The Futa Fairy-Futa’s Hot MILF Wish Chapter Three: Cassandra’s Futa Party


The Futa Fairy

Futa’s Hot MILF Wish

Chapter Three: Cassandra’s Futa Party

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2017

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Lana’s accusation echoed up the stairs to the second floor where I was. Her mother’s pussy clenched on my futa-dick. I groaned, trembling, staring down at my best friend as she stared up at me, the other sixteen-year-old girls attending her slumber party arranged around her at the stair’s vase. They were all only wearing bras and panties, their eyes wide at seeing my naked body pressed against busty Mrs. Teller’s equally naked flesh.

“I…” I sputtered.

“Honey,” Mrs. Teller said, squirming, her pussy swimming with a fresh load of my girl-cum. I had just fucked her hard. We had lost such control, surrendering to our lust for each other. The married MILF desired my big, huge girl cock that sprouted from my clit apparently only at night. The moment the sun set, it grew while I was in the middle the of playing Truth or Dare with my friends.

“You’re cheating on Dad with my best friend!” Lana gasped. “With a girl!”

“Well…” Mrs. Teller said, squirming, her pussy stirring on my dick. My nipples, topping my round breasts, throbbed, her fatter nubs bushing them. “It’s not that…simple. I have…needs.”

“Because you’re a dyke!”

“Now, honey,” Mrs. Teller gasped. “That’s not accurate. There’s…”

“Lana,” I said, pulling away from her mother, my huge girl-cock popping out of the MILF’s pussy. My eyes widened as it swayed before me, dripping in her mother’s juices, and revealed to all my friends.

Their jaws dropped.

“Oh, wow,” Marissa said, her brown eyes widening. “That’s…”

“You have a cock,” sputtered Rosa. Then the Hispanic girl’s jaw dropped.

“That’s… What… Not…” stammered blonde Becky, the cheerleader’s big boobs shaking in her lacy bra. Her tits were almost as large as Mrs. Teller’s.

“And there’s cum leaking out of your mother’s pussy,” Theresa said, glancing at Lana.

My friend, a younger version of her mother, just shook her head in shock, her blonde hair swaying about her shoulders. She didn’t have Mrs. Teller’s mature beauty, but she had its promise. Her breasts could ripen larger, and she had curving hips.

My dick throbbed beneath my friend’s scrutiny.

“How?” Kelly asked. She pursed her plump lips then licked them.

“Futanari,” breathed Mei, our Chinese friend. She was short, petite, her slanted eyes wide. “That’s a Japanese fetish. Girls who grow dicks. She had to grow it. Futanari.”

“How?” Kelly repeated.

“Well,” Marrissa said, taking a deep breath. “It’s your turn, Kelly.”

“Her turn?” Lana asked, shaking her head, trying to wrench her gaze from my dick.

“For Truth or Dare,” Marissa said. “It’s Kelly’s turn. She told us all about masturbating to Brian this afternoon.”

Kelly’s cheeks pinked.

“So she gets to choose.” Marissa nudged Kelly. “Well?”

“We’re not still playing,” Lana spluttered. “Cassandra just fucked my mom with her…her…”

“Big futa-cock,” Mei said, heat in her voice.

My pussy clenched. A tremble shot through me, reaching the end of my throbbing dick. I shifted my hips, my shaft swaying before me. I took a deep breath, my heart racing, and nodded my head, descending the stairs. “Yeah, we’re still playing.”

“But…but…” Lana said.

Becky just shook her head in disbelief. “This is impossible. Did you spike the drink, Rosa?”

“No,” she answered, equally breathy.

“Coming, Mrs. Teller?” Marissa asked.

“Me?” my MILF lover squeaked.

“Well, I think you’re playing now,” Mei giggled. “I think we all have questions for you, too.”

“My mom,” gasped Lana as I reached the base of the stairs. All the girls, even my best friend, were staring at my cock.

“Yeah, your Mom,” Rosa said. “She’s cool. I mean, she fucked Cassandra.”

“Yeah, that cock’s huge. Bigger than Derrick’s,” Kelly said. “I don’t even think I could wrap my lips around it.”

“You sucked Derrick’s cock?” Theresa asked.

“It’s not your turn,” Kelly said. “It’s my turn. Well, Mrs. Teller?”

I looked up at my lover and smiled at her, holding out my hand. Mrs. Teller took a deep breath, then she descended the stairs. They creaked as her boobs bounced. Cum ran down her thighs. My girl-cum. It made my dick throb even harder. She took my hand when she reached the bottom. I pulled her close to me and gave her a kiss on the mouth.

The other girls “ooohhhhed” at us and giggled. Well, maybe not Lana. She was still wild eyed, staring at me kissing her mother, my girl-dick pressed into her mother’s stomach. Mrs. Teller kissed me back just as hard, her tongue meeting mine.

