Devil’s Pact Update – 11-19-13


Taking a break from writing chapter 21. I should post Chapter 20 tomorrow. Just have to finish editing it. With Chapter 20, most of the pieces are in place to get the plot moving and leads in to chapter 21: The Glassners. We’ve met Mary’s family, now its time to meet Mark’s. David, the abusive father, Sandy, the long suffering mother, and Antsy, the little sister that’s Sister Theodora’s trap.

Here’s a little preview of Chapter 20: Tryouts. The day has come for Mark to recruit his cadre of sexy cops for his bodyguard.

By noon, thirty-four female cops had assembled, standing at attention in the grassy field of Sparks Stadium. All were dressed in their uniforms, a mix of blues and browns, representing all the Law Enforcement Agencies of Pierce County. They ranged from as young as nineteen fresh out of the academy to their late twenties. Most were White, but there was a smattering of Black, Latina, and Asians in the group.

I stepped up onto the small step-stool Thamina brought and faced my recruits. “I am Mark Glassner. Besides me stands Mary Sullivan. Whatever we do is legal! Do whatever we tell your or someone who says, ‘I serve Mark Glassner!’ Do you understand!”

“Sir, yes, sir!” the woman yelled back.

“Good!” I nodded. “Today, you are trying out to be our bodyguards. Your captains and chiefs no why you are here today! I want all of you to do your best. You all want nothing more than to please Mary and I!”

“Sir, yes, sir!” It was intoxicating, all these women obeying me, ready to do whatever filthy thing I wished. My cock stirred in my shorts.

Take care everyone,


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