The Futa Fairy-Futa Cop’s Wild Wish Chapter Three: Office Cindy’s Hot Suspect


The Futa Fairy

Futa Cop’s Wild Wish

Chapter Three: Office Cindy’s Hot Suspect

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2017

Story Codes: Hermaphrodite/Female, Hermaphrodite/Teen female, Hermaphrodites/Teen female, Incest, Bondage, Domination/submission, Interracial, Black Woman/White Futa, Spanking, Voyeurism, Oral Sex, Creampie, Anal Sex, Ass to Pussy, Rimming

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Whatever had me angry was forgotten in the eager need to chase the sea-green sedan racing down Ainsworth from the direction of my daughter’s high school. This was the second person I had found driving so recklessly on the street through the residential neighborhood. The street’s speed limit was only 30 MPH, and she was doing at least fifty. She was almost as bad as the twin sisters I had just pulled over and fucked with my futa-cock.

I radioed to dispatch, my girl-dick aching as it rested on my steering wheel. I flipped a bitch (technical turn for a 180 degree turn) and roared after the speeder. I caught a glimpse of a dark woman’s face. Another speeding bitch I had to punish.

I loved my wish. I was so glad B, the futa-fairy, granted my desires yesterday. I had a huge cock and the ability to fuck any woman I wanted while in uniform. No one cared. My patrol sergeant had even caught me yesterday fucking another speeder and didn’t care.

It was so hot.

My sirens screamed and the sea-green sedan pulled off onto the shoulder. I shuddered, my pussy so wet. I shifted, my gun belt creaking. I turned off the sirens but kept the lights flashing. The woman looked behind me, Black, her hair short and frizzy, like a small afro. She was impatient, too. Annoyed that I had ruined her day.

I radioed in to dispatch. “Another one?” the dispatcher answered. “Are you ever getting to your duty station, Cindy?”

“They keep speeding by my daughter’s school,” I answered back. “I got her at 51 on my radar gun.” It was a lie. But I was good at estimating how fast someone was driving. You spend over a decade pulling people over and it becomes a well-honed skill.

“I’ll let the sheriffs know,” dispatch said, “to put more patrols on Ainsworth if there is a problem with speeding.”

“10-4,” I answered and then ran the woman’s plates. No warrants. It was registered to a Rita Jones. My daughter was friends with a Pattie Jones. They both attended Washington High. Was this Rita her mother?

I climbed out of my car, my boots crunching on the gravel. More cars drove past on Ainsworth, ignoring the huge girl-dick thrusting out of the front of my uniform. My handcuffs jangled on my belt. I had a lot of fun with them and those twins. I reached the sea-green car, bending low, keeping my dick out of sight.

For now.

The window came down. “Morning,” I said with a fake smile. “And where were you heading in such a hurry?”

“Just on my way home,” the Black woman said. She was pretty, my age, wearing blue scrubs. She had a parking pass for St. Claire Hospital on her front windshield. “Long night at the hospital.”


“Doctor,” she said, giving me a smile, hoping I would extend her a courtesy.

“Uh-huh,” I said as she handed over her ID. She was Rita Jones. “This is out of your way if you’re coming home to St. Claire. You live on the other side of 112th Street.” We were about six blocks from that street.

“Had to take my daughter to school,” the woman said with a yawn. “She overslept. So excited about her class with Ms. Marcie today. So, of course, she missed the bus.”

Something twinged in the back of my mind, but my lusts were too great right now to care about another student of Ms. Marcie eager to see her. My dick ached and throbbed, pussy juices dribbling down my thighs.

“So you were speeding home, doing twenty over the speed limit through a residential neighborhood. Pedestrians are walking down this street.”

“Was I going that fast?” She gave me a fake smile. “I am real sorry. It’s just these shifts, you know.”

“Yeah, I know,” I growled, my voice growing in volume. “So that gives you the right to speed? Because you’re a doctor? That gives you the right to be a uncaring bitch?”

She blinked. “Excuse me, Officer?”

“Officer Cindy,” I spat and ripped open her car door.

She squeaked in shock when I seized her by her thick, woolly hair. I hauled her Black ass out of the car, spun her around, and threw her over the hood. The shocks of the cruiser squeaked as she bent over it. I groped her ass, squeezing it hard as she wiggled.

“Officer Cindy!” she gasped, her wiggling getting my cock so excited. “What are you doing?”

“Teaching a bitch her place,” I snarled, my hands ripping down her blue scrubs, exposing the plain, white panties she wore beneath. “A cunt who thinks she’s above the safety of everyone around her, just driving recklessly, speeding down quiet streets because she wants to get home a minute faster.”

