The Futa Fairy-Futa Fairies’ Naughty Game Chapter Three: Dr. Rita’s & Officer Cindy’s Fairy Romp


The Futa Fairy

Futa Fairies’ Naughty Game

Chapter Three: Dr. Rita’s & Officer Cindy’s Fairy Romp

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2017

Story Codes: Hermaphrodite/Female, Female Masturbation, Domination/submission, BDSM, Spanking, Anal Sex, Bondage, Rimming, Oral Sex, Voyeurism

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Ms. Ji-Woo Kim

I followed the ice river in the direction of the moon. The direction of the Lands of Transition. I didn’t know what else to call the strange piece of geography I walked beside other than an ice river. I don’t mean it was a frozen stream, but it was almost like a glacier. But a glacier flowing through a channel far, far faster than it should.

The ice moved. It rippled and crashed together. Once, my daughter Yunjin was a girl scout, and she’d spent a summer obsessed with polishing rocks she’d find. I would forever hear this grinding sound as the rock polisher rumbled away. The ice river sounded like that but amplified. It was at once violent and majestic, full of raw power that dwarfed me, but that power was restrained, channeled in the direction towards the Land of Transition.

Guided by something that had dominated it.

I strode naked through the snow, my futa-dick hard before me, my petite body wholly unaffected by the chill. The snow was cold and yet felt comfortable on my bare feet. I marched with purpose, my silky-black hair sweeping about my shoulders.

I would not lose. My business needed my futa-dick. It had almost failed before I met B. My dream of Mizzytique, my makeup company, almost lost because of my own weakness. My own inability to seize my female workforce by the scruff of the neck and give them a good shake. To inspire them into productivity.

And then B gave me my futa-dick. It inspired my workers. Gave me confidence. My ex-husband always claimed women made poor leaders because they didn’t have cocks pointing before them. Well, I had a cock far bigger than his.

I was so determined to win this contest, marching towards the Land of Transition through the night of Winter, that I didn’t notice the fey until she let out a purring moan. I blinked, snapping my gaze to the right just in time for a snowball to hit me in the face.

The naked woman perched on the rock howled in laughter. Her ice-blue breasts jiggled as she mocked at me, her white hair, looking more like frost than silky strands, sweeping about her slender shoulders. Her lithe legs kicked through the snow at her feet as I spluttered in outrage.

“Ooh, look at you,” the fey said, “strutting through Winter with such determination.”

“I am fighting for Winter!” I hissed. “So show me some—”

I squealed in shock and dove to the ground as three snowballs rose into the air around the fey. They streaked over my head as I belly flopped on the powdery snow, puffs of white exploding around me, my cock and tits stinging from the impact.

The fey laughed louder. Her breasts heaved as she threw back her head. “I can’t… The way you… Just belly-flopped… Like a whale… Frozen nights… That was…”

I glared at her. She reminded me so much of Brittney Rakes. “This is how you treat one of Winter’s champions?” I snarled, pushing myself up, snow falling off my body in a cloud of white. My small breasts quivered in outrage. “Show some respect!”

“Respect,” she said, rolling her eyes. “To a Mortal? You belly flopped because of a few snowballs!” She clutched her stomach, laughing again. “What can you fight, little Mortal? You’re scared of these.”

I set my teeth and marched at her as her powers gathered five snowballs this time. They rotated in the air, the snow packed tight, glittering in the silvery light of the moon. Something wicked glinted in the fey’s eyes.

“Do it again!” the fey shouted. “I want to savor it. To remember the great Winter champion screeching like a scared rabbit and throwing herself to the snow on her belly over these!”

The snowballs streaked at me.

The old me would definitely have belly-flopped again. The old me was weak. She lacked confidence. She hated confrontation. But I had learned. A leader needed to be strong. Even when her instincts screamed at her to be weak. She had to project strength and confidence. She had to appear in charge.

Because then she would be.

I raised my arms before me. The snowballs pelted my body hard. Snow exploded around me. A wash of fine white crashed into my face, clung to my hair. I spluttered, shaking my head, and charged forward, screeching like a warrior, my big futa-cock bouncing before me.

