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The Devil’s Pact Side-Story: Rachel’s Honeymoon Part 4-Sunday



The Devil’s Pact

Side-Story: Rachel’s Honeymoon

Part 4: Sunday

by mypenname3000

edited by Master Ken

© Copyright 2013, 2014

Story Codes: Female/Female, Male/Females, Mind Control, Exhibitionism, Bukkake, Wife, Romance, Creampie

For a list of all the Devil’s Pact Chapters and other stories click here

Comments are very welcome. I would like all criticism, positive and negative, so long as its
constructive, and feedback is very appreciated.

Note: This takes during Chapter 27 while Mark and Mary are in New York City. For Part 3 of Rachel’s Honeymoon.

I was kissing Leah as a group of men cheered us on. We were in some loft with some of the guys from the club. We had partied with them all night, and every single one of my holes was stuffed with cum, the salty flavor of cum thick on my tongue. I was on top of Leah, her legs wrapped around my waist as our clits rubbed together. It was almost like fucking her, the way I ground my pussy into her. Leah’s hands were roaming up and down my back, tracing my spine, then she slid down to my ass, kneading my cheeks, pulling me harder into her clit. Her tongue was in my mouth, exploring me, her tongue salty with cum.

There was something so intimate about lying atop her, grinding my pussy into her. Our nipples touched; our breasts were pressed into each other. I felt the same feeling with Jacob, my husband, as he lay atop me thrusting his cock inside me. Leah was that same mix of intoxication and intimacy. It didn’t matter that all these guys were watching us, cheering us on. I wasn’t doing this for them, I was doing it for Leah.

“Oh, fuck!” a guy groaned as ropey cum splashed onto my back.

“You guys are some fucking nasty cunts!” another guy moaned.

Ropey cum splashed into my hair and on to my cheek, rolling wetly down to my lips. Together we tasted the salty cum as we kissed. I ground my hips, pushing my pussy harder into Leah. I wanted to feel her cum on my pussy. And I wanted her to feel my pussy cum on her’s. Leah’s hand was on my ass again, pulling me into her.

“Christ almighty!” another guy moaned, and hot cum splashed between my legs, landing on my pussy and dripping down to Leah’s cunt.

There were a dozen guys watching us, jerking off to us. We were the only ladies present. The red-head stayed at the club, still looking for her boyfriend. I hoped she found him, although how she was going to explain the cum leaking out of her ass and cunt I had no idea. She didn’t have a husband that understood that his new wife just needed to have some fun on her honeymoon. To cut loose and experience life for the first time before she went back to be his plan, drab brunette.

More cum splashed on my ass, my back, on my side, rolling down to my boobs. Some landed in my hair, on my face, some even landed on my feet. It seemed like it was raining cum on the both of us as we writhed against each other. Every sweet kiss of our clits was bringing me closer and closer to cumming. I could feel that same desire building in Leah. Her hips were bucking faster beneath me, more urgent, as she was nearing her climax.

We came together, bucking in each other’s embrace, moaning our passion into each other’s lips. I broke the kiss, resting my forehead on hers, staring into her hazel eyes and I wallowed in the fun I was having. My dyed-blonde hair fell about our faces, screening us from the men’s gaze, giving us a bit of privacy.

I just knew Jacob would love Leah as much as I had come to. At least, I hoped he would.

But would Leah want to give up being a blonde and go back to being a drab brunette with me? Would she be happy only having one man and one woman? If I had not met Mary, had not been swept up in the magic of her presence, I would never have stopped being that drab brunette, would never have become the fun blonde that would let a room-full of men jerk off on her while she tribbed another woman. I knew how much fun it could be and I was afraid that my husband and I wouldn’t be enough for my new lover.

The men’s catcalls ruined the moment, and I rolled off Leah. “Where’s my dress?” I asked. We had to get going. Mary told us to be back by morning, and the sun was already lightening the horizon.

A man tossed me my dress and I pulled it on over the cum. “Dirty slut, not even going to get cleaned up?” the man asked.

I shrugged. “I’m not some drab brunette,” was my answer.

Leah and I made out the entire cab ride back to the Waldorf-Astoria. The cabbie had to see that we were positively dripping in cum, but he didn’t say a word. The doorman at the Waldorf-Astoria gave us strange looks as we stumbled in and headed for the elevator. We had it all to ourselves this early, and made out the entire ride up, stumbling into the hotel room.

“Looks like you two had some fun,” the bodyguard on duty muttered. She was a black-haired beauty with a pair of large tits straining at the half-open blouse of her uniform.

“We did,” I giggled. “Blonde’s have all the fun.”

“Explains why I’m on guard duty,” the bodyguard said with an exaggerated sigh.

We took a quick shower and fell asleep in each other’s arms. When we awoke, it was to one of the bodyguards shaking us. “Master and Mistress want you two dressed,” the Korean bodyguard snapped, and pinched my naked ass. “Now, sluts!”

Mark and Mary played the tourist again, and every time they found some new landmark or museum, Leah and I made out in the back of the limo. Every time Mark and Mary returned brought us closer and closer to when we would part. I was torn inside. I loved Jacob, and I was quickly realizing that I loved Leah. Fantasies of running off with Leah floated through my head, of late night’s partying in clubs, of having fun. But there was no Jacob. A fantasy of being married to Jacob passed through my mind, of sleeping in on the Sabbath, cuddling in bed. Of the small house we were in the process of buying; spending Sundays painting and fixing all the little things that needed to be done. But there was no Leah. I felt like I was being ripped between my two loves.

The drive to the airport seemed to take forever. Mary pulled Leah aside and the two had a whispered conversation as Mark greeted a pair of sluttily dressed stewardesses. And I mean slutty, their tits were exposed in white bustiers. They both had a nice set of tits I realized, as my eyes drank in their beauty, their nipples hard and one had golden rings pierced through her nipples, the blonde, of course. Mark had them both in his arms, kissing one then the other.

Mary stepped in front of me, caressed my face and whispered, “Love them both.” Then her lips were on mine, all thoughts erased as the most beautiful woman in the world kissed me. And then she released me, heading back to her fiancee and they boarded their private jet. And I was no longer the fun-loving blonde, but the plain, drab brunette. It was time to go back to Jacob.

Love them both, Mary’s words echoed in my head on the drive back to the limo rental company. Leah had to return the limo and that’s when they would part. I wanted to love them both. But they were too different. I couldn’t see Leah settling down in a plain house in a boring suburb and I couldn’t see Jacob going to a wild club in an exciting city.

Leah opened the door for me for the last time, a sad smile on her angelic face. I hugged her and stroked her face, then kissed her lush lips one last time. I drank in the sight of her face; the memory would have to last me a lifetime. Love them both. But how? Maybe I was the key. They both loved me, could I be the bridge between the two?

“What did Mary say to you?” I asked her. That’s not what you were supposed to say. Tell her how you feel. But fear stayed my tongue. I could live the rest of my life with the memory of our brief fling. But only if I believed that Leah actually loved me. If she didn’t…I did not want to think about that.

Leah swallowed. “She asked me if I…” Leah breathed deeply. “If I loved you.”

“Do you?” I blurted out before my brain could stop me.

“Yes,” she whispered, then she hugged me tightly. “Don’t go back to your husband. Please, stay with me. Think of all the fun we can have together. I love you, Rachel.”

My heart melted. “I love you, too, Leah,” I whispered back and she squeezed me tighter. “But, I love Jacob. I met him first.” I could feel tears brimming in my eyes.

“You have to choose then,” Leah said, pulling away. “It…it’s alright. I knew this was a dream that I had to wake up from.”

“Why can’t I have both of you?” I asked. “Mary told me to love both of you.”

“I don’t even know Jacob,” she protested.

“You know me,” I told her. “You trust me, right?”

Leah nodded.

“Then trust me about Jacob. He’s a little boring. But then, so was I. We can have fun with him, be as wild and slutty as we want to, just the three of us. But we can have more. We can have roots. Having fun is great, but it doesn’t last. Eventually the party ends, Leah, but with Jacob we can grow something that lasts beyond the fun. Jacob and I already have started growing our life together and I want you to grow with us.”

Leah chewed her lip. “As, what? Your mistress?”

“As my wife,” I told her, stroking her cheek. “And Jacob’s wife.”

A shiver ran through Leah’s body, her hazel eyes became distant as she pursed her lips in thought. “I must be crazy,” she muttered. “Okay, I’m willing to try. For you, Rachel. I don’t want to lose you.”

We were kissing, tears of joy running down both our faces and mingling salty between our lips. Now, I just had to convince Jacob. But Leah was hot and he was a man, and lust could serve until he got to know just how special she was. We broke the kiss and hailed a cab. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other, or our lips, as we rode back to the hotel. The poor cabbie almost got in a wreck; he kept watching us in his rearview mirror.

We reached the honeymoon suite of the Waldorf-Astoria. Jacob should be in there, waiting for me. He was a great guy, to let me have all this fun on our honeymoon. And it was my turn to return the favor. Jacob never said it, but I knew he thought about having two women. What guy didn’t? So, I confidently knocked on the door.

Leah trembled beside me. The once confident, outgoing girl had been replaced by this shy, sweet thing. She was acting like a drab brunette. Like me, she was a bottled-blonde, not a natural. “What if he doesn’t like me?” Leah asked in a panic. “What if he doesn’t want to share you?”

“He’ll love you,” I told her, squeezing her hand.

The door opened, and there was my husband, skinny and tall, his brown hair mused and his glasses askew. A happy smile appeared on his lips. “Rachel, you’re back!”

I threw my arms around my husband and kissed him soundly on the lips. His lips were firm, cheeks rough with his stubble and I ran my fingers through it, delighting in the feel of his manliness. He smelled of sweat and that musk that was distinctly my Jacob’s. His strong arms wrapped around me as I pressed my soft body against his.

“I missed you, Rach,” he whispered, stroking my hair. “And you’re blonde, now?”

“Blonde’s have all the fun,” I giggled.

“Is that the girl you were with yesterday?” he cautiously asked.

Yesterday morning, Jacob found Leah and I making out in the elevator. “Jacob, this is Leah.” I took a deep breath. “We fell in love.”

A crestfallen, hurt expression fell across Jacob’s face. “I see,” he said, stiffly. “I mean, what did I expect. We spent our honeymoon apart.”

I sighed. “Jacob. I love you, too. And I did have a lot of fun, and now I’m ready to have some fun with you.”

“Both of you?” he asked. Was that a hint of hope in his voice?

“Yes,” I told him. “I hope you find Leah as amazing as I do. Because, I want the three of us to be together.”

Jacob blinked. “I…I’m not sure I understand.”

“Well, Jacob, I want to be your wife and Leah’s wife,” I said. “And I want Leah to be your wife, as well.”

“Two wives, huh,” Jacob said. “I don’t know, Rach. That’s a little wild. And illegal.”

“Do you love me, Jacob?” I asked.

“Of course, Rach.” He stroked my cheek. “Always.”

“Then, for me, try and love Leah,” I told him. “Leah has promised to try and love you.”

He sighed. “Alright, Rach, for you.”

“Oh, don’t sound so pouty,” I said, getting annoyed. “You get what every guy dreams of, two blondes sharing your bed.”

Jacob laughed, relaxing, and glanced at Leah. Their eyes met and they both froze. Color flushed on Leah’s face and Jacob gave a half-smile. I could almost feel the electricity pass between them. My heart gave a happy beat; this was going to work. I squealed in joy as Leah boldly walked up to Jacob, her assertiveness restored, and pulled my husband down and gave him a passionate kiss on the lips. Jacob started kissing her back, pulling her tight against him.

“He’s cute,” Leah stated when she broke the kiss. Jacob had a dazed, breathless expression on his face. “I can see why you like him, Rachel.”

My heart fluttered in happiness, again, as I watched Jacob bend his head down and kiss her on the lips. “You’re pretty cute, yourself, Leah,” Jacob stated when he broke the kiss, and it was Leah’s turn to be breathless.

I threw my arms around them both. “The bed awaits,” I told them. “Let’s celebrate our honeymoon.”

The bed was covered in red, satin sheets and we all fell onto it, tearing each other’s clothes off. Jacob discovered my shaved pussy, stroking it with his hand. “Wow, that’s hot.”

“I did it for you,” I admitted. “It was supposed to be a surprise on our wedding night.”

“Well, I am surprised,” Jacob said, and he bent down and started licking at my pussy. I giggled as his whiskers scratched at my thighs, adding a rough, pleasant feeling only a man could give, different from the gentle touch of a woman, but no less pleasant. Leah started kissing me on the lips, her hands playing with my breasts. I was so happy, both my loves were making me feel so amazing.

Jacob kissed up my body, nipping at my breasts. I was so wet and ready for him. Leah grasped his cock with her hand, guiding Jacob to my wet cunt. I moaned, kissing Jacob on the lips as he slid in me, filling me up so deliciously. After having all those cocks in me last night, I could say Jacob was above average. I moaned as he started pistoning in and out of me. No, he was well above average.

Leah kissed our cheeks, a smile on her face as she watched Jacob make love to me. My hands roamed Jacob’s lean back, brushing Leah’s exploring hand. Together, we groped Jacob’s ass, pulling him tighter into me. Jacob broke our kiss, nuzzling at my neck as he pumped into me. Lean leaned in and we kissed. I felt so much joy as my husband and wife made love to me.

Leah took my hand and moved it down to her steaming cunt, rubbing my fingers across her wet, silky lips. I shoved two fingers up inside her and found her clit. I finger-banged her hard and fast, enjoying her wetness as she sighed softly into my lips as her pleasure mounted. My own orgasm was growing closer and I started moving my hips to Jacob’s pace.

Jacob was fucking me faster and harder now, his cock eager to cum. The poor guy spent the entire weekend without any pussy. Well, that would change. Between Leah and myself, Jacob would get all the pussy he could ever want.

“I love you both!” I gasped as my orgasm exploded inside me, milking Jacob’s cock, trying to draw out his cum.

I could feel Leah’s pussy clenching on my fingers. “Ohh, I love you too, Rachel!” she moaned as her orgasm spilled through her body.

Jacob’s cock slammed into me, burying all the way inside me as his back arched and his ass clenched beneath my hand. I could feel him spilling inside me. “Oh, my sweet Rach!” he gasped.

Jacob rolled off me and both my loves snuggled up against me, two pairs of hands playing with my breasts. “I want to see you and Leah fuck,” I told Jacob, kissing him on the lips.

He smiled. “Sure, just let me rest. I need to recharge.”

I glanced at Leah and she smiled. “Oh, I know just how to recharge a cock.”

Jacob moaned as we both sucked his cock, tasting my pussy cream. We flicked our tongues all about his cock, licking clean all of my delicious juices. Sometimes our tongues or lips would brush, and we would kiss around his cock. “Oh man, that is so hot!” Jacob moaned and we both giggled at our husband.

Our tongues quickly got Jacob hard and ready. What man could stay soft with two women lapping at his cock? I leaned against the headboard, spreading my messy legs. Leah licked her lips and dove into the messy creampie Jacob and I made for her, presenting her cute ass to Jacob. My husband looked at me and I smiled and nodded encouragingly. He started to move into position, then froze as he watched Leah eat me out, a grin broadening his face.

“Wow, that’s hot!” Jacob exclaimed. “Seeing it live is so much better than porn.”

“Ohh, you like the girl-girl porn?” Leah asked, looking back at Jacob, her lips shiny with my juices.

“Every guy likes watching two chicks get it on,” Jacob answered.

“Well, you’re in luck,” Leah purred, “because I love getting it on with another chick!”

“Umm, me too, honey,” I cooed. “Now, what are you waiting for, honey? Leah’s pussy is wet and ready for you.”

“Sorry, I got distracted.”

“I’ll forgive you if you stick that big cock up my cunt, honey,” Leah moaned.

Leah purred and wiggled her cute butt at Jacob as her tongue started swirling around my clit. Jacob got the message, kneeling behind Leah, his cock hard and leaking pre-cum. I could feel Leah moan into my pussy as Jacob sank into his second wife’s cunt. He drew back, gripping her hips, and slammed in a second time.

“Is everyday going to be like this?” Jacob asked as he made love to Leah, our wife.

“Yes,” Leah answered as she slipped two fingers up inside my pussy.

“Just the three of us,” I smiled, gazing at my two loves. My husband and my wife. I was the luckiest gal in the world.

The End

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The Devil’s Pact Side-Story: Rachel’s Honeymoon Part 3-Saturday Evening



The Devil’s Pact

Side-Story: Rachel’s Honeymoon

Part 3: Saturday Evening

by mypenname3000

edited by Master Ken

© Copyright 2013

Story Codes: Male/Female, Males/Female, Female/Female, Mind Control, Exhibitionism, Wife, Orgy, Aanl, Oral, Interracial, Ass to Pussy

For a list of all the Devil’s Pact Chapters and other stories click here

Comments are very welcome. I would like all criticism, positive and negative, so long as its
constructive, and feedback is very appreciated.

Note: This takes during Chapter 27 while Mark and Mary are in New York City. For Part 2 of Rachel’s Honeymoon.

“You and Leah sure seem close,” Mary told me after a delicious dinner at Keen’s Steakhouse Saturday evening. Mark and Leah had slipped off to fuck in the bathroom and I was missing Leah’s beautiful, angelic face, her blonde hair, and her full lips that I had come to love to kiss.

I flushed. Ever since this morning, I had felt like I was falling in love with Leah. At every moment we could, Leah and I would kiss or hold hands. We were like a pair of teenagers. And if we could get away with it, we’d fuck. And I think Leah was falling in love with me. I still loved my Jacob and almost felt guilty about the poor guy sitting in our honeymoon suite all alone while I was out having all this fun. But I was going to make it up to Jacob Sunday night. With Leah.

“I think we’re falling in love,” I confided to Mary. She was so beautiful and desirable. I just wanted to kiss her freckled face, to rub my cheek against her perky tits, and taste her delicious pussy. Mary was intoxicating to be around. Away from her, you didn’t feel the same intense desire for her, but up close it was almost overwhelming.

“And what about your husband?” Mary asked.

“I still love him,” I answered. “Hopefully, he’ll love Leah just as much as he loves me.”

“Is that what you want, Rachel?” Mary asked me.

It was. I may be a blonde slut for the weekend, fulfilling my deepest fantasies, but that would end when I returned to my husband. But, I wanted Leah, too. In my mind, the three of us were together, all loving each other, living happily ever after. I know, it was some perverted, naive, schoolgirl’s fantasy, but I wanted both of my loves.

“Yes, Mary,” I answered and Mary smiled. “And…um…I was wondering if Leah and I could go to a club tonight.”

Mary’s smile broadened. “Sure. I’ll find some hot piece of ass to keep Mark entertained and you two slip off and have some fun.”

“Oh, thank you,” I cooed, hugging her.

“You can thank me by slipping under the table and eating my horny cunt,” Mary purred, her hand on my head pushing me beneath the table.

Mark and Mary were just the sort of people who were so confident that everyone just did what they wanted, including me I realized, as I happily slid down onto my knees. I spread Mary’s thighs and found her shaved cunt wet and waiting for me. She tasted sweet and spicy and I could feel her squirm as she enjoyed my tongue lapping through her moist groove.

“Your dessert, madam,” the waiter said. Mary had ordered their dark chocolate mousse.

“Umm,” Mary purred, she must have just eaten a bite. “It’s positively orgasmic,” she moaned as my sucking mouth found her clit.

“Well, enjoy your dessert, madam,” the waiter said politely and left.

I almost laughed. No dessert could taste half as good as a woman’s cunt and I enjoyed the sweet dessert of Mary’s pussy, lapping up all her juices and enjoying her moans and pants as she came on my sucking mouth.

Mary, true to her word, found a pair of teenage sisters, and Mark and Mary retired to their room with the two girls while Leah and I slipped out of the hotel. We were wearing new party dresses that Mary bought us after dinner. It’s where she found the two teenage sisters. Mary knew her fiancee, and he leapt at the chance to fuck a pair of sisters.

“Just be back before morning,” Mary warned before closing the door to the penthouse suite’s master bedroom. We could just catch a glimpse of Mark kissing one of the sisters as the other one played with her pussy and watched.

We caught a cab and Leah gave an address in the Bronx. “The Ware,” Leah answered when I asked where we were going. “It used to be called the Warehouse, but that got shortened. It’s the hot place, right now.”

The Ware turned out to be a dilapidated warehouse, made of crumbling brick. A long line of people, mostly men, waited down the side of building. “We have to wait?”

“Not if you’re hot,” Leah smiled and walked up to the bouncer, a big black guy, and smiled. He eyed us up and lifted the rope, to the dismay of the guys and a few gals in line.

There was a short tunnel, the pulse of dubstep growing louder and louder. And then we were through a pair of doors and were assaulted by the music. The entire factory floor was packed with people. Blacklights flooded the club; everything glowed bright blue or green or red. People were dancing, wearing glowstick bracelets that gave them an ethereal beauty in the dark club. Leah pulled me out onto the dance floor.

I let the music flow through me, moving my body to the rhythm, pressing up against Leah. She turned around, her ass rubbing into my groin as we danced. I felt so alive. Nothing mattered except the beat of the music and the dance. Someone was behind me, rubbing up against my ass. A man, I realized with a naughty thrill, feeling his hard bulge rub against my ass. A happy pride surged through me, the man was hard for my body.

I ground my ass back into him, leaning my back against his broad chest, feeling his scratchy whiskers on my delicate neck. This was so much fun. Leah was right, blondes have all the fun. I couldn’t imagine a guy rubbing up against the drab brunette I used to be. Nor would that drab brunette turn around and start grinding her pussy on a strange guy’s leg, feeling her clit rubbing against the rough fabric of his jeans. That drab brunette would have worn her panties, too, I thought with a giggle.

His lips were rough as he kissed me, his stubble rasping on my chin. He smelled of sweat and leather; manly smells, that just made my cunt wetter. His hands grew bold, exploring all the charms my body had to offer. That drab brunette wouldn’t let a strange man feel her breast through her dress, wouldn’t let the man slip his hand down her bodice and find her hard nipple and play with it in the middle of a club’s dance floor. That drab brunette definitely wouldn’t unzip the man’s fly, draw out his cock, and let that strange man slide his dick into her married cunt, on her honeymoon no less. And a drab brunette wouldn’t fuck the man, writhing her hips and enjoying the group of men and women that gathered to watch her uninhibited behavior.

But a vivacious blonde would. Because blondes have all the fun.

The man’s cock felt so delicious inside me, ramming in and out of my pussy. His hands were on my ass, squeezing my cheeks as I wiggled my hips. I wrapped my legs around the man’s waist, and he was thrusting hard into me. I was kissing and biting at his neck as the pleasure of his cock rubbing inside me became more and more intense. Then I was howling as my naughty, blonde cunt had a lot of fun. My orgasm was so intense, stars danced in my eyes.

The man kept fucking me, pounding my little married cunt so hard. I ground my clit into his groin every time he buried his cock into me, and I was so close to cumming a second time. His cock was firm pleasure, every movement just adding to my second orgasm as it built and built and then I was howling again and he moaned in my ear so loud I could hear it over the music as his cum shot up inside my blonde cunt.

My lover pulled out and I was dancing back into the crowd, his cum running down my leg. I started dancing by myself, wondering who my next partner would be and how much fun I would have with him. Or her. A blonde just had fun, they didn’t care about silly things like what sex their partners were.

My next partner was a red-headed, busty gal and I ground my sopping cunt on the woman’s thigh while we kissed. Around us, a group of guys cheered us on and snapped pictures on their phones. And then I felt especially naughty and thought of something the drab brunette would never do.

I dropped to my knees as the men whooped and hollered. The red-head didn’t seem to mind as I pulled her purple panties off and then found her furry cunt. It felt different, eating a pussy covered in downy pubes, but it was just as fun. The woman had a delicious, sweet musk, her juices thicker than Leah or Mary’s had been. I just devoured her cunt, lapping at her delicious fur pie. My hands gripped the red-head’s ass, squeezing her firm cheeks as she ground her cunt on my face.

“You’re one nasty slut!” a guy cheered. I was. A nasty, blonde slut, I thought happily.

“Eat that bitch’s snatch!”

“Fuck, I am so posting this vid on porntube!” Ohh, I was going to be on the internet! The idea that men all across the world would jerk off to me was so hot; I made sure to dig my tongue deep into the red-head’s furry cunt.

The red-head grabbed my blonde hair and shoved her cunt into my mouth, shuddering on my lips and flooded my lips with fresh juices. She stumbled back and everyone clapped and I stood up, my lips shining with cum, and posed for pictures.

The guys started getting handsy, pulling at my dress, fondling me, and trying to get my nips out. I didn’t fight, it was more fun that way. Soon both my tits were hanging out and the red-head was sucking at my breast while the guys snapped their photos. Then my skirt was pulled up and I bent over, letting them get shots of my shaved twat messy with cum.

“You are so fucking hot,” one of the guys said. “We got a private booth; why don’t you come join us.”

“Sure,” I giggled.

“Oh, I got to find my boyfriend,” the red-head protested half-heartily as we were swept away by the guys over to a roped-off area and pulled into a more intimate cubical that faced the club. Padded couches formed a half-circle around a small table designed to rest drinks on.

I was pulled into the lap of one of the guys, his mouth on mine, kissing me hungrily. Another guy sat next to him and he grabbed my hand and placed it on his crotch and I could feel his hard cock. I rubbed his bulge and then I felt him unzip his pants and he pulled his cock out. I gripped it in my hand, stroking it, feeling the warm flesh, soft and hard, throb in my hands as the guy moaned.

“Oh, you are one nasty slut,” he moaned.

I heard gasping moans and the slap of flesh and it sounded like the red-head was getting fucked. I broke the kiss to look over my shoulder to see her kneeling on the couch, a black guy behind her pounding away at her cunt. Her dress had been pulled down and her large tits hung out, swinging back and forth as the black guy slammed into her.

“Suck my cock, blondie,” the guy I was giving a handjob to said. He grabbed my blonde tresses and pulled me down to his cock.

It was a nice-sized cock, not as big as my husband’s, but nice. I sucked it into my mouth, swirling my tongue around the head, then started bobbing my head. The guy I was half-sitting on slid out from underneath me and I was kneeling on the couch, my ass sticking out. I felt my skirt being hiked up and my messy cunt exposed.

“This slut’s already got a cunt full of cum,” the man I had been kissing complained. “Fuck, I didn’t want sloppy seconds.”

“Stop bitchin’,” the guy I was sucking barked. “Umm, this slut’s got a talented little mouth. But I’d love to fuck her cunt if you don’t want to.”

“Fuck that,” the guy behind me snapped. And then I felt his cock poking at my cunt. I moaned around the dick in my mouth as his hard shaft slammed into my pussy. “Fuck, she’s wet, and tight as a schoolgirl!”

“Like you ever fucked a schoolgirl,” his buddy ribbed.

I sucked on the cock in my mouth and slammed my hips back against the cock in my cunt. I was having so much fun pleasuring two cocks at once. I had missed out on so much living as that drab brunette, but I was going to make up for it tonight. After all, once I returned to Jacob I would be that drab brunette again. But that was okay, I loved Jacob and would be happy being his drab brunette as long as I could have Leah, too.

The cock in my mouth was squirting salty, delicious cum. “That’s it, drink all my spunk, bitch.”

I drank every drop, then released his cock to lick the little bit of cum that escaped my lips. The guy moved away and another guy with a bigger cock took his place and I was gobbling that cock down. The cock in my cunt dumped a huge load of cum inside me and pulled out, and another cock took its place, slamming hard into me. A few strokes with this new cock and I moaned and bucked, cumming hard.

The cock in my cunt and the one in my mouth finished at the same time and for a moment I was cock free. The red-head was on her back, a guy on top of her, fucking her cunt, and a blonde woman sat on the red-head’s face, enjoying the tongue lashing the red-head was giving her.

“Leah,” I said, happily. “I lost you in the crowd.”

Leah smiled. “I saw how much fun you were having, so I came to join in.”

“Because blondes have all the fun?” I asked, knowing the answer.

The black guy caught my arm and pulled me over to him. “Ever been fucked in the ass, blondie?”

“No,” I said. Looks like another fun thing for me to experience.

The black guy grinned and pushed me onto my back, hooking my legs up over his shoulders. His black cock rubbed against my white ass, searching for my tight asshole. “Don’t worry, cunt, your girlfriend’s pussy lubed me up real good,” he growled as his cock’s head found my sphincter.

I groaned as he pushed against me, gritting my teeth, and then the head of his cock was inside me and I gasped. “Oh, fuck, you’re too big,” I protested in pain.

“Relax, Rachel,” Leah moaned. “Relax, your naughty little ass can take it.”

I tried to relax, to let this huge, black cock invade my ass. He slid in deeper and deeper, relentlessly pushing his cock into me. And then he was all the way in me and I moaned in relief. Then, he was pulling out. It felt weird, and good. Then he was pushing back into me. It hurt less and less and felt better and better. He went faster as my ass relaxed, bottoming out with every thrust, his balls slapping against my ass cheeks.

“So fucking tight,” the black guy groaned. “I love fucking tight, white asses!”

I ran my hands across his muscular, dark chest as he started to pound my ass, his face clenched in pleasure and his eyes squeezed shut. I started moving my hips, fucking back against him as the pleasure seemed to take control of my hips. I could feel another cum building. The cock slamming harder and harder into me and then I was cumming, my ass clenching on his cock and I was moaning like a whore.

“Fucking slut!” he groaned. “You want my cum, slut?”

“Yes, please cum in my slutty ass,” I moaned.

“Here it comes, bitch!” he grunted and then I could feel his warm, hot cum flooding my ass. He pulled out of me, grabbed my hair and shoved his dick in my mouth. “Clean me, bitch! Clean your dirty, slutty ass off my dick.”

His cock tasted sour as I sucked on it. Never in a million years would that drab brunette think about sucking a cock that had just been up her ass. Hell, that drab brunette never would have let a cock up there to begin with. Or a second cock, I thought happily as I felt another guy pushing his cock into my well lubed ass, sliding in far easier than the first.

“Let me fuck that pussy,” a guy said.

“I’m fucking her ass!”

“So, we can do her together.”

Together? A cock in both holes? Was that possible? Could a person have that much fun? I was pulled into a guy’s lap, his hard cock thrust up into my cunt as the other guy spread my asscheeks and found my tight asshole and slid in. I was so full of cock I thought I would burst. As I started to pump my hips, enjoying both cocks stuffing my holes, I learned that a blonde, at least, could have that much fun!

To be continued…

Click here for Part 4.

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The Devil’s Pact Chapter Thirty-Two: Decisions



The Devil’s Pact

Chapter 32: Decisions

by mypenname3000

edited by Master Ken

© Copyright 2013

Story Codes: Male/Female, Male/Females, Male/Female/Teen female, Female/Teen female, Female/Female, Hermaphrodite,Female, Mind Control, Magic, Female Masturbation, Oral, Toy, Incest, Orgy

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Comments are very welcome. I would like all criticism, positive and negative, so long as its
constructive, and feedback is very appreciated.

Click here for Chapter 31.

Desiree de la Fuente

I caught Alison’s eyes across the dining room, across all the shouting women.

They had just left. Mark and Mary. With a few words, I was suddenly horrified to discover I didn’t choose to be their…slut. My entire world was crumbling as I realized for the last three weeks of my life I had been a different person, a plaything for Mark and Mary. Someone to satiate their lusts and cook them food. I had always thought of myself as a strong, independent woman, not easily cowed or swayed. And yet, Mark says one word and I begged to be his whore. I shivered in disgust.

“We should call the cops,” Fiona was shouting.

“What good would that do?” Lillian demanded. “Master controls the police. Just be a good girl and calm down. You’re one of their chosen women, I don’t see what you’re all worked up about?”

Fiona flushed. “Some of us aren’t sluts who enjoy being degraded!”

Lillian’s pale face flushed with color and she screeched as she leapt at the strawberry-blonde Fiona. Noel grabbed Lillian and threw her back, standing between the two women. Fiona gave a snarl and fled the room. Alison caught my eyes and pointed upstairs. I nodded and we slipped out as Noel and Lillian started shouting at each other.

I sighed in relief as I closed the door to our bedroom. It hit me then. This was my house, and I was forced to stay in the guest bedroom. Mark and Mary stole my bedroom when they stole the house from Brandon and myself. Tears started welling up in my eyes as the full enormity of what had happened crashed into me.

“Shh,” Alison whispered, hugging me.

My heart quickened in my breast. Alison had this nympho act. Well, maybe it wasn’t an act, but underneath she was a sweet, loving girl. I felt relief sweep through me as I held her. I loved Alison, not because Mark or Mary made me, but because I really loved her. I wrapped my arms around her, holding mi Sirenita, my little mermaid, to me. I found her full lips and kissed her, tasting the watermelon lip gloss she wore.

When I broke the kiss, Alison’s brown eyes shined with love. I stroked her face, ran my hands through her bubblegum-pink hair. It was a shame she dyed it. Alison showed me a picture of her a year ago and she had the most beautiful, honey-brown hair. Alison’s left hand grabbed mine, the diamond engagement ring sparkling on her finger. When I saw the ring I just knew it was perfect, two mermaids were engraved on the band, their arms were the mount for the diamond. Alison brought my hand down to her bodice. We were both wearing the disgusting maid outfits that Mark liked us to wear. Outfits with transparent bodices that exposed our breasts and skirts so short that when we bent over our butts and vaginas were exposed. It was just obscene.

Alison took my hand and shoved it down her bodice. I could feel her full breast and the silver barbell that pierced her nipple. “Do you still love me?” Alison asked as I fondled her breast.

“Yes, mi Sirenita,” I purred.

Somehow, this beautiful creature had captured my heart. Maybe it was the fact we were thrown together and forced to share a bed, maybe I was always attracted to women, deep down inside me. Maybe she was my soulmate. I didn’t know. All I knew is that I’ve never felt anything for another person like I do for her. Well, that wasn’t true. I felt this way to Mark and Mary before they freed me from their spell. But, this was real. I gave her breast a nice squeeze.

“Good,” she whispered and pulled my face down to kiss me again as I played with her breast.

Alison deftly maneuvered me to the bed as we kissed and pushed me down to sit on the mattress; I was breathing heavily as she quickly shrugged off the maid’s outfit, revealing all her naked beauty. She was young, only seventeen, and had the perky curves of a teenager. Her skin was pale and beautiful and soft as silk. Her pussy was shaved and she had tattooed, “Cum on in,” with an arrow that pointed down to her pussy.

I grabbed her hips and pulled her to me, kissing her flat belly. I slipped off the bed so I was kneeling before her, my face inches from her tight pussy. Her clit was hard, peaking out of its hood, and I could smell her honey. Her thighs parted eagerly for my lips and I licked up her slit. I could feel her body tremble with pleasure as my tongue caressed her.

“Oh, fuck that’s nice,” Alison moaned. “Umm, I love it when you eat my pussy, Desiree.”

I spread open her clam, and licked around her pink, wrinkled labia, gathering a tongue-full of her sweet honey. I sucked her labia into my mouth, enjoying the feel of her intimate flesh on my lips before I kissed higher up to her clitoris. I swirled my tongue around her little pearl and Alison gave a sharp intake of pleasure.

“You keep that up and you’re gonna make me cum,” Alison purred.

“Promise?” I asked with a saucy smile.

Alison laughed and then moaned as I dived back into her delicious pussy. I decided to follow her tattoo’s instructions and shoved two fingers up inside her hungry clam. Alison’s fingers were digging into my hair as I slowly fucked them in and out. I went back to nibbling on her clit, ever so gently. Her hips were starting to rotate, grinding her sweet clam on my lips as her pleasure mounted inside her.

“Umm, yes! Oh yes!” she purred in delight. “Just keep playing with my button! Umm, yes, right there! Oh, fuck! Desiree! I’m cumming! Oh, my Latin beauty!”

My mouth was rewarded with some fresh juices as Alison creamed my lips. Her body shook on my lips as a nice orgasm spread through her. I kept eating her out, wanting to give mi Sirenita another cum. I pumped my fingers in and out of her faster, bent them just so, and found her G-spot. She bucked on my face as a second, stronger orgasm swept through her.

“Oh fuck! That was amazing, Desiree!”

I looked up at her, my face sticky with her juices as she smiled happily back down at me. I stood up and she kissed me, her tongue lapping up her juices. Her fingers were behind me, finding the outfit’s zipper and suddenly the disgusting maid outfit was falling off my lush curves. Alison smiled, staring lustily at my large, nut-brown breasts. She reached out, hefting one of my melons, squeezing it with her hand, then bent down and swirled her pierced tongue about my hard nipple. I moaned in delight, enjoying the feel of her metal stud against my nub.

“Let me get the strap-on,” Alison happily told me.

I stretched out on our bed and watched Alison’s ass as she bent down to root in our dresser. Her tight, wet slit was on display between her slim thighs, swollen and flushed from her orgasms. She found the strap-on, pulling the clear, plastic harness up her legs. A hot-pink dildo was attached to the front, and Alison expertly tightened the straps. We had a lot of experience using it on each other. Alison posed, stroking her fake cock. The only other thing she wore was a gold choker, her name written in diamonds.

A similar choker was about my neck, my name written in onyxes. It proclaimed me the slut of Mark and Mary. Sudden anger blossomed inside me and I reached behind my neck to take the vile slave collar off.

“What are you doing?” Alison gasped.

I frowned at her. “I’m taking this damned thing off.”

“You don’t want to be their slut anymore?” Alison asked. There were tears brimming in her eyes.

“You do?” I asked, stunned. Why would Alison want to stay with them?

Alison sat on the bed next to me, taking my dark hands in her pale grip, kissing my knuckles. “I wanted to be Mark’s slave,” she confessed. “I’ve always fantasized about being submissive to a powerful man. When I discovered Mark was fucking Lillian while she was cashiering at Hot Topic, I got so wet.” A smile appeared on her lips and her eyes became distant. “When Mark fucked me in the store, I came so hard. I was so happy when he asked me to be his sex slave, Desiree. Almost as happy as when you proposed to me.”

“What about us?” I asked her. “I thought you loved me?”

“I do,” she protested. “We can both be theirs, Desiree. Together.”

I was horrified. “I can’t, Alison. Please don’t ask me to do this!”

“How is this any different than Brandon?” Alison asked me. “You married him for his money, submitted to his lusts for a comfortable life. Master and Mistress will give us all we desire. All we have to do is satisfy their lusts.” A naughty smile appeared on her lips. “And don’t tell me you hated the sex.”

I opened my mouth to protest, but no words came out. She was right. I had enjoyed it. The best sex I ever had. She sensed my hesitation and pounced on me, kissing me with her hungry lips. Could I submit to them, be their slave? I married Brandon for his money, for the comforts he could give me. I let the disgusting man paw at my body. At least I enjoyed the sex with Mark and Mary.

My legs parted for Alison, I moaned into her sweet lips as the dildo prodded my clam. I reached down, grabbing the plastic cock and guided it inside me. Alison eagerly slammed it home inside me, pumping her ass vigorously. My hands reached out, grabbing her tight, teenage ass and pulling her into me. I could feel her hard nipples, and the harder nipple piercings, rubbing against my pillowy chest. Every time Alison buried the dildo in my cunt, the harness ground against my clit, building my pleasure.

“Let’s be slaves together,” Alison panted, her breath hot on my ear. I shivered as her tongue traced my earlobe. “We’ll be slut-wives! Pleasing each other when Master and Mistress do not need us. Oh, please be my slut-wife, Desiree! Please, please, please!”

My fingernails bit into Alison’s ass as my orgasm crashed through me. “Yes!” I howled. “Oh, yes! I’ll be your slut-wife!”

Alison’s happy smile was worth it. She had the same happy smile when I proposed to her. It took me a moment to realize the same smile was gracing my lips. I grabbed her pink tresses and pulled her lips down to mine and kissed my fiancee, my future slut-wife, as tears of happiness rolled down my cheeks.


April Lovel

I stayed quiet as the argument raged, sitting quietly at the table. Across from me, Violet sat just as quietly. Everyone was slipping away. Fiona in an angry huff, Lillian and Noel arguing, Thamina in a daze. I didn’t even notice when Alison and Desiree slipped out. Sam gathered up her translations and walked into Mary’s studio. Jessica calmly walked out, followed by a puzzled Willow.

I was just confused.

I vividly remember Mark bringing Felicity and I to his house. We were both virgins and it was such an exciting day. Mark taught me to suck his cock, then I was lying on the bed, next to Felicity, as Mark ate out my pussy, and Mary ate out Felicity’s pussy. I had such an amazing orgasm. And then Mark mounted me and took my virginity and I found myself falling in love with him. And I remembered how hurt I had been when they kicked me out of the bedroom. I gave Mark my virginity, my innocent heart, and he tossed me aside.

And I pined after him over the weekend.

And them Mary appeared at my school. And I became her slave. And then I got to be Mark’s slave and I was so happy. I got to be with the man whom I’d given my heart to, my innocence to. The last week had been so amazing. Even freed of his…what? Spell? I still didn’t regret Mark taking my virginity. But did I want to continue being his…slut?

I’d be giving up my dreams of going to Digipan and learning to program video games. Was Mark worth it? I would be happy. And Mark must love me if he gave me this freedom. Mary liked to talk about how much Mark loved her and that’s why he freed her. Well, Mark must love me too. I smiled, Mark loved me, and that thought sent happy butterflies flapping through my stomach.

I glanced up at Violet and saw tears running down her face.

I moved around the table, sat next to her and hugged the pretty, innocent teen. “It’ll be alright, Violet,” I told her.

“I…don’t…want…” she sobbed, “to…go…back…home…”

“Shh, you don’t have to go home,” I told her.

“But…but Master and Mistress…they don’t….want me…anymore.”

I hugged her. “Of course they do,” I told her, kissing her salty cheek. “They just love us so much, they are giving us the choice to stay with them.”

“Really?” Violet asked, rubbing her face. Her eyes were red and puffy from her crying, and it just made her look even cuter.


“I don’t have to go back to my mom?”

“No,” I said firmly.

And she relaxed, a tremulous smile on her lips. “Good.” She reached out and grabbed my hand. “Are you staying, April?” she asked me.

“Of course,” I told her. Master loved me. And Mistress, too.


Fiona Cavanagh

Shame burned through my body as I cried on the curb outside of the house. I was wearing the disgusting clothes Mark made me wear and the memory of all the times I was forced to…pleasure him and Mary curdled my stomach. I ripped the choker off my neck and heaved it off into the bushes and sobbed into my hands.

Someone sat down next to me. Through my tear-filled eyes I saw Thamina, dressed as modestly as she could, which was not that much, her colorful headscarf wrapped about her head. No choker encircled her throat. She wasn’t an idiot like Lillian who seemed to find it just fine that Mark essentially raped all of us.

“I know,” Thamina whispered comfortingly. “Come with me.”

“Where?” I asked. I had nowhere to go. No car, no phone, no money. I left everything behind when Mark took me. I left Hank behind. Another sob threatened to overwhelm me as I thought of my boyfriend. He must be sick with worry. I vaguely remembered Jessica saying he filed a missing-person report on me.

“My place,” Thamina said, holding her keys. Mark gave Thamina a SUV for winning the masturbation contest. Another shudder of disgust went through me. I had masturbated in public for Mark. A crowd of people watched us, made bets on us. Filmed us with their phones. I felt so dirty; I needed to scrub the filth off my skin.

Thamina’s white Ford Escape had somehow escaped the firefight untouched. The garage door was open and I could see Mark’s Mustang leaking antifreeze from a round that went through the front grill. Good. The bastard deserves that, and more, to happen to him. I climbed into the passenger seat and Thamina started up the SUV and we drove down the street.

Out front there was a media circus being managed by the Puyallup Police under Mark’s control. There was a young, teenage girl with black hair in a plaited braid and a smiling face. She wore a red sundress decorated with white flowers and was taking a picture of herself in front of the sign of the neighborhood.

We drove in silence to Thamina’s apartment near Canyon Road. Deer Creek Apartments was the name, one of those gated-communities. Thamina almost forgot her code when we pulled up to the security box and it took three tries before she punched it in right. “I don’t know where my remote for the gate is,” Thamina explained, clearly embarrassed about forgetting the code.

“It’s alright, Thamina,” I told her, patting her knee.

She pulled into her parking spot, and led me up to the third floor apartment. She unlocked the door and went in. “It’s been more than two weeks since I’ve been home.”

“Me, too,” I replied, bitterly. I saw her phone and asked if I could use it. Thamina gave me a nod as she disappeared into her bedroom.

“Hi,” a woman’s voice answered when I called the apartment I shared with Hank, my boyfriend.

“Oh, hello,” I said in surprise. Who was this woman in my apartment? Did I call the right number? “Is Hank there?”

“Who wants to know,” the woman asked coldly. There was a possessive tone to her voice that caused my stomach to sink.

Hank had already replaced me. I slammed the phone down and fell to the floor. We had been dating for two years and he replaces me in two weeks? My body rocked with sobs. God damn Mark fucking Glassner. Why me! Why did you have to choose me and ruin my life! I was happy. Things were going great with Hank!

“It will be alright,” Thamina murmured, hugging me.

She was dressed in a long, dark skirt and very conservative blouse. A blue and red headscarf was wrapped around her head, leaving only her round, dusky face with those sexy, dark eyes. I licked my lips, a heat flushing through my body. Her lips were red and moist and I felt drawn to them. I could feel her body stiffen as I kissed those lips, then she was pushing away from me.

“What are you doing, Fiona?” she asked.

What was I doing? “I don’t know,” I told her. “Christ, the last two weeks have screwed my head all up. I just couldn’t resist kissing you. I…I’m sorry. I’ll leave.”

I went to stand up and she caught my hand and pulled me back and kissed me and it was my turn to stiffen in surprise. “You are not the only one that has changed,” Thamina said, disgust painting her face. “I know it is wrong, a sin, for women to be together. But…”

“You just can’t control yourself?” I asked.

“Yes,” she sighed in resignation and pulled me in for a second kiss.

Her lips were soft and tender. I stroked her face and brushed her headscarf. I pulled it off, her black hair falling free and beautiful about her head. Our kiss became more passionate, my tongue pressing against her lips, and they parted to let me in. I felt her gentle hand stroking my shoulder, then slide down the slope of my breast. I felt the low-cut blouse I was wearing get pushed down and my hard nipple exposed. Her finger gently traced my areola, sending a tingling pleasure throughout my body.

“Oh, Thamina,” I sighed as she bent down and captured my nipple with her sucking lips. I cradled her head to my breast, running my fingers through her silky hair. “Oh, that’s nice.”

Thamina licked her way back up my chest and throat and we were kissing again. My fingers fumbled at the buttons to her blouse as we kissed. Finally, I pushed open her blouse and felt a bra about her breasts. I slid my hands around to her back and found the clasp. It was harder to unclasp another person’s bra then my own, I realized. I finally got the clasp unhooked and broke the kiss to look down at her dusky breasts and her dark nipples.

“Fiona,” Thamina murmured as I sucked her nipple into my mouth. “This is so wrong.”

“Then stop,” I told her. I was too horny to care about right and wrong.

“I can’t,” she sighed, and we were kissing again, her body pressing against mine. The straps of my blouse slipped off my shoulders, exposing both my breasts, and I could feel Thamina’s hard nipples kissing my own nipples.

I pushed Thamina back, lowering her to the floor and settling on top of her. Her hands pulled the thong I was wearing off and pushed up my skirt. I pulled up her long skirt until it bunched about her waist. She was wearing plain, boring panties and I pulled those off of her, exposing a V of black hair that pointed right at her waxed, wet cunt. I grimaced, my pussy was waxed bare because of Mark’s perversions, too.

“Oh, Fiona,” she sighed as I settled atop her, our clits rubbing against each other as I started to trib her. “Ohh, that feels so nice!”

I ground my clit into her, moaning wantonly. “Your clit feels so good on mine,” I purred to Thamina and her hands caught my strawberry-blonde hair and pulled me down to kiss her.

Our hips rolled and pumped as we tribbed each other. Thamina’s hands roamed my back, her fingers lightly tracing my muscles and spine, leaving little trails of fire across my skin. I rubbed our clits together with hard, slow thrusts of my hips, building the pleasure inside me. My ass flexed and her gentle hands were suddenly groping my plump cheeks, pulling me harder into her pussy.

“Fiona! Fiona!” Thamina gasped. “Oh, you are driving me crazy!”

Harder, faster, I ground our clits together. Thamina bucked beneath me as her orgasm exploded inside her. She gasped so sweetly, squeezing my ass almost painfully as her passion overcame her. I rubbed against her clit once, twice, and then I screamed out her name as my pussy convulsed and my orgasm surged through my body.

“Wow,” I whispered and settled my weight on Thamina to cuddle with her and enjoy the post-orgasmic bliss.

But, Thamina pushed me off her and pushed her skirt down. Buttoning up her blouse she whispered, “That was wrong, Fiona. We can’t do this again.”

“Then why did it feel so good?”

“It felt good with Mark and Mary,” Thamina answered. “That didn’t change how wrong it was, did it?”

No. It really didn’t.

But, it did happen again. I went to take a shower and, to my delighted shock, Thamina slipped in and we rubbed our pussies on each other’s thighs beneath the warm water. And then it happened while we shared her bed for the night. And once more when we woke up in the morning. After every time we made love, Thamina would say it was the last, that it was wrong, and every time she would be the one to kiss me first.

“Do you need a place to stay?” Thamina asked as we ate a simple breakfast of pancakes. It was the only food in the apartment that hadn’t gone bad.

“Yeah,” I answered, hopeful.

“Then, you can stay here.” Thamina took a deep breath. “But, do not expect us to do that again.”

“Of course not,” I said, nodding soberly. I grabbed my plate and went to her sink to start rinsing it when I felt her body press against mine from behind.

“We can’t do it anymore,” she whispered as her lips found the back of my neck. “Because it’s wrong.”

Her hand slid up my thigh underneath my skirt and I moaned softly when she found my bare pussy. I didn’t know what Thamina and I had. It certainly wasn’t love. But it was comforting. I gasped as she slipped a finger up inside me. Comforting and fun.


Jessica St. Pierre

I didn’t know what to think when Mark freed me from his…power? Spell? I didn’t really know what to call it. Who would think magic and all that crap was real? What I did know is that I needed a drink. I found my car still parked out on the street. My poor baby, a powder-blue Prius, had a passenger window shot out and a bullet hole in the trunk. Sighing, I climbed into the car, pushed the button to start it up, and drove away.

American Joes was the first bar I found. It looked like a dive, but I didn’t care. I needed a drink, desperately. I walked in; the few men in the pub were fixed on the TV. It was Debra reporting about what happened this afternoon. My heart began to hammer. I spent the firefight crouched behind a car, next to Debra, as her cameraman fearlessly filmed the firefight. “I was in Fallujah during the Surge,” he said dismissively when Debra suggested he take some cover.

I had never felt so alive as during those few minutes. It was almost intoxicating. Being around Mark and Mary was intoxicating, too. I sipped on my Coors lite. It was wrong what Mark did to me, that was painfully obvious. But, Mark was a powerful man. And he was only growing more and more powerful. And powerful men got what they wanted.

I could help him. I could be there, in the thick of it. Mark already relied on me to help the media. And so what if he fucked me. The sex was amazing. I could feel my pussy moistening in my silk panties just thinking about it. Mark was so powerful, and I could be one of his favorite women. I shuddered at the thought. I pulled my choker out of my pocket. Made of gold, with my name written in sapphires. I rubbed the engraving: “Mark and Mary’s slut forever.”

Forever. Forever the lover of the most powerful man in the world. There was no doubt in my mind just how powerful Mark was after today. He healed himself after he got shot five times, for Pete’s sake. Finishing off my beer, I clasped the choker about my throat.


Samnag “Sam” Soun

I sat the Magicks of the Witch of Endor and my dictionaries and reference books down on the desk in Mary’s studio, next to one of the computers. The last few days had definitely been strange. One minute I was working on my Ph.D. dissertation, the next I was being made the plaything of Mark and Mary, and then they asked me to translate this book.

The really wild part was all the spells and rituals in the book were real. Mark sold his soul for power and used that power to control me. I was torn, I did not want to be his plaything, but the magic was so intriguing. There were just such fascinating spells in it! There was a spell that could steal a nun’s powers and give it to a Warlock. Another spell let you summon the spirits of the dead to scry with. The book told you how to summon a variety of demons: Asherah, Marduk, Lilith, Hadath, Molech, Astarte, Chemosh, Baal-zebub, Dagon, Tammuz, Milcom, Ashtoreth, and, of course, Lucifer. The very being Mark and Mary apparently got their powers from. And there were magics in here even I could perform. Most required you to sell your soul, but anyone could conjure the dead or heal the sick and I found one spell that only a woman could cast.

I flushed, remembering what the spell did. It allowed a woman to conjure her own cock. Allowing a woman to ‘have the seed of life like a man, and plant that seed in a fertile vessel.’ What would it be like to have my own cock? It was such a disgusting idea, and yet an itch was forming in my pussy, my juices puddling on the leather seat of the chair.

I slid my hands down my naked flesh, down to my waxed pussy. On Monday, Mary sent me to this salon to get my thick, black bush waxed. It was weird, feeling bare down there, and strange to play with my pussy and not feel my wiry hair tickling my fingers as they slowly got matted-down with my juices. I teased my slit, running my hand up and down my labia. My breath caught as I pictured a cock thrusting out from me as I pinched my clit.

I imagined bending caramel-skinned Jessica over the couch. She would moan as I slid my cock inside her warm pussy. I slipped my fingers up inside me, imagining that’s what Jessica’s pussy would feel like around my cock, all warm and slippery. Jessica would gasp and pant, and moan so beautifully as I fucked her. Her caramel breasts would shake from my thrusts, waving her dark nipples about. I would spank her ass as I fucked her, and pull on her honey-brown hair.

I dug my fingers faster and faster into my cunt, pinching my clit with my other hand. I leaned back in the computer chair. Jessica would cum on my cock, her pussy clenching, and she would gasp my name. I shuddered on the chair, my pussy clenching about my fingers as a nice cum washed through me.

