The Devil’s Pact Chapter 12: Aftermath



The Devil’s Pact

Chapter 12: Aftermath

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2013

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“You fucking whore!” Allison yelled at Sister Louise and swung the wooden spoon in her hand hard, smacking it across Sister Louise’s pale ass.

“Please stop!” Sister Louise begged in pain. “Please, it hurts! Ahhh!” Another wooden spoon smacked her ass, swung by Desiree. “Please, God, save your servant!” Smack! Allison hit her ass and Sister Louise moaned in pain. Smack! Desiree hit her ass. Smack!

The living room was a mess. Furniture lay strewn about, the carpet was sticky with blood from Korina and Desiree’s wounds. Korina was lying on her back while Fiona pressed a towel to her left arm, staunching the blood from her bullet wound. Chasity was talking in her radio. The police officer was still topless, although she had recovered her gun from when Sister Louise made her drop it. Xiu was in the kitchen, attending to her bleeding nose. Apparently, Mary landed a nice kick while they were struggling and Xiu’s nose appeared broken. Violet huddled in the corner, the teenager hugging herself and watching the nun get beat with dull eyes.

I sat on the recliner, my head aching from the rolling pin Korina had cracked across my skull while under the control of Sister Louise. Mary sat across my lap, hugging me tightly as we watched Allison and Desiree take turns spanking the nun’s ass with wooden spoons. The nun was bent over the arm of the couch and the air was filled with wood smacking flesh and the nun’s grunts and yelps of pain. Her ass was slowly turning into a mass of red welts.

Smack! “Oh, please stop, please!” Smack! “It hurts, it hurts! Mercy, please God, Mercy!” Smack! “Please!”

The bitch deserved it. She tried to steal our powers and take our sluts from us. And spanking was only the beginning.

Smack! “Stop!” Smack! “I’m sorry, please stop!” Smack!

“The ambulance will be here in three minutes, sir” Chasity reported. She was our newest sex slave. Before the nun attacked us, I thought it would be prudent to have some bodyguards. I pictured a cadre of sexy women would be perfect, but after Louise so effortlessly took control of our sluts, I wasn’t so sure anymore.

I kissed Mary’s wrist, right above her scrapes. “I gotta head off the police and medics. Make sure they understand what’s going on.”

“Yeah,” Mary said, flatly. There was a distant look in her eyes, like she was off somewhere else.

“You okay, Mare?”

She sighed. “Just tired.”

“It’ll be okay, Mare,” I told her, kissing her on the forehead.

“Sure, it will,” she whispered, and tears started to brim in her eyes. “Until the next nun comes.”

“We defeated this one, we can defeat the next one,” I told her, trying to sound like I believed it. “We’re better than them. And we have Lilith.”

Mary nodded, wiping at her tears and trying to appear convinced, but I could still see lingering fear in her eyes. “Okay, Mark. Let’s go talk to the police.”

She slipped off my lap and helped me stand up. I swayed a bit, still a little dazed from the blow to my head. Mary slipped her arm around my waist to support me and together we walked outside as the sound of sirens grew in the distant. It was still light outside, the sun just starting to set. It was hard to believe that from the time I walked through the door and was attacked to now was only twenty or so minutes. It seemed like hours ago when I laid in pain on the floor as that nun rode my cock, trying to get me to cum so she could take my powers. It was just so damned normal outside. Our entire world had just been turned upside down and yet out on the street, everything seemed the same. Up the street, a man mowed his lawn. On the porch next door a woman dressed in a business jacket and skirt smoked a cigarette, sitting on a porch swing. An elderly couple walking their two dogs.

Sirens grew in the distance and a Puyallup patrol car was the first emergency vehicle to race up the road, parking next to Chasity’s cruiser. Two more patrol cars quickly followed and more cops spilled out. I waved them over and greeted them friendly. “Officers, I’m Mark Glassner and this is Mary Sullivan. Anything we do is perfectly legal. If anyone approaches you and says ‘I serve Mark Glassner’ or ‘I serve Mary Sullivan’ you will do whatever they say.”

The three cops nodded. “Okay, Mr. Glassner,” the elder of the trio said. His hair was graying and he had white chevron stripes on his sleeve. I guess he was a sergeant.

“Okay, there’s a woman with a gunshot in the arm. The woman who shot her is Louise Afra and is being disciplined inside. I will keep custody of her and make sure she’s punished.”

The sergeant didn’t even blink. “Absolutely, Mr Glassner.” Another wave of dizziness rolled through me and I stumbled a bit and Mary grunted as she steadied me. “Are you all right, sir?” the sergeant asked.

“I’m fine,” I muttered.

“He got hit in the head,” Mary butted in.

Chasity walked out of the house, still topless. “Officer Vinter, where is the rest of your uniform,” the sergeant spluttered. The other two cops eyed her appreciatively, smiling and elbowing each other.

Chasity blushed. “Mark’s orders, Sgt. Kelly.”

“It’s okay for Chasity, or any woman who’s beautiful, to go topless or even totally nude,” Mark told the cops.

“Absolutely,” one of the cops, a lean Asian in his late twenties, said while he leered at Chasity.

“The prisoner is still being disciplined,” Chasity said. “Is there anything else, Sir?”

“So, Mark, why don’t you introduce me,” Mary said, eying Chasity.

“Right,” I answered. “Mary, this is Chasity, she’s going to be one of our bodyguards, or at least she will if we can figure out a way to protect the sluts from being dominated by one of these nuns.”

Mary reached out and fingered Chasity’s nipple. “So, you’re my slut now?”

Chasity shuddered in pleasure. “Yes, mam.”

The ambulance arrived followed by a red, fire truck. More neighbors were gathering on their porches and driveways to watch the events. The ambulance drivers and firefighters gathered their equipment and walked up. I ordered them to ignore anything weird going on in the house. Several started to work on Korina’s gunshot, while another check me out, shining a light into my eyes, and asking me questions. Korina was loaded into the ambulance to be taken to Good Sam for surgery. Xiu and I were recommended to go to the ER to be check out. Two more cops arrived while I was being examined and that was two more cops under my orders. It wouldn’t be long before the entire Puyallup Police Department was under my orders.

Then the first of the news crews arrived. I shouldn’t be surprised that an officer involved shooting in a rich neighborhood would attract the news. And that drew the Chief of Police, an iron hard man in his fifties, with gray hair and whip-thin frame. He looked in better shape than some of his officers in their thirties. His uniform was clearly the dress blues of the Puyallup Police Department, with silver piping, epaulet with silver eagles, and various medals decorated his chest.

“Chief Hayworth,” I greeted. He had a firm handshake. I gave him the standard instructions and led him into the house.

