Devil Pact Update 2-13-14

It is finished!!!!

Just wrote the epilogue to the Devil’s Pact. Still a lot of work to do to get the story ready for publication, but the rough drafts are done.

There are still Side-Stories, Ghost of Paris, Tales, and two other mini-series I plan on writing, but the main story is finished. When I started writing this story, I never thought it would get any response, and everyone has been very supportive. I want to thank my editor Master Ken, and a loyal reader named Corvus who has always given me great feedback.

Take care


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2 thoughts on “Devil Pact Update 2-13-14

  1. kokuorei

    I can’t wait to see how it ends. This has been one of the (if not the) best adult fiction story I’ve ever read. There have been times when I’ve skipped past the sex just to see what happens next, you’ve got me so hooked into the plot. You’re a great writer, and I hope you keep up with it!


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