The fey’s laughter trailed off as I reached her. More snowballs rose, but I seized her arm, twisted it behind her back, and pinned her to the rock she perched on. I knew how to deal with disobedient employees.

Disrespectful fey could be handled the same way.


My hand fell hard on her ice-blue rump. She gasped in pain, a rosy color rising in her pale flesh. Her butt-cheek jiggled as he squirmed on the rock. I savored the stinging impact on my palm. I drank in the way she squirmed as I kept her pinned to the rock.

A snowball hit me in the back.


“You can’t do this!” she gasped.


Her ass had a nice, rosy glow about it, that crimson blush spreading through her. I admired it as I asked, “Why not?”

“Because you can’t!” she pouted, her legs kicking.


“You’re the one acting like a brat,” I hissed. “Like a naughty, little girl.”


“And I love punishing girls when they’re naughty.” I licked my lips, the ache burning across my palm. Such a satisfying feeling. My pussy clenched, juices trickling down my thighs. My dick throbbed before me.


I smacked down hard on her rump. She squealed in pain, her entire body convulsing. Her legs spasmed behind her. Her breasts rubbed against the rock as she squirmed. White hair swayed about her supple back.

And her whimpers… Such sweet whimpers of pain. But mixed with something else. That wanton, awakened pleasure that a good spanking stirs in a woman. I smiled, spotting her hairless pussy lips sparkling with dew.


“Please, please!” moaned the fey, her body bucking again her ass glowing crimson. “Stop!”

“Why should I?”


“Because!” she howled, more and more pussy juices trickling out of her cunt, staining her thighs. “It hurts!”

“It’s a punishment,” I purred and cracked my hand down again.


But not on her ass. My hand landed on her pussy.

She squealed in rapture and agony. I massaged her juicy snatch, her pussy lips almost burning. I drew my hand away and licked my palm. I savored the flavor of her tart cunt. I reveled in the delicious taste.


She groaned in relief, my hand landing on her ass this time.

“I’m sorry,” she moaned.

“Sorry for what?”


She squealed again, her ass clenching so tight. My dick throbbed as I stared at the glowing rump. My own pussy juices leaked out as much as hers. It took all my self-control not to fuck her yet. But I was having too much fun disciplining her.

“Sorry for making you belly flop and for laughing at you.”


“Why did you do it?” I asked as she whimpered again.

“Because it was fun!” she gasped. “I was bored. And you looked so silly. Marching with such determination. Not bothering to enjoy the beauty of the world around you. Hurry, hurry, hurry. What’s the rush?”

I ignored that. “So you think you can just throw snowballs at someone because you’re bored?”

“Well, yes.” She sounded confused. “Don’t you do what you want? Don’t you use that big, throbbing clit-dick you have whenever you’re horny?”

She wiggled her hips, her pussy dripping with juices. She didn’t have a futa-dick. Did not all faeries have them?

“Don’t you just stick that dick in any hole you want?” she asked.

I did. But the women were always willing.

“So I could just slam my dick into your pussy?” I asked, moving behind her, rubbing the tip of my dick on her dripping cunt.

She whimpered. “Yes! You have me dominated. You can ravish me!”

I moved my cock up her slit and between the cheeks of her butt. I found her sphincter. “I can even fuck you here? Just ram it into your bowels because I’m bored.”

“Ooh, yes,” she groaned, wiggling her hips, stirring her puckered sphincter around my dick.

“What’s your name?” I demanded.

“Alp Luachra,” she groaned. “And yours?”

“Ms. Kim,” I smiled. “Remember it. It’s the name of your new futa-boss.”

“Boss?” she frowned. “What’s that?”

“It means I get to fuck your ass whenever I want.”

I thrust into her asshole. My eyes widened as the velvety heat of her bowels engulfed my dick. I groaned, my dick throbbing in her grip as I sank into her. Pleasure shuddered through me. I gripped her hips, moaning out my rapture as I sank deeper and deeper into her.