I made my wish, and she was mine. She loved me, just like I loved her.

I broke the kiss and we walked arm in arm after the other girls. Lana stumbled, but the other girls giggled as we reached the living room. Mrs. Teller and I cuddled on the loveseat while the other girls sat on the floor in a circle facing us. Lana hugged herself, her eyes kept glancing at her naked mother and me.

“Okay,” I grinned, my dick aching beneath the attention of my friends. They were all so sexy.

“Truth or Dare, Cassandra,” Kelly said.

I always chose dare. I never wanted my friends, especially Lana, to know that I was gay and had the hots for Mrs. Teller. But now… “Truth.”

“There’s a first,” Rosa laughed.

“How did you become a…?” Kelly glanced at Mei.


Kelly nodded. “How did you become a futanari?”

“Well, there was this futa-fairy, and she wrote me a letter—”

“That weird thing that arrived yesterday,” Lana interrupted. “The one talking about your desire for an older lover. It was talking about my mom? You had the hots for my mom?”

“No shit,” Theresa said, rolling her eyes. “Didn’t you see the end of their fucking?”

I blushed and Mrs. Teller shifted.

“Well, yes, I’ve had a crush on your mom for a few years.” I took a deep breath. “I’m gay.”

“We know,” Marissa said. “Most of us figured it out already.”

“I didn’t,” muttered Lana.

I explained about the letter and the dream, how Leanan Sidhe appeared before me and fucked me. She had transformed me. They all leaned forward as I described the futa’s big dick sliding in and out of my pussy, how hard I came on it, then waking up with my own cock and cumming on Mrs. Teller’s face. I told them how the MILF lost all control, fucking me, cumming so hard.

“She said it had been so long since she came on a dick,” I told them.

“Mom?” Lana’s voice trembled. “Are you and Dad…?”

“We’re having…issues,” she admitted. “For some time.”

“Oh,” Lana said, squirming.

I told them how my cock vanished at sunrise, then how it reappeared in the middle of Truth or Dare when the sun set. That was why I fled, racing upstairs and right into the arms of Mrs. Teller. She surrendered to me again.

“And you saw the results,” I finished.

“You two were screaming so loud,” giggled Theresa, her gorgeous legs stretched out before her. She had the best legs of all my friends. “It was hot.”

“Super hot,” agreed Kelly, nodding her head.

Becky grinned.

“Well, it’s your turn, Cassandra,” Mei said, her eyes sparkling.

I glanced at the Chinese girl. “Mei, Truth or Dare.”

“Dare!” she said, leaning forward, pale-olive cheeks dark with excitement, her nipples tenting her lilac bra.

“I dare you to…” I swallowed, then quickly said, “Kiss the tip of my dick.”

“Oooh,” the other girls cheered while my dick twitched.

Mei licked her lips. Then she crawled to me. I trembled, glancing at Mrs. Teller. Her blue eyes were wild with excitement. She gave me a supportive, understanding nod while her pillowy breast rubbed against mine as she snuggled closer.

“Enjoy,” she whispered into my ear.

Older lovers were awesome. I loved my MILF so much.

And then Mei reached me, her silky, black hair brushing my naked thighs as she leaned her head down. Her lips nuzzled against the crown of my dick. I expected a quick peck, but her lips lingered, moving, her tongue brushing the slit like she was French kissing my girl-cock.

I shuddered, pleasure rippling down my shaft. She moaned as she kissed it. her lips widened, taking more and more of it until she was sucking on the spongy crown, her tongue swirling around my dick.

“Oh, wow,” groaned Becky.

“She didn’t dare you to blow her cock,” Lana said, acting hostile. “Just kiss it. Come on. We’re still playing.”

“Jealous?” asked Mei, lifting her lips. She licked them. “Your mother’s pussy tastes delicious.”

Lana shivered.

“Have you eaten pussy before?” Kelly gasped, staring at Mei.

“Not your turn.” The Chinese girl grinned at me. “It’s mine. Cassandra, Truth or Dare.”

“Dare,” I said without hesitation.

“I dare you to scoop your cum out of your lover’s pussy and eat it,” Mei grinned, leaning back.

“Oh, wow, this is getting hot,” Becky said then reached behind her and unhooked her bra, her large tits bouncing out. They were gorgeous. She was the most popular girl on our high school’s cheer squad because of those tits.

“Yeah,” Marrissa agreed, then she freed her round breasts.

The other girls, except Lana, followed as I ran my finger through Mrs. Teller’s pussy. She shuddered as I scooped up a glob of my cum soaked in her pussy juices. I stared out at my friends, savoring their naked breasts, each different shapes and sizes but all so yummy. My pussy clenched and dick throbbed as I brought the cum to my lips, sucking it off my finger.

