The Futa Fairy-Futa Fairies’ Naughty Game Chapter One: Deidre & Keily’s Taboo Love


The Futa Fairy

Futa Fairies’ Naughty Game

Chapter One: Deidre & Keily’s Taboo Love

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2017

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Deidre Redding

I rubbed my little sister’s pregnant belly, caressing her smooth skin as she guided her big, throbbing futa-dick to my horny pussy. Like her, I was also pregnant. We conceived on the same day. The day she gained her girl-cock last month in November. Neither of us were showing, yet, but we were both so eager to be pregnant together and with our mom, whom we both bred. We were positive she’d have two babies, one mine, one Keily’s.

“You want this so badly, don’t you?” my fifteen-year-old sister grinned, her auburn hair swaying about her cute face. Her small breasts quivered as I squirmed beneath her. “Just want to feel my big futa-dick burying into your hot cunt.”

“I do!” I moaned, humping against her, my pussy on fire. “Your cock makes me so wet.”

It was daytime, so she had her dick. I had mine at night while she had hers by day. We had different futa-fairies for patrons. I made my deal with Leanan Sidhe last June, and she made hers with B last month. I would love for us both to have futa-dicks at the same time.

But at least one of us always had a cock.

I groaned as my little sister rammed her futa-dick into my snatch. My back arched, my round breasts jiggling as she filled my pregnant snatch to the hilt in a single thrust. I whimpered, my sixteen-year-old cunt clenching down on her huge dick.

“God, your hung!” I groaned. “My little sister has a huge cock!”

Her hand caressed down my belly, making me squirm on our mom’s bed. The three of us shared a bedroom now. We were one wild family. It made it so hot to fuck each other, to revel in our incestuous passion. My little clit throbbed as Keily’s finger reached my fiery bush and found the bud. She rubbed it as she drew her dick back through my pussy.

I groaned, my cunt clenching down so hard on her withdrawing girth. The friction rippled through me. My back arched as she rammed her girl-cock into me. My head lolled to the right, staring at the TV screen, watching Becca Brittany, the futa-reporter, getting blown as she gave an update on the growing crowds before the Space Needle eager to celebrate the new year.

“Ooh, look at her daughter go,” I moaned, watching the back of Jenna’s blonde head as she sucked on her futa-mother’s big dick on live TV. “That Becca made such a wild wish. Ooh, I love watching her fuck on TV.”

“Uh-huh,” groaned Deidre, her hips pumping, slamming her cock into my juicy depths. I shuddered, my round breasts jiggling from the force of my sister’s thrust. “She’s so hot. Like your pussy.”

“Mmm, you just love being in your big sister’s pussy,” I groaned, trembling as my little sister drew back that amazing futa-dick and slammed it back into me.

“All day!” she groaned. “I want my futa-dick in you all day! And when sunset cums, your dick’s going to be in me. We’re going to celebrate the new year in style! It’s going to be awesome. We’re going to have each other’s babies!”

“Yes!” I groaned, my snatch growing hotter and hotter as she pistoned her clit-dick in and out of my incestuous depths. “Two sisters who bred each other! It’s so hot! Your wish was awesome, Keily!”

“You inspired me,” she groaned, leaning over me, her green eyes twinkling behind her glasses. “Ooh, such an inspiration. Your pussy is so juicy.”

“So juicy!” I whimpered, bucking up into her thrusts. “Fuck me, little sis! Drive that futa-dick into me and make me cum!”

“Then I’ll fill you with all my yummy futa-love!”

“So much creamy passion!”

My little sister thrust faster, pounding my hot pussy with her thick cock. She churned me into a froth. My breasts bounced and jiggled as she plowed into me, my nipples throbbing. I ran my hand from my sister’s flat, though pregnant, belly up to her small tits. I cupped them, squeezed them. I couldn’t wait for her pregnancy to swell these tits even bigger.

I wanted to suck milk from them.

I kneaded them, making Keily whimper and moan as she plowed my incestuous cunt. Pleasure rippled through me, the friction building in the depths of my snatch. It sent delight rippling through me. Our flesh smacked together, her finger playing with my clit, making it throb and ache, showering my cunt in hot sparks.

“I’m going to flood so much cum in you,” panted Keily, her face twisting in pleasure as the bed creaked louder and louder. “I’m going to flood your cunt like Becca’s flooding her daughter’s mouth!”

I glanced at the TV again, watching the futa-reporter’s big, busty tits heave in her transparent blouse, her nipples so on display. Her seventeen-year-old daughter gulped down all that yummy cream. I licked my lips in envy, wishing Keily’s cum flooded my mouth.