I smacked her ass through her panties. She gasped.

“A! Fucking! Minute! Faster!” I pulled out my utility knife, unfolding the blade with a practice flip. I shoved it into the waistband of her panties.

She froze.

The knife cut through her panties. I shuddered, my pussy clenching as I cut down the crack of her ass. The panties fell open, revealing her ebony butt-cheeks, so curvy and delicious. I cut lower, working down to her pussy covered in dark, thickly curled pubic hair. She gasped as the torn remains of her panties clung to her thighs.

“What are you doing, Officer Cindy?” she panted.

“I thought doctors were smart,” I told her, folding the blade of my knife on my hip and sheathing it. “What do you think I’m doing?”

I cracked my hand on her naked ass.

“Spanking me!” she gasped.

“That’s right, you naughty bitch!”


She gasped, her butt-cheeks writhing. Those beautiful, ebony cheeks glowed after my next smack. Her hips shook. She let out a whimper as she squirmed on the hood of my car. The tip of my cock brushed her pussy as she wiggled.

She froze again as I felt her hot, silky heat. “What is that? Your nightstick?”

“That’s my futa-cock,” I purred, rubbing my tip up and down her cunt. “My big, thick, throbbing futa-cock. Mmm, doesn’t that just make you wet?”


She gasped, her eyes widening. She looked over her shoulder at me. “You have a dick?”

“Didn’t you notice it thrusting out of my pants?”

She shook her head. “It’s been a long night.


“So you were speeding when you are too tired to notice things. That’s as bad as drinking and driving. You are a selfish bitch!”

I rammed my huge girl-dick into her pussy. I savored the sight of my ivory shaft sinking into her dark flesh. My pale hand gripped her ebony asscheeks, clenching hard. She winced, her butt on fire from my spankings. Her pussy clenched down hard on my futa-dick, her head arching.

She let out a wanton scream for everyone to hear. A woman walking by glanced and nodded her head, clearly approving of my police activity. I grinned back at her as I fucked my cock in and out of Dr. Rita’s tight sheath.

“Mmm, that’s what you get, you fucking bitch,” I growled.


“You get fucked by a futa with a huge dick!”


Every time I spanked her, her pussy squeezed down on my dick. It was amazing. It was so hot. I pumped in and out of her cunt, working my dick while her car rocked. She moaned and gasped, squirming on the hood of the car, her cunt dripping wet.

She burned with heat. I stirred her up. It was so hot fucking the Black doctor while a group of students from Washington High, wearing their PE uniforms, jogged by. I grinned at the nubile girls glancing at me as I dispensed justice.

If I ever caught one of them being naughty…

“Fuck,” I growled, my orgasm swelling as I pumped in and out of Dr. Rita’s hot cunt. “Oh, you are such a randy bitch, aren’t you? You love being spanked.”

“I…” She squirmed. “I…do.”

“You love that stinging slap!”

“I do,” she moaned, her pussy molten on my pumping girl-dick. My cunt dripped juices, drinking in the friction of her snatch wrapped about my cock.


“Then beg me to spank your Black ass!” I groaned, euphoria spilling through my body. I was high on this. On dispensing justice to another speeding cunt.

“Please!” she groaned. “Please, Officer Cindy, spank my Black ass! I was so bad!”


“You were a bitch!”

“Yes, yes, a bitch!” Her pussy clenched so hard on my dick.


“A fucking cunt!”

“I am a cunt! A selfish cunt! Oh, yes, Officer Cindy, keep spanking my Black ass!”


Her pussy exploded on my dick.

I shuddered as her juices squirted out of her cunt, splashing my uniform. The cream soaked through my pants and stained my thighs. Her flesh writhed about my pumping cock. The friction was amazing. The euphoric bliss rippled through me as my orgasm swelled and swelled.

She screamed out her rapture, bucking so hard. The Black doctor lost all control. Her moans were so wild as they screamed down the street. It was so hot. I groaned, pumping away so fast, ramming my cock so deep into her spasming cunt.

I loved it.

“That’s it, you fucking bitch,” I growled, ripping out of her cunt. “You’re just a filthy cunt.”

I seized her thick hair, hauling her off her hood. She fell to her knees before me. I fisted my dick hard with my left hand, sliding up and down my shiny shaft. Her juices lubed the way. My hand flew up and down on them as I aimed my cock right at her face.

My pussy clenched.

The pressure swelled.

I bathed her ebony face in snowy jizz.

“Yes!” I howled as my cum fired out of my cock.