It was delicious. Salty cum mixed with tangy pussy juices. I shivered, my cheeks hollowing as I sucked off every drop. I popped my fingers out, a hot shudder running through my body. My friends all leaned forward, eager for me to choose the next person.

But which one.

I glanced at Lana, her arms crossed so tight, her thighs pressed together. Her cheeks were flushed and her nipples tented her bra. I bet she had a hot pussy, too. But this was all so weird to her. Her mother was cuddled naked beside me.

“Becky, Truth or Dare.”

“Dare, of course,” Becky said, her blue eyes twinkling.

I stared at those big boobs. “I dare you to give me a titty fuck.”

“A what?” Lana asked.

“Something that’s a lot of fun for the guy, honey,” Mrs. Teller said. “Or the futanari.”

Becky cupped her tits. She appeared familiar with the concept. She crawled over on her knees, her fingers sinking into her pillowy tits. I shuddered, Mrs. Teller leaning over, nibbling on my ear, sending wicked shudders through me as everyone watched us.

Becky reached me. I spread my thighs wide, giving her access. She grinned at my hard cock rising out of my shaved pussy lips, a fiery landing strip leading right to my dick. My pussy clenched as she wrapped her pillowy tits around my shaft, still dripping in the MILF’s pussy juices.

I groaned as Becky slid her tits up and down my dick, masturbating my cock with those pillowy mounds. They were so soft yet firm. She squeezed them tight, her nipples rubbing into my stomach as she worked them faster and faster, stimulating the tip.

“Oh, that’s good,” I groaned, the pleasure racing down to my pussy.

“So you like big boobs?” giggled Kelly, glancing at Mrs. Teller’s large tits.

“Maybe,” I groaned, the MILF’s tongue still caressing my ear.

“How is it?” the MILF whispered. “How are her big tits?”

“Amazing,” I moaned, my pussy clenching, the pleasure rippling through my body.

“I bet you can’t wait for my tits to slide up and down your big, thick futa-cock.”

My eyes widened, my dick throbbing between Becky’s tits. “Really?”

“Really, honey,” she purred before kissing me hard on the mouth, her tongue thrusting past my lips.

I groaned, loving it. I trembled, kissing her back so hard, our tongues fencing as I squirmed. She was so sexy. Her mouth so hot on mine. I trembled, the pleasure racing through me. This was so hot. And they all watched me.

Including Mrs. Teller’s daughter.

Heavy breathing grew louder as the watching girls squirmed. Their hands rubbed on their naked thighs, growing nearer and nearer to their pussies as they grew hotter and hotter. Kelly was the first to slip her hand into her panties, frigging her pussy.

But the others followed. Even Lana.

I broke the kiss, moaning, “Oh, that’s sooooo good, Becky. Your tits are amazing.”

“Thanks,” she grinned, staring up at me.

I looked at Lana. “I can’t wait for Mrs. Teller to give me a titty fuck. We’re going to do everything together.”

“Everything,” the MILF moaned while Lana shuddered, her panties bulging as she furiously fingered her pussy, soft moans escaping her lips.

“I love you, Mrs. Teller.”

“Alessa,” she purred. “I think you can call me by my first name.”

“But isn’t it naughtier when I call you Mrs. Teller?” I grinned.

She laughed, so rich and warm. “Oh, Cassandra, you are a treasure. I think I do love you.”

Then she kissed me hard.

My cock ached and throbbed between Becky’s wonderful tits. They slid up and down faster and faster. My body squirmed, the heat burning in my pussy. Juices leaked out, forming a wet spot on the loveseat as I kissed my MILF so hard, my right hand reaching across my body to fondle her breast.

I had her. It was wonderful.

I moaned as my cock erupted. Cum fired from my dick. The pleasure rushed through my body as jizz splattered Becky in the face. She gasped in shock, then opened her lips, letting my cum fire into her mouth. I shuddered, more and more spunk shooting from my dick.

“That’s so much,” Marissa gasped.

“Wow, you’re hosing Becky,” Mei moaned.

Kelly moaned, licking her lush lips.

I broke the kiss with Mrs. Teller. “I am. Oh, Becky, that was such a hot dare. Oh, it was perfect.”

“Uh-huh,” she moaned as I squirmed, my body buzzing with pleasure, cum dripping from her face. The final blast squirted from my cock, splattering across her forehead and running down then matting into her eyebrows. “Oh, wow, that was hot. And you’re still hard.”

“Futanari,” Mei said, nodding as she shuddered, frigging herself.

“Oh, it was so sexy,” Kelly moaned, spasming, cumming, too, on her fingers. “Sooooo fucking hot!”