She whimpered, her asshole clenching down on my dick. Her body quivered, her bowels squeezing down so hard on my invading shaft. It felt delicious. She was so cold she burned around my dick. A frigid fire that bathed my futa-cock in rapture.

Pleasure flowed down my clit-dick and into my pussy. My cunt clenched as I drew back through her velvety sheath. The fey whimpered, her back arching. I slammed into her bowels again, my black bush pressing against her crimson asshole.

She groaned in pain-filled ecstasy, her bowels squeezing down so hard on my dick.

I loved it. I drew back and slammed in again and again. The friction burned around my plunging cock. She sang out in pleasure and agony. I smacked over and over into her well-spanked asshole, reminding her of her punishment while giving her rapture.

“Oh, Ms. Kim,” she whimpered, her asshole massaging my plunging dick. Such rapture shuddered through me. “Oh, this is awesome. You’re amazing. Ooh, yes, you’re my futa-boss. You can fuck me whenever I want.”

“You’re just a slut for my futa-dick, aren’t you, Alp Luachra?” I hissed. “Just begging for my futa-cum to flood your asshole?”

“I am!” she groaned. “You’re so big. You’re bigger than those futa-fairies who fly through the air thinking they’re better than me. Ooh, yes, I love your clit-dick, Ms. Kim.”

I smiled, pumping away at her. I could never give up the submission of my employees, even one as bratty as Alp Luachra. I had to keep my girl-dick. I had to defeat Summer’s futas. I would defeat them. I would dominate them, spank them, and make them beg for my cock to plow their slutty cunts. I would spurt so much jizz into them.

My small tits jiggled before me as I fucked Al Luachra’s velvety bowels harder and harder. Such rapture shot through my body. My futa-dick tingled in her embrace. My pussy grew hotter and hotter, my ovaries approaching a boil.

“Cum in me, Ms. Kim!” the naughty fey begged. “Please, please, flood me with your burning cum! You’re so warm! You’re so hot! You’re melting me!”

“Good!” I hissed, pounding her. I leaned over her body, squeezing her round tits from the side. “Just scream out your rapture. Let everyone hear how hard you cum on my dick.”

“The best dick!” Alp Luachra howled.

“Uh-huh,” I moaned.

She bucked up into my thrusts, smacking her spanked rump into my crotch. Her moans echoed over the rumble of the ice river. Her bowels grew hotter and hotter about my dick. She squeezed over and over on it.

Then her back arched. Her moans sang out. Velvety bowels spasmed about my dick. I shuddered as she came. I slammed my futa-dick into her convulsing sheath. The friction stimulated my girl-dick. The pleasure shot up my shaft to my pussy.

“Cum in my bowels, Ms. Kim!” she howled. “Please, please unload in me!”

“I will!” I moaned and buried to the hilt in her.

My eyes fluttered. My dick drank in the friction of her writhing asshole. Pleasure exploded in my cunt. Juices squirted down my thighs. I gasped and groaned, trembling as I pumped futa-cum over and over into her bowels.

Stars danced before my eyes. I gazed out at the beauty of Winter, the frozen landscape utterly unchanging, every square inch of it beautiful in its own ways. Towering, blue mountains rising up into the glittering skies, fields of snow that shimmered beneath the starlight, pristine and untouched. The air so crisp. Every inhalation frigid, making me feel so alive.

And then something jolted into my soul. It shot up from my cock. I gasped, bucking as my orgasm peaked, the rapture dancing through my thoughts. The cold spilled through my entire body. A nimbus of icy blue exploded around me.

My dick popped out of Alp Luachra’s asshole. I stumbled in the snow, falling onto my rump. I gasped, the energy fading around me. Alp Luachra still lay bent over the stone, my futa-cum trickling out of her well-fucked asshole down to her juicy pussy.

“What did you do to me?” I demanded, gaining my feet.

“Gave you my blessing, Ms. Kim,” she purred. “I think you’ll find it useful against those Summer whores.” She winked a frigid eye at me and then vanished in a puff of snow.

“Blessing?” I muttered, holding out my hand.

Snow swirled in a circle in my palm. I smiled.