Ropy strands of futa-jizz painted across her face. I splashed her across her features as I heaved and shuddered. My pussy spasmed, more juices flooding down my thighs. My face contorted. My entire body convulsed as the rapture burned out of me.

And coated her face.

It was so hot watching my girl-cum drip down her cheeks and forehead. Her tongue licked up, eager to drink my jizz. Her eyes fluttered as cum ran down the bridge of her nose. She let out another moan as she stared at my cock.

“No balls,” she whispered. Her finger reached out, rubbing at the folds of my pussy. “Oh, my god, your cock is your clitoris?”

“Uh-huh,” I panted, a dizzy wave of euphoria rippling through me. I blinked, taking a deep breath.


“I made a wish with the futa-fairy,” I told her. “She gave it to…” I wasn’t the only one who has made that wish. My lusts had overwhelmed the anger I felt learning that Ms. Marcie, the teacher my fourteen-year-old daughter had a crush on, was now also a futa.

A futa fucking her students.

Was she fucking my daughter? Or Dr. Rita’s?

I had to find out. “I’m going to let you off on a warning,” I told Dr. Rita as she licked at my cum spilling down her face. “This time.”

“Thank you, Officer Cindy,” she panted. “But, wait, you can’t go. I need to know more. You fired so much cum. And your cock is huge. Intersexed people don’t have cocks that big. Even if they are true hermaphrodites like you.”

“Told you, made a wish,” I said. “Maybe you can make one, too.”

I marched back to my squad car. The moment I was inside, I radioed dispatch, telling them I needed to investigate something at Washington High, that I didn’t need backup at this time, and I would radio later with an update. To my shock the dispatcher didn’t ask questions.

“10-04,” she answered.

My wish was amazing.

I parked my car before the main entrance and hopped out, futa-cock bobbing before me. It was so hot just walking around with my dick out. I marched into the school. Students were in the hallway. First period must be over and they were heading to their next classes.

“Officer Cindy,” Erin Turner said, the cherub-faced girl whom I had pulled over with her twin sister an hour ago. “What are you doing here?”

“Where is Ms. Marcie’s classroom?” I growled.

She gave me directions.

The students were vanishing into classrooms by the time I reached Ms. Marcie’s. I opened the door and took in the sight. Nothing appeared out of place. All the boys were in the back, reading quietly, while the girls were stripping naked up front, eager for their lesson.

“We are going to have so much fun today,” Ms. Marcie said, her hand buried into my daughter’s hair, bobbing Amber’s mouth up and down her futa-dick. Ms. Marcie, too, was naked, which was normal. She was a busty MILF, her nipples dark-red and hard atop her pillowy tits. She had luxurious, brown hair falling about her cougar-hungry face.

She was a predator. Like me.

I frowned. Why was I so angry? I thought she was fucking my daughter, but Amber was happily helping her teacher out, demonstrating how to blow a futa’s cock. She was doing a great job. Her black hair fell about her naked shoulders, her lips spread open wide, sealed tight about the fleshy girl-dick as she bobbed her head.

She was taking so much of the shaft. She was doing so…

This wasn’t right… This was like…me. When I fucked women, no one looked twice. They thought it was normal. They didn’t think anything of it. They just…rationalized it. Like I was rationalizing it. I shook my head.

“B,” I groaned, watching my daughter blow another futa’s cock. She could be sucking on my dick. My innocent, fourteen-year-old daughter could have her mouth locked about my cock, bobbing up and down, making my dick feel as good as Ms. Marcie’s.

My hands clenched. Oh, I had to teach Ms. Marcie a lesson, too.

I marched in. The jingle of my utility belt drew Ms. Marcie’s attention. She blinked at the sight of me. “Officer? Aren’t you Amber’s mother?”

“I am,” I said.

“Well, you must be so happy seeing how well your daughter is doing with her lesson,” Ms. Marcie moaned, her hands gripping my daughter’s black hair, fucking her cock in and out of Amber’s sweet lips.

Amber’s small breasts jiggled, topped by pink, puffy nipples. She glanced at me, moaning about the futa-teacher’s cock. She thought it was natural, too. It made my own futa-dick ache and throb so hard in envy.

Then Amber gasped, ripping her mouth off her teacher’s cock. “Mom! You have a dick! You’re a futa!”

That got the attention of the other girl’s in the classroom. They all glanced at me, hunger in their eyes. Pattie Jones was one of them, tangled up with an Asian girl, their pussies tribbing together as they kissed on the floor.

Her mother’s cream was still on my cock.

“And what are you doing here, Officer?” Ms. Marcie asked, pulling Amber’s mouth back on my cock. “Here to help me teach the joys B is spreading.”

