Devil’s Pact Update 11-14-13

Hey everyone

I finished my first draft of Chapter 19: The Sullivans this morning. It’ll take me a couple of days to do the editing. I like to have a day between drafts, give myself a bit of distances.

I think next I’m going to write a side-story I’ve been wanting to write since the beginning. I always had plans to write about characters that had their lives changed by Mark. It should be a short one, about Cynthia and Virginia, the other two women from Chapter 1. I hope to write it in a day.

I had a rough day at work. I’m in the para-transportation business and a regular told yesterday he had inoperable brain and lung cancer. I like my job, it can be quite rewarding helping disable people get around, but its sucks when passengers you like die.

Anyway, here’s a preview of Chapter 19:

“It’s okay, babydoll,” Mary whispered and gently nudged Missy into the bathroom and closed the door. “Mark’s a real man,” Mary continued, whispering in her sister’s ear. They were the same height and Mary wrapped her arms around her sister and pressed against her back. “And a real man takes who he wants when he wants it.”

“But, but,” Missy tried to protest, her thoughts scattered by the situation.

“Go ahead, watch a real man fuck,” Mary purred. “Watch a real man take his pleasure from a naughty little slut who’s going to get her bottom paddled.”

Well, I hope everyone has a good day, J.

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