Breathing heavily, I sucked my fingers clean of my tangy, spicy flavor. I grabbed my notes and found the passage for the Shophkah spell, reading the ritual again. It was simple. I just needed a woman to lie with. I chewed on my fingernail as I debated performing the spell. This might be my last night of freedom. Just because Mark and Mary say they’ll free us, I don’t think they’ll free me. They need the knowledge in this book. They need me.

Where could I find a woman to fuck? There was a club I heard the other sluts talk about. One that Mary liked to go to. Some lesbian club called the something Diver. The Cake Diver? No, that couldn’t be it. I pulled out my smart phone and did a search and found a club in Tacoma called the Clam Diver.

I went down into the basement where the bed I shared with Xiu was. She was a nasty girl, I learned. Loved to be hurt. The more you hurt her, the wetter she got. I went to the dresser I shared with Xiu. Mary had me go shopping on Monday to get “appropriate clothing,” as she put it, after the waxing. I found a tight, blue dress covered in sequins. The skirt was very short, and while the bodice went up to my neck, an oval was cut out exposing the inner slopes of my breasts.

I called for a taxi and paid with my debit card. As the cab drove me to Tacoma, I thought about my future. I wouldn’t be Mark and Mary’s sex slave again, not if I could help it. But, maybe, they would let me be their…adviser. Their Vizier. I could inform them about the magic and maybe I would make my own deal with the devil. As long as I stayed subservient to them, there’s no reason that I couldn’t have some fun.

The music in the club was a booming dubstep. It was dark inside, various colored spotlights flashing about the club. There was a bar and circular tables on one side, and a large dance floor on the other. The club was filled with women of all shapes and races: lipstick lesbians, punk girls with spiked hair, butch women with short hair, goth girls in depressing blacks, and many more.

I had fun, dancing and grinding on a few girls. I hit it off with this one girl who had the most unusual hair. Half was dyed bubblegum pink, the other half cotton-candy blue. In fact, her name was Candy and whether that was her real name or an affectation, I didn’t know. She found my glasses cute, and we were soon making out on one of the couches that lined the wall of the club.

Candy was quite affectionate, and her mouth as sweet as candy. She was short, like me, and very curvy, unlike me. Her hand slipped under my short skirt and started playing with my shaved pussy as we kissed. Feeling bold, I pushed up her skirt and discovered she wasn’t wearing panties. I ran my finger through her smooth pussy. I gathered up a copious coating of her juices and sucked them into my mouth. “Umm, you taste as sweet as candy,” I joked.

She licked her lips. “Why do you think I’m called Candy?”

I laughed and kissed her again. She grabbed my hips and pulled me into her and our clits started rubbing together. The spell required me to ‘lie with a woman as if I were a man, and fully know her,’ and it sounded like a euphemism for tribadism. When I ‘fully know her,’ which I’m hoping means the both of us cumming, I was to utter the Hebrew word for cock, Shophkah. All the spells that I had seen were Hebrew words. I had only translated maybe a sixth of the book and skimmed the rest.

Our pussies ground together harder and faster, our orgasms building. “Oh yes!” Candy gasped. “Oh, god yes! I love this couch! I always get lucky on this couch!”

I rubbed harder and harder. “Oh yeah, who else have you done this with!”

“Oh, this beautiful, auburn-haired woman!” she gasped. “Two weeks ago. She was the most stunningly gorgeous woman in the world!”

She was talking about Mary, I realized. What a small world. Our clits were rubbing hard together as we pleasured each other. Candy was moaning wordlessly, her finger slipping into the cleft of my buttocks and teasing my asshole. When her finger slid into my ass, I slammed my clit into hers at the sudden intrusion. Candy bucked beneath me as she came.

“Fuck, fuck, that’s so good!” she shrieked, wiggling her finger deeper into my bowels.

I felt my orgasm shudder through me and I moaned one word, “Shophkah!”

Warmth bubbled up in my pussy and pleasure shook through my body as my clitoris became red hot. I moaned and felt pleasure as my clit engorged and lengthened, pushing into Candy’s pussy as it grew. I was suddenly surrounded by her warm, slippery flesh. It was better than I imagined it would be. My hips started pumping my cock inside her delightful cunt.

Candy’s eyes opened in shock. “What the fuck!” she gasped. “Is that a dildo?”

I didn’t answer her, I was too lost in the pleasure around my cock to care about anything other than pumping it in and out of her pussy. Candy’s hand wormed between our bodies, sliding down to feel where my cock penetrated her cunt. Her fingers wrapped around the shaft of my cock and followed it up to my groin. I could see her eyes widen in amazement as she realized what she felt. Her fingers slipped underneath and found my wet pussy.

“Holy shit! You have a cock, now!”

“Yeah,” I panted, fucking her harder and harder.



She let out a throaty moan. “I love magic!” Her hips started thrusting up to meet me and I kissed her sweet lips.

My cock felt so amazing in her slippery depths. I was completely enveloped in warm, soft flesh. Every movement of my cock built the pleasure mounting inside me. I fucked her faster and faster, feeling an overwhelming urge to cum as fast as possible. God, no wonder guys were so quick to finish. This urge was almost driving all thoughts from my mind. I just needed to cum.

I groaned loudly as this pressure shot out from my ovaries and out through my cock and I spilt my seed into Candy’s sweet cunt. “Oh my god, you can cum!” she gasped. “Holy shit!” More blasts flooded her pussy as she came a second time, her cunt contracting pleasantly about my cock. “Holy shit!” Candy panted one more time.

I concentrated, the spell said I could summon and dismiss the cock at will, and I felt my cock shrinking and withdrawing from her cunt until it was back to being my tiny little clit. Candy just gaped, rubbing her eyes as she saw my dick-less groin.

“Wow, oh, wow! Can you fuck me with that again?”


Lillian Franks

I didn’t get why the other girls were upset. Being Mark and Mary’s sluts was so rewarding. I was so jealous that day when I first met Mark and he took Alison as his sex slave and left me to work the rest of my shift at Hot Topic with a cunt full of his cum. I stalked out of the house, I didn’t see the point in hanging around with these ungrateful ladies. If they wanted to throw away the great honor of being Mark’s slut, fine with me. More Master and Mistress for me to fuck.

Feeling horny, I decided not to waste the opportunity of having the night to myself and grabbed my phone, looking up this hot piece of ass’s number. “Hey Zelda,” I said when she answered the phone.

Zelda was this cute, punk girl I fucked a few weeks ago. I met her at Hot Topic when Master came in the second time and made me his slut. I filmed our fucking so Master and Mistress could watch it later. She was a great lay and I wouldn’t mind making it with the girl again.

“You never called me back,” Zelda pouted. “I thought we had a great time.”

“We did,” I quickly told her. “In fact, I’m looking to have another good time.”

Zelda gave a wicked laugh. “I bet Spike would just love that.”

“Spike?” I asked. “Is he cute?”

Zelda purred. “You’ll just want to eat him up. Come on over.”

I pulled on a red corset and a very short, black skirt trimmed with black lace. Thigh-high, fishnet stockings covered my pale legs, held up by a black garter belt. I didn’t bother with the panties. I pulled my black hair, streaked with blue and purple highlights, into two pigtails. I looked hot. My gold choker glinted prettily around my neck so everyone could see who I belonged to. I happily headed outside to my blue Fusion Hybrid. I frowned, the passenger door had three bullet holes in it and the passenger seat was leaking stuffing.

Oh well, Master had the money to fix it. I hopped in, and started up my car. I had won a masturbation contest to get this car. That had been exciting, pleasuring myself while a bunch of strangers watched. It was so nasty. That’s why I loved being their slave, I got to do all these nasty, fun things. I gunned the car, and roared out of the street, past all the media, and took off to Zelda’s apartment.

She didn’t live too far away, Chestnut Hill apartments off Meridian, halfway down South Hill into the Puyallup Valley and downtown Puyallup. I parked my car in front of the M building and climbed up the stairs to the third floor and knocked on the door. Zelda opened it, wearing only a skimpy, black thong. Her small breasts had gold rings pierced through her nipples and tattooed on her right breast was a green serpent coiled about her tit. That was new, she didn’t have that two weeks ago. The serpent’s tongue flicked out pink towards her areola to lick at her nipple. A sultry grin appeared on her almost-cute face. She would be cute, except her hair was spiked up into a black mohawk streaked with red, the sides shaved off.

“Slut,” Zelda smiled and grabbed my pigtail and pulled me in for a kiss. My hands found her breasts, pulling on her nipple rings as her tongue stabbed into my lips and roughly wrestled with my tongue. She broke the kiss and pulled me into the apartment by my pigtail.

Sitting on her couch was a cute guy wearing only a pair of ripped jeans. His chest was muscular and hairless. His face had a chiseled chin and deep, blue eyes. Just like Master’s eyes. His hair was shaved and black spikes were pierced through his eyebrows, a black bull’s ring pierced his nose, and both of his ear lobes were distorted by wide, black ear expanders.

“This that girl?” Spike grunted, taking a pull from a brown-bottled beer. A grin split his lips. “You’re one hot chick. Zelda says you like to party.”

“I love to party,” I purred.

“What’s this about your throat?” Zelda asked, fingering my choker. “Mark and Mary’s slut forever,” she read and frowned. “Wait, not that Mark?”

I grinned at her.

“Holy shit,” Spike gasped. “That was wild what happened today. Did he really die and come back to life?”

I blinked. “Well, he was shot in the chest a bunch and…” my voice broke. The image of Master lying bleeding on the lawn would haunt me for the rest of my life. Get yourself together, slut, he’s alive. “We thought he was going to die and then he was all better.”

“Fuck,” Zelda muttered. “Is he, like, a God or something?”

A God? He could do some amazing things. Both of them could. “Maybe he is,” I answered. “And I’m one of his favorites.”

Spike pulled me to him and I sat down on the couch next to him. He boldly pulled up my skirt exposing my shaved cunt, his fingers ran down my slit then shoved roughly inside me. I gasped in the mix of pleasure and discomfort. “So a God’s cock has been up here?”

His thick fingers were pushing in and out of my cunt. “Yes,” I hissed. Zelda sank down on the other side of me, her fingers unlacing the black ties of my corset. The corset loosened enough for Zelda to fish out my left breast and I moaned as her lips kissed my nipple, then she softly bit it with her teeth. I jumped when Spike’s thumb started rubbing hard on my clit. “Oh, fuck!” I moaned.

Spike unzipped his jeans and pulled out a hard, thick cock. A silver ring pierced the cock’s head, below the urethra. A Prince Albert piercing, I thought with a wicked smile. “You feel wet enough, babe,” Spike moaned, climbing atop me.

I spread my legs eagerly for him. “Fuck the slut,” Zelda urged.

His cock nudged at my pussy. I groaned as he slid into me, the ring rubbing deliciously down the length of my pussy as he filled me up. He drew back and slammed into me again. God, his cock felt so good inside me. I always loved fucking a guy with a pierced cock. Zelda kissed me as my pussy was getting pounded by Spike.

“Fuck, fuck you’re tight, babe!” Spike moaned, his balls slapping against my taint with every thrust. “Fuck, fuck! I can see why a God would fuck you! This is some grade A cunt I’m getting!”

My orgasm was building quickly as the metal ring rubbed against my pussy’s walls. I gasped into Zelda’s greedy mouth as her hand slid down and found my little clit and started rubbing it. I writhed beneath Spike as my cum exploded through my cunt, squeezing down on his big cock. He kept right on fucking me, pounding me harder and harder. My insides were on fire and Zelda kept playing with my clit.

I broke the kiss, gasping, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming again! Ohh, keep fucking me! Yes, Yes!” Zelda’s finger was making my clit feel amazing as she stroked it. “Fuck, keep playing with my clit, slut! Ummm, yes!”

“I’m gonna cum in your pussy,” Spike grunted. “I bet you’re the type of slut that loves it when a guy busts his nut inside her!”

“Oh yes,” I panted. “Flood my naughty little cunt with your cum! I’m goin’ to make Zelda lick it all out!”

Zelda pinched my nipple. “You think so, slut?”

“Yes!” I screamed as a third orgasm crashed through me. Spike groaned as my pussy hungrily milked his cum from his balls. I loved the feeling of hot cum splashing inside me. Spike pulled out and buried himself one last time inside me, before his cock withdrew, leaving me empty. I could feel his cum run out wetly.

“Clean her pussy out, Zelda!” Spike barked. Then a grin broke out on his face. “She’s got to be clean for her God.”

I moaned as Zelda’s head bent down and lapped at my messy cunt. Spike was right, Master wouldn’t be pleased if my cunt was full of some other man’s cum, tomorrow. I came a fourth time as Zelda’s skilled tongue found all of Spike’s cum inside me. And then, I got to return the favor to Zelda, licking out Spike’s cum from her tasty snatch.


Korina Stavros

I slipped silently out of the kitchen as Fiona and Lillian fought, wandering upstairs. I entered Master and Mistress’s bedroom, crawling onto their bed. I rubbed my cheek against their sheets and hugged their pillow. I could smell their scent and felt loved.

I was carrying Master’s baby, I thought happily.

My arm ached from where I got shot, and I shifted to get more comfortable. Maybe it was wrong what they did to me, but I enjoyed every minute of it. Even drinking another woman’s pee. Fiona didn’t seem to be as happy about being their slut. That was a shame, I had come to love drinking her pee. I was pregnant and that changed everything for me. Maybe I would be more angry if it wasn’t for the baby. Or maybe not. Master told me he loved me, and so did Mistress. My child would be loved and cared for, and that is what’s most important.

So there was no question in my mind what I would do. I fingered the gold choker, tight about my throat, tracing the opal stones set in a plate on the front. Korina, the opals spelled, and below that I traced the words engraved, “Mark and Mary’s slut forever.” I was their slut, forever. It was engraved on my choker.


Dr. Willow WolfTail

I drove.

When I need to think, I like to get in my red Prius and drive. It didn’t matter where I drove, just that I kept moving. I had been Dr. Willow WolfTail, OB/GYN and wife of Yancy Coleman. But, what was I, now? Mark and Mary’s sex slave. I frowned, no I would not be that. Yancy’s wife? I shook my head, no I signed those divorce papers last week.

I never should have married Yancy. We had just been together for so long, I just didn’t know how to get off the train. So, I said, “Yes,” when he proposed and I said, “I do,” when the minister asked the question. It made my family happy, it made Yancy happy. I told myself that it made me happy. But, it didn’t.

So, was I still a doctor?

That was the one thing Mark and Mary left me. They wanted me to run their free clinic. Mary told me all about her plans. The clinic’s real purpose was to find them young women to be whores for them. But, that seemed to be changing. Mary was starting to be more focused on actually helping these women. I pictured examining all those young, nubile girls and felt a flush of warmth through my body. My time as their sex slave has definitely warped my sexual appetites.

Maybe I couldn’t be their sex slave, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t run their clinic. For a price.


Agent Noel Heinrich

“I need a transfer,” I told ASAC Donavan when I entered his office.

“I thought you were happy with your, um, undercover assignment,” Donavan said. “You seemed so committed last week.”

I shivered as he leered at me. He had watched me fuck Mark Glassner in this very building. Well, that’s when I was Mark’s slave. Now, I wanted to get as far away from the creep as I could. Far away from all the people he’s enslaved, and my memories. Grief almost overwhelmed me, but I beat it down. I didn’t need that know.

“Just send me far away,” I begged. “Mark approved it.” A lie. Well, if Mark was honest about letting me go, I guess it really wasn’t.

“Well, if that’s what Mark wants,” Donavan said, and a hint of awe appeared in his voice. Jeez, was he one of those idiots buying that bull about Mark being a god? When I left the house, a group of those idiots were gathering outside with signs proclaiming Mark and Mary to be their Gods. Blind fucking idiots.

“It is,” I told him, rubbing at my neck. It felt good to have that damned choker off. I threw it into the Puyallup River on my way here. Let the fish be his damned sex slave. I was through being a man’s plaything.


“This is like a dream, Tiffany,” my husband said to me as we cuddled in bed.

We were both naked, my pussy aching pleasantly from our lovemaking. I stroked his chest, idly, my body pressed up against his side. It was a dream. I never thought I would be with my husband again. To hold him, and kiss him, and to feel him inside me. I wasn’t a nun anymore, I realized, I would have to get on birth control or we’d have another child.

“I love you, Sean,” I told him, squeezing him tightly. He smiled and we kissed. “I need to tell you something.” I bit my lip as he nodded. “I…I was with other people, while we were separated.”

“It’s okay,” Sean answered. “That’s all in the past.”

“Is it okay?” I asked. “I had many lovers. I was your wife and…”

“Technically, we were divorced,” he pointed out. “We still are divorced, I guess. Besides, I had women, too.”

I frowned. “Mary said you never dated.”

“No, but there were, um, women, from time to time,” he admitted.

“Who?” I asked, curious. “Why would you keep it from the girls?” A guilty flush appeared on his face and my eyes widened in realization. “Your high school students?”

“Yeah,” he sheepishly answered. “They were all willing. You know, the cool teacher thing turns some girls on. But, it was only after you left, Tif.”

“Well, I guess what was in the past is in the past,” I told Sean. “We have our new future to build. And, well, I think I’d like another child. So, I could see,” tears were filling my eyes, “…so I could see one of my children grow up.”

Sean gently brushed a tear away. “I’m old enough to be a grandpa, now. Are you sure?”

I laughed. “I know, you got old. I can’t believe there’s gray in your hair.”

“And you got younger. So not fair, Tif.”

“Oh, would you rather I got old and fat like you?” I teased.

His lips found mine. “No, you’re as beautiful as the day I met you.”

I could feel his cock hardening against my thigh. “Again?” I asked in surprise.

“They say a young, beautiful woman is the best Viagra,” Sean quipped as he pulled me atop him. “Besides, someone wants a child.”

I smiled happily as I felt his cock prodding at the entrance to my pussy and I slid down Sean’s body, forcing his wonderfully hard dick inside me. I moaned in delight as Sean filled me up. I rose up, thrusting my perky breasts forward. I slowly started riding Sean, rolling my hips as I slid up and down his shaft. Sean’s hands slid up my flat stomach to cup my breasts.

“You’re so beautiful, Tif!” he moaned. “Would you marry me, again?”

“Oh yes!” I gasped, happily. “As soon as possible.” I felt tears of joy run down my cheeks as I rode my husband. I forced down the guilt at betraying my order. It was all for Sean, all for my family. They were all I needed.

And what about the greater good, my guilt whispered up at me.

But that voice was quickly drowned out by the pleasure growing deep in my womb as Sean’s cock rubbed deliciously against my pussy walls as I rode him. The pleasure of his fingers playing gently with my breasts, the pleasure of my clit grinding into his groin on every down-stroke. And the pleasure of my orgasm as it crashed through my body and the feel of Sean’s cum shooting inside me. His eager sperm might be swimming up to a waiting egg and we would make a new life, again.


“Mark…” the ethereal voice whispered, “Awaken…”

I was standing in a field of wildflowers awaiting my Mary when the voice drifted across the field and I realized I was dreaming. The voice seemed to be coming from the small bridal tent where, in my dream, anyways, my Mary would be waiting to step out and walk down the aisle. I walked towards the white tent and through the open flap.

“Mark…” the beautiful woman whispered, her voice chiming like bells.

She was beautiful and young, maybe in her early twenties. Her skin was burnished bronze and her eyes were scarlet. Around her face and shoulders fell scarlet hair. She wore a simple, white tunic, her large breasts straining against the plain fabric. At her waist, a golden sword set with rubies. A soft smile graced her lips as she eyed me.

“Who are you?” I asked, suspiciously.

“I am Azrael,” the woman answered. Her tunic melted away and she stood naked before me. Her breasts were large and perfectly shaped, her nipples hard and large. Scarlet hair hid her pussy as she walked towards me. She touched me and I shuddered in pleasure. It was like being touched by Lilith.

Somehow, I was on my back and she was straddling me, my cock sliding into her pussy. The feeling was so intense, an ecstasy of pleasure surged through me as my cock was fully enveloped by her warm, wet depths. I groaned, my cum shooting into her. She smiled in delight, shuddering atop me as she started riding my cock.

“It has been so long since I have given a man the Ecstasy,” Azrael moaned in her melodic voice.

Ecstasy, that’s what Karen called it when Gabriel would come upon her and give her a mission. So, Azrael was an angel, then. Now that I had Tiffany’s Gift, I guess the other side had a use for me. Well, fuck that. They had caused me far too much pain and suffering for me to even think about playing ball for them.

“What do you want, angel,” I spat, trying to fight the pleasure.

Azrael laughed. “I am an angel. The Angel of Death, to be specific.”

“You’re a woman, though?” I frowned. “I always thought the Angel of Death was some guy in a black robe.”

“Why would Death be a man?” she asked. “Life comes into this world from a woman, it is only fitting that life should leave this world the same way.”

The pleasure in my cock was growing too much and I groaned as I came inside her again. She just kept right on riding me, her perfect breasts bouncing above me. I wanted to reach out and cup those breasts, feel her hard nipples. Instead, I grabbed the canvas floor of the tent between my fists.

“What do you want?” I demanded.

“It is my job to teach and guide Shamans,” Azrael answered.


“A Warlock who has been given the Gift of the Priesthood. You are no longer a Warlock, but you are not quite a Priest. A monk, as they are called these days. You are a Shaman, with both the powers of Paradise and the Abyss.”

“This has happened before?” I asked in surprise.

“Oh, yes,” Azrael answered. “It is rare. There is a way for a Warlock to steal the Gift, of course. And Tiffany was hardly the first Priestess to give her Gift to a Warlock. In fact, the most famous Shaman of all would be King Solomon. When the Queen of Sheba was sent to exorcise him, the foolish woman fell in love with him and gave him her powers. Any questions?”

“Why would you want to help me?” I demanded. “I’m a Warlock. Your side has been attacking me since day one!”

“Perhaps I can temper your wickedness,” Azrael answered, with a smile. “And maybe some good can come from your actions.” She twisted her hips, squeezing her angelic cunt as she slid down my cock and another blast of cum flooded up inside her. “Ohh, I love it when a mortal floods me with his seed. Maybe you’ll quicken a life in my womb!”

“What?” I asked in shock.

She threw back her head, a rich, chiming laughter peeled from her lips. “I can bare no child, relax mortal.”

Could I have kids, now? Mary wanted to have kids but Karen told us a nun couldn’t get pregnant, it was one of the protections they were given. Mary would be crushed if I was sterile, now. “Can I still have kids, now?”

Azrael cocked her head. “Yes. The Priestesses were given that protection because of the nature of their Prayers. Priests, on the other hand, have very different powers. Anything else, or shall we get started on your education?”

“No,” I snapped, anger at her presumption, anger at her invasion of my dreams, boiling up inside me. “I don’t want anything to do with your side. My Chasity is dead because of your nuns!”

“Not my nuns,” Azrael pointed out. “Gabriel’s nuns.”

“I don’t care,” I shouted. My balls were boiling, wanting to cum in the furnace of her cunt again. “Your side can go fuck themselves.”

“Ooh, I’d rather fuck you,” Azrael panted. “Your cock feels so nice inside me.”

I grit my teeth as she rode me faster and faster, trying not to cum again. She arched her back, thrusting those magnificent breasts forward and her cunt began to convulse so pleasantly about my cock as she came. I lost the battle and came one more time in her tight pussy. Gasping for breath, I found myself moaning in disappointment as she rose off my cock.

“Well, if you ever change your mind, Mark, just say my name and we can resume your education.”

“I won’t,” I promised.

Her mocking laugh followed me as I rose to wakefulness.

I was sleeping on a hospital chair, my neck sore, my pants soaked with cum. Mary stirred next to me, shifting her position on her chair. “Master,” a soft voice whispered. I looked up to see Xiu staring at me. I stood up and took her hand and kissed it. She smiled softly, and her eyes closed and she slipped back into sleep.

I won’t use their powers, I promised myself. Desiree almost died the first time they attacked me. Korina was shot and this time Xiu was badly hurt, and plenty of my bodyguards. And Chasity was dead and five of my other bodyguards. Fuck them. Fuck their powers. I would hold onto this Gift, keep it from ever being used for their side again. Deprive them of one of the few tools that remained them.

Mary and I ate breakfast at the hospital. Xiu woke up a second time when we returned and Mary hugged her gently as we told her about the hysterectomy and Chasity’s death. Xiu would be given the choice about staying our sex slave, but only after she was stronger. We checked in on the other bodyguards. 30 died during the night. 04 and 47 were still unconscious. The other eighteen were conscious and eating breakfast. They had suffered a variety of gunshots, some more serious than others. Four were well enough to be discharged this morning, having only taken grazing wounds. They were all happy to see us and we gave them encouragements.

Noon was approaching, and it was time to find out who, if any, of our sex slaves would want to voluntarily stay with us. 51 drove us back to the house. Besides the media, there was a large crowd of people cheering and holding up signs as we drove through. A very large crowd, I realized. There were more than a hundred, covering the shoulder of Shaw Road and spilling into the road. “I worship you,” and “Mark Glassner is God,” and many other signs were on display.

“What the fuck is that about?” I asked Mary, but she looked as confused as I was.

“Sir,” 51 answered. “Your miraculous healing is all over the internet. Some people think you’re a God.”

“Stop the car,” I ordered and I stepped out of the car, prepared to set these people straight.

The crowd, mostly women, fell to their knees and bowed. Their faces shown with rapture and love. “My God!” they shouted. “Bless me!” and “I am yours!” and other shouts rose up. I recognized a few, women that I had fucked over the past few weeks. “Take me!” a woman shouted and bared her breasts at me and I felt my cock hardening.

Their love, their devotion, their worship was so intoxicating. I raised my hands up and they hushed in excited anticipation of what I would say. They were obeying me without me even giving them a command. This was power. I was power. I could do things that no normal person ever could. I was better than them. I could guide them, shape them. Make them better than what had been before. How could I refuse these people.

“What is your commandment, my Lord!” a man shouted.

“Love each other.”

I did not know why that phrase appeared on my lips, but it felt right. A groan went through the crowd and two teenage girls rose up. I smiled, recognizing the Cunningham twins. “It’s as we told you,” the twin with the shorter hair cried. “Mark taught our family to love each other unconditionally.”

Rose grabbed Daisy and the twin girls kissed passionately before the entire crowd. A groan went through the crowd and more people were kissing each other, following the twin girls’ examples. Men kissed women and women kissed women. Mothers kissed daughters and sons kissed mothers. Brothers kissed sisters and daughters kissed fathers.

Mary stepped out of the car and another wave of shouts rose from the crowd, “My Goddess!” and, “The most Beautiful of Women!” shouted from the crowd. I saw the uncertainty melt away from Mary’s face as the crowd chanted her name. A Black woman knelt before her, begging to pleasure her.

Clothing was coming off as the worshipers’ passions increased. Several with instruments begin playing a low, primal beat. Deep drums accompanied by steel-string guitars. Everywhere you looked, people were loving each other, worshiping us with their bodies. Some bowed before us, baring breasts and begging for our blessing.

A mother and her teenage daughter took turns sucking my cock, their tongues running up and down the sides. They both looked so much alike, the same tawny hair, the same delicate cheeks, but the mother had fuller lips and bigger tits, while the daughter had the smooth, fresh skin of youth and tits that seemed to defy gravity.

They kissed each other around the head of my cock, their tongues caressing each other’s as they explored the sensitive flesh of my cock. I gripped both their hairs and moaned as they started taking turns sucking my cock into their mouths. Mary was leaning back against 51′s cop car as the Black woman was devouring her pussy.

I watched her lips as she moaned, her voice drowned out by the worshipers. Her body convulsed as she orgasmed and the Black woman looked so happy when her face came away sticky. Immediately, another worshiper, a Black teenager, grabbed the woman and they kissed and the teen mounted her and started fucking her with his cock. Was it her son? Or was it a complete stranger fucking her?

The mother had her lips about my cock as her daughter sucked my balls into her sweet mouth. I groaned, my balls tightening, and I flooded the mother’s mouth with my cum. She pulled her head away and let my cum splash onto her large breasts and neck. A look of ecstasy painted her face as my spunk ran thickly down her heaving bosom. Her daughter released my balls and scooped up a glob of semen off her mother’s breast and sucked it reverently into her mouth. Other worshipers crowded around, gathering scoops of my cum to eat.

“This is wrong,” Mary whispered after we climbed back into 51′s car, leaving behind the orgy.

“Why?” I asked. “We didn’t make them do anything.”

Mary bit her lip. “They think we’re…”

“Gods?” I asked her, a smile on my lips. “Why not? We have these powers. Didn’t it feel amazing as they all chanted your name?”

A ghost of a smile played on her lips. “It was…”

“Intoxicating?” I finished.

“Yes,” Mary sighed. “We need to be careful, Mark.”

I reached out and stroked her freckled cheek. “Of course we will, Mare.”

I saw the evidence of the firefight all over the neighborhood as 51 pulled up in front of the house. There were boarded-up windows and cars riddled with bullet holes. Red stains dotted the asphalt. Mary clung to my arm as we walked up to the house. We may have been about to lose all our sex slaves, but I was still riding high on the euphoria of the worshipers. There were plenty of women out there, our worshipers, who would be thrilled to be our sluts.

They were all waiting in the dining room. Some wore their chokers and others did not. Well, it seemed that some of them would be staying. Alison and Desiree were holding each other, their chokers tight about their throats. Violet and April both wore their chokers, too, and behind them Lillian lounged fingering her choker. I was happy to see that Korina was wearing her choker, too. She was carrying my child.

“Sam, is there a way to break the bond?” I asked her, then blinked in surprise. There was a woman sitting on Sam’s lap, her hair dyed half-pink and half-blue. They were both dressed in party dresses, Sam in a blue sequined dress and the girl in a gauzy, pink dress.

“Yes.” A yawn spread across her round face. She rubbed her dark, almond eyes. “It’s quite simple. Just touch the person, concentrate on the chain binding the two of you and say Parats. That’s the Hebrew word for ‘to break.’ In fact all the spells are just Hebrew words. It’s quite fascinating.”

“So, I take it you want to be freed?” I asked her before she went off on one of her long-winded explanations.

“Well, you need me,” Sam said. “But, I don’t want to be one of your…sluts. I’ll advise you on magic. Let me be your Vizier. The only payment I want is Candy, here.”

I glanced at Candy. “You want to be hers?”

“She can do magic,” Candy giggled.

“Fine,” I told Sam. “You have to tell us whatever we need to know. You can never tell anyone else what you know. You can ignore any other commands. Candy, you belong to Sam, now. Do whatever she wants.”

Fiona stepped up in front of me, anger on her face, and slapped me. “Bastard,” she snarled. “Free me.”

I grabbed her. I could keep her, make her love me again. Make her pay for slapping me. I saw Mary staring at me, the slight, warning shake of her head. No. Mary was right, it was better that they wanted to be ours. I focused on the chains binding the two of us and said, “Parats.” We flinched, as if we were both tugging on a rope that snapped, and we stumbled back.

“I’m free,” she whispered, half in astonishment, half in joy. And then she was sweeping out of the room, her strawberry-blonde hair flowing behind her.

Noel was stoic silence when I released her, Thamina was icy calm, modestly clad in a long skirt and headscarf. Willow walked up and I grabbed her, going to release her, too, when she shook her head. “Like Sam, I think we can come to an understanding.”

“What?” Mary asked.

“I’ll run your charity,” Willow smiled. “Let me choose the staff and I’ll be more than happy to run the clinic. Just let me…play, with the girls.”

“Done,” I told her, with a smile. “Install some cameras, though.”

Willow laughed. “Sure.”

“And the rest of you want to be our sex slaves?”

“Yes!” Alison answered, excitedly. “Desiree, too.”

Desiree nodded. “Alison convinced me.”

Jessica walked towards us, her choker about her neck. “You’re the most powerful people in the world. I want to be a part of that.”

“I don’t want to go back to my mom,” Violet whispered. April gripped her hand and smiled at me and happily said, “I love you both.”

“You’re too much fun, Master,” Lillian said with a sultry laugh. “And Mistress is just to die for.”

Korina walked over and stood next to Jessica, her hand rubbing her belly. “I love you, Master. I’m having your baby. And I love you, too, Mistress.”

“Then you’re our sex slaves,” I ordered. “You’ll do whatever Mary or I tell you, no matter how depraved or filthy the command is.”

The seven sluts knelt before us, smiling up at us. “We are yours,” they said in unison, love shining in their eyes. “Forever.”

And, as the sluts enveloped Mary and me in a press of delightful female flesh, I thought I heard a chiming voice whisper, “Progress.”


“What can I do for you,” Professor Scrivener asked as I knocked at his door.

I was at the Department of Hebrew and Semitic Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Magicks of the Witch of Endor clutched in my hands. After taking the book from the Altgrave, I did my research and Professor Scrivener was a leading expert in the translation of ancient Semitic writings. He was a man in his fifties, black hair going gray, with deep, green eyes peering at me from behind horned-rim glasses. His office was small, cluttered with books and papers and I squeezed past the door and stepped carefully to his desk.

“Brandon Fitzsimmons,” I said as he shook my hand. He had a strong grip, I was surprised to discover, crushing my hand as he smiled politely at me.

“What can I do for you, Brandon?” he asked impatiently.

I handed him the book. He took it, glancing at the cover and opened it up. “Hmm, Aramaic.”

“I’ll pay you $300,000 dollars to translate the book,” I told him. “$100,000 up front and the other $200,000 on completion.”

His eyes bugged out in surprise. “Is this a joke?”

I pulled out the cashiers check made out for $100,000 dollars. It was the bulk of my money. I was hoping greed would blind the man from asking too many questions and his hands shook as he looked at the check. But, if the book contained what I hoped it would, $100,000 would be a pittance. And once he finished translating the book, well, I could find a different way to reward him. “Show this to no-one. I need complete discretion on your part. And I need it as soon as possible. I will call once a week to check on your progress. And no questions, okay?”

He licked his lips, nervous, then glanced down at the check. I could see the questions whirling in his mind, the doubts and whispers of caution. But there was that glint of avarice in his eyes as he kept glancing at the check. He wiped his sweaty palm on the leg of his brown slacks. Sweat was beading on his forehead. He glanced up at me, staring at me intently, his green eyes peering into my brown eyes. His hand shook as he folded up the check and slipped it into his pocket.

“Okay. We have a deal, Brandon.”

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 33.

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The Devil’s Pact Side-Story: Rachel’s Honeymoon Part 2-Saturday Morning



The Devil’s Pact

Side-Story: Rachel’s Honeymoon

Part 2: Saturday Morning

by mypenname3000

edited by Master Ken

© Copyright 2013

Story Codes: Female/Female, Male/Female, Mind Control, Wife, Exhibitionism

For a list of all the Devil’s Pact Chapters and other stories click here

Comments are very welcome. I would like all criticism, positive and negative, so long as its
constructive, and feedback is very appreciated.

Note: This takes during Chapter 27 while Mark and Mary are in New York City. For Part 1 of Rachel’s Honeymoon.

I woke up, confused. Where was I and who was I with?

Not my husband, that’s for sure. Unless he transformed into this beautiful, blonde woman sleeping next to me. Naked, I could feel the silk sheets cool against my body and I flushed. I never slept naked. I sat up, rubbing the sleep from my eyes and the memories of last night came flooding back.

My new husband and I arrived at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel for our honeymoon, all excited for our first night together. I mean, we had spent nights together before, but our first night as man and wife was going to be just magical. And it was magical, only I spent it with Mary and her fiancee Mark, and their chauffeur, the beautiful Leah that slept next to me.

I had been so naughty and wanton last night. I’m not sure what came over me. I was just so enchanted by Mary and when she invited me up to her hotel room, how could I say no? Even my husband understood how great an opportunity it was for me. He was such a great guy to let me spend our honeymoon having fun with other people while he waited alone in the honeymoon suite. But, I would make it up to him. I was learning so many new, sexy things.

Last night was my first time with a woman and it was amazing. And my first time getting fucked from behind. I had always been a shy girl, Jacob was the first man I ever let into my bed, and that was only after he proposed. Neither of us really knew what we were doing, but our enthusiasm made up for it.

Mary sent Leah and I to the other room so that she could spend some quality time alone with Mark. “It’s important,” Mary told me when I started to protest, “that people who love each other spend time with just each other.”

So, Leah and I retired to this room and the girl just devoured me when we came in. She made me cum so hard and so many times I forgot all about wanting to be with Mary. Then Leah showed me a few tricks to make a woman beg for more with my tongue and fingers, as I returned the favor. After all those mind blowing orgasms, we cuddled and I got lost in her hazel eyes for awhile. They reminded me so much of my Jacob’s eyes. I felt the same happy thrill staring into Leah’s eyes I got from staring into my husband’s eyes.

Leah was so beautiful as she slept, a little blonde angel. I caressed her face and she stirred. “You dye your hair blonde so you can have fun?” I asked her, when she opened her eyes and stretched.

“Yeah,” Leah said, yawning. She reached out and grabbed a lock of my hair. “You should dye your hair. You’d look stunning as a blonde. Because, honey, this brown is a little drab.”

“I guess,” I said, feeling a little defensive.

“And you want to have fun, right?” Leah asked with a deliciously wicked smile.

I did. That was the point of the honeymoon. To have fun. Sure, it was supposed to be with my new husband, but I was looking forward to having lots of fun. I was hoping a trip to New York City would help get me out of my shy bubble and out into the world. And so far it was working.

“C’mon, let’s go dye your hair,” Leah said, and pulled me up.

I wanted to protest; I liked my hair. But Leah was too insistent, pulling me along after her. She threw my discarded dress at me as she pulled on her slutty chauffeur’s outfit. A short, black skirt and white bustier. Then we were in the hotel elevator and Leah was pressing me against the wall, kissing me. Her tongue was hot and wild in my mouth, her body rubbing pleasantly against me. The door opened and Leah kept right on kissing me, not caring that people would see us. I was flushing in embarrassment, trying to push her away.

“Rachel?” a startled voice asked.

I managed to push Leah off me and there was my new husband standing at the elevator doors, looking stunned. “Jacob,” I squeaked as Leah started nibbling on my neck. “I…uh…hi.”

He swallowed. “I guess you’re, um, having fun then?”

“Oh, lots,” I squealed. Leah’s hand was at my breast, giving it a squeeze. She seemed to get more excited at being watched. My heart was racing and I was positively dripping juices from my cunt. It was strangely exhilarating being watched. Feeling bold, I slid my hand up Leah’s skirt and felt her naked ass and gave it a squeeze. “Are you getting in the elevator, honey?”

“Um, no, I’ll get the next elevator, Rach,” my husband said and I almost felt guilty, but I remembered that Mary told me not to feel guilty last night.

“Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow,” I called as the doors started to close. “I have some neat things to show you. Love you.”

“He’s cute,” Leah giggled, nibbling at my chin. “Have you guys ever had a threesome?”

“No,” I flushed. “We’re very…boring I guess.”

“You weren’t boring when you grabbed my ass,” Leah whispered. “You were a naughty little vixen.”

I smiled, I guess I was a naughty little vixen. I had always fantasized about being a wild, sexually adventuresome girl when I would be all alone in my bed masturbating. The exact opposite of my real, boring self. When Mary and Mark claimed me for the weekend, it was like I had been given a free pass to be that wild self. To experience my fantasies before I went back to Jacob and my boring self.

So I kissed Leah, making out with her the entire elevator ride down, even when a family of three got in the elevator. I didn’t care. I was the new Rachel. The parents were trying to shield their fourteen year old son from watching us make out. It was so thrilling, the lust shining in the teenage boy’s eyes, an erection bulging his tight shorts. I did that to him, I thought, as Leah’s tongue probed my mouth, I made that boy horny. I was breathless and flushed when we reached the lobby. There was a small boutique and we picked up some blonde hair dye, charging it to Mark and Mary’s room.

“They’re rich,” Leah explained, “they won’t even notice it on the bill. When your some rich person’s plaything, you need to take advantage of the situation.”

“Do you play with rich people often?” I asked.

“I drive a limo and I’m hot,” she said archly. “Mark and Mary would not be the first clients that have taken me to bed.” She paused and laughed, a wickedly naughty laugh. “Or the back of my limo.”

Leah was right, I thought as I looked into the mirror. We had just finished up dying my hair and I looked gorgeous as a blonde. The golden hair framed my round face beautifully and made my brown eyes seem so dark and sexy. I pursed my lips and cocked my head and gave the mirror the most smokiest gaze I could.

Leah was pressed up behind me, her naked breasts rubbing against my back. “Umm, you look so scrumptious.” Her face appeared above my shoulder as she hugged me. In the mirror we were two blonde, beautiful woman. Her face was so angelic, with these lush lips I just wanted to kiss.

So I did, turning in the embrace and kissing her on the lips. My heart was beating so fast. Leah was so beautiful and fun and everything I always fantasized about being. She let her clients fuck her in the back of limos and would go to clubs and party and have sex with men or women in bathrooms. Complete strangers. “It’s just fun,” she giggled, “having a complete stranger make you scream in pleasure in the men’s room.” I wanted to experience all that before I went back to Jacob and became boring again.

“Leah, show me how to have fun,” I whispered when I broke the kiss. “Tonight, take me to one of those clubs.”

“It’s up to Mark and Mary,” Leah sighed. “They hired me to be their chauffeur.”

“Maybe they’ll let us go out,” I said, hopefully.

Leah smiled. “Maybe.”

Feeling adventuress, I knelt down before Leah, face-to-pussy. And it was such a beautiful pussy. She shaved, except a triangle of dark, brown pubic hair above her slit. Like me, she was a bottled-blonde. Her clit was hard and peaked out of its little hood. Her lips were thick and dark with passion, and hung swollen out of her slit. She smelled tart and spicy and I had to taste her again. I spread those fat lips and slid my tongue through the wet hole, gathering a mouthful of her delicious honey.

“Ohh, fuck!” Leah moaned. “Umm, eat my cunt, slut!”

I was a slut, for the weekend anyways. When I went back to Jacob I would just be his slut. Luckily, there was still all of today and tomorrow for me to be a slut for everyone else. I licked up her slit, my tongue brushing Leah’s clit, bringing another excited moan from her pouty lips. I gripped her ass, and buried my face in her cunt, just devouring her over and over. I sucked her fat labia into my mouth, I shoved my tongue deep into her wet hole, I sucked and licked at her little clit.

“Oh, you fucking whore!” Leah moaned. “Make me cum, pussy slut! Ohh, you fucking blonde slut!”

Her hands were gripping my hair as she rubbed her cunt on my lips, smashing her cunt up onto my nose. I had pussy juices smeared all over my face, sticky and delicious. I was in heaven. I slid two fingers into her wet, tight hole, probing her walls for her G-Spot. I had always thought it was a myth until Leah found mine last night and left me howling in pleasure.

“Holy shit, you fucking slut!” she gasped. “Yes, yes, oh, fuck, I’m gonna cum all over your nasty face!” She bucked atop me as I found her G-spot, massaging the little bundle of nerves as she pulled my face tight into her pussy, lips sucking at her clit. “Oh, fuck, fuck! Drink it! Drink my dirty girl-cum, you fucking slut!”

Her juices poured into my lips as her pussy squeezed my fingers from her orgasm. She was breathing hard as I rose up and she eagerly kissed me, licking her spicy, tart juices off my face as we pressed our bodies together. Her nipples rubbed deliciously on my breasts. My little pussy was achingly hot, desperate to cum. I found her thigh, rubbing my wet cunt on her. I could feel her hands on my clenching ass as I fucked my pussy on her thigh and moaned like the wanton whore I was.

“Yes, yes, your thigh feel so amazing, Leah,” I moaned, rubbing faster and faster. “Oh, fuck, I’m cumming on your gorgeous leg, can you feel it?”

“Yes, Rachel,” Leah whispered tenderly in my ear, holding me tightly as I shuddered in her embrace. “I can feel your nasty juices running down my leg.” I felt so warm and happy. And loved.

Mark and Mary loved my blonde hair. They had breakfast waiting for us and we devoured it. Sex made you hungry, I was discovering. And then we were riding the elevator down and Mark was fucking me, his hard cock sliding in and out of my cunt while I moaned like the blonde slut I was. Leah was on the floor, eating out Mary’s cunt and their bodyguards kept anyone from disturbing us.

“You’re a nasty fucking slut, aren’t you!” Mark growled as he pounded my cunt. “A nasty, married slut!”

“Yes, yes!” I panted. His cock felt so great sliding in and out of my cunt. “Fuck my newlywed cunt!”

The doors to the elevator opened and there was a shocked gasp. I looked and saw a mother and teenage daughter. The mother had a horrified expression on her face and her daughter flushed red and watched with wide-eyed awe. I stared at her and smiled and moaned as wantonly as I could. The teenager’s blue eyes twinkling with blossoming lust sent a delicious, naughty thrill through me, from the tips of my nipples down to my aching clit and I exploded about Mark’s thick cock.

“Oh, fuck!” I moaned. “I’m cumming! Oh, fuck! Oh, yes!”

My cunt was spasming on Mark’s cock as he fucked in and out of me, my body writhing in his arms. I kept staring at the girl and saw her lick her lips, two hard, little bumps appeared, pressing at her shirt and she shifted her thighs. I made that girl horny, I thought happily, as the elevator doors slid shut and the elevator lurched into motion.

When we reached the lobby, Mark’s cum was running down my thighs as I trailed behind Mark and Mary. Proof that I was a blonde that had fun, now. Mark and Mary’s arms were entwined like a pair of love-birds, completely ignoring Leah and myself. The valet brought up the limo, and Leah held open the doors for us and we piled into the back.

It was a boring ride; Mark and Mary were suddenly tourists. Like regular people, getting excited at all the sights. I had been to New York many times, even worked in the city once, so I didn’t have the same sense of excitement at seeing the famous landmarks. Their first stop, weirdly, was NYU and they left Leah and I at the limo. Which was fine, because Leah slipped into the back and we started making out. I realized that I had missed the adventuresome blonde girl for the ten minutes we were apart. And, as her tongue was exploring my mouth, I wondered if I was falling in love with Leah.

But I loved Jacob, right? I certainly missed Jacob and part of me wished he was here. Could I love two people at once? Would Jacob understand my new feelings? Or Leah? It was all too confusing and Leah’s tongue was too wet and warm in my mouth, to think straight. I could feel the heat of her body as it was pressed up against me, her hand at my breast, groping me so deliciously.

“You’re so beautiful,” Leah whispered, nibbling at my ear. “I just feel so safe with you.”

“What are you saying?” I whispered.

“Ever since I laid eyes on you, I can’t get you out of my mind,” Leah answered, her hand slipping down the front of my breast and cupping my tit. “I know we just met, but, I just feel so close to you.”

Was she falling in love with me, too? My heart was thudding in my chest. What should I do? “I…I feel close to you,” I answered, shyly, looking down.

“Good,” Leah whispered, pushing my dress down to expose my pale bosom and then her lips were sucking at my nipple, gently nibbling at it with her soft lips.

“Umm, your tongue feels so nice,” I moaned.

“Wait ’til it’s in your pussy!” she said with a wanton smile, sliding down to kneel on the limo’s floor and spreading my legs. “Umm, you’re all sticky with Mark’s cum! Let me clean you up!”

I shook and gasped as her tongue licked up my vulva. I closed my eyes, enjoying her tongue-bathing of my pussy. I bet she’d love to suck Jacob’s cum out of me. Jacob would get so hard, that he would probably kneel behind Leah and fill her pussy with his cum. Then I could spread Leah’s legs open and lap at her creamy pussy and it would be so delicious. I licked my lips, almost tasting his salty cum mixed with Leah’s tart, spicy pussy. My body shook as my orgasm rolled through me.

I knew right then and there that I would have to share Leah with my Jacob.

To be continued…

Click here for Part 3.

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The Devil’s Pact Side-Story: Rachel’s Honeymoon Part 1-Friday Night



The Devil’s Pact

Side-Story: Rachel’s Honeymoon

Part 1: Friday Night

by mypenname3000

edited by Master Ken

© Copyright 2013

Story Codes: Male/Female, Female/Female, Male/Females, Mind Control, Oral, Creampie, Wife

For a list of all the Devil’s Pact Chapters and other stories click here

Comments are very welcome. I would like all criticism, positive and negative, so long as its
constructive, and feedback is very appreciated.

Note: This takes during Chapter 27 while Mark and Mary are in New York City.

Mrs. Jacob Goldstein-Blum. I am Mrs. Jacob Goldstein-Blum, now.

That happy thought filled my mind as Jacob pulled our Chevy Volt into the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel’s driveway. The hotel was a huge, white building in that classic art deco style that is just absolutely gorgeous. I was so excited to spend my honeymoon with Jacob here at this beautiful hotel. We just got married a few hours ago and, after a lovely reception, we hopped into our car and drove to New York City, only a half-hour drive from Butler, Pennsylvania this late at night.

I yawned. It was nearly eleven and today had been a long, but happy, day.

“Hope you’re not too tired, Rachel,” my husband said with a suggestive grin.

I smiled. My husband. I liked the sound of that. “Not that tired, Jacob,” I said archly.

He leaned over and kissed me as the uniformed valet walked up to the car and opened our doors for us. His lips were firm and I loved the feel of his five o’clock shadow rubbing on my mouth. I’ve never been a fan of facial hair on a man, but I love the way his stubble feels as I ran my fingers across his cheek. Such a manly feel.

Jacob broke the kiss and I was a little breathless. Excitement bubbled in my heart as we got out of the car. Jacob slipped the valet a few bills, probably ones. He could be a little cheap at times, so I slipped a ten to the valet when Jacob’s back was turned. Our luggage was loaded on one of the golden hotel carts and I adjusted my veil and we walked in.

We were not wearing our wedding clothes. My dress was far too lovely to be crammed in our little car for too long. I wore a loose, green dress, instead, that I could easily slip on. Or off, I thought with a naughty smile. Underneath, I was still wearing my lacy, white bridal lingerie. A beautiful demi-bra that cradled my breasts in lacy decadence, the silk panties, trimmed in lace, that molded to the curves of my shaved pussy. I shaved it just for the honeymoon, a surprise for Jacob. And a white garter belt that held up my thigh-high, white stockings. Jacob loved me in stockings, and he was just going shoot off in his pants when he saw me.

My husband wrapped his arm about my waist and I leaned my head against his shoulder as we walked into the Waldorf-Astoria. I was giddy with excitement as we walked up and the concierge asked us our names. “Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Goldstein,” I told him with bubbly excitement.

The concierge typed in the computer. “Oh, congratulations,” he told us. “I see you have booked the honeymoon suite. We will send up a complimentary bottle of champagne.”

“Thanks,” my husband said with a grin. He loved getting free stuff.

“What a lovely veil,” a woman voice purred from behind me.

I turned to see the most stunningly beautiful woman I had ever seen. A flush burned in my cheeks. She was drop dead gorgeous. Long, auburn hair fell loosely about her bare shoulders, framing a heart-shaped face dotted with freckles. Her eyes were a deep green and her smile was hungry and sent a naughty thrill through my body, where I could feel myself starting to moisten the gusset of my satin panties.

What is wrong with you, Rachel? Get yourself together girl, I scolded myself. No one had ever so affected me before. No man, and certainly no woman. I mean, it was okay to be gay, I supposed, just not for me. But I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She wore a tight red dress that clung to her body like a sheathe, the skirt obscenely short. So short it barely covered her ass. And such a beautiful ass it was, I noticed, licking my lips.

“What do you think, Mark,” she asked and I realized with a start that she was standing next to a man. I hadn’t even noticed him or the others with the woman.

They were a strange group. The woman was dressed in a gorgeous party dress, her companion in an Avenging Sevenfold T-shirt and a pair of jeans. He was a tall guy, an average looking face and piercing, blue eyes. A tall woman with bleached-blonde hair stood on the other side of him wearing a slutty parody of a chauffeur’s uniform. A very short, black skirt that left most of her long legs exposed, covered in fishnet stockings. A white bustier pushed up her breasts and barely covered her nipples. I could just see the pink of an aerola peaking out on her right breast. Then she wore a tiny jacket and around her bare neck, an orange and red-stripped tie that fell between her breasts. Perched on her head was a chauffeur’s cap.

Four more women were dressed as slutty cops, short skirts, navy blue, with matching blouses that only buttoned half-the-way up and their breasts threatened to spill out if they sneezed. Then I noticed that all four had actual guns on their hips and their faces had the hard, professional stare of real cops.

“On your honeymoon, huh?” the man asked, his eyes feasting on me and suddenly felt naked.

“Yes,” I answered, and turned away, uncomfortable with his stare.

“Yeah, we just got married,” Jacob excitedly said, turning to face the group.

“I’m Mark and your wife is so pretty,” the man told my husband as he shook his hand. “I want her.”

“What?” Jacob asked, looking confused.

I glanced at the woman and she had that same hungry look in her eyes and I realized just what her…boyfriend, meant. Part of me wanted to let this woman have me. If she asked me, I realized I would let her have me. I would leave my husband and come with her and let her do whatever she wanted to me. I swallowed, shifting my thighs, rubbing my aching clit to get some relief. It was like this woman enchanted me with a spell, like out of some Fairy Tale.

“Your wife is going to spend the weekend with us,” Mark said in a commanding voice. “Don’t worry, we’ll see she’s taken care of.” A boyish grin filled his face. “We’ll make sure she cums a lot. So just enjoy your time in New York, and we’ll have her back by Sunday evening. You’ll be very pleased with the new her.”

“Eh, okay,” my husband said, looking confused.

The woman grabbed my hand and pulled me to her. “Come along, beautiful,” she purred. “I just can’t wait to eat you all up.”

“Have fun, Rachel,” my husband called after me as I was pulled to the elevator, my heart beating in my chest. I was going to fuck this beautiful woman. And her boyfriend, I realized with a flush. “I love you, Rach!” Jacob hollered.

“I love you too, Jacob,” I stammered as the elevator door closed.