But I was also so excited her dick was in my pussy.

My thighs tightened about my sister’s waist, pulling her in tight while I played with her titties. I pinched her nipples, making her gasp and groan. She shuddered, pumping her hips as hard as she could, her face twisting with pleasure.

“Cum in my pussy!” I moaned. “Flood me just like that hot futa-reporter’s flooding her daughter’s mouth. I want all that yummy jizz filling my cunt!”

“Yes!” my little sister moaned, face so flushed. “Just keep playing with my nipples! Ooh, I have the best sister in the world!”

I beamed at my sister, the girl I loved. The futa I would spend the rest of my life with. I was so glad the futa-fairy answered my wish, gave me a clit-dick so I could make love to her. My pussy tightened on Keily’s thrusting cock, her incestuous shaft plunging so deep into my snatch. The friction burned so hot through my sheath.

I exploded.

My pussy writhed about my sister’s hot dick. I whimpered, my breasts heaving as I bucked and moaned. My hands squeezed her small titties hard. She groaned, nose twitching as she buried her futa-cock into the depths of my convulsing pussy.

“Deidre!” she groaned.

“Cum in me!” I begged.


Her girl-cock spasmed in me. Then hot futa-cum spurted out of her and splashed into my incestuous depths. My little sister’s spunk filled me. I groaned, pleasure racing through my body. Stars danced across my vision as more and more jizz pumped into my snatch.

I loved it. I savored the rapture, united with my sister. Our bodies were one, heaving together, climaxing. Her cum filled me. Her yummy futa-seed. I gasped and moaned, singing out my ecstasy with her.

“Ooh, that looked hot,” a mature voice purred.

“It was, Mom,” I groaned, our mother sauntered in wearing a tight sweater that cupped her large tits and a swirling skirt over dark tights. She held a green envelope in her hand. My eyes widened.

Keily’s phone buzzed with a text message.

My sister’s futa-cock pulled out of me as she lunged for her phone on the nightstand. Her futa-seed ran out of me as I sat up, my heart racing. A green envelope. Just like the one my first letter from Leanan Sidhe had come in.

Why would she send another? Unless…

Was it time to redeem the favor I owed her?

“I didn’t think the mail would come today, but it did,” Mom said, handing me the envelope.

My hands trembled as I took it, staring at the front of it, reading the address labels.

To: Miss Deidre Reddings
The Master Bedroom
214 Carter Street E,
Parkland, WA, 98444

My eyes flicked to the return address, my heart screaming.

The Heart of Summer
1 Summer Lane
Phoenix, Arizona 85009

“Oh, god,” I groaned. “It’s from here.”

Beside me, my sister muttered, “Why would B send me a text?”

I opened the envelope. Green glitter poured out along with a yellowish piece of folded parchment. My heart screamed louder and louder. My stomach tensed. My constricting pussy forced out a flood of my sister’s futa-cum.

I opened the letter, read:

My dearest Miss Deidre Redding,

I am writing you in regards to the agreement you made with me with all fulsome desire. You promised me a favor in exchanged for that wonderful and most turgid member that sprouts from your budding clitoris.


Ms. Marcie Baumgartner

I hardly felt my daughter Belinda’s hot mouth as she bobbed up and down my futa-cock. Becca Brittany’s update from the Space Needle became background noise as I read the text message from B, the futa-fairy who transformed my classroom into hot passion.

I gave you that futa-cock that you’ve enjoyed so much, fucking all your hot students. So you owe me!

“Oh, fuck,” I groaned, my futa-dick unloading into my daughter’s hungry mouth.


Cassandra “Cassie” Riley

“What does it say,” Lana asked, my friend cuddled naked to my side.

“Is it good news?” my MILF lover, Alessa, asked. She was Lana’s mother. The two shared my life ever since I got my futa-cock over the summer. She left her husband to be mine, Lana staying with us out of love and how kinky she founded it having sex with her mother.

My forehead furrowed as I kept reading Leanan Sidhe’s letter:

For what I ask will be no simple task, my dearest Miss Cassandra. It is not the simple favor I had expected, in all good faith, from you.


Officer Cindy Matheson

My futa-dick throbbed in the speeder’s pussy, the Hispanic woman gasping and groaning, pumping her cunt up and down dick as she humped her hips. Her car’s shocks creaked, the hood flexing as she writhed bent over it, her hands cuffed behind her back.