Becca Brittany

The sluggish river I followed, made of ice but flowing with the consistency of a Slurpee from Seven Eleven, melted into real water as it hit the valley. It flowed down the autumnal slope towards a forest, the trees covered in yellow and brown and auburn leaves.

I took a deep breath, glancing around, my blonde hair swaying about my bare shoulders. Despite all the nude newscasts I’d done for the last month-and-a-half, I felt so naked and exposed as I moved down the slope to the forest. I wished I was clothed.

What if one of the Summer futas spotted me?

I hurried for the cover of the forest. I needed to have some sort of advantage if I were to help Winter win. I didn’t want to give up my futa-dick. My daughter loved to fluff my cock. She spent so much time sucking on it, keeping me hard for news broadcast. I loved watching myself give reports and seeing the back of her blonde head bobbing as she pleasured me.

No way I was letting Summer take that joy from me.

I entered the woods. I winced as my bare feet stepped on dried leaves. They crunched, breaking into powdery bits. The entire ground was carpeted in them. I couldn’t take a step without making noise. I hesitated, peering around the trees, wondering what I should do next.

A giggle erupted behind me.

I gasped in shock and spun around.


Dr. Rita Jones

“Well, that’s a problem,” I said returning to the spot where I appeared on the shore of the wide river. My fears were confirmed.

I was on an island in the middle of a river as broad as the Mississippi. The current flowed fierce and fast. I crouched down on the sandy shore, staring at the distant side, my futa-dick swaying before me. My dark toes dug into the pale soil as I pondered what to do.

“I could swim it,” I said, talking to myself. I felt so alone and isolated. Why had Leanan Sidhe dropped me onto an island? I bet the other futas from Summer were entering the Lands of Change by now. I must have wasted an hour or two circumnavigating the island.

What if we were at a disadvantage? What if they need me?

“Why do you look so sad?”

I gasped in fright, my heart almost exploding out of my chest. My round, ebony breasts heaved before me as I scrambled to my feet. But instead of standing, I tripped in my frightened haste and landed on my back on the soft, wet sand.

A blue face appeared over mine, sea-green hair clinging wet to her delicate features. She had curious eyes, large breasts swaying before her, her fat nipples a darker shade of blue than her sapphire skin. She had feminine curves, all rippling and rolling like gentle waves.

“Are you okay?” she asked me, her voice soft and melodic.

“Yeah,” I said, my eyes sliding down her body to a hairless pussy. She didn’t have a futa-dick like me or Leanan Sidhe, but thick pussy lips glistening wet. Her entire body had a sheen like she’d just gotten out of the river.

“Good,” the fey, she had to be a fey, said, smiling. “I didn’t mean to frighten you. I was just wondering why you were so sad. The Islet is a place of beauty and love.”

“I need to get off of it so I can fight for Summer,” I said. “And…” I swallowed. It was such a stereotype. “I don’t know how to swim that well. And it’s so far to the bank.”

“I can swim!” she said brightly. “I’m Naiad. I love to swim.”

I blinked at hearing a name out of mythology. “Yeah, sure, why not? Naiad. That makes sense.”

The fey smiled at me.

“So, you can help me?” I asked.

“Can you help me?” she asked back, shaking her hips.

“What do you need?” I asked, my heart beating faster. “I don’t have much to give.”

“I think you have a lot to give.” Her hands shot down, grasping my ebony cock. “Ooh, you’re so big. My pussy will love this cock. And I bet you have so much seed in your ovaries. So much goody-yummy girl-seed.”

“You want my cum?” I asked. “It’s magical. It heals people.”

Her eyes widened in utter delight. Then she threw herself at me. “Yes, yes, give me your seed, and I’ll get you across the river.”

Before I could answer, she straddled me, her hot pussy, wetter than any cunt I had ever experienced, slid down my dick. I gasped, my eyes widening as her sloppy twat slid down my shaft. It felt like she had already fucked a dozen futas. But I didn’t see any cum leaking out of her. It had to natural slickness. Her pussy juices flowed out of her, matting down my pubic hair as my futa-cock throbbed in her depths.