“Something like that,” I said. A deviant thought popped into my head. “Pattie Jones, get that pretty ass over here and suck on my cock.”

“Oh, yes, Officer,” the Black girl moaned, untangling herself from the petite, Asian girl.

“That’s Officer Cindy,” I said, my voice stern.

Pattie had her mother’s face, though full of youthful desire. Her dark eyes smoldered. Beaded braids clacked together at the nape of her neck as she fell to her knees before me, her round breasts bouncing. She grasped my cock, feeling her mother’s juices on it as she leaned in and licked at my pink tip.

I shuddered as she cleaned her mother’s cream off my dick. Her eyes brightened, recognizing the taste of cunt on my dick. She took another lick then sucked the entire tip into her hungry mouth, lips sealed tight.

“Do you know who’s pussy is on my dick?” I asked the girl.

“Whose?” groaned Ms. Marcie, her hand gripping my daughter’s hair as she fucked her thick girl-dick in and out of Amber’s sweet lips.

“Well, Pattie?” I asked.

The Black girl popped her lips off long enough to moan, “No idea, Officer Cindy?”

As she sucked again, sending a powerful surge shooting down my cock and into my pussy, I moaned. “That’s your mother’s pussy.”

“Hot,” another girl said.

“Oh, yes, like watching Ms. Marcie fuck her daughter,” moaned a second.

“Mmm, that is delicious,” Ms. Marcie said. “Her first taste of the taboo. Suck your mother’s juices off Officer Cindy’s cock, you schoolgirl-slut.”

Ms. Marcie thrust her cock harder into my daughter’s mouth. Amber moaned, one hand plunging fingers into her futa-teacher’s cunt. The other fingered her own pussy. She jammed her digits up inside her.

She was no longer a virgin.

“And do you know why I have your mother’s juices on my cock, Pattie?” I asked, fucking the Black girl’s mouth, my hands seizing her braided hair. “Huh?”

She shook her head, moaning a “no” about my dick. The vibrations tingled down my shaft to my pussy. I shuddered, my hips pumping my cock in and out of her mouth. She sucked so hard, her tongue dancing, savoring the last traces of her mother’s pussy on my cock.

“Because I pulled her over for speeding,” I groaned. “After she dropped you off to school, she thought she could drive like a reckless bitch with no disregard for anyone else.” I shuddered. “So I fucked her and spanked her ass. I punished her for being such a selfish cunt.”

“Wonderful,” Ms. Marcie moaned, her body shaking. “Oh, that’s so wonderful, Officer Cindy. Oh, yes!” Her eyes snapped down to my daughter. “And you, you wonderful schoolgirl-slut, oh, that’s it. Drink my jizz. Drink it all!”

She flooded my daughter’s mouth, calling her those horrible names. I shuddered, my hands gripping Pattie’s head so hard as I fucked her mouth. I rammed my cock to the back of her throat and slammed it down the girl’s throat. She gagged and coughed as she took all of my cock.

Ms. Marcie’s huge tits heaved as she came. My daughter moaned, swallowing her futa-teacher’s cum as fast as she could. Some ran down her innocent chin, thick and white. I licked my lips, driving my cock down Pattie’s throat over and over while she sucked and moaned and gurgled.

My pussy clenched. My orgasm swelled so fast as I watched Ms. Marcie use my little girl as her slut. I watched my daughter gulp down all of her futa-teacher’s cum like a little schoolgirl-whore. My body shuddered.

My cum erupted into Pattie’s mouth.

The pleasure shot straight to my mind every time my cock fired jizz into the Black girl’s mouth. She gulped it down with such hungry passion, as much a whore as her mother. I groaned, my pussy spasming, my panties sodden after absorbing so much cream this morning.

“Damn,” I panted as she swallowed the last blast. “You have been teaching these girls some naughty things.”

“I have,” grinned Ms. Marcie while my daughter licked and fluttered her tongue against the futa-teacher’s big, thick girl-dick. “And your daughter has been an apt pupil.”

“You see, I love punishing selfish cunts. That’s why I’m here, Ms. Marcie.” I grinned at her, pushing Pattie off my dick.

“I’m not following?” Ms. Marcie blinked her dark eyes as I advanced on her, my handcuffs jingling.

I pulled them off my belt and twirled them on my finger.

The futa-teacher’s eyes widened. She took a step back, pulling her dick away my daughter’s lips. Amber actually leaned her head out, following the cock like she was addicted to that cum. She should be addicted to my cock.