The woman was on me, kissing me passionately, the moment the elevator doors closed, her tongue pressing into my mouth. I melted against her, kissing her just as passionately as I ever kissed a person. As I ever kissed Jacob. Her hands were behind me, finding the zipper to my dress, and pulling it down. The dress fell to the floor and I stood there in my wedding lingerie, my silken panties soaked with my excitement.

This was like a fantasy come true. Sometimes, when I masturbate, I thought of being fucked by a stranger, always a man, in public. Just letting myself be wild and not the proper, quiet girl I was in my real life. For this weekend, I could live that fantasy, I realized. I could be wild and slutty, and then go back to Jacob and be his prim and proper wife.

“You are so beautiful,” I whispered to the auburn-haired woman.

“You, too,” the woman responded and then we were kissing again.

The woman started kissing and sucking at my neck and over her shoulder I could see Mark and the female chauffeur were kissing as well. No, they were fucking. Mark had her pressed up against the elevator wall, one of her fishnet-stockinged legs hooked around his leg as he fucked her hard. His jeans slipped down, exposing his firm ass as it clenched when he thrust into the woman. The chauffeur hugged him tightly, her angelic face appearing over his shoulder. Pleasure contorted her face and I wondered if I looked like that.

Our eyes made contact and I felt this electric thrill pass between us, a smile appeared on her lips. There was something special about the blonde woman and we were lost in each other’s eyes as we were getting fucked. Her eyes were brown. No they were green. No, hazel I finally realized. The electric thrill between us was such a familiar feeling and it reminded me of Jacob, for some strange reason. The memory of the first time I laid on my husband floated up in my mind. It was back in college, in the library at Princeton, and I was reaching for a book and through the gap in the shelf I saw a pair of eyes peering back at me from the other side of the bookshelves. The eyes were so gentle and warm, I found myself falling in love with Jacob before I even saw all of his face.

The auburn-haired woman’s hand slipped into my panties, bringing me out of my reverie, and I squirmed in pleasure as her fingers slid down to my smooth, wet lips, fingering my slit. I gasped as she slipped first one then a second finger up inside me, sliding them slowly in and out of my wet hole while her thumb massaged my hard little clit. I slid my own hands down the woman’s back to her ass, squeezing her plump cheeks. Feeling bold, I slid my hands underneath her skirt to find her bare, plump cheeks and the blonde chauffeur winked at me over Mark’s shoulder.

Every few floors the elevator would stop and the slutty cops would stop people from getting onto our car as they screened the entrance of the elevator. The ride seemed to take an eternity. An eternity of my cunt getting fingered by this beautiful woman. I could feel an orgasm building inside me, every touch of her tongue on my neck, her fingers in my cunt, her thumb on my clit, made that delicious feeling grow and grow inside me until I exploded on her fingers and trembled in her embrace.

“Umm, that felt like a good one,” the auburn-haired woman moaned, pulling her sticky fingers up and licking my juices off of them. “You taste like honey,” she purred and then kissed me and I could taste my juices. I did taste like a spicy honey.

“What do you taste like?” I heard myself ask.

“You’ll find out,” the woman promised as the elevator reached the last floor.

“Here it comes, slut!” Mark groaned, slamming into the chauffeur’s cunt and moaning, I caught her eyes and watched as the blonde woman smiled and shuddered. I was happy that she came as hard as I had. Mark pulled away from her and I saw her bare pussy gaping open and leaking Mark’s cum before her skirt fell down. I wanted to taste her and lick Mark’s cum out of her pussy.

The elevator opened onto the penthouse suite. It was huge, an apartment more than a hotel room. The honeymoon suite was supposed to be as lovely but smaller, a much more intimate affair than this, and I felt guilty that my poor husband would be staying in it all alone while I was having so much fun up here. The bodyguards went first, quickly searching the room with their hands on their holstered weapons.

Who were these people? A little bit of fear nibbled at my stomach and I wanted my husband to hold me. Guilt crashed into me. My poor husband was down in the honeymoon suite all alone. “This is a mistake,” I whispered. “I…I should be with my husband. It’s our honeymoon.”

The woman placed her finger on my lips, shushing me. “Don’t feel guilty. You’ll have the rest of your life to be with him. This weekend you get to have some fun.”

The woman was right and I felt my guilt melt away. I had the rest of my life to spend with Jacob, but only this weekend to spend with this woman. And the chauffeur. I didn’t even know the auburn-haired woman’s name. I mean, I let the woman finger me to orgasm. “Who are you?”

“I’m Mary, and that’s my fiancee, Mark,” the woman said. “And that’s Leah, our chauffeur. The other ladies are our bodyguards.” I looked at the blonde, her hazel eyes twinkling with passion. Leah, what a pretty name I thought.

“I’m Rachel,” I said and Leah’s eyes caught mine again and that electric thrill ran through me. It was such a heady feeling.

Mary grasped my hand and led me across the room to one of the bedrooms. A large, king-sized bed dominated the room, four posters with gauzy curtains. It was so elegant. Mary was kissing me again, her hands reaching behind me to unclasp my bra, my round breasts popping out. I shuddered in delight as Mary bent down and captured my tit in her mouth, sucking on the nipple hard.

I felt hands on my waist, not Mary’s gentle hands and I glanced behind me to see Mark and then he was pulling off my satin panties and exposing my shaved pussy. I wanted my shaved nethers to be a honeymoon surprise for Jacob and I shuddered in pleasure as Mark ran his finger though the groove of my twat.

Mary turned and I unzipped her dress. She was naked underneath, her cunt shaved just like mine. She crawled onto the bed, spread out in all her naked glory and crocked her finger at me. My pussy was weeping in excitement as I crawled onto the bed, my eyes fixed on her tight slit and the fiery heart of hair above her cunt.

“Taste me,” Mary purred. “Taste me while Mark fuck’s your naughty, newlywed cunt!”

Mary’s hands grasped my face and pulled me to her bare lips and I licked up her tight slit. Oh my god, she tasted so delicious, a sweet, spicy flavor. I slid my tongue a second time up her slit, my taste buds rejoicing that such a delicious flavor could exist. I spread open the flower of her womanhood, all pink and glistening, and dove in greedily as Mary moaned from the pleasure I gave her.

I could feel the bed sink as another person crawled on, right behind me. I felt something hard prod my ass. A cock. Tonight was my wedding night and another man’s cock was about to slid into me. I was so excited for it. Tonight was such a magical night. Not the way I thought my wedding night would go, but magical none the less.

“Fuck her naughty little cunt!” Mary moaned, encouraging her fiancee to violate my wedding vows.

To have no other, I swore, and I didn’t even make it one night. Mark’s cock felt great as he pushed into my tight hole, my cunt giving way before the iron firmness of his cock. He sank all the way into me and the drew back and thrust into me again. Over and over he fucked me, every thrust better than the one before it. I was full of his cock, full of another man’s cock. The wild girl from my fantasies come to life.

“Don’t stop licking me!” Mary moaned and I realized in my joy at Mark’s cock sliding into me, I had stopped my worship of Mary’s delicious cunt.

I dove back in, enjoying being fucked by Mark and eating out Mary. I was giving and receiving pleasure and felt so fulfilled, so happy. Part of me wished Jacob could be here, to share this happy moment. But then I thought how excited he will be to see me on Sunday. I bet he fucks me just as hard as while I tell him about all the fun I had.

The bed shook and I looked up to see Leah, naked save for her fishnet stockings straddling Mary’s face, her shaved cunt messy with Mark’s cum. Between Mary’s perky breasts I could see Mary’s tongue lick out and swipe through the mess, scooping up a nice tongue-full of Mark’s spunk. Leah’s tight ass clenched as she rolled her hips, rubbing her pussy on Mary’s face.

“Fucking hot, Mare,” Mark moaned. “Gonna make you another creampie.”

“Hmm, I can’t wait,” Mary purred then dug her tongue back into Leah’s cunt. I wondered what Leah tasted like. Would she tasted sweet and spicy like Mary, or would she have a thick, honey flavor like me. Or maybe she would taste different, a new, delicious flavor for me to sample.

Mark groaned behind me and then I felt his semen shooting warm into my married pussy. Ohh, it felt so wrong and so amazing. I moaned my pleasure into Mary’s cunt as my orgasm exploded through my body, my cunt clenching on Mark’s cock, milking the last of his cum into my cunt. I rubbed my face through Mary’s cunt, as the aftershocks of my orgasm subsided, and renewed my effort on making her cum.

I slipped a finger up into her pussy, and then a second, delighting in the feel of her tight walls sucking wetly at my fingers as I plunged them in and out of her cunt. My tongue found the hard, little pearl. I flicked at her clit and enjoyed the coos of pleasure that emanated from her lips and then the flood of her juices as she came on my eager lips.

Mary slid out from Leah who moaned in disappointment and kissed me on the lips. “Why don’t you finish Leah off and let me lick that sweet cum out of your pussy.”

I eagerly spread Leah’s thighs. Mary had cleaned out all the cum but left plenty of pussy juices. And above her cunt was a triangle of brown hair. “So not a natural blonde, Leah?”

“Don’t you know, blonde’s have all the fun!” Leah laughed, grabbing my dull, boring brown hair and pulling my mouth to her cunt. She had a delicious, tart flavor and Leah moaned in appreciation as I lapped at her cunt. I guess it was true about blondes and fun, because Leah sounded like she was having so much of it as my tongue explored her wet, little pussy.

To be continued…

Click here for Part 2.

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The Devil’s Pact Chapter Thirty: Tiffany’s Tale



The Devil’s Pact

Chapter 30: Tiffany’s Tale

by mypenname3000

edited by Master Ken

© Copyright 2013

Story Codes: Teen male/Female, Male/Female, Female/Female, Mind Control, Male Domination, Female Domination, Sadism, Violence, Cockold, Watersports, Magic

For a list of all the Devil’s Pact Chapters and other stories click here

Comments are very welcome. I would like all criticism, positive and negative, so long as its
constructive, and feedback is very appreciated.

Click here for Chapter 29.

My hands were shaking as the adrenaline bled off. But the images of the dead and dying would not leave my mind. Oh, God, so many dead, I prayed. Forgive me, Lord.

“Why are you crying, Mother!” my daughter spat at me with such venom in her voice. Her bile was a dagger in my heart. “What do you have to cry about, Mother? Are your loved ones dead and dying?”

I looked sadly at my middle daughter, Mary. She was bound, sitting in the corner of the swat van. Her eyes were puffy from crying and burned a deep green with hatred. Blood mated the front of her clothing, probably Mark’s blood. I did not see any wounds on her. About her was a scarlet red aura, the stained aura of a Warlock. My own daughter sold her soul and I was sent to defeat her.

“Because all that blood is on my hands,” I whispered my answer. “That is why I am crying, Mary.”

Mary gave a shrill, almost hysterical laugh. “You fucking nuns are such hypocrites. Karen was just as sorry after she nearly killing Desiree. Did you ever think what would happen if you attacked us? Christ, Mother, your soldiers had automatic fucking weapons!”

“It was the only way,” I sadly explained. “It was all for the greater good. We had to stop Mark and…”

“And me, Mother,” Mary snarled. “You tried to kill Mark and your own daughter. What a great servant of God you are!”

I flinched as her words whipped my soul bloody. I struggled to gather my thoughts, to marshal some sort of defense against her accusations. To assuage my guilt and wash the blood from my hands. It was all for the greater good, Ramiel told me. For the future of the World. We must not be allowed to fail. Mark Glassner had to be stopped. He is a Warlock, an evil man who sold his soul and corrupted my poor daughter.

The van stopped. We must be at the getaway cars. I cloaked the SWAT van with invisibility to get us clear of the immediate area. Already cops were swarming the street that Mark lived on. But it was too dangerous to drive an invisible vehicle on the streets. We were lucky no one hit us in the short distance we had to drive.

Dennis, the only remaining SWAT officer under my control, opened the rear doors, climbed in and pulled Mary out of the van. She was dragged kicking and screaming and Dennis easily manhandled her. I followed, walking over to the several vehicles we parked here earlier today. Dennis walked over to a silver, Jeep Cherokee and threw her in the back seat. I slid in beside my daughter.

“Mark is evil,” I told Mary, trying to justify my actions to my daughter. And to myself. “He had to be stopped.”

“Did you do something to Alice?” Mary asked coldly. “Is that why she shot my fiancee, Mother?”

“Yes,” I sighed, looking down at my hands.

“Oh, so there’s another innocent person whose blood is on your hands, then, Mother. I’m sure you saw her bleeding to death when you captured me.” Mary paused, her lip curled in contempt. “She was Shannon’s best friend growing up, remember? Alice used to sleep over at the house with Shannon and you would make them cookies to eat. Oh, but that was before you turned into a whore and abandoned us!”

The pain of Mary’s words threatened to crush me as memories of a sweet, black-haired girl playing with Shannon flooded my mind. Tears were brimming at my eyes. Oh, God, what have I done. I looked down at my hands. They were surprisingly clean for hands so stained with blood. Alice. Isabella and Agnes. That blonde Thrall who spent her last breath trying to protect my daughter. From her own mother.

I should have been the one to protect Mary.

“Why couldn’t you just leave us alone?” Mary asked, bitterly.

“What you do is evil,” I said, feeling my anger replace my guilt. “You control people. Make them your slaves, steal their free will. Destroy lives. All those SWAT officers had relationships. Marriages. Broken and destroyed by what you and Mark made them do when they raided your house.”

“We didn’t kill them,” Mary spat back. “You say we destroy lives? Who was it that took control of those men and led them into a killing field. Really a good act there. Who attacked whom, Mother? You’re just as bad as we are. You killed Chasity.” Mary’s eyes brimmed with tears. “She was a sweet, loving woman and your soldiers gunned her down. You tried to kill your own daughter, Mother.”

“I didn’t know you were the other Warlock,” I protested. “I never thought in a million years my own daughter would…”

“Would be a Warlock,” Mary sneered. “Better than the whore who runs out on her family.” Mary gave a bitter laugh. “Mark is bleeding to death. It won’t be long until I’m out of your life, Mother. Than your mission will be complete.”

My forehead furrowed in confusion. “What? What are you talking about, Mary? I’m not going to kill you.”

“My Pact,” Mary whispered. “Mark wished for a long life. When I made my Pact, I wished to be young and healthy for as long as Mark lives. When he dies, I die.” She sniffed, and a small smile appeared on her lips. “We will be together for eternity.”

“I’ll exorcise you,” I said, fear squeezing my heart. I could not be responsible for my own daughter’s death. That guilt would destroy me. “Then your wish won’t matter. You’ll live past him.”

“No!” Her shout surprised me. “Let me be with him. With Mark dead and my powers broken, only prison will remain for me.”

“How can you love him, Mary?” I asked her. “Where does this devotion come from. He’s a monster. I know what a male Warlock does to his Thralls.”

“Love them?” Mary asked. “Mark never hurts them. We love them. Mark’s a good man, deep inside. The power he has, it’s too intoxicating. No one can resist it fully. You want to know why I love him, Mother? Because he has a caring soul. Because he loved me so much he set me free from his powers. Because if I asked it of him, he would give up his powers.”

I laughed. “No Warlock has ever given up their powers. Not voluntarily.”

“Mark would, for me,” Mary insisted.

“I know Warlocks far too well, Mary.” I shook my head. The poor girl was besotted with him. She was young, only nineteen. She hasn’t learned about the lies a man will tell a woman in bed. I learned that lesson before I met Sean. “They all are selfish beasts.”

Mary snorted. “You swoop in, exorcise a Warlock and then head back to whatever convent you nuns wait at. What do you really know about us? You speak like we’re evil monsters and not just people with too much power.”

“For six months I was a Thrall.” I could feel the tears brimming in my eyes as I began to tell my daughter what happened on March 15th, 2000, and the terrible nightmare that followed.


Thirteen Years Ago

“Look what I made at school, mommy!” Mary said, all excited, when I walked in the door from work. She was bouncing on her feet dressed in a cute, plaid jumper holding a clay tablet with her handprint in the center. “I made if for you and Daddy.” Mary was six, her auburn hair in two pig tails and her green eyes shining with happiness.

I smiled and took it from her. “It’s very pretty. Thank you, Mary. Let’s go show Daddy.”

Mary took my hand in hers and pulled me to the living room where Sean sat. I smiled at my husband. He had loosened the top few buttons of his shirt as he graded papers. A High School Teacher’s work was never quite done. Except during the summer.

“Daddy!” Mary excitedly shouted and jumped up on Sean’s lap, scattering his papers as she held up what she made in Kindergarten today.

“That’s so pretty, Mary,” Sean praised. He was a great father and I smiled fondly at him.

“Baba,” Melissa gurgled as she stomped across the floor. She still didn’t say mama right, but I didn’t mind. She was learning to walk and only fell twice before she reached me and I scooped up my youngest daughter and spun her about and kissed her rosy cheeks as she laughed.

“Have you seen Shannon?” I asked Sean. Shannon was ten, and was reaching the age where she was becoming interested in clothes, and boys. She was growing up too fast. It wouldn’t be long before I was buying her a training a bra and she was dating some pimply-faced teen.

“She’s at a Alice’s house,” Sean answered, smiling at me. He had these amazing green eyes and still kept his hair long like when we first started dating in college, tied back in a bright, red ponytail. The very image of the cool, laid-back teacher.

“Can you take Melissa, so I can start dinner?” I asked, kissing Melissa’s cute face before handing her to “daba.”

“Sure, Tiffany,” Sean smiled, taking Melissa from me. Sean’s hand brushed mine and he rubbed it just a little longer than necessary. I smiled, it was the little things that kept a marriage going.

I headed for the kitchen, trailed by Mary. I pulled on my plain, white apron and Mary pulled on her pink frilly apron. “Are you going to help mommy?” I asked her.

Mary nodded, a serious expression on her face. I gave her some simple instructions and we started gathering the ingredients for dinner when I discovered we were out of milk. I sighed and popped my head back into the living room. “Did you forget to swing by the store, Sean?”

He flushed. “Sorry, Tif,” he said. “I’ll go right away.”

I shook my head. I loved my husband, but he was so forgetful. “I’ll walk over to the Coopers and borrow some milk.”

I grabbed a small container and walked outside. The sun was setting, shining brightly on me as a drizzle of rain fell on my face. Weather in March was so unpredictable in Western Washington. It can go from sunny to rain to snow to hail and back to sun all in a twenty minute period of time. And around sunset, you would often get rain and sun at the same time. I grabbed my jacket and walked quickly up Violet Meadows, admiring a beautiful rainbow as I walked up the street to the Coopers.

I could hear music coming from an open garage, loud drums and the metallic screeching of an electric guitar. The Bronson boy and his band were practicing. They weren’t that good, but I liked to encourage Kurt. He was a nice boy, despite that absurd mohawk and lip piercing. He was always around the house, asking if he could do any chores to make some money. So, I let him clean the gutters or mow the lawn for a some money. Sean would grouse, “I can mow the lawn, Tif,” or, “I’m perfectly capable of cleaning the gutters.” Well, if I waited for Sean to get around to mowing the lawn on his own, we would have waist-high grass. And I so hated being a nag.

But today there was something different about the music. A beat that just seemed to flow into me, pulsing through my soul. They sounded good today. No, great. Their practice was starting to pay off. Before I even realized what was happening, I was crossing the street. It was hard to think about anything other than the music as I stood at the entrance to the garage. I had never heard music so amazing before. The music was a primal beat that pounded through me.

There were four members of Kurt’s band. Kurt looked so powerful, so manly, with his mohawk and piercings and ragged, jean jacket. Not his usually, scrawny seventeen-year-old self. He had transformed in my eyes into a virile man. His eyes found mine making me feel weak in the knees. I licked my lips as he stared hungrily at me and I felt my nipples harden and my pussy moisten. Kurt was lead guitar and vocalist. Next to him stood Tor, playing rhythm guitar, with his long brown hair and ears covered in piercings. Pat was the bassist and backup-vocalist, his black hair in conical spikes. Bones played drums, a big man with a shaved head.

And then for reasons I couldn’t understand, I reached under my skirt and pulled my panties down and threw them at Kurt. The music just spoke to me and it felt so right. The air was cool on my drenched pussy and more juices leaked out as Kurt grabbed my panties and inhaled my scent, smiling broadly. The other members of his band were smiling like a bunch of pleased little boys.

“What did I tell you,” Kurt boasted. “Stick with me, boys, and we’ll be famous and have more poon then you can shake a stick at.”

They started up another song and the musical was so primal that my body responded to it. My heart was hammering, my nipples ached so hard in my bra, and my poor little pussy was itching to get laid. If Sean were here, I was pretty sure I’d jump his bones right then and there. I was getting so horny. I was looking at the teenage boys playing before me. Kurt was a hot young man, and his hair spiked up into that mohawk and those piercings on his lips were really turning me on. Thoughts of Kurt on top of me flashed through my mind. He would take me, make me his woman.

“Wow, they are amazing,” Grace Copper gasped in awe. I jumped in shock, realizing she was standing next to me.

Grace was a beautiful woman with long, honey-brown hair. We were close friends. Sometimes I would babysit her three year old, Dawn, a cute little blonde girl. I blinked in surprise as Grace began unbuttoning her pants, pulling them down her slim legs. She was going to give Kurt her panties, I realized. Grace had a neatly trimmed, blonde bush and a nice ass I noticed as she threw her panties.

Then the music stopped as all the boys stared at Grace’s nudity and she suddenly flushed, realizing what she did and reached for her jeans with one hand, trying to cover her sex with the other hand.

“Wait,” Kurt said. “Why don’t you lovely ladies be our groupies.”

That was a such a great idea, I thought and I glanced at Grace and she seemed to agree with me. “Sure, Kurt,” I said with a smile

I walked into the garage and Kurt grabbed me and started kissing me. I struggled in his arms and he broke the kiss. “What’s wrong, Mrs. Sullivan? Groupies are supposed to fuck the band, right.”

“Oh, yeah,” I flushed in embarrassment. You always heard stories about girls who went backstage to be groupies, to let the band have them.

Kurt gives me the wonderful opportunity to be a groupie in his band, Satan’s Silvered Tongue, and I almost blew it. Grace was doing better, sitting on the drummer’s lap. Bones had his hands between her legs and was rubbing her pussy. Kurt was kissing me again and I kissed him back, the piercing on his lips rubbed roughly on my lips, excitingly so. When he broke the kiss there was a dark lust burning in his teenage eyes.

“I’ve been jerking off to you since I was twelve, Mrs. Sullivan,” Kurt groaned. “And now I get to fuck you.” He tore my blouse open, shaking his head. “We need to get you some better clothes. If you want to be a groupie for my band you needed to dress better.”

“Of course, Kurt,” I quickly agreed. Being a groupie for his band was the most important thing in the world to me.

My bra came off next, my round breasts spilling out. Kurt pinched one of my nipples so hard I gasped in pain. “Nice tits, Mrs. Sullivan,” Kurt smiled wickedly. “I can’t wait to pierce these fat nipples.” He yanked my skirt off, fingered my blonde pubic hair. He grabbed some of my downy hair
and ripped a fistful of it out. “My groupies need to be shaved.”

“Ouch,” I gasped, rubbing my groin where he ripped the pubic hair out. “That hurt, Kurt.”

He grabbed my nipple, pinching so hard I fell to my knees. “The pain makes me happy. Suck my cock, whore,” he ordered, his fingernail biting painfully into my nipple.

I unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock as fast as I could, sucking it into my mouth. His cock was small and skinny, even when it was fully hard in my mouth. He let go of my nipple to grab the side of my head and fuck my mouth hard. Sean was never rough like this when we made love, but if this is what made Kurt happy. I was a groupie, here to please the band.

“Oh, fuck!” Kurt moaned. “Your mouth feels as great as I imagined, Mrs. Sullivan! Suck my cock! You fucking slut! Oh, fuck!”

Kurt’s cock was shoving in and out of my mouth rapidly. Even thrust all the way inside my lips, his cock was too short to shove down my throat. I could never take all of Sean’s cock into my mouth. His balls slapped my chin as he fucked me and then he groaned and his salty cum flooded my mouth. He pulled his dick out and I spat his cum out on the garage floor. I was never a fan of cum in my mouth and Sean would always pull out and shoot onto my tits.

Kurt’s slap knocked me to the floor. “Groupies swallow,” he barked at me.

“Sorry, Kurt,” I cried. My face stung from his blow. “I’ll swallow from now on.”

“Good, if you do what I say, I want have to hurt you,” Kurt smiled.

“Okay, Kurt,” I nodded.

“Now, swallow,” he pointed to the gob of white cum congealing on the dirty garage floor.

I bent down, licking the cum up, trying not to gag on the taste of dirt and motor oil mixed in with his cum. “Lick it up, Mrs. Sullivan,” Kurt moaned. “Like a good little bitch.”

“You came so fast,” Pat laughed. “Kurt finally got a girl to suck him off and he busts his nut in a minute.”

Pat fell to the ground as Kurt punched him in the face. Blood streamed from Pat’s broken nose as Kurt drew back his foot and kicked him in the gut. Pat screamed in pain as Kurt kicked him over and over again with his steel-toed boots. “This is my fucking band, Pat!” Kurt screamed. “Don’t fucking make fun of me! No one will ever get to fucking laugh at me again.” He glared at the other two band members.

Tor was jerking off to Grace sucking sucking on Bones’s cock. “Yeah, sure,” Tor moaned as he pumped his cock.

“Yeah,” Bones groaned. “Whatever you say, Kurt. Just keep me in pussy!”

Kurt laughed and he kicked Pat once more in the stomach.

Kurt’s cock was hard as he yanked me to my feet and bent me over his dad’s Geo Prism and thrust his cock into my cunt. Kurt fucked me hard and fast. “You love my cock, don’t you, Mrs. Sullivan. It’s the best!”

Kurt’s cock was the smallest I had ever had inside me. Not that I had a lot before my husband, Sean, but Kurt’s cock was definitely the best. “I love your cock, Kurt!” I moaned back, rolling my hips and hoping my pussy was making Kurt’s cock feel wonderful.

“Fuck!” Tor groaned and I glanced over to see white cum fly from his cock so splatter in Grace’s blonde hair.

“Watch were you’re shooting that shit!” Bones growled, pulling his hand back to avoid getting hit.

“Tiffany?” a strangled voice gasped.

I turned and there was my husband Sean staring in horror at me getting fucked. I didn’t understand why he looked so horrified. I was a groupie and groupies got fucked. “Hi, Sean,” I panted. “I guess I…ohh…got sidetracked getting the milk,” I laughed.

“I…I don’t understand,” Sean stammered. Why was there so much hurt in his eyes. Did he not understand that it was okay for Kurt to fuck me.

“I’m Kurt’s groupie,” I explained.

“And you love my cock,” Kurt said with a vicious smile.

“I do, I love Kurt’s cock,” I moaned. “It’s the best cock I’ve ever had.”

Sean worked his mouth. “I…What…Is he making you say that?”

“No, Sean,” I gasped. My orgasm was building inside me. Knowing my husband was watching made this oddly thrilling. “He asked me to be his groupie and I jumped at the opportunity.”

“Fuck, your wife has a nice cunt, Mr. Sullivan,” Kurt groaned. “Now, run along. Your wife doesn’t love you anymore, right Mrs. Sullivan.”

“Yes!” I panted, as my love evaporated away. How could I love anyone when I was Kurt’s groupie, his woman. “Go away, Sean. I’m with Kurt, now. I don’t love you anymore.”

Sean stumbled off, looking like a destroyed man. I felt bad for the man. I loved him once and I never wanted to hurt him. He just needed to accept the way things were now. Kurt was fucking me harder and harder, my orgasm nearing. I groaned loudly, wanting everyone to know just how great Kurt’s dick made me feel. His cock just felt so amazing as he plunged over and over into me.

“I’m cumming, Kurt,” I moaned as my pussy rippled on the small dick inside me. “Oh, fuck, your cock feels so great.”

“Your cunt feels nice, Mrs. Sullivan,” Kurt moaned and then he was shooting inside me. I was so happy. My pussy made Kurt feel good.

Kurt pulled out and shouted, “Tor stop pounding your pud and come fuck a real pussy.”

Tor almost fell on his face, tripping as he ran over, holding his pants up one-handed, his cock bouncing about as he ran. He wasted no time sticking his dick inside me. He may have just cum on Grace, but he was ready to have a taste of my delicious pussy. I was so wet from my cum and Kurt’s sperm, Tor slid right in. He had a big dick and I moaned in appreciation as it filled me up.

“Does his dick feel better than mine?” Kurt asked as Tor pounded my cunt.

“No, Kurt!” I gasped. “Your dick’s the best.”

He smiled. It was the smile I learned to love, because it meant he was happy with me and wasn’t going to hurt me. After Tor finished in me, Bones just had to have a taste of me. His cock was smaller than Tor’s, and bigger than Kurt’s, but did not feel nearly as good. Bone was fucking me good and hard, my orgasm building nicely, when I heard a scream and turned to see what was happening.

Grace was on the floor getting fucked by Kurt. He was pinching her nipples on her large breasts and Grace was crying out in pain. That just seemed to encourage Kurt and he fucked her harder and harder, pulling on her poor nipple until her entire tit was stretched out and it looked like Kurt would rip it off. And then he would let it go, the breast snapping back like a rubber band and Kurt laughed.

“Oh please, that hurts!” moaned Grace, her face red from crying.

Kurt bit her nipple and she screamed. “Fucking slut!” Kurt moaned. “I love your screams! Do you feel how hard you’ve made me?”

“Yeah, Kurt!” Grace moaned. “You’re so hard inside me.”

Kurt started chewing at her breast, leaving bite marks and he fucked her harder and harder as she moaned in pain. “Please stop, Kurt!” she begged. “Oh, god, please! It hurts so bad.”

Bones kept right on fucking me, not caring about the cruelty Kurt was inflicting on Grace. I felt bad for her, but these were the abuses a groupie had to suffer. I had been close to cumming, but hearing Grace’s screams brought me out of it. Bones pumped a few more times into me and then he came hard inside my pussy.

When Kurt finished with Grace, she was curled up on the floor. Her breasts were bruised and raw and she whimpered in pain. Kurt had a pleased look on his face. Beyond Grace, Pat gave a quite moan as he lay battered on the floor.

“Who wants to see some lesbo action?” Kurt asked.

“Hell yeah,” Tor smiled.

“Mrs. Sullivan, why don’t you sixty-nine with her,” Kurt leered, stroking his tiny cock.

I knelt down next to Grace and gently kissed her crying face. “Shh, Grace,” I whispered. “Kurt wants us to go down on each other, okay?”

Grace sniffed. “Okay, Tiffany.”

I kissed her lips. They were soft and gentle, not like a man’s. I had never kissed a woman before and found it was nice. And being watched by Kurt and the band just increased how nice it was. I stroked her sides, avoiding her tender breasts as we kissed and Grace started to relax. I laid on my back and pulled Grace atop me. Her mauled breasts rested on mine as we kissed.

“Eat some pussy!” Bones called out.

Grace smiled, her tears had stopped, and she flipped around. Her pussy was sticky with Bones and Kurt’s cum, matting her brown fur. I licked through the sticky mess, gathering the salty cum and her sweet juices onto my lips. Grace’s tongue started gently lapping through my sore cunt. I had never been fucked so many times and my pussy wasn’t used to it.

As our tongues licked each other, our pleasure started to build and we started eating each other out more aggressively. My tongue was digging into her hole, delighting in the taste of her sex and I shuddered as her tongue found my sensitive clit. I returned the favor, nursing at her clit and feeling Grace writhe in pleasure atop me.

Suddenly, an acrid liquid splashed in my face. Kurt was pissing on Grace’s pussy, spraying us with his urine. It splashed on my face and ran down into my mouth. It stung my eyes and tasted salty on my lips. “Drink it,” Kurt ordered and I opened my mouth and let his urine fill my lips, swallowing the disgusting liquid, and then licking it off Grace’s pussy.

“Fuck that’s nasty,” Bones moaned and I could feel urine running off Grace’s face, down my pussy to pool around my ass.

Grace and I kept eating each other’s piss drenched pussies. Kurt didn’t tell us to stop. We licked the urine off each other’s pussies, then went back to sucking clits. I felt my orgasm build, a sweet thing growing in my womb. Grace’s tongue felt like silk as it rasped around my pussy. She shuddered atop me, her moans vibrating my clit as she came. I held my lips tight to her pussy, sucking all her juices out as her tongue swirled around my clit. My entire body went rigid then I shuddered beneath Grace as I came one her agile tongue.


I was horrified, listening to my mom talk about the abuses she suffered at the hands of Kurt. “And he kept you and Grace?”

“Just me,” Mother bitterly said. “I was his favorite. The woman he dreamed of.” Fresh tears leaked out of her eyes. “He told Grace to go and be a whore. To make a living selling her body.”

“And that was Grace Cooper?” I asked, suddenly feeling sick. “She had a daughter named Dawn?”

Mother nodded. You’re just like your cunt of a mother! She was a whore, too! And you grew up to be just like her! The words Dawn’s father yelled as he spanked her last week when we made Dawn my little sister’s sex slave. I thought we were punishing a bully. But she was as much a victim of Kurt as her mother was. As I was. Dawn and I were both robbed of our mothers by that asshole. I suddenly felt sick. All the guilt I had been forcing down the last few weeks was threatening to overwhelm me.

Mark and I weren’t this evil, right? We never abused a woman.

Except Karen, my guilt whispered. And that girl Mark raped. But we were punishing Karen, I protested to my guilt. She attacked us. Almost got Desiree killed. She deserved her punishment. And we treat her well, now. She’s one of ours sluts. We love her. We’d defend her just as much as we’d defend the others.

“Pat died on the floor of the Garage. When the police came, Kurt just explained it as an accident and the police bought it. Pat would not be the last man Kurt killed. He was a sadist. A black-hearted monster.” Mother swallowed. “That night he got needles and pierced my nipples. It hurt so much. But not nearly as much as the piercings in my labia and the one in my clitoral hood. When he would feel vicious, he would pull on my piercings until I screamed. And the worst part was, I was happy that Kurt was hurting me.

“They replaced Pat on bass with Skinny Mat and started playing clubs. Thanks to Kurt’s wish, anyone who heard his band play would think they were amazing. Any woman would get all hot and horny for him and throw their panties on stage. Kurt would start to bring women up on stage and fuck them before the cheering crowd. If their boyfriends objected too much, Kurt would beat them. Some died, some got off with a few broken bones, and others were left brain damaged.

“And it wasn’t just men he beat. Some of the girls he chose would be beaten bloody or choked or cut.” A ragged sobbed escaped my mom’s lips. “I saw such terrible things. And then, she appeared. My rescuer.”


Thirteen Years Ago

My breasts were sore from Kurt’s affections as I lay on my side. Today he chewed on my breasts. He just loved them so much. But now they were painfully sore and covered in bite marks. His cum was inside my pussy and I was enjoying the after glow of a nice orgasm. Kurt’s dick never failed to leave me satisfied, even with all the pain I suffered.

A few girls crouched on the floor and Kurt was deciding which ones to show his affections to next. One of the girls, who had curly, light-brown hair, gave Kurt a mocking smile, almost a sneer as she glared at him with gray eyes filled with loathing.

“Fucking whore!” snarled Kurt.

Nothing would make Kurt angrier than being mocked. His hand snaked out and he grabbed the girl by the hair. She clamped her mouth shut to avoid screaming as Kurt heaved her across the room into his table. It was a heavy, wooden table, more of a workbench really, where Kurt kept his tools for the girls that made him really angry: pliers, knives, hammers, needles, whips.

The woman slammed into the table, hard, the corner catching her in the stomach. She flopped across the table and snatched up a skinning knife, holding it up threateningly at Kurt. The woman’s mocking smile only grew larger as Kurt boldly walked over to her. She looked like a Valkyrie, standing defiant against Kurt.

It was a futile gesture. No one could resist Kurt. All fighting would earn you was pain. I wanted to close my eyes, I hated watching Kurt punish a woman. But Kurt liked it when I watched his chastisements. When he would finish, he would be hard and I would have to satisfy him. I felt so bad for this woman. Kurt was going to kill her, and it wouldn’t be quick. My stomach roiled and I wanted to sick up.

“You can’t stab me with that dagger,” Kurt lazily ordered. He stood right next to the woman, the knife inches away and held out his hand. “Give me that dagger so I can cut your mocking lips off, cunt.”

Kurt screamed as the woman stabbed his arm with the dagger, instead. He staggered back, fear blossoming in his face as the blood ran red down his arm, his feet tripping on themselves and he fell on his ass. And the woman walked towards him, bloody dagger in hand. I smelled urine and realized Kurt had pissed himself, a dark stain spreading on his jeans.

The woman grabbed a pair of his handcuffs off Kurt’s worktable. Kurt had quite a collection at this point, “Please don’t hurt me?” Kurt blubbered like a baby as the woman advanced on him. “Who are you? Why doesn’t my power’s work on you? Please, I can give you whatever you want. Please!”

“Handcuff yourself around the table leg,” she growled, tossing him the handcuffs.

Kurt was eager to obey, snapping the handcuff about his right wrist, wrapping the chain around the table leg and then cuffing his left hand, trapping him to the table. “Please! I can give you wealth! Please!”

The woman ignored his please and bent down, pulling off his urine soaked pants and saw his little cock. “Such a tiny prick for such a large monster,” the woman mocked, stroking the cock. The cock swelled unbidden in her hand. “No wonder you had to sell your soul. How could you ever get a woman, let alone satisfy one, with that little thing.”

Kurt was sobbing. “I’ll do anything! Just don’t hurt me!”

The woman’s lip curled in disgust. “I am Sister Louise Afra of the Order of Mary Magdalene. I have been sent by God to stop your perversions, Warlock!”

Sister Louise straddled Kurt, guiding his cock to her pussy, sliding down his short length. “If you wanted to fuck me, you just had to ask,” Kurt’s voice cracked with mock bravado, a forced grin on his face.

“When you cum in me, and you will cum, I will exorcise your powers.” There was a broad smile on Sister Louise’s face and horror appearing in Kurt’s. “Yes, you realize it now. All the people under your control will regain themselves. Everyone will remember all the lives you destroyed, all the pain you inflicted. I do not think the authorities will be so forgiving anymore or all those accidental deaths.”

“No, please no!” he begged as Sister Louise rose up and down on his cock. “I won’t cum. You can’t make me!”

“It’s biology, monster,” Sister Louise purred wickedly. “You won’t be able to hold on forever. You’re seventeen, I bet it won’t be able to last long at all.”

Kurt struggled beneath her, fighting to get free of his handcuffs and Sister Louise rose up and down on him, laughing and mocking him. “Your dick is so small, I can barely feel it in my pussy.” Faster and faster she rode him, dangling her breasts in his face. Kurt started looking around, looking for anything to help him.

“Mrs. Sullivan!” he shouted, his eyes staring at me. Even after six months and countless abuses, he still called me Mrs. Sullivan. “Save me, attack her!”

My Kurt was in trouble and I leapt to my feet and went at Sister Louise. Her finger moved down, sliding up inside her cunt alongside to his cock and came out stick with her juices and then she thrust her finger at my forehead and spoke a single word, and I stumbled back and I just watched. Nothing mattered as I watched Kurt struggle against his bonds.

“Save me, cunt!” Kurt growled and Sister Louise slapped him.

“The only cunt here is you,” she hissed. “A little cunt with a little dick who thought he was a big man!”

Sister Louise leaned back, riding him faster and faster. She started rolling her hips, her breasts bouncing. She started grinding her clit and playing with her nipples, clearly enjoying Kurt’s humiliation. When she came, she let out a low, throaty moan, her breasts heaving beautifully as she rode him. And she never stopped, kept fucking him right through her orgasm.

Kurt was biting his lip, straining not to cum and then his body arched and Sister Louise screamed, “Shalak!” and drew something on his forehead with her sticky finger. Kurt’s forehead blazed with white light and…I was myself.

And everything Kurt did to me, made me enjoy, made me commit poured into my mind and I collapsed on the floor sobbing. A ragged ache filled my heart. I betrayed my sweet Sean. Oh God. I could remember the hurt in his eyes as I allowed Kurt to fuck me. My poor husband thought I betrayed him. I sobbed and sobbed, screaming in guilt. How could I have done that to my husband, the only man I ever really loved. I’d lost him, forever. There was no undoing what I did, what Sean saw. I remembered signing the divorce papers Kurt placed in front of me, signing away my parental rights to my daughters. Writing that disgusting letter Kurt dictated to me.

“Sean,” I wrote, “You and the girls are just burdens to me. I want to have fun, to go out partying. To enjoy wild sex. I haven’t been happy for a long time. But I’m happy with Kurt. I’m happy when his cock fucks me. I’m happy when he cums in my cunt or my ass. I love it when shares me with his friends. Your cock just wasn’t good enough for my horny cunt.” I signed my name and left the letter and the documents on the bed I shared with Sean while he and the girls were at work and school and daycare. I packed up a suitcase with the few slutty clothes I owned from before the girls were born, and never even looked back.

I sobbed and sobbed and then my savior was hugging me. “Shh, it’s alright. He can never hurt you again.”

I clung to her crying my pain into her chest as she gently rocked me.


“Sister Louise explained it all to me,” Mom said, finishing her story. I felt tears staining my face.

We were sitting on the floor of a house out in the foothills somewhere near Eatonville. Mom never stopped telling her story the entire ride. She didn’t stop as we walked up to the house and sat on this musty, old couch. I spent all these years hating my mom and now I didn’t know what to think, what to feel.

I remembered the betrayal I felt when Mark released me after only a day under his control. And Mark never mistreated me. Six months she endured that monsters brutal lusts.

Questions and guilt whirled in my head. Do all our girls feel this way? We never mistreated them. We loved them. We weren’t the monster Kurt was. Was it right to keep them? Was I just as much a monster as Kurt? Could we even free them if we wanted to? We bound them with the Zimmah spell. Did we destroy their lives?

What did it matter, Mark was dying and I would follow him into death.

“Why didn’t you come back to us?” I asked, pushing away the guilt. “Dad’s never stopped loving you, mom? Why didn’t you come back to us, Mom?”

She flinched as if she’d been slapped. “H-he never stopped loving me?” Pain flickered on her face. “How could he still love me after…after all Kurt made me do?”

“I don’t know, Mom,” I answered. “Shannon and I tried to convince him to forget about you and find someone else. We tried to set him up with teachers, friend’s single mothers. But he turned them all down. He even still wears his wedding ring.”

Tears brimmed in Mother’s eyes. “Kurt, he…he threw my wedding band away. ‘Marriage is just trash,’ he told me. ‘My mom bailed on my dad and me. We were just garbage to her.’ And…” A ragged sob shook her body. “I thanked him for freeing me from my marriage.”

God, I wanted to hug her. If my hands weren’t zip tied behind my back I think I would have. “You can still go to dad,” I urged her. “Free me and we’ll go see dad, and, and I can be with Mark when he…when he passes.”

A look of incredible longing crossed my mom’s face. “I…I made vows.” Her voice quivered. “I received Sister Frances Bernadette’s Gift.” She hugged herself. “Oh, God, please help me. I don’t know what to do. I miss Sean so much.”

“Let’s go, Mother,” I told her, gazing into her blue eyes. “Dad’s waiting for you. I don’t think he ever stopped waiting for you. And…and, I want my mom back. I can explain to Dad what happened to you. He knows about…things. About what Mark and I can do. He’ll understand.”

I could see her wavering, the look of longing on her face, and of hope.

Then her phone rang.

“Theodora,” she answered. Her face hardened. My heart sank, I’ve lost her. My hopes of seeing Mark one last time faded. “Come inside,” she said on the phone.

“Please, mommy,” I begged as she picked up a roll of duct tape, ripping off length of silvery tape. “Please, let’s go see Dad. Please, mommy!” She walked forward and shoved the tape on my lips. The tape was stiff and sticky and I could faintly taste glue on my lips.

The SWAT officer walked in and Theodora pulled out his sidearm, checked to see if it was loaded, and then looked at me with steely resolve. “Let’s put your claims to the test, Mary.”


“You can still see her, Mark,” a woman’s voice floated out of the darkness. “You are not dead, yet.”

“Who’s there?” I shouted into the darkness. Then I realized I was no longer falling, feminine hands were grasping my shoulders, long fingernails biting into my collar bone. I spun around and gasped. “Lilith?”

She floated in the darkness, as stunningly beautiful as always. Her silvery hair fanned out, waving lazily about, her violet eyes sparkling with contempt. She was clad in her scarlet dress, so sheer I could see all of her generous charms. I felt lust stirring inside me and I fought it down. I would need a clear head to deal with Lilith.

“Here to taunt me?” I asked.

A smile played on her lips. “As satisfying as that would be, we have one last piece of business to discuss.”

“Not interested,” I shrugged. I learned my lesson dealing with Lilith.

“Even if it would save your life.” Her smile broadened. “And your precious Mary’s life.”

I paused. I didn’t want to die. “What?”

“I want Karen.”

“You want the thing growing inside her, you mean?”

Her eyes tightened and she pursed her lips. “Yes. I want Karen, and my child, until she gives birth. Then I’ll return her to you.”

I squinted. “Why. Once I’m dead, how can I stop you from having her? What game are you playing at, Lilith.”

“You bonded her with the Zimmah ritual. Did you forget what I told you?” Her eyes narrowed in disgust. “Did you forget that when you die all those bound to you will die. And I can’t have Karen dying before she gives birth. That would spoil all of my plans.”

“So, in exchange for me loaning you Karen until your child is born, you will return me to the health I had before Alice shot me,” I carefully said. “And you will return Karen to me unharmed.”

“I will do nothing to harm Karen,” Lilith promised.

I frowned. I couldn’t see any loopholes. I’m sure they were there, but I really had nothing left to lose. “Then we have a deal, Lilith.”

She smiled a predatory, triumphant smile. “I grant your boon, Mark Glassner,” her words purred through the darkness and suddenly I was filled with pain and…

…I was staring up at the sky. I had a mask over my face. Two strange men and a woman were leaning over me. They were paramedics, I realized. I sat up, pushing the facemask off. I felt something piercing my arm, an IV I realized, and ripped that out.

“What the fuck!” the first paramedic shouted.

My shirt was gone and several bandages dotted my chest and stomach. I ripped them off to see my perfectly unharmed chest and stomach smeared with some dark blood. I felt alive. I smiled broadly and yelled my exhilaration into the sky. I was alive. I could feel the tickle of grass on my hands, the feel of the warm sun kissing my skin and a soft breeze rustling my hair. The world smelled alive and wonderful.

“I am alive!” I roared and laughed. Nothing else ever felt so sweet. “Mary, I’m alive!”

“It’s a miracle,” the female paramedic gasped. “The wounds have healed. My God, they’re completely gone.”

There were cops standing around, all staring in amazement at me. “How?” one asked me.

“A miracle,” another whispered.

“Praise God,” a cop whispered.

“What are you?” a fireman asked. “How did you…”

“Tell me you got that! Tell me you were rolling film?” a woman demanded. Debra from Q13 Fox, her microphone hanging loosely in her hand as she stared in wide-eyed amazement. “Tell me you to got that?”

“Holy shit, I got that,” her cameraman answered, pointing is camera at me. “I got the scarlet light and everything. Holy fucking shit!”

“This is unbelievable,” Debra gasped. “Let’s do my coverage over there and then upload this to the network! Jesus, this is the news story of the century. A miracle happened and we caught it!”

I was about to object to Debra’s plans when I got a good look at the cul-de-sac and my heart stopped. It looked like a war zone. The street was lined with ambulances, fire trucks, and cop cars. And everywhere I looked there were people lying on the ground, some had paramedics working on them, others were covered by blankets. Houses and cars were shot up. Bullet casings glinted gold in the sunlight.

And blood. Dark blood pooling on pavement, splashed on the sides of houses, running down the fenders of cars.

I looked back at our house and gasped. Bullet holes racked along the front of the house, shattering windows. Our sluts were clustered on the porch watching me in amazement. A stretcher came out, carried by two firemen. I stared in stunned disbelief as they walked by carrying Xiu. My busty Xiu had a mass of bloody bandages on her stomach and looked so pale as they carried her past to a waiting ambulance.

What the hell happened here? And where was Mary? The last thing I remembered was Mary’s face before the darkness. I looked around and I noticed the bodies covered with blankets dotting the neighborhood. Fear constricted my heart. No, she could not be dead. Not when I got a second chance.

“What happened? Where’s Mary?” I asked, ignoring all the cops and fireman that were watching me with awe.

“Sir, we were attacked by some nuns,” a bodyguard told me. She was Black, one of the new guards. 51, I think her number was.

“Where is Mary?” I demanded. Please don’t be dead, please don’t be dead.

“The nun took her,” 51 bitterly said. “We tried to stop her, but…”

“The nun’s used the SWAT from the raid,” Violet told me. There was a bandage on her forehead. “We were all so frightened, Master.”

The teenage slut hugged me fiercely. The other sluts followed her down, clustering about me. All of them reached out to touch me, smiling happily and muttering about me being alive. There was Alison and Desiree, and Korina, pregnant with my child. April and Lillian hugged each other in joy. Jessica and Thamina were supporting Sam, who had a bloody bandage on her leg.

All the sluts were accounted for. Xiu was being loaded into the back of an ambulance. Willow and Noel were at work. Karen was in the hospital and it was Fiona’s turn to stay with her. I frowned, no, there was one slut missing. “Where’s Chasity?” I demanded. “We need to go after the nuns. We need to rescue Mary.”

“She’s dead, sir,” 51 reported, sadly.

“Who is dead?” I asked, confused. Not Chasity.

51′s eyes flicked over to a body near the shot-up police cruiser. “Chasity, sir. She died defending Mistress. I got the man who killed her.” She patted the black machine-gun in her hands.

I stared uncomprehendingly at her. How could Chasity be dead? She was so dependable. Anger started to burn in me. These fucking nuns. Why couldn’t they just leave me the fuck alone. I never did anything to them. I felt pain in hand and uncurled my fist to see bloody nail marks in my palm.

“Who else died?” I asked, coldly, staring at my hand.

“05, 22, 34, 63, and 78,” 51 reported. “04, 30, and 47 are critically injured and may not survive. And Xiu. She took a round through the gut from inside the house. Another eighteen bodyguards have moderate injuries. There are only ten of us fit for duty.” She paused. “We killed two nuns and three of the SWAT and critically injured another four. We captured another four more with moderate injuries. One nun and a SWAT officer got away. Along with Mary. Alice, the woman who shot you, she sustained critical injuries and may not survive either.”

“Fuck,” I whispered. Emotions threatened to overwhelm me and I shoved them back down. I needed to save Mary. The rest, the grief and anger and guilt, that all could wait.

“Sam!” I barked at the injured Asian graduate student. She was our newest sex slave. She was translating the Magicks of the Witch of Endor for us. “Is there any spell in the book that would let me track Mary?”

She frowned, thinking. “Um, yes. The Alluwph ritual. You will need, um, something very personal of the person and hold it in your hands. Think about the person, about your connection with the person and say Alluwph.”

Something personal. I frowned then went into Mary’s art studio. I found my buttoned-down shirt she liked to wear when painting. She always looked so beautiful wearing only this shirt. I held it in my hands, thinking about Mary, about her beautiful smile, how the shirt draped her plump ass and how beautiful her bare legs looked. I concentrated as hard as I possibly could, and whispered, “Alluwph.”


I watched Karen’s hospital room from the shadows. One of Mark’s whores, Fiona, was watching Karen, a bored expression on Fiona’s face. I smiled, Karen was mine, now. Well, she was mine until the birth, and that gave me certain powers over her.

I manifested and Fiona jumped in alarm, shouting, “Lilith!”

I ignored the stupid girl. There was nothing I could do to her anyways. This manifestation could not interact with the Mortal World except in certain, very limited ways. It didn’t have the freedom of being summoned, but it was enough freedom. And owning Karen, even temporary, was one of those limited exceptions. I reached out and grabbed the unconscious woman’s hand. I could feel her life being slowly drained by my vessel growing quickly inside her.

“Soon,” I whispered to her belly. Soon my vessel would be born I would be free of the Abyss forever.

I concentrated and drew Karen with me back into the Shadows and then shifted to Seattle, to the house of Babylon. It was a modest dwelling, but adequate, for now. I concentrated again, and Manifested with Karen into the guest bedroom. Chantelle and Lana were ready, scooping Karen up off the floor and placing her gently in the waiting bed.

“Keep her safe,” I charged my High Priestesses.

“We won’t fail you, my Goddess,” Chantelle murmured.

Both women stared reverently at Karen’s belly. Lana reached out and placed her hand ever so gently on Karen’s stomach. A smile quickened on her face. Chantelle’s hand joined hers, awe painting Chantelle’s beautiful face. They both knew their Goddess grew within.


I whispered, “Alluwph.”

From my chest, a pair of entwined red threads, wrapped so tightly together they were practically one thread. A black chain wrapped about both of the threads, shackled them together. I recognized those red threads. They connected my soul to Mary’s soul and represented our love. The threads led off to the south, vanishing through the wall. Tears were shining in my eyes.

“I’m coming, Mare,” I whispered. “Just hold on.”

I ran back outside. “51, gather the remaining bodyguards. We’re going after Mary.”

“Yes, sir!” 51 saluted.

The ten bodyguards still fit for duty and I piled into three cop cars. I rode shotgun in the lead car, guiding 51 as best as I could. The line pointed straight to where Mary was, but not which streets to take. We tore off down Shaw Road heading south. Eventually we were forced to cut west when we hit Sunrise Drive. We drove west until we reached Meridian, and then we turned south. We passed through Graham, racing as fast as we could. Once we were through Graham, heading out towards Eatonville, the threads led us down several side roads until we came to a single house in the middle of a field. A silver Jeep Cherokee parked in the driveway. The threads pointing right towards the house.

We got out of the car, the bodyguards flanking out to encircle the house. Three of them were armed with AR-15′s, the others with handguns and shotguns. All were wearing flak jackets. My heart was hammering. My Mary was inside that house. I was so close. I just wanted to run across the field and kick in the door and save my love.