Allison and Desiree were still vigorously spanking Louise, who’s ass was solid red with welts. Desiree was naked, having removed her ruined maid’s outfit, her nut brown skin had a sheen of sweat and her heavy breasts bounced and jiggled as she swung her wooden spoon. Teenage Allison was a fair skinned, petite girl with generous sized breasts, although not as large as Desiree’s. She was wearing her maid’s outfit, bodice so transparent her hard nipples and silver barbell piercings were easily visible. She was bent over slightly, her short, ruffled skirt hiked up to expose the many petticoats underneath as well as just the bottom of her pert ass.

Fiona walked in from the kitchen, naked. Apparently, Louise had interrupted the sluts shopping trip and they didn’t get any of the maid outfits or other slutty clothing as we told them to get. Fiona remember her orders, though, and must have stripped naked while the medics worked on Korina. She was curvy Irish gal with strawberry-blonde hair that was pulled back in a ponytail. She could almost be Mary’s sister, both had freckled faces and breasts, although Fiona’s tits were a cup-size larger, and both had fiery pubic hair, Mary’s waxed save for a heart-shaped patch above her pussy while Fiona’s was a mass of wild, red hair.

Violet was curled up on the recliner Mary and I had vacated, still clothed. Her hair was messed up, locks escaping her pig tails, and she had several scratches on her arm from Allison wrestling her to the ground. “Slut!” Mary barked at Violet. “You’re in the house and not naked!”

“Sorry, Mistress!” Violet gasped, the blood draining from her face. She quickly pulled off her black dress and started to pull off her knee socks with garters encircling her slim thighs when Mary stopped her.

“Uhhhmm, you look delicious with those on,” Mary purred, eying the teenage girl’s slim body. Her breasts were small, just budding with small nipples. A curly bush of brown hair covered her tight cunt. Mary bent her over the other arm of the same sofa that Louise was bent over and smacked Violet’s ass, hard.

“One,” Violet gasped, “thank you, Mistress.” Every time Mary smacked her ass, Violet counted aloud and thanked her. Mary enjoyed disciplining the sluts, and I enjoyed watching, or I would if I didn’t have this pounding headache. Between spankings, Mary would caress her ass and pussy, and Violet was visibly aroused by the fifth spanking, rubbing herself against the couch arm.

“Fiona, why don’t you get to know, Chief Hayworth,” I ordered as the chief sat down in one of the reclining chairs. Fiona smiled and before the chief could react, draped her naked form across his lap and kissed him on the lips. The chief was flustered and I could see a gold wedding band on his finger. But he didn’t object after a moment. The old guy probably hasn’t had a naked twenty-year old on his lap in thirty years.

“You’re going to keep the prisoner?” Chief Hayworth asked, glancing over at Louise. He seemed uncomfortable at her treatment.


“What am I supposed to tell the reporters, or the DA?”

I thought for a minute. “Have the DA call me if he has any concerns. As for the news reports, tell them that a Louise Afra is being detained for attempted murder and breaking and entering.” That way, whoever sent Louise would now she failed. Hopefully, it would make them cautious.

The chief frowned, but nodded his head. “Okay, Mr. Glassner.”

“So, Chief Hayworth,” I said. “I’m going to need a group of officers to provide protection for Mary and I, and our sluts.”

“I think that might be arranged,” the Chief said as Fiona begin kissing at his neck. His hand had found her plump breast and hard nipple. “How many?”

I had thought about that. I figured three eight-hour shifts with two officers would require six for a day, so double that should be enough. “Twelve.”

The Chief frowned. “That’s a lot of manpower. That’s almost an entire patrol shift.”

“Well, they also have to young, attractive women, like Officer Vinter,” I said, pointing to Chasity.

Smack! “Nine, thank you Mistress!” purred Violet.

“There’s maybe two more officers that I have that fit the bill,” Chief Hayword said.

I frowned. Fuck, I didn’t think about that. I thought for a moment, then asked, “Well, is there anyway we can get a meeting with other police departments?”

Smack! “Thirteen, thank you Mistress!”

“Yeah,” the Chief said, nodding. “There’s a board meeting for LESA in a two days. All Chiefs of Police in Pierce County and the Sheriff will be there.”

“Lisa? What’s that?”

“The local law enforcement pools their resources for things like 911 operators and radio dispatchers. The Law Enforcement Support Agency, or LESA, takes care of that. All the Chief of Police and the County Sheriff sit on the board.”

Smack! “Fifteen, thank you Mistress!”

I nodded. That would work if we could figure out a way to make the sluts immune to these nuns. “Okay, I’ll be there.” I shook his hand. “Have fun with Fiona,” I said with a smile.

“Er, yeah,” Chief Hayworth said, looking embarrassed.

“We’re going to have lots of fun, Master,” Fiona purred. “His cock feels so hard in his pants. I bet you haven’t had a hot chick in years.”

“My wife is very beautiful,” the Chief said.

“Not as beautiful as me,” Fiona challenged.

“No,” Hayward whispered and Fiona smiled wickedly.

“Twenty, thank you Mistress!”

“Any of your officers is free to fuck any of the sluts save for Violet.” I told the chief. Mary who just had finished disciplining Violet, looked questioningly at me. “My cock’s the only one that’s been up her cunt, I want it to stay that way,” I told her.

“Oh, thank you Master,” Violet cooed.

Mary smacked her ass again. “Don’t think you’re any better than the other sluts, just less used. So, can I finally take you to the hospital, hun? I want to make sure Korina didn’t scramble your brains.”

“Fine, fine,” I said. “Sluts, you can stop disciplining the bitch, for now.” I walked over to Louise, and gripped her face hard in my hand, twisting her face to stare up at me. “Cunt, you’re the property of Mary and I now. You will obey the commands of every one of our sluts.”

Mary spat in her face. “You will only go by Sister Cuntrug!” Mary ordered.

“Y-yes,” Sister Cuntrag stammered, tears streaming down her face.

Mary slapped her face, hard. “You address me as Mistress, Cuntrag!”

“Sorry, Mistress!”

I walked around Sister Cuntrag and stared at her red ass and furry pussy that peaked out between her thighs. I unzipped my pants and pulled my hard cock out and smacked her ass, enjoying her moan of pain. And then I slid my cock down her ass and between her legs and shoved it up her cunt. She was dry and she screamed in pain as I rammed it up her. Her cunt was rough on my dick.

“Mark, I thought we were going to the hospital,” Mary objected.

“Just let me rape the bitch, Mare,” I panted, fucking Cuntrag hard.