“Yes, yes, Officer!” she howled. “I’m going to cum on this big dick.”

I hardly heard her or the sounds of traffic streaming by on I-5 behind me. I could only read the text message from B.

To stop the Summer Slut, I’ve engineered this contest. We shall stop the whore from her plans horrid for your community. We shall crush her, Officer Cindy!

“Crush her?” I muttered and kept reading.


Kimberley “Kimmie” Miller

“I hope it’s good news,” my little sister Jamie said, her face smeared with my pussy juices.

“Yeah,” Becky added, her big boobs jiggling in the corner of my vision as I read the letter. My cheer team and I, minus Cassandra who was with her busty MILF lover, were naked in the room, having one hot lesbian orgy as we enjoyed New Years Eve, waiting for sunset and my futa-dick to sprout.

And then my mother delivered this letter.

The parchment crinkled in my hand as I kept reading.

And this crisis must be met, my dearest Miss Kimberly. If we allow this situation to fester, it will only cause a greater turmoil to inflict your wonderful community.

This did not sound good.


Ms. Ji-Woo Kim

“Mom, yes!” my fourteen-year-old daughter Yunjin moaned, her hips pumping her asshole up and down my big cock.

I hardly felt the velvety delight of my daughter’s bowels as I read the text message from Bean Sidhe, the futa-fairy who gave me my clit-dick and saved my business. I owed her everything, and she wanted her favor repaid.

We have to crush the balance. The Summer Slut, the Esquire of Summer, has refused to back down! She’s challenged my power. We can’t allow Winter and Summer to be even. One season must always make the other its bitch!

“I’m going to cum, Mom!”

“Okay, honey,” I said absently, reading the next paragraph.


Dr. Rita Jones

“That doesn’t look like good news,” my daughter Pattie said, her ebony body curled up against Carly’s ivory figure. Carly was one of my two girlfriends. The other, my nurse Pita, hugged me from behind as I read, her round breasts rubbing on my back. I was just about to get ready for my shift at the hospital this evening when the letter from Leanan Sidhe arrived.

Every paragraph I read twisted my stomach worse and worse.

But my most wicked counterpart has seen fit to turn the good work I performed in Parkland into a travesty. She wishes to extend Winter’s grip on your community, to embroil it a most unhealthy stasis. We can’t let that happen, my dearest Dr. Rita.


Keily Redding

I looked up from my phone at my flushed older sister. My futa-cum poured out of her pussy as she read the parchment letter. Her blue eyes met mine. And I knew we were receiving the same news. But we were on opposite sides.

She got her futa-dick from Summer, while me… Winter.

My futa-dick went soft as I read the next paragraph:

That’s why I need you and your hard cock, Keily! You’re going to kick ass for Winter, and stop the Summer heat from ruining the beauty in the world! Ooh, we’re going to have so much fucking fun!

Tears fell down my eyes. Did this mean I’d have to fight my sister, the futa I loved?


Mrs. Fatima Samara

“Oh, Mother,” gasped Sa’dia, my eldest daughter.

My voice faltered as I read the last paragraph. I didn’t want to have to fight the forces of Winter. But I made my deal with Leanan Sidhe to get my futa-dick and my incestuous harem of sexy women. They sat around me: Sa’dia, my sister Ranya, my twin daughters Basima and Naila, and Ranya’s daughter Ayesha. I loved them all. I’d bred them all. I rescued them from the abusive grasp of my ex-husband. We were a family now.

Everything was going great and then…

My voice cracked as I read the next paragraph aloud to my women:

To do this, I call upon you as my champion, my dearest Missus Fatima. To stand in my stead in a contest against the forces of Winter. With your futa-passion, you shall enter into a contest of most wanton sexuality, pitting your spurting members against the turgid erections of Winter’s chosen.

“Oh, no, Mother,” the twins whimpered together.


Becca Brittany

My daughter’s mouth bobbed up and down on my dick while my camerawoman glared at me for ruining the next update by pulling out my phone. But I couldn’t resist. The moment it chirped, I knew I had to read the text.

I wish I hadn’t.

“No fucking way,” I muttered, Jenna still bobbing her mouth, too eager for another load of my incestuous futa-cum flooding her mouth. “I knew I should have asked what the favor was in advanced.”

But B made me so damned horny to get my futa-cock, I didn’t think.

Only one side shall win. And that’s us. We’re not going to lose to Summer Slut. Because if you do, you’ll lose that futa-cock you love so much, Becca. No more fucking your daughter on live TV. Only one Court’s champions shall keep their clit-dicks! So let’s make sure it’s Summer’s whores who lose theirs!