The door to the house banged open and an unarmed SWAT officer walked out, his arms held up. He marched forward, straight towards me. The bodyguards all trained their weapons on him but none opened fire. I could see the SWAT officers aura, the black of a Thrall, but surrounded by a band of gold, a corona of light around darkness.

“Mark Glassner I have a message for you!” he shouted. “You, and only you, are to enter the house unarmed. If you enter armed or if anyone else enters, Theodora shall kill your woman. You have five minutes or Mary dies.”

And then he turned and started walking back to the house. I stood up and 51 grabbed my arm. “Master, don’t. Never give a hostage taker another hostage.”

She was quoting her training at me, but I didn’t care. I couldn’t risk Mary’s life. If this Theodora wanted to talk. Fine. She had a lot to answer for. I strode out across the field, almost catching up with the SWAT officer before I reached the house. I followed him in and he led me to a small living room.

Mary was gagged and her arms were bound behind her back. Tears ran down her eyes and she struggled against her restraints. A sandy-blonde woman, young like all the nuns, with piercing blue eyes, stood next to Mary, a 9mm handgun pointed at her head. Fear roiled inside me. I would need to be careful. I didn’t want to provoke this woman, not with Mary’s life at stake.

“I am Mark Glassner,” I said, holding my hands out to the side. “Let’s talk, Theodora. There’s no need for any more violence.”

“I’ve been speaking with Mary, here, and she seems to think there’s some good in you,” Theodora answered. Her blue eyes were skeptical of the claim.

I noticed Theodora’s face was puffy from crying and there was something familiar about it. Mary and her could almost be sisters, I realized. Their faces have a similar, heart shape about them. “We can come to an arrangement, Theodora. No one else needs to get hurt.” Especially not my Mary.

“Mary claims that you would give up your powers for her.” She cocked the hammer. “Well, let’s put that to the test. You can walk out of here, Mark Glassner, and keep your powers, and I’ll kill Mary. Or, you can let me exorcise you.” A smile played on her lips. “Let’s see if you can really give up all that power.”

I looked at Mary’s face, at her green eyes. I saw the trust in her eyes, the love. Could I give up all my power for Mary? Memories of Mary floated through my mind, all the fun we’ve had. All the times I watched her sleep. The times I’ve gazed deeply into her green eyes. The feel of her as I held er in my arms. Could I give up all my powers for that? Could I give up the thrill of making someone do what I want them to do? The pleasure of a woman submitting to my lusts. Was Mary worth giving all that up?

Yes, she was.

“Exorcise me,” I said, calmly.

The SWAT officer grabbed my arm and ratcheted a metal handcuff about my wrist, then he pivoted and I was being slammed into the ground. I coughed, the wind was knocked out of me when I hit the hardwood floor. Stunned and struggling to breath, the SWAT officer easily dragged me over to a metal radiator and slid the handcuff through the pipes and ratcheted the cuff about my other wrist.

Theodora sighed in disbelief and pulled the gun away and handed it back to the SWAT officer who holstered his weapon. “I can’t believe you would do this,” she whispered, glancing back at Mary. She bit her lip and for a moment; she looked liked a blonde Mary. “You must really love her.”

“More than anything,” I answered. “Let’s get this over with.”

“Of course,” she answered and began pulling off her maid outfit. I blinked, why was she wearing a maid’s outfit? It was gray smock, the type you’d see a maid wear at any hotel. Underneath, she was naked and quite lovely, full breasts with fat nipples, a trimmed, blonde bush between sleek thighs. My cock stirred and I didn’t fight the lust.

There was no point in fighting. Theodora won.

She walked over to me and I looked away, finding Mary’s eyes. I focused on her beautiful, emerald eyes as I felt her hands fumbling with my pants and then they were pulled down, along with my boxers. A warm, soft hand stroked my cock until I was fully erect, then I was engulfed in a warm, wet pussy.

Theodora moaned softly and started riding my cock, rolling her hips. She was quite good. All these supposedly holy nuns were so good at fucking. Karen really knew how to work a dick. And this Theodora also knew just how to please a man. She rose up and down on me, faster and faster. She felt so amazing and I pretended it was Mary on me. Mary’s velvety cunt bringing me closer and closer to my orgasm.

I would go to jail. I would try and protect Mary as much as I could, but there was no way I wasn’t going away for the rest of my life. But Mary would get to live, and that was worth it. Hell, maybe they’ll give me conjugal visits. The last three weeks of my life with Mary had been the best. I would never want to give them up.

My balls were tightening, Theodora’s gasps was getting heavier and louder. She was enjoying herself, I realized. Well, she might as well enjoy her work. I was getting so close, just a few more strokes and it would be over. I kept staring into Mary’s green eyes. I saw the love in them. She was worth it.

I groaned as my balls tightened and the pleasure surged through my body. My cum shot inside her tight cunt, filling Theodora’s pussy. I could feel her cunt spasming on my cock as she came, her back arching in pleasure. She threw back her head and shouted a single word.


I gasped in amazement. Instead of the my power being drawn out of me like I expected, I felt golden power flow into me. The energy was warm and filled every fiber of my body. Every fiber of my soul. I saw Mary’s eyes wideningin amazement. I looked up at Theodora, her face flushed from her orgasm, and her aura was fading from the gold of a nun into the silver of a regular human.

Theodora was no longer a nun.

“What did you do to me?” I asked Theodora in confusion.

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 31.

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The Devil’s Pact Chapter Twenty-Eight: Alice



The Devil’s Pact

Chapter 28: Alice

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2013

Story Codes: Male/Female, Male/Females, Female/Female, Female/Teen female, Mind Control, Oral, Magic, Incest, Orgy, Rimming, Anal, Ass to Mouth, Work

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Comments are very welcome. I would like all criticism, positive and negative, so long as its
constructive, and feedback is very appreciated.

Click here for Chapter 27.

Giggling, we burst into the Wedding Lace, a bridal shop near my house. It was Tuesday afternoon, and I was here for my wedding dress’s second fitting. The seamstress was finished with the alterations and we had to make sure that her adjustments were correct. Her name was Bonnie, and she was a purple-haired beauty covered in piercings. Even her cunt was pierced and I remembered how I played with the silver ring in her labia as I ate her pussy out during the first fitting. And her tongue piercing, I shivered just remember how great it was when Bonnie ran it through my slit. I was getting a little wet just thinking about it.

My three bridesmaids were with me: Mark’s younger sister Antsy and my two sisters, Shannon and Missy. We were also going to select the bridesmaids dresses and get their fittings taken care of. My maid-of-honor, Alice, was also meeting us here. I hadn’t seen her in a week, not since she found me in the motel up in Seattle and drove me home after the big fight I had with Mark. Mark was under this spell from a nun and it almost drove us apart. All week Alice has been bugging me to get together and she sound so happy to be able to see me today when we spoke on the phone.

“Remember ladies, be on your best behavior,” I warned my bridesmaids. “Alice, doesn’t know about any of this. I want her to be kept away from all of this and be normal.”

Shannon frowned at me, slipping into her mother role. When our whore of mother left us, Shannon had to take her place. She had to grow up a little too quickly and liked to forget I wasn’t a child anymore. “You didn’t keep us away from this,” Shannon pointed out. “I seemed to remember how eager you were to get me and Missy into bed.”

“Mark and I needed your help,” I explained, half apologetically. “And, well, that left you vulnerable to our enemies. Alice is under no commands. I told her to ignore my orders and Mark hasn’t given her any, either. So, she has a silver aura so she can’t be touched by a nun.”

“I had a silver aura,” Antsy pointed out. The latest nun, her name was Theodora according to Antsy, tried to break Mark and I up. The nun’s spell made Mark and Antsy obsessed with each other. I guess the nun wanted to split us apart to to make it easier to pick us off. And it almost worked. But, Mark’s behavior changed too radically and I became suspicious and found a way to break the spell.

“Well…” I trailed off, frowning. Antsy was right. There was a lot we didn’t know. The sooner Sam, our newest slut, finished translating the Magicks of the Witch of Endor, the better. “Well, Mark and I are protected against that spell, now. So it would be pointless for any nun to go after Alice that way.”

We entered the Wedding Lace and Bonnie smiled and walked up and boldly kissed me. Alice was in the back and she was glaring daggers at Bonnie. She pushed past Bonnie and kissed me, just as boldly, and for twice as long. The kiss was great, her lips soft and left me a little breathless, but I wondered what has gotten into her, lately. She just seemed so possessive of me.

“Why am I not surprised that you sleep with your bridesmaids, too,” Bonnie giggled.

Alice answered, “Well, not all of them, I hope.” There was an edge to her voice. Jealousy? No, that couldn’t be it. “Two of them are her sisters.”

I laughed and ignored the comment. “It’s great to see you, too, Alice,” I told her with a smile. “And you know Shannon and Missy, of course.”

“Hey, Alice,” Shannon said, hugging her old friend from High School. “It’s good to see you.”

“I hear you’re engaged,” Alice said, kissing Shannon on the cheek. “To George, right.”

Shannon beamed. “Yeah, I guess I’ll need to come back and start shopping for my wedding dress.”

“Well, I’m happy for you,” Alice told her and gave Shannon a warm hug.

Shannon held her tightly, and bent down to whisper, “So, you’ll bang my little sister but not me.”

Alice flushed. “I…what…”

Shannon laughed. “You are so easy to tease, Alice.” Shannon gave Alice a kiss on the cheek, and asked, “And how’s Dean doing?”

Alice ignored the question about her husband, and instead ruffled Missy’s hair. “How’s it hanging, pipsqueak.” I knew Dean and Alice were having martial problems. Dean worked too much and did not spend enough time with Alice. His neglect had already led her to have one affair with her yoga instructor.

Missy scowled at Alice, patting at her hair. “I’m fifteen, now,” she complained. “Not a little girl anymore.”

Alice hugged her. “But you’ll always be my little pipsqueak.”

I could see Missy grinding her teeth. She desperately wanted to be treated like an adult now that she was fifteen and I wanted to head off a Missy-tantrum before it started. “C’mon, let’s look at the bridesmaids dresses. Unless you want me to put you in something just ugly.”

“You wouldn’t!” Missy gasped.

“Well, it’s my special day and I do not want my little sister looking hotter than me!” I grinned at Missy.

We started browsing the shelves and I handed Alice a ruffled, pale blue dress. “Let’s see how this looks on you,” I told her.

“But I like this cream one,” Missy complained, holding up a dress.

“Then go try it on,” I told her. “And we’ll see which dress looks nicer.”

Alice took the dress and walked into a changing room. “Um, Mary, could you help me with this,” Alice called.

I smiled, she was so transparent. I slipped into the changing room and found Alice naked, a smile playing on her full, kissable lips, lighting up her round face. Black curls framed her face, drawing the eyes to her perfect features and enchanting, hazel eyes. Her breasts were perky, about my size, and her hips curvy. Her pussy was freshly shaven and moist with excitement.

“I just need you so badly,” she whispered. “I’ve missed you so much.”

“I know, it’s just been so busy,” I sighed. “How about tomorrow, at the usual spot?”

Alice’s eyes lit up. “I’d love that. Now kiss me you sexy vixen!”

I pressed her up against the wall, kissing her on the mouth. Her lips were soft and tasted sweet. Her tongue fenced with mine as I trailed my fingers down her side, following her hip and sliding down to the wet furnace between her legs. Her body twitched as my finger’s lightly caressed her clit, then I slid them up inside her juicy depths.

She moaned into my mouth, her eyes closed tight as she writhed on my fingers. I found her hard clit with the heal of my hand, slowly grinding on the sensitive pearl as I fucked my two fingers in and out of her wet tunnel. Her hands gripped my face, pulled me tighter against her lips. Her body spasmed beneath me, the little minx was so hot for me she was already cumming. I pulled my sticky fingers out, broke the kiss and licked the juices slowly off my fingers.

“Thanks,” Alice gasped. “I needed that.”

“And what about what I need?” I asked her archly, pulling up the front of my skirt, exposing my wet slit.

Alice glanced nervously out the door. “What about your sisters and that other girl?”

“They won’t care.”

“Okay,” she sighed happily, kneeling down before me.

Her hands were almost trembling, the poor dear, as she spread my thighs. I leaned back against the dressing room wall and sighed as she licked up my slit. Her tongue was rough velvet on my pussy, feeling just delicious. A second swipe across my cunt, and this time she brushed my clit and I shivered in pleasure. Then her tongue dug eagerly into me, lapping hard at my pussy. Alice was a like a starving girl, feasting on the delicacies of my pussy.

Her hands gripped my plump ass, squeezing my cheeks as her tongue dug up inside my cunt. My breath quickened. If the little minx kept this up, I’d be cumming in no time. I let out a soft moan as her tongue flicked rapidly at my clit. Then her lips sealed over my little bud and sucked hard as she shoved two fingers up inside me, curling about and finding my G-spot. My orgasm exploded through me, quaking through my entire body and a loud gasp escaped my lips.

When I slipped out of the dressing room, Shannon and Antsy applaud. “Sounded like a good one, Mary!” Antsy smirked.

“Thanks for making my little sister happy,” Shannon hollered into the stall where Alice was slipping on the blue dress.

“Uh, you’re welcome, Shannon,” Alice answered back, sounding uncertain.

Missy came out in her cream dress. The shoulders were ruffled lace, gathered to look like flowers, with a scooped neckline that showed off Missy’s rather small cleavage. The arms were left bare and the dress hugged Missy’s torso then flared at the hips into a flowing, satin skirt.

“Oh, don’t you just look gorgeous,” Bonnie cooed.

“You look hot,” Antsy purred.

Missy flushed bright red. “Do I really?”

“Yeah, Missy,” I told her. Alice came out in the pale blue dress and it just didn’t compare to the cream one. Even Alice agreed. “Then its settled.”

We laughed and giggled as each of the girls was measured. Antsy and my sisters were taking after me, and stopped wearing underwear. All their tits were perky enough to get away with it, though Shannon’s tits were only barely able to. She was starting to sag, but it wasn’t that noticeable. Bonnie seemed to have fun accidentally brushing the girls.

“Umm, you have skilled fingers,” Antsy purred as Bonnie “measured” her inseam for a very long time. The tape measure kept slipping out of her hand when she reached Antsy crouch and Bonnie’s fingers kept rubbing through her shaved slit.

“I have to get Mary’s wedding dress out of the back,” Bonnie said when she finished Antsy, the last girl to be measured.

“Oh, let me help you,” Antsy said excitedly.

We all giggled as we heard their moans of pleasure from the back, even Alice. “Mary, where did you find this seamstress?”

“I just get lucky with the ladies,” I told her with a wink.

Another loud gasp came from the back room and Alice had a flush on her cheeks. She looked so cute, I pulled her into my lap and started to kiss her. Her tongue played with mine, dancing about inside my mouth as I tasted her sweet lips. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw Missy sit in Shannon’s lap and my sisters started to make out. They were supposed to be on their best behavior.

Well, I would need to keep Alice distracted. She was wearing a tight blouse with delicate little buttons down the front. My fingers deftly undid her blouse, exposing her black bra cupping her breasts. I slid my hands behind her back and unclasped her bra exposing her beautiful, small breasts and their hard nipples.

“What are you doing?” Alice hissed, breaking the kiss. “We’re not alone.”

“That’s what makes it fun,” I giggled and pulled her back in a kiss.

Her bra was off and her perky tits were exposed, her aerola pink and wrinkled and a hard nipple thrust out of the center. I fingered a hard nipple and just had to suck on one. I broke the kiss and bent down to suck a nipple into my mouth, rolling it around my tongue. Alice moaned softly and the gasped in alarm.

“Mary your sisters are…” she started to shout, but I cut her off with another kiss.

Missy had her shorts pulled down, bunched around her ankles and Shannon was fingering her little cunt. There were only a few wisps of light, red hair between covering Missy’s teenage pussy. Missy was a late bloomer, her breasts just budding and her hips were still boyish slim.

“Expressing their love for each other,” I finished when I broke the kiss. “Aren’t they beautiful together?”

“I guess,” Alice muttered then a suspicious look filled her face and she stared at me accusingly.

“Yeah, I’ve expressed my sisterly love with them,” I answered.

Alice frowned then she was kissing my passionately, her tongue shoved into my mouth. I grasped one of her breasts, playing with it in my hand. I enjoyed the way a woman’s breasts felt when you squeezed it, soft and firm, and topped with that sensitive little nub. I rubbed her aerola in circles as her hands pushed into the bodice of my dress and started playing with my freckled tits. Her fingers felt amazing on my nipples.

“Ahem,” Bonnie said, clearing her throat loudly. “If you’re ready, Mary.”

I broke the kiss and saw a flushed and disheveled Bonnie, holding my beautiful dress. Behind her stood Antsy, a pleased grin on her face as she licked her sticky lips. Alice pouted that we had to stop kissing then perked up as a stripped naked and stood up on the little plinth.

Shannon kept right on fingering Missy. “Umm, are you gonna cum for your big sister?”

“Yes, yes!” Missy moaned. “Ohh, fuck, make me cum, Shannon!” Missy shuddered on Shannon’s lap, throwing back her long, strawberry blonde hair as she howled out in pleasure. Pleased, Shannon pulled out her sticky fingers and licked them clean.

First I had to try on the hosiery and undergarments. Bonnie held a beautiful, strapless bra. “Well, dear, you nipples should be nice and hard so we can see the full effect of the bra,” Bonnie said, her purple hair swaying about her face as she cocked her head, staring hungrily at my breasts.

“My nipples are hard,” I started to tell her, when her mouth sucked a breast into her mouth, her tongue swirling around my rock hard nubs. Her tongue felt amazing, warm and soft, contrasting with the hard, metal point of her tongue stud. She switched sides, giving my other breast the same, lavish attention.

Shannon sat next to Alice and put her arm around the black-haired woman. “What are you doing?” Alice asked, uncomfortable, her arms moving up to cover her bared breasts.

“Remember when we were seventeen and you were spending the night and I dared you to french me?” Shannon asked. Alice nodded, a fond smile appearing on her face. “Well, I wish I had the courage to do this.” Shannon kissed Alice while her hands reached out and fondled her breast. Alice stiffened, her eyes sought mine out and I smiled and nodded. Alice relaxed and began kissing Shannon back. Seventeen, huh. Was that the night Alice saw me stepping naked out of the shower when I was thirteen?

Bonnie released my breast and slipped the bra on and I smiled, modeling in the mirror. The bra cupped my breasts perfectly, two satin hands cradling my perky tits, lifting them up just enough to make it seem like I had larger breasts.

Bonnie picked up pair of bikini-cut satin panties, and frowned. “You’re all wet down there,” Bonnie said with annoyance. “Let me clean you up.”

Bonnie bent down and put her face so close to my pussy her warm breath tickled me. Then her tongue was swiping wet through my cunt. I shivered in pleasure as her tongue stud slid through my pussy and brushed my clit. Her hands grabbed my plump ass and she buried her face into my cunt, swiping her tongue over and over through my slit.

“Oh fuck!” I moaned. “Clean my pussy up! Fuck, you’re cleaning my pussy so fucking well!”

I saw Missy giggle as Antsy was whispering in her ear, playing with my little sister’s strawberry-blonde hair. Then Antsy was kissing at her neck, sliding her hands up and down Missy’s thigh. Missy slipped off the chair and spread Antsy legs and dived under the jean skirt Antsy wore and began vigorously tonguing her cunt.

Shannon was also on her knees, eating out Alice’s delicious pussy as Alice watched me, playing with her nipples. I smiled at her, one hand in Bonnie’s hair, holding the seamstress’s face into my cunt as her tongue stud drove me crazy with pleasure. Alice licked her lips at me, her eyelids fluttering with pleasure from Shannon’s ministrations, soft moans escaping her lips.

The room was filled with the sounds of women cumming, a beautiful symphony of sighs and moans and gasps, and even the occasional squeal. And the smell, I cold have died and gone to heaven. All our musk filled the room into a heady smell of horny cunt. I wasn’t going to last long on Bonnie’s tongue, and that amazing tongue stud, and soon gripped her purple hair and creamed Bonnie’s eager lips. She kept licking until all my juices were gone. Alice writhed silently on her chair, staring at me the entire time she came on Shannon’s face. Antsy screamed like a banshee when she came, grinding her cunt hard into Missy’s little face.

“Well, you’re all clean,” a breathless Bonnie said as she pulled up the satin panties. The material felt cool against my pussy. I glanced in the mirror and loved the way the panties clung to my ass. Then Bonnie slipped on the lacy garter belt and carefully pulled up the white hoses, hooking them to the garter. Then I slipped on the heels I would be wearing.

Antsy gave me a catcall. “My brother is a lucky guy,” she called.

“You look so sexy, Mary,” Missy said in awe.

Alice had a dreamy look in her face and I wondered what she was thinking about. Maybe her own wedding. I knew she was having problems in her marriage to Dean, and I wondered how it was going. She seemed so happy when they got married last November, it was sad that six month’s later she was disappointed in her marriage. She even confided in me that she cheated on her husband and almost left Dean for her yoga instructor. Unfortunately for Alice, the yoga instructor was cheating on her.

Of course, Alice is cheating on Dean with me, a little voice whispered. I frowned, was it cheating, really? We were just two friends giving comfort to each other. Alice needed some intimacy that she wasn’t getting from Dean, and I was happy to fill that void for her. Friends with benefits, they called it.

Finally, I put on the wedding dress. It was strapless, the bodice covered in white lace that then wrapped diagonally around the my torso until it reached the skirt. The skirt was made of a beautiful, ruffled fabric, that fell in many tiers, giving the skirt an elegant, bell shape. Finally, Bonnie set the veil on my head, a simple, white gauze that fell about my shoulders and covered my cleavage.

I started at myself in the mirror and started to get misty-eyed. I was so happy, I couldn’t wait for my wedding day and for Mark to see just how beautiful I was. I pictured the bouquet of white snapdragons and daisies, pink orchids, and a couple of deep purple anemone for a splash of vibrancy and imagined Dad walking me down the aisle, through the wildflower meadow on the slopes of Mount Rainier. And the happy look in Mark’s blue eyes and the boyish grin would be painted on across his face.

And unlike my whore of a mother, I won’t leave my family.


I drove my Mustang down I-5, nearing the 705 exit to downtown Tacoma. I had Desiree and Alison with me. Alison was up front and gave me two great blowjobs on the drive over. I loved the way her tongue stud ran across my cock’s head. Desiree cheered her fiancee on while fingering her pussy in the back. In front of me was a Tenino cop car, a pair of our new bodyguards in the car. Behind us a University Place cop car followed.

Yesterday’s tryouts went well. We had over seventy cops show up and the entire family was involved in narrowing down the candidates. We took twelve from King County and twelve from Thurston County, tripling the size of our guard. I assigned a few to guard our plane, and then others would guard our family members. Anyone leaving would have two bodyguards with them and for Mary and myself, four.

When Mary left for her bridal fitting, a whole parade of cop cars followed. The media was camped outside our house. It was a daily occurrence, now. And not just the media, the paparazzi were starting to follow us. We were making national headlines, and I had to turn Jessica into our press secretary to keep on top of everything.

Libertarians lauded our no government should interfere policy in regards to the bigamy stance Mary and I have taken, Conservatives lashed out against our sexual politics, and Liberals were happy with our social conscience, as demonstrated by our Charity to help poor women get free gynecological help. And the Occupy Movement saw me as some sort of Robin Hood, sticking it to the 1% and getting away with all those bank robberies. This isn’t what I wanted when I got these powers. I just wanted to have fun, screw a few girls, but I was starting to think I could make a real difference. Maybe make this world a better place.

There was an open seat in the State House of Representatives up for election in November and Mary was urging me to throw my name in. We have a fund raiser coming up this Friday for our charity. It would be the perfect place to announce my candidacy. We already had Julius Prescott III, the billionaire I bout the plane from, on board with our charity and last night, over the phone, he promised a number of big names to show up. His wife, the beautiful Monique, had also been working to get people to come.

We arrived at the courthouse building on Tacoma Avenue. It was a large building, right next to the Pierce County Jail. The building doubled as the Pierce County Superior Court and the Tacoma Municipal Court. We walked through security, though the cops on guard duty gave my slutty bodyguards questioning stares even after they produced their badges. All of our bodyguards were still cops, still on the payroll with their departments, just on permanent assignment to protect me.

People in the courthouse stared as I marched in. Some people recognized me, shying away or staring in curiosity. Next to me, Alison swelled up, thrusting out her chest. She was wearing a too tight T-Shirt, pink, that said, “Daddy’s little girl,” only the word girl was crossed out and and “slut” was written in its place. It was the shirt she wore when I met her, back in the Hot Topic. She was such a little slut, she fucked me willingly and was excited to be my sex slave. About her neck was her gold choker, her name written in diamonds. Desiree, on the other side, was dressed more elegantly, in a tight, golden dress and heels, her nice Latina ass swaying sexily, a gold choker set with onyx tight about her throat.

“Ready to be a single woman?” I asked Desiree when we reached family court.

“She won’t be single for long,” Alison said, happily.

We were here to annul Desiree’s marriage with Brandon. Brandon disappeared to France and we haven’t heard from Doug, either. The nuns probably got to Doug. Brandon was heading to Rennes-le-Château, to the nun’s Motherhouse. And Doug wasn’t the only persons that had gone missing. It had been over two weeks since our slaves, Chantelle and Lana, set out on their Honeymoon. They were supposed to be back last Friday, but we haven’t heard from them in over a week. I had Chasity, the head of the bodyguards, and Noel, our FBI slut, tracking them down. I had a bad feeling that the nuns got to them, as well. We didn’t know about the Zimmah spell when we parted with Chantelle and Lana, so they were vulnerable to a nun’s powers. Hell, we didn’t even know about the nuns back then.

We pushed into the courtroom, a few people were waiting. You could tell the couples getting divorced because they kept glaring at each other across the aisle, shepherded by their lawyers. I saw one woman, early twenties, with green eyes and black hair, that filled out her blouse quite nicely. I sat down next to her, Alison and Desiree on the other side of me.

“You’re a pretty thing,” I whispered to the girl. “You want to make that soon to be ex-husband real jealous, why don’t you bend down and suck my cock.”

The woman smiled, her face was quite beautiful when she smiled. Her lawyers gasped, “Macy what are you doing?” as the woman bent down and unzipped my jeans.

“It’s okay,” I told her lawyer. “Just pretend likes nothing is going on back here.”

“It’s true what they say about you, Mr. Glassner” Macy whispered as she pulled my cock out. “That you get people to do whatever you want?”

“Yeah,” I told her as her lips sucked my cock in, her head bobbing up and down. “You’ll have quite the story to tell all your friends.”

Her mouth sucked hungrily at my cock and I saw her soon to be ex-husband glance over and his eyes widened in shock and disgust. He stood up and, “Just ignore us,” I said, loud enough for everyone in the court to hear my commands. Her soon to be ex-husband suddenly wasn’t sure why he was standing up and his lawyer pulled him back down.

“Alison, Desiree, you don’t have to ignore me,” I said softly, realizing my two sex slaves were suddenly not watching.

They both had big smiles on their faces and Desiree pressed up against my side. “Is she pleasing you,mi Rey?”

“Very much so,” I moaned. “Why don’t you help her out.”

“Ooh, I’d love to,” Desiree purred and bent down, licking at my shaft.

Desiree’s lips found Macy’s and she licked at the black-haired woman’s mouth. Macy sucked up my cock and the two ladies teased my cock with their tongues, flicking at the rim of the mushroom-shaped head. Pleasure surged down my cock and I leaned back into the bench and enjoyed their ministrations.

Out of the corner of my eyes I saw movement and glanced over to watch Alison hike up her fiancee’s skirt, exposing her full, Latina ass. She spread her nut-brown cheeks and bent over to lick her tongue across Desiree’s pink asshole. Alison sealed her lips over the puckered anus and shoved her tongue inside her ass.

“Hmm, mi Sirenita Desiree moaned. “Lick my ass.”

Macy’s lips were sucking my cock back into her mouth and Desiree licked down and started sucking on my nuts. Playing with the sensitive balls as Macy sucked and bobbed her head. I moaned, the two sluts were getting me closer and closer to cumming.

“You fucking sluts feel great,” I moaned. “Oh fuck, here it cums!”

White cream shot into Macy’s lips and Desiree was ready to kiss the girl and get a taste of her Master’s cum. Macy sat up, licking the last of the cum off her lips as Desiree began to moan louder and louder. Alison was sucking on her ass and was playing with her clit, rolling it softly between her fingers. Desiree threw back her head as she came on Alison’s hungry lips.

“Macy, why don’t you pull those Capris down and let me stick my cock up your ass,” I ordered.

Macy gave a throaty purr and stood up, unbuttoning her cerulean Capri pants and pushing them off her tight ass. “You like my ass?” she asked, wiggling her firm butt in my face as she pulled down her white panties. “I’ve been doing yoga to get my body all nice and tight for the next guy who comes along.”

“Well, it’s paying off,” I told her, giving her firm ass a squeeze.

“All rise,” the Bailiff shouted, “the Honorable Judge Harriet Severijns presiding.”

I rose up, spreading her ass cheeks and finding that puckered hole. Macy braced herself against the back of the bench in front of us as my cock rammed into her ass. “Oh, fuck!” Macy gasped and I could see a heavyset woman in black robes and badly dyed, red hair, waddle from her chambers and walk up to her bench. “Umm, fuck that’s nice!” Macy moaned wantonly, her voice echoing off the courtroom walls.

The judge frowned and then her eyes opened in surprise and she slammed her gavel down. “Bailiff!” she shouted.

“Ignore us, Your Honor!” I shouted as my balls slapped against Macy’s taint. Her ass was velvety tight on my cock.

The judge froze, holding up her gavel. The Bailiff looked questioningly at the Judge. The judge shook her head, confused, then she turned to her law clerk who handed her a docket. The judge called up the first case as I pounded Macy’s ass.

“Hmm, you got a nice, tight ass!” I groaned.

“Thanks,” she purred, looking over her shoulder at me, her green eyes sparkling with lust.

“Fuck her slutty ass, Master,” Alison moaned.

I glanced over to see Alison’s top off, her hard nipples pierced by silver barbells heaved as Alison writhed on Desiree’s tongue. The Latina slut had slipped to the floor and pushed up Alison’s skirt to eat out her tight, teenage cunt. I could see Alison’s tattoo that read, “Cum on in” above her pussy, with an arrow that pointed down so it was crystal clear just where Alison wanted you to cum.

I watched Alison pinch and pull on her nipples as Desiree ate her cunt. Macy was moaning low and loud, almost a throaty purr, as I pounded her ass. My balls were starting to churn, getting ready to cream the soon-to-be divorcee’s ass. Just a few more strokes and I would be there. In and out went my cock, her anal walls squeezing like a tight fist on my cock. Slam in and pull out. I grit my teeth, slammed in and exploded in her ass.

“Ohh, fuck!” she moaned. “Ohh, fuck, oh fuck! Oh goddamn fucking fuck!” She bucked and squirmed in my arms, her ass spasming on my cock as an orgasm rolled through her body.

Sighing happily, I pulled out of her ass, white cum leaking out of her puckered hole. “Umm, pull up your panties and enjoy my cum up your ass all day,” I panted, sitting down on the bench.

“Oohh, let me clean you up, Master,” Alison purred, and bent down to lick at my dirty cock. Her tongue-stud felt amazing as it rubbed hard across my cock as Macy pulled up her panties and Capris and set down, squirming in her seat.

“Desiree Fitzsimmons,” the judge called out, boredly.

Desiree was going to town on Alison’s cunt and Alison was moaning around my cock as she bobbed her head. My cock was long clean of Macy’s ass, but Alison wanted a taste of my cum. She was sucking hard, and I would soon be rewarding her effort with a load of my cream.

“Desiree Fitzsimmons!” The judge sounded irritated, now. “Is Desiree Fitzsimmons here?” The judge looked around the courtroom. “Fine, case…”

“Give us a minute, Your Honor!” I groaned. “We’re almost finished back here.”

The judge frowned, but she waited patiently as Alison just gobbled my cock. I gripped her bubblegum pink hair and fucked her mouth with short thrusts of my hip. Alison started to convulse on the bench as her orgasm rolled through her body. Desiree took one last lick through Alison’s cunt, sending a last shudder through the teenage slut’s body.

“You’re doing great, Alison!” I moaned as Desiree stood up, licking at the cunt juices staining her lips. “Here it cums!” I exploded in her mouth and Alison drank it all down like a pro.

“Thank you, Master,” Alison sighed happily and stood up and pressed her body up against Desiree’s and gave her fiancee a taste of my cum.

Alison bent down to pull on her shirt, but I stopped her. “Your tits are too beautiful to be covered up, Alison.”

She flushed. “Thank you, Master.”

Desiree walked up to the podium and Alison and I followed, my hand on the little slut’s waist, her naked breast brushing against my side. “I’m Desiree, Your Honor.”

“And who are those with you?”

“I’m Mark Glassner,” I interjected. “Just do whatever Desiree wants.”

“And I’m Alison Hertz, Desiree’s girlfriend.”

The judge frowned. “And where is your top, young lady.”
“My tits are too amazing to be covered up!” Alison declared, cupping one of breasts.
“People wear clothes in my courtroom,” the judge snarled, grabbing her gavel. “I find you in contempt of…”

“Your Honor,” I interrupted. “No woman should have to cover her tits up if they look as amazing as Alison’s. Don’t you agree, Your Honor?”

The judge nodded in agreement, her fleshy chins wobbling. “You’re right, Mr. Glassner. A woman should be free to expose her breasts.” The judge paused. “And those are a beautiful pair of breasts, young lady.”

“Thanks, Your Honor,” Alison said, posing like a pin-up model.

The judge flushed and cleared her throat, looking down at her documents. “Mrs. Fitzsimmons, you are seeking to annul your marriage of four months to Brandon Fitzsimmons.”

“Yes, Your Honor, I would be really happy if you would grant the annulment,” Desiree answered. “Brandon…he is not a good man. And he is never around. And, well, I just married him for his money.” I blinked at that. Desiree never told us she was just a gold digger. Well, it did explain how she ended up with that fat, little man.

“Granted,” the Judge answered. Her law clerk glanced in shock at the judge when she took the docket and handed the Judge the next one. “Next on the docket is…”

Alison happily hugged Desiree and we walked out of the courthouse and drove over to the County Auditor’s office on 35th Street, to get the marriage licenses. I needed to get one for Mary and myself, and Alison and Desiree were eager to get theirs as well. We each paid our $64 dollar fee and were told our license would be mailed to the house in a few days. On the drive home, Desiree got to sit in the front seat and suck my cock while Alison cheered her on.

Jessica was waiting for me when we got home in her slutty, office-lady outfit. Very short miniskirt, sheer, white blouse that you could see her breasts and nipples through. About her neck was a gold choker set with sapphires. “Master, there are several interview requests. The Today Show would like you to fly out to New York next week as well as several other interviews that can be done by satellite.”

I sighed. “Okay, set them up.”

“And then there’s this news report,” Jessica said. “The Altgrave August Alfred Bernard was found murdered last night in his home in Cologne, Germany. They say he had been dead almost a day before he was found.”

“Suspects?” I asked.

“None,” Jessica answered.

I sighed. Fucking Brandon Fitzsimmons. “Tip the authorities in Germany about Brandon Fitzsimmons,” I ordered. “The bastard most have the book, now.”

Who would have thought that Desiree’s husband would be capable of murder. A chill went through my body. That book told a person how to summon the Devil. What if Brandon made his own Pact. That would not be good. Fuck, that’s another problem we would have to deal with.

“Anything going on tomorrow?” I asked Jessica.

“Um, no sir,” Jessica answered. “Would you like to me to set up some interviews tomorrow morning, after you get back from jogging?”

“Yeah, sure,” I sighed and waved her away. “But nothing after that. A nice, peaceful day would be swell.” I could spend some time with Mary. She wanted to watch some TV show called Once Upon a Time. Some Fairy Tail bullshit she just got into. But, the company would be pleasant, at least.

Chasity walked into the living room and stood before me. “Master, I have an update on Lana and Chantelle.”

“What?” I asked eagerly. Lana and Chantelle were a pair of fun girls. They had just gotten married when Mary and I met them on their honeymoon and we just had to have them.

“They were staying at a cheap motel in Seattle for a week,” Chasity answered, consulting her notes. “The, uh, Rain City Motel, until Friday morning. There has been no activity on their credit card since then. They have not back to their house in DuPont and none of their friends or family have heard from them since they left on their honeymoon.” Chasity glanced at her notes. “Lana’s mom told me they were expected home over a week ago. The, um, fourteenth of June.”

I frowned. “Chantelle texted Mary and said they were on their honeymoon until last Friday.” I Frowned, thinking. “That would be, what, the twenty-first?” Chasity nodded. “So, Chantelle lied to us?”

“I don’t know, Master,” Chasity apologized. “That’s just what Lana’s mom said. She hasn’t heard from Lana or Chantelle and filled a missing person report on her daughter and Chantelle with the DuPont police department. I’m sorry I don’t have better news, I’ll keep searching for them.”

Chasity was looking quite lovely in her outfit and Jessica perched on the chair, talking quietly on the phone looked just gorgeous. My cock was stirring. “Jessica, hang up. Master needs to fuck you two naughty sluts.”

Jessica beamed at me, hanging up and stood up, stretching her caramel-skinned body, running a hand through her honey-brown hair as she walked over to me, standing next to Chasity, who was shaking her long, blonde hair out of her bun, falling about her shoulders. Chasity smiled and grabbed Jessica and kissed her fellow slut on the lips with gusto.

I stood up and pulled of my shirt. “Hmm,” Jessica murmured, eying my chest. “Master, you are looking better and better.”

“I know,” Chasity purred, reaching her hand out to run it across my chest. “Your jogging has really paid off, Master.”

I pulled both women to me, feeling their bodies soft bodies pressing against me and kissed them each on the lips. I slid my hand down and squeezed both their asses. “Tops off ladies, but leave the skirts.”

Chasity laughed, unbuttoning her slutty cops blouse, her lovely breasts spilled out. Jessica’s blouse was hanging open, her perky tits topped with those dark nipples came into view. I bent down and sucked on her nipple. Chasity, not to be left out, rubbed her breasts on the other side of me and I sucked one of her pink nipples in.

“Ooh, Master,” moaned Chasity.

Jessica slipped down and I felt her fish my cock out of my pants and I moaned about Chasity’s nipple as Jessica sucked my cock into her delightful mouth. Her head bobbed up and down, and I ran my fingers through her silky hair. I found Chasity’s waxed cunt with my fingers and slipped them up inside her wet hole while my thumb rubbed her clit.

“On your back, slut,” I barked at Chasity.

“Yes sir,” Chasity moaned and lay back on the floor, stretching her legs out. She looked so sexy in her thigh-high black boots and short, blue skirt. I could see her cunt peaking out between her sleek thighs.

I pulled my cock out of Jessica’s mouth. “Sit on her face.”

“Oh yes, Jessica,” Chasity moaned. “Let me eat that sweet pussy.”

Jessica straddled Chasity, lowering her cunt down and moaning as Chasity’s tongue licked up into her twat. I knelt before Chasity, grabbed her legs, lifting her ass up. I lined my cock at her wet, pink hole and thrust my cock into her wet depths. She was tight and felt velvety smooth on my cock. I stared into Jessica’s brown eyes as she rubbed her pussy on Chasity’s eager mouth, her caramel breasts heaving in pleasure. I bent over and captured one of Jessica’s dark nipples as I thrust into Chasity’s tight cunt.

“Umm, that feels so nice, Master,” Jessica moaned as I nibbled on her hard nipple.

The front door banged open. “Master!” an excited Korina called. “Where are you, Master!”

Jessica moaned in disappointment as I released her nipple. I was about to call out to Korina when the excited slut practically skip into the room, trailed by a smiling Willow. Korina had a doll’s face, sparkling blue eyes and black hair. Her arm was out of the sling since yesterday, although it still hurt some for her, but the gunshot was almost all healed and her physical therapy was going well. Only a puckered, red scar marred her otherwise flawless skin.

Willow had a happy grin on her cinnamon face. She was our doctor, running our Charity, the Women’s Health Organization for Reproductive Empowerment. The new medical office was being renovated thanks to Julius Prescott’s generous $13.5 million donation to our charity over the weekend. It was half the money we paid him for his plane. With the Charity, we could stop robbing banks and have a more legitimate means of getting money. Or, at least, one that wasn’t so blatantly illegal.

“Master,” Korina squealed, kneeling down next to me as I thrust into Chasity’s cunt and threw her arms around me and kissed me on the lips.

“What’re you so excited about?” I asked, curious.

“I’m pregnant, Master!” she shouted happily and threw her arms around my neck. “We made a baby!”

I was speechless. I stopped thrusting in Chasity’s cunt. I glanced at Willow and she nodded. “It’s not a Lilith baby or anything,” she answered. Karen was lying unconscious in the hospital with a baby Lilith planted in her belly. The baby was growing seven times as fast as a normal infant. “I put her date of conception at June ninth, sixteen days ago,” Willow continued.

“The hotel in Seattle,” Korina giggled. “Or the night before during the orgy.”

I smiled. The night I proposed to Mary. We had a wild orgy at the Sky City Restaurant. Chantelle and Lana were with us that night. That was the last time we saw them, I realized with a pang. We had six of the pretty servers attend us as our fuck-waitress. And we fucked them good and hard. We ended up keeping Xiu, Fiona, and Korina as our sex slaves.

“I’m going to be a dad?” I gaped, the news finally sinking in. And not like my dad. No drunk father that hits his kids and their mother. I stroked Korina’s face and kissed her. “I love you, Korina. Not as much as I love Mary, but I love you.”

A tear was trickling down Korina’s face. “I love you, too, Master.”

“…that was so hot, Antsy,” Missy said as the front door opened. It sounded like Mary and our sisters were back.

I turned to see Mary, Missy and Antsy stride into the living room. “I see you’re as horny as ever, big bro,” Antsy said, rolling her eyes.

Missy rolled her eyes too. “You’re almost as bad as Damien and our math teacher.” Damien was Missy’s boyfriend and the math teacher was Damien’s sex slave, Mrs. Corra.

I pulled out of Chasity and stood up, putting an arm around Korina and then hugging Mary to me. “We have some news,” I told her.

Mary glanced at Korina and then her eyes widened. “You’re pregnant!” Mary gasped.

“How did you…” I trailed off.

“Woman’s intuition,” Mary said, mysterious.

“I texted her,” Willow answered and Mary shot her a look that promised Willow was in store for a spanking.

Mary stroked Korina’s face. “I’m so happy for you, Korina.”

Korina seemed relieved. “I thought you might be mad, Mistress.”

“Geez, bro, you firing silver bullets out of the cock?” Antsy asked. “You knocked her up on the first go.” Apparently, I was the last to find out. But I didn’t care. I was going to be a dad.

“Well, let’s hope I didn’t fire one into your little pussy,” I joked.

Antsy laughed, then glared mockingly at me. “You better not have. I’ll be very mad if you knocked me up, Mark!”

Mary smiled. “I’m just jealous you get to have Mark’s child before me.” Mary took Korina’s hand. “Mark, you might want to finish Chasity off, she looks so eager to have your dick back in her. I’ll take care of our little expectant mother here.”

I knelt back down and slid my cock back into Chasity’s cunt as Mary spread Korina’s thighs. “Hmm, a pregnant pussy,” she murmured. “I can’t wait till your belly starts to swell. I bet you’ll look so beautiful, Korina.”

“Oh, thank you, Mistress,” Korina smiled and then moaned as Mary took a swipe through her cunt.

Willow knelt behind Mary and the Native America slut lifted Mary’s skirt and started rubbing her cunt. “Don’t think you can finger me to get out of your punishment,” Mary warned.

“I know, Mistress,” Willow answered. “I just thought your little cunny needed some attention.”

“It does,” Mary moaned. “Umm, tease my clit. Ohh, yeah. Just like that.”

Mary dove back into Korina’s pussy, lapping at the black-haired sluts cunt as Korina writhed on Mary’s tongue. Willow slipped her finger up inside Mary and then bent down and started licking at Mary’s pussy, shoving her tongue deep inside Mary’s tight pussy. I kept fucking Chasity and she kept eating Jessica’s cunt. Jessica’s eyes were squeezed shut and she pinched her nipples.

“Oh fuck, Chasity!” she gasped. “Oh fuck, right there you nasty slut, keep licking me there!”

Chasity drank Jessica’s cunt juices as the bi-racial slut came on Chasity’s sweet mouth. Jessica slid off Chasity, smiling happily and I bent over and captured Chasity’s mouth in a kiss tasting Jessica’s sweet, sour flavor on her Chasity’s lips as I fucked her harder and harder. Chasity bucked beneath me, her cunt squeezing on my cock as she came hard, sucking on my lips. I thrust into her again, and again. My balls tightening and then that sweet explosion as my cum shot into her, filling her slutty pussy.

“Oh, thank you Master,” Chasity gushed. “Hmm, that was a great cum.”

I pulled out of her, leaving a creamy mess. Antsy and Missy were making out on a chair. Missy sat in Antsy’s lap and my little sister finger Mary’s little sister. From the doorway I saw Fiona and Xiu watching us. Fiona had her arms wrapped around Xiu, her fingers rapidly fucking in and out of the busty, Asian slut’s cunt.

Korina was squirming on the couch, clutching Mary’s face to her cunt. “I’m cumming! Oh yes! Mmhh, Mistress you sure know how to make me happy! Yes, yes! Thank you, thank you!”

I sat on the couch next to Korina and kissed her on the mouth. Mary smiled up at me and crawled on up, straddling my waist. “Willow’s got me nice a primed for you,” she whispered, hotly. “Ready to give your filly a good ride.” My cock was rising beneath her, poking at her cunt. “Mmhh, I’ll take that as a yes.”

As Mary slid my cock into her tight sheathe, I kissed her, tasting Korina’s sweet musk. I moaned softly as Mary sank all the way down on my cock. I put an arm around Korina and pulled her against me as my fiancee rode my cock. I could hear the sweet sounds of women making love all about me. Chasity gasping as Jessica began to clean her dirty cunt with her tongue. Missy’s moaning as Antsy slipped to the floor and gave her pussy a good licking. Xiu was panting as Fiona fingered her to an orgasm with one hand, and pulled hard on her pierced nipples with the other.

Mary kissed and nuzzled at my neck, and then whispered, “My period comes on Friday. When it’s over, I’m going off the pill. It’s not fair you knocked up one of the sluts before me.”

“Well, we’ll have plenty of babysitters,” I joked and Mary threw back her head and laughed and then rode me hard until we were both gasping in pleasure.


Wednesday morning dawned beautifully. The media was gathered outside, as usual. Well, really the paparazzi at this point. We jogged by with our jogging sluts getting our pictures taken. A few of the more attractive female reporters, including Debra Horne-Dannell from Q13 Fox, were joining us, now. People would be waiting for us as we jogged by. Some protesting our nudity and others encouraging us, holding signs to show their support. Any attractive woman could join us and jog naked it they wanted to.

When we got back, Mary and I gave two news interviews via satellite with some local news, Q13 and KING 5. It was in interesting experience with the hot lamps in our faces and this thick, almost pancake makeup shoved on our faces so we looked “normal” on the camera. We promoted our charity and Mary let some subtle hints drop about me running for that empty State Representative seat.

“Why don’t you run?” I asked Mary between interviews, half-joking and half-serious. I wasn’t sure I wanted to get into politics.

“You’re the better liar, Mark,” Mary said with a grin. “Plus, then I get to be the power behind the throne, so to speak.”

“And, how are you going to control me?”

The smile on Mary’s face turned mischievous and she reached out and grabbed my cock. “With the joystick between your legs.”

I laughed and kissed my sweet Mary, and then the next interview started up.

Finally, we got to eat some breakfast and Mary and I settled down on the couch and watched this Once Upon a Time on Netflix. And to my surprise, it was good. Somehow it skirted this fine line between corny and schmaltzy. The show had heart and I found myself getting into the show. Once Upon a Time reminded me, weirdly, of the first season of Lost.

The fifth episode ended and Mary stood up, stretching, and then walked upstairs. I frowned, and I almost asked her what she was up to when the next episode started. I paused it, glancing upstairs and wondered what was taking so long. I was excited to start the next episode. After a few minutes she came downstairs dressed in a simple, flowery sundress with thigh-high boots that came just to the hem of her skirt, leaving only an inch of pale thigh was exposed.

“Well, I got to get going, hun,” she said and kissed me. She was wearing a flowery perfume that she must have just put on.

“Where to?” I asked. “I’m bored, maybe I’ll come along.”

She gave me a confused look. “I told you I was seeing Alice today, right?”

Alice. The name left a bad taste in my mouth. I’d met her once, the day we bought all the houses on the street, and we did not hit it off. It was clear as day that the woman was in love with Mary and jealous of me. I looked Mary up and down, frowning. She put on lipstick, too. She was dressed up to go see her lover and that made the bad taste in my mouth worst.

“I thought we could spend the day together,” I told her.

“Sorry,” Mary shrugged. “Alice has been bugging me all week to get together. There was nothing going on today, so I told her we could get together.”

“Well, cancel and spend the day with me,” I said, putting on my most winning smiling.

Mary kissed me. “I’ll only be a few hours.”

“In that motel room?”

“Yeah,” Mary frowned. “What’s wrong, Mark.”

“Oh, nothing, my fiancee’s just all dolled up to go see her lover,” I said.

“She’s just my friend, Mark.” There was a tightness in her voice.

“You don’t spend hours in a motel room with someone who is ‘just a friend,’ Mary.”

She drew in a deep breath, her face reddening. “What I do with my friends is none of your business, Mark.”

“Well, I don’t want you to go.”

“I’m not your slave, Mark!” she yelled. “You made that choice and there’s no going back!”

“Fuck, that was a mistake!” I shouted back. “Why can’t you just drop it!”

She laughed, an angry, mocking laugh. “I would if you’d stop trying to treat me like one of your whores! I can go when I want and do what I want, Mark!”

“And I’m just supposed to be happy when you I see you all dolled up and off to see your lover?”

“I don’t care about all the whores you fuck, Mark!” she shrieked back.

“I don’t love those whores, Mary,” I screamed at her.

“How many times do I have to say I don’t love her, Mark?”

“Maybe you should tell that to Alice!” I angrily pointed out.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” she demanded.

“It’s as plain as day that she loves you, Mary. Open up your fucking eyes!”

Her nose flared and she tossed her mane of auburn hair. “Goodbye, Mark,” she hissed. “Hopefully you want be such a dick when I get home.” She slammed the door hard as she left the house

“God dammit,” I muttered to myself.

The moment she was out the door, I regretted the entire fight. I knew Mary loved me. I knew I shouldn’t be jealous of Alice. But that memory of Alice glaring at me while I hugged Mary that day still galled me. Alice had been so possessive of Mary. Of my Mary. I just wanted to track Alice down and set her straight, but that would just make Mary even angrier at me. Mary didn’t want her friend controlled, and I promised not to use my powers on her.

Fuck, I should go apologize to Mary. I stepped out of the house to just see her race off up the street in her red Eos convertible, her auburn hair blowing behind her in the breeze. I had seen her drive off angrily like that once before, at Spinnasse in Seattle when I called her ugly. That had been the spell talking, not my real feelings.

This time it was all me.


I couldn’t believe Mark. I wanted to claw his eyes out for being such a pigheaded fool. How could he be jealous of Alice. She was just a friend. Sure, we had sex. But I was fucking my entire family now, and Mark’s family as well. Sex had just become a way of showing any sort of affection for me. And it was Mark’s own, horny fault I was this way.

I was furious the entire drive out to Parkland and the Blue Spruce Motel. Alice was already at the motel, in Room 15 according to her text. I parked my car and knocked on the door. Alice answered in a black teddy trimmed in red lace. The material was transparent and I could see her nipples through the lace of the bodice, pink against the black fabric.

“Hello,” Alice purred and I was on her, pushing her back onto the bed.

She had on a pair of flimsy, black panties and I just ripped them off. Her cunt was shaved and I dove into the tangy, sweet pussy, lapping angrily with my tongue, taking all my frustrations with Mark out on her delicious pussy. I took two fingers and jabbed them up her cunt as my tongue flicked at her clit.

“Oh, fuck!” Alice moaned. “Oh, yes, Mary! Fuck, eat my cunt! Oh, fuck! Oh, sweet Jesus fuck!”

I assaulted her pussy, letting my anger with Mark vanish into her steamy cunt. This is what friends were for, helping each other deal with their problems. And right now I needed to deal with the anger I felt at Mark. Feeling Alice’s fingers in my hair, her sleek thighs on my cheek, and her juicy cunt on my lips, I was starting to feel better.

Mark was only jealous because he loved me. He just wanted to spend a quiet day with me. Maybe I could have just seen Alice another day. And maybe if he hadn’t been such a dick about it, I very well might have. I was sucking at her clit, my fingers furiously fucking in and out of her cunt, bringing Alice closer and closer to her orgasm.

“Oh yes! Oh God fucking yes!” she panted as she writhed on the bed. “Oh fuck, that’s so amazing! Keep doing that, oh my sweet Mary!” She began to spasm, writhing on the bed, a flood of fresh juices found my lips. “Oh, my sweet Mary! How I love you!”

What was did she just say? That she loved me. Could Mark be right? No, that couldn’t be it. I was just giving her some great head. It was only the heat of the moment talking. I crawled up the bed and gave her a kiss on the lips, letting Alice taste her delicious pussy.

“Wow,” she panted. “What’s gotten into you.”

“Nothing,” I sighed, nuzzling her neck.

“Tell me, I can see somethings bothering you.”

“Just Mark,” I said in irritation. “We had a fight.”

“Oh,” she said, a hint of something in her voice. Hope? “What did you fight about?”

“About you,” I confessed. “Mark suddenly got real jealous and possessive. He told me not to come see you.”

Alice reached over and touched my face. “Maybe it was a mistake that you got back together with him. I mean, he did dump you for that other chick. And said those mean things about you.”

“That’s not what happened,” I sighed. If I explained what happened, I would have to tell Alice about all of it. And I didn’t want to. With Alice, I could almost pretend like I was a normal person. “It’s not a mistake. We love each other.”