“Well?” Rosa asked, her panties pulled to the side so she could frig her shaved pussy, her pink lips wrapped tight about a pair of fingers. “Who are you choosing, Cassandra?”

“You,” I grinned. “Rosa, Truth or Dare?”

“Dare!” she moaned, shivering.

“I dare you to lick my cum off Becky’s face.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Rosa moaned, bucking, cumming on her fingers, her round, golden-brown tits heaving.

“Let me help you out,” Becky purred, crawling across the living room to the spasming Hispanic girl. “You look busy.”

“Super busy!”

Rosa’s eyes fluttered as Becky reached her. The cumming Hispanic girl leaned over, her tongue licking up my cum dribbling down the White girl’s cheeks. Rosa moaned, scooping up more and more of my jizz, questing across Becky’s face.

“That is so hot,” moaned Mrs. Teller, nibbling on my ear again. “That’s your girl-cum on her face.”

“Yeah,” I grinned.

Then Becky and Rosa were kissing, tongues swapping my cum back and forth. Marissa and Mei both shuddered, cumming as they watched, their bodies heaving, Mei’s small, firm tits hardly jiggling as she writhed.

“They’re snowballing your cum, Cassandra,” Lana moaned, frigging her pussy. “Oh, wow. Oh, my god, that’s…”

“Hot?” I asked.

“Yes!” my blonde friend moaned, shuddering, cumming on her fingers. Her body thrashed.

I licked my lips as Rosa and Becky broke their kiss. Rosa panted, breathing heavily as she looked around the room, her eyes glossy with lust. She looked around, spotting Marissa giving her a hungry look, and gasped, “Marissa, Truth or Dare?”

“Dare!” Marissa said.

“I dare you to impale your pussy on Cassandra’s cock for a whole minute. No fucking, just experiencing it.”

“Yes!” Marissa hopped to her feet as Rosa and Becky kissed again, their naked tits pressing together.

Marrissa rushed to me, not caring that two of our friends were sinking to the floor, tongues kissing so hard, their bodies writhing together. Marissa only had eyes for my cock. She stepped before me, wiggling out of her panties, revealing the soft-brown hair of her trimmed bush matted with her excitement. She grinned at me, turned around, and sat down on my lap.

Her pussy sliding right down my cock.

“Yes,” we both moaned together, her pussy clenching on my dick.

“Oh, Mrs. Teller,” moaned Marrissa. “Oh, this is so much better than my dildo. Oh, no wonder you screamed your head off.”

“Enjoy her, honey,” the MILF said.

Marissa squirmed. “Is anyone timing us?”

“I am,” Mei said, holding her phone. “No moving. Stay impaled.”

“I want to move sooooo badly,” groaned Marissa. “This cock is amazing. Oh, my god, you’re hung, Cassandra.”

“Uh-huh,” I moaned, my right arm wrapping about her. I slid up, finding her round breast, squeezing her tit.

Her pussy squeezed my cock.

It was such torture as she squirmed. I wanted to feel her pussy sliding up and down my dick, riding me. I shuddered, her pussy clenching and relaxing about my dick. She was so hot and tight. And felt different from Mrs. Teller. She was tighter in different places.

My head leaned back, Mrs. Teller teasing me, her hand playing with my nipple while she licked my ear. I turned my head, kissing her, my pussy clenching. The pressure built in my depths. Just being buried in my friend’s cunt swelled my orgasm.

“Oh, god, how much longer before I can fuck this cock?” Marissa asked.

“Thirty seconds,” Mei said.

Becky and Rosa squealed. Out of the corner of my eye, I could just see them past Marrissa. They had their hands in each other’s panties, frigging each other as their tongues dueled. Lana still masturbated, licking her lips, watching us with her blue eyes. Kelly sucked her pussy juices off her fingers, her other hand already rubbing at her wet silt, eager for a second cum.

Marrissa’s pussy clenched down hard on my cock as she squirmed. The last thirty seconds felt like an eternity in blissful torture. My dick ached so badly for stimulation. Her squirming teased my girl-cock just enough to have me moaning.

“Come on,” Marissa groaned.

“Five,” Mei said, holding up her right hand and lowering her fingers, “four, three, two, one. Time!”

“Yes!” I moaned as Marissa squealed and bounced on my dick.

She had her feet planted on the floor, pushing up and rising her cunt on my cock. I groaned, savoring my friend’s teenage pussy sliding up and down my girl-cock. I grabbed her waist, helping her ride my cock while I shuddered, the pleasure shivering through my body.

She felt so good as she slid on my cock. I moaned again, my head leaning back. Mrs. Teller nuzzled at my neck now, her left hand playing with my breasts, squeezing them, pinching my nipples, shooting sensations down to my futa-dick throbbing in Marissa’s pussy.