“Fine, hun,” Mary sighed. She pressed her body against my side and kissed me. “Don’t take too long.” Then she disappeared into the kitchen to get Xiu.

“Rape her, Master!” cooed Allison. Desiree had wrapped her arms around Allison and was fingering the slut beneath her skirt, as Desiree watched in satisfaction.

Violet sat on the other arm of the couch, watching wide eyed, her legs were spread and she pinched her clit gently. Chasity leaned against the corner of the couch, watching in fascination as she slowly rubbed her crotch against the corner, masturbating on the couch. Her breast swayed with her rhythm.

I grasped Cuntrag’s hips and just slammed into her hard and deep. She was sobbing, wiggling her ass, trying to escape my cock. “Why are you fighting, whore!” I demanded in anger. “This is what you wanted! You came here to get my cock up her nasty twat and shoot my cum inside you! Why aren’t you happy!”

“Please!” begged Sister Cuntrag, “Please stop! I’m sorry! Let me go, I won’t tell anyone, I promise!”

“Fuck that!” I moaned. “You’re mine, now! So you better learn to like having my cock up her cunt! Now, beg for my cum!”

“P-please! C-um inside me!”

“You can do better, whore!”

“Cum inside my n-nasty, dirty c-cunt!” she stammered. “Fill me up with your thick cum, Master!”

“Here you go!” I moaned. “Here it cums!” My cock flooded her dry pussy with cum. I pulled my cock out of her swollen pussy, white sperm leaking out. Cuntrag sobbed quietly.

Mary was back and slapped Cuntrag’s face. “Good little sluts thank their Master when he gives them his cum!”

“T-thank you, Master,” Cuntrag cried.

“Chasity, go throw Sister Cuntrag into the a closet,” I ordered as I put away my cock. “Then you sluts will start cleaning up, unless any cop wants a taste of your snatches. Desiree, the carpet probably needs replacing, so start making calls. When you’re finished, there’s a bunch of duffel bags in my car, take them down to the basement and start counting the money.”

“Yes, Master,” Allison and Desiree said together and then giggled. The naughty sluts were looking forward to having some cop dicks up their twats.

Fiona didn’t answer, she was too busy, having already fished out the Chief’s cock and was slowly riding him. Mary smacked her ass. “Did you hear the orders, slut?”

“Oh, yes,” Fiona moaned, riding the Chief’s cock.

I grabbed Violet and whispered, “Get the camcorder and film the Chief with Fiona.” It couldn’t hurt to have some blackmail, just in case.

Mary kissed all the sluts farewell. On the way to the car, I gave the cops the word there were free cunts inside for their uses. I always believed in supporting the boys in blue. Then Mary, Xiu, and I got in Mary’s Eos. Xiu nose had stopped bleeding and she had cleaned up the blood. Her face was starting to swell, and her nose was a little crooked. Mary started her car up and back out of the driveway, threading through the cop cars. The firetruck and ambulance had already left, leaving six police vehicles. Passing two news vans setting up at the end of the street.

“Do you know what happened to Lilith?” Mary asked, as we drove away. I frowned and realized I hadn’t seen the demoness since the cops arrived.

“I’m here,” a sultry voice purred.

Mary jumped, glancing in her mirror, and the car swerved. Lilith was sitting in the back of the car next to Xiu. She was dressed in that same tight, red dress that was so gauzy it did nothing to hide her lush body beneath. Her silver hair had a wild, tossed looked like she had just been fucked hard in bed. Desire filled the car, and my cock hardened painfully in my pants.

“I choose to retreat to the shadows,” Lilith purred. “I detest the mortal world.”

Mary nodded, and swallowed. She seemed very uncomfortable with Lilith present. “We need to talk when we return from the hospital. Wait for us up in the master bedroom,” Mary said, sounding painfully unsure she could actually command Lilith.

Lilith smiled, a hungry, predatory smile. “As you wish, Mistress.”

“Wait, this won’t count as a boon?” I asked.

“Oh, no,” Lilith said. “I have to exercise power for it to be a boon. Healing Desiree or breaking that nun’s powers. But talking, or other bedroom activities,” she archly said, “why they require no power at all.”

And then she was gone. Xiu gasped and there was a wet, sloshing sound and I realized Xiu was masturbating. Lilith exuded sex and lust, infecting everyone around her. My cock was painfully hard and I could see Mary’s nipples tenting her white blouse and her face flushed with desire. She licked her lips and glanced at my crouch.

“You better not stain the leather,” Mary warned as Xiu was frantically frigging herself.

“I won’t, Mistress,” Xiu panted, her voice nasally from her broken nose. A tangy musk permeated the air as Xiu pleasure herself. The only sound in the car was the squelching of her fingers plunging into her wet cunt and the soft moans of pleasure that escaped her mouth. In a few minutes, she was mewing softly and writhing on the leather seat.

“Did you have a nice one?” Mary asked.

“Oh, yes Mistress,” Xiu purred.

“Good, because when we get to the hospital, we’re going into the ladies room and you’re going to finger me. You got me all horny, slut!”

“Oh, absolutely, Mistress,” Xiu said excitedly.

“Hey, what about me?” I protested. My cock was rock hard from Lilith, and listening to Xiu frig herself hadn’t helped.

“Oh, poor stallion,” Mary said, patting my bulge. “You heard the medic, you need to stay away from too much activity.”

“I’m fine,” I protested. “I don’t need to see the doctor. The headache’s almost gone and the nausea’s passed.”

Mary glared at me. “Just humor me, hun.”

“Okay, okay,” I told her. “I’m only doing this because I love you so much”

Mary glare melted into a smile. She stopped at a light and bent over to kiss me on the lip. “Fine, you can join us.”

“Thanks, Mare.”

A few minutes later we reached Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup. Mary parked by the new ER entrance. Good Sam had remolded since I was last here, and the ER entrances was no longer a cramped area that the ambulances could barely fit in. Mary got out of the car and grabbed Xiu’s hand and pulled her excitedly into the hospital. Mary was so excited she didn’t even turn the car off. I shut the engine off and locked her car.

I followed the girls into the hospital. The waiting room was empty. I looked around and spotted bathroom doors and walked over. From the ladies room I could just hear the soft sighs of a woman’s pleasure. I opened the door. It was a small, single person bathroom. Mary was leaning back into the wall while Xiu was pressed up against her. Xiu was vigorously fingering her pussy underneath her skirt. Mary cooed in pleasure and smiled happily at me. Mary slid her hand down Xiu’s slim ass and pulled up her white, rose printed skirt, exposing a naked, Asian ass.