My eyes widened. “Lose my futa-cock! Fuck that!”


Deidre Redding

Tears built in my eyes as I reached the end of the letter:

It is with great sorrow that I tell you this and hope that you shall throw your heart and passion into keeping your futa-cock and retaining all the gifts of Summer. At the stroke of Midnight, it begins, my dearest Miss Deidre.

Yours in fellowship,

Leanan Sidhe

Esq. of Summer

I dropped the letter. It fluttered down to my lap. Tears poured out of my little sister’s green eyes. Her small tits trembled, her dick soft and limp. She dropped her phone, sobbing shudders wracking her body.

“What is it, girls?” our mother asked, her voice strained with worry. “You both look so scared.”

“One of us is going to lose her futa-cock,” I said. The tears spilled down my cheeks. I’d have to…contest with my own sister? With the girl I loved to keep my futa-dick? To keep my happiness, I had to steal it from her?

“This isn’t fair!” Keily sobbed and threw herself at me. “I don’t want to fight you, Deidre!”

I hugged my sister tight, breast to breast, her face wet in my neck. I stroked her auburn hair, rocking her as my own body shook. I wanted to tell her it would be all right. But… We’d been drafted into a war between two different fairy courts.

Then our mother engulfed us both in her arms. I closed my eyes, savoring her maternal warmth. “You two would never hurt each other,” Mom whispered. “No matter what.”

“B-but…” Keily whimpered. “If our side loses, we don’t get to be futas any longer. And…and…”

“Only one side wins.” I hugged her tighter. “I’ll lose.”

“No!” my little sister said fiercely. “I won’t do that to you! I love you, Deidre!”

My heart melted. My lips found my sister, salty with her tears. I never loved her more.


Officer Cindy Matheson

“There is no fucking away I’m losing my futa-cock!” I snarled, throwing my phone to the ground. Glass shattered. I didn’t care. “You hear me, slut!”

“What?” the Hispanic woman moaned, her married pussy pumping up and down my cock as she humped back against me. The handcuffs rattled as she twisted on the hood of her car.

“I am keeping this dick!” I shouted into the cold, December afternoon.

My utility belt clattered, my uniform rustling. I ripped my futa-cock out of her hot pussy, the cold air attacking my erection. I shifted my glistening clit-dick upward, pressing it between the golden-brown cheeks of the woman’s plump rear.

And drove my futa-dick into her velvety bowels.

“Holy fucking shit!” the speeder howled as I buggered her. “Oh, my god, Officer Cindy! You’re such a naughty futa-cop!”

“And I intend to stay that way!” I snarled, pumping my hips hard. “Those summer futas are getting their asses kicked!”

My thrusts were ferocious, pumped by my anger. I would never give up this futa-dick. I slammed it over and over into the woman’s tight bowels. I savored her velvety heat about my dick, driving back the winter chill as I buggered her hard on the side of the freeway.

Traffic sped past, motorist watching my futa-prowess in action. I shuddered, savoring the eyes witnessing me punish this naughty speeder with my girl-cock. I rammed my shaft over and over into her, my crotch smacking into her plump ass.

My hand cracked down on her right butt-cheek. “I won’t lose!”

“No!” gasped the Latina slut. “No, you won’t, Officer Cindy! You’re cock is so amazing!”


“That’s right!” I hissed, my breasts jiggling beneath my blouse and bullet proof vest. “I love this cock too much to give it up. My daughter loves it. My girlfriend loves it. We love fucking each other. I just savor pounding her cunt with my futa-dick while our daughters lick each other’s pussies clean of our spunk.”

“That sounds so hot!” moaned the speeder.


“It is!” I snarled. “I love feeling Marcie’s dick in me! Ooh, she’s a saucy one! Fucks all her students at school while I fuck all the naughty, sexy speeders that think they can get away with breaking the law. Sluts like you!”


The woman’s bowels clenched so hard on my dick when I spanked her. A rosy glow suffused her plump rump. I shuddered, loving it, my hips pumping faster and faster. I sodomized her as hard as I could. I grunted, growled. My futa-dick plunged over and over into her, making her squeal and gasp.


She whimpered. She groaned. She begged to be reamed. I loved buggering the slut’s ass. My hand fell down over and over as I plowed her asshole. The pleasure shot from my futa-dick to my dripping pussy. A heat grew in my depths, my ovaries boiling.