“Then why’s he telling you what to do?” Alice asked. “Why is he trying to control you. That doesn’t sound like love.”

“It was just a stupid fight, Alice,” I protested. “He just wanted to spend the day with me and was disappointed that I made plans. And he’s a little jealous of you. He thinks you’re in love with me.” I laughed. “Silly, right. I tried to tell him we were just friends.”

Alice bit her lip, but didn’t laugh.

“Right, we’re just friends, Alice?”

Alice suddenly kissed me. “Oh, Mary. I’ve loved you ever since I saw you naked that day when you were thirteen.” She kissed me again, I was too stunned to resist. “I’m leaving Dean. It’s over between us.” She clasped my hand. What was going on here? “Mary, I love you so much. More than Mark could possibly love you. I wouldn’t need any other woman but you. Or a man. We can be together and be happy. I would never make you cry and cheat on you, like Mark.” The way she said his name, so full of contempt and hatred.

“But…” I tried to think, to wrap my brain about what was going on.

“I’m tired of meeting in motel rooms,” Alice pressed on. “I want the world to know about us.”

“But I don’t love you, Alice,” I finally got out. “I mean, I had a lot of fun with you.”

“Fun?” Alice had an icy tone to her words and she let go of my hands. “That’s all this was. Just fun. What about the connection, the intimacy. I thought we meant something to each other.”

“That came out wrong,” I apologized, struggling to find the right words to calm Alice down. “We have something. We’re friends, we help each other out. We make each other feel better.”

“Well I want more, Mary,” she said, grasping my hand. “I need you, Mary. I can’t share you with him.” She made “him” sound like a dirty word. “To think about him on you, inside you. I thought I finally had you last week and yet you stayed with him. He’s wrong for you, Mary, can’t you see that.”

“And you’re right for me?” I demanded, suddenly angry at Alice for putting me in this situation. “Christ, Alice. We just meet in a motel a few times a week to fuck and you want me to run off with you. You want me to give up the person I love most in the world for someone I just fuck?”

There was hurt in Alice’s eyes. “Please, Mary. You have to see what a bastard he is. How can you love a man like that?”

I frowned, she wasn’t wrong. “That doesn’t change how I feel, Alice. I love him.”

“Then go!” she shrieked. “Go back to him and be his whore! Go and let him drag you down into his filth! I won’t be there to catch you when he casts you aside for whatever cunt gets his dick hard for next week.”

I couldn’t believe this was happening a second time one day as I stormed off. I slammed the door of my Eos and squealed the tires as I tore off out of the parking lot. This was supposed to be a quiet, relaxing Wednesday. Not the frustrating and confusing mess that it had become. Behind me, the bodyguards were racing to catch up, their sirens blaring as I floored it down Pacific Avenue.


The door slammed, the culmination of the argument happening in Room 15. I moved to the door, the maid’s keys clutched in my sweaty hand. The maid, herself, was gagged and handcuffed in the back of the motel room, being babysat by Duncan and Irene, two of the SWAT officers under my control. King and Dennis, the other two, waited in the SWAT van around the corner.

Last night, my Sisters and I took control of the remaining eight SWAT officers, giving us four each.. Isabella and Agnes were waiting near Mark Glassner’s house with their men. There was only one thing left to do. I took a deep breath and opened the door, stepping out into the sunny, June day. I was dressed in the maid’s clothing, a gray smock with a white apron, the type of uniform you will see a maid wear at any motel, and I walked over to room 15.

A deep breath to calm my roiling stomach, and then I slipped the maid’s keys into the lock. “Housekeeping,” I announced, slipping into the room.

On the bed was a woman in a black teddy who was quickly pulling her covers across her lap. I saw a momentary glimpse of a shaved pussy between her thighs. She had beautiful, black hair that framed what would have been a pretty face. Now it was puffy mess from crying, black mascara leaving unsightly streaks down her cheeks and her hazel eyes were bloodshot.

“What!” the woman gasped. “Don’t you knock.”

“Sorry,” I lied. “Oh, sweetie, what’s wrong,” I told her sitting on the bed next to her. I was using my motherly voice and memories of comforting my own daughters floated up in my mind.

“Nothing,” she said, wiping at her tears. “Just, just leave.”

“I’m Theodora,” I told her. “What’s your name, sweetie.”

“Alice,” she answered.

I grabbed her hand. I needed to perform the Qannow spell on her. I scooted closer. “You can tell me,” I told her, putting on the friendliest, most motherly smile.

“I…I…my girlfriend left me,” she sobbed and I hugged her to my chest. Her tears wetted the front of my smock as I held her.

“Oh how terrible,” I said, rocking the girl. “Why did she leave such a beautiful girl like you?”

She sniffed. “Her fiancee,” Alice bitterly said. “She just wanted to fool around with me.” She sniffed. “It was just fun, Mary said.” More sobs wracked her body. “I thought we had something!”

“I bet you would do anything to be with her?” I asked, my heart hammering.

“I love her,” she moaned. “I love her so much! I would do anything to have my Mary back!”

“Qannow,” I whispered and she stiffened in my arm as the spell took effect.

“I…I have to go,” Alice suddenly said, wiping at her tears. “I needed to get something from home. And then Mary and I can be together.”

I sighed in relief, slipping out of the room as Alice got dressed. My stomach was roiling with nerves. I couldn’t wait for this to be done. No mission had ever stressed me out so much as this one. Ramiel told me the plan should be almost guaranteed to succeed. Alice, under the Qannow spell would stop the Warlocks and I would not have to unleash the SWAT officers.

I collected the two from the motel room, dressed in their black fatigues and body armor, their MP5 sub-machine gun’s dangling from straps across their torsos. They had black ski masks and black helmets and looked positively terrifying. Both were big, even the woman, Irene, and the body armor and gear just made them seem bulkier.

God, people will die if I unleash them. I didn’t want that blood on my hands. We reached the van and King tossed me a spare flak jacket. It was heavy and tight on my chest, as I velcroed the straps, pressing against my breasts. The helmet on my head felt even heavier than the body armor as I strapped it tightly under my chin.

“Let’s go,” I ordered and Dennis started the van. It would all be over soon.


I picked up the phone a dozen times to call Mary and apologize for the fight. And set it right back down. I didn’t want her to get more mad with me for interrupting them. It still left a bitter taste in my mouth, but Mary was right. I had the opportunity to keep her as my slave and I choose to give her back her freedom. And that meant she could do things I didn’t want her too. I just had to trust her.

“Master,” Jessica said, walking up. “Debra Horne-Dannell from Q13 Fox is doing a story on you. She wants to get some B-roll of the house.”

I frowned at Jessica, “What?”

“They want to film the outside of the house for the story,” Jessica answered. “It’s very common to collect B-Roll. And the story will be a good piece.”

“Yeah, sure,” I said, dismissively. I really could care less about a story.

“Then, I’ll let the guards at the entrance know,” Jessica said with a smile.

I grunted and started staring at my phone again. I was considering sending a text message to Mary. I know, not the most personal way to apologize. But, I just wanted to let Mary know I was sorry. Plus, a text was less likely to interrupt her and Alice.

The door opened and I looked hopefully at the small hallway that led to the front door. Mary slumped into the living room looking miserable. It hadn’t been that long since she left. I mean, it felt almost like an eternity to me, but really it was only an hour. Clearly her…whatever with Alice didn’t go well. I stood up, swallowing and for a moment as we stared at each other, awkwardly.

“Mare, I’m sorry,” I finally said. “I was…I can’t tell you what to do. That’s wrong. I’m sorry.”

She sighed and hugged me, her flowery perfume smelled intoxicating to my nose. “It’s fine,” Mary sighed.

“It’s not fine,” I said, staring into her green eyes. “I love you and I have to trust you. I believe you when you say don’t love Alice. I’m sorry for getting jealous.”

Mary laughed bitterly. “You weren’t the only one.”

“What?” I asked. “Who are you jealous of?”

“No, Alice,” Mary sighed and sat down on the couch, patting the spot next to her. I sat down and she cuddled up to me. “Alice confessed her love to me, today. She told me I had to choose. You or her.”

I wanted to say I was right, but I sense that was the wrong thing to say. Still, I was right, I thought happily. Instead, I said, “What happened?”

“We fought,” Mary said. “She wasn’t happy that I choose you. I guess I need a new maid-of-honor.”

“I’m sure you guys can work it out,” I said, carefully, trying to hide how pleased I was at the news.

“She asked me to leave you and run away with her, how do you work that out?” Mary asked me. “How can we go back to being friends when I had to reject her love?”

“Time,” I told her. “Alice just needs some distance to sort out her feelings out.”

“I guess,” Mary sadly sighed and snuggled up to me. “Just hold me, okay. And never leave me.”

“I won’t, Mare,” I told her. “We’ll be together forever. You wished it.”

“I sold my soul for it.” Her voice was a soft whisper.

“Do you regret it?”

“Not you.” She paused. “But, look what it’s brought us. We have to go around with guards and our families are in danger.”

“So what should we do? Go find the nun and say, ‘Hey, exorcise us?’ Is that what you want?” Mary didn’t answer, just bit her lip. “I would give it all up for you, Mare, if you really want to give it up.” I kissed her beautiful lips. “You are all I need.”

“But we’d go to prison,” Mary sighed, bitterly. “And…I’m not sure I could give it up. The power is too intoxicating. To control someone.” A shudder ran through her body. “How could I ever give that up. How could you?”

“Because I love you, Mare.”

She smiled and kissed me. Her kiss was sweet and I felt her tongue press on my lips and I relaxed my mouth and let her in. We kissed and kissed, drinking in each other. Time didn’t matter, nothing mattered by my sweet Mary and how her lips felt on mine. I slid my hand up her dress and found her breast and gently caressed her through the fabric.

I wanted to take my time with Mare. Make her feel loved. Her hands gripped my face, tracing my jawline and then running through my hair. I pushed the left strap of her dress to the side and slipped my hand into her bodice and found her perky breast and hard nipple. I traced her aerola, then gently pinched her nipple through her hand.

A throat cleared. “I’m sorry, mam,” one of our bodyguards said, interrupting us. She was 63, one of the twenty-four new recruits from Monday. “There’s an Alice Perry demanding to see you. She was stopped at the entrance.”

Mary sighed. “Send her up. I’ll talk to her.” Mary stood up and and followed 63 outside.

I walked up to the window and watched as Alice pulled up in her cream colored Jetta and got out. I couldn’t hear what they were saying but it didn’t sound friendly. Alice looked almost crazed, her black hair whipping about as she pointed and yelled. The woman just didn’t seem to understand that Mary loved me. Maybe she just needed to see us together.

I pulled on my shoes and walked outside. It was a warm day. The bodyguards were starting to gather from the houses they used as barracks along the street, watching the argument. There was Debra from Q13 Fox filming the argument. Well, I’d have to remember to order her leave this part out of her story. I walked across the lawn to the cul-de-sac. The closer I got the more crazy Alice looked. Her face was twisted ugly with jealousy. She threw her arms about, pointing wildly as she ranted.

“Mark is wrong for you!” Alice screamed. Christ there was spittle flying from her lips.

“You have to leave, Alice,” Mary pleaded. Her orders didn’t work on Alice, I realized. A faint silver outline surrounded Alice, the aura of a normal person. Mary must have told Alice to ignore her commands. Well, I could make her leave, if it came to that. Better to break my promised to Mary then to have the bodyguards force her to leave. Alice might get hurt if she resisted too much.

“Alice,” I said, walking up beside Mary. Alice’s eyes found mine and I saw hatred burning inside them, as her hands were reaching into her purse. “You have to understand…”

“Gun!” 63 shouted from behind me.

My words choked off. It felt like a gorilla was sitting on my chest, crushing me lungs. I could not breath, the weight was too heavy. Blue smoke curled from he barrel of the small gun in Alice’s hand. When did Alice draw the gun? Everything was happening so slowly. Pain was blossoming in my chest as the gun barked over and over again. I was falling backward, it seemed to take an eternity.

As I fell back I could see Mary staring in stunned horror and 63 drawing her own weapon. Alice had a triumphant smile on her face when her body jerked back as the first bullet struck her, the gun falling from her hand. A wisp of blue smoke trailed lazily out of the gun barrel as it fell. I landed on the soft grass.

I could feel every blade of soft grass itching my body, the fresh scent of cut grass filled my nostril. I was staring up at the blue sky. It was so beautiful, I realized, no white clouds marred the deep blue vista. And then the world began to grow black, starting on the edges, the shadows bleeding towards the center of my vision.

Mary’s face appeared above me. She was yelling something, pleading. Her hands were pressing at my chest. She was so beautiful. The most beautiful thing in the world. I tried to tell her that, but only blood escaped my lips. Everything was growing darker the world shrinking until there was only Mary’s perfect face. Her green eyes filled with fear, tears rolling down her freckled cheeks, her auburn hair forming a curtain about her face. I reached up to stroke her face but my arm refused to move.

She was so beautiful.

And then I was falling, falling, falling.

Into darkness.

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 29.

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The Devil’s Pact Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Book



The Devil’s Pact

Chapter 27: The Book

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2013

Story Codes: Male/Female, Male/Females, Female/Female, Hermaphrodite/Female, Female/Teen female, Mind Control, Orgy, Magic, Incest, Anal, Oral, Rimming, Ass to Pussy

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Comments are very welcome. I would like all criticism, positive and negative, so long as its
constructive, and feedback is very appreciated.

Click here for Chapter 26.

The fire crackled in the clearing, fiery sparks rising up into the air like tiny souls. Tonight was Thursday, the Twentieth of June. The Summer Solstice. The coven assembled around the bonfire, all ten women stripped naked, their bodies painted orange and red by the firelight. Ready to worship their Goddesses.

After Lilith freed us from Mark Glassner’s control and we pledged our souls to her, Chantelle and I had been searching for worshipers. Our Goddess, Lilith, commanded us to find her followers and Babylon’s coven was the first.

We met Babylon, the coven’s leader, earlier this week. A single mother and civil engineer for the City of Seattle, who found Wicca after her abusive husband beat her nearly to death. At the shelter, a kind woman named Helena introduced her to the worship of nature and the Divine Goddess. When Helena passed two years ago, Babylon took over the coven and drove out the few men in the coven and any women that objected.

Just what Lilith was looking for. No man was worthy of worshiping Lilith. Most of the coven were gay, I could see their hungry looks as they gazed upon the naked flesh of my wife, Chantelle and myself. And the rest were certainly bi or bi-curious. The coven ranged from the young Crystal, Babylon’s seventeen year-old daughter, to Babylon herself in her early forties.

We convinced Babylon to let us demonstrate our Goddesses power for her group and ask them to pay homage to Lilith. Babylon knew her mythology and seemed to love everything about Lilith. “The first feminist,” Babylon would say. “She wanted to be equal with her husband and he kicked her out and found another wife who would submit to his brutish whims. This is what’s wrong with mainstream, patriarch dominated religion.” A wild look appeared in Babylon’s eyes as she went into a longwinded rant on the evils of male dominated religion.

I could feel the doubt radiating out from the group about our claims of performing magic, particularly from Starlight. She was a green-haired girl with her small, budding breasts and nipples pierced with gold barbells tipped with emeralds and an innocent, pixyish look liked the sweetest, kindest girl you could meet. But I could hear her whisper japes to the other coven members, and the mocking, smug looks she gave us. I liked my women skinny and lithe, like my beautiful Chantelle, and I wouldn’t mind putting her smug mouth to work on my cunt.

“Sisters, we gather on the night of the summer solstice to give thanks to Goddesses in all things,” intoned Babylon, a little pompously I thought. Babylon led the coven through their prayers and incantations for an hour, and it took all my patients to stand with them. I was never one for church. I guess I better learn to like it. Chantelle and I were Lilith’s High Priestesses.

Finally, Babylon and her coven finished their worship, and turned to face us, “Sisters Chantelle and Lana have come before us, High Priestesses of the Goddess Lilith.” Starlight snorted and a few titters echoed through the group. “Now Sisters, please be respectful of those whom claim to speak for a Goddess as illustrious as Lilith. As I was saying before I was interrupted,” she glared at Starlight who remained nonplussed, a mocking smile on her lips, “Sisters Chantelle and Lana wish to demonstrate their Goddess’s power and entreat us to pay homage to Lilith.”

Chantelle strode forward, her black hair rustled in the breeze as she stepped before the group, naked and proud, totally unfazed by all the strange women’s gazes on her lithe, dancer’s body. All those years swinging on stripper pole at Deja Vu were finally paying off. That’s how I met my wife. We both stripped at Deja Vu in Lakewood and fell in love. Chantelle had been dancing on stage when our eyes met and it was electricity. I just had to have her. Before Chantelle, I was a straight girl that liked to fool around with women, sometimes. I walked up behind my wife, pressing my round breasts into my wife’s back, my hands rubbing along her flat stomach, reaching down to her shaved cunt.

“Are you demonstrating your powers or just feeling up your girlfriend’s snatch?” Starlight laughed derisively.

I wanted to run down and claw the bitches eyes out. I had been known to claw at a bitch back at Deja Vu from time to time. I drew in a deep breath and told myself, Svitlana Paquet-Holub you are here to serve Lilith, not wrestle with a mouthy bitch. Chantelle’s hand touched mind, a gentle caress. She sensed my anger at Starlight and wanted me to relax. I kissed her neck in thanks.

“The Great Goddess, Lilith, I beseech thee,” I intoned, repeating the phrases I carefully memorized. None of it was necessary, but Lilith taught us that power required its trappings. Lilith was watching us from the Shadows, the topmost layer of the Abyss, waiting for the moment to reveal herself. “Show your blessing upon your unworthy servant, Chantelle.” My fingers had found Chantelle’s hard, little clit, rolling it between my fingers. I could feel it begin to grow, swelling in my hand.

A gasp sounded from the youngest member of the coven, Crystal. “Something’s growing from her pussy!”

A murmur went through the coven as Chantelle’s clit grew. Lengthening and widening until her clit blossomed into a seven inch cock, complete with the an angry red, mushroom tip and the slit for the urethra. All eyes were upon Chantelle’s crotch. A week ago, Lilith gave each of us a gift in exchange for our worship: for Chantelle, Lilith gave her a clit that could transform into a cock, and for my worship, Lilith granted Chantelle and I eternal youth and beauty.

I enjoyed feeling Chantelle’s cock in my hands. I loved a cock inside me. No dildo or vibrator could ever take the place of a real cock. My appetite had led me to be unfaithful to Chantelle in the past and I knew how much it hurt her every time she saw me with a man. And now, I would never need a man again, my beautiful Chantelle could satisfy that desire.

“Oh, Great Goddess, I thank you for this gift,” I intoned, trying to capture the same pompous tone that Babylon used. “Thank you providing your Daughter with the Seed of Life. No longer must we rely on the brutish embrace of a man to quicken new life. No longer must we be slaves to Man’s brutal appetites.”

I was stroking her cock, my hand gripping her throbbing shaft as my fist pumped up and down on the hard shaft. Every time the sensitive head of her cock rubbed against my palm, a shudder went through my wife’s body. Every eye in the clearing were glued to wife’s cock. The women all grew wet with desire, their nipples hardening and their eyes shiny with lust. I could smell their arousal in the air, mixed with the fragrant cedar burning on the bonfire. I pumped harder, kissing my wife’s neck. An expectant hush fell over the group as they waited for Chantelle’s cock to spew its seed.

I could feel Chantelle tensing in my arm, her breath quickening. She was getting closer to cumming, the sperm was building up in her ovaries. I stroked faster and faster, her pre-cum lubing my palm. My wrist was growing sore, but I kept stroking, and started to intone, “Lilith the Great Goddess! Lilith of the Black Moon! Lilith of the Empty Womb! Appear! Appear before your unworthy Daughters!”

Chantelle gasped and moaned as her body shuddered in my embrace. I could feel the first jet of white cum as it ran through her urethra and shot out of her dick arcing up and into the fire. A second squirt and a third followed, a collective moan went through the group and then the glorious Presence flowed through our bodies like a tidal wave as Lilith appeared, standing atop the fire. The flames of the bonfire lapped harmlessly at her feet.

“Oh my Daughters!” Lilith pronounced, her silvery hair reflecting orange in the firelight, her violet eyes glowing inhumanly. Her large breasts, so perky that they seemed to defy gravity, jiggled and swayed as she slowly turned atop the flames, gazing at each of the coven members. Jutting proudly from her crotch was a penis larger than Chantelle, rising out of the forest of silver fur. And beneath her cock was the opening of her womanhood, glistening with her desire.

The Coven fell upon each other in an orgy of female flesh as Chantelle and I watched. None had ever felt the lust of Lilith’s Presence upon them and were overwhelmed by its intensity. Babylon turned to her daughter, Crystal, and kissed her, neither caring that they were mother and daughter, all that mattered was the lust burning in their bodies.

Mother and daughter were so similar in appearance, both blonde and tall. The only difference was age. Babylon was Crystal’s beauty ripened with maturity, her breasts swollen with motherhood. Crystal bent down and engulfed her mother’s nipple, nursing once more as her mother’s hands roamed her body, finding her daughter’s shaved, wet cunt and shoving fingers up inside her.

A redhead named Mona, short and curvy, knelt before Chantelle and sucked her cock into her mouth. My wife moaned in pleasure, reaching down and gripping Mona’s head and began fucking her cock into the woman’s mouth. A hand grabbed me and turned me around and there was Starlight, lust shining in her pixyish face.

All mockery and doubt was wiped from her face. I reached out, caught her green hair and pulled the young woman to me, kissing her passionately on the face. Her apple-sized breasts rubbed against my full tits, the cold emerald of her piercing digging into my soft flesh. Her mouth kissed me back eagerly, her tongue agile and quick as it explored my mouth.

I placed my hands on her shoulders and I pushed down and Starlight eagerly sank to her feet, kneeling before me. Her breath was hot on my shaved cunt and then her tongue was licking at my slit and I shuddered in pleasure. Her smug mouth felt just as amazing as I thought it would. I gripped her dyed-green hair and rubbed my cunt all over her agile and quick tongue, enjoying as she explored every fold and crevice of my cunt.

“Drink my cum!” Chantelle moaned, cumming in Mona’s mouth. “Oh, fuck, drink that delicious, female-semen!”

“Oh my Goddess!” Mona moaned. “It taste just like real cum!”

I shuddered, cumming on Starlight’s mouth as Lilith voice purred through the air, “Of course it is real! I give you this promise, worship me and no longer will you have to be slaves to men and their lusts just to have children! My Daughters, when we control the world, there will be peace. When we control the world, there will only be caring and kindness. We will nurture each other, not tear each other down! Worship me, my Daughters!”

“My Goddess!” Starlight moaned fervently, my juices glistening on her face. “I am your humble servant!”

“My Goddess!” Crystal panted, looking up from her mother’s cunt, her lips sticky with her mother’s passion.

“I will follow, my Goddess!” Babylon moaned, her face sticky with her daughter’s cunt.

“I am yours, Lilith!” screamed Mona, white cum staining her lip.

More called out, pledging themselves to Lilith until the entire cover knelt before her. I glanced at my wife and saw the pleased smile on her face. Our Goddess trusted us to find her worshipers and we succeeded. I knelt down, pushing Starlight onto her back, spreading her slim thighs. Her cunt was shaved and glistening. I lowered my face and claimed my reward, as Starlight moaned, delighting in my tongue.

“Spread the word!” Lilith commanded, her voice echoing through the clearing. “In one month’s time, my vessel shall be born and I shall enter the world once more in the flesh, unchained from my prison. In one month, we women shall retake the world that was stolen from us by men. In one month time, each of you shall receive my Gift and my Blessing! Now worship me!”

“How?” Starlight moaned as she came on my face, flooding my lips with her tart honey.

“With your bodies!” Lilith pronounced. “Love each other and delight in each other’s flesh!”

I rose up from between Starlight’s thighs and saw Mona watching, cum staining her lips. I reached out and grabbed Mona, pulling her to me and kissing her soft lips. I tasted the salty flavor of my wife’s seed as we knelt together and laid upon the soft grass and Mona tasted Starlight’s honey on my lips. I was atop her, our bodies rubbing together. Her legs spread and my aching cunt rubbed against her aching cunt, our hard clits kissed and pleasure surged through our bodies as we worshiped our Goddess.

Next to me, Chantelle lay atop Starlight, fucking the green-haired girl’s cunt. Chantelle reached out her hand, grabbed mine and I could feel my wife’s love through the gentle caress of her fingers on my hand. Together, we would help Lilith make the world a far better place.


I flickered about the clearing, watching my followers worship me with sex. I could feel the power of their lust in the air, an electric charge that helped tie me to the mortal world. Since that slattern, Mary, used her last boon, the only thing that tied me here was my vessel growing in Karen’s womb.

Without that tiny vessel, I would be once more chained to the abyss. But, thanks to Lucifer, I was summoned and broke the power of that Priestess. And only in the womb of a disgrace Priestess could my new body be grown. I smiled, remembering how easy it had been to get Mark to agree to let me fuck Karen.

I flickered, appearing across the clearing.

It was frustrating, this flickering manifestation. I am amazed I was able to hold my manifestation above the fire as long as I did. It took incredible concentration to keep it up. But, watching my worshipers orgy distracted me and now I was barely able to stay in the same spot for a minute. I just kept a mysterious smile on my face, and let these foolish mortals think I was doing it on purpose.

I stood before mother and daughter, watching them devour each other’s cunts, their tongue lapping through nearly identical pussies. Flicker. I was before Chantelle as she fucked Starlight her cock poking in and out of Starlight’s shaved cunt. Flicker. A blonde woman and an Asian woman were eating each other’s cunts. Flicker. Lana was spreading the legs of Mona, feasting on her bare cunt. Flicker.

But the flickering didn’t matter. In one month I would be reborn, and until then, each of these women would find others to worship me. Slowly, my power would grow and grow until I was once again worshiped by the masses. I gazed to the northwest, towards the city of Seattle. There I would build my new seat, amongst the seven hills of Seattle. Like at Babylon of old.


The shower was warm, washing away the sweat from the morning jog. The jogging sluts were disappointed that there was no club meeting tomorrow, but Mary and I were flying out to New York City for the weekend after my dad’s funeral today. Mary’s hands soaped my back, her touch easing the tension from my body. Our showers together after jogging were becoming my favorite part of the day. Just Mary and myself.

When we got home last night from recruiting the our pilots, the media was waiting for us. They had gotten word about the banks I robbed on Wednesday. Mary and I gave another interview, lying that we were innocent and Mary skillfully turned the interview back to our charity. Debra from Q13 Fox was back, her mouth hungry to suck my cock again. It was the best part of the interview.

Mary soapy hands reached down, massaging my ass, a throaty purr came from her lips. “Have I told you how great your butt’s looking, Mark?” Mary asked. “Hmm, it’s so firm and tight now.”

“Well, I’m glad all the jogging’s paying off,” I answered.

Mary laughed. “I know the real reason you go jogging, I’ve fucked all those sluts, too!”

I turned to face her. Mary’s heart-shaped face was dominated by her beautiful smile, cute dimples appearing on her freckled cheeks and her green eyes twinkled mischievously. “The sluts are just the bonus,” I protested, pulling Mary to me. Her wet breasts rubbed against my chest and I captured her lips in a kiss.

I slid my hands down and squeezed her plump ass. “Have I ever told you how great your butt looks.”

“Really?” Mary asked, turning around, wiggling her butt at me. “You don’t think I could stand to lose a few pounds off my ass.”

“No, Mare,” I said, staring at her beautiful ass. My cock was hardening, bumping into her. “I love your ass just the way it is.”

“Mmhh, I can feel that,” Mary purred, pushing her ass back into my cock, rubbing her ass against my cock.

I grabbed my cock, sliding the head through her crack, down between her legs to Mary’s wet, hungry pussy. My cock nudged the opening to her cunt and Mary moaned as I slid slowly inside my sweet filly. I loved being in Mary’s pussy, enjoyed the tight, wet grip of her silky walls. I slid all they way inside her, until her soft ass pillowed against my groin, wrapping my arms around her and just enjoyed being buried to the hilt inside her.

“Hmm, that’s nice,” Mary sighed as I kissed at her neck. Her pussy was twitching on my cock.

I started to slowly make love to her, enjoying the feel of her wet back against my chest as my shaft slowly thrust in and out of her in short strokes. My hands roamed the front of her body, sliding up her wet thighs, reaching her flat stomach, and then to her perky breasts. I would pinch her nipples then slide down and play with her pubic hair shaped into fiery heart.

Mary turned her head, her mouth open in pleasure and kissed my lips. I started to go faster, longer and harder thrusts. Mary was bracing her arms against the wall, now, pushing back against my thrusts. Mary’s tongue slipped into my mouth, playing with my tongue. My balls were tightening as Mary’s cunt was bringing me closer and closer to cumming with every plunge into her velvety tunnel.

“You feel so amazing,” I moaned. “Are you close?”

“Oh, yes, Mark!” Mary gasped. “Uhm, I’m getting closer. Ohh, just keep sliding in and out of me, hun.”

I nibbled on her ear as I thrust harder into her, enjoying her gasps and moans as much as I enjoyed her tight pussy. I found her breasts with both my hands, squeezing her perky flesh, feeling her hard nubs. I pinched both of her nipples and Mary cooed in pleasure, her cunt squeezing down on my cock. The water splashing on my back was growing cooler and cooler as the hot water was running out, but I didn’t care. I was too close to cumming in my filly. I grit my teeth, wanting to last long enough for Mary to cum.

“Yes, yes!” moaned Mary. “Oh Mark, that’s it! Umm, yes, you’re driving me crazy! Oh, fuck!” Her cunt was contracting on my cock and I finally relaxed my balls and groaned as I spilled into her, three large blasts of cum to fill her cunt.

I wanted to cuddle with Mary but the water was splashing on my back was cold and I regretfully pulled out Mary’s cunt and reached behind me to turn off the shower faucet before I started chattering. Naked, we went down to breakfast to see what delicious meal Desiree had whipped up for us. They were delicious, spicy omelets that we all devoured with gusto.

Beneath the table, Desiree was eating the creampie I made in Mary’s cunt while teenage Violet was sucking my cock, bobbing her head up and down, her tongue swirling about my cock. Her hands reached down to cup my balls and quickly milked some cream to go with her breakfast. And she was nice enough to share it with nerdy April, the teenage girls were swapping the cum back and forth and it wasn’t long before they were sixty-nining on the floor.

Mary slipped upstairs to start getting ready for the funeral. “I have to put on my face,” she said with a smile. “And Mark, don’t play with the sluts too long, you have to get ready, too.”

She knew me too well as my cock hardened watching the two teenage sluts rolling on the floor as they eagerly sucked each other’s cunts. My cock was hard and I looked around the room. Allison was sitting on Desiree’s lap, the pair sharing a deep kiss. Allison’s engagement ring glinted on her hand as she made out with her fiancee.

Lillian was giving me sultry looks from across the table. All it took was my smile, and the slut knew just what to do. She got up and walked around the table and bent over, exposing her shaved cunt. I could smell the tart flavor of her arousal. I ran a finger through her swollen vulva and gathered her juices, licking her delicious flavor off my finger.

“Where should I fuck you, Lillian?” I asked, running my finger though her slit. “In your cunt?” I shoved my finger into her pussy, bringing a soft moan from her lips. “Or your ass?” I pulled my sticky finger out and shoved it up her ass.

“Oh, Master, I don’t care!” she moaned. “I only care that my slutty body makes you happy.”

“Good girl,” I answered, standing up and giving her ass a pat.

My cock was hard and I rubbed it against her puckered asshole and shoved it in. Lillian gasped in pain and smiled back at me. “Oh, fuck my slutty ass as hard as you want, Master!” she gasped. I drew back and shoved it in again. “Ohh, thank you, Master!”

I fucked her hard and fast, enjoying her tight ass. My balls were slapping against her taint. I pounded her harder and harder. She moaning in pain and pleasure, slamming her ass back into me as she pleaded with me to fuck her harder.

“Yes, Master!” she was gasping. “My slutty ass needs your cum! Please, Master, oh please fill me up with your lovely cum!”

“You’re going to get your wish, whore!” I moaned, drilling her ass harder and harder. I exploded inside her, creaming her slutty ass.

I pulled out of her and turned to see doll-faced Korina, her arm in a sling, and her big, blue eyes shining in lust. Wordlessly she knelt down behind Lillian and spread her asscheeks. Her tongue came out, licking at Lillian’s ass, gathering my cum that was leaking out. Korina sealed her mouth around Lillian’s anus and started sucking, desperate to get every drop of her Master’s cum like a good slut.

My cock was hard and dirty and I looked around the room, wondering who to fuck next. Desiree was sitting in a dining chair, her legs spread obscenely wide as Allison licked nosily at her cunt. Allison’s slim ass and tight slit was pointed right at me. Strawberry-blond Fiona and busty, petite Xiu were making out. April and Violet were scissoring, now, humping their cunts together as they played with their budding breasts.

I knelt behind Allison and shoved my cock into her sopping cunt. She didn’t even stop licking Desiree’s snatch out, just started wiggling her hips and moaning her pleasure. Her cunt was tight and hot, and I washed my dirty cock clean of Lillian’s ass inside Allison’s sweet twat. Desiree was gripping Allison’s bubble-gum pink dyed hair, rubbing the teenage sluts face into her cunt.

“Fuck her dirty cunt, mi Rey!” Desiree moaned in encouragement. “The little slut needs a dick up her snatch all the time! Ohh, mi Sirenita going to make me cum!”

I was pounding Allison’s cunt hard and watched as Desiree shook in the chair as her orgasm rolled through her, flooding her little fiancee’s mouth with her cum. Allison’s cunt was spasming on my cock, cumming with Desiree. I just kept right on fucking her, enjoying the pleasure of her cumming pussy gave my cock. And Allison kept right on licking Desiree, her pink tongue rooting around the Latina’s cunt, eager to taste every part of her.

“Oh you delicious whore,” Desiree moaned. “Oh, how I love mi Sirenita!”

I could feel my orgasm coming as Desiree bucked on Allison’s hungry lips a second time, her large breasts heaving as her body shook and she screamed wordlessly. My balls tightened and I slammed harder and harder into the teen’s cunt. “Fucking slut!” I moaned. “Fuck you have a tight, slutty cunt!” I shuddered as my cum poured into Allison’s hungry cunt.

Allison lifted her face from Desiree’s cunt and glanced back at me, her face shiny with Desiree’s passion. “Oh, thank you for cumming in my pussy!” she moaned happily.

I left Allison getting her cunt licked clean by Desiree and head upstairs. I found Mary standing before the bathroom sink applying her makeup. She was wearing a black, lacy bra that cupped her perky breasts, a black garter belt that held up a pair of black, thigh high stockings. Over the garter belt she wore a flimsy pair of black panties. Her panties could come off, but the stockings would stay on. Mary knew I liked a girl in stockings.

“I laid out your clothes, Mark,” she said, not looking at me as she carefully applied her mascara.

Mary was beautiful without makeup on, but she became just gorgeous with it. “You’re so beautiful, Mare.” She smiled, her lips shiny red.

I pulled on the clothes she left out. Dark slacks, a white, buttoned-down shirt and a nice, dark gray jacket. The black tie was a clip on. Mary dressed in the most conservative dress I’ve ever seen her in, the skirt fell almost to her knees and the bodice only exposed half of her cleavage. She placed the heart-shaped locket I bought her around her neck, and a pair of diamond earrings.

Antsy was waiting downstairs in a simple, black dress, her black hair done up in a simple braid. “Hey, bro,” she said, a little sad. “I…Christ, I still can’t believe Dad’s dead.”

“I know,” I told her and hugged my little sister as she gave a ragged sob into my chest.

We drove to Dwyer Funeral Home in Parkland, across the street from the Market Place grocery store. My mom wasn’t coming. But she saw watched us leave in my Mustang, her face red with tears. She loved dad once, before he became abusive. I think she may have loved him when she pulled the trigger on the shotgun and killed him. Mom just hated Dad more than she loved him by then.

The funeral was held in small room, a few rows of pews before the plinth and the simple urn, that contained Dad’s ashes, sat on. A huge photo of my dad, from when he was young and still fit, not the fat alcoholic he became, sat on a easel. Only a few people showed up, my uncle Aaron, dad’s older brother, his wife Dee, and Dad’s poker bodies. The minister stepped up in his black shirt and starched white collar and read from scripture. I didn’t hear a word he said. I was lost in memories of dad before he hurt his back, when he was a real father and not the drunken asshole he became.

“Would anyone like to say a few words about David Glassner?” the minister asked.

I don’t know why I stood up and walked to the podium. I hadn’t planned on saying anything. “Dad, you were an abusive, drunk,” I heard myself say as I stared at the urn. “An asshole to Mom, to me, and to Antsy. But, you weren’t always like that. I remember the time I helped you replace the front door knob.” I smiled, remembering my dad’s hand rubbing my head. “You told me I was good boy for helping you out. So, Dad, I forgive you. Wherever you are.”

I was close to crying as I walked from the podium and out the door. I leaned against the wall and Mary appeared and hugged me, cradling me to her breast as I cried. When I regained my composure, I saw my Uncle Aaron keeping a discreet distance, his stout wife at his side. He held Dad’s urn in one hand.

“Hey, Mark,” he said. “Tell your mom that I understand why she did it.”

Uncle Aaron shook my hand and Aunt Dee kissed me on both cheeks. “We have a flight to catch,” she said with an apology and then they walked out of the funeral home.

Mary and I had a flight to catch as well. I tossed Antsy my Mustang’s keys. “Don’t wreck my car,” I told her. “I stole it from this asshole and its just so satisfying to drive.”

“Will see, big bro,” Antsy grinned and gave us warm hugs. “Don’t wreck New York.”

Mary and I rode with our bodyguard’s to the Airport. Half the guard was coming with us, two to watch the plane and the other four to protect us in New York. I may be paranoid, but Brandon Fitzsimmons knows about the book we’re after and who knows what sort of mischief he may be causing. And it wasn’t just Brandon we needed to worry about. There was a nun lurking about as well.

We arrived at Thun field to find our Gulfstream fueled and ready to go. Our pilots, Joslyn and Lynda were walking about the plane doing their final inspections. Both were wearing slutty stewardess uniforms. Short, blue miniskirts, low cut blouses that left most of their breasts exposed, particularly Lynda with her large tits. Her nipples and piercings pressed hard against the tight, thin material of her blouse.

Our luggage was stowed and Mary and I climbed up the stairs that fold out from the door to find Monique and her friend Lize waiting for us. I thought our pilots found some slutty stewardess outfits, but they had nothing on Monique and Lize’s. Both women wore skirts so short they didn’t even cover the bottom of their asses. You could clearly see their naked pussies beneath the skirt. And the blouses were white bustier that cupped their breasts and left them completely exposed. Red and blue striped ties were around their necks, dangling between the slopes of their exposed breasts.

Monique was a French beauty, her long, curly black hair was piled up one side and fell about her left shoulder, tumbling down across her back and left breast. She was tall and willowy and moved with an exotic grace as she walked up the plane to greet us with passionate kisses that left my cock achingly hard. She was the trophy wife of the previous owner of the plane, Julius Prescott III. Her friend, Lize, was another bored trophy wife and one of Monique’s many lovers.

“This is my sweet, little Lize,” Monique purred, grabbing the other woman’s hand and leading her forward.

There was nothing little about Lize. She was as tall as Monique, and voluptuous. Her tits were large and round, topped with large, pink nipples that were hard as rocks. Her blonde hair was long and straight, and fell down her back in a long, french braid that reached down to the small of her back. Her pussy was shaved smooth and I could see a glint of gold as she walked forward. Her clitoral hood had been pierced by a gold ring.

Monique boasted that her little Lize would do anything Monique asked and she wasn’t kidding. Lize seemed completely at east being so naked before a pair of strangers. “Lize, you’re going to be our stewardess from now on,” I told her. “Whenever we call, you’ll drop what your doing and come over to Thun Field.”

“Oh, I’d love that,” she purred.

“We’ll be taxing now,” Joslyn announced over the plain’s intercom. “Everyone should take their seats for take off.

I grabbed Lize’s hand and led her over to the first seat, sitting down. Lize smiled, rubbing my hardening cock through my slacks, she unzipped me and deftly pulled out my cock, stroking my dick in her hands. The plane started to roll forward as the six bodyguards took their seats behind us and Mary pulled Monique into her lap and started kissing the stewardess, her fingers playing with Monique’s nipples.

Lize knelt down, her mouth warm and wet as she engulfed my cock, sucking hard at my dick. “Fuck,” I moaned. “You are one slutty woman!”

“Ohh, I know,” she cooed. “Alas, my poor husband doesn’t know how to handle my appetites.”

“I’m very good at feeding sluts just what they want,” I said with smile.

“Good,” she purred and sucked my cock back into her mouth swirling her tongue about my cock.

The plane was taxing to the runway, turning a corner and stopped. The engine started to roar, preparing for takeoff, and I pulled Lize up. Her cunt slid down on my cock as the plane accelerated forward, driving Lize into my lap and burying my cock up inside her. I was forced back into my seat as the plane raced forward and Lize was forced onto my cock.

“Oh fuck!” she moaned, her cunt squeezing my cock, silkily, as the plane leapt up from the ground and we started climbing.

I sucked one of Lize’s large nipples into my mouth, squeezing her ass. Her hips started to rise and lower on my cock as the inertia forcing us into the chair lessened. Up and down on my cock she rode, feeling so deliciously wonderful on my cock.

“Ohh, you have a nice cock,” she moaned. “Hmm, I am so glad Monique invited me. This is so much more fun than going to some silly fund raiser.”

Monique giggled as she slid off Mary’s slap. “See, Lize. Just like I promised.” Monique’s hands disappeared beneath Mary’s skirt and Mary lifted her ass up allowing Monique to pull off her lacy, black panties. Monique inhaled Mary’s fragrance than threw the panties at us.

They landed on Lize’s magnificent rack a Lize held them to her face, inhaling deeply of Mary’s fragrance. “Umm, your fiancee smells delicious,” Lize sighed. “But your cock feels more delicious in my hungry pussy!”

“Yes, Mary has a tasty clam,” Monique said happily ass she spread Mary’s legs and dove beneath Mary’s skirt to start licking at her pussy.

“Oh, god I love your tongue on my snatch!” Mary moaned. “You fucking little pussy slut! Eat my delicious clam! Devour me! Make me cum all over your beautiful face! I want to see those lips stained with my juices!”

Mary was writhing in her chair as Monique devoured her. Lize was pumping up and down on my cock faster and faster, squeezing her cunt on my cock as she rose up and then slid back down. I pulled her face down and kissed her lips, her tongue eager to play with mine. I slid my hand gripping her ass into her crack, finding her puckered hole and shoving a finger up inside her.

“Ooh, you like playing with my backdoor?” Lize moaned. “Umm, I love it! Maybe you’ll fuck my ass before we land?”

“Absolutely, slut,” I moaned, fingering her asshole as she rode me. “I’m going to cum up inside your cheating, married cunt!”

“Oh, do it!” she moaned. “Umm, my husband cannot satisfy me, but your cock feels so good inside me.” Then she bent lower and whispered in my ear. “My husband and I are trying to have a child, but his little sperm just can’t seem to find my little egg.”

Her words echoed in my head and my balls responded, filling her fertile cunt with a load of my sperm. Her cunt spasmed on my cock as she came, throwing her head back and moaning in pleasure, slamming her hips down and burying her cock deep inside her cunt. Her breasts heaved in front of my face and I captured a nipple, sucking on it as she settled her weight down on me.

“Mhh, you’re making me cum, slut!” Mary moaned next to me and I released the nipple to watch her beautiful face contorted in pleasure, her body shaking as she enjoyed Monique’s tongue on her cunt. Mary stood up, stretching and turned around, “Unzip me,” she ordered and Monique stood up, her face shiny with Mary’s juices and did just that. Mary pulled off her bra until she stood only in her garter belt and stockings.

“God you look so sexy,” I told her, my cock coming to life in Lize’s cunt.

“Ohh, you want to go again?” Lize asked.

“Yeah, but not with you,” I told her. Mary had a pleased smile on her face.

“C’mon stallion, let’s break in our bed and join the mile high club!” Mary grinned, holding out her hand.

“I think we just did,” I pointed out with a smile.

Mary waved her hand, dismissively. “It doesn’t count with sluts.”

Lize got off me, her cunt sticky with my cum and shrugged and pulled Monique to her and the pair started kissing as Mary led me back to the cabin. The bodyguards were starting to get frisky. When we created the bodyguards, we divided them into partners and ordered each pair to fall in love. The pairs were starting to make out and undress each other and as Mary close the cabin door, we could hear the muffled moans of women pleasuring women outside.

“God, you look so sexy in nothing but stockings,” I moaned, pulling off my clothes as Mary spread out on the bed, posing like a pin-up model. Her legs were spread just enough to hint at her wet cunt between her thighs.

She crooked her finger and I crawled naked across the bed, my cock hard. I crawled over her and kissed her on the lips as I settled my weight on her. I nibbled on her lips, then I went lower, kissing down the slopes of her breasts. I circled her breast with my mouth, licking a slow spiral up to her hard nipple. She gasped in pleasure as I sucked the hard nub into my mouth, swirling it around before I released her nipple.

“No,” she panted. “Please don’t stop, Mark!”

But I ignored her, teasing her as I kissed over to her other breast and slowly spiraled around that breast with kisses while Mary begged me to suck her nipple. Finally, I reached the summit and sucked that nipple into my mouth and Mary shook beneath me as she had a small orgasm.

“Oh, Mark!” she panted. “Oh, your lips feel so wonderful!”

I started kissing lower, tracing her ribs, then down across her flat stomach. I stuck my tongue into her cute belly button and she squirmed beneath me as she giggled. I kissed down to the heart of pubic hair above her pussy, enjoying the silky feel on my cheek. I could smell her arousal, sweet and spicy, the best smell in the world. I kissed down her pubic bone and then to her inner thigh, ignoring her pussy.

“Please, Mark!” she moaned. “Please kiss my pussy! Oh, I’m so horny! Please, oh, please!”

“As you wish, my sweet filly,” I answered and kissed her vulva.

“Yes, thank you Mark!” she moaned. “I love you so much!”

I showed my love by licking up her slit, reveling in the flavor of her pussy. Her body shuddered beneath my kisses as I worshiped her beautiful pussy. I sucked her labia into my mouth, running my tongue across the sensitive folds, up to her hard little clitoris. Brushing it with my tongue before sucking her other labia into my mouth. I spread her open, the most beautiful of flowers, and stared into her wet, pink depths before I dived into the feast of her cunt.

“Oh fuck, Mark!” she moaned, her hips writhing in pleasure. “Yes, yes! Oh you’re going to make me cum, hun! Oh, please make me cum!”

I probed my tongue deep into her pussy, rubbing my nose against her clit as she moaned wantonly beneath me. Her body went rigid then she spasmed about me, flooding my mouth with her cum. I drank every drop like I was dying of thirst. She tasted so wonderful. I kept licking until another orgasm spasmed through her.

“Oh Mark, I need to taste you,” she begged.

I rolled onto my back and she straddled my face, lowering her cunt down to my lips. Her breasts rubbed against my stomach as her hands stroked my cock and then her lips devoured my cock. I moaned into her pussy as her tongue swirled around my sensitive head. Then she started bobbing her head, sucking, taking more and more of my cock into her mouth until I was brushing at her throat.

And then she was deepthroating me, her lips pressed against my groin as her throat tightened at my cock. I sucked at her clit, playing with the sensitive pearl with my tongue bringing muffled moans from her lips. She sucked back up on my cock, licking the tip and then she was deepthroating me again. My balls were boiling and as she slid back up I exploded into her lips. She swallowed greedily and sat up, spinning around and straddling my waist.

“I love you, Mare,” I moaned as she sank down onto my hard cock. She leaned down and kissed me on the lips, her mouth salty with my cum as she started to fuck me. I held her tight, my hands running down her back and plump ass as she slid up and down on my body, her nipples rubbing against my chest.

I hugged her and rolled her onto her back, her auburn hair fanning out on the bed, her lips pursed in joy. I captured those lips, her tongue slid into my mouth as her arms wrapped around my body, pressing me to her chest. I thrust into her, sliding my hand down to cup her plump ass, sliding up her thigh as she entwined her legs about my waist.

“Hmm, my mighty stallion!” Mary moaned beneath, her green eyes staring up into mine. “Oh yes, I love my stallion atop me!”

I smiled. “You enjoying your ride?” I panted, reveling in the tight grip of her cunt.

“Yes, yes! Fuck your naughty filly! Ride her hard!” she moaned and then she was kissing me again, her fingernails racking my back as she came beneath me.

Her cunt massaged my cock, drawing me closer and closer to spilling my seed within her. I plunged harder and harder inside her, sucking on her lower lip. I groaned, muffled by her sweet mouth, as my cum spilled into my love. I collapsed atop her, resting in her embrace as she nuzzled at my neck. I rolled onto my back, carrying her so she lay atop me. Her auburn hair fanned across my chest, as soft as silk, as she rested her head on my chest.


“Master, Mistress, we’ll be landing in twenty minutes,” Lynda announced over the speaker, “so, please, wrap up any fucking going on back there.”

I had Lize’s mouth glued to cunt, lapping away as Mark fucked her ass. Every thrust of my randy stallion’s cock drove Lize’s mouth into my cunt. I gripped her blonde curls with one hand, rubbing the sluts face into my cunt, as the other hand wrapped around Monique’s ass. The French slut was sitting on my face, my tongue shoving through her tart flavored cunt.

I could hear the slap of Mark’s groin on Lize’s ass pick up as Mark wanted to cum before we had to stop, driving the slut’s face harder into my own cunt. Her nose was bumping into my clit, sending delicious tremors of pleasure throughout my body. I sucked at Monique’s clit, flicking my tongue about her little pearl as I strove to bring her delicious clam to orgasm.

“Fuck your ass is tight!” Mark moaned. “I’m going to cream in your slutty fucking ass!”

“Ohh yes, ma chérie!” Monique moaned. “Eat my clam! Oh, yes, Jouir de, jouir de!”

Monique started a chain reaction, as her tart juices flowed into my mouth, I felt my own orgasm exploded in my cunt, writhing throughout my body, my juices flooding into Lize’s lips as she nibbled on my labia. Then she was moaning into my cunt, her ass must be clenching on Mark’s cock as she came. And then Mark was grunting, slamming one last time into Lize as he spilled his cum into her ass.

Mark pulled out, his cock dirty and we all scrambled to find our seats. The bodyguards were disengaging from each other. No one had their clothes on. Not even the pilots. During the flight they each took turns coming back to get fucked and we could see them naked through the open door to the cockpit as the plane started to descend into LaGuardia Airport.

After we landed, everyone put on their clothes. The bodyguard’s put back on their slutty cop outfits and belted on their gunbelts. We brought Squad B with us: 15, 16, 23, 24, 32, and 34. We left 23 and 24 to watch the plane with the pilots. I kissed both our stewardess. “Thank you for making it such a memorable flight,” I told them. “We plan on leaving at four, New York time, on Sunday. So have fun until then.”

Monique and Lize giggled. They were dressed in their regular clothing. “Shopping on Fifth Avenue,” Monique sighed happily.

“Let’s spend our husband’s money and then find some young studs to fuck us silly!” Lize declared, hooking her arm around Monique and the pair headed off into the airport.

I arrange the transportation. Two NYPD cruisers waited for the bodyguard’s to drive and a limousine. “I asked for the hottest driver they had,” I told Mark. “So finger’s crossed that we get a looker.”

Mark grinned as we waked up, his arm resting on my hip. I was wearing a tight, red dress that clung to my body. The skirt was short and if I bent over anyone could see I wasn’t wearing underwear. Mark was in his usual jeans, a new pair I bought for him that fit his slimmer body better and made his ass look so scrumptious, along with some band’s T-shirt.

“The Glassners?” a woman asked as she got out of the limo. She was a tall woman with an angelic face and beautiful lips. Her hair was bleached blonde and tied up at the nape of her neck. A black, chauffeur’s cap rested on her head and she was dressed in a traditional chauffeur’s outfit; black slacks, black jacket and white, buttoned-down shirt with a red and orange striped tie.

“Yeah, I’m Mark and this is Mary.”

I looked her up and down and smiled. She had a nice pair of breasts that filled out her shirt quite nicely. “What’s your name?”

“Leah,” she answered with a big smile.

“Well, Leah, you’re going to be our slutty chauffeur,” I told her. “Where’s the nearest sex shop, we need to get you properly dressed.”


“You must be Monsieur Fitzsimmons?” a graceful woman with olive skin asked with a thick, French accent. She was dressed in a gray habit, belted about her slim waist, a white veil draped across her head, covering her dark hair, and a white stole that hung about her neck, hanging down the front of her habit almost all the way to the floor. “I am Mother Superior Maryām, please come in.” She couldn’t be the Mother Superior, she looked like she was eighteen.

I followed her into the stone building, the floors were covered in worn Persian rugs and led me through the tight corridors to a surprisingly modern kitchen and motioned to a wooden chair at a small table. “Tea?”

“Eh, yes,” I answered. Tea wasn’t my thing, but I didn’t want to be rude. Not when I was here to ask a favor.

She grabbed a porcelain tea pot, steam rising from the spout, and set two porcelain cups before us, pouring the fragrant tea. “Now, you said you were interested in a book, no?” she asked in her heavy, French accent, spooning sugar into her tea. She savored the aroma of the tea and then took a sip.

“Yes, it is called the Magicks of the Witch of Endor,” I answered.

“And why would you want that book, Monsieur Fitzsimmons?”

“Academic research,” I lied. “I have an interest in esoteric texts.”

A dangerous smile appeared on the Mother Superior’s face. “And what is the real reason, sir?”

“Like I said…” Her dark eyes stared at me, suddenly so ancient and wise, pinning me to my seat. How could you lie to a soul that old. I swallowed, trying to think but it was hard. “My wife was taken by a Warlock. A vile man named Mark Glassner.”