“You are such a selfish cunt, Ms. Marcie,” I growled, seizing the teacher’s naked arm. Her large breasts jiggled as I yanked her towards me. “That’s my daughter sucking your cock. Did I get to pop her cherry?”

“Well, no,” Ms. Marcie said. “I did.”

“When I woke her up while she was dreaming and masturbating,” Amber said, looking up at me, her beauty spot so dark on her ivory cheeks, enhancing her cute innocence. “And then she made me suck her cock.”

“You understand,” Ms. Marcie said, twisting to face me. Our cocks smacked together like dueling swords. “You’re like me. The need. The ache to fuck them.”

“But she’s my daughter,” I growled. “Don’t you think her mother should have the delight of popping her cherry?”

“Well, I was educating her. I am a teacher.”

“And that gives you the right to be a selfish cunt?” I demanded, twisting her around.

She gasped as I manhandled her. My cock smacked into her ass as I pulled her arms around her back. She squirmed, throwing looks over her shoulder, her eyes wide. I snapped the cuff over her right wrist and then her left, ratcheting them tight.

“What are you doing?” she demanded as I pushed her over her desk.

“Teaching the class how selfish cunts should be treated,” I purred, my cock rubbing on her ass as she squirmed. I kept her pinned to her desk with my arm, her head on the other side. “Isn’t that delicious?”

She shivered, my cock sliding down and nudging her hot pussy surrounded by soft, brown pubic hair. “This is your wish!” she accused. “That’s why I’m…”

“Getting so turned on?” I asked. “Why you’re just going to submit to your punishment because you know you’re a selfish cunt?”

“Damn that B,” muttered Ms. Marcie as she wiggled, her pubic hair caressing my throbbing tip.

“Mmm, she is something,” I agreed.

I grabbed the wooden ruler off her desk, trembling in delight. I had used these in the BDSM club I like to go to, spanking naughty girls’ assess until they were bright red. I pulled my hand away from her back, knowing that she wouldn’t move.

Amber, my daughter, stood beside me, her brown eyes wide and glossy. She grabbed my cock, stroking it like a good girl. I smiled at her and she beamed back. She licked her lips, cleaning up some of her teacher’s futa-cum.

“She was so selfish, Mommy,” Amber purred, sounding so wonderfully innocent. “Spank her. Punish her!”

“Yes,” Pattie moaned. She had the Asian girl kneeling before her tonguing her pussy. “Such a wicked teacher.”

The ruler whistled through the air.


“Holy shit!” screamed Ms. Marcie, bucking on the desk, her cock waving between her legs while pussy juices dribbled down her shaft and thighs. Her pubic hair glistened with her dew. “That hurt.”
“It was supposed,” I groaned, my pussy growing hotter and hotter as I savored her pain.


Ms. Marcie jumped again. She squirmed and writhed, two bright stripes puckered on her ass, becoming red welts. I savored the sight contrasting with the teacher’s pale butt-cheeks. It was so such a hot sight.

Amber stroked my cock faster, staring at her teacher’s ass. Her naked body pressed against my uniform, her round breasts jiggling as she trembled with excitement. Her other hand rubbed at my pussy lips, caressing my dripping folds, sending delight through me.


“I’m so sorry,” howled Ms. Marcie, “for popping your daughter’s cherry!”


“I am!” she moaned, her brown hair flying as her supple back rippled. Her welted butt-cheeks clenched, burning so bright now.

Damn, that was a hot sight.


“Oh, punish her, Mommy,” cooed my daughter.

“Punish her, Officer Cindy,” girls behind me moaned.

The boys were quiet, reading their assignments. I loved the futa-fairy’s powers.


“Oh, my god, I said I was sorry!” gasped Ms. Marcie, her desk creaking as she thrashed.

“Convince me,” I moaned, my daughter’s fingers feeling so wonderful as they slid through my pussy lips. She stroked my petals, caressing all my juicy folds while her hand flew faster and faster on my cock.

“I am,” she groaned.


“What are you?” I demanded, my daughter’s hand stroking my cock so fast. My crown throbbed, pressure building inside of me. This was so hot to punish the futa-teacher, to watch her cock twitch and her pussy clench as I spanked her naughty ass.

“A selfish cunt!” she gasped.


“A selfish cunt for taking your daughter’s cherry and denying you that pleasure!”


“It was so sweet!”


“She came so hard on my dick!”


“She was so tight and hot and pure!”


“And I despoiled her because I’m a selfish cunt!”

My ovaries boiled. My pussy clenched. My daughter’s fingers felt so amazing as they rubbed me. My futa-dick throbbed in her hand. I trembled, my breasts jiggling in my sports bra, trapped by my uniform and bulletproof vest.

