wasn’t too late.

I shoved the box into the hole. It contained a lock of my hair, a lavender flower, and a foot of rabbit. I covered the box with the chunk of asphalt, racing to the shoulder to scoop up gravel into my slim fingers and dumping them into the hole, burying the box.

“I think she ran over here!” a man shouted.

Fear shot through me. I was barely sixteen. I never thought I could be this scared. I scurried for the brush, burying myself into the bush. The branches tore at my gauzy, white robes and my fiery hair. I didn’t want to die. I’ve never even had sex.
I had been saving myself for Him. At twelve, I was deemed beautiful enough to enter the lotto. Even when They ascended last year, I maintained my purity. I wanted to be ready for Him when He returned. I would give my virginity to Him. My gift. I wanted to be His. I wanted to serve the Gods and be Theirs.

So I really didn’t want to die.

I trembled in the bush, boots crunching on asphalts They were rough men, wearing dark clothes and carry forbidden guns. That’s how we lost. There were no guns in Canyonville. We respected the Living Gods wishes. We tried to be pacifist, to not harm our neighbors.

But the Apostate were so full of hate. They wanted to stamp out all traces of the “Tyrants.” They hated us. They all followed that old religions, as full of intolerance as the Christians always had been. They followed Doug and Tina Allard. Worse, they claimed the Holy Chase as their Saint. They claimed the Holy Daughter killed Her parents.

Such lies.

“Maybe we shouldn’t kill her,” one of the soldiers said, striding forward. “If we can convince her to repent…”

“You already have a wife,” another man growled. “We are not followers of the Tyrants. Keep your thoughts pure, brother.”

“I try, but a woman that beautiful…”

I shuddered. They would…force me. How disgusting.

“Please, come,” I whispered. It had to be midnight by now.

The soldiers drew closer to the crossroads. What if they found my box? What if the stop the ritual?

Another explosion rocked the night.

“Damn, that was a big one,” chuckled a soldier. “These Glassnerian’s are putting up a fight. So much fiercer than Eugene.”

“Fire cleanses,” the older soldier nodded. “The world must be purified.”

“Sir!” the first soldier gasped, raising his weapon.

I blinked. Two people stood at the crossroad. I gasped in delight. It was Them. My God stood tall, blue eyes shining in the moonlight. His arm was wrapped my Goddess, her perfect, gorgeous body pressed against His muscular frame, her dark-red shimmering. A smile crossed her heart-shaped, freckled face, green eyes twinkled with mirth.

“Where the fuck did they come from!” the first soldier shouted.

My God looked right at my hiding place. “Hello, Aoifa.”

“Get down on your knees,” the older soldier shouted, brandishing his rifle.

My Goddess flicked her hand. A wave of scintillating light swept out, crashing into the soldiers. Their bodies were consumed by inverse light, leaving behind glowing motes that drifted away on the light breeze.

“It is safe, Aoifa,” my Goddess said, her voice pure and beautiful.

“You came,” I sobbed, scrambling out of the bush. I rushed to them, falling to my knees before Them. Tears of joy poured down my voice. “You will save me. You will save Canyonville.”

“Canyonville is lost,” the God said, bending down. He cupped my chin, lifting me up until he stared into my eyes. “You are such a beautiful girl. You will make them happy.”


Scarlet light flashed. A contract appeared in my Goddess’s hands. “Here is the deal we’ll make with you.” She pushed it into my hands.

I read the document, my eyes widening. “But…I don’t understand. Why do I need to sleep? Who do I need to help?”

“Are you faithful, Aoifa?” He demanded. “Will you submit to your Gods will?”

“Of course, my Lord.”

“Then sign,” She purred, handing me a pen. “And help us save our daughter.”

I signed the pen on the paper.

Sleep overcame me.

I fell into a pleasant dream.