“Do we have a deal?” she asked, a big smile on her lips.

“Hell, yes!” I moaned.


Her arms and legs wrapped tight about my body, pressing our breasts together. Her pillowy mounds felt so wonderful against my tits, our nipples pressing together. Tingles raced down to my futa-dick buried in her dripping cunt. Her mouth met mine, kissing me so hard, her eyes so bright.

Then she rolled us hard to the right.

I gasped in shock as we plunged into the water of the river. Its warm current engulfed us. We floated, her sea-green hair fanning around us as she pumped her hips up and down my dick. I wanted to panic, to freak out at being beneath the water, but her cunt felt so silky and hot on my cock. Pleasure rippled out of my shaft, making my twat clenched and my body tremble.

She breathed into my mouth as she kissed me. The sweetest air filled my lungs. Bubbles exhaled out of my nose, rising around us as we tumbled through the water. My body spasmed in utter delight as we made love in a world of blue.

I felt weightless, cocooned in warmth.

Her pussy pumped up and down my dick. Her tongue danced in my mouth.

I clutched her ass, squeezing her rump as she fucked me. She moaned her delight, breathing more and more ambrosia into my mouth, keeping me alive as we drifted through our underwater world. Sunlight played on the rippling surface. Beneath, beautiful coral grew at the bottom of the river, bright pinks, lilacs, and pastel blues abounded, forming such delicate shapes that passed us by as we reveled in ecstasy.

I held her tight. My nipples kissed hers as our bodies heaved together. She kept pumping that wonderful pussy up and down my dick. Her hands stroked my back, fingernails biting into my flesh as she moaned her pleasure into our kiss.

Breathing more life-giving air into my lungs.

My futa-dick ached and throbbed in the embrace of her pussy. I shuddered, my tongue dueling with hers, lost to the passion. My hips thrust, meeting her pumping hips. She swiveled her hot cunt about my cock, shooting delight into the depths of my pussy.

I wanted to scream out my rapture.

My fingers clenched on her tight asshole.

Our nipples rubbed together, kissing, caressing, shooting delight through my body, my pussy clenching. My pussy lips caressed by the warm current. It stroked them like naughty fingers, tingling my pussy lips.

I loved it.

A naughty idea popped into my mind as my fingers found Naiad’s butt-crack. I grinned into our kiss, staring into her deep-sapphire eyes. Her pussy clenched as she felt my exploring digits brushed her asshole, circling her puckered opening.

Something glittering in her eyes.


Her cunt tightened so hard on my dick as I shoved two fingers into her tight asshole. Her velvety bowels gripped my digit as she humped her snatch faster and faster up and down my girl-dick. The friction was incredible. The pleasure shuddered through me.

My ovaries came closer and closer to cumming.

Bubbles exploded from my nose as my orgasm built. I trembled in her embrace, buggering her asshole with my fingers, savoring the silky glide of her cunt on my clit-dick. My toes curled in the water, my legs spasming in delight.

The pressure built in my ovaries.

I jammed my fingers deep into her bowels. My dick thrust into her cunt’s far reaches. Her silky embrace gripped every inch of my futa-cock. Pleasure surged down my shaft to my boiling twat. The water caressed my pussy lips, the final sensation that shot rapture through me.

I erupted into her cunt.

I moaned my pleasure as I filled the naughty fey-slut’s snatch with my girl-cum. She bucked in my arms. Her bowels tightened about my exploring digits. Her pussy writhed in orgasmic delight about my spurting clit-dick.

She milked my cock as we drifted through the water. We kissed so hard. She breathed so much life into my lungs as we thrashed beneath the river. Over and over, my cum fired out of my dick. I pumped her snatch full of my jizz.

Giving her my seed. Was I breeding the fey? Would I have another daughter living in Faerie?

Ecstasy drowned my mind. I shuddered, moaned. I didn’t even notice the river washing us onto shore. I broke the kiss, screaming out my wordless ecstasy as her pussy milked out every bit of my cum from my girl-dick.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she gasped. “Oh, you wonderful futa.” She stared down at me, drops of water glittering like diamonds as they ran down her blue skin. Her big tits swayed. “You gave me your seed.”

