Devil’s Pact Update – 2-2-14

Hey everyone,

Chapter 35: The Storm is with my editor. Brandon Fitzsimmons has made his Pact with the Devil and is ready to enact his revenge on Mark. Chapters 35-38 will be released one after the other.

People had a lot of great ideas for what they would wish for if they made their own pact. Camelottt’s time freeze is my favorite with Hephaestus shapechange-mind reading idea a close second. Ziki, one of Lilith’s monster daughters, has that very power.

I’m writing the rough draft for chapter 44 right now, and it’s looking like around fifty chapters to complete the main story. I make no promises. My estimates are usually wrong.

Tonight’s the Super Bowl and I’m sorry for all the Bronco fans, but my Seahawks are going to dominate the Broncos! GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!

Take care,


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