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Devil’s Pact/Battered Lamp Update

Hey guys,

Sorry for the slow updates lately. My beta read has a job that involves taxes. Needless to say, he’s very busy at the moment. Hopefully that will change soon. 🙂

My heart was filled with despair. The Living Gods were dead. All I could do was stare blankly at the wall, my mind full of ash. They had reshaped the world, and now They were gone. What were we to do? Who would look after us and protect us? Already heretics had arisen, decrying Them as false, and putting to torch Their churches and temples. And then They appeared in my dreams. “Have faith,” He spoke, His voice booming like a thousand trumpets. “We are not gone. It was time for us to leave this world, departing for a better one. But we still watch you, we still love you, and all you have to do is call upon us and we shall answer.” I made my Pact that very night.
–The Epistle of Isabel to the Faithful 1:1-3

So that epigraph is from the Epilogue of the Devil’s Pact. When I wrote it over a year ago (I finished the Devil’s Pact in February, I think, of 2014), I had wanted to tell who Isabella was and why she, a character never mentioned before in the story, was writing this final epigraph. Well, Isabella Wins the Lotto is the next side-story to be released. This story is a direct lead-in to Chase’s Story, the follow up to the Devil’s Pact. I haven’t started writing Chase’s Story yet, and the title may change, but it will explore the world after Mark and Mary’s death. Elements from past stories will all play a part in this final tale of the Devil’s Pact.

Once the Battered Lamp is finished publishing (we’re getting close to the end), I’ll start releasing the Cult of the Ghost, followed by the Hell Chronicles, and lastly Chase’s Tale.

Once all the Devil’s Pact side-stories (Leah’s Reunion, Violet’s Affair, Violet’s Reunion, A Good Muslim Girl, One Year Later, The Servants Chronicles [3 chapters left], and the Slave Chronicles [10 chapters]) I’ll probably start publishing my next story. I might start sooner though. I still haven’t decided. You can vote on a poll between the two stories I’m torn between here.

So, Cult of the Ghost is 7 chapters, the Hell Chronicle (which I’m almost finished writing) is probably 11 chapters. No idea on Chase’s Story, but I don’t think it’ll be more than fifteen chapters, if that.

Take care,


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Update and New Poll

Hey everyone!

There’s a new a poll up! Vote here for what to see released after the Ghost of Paris Epilogue. Since there was only one chapter and an epilogue left, I decided to release it and wrap up the series. There is a spinoff written and a sequel planned. I also added a new story I wrote a month or so ago. It’s a femdom story where a Warlock wishes to possess a pregnant Mary and bites off more than he can handle. It’s the last choice on the poll.

There should be a new Battered Lamp chapter posted tonight or tomorrow morning.

Also, I expect to publish the second part of the revised Devil’s Pact tomorrow.

If you liked My Fallen Angel, see the next post if you want to buy or borrow White-Feathered Angel the second part of the series.

Take care,


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The Devil’s Pact Ghost of Paris Update

Hey Guys!

You may have noticed that the next Ghost of Paris story hasn’t been posted yet. That’s my bad. I had added two chapters to the storry over the summer and when I was getting them ready for publication, I got it in my head that the Ghost, the Bride, and Her sister was the final chapter when it wasn’t. So i sent my editor chapter 11 instead of chapter 10. He has chapter 10 now and I have the edited version of chapter 11. So when I get chapter 10 back, I’ll be releasing back-to-back chapters of the Ghost of Paris which will bring us to having only 1 chapter and the epilogue to go.

I’m also getting closer to releasing the first Devil’s Pact publication. It covers chapter 1, but they’re is a new Sister Mariam (Mary’s mom) story arc where she deals with a Warlock in Phoenix, as well as a prologue, and a new introduction to Mark and Mary. They meet before Mark makes his wish. I’m halfway through editing it. I hope to have it out on Smashword, B&N (which don’t have a problem with incest or mind control, which are both no-no on Amazon these days), and a few other small sites.

I’ve revised up to Chapter 10 so for. I’ve added many new scenes. Desiree gets a new intro where I make it clear she’s been a lesbian from the start and that she really did just marry Brandon for the money as well as how her relationship with Alison developed, which happened beneath Mark’s nose. There’s a scene with Violet and her Mother expanding on their dysfunctional relationship, an intro scene of Alison, Mark meeting Mary’s ex-boyfriend Mike (Something I always wanted to do in the early chapters), and a new plot line with Dough Allard (the PI turned Monk) where he investigates Mark for Brandon.

Take care,


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New Poll and Devil’s Pact Publication

Hey everyone,

There’s a new poll up to vote on which side-story gets released next. Click here! Right now Battered Lamp 7 and Ghost of Paris 10 are out with my beta reader and editor, part of my new, release it when I get them plan.

I worked on the Devil’s Pact publication for the first time in over a month today. Then I started working on some covers, and I’m messing around with the main background for all the Devil Pact covers. Let me know what you think of the flaming effect.


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Battered Lamp Update!

Hey, everyone!