She cocked her head, eying me, peering into my soul like a scientist peering at a germ beneath his microscope. “Yes, that is a truth, not the whole truth.”

“No, I just want to get back my wife,” I protested as her eyes bore into me. “Okay, and to get some payback against Mark. But the bastard stole my wife from me. Made her…be his whore.” The surveillance photos Doug Allard took flashed through my mind of Desiree fucking Mark, Mary, the SWAT officers, and all those other women in my house.

“And if you had this book you would, what, defeat Mark and free your wife? And then what would you do? Nothing?” she asked pointedly. “No, I do not think so. I can see the ambition, the lust for power in your soul. You did not come here for Desiree, that is the lie you tell yourself. You came here for power.”

“Of course I want to free my wife!” I shouted, slamming my fist. “And I need power to do it!”

“Why?” she asked. “Your wife does not love you. Deep down you have always known it. She married you for your money and you married Desiree for her beauty. No, you want what Mark has. You are jealous of his power, lust after for, want it for your very own.”

“No, I love my wife,” I protested. I mean, I always had lingering doubts about Desiree’s motivation to marry me. But, I loved her. She was so gorgeous, so generous, how could I not love her.

“Like you loved your first wife?”

Why was she bringing up that slut. My eyebrows furrowed as I puzzled out her intentions. “I did love her,” I carefully said, “until she whored around behind my back and made me look like a complete idiot.”

“And is that why you beat her?”

Fuck, how could she know that. Something burned my hand and I realized my fist was shaking so badly, tea spilling onto my hand. “She didn’t listen,” I protested, setting down the tea cup. “If she only listened, I wouldn’t have had to…correct her.”

That fucking smile played on the bitch’s lips and those eyes seemed to spear right through me, like I was dirt. “And how long would it have been before Desiree would need…correction?” she asked.

My anger was burning inside me. How did this cunt know anything about Maryanne. This fucking slut was standing in the way of me and rescuing my Desiree. My fists were itching. Maybe this bitch needed some…correcting. My eyes glanced to the counter and the block of knives. That would show the bitch.

“Just let me have the book and I’ll do what you fucking nuns can’t seem to do!” My anger exploded out of me and my fist slammed into the table. A mocking laugh escaped her lips. Not fear, not surprise, but derision and dismissal. The gall of this bitch. She doesn’t even respect the fact I could leap over this table and beat her bloody. Or grab one of those knives and really teach her a lesson.

“There is that darkness that drove Maryanne right into the arms of her lover.”

“She was a whore!” I growled. “I gave her everything! Every goddamn thing the cunt wanted.”

“All she wanted was a husband who didn’t beat her,” Maryām calmly answered, sipping her tea. “Go, Monsieur Fitzsimmons, there is nothing for you here.”

The knives were just a few feet away. Let see this bitch refuse me when I have a knife at her throat, the bitch will respect me then. Just get up and grab the knife, Brandon. Don’t let this cunt stand between you and your wife. Take control of your destiny! Her fucking eyes were boring into me. Maybe I’ll cut those fucking eyes out. Make me feel like an insect, cunt. You can’t do that without any eyes.

I bolted up, the chair falling backwards, as I reached for the knife. The bitch didn’t even move, save to sip her tea. The wooden handle was cold and hard and the blade rasped as I pulled it out of the block. Her fucking eyes still bored into me, like I was some piece of filth, a fucking annoying insect. Fine, if I’m an insect, here is my stinger. I lounged forward, stabbing at the bitch.

Motion blurred from the right, pain flared in my right hand and the knife clattered to the floor. A tall man, young and fit, stood next to me, his hand iron on my arm as he squeezed. I groaned in pain, falling to my knees. I looked into the man’s face, full of righteous anger. There was something familiar about his face, about his blue eyes. If he was older, maybe, and wore glasses. And if he was balding and had a fat face.

“Doug?” I moaned through gritted teeth. No, that was impossible. This man could be Doug’s son, certainly, but not my P.I., Doug. I mean, Doug was in his forties and this man was at most eighteen or nineteen and easily seventy pounds lighter than Doug, with a full head of hair and a chiseled jaw.

“Brandon, I should rip your head off,” the man growled, his voice sound just like Doug’s. Maybe a little less gravelly. It was Doug. But how? “Did you even think for a moment what would happen to me when you sent those photos to the media.”

“Wh-why would that b-be a problem?” I stammered. “Please, you’re hurting me, Doug.”

“Because Mark captured me,” the impossibly young Doug growled. “He sent me to kill you, Brandon! Did you give one fucking thought about me. I could be dead right now, no thanks to you.”

“I-I told you he was dangerous,” I squeaked in protested. “Besides, how could he find you?”

“Any idiot could figure out where those pictures were taken from!” Doug snarled, squeezing harder. Fuck, it felt like my bone was about to snap. “You put me in danger. Mark easily could have gone after my wife! But you were too selfish to even give one damned thought about me.”

“I didn’t think…” I started to say, gasping in pain as Doug started to twist.

“Doug, release him,” Maryām calmly said.

The iron grip vanished and I got back to my feet backing away from Doug and the hatred burning in his blue eyes. “Do not come back, Brandon,” Doug warned.

Monsieur Fitzsimmons, I give you this warning,” Maryām stated. “I know you plan to go to Cologne and get the copy of the book in the possession of Altgrave Bernard. Only pain and suffering lies down that road, Brandon. Forget the Warlock Mark Glassner, forget your possessive lust for Desiree and try and live your life with love. Otherwise, I’m afraid, it is the Pit for you.”

What did this cunt know of anything. I would have my sweet Desiree back. And freed of Mark Glassner’s control, she would love me again. And I will make Mark Glassner pay for stealing her. Then Doug would pay, he obviously told the cunt all about my first wife. And finally, the fucking cunt herself. Maryām, with her name was so close to Maryanne’s, and just as much of a bitch as my ex-wife, would pay for treating me like a piece of dirt. She would pay for making me feel like a powerless insect on her food.

Oh, she will fucking pay!


“You should have let me kill him,” I growled as Brandon Fitzsimmons fled the Motherhouse.

“No, that is not the way,” Maryām replied sharply. “We should not raise a hand against are fellow men unless we must.”

“And if he gets that other book, if he learns its secrets?” I demanded. I understood just the level of evil Brandon could cause. He would get Mark Glassner’s power but with ten times the ambition that Mark possessed. So much had been revealed to me last night after I was given the Gift. By Maryām and latter by the Angel Sophia in my dreams.

My cock stirred at the memory of the Angel. She shone like bronze as her naked body pressed against me. Her merest touch was enough to cause my cock to spurt and when her pussy embraced my dick, I kept cumming and cumming with every plunge into her tight, wet hole. The Ecstasy it was called, for the touch of an Angel was pure bliss.

Maryām touched my arm, gently. “Brandon has yet to make that transgression. If he claims the book and its secrets, then and only then, will he be our problem, Doug. But he must be allowed his choice. Free will is the greatest Gift endowed by our Creator.”

I snorted. “I didn’t get much of a choice last night.”

“You can give up your Gift at any time, Doug,” Maryām answered. “Do you want to.”

“No, my task is too important,” I answered. It was strange. I once had been very devout Christian. My faith survived my first wife’s death when a drunk driver killed her. But not my second wife. We had only been married three months when she went to bed beside me and didn’t wake up. A brain aneurism, impossible to predict or prevent, the doctor’s told me. Not impossible for God, though. So, I cursed Him and spent many bitter years hating Him.

But I felt God last night when Maryām freed me from Mark’s control. And my faith was suddenly rediscovered, reborn.

Maryām handed me the scrollcase. “You must keep it safe,” Maryām intoned. “As I have kept it safe for two thousand years, now it falls to you.”

“I still don’t understand why I have to hide it,” I told her. “Let me go after Mark. Let me help those nuns sent to face him.”

“Because, the Adversary has learned where we hid the scroll and through his followers, he has been posted that information on Wikipedia for the entire world to see,” Maryām answered. “Because, if Gabriel’s plan fails, the Warlock Mary shall seek me out and this book must not fall into her hands. And who knows what other servants of the Adversary are out there, plotting and waiting.”

“But isn’t there other copies?” I asked, frowning. “You mentioned one in Cologne, in Altgrave’s possession.”

A smile cracked Maryām’s face. “Altgrave is a German noble, not a first name. The one in Cologne and the one in New York are but copies. This is the original, and it possess passages not found in the other copies. It is the coal that shall ignite the hope in mankind once more and nothing must be allowed to extinguish it. I charge you, Doug, to hide this book, to keep it safe in the Wilderness for forty years. Until it is needed.”

“And my wife, she will be joining me?” I asked, remembering Tina’s smiling face. She wasn’t a pretty woman, but when she smiled, she was the most beautiful woman in the world.

“Sister Catherine Sarah has already given her the Gift,” Maryām answered. “She will meet you in London and from there, the two of you must make your own way. Trust no one, tell no one. Just survive the coming darkness and carry the World’s hope into the future.”

“I will,” I said, clutching the scrollcase to my chest. “For the future.”


Mary and I walked through the campus of New York University, flanked by our four bodyguards. We left Rachel and Leah in the limo, the two girls making out. We had a wild time with the two girls in our hotel room last night. Our chauffeur, Leah, was a wild, adventures girl and Rachel, the shy, blushing bride on her honeymoon. The pair were complete opposites but seemed to have become quite close last night. Hopefully, when we returned Rachel to her husband, he would be happy with his new, sexual adventuresome wife.

We passed a couple of attractive coeds as we walked up to the Institute of Ancient Studies, but the book was more important that fucking some random girls. It was why we flew out to New York City to begin with. We needed to get our hands on one of three copies of the Magicks of the Witch of Endor and master all the magics so we could be armed against any nuns that would try to attack us. We reached the Institute for Ancient Studies, a white marble building on 84th Street.

Inside, we met a cute, Southeast Asian grad student manning the reception desk, a pile of books and notes sat on her desk and she was typing away at her laptop. “Hi, just one sec,” she said. She typed some more and then turned to face us, smiling. “Sorry, working on my dissertation.” She had a round, olive-toned face, framed by short, blue-black hair. A pair of sliver-framed glasses perched on her small nose.

She noticed our slutty cops and blinked. “Is this some frat prank?” she asked, sounding annoyed. “I don’t have time for that crap.”

“No,” I said with a grin. “We need the Magicks of the Witch of Endor.”

She frowned. “Everyone’s after that book,” she muttered as she stood up.

“Who else has asked about it?” I asked.

“This guy, Brandon I think his name was, called earlier this week,” the Asian girl answered. “Um, maybe Tuesday night? I was here working on my dissertation.”

She stood up, leading us into the building. Her name was Samnag Soun. “Everyone calls me Sam, though,” she giggled. She went into a complicated history of the book and the controversies of its dating as we walked, “Some think it was written by Gilles de Rais or Paracelsus. Or even by John Dee. No record of the books existence turn up before the 1500′s you see. However, it is written in Aramaic, in a style consistent with intertestamental apocrypha.”

“What?” I asked with a frown. “The intertestamental what?”

“A period of Hebrew writings that date between the time of the Old Testament and the New Testament,” Sam explained. “Like many of the Dead Sea Scrolls.”

“Do you have the translation of the book?” I asked. I don’t know why I was surprised to find out the book was in some ancient language I’ve never heard of.

“Nothing published, I’m afraid,” she answered. “Not a lot of research has been done with the book. Our copy was only recently found amidst a collection of old books in a cellar in London.”

“And can you read it?” Mary asked, frowning.

“Oh yes,” Sam answered. “I’m a doctoral candidate in ancient Semitic languages. I can speak Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic and I can read Ugaritic and Akkadian cuneiform. I can translate a smattering of other, more rare, Semitic languages. And Koine Greek, of course.” She laughed like we should know why Koine Greek was important.

She led us into a small library, babbling the entire time, through a door that was almost an airlock. “Climate control,” she explained. There were several tables with reading lamps in the center of the room and the walls were lined with tall bookshelves covered with leather bound books. Other shelves had drawers. All were labeled with some complicated catalog system.

Sam made a beeline for one shelf and came back holding a slim book. “Here it is. Bound using techniques common in the fourteenth century and printed on vellum. This book must have been in the possession of John Dee.” She opened the cover and pointed to a strange symbol. Almost like the symbol for a woman, a circle above a cross, but standing on a wavy line with a crescent transfixing the top of the circle and a dot. “The Monas Hieroglyphica, which symbolizes all of creation, was John Dee’s symbol.”

“And who was John Dee?” Mary asked.

“The court magician to Queen Elizabeth,” Sam asked. “And an alchemist. Very influential in the esoteric circles. Some say he conjured the storm that smashed the Spanish Armada and saved England from being conquered.”

Sam turned the page and it was covered in tight, square letters written in fading black ink. “What does it say?”

“Um, let see,” she frowned, reading silently from right to left I noticed. “Its a summoning ritual. To summon Helel ben-Shachar. That’s the Hebrew name for Lucifer. It literally means the Shining One, Son of the Morning.”

Mary reached out and stroked Sam’s face, cutting off an explanation on the origin and etymology of Lucifer’s name. A flush blossomed on the Asian woman’s face and she looked down. “You are quite pretty,” Mary purred. “Would you like to kiss me?”

“I…yes,” the girl muttered, her dark eyes flashing briefly to Mary’s face before she looked back down at the floor.

Mary turned the girl’s face towards her, cupping Sam’s round, beautiful face, and bending down and kissing the girl on the lips. I took the book from Sam’s hand and set it gently on the table and watched as Sam began to kiss Mary back, growing more aggressive as Mary’s power, that made any woman desire her, built within Sam. Soon, Sam’s hands grew more bold, roaming about Mary’s body in the airy sundress she wore today.

Mary broke the kiss and Sam stood there, breathing heavily. “Wh-what did you do to me?” she asked, licking her lips, savoring the taste of Mary’s sweet mouth. “I’ve never felt so…so captivated before. And never with a woman.”

“Because you love me,” Mary told her. “You want to be my slave, and Mark’s as well. You want nothing more than to fulfill whatever filthy, depraved acts we can imagine.”

“Yes, I want that, Mistress,” Sam breathed, trembling before Mary. She glanced at me, swallowed. “How may I please you, Master?”


Sam wasted no time following my command. She pulled off her t-shirt, some indie band I’ve never heard of, then she shimmed out of her comfortable jeans. Next to her, Mary pulled her sundress over her head, revealing her beautiful, naked body. Sam’s white bra came off, exposing her small, round breasts and hard, brown nipples. Her panties came off, plain white, and exposed a neatly trimmed, black bush that hid the treasure between her legs.

Mary hugged her, their breasts, about the same size, rubbed together. “You are gorgeous,” Mary praised.

“Thank you, Mistress,” Sam blushed. “I’m not half as gorgeous as you are.”

Mary smiled and kissed her on the lips. “That’s a good slut. Now, Master’s cock looks all hard, let’s say we help him out.”

“I’d like that, Mistress,” Sam answered, smiling shyly at me.

I leaned against the reading table as Mary and Sam walked over to me. Mary undid my belt as Sam pulled down my zipper and unbuttoned my fly. Then the two women pulled my pants down and my red boxers, exposing my hard cock. Mary licked her tongue from root to tip and a delicious shiver ran through my body. Sam licked her tongue across the head, gathering the bead of pre-cum there.

“Doesn’t he have a cute cock?” Mary asked, stroking my cock slowly.

“Oh, yes Mistress,” Sam sighed and then her lips were kissing at the tip.

Mary kissed my cock on the other side and they two women’s tongues licked around the head, swirling about the sensitive tip. Their tongues would brush, and then their lips and then they were kissing each other around the head of my cock. It felt so wonderful. Mary grabbed Sam’s hand and guided her to my balls and the two girls played with my nuts. I groaned as Sam’s mouth engulfed my cock and Mary pulled back, smiling encouragingly at the girl.

“Pleasure his cock, slut!” Mary hissed in the girl’s ear, her pink tongue lapping at Sam’s dusky lobe. “You can do better than that. Bob that head and suck. Make your Master cum in your slutty mouth.”

Sam started bobbing her head, sucking hard. “Fuck, that’s great.” I moaned.

“Are you going to cum in this little slut’s mouth?” Mary asked eagerly. “Umm, I can’t wait to kiss her salty lips and drink your cum right out of her mouth.”

I started to move my hips, fucking into Sam’s mouth. Mary grabbed the Asian slut’s head and held it while I started to fuck her harder and harder. My cum was boiling in my balls, desperate to be released. The tip of my cock was brushing the back of her throat with every thrust, while her mouth sucked harder. Her tongue traced around my cock’s head and I shuddered and came in her mouth.

I pulled out, her mouth open and filled with white spunk. Mary grabbed the girl and pulled Sam’s face to her own and kissed the cum-stained lips. Mary’s tongue slid in and came out stained white. Sam’s hands were roaming over Mary’s body, cupping her perky breasts and pinching Mary’s nipples. Mary broke the kiss and pushed the slut’s head lower.

“Umm, suck on my titties,” Mary moaned, lying back on the cold, cement floor, pulling Sam down with her.

Sam sucked at Mary’s dusky nipples, her tongue tracing Mary’s aerola and then her lips would suck as much of Mary’s tit into her mouth as she could while Mary purred in pleasure. Sam’s hand slid down Mary’s side, found her thigh and rubbed it. Then, her hand crept up the inner slope of Mary’s thigh up to her waxed pussy. Mary gasped as Sam found her wet cunt and teased Mary’s hungry hole with her fingers.

“Lower!” Mary panted. “Get down there and make my pussy cum, whore!”

Sam obeyed, sliding lower and lower, kissing down Mary’s stomach and Mary gasped in pleasure as Sam’s lips found her cunt. I watched as the Asian slut’s tongue dug through Mary’s slit, gathering a good coating of Mary’s juices. I knelt behind Sam’s ass, stroked her slim butt, and slid my hand between her legs to find her wet cunt.

“Fuck her cunt!” Mary hissed at me. “Fuck the little slut until she cums on your hard cock, Mark!”

“With pleasure, Mare,” I answered, lining my cock up at her cunt, spreading her dark lips open with one hand to reveal the beautiful, pink flesh hidden within her tight slit.

Sam moaned like a bitch in heat as my cock slid into her cunt. She was so tight. Her cunt hadn’t been fucked that much. The nerd probably spent all her time in college studying and not getting fucked like a good little coed. I thrust all the way into her, delighting in her moans, and watched as Mary writhed on her back beneath Sam’s tongue lashing.

“Is she a good cunt muncher?” I asked Mary as I drew back and shoved my cock back into her tight hole.

“Ohh, she’s a natural,” Mary purred. “You’d never know this was her first time going down on a girl. Mhh, her tongue is long, too. Oh, fuck I’ve never had someone shove their tongue that deep inside me.”

I fucked Sam harder, gripping her ass as I pounded on her cock, watching my beautiful filly grind her cunt into Sam’s face. Mary’s perky breasts heaved as she breathed heavily. Mary had a huge smile on her face as she writhed in pleasure. Sam moaned suddenly into Mary’s cunt and her slutty pussy contracted on my cock as an orgasm exploded through her.

“Holy shit!” she gasped. “Was that an orgasm?”

“Yeah, slut!” I gasped.

“Oh my God, thank you Master!” she panted.

I slapped her ass, a loud stinging slap that left an angry, red mark. “Your mouth is supposed to be on Mary’s cunt!”

“Sorry, Mistress!” she squeaked and buried her face back into Mary’s cunt.

My own orgasm was building as I slammed into the slut. Harder and harder, wanting to fill her dirty cunt with my cum. I plunged into her tight, wet tunnel, every stroke bringing me closer and closer to that sweet release. My body tensed and I groaned as my cum flooded my newest slut’s cunt. I pulled out and lay on the cold concrete next to Mary.

“She’s got a hot little cunt,” I panted.

Mary smiled and kissed her on the lips as she writhed on Sam’s lips. I kissed down her neck to her breasts and captured one of Mary’s nipples as she moaned and panted. Her body went rigid beneath me and then she shuddered and came on Sam’s face. Sam smiled, her face drenched with cum and cuddled up to Mary’s other side as we all enjoyed the afterglow of our orgasms on the cold floor of the library.


“Everything’s ready, Theodora,” Duncan said.

I was sitting on the couch in Kaeden’s living room. Duncan and Kaeden were both members of a Pierce County Sheriff SWAT unit that got compromised by Mark Glassner when they raided his house. Mark gave them orders, turning them into his Thralls, but he never bothered to ensure one of us nuns couldn’t control them. Agnes was controlling Kaeden and I controlled Duncan. On Thursday night, my Sisters and I were so excited. We each placed a SWAT officer under our control. Only three more each to go, no problem we thought. Yet, here we were on Sunday night and only Isabella had managed to get another SWAT officer under her power.

“All the members of your unit will be there?” I asked Duncan sharply. We needed all twelve. That’s what Ramiel told me. Soldiers are needed. Four and four and four. Duncan and the other three under our control had spent all day cajoling and brow beating and convincing to get the other eight members of their unit to have a get together at Kaeden’s house tomorrow night.

“Yes, mam,” Duncan. “They all promised to be here Tuesday night.”

Tomorrow would have been better, but Tuesday night would work. Last night Ramiel taught me the Prayer of Qannow and told me where I would perform the prayer. On Wednesday, I needed to be at the Blue Spruce Motel, room 14. And wait until I heard the door slam in the next room over and perform the prayer on the woman I find in there. My Sisters and I need all twelve of the SWAT officers by Wednesday under our control, so Tuesday night be fine.

On Wednesday it would all be over. I only hope no one gets hurt besides the Warlocks. Ramiel said the SWAT were only the backup plan. My stomach was a knot of nerves, twisting inside me until I felt like vomiting. Please God, let the Qannow prayer work! Please don’t make me send the SWAT unit in. I don’t want innocent blood on my hands! I beg of you God, if it’s your will! Amen.


I sat on Mark’s lap on the seat of our Gulfstream. We were both naked, my cunt sticky with his cum, as we watched Monique and Lize fuck each other. They had picked up this double-headed dildo and were kneeling on the floor, their asses pressed close together. Each end of the dildo was in their cunts and they were fucking it back into each other, moaning like two bitches.

In the back, I could hear the bodyguards moaning as they fucked and sucked on each other. All six had to abstain this weekend, and they were finally able to relieve their tensions with each other. Sam was back there, as well, busy translating the Magicks of the Witch of Endor. Sadly, no fun for her. We needed to know what was written in that book.

We were supposed to land at Thun Field, South Hill in about a half-hour or so. It had been a fun weekend New York City. Mark and I visited several amazing art museums, including the Metropolitan Art Museum. Mark was so sweet, not complaining at all as I dragged him to all these amazing art exhibits.

I yawned, I was tired. While it had been a fun weekend, it also had been a long weekend. And tomorrow promised to be a long day. We were holding our second bodyguard tryouts all day on Monday. And then on Tuesday, I had my second wedding dress fitting and the bridesmaids’ dress fittings while Mark had to go to family court to get Desiree’s marriage annulled so she and Allison could get married.

Nothing was going on Wednesday, I realized happily. A nice, peaceful day. Haven’t had one of those in a while.


My hands were shaking as I picked up the Altgrave’s copy of the Magicks of the Witch of Endor. You did it, Brandon, I congratulated myself. Nothing could stop me now. Blood smeared on the cover and I blinked, seeing the blood on my aching knuckles for the first time. I walked over to the Altgrave’s bathroom, careful to step over the Altgrave.

The blood ran pink down the sink as I washed my bruised knuckles and tried to control my beating heart, slow my breathing. I could feel sweat running down my face and I glanced at my face in the mirror. It wasn’t sweat, I was dismayed to see, but a streak of blood staining my face.

I didn’t want to hurt the old man. But he just wouldn’t listen. Just like Maryanne. I never would have hurt either of them if they would have just listened. If they would have just did what I told them to without arguing. It was really Mark’s fault, anyways. The old Altgrave just kept babbling about his orders. “I can’t let you have the book, Mr. Fitzsimmons. The man on the phone was quite clear on that.”

But that really didn’t matter, now. I had the book. I opened it up, excited to see the knowledge contained within it. There was nothing but tiny, square letters written in fading, brown ink. The letters weren’t even close to English. A hysterical laugh filled the room. Who could be laughing? Surly not the Altgrave. He would never laugh again.

Then I realized it was me.

Well, Brandon, nothing easy is worth doing. The script looks like Hebrew. I just need to find some scholar I can pay to translate it. But first, I really needed to get out of Germany, and maybe get a drink. Having a drink always made me feel better after I was forced to correct Maryanne. You can drink once your on the plane heading back to America, I promised myself. Just one drink, it couldn’t hurt. But I needed to get far away before anyone found the Altgrave. The authorities back in the States never understood that Maryanne made me hurt her. And I doubt the German authorities would be any more understanding that the Altgrave made me kill him.

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 28.

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The Devil’s Pact Chapter Twenty-Six: The Order of Mary Magdalene



The Devil’s Pact

Chapter 26: The Order of Mary Magdalene

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2013

Story Codes: Male/Female, Male/Teen female, Teen male/Female, Male/Females, Female/Female, Female/Females, Mind Control, Rimming, Oral, Anal, Incest, Water Sports, Orgy, Magic

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Comments are very welcome. I would like all criticism, positive and negative, so long as its
constructive, and feedback is very appreciated.

Click here for Chapter 25.

“Come in,” I said to my fellow nun’s, inviting them into my hotel room.

Well, it wasn’t actually my hotel room. Last night when I flew into SeaTac from Miami, Providence led me to an insurance adjuster named Curtis at the airport’s baggage claim. We flirted while waiting for our luggage and he invited me up to his Hotel Room. When Providence gives you a place to stay, with a cute guy to boot, you don’t say no. Right now, Curtis was attending the convention in the hotel and I didn’t expect him back for a few more hours.

“Are you hungry?” I asked my Sisters, closing the door behind them, “Curtis is paying for it?” Last night, I was on top of Curtis, enjoying his big cock in my pussy as I rode him cowgirl style, when his wife called. The asshole spoke to his wife while I fucked him, the disgusting pig. Since he turned out to be a cheating asshole I didn’t feel bad at running up his hotel bill.

“Ohh, Curtis,” the black nun said in her exotic, African accent. “Is he handsome?”

“He has the most gorgeous, blue eyes, that just make you melt in your panties,” I answered, feeling like a teenage girl for the first time in decades, gossiping with my friends about boys. “But, please order something. The asshole is married.”

“Ah, so sad to see a marriage vow so easily broken,” tutted the Latina sister.

I realized I didn’t know their names. The only nun I knew was Sister Louise and she was captured by the Warlock Mark Glassner. “I am Theodora Mariam. And…and I’m so happy you’re here.” I could feel tears running hot down my cheeks. Pull yourself together, Theodora. You’re not actually eighteen.

The Latina nun hugged me gently, rocking me like a mother. “Shh, it will be alright, muñequita. I am Isabella Cecillia.”

“Agnes Chibuzo,” the African nun said and kissed my cheek. “God has sent us to aid you in your trials, Sister Theodora.”

I sniffed. “Thank you, Sisters.”

“Now, I have been traveling almost non-stop for last twenty-four hours,” Agnes said, wearily. “It has been a long trip from Sierra Leone. So tell me, why has God, through his servant Gabriel, sent us here.”

I told them everything I knew. How Sister Louise had tried to exorcise the Warlock Mark Glassner and been captured through the interference of Lilith of the Black Moon. How I was taught the ancient prayers and used Mark sister to attack him. But that failed. His lover, the other Warlock, freed him from the bond.

“It will be far messier, Ramiel told me, yesterday,” I finished. “Soldiers will be needed. Four and four and four.”

Isabella nodded. “It is like Napoleon all over again,” Isabella sighed. “There were three of us and we each bonded four soldiers under Napoleon’s command. We exorcised Napoleon at Waterloo. His wish to be Emperor destroyed, he lost the battle.” A look of old hurt crossed the tan face of Isabella. “Sister Eustace Mariam was killed in the struggle.”

“How old are you?” I asked in awe.

“I was born in the Year of our Lord, 1732,” Isabella answered.

I blinked, I knew we nuns could practically live forever, but most of us grew weary of the struggle after sixty or seventy years and passed their powers onto a successor. The only nun I had heard of that was over a hundred yeas old was the Mother Superior. “Have you ever faced a demon?” I asked Isabella, hopefully.

“No,” Isabella confessed. “That must be why there are three of us. This Warlock is using ancient magics.” Isabella sighed, wearily, rubbing her face. “I wish we had a monk or two with us.”

“A monk?” I frowned. “You mean a male nun, like us?”

“Well, not like us,” Isabella confessed. “When Creator in his infinite mercy gave his children the means to fight the Adversary, 144 were given the gift, half were men and half were women. The men’s gifts were different from ours. They were the soldiers. Given powers to fight demons and monsters and to protect us nuns in situations like this.”

“Why have I not heard of any monks?” I asked.

“The last monk died in 1942, exorcising Hitler,” Isabella sadly answered. “Five nuns and a monk and they all perished. But they broke Hitler’s powers and the Allies were able to eventually defeat the Third Reich.”

“The problem with the monks is their calling,” Agnes explained. “Too many died fighting and were unable to pass on their powers to a successor. We have dwindled as well. Maybe a dozen of us remain.”

“I fear the end is nearing,” Isabella said mournfully. “You are the last nun in North America. There are only two of us left in the Latin Americas.”

“We had four in Africa,” Agnes said, tears brimming on her eyes. “But two Warlocks appeared in the Congo, fighting for control over the jungle, and we lost two sisters exorcising them over the weekend. And I hear the Mother Superior herself had to deal with a Warlock in Paris.”

The Mother Superior was a legend. Supposedly, she was over a thousand years old and lived in the Motherhouse in Rennes-le-Château, France. Sister Louise told me whispered stories of the Mother Superior exorcisms from Vlad Tepesh to Rasputin and many other terrible men and women in between.

A sly smile appeared on Agnes’s face and she reached out and stroked my arm. “So, Theodora, tell us about this Curtis you’ve been indulging.”

A flush suffused my face. When we were given our Ecstasy, blanket indulgences were issued by the pope, forgiving any sin we may commit. Most nuns, at least this is what Sister Louise told me, used the opportunity to sin as much as possible before she once again must abstain.

“He has girth,” I said with a smile, remembering how good his cock felt stretching my pussy as he rode me last night. “I came twice with him last night, and once more this morning.”

“You naughty girl,” Agnes said with a twinkle. She glanced at Isabella. “Did you have time to indulge?”

Isabella gave a throaty laugh. “I live in a remote village in Guatemala. Many hours drive to the airport. This young buck, Miguel, drove me to the airport. I had my eye on him for several months, praying for a mission so I might indulge with him.” A smile appeared on her face. “On the drive to the airport, three times we stopped so he could ravish me.”

“What about you, Anges? Who did you fuck?” I asked.

Her grin turned naughty. “In Brussels I fucked this delightful young man in the airport restroom during my layover. And then in the flight into Seattle from Chicago, I flirted with this beautiful flight attendant named Sarai. She had silky, dusky skin and the most beautiful lips. A good Muslim girl she claimed, but when we arrived in Seattle, that good Muslim girl made me howl in pleasure in the women’s bathroom.”

We all giggled at that. But my joy did not last long, Ramiel’s words echoed in my mind. Soldiers are needed now. Four and four and four. My grin faded and I sighed and asked, “Where do we find four soldiers?” I asked.

“Providence,” Agnes yawned, and lay back on the bed. The TV turned on. “Sorry, I sat on the remote.”

“…go live to Sheriff Erkart about to give a press conference on the growing Mark Glassner scandal admits the SWAT unit of the Pierce County Sheriffs Department,” the anchor on the television said.

I sat up and my fellow nuns stared at the TV. Providence, I thought with a smile.

The camera cut to a room with a podium festooned with microphones. The seal of Pierce County Sheriff department hung behind the podium and a tall, distinguished looking man with black hair graying at the temples, stepped up to the podium. Cameras flashed in the room as he settled himself at the podium.

“Good evening,” the Sheriff greeted, sadly. “It is with a heavy heart that I am here today. An entire squad of the my SWAT unit, eleven men and one woman, have disgraced themselves and betrayed the public’s trusted in my Sheriff Department. As you all know, on Thursday, June 13th at approximately 4:10 AM, the FBI, with support from this SWAT unit, raided Mark Glassner’s house. As recent photos have shown, my officers have behaved disgracefully and will be suspended with pay until the State Patrol has finished their investigation.”

“God has provided,” Agnes breathed.

“Amen,” Isabella finished.

A smile crept up on my face. Mark Glassner enthralled an entire unit of SWAT. Ramiel had explained the spell Mark used to bound his Thralls and made them immune to our powers. The spell had to be performed individually by the Warlock. It seemed Providence was telling us that there were twelve, very dangerous Thralls out there lying loose just waiting for my Sisters and I to collect them.

“Amen,” I whispered as hope soared within me.

A soft snore broke my reverie and I giggled. Sister Agnes was sleeping on her side. She said it took her nearly twenty-four hours of travel to reach Seattle from Africa. The poor thing must be so tired.

“Isn’t she so beautiful,” Isabella whispered, her hand resting on my thigh. Her hand was warm and soft and a delicious thrill went through my body ending at my moistening snatch. Isabella turned to look at me, a smile playing on her brown face. “You are beautiful, too, Theodora,” she whispered in a Spanish lilt and I could feel the heat rising in my cheeks.

Isabella’s lips were full and moist and looked so kissable as her face drew closer and closer to mine. Her lips were soft as well and I could taste cherry lip gloss as I sucked on her lower lip. Her hand was sliding up my thigh, underneath my skirt, sliding closer and closer to my moistening cunt. I placed my hand on her silky leg, squeezing her thigh and reaching for the source of heat between her legs.

Her panties felt like satin and I rubbed the crotch of her panties and could feel the heat of her cunt. I pushed the panties up into the groove of her slit, feeling her moisture slowly seep through the satin fabric and coating my fingers with her sticky arousal. I moaned into Isabella’s mouth as her fingers gently caressed my lacy panties and shivered as she grazed my hard clit through the panties.

Isabella broke the kiss, licking her lips, and reached her other hand beneath my skirt and started tugging off my panties. I lifted my ass, allowing her to slip the panties down my leg. They were yellow and lacy, the gusset damp with my desire. Isabella sniffed the crotch, inhaling my spicy aroma and then she shoved my panties into my mouth with a naughty smile on her face.

“We do not want to wake Sister Agnes with your sweet moans,” she whispered with a naughty smile.

She pushed me back, spread my thighs and I moaned, the sound muffled by my panties, as she licked her gentle tongue through my slit. I could taste my flavor on my panties and it added to the excitement. Next to me, Sister Agnes snored softly, her pretty, coal-black face inches from my own. Isabella’s tongue was tasting me everywhere, sucking my labia into her mouth, flicking at my clit. Her fingers gently spread my labia open and then her tongue wiggled into my hole.

Oh god that felt so amazing. I gripped the green comforter and threw back my head as Sister Isabella pleasured my cunt. Oh, fuck her tongue felt so wonderful. I wanted to tell her just how much pleasure she was making me feel, but the panties stuffed in my mouth reduced me to grunts and moans. I was getting so close to cumming, my hips starting to writhe as my pleasure mounted. Her tongue was fucking in and out of my hole, her nose rubbing gently against my clit, every brush bringing me closer and closer until I screamed into my panties as I flooded Isabella’s face.

Isabella gave my cunt a last lick and then she was moving down, kissing my taint, lifting up my ass and sliding a pillow beneath me. Her breath was warm on my ass, and her fingers gently spread my asscheeks and I gasped into my panties as her tongue touched my puckered anus. A naughty thrill tingled through me as she tongued my ass.

Her tongue circled my asshole, and then pressed against the tight ring. Her tongue pressed and pressed and then pushed past the sphincter, wiggling inside my ass. I was moaning again into the panties, feeling a second orgasm building. Her fingers reached up and pinched my hard clit, rolling my small nub between her fingers, sending jolts of electricity throughout my writhing body.

Fuck, Isabella sure knew how to pleasure a woman. She was bringing me closer and closer to a second cum, and it was brewing up to be bigger than the last one. Her tongue was sliding in and out of my asshole, swirling around my tight anus. The naughty slut was making my ass and my cunt felt so amazing. That amazing feeling of release was building and building, sweet Jesus I was getting so close and then the delicious shudder, the muscles clenching in my ass and pussy, the electricity shooting through my body.

I was panting and Isabella was crawling up my body. She pulled my panties from my lips and then kissed me gently on the lips and I could taste the sour flavor of my ass. Then Isabella curled up against me, placed her head on my breast and fell asleep.

Three nuns, I thought as I cradled Isabella’s head to my chest. Mark wouldn’t stand a chance.


As I jogged down Shaw Road, Thursday morning, my mind kept drifting to the phone call from Willow yesterday and the explosive news she delivered. Karen was pregnant. By the demon Lilith, no less. Her baby was growing fast, almost a weeks growth in a day, according to Willow. The stress of the growing child had left Karen in such a weakened state, she was barely conscious half the time.

“We thought it best to abort the embryo,” Willow had explained, “and then Lilith appeared. She warned us that Karen’s life was tied to the child growing inside her. If the child died, so would Karen.”

It was fucking frustrating. There was nothing we could do. Since I made my Pact, I had never felt so helpless. Not even when Karen was atop me, trying to exorcise my powers. I was still able to struggle to summon Lilith. But there was absolutely nothing either Mary or I could do but wait for Karen to give birth and worry about what sort of problem the thing growing inside her would cause.

Last night, we sat for an hour with Karen and the one time she woke up she smiled at us before falling back unconscious. We instructed the hospital staff not to report her unusual pregnancy and would keep one of the sluts with her at all time. Anger was burning in my stomach as I watched my Karen lay so listless, all those machines attached to her body. Anger at Lilith and anger at myself for being so stupid.

That night, when Lilith offered to trade the secrets of magic for the simple price of fucking Karen, I didn’t even hesitate. What harm could there be in letting the demon fuck her? Lilith formed a cock from her clit and told me how she was just so horny. She hadn’t had a woman on her cock in centuries. I could understand that desperate need to get off in some girls snatch. All guys understood that. I didn’t even occur to me that Lilith might have some ulterior plan in mind when she fucked Karen.

But she was a demon and Mary and I had learned an important lesson. A demon never does anything unless it benefits them in someway. They’ll find a way to turn it to their advantage. Then why did the Devil give me the ability to summon Lilith in the first place. It wasn’t out of kindness or sense of fair play. From what Karen told me, Warlock hadn’t summoned demons or used magics in a thousand of years. The Devil wants something from me. He needs something that only I can do, something that only a Warlock give him. And the real question is, will it benefit me or bite me in the ass in the end like Lilith’s simple deal has become.

I was betting on it biting me in the ass.

When Mary and I were returning from the club we saw several moving trucks arriving. Our families were following our orders and moving in. We sent the sluts to go help out and my mom guilt tripped me into carrying boxes into her new house. Mary thought it would be funny to watch and make unhelpful comments until my mom thrust a box into her arms and Mary, with a frown, was guilted into helping out as easily as I was.

By noon, our families were moved in and we were all gathered back at the house to eat the delicious egg salad sandwiches Desiree made for lunch. The sandwiches were so good, I decided to forgive Desiree for getting out of carrying boxes with the rest of us.

“Sandy, Mark and I need you to come with us, this afternoon,” Mary told my mom as she wolfed down her sandwich. “We need to bond a few pilots.”

At three we had an appointment with the head of HR at Alaska Airlines to screen for our pilots. We bought a Gulfstream IV from this billionaire yesterday and Mary and I agreed having our pilots bound by the Zimmah spell is the safest course. That way we didn’t have to worry about a nun getting to our pilot and causing her to crash our plane with us in it.

“Oh, sure,” my mom answered. “I guess unpacking can wait.”

“Oh, we have plenty of time,” Betty said, patting my mom’s wrist fondly.

Betty was Mom’s…eh…girlfriend, I guess. I was having trouble wrapping my brain around my mom and Betty. For my entire life mom was a straitlaced Christian and it was surprising finding out she had been cheating on my dad with Betty Cooley for the last few years. And now that my dad was dead, and mom and Betty, with a little nudge from Mary, had moved in together.

“We should have a bar-ba-que,” Sean, my future father-in-law, suggested. “A nice, family get together once everyone gets settle in.” He had Felicity, the sex slave Mary gave him, dandled on his knee. Felicity was dressed in the sluttiest, naughty schoolgirl outfit I had ever seen. Sean was a high school teacher and it looked like he was working through all those years of not molesting his students with Felicity.

“Ohh, that sounds fun,” Missy chimed in. Missy was Mary’s little sister, still in High School, who looked almost the spitting image of Mary. The main difference, other than age, was Missy’s light, strawberry-blonde hair versus Mary’s darker, auburn hair.

“Monday?” I asked Mary, thinking what we might have plans for that day.

“You did schedule those tryouts for Monday, right?” Mary asked me. After I we got home from the hospital last night, I spent two hours calling police agencies in King and Thurston County to arrange for a new pool of women to draw more bodyguards from. With our families to protect and a nun lurking about, I wanted more protection.

“Yeah, we can have the bar-ba-que at Sparks Stadium and everyone can help us evaluate some new bodyguards,” I said nodding.

“Sure, sounds fun,” George said. George was Shannon’s boyfriend.

Shannon laughed, tossing about her fiery red hair and tickled her boyfriend. “Someone just once to fuck some pretty girls.”

“Well, there is one matter that we need to attend to,” Mary said. “Mark and I have powerful enemies and they would use our loved ones against us.”

Antsy, my little sister snorted. “Tell me about it,” she muttered. The nuns had attacked us through Antsy, trying to break up Mary and myself.

“Yes, that’s why we need to protect you with the Bond of Zimmah,” Mary finished.

The family trooped upstairs and crowded into our bedroom. There was my mom, her girlfriend Betty, and their sex slave, Joy. And Antsy and her sex slave, Via. Then Mary’s family dwarfed mine. Her dad and his sex slave. Her older sister Shannon and her boyfriend, and their sex slave, Starla. And little Missy, her boyfriend Damien, and their two sex slaves Dawn and Mrs. Corra. Mrs. Corra was Damien’s teacher before I made her Damien’s sex slave, and yet he still called her Mrs. Corra while he bossed her around.

Mary and Mom stripped naked and lay side-by-side on the bed, both beautiful. Mary was the beauty of youth, perky breasts and a fresh face. Mom was a hot MILF at forty-three. She possessed the ripened beauty of maturity, her body still tight as an eighteen year old’s from her daily exercise, her breasts still lovely and her face was sexy and confident.

I crawled onto my mom, her arms outstretched. “My boy’s all grown up,” she smiled, pulling me down into her embrace, her hands gripping my cock and guiding it to her cunt.

Next to us, Sean was crawling over his daughter’s body. “You are so beautiful, Mary,” he whispered.

“Oh, daddy!” Mary smiled, pulling him down and wrapping her legs around his waist. “Hmm, stick that hard cock inside your sweet daughter’s cunt!”

I was inside my mom’s cunt, fucking my cock in and out of her as her lips captured mine in a kiss. I roamed up her body with my hands, finding her breasts and giving them a squeeze. Her nipples were hard as I rubbed my hand over them. My mom’s hips rose up to meet my thrusts, grinding her clit into my pubic bone. She felt so amazing. This was the cunt that I came from, I thought. And that wicked thought made the sex more thrilling.

“You like my cunt, daddy?” Mary cooed. She sounded like a little girl with her father, asking him if liked her dress.

“Yeah, Mary,” he groaned as he plowed into her cunt. “You feel so tight.”

“Does it feel familiar?” Mary asked with a wicked grin. “Does it feel like the cunt that rode your cock when you were blindfolded on Monday?”

Sean groaned. “That was you? Oh, man that was amazing.”

“As amazing as this?” Mary asked. Her dad moaned loudly. I wasn’t sure what Mary did but her dad seemed to find it amazing.

The entire situation was too exciting for me to last long. Our families were watching us fuck our parents. My thrust were becoming frantic. “Oh God, Mom. You feel so good. I’m…ohhh fuck…I’m gonna cum!”

“Give it to me, Mark!” my mom moaned like a wanton hooker.

I pounded her cunt harder, my balls tightening and then I was groaning and my cum was flooding into my mom’s cunt. Her pussy contracted about my cock and she gasped as her orgasm swept over her. I collapsed atop her, enjoying the feel of her cunt as my cock soften, the warmth of her body as it pressed beneath me. I captured her lips in a kiss, then turned to watch Mary getting fucked by her father.

Mary looked over at me, a smile on her face. Her dad was grunting atop her, fucking her faster and faster. He raised up on his arms, slamming into my fiancee’s cunt and then his body tensed and he moaned as he flooded his sweet daughter’s pussy. Mary trembled beneath him, her breasts heaving as he came in her sweet pussy.

I rolled off my mom and Sean rolled off his daughter. Both women laid there, cum oozing out of their freshly fucked pussies. Mary and I agreed to bond the each other’s families. We didn’t want to make slaves of our families, just to protect them, so we told our families they could ignore our orders. It let our loved ones have their free will.

Shannon was first, crawling between my mother’s legs and taking a swipe of my mom’s pussy juices and my cum. I muttered, “Zimmah,” and felt the energy bind Shannon to me.

Antsy crawled beneath Mary’s legs and licked through my fiancee’s cunt, gathering a thick globe of incestuous cum and pussy juices. “Zimmah,” Mary intoned and I watched the shudder pass between the two women.

One by one, our family members were bonded. Betty and my mom by Mary, and Mary’s family by me. Poor Sean, he didn’t relish having to taste my cum, no matter how beautiful the cunt that contained it. And Damien just closed his eyes, took the smallest lick he could, then flew away, spitting. Then Missy followed, and then Dawn, Mrs. Corra, and Starla. Until, only George remained, and everyone turned to him.

“Shannon,” George said. “Before I really become part of this family I want to ask you a question.”

“Okay?” Shannon said, a stunned, hopeful, disbelieving smile playing on her lips, her mouth falling open and her eyes watering with emotion. I remembered that same look on Mary’s face when I proposed to her.

George fell to his knees, grasped her hand and kissed her palm. “Shannon, these last two years have been the happiest of my life. I love you, Shannon. You are my world. The kindest, sweetest soul I ever met. Will…” George’s voice cracked and he cleared his throat. “Will you marry me?”

“Yes,” Shannon whispered, tears running out of her eyes. “Oh, yes, yes, yes!”

George pulled out a rose gold ring set with a large diamond. Smaller diamonds were sat in the band. Shannon’s hand trembled as George slid the ring on her finger. When he stood up she threw her arms around him and the pair kissed. The women in the room were all misty eyed. When George broke the kiss, he crawled between my mom’s legs and didn’t hesitate as he took his lick.

As Mary and I dressed for our appointment, we watched as an impromptu family orgy began. It all started when Missy pressed herself up against her dad, saying, “Is it my turn to get fucked?” with a huge, impish grin on her face.

“But…” Sean spluttered. Sean was under my orders to be available to fuck Mary for the Zimmah spell and was resistant to fucking his youngest daughter. But Missy was a hundred pounds of teenage enthusiasm and, with her sex slave Dawn’s help, pushed Sean back onto the bed. She straddled her dad, guiding his hard cock to her tight, teenage cunt, and started riding him, using all the technique I taught her on pleasing a man.

George and Shannon slipped out onto our private balcony and the newly engaged couple were passionately fucking on our love seat. Betty and Antsy were on the bed making out next to Sean and Missy while my mom watch fondly. Damien had his Mrs. Corra’s big tits about his cock as he watched his girlfriend, Missy, ride her dad. Via, Joy, and Starla slipped into a daisy chain on the floor, each slut devouring the other’s cunts.

I sighed as we left. “There will be other orgies,” Mary consoled, pressing up against me.

“I haven’t fucked any of their sex slaves,” I moaned. “Well, I fucked Felicity, but not the other five.”

“Plenty of time for that, Mark,” Mary chided, prodding me down the stairs. “But we have the meeting with the architects and your pilot interview. I’m sure you’ll find some pretty new lady for you to fuck.”

I grinned, Mary always found the bright side of a situation. “Well, that’s the plan.”

Before we went up to SeaTac to Alaska Airlines headquarters, we had a meeting with an architect to design our mansion. Mary had been speaking to them on the phone for the last week, hammering out the specifications, and the architects had their first conceptions ready. They did some great work, designing a large, central mansion and five, smaller guest houses for our families to live in at the back of the property. There was also a stable, Mary wanted to have horses, and a pool, and extensive landscaping. Mary gave a few brief corrections and the architects would start drawing up the plans. Hopefully, in a month, we could start breaking ground on construction.

The Alaska Airlines offices were located on International Boulevard south of the SeaTac airport. I parked the Mustang and had 01 and 09, our bodyguard’s for the trip, wait in 01′s white State Patrol car. I took Mary’s arm and my mom followed us in. The inside was well furnished, the Eskimo face logo of Alaska Airlines embossed on the lobby floor and a few potted plants dotted the corners.

“How can I help you, sir?” the receptionist, a stout, middle-aged woman named Angela, asked.

“Yes, we’re here to see Mr. Ledford,” I said. “I’m Mark Glassner.”

The receptionist called upstairs and sent us on own. “Floor four, go left from the elevator. You can’t miss his office.”

“Remember the last elevator we rode?” Mary asked with a sly smile as I pushed he fourth floor button.

“No elevator slut this time,” I laughed. That’s how we met Violet, one of our sluts. I took her virginity in the hotel elevator of the Four Seasons, I believe, up in Seattle.

My mom looked at me, a frown across her beautiful face. “What?”

“It’s nothing, Sandy,” Mary assured her. “Just an inside joke.”

“Oh, sure,” Sandy said with a nod.

The elevator dinged and we got out on the fourth floor. Monroe Ledford’s office was down a hallway, through an open area full of cubicles, against the west wall of the building. He had a mousy looking woman for a secretary with the unusual name of Richmal. “He’s expecting you, Mr. Glassner.”

“Richmal, just ignore any strange sounds you hear, okay,” Mary said with a friendly smile.

“Oh, sure, miss,” Richmal squeaked.

Monroe had a spacious office, a large mahogany desk, and a wall covered in filing cabinets. Seven women dressed in blue pilot’s jackets and slacks were huddled in the corner talking to each other and gave us curious stares when we entered. Monroe scurried out from behind his desk, a heavyset man in an expensive looking suit. His face was round, fat hanging from beneath his chins, and large, black glasses dominated his face.

“Good to meet you in person, Mr. Glassner,” Monroe greeted. “I gathered the candidates just like you asked, sir.”

“Thank you, you can wait at your secretary’s desk and don’t come in here until we leave,” I told him, shaking his moist hand.

“Ah, of course, sir,” Monroe laughed. “Well, they are all excellent pilots and you will not be disappointed with whomever you choose.”

“All right, ladies, line up,” Mary said, brusquely.

My mom, looking a little out of sorts, set down at the table. “You okay, mom,” I asked as Mary got the pilots lined up.

“It’s just…overwhelming how the two of you just take command of situation,” Mom admitted. “And you’re going to, what…screw these women?”

I shrugged. “Not all of them,” I admitted. Several of the women were just not pretty enough. Sure they were handsome women, but Mary and I had our standards. “They’ll enjoy themselves, Mom. So just relax, okay?”

She sighed. “Okay, Mark.” She squirmed in her seat. “Geezs, I’m turning into such a hussy,” she muttered, eying the women.

“Maybe, mom,” I told her, rubbing her shoulder. “But it’s a lot of fun, isn’t it?” I asked with a grin.

My mom laughed and kissed the back of my hand. “Your fiancee’s going to start without you,” Mom pointed out.

I looked up to the two handsome women walking out the door. “All right, disrobe,” Mary ordered the remaining five. “And be prepared to get fucked. You all want to please us and be chosen to be as one of our pilots.” I stepped up next to her and she whispered, “Is everything alright with your mom?”

“Yeah, Mom is just not used to all this,” I answered.

The pilots were disrobing. All of them wore the most boring underwear, I was disappointed to learn. We sent two more packing; one had an ugly Caesarean scar and the other’s ass was covered in cellulite and looked as wrinkled as a prune. The remaining three were gorgeous women in their late twenties and early thirties.

Joslyn was a black-haired woman, willowy, with dark, Mediterranean complexion and brilliant green eyes. She had a nice set of round breasts topped with dusky nipples. Her belly buttoned was pierced with a small, golden charm set with a ruby and her pussy was shaved, revealing fat, dark pussy lips.

Duana was another black-haired woman, tall with Nordic cheekbones. Her breasts were small and perky and she had a thick, black bush between her legs. Her legs were toned and tanned from sunbathing, there were patches of pale flesh around her breasts and her crotch from her bikini.

Lynda was a strawberry-blonde with deep, blue eyes. She was short and curvy, with large, pillowy breasts with some of the biggest, fattest nipples I had ever seen, each pierced with a thick, gold ring. Her pussy was shaved, save for a triangular patch of reddish hair above her clit.

I walked over and hefted Lynda’s large breast, feeling the weight and gave her nipple piercing a tug bring a soft gasp to Lynda’s mouth. Mary was running her fingers through Duana’s thick bush, the tall woman shuddering as Mary must have found her clit or maybe her wet hole. Joslyn was looking a little lonely and so was my mom, so I pulled her to me and whispered in her ear.

Joslyn swayed back to my mom. Mom swallowed, licking her lips as the dusky beauty reached her and sat on her lap. “I…I have a girlfriend,” my mom protested, as Joslyn kissed at her throat.

“It’s just sex, Mom,” I said, pushing Lynda down to her knees. “I have a girlfriend, too.”

Mary giggled as Duana was unbuttoning her blouse, exposing Mary’s freckled breasts. The tall pilot sucked Mary’s nipple into her lips. “Betty knows you love her, that’s all that matters, Sandy. Everything else is just fun.”

My zipper rasped down and eager hands reached into my pants, pushing down my boxers, to find my hardening cock. Mom relaxed and was kissing Joslyn, her hands sliding up to cup the dusky woman’s breast and rolling her dark nipples between her fingers while Joslyn purred in pleasure. Lynda’s mouth engulfed my cock, sucking my dick until I was fully hard in her mouth. I looked down at her pillowy tits and just had to feel those about my cock.