“You have to pick someone now, Marissa,” Theresa said, snuggling up to Mei from behind. Her hands cupped the Chinese girl’s small tits, squeezing those firm mounds and pinching dark-brown nipples.

“Yes,” moaned Mei, shuddering in Theresa’s arms.

“Pick someone,” Lana moaned, bucking and groaning.

“Okay,” Marissa moaned, her voice strained. “Um, Mrs. Teller, Truth or Dare?”

Mrs. Teller pulled her lips from my neck, her thighs rubbing together. “Truth.”

“Um…let’s see…” Marissa shivered, still pumping her pussy up and down my cock, her butt-jiggling as it slammed down into my lap. “Um, tell everyone what it was like fucking Cassandra the first time.”

“Someone has girl-dick on her mind,” giggled Theresa.

“Or in her pussy,” laughed Rosa as she writhed with Becky, the blonde now sucking on the Hispanic girl’s nipple.

“Yes,” Lana hissed, body shuddering in orgasmic delight. “Tell us, Mom!”

“Tell us,” Kelly moaned, her legs spread wide, alternating which hand fingered her pussy so she could lick her juices off the other.

“Oh, it was amazing,” Mrs. Teller moaned. “Last night, I found her groaning on the couch, dreaming. I woke her up and her cock somehow popped out the legband of her shorts and erupted. It splattered me in the face. She drenched me in her cum.”

“Mmm, that’s wonderful,” Becky moaned between sucks on Rosa’s nipples.

“Her cum taste amazing,” agreed Rosa. “Better than any boys.”

“And then I just had to fuck her,” Mrs. Teller continued, her fingers pinching my nipple. “I just had to ride that big, thick dick. To feel it spreading me open. I’ve never seen a cock that big before.”

“She’s soooooo huge,” Marissa panted, her back arching, her pussy clenching on my dick. “I love it. She’s amazing!”

“I rode her so hard,” Mrs. Teller continued. “I slid up and down that big, thick shaft, my pussy clenching on it, savoring the feel. It built my orgasm so fast. I shuddered, the pleasure growing and growing and growing in me. It was so hard not to scream out. That was how good it was. Just the best!

“And then I came.” Mrs. Teller shuddered. “I came so hard. Pleasure exploded through me. I had never had such an amazing orgasm before. So powerful. It drowned me.”

“Wow, Mom,” moaned Lana.

“Really?” I moaned, my pussy clenching, my dick aching in Marissa’s silky cunt.

“Really.” She smiled at me and then kissed me hard.

I moaned into the kiss, savoring my MILF lover’s tongue thrusting into my mouth, her fingers tugging on my nipple. I shuddered on the loveseat, my orgasm building and swelling in me. Marrissa bounced faster and faster, moaning out her pleasure, experiencing the same bliss that Mrs. Teller had just described.

Intoxicating bliss rushed through me as we kissed. My heart pounded. I was so glad that I could play Truth or Dare with my lover, that we could share this fun with my friends. It was so hot. She was so wonderful.

“You have to pick someone,” panted Marissa.

“Yes, pick someone,” Mei said, her voice throaty.

I broke the kiss, spotting Theresa’s hand fingering Mei as she hugged the Chinese girl from behind. I grinned, moaning, “Yes, Mrs. Teller. Who’ll it be?”

“Cassandra,” Mrs. Teller beamed at me, “Truth or Dare?”

I groaned, debating what I should pick. It was hard with the roaring pleasure rushing out of my cock. Marissa’s pussy felt so amazing sliding up and down it. She grew hotter, wetter, bouncing faster and faster. My fingers clenched into her hips as I helped her slide up and down my dick.

“Truth,” I moaned. I couldn’t take a dare. Not with my cock buried in Marissa’s twat.

Mrs. Teller grinned at me. “Now why don’t you tell us what Marissa’s pussy feels like sliding up and down your girl-dick?”

“Oh, yes,” Marissa gasped. “Does it feel half as good for you as it does for me?”

“More,” I moaned, my pussy clenching, juices leaking out, the wet spot on the loveseat growing. “You have no idea how amazing this is.”

“Tell us,” Lana said. I blinked in shock as my blonde friend licked her fingers clean of her pussy juices while her other hand reached behind her, fumbling at her bra’s clasp.

“Her pussy feels like this amazing silky glove stroking my dick. She’s wet and hot. She’s sliding up and down it. She clenches down which just makes me feel awesome.”

“Like this?” Marissa asked.

A shudder ran through me as she slammed down my dick, her pussy clenching even tighter than before. The friction was intense. “Yes!”

Kelly whimpered, cumming again on her fingers.

“What else?” Mei asked, her voice throaty, her legs spread wide, showing off Theresa’s fingers plunging over and over into her pussy.