“I’m going to dump so much futa-cum into your asshole!” I moaned, my body quivering as I pumped away so hard. “I’m going to fill your bowels to the brim!”

“Do it!” the speeder howled.


The married slut came on my dick.

Her bowels writhed about my plunging girl-cock as she writhed on the hood of her car. Her hands pulled at the cuffs, her moans singing out into the winter afternoon. I groaned, plowing into her spasming asshole, loving the friction on my clit-dick.

It surged into my pussy. My cunt grew hotter, tightening, wishing to be filled with a futa-dick. Heat boiled around my ovaries. I groaned, leaning over her as I drew back my girl-cock through her spasming bowels.

And thrust.

“I’m not losing this!” I howled as my cum spurted into her asshole.

Rapture surged through me as I pumped blast after blast of my girl-jizz into her hot bowels. The speeder groaned and gasped. Her bowels milked my cock as she thrashed on the hood of her car. Her moans sang through the air.

“So good!” she whimpered. “A female cop’s cumming in my asshole!”

“Yes!” I howled, staring up at the gray, winter sky. “I’ll kick Summer’s ass for you, B!”


Becca Brittany

My daughter’s sucking mouth dragged me out of my daze. I shivered, crowds of people around me, watching the famous futa-reporter getting her cock sucked by her incestuous lover. My pussy clenched as my daughter’s hungry mouth worshiped my big clit-dick.

She loved fluffing my cock.

“Ooh, yes, Mommy’s going to cum,” I moaned, a surge of lust rippling through my body. “I’m going to cum all over your face.”

“Do it, Becca!” someone shouted in the crowd.

“You can cum on my face!” a woman moaned as she yanked up her sweater, exposing a pair of bouncing breasts. “Or on my titties!”

“You can cum in my pussy, Becca!” another girl moaned. “Me and my mother’s!”

Two women, both brunettes, one a budding fourteen-year-old and the other in her late thirties, lifted skirts to revealed shaved pussy dripping with excitement. The daughter had a tight slit while the mother had thick labia glistening with cream.

My pussy clenched on my daughter’s probing fingers. She pumped two digits in and out of my snatch, sending bliss through me. I groaned, a dizzy wave of drunken euphoria swirling through me as my fans cheered me on.

I ripped my futa-dick out of my daughter’s mouth. A line of saliva connected her seventeen-year-old lips to my throbbing futa-dick. Her blue eyes stared up at me with such lust. Her free hand seized my wet girl-cock, fisting it hard.

“Cum on my face, Mom,” my nubile daughter moaned. “I love it when you cream on me.”

“Hose your daughter down, Becca!” a guy whooped.

“Cream on her face!”

“Drench her!”

“Do it,” Hosannah, my camerawoman, moaned as she filmed the debauchery. B’s wish gave me this power to have sex in public, to have it broadcast on the airwaves. I didn’t want to give it up.

“Jenna!” I groaned and then my futa-dick erupted.

Ropy cum painted Jenna’s face. My daughter moaned, opening her mouth wide as pearly jizz crisscrossed her face. I shuddered, my pussy spasming. Waves of rapture and jolts of ecstasy clashed inside of me, the dual delights of cumming with a cock and a pussy.

Juices flooded down my thighs as I kept pumping more and more spunk onto my daughter’s face. She gulped down any cream that landed in her mouth while the rest painted that hot, sexy face of hers. I shivered, the final blast splashing across the bridge of her nose.

Then I fell to my knees before her, my daughter’s fingers ripping out of my cunt. “I’m not going to lose my futa-cock!”

“What?” she blinked, half-dazed.

“You’re going to be my fluffer forever!” Tears burned my eyes. I leaned in, licking up a line of my own jizz off my daughter’s face. I savored the flavor, so delicious. “I promise.”

“Why would you lose it?” she asked then shivered as I licked up another line of cum. Our lips met. I shoved my own girl-spunk into my daughter’s mouth.

I would never give this up. I would fight tooth and nail against the Summer futanari to keep my futa-dick. I loved having my daughter fluff my cock on national television. I loved cumming in her mouth, in her pussy, in her asshole, and all over her body.

I cupped her cum-stained cheeks, smearing my spunk into her cheeks, and vowed to win for her!


Dr. Rita Jones

“The coma patient’s arrived,” Pita said, her voice strained. My nurse girlfriend wore her purple scrubs, the top a lighter shade of lilac. She had rich-brown skin and wavy-black hair, her body so curvy, especially her ass.

