Devil’s Pact Update – 11-26-13

Hey everyone

Finished writing my rough draft of the Jogging Club side-story. Covers every morning from the first meeting in Chapter 10, to the yet to be written Chapter 24. Everyday is told from a different woman’s perspective: Anastasia, Madeleine, Belinda, Cassie, Issy, and Vertise and covers nine days. I’ve been planning on writing it one we got past Theodora’s first attack. I should post the side-story on Thursday and hopefully Chapter 24 we’ll shortly follow. Depends on how much free time I get at work. Last week I lucked out and had a pretty light workload and I had plenty of free time.

Just finished plotting out the next arc. Had a rough draft in my head, but now i think i have the logistics and plan for the orders of events and stuff and can start writing Chapter 24 today.

Appreciate all the feedback and criticism. Also, grammar-nazis please continue to correct me when I make mistakes. Just don’t be insulting about it. I want to strive to improve my writing and editing and an outside perspective is quite useful for that.



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