“Yes,” Lana gasped, leaning forward, her eyes so wide.

“There’s this ache,” I panted. “It starts building deep in my pussy, like a normal orgasm, and then it spreads. It moves up my dick until it reaches the tip. And then it builds. It wants to explode out of me. And every moment she’s sliding up and down my dick only brings me closer and closer to erupting. To flooding her sweet cunt with my futa-cream.”

“Yes!” Marissa hissed.

“Sounds so hot,” moaned Rosa, her hands squeezing her tits, Becky between her thighs devouring her pussy. Had they ever done that before? Or were they embarking onto their first lesbian experience?

Either way, it had my blood boiling. It was so hot watching my friends enjoy each other.

“So it’s building right now?” Mrs. Teller moaned, nuzzling at my ear. “It’s building in your cock?”

“And my pussy,” I panted. “Like I’m about to cum twice. Once with my cock, and once with my cunt. Both pleasures will race through my body at the same time.”

“What’s cumming with a cock like?” Marissa asked, slamming her pussy down my shaft.

The friction shot down my shaft to my depths. My eyes widened as I came. I bucked hard, thrusting up into her pussy as the cum boiled out of me. My pussy writhed, waves of bliss washing from my cunt while powerful blasts of rapture fired from my dick.

“It’s so intense!” I howled. “Every time my cock fires, it shoots right to my brain. And then my pussy’s spasming. And it’s flooding me with more pleasure. Oh, god. This is so amazing!”

“She’s flooding my pussy,” groaned Marissa. “She’s shooting so much into me.”

“Yes,” Mei hissed.

“Flood her, Cassandra,” Lana moaned, taking off her bra and bearing her round breasts, tanned save for two pale triangles around her nipples.

“Yes, yes, flood her,” moaned Mrs. Teller. “You’re so sexy, Cassandra.”

“It’s the best!” I screamed as the dual pleasures met in my mind. “Just the absolute most amazing thing. It’s so hot. So wonderful. I can’t even describe it.”

Marissa shuddered. She moaned, her pussy milking my spurting cock. She cried out in wordless pleasure as she came for the first time on a girl-dick. Stars danced before my eyes as I savored this wonderful moment as I held her hips.

“So good,” Marissa howled. “She’s flooding me. The best!”

“Oh, I want that,” Theresa moaned, frigging Mei’s pussy so hard.

“Me, too,” Rosa moaned, her voice throaty with pleasure, her body shuddering, cumming on Becky’s licking tongue.

“Yeah,” Lana moaned. It was almost a whisper.

I shuddered as the final squirt of my cum flooded Marissa’s pussy. I let out a mewling moan as she trembled on me, her pussy still writhing, sending bliss shooting through my body. I groaned, my eyes rolling back into my head.

“Marissa,” I panted, “Truth or Dare.”

“Dare!” she moaned.

“I dare you to sit on Rosa’s face and let her lick your pussy clean.”

“Done!” groaned Marissa.

I shuddered as she slid off my cock and rushed towards Rosa twitching on the ground. The Hispanic girl licked her lips, staring up at Marissa’s pussy leaking my precum, her pubic hair mated with white jizz. Marissa sat on her face, grinding her hot pussy on Rosa’s lips. The Hispanic girl’s tongue licked through Marissa’s folds, devouring my cum while Becky kept eating Rosa’s snatch.

“Mei, Truth or Dare?” moaned Marissa.

“Dare,” Mei moaned.

“I dare you to sixty-nine with Theresa.”

“Oh, yes,” Theresa moaned while Mei licked her lips.

I shuddered, watching the two girls slip around and fall on each other, Mei on top, her petite body writhing as she smeared her pussy on Theresa’s hungry lips. Right before her head vanished between Theresa’s thighs, Mei shouted, “Cassandra, Truth or Dare?”

“Truth,” I grinned.

“Truth,” Mei said, shivering. “Um, shoot, I can’t think of anything. What’s your favorite color?”

“Lame,” Kelly moaned between sucks of her sticky fingers.

“Pink,” I grinned, then added, “because I love pussy.”

Lana giggled, staring at me, her eyes wide.

“Lana, Truth or Dare?”

“Dare,” my friend said, her body naked, trembling, her eyes fixed on my cock.

But I wanted to see something truly perverse. I glanced at Mrs. Teller, her eyes staring with hunger at her naked daughter. Such lesbian perversion had been unleashed by my futa-cock today. And I wanted to indulge.

“Lana, I dare you to lick your mother’s pussy while I fuck you from behind!”

My heart raced as the words left my mouth. I trembled, hoping I hadn’t gone too far. So eager to watch naughty, forbidden incest break out. To watch Lana lick the very pussy that birthed her, my lover’s pussy, while I fucked her from behind.