“Let’s go,” I said as my other girlfriend, Carly, pulled her mouth off my dick. She’d been my volunteer fluffer, keeping my cock on the edge of cumming in case an emergency patient needed my magical spunk to heal them.

“Wake her up like you did me,” Carly said, a smile on her lush lips, her blonde hair framing her flushed face.

“Another sleeping beauty to enjoy,” I said with a wink.

I marched after Pita, moving as fast as I could naked through the hospital. No one found it shocking to see my ebony form striding naked through the halls, my round breasts jiggling, my huge cock bouncing before me. Carly walked at my side, fisting her pale fist up and down my dark shaft, keeping me on the edge of erupting. Pita led me to a hospital room, opening the door.

“She just arrived from her medical lift,” Pita said. “Seventeen. Been in a coma for a year. Her parents are so grateful that you agreed to heal her.”

“I want to heal as many people as I can,” I said, moving into the room where the girl in the coma lay, her black hair piled around her wan face. Machines beeped.

I hurried to the bed, Carly guiding my cock to the sleeping girl’s mouth. Pita pulled aside the breath mask and opened the girl’s lips. I slid my dick into her mouth. I groaned as the girl instinctively sucked, her body understanding that I was here to heal her.

“Cum in her, honey,” Carly moaned, fisting her hand up and down my shaft so hard, brushing my pussy lips on every downstroke.

“Yes, yes, do it, Doctor,” moaned Pita. My other girlfriend fell to her knees behind me. I groaned as her fingers parted my dark butt-cheeks. Then the Hispanic nurse pressed her face into my crack and rimmed my asshole.

I groaned. The sleeping patient’s mouth sucked on my dick, her mouths so warm. Her eyes fluttered. A little whimper escaped her throat as she tasted my precum, already the healing beginning. Her tongue moved, sweeping over it.

My girl-cock throbbed in Carly’s hand. Juices ran out of my pussy as my orgasm swelled through me. Pita’s wicked tongue jammed into my asshole. I groaned, loving the feel of her wet organ wiggling through my bowels.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I groaned, sliding more of my dick into the patient’s hot mouth.

“Just unloaded in her,” groaned Carly, licking my ear. “Spill all the jizz you can into her. Save her life!”

“Yes!” I whimpered, my pussy clenching. My bowels tightened on Pita’s probing tongue.

And then my orgasm exploded out of me. My futa-dick spurted. My healing jizz flooded the coma patient’s mouth. The teenager’s eyes snapped open, her eyes hazel and delicious. She moaned about my cock, gulping down the salty cream while her entire body convulsed, cumming with me.

Carly fisted my dick, squeezing out every drop of life-saving futa-cum into the patient’s mouth. Pita kept swirling her tongue through my asshole as the pleasure surged through me, leaving me swaying and gasping in delight.

“You saved her,” moaned Carly. “You are so wonderful.”

“My cum is wonderful,” I panted, staring down at the girl as she nursed the last drops of cum from my cock, the color returning to her cheeks, the strength to her emaciated limbs. “There’s four more hours until midnight. I have to heal as many people as I can.”

And then, I’d have to win. I’d have to beat Winter’s futanari. The world needed my healing cum. I’ve saved too many lives to let anything take it away from me.


Keily Redding

“Just…keep me from thinking about it,” I said, pushing up my glasses and trembling. I glanced at the clock, but it was turned away. I didn’t know how long it was until midnight, but it neared. I didn’t want to lose my futa-cock.

And I didn’t want Deidre to lose hers. She put a baby in my belly with it.

“Please,” I whimpered, reaching out and grabbing her futa-cock, stroking it. The shaft throbbed in my hand, twitching and swelling. My thumb found the tip, smearing precum into the spongy crown.

“I will,” Deidre said, her eyes soft in the darkness. We were alone in the room. Our mother had slipped out. I think she wanted to let us be alone, to love each other. “Just relax, my sweet sister.”

I shivered as my older sister’s futa-dick swelled thicker and harder in my hand. She leaned over me, her round breasts swaying, her fiery hair swaying about her face, illuminated by the hallway light spilling through the open doorway.

Her hand caressed my cheek, her fingertips so lithe. She leaned down, kissing me on the mouth. I groaned, our lips moving, touching, caressing each other in a most unsisterly kiss. Our incestuous passion swelled. Our tongues dueled as she settled her body on mine.

Her breasts kissed my breasts. Her nipples against my nipples.

A hot shiver ran through me as her futa-dick rubbed against my pussy covered by my soft down of pubic hair. I whimpered into the kiss, the tension melting out of my body as we loved each other in the darkness of our bedroom.

