Devil’s Pact Update-11-21-13

Hey everyone

Just finished my rough draft of Chapter 22. I’ve never finished a chapter so fast. It’s the middle of a three chapter arc that starts with Chapter 21. Plan on starting 23 today. 22 just wrote itself.

After I post this, I’m going to do my second draft of Chapter 21. My plan is to post it Saturday Morning. I like to do three edits/drafts of a chapter. I like to wait a day between edits to give myself some perspective on what I wrote the day before.

Also, if there are any Side-Story ideas you guys have, characters you’d like to find out about, suggestions are welcomed.

Everyone have a great week


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6 thoughts on “Devil’s Pact Update-11-21-13

  1. stevie


    Suggestion for Side-Story:
    a long and INTENSE description of the fucking with the girls/ladies in the Naked Jogging Club ??!!!
    for example – one part could be in the outside while jogging .

    please pardon my poor english – I’m from germany.

    1. mypenname3000 Post author

      Yay, that’s actually the plan from the start. I just wanted to let the story get far enough. Glad their interest in it. And your english was just fine.


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