Smiling, I locked the door and pulled out my cock, and took a few steps to the girls. I spread Xiu’s ass, found her tight, puckered asshole and shoved my cock up into her bowels. Xiu started to moan in pain that slowly turned to pleasure as my cock bottomed out in her tight, dry ass. “Oh, Master! Fuck my dirty ass! Hurt me with you big cock! Oh, fuck!” Xiu liked it rough, got off on the pain.

“Is that your cunt getting my thigh wet?” Mary asked Xiu.

“Sorry, Mistress,” Xiu apologized. “But Master’s cock hurts so deliciously in my ass.”

“Keep fingering me, slut!” Mary hissed, pulling Xiu’s nipple hard. “After we cum, you’re going to lick your juices off my thighs.”

“Oh, yes Mistress,” Xiu moaned happily.

I was enjoying Xiu ass, enjoying her gasps of pain and pleasure. I reached out my right hand and slipped up under Mary’s blouse, sliding up her silky skin and found her firm breast. “Ohh, that feels nice,” Mary murmured as I gently played with her hard nipple.

“It always does,” I said, enjoying her pert breast.

“Is that slut’s ass making your cock feel good?” Mary purred.

“So good!” I moaned. “I’m going to cum deep in her slutty ass.”

I grunted and came hard in Xiu’s slutty ass. I fucked her hard a few more times, shooting several burst of cum up her ass. Xiu fingers were frigging Mary’s cunt hard, the room filled wet squelches as Xiu’s fingers fucked in and out of her hole. Mary gasped and panted as she came on Xiu’s fingers, pulling on the sluts nipple hard. Xiu screamed, her ass tightening on my cock, as her orgasm ripped through her body.

Xiu knelt down and licked her girl-cum off Mary’s thigh and then licked my cock clean of her ass. I made out of with Mary as her cock cleaning turned into a blowjob. She kept gasping in pain from her broken nose, but she probably was getting off on that. Mary’s tongue played with mine as we kissed, and my hand slid down her body and found her cunt wet and hot. I slipped two fingers up inside her, fucking her slowly while I rubbed her clit with the heel of my palm.

This was heaven. Kissing my love while a slut sucked my cock. Anger spiked inside me. That bitch, Sister Cuntrag, wanted to take this away from me. From us. Mary was kissing me hard and I felt her body tremble in my arms. Knowing I just gave my love an orgasm sent me over the edge and I shot several hard blasts of cum into Xiu’s sucking mouth.

Mary smiled. “That was great, but we’ve played enough. You need to go see a doctor, mister.”

“Yeah,” I breathed as Xiu sucked the last few gobs of cum out of my dick. We straitened our clothes and left the bathroom and went to check-in with the ER nurse.

Even with my powers, getting to see a doctor still required a lot of paperwork. Sure, I got the nurse to skip us to the head of the line, but my wrist felt numb by the time I filled out all the paperwork. No one in the waiting room looked like they were dying, so what was the harm. So after Xiu and I filled out our medical histories, a Muslim nurse in pink scrubs and a colorful headscarf; a swirl of crimson, gold, and silver threads, led Mary and I to an exam room while Xiu was taken to a separate room.

Nurse Thamina led us to a typical examine room: hospital bed, sink, locked shelves, stool on wheels. The entire walk she kept glancing at Mary, her dark eyes dewy with desire. Once we were in the room, she started chatting with Mary as she took my vitals. She had a sultry, Arabic accent. I may not have even been in the room the way Thamina flirted shamelessly with my fiancee. She had to take my blood pressure twice, so into Mary that she forgot to write the first results down. Mary’s wish to have all women desire her was as strong as ever.

My vitals taken, Thamina put my chart in a holder outside the exam room and then spent a considerable time gently cleaning Mary’s scrapes from the handcuffs. She gently stroked my fiancee’s wrist and hands. Then, she spent more time rubbing some ointment into her wrist. Mary reached up and caressed the nurses dusky cheek and winked me and then pulled the nurse down for a kiss. The nurse settled into Mary’s lap and the pair kissed passionately. Mary’s hand slipped under Thamina’s scrubs, sliding up her torso to grope the nurse’s tit. My cock grew hard and I freed it from my jeans and gently stroked it while I watched them kiss.

“Hi, I’m Dr. Klerk,” a woman said, barging into the exam room while staring at my charts. Nurse Thamina froze in Mary’s arms for a moment, but Mary’s was undeterred and kept kissing the woman.

“I’m Mark, and don’t be concerned about my fiancee making out with your nurse,” I told her, continuing to stroke my cock. The doctor was a short blonde with a heart-shaped face and big, blue eyes.

The doctor glanced at the two woman and blinked then shrugged her shoulders and turned back to me. “So, Mark, you bumped your head?” Then she saw me stroking my cock and flushed. “Sir, what are you doing?”

“I need to cum, so suck my cock, doc!”

The blonde doctor dropped the chart and bent down, sucking my cock into her mouth. She sucked greedily, her tongue roaming about the sensitive head of my cock. I rubbed my hand through her thick, silky hair and closed my eyes, enjoying her skilled blowjob. She started bobbing her head, her hands gently cupping my balls, massaging the cum out.

“Oh fuck, you’re good, doc!” I moaned. “Here it comes, swallow it all!”

I groaned and shot three large shots of cum into her mouth. She swallowed quickly, and then kept sucking, her hand squeezing my cock, wringing the last of the cum out. She rose up, face flushed and bent down to pick up the chart.

She adjusted her white, doctor’s jacket. “So, you got hit on the head?” Dr. Klerk asked, clearly embarrassed by what she just did.

The doctor began to examine me, asking me a bunch of questions. She shined a penlight in my eyes, checked my reflexes, and did various other test all while Mary first felt up and then fingered the Muslim nurse to a screaming orgasm. Then the doctor examined my left arm where Desiree had clocked me with a bat. My arm was black and blue, swollen and very tender to the touch.

“You’re arm’s going to be fine, the bruising will fade over the next two weeks,” Dr. Klerk told me. “You also have a mild concussion. I’m going to want you to stay for a few hours, to observe you.”

Nurse Thamina giggled as Mary whispered something in her ear. The nurse stood up from Mary’s lap, straightened her scrubs and darted out of the exam room. Mary smiled at me and held a plain, white bra in her hand. What a naughty filly, I thought and snorted a laugh. Mary stood up and waked over to the doctor.

“All finish with my nurse?” Dr. Klerk asked, smiling at Mary.

Mary licked the nurse’s juices off her finger. “For now.”

The doctor saw Mary’s wrist. “Oh, what happened?” Dr. Klerk grasped Mary’s wrist, gently stroking her skin.

“Bondage mishap,” Mary quipped.