I pulled my cock from her mouth, grabbed the fat ring pierced through her left nipple and pulled Lynda to her feet and led her over to a chair and set down. “You ever given a guy a titty fuck?” I asked her.

She smiled wickedly. “A few.”

Lynda knelt down and placed her pillowy tits around my cock, squeezing them about my shaft and started to slide them up and down. Her gold rings piercing her nipples swung up and down, glinting in a shaft of sunlight that fell across her tits. Her blue eyes stared up at me, eager to please, and her strawberry-blonde hair fell loosely about her shoulders, a splash of color against her pale skin.

Mary sat in the sit next to me, spreading her legs and cooing in pleasure as Duana dove into her cunt, licking stiffly at her pussy. “C’mon, slut, you can do better,” Mary complained. “Your a woman, just lick and touch me wherever you’d like to be touched down there.”

“Okay,” Duana murmured and spread Mary’s lips open and licked her tongue through Mary’s slit, sliding her tongue into Mary’s wet pussy. She swirled her tongue around the sucked Mary’s labia into her mouth, rolling the wrinkled lips between her lips as Mary moaned in appreciation.

“Getting better,” Mary encourage, then sighed in pleasure. “Definitely getting better.”

I glanced back to see my mom was sitting on the desk, her jeans pulled off, her firm ass flexing as she squirmed in pleasure. I guessed Joslyn must be going down on her. My mom pulled her loose, striped shirt over her head exposing her smooth back and white bra. She reached behind her and unclasped the bra. As the white material fell away, I could just see the slope of her right breast and the hint of her pink nipple.

“Ohh, that feels nice,” Mom moaned on Joslyn’s tongue. Her arms moved and I realized mom was playing with her breasts.

“How’s your titty fuck?” Mary asked with a smile.

“Nice,” I told her. Lynda’s tits felt amazing on my cock as she formed a tight tunnel between her soft tits. I started fucking my hips up, rubbing my cock faster through the valley of her breasts. Mary’s eyes were fixed on my cock, the head would appear up from between her tits then disappear back down. Pre-cum glistening on the tip, smearing on Lynda’s melons.

“Is Duana giving you good head?” I asked.

Mary rolled her eyes. “She’s getting better! She…ohhh, yeah. She’s definitely getting better,” Mary purred.

“Oh, man!” gasped Mom. “Oh, Mark, her tongue feels so amazing. I can’t wait to try some of what she’s doing to my pussy on Betty when I get home! Oh, wow! Mmmhh, oh crap! Yes, yes, oh yes!”

Lynda started licking my cock head when it got close to her lips, her tongue roughly sliding across the tip sending a shudder of pleasure through my body. Another lick, another shudder, and then my cock was back in the pillowy softness of her breasts and then was back out and another delicious lick, another delicious shudder. “Fuck that’s amazing!” I gasped. “Keep licking, slut!”

Lynda giggled. “Glad you…” lick, “…like it!”

Mary was panting next to me, grinding her cunt into Duana’s face. “Oh yes, fucking suck my clit, whore! Oh, fuck! Oh fucking shit! Here it comes, slut! Drink my cum!”

My mom sat in the chair on the other side of me, naked and flushed. Her eyes focused on my cock appearing and disappearing between Lynda’s breasts. I was getting closer and closer to cumming. My balls were so close to flooding Lynda’s breasts with my creamy spunk. Just a few more licks and…I groaned, my face clenched as I spilled onto her tits.

“Fuck, that was nice!” I moaned.

Lynda was panting, to, white cum coating her face and tits. She released her breasts and my cock slid out of her tight embrace. Mary knelt down and licked a line of my cum up Lynda’s tit. Then she looked at my mom, hefted Lynda’s other, cum covered tit invitingly. My mom licked her lips and then knelt down and licked my cum up Lynda’s breast, up to her neck and then she was kissing Lynda on the lips.

My cock was achingly hard watching my mom and my fiancee lick my cum off this woman. They were pressing her down onto her back, their tongues devouring my cum. Mary licked her way up to Lynda’s face as Mom licked back down to her breasts, sucking a fat nipple and gold ring into her mouth as Mary kissed Lynda on the lips. Then Mary was straddling her face as Mom licked lower and lower, down to Lynda’s shaved cunt.

“Duana, lick my mom’s cunt,” I ordered and then I grabbed willowy Joslyn and bent her over the desk.

Joslyn’s cunt was shaved bare, her labia large and engorged and felt amazing as I rubbed the head of my cock on them before I found her hot, wet hole and slid inside her, groaning as her velvet cunt swallowed my cock.

“Ohh, that feels great,” Joslyn moaned. “Umm, you got a nice feeling cock, stud.”

“You got a nice feeling cunt,” I moaned, pulling back and thrusting in again and again. “Fucking wet and tight, just the way I like my pussy!”

“Then give me a good fucking, lover!” Joslyn purred. “I could use a nice cum! Haven’t had one yet, today!”

“You have to cum everyday, slut?” I asked.

“If not, then the day was wasted.” I liked her philosophy. If I haven’t came a dozen times in a day, it was definitely wasted. “I need a nice, fat cock to stretch my poor little pussy until I explode!” she panted.

I started thrusting faster and faster, enjoying her wet depths. I glanced behind me, Mary was riding Lynda’s face and my mom was devouring Lynda’s cunt. Duana knelt behind my mom and started fingering her cunt. Duana bent her head down, planting her face between my mom’s ass cheeks and began to rim Mom’s ass. What a naughty slut.

“I’m going to pee in your mouth, and you’re going to love it, right slut?” Mary asked.

“Oh yes,” moaned Lynda. “I’ve masturbated so many times to water sports vids! Fill my mouth with your delicious pee.”

Mary sighed as her urine splashed into Lynda’s mouth, the pilot drinking her piss eagerly. I slammed into Joslyn’s cunt faster and faster as I watched my fiancee piss into another woman’s mouth. When Mary finished pissing, she moaned as Lynda licked her pussy clean, her tongue digging through Mary’s slit. Lynda was moaning beneath Mary, her body writhing and fresh cunt juices flooded my mom’s mouth as she came.

My mom drank all of Lynda’s juices and then shuddered on Duana’s tongue. “Yes, oh yes, I’m cumming! Umm, that feels so amazing!” Mom turned around, stroking Duana’s face. “Oh, thank you for that amazing orgasm.”

I came in Joslyn’s cunt as I watched my mom french kiss Duana, her face sticky with Lynda’s juices. Mary’s ass jiggled beneath her bunched up skirt as she ground her pussy on Lynda’s face, her unbuttoned blouse slid off her right shoulder, exposing her pale, freckled shoulder. Her auburn hair, tied in a ponytail, swayed about as she tossed her head about, her moans of pleasure growing louder and louder.

My mom’s ass was pointing at me, as tight as any teenagers, her hairy bush matted with desire, her pussy pink and swollen with pleasure. I knelt behind her, running my hands about her firm cheeks. Mom broke her kiss with Duana and glanced over her shoulder at me, her eyes falling onto my hard cock.

“You’re so beautiful, Mom,” I murmured.

“Prettier than your fiancee?” my mom asked with a grin.

“A close second, Mom.” My cock was poking at her tight ass, sliding down, leaving a streak of pre-cum across her firm cheeks and down through her silky hair. I found her hot, wet hole, rubbing my cock’s head on her swollen labia, enjoying the feel of her silky nether lips.

“Umm, good answer, son,” Mom groaned as my cock entered her slowly.

“He’s the best!” moaned Mary. “Umm, this slut sure knows her way around a snatch! You keep doing that and…ohhh that’s nice! Fuck, fuck, yes! That’s it! Oh, God, I’m cumming! You nasty, fucking slut! Ohh, that was nice.”

“Thank you for fulfilling my fantasy,” moaned Lynda as Mary crawled off of her.

Mary pressed her body against my back, hugging me from behind as I fucked my mother. Her breasts were soft pillows topped with her hard nipples, her silky bush tickled my ass. Her arms wrapped around my waist and her lips were wet on my neck.

“Who are you thinking of keeping for our pilots?” she whispered into my ear.

“Lynda for sure,” I moaned. “Those fucking nipple rings.”

Mary laughed. “I love a slut that drinks my piss.”

“Joslyn is the prettiest,” my mom moaned, thrusting her hips back into my cock. With Mary pressed behind me, I couldn’t fuck Mom as hard I liked, but goddamn my mom knew how to work her hips to get a man off.

Joslyn was beautiful, with her dusky, Mediterranean skin her brilliant green eyes. “She was a great fuck,” I pointed out.

Mary nipped at my ear. “Joslyn and Lynda then.”

“Yeah,” I panted. “Mmh, Mom, you know how to fuck!”

Mom laughed, a rich throaty laugh, slamming her ass back into me. “You’re not to bad yourself. Umm, my baby boy grew up to have a nice cock!”

“Cum in your slutty mom’s pussy,” Mary whispered into my ear. “Fill her up with delicious spunk.”

“Give me your cum, Mark!” Mom moaned. “Fill your mommy’s womb with your sperm. It’s so wonderful to have you back inside me! Oh, crap! Crap!”

My balls were tightening, my orgasm was building. I felt Mom’s cunt spasm on my cock as she came, slamming her ass back into me and I groaned, “Fuck, that feels so amazing, Mom! Oh, fuck! Here it fucking cums!” My balls unloaded, flooding the very pussy that made me with a flood of cum. Mom slumped forward, rolling onto her back, her legs spread obscenely open, my cum oozing out and matting her brown fur.

“Joslyn and Lynda, you’re going to be our pilots,” I ordered. “You’ll live at the hanger, stay within fifteen minutes of the plane at all times. You will love Mary and myself as your masters, and love each other. Duana, never speak of this to anyone, you can get dressed and go.”

Joslyn moved over to Lynda and stroked her face. “I never noticed how beautiful you are,” she whispered and kissed Lynda with passion.

“Ladies,” I barked, interrupting their kiss, “get over her and take a lick from my mom’s cunt.” Lynda was first, bending down and taking a single lick as I uttered, “Zimmah,” and felt the energy run from my mom into Lynda and myself, binding Lynda’s to me permanently. Lynda stared at me in awe as Joslyn took her place and took her lick and was bound to me.

“You two, go home gather your stuff and head to Thun Field, hanger 18,” I told her and pulled a pair of keys out of my pocket, tossing it to them. “The Gulfstream has already arrived. From now on, you’ll live in the plane. There’s a comfy bed for the two of you too enjoy, internet, satellite TV. Just remember, always be within fifteen minutes of the plane.”

“Yes, Master,” Lynda nodded and then gave Joslyn a wicked smile. “A bed to share, huh? I’m sure we can find some stimulating way to pass the time.”

My phone rang and I fished it out of my pocket, glancing at the caller ID. “You found Brandon?” I asked.

“I found out where he went,” Doug Allard answered. Doug was a P.I. hired by Brandon Fitzsimmons to spy on us, causing all sorts of problems when Brandon sent the media the results of his spying. We caught Doug and turned him to our side and sent him after Brandon. “He flew from San Francisco to London and from there he caught a plane to Toulouse, France. He landed in Frances about two hours ago.”

“What’s in France?” I asked aloud, frowning.

“The book,” Mary grasped. “One of the books is in France.”

My stomach sank. Who knew what sort of problems Brandon having the book would cause. “Doug, Brandon’s headed for Rennes-le-Château, the Motherhouse of an order of nuns. The Order of Mary Magdalena. You must stop him from getting a book, the Magicks of the Witch of Endor. Do whatever it takes to stop him.”

“Okay, Mr. Glassner.”

I wanted to go after Brandon myself. But he was going into the heart of the lion’s den, the Motherhouse of the Nuns. Who knew how many of those bitches would be there. It was far too dangerous for either Mary or myself to go anywhere near Rennes-le-Château.

“Mary, where was that third book at?”

“Um, with some noble. An Altgrave, I think he was called.” She grabbed her phone. “In Cologne, Germany.”

“I need to speak with him, make sure he understands not to let Brandon so much as see that book.”


“Hey, Kaeden,” Illness, the barkeep at the Lucky Cowgirl greeted me as I sidled up to the bar.

Illness wasn’t the name he was born with, just the name everyone called him. “Because I’m so Ill, man, you know, cool,” he would say in his gravely, burnt-out voice, sounding like an aging rocker who partied to hard in his twenties and lived to regret it.

“A pint of Sam Adams,” I said, sighing as I sat down on the barstool.

“You one of the…” He left the end of his question hanging. The empty look in my eyes answered his question. “Rough, man. Real rough.” He finished filling the pint and set it down in front of me. “So, did it really happen?”

I shrugged. My PBA rep told me not to talk about it. Fuck, I’m not even sure what really happened. One minute, I was storming this Mark Glassner house on loan to the FBI, and the next thing I knew Mark Glassner was leading me and rest of my SWAT unit out of the house. And then this fine-ass girl, naked, with bubble-gum pink hair and this voluptuous Latina were leading me upstairs and fucked my brain out.

And now I was probably out of a job. And maybe facing prison time. Accepting sexual favors as a bribe, Internal Affairs called it. So here I was, back at the Lucky Cowgirl, to drown my sorrows. I hadn’t been in for two weeks and I was hoping to get lucky like the last time I was here, to maybe take my mind off my problems with some female companionship. Hell, maybe that gal would be back.

Nearly two weeks ago, on a Friday, this vivacious blonde name Erin had waltzed in, flirting outrageously with me and a few of my drinking buddies. We were drawn to her, she was just so fucking sexy in her tight jeans and revealing top. And she just ate our attention, touching us, laughing at our bad jokes. I grew more and more bold and soon it was just me and her at the bar and she let my hands roam everywhere. When I whispered in her ear that I wanted to fuck her brains out. She laughed and suggested the bathroom. I gave her a good fucking all while this creep listened to us from the next stall.

And then she asked me to go get some drinks and I waited at the bar while she cleaned herself up. And waited, figuring she had to reapply her make-up. You know women. When she did emerge, she was with this other guy, her arm wrapped around him, clinging tightly to him. They clearly knew each other, her boyfriend maybe and I just stood at the bar like an idiot realizing that the guy must have been the creep in the next stall. They were like playing at cheating or something. It was straight out of letters to Penthouse.

After the day I had, I wouldn’t mind banging Erin again. Her guy could watch for all I cared. I just needed something nice to happen to me, today. I just needed something pleasant to help me forget what a shithole my life just became. All the hard work, all the sacrifices to become a SWAT officer. It cost me my marriage to Sally and a few girlfriends since. All of it flushed down the shitter and I couldn’t even begin to understand why any of us did it.

“Why so down, handsome?” a tall, African American woman asked, sitting on the barstool next to me. Her accent was strange, like she was an actual African, from Nigeria or something. She was beautiful, young, with coal-black skin and short, curly hair. Her lips were big and smiling beautifully.

I snorted. “I’m in a lot of trouble.”

“Oh, how sad,” she consoled, placing her hand on my arm, stroking me gently. “Maybe I could make it all better.”

“Oh, how?” I asked, eying her up and down. She was fucking gorgeous.

She smiled promisingly. “What are you drinking?”

“Sam Adams.”

“Buy me one, and we’ll see if I can’t make you forget all about your problems,” she promised, her fingers running up my arm to my biceps. “Mmhh, you work out. I love a man with big muscles.”

“I’m a SWAT officer,” I told her. Some women got off on banging cops, badge bunnies we called them. And the way this woman’s eyes lit up, she was definitely a badge bunny.

“How exciting,” she purred. Illness set a pint before her and she took a deep gulp. “It must be very stressful, all that danger.”

“Oh, very stressful,” I said with a shrug. “But, I live for the danger.” I used that BS on so many ladies, they lapped it up.

Her laugh was throaty and exciting. “And how do you relieve all that stress. I bet it just gets bottled up inside you, begging to be released.”

“Oh, I could think of a few ways to relive the pressure,” I smiled.

“Your hand, non?” she asked archly.

I laughed, it felt good to laugh. “Sure, but there are definitely more pleasant ways to relieve the pressure.” I took a drink of my beer. “Of course, they require someone’s assistance.”

She sipped her beer, her pink tongue licking foam off her upper lip. “I have been told I am very skilled at relieving stress.”

My cock was rock hard in my pants. God, I loved this bar. I had never met a girl as easy as Erin, but this African chick was giving that slut Erin a run for her money. Well, it worked last time, so I leaned over and whispered, “I want to fuck your brains out. Right now.”

She stood up, her smile eager, and took my hand. She was aggressive as she pulled me across the bar to the men’s room and pulled me inside. She took me to the last stall. Memories of Erin bent over the toilet as I fucked her from behind flashed in my mind. Would this mysterious Black woman’s cunt feel as good as Erin’s had.

Christ I didn’t even know her name.

But that didn’t matter as she kissed me as soon as we were in the stall, my hands reaching down and knead her ass through her short skirt. I lifted the skirt up and she wasn’t wearing any panties, the naughty little slut. Her tongue was fierce as she frenched me, aggressively exploring my mouth as her hands fumbled at my belt. She pulled my cock out, stroked it a few times then broke the kiss. I was panting hard as she pulled her dress over her head, exposing her lithe, coal-black body. She took her fingers, slid them between her black breasts, down to her black bush and shoved them up inside her, coating them with her juices.

“See how wet I am for you,” she moaned. “Fuck me!”

I didn’t need to be told twice and I pinned her against the side of the stall, her legs wrapping about my waist as I plunged into her Black pussy. She moaned as I fucked her hard, pounding away at her cunt. I needed this. I needed to forget my problems. All that mattered right now was how amazing her cunt felt on my cock as I fucked her tight, wet depths.

“Fuck your tight, slut,” I moaned. Any girl as easy as her, badge bunny or not, was a slut. “Love how you feel on me.”

“Umm, your cock is stirring me up,” she moaned. “Umm, spear me, stud! Ohh, I love having a nice shaft spearing inside me!”

Her hips were fucking me back, matching the furious rhythm. I needed to cum so bad. I didn’t care if she came, I just needed to feel that sweet release as I spilled inside her. She was so tight, my cock felt like it was in a vice, trying to squeeze out my cum. I was getting closer and closer to cumming inside her.

“Yes, yes, oh God I’m gonna cum!” I moaned. Her legs were wrapped so tightly about me I couldn’t pull out if I wanted to. I slammed once more into her and felt that shuddering release as my cum spilled into her.

Her finger was on my forehead, drawing with her sticky finger as she whispered, “Shama,” into my ear and everything went still. I stared blankly at the woman and she smiled in satisfaction. All that mattered to me was doing exactly what this woman told me too.

“Good,” she muttered, pushing me back, my cock pulling out of her. “I am Sister Agnes.” I nodded my head as she gave me my instructions.


The Drunken Pugilist may be the emptiest bar I had ever seen at happy hour. One old man sipped a pint at the bar while a board barkeep was watching the Mariners play the Angels. A fond smile crossed my face as I remembered Sean, my ex-husband, getting so excited during their ’95 season and how crushed he had been when the Mariners lost to the Indians and ended the Mariners World Series hopes. Mary was only one, then, and Missy wasn’t even a thought, yet.

Focus, Theodora, I told myself. Kurt stole your family from you, no use dwelling on that, now. You need to stop this Mark from destroying other families.

Sister Isabella followed me in. We let Providence guide us. Each of us opened the phone book, to the listing of bars, figuring guys as in trouble as these SWAT officer were would be drowning their sorrows. So we closed our eyes and jabbed our fingers down on the page. Isabella and I both got the Drunken Pugilist and Sister Agnes chose the Lucky Cowgirl.

I scanned the bar, the only other people were the two men sitting at a booth in the back, almost hidden in the shadows. I could see their auras, blacker than the shadows, the aura of a Thrall enslaved by a Warlock. It was clear that Mark had given the men an order that must have rewritten parts of their personality. Well, they were cops and I could imagine the sort of orders Mark must have given. “Let me commit crimes,” he probably ordered, or, “I can’t do anything wrong.”

Both guys looked miserable as we approached, a pitcher of beer sat between them and a few empty shot glasses. Both were fit, broad shoulder man. A swarthy Mexican with a thick mustache that ruined an otherwise handsome face, and a squashed-face white guy with a crew cut.

“Hi, boys,” Isabella purred with her sexy, Latina accent.

The Mexican’s eyes lit up when he saw us. “Hello, ladies,” he said with a smile, and motioned to the booth. “Care to cheer up a pair of cops having a bad day?”

“Christ, Riz, do you have to flirt with every chick?” the White guy asked.

“Hey man, why should I deprive my charm from any beautiful woman,” Riz protested. “Ignore him, he’s married and forgotten how to treat such heavenly creatures as yourselves.”

“Riz?” I asked, and then Isabella sat down next to him, leaving me with the White guy.

“Because his real name is pretty stupid,” the White guy said and a grin momentarily crossed his lips before his pain returned.

“Oroitz is a perfectly manly name,” Riz joked. “Besides, what kind of name is Duncan?”

“A Highlander,” I said with a smile. Everyone gave me a blank look. “Um, you know, ‘There can be only one.’ The Highlander?”

“Yeah,” Duncan muttered and took a swill of his beer. “The TV show, right. Not the movie.”

“Yeah,” I nodded.

“So, what has you guys so down?” Isabella asked. “Women, right?” Both men grunted and Isabella smiled wickedly, leaning closer to Riz, reaching out to place her hand on his. “I hope not the same woman.”

“No, chiquita, not the same woman,” Riz admitted. “We’re both in the doghouse because of work. My girl broke up with me and Duncan’s wife kicked him out.”

“Oh that’s terrible,” I cooed, scooting up against Duncan. His eyes glanced at my cleavage and then a guilty flush suffused his face.

Across the table, Isabella was snuggling up to Riz, who put his arm around her. “Yeah, it’s terrible. Me and Alicia had been dating for weeks.”

“Well, maybe I can make you feel better,” Isabella said with a naughty smile. From how her arm was moving, she must be rubbing Riz’s leg. Or maybe even his crotch based on that the big grin filling Riz’s face. And then the two were talking in rapid Spanish. In my few weeks living in LA I picked up a smattering of Spanish, but I could not begin to follow their conversation.

Duncan just set like a log next to me, staring down into his beer. “What’s the problem,” I purred. “You might feel better if you tell me about it.”

A look of self-loathing crossed his face. “Sure,” he bitterly snorted, his voice a little slurred with drink. “Why the fuck not.” He down the rest of his beer. “You heard about the whole SWAT scandal?”

I nodded my head. That is why Providence led me to you. Mark had foolishly made a bunch of highly skilled men his Thralls and didn’t bother to protect them. “There are subtle signs,” Ramiel told me in my dreams, “to tell if the Bond of Zimmah chains a Thrall to the Warlock. The black aura will have the tiniest, barely perceptible, fringe of red about it. So minute, you have to know to look for it.” As far as I could tell, neither of these men were bound to Mark.

“Yeah, instead of arresting the people, the SWAT unit…eh…” I trailed off, not sure how to finish the sentence without sounding insensitive.

“Fucked them,” Duncan finished, biting his words.

“Excuse me, Vato,” Riz said as Isabella scooted out of the booth. “You understand, right?”

“Yeah,” Duncan grunted, staring at his drink as Riz and Isabella disappeared out a back door into the alley behind the bar. A ragged sob suddenly escaped Duncan’s lips. “I don’t know what happened. We burst into this bedroom and this naked guy, Mark, falls on the floor and he just tells us to stop pointing our guns and help him up. And we did. And then…this red-head just grabs me and Driscoll and takes us inside and has us fuck her. She treated us like shit, insulted us, and we just took it. And now it’s all over the news and…” He took a swig of beer. “Kathanne kicked me out. I never cheated on her, before. I don’t know what happened.”

Poor bastard. Another Warlock’s victim. I reached out and rubbed his leg and kissed him on the cheek. “You poor guy,” I murmured. “Let me take some of that hurt away.” I slid my hand up his jeans to his crotch, feeling his cock grow beneath my touch.

“Wh-what are you doing?” he suddenly protested. “I…”

I cut him off with a kiss as my fingers slid his zipper down, his mouth sour with beer. He was hard, despite his protests, and I stroked him to his full girth. His cock was warm and trembled with his heart beat against my palm. He was uncircumcised, and I could feel the head of his cock slide in and out of his foreskin, popping out like a cute little snake.

“Shh, don’t fight, Duncan,” I whispered as I lowered my head down to his crotch, disappearing beneath the booth’s table.

He moaned as my tongue licked around the head of his cock, salty with his pre-cum. I played with the tip, tracing about the edge of the gland, then sliding up and licking through his urethra, collecting a fresh drop of pre-cum. I slid a hand down between my legs and up into my cunt, getting my fingers sticky with my pussy juices so I would be ready to draw the Mark of Qayin on his forehead.

His hand caressed my head, fingers pulling through my brown hair. “Oh fuck,” he moaned. “Sorry, Kathy.”

I cupped his balls as I swallowed his cock, sucking softly and playing with the sensitive head with my tongue. Then I slid down, slowly, until he brushed the back of my throat. I sealed my lips tight about his shaft as I rose up, sucking harder and Duncan moaned in appreciation. Up and down, my mouth filled with his cock.

“Jesus,” he moaned. “Fuck, you’re good. Christ, I don’t even know your name.”

I popped his cock out of my mouth. “Theodora,” I panted, sucking in air, and then I was back on his cock, bobbing my head faster and faster as I played with his balls.

He nuts were round and I gently squeezed them, trying to massage his cum out of his balls. He was getting closer and closer to cumming. I could feel the tension in his body grow and grow as he neared that explosive release and I tensed, ready to spring the moment his cum poured into my mouth. Up and down, I bobbed, swirling my tongue and sucking, feeling his cock tremble in my mouth, the spongy head brushing the roof of my mouth.

Duncan was a gentleman and warned me. “I’m gonna cum, Theodora,” he panted.

The first splash of cum was warm and salty in my lips. I released his cock as the second blast just flew up in air and landed on my blouse, a line of sticky fluids staining my clothing. I was drawing the Mark of Qayin on his forhead as his third blast flew up and splashed on his flannel shirt and I muttered, “Shama.” The Mark of Qayin blazed white and Duncan went blank as the prayer took effect.

Isabella should have had no problem enchanting Riz and I began to tell Duncan the plan. He nodded his head as he absorbed my orders. Worry gnawed at my stomach. Was this really necessary. These men were SWAT officers, highly trained at what they do. People were going to get hurt. People I was supposed to protect. I always thought the Order of Mary Magdalene existed to help people.

“The Greater Good,” Ramiel’s voice whispered back to me. “Not even the Promise Land was taken without bloodshed.”

The Greater Good. It was all for the Greater Good, I told myself. But another voice whispered from deep inside me, the road to Hell is paved in good intentions. I shivered. I just needed to have faith in Providence.


“You taxi is here, Monsieur Fitzsimmons,” the Concierge of the Chambres D’Hôtes L’Escalette, the hotel I was staying at in Toulouse. I was impatient to get to the Motherhouse and get my hands on the Magicks of the Witch of Endor. I needed the book to defeat Mark and rescue my wife from his clutches.

It had been a long flight when I landed Toulouse with a five hour layover in London, I had been traveling for nearly seventeen hours and I was exhausted. When I check into the hotel I crashed, and just woke up twenty minutes ago, noon, local time. Which was four AM, Friday morning, back in Washington State.

“Merci,” I nodded to the Concierge and slipped him a five euro.

He held the door open for me and I stepped into the white taxi. It was a small, European car, one of those tiny vehicles designed for the narrow, medieval streets that crowded European cities and towns. It was a little more than an hours drive to Rennes-le-Château, a quaint village built upon a hilltop, connected by a winding road and the driver, a dusky North African, talked in Arabic on his bluetooth the entire drive.

Finally, we reached the Motherhouse. The building was located behind the Church of Mary Magdalene, an old, stone edifice that was partially overgrown with green vines. The front door was a large, made of wood and bound in iron. On the door frame hung a plaque written in French, English, Spanish, and German described the history of the building. Another sign, handwritten in French, was taped to the front of the door. My French was very rusty, but it seemed to be the phone number of the caretaker who was out.

Sighing in frustration, I pulled out my phone and dialed the number. “Bonjour, Maryām à l’appareil. Je vous écoute,” a woman answered in rapid French.

“Do you speak English?” I asked, hopefully. My high school French was far to rusty to converse with someone.

“Yes, I am Maryām,” the woman answered in a heavy accent.

“Hi, I’m Brandon Fitzsimmons and I was hoping I could meet with someone at the Motherhouse. There is a book in your collection that I’m just dying to examine.”

The voice on the other end thought for a moment. “Very well, Monsieur Fitzsimmons. Tomorrow at, say, 4 o’clock.”

“It’s very important, can we possibly meet sooner?” I asked.

“No, no. I am not in Rennes-le-Château,” she answered, in the background I heard something in French being broadcast. I frowned, it sounded like an airport announcement. “Saturday, 4 o’clock is the earliest I can meet.”

I sighed, another hours drive to Toulouse and then an hours drive back here tomorrow. “Very well. Thank you for your time, miss.”

“Until Saturday, then. Au revoir.” The line went dead.


“The captain has put on the fasten seatbelt sign,” the flight attendant announced in her British accent.

I was on British Airways flight 3471 descending into Toulouse Blagnac Airport in France on the hunt for Brandon Fitzsimmons.

Thirteen hours ago I took off at SeaTac and I was exhausted. But I couldn’t sleep. Every time I tried, Mark Glassner’s words came back to me. “Doug, Brandon’s headed for Rennes-le-Château, the Motherhouse of an order of nuns. The Order of Mary Magdalena. You must stop him from getting a book, the Magicks of the Witch of Endor. Do whatever it takes to stop him.”

Do whatever it takes to stop him. What did Mark mean. Did he want me to steal the book before Brandon could get it, delay him, stop him? Or did he want me to kill him? Could I kill him? I was a P.I. not a hitman. But the more I poured over Mark’s words, the more I came to believe I had to kill him. It’s clearly what Mark wanted. Do whatever it takes to stop him. What else could that mean? I had watched enough spy movies to understand what was implied. I was scared. I had never killed anyone. Twelve years as a cop and I never fired my gun in the line of duty. But Mark needed it done, and I would make sure it happened.

Fuck, I was so tired when I got off the plane, I could barely fill out the declaration card as I waited to clear customs. And then I stumbled out of customs as a somnambulist creature, barely capable of rational thought. I needed some coffee, badly as I reached baggage claim. I almost walked off with someone else’s suitcase, luckily the owner stopped me. “Too many people with black suitcases these days,” I grumbled as way of an apology.

My suitcase in hand, or I thought it was mine, anyways, I stumbled out to the cab stand. Just my luck, there were no cabs. It was the middle of the afternoon, you’d think there would be one cab. A phone rang and I glanced over to see a beautiful young woman, olive skin and long, black hair. She spoke rapidly in French and then switched to heavily accented English. “Yes, I am Maryām.”

As tired as I was, I found myself drinking in the beauty of the young woman. The woman was listening to whomever she was speaking with and then paused and gave me a considering look. I almost wondered why she was staring, but I was too tired. “Very well, Monsieur Fitzsimmons. Tomorrow at, say, 4 o’clock.”

I blinked, did she say Fitzsimmons? What a small world. I was here to kill a Brandon Fitzsimmons.

“No, no. I am not in …” the woman’s words were drowned out by an announcement over the airport’s speakers in french. “…is the earliest I can meet,” she finished. Pausing to listen and then, “Until tomorrow, then. Au revoir.” She hung up the phone and slipped it into her pocket, muttering something in French.

A taxi pulled up, finally. I wanted to take it, but some weird sense of male chauvinism rose up inside me and I offered to let the lady take this cab. What the hell, she was pretty. And I’m sure another cab would pull up soon.

“Merci,” she replied and then asked, “maybe we can share, no?”

“Sure,” I said with a shrug.

“I am called Maryām,” she said with a smile, holding out her slim hand.

“Eh, Doug Allard,” I answered, clasping her warm hand and shaking briefly.

“American, no?” and I nodded. “How nice, I’ve always had a soft spot for you Americans.”

She slid into the cab and I followed her. “I always thought the French hated us.”

“Oh, some do,” Maryām laughed. “They are just jealous. Where are you heading, Doug.”

“Eh, Rennes-le-Château,” I answered. “Any hotel there will do.”

She smiled. “What a coincidence. I live in Rennes-le-Château.” When she said the name, it sound so musical and beautiful, not like my mangled pronunciation.

I fell asleep almost immediately and when I woke up the car was winding its way up a hill to a village perched at the crest. I sat up, rubbing my eyes as the cab weaved its way through the narrow streets past ancient stone buildings to the front of a large stone structure.

“Is this a hotel?” I asked, frowning.

“No,” Maryām replied, sliding out. “It is where I live. Come inside, I have a spare room you can use.”

Fuck, I was too tired to argue and she seemed harmless. I mean, I easily weighed twice as much as her. The door was wood, bound with iron and there was a several signs that I was too tired to read. Maryām produced a cast iron skeleton key and unlocked the door and led me inside. She led me through the foyer into a short hallway lined with narrow doors. She opened one, revealing a tiny room, little more than a square with a cot.

I turned to thank her and blinked in shock. Was I dreaming? I pinched my arm. No, that hurt.

Maryām was naked, her lithe, dusky body gorgeous. Her breasts perky with youth, topped with dark nipples. A mat of thick pubic hair covered her pussy and the smile on her face was both virginal and predatory. My cock hardened in my pants as I drank in her beauty. She walked towards me, her breasts swaying and pressed up against me, her lips hot and wet on mine.

My wife’s face floated up in my mind and I pulled away from the kiss. “Maryām what are you doing?”

Her hand slid into my pants and found my hard cock, stroking it in her hands and suddenly it didn’t matter that I was married. Tina would never know. She was all the way back in Tacoma. How would she know what I did in France. Maryām pushed me back and I sat down on the bed. She bent down, pulled off my jeans and then my boxers, exposing my hard cock.

“So nice,” she whispered.

She slid her finger down her taut body, through the forest of pubic hair and then slid them up inside her pussy. When she pulled them out they were sticky with her juices. She straddled my waist and rubbed her fingers on my forehead, then down the side of my face and to my mouth. She tasted of honey.

Maryām rose up, her hand on my cock and guided my shaft to her pussy. She was wet and felt like silk as her cunt sank down onto my cock. I groaned in pleasure, after two kids, Tina wasn’t this tight. I sank back onto the bed and watched this gorgeous angel ride slowly up and down on my cock, her round breasts heaving as she fucked me. I reached up, sliding my hand up her smooth side to cup the soft orb. I squeezed it, delighting in the spongy feel and then I ran my fingers across her hard nipple.

“Umm, you feel so hard inside me,” she purred as she rode me.

I groaned, her cunt was so tight. God, I hadn’t had a cunt this tight since I was in college. Nothing felt better than the tight cunt of a teenager on your dick. Her pussy gripped my cock like a tight glove, rubbing silkily up and down as she fucked me. My balls were boiling, the pressure growing inside me. Growing larger and stronger.

“I’m gonna cum!” I moaned. “Let me pull out!”

“No, cum in me,” she gasped. “Let me feel your lust shoot inside me! Oh, yes!”

She spasmed on me, her cunt deliciously contracting about my cock. I was thrusting my hips up into her, the sensation on my cock was getting to much to handle. My balls couldn’t take it anymore and my cum exploded out through my dick and up into her wet cunt.

“Shalak!” she screamed and I feel something inside me snap, a chain about my soul, binding my will to another. I felt freedom, and tears brimmed in my eyes as my soul sang in joy.

“Wh-what just happened?” I stammered as she slid off me.

Maryām was suddenly shy, covering her body with the blanket. “You were a Thrall, Doug,” she answered. “I have freed you from the Warlock’s power.”

And then she explained it all to me. Nuns, Warlocks, summoning demons. Everything I saw watching Mark Glassner, how everyone around him behaves. How I so easily agreed to do whatever he told me, including killing a man. It all finally made sense. Mark Glassner sold his soul for power and made me his pawn.

“God has a purpose for you, Doug,” Maryām said as I wept before her.

I could feel it in my soul. I had been touched by God when she freed me. “What?” I asked. It didn’t matter what the purpose was. When God calls, how can you say no.

The door opened and a young woman entered, maybe eighteen, her hair a black as night, falling about her naked body. Her skin was pale white, her breasts large and topped with dark nipples. Her pussy was shaved bare, her labia swollen with desire and juices leaked down her leg.

“This is Sister Frances Joan and she has a Gift for you, Doug,” Maryām said as the beautiful woman walked towards me. My cock hardened.

Sister Frances sat down on the bed next to me, her lips tasted sweet as she kissed me. Her hand reached down and stroked my hardening cock. Her fingers were silk as she rubbed my cock to life. I touched her breast, gently, reverently. Giving her firm orbs the tiniest of squeezes, sliding my palm up to rub on her hard nipple.

“Come, let me feel you in me,” Sister Frances moaned. “Let us join as one.”

She pulled me down into her embrace, her body warm and lithe beneath me. She guided my cock to the wet entrance of her pussy. We moaned together as I slid into her inviting, tight depth. Her lips played with my ear as her legs wrapped around my hips, pulling me tightly into her.

“You have such a nice cock,” she whispered.

I fucked her slowly, staring into her deep, brown eyes. No, I didn’t fuck her, I made love to her. It was like our wedding night and I was making love to my bride for the first time. Our hips were moving in unison, our lips kissing each other, murmuring our pleasure into the other’s ears. Our hands roamed each other’s bodies. I felt her slim thighs, her tight ass, her smooth side and her full breasts. Her hands roamed across my chest, playing with my chest hair, rubbing my back, and squeezed my ass, urging me to go faster and faster.

“Yes, harder,” she moaned. “Faster! Let me feel your passion!”

I could feel our passion building and building as my cock rubbed against her cunt. Every stroke was building both of our orgasms. In and out, rubbing deliciously against each other. I found her hard nipple with one hand, rolling it between my fingers. My strokes were fast now, I was pounding her pussy. Her moans of passion filled my ears as we both approached the precipice. I could feel the cum boiling over in my balls and shuddered as I orgasmed inside this beautiful creature. Her body shuddered beneath me, her cunt clenching at my cock, milking my cum out of my balls.

She gasped a single word.


Her Gift flowed into me. From deep within her womb, through her tight pussy, and into my cock. A golden power that suffused every fiber of my being, body and soul, transforming me. I was baptized in the ecstasy of light and reborn as a new man.


“Gabriel,” I greet the Archangel.

“Dominion Ramiel,” he responded, his voice a mighty choir. “I sense your doubts, brother.”

“I have followed the threads, the longer we wait the stronger the Warlocks become,” I answered. “Theodora and her sisters have three soldiers and surprise on their side. They have seventy percent chance of slaying the Warlocks.”

“With two of our Priestesses dead,” Gabriel pointed out. “Our Priestesses are two few to spend so recklessly.”

“By the time they have recruited the twelve soldiers, the Warlocks will have tripled their guard,” I fumed with righteous anger. “Let us strike know before the odds are even worst. After Monday, even with twelve, there will only be a twenty-seven percent chance of slaying the Warlocks. And still two of our Priestesses will die.”

“The soldiers are only a last resort.”

Curiosity drowned out my anger. “What have you seen in the future that I have not, Gabriel?”

“Observe,” Gabriel stated and drew up the threads of mankind drawing me to a silver thread. “This thread belongs to Alice Perry.” He lead me into the past, six mortal years. Alice’s silver thread brushed the red thread of the Warlock Mary Sullivan. “Alice develops an infatuation with Mary at the age of seventeen,” Gabriel informed. “But, slowly it is forgotten as she goes off to college.” The silver thread spiraled about the red thread, slowly drifting farther apart as the years went on.

I followed the silver thread through the years as it drifted farther from Mary’s, became entwined with another silver thread and then knotted as Alice married a man six months ago. But Alice and her husband’s thread drifted apart and then were separated as Alice’s thread became deeply entwined for a few weeks about another man’s.

“Adultery,” Gabriel said with disgust. “The marriage was broken beyond repair, though the husband knows it not.”

Alice’s thread brushed once more with Mary’s, and started circling the Warlock’s thread. “Here, the infatuation was rekindled,” Gabriel explained. “This was almost two weeks ago, on the very day Sister Louise made her disastrous attempt to exorcise Mark.” Alice’s thread was spiraling closer and closer to Mary’s. Gabriel pointed to Alice’s thread two day’s ago. It was Tuesday morning and Alice’s thread was trying to work its way between Mary and Mark’s thread. The two Warlock threads were bound as tightly as any lovers Ramiel had ever observed.

“A declaration of love?” I asked, staring at the pattern. Love, emotions, were not my skill at reading the threads. My expertise lay in conflict.

“Yes,” Gabriel nodded. “Alice Perry declared her love to Mary and it was ignored. Mary was too preoccupied with her problems that she didn’t even hear what Alice told her. Mark was under the effects of the Bond of Avvah. Alice has declared her love and it was not reciprocated. Unrequited love is a very powerful emotion.”

I followed Alice’s thread, in the future she once more tries to get between Mark and Mary. Next Wednesday afternoon.

“Do you see the opportunity the Bond of Avvah has created?” Gabriel asked.

I frowned, shaking my head.

“Alice never would have made her confession to Mary without it,” Gabriel explained. “Alice was too afraid of losing Mary. Alice believed it was inevitable that Mark and Mary’s relationship would break up. So she waited, biding her time for the moment when it seemed Mary would leave Mark, and then she would act. Now that she made her declaration, it is all Alice can think of. On Wednesday afternoon, in the room of the Blue Spruce motel, Alice will try once more to have Mary all to herself. When Mary rejects her love, she will be vulnerable.”

“The Prayer of Qannow?” I asked in shock. “That Prayer is very dangerous.”

“Watch what happens when Theodora exploits this opportunity,” Gabriel stated and drew Theodora’s golden thread until it touched April’s. I watched in amazement, as I followed Alice’s thread into the most probable future, studying the variable and calculating the percentage of success.

“Ninety-nine percent chance of the Warlock Mark’s death,” I said in awe.

“Yes, and Mary’s as well,” Gabriel pointed out. “The foolish mortal tied her life to Mark’s when she made her Pact. When Mark dies, so shall Mary and two less Warlocks shall plague the world.”

“So the Bond of Avvah was meant to fail?” I asked in astonishment. “It was all a set up to create this one opportunity?”

“There was good odds of the Bond working,” Gabriel answered. “But it also created this opportunity.”

“Then why gather the soldiers at all?” I asked in confusion. “Ninety-nine percent. Only the Creator can predict the future with more accuracy.”

“Because, Mark Glassner must die or be exorcised,” Gabriel stated. “If Alice fails, then it will fall to Theodora and her sisters. And as you said, the odds are slim and we shall never again have the power to challenge Mark with our diminished resources.”

Gabriel showed me the future and he was right. “The Lord shelter us with his mercy,” I whispered. The Warlock Mark Glassner must be stopped. “Is that why you dispatched two more Priestesses? You told me that only Theodora was available? What changed?”

“Only when Mary used her last boon was this pattern set,” Gabriel admitted. “Our brother, Lucifer, is setting brush fires across the world, trying to distract us from Mark. I could not move Isabella or Agnes until I was sure they were needed.”

“What do we do if it fails, Gabriel?” I asked.

“Nothing,” Gabriel answered sadly. “We will have lost, Ramiel. But Maryām will see that the fire of hope keeps burning in the Wilderness.”

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 27.

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The Devil’s Pact Chapter 25: Eight-and-a-Half Weeks



The Devil’s Pact

Chapter 25: Eight-and-a-Half Weeks

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2013

Story Codes: Male/Female, Male/Females, Female/Female, Female/Females, Mind Control, Anal, Ass to Mouth, Rimming, Oral, Creampie, Wife, Exhibitionism, Cheating, Work

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Comments are very welcome. I would like all criticism, positive and negative, so long as its
constructive, and feedback is very appreciated.

Click here for Chapter 24.

I stood with Mary on the private balcony of our bedroom. Surveillance photos and videos of our house had just appeared on the eleven o’clock news on channel 5. Our law enforcement sluts, Chasity and Noel, figured the photos must have been shot from a house on Shaw Road across the empty lot. Mary and I sent our bodyguards to raid the house and were watching from our balcony. The house was two stories, sitting on a small rise and had a perfect view of the rear and left side of our house over the backyard fence.

We sent our bodyguards to raid the house, and their squad cars were just now screeching to a stop in front of the house. It was too dark to seen anything other than the strobing red and blue lights of the bodyguard’s patrol cars and some movement in the backyard that. I felt the tension in Mary’s body as we held each other and waited. My own heart was hammering in my chest.

The Nextel in my hand chirped. “Chasity to Master.”

“Master,” I responded into my Nextel.

“We have one prisoner and our still searching the house,” Chasity reported, in a professional, commanding voice. She sounded like a cop. Well, she was a cop before I made her my sex slave. Chasity commanded the bodyguards, with Noel, our FBI slut, as her second in command.

“Good work,” I praised her.

“Thank you, Master,” Chasity replied, her professional voice slipping back into the pleased, girlish voice of Chasity the sex slave.

Mary and I dressed quickly and head downstairs and waited in the living room. In a few minutes, Chasity and a Thai bodyguard, 30 I think her number was, were marching an overweight, balding, middle aged man into the house. The prisoner was wearing a t-shirt and sweat pants, thick glasses hung askew on his flesh face. There was anger in his eyes as he was marched before us, and fear.

“Who are you?” Mary demanded. She was still angry about being spied on.

According to the news, the surveillance photos were sent in by Brandon Fitzsimmons. Brandon was the previous owner of our house, but I took it from him and made his wife, Desiree, our sex slave. Now, he was causing all sorts of problems. Last week he tipped off the FBI, and this week the media. I just spoke to Sheriff Erkhart, and there should be an BOLO for Brandon’s arrest by now. I wanted him found and punished for the headaches he was causing me.

“Doug Allard,” the man sullenly answered. Then blinked in surprise. People were always surprised by how readily they cooperated with us.

“And Brandon Fitzsimmons hired you, right?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’m a P.I.,” he answered. “What are you going to do to me?”

I ignored his question. “How long have you been watching us?”

“A week, since last Tuesday,” he replied. “Fuck, what’s wrong with me. What have you done to me? Is it that gas?” Fear quivered suddenly in his voice. The explanation the authorities came up with to explain my powers was some gas that left people very suggestible. I guess that’s more plausible then the truth that I sold my soul to the Devil for the power to control people.

Mary laughed, richly. “No, no. People just like doing what we tell them to, isn’t that right, Doug?”

“I guess I do,” Doug muttered, squirming in Chasity and 30′s grip.

A black bodyguard entered, a laptop tucked under arm. “Sir,” 18 saluted and handed me the laptop.

“Are all your surveillance files on here?” I asked him.

“No, I have online backups.” He shrugged. “You know, in the cloud. Plus, I’ve sent copies of everything to Brandon.”

I handed him his laptop. “Delete all you can,” I ordered. “All your backups in the cloud. Uncuff him.”

Doug rubbed his wrists when the handcuffs came off and took his laptop and started typing. “Where is Brandon?” Mary asked. “He’s not answering his cell phone. We would just love to see him, again.”

“He’s gone off the grid,” Doug admitted. “I only communicate to him through a Hotmail account.”

“I want you to find him,” I told him. “Track him down and let me know where he is.”

“Okay,” Doug said. “You’re not going to do anything else to me.” Surprise and relief tinged his voice.

“No, no,” I told him. “Brandon’s the real problem. I’ll give you, what, a million dollars, to cover your fees and expenses.”

Doug goggled at me. “Absolutely. Brandon pissed all over me by hanging me out to dry. I don’t care what you do to him.”


Mark woke me up as he crawled out of bed. “Going jogging?” I asked, sleepily. We went to bed right after talking to Doug last night.

“Yeah, Mare,” he whispered. “Sorry to wake you.”

“It’s okay,” I said, sitting up and stretching. “Um, would you mind if I joined you.”

Mark smiled, “Sure, Mare. I’d love that. I’m sure all the club members will just love you.” He stretched his back, and I admired his flat stomach and lean chest. “Remind me when we get back to talk to Karen.”

Right, last night was so crazy. After we interrogated the P.I. and Mark gave him a million dollars to hunt down Brandon, we went to bed, exhausted. Yesterday was a long, and very emotional day. I still goggled about how much money Mark paid Doug. A million was far too much money, but Mark had a weird streak of generosity about him. Or maybe he just didn’t care. If we needed more money, he’d just rob another bank, I guess. It’s one of the reasons I started the charity. I had us both down as Officers in the charity’s finances so we could use whatever money we got and maybe there would not be so much bad press on us.

I tottered off to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet. I should be pissing in one of the slut’s mouths, I thought. It was so exciting pissing into a woman’s mouth, feeling her tongue licking your pussy clean. Far more satisfying then this toilet paper. I finished wiping, and flushed the toilet. I looked at myself in the mirror, applied some light blush and a pale, pink lipstick, then ran a comb through my auburn hair, getting the tangles out, before tying my hair back with a blue scrunchy.

I stifled a yawn when Mark walked in, naked save for socks and his jogging shoes. “Coming?” he asked, a little impatient.

“I had to get ready,” I told him, rolling my eyes. Mark could be an idiot sometimes.

“You look great, Mare,” he told me and leaned in to kiss me on the lips. Well, he was definitely a sweet idiot.

I followed Mark down the stairs, naked as well, and started pulling on a pair a tennis shoes. 34, looking tired in her slutty cop’s uniform, walked in and said something to Mark. “What’s going on?” I asked.

“32 reports that a lot of media are gathering out on Shaw Road. She had to call for 25 and 30 to come help her with crowd control,” 34 reported to me.

“We’re going to need to say something to the reporters, Mark,” I told him.

Mark muttered something under his breath. “I’ll go grab us some tops and we’ll give a quick interview and send them packing,” Mark sighed in irritation.

“Your jogging sluts will be waiting for you when we’re finished,” I told him. “So don’t be grouchy.”

“Yeah, they’re a good group of gals,” Mark answered, that boyish grin of his spreading on his face, and then he disappeared upstairs. He came down, wearing a buttoned down shirt and handed me a nice, red blouse with a plunging neckline.

Jessica came downstairs, naked save for her gold set with sapphire choker, her caramel breasts jiggling as she walked. Jessica had such a diverse, racial background it was hard to tell what her ethnicity. What was apparent is how stunningly beautiful she is. “Master, my boss emailed me,” Jessica pouted, tears forming in her eyes. “I’m suspended because of the photos that got leaked. How am I supposed to be your spy now, Master?”

Mark caressed her face, wiping away her tear. “I’ll take care of it,” Mark said, taking Jessica’s phone and calling her boss.

Willow followed Jessica, dressed in a fairly conservative pantsuit, her doctor’s coat slung over her arm. Willow wasn’t wearing her choker. Our three sluts that had professional jobs, Willow, Jessica, and Noel were told to not wear their chokers when they went to their jobs. Willow was a gynecologist and an idea popped into my brain. “Let’s spin this story back to our charity. Willow, you know the plan well enough to talk about it at to the media?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Willow answered. “And I’ve found the location for the clinic, filed with the IRS for our 501(c)(3) approval, and put that money you gave me into the accounts as donations from all the other sluts.”

“Wow, when did all this happen?” Mark asked me, handing the phone back to Jessica. Her face lit up as she spoke to her boss.

I smiled at Mark. “I have my ways,” I said mysteriously. My ways were texting. When I wasn’t sucking Mark’s cock while driving, I was texting away, arranging all the details. “And the fund raiser, we’re set for a week from Friday?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Willow said.

“Oh, thank you, Master,” Jessica squealed and through her arms around Mark’s neck and kissed him soundly on the lips. “I have to get dressed.” I guess she was no longer suspended

34 drove us down to the end of the street in her Orting Police car. There were over a dozen reporters and cameramen, waiting in front of the street. We got out and were greeted by a barrage of questions and shouts as the reporters fought to be the first to ask us a question while camera’s snapped and flashed. I swallowed, suddenly nervous, clutching Mark’s arm like a scared little girl.

“Quiet!” Mark roared and they all shut up. I took a deep breath. Mark was in control, I had nothing to be nervous about. We were better than these reporters, special. I shouldn’t be afraid of them. “Good, I’m Mark Glassner, and this is my fiancee, Mary. We’ll give you an interview, but there have to be some ground rules. One, film us from the waist up. Two, do not ever mention our nudity or any sexual acts you witness. Three, you will repeat the story that we are innocents, victims of an overzealous reporter who believes the lies of Brandon Fitzsimmons, a man bitter about his wife leaving him. Fourth, you will promote our charity.” Mark glanced at me.

“Women’s Health Organization for Reproductive Empowerment,” I answered. And Mark blinked. It was quite a mouthful, I know.

“Everyone understand?” The reporters nodded. “Good.”

I saw a cute reporter, her round face framed by curly, red hair. Her lips were big, lush, and covered with a bold, red lipstick. She wore a charcoal blazer and matching pencil skirt. A light gray, silk blouse, the top few buttons undone, showed a bit of her freckled chest. I could see a wedding ring glinting gold on her left hand. Fuck, those lips were so lush they were just begging to suck cock.

“You, what’s your name,” I said, pointing at the reporter.

“Debra Horne-Dannell, Q13 News,” the reporter answered, an excited look on her face.

“Well, it’s your lucky day,” I told her. “You get to come her and suck on my man’s cock.”

“Really?” she happily asked. This is what I was afraid of when I asked for the power to control people, how much I would enjoy it. How addicting it is to make people dance for you. I was afraid of what I might do someday. “I’ve never been this lucky before.”

She handed her microphone to her producer and came forward, her hips rolling in her tight skirt. “You’re the best, Mare,” Mark said as Debra carefully knelt down before him and grasped his hardening cock. I looked down to see those lush lips open up and sucked Mark’s cock into her mouth.

“I know how horny you are, Mark,” I told him fondly and he put his arm around me and kissed me gently on the lips.