Mrs. Teller shuddered and spread her legs beside me, showing off her pussy, her blonde curls matted with my cum. “Well, honey, are you playing?”

“Mom?” breathed Lana, her eyes wide. “Really?”


“Do it,” Marissa moaned, grinding so hard on Rosa’s face. “Lick your mom’s cunt clean of Cassandra’s yummy cum. Rosa loves it.”

“I do,” Rosa moaned.

“I had no idea pussy tasted so good,” panted Becky. Then she squealed as Kelly dived between her legs.

Mei and Theresa only moaned in agreement, their words muffled as they sixty-nined with obvious passion.

Lana took a deep breath and then crawled across the living room, her tits swaying. “I can’t believe I’m doing this. This is so surreal.”

“But hot?” I asked my best friend.

“Hot,” she agreed as she reached her mother’s thighs.

I stood up, my dick throbbing hard as I watched Lana’s blonde curls drape across her mother’s thighs as she leaned in. Mrs. Teller’s big breasts jiggled as she took in a deep breath, watching her daughter’s lips come closer and closer to her cum-filled pussy.

I caught my lover’s eyes. Her blue depths burned with such passion. She grinned at me, licking her lips, and then she shuddered as Lana made that first, incestuous lick through her mother’s pussy. The MILF moaned, her body shuddering as her daughter lapped through her pussy, licking my futa-jizz.

“Oh, honey, that’s wonderful,” Mrs. Teller moaned. “Oh, you have such an amazing tongue. Oh, honey. Oh, you’re so good. Lick Mommy’s pussy.”

Lana only moaned, her face pressed into her mother’s pussy while her ass wiggled. She had a tight ass. My hands clenched, eager to grab her butt and fuck her hard. I stroked my pussy-lubed dick, the moans of my friends echoing behind me as I sank to my knees.

I brought my cock to my best friend’s pussy while she devoured my lover’s cunt. Mrs. Teller stared at me with those hot eyes, moaning, her breasts jiggling. Pleasure rippled through her body as she enjoyed her daughter’s incestuous licking.

“Oh, Lana, I’m going to fuck you so hard,” I told her, rubbing my cock up and down her virgin pussy. I knew she was a virgin. I shivered, pressing against her wet folds, brushing her hymen, a ring of flesh around the opening of her cunt. “I’m going to break you in.”

“Do it,” she moaned. “Pop my cherry while I lick my mom’s pussy.”

“How does she taste?” I asked, licking my lips.

“Amazing! Especially with your girl-jizz in her.”

I shivered, my dick throbbing against her virgin folds. And then I thrust.

My eyes widened as her cherry popped. I felt her hymen stretch and then tear, failing to guard her innocence from my futa-dick. My cock slid halfway into her tight depths. I was the first to ever enter her. I shuddered, her pussy clamping down on my shaft. My ass clenched, my hips thrusting, driving my dick deeper into her depths.

She moaned, shuddering, her pussy clenching about my cock. I drew back and thrust in again, burying all the way into her this time. My crotch smacked her ass, tanned golden save for a thin strip along her crack.

“Mommy,” she moaned, her pussy clenching down hard on my girl-dick.

“I know,” Mrs. Teller purred, her right hand gripping her daughter’s blonde hair. “It’s wonderful. Enjoy her.”

“I will, Mommy.”

Mrs. Teller grinned at me. “Fuck my daughter, Cassandra. Make her cum for me.”

“I will,” I promised, drawing back and thrusting in.

“God, I really love you, honey,” Mrs. Teller moaned at me. “That futa-fairy gave us all a gift.”

“She did,” I panted, pumping my hips, savoring my best friend’s pussy as she licked and nuzzled at her mother’s cunt.

Moans echoed through the air. Lesbian passion filled the living room with the scent of so many hot pussies, including my own. My juices trickled down my thighs as I fucked my friend. She was so wet and hot and silky. My passions swelled as I reamed her. Her butt-cheeks rippled as I plowed into her.

Her hips wiggled, bucking back into my thrusts. She moaned with each one, her tongue licking through her mother’s pussy, devouring all of her mother’s forbidden juices. It was so hot watching my MILF lover shudder and shiver, grinding on her daughter’s tongue.

“Oh, yes, lick Mommy’s pussy while her big-dicked girlfriend fucks you hard.” Mrs. Teller shuddered. “Oh, yes, baby, devour my cunt. Jam that tongue in me and lick all of Cassandra’s cream from my cunt.”

“Yes,” I groaned, thrusting harder and harder. “Eat my cum out of your mother’s pussy.”