“I see Thamina put some ointment on,” Dr. Klerk purred. “Maybe their something I can do to make you feel better.”

Mary led her back to the chair and sat down, spreading her legs. “Maybe you could kiss me I would feel better?”

“You want me to … down there?” Dr. Klerk asked, swallowing.

Mary hiked her skirt up, exposing her wet pussy. Her pussy lips were as spread as wide open as her legs, glistening pink. Dr. Klerk, almost in a daze, knelt before Mary and lower her face to her crouch. She breathed deeply, inhaling the spicy-sweet scent of Mary’s arousal, and then tentatively pursed her lips and kissed Mary’s pussy.

“Oh, you can do better,” Mary purred. “Really get in there.”

Nurse Thamina returned with a tray. A plastic container full of soapy, hot water and a big, yellow sponge sat on the cart. She glanced at Mary, a nervous look flashed across her exotic face. Mary nodded and Thamina walked over to me. “Sir, if you’ll disrobe. Your fiancee wants you to have a sponge bath.” Her cheeks were spotted with color.

I glanced at Mary and she smiled happily as I nodded my head in appreciation. Then Mary closed her eyes and enjoyed the doctor’s tongue lapping at her cunt. I pulled my shirt off and stripped off my jeans and boxers. My cock was already hard from Mary’s antics. While I stripped, Thamina followed suit, she pulled off her headscarf, freeing her beautiful, raven black hair that spilled about her shoulders and down her back. She was so beautiful, I didn’t understand why she wanted to hide beneath that headscarf. Next, she pulled off the pink scrubs top exposing her plump breasts with dark nipples. She kicked off her flats and untied her bottoms and dropped those to the floor. Thamina glanced once more at Mary for support before sliding her plain, white panties off. Her pussy was covered by a thick mat of black hair against the rich brown of her skin.

I laid back on the hospital bed as Thamina dunked the sponge in the warm water and squeezed out most of the water. She then gently washed my chest. There was definitely something sexy about getting washed by a hot, naked chick. I reached out and caressed one of her plump tits, just large enough to fill my hand, and gave the breasts a squeeze. Her dark nipple was hard beneath my palm and Thamina froze for a moment before continuing the wash.

She washed down my chest to my stomach and then past my cock to start washing my legs and I had to let go of her breast as she got out of my reach. “You’re not going to wash my cock?” I asked, leering at her.

“Your fiancee has special instructions for your penis, sir,” she said as she blushed beautifully.

Thamina started washing my other leg, reaching across the table. Her breast dragged across my thigh, a thrill ran through me feeling her hard nipples brushing my leg. When she finished, she took the sponge and shoved it up against her pussy, scrubbing a few times. Then she climbed up on the bed, straddling my waist in the reverse-cowgirl position, and brought my cock to the entrance of her wet, soapy pussy. I could feel the kiss of her labia on the tip of my cock and I wondered why she waited.

“Do it!” Mary hissed. “Wash his cock with your wet cunt!”

“Yes,” Thamina moaned, sinking down. “Watch me! Oh, watch me with your gorgeous green eyes!”

“Oh, fuck that’s hot!” Mary moaned. “Play with those titties!”

Thamina’s arms lifted up and it was clear she was playing with her titties. Her cunt was velvety tight on my cock, her ass jiggling in front of me as she bounced up and down on my cock. Her brown asshole winked at me and I licked a finger and stuffed it up her asshole.

“Oh, fuck!” Thamina moaned. “His finger is up my ass!”

“You fucking slut!” Mary gasped. “You’re a fucking dirty whore! Pleasure my stallion. Ride his dick!”

“I’m going to cum!” Thamina moaned. “Watch me cum, Mary!”

Her cunt tightened on my dick and her asshole tightened on my finger as Thamina came hard. She kept riding my dick and screamed at the top of her lungs. God, her cunt felt to good on my cock as it twitched about my dick. I was about to cum.

But what if she’s a nun?

The though sent a ice flooding through my veins. What if she was a nun? Probably not, I figured. But are you sure? Are you about to lose everything because you want to get off that badly. Are you that pathetic? God, but her cunt felt so hot on my cock, so velvety tight. I was too close to cumming. I couldn’t stop now, my balls were tightening. Fuck it, she probably wasn’t a nun. Just some slutty nurse.

“Take it, you fucking whore!” I moaned as I came inside her. “I’m cumming in your slutty pussy!” Relief washed over me, she didn’t do anything.

“Fuck yeah!” Mary yelled. “Cum in that whore! I’m cumming on this slutty doctor’s face!”

Thamina, breathing heavily, climbed off me. White spunk leaked out of her pussy, making a sticky mess in her bush. Mary was breathing heavily on the chair and Dr. Klerk knelt before her, face sticky with juices, looking positively stunned at what she just did.

“I…uh…have other patients to see,” Dr. Klerk stammered and fled the exam room.

Mary walked over to Thamina and kissed her hard. Her finger shoved up Thamina’s cunt and came away sticky with my cum and Thamina’s. Mary sucked the messy juices off her fingers with a smile. While Thamina was distracted, I stole her panties. She looked around for them and, resignedly, pulled on her scrubs with no underwear. As she left the room she adjusted her headscarf, tucking in a loose strand of black hair. As she walked out of the exam room, I pointed the wet spot forming on her crotch to Mary.

“What a slut,” Mary giggled. “Did you enjoy your bath?”

“I did.” Mary stretched out on the bed next to me and kissed me on the lips. “Thank you. I love you so much.”

Mary kissed me again. “I love you, too.” She laid her head on my chest, her auburn hair fanning across my torso. “Maybe we should have a doctor on staff. And a nurse.”

“Oh,” I said. “Yeah, I guess that could be useful. You want to keep Dr. Klerk.”

“Maybe,” Mary said. “But I think an Ob/Gyn will be more useful. Let’s be honest, hun, you’re going to get someone pregnant.”

I blinked. Christ, I hadn’t even thought about that. “Are you?”

Mary laughed. “It hasn’t even been a week since we started making love,” she pointed out. “It would be too early for me to know. My period doesn’t come for another two weeks. Besides, I’m on the pill.”

“Oh.” Was I disappointed. The idea of Mary having our child stirred something inside me. “Would you like kids, Mare?”

“Yeah, someday,” Mary said. “When things have settled down and we’ve had enough fun. I wouldn’t mind having a kid or three with you. Unless …” She tensed in my arms.

“I think I’d like that too,” I said. “What do we do if one of the sluts gets pregnant.”

“Well, we’ll worry about that if it happens, but we should get them all on the pill,” Mary said.