“I love you, Mare,” Mark said tenderly and I melted inside.

“Love you right back, my horny stallion,” I told him, and reached down to squeeze his ass. It was firm, now, not the flabby ass of two weeks ago when I met him.

We faced the cameras, from the waist up you’d never know Mark was getting his dick sucked by a beautiful reporter. “Okay, ready, let’s start now.” Mark paused and we both smiled. “Hi, I’m Mark Glassner and this is my fiancee Mary. We have been unfairly targeted by this Carlos Guiterrez from KING 5. Everything he said about me and my family is absolute slander.”

“What about those surveillance photos?” a reported asked.

“Doctored,” Mark answered. “Brandon Fitzsimmons is very bitter that his wife left him for me.”

“I thought his wife was a Desiree Fitzsimmons, yet you stand here with a different woman?” a pretty, Black reporter asked. Her eyes kept flicking down to Debra. The reporter slut was bobbing her head now, nosily sucking Mark’s cock. All the reporter kept looking at Debra and many of the men were sporting bulges and must be wishing Debra would suck their cock.

“Is there a law against a man having more than one lover?” I asked. “Mark and I have a very loving, open relationship and Desiree is special to the both of us.” And then I kissed Mark on the lips, my hand reaching down to caress the head of Debra Horne-Darnell, Q13 News, as she bobbed her head on Mark’s cock.

“Are you a bigamist, Mr. Glassner?” a blonde, female reporter asked.

“Bigamy is illegal,” Mark said. “But maybe that should change. Our state recently allowed gay marriage. This is the twenty-first century, we shouldn’t be telling people who they can or cannot marry. And if someone wants to have more than one wife, who are we to tell them no.”

“And how do you feel, Mary, about that?” a male reporter asked.

“As long as I’m the number one wife, Mark can have all the women he wants,” I answered with a smile and few of the reporters chuckled. “I think we all can agree that consenting adults shouldn’t have any restrictions on whom they wish to be their partner or even how many partners they can have. America is about freedom and the government has long oppressed those of us pursing an alternative lifestyle.” Wow, I didn’t mean to say all that, but it felt great. Mark gave me a comforting squeeze on the shoulder.

“You’re the first woman in my heart, Mare,” Mark said and this time he kissed me, moaning in my mouth as he came down the pretty reporter’s lush mouth. A few of the female reporters “awwwed” us.

“But, I’m glad Carlos slandered us,” I said, a little breathless from the kiss, “because it gives Mark and I the opportunity to talk about our charity, Young Ladies Reproductive Health. We are planning to open a free OB/GYN clinic right here in South Hill for any young woman who is struggling to get buy. We just want to make sure young women get the reproductive health they need. And we’re partnering with Dr. Willow WolfTail to make this dream a reality.”

Mary held out her hand and Willow walked out. “Hi, I am Dr. WolfTail. I practice OB/GYN at Group Health in Tacoma and as healthcare costs rise I wish to provide a place for those less fortunate to get the care they need. Thanks to several, generous donors, we have purchased a medical office right here in South Hill. But we need money to buy equipment and renovate the building, so on June 28th, we will hosting a charity diner at the Puyallup Rotary Club. All proceeds will go to funding this very important medical clinic.”

“This sounds like a great charity,” a male reporter said, “is there a website people can go on.”

Willow smiled and answered the question. She was a natural at this.


Mary and I were walking arm in arm back to our home from Madeleine’s house. Mary was walking a little stiffly, her legs sore from jogging. The press conference went well. It was wild, getting sucked off by the reporter while being questioned by the media. She was a talent cocksucker, and I filled her mouth with cum before we finished.

The Club went great. Mary was a such a good trooper. She was as out of shape as I had been on the first day, but she kept up with us and made it to Madeleine’s house where she enjoyed the two teenage girls, Cassie and Issy, while I fucked Belinda and Anastasia.

“Where’s Karen?” I asked the sluts as they sat around the dining room table eating eggs and bacon.

“She was still sleeping when I got up,” Xiu answered. All the sluts had to double up in beds with each other, not that any of them complained. At any given time during the night, you could find a pair of bedmates pleasuring each other. Xiu was Karen’s bedmate.

I headed downstairs to the basement where we had set up three beds for the sluts to sleep in. Karen was still sleeping in her bed. “Karen, wake up,” I barked. Lazy slut. She didn’t stir. I walked over and shook her. Her body flopped onto her back, listless. “Karen?”

“What’s wrong with her, Mark?” Mary asked, fear in her voice.

“I don’t know,” I told her. She was breathing, softly, and I could feel a pulse fluttering in her throat.

Her eyes flickered and open. “Master,” she murmured. “I…I feel so weak.”


Mark and I sat at the table, picking at the cold eggs and bacon Desiree made, earlier. Karen had just been placed into an ambulance, on her way to the hospital. She was accompanied by Thamina, our nurse slut and Willow was going to meet her at Good Sam and find out what was wrong with her.

“She was sick in the morning last week,” I said. “It was like morning sickness, only she swore she couldn’t be pregnant.”

“Well, she’s in good hands,” Mark said. “And we have a lot of things to get done today.”

I frowned at Mark, wanting to protest that our Karen was in the hospital. But he was right, she was in good hands. “What?”

“I’ve done some looking on the internet about a plane, and I found one,” Mark said. “A Gulfstream IV. It’s used, but in excellent condition. It’ll cost $27 million. So, I need to rob a few banks. Plus, we’ll need some pilots.”

“Where do you get pilots from?” I asked and Mark smiled.

“Let me make a few phone calls.”

I had my own phone call to make. I had promised to let Alice know what happened and I forgot all about it in the euphoria of freeing Mark. The first thing I told her was to ignore my commands if she wanted to. Alice had fast become my best friend and I didn’t want to control her. She wasn’t happy that I stayed with Mark. She didn’t know about the deals with the Devil or the spells, and didn’t understand how I could stay with Mark after what he did.

“We worked it out, Alice,” I told her, finally getting mad at her bad mouthing Mark. “Okay, Alice. We love each other.”

“Fine,” Alice said, bitterly. “You worked out his infidelity and his insults. Good for you. When can we get together?”

“I don’t know,” I told her. “Things are busy, I’ll let you know.”


“Don’t be bitch, Alice,” I said. “It’s just crazy around here, okay. We’ll get together when we can.”

“All right, Mary,” she sighed, disappointed. “I really need you, though.”

“I gotta go,” I told her, frowning at her last comment. What did that mean?

“You ready, Mare?” Mark asked. “We’ll need to rob three banks, I think.”

“Yeah, Mark,” I said. “Let me give the sluts their orders.”

I handed the sluts our guest list for our wedding and instructions on the fancy invitations they were to fill out and print and mail out for us. When they finished with the invitations, they need to figure out the seating arrangements and how many tables and chairs and tents we would need for our outdoor wedding. It was just a month away, I realized. Having the sluts take care of all the tedious details was such a relief.

“We’ll get it done, Mistress,” Allison said, chipper.

“And how is your wedding preparations going, Allison?” I asked her.

“On Tuesday, Desiree has a family court appearance, she’s petitioning to annul her marriage with Brandon,” Allison answered. “If you or Master could be there to speed up the process, me and Desiree would be very grateful.”

“Oh, I think we can arrange that,” I told her and she gave me a big hug and a kiss.

Mark was hanging up his phone. “We have an appointment with the plane owner in Gig Harbor at four,” Mark told me. “And tomorrow, we’ll go up to Seattle to interview some pilots.”

“Where did you find pilots so fast?” I asked, curious. “Is there like a Labor Ready for out of work pilots or something?”

Mark smiled. “Alaska Airlines has their headquarters in SeaTac. I just spoke to their head of HR and he’s finding us a list of candidates.”

“Attractive women?” I asked, with a sly smile. I knew how Mark thought. “How many female pilots are there.”

“Oh, there’s a couple,” Mark said with a shrug.

15 and 16 were our bodyguard’s this morning and it took Mark just a few minutes of reckless speeding to get down to the Bank of America branch on Meridian in South Hill. Mark popped the trunk, pulled out a few empty duffel bags and tossed them to our bodyguards and we walked arm in arm to the bank entrance.

15 opened the door for us and we walked in, our bodyguard’s flanking us. My heart was hammering with excitement and my cunt was moistening. Everyone in the bank turned and stared at us, a hush fell over the room. People swallowed nervously, I could hear whispers, “It’s that guy from the news.” We must have been quite a sight, walking in so boldly, with our slutty cops as our escorts.

“I see my reputation has proceeded me,” Mark said, boldly. “Well, don’t be afraid. None of you will be hurt. Branch manager, start the time lock. And none of you will ever speak about what happens here today.” Mark snapped his finger, “Oh, and no one hit the silent alarm.”

“Sorry,” a pretty woman muttered. She had short, black hair and a hungry, predatory mouth that made my cunt weep. “I recognized you from the news. I’m so very sorry, Mr. Glassner.”

Her name tag read Kelli. “Come here, Kelli,” I snapped. “You can make it up by licking my pussy.”

I sat in own of the plush chairs set aside for the merchant line and hiked up my loose, blue skirt. I wasn’t wearing any panties and I felt pretty wet down there. Mark smiled at me and then took 16′s police radio, turning it up.

“That’s dispatch sending four units here,” 16 said as she listened to the near incomprehensible squawks coming out of the radio.

Mark took the radio. “This is Mark Glassner. Cancel the call at the Bank of America on Meridian. Everything is under control here.”

“Yes, sir,” the dispatcher squawked back and Mark thrust the radio back to 16.

“15, don’t let anyone enter,” Mark barked. 15 saluted and marched to the door and went outside, standing at attention before the door.

Kelli was walking towards me. She had a tight, sleeveless blouse that molded to her tiny tits, cut little A Cups, and a short, pleated black skirt. As she walked, I could see the tops of her thigh-high black stockings and the clasps of the garter belt holding them up. She had a sex sway to her hips and was licking her lips.

“Are you excited to eat my pussy,” I asked as she knelt before me.”

“Yes, mam,” she whispered. “I saw you at the mall last night. You were so beautiful. I wanted to just walk up and kiss you. You’re the most beautiful woman in the world.”

My cunt was positively gushing buckets of cunt juice as she complimented me. I knew it was just my wish speaking, but it was still flattering as hell. I spread my legs wide and her eyes fell to my waxed cunt. Her fingers reached out and touched the little heart of fiery hair that grew just above my slit.

“So soft,” she murmured.

I gasped as she started licking at my cunt, her tongue quick and deft, as she circled my slit, teasing me. She spread me open, licking at my inner labia, every touch of her tongue sending tingles of pleasure through my cunt. I moaned softly, closing my eyes and enjoying the woman’s pussy eating. I was feeling hot, so I started unbuttoning my blouse, spilling out my tits.

“Everyone just go about your banking,” Mark was ordering, his arms around another pretty bank teller. Her nametag read Donna. She had deep, blue eyes and sandy blonde hair. She wore a conservative blouse that she was unbuttoning, revealing a nice pair of breasts in a wispy, black bar that Mark unclasped in the front, spilling out her round melons and hard nipples.

Mark bent her over a loan officer’s desk. The loan officer was a balding black guy who just kept right on talking on his phone as Mark hiked up the bank teller’s skirt and pulled down her brown pantyhose and black panties. Donna’s muff was covered in soft, blonde fur and Mark ran his finger through it then pulled out his cock and thrust into the bank teller.

“Oh yes,” she moaned as Mark fucked her. “Mmhh, that felt wonderful.”

“Yes, sorry, it’s a little noisy in the bank,” the loan officer said absently into his phone as his eyes were focused on the bank teller getting fucked on his desk. Donna’s tits were hanging down and swinging back and forth as Mark pounded her cunt. “I need to call you back,” he muttered, hanging up.

A young woman in line kept looking back at me, she seemed oddly familiar. Those green eyes were so familiar. An image floated up of those green eyes looking up at me from between my thighs as she licked my cunt. And then I remembered. I fucked her in the changing room at Hot Topic the day I met Mark. Mark had been fucking Lillian in the front of the store while I was shopping for clothes. Her name was…Anne.

“Hey, Anne, come on over,” I waved.

Anne walked over, a smile on her pierced lip. She was wearing a short, green and red plaid catholic schoolgirl skirt. A very short skirt, I could practically see her panties as the skirt swayed. Her legs were clad in knee-high socks and heeled shoes. Her blouse was a low cow cut, white frilly thing that cupped her breasts.

She sat next to me and I grabbed her blonde hair and pulled her into a kiss. Her lip piercings rubbed wickedly on my lips as we frenched. Her hands reached out and started playing with my exposed breasts, her fingers gently playing with my achingly hard nipples. Kelli was sliding her tongue through my slit, now, dipping into my wet hole. I wiggled in pleasure as she slid a finger slowly inside me, as her tongue attacked my clit.

“You’re so fucking tight!” Mark was moaning as he pounded the bank teller. “So goddamn fucking tight.” I could hear the slut moaning on my fiancee’s cock, the desk scratching the floor as it rocked from the force of Mark’s thrusts.

I pushed Anne’s face down to my tits and gasped as she sucked a nipple into her mouth. I could feel the cold, metallic lip piercing rubbing on my sensitive aerola. Kelli had slipped a second finger up inside me and was sucking my clit, hard, while her tongue played with it between her lips. My hips were starting to twitch as my orgasm built.

“Oh, you fucking sluts are going to make me cum,” I moaned. “Yes, fuck yes! Keep it up! You dirty whores!”

The pressure was building inside my womb, the two sluts every touch adding more and more pleasure until I could no longer take it. I screamed as my body writhed in the chair. My cunt clenched on Kelli’s invading fingers and I could feel fresh fluids flooding out of my cunt into her eager mouth. Gasping, I pulled Kelli up and kissed her predatory mouth, tasting my sweet, spicy flavor on her lips.

“Fuck that was good,” I told her. I grabbed her blouse and ripped it open, buttons popping off. She wasn’t wearing a bra, her little A cup titties didn’t need them. Her nipples were tiny, and both were pierced with the thinnest, gold rings.

I bent down and sucked her nipple into my mouth, playing with the tiny, gold ring with my tongue as Kelli moaned her pleasure. I reached down and found she wasn’t wearing panties beneath her skirt. This was one nasty slut. Her pussy was shaved bare and she had large, fat pussy lips. I caressed them, feeling her shudder on my lap. Anne captured Kelli’s other nipple in her lips and we suckled side by side on her.

When my finger was coated in Kelli’s pussy juices, I slid my hand around her waist, to her ass, and found her puckered asshole and worked my finger up inside her. “Oh wow!” Kelli gasped. “Hmm, yes. I love ass play.” Kelli giggled wickedly.

“Gonna flood your slutty pussy with my cum,” Mark was moaning. He must be fucking her pretty fast from the sound of the slap of flesh. Donna was just moaning and gasping as he fucked her. “Had a nice cum, slut?” Mark asked. “Because I loved how your cunt massaged my cock, whore! And here is your reward.”

I could almost hear him shooting his cum into her nasty snatch and I licked my lips. I just had to taste that. I pushed Kelli back and then grabbed her nipple ring and led her to Mark as she squealed in pain. Mark was just pulling out of Donna, a satisfied grin on his face.

“Hey, Mare,” he said with a smile, eying the slut I was guiding by her nipple.

“This slut likes it up the ass,” I told him and pushed Kelli at him.

“Do you, slut?” Mark asked, pinching her nipple. “Do you just love getting fucked up your tight, nasty ass?”

“Yes, I love it up the ass,” Kelli gasped.

I motioned Anne to come over as I started stroking Donna’s exposed ass. “Stay bent over, slut.”

“Yes, miss,” she murmured.

Anne walked over and I pointed down on the floor. Ann stretched out and I sat on her face. I shivered in pleasure as Anne begin kissing my cunt, her piercing rubbing deliciously about my pussy. I spread Donna’s cunt open, just like a pretty, just fucked flower, oozing my fiancee’s cum. I licked through her slit, tasting the tangy, honey flavor of her cunt and the salty flavor of Mark’s cum.

I loved eating Mark’s cum out of another woman’s cunt. Creampie was my favorite kind of pie. I dove into Donna’s cunt, licking and sucking every drop of Mark’s cum I could find in her warm, delicious depths. Anne was eating my cunt with the same gusto, drinking my juices, while her finger crept ever closer to my asshole.

“Oh fuck!” Kelli moaned from nearby. Mark must be reaming her ass now. I could hear him moaning softly, his balls slapping against her flesh. “Fuck that’s amazing! Fuck my ass! Hmm, harder!” The slap of flesh few louder and faster as Mark fucked the sluts ass. There was a loud gasp from Kelli. “Umm, tug on my piercing! Fuck my ass! God, you’re such a stud!”

Anne’s finger had finally reached my asshole, teasing my puckered anus with her finger, sending wicked thrills through my body. Her tongue was digging into my pussy, wiggling up inside me as her finger began to wiggle up inside my ass. My own tongue was shoving in and out of Donna’s tight cunt. I had found all of Mark’s tasty cum, now it was time to make the bank teller slut cum on my lips. I pinched Donna’s clit, rubbing the little pearl between my fingers as I sucked on her tasty cunt. Her hips were starting to shake and her breathing was getting faster and faster, her moans louder and longer.

“Umm, that feel’s so good,” Donna murmured. “Oh, miss, you’re going to make me cum! Oh, wow, oh wow, so amazing!” Her body writhed on the desk and a flood of juices squirted on my face, drenching me, running down my breasts. I was coated in delicious pussy juices as Donna moaned and panted like a bitch on the desk.

“You fucking slut!” I snapped in mock anger, and pinched her sensitive clit. She bucked in pain. “I’m covered in your pussy juices. Lick me clean, slut.”

“Sorry, miss!” Donna gasped.

She knelt next to me and I grabbed her blonde hair and pushed her mouth down to my drenched tits. She started lapping her female-cum up, her tongue grazing my nipples, adding more pleasure to what Anne was generating in my ass and pussy. I was rubbing my cunt on Anne’s face, riding her face as her tongue probed the sensitive flesh of my pussy.

Next to my face was Mark’s ass, clenching as he fucked in and out of Kelli’s asshole. I licked my lips, watching my fiancee’s firm butt. The out of shape, flabby Mark I met was almost gone, replaced by a toned and fit stud with an ass any woman would find hot. His hard cock was disappearing into the cleft of Kelli’s ass and coming back out. In and out, god she was lucky. I loved Mark’s cock reaming my ass

“How’s her ass?” I moaned.

“Tight!” Mark grunted. “And about to be full of my cum.”

“Cream her ass, hun. I’m going to cream this slut’s face.”

Donna switched breasts, licking up her sticky juices off my freckled breasts. My eyes were fixed onto Mark’s ass and cock as he fucked Kelli while I ground my cunt on Anne’s sucking lips. Donna’s mouth found my hard nipple and began to gently lick it, swirling her tongue about my areola, lightly brushing the turgid nipple rising hard.

Mark grunted and groaned and pulled out of Kelli’s gaping ass, white cream leaking slowly out, down her crack to her taint. I grabbed Donna’s face and turned her to Mark’s dirty cock and whispered in her ear, “Lick it clean, slut. Revel in the flavor of Kelli’s ass!”

I flooded Anne’s greedy mouth as I came watching Donna’s tongue lick Mark’s cock clean. “Have a good one, Mare?” he asked me as I shuddered on Anne’s tongue.

“Yeah,” I panted. “We should go to the bank more often.”

“Well, we still have to rob two more,” Mark said with that boyish grin of his.


“Doctor WolfTail, here are the test result,” nurse Marley said, handing me Karen’s chart. Thamina was sitting next to Karen, holding our slut-sisters hands. Karen was festooned with medical equipment. An oxygen mask, IV’s, EKG monitors. She had been unconscious most of the day, but she would occasionally wake up and ask after Master and Mistress before falling back unconscious.

Mistress wanted me to look after her, so I represented myself as Karen’s private doctor, which I was, I guess. I was all the sluts doctors, and Master and Mistress’s as well. I glanced at the blood results, she was anemic, not surprising, her white blood cell count was normal, so not an infection, and I blinked. That couldn’t be right. “These hGC levels can’t be this high,” I muttered to myself. They were 156,704 mIU/ml. “I need a transvaginal ultrasound, nurse.”

The nurse returned in a few minutes with the ultrasound and we placed Karen in stirrups, I lubed the probe of the ultrasound and inserted it gently up her vagina, guiding the probe as I watched the screen. And there it was. A yolk sack. She was pregnant. And, based off the size, for 8 weeks and 4 days.

I frowned. When Karen started having the morning sickness symptoms, she swore that her last period started twelve days ago, on the seventh of June. What was going on here. She also insisted that a nun couldn’t get pregnant, one of the gifts they were given. So, she’d only been having unprotected sex for little more than a week since her powers were broken.

Then how the hell was she eight-and-a-half weeks pregnant.


Mary and I walked out of the third Bank of America we robbed today, this one down on Pearl Street in Tacoma. It was a disappointing bank. Three male tellers and a female loan officer that was as stout as an outhouse. What’s this world coming to when there were not even a moderately attractive bank teller. But Mary and I made the best of it.

“Umm, I’ve been thinking about your cock in my tight little ass all day,” Mary whispered in my ear, rubbing my hardening cock through my pants. “What do you say, stud. Want to give your filly a nice ride?”

“I always want to give my filly a great fucking ride,” I answered and kissed my sweet Mary on the lips.

There was a leather couch at this branch and I bent Mary over the arm rest, hiked up her blue skirt, exposing her beautifully plump ass. I gave her soft cheeks a squeeze, knelt down and spread her open, revealing her brown, puckered asshole. Mary sighed in pleasure as I started to rim her, enjoying her sour flavor. I loved every part of my Mary.

I pushed at the tight ring of her asshole, slipping in and swirling about her velvety, hot walls, coating her insides with saliva. I pushed my tongue as deep as it could go, then pulled back and fucked it in again. Mary was sighing in pleasure as I rimmed her ass.

“Umm, ream my ass, hun!” panted Mary. “God, I love getting my ass eaten out!”

I stuck to fingers up into her cunt, getting them good and soaked and pushed them into her tight ass. I slid them in and out, lubing her asshole until her my fingers were disappearing into her ass with ease. Then I stood up, and pushed my cock into her pussy, burying all the way into her tight depths. When I pulled out my cock was sticky with natures lube, pussy juices, and moved my cock to her tight asshole.

“Wait,” Mary said and I stopped. She stood up and walked around to lie down on the leather couch, the leather creaking as she laid across it on her back and wrapped her arms around her knees, pulling her legs back, exposing her ass and cunt. “Come fuck your mare, my randy stallion!”

I eagerly crawled on top of her, her legs resting on my shoulders as I pushed my cock into her ass. I leaned over her, holding myself up on my arms as my dick slowly slid into her tight hole. Mary’s green eyes twinkled in excitement as I stared into her emerald depths. I made my love to my fiancee’s ass as an entire bank full of customers, tellers, and loan officers watched. Let them watch, let them see how much I loved my naughty filly.

“Oohh, your cock feels so amazing in my ass, Mark,” Mary gasped beneath me. I was picking up my pace, fucking her faster and faster. Her ass was hot and gripped my cock firmly, pleasantly. “Yes, yes! God I love you, love your cock!”

“Love your ass, Mare!” I groaned. “Love your cunt, love your breasts. I love your emerald eyes, and I love you most of all.” I was fucking her harder, pounding her ass. I wasn’t going to last long, her bowels felt too good on my cock.

Mary had a happy smile on her face, her hands reached up and caressed my cheek. “You’re making me cum, stud! Mmhh, my naughty stallions making me cum!”

Her ass was squeezing my cock as she bucked beneath me. I fucked her harder and harder as she moaned her orgasm. I was getting so close, my thrust becoming more furious as I neared the precipice. I was almost there and then I exploded in my sweet filly’s ass, moaning through my teeth. Mary’s legs spread open and I collapsed on her, kissing her sweet mouth as we held each other, cuddling and kissing and just enjoying holding each other.

When the bodyguard sluts finished loading the money, I pulled out of my Mary’s ass, white cum trickling out onto the leather. Mary knelt down and licked my cock clean of her ass while 15 knelt behind her and licked her asshole clean of my cum. 15 fingered Mary to another orgasm while Mary swallowed the load I shut in her mouth.

We were near the Narrows Bridge and across the Narrows was Gig Harbor and the owner of the plane we were going to buy. But we still had more than an hour to kill so we had a delightful lunch at Joeseppi’s, this great Italian restaurant across the parking lot from the bank we just robbed.

After lunch, we crossed the Tacoma Narrows, a, well, narrow part of the Puget Sound between the city of Tacoma and Gig Harbor. We got off highway 16 at the first exit after the bridge, heading towards the Tacoma Narrows Airport. I found a parking spot in front of the small facilities building for the airport and head inside.

“Mark?” a distinguished looking, older man asked.

He was sitting on a lounge seat next to a gorgeous woman, tall and willowy, long black hair that fell in beautiful curves around her delicate face. She looked bored, sitting gracefully in a wrap-around, flowery dress that left her right shoulder and belly exposed, and molded to her round breasts. The skirt was short, and her legs were gorgeous, delicately crossed to show off her toned calves. My cock stirred and I glanced at Mary and saw her eying the woman, lust twinkling in her eyes.

“Yes, I’m Mark and this is my fiancee, Mary,” I introduced.

The man had a firm handshake. “I am Julius Prescott III, and this is my lovely wife, Monique.” His lovely trophy wife, I thought.

“Pleased to meet you,” Monique said, in a bored French accent. Even bored, that accent was sexy as hell. When Monique’s eyes fell on Mary a hungry look appeared. She reached out and gently clasped Mary’s hand, rubbing her fingers sensuously across the back of Mary’s hand. “There is a quaint little bar nearby, maybe we can go and talk and let our men do business.”

“No, why don’t come along, I love watch my man do business,” Mary replied. “I think you’ll find it very entertaining.”

“Very well,” Monique said, hooking her arm around Mary’s.

Julius led us to a golf cart. “Well, let’s start by taking a look at the plane.” We piled in and he drove along the runway to one of the larger hangers. Inside was the almost ninety-foot long, narrow airplane. It was white, with triangular wings and two engines mounted on the fuselage of the plane, near the tail. Her tail number was N7301G.

“And there are no problems?” I asked Julius.

“No, I’ve maintained her very carefully,” Julius answered. “Would you like to see the maintenance records?”

“No, I trust you,” I told him. After all, he had to do what I said.

“Well, she configured to seat ten comfortably and I added a small, rear cabin with a bed,” Julius confided. “It makes long flights much easier when you can stretch out in a real bed. The seats can all recline back and are somewhat comfortable to sleep on.”

He led us to the door and its fold out stairs and led us inside. The cockpit was a complicated set of controls and gauges, with both a pilot and copilot seats. Then there was a small galley and jump-seats for two flight attendants. The main seating area of the plane had two rows of five, very comfy looking chairs, almost recliners, with built in TV screens that folded out and personal bluray players.

“Top of the line stuff,” Julius insisted and then gaped.

Mary was sitting on the seat and pulled Monique into her lap the two ladies were passionately making out. Mary was reaching behind her where the wrap of her dresses gathered in a careful knot of bundled cloth and pulled. The wrap came undone, unwinding as it fell away from her torso, exposing a magnificent pair of breasts that Mary buried her face in, rubbing her cheeks against the silky-soft mounds.

“Monique!” Julius said with a strangled gasp. “Wh-what are you doing!”

I clapped a hand on him. “It’s perfectly okay for your wife to fuck Mary and myself, Julius.”

“Oh, of course,” Julius apologized, flushing. “I don’t know what came over me.”

“Well, those are some magnificent tits on your wife,” I said with a leer. “I’d be jealous, too.”

“Anyway, we have satellite TV and high speed internet,” Julius said as continued he tour. He led me back to the small cabin, dominated by a queen sized bed. “Well Mark, you can see how lovingly I took care of my plane.”

I nodded. “Yeah, I’ll take it.”

“Very good,” Julius said and shook my hand.

“Go see my cops and they’ll give you the $26 million,” I said. “I hope cash will be fine.”

“Of course that’s just fine,” Julius said, a stunned look on his face. The guy was a billionaire and probably never seen that much real cash before.

“We’re going fuck your wife for a while,” I told him, slapping an arm on his shoulder. “When we’re done, if you could have your pilots fly the plan to Thun Field in South Hill where I’ve got a hanger.”

“Oh, absolutely,” Julius said. “You do understand that the pilots do not come with the plane.”

“I’m in the hiring process for the crew,” I said with a smile. Hopefully a sexy crew.

Monique was moaning delightfully as her husband walked passed her. Mary had Mrs. Prescott’s panties pulled down, a lacy lilac scrap of cloth that was bunched around her left ankle, while Mary was skillfully fingering the French woman.

“Ohh, you have a magic touch,” Monique purred and captured Mary’s lips in a kiss, their tongues were twining about the other’s. A real French kiss, I though with a smile.

I walked over to the ladies, unzipping my pants and stroking my hard cock as pulled it out. Monique broke the kiss and stared at my cock. “Suck it,” Mary whispered in her ears.

I groaned as Monique’s soft lips kissed my cock, her tongue gently caressing the sensitive head of my cock. Mary bent her head down and captured one of Monique’s dark nipple with her red lips. Monique gave a throaty laugh and a soft moan and then her hungry mouth sucked in my cock. She sucked hard, then pulled her mouth back, letting her soft lips caress my cock head as she pulled back.

“Fuck, that’s nice,” I moaned

Her tongue licked out across the tip, playing with my urethra and then sucked my cock back into her mouth. She started bobbing her head, her tongue agile as it danced about my cock. Monique moaned on my cock, vibrating my dick, as she came on Mary’s fingers. Mary pulled out her drenched finger, rubbed the woman’s cunt juices on her nipple and sucked into her mouth.

Mary kissed up the woman’s neck, her chin and then Mary’s lips were on the woman’s mouth as she sucked on my cock. The woman popped my cock out of her mouth and the two women started swirling their tongues about my cock head, kissing each other with my cock between their wet tongues.

I could feel my balls tightening beneath their onslaught. “You two are fucking hot,” I moaned. “Get ready! I got bunch of tasty cum for you two vixens!”

“Ohh, cum on our faces,” Monique purred with her sexy, French lilt.

“Give it too me, stallion,” Mary moaned. “Give us a cum-bath!”

White, ropey cum shot out of my cock, splattering Mary’s forehead and cheek. The second blast landed across Monique’s nose and lips and a third blast fell on her round tits. A fourth, small squirt hit Mary’s other cheek as she bent down to lick at the cum that splattered on Monique’s round breasts, her tongue dragging across the silky, smooth orbs and flicked at a hard, dark nipple.

“What do you thing, Mare,” I asked. “Do you think Monique would make a great stewardess?”

Mary giggled as Monique lapped at the sticky cum on her forehead. “Hmm, she would look delicious as a sexy stewardess.” Mary pulled Monique’s mouth to her, the pair swapping my salty cum between them. When she broke the kiss, a thin strand of cum momentarily connected their lips before it snapped. “You’re going to be our stewardess, Monique,” Mary told her. “You’ll buy yourself a naughty stewardess outfit from a sex shop. The sluttier the better. Whenever we need to fly somewhere, we’ll give you a call.”

Monique giggled. “Absolutely, ma chérie.”

“We fly out Friday from Thun Field for the weekend, be there by two PM,” I told her.

“I will,” she purred. “It sounds like so much fun.”

“How big is the bed?” Mary asked.

“Big enough,” I said with a grin, and helped the two ladies to their feet.

Monique’s dress fell the rest of the way off of her, exposing the round curves of her ass and hips and a shaved cunt drenched in her fluids. Mary peeled out of her clothing and then the two ladies pulled my clothes the rest of the way off. I kissed Monique on her sweet lips, enjoying my first real French kiss, and then pushed her back onto the bed, her black hair fanning out across the bed.

“Time to make me cum, cutie,” Mary purred and straddled Monique’s face.

Monique giggled. “Your clam looks so tasty.”

Mary gasped in delight as Monique licked at her pussy. I picked up Monique’s hips and lined up at her wet cunt, shoving my cock into her cunt. Monique gave a naughty squeal as my cock plowed into her wet, tight cunt. I fucked her hard and slowed and watched as her breasts waved back and forth from the strength of my thrust.

“Bet your husband doesn’t fuck you as hard?” Mary moaned as she admired my cock disappearing and reappearing out of Monique’s cunt.

“No, not my husband,” Monique admitted. “But a few of my lovers do.”

“Ohh, so you cheat on your husband,” Mary panted. “What a slutty wife we have here.”

“I’m French, of course I have other lovers,” Monique purred. “Julius is a fine provider, but he’s old. And falls asleep so early.”

“Ohh, are some of your lovers women?” Mary asked. “Because you sure know what you’re doing down there.”

Monique gave a throaty laugh, her pussy starting to squeeze gently at my cock. “Yes, my sweet Lize.”

“Is she gorgeous?” I asked her.

“To die for,” panted Monique.

“Invited her to come along and play sexy stewardess,” I ordered her. “She’ll be well compensated.”

“Ohh, but what would her poor husband think?” Monique asked, wickedly.

“Tell him it’s a girls weekend,” Mary gasped. “Just get her to come.”

“I will,” Monique promised. “My little Lize does whatever I tell her. She’s so bored. Her husband is always off working.”

My phone rang from my pant’s pocket. Monique’s cunt felt far too good. I wasn’t about to stop fucking her. I leaned over Monique, fucking her harder, delighting in the moans and coos of pleasure, and captured Mary’s left nipple in my mouth. I ran my tongue across the turgid, dusky nub as Mary wrapped her arms around my head, cradling me to her bosom.

“Oh, Monique, you’re going to get a sweet surprise,” Mary moaned,

I nibbled at her nipple as I thrust into Monique’s cunt. Mary was starting to writhe on the French woman’s face. Mary stiffened and then shook and moaned loudly as she came on Monique’s face. I could hear Monique’s tongue lapping at her cunt, drinking in the fluid.

“Umm, what a delicious surprise,” Monique purred.

Mary rolled off Monique’s face and stretched out on the bed. I pushed Monique’s legs up onto my shoulder, pressing her thighs together. She felt tighter on my cock as I started to pound her hard. I was getting closer and closer to flooding the cheating wife’s cunt. Just a few more thrust and I’d be there.

“Oh, Mark, you’re fucking me so good!” she moaned. “Umm, you are stirring up my dough with your big spoon! Ohh, yes! Jouir de, jouir de!” Her cunt spasmed on my cock, milking my cum from my balls and I felt that explosive release as my spunk shot out of my balls and coated the inside of her married pussy.

I pulled out of her, my cum oozing out. Mary spread her thighs and dived in, devouring the creampie I made for her. I walked over to my pants and fished out my phone. I didn’t recognize the phone number, but whoever it was left a voice mail.

“Umm, you are one fantastic lover,” Monique purred. “And taking me with my husband’s knowledge.” She shuddered in delight. “Such wicked people.”

I punched in my password to my voicemail. “It’s Noel, Master. I’m being detained by the FBI. They let me use the bathroom and missed the burner phone I had on me when…shit, I got to go.”

“Mare, we need to go,” I told her.

“What’s wrong?” Mary asked, sitting up, cum staining her lips.

“Noel’s in trouble.”

We threw our clothes on, and rushed out of the plane. “My wife was satisfying, yes?” Julius asked as he handed me the papers to sign. He was waiting for us back at the cars, several duffel bags stuffed with money were sitting in the trunk of his gold BMW.

“Very satisfying,” I told him. “We offered her a job, part time, as a stewardess. She’s very excited about it. You should be happy for her.”

“It is good that she stays busy,” Julius nodded. “My work often keeps me away. Luckily she has Lize to keep her company.” It was hard keeping a straight face. I knew just how Lize was keeping his wife company.

“What are you going to do with the money?” Mary asked him.

“Down payment on my new Gulfstream V,” Julius said with a smile.

“Well, we have this delightful charity,” Mary said. “And it would mean a lot to us if you could give a generous donation. It’s tax deductible, of course, once we get our IRS approval.”

“Oh, really?” Julius asked. “I always have considered myself a generous man.”

“It’s to help poor young women get access to free reproductive medicine,” Mary explained. “We’ve partnered with a delightful young doctor and a sizable donation could go a long way. Say, half of what we paid you.”

“I would be honored, miss,” Julius smiled.

Julius kissed Mary on the cheek and then shook my hand. “It was a pleasure doing business with you, Julius,” I said. Well, a pleasure fucking your wife, anyways.


“I think we should abort the child,” I told Dr. Yorrik. He was Chief of Medicine at Good Sam. “The mother’s life is in danger.” I hated having to recommended an abortion. I was an OB/GYN because I loved children. But sometimes, the life of the mother had to come first.

“This is such an unusual case, Dr. WolfTail.” Dr. Yorrik muttered. “How can the embryo be growing this fast? Has it really had a days growth in just a few hours.”

I nodded. If I hadn’t seen what Master and Mistress could do, I wouldn’t believe it myself. “Yes, Dr. Yorrik, I measured three times, you know how accurate a transvaginal ultrasound is at dating conception.”

“Well we need the patient’s consent, or her next of kin,” Dr. Yorrik pointed out.

Or her Master’s consent, I thought. Master and Mistress would need to know either way. I heard Dr. Yorrik gasp and turn pale as a flush of lust burned through my body. My nipples hardened, and my cunt wept juices. I turned and saw Lilith manifesting before us. The demoness was dressed in her tight, transparent red dress, her lush body easily visible. Her silvery hair fell in a mussed mess about her shoulders.

God, I needed to be fucked. I glanced at Dr. Yorrik. He looked pretty good for a man in his mid-fifties. Distinguished. And older man were supposed to be patient, skillful lovers. I bet he could bend me right over Karen and thrust his cock into my pussy and…I tried to concentrate. This was Lilith’s doing. Try and keep it together, Willow.

“How are you here, Lilith?” I gasped, my voice strained with lust. My cunt was a wet mess in my panties, my clit hard and itching to be caressed. Mistress used her last boon, Lilith should be back in hell. Then she flickered, appearing a few inches to the left. A frown creased Lilith’s beautiful face.

“Willow, pass this message to your…Master,” Lilith sneered, “and that slattern, Mary. Karen’s life is tied to the child growing within her. Abort the child, and Karen dies.”

She flickered a second time, reappearing a foot to the right, half inside a cabinet. A look of concentration appeared on Lilith’s face and then she flickered out of existence and the overwhelming lust vanished. I took a deep breath, trying to steady my beating heart. I looked at Dr. Yorrik who adjusted his pants, a pink flush suffusing his cheeks and neck. God help me, I was about ready to fuck this wrinkled old man. It was so nice to think straight again.

“Wh-what was that?” he asked.

“An impossibility,” I muttered.


Mary and I raced back to Tacoma in my Mustang, following 15 and 16, the sirens and lights going on their patrol car. Noel was in trouble and we had to rescue her. What good did it do to have a spy in the FBI if she gets arrested.

The FBI field office, really a satellite office, was located in the basement of the Federal Courthouse, a gorgeous brick structure with a copper dome on Pacific Avenue in downtown Tacoma. It used to be Union Station, the main train station of Tacoma back in the heyday of train travel. But it fell into decline and Amtrak built a new station on Puyallup Avenue and the Federal Government leased the train station and turned it into the Courthouse.

“Take me to where Noel is being held,” I barked at a junior FBI agent who led us back through the cramped, musty basement to a hallway and a series of doors labeled, “Interrogation.”

I threw open the door and found Noel, looking tired and haggard, sitting before a metal table while a woman in a burnt-orange pantsuit was badgering her with questions. The woman turned, her prune-face pinched in a frown as she eyed us. Then her eyes widened. “How the fuck did you get in here, Mr. Glassner?” she asked, rising to her feet, her hand straying to her gun.

“Don’t touch your gun,” I ordered. “Who are you and why have you detained Agent Heinrich?”

“I am Special Agent Hatheway, OPR” she answered, “and Agent Heinrich is being investigated for corruption and obstruction of justice.”

Two more men walked into the room a tall, skinny guy in his early forties and a short, round man, badly balding with only a ring of gray hair left. He looked like a short, fat Captain Picard. “What is the meaning of this!” the short, round man barked. “Why is he in here!”

“Calm down,” I ordered. “Who are you two.”

“I am SAC Kemp and this is my ASAC, Agent Donavan,” the short man answered.

I frowned at the acronym and looked at Noel. “SAC is Special-Agent-in-Charge,” Noel answered. “He runs the Tacoma branch and Donavan is his second.”

“Good, that makes this easy,” I said. “Noel is a model agent and hasn’t done anything wrong. Nor have I, so stop investigating me. Nothing Mary or I do is illegal, after all.”

The SAC blinked, his mind processing the commands, his anger fading away. “What are we supposed to do with all this evidence? Or the banks you…you…” he struggled to find the right word, “…borrowed money from today!” SAC Kemp demanded. “It looks bad for you, Mark. I know your innocent, but the boys back in D.C. just doesn’t understand. They think you’re a criminal and have my balls in a vice? What am I supposed to tell them?”

I smiled. “All right, tell them I’m part of some organized crime and that Noel is deep undercover and you just need time to build your case.”

Kemp frowned, glanced at Donavan, who nodded. “Yeah, I guess we could do that. OC cases can take years to build,” Donavan pointed out

“How do we explain Noel’s…um…sexual favors?” the SAC asked, delicately.

I sat down, and unzipped my pants. “She’s just very dedicated to maintaining her cover, willing to do anything.” I pulled out my cock. “Come show them just how dedicated you are, Agent Heinrich.”

Noel smiled, standing up. She lifted up her gray miniskirt and pulled off a pair of frilly, black panties, exposing her shaved pussy and landing strip of blonde hair. The FBI Agents were all gaping and Mary gave them a few reassuring orders as she sat on the table next to me.

“I’m a very dedicated FBI Agent,” Noel purred as she straddled me, sinking her cunt down onto my dick. She was wet and tight and moaned like the slut she was as she impaled herself on my cock. “I’m willing to do any nasty, degrading things I have to! Anything to maintain my cover!”

“See, she’s going to do what it takes stay undercover and take down the bad, evil Mike Glassner,” I moaned as Noel began riding up and down on my cock. “Fuck, she’s quite good at this! She deserves a medal or three for her sacrifices she’s making for the Bureau.”

“Yeah, sacrifices,” a flushed SAC Kemp muttered as he watched Noel fuck me.

Mary eyed the three FBI agents and sighed. “16, get in here.”

16, whom we left in the hallway, walked in. She had a predatory face and hungry lips, framed by curly brown hair. The bodyguard slut knelt on the floor and pushed up Mary’s blue skirt and started hungrily eating out my fiancee’s cunt.

“Umm, that’s a good slut,” Mary moaned, her eyelids fluttering. She glanced at the bulge forming in Kemp’s pants. “It’s okay, you can fuck her. 16′ll love it, won’t you, slut?”

“I’d love a dick up my cunt!” purred 16, flashing Kemp a hungry smile before Mary shoved her face back into her cunt.

Kemp dropped his brown slacks and fell to his knees, pushing up 16′s short, slutty cop skirt, exposing her white ass and bushy brown cunt. He plunged in, fucking 16 hard. 16 moaned into Mary’s cunt and a wicked smile played on Mary’s lips as she glanced at Donavan. The tall man was rubbing at his crotch as he watched the orgy that broke out in the interrogation room.

“We don’t want to leave out the ASAC,” Mary cooed. “How about you fuck Agent Prune-Face. She looks like she hasn’t had a dick up her cunt in years.”

ASAC Donavan bent Agent Prune-Face over the table and pulled down her burnt-orange pants and white panties. He fished his cock out of his blue pants and started fucking the woman hard. I didn’t blame him for fucking her face down, I wouldn’t want to look at the face while fucking her either.

“Ohh, Michael,” Agent Prune-Face moaned. “God, I love it when you fuck me from behind.” I blinked at that. Our ASAC had a wedding ring on and this clearly wasn’t his wife. Man, how ugly must his wife be if Prune-Face was a good alternative.

I decided to concentrate on the far more attractive FBI Agent riding my cock and pulled Noel’s sweet lips down for a kiss. Her gray-blue eyes were misting with happiness as she rode me. When she broke the kiss, she moved her lips to my ear and licked my lobe, and whispered, “Thank you for rescuing me, Master.”

“Always,” I moaned. “You’re one of my sluts. And no one messes with my women.”

“I love you, Master.”

I smiled and realized that I loved her too, that I loved all my sluts. It wasn’t the heart-achingly pure love I felt for Mary, but it was love just the same. I licked at her lobe and whispered, “I love you too, slut!”

I glanced at Mary and she smiled down at me and reached out and touched Noel’s head, stroking her sandy-blonde hair. “And what about me?” Mary pouted.

“I guess I love you, too, Mare,” I said with a fond smile.

“I love you just as much as I love Master,” Noel answered, rubbing her cheek against Mary’s hand.

“I love you, too, slut,” Mary told her. Then she gave a mock sigh. “And I guess I love you as well, Mark.”

Noel was beaming as she rode my cock harder and faster, her cunt a hot, tight glove on my cock as she slammed her hips up and down on my lap. I gripped her ass and started fucking my cock up into her. My balls were tightening and I wanted to spill my love inside my slut. Noel was panting, throwing back her head as the pleasure trembled through her.

“I’m cumming, Master,” she gasped. “Oh, thank you, thank you for letting me cum on your hard cock!”

I groaned and coated her slutty pussy with my cream and kissed her gently as she sat on my lap. My phone rang, spoiling the mood and I answered it. “What,” I barked, a little testily.

“Master, it’s Willow. Karen she’s pregnant.”

I didn’t know what to say. Next to me, Mary was moaning and shuddering as she came on 16′s mouth. 16 was moaning into Mary’s cunt as Kemp pounded her from behind, the old guy panting and his face beet red from the effort. Agent Prune-Face was moaning like a bitch in heat for the ASAC and if the table wasn’t bolted to the floor, I’m sure the table would have slid all the way to the wall by now.

“Is that why she’s sick?” I asked, finally processing what she said. Mary looked down at me, curious.

“There’s more, Master,” Willow continued. “Lilith appeared. It’s her child. And the embryo is growing very fast. Karen’s eight-and-half week’s pregnant in the eight days since Lilith fucked her. At the rate the embryo is growing, she’ll give birth in a month.”


I was lying on the green bedspread of the SeaTac Holiday Inn across the street from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. I arrived yesterday around five o’clock. When the Bond of Avvah was broken I was driven into a nearby bathroom because of the phantom pain. And then the Ecstasy came upon me and the Angel Ramiel spoke to me, told me that our opening gambit had failed.

“What do we do now?” I had asked the Angel.

“A messier plan,” Ramiel had answered sadly, as his hard cock slid into my pussy and an orgasm shuddered through my body. “A far messier plan.”

“What do you…ohh wow…mean!” I moaned as his cock plunged in and out of me and orgasms rolled through my trembling body. Being touched by an Angel set all your nerves alive with pleasure, drowning your senses until only you and the Angle remained.

“Soldiers are needed, now,” answered Ramiel. “Four and four and four.”

“I don’t under…ohhh yes, harder, umm…” and I was lost to the pleasure. When I regained my senses, I was lying face down in the stall of the ladies room in Concourse B of the airport. I washed my face off. Soldiers are needed now. Four and four and four. Ramiel’s words echoed in my mind.

At the baggage claim, a cute guy, fit and tall with brilliant, blue eyes that could melt the panties off the most prudish girl, flirted with me as we waited for our luggage. I must have spent fifteen, twenty minutes writhing on the bathroom floor, and still had to waited another fifteen minutes, albeit fifteen pleasant minutes, for my luggage.

Curtis invited me to his hotel room, and I took him up on it. When Providence provided me with a place to stay, you take it. Particularly when it came with such a handsome man. We wasted little time when we got to his room. He was kissing me, ripping off my sundress and then my underwear. He threw me down on the bed, dropped his cell phone, watch and keys on the nightstand then crawled onto the bed and we started kissing, his hands kneading my breasts while I unbelted him and pulled his hardening cock out.

He rolled over onto his back, his hard cock prodding out my sopping cunt. I broke the kiss, rising up and sliding his cock inside me. I moaned, wantonly, as his cock filled up my cunt so deliciously. I wiggled my hips a few times, getting used to his girth, then I slowly started to ride his cock, enjoying the delightful feeling of his cock’s head rubbing up against the sensitive flesh of my pussy.

His hands were playing with my breasts, running up and down my sides, as he moaned and panted his enjoyment. “You’ve got a fucking tight pussy, Theodora!” he moaned. “God damn, this is my lucky day!”

“I love how your big cock is stretching my cunt!” I cooed. He wasn’t the biggest cock, that went to a Warlock I once exorcised. The prick had wished for a huge cock and I was sore for a week afterwards. But Curtis has a nice, thick cock.

His phone rang, some pop song I didn’t recognize. I may look eighteen, but I was forty-four, and was a teenager of the eighties. I couldn’t believe this guy. He had a hot chick riding his cock and he was answering his phone. Well, I wasn’t about to stop, I was to close to cumming to stop because my partner was an asshole.

“Hey, babe,” Curtis had said, holding his phone in his right hand and used his left hand to shush me. I could see his ring finger and the tan line from a missing wedding band. The asshole was married, and speaking to his wife while I rode him. He sounded so sweet and caring as he spoke to his wife. You couldn’t tell his cheating cock was in my tight pussy. “Yeah, I just got into the hotel room. The baggage claim took forever.”

I kept riding him. I wasn’t the one cheating on my spouse, so why should I feel guilty. I had my indulgence, nothing I did was a sin until I finished my mission. His cock felt too amazing to stop, anyways, and there was this naughty thrill running through my body. It should be his wife riding his cock, not me. I was taking her place. Curtis’s eyes were rooted to my heaving breasts as he spoke to his wife.

“Yeah, it was a long flight and I’m beat,” Curtis told his wife, reaching up with his left hand to cup my tit, rolling my nipple pleasantly between his fingers. “I’ll probably watch some TV and then crash.”

My orgasm neared and I grit my teeth and tried not to make too much noise as I came on his cock. This was so exciting, so fucking hot. Listening to Curtis while he talked to his wife got me off faster than I was used. I kept fucking his cock, grinding my clit into his groin, hoping to get another cum out of him.

“Just the TV,” Curtis lied to cover up the few moans that escaped my lips. “Yeah, some stupid movie’s on. So, what are you wearing?” He gave a throaty laugh. “The purple bra, I love that on you. Umm, why don’t you pull off your bra and rub your dark nipples.” He paused. “Yeah, babe, I’m jerking off so hard thinking about your sexy body, your chocolate breasts. I wish you were here, riding my cock.” He was breathing hard, listening to his wife talk dirty to him. “Fuck, babe, you’re really revving my motors tonight.”

Feeling naughty, I leaned over, rubbing my breasts against his chest and began licking at his neck and ears, moaning my pleasure softly. The bed was squeaking as he started fucking his hips up into me.

“I’m imagining you’re on top of me, Latoya,” he moaned into the phone, “your hips writhing on me, your cunt so wet and tight on my cock. Your breasts are rubbing into my chest and you’re licking and whispering such naughty things into my ear.”

I could almost hear his wife saying those nasty things to him. My clit was rubbing into his groin as we fucked and I could feel a second orgasm building inside me. He gripped my ass, squeezing my firm cheek as he thrust hard inside me.

“I’m cumming, Latoya!” he gasped and I could feel his hot cum spraying inside me. “I’m pretending its your pussy I’m flooding!” I moaned, a low throaty sound as my cunt spasmed on his cock. “Thanks, Latoya,” Curtis whispered. “Love you.”

I rolled off him, panting in pleasure. I glanced at Curtis and he was asleep, snoring softly. God, what an asshole.

I fucked him again in the morning, though. He was paying for my hotel room, and his cock felt amazing in my cunt. Then he went down to attend the conference, telling me not to expect him back until around seven or eight that night, so I had the day to myself.
All day I sat in the room, trying to ignore Ramiel’s words. But they just wouldn’t leave my mind. A far messier plan. Soldiers are needed now. Four and four and four. I went out for a jog up the busy International Boulevard. I tried watching the planes land and take off at the airport. Nothing worked. Ramiel’s words just echoed in my mind.

A far messier plan. Soldiers are needed now. Four and four and four.

I returned to the hotel room, hungry, and ordered room service for lunch. Let the cheating asshole pay for it. He claimed he only cheated on his wife a few times a year when he was out of town, but I bet the asshole cheated on the poor woman all the time. Only someone comfortable in cheating could talk to his wife while fucking another woman.

I was flipping through the channels. Over 200 and nothing worth watching. I was trying to distract myself. My stomach roiled with fear. I had two Warlocks to defeat. And Lilith of the Black Moon and of the Empty Womb, had been summoned. How was I supposed to face all that on my own. My best hope had been the Bond of Avvah and that failed.

A far messier plan. Soldiers are needed now. Four and four and four. Those words just wouldn’t leave me alone, gnawing away at my stomach. I just had to have faith that His Providence would guide me. Scripture always said God would never give you a burden you were not strong enough to carry. I just needed to have faith.

There was a knock at the door, interrupting my worry.

I turned the TV off, frowning. I didn’t order anymore room service and the maids had already been in here to clean. I got off the bed and walked to the hotel room and opened the door, curious at what I’d fine. There were two women standing on the doorstep. The first was a tall, black woman. And I mean black. I’ve never seen someone with such dark skin before. The other women was a short, busty Latina with a tired smile on her face. In fact, both women looked tired, their clothes rumpled, and each clutched a suitcase.

And both had golden auras surrounding them.

“Sister,” the black woman said in an African accent and hugged me warmly. The Latina woman slipped her arms around the both of us, and all three of us hugged each other fiercely.

Tears were streaming down my face and joy beat in my heart. “Please, come in Sisters,” I told them as we released the hug. And then my heart sank. When was the last time three nuns were required to take down a Warlock. Could things be that bad already.

Our opening gambit failed, Ramiel’s voice echoed in my head. A far messier plan. Soldiers are needed now. Four and four and four.

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 26.

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