The ruler hissed down. I changed the angle. It fell on the futa’s wet pussy.


“I am a selfish cunt!” howled Ms. Marcie as she came.

Her cock erupted. Girl-jizz splattered her desk. Pussy juices spurted from her pussy. They splashed my pant legs, soaking into the blue fabric. She bucked and writhed, her burning ass clenching and wiggling as she screamed out pleasure and pain.

My daughter jammed three fingers into my pussy. Her hand flew up my cock. Sensations shot through my body.

My dick erupted. My cum splattered the futa-teacher’s burning ass. White jizz painted ropy lines across red welts. I groaned, shuddering with each blast, my pussy spasming about my daughter’s amazing fingers. She jerked my cock off, squeezing hard, making sure more and more cum splashed across her futa-teacher’s ass.

I groaned through my pleasure, my hand gripping the ruler so hard, the metal edge biting into my palm. I shuddered, snorting breaths through my nose as I savored the delight of punishing a naughty teacher.

“Oh, that was amazing,” I growled, glancing at my daughter. “And has she fucked your ass?”

Amber shook her head. “I’m still cherry there. She was going to. As part of the lesson.”

I smacked my ruler on the futa-teacher’s cum-stained ass. “Selfish cunt.”

“I was,” moaned Ms. Marcie in drowsy ecstasy. “Oh, such a bad teacher. I deserved to be punished, Officer Cindy.”

“It’s not over,” I growled. “Who else had their cherries popped by this selfish cunt?”

The Asian girl and two others raised their hands. Then Pattie said, “She took my anal cherry.”

“That counts,” I grinned. “You three, take turns spanking her ass. Keep it nice and warm while I take what’s mine.”

“My anal cherry, Mommy?” my daughter asked me.

I grinned at her. “Just bend over the desk next to your naughty teacher, and Mommy will take care of that.”

Amber beamed at me then she turned around, almost in a flouncing motion, and threw herself over her teacher’s desk. It was, conspicuously, bare of most items you’d find on a desk. The naughty teacher wanted to be ready for her fun.

The three girls, the Asian in the lead, approached. The cute, Asian girl’s hand cracked down on the teacher’s ass, splattering cum. It made such a wet, obscene sound. Drops of jizz splattered her stomach, making her jiggle.

“Oooh, yes, punish me,” moaned Ms. Marcie, squirming, her hands pulling at her handcuffs.

I brought my cock to my daughter’s asshole, my precum dripping. I parted her cute butt-cheeks and found her brown sphincter. I rubbed my throbbing crown around my daughter’s puckered asshole, loving the velvety feel caressing me.


“Ooh, yes,” moaned Ms. Marcie as the girls giggled.


“Oh, Mommy, please fuck my ass with your big futa-dick.”

“She made you into a schoolgirl-slut,” I growled as the Asian girl smacked her teacher’s ass again.

“She did, Mommy!” My daughter wiggled. “Fuck me!”

I rammed my cock into her virgin asshole.

I shuddered as I sank into my daughter’s bowels. Into my own flesh and blood’s asshole. She was so hot, so tight, so wonderful. I groaned, diving deeper and deeper as I violated her ass for the first time. Her virgin territory embraced me in incestuous heaven.

She made the most wanton groan as I bottomed out in her, pressing my groin into her cute ass. The girls kept slapping Ms. Marcie’s rear, but I didn’t care. Not with this amazing heat around my futa-cock. I was in my daughter’s ass.

I loved it.

“Mommy,” she squealed as I drew back my cock, sliding through the hot friction of her asshole. “That feels so…weird. But good. Oh, I like it!”

“Mmm, so do I,” I panted and thrust into her.

She gasped, her bowels clenching down hard on my dick as my crotch smacked into her ass. My gun belt rattled. I shuddered, holding my daughter’s hips as I drew back my cock and fucked into her asshole again. And again. And again.

I loved her ass. I loved violating my daughter’s bowels. It was such an incestuous delight. It was something every mother should experience. I groaned, loving how wicked I was. A naughty cop and mother.

“Oh, Ms. Marcie, this is a treat,” I panted. “My daughter’s cherry ass is amazing.”

“I bet,” she moaned, her body spasming as she was spanked again by the giggling girls.

“So good,” moaned Amber. “Oh, Mommy, fuck my ass. Pound me. Make me cum. Your cock in my butt makes my pussy tingle! I think I will cum! Oh, make me cum, Mommy!”

“Yes!” I growled and thrust hard.