I would like to clear the air on why I slowed down to one release a week. I know there was a time when I was releasing a devil’s pact chapter every 3 days. And they were not well edited. Thanks to Master Ken, I learned a lot of about grammar and I improved my self-editing. Adding Master Ken added more days to the editing process. Then in March I decided it was time to publish my first smut on Amazon: Roleplay Gone Wrong.

It did not sell well. My expectations were unrealistic.

Then I released The Girl at the Bar and Naughty Wife’s Surprise.

The response was not great. I ran a contest to give away two free copies of Naughty Wife’s Surprise on this blog. Five people entered. Of the two winners, one never even claimed his free copy. I really got depressed. That was May 18. I wrote this poem on May 25.

driving my bus
head full of darkness
i cannot escape the Plague
of words Afflicting my mind
all I can do is drive
while my soul is Needled
by acrimonious doubt
and crushed
by bitter self-recrimination
would the world even miss me
if i was gone
or would it turn on
uncaring, unremembering

I share this poem not to try and make anyone feel guilty for not buying my works. What I was selling wasn’t worth it to you guys. That’s how publishing goes. If people don’t think my product is worth buying, it’s all on me. I just want to share what I was going through because it’s therapeutic. A few weeks ago, I finally told someone how depressed I was and I really felt a lot better afterward.

If you noticed, I was promoting my new releases on this site up until that Naughty Wife’s contest, but not after that. It became obvious to me that my fans of my Devil’s Pact were not fans of what I was publishing. And that’s okay. I was publishing far more vanilla material than the Devil’s Pact.

All I had was the Devil’s Pact keeping my spirits up and I worked hard to get it all released to you guys. Here, at least, I had fans that appreciated my writing. I had just decided to say fuck it with my published works and write something more like the Devil’s Pact. If my work wasn’t going to sell, at least I would write what I liked instead of trying to be more mainstream. That’s how My Fallen Angel, a supernatural erotica thriller, was born. Sex, demons, angels, and fast-paced action.

While the last few chapters of the Devil’s Pact were being published in late June, things began to change. I had released more published works, and some of them starting to sell. I went from having one sale a week to one sale a day. So more of my effort went into my published works. I decided I would continue to release the Devil’s Pact as fast as I could, but after that I would need to slow down to keep building the momentum of my published works. During July, after the Devil’s Pact was completed, I went from a publishing once a month, to a once a week, and now I published every two days. That’s 15k words I’m writing, editing, and publishing every work. On top of that I spent September rewriting and editing the first novella of My Fallen Angel. And on top of that, I’m writing a non-erotic Fantasy novel.

I’m exhausted. I have been cutting back my sleep to have more time to write thanks to my day job. And it’s really hitting me. I’m committed to releasing one free story a week. A Battered Lamp chapter is 9 to 11k words that I have to write and edit on top of all my other work. Devil Pact Side-Stories range from 3 to 6k words. I also have to make covers for my published works. I have to promote them on social media, put together the ebooks, build my brand.

But the light is at the end of the tunnel. This month I have made 3/4 of my day job’s pay. I’ve turned in my notice. Due to royalties from Amazon being paid two months after the end of the month, my last day is October 31st. This will let me sleep. More importantly, I hope to release more free material because I really enjoy sharing the Devil’s Pact Universe and the Battered Lamp with you guys. Thank you for the support you given me for these works. 🙂

My Fallen Angel will be released next week at $2.99. That’s 42k words, or a Harry Potter novel (one of the early ones). It will be the only published work I’ll promote on this site. It is right in line with the Devil’s Pact and the Battered Lamp with a mix of sex and story. I hope you would support me, but don’t feel obligated to.

Take care,


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New Poll

Hey Everyone,

There’s a new poll up. Slave Chronicles 3 won the last poll and is off with my editor. It tells the story of 24, of Mark and Mary’s original bodyguards. Contains watersports, very thorough pat downs of teenage girls, some humiliation, and voyeurism.

Take care,


PS. Benkwong sent this pic in. A lovely start to a harem!


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Still No Devil’s Pact Servant Chapter 2

Sorry guys. Hopefully soon.

In the meantime, here’s Prologue to the Battered Lamp a few weeks early. I’m really excited about this story. There’s no sex in the prologue, but chapter one will definitely make up for that! b0b is beta reading the Battered Lamp for me, so thanks to him for taking the time out of his schedule to do some proofreading and catching the stupid mistakes that always seem to creep through.

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