Lana moaned, her pussy clenching on my dick. She wrapped her hands about her mother’s waist, holding on tight. I couldn’t see her licking, but I could hear her. She ate her mother with such noisy passion, moaning and groaning as I fucked her so hard.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Marissa moaned behind me. “Oh, Rosa, drink my pussy juices. You naughty slut.”

“Oh, god, I need my pussy licked,” Kelly moaned.

“Daisy chain,” Mei panted from the other side of the room. “All four of you can lick each other’s pussies.”

“Hot,” Rosa moaned.

I threw a look over my shoulder and watched Marissa, Becky, Kelly, and Rosa formed a circle, daisy-chaining their pussies together. Rosa ate Becky who ate Marissa who ate Kelly who ate Rosa who started it all over again. They moaned and humped against each other’s faces, drinking hot pussy juices.

“Oh, that is hot,” Mrs. Teller panted, trembling, grinding her pussy on her daughter’s lips. “Oh, yes, so hot.”

“Want to give that a try?” I grinned at her.

“Yes!” she panted. “After I cum on my daughter’s lips!”

“Yes, Mommy, cum on my lips,” moaned Lana, her pussy growing so hot. “Do it. I’m going to… Cum!”

I groaned as Lana’s pussy writhed around my cock. She moaned into her mother’s pussy as the pleasure boiled through her. My dick ached and throbbed in her cunt. I shuddered, gripping her hips so hard as I reamed her faster and faster. The pleasure shivered through me, building, swelling, aching to explode out of my cock.

My best friend’s pussy massaged her cock while her mother shuddered. Mrs. Teller’s large breasts jiggled as she spasmed. Her head thrown back, blonde hair flying, and an orgasmic moan escaped her lips.

“Honey!” she moaned. “Oh, honey, you’re making Mommy cum so hard!”

“Yes,” I hissed, burying into my friend’s pussy, my dick throbbing, my cunt clenching. “Drink your mother’s pussy juices.”

“She is!” my lover moaned.

I shuddered, my dick throbbing. I drew back my dick, my cock throbbing, on the verge of exploding, and buried into my friend. The friction rushed down my cock. It reached into the depths of my body.

Triggered my eruption.

Blast after blast of my cum fired into my friend’s pussy. I flooded her with blast after blast of jizz as she moaned into her mother’s cunt. Juices gushed down my thighs. My cunt spasmed as the pleasure raced through my body.

I loved this. I loved being a futa and having the MILF of my dreams as my lover. I loved the lesbian orgy raging around us, my friends descending into such delicious perversion. My body bucked and swayed as my cum flowed into my friend.

While I stared into her mother’s eyes, seeing the love shining back.

The futa-fairy had granted my wish. I had my MILF lover and so much more.

The orgy lasted until morning. I had fucked all my friends by the time the sun had risen and my cock had returned to being a cute, little clit. Their cum dribbled out of their pussies and assholes, staining their tits and faces. We all collapsed in a pile, exhausted and satiated.

Things were so different after that. Mrs. Teller left her husband. Her marriage had been running on fumes for years, and now she had someone she could truly pour all her desires into. Well, two someones. Lana was also our lover. It was so hot. We would daisy chain and lick each other’s pussies while waiting for my cock to sprout.

And then I would fuck them both. My parents didn’t mind that I practically lived next door. After all, Lana was my best friend. I was so happy. We practically turned into night owls so we could enjoy my futa-cock as much as possible.

My friends embraced girl-love, whether or not the girl had a dick. And, of course, Friday nights were slumber party orgies!

I was so grateful to Leanan Sidhe for granting my wish and giving me the love of a sexy MILF and her hot daughter.


Leanan Sidhe’s pussy convulsed about the fingers of her left hand while her right stroked up and down her dick, her cum spraying through the Aviary. The birds sang in celebration overhead as her cum and pussy juices mixed with the heady perfume of the tropical flowers blooming around her. A big smile crossed the fairy’s face.

“Oh, my dear, sweet Cassandra,” she moaned. “I am truly pleased you have enjoyed your gift.”

The futa-fairy’s wings buzzed, lifting her from the ground. She turned, flying towards the glass door and exited the Aviary. She felt another desire building, another wish that had to be answered. Her dick throbbed, ready to seal another bargain.

Bit by bit, Summer’s influence spread.

The END of Cassandra’s Tale

Click here for Kimmie’s Tale, Chapter 1.

I have released a part 34 of the revamped Devil’s Pact on Smashwords. Read this post for more information if you’re interested!

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    This is probably the chapter I’ve reread the most out of any on your site. Really good stuff both in terms of the kinks it checks off, but definitely in terms of writing/pacing. Magic probably accelerates the tempo quite a lot which is for the better since I’m not here for much more than stroke stories. That said, I appreciate how you manage to fit in just a little more to spice it all up. Love Lana’s descent into depravity. Best touch of it all.

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