Which was incredible. The faster I pumped through my daughter’s tight ass, lubed by my futa-dick’s copious precum, the better my cock felt. The friction was incredible. This hot velvet massaging my dick as I plunged in and out of her sheath. I loved it.

Our flesh slapped together, rivaling the smacks from the giggling girls’ hands on Ms. Marcie’s ass. My pussy burned with pleasure. Delight rippled through me as I thrust harder, faster, deeper. I savored every moment of buggering my daughter.

God, I was such a naughty mother.

“Fuck her ass so hard, Officer Cindy,” Pattie moaned, her voice throaty. She was now tribbing with a blonde girl, their pussies grinding hard together.

“Yes,” the Asian girl. “Fuck her ass. I love anal!”

“She is fucking my ass, Yunjin,” moaned my daughter, squirming harder. “Oh, Mommy, yes, I’m getting closer to cumming.”

“Do it,” I hissed. “Let me feel that ass spasming on my cock.”

“Yes, Mommy!”

Her moans grew even throatier as I fucked her asshole. I buried over and over into her. I groaned, shuddering. It was so amazing to feel that tight ass wrapped about my cock. My eyes rolled back into my head as I savored every moment being buried in her tight bowels. That velvety grip was amazing.

My daughter’s back arched. Her bowels clenched hard. Her black hair flew back about her head as she bucked. I shuddered, realizing she was cumming, feeling her asshole writhing about my dick. The pleasure burned along my dick, my ovaries tightening.

“Mommy!” she squealed as her climax rippled through her.

“Beg for your Mommy to cum in your asshole, you schoolgirl-slut,” hissed Ms. Marcie, her eyes burning with passion as she watched beside us.

“Yes, Ms. Marcie!” gasped my daughter. “Please, Mommy, cum in my ass! I need it! I’m such a schoolgirl-slut!”

“You are!” I growled, her words so hot. I thrust into her asshole.

And came.

The rapture shuddered through me. I loved orgasming. It was the best feeling in the world. My cum flooded my daughter’s incestuous bowels. I pumped load after load of forbidden girl-cum into her asshole. I shuddered, holding on tight to her hips as the pleasure raced through me.

I loved this. It was so wrong. So wonderfully fucked up. I was fucking my daughter’s ass with a cock. Damn, I was so glad B answered my wish.

“Oh, Mommy,” cooed my daughter. “Oh, that’s so hot. Mmm, you filled my asshole.”

“I did,” I groaned, spurting a final time. Pleasure rippled through me. I shuddered as I pulled out of her asshole, leaving her gaping open, white cum dribbling out of her abused sphincter. “Now, honey, go around the desk, bend over, and shove that ass right into Ms. Marcie’s face. Make her lick her clean. She needs to learn to do nice things for others. And not be selfish.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” moaned the horny futa-teacher, “I need to be nice! Let me lick you clean.”

My dick throbbed as my daughter, walking a little bow-legged, moved around the desk. She bent over, bracing her hands on the whiteboard behind the desk, and shoved her ass into Ms. Marcie’s face. I grinned as the teacher licked my cum out of my daughter’s asshole.

“And that’s enough spanking, girls,” I said, grinning at the three, their hands covered in my cum. They had made a smearing mess of Ms. Marcie’s ass, which now glowed an almost uniform red, buffed by their spankings. “I need to clean my dick off in her pussy.”

“That’s so nasty,” moaned a cumming Pattie.

“It is,” panted Ms. Marcie between licks.

I moved behind the teacher, adoring the sight of my daughter’s supple back arching as she wiggled her ass back into the futa-teacher’s hungry mouth. It made my dick throb as I brought it to Ms. Marcie’s dripping cunt.

I rammed my dirty dick into the futa’s hot pussy, giving the selfish cunt her last punishment. I shuddered as her hot, tight pussy took my dick. Her back arched. She moaned into my daughter’s asshole as her cunt clamped down on my dick.

“Oh, yes,” she moaned, hips wiggling, “I’ll get your cock so clean, Officer Cindy!”

“Good,” I moaned, pumping away hard.

I pounded the futa-teacher mercilessly. I rammed my cock into her pussy, my crotch smacking hard into her welted ass. She moaned and winced, her pussy tightening on my shaft. She grew juicier and juicier as I slammed my dirty futa-dick over and over into her naughty depths.

My boobs bounced in the tight confines of my sports bra, trapped by my bulletproof vest. Equipment jangled on my gun belt as I plowed over and over into the naughty teacher. I reamed her selfish cunt, her juices cleaning my cock of my daughter’s ass.

