The Battered Lamp Major Characters

The Major Characters for the Battered Lamp

A little preview of the Battered Lamp and the characters important to the story.

Kyle Unmei, Jr.: Half-Japanese/Half-Kurdish Junior in High School. His life changes when he buys an old, battered lamp at an antique shop. His father is a Japanese American who died fighting in Iraq a few years ago, and his mother is a Kurdish refugee whose family fled Iraq after the First Gulf War.

Aaliyah: The Genie in the Lamp, daughter of Sheik Umar ibn al-Jann, ruler of the Jann Tribe. Lost for a thousand years, she finds herself in the possession of Kyle.

Christy Leonardson: Kyle’s girlfriend who hides a dark secret from her boyfriend.

Britney Kingston Kyle’s best friend, an extremely intelligent girl.

Fatima Unmei: Kyle’s bratty, younger sister, a Freshman.

Fumi Nakamura: The beautiful, Japanese girl that trains at Kyle’s dojo.

Chyna Coel:A classmate of Kyle’s.

Zaritha: The Ifrit hunting Aaliyah down on behalf of Sultan Rashid bin Al-Marid, ruler of the Djinn.

Celestite: Leader of a coven of six other witches (Amber, Opal, Jade, Tourmaline, Garnet, and Onxy) who seek Aaliyah for their own uses.

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6 thoughts on “The Battered Lamp Major Characters

  1. kokuorei

    Interesting that there’s only one male that’s central to the story. And, if it’s anything like Devil’s Pact, you know that he (and Christy) is going to be fucking them all! Thanks for the tease!

    1. mypenname3000 Post author

      It’s going to be a harem story, so he’ll have more than one love. And Kyle is more thrust into the debauchery than diving in like Mark.

  2. Erotica Enthusiast

    I read a few chapters of your Devil’s pact series. I enjoyed the quality of the work. I am kind of squirmy when it involves more than one male in a scene. Call it my personal quirk, but even if its not a M-M action, having more than one male in the scene makes me feel a bit weird. Since then I have not been reading your works with much interest. Please do not consider this as a criticism or my disapproval of your work or anything of that sorts. Its just one of my personal views.

    This new series you have planned kind of is more towards my interest. Looking forward to reading it. Hope its as exciting as the Devil’s pact series.

    1. mypenname3000 Post author

      Completely all right. If it doesn’t turn you on that’s fine. Glad you like the quality though. The battered lamp is definitely as exciting as the Devil’s Pact. I’ve written ten chapters and plotted out another seventeen, and it is chock full of action. It starts off slow, but there’s definitely tension.

  3. Joe

    Hey, you may want to change Hikaru’s name in your character list, since it seems you chose to call her Fumi in the story.

    1. mypenname3000 Post author

      I hadn’t even thought of that. I found old notes that had her name down as Fumi, which has a wind connection as I recall in Japanese. I’m hoping to update it with the concubines soon. There’s only three more, that haven’t been introduced yet.


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