My hands stroked her back, playing with her supple skin.

She moaned into our kiss, nibbling on my lower lip.

My fingers stroked down her spine, making her shudder atop me. I loved it, sliding up and down, brushing the swell of her cute rump before sliding back up between her shoulder blades. Then I’d start all over again.

I shifted beneath her, my hips grinding my hot pussy against that thick shaft. I ached to be filled by her, to feel that wonderful moment of my sister’s clit-dick sliding into my pussy. Uniting us in our taboo love.

I was so glad she was my sister.

My older sister broke our kiss to nibble at my throat. I groaned, arching my neck, letting her feel the flutter of life through my artery. She sucked on it, her teeth nipping. I groaned, squirming beneath her, our nipples kissing.

“Deidre!” I moaned.

“Mmm, my sweet sister,” she answered before she slid her body down mine, her lips kissing to the hollow of my throat then across my collarbone. I groaned as she cupped my small tits in her soft hands, squeezing them into two tiny mounds.

Her lips kissed to my right breast. She smooched up my perky peak to the pink nub atop it. I gasped as her tongue swirled around my areola, brushing my nipple. Delight shot down to my pussy. I ground my hot flesh against her stomach as her lips engulfed my nipple.

She sucked.

I squirmed more, such sweet pleasure shooting through me as she sucked and nibbled and played with my nub. My little nose quivered. My eyes rolled back into my head. I humped my hips against her, smearing my hot cunt on her belly as she loved my little nub.

“You spoil me, Deidre!” I groaned. “Best big sis in the world!”

“Uh-huh,” she groaned then sucked again on my nipple.

And nipped it.

“Deidre!” I squealed, bucking in delight.

She giggled as she released my nipple and kissed down the slope of my breast. Her fingers pinched and rolled both my nubs as she smooched lower and lower down my body. She passed my ribs to my belly, kissing my smooth flesh. I couldn’t wait until I was round with her baby.

Her hot lips moved lower and lower, my pussy growing hotter and hotter. She reached my bellybutton, her blue eyes mischievous as she stared up at me. Then her tongue probed into the divot of my bellybutton.

I giggled as her tongue swirled through my bellybutton. Ticklish delight raced through me. My pussy clenched. My body thrashed. Pleasure and delight swirled inside of me. My toes curled as she teased me.

And then she continued her journey south.

“Yes, yes, I want you to lick my pussy clean!” I groaned. “You fired so much cum into my pussy earlier. I bet there’s still so much in me.”

“That’s so naughty of me,” grinned Deidre. “Big sisters shouldn’t pump cum into their little sisters pussies.”

“Only if they’re depraved and horny futas.”

“So like you!” Deidre grinned as she nestled between my thighs. Her fingers pinched my nipples one last time before retreating down my body.

“Uh-huh,” I panted, her fingers parting the folds of my pussy.

“Ooh, look at that. Cum!”

I gasped as my sister’s tongue flicked through my pussy’s depths, gathering her own girl-jizz leaking out of me. She lapped up the incestuous mix of my cream and her cum. My eyes rolled back into my head as she probed and teased, gathering more and more of the naughty stuff.

I humped against her face, loving her devouring my pussy. Her cute nose rubbed my clit. I bucked, pleasure sparking through me. My fingers pushed up my glasses as I whimpered out my rapture. Such delight surged through me.

“Oh, yes, lick me clean, big sister!” I groaned. “Just get all that yummy cum out of my snatch!”

She only purred, licking harder and harder, stirring such wonderful delight through me.

Her tongue jammed deep into my fifteen-year-old cunt. She caressed the walls of my pussy, teasing me. The pleasure swelled in the depths of my cunt. I stared down at her, blue eyes shining up at me, fiery hair draped across my thighs. She moaned her enjoyment, savoring the mix of our fluids.

I knew my tangy pussy tasted great mixed with her cum.

“Yes, yes, get me so clean!” I purred, humping against her. “Then you can get me dirty again! You can pump more girl-jizz into me and have to lick me all clean!”

“Yum!” Deidre moaned between licks. “Such a wanton baby sister I have.”

“So wanton!” I gasped, bucking against her hungry mouth. “Oh, yes, yes, lick me clean!”

Her nose nudged my clit. Her tongue probed my cunt. My back arched. I whimpered, everything growing so tight in my pussy.

And then I exploded.