“Yes, yes, yes, lick my naughty ass clean of my Mommy’s futa-jizz, Ms. Marcie,” groaned my daughter, her black hair sweeping about her shoulders and upper back. “Mmm, yes, get your tongue so deep in there. Lick me clean!”

“You heard my daughter, cunt,” I growled, fucking so hard into her pussy, the friction burning through me.

Behind me, girls gasped and moaned, writhing in orgasmic bliss. This was so hot. I loved our wishes. I rammed my dick deep and hard, her pussy clenching about my cock. The silky flesh was so hot. So amazing. It made me tremble. My eyes rolled back into my head as I plowed over and over into their cunts.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I hissed. “Oh, that’s it. You are such a whore. A futa-whore. You just love my girl-dick.”

“I do,” she moaned.

I reached around her thighs, grasping her futa-dick. I stroked her hard and fast, loving how hot she was in my hand, the way her cock throbbed with her heart-beat. Her pussy grew wetter around my shaft as I jerked her off, fisting her while I plowed her cunt.

It was so hot. The pressure swelled in my ovaries. I loved dominating bitches. I loved hearing my daughter moan as her asshole was licked clean by the cunt I fucked. The sound of Ms. Marcie sucking my cum out of my daughter’s bowels made my pussy drip with excitement.

“Ms. Marcie!” squealed my daughter. “Yes, yes, rub my clit! You are so amazing! I love it!”

Then Amber came. Her moans were so hot. I groaned, driving my cock so deep into the futa-teacher’s dripping cunt. Her heat and the friction of her silky walls sent bliss rippling through me. My back arched, my pussy clenching as I buried back into her cunt.

And unloaded my cum.

I shuddered as I fired my jizz into her pussy. I loved every powerful blast. My hand squeezed so hard on her dick as I jerked her off. Her cunt grew so tight as I flooded her with futa-cum. Then she moaned into my daughter’s cunt.

And joined us in rapture.

Her pussy massaged my dick.

Her cum erupted, pulsing in my hand with every blast of her jizz.

I drank in the pleasure racing through my body, that buzzing euphoria. I groaned, loving the fact I was a futa-cop. The bliss burned through my mind. I sucked in breaths, my head growing dizzy with the rapture surging through me.

It was amazing.

“Oh, Officer Cindy,” moaned Ms. Marcie as I pulled my cock out of her spasming pussy. “Oh, thank you for teaching me a lesson.”

“It was all my pleasure,” I laughed and smacked her welt ass.

She hissed in a breath. “Maybe…you could come in. Help me…teach. I’m sure that would be valuable.”

“I bet it would be,” I grinned. I loved being a futa-cop. I had a feeling I’d be spending a lot of time here at Washington High. I had to keep an eye on this selfish cunt. When I wasn’t patrolling the streets, dealing with other bitches.

Being a futa-cop was the absolute best.


Bean Sidhe, called B by her patrons, shuddered in pure delight. Her cum splattered up her body as she savored Officer Cindy’s and Ms. Marcie’s pleasures. It was so hot for two of her patrons to have naughty fun together. She shuddered, writhing on the icy desk in the replication of Ms. Marcie’s classroom.

The cold jizz burned on her flesh as she shuddered. The futa-fairy came down from her orgasmic high, a huge smile on her lips. She had more wishes to grant. More patrons to recruit across the world. But she was having a lot of fun in Parkland.

Especially knowing that she was muddling in the summer-slut’s territory.

Bean Sidhe took a deep breath.

And smelled fresh grass.

She sat up, her eyes whirling around. Ice melted in the corner, vibrant grass sprouting. Leanan Sidhe stood there, the petite summer-slut glaring at Bean Sidhe, her green hair spilling about her budding breasts. Unlike Bean Sidhe, who appeared as a ravenously beautiful and mature woman, Leanan Sidhe had the innocent cuteness of a flowering girl. Only their eyes, both ancient and silver, and their gossamer wings were at all similar.

“Why hello, Leanan Sidhe,” Bean Sidhe said with a false smile on her lips, “how fucking wonderful to see you.”

“My dearest Esquire of Winter,” Leanan Sidhe answered, “if you think I will countenance your interference in my territory, then you are gravely mistaken. And you shall pay dearly for the arrogance of overstepping of your place.”

“Your territory?” Bean Sidhe arched an eyebrow. “You think because you gave a few slutty girls cocks it is your territory?”

“You have been warned, my dearest Esquire of Winter, that Summer has claimed Parkland. Your interference will be countered in kind. Proceed with this game at your own folly.”

Bean Sidhe only laughed.

The END of Officer Cindy’s Tale

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