Nurse Thamina returned an hour later to check on me. She was wearing teal scrubs now and that wouldn’t do. After she finished her exam, I shot another loud of cum up her twat while she ate out Mary’s cunt. “Don’t clean up this time,” I told her, “If anyone notices, tell them all about how I came up your tight pussy while you ate my fiancee’s cunt.” She left the room, blushing, as my cum made a wet spot on her scrubs crotch.

Xiu slipped into the room after that, her nose covered by a splint and the next time Nurse Thamina showed up to check on me, we had her eat out Xiu’s cunt while Mary rode my cock. Then Nurse Thamina got to eat out Mary’s sloppy cunt while Xiu hopped up and rode my cock.

Doctor Klerk returned a few minutes later. “Well, Mark, I’m going to discharge you, now. You should take it easy for the next week and watch out for any repeated nausea, worsening headaches, dizziness, slurred speech, seizures, double vision. If any of these symptoms develop, get to an urgent care clinic or the ER. But, you should be fine. Take an NSAID for the pain, like ibuprofen or aspirin. Do you have any questions?”

“Does the carpet match the drapes?” I asked.

Dr. Klerk had a smoking hot body when she stripped off her blue scrubs. And it turned out she wasn’t actually a blonde, instead she had black hair. She had waxed her cunt, leaving only a black landing strip leading down to her clit. Her cunt was tight and hot and I came hard inside her as Mary enjoyed Nurse Thamina tongue up her twat.

We decided to keep Nurse Thamina. We had her gather a first aid kit as we went to see how Korina was doing. We found the head ER nurse still behind the desk and I asked her. “How’s Korina doing?”

The nurse, a stocky woman in her forties with a perm and a bad dye job, no one had hair that shade of red. “Last name?” she asked.

I hesitated. I realized I didn’t know any of the sluts last names, except Desiree. “Mare, what’s Korina’s last name?”

Mary blinked in surprise, and pursed her lips. “Um…something with an S, I think?”

“Stavros,” Xiu supplied. “Her last name is Stavros, Master.”

The nurse stared in shock at Xiu and shook her head. She muttered something under her breath. “What’s you’re relationship with Ms. Stavros?”

“She our sex slave,” I answered.

“I’m sorry, did I hear that right?” the nurse gaped.

“Yeah, she’s our sex slave,” I said testily. “Which clearly makes us the next best thing to family, so tell us what’s her condition.”

“Right,” the nurse said, shaking her head. “Ms. Stavros is in recovery. The surgery went well. The doctor wants her to stay in the hospital for a few days.”

Thamina showed up with the first aide kit and we had her lead us to Korina’s recovery room. Korina lay unconscious on a bed in a hospital gown. Blue blankets covered her body and IVs and heart monitors and other devices were hooked up across her body. She looked wan. I set down in a chair. Mary pulled another beside me and reached out, grasping Korina’s hand. Xiu leaned against the wall, hugging herself, and stared at her fellow slut.

“Mistress?” Korina murmured, her eyes fluttering over. Mary squeezed her hand gently. “And Master.” Korina sounded happy and sleepy, her voice slurring slightly.

“You’re going to be fine,” I told her. “You have to spend a few days in the hospital before you can come home.”

“Okay, Master,” she sighed. “Thank you.”

“Just get better,” I told her, patting her leg. “One of the sluts will be with you at all times.”

She nodded and closed her eyes and was a sleep again.

“Xiu, you stay with her, we’ll send one of the sluts to relieve you.”

Mary kissed Korina’s forehead and then we left. I found the head nurse and told her that Korina needed someone in there at all times. I gave her my phone number if anyone had a problem with that. It was approaching midnight and I was feeling exhausted as we reached Mary’s car. Mary fumbled at her purse, frowning and starting to panic as she dug for her keys.

“Here, Mare,” I said, tossing her keys to her. “You were so hot to have Xiu finger your pussy, you left the car running.”

“Oh,” Mary said, flushing a little.

It was a short drive back to the house at midnight. Apparently, Mary didn’t mind speeding when she was driving and I got good use out of the “oh shit handle” as I called it. When we reached the house, the only cop car remaining was Chasity’s. We opened the front door and a for a split moment fear stabbed at my heart as I wondered if the sluts were waiting with some nun to attack us.

“Christ,” Mary muttered. She had the same fear I did. Fuck, this was no way to live.

I grabbed Mary’s hand and squeezed it, reassuring. She smiled at me and we walked into the house. The entryway light worked and we could hear soft moans coming from the living room. We found Allison on top of Desiree, the two sluts tribbing passionately.

“¡Mi sirenita!” Desiree moaned. Her dusky hands roamed across Allison’s tight, white ass as Allison fucked her. “¡Yo estoy correrse!”

“Oh, I’m cumming, too,” Allison panted.

“Having fun?” I asked, smacking Allison’s fair ass.

“Oh, Master,” Allison squeaked, and fell off the couch trying to stand up. She quickly got to her feet and went to hug me.

I stopped her. “You’re covered in dry cum, slut!” Both girls had messy cunts and streaks of cum drying across breasts and stomachs and lips. “I take it the cops made use of your girls.”

“Oh, definitely, Master,” Desiree purred.

“Where’s the other sluts?” Mary asked.

“Violet, Chasity, and Fiona are counting the money. Sister Cuntrag is in the closet.” Allison shuddered in fear.

“Lillian hasn’t arrived yet?” I asked.

Allison frowned. “Who?”

“Yeah, who’s that?” Mary asked me pointedly.

“The girl from Hot Topic.” Both Mary and Allison nodded with big smiles. “I ran into her today at the mall.”

“And made her a sex slave?” Mary asked archly.

“Yeah,” I said, smiling as I remembering how tight Lillian’s ass was on my cock.

“Desiree, go get Fiona and take her to Good Sam to stay with Korina and bring Xiu back,” Mary ordered. “And tell Violet and Chasity to stop counting the money, it can wait for morning. One of them needs to be waiting upstairs for Lillian. Allison get Thamina settled in and then go take a shower. When Mark and I are finished with Lilith, you can join us in bed. I believe Mark promised you some quality time.” Wow, I had forgotten all about that. It seemed a lifetime ago when I made that promise instead of just this morning.

We found Lilith waiting on our bed, dressed in a flimsy babydoll slip, crimson in color and transparent. She wore no panties and her silver bush was matted with her juices. She smiled wickedly and lust washed through the room, battering into me.

“We need to talk, Lilith,” Mary said, breathing heavily, her nipples tenting her blouse, and then she pulled her blouse over her head, exposing her pert, freckled breasts and hard, dusky nipples.

“Let’s talk,” Lilith purred, holding her arms out.