My snatch convulsed. Juices flooded out of me and into my sister’s hungry mouth. She lapped up my cream as the ecstasy flowed out of me. I trembled and bucked, firm titties jiggling as the rapture surged through me.

Delight danced through my mind as her tongue danced through my convulsing cunt. My older sister gave me such sweet pleasure. My moans sang through our dark bedroom, proclaiming her skill at cunnilingus to the world.

“Best big sis ever!” I howled as she rose.

Before I knew it, she was on top of me, her futa-dick prodding at my convulsing pussy. She kissed me, lips stained with my tangy musk. I loved the flavor of my own cunt as her girl-cock rammed into my spasming twat.

She filled me with her futa-passion.

I came a second time as my futa-sister spread open my pussy. Her incestuous clit-dick stretched me to my limits. I loved it. I bucked beneath her, our breasts pressing together, our skin caressing each other.

And then she fucked me.

I squealed in utter delight, her dick’s hot plunges keeping alive my orgasm. The taboo pleasure rippled over and over through my cunt as my futa-sister plowed my snatch so hard. She pumped away with such passion, her tongue plunging into my mouth as her dick buried into my pussy.

Our flesh slapped together.

We moaned into each other’s lips.

Orgasm after orgasm rippled out of my cunt. My pussy massaged her plunging shaft while waves of euphoria washed through my body. I bucked and moaned. Nothing mattered to me right now than the union of our bodies. Two sisters coming together in incestuous rapture.

I loved her so much.

I gripped her ass, pulling on her cute rump as she fucked me.

My pussy massaged her dick, so hungry for her cum.

Nipples kissed nipples.

Lips devoured each other.

She fucked me so hard, pounding my convulsing cunt with all her passion. My futa-sister gasped and moaned into our lips as her pleasure built and built in her. I could feel it in the vigor of her thrusts. Her need to unload her girl-spunk into me.

I broke our kiss, moaning, “Cum in me, sweet sister! Cum in your little sister’s snatch!”

“Yes!” she moaned, face twisting with rapture, blue eyes sparkling. “Keily, I love you!”

She slammed into me. Her futa-cum exploded into my pregnant cunt. I gasped, my convulsing snatch milking out every drop of her girl-spunk. It filled me, so hot and creamy. Euphoric ecstasy swept through me, my orgasms intensifying.

Lifting me to new heights of rapture.

“I love my big sister so much!” I screamed out to the night, bucking beneath her.

Our lips met in another kiss. We loved each other so fiercely as the last spurt of her futa-cum flooded into my cunt. I shivered, trembling beneath her, holding her so tight. I wanted this moment to last forever.

And then the universe changed.

Midnight hit like a crashing tsunami.

My sister broke the kiss, screaming, “Keily!”

I clutched to her body, her arms wrapped tight about me. But that didn’t stop the icy grasp from seizing my soul. I could feel the promise I made to Bean Sidhe, the Esquire of Winter, wrapped about my essence.

It jerked hard.

Sleep crashed into me.

I dreamed of a black void. And then I opened my eyes upon an icy vista. I gasped, standing naked with four other futanari, my school teacher Ms. Marcie, the naughty Officer Cindy who liked to come to high school and give naughty demonstrations, my friend Yunjin’s petite futa-mother, and the busty futa-reporter herself.

“Mmm, what a wonderful group of champions,” the hungry voice of B, the futa-fairy, purred. “Welcome to Faerie. We’re going to kick the Summer Slut’s and her pathetic futas’ asses!”

I let out a sobbing whimper, missing my older sister already.

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 2.

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  1. Dan

    It’s the battle of the century folks! We’re about to find out who wins this round of the futa-faeire court war! In the day corner, patrons of Bean Sidhe, esquire of winter, Keily, Cindy, Marcie, Ji-Woo and Beccaaaaa Britneeeeyyy! *air horns*. And in the night corner, for Leanan Sidhe, esquire of Summer, we have Deirdre, Cassie, Kimmie, Rita, and Fatiiiiimaaaaa! *more air horns*

    1. mypenname3000 Post author

      Diametrically opposed philosophy. One believes that change ruins beauty and one believes stasis destroys beauty and out poor futas are just caught in the middle.

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        i don’t see why the futanari’s can’t come to a compromise and not fight that would force the fairies to comromise. that is if the fairies truly care about the futanari’s.

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    Absolutely cannot wait to see where you take this! I’m torn as to the side I’m rooting for. Love the fiery passion from the summer sluts but the dominant traits of the winter sluts are so fucking arousing! Kudos to you! Can’t wait for the next chapter!


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