My shirt was off and I was peeling off my jeans as Mary unzipped her skirt. Lilith’s presences was irresistible. By the time I was naked, Mary was on the bed, kissing Lilith, rubbing her cunt on Lilith’s thigh and shuddering in an orgasm already. Clothes off, I crawled next to Lilith on the other side. Lilith’s warm hand grasped my cock and stroked me twice and I was spewing cum all over her belly.

“You said I have one boon left?” Mary asked, leaning over and licking a gob of my semen off Lilith’s babydoll. “What’s a boon?”

“A request,” Lilith answered. “When you summoned me, we entered into a Pact. I would use my powers three times at your request.” Lilith bent her head and sucked one of Mary’s nipple into her mouth.

“Oh, fuck, that’s amazing!” gasped Mary and she shuddered and came a second time. “Holy shit!”

“Do I get any boons?” I asked. “It was my crystal.” My cock was hard and her ass was facing me. I pressed up behind her and my cock found her wet cunt. I slid into the tightest, silkiest, wettest pussy I had ever been in. My cock came instantly, flooding her cunt, and I just kept fucking the demoness, my cock staying hard.

“No,” Lilith groaned, her hips fucking me back. “Only the person who used the crystal gets the boons.”

Lilith pulled off my cock and she pushed Mary onto her back and dived into her cunt, eating my fiancee frantically. Mary was moaning loudly, cumming over and over and Lilith’s mouth. I knelt behind Lilith and shoved my cock back up in her wonderful demon pussy and came a second time inside her.

“Fuck!” I gasped as Lilith’s pussy seemed to suck the cum out of my balls.

“What’s the price I have to pay for your boons?” Mary asked between orgasms.

“Oh, no price,” Lilith answered, face sticky with Mary’s juices. “Someone else already paid. There was a soul trapped in the crystal!”

“Oh, fuck! That’s amazing!” Mary gasped, writhing on Lilith’s tongue. “Is there a way to see a nun?”

“Oh yes,” Lilith said. “There are a lot powers available to Warlocks, if you know the rituals and spells.”

“Oh, crap, keeping eating my pussy,” panted Mary. “Holy shit that’s amazing. Her tongue, its so good!” Mary came again, convulsing on Lilith’s mouth. “How about making our sluts immune to a nun’s control.”

“Yes, yes,” Lilith moaned. “I can show you how to do that, and more. For a price!”

“What’s the price?” I asked, fucking her cunt hard. Her cunt was squeezing on my cock as she came and I was squirting in her a third time.

“The nun!” Lilith moaned. “I want to fuck her!”

“What?” Mary moaned. “That’s it?”

“Yes, you let me fuck Sister Cuntrag and I’ll teach you arts long lost to man.”

“Okay!” Mary gasped. “Fuck, I’m cumming again!” And so was I, cumming a fourth time in her demon pussy.

Lilith crawled up Mary’s body and kissed her on the lips. “Then we have a Pact!” Lilith declared and then vanished. I fell forward, on top of Mary.

I rolled off of her and we both lay panting. Neither of us had ever cum so much in such a short period of time. We were only fucking for a few minutes, but Lilith’s flesh was like fire. I felt drained. Mary snuggled against me and we just laid their, exhausted. There were creaks, someone walking up the stairs, and then walking down the hall, and the bedroom door opened. Lilith strolled in with Sister Cuntrag over her shoulder.

Lilith threw Sister Cuntrag to the floor, the bitch still handcuffed. I wondered why Lilith wanted to fuck the nun. I struggled to think, but Lilith’s lust was feeling my brain, driving out thought. My cock was hard, again. Lilith slid a hand down to her crotch and pinched her hard clit, rolling it between her fingers. And it started to grow, swelling until a twelve inch cock hung from Lilith. Holy shit, how the fuck did she do that?

“Oh, please don’t do that?” begged Sister Cuntrag. Lilith smacked her ass and she howled in pain.

I felt Mary’s pussy grow more wet on my thigh, and her hand found my cock and started to slowly stroke it as we watched the now hermaphroditic demon flip Sister Cuntrag over so she was on her knees like the bitch she was. Then Lilith knelt behind the nun and shoved her cock up her cunt and started to fuck her hard.

“Ohh, that’s nice,” Lilith moaned. “I so rarely get to fuck someone!” It was a lazy fuck, slow and steady. Lilith was clearly savoring the fuck. “So, to see a nun, you need the Ritual of Mowdah. You’ll need to fuck a sibling. Once your sibling has cum, you need to rub their sexual fluids into your eyes while saying Mowdah.”

“I have to fuck my sister?” Mary asked, sounding a little queasy. I picture my little sister, Antsy. I hadn’t seen her in five years, and she had been a skinny, coltish girl that was mooning about the house desperate for puberty to finally give her some boobs. There had been a cute, innocents about my sister and the thought of defiling that innocence sent a perverse thrill through me body.

“Oh, yes,” Lilith gasped. “You have to corrupt the bond between siblings. I can see it, shining silver from you. Mark has a sister, and Mary, you have two sisters. How wonderful for you.” Mary shuddered as Lilith licked her lips

“Okay,” I said, nodding. I could fuck my sister, but Mary seemed disturbed by the idea.

“To make your Thralls immune to a nun’s powers requires the Ritual of Zimmah,” Lilith answered. Lilith was picking up the speed, her fingernails racking down Cuntrag’s back, leaving red scratches. Every time Lilith bottomed out in Cuntrag, her groin pressed against her bruised and welted ass and Cuntrag would gasp in pain. “Mark will need to fuck his mother and have his Thralls drink their mixed fluids from her cunt while he says Zimmah.”

“What?” I asked, feeling queasy.

“Oh yes, this ritual requires the most delicious of perversion,” Lilith husked. “To violate the very flesh that you came from with your lust.”

It was one thing to fuck my sister, but my mom. She was, well, my mom. I pictured her, she was still attractive even in her forties. And memories of when I was young, maybe twelve or thirteen flooded my thoughts. I remember how I used to lust after my mom when I discovered masturbation. She was probably the first woman I jerked off to and I jerked off a lot thinking about her breasts, her ass. About her walking in on me masturbating and being turned on that she just fucked me. She kept in great shape, always working out, and was always beautiful. As I grew older, my fantasies turned to girls at my school or teachers but Lilith’s words had reignited my lust. I could picture mom in bed with Mary and I. My lover and my mom pleasing me.

“There’s a catch,” Lilith said. “A male Warlock’s powers will not work on his mother, and a females won’t work on her father. So, you’ll need to seduce her or rape her.” Lilith licked her lips. “You’re choice, Mark. I suggest raping her, I’m not sure you could seduce a woman without your powers.”

“D-do I need to fuck my father, then?” Mary asked, timidly.

“You don’t have any thralls,” Lilith pointed out. “Mark’s power lets him rewrite a person’s mind, change their memories, how they think about things. He changes their very personalities. Your power just lowers a woman’s inhibitions and increases their desire to the point that they will do whatever nasty sex act you want. But you’re not changing them. Each woman will rationalize why they fucked you in different ways. Some will think they’ve just lost control. Others will think you must have drugged them.”

“Oh,” Mary said, sounding a little disappointed.

“My Thrall is your Thrall, Mare,” I told her and she smiled gratefully at me.

Lilith was panting loudly, fucking Cuntrag’s cunt hard and fast. Lilith’s tits bounced beneath her babydoll slip and Cuntrag was crying in pain from her abused ass. “Ohh, her cunt feel’s so nice on my cock,” Lilith purred. “Take it! Take my hard cock! Oh fuck!” Lust exploded through the room as Lilith let out an ear-splitting shriek of pleasure as she came in the nun’s cunt.

Lilith fell backwards, lying on the floor. Her cock was gone, reduced back to a little clit. Cuntrag sobbed in pain while black cum leaking out of her pussy. “How did you make that cock?” Mary asked, staring curiously down at Lilith’s crotch.

“I made it many, many years ago,” Lilith murmured. “But my husband…Well, he didn’t like me having a cock, I think he was jealous of the size, so he convinced God to make him a more submissive wife. And I was cursed. So now I need someone’s willing permission to use my cock on them.”

“Cuntrag didn’t give you permission,” Mary pointed out.

“Oh, well, you own her, so I needed your permission.” Lilith glanced at Mary and then at me. “Would you like a cock. That could be your third wish.”

An image of Mary with a cock flashed through my mind. God, I hoped she didn’t want that. I’m not sure I could handle my fiancee having a cock. “No,” Mary answered, and I tried not to sigh in relief.

“No, you wouldn’t want to make my mistake,” Lilith said bitterly, glaring at me. Her eyes flashed with anger and loathing for a brief moment and then replaced by lust.

Fear gripped my heart. Did Lilith hate me? Hate men? I felt like a bug beneath her gaze, an ant. Suddenly, I wasn’t sure I wanted her around anymore.


“Ramiel …”

The voice whispered out of the Angelic Choir, just loud enough to be heard over the Worship of the Highest. The voice was Gabriel the Archangel, summoning me. On a beam of light, I descended to the Earthly Realm.

I found Gabriel atop one of his Priestesses. She was an attractive woman, appearing to be eighteen, but I could see her true age, forty-four. One of Gabriel’s gifts to his Priestess was eternal youth. She had dirty blonde hair, escaping from her white veil and blue eyes that stared sightlessly at the ceiling. She was too lost to the pleasure of Gabriel’s touch, the Ecstasy, to be aware of anything.

My manhood hardened and I envied Gabriel and his Priestesses. God had long decried it was sinful for an Angel to lie with a mortal. It was our greatest temptation, and so many angels had fallen to that sin and been cast into the abyss with Lucifer. And I understood how my brothers could so easily fall into that particular sin. Sister Theodora’s body was so enticing, so lush. I could peer through the shapeless, gray habit to see her round breasts and hard nipples, the blonde fur that covered the wet lips of her womanhood. My manhood ached to know her.

The only time an Angel could lie with a mortal was a Priestess, and then only to aid her in her holy mission. These days, that meant just Gabriel giving them the Ecstasy. Of course, Gabriel was doing more than just lying with the woman and satiating his lust. He was also rewriting her destiny. I could see the golden string of her life leading away from her into the future, see the silver strings Gabriel was adjusting to guide Sister Theodora on her mission. Gold strings were Priestesses, silver strings were mortals, black strings were Thralls, and red strings were Warlocks.

Finally, Gabriel finished both his adjustments of her future and his pleasure in her flesh. Standing up, Gabriel turned to face me. He appeared as a handsome man, well muscled, like the sculptures the Greeks used to make. A plain, white tunic appeared to cover his nakedness and a golden sword appeared on his hip, the sword of an Archangel. I had my own sword, silver, with sapphires, the sword of a Dominion.

“Ramiel,” Gabriel greeted, pleasantly. “Sister Louise Afra has been captured by the Warlocks. Lilith has been summoned and provides aide. The Succubus will soon arm the Warlocks against my Priestesses.”

I nodded, understanding. Once, demons were commonly summoned by the Warlocks and the Priestesses had to use other methods to stop the Warlock. More indirect, more subtle methods than the Exorcism used today. “I am to teach Theodora, then.”

“Yes, brother,” Gabriel said. He grasped Theodora’s golden string and followed it out a few hours to where a silver string intersected. “She must employ the Prayer of Avvah on this mortal.”

I grasped the string and examined the mortal life. In the mortal’s past and her future, the mortal’s string intersected the red string of a Warlock. This mortal was someone close to a Warlock and the Prayer of Avvah would make the mortal a trap that even a demon’s power could not detect. The two Warlock’s threads entwined about each other. They were lovers. But the Prayer of Avvah would drive a wedge between them. It was a good plan. Once the Warlocks had their falling out, they would be easier to deal with.

“There is one more thing,” Gabriel said. “Follow Theodora’s string back into her past.”

I followed her golden string back through her life, through the thirteen years she had been a Priestess, back to when she had been a Thrall. I found the thread that belonged to Sister Louise who rescued Theodora. Louise’s thread was no longer gold, but the black of a Thrall. I followed Theodora’s thread back to before she had been a Thrall, where here thread entwined with another mortal’s thread, her husband and lover. Three threads were born of their union, three children. Two were silver, but the middle child was red, a Warlock.

“She must not know,” Gabriel said. “Theodora must not know her daughter is a Warlock until the time is right.”

“We can’t send a mother after her own daughter,” I objected.

“There is no one else to send,” Gabriel said. “None in North America. Our resources have always been poor here. There is a Warlock in Europe and two in Africa.”

“But not to tell her is wrong!”

Gabriel fixed his ruby eyes on me. “You have your orders, Ramiel.”

And he was gone, ascending back to the heavenly choir on a ray of light. I stared down at Sister Theodora as she stirred, recovering from the Ecstasy. It was wrong not to tell her. Wrong to send her to fight her own daughter. I wanted to let the poor women know what she faced. I just had to have faith in my superior, in the Highest.

As much as I wanted to tell her, I would not. I was an Angel, a Dominion, and if I disobeyed an order from my Archangel, I would be cast into the Abyss. Only man could sin and find God’s forgiveness. Such grace was not for us Angels.

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 13

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