“The sweetest payment ever,” I panted, trembling as her pussy’s spasming died on my futa-dick.

Then she kissed me again. She breathed into me. I shuddered, feeling something more than air entering me. Power. My body convulsed. I felt the water droplets on my body suddenly lift away. They danced around our squirming bodies then fell like rain upon us.

“There,” she said. “A little gift for making me cum so hard. Something to help you, Champion of Summer.”

“Thanks,” I breathed, trembling as Naiad rose off my futa-dick. Her pussy clenched tight, not letting a drop of my futa-cum escape her.

Maybe she was full of other futas’ jizz. That was why she felt so sloppy. She stored it in her. What a naughty creature.

Then she dove into the water. I rose, looking around, and shivered. I was close to the Lands of Transition. The current had swept me far down the river while I writhed in her embrace.


Kimberly “Kimmie” Miller

I followed the Year’s Divide river, feeling like a million bucks. I took down my teacher, Ms. Marcie. I kicked her ass. She thought she had me, but I showed her. I shivered in delight, remembering the pleasure of pumping my cum into her asshole.

And then watching her vanish. No way Summer was losing this one. Not when I was on the team. I was a Pussycat. A kickass cheerleader. I would win this competition. I grinned, heading north down the river, spotting a forest ahead.

I bet I could ambush one of those Winter whores in there. Ooh, I was eager to defeat another one.


Officer Cindy Matheson

“I am never getting to this fighting zone,” I complained, peering down across the unending sheet of ice I walked on. I’d trudged for what felt like hours, and still was marching across the frozen lake.

The ice was so smooth like a mirror, reflecting the night sky. The moon still so low on the horizon. If I understood B correctly, it would have to be overhead for me to enter the Lands of Transition and kick those Summer futas’ asses.

“There has to be a faster way to travel?” I hissed, my toes flexing against the ice. It wasn’t cold or even slick despite its mirror finish. I stared down at my reflection, my black hair framing my fierce face, my large breasts swaying.

Another face, skin pale as milk, peered over my shoulder in the reflection, her expression curious. I jumped in fright, my heart exploding, the chill of adrenaline pumping through my veins. I whirled around, casting my gaze around for the owner of the face.

Something zipped through the night sky, a trail of white vapor. A laugh giggled as it zoomed back down to the ground, landing before me. A figure appear, slender and girlish, skin pale, breasts budding mounds, hair sky-blue and constantly moving about her face like she stood in a breeze that didn’t touch me though we stood only feet apart.

Her head cocked to the side. “What would you give me?”

I frowned at her. “Give you?”

“You said you wished there was a faster way. What would you give me to get it?” She giggled and then zipped around me like a vast current of air, her body becoming a white streak.

I spun around, spotted her standing behind me, her arms behind her back, her face leaning forward, such a mischievous look in her eyes.

“Who are you?” I demanded, my dick throbbing at her form, so innocent and yet so whorish, on display as she moved closer.

“I’m Sylph,” she grinned. “And I can get you to wherever you need to be. But what will you give me?”

“Isn’t it enough that I’m fighting for Winter?” I asked.

She waved a dismissive hand. “I’m not a faerie. I don’t care about Bean Sidhe’s schemes. She thinks too much. Plans, plans, plans. Who needs those? It’s more fun to just do things!” She stood right before me, rising on her tiptoes, pushing her face up into mine almost like a lover about to plant a kiss on my mouth.

My thoughts turned to Marcie, my girlfriend. Was she fighting in the Lands of Transition right now? Did she need my help?

“What do you want?” I asked.

“What will you give me?”

“What do I have to give?” I asked. “I’m naked.”

“Hmm,” Sylph nodded. “What about your daughter.”

“You want me to give you Amber?” I demanded.

She nodded her head. “Her and me could play games forever and ever and ever! Dancing through the skies. I like playing pussy games.”

“I’m not giving you my daughter,” I snarled. Not even to keep my futa-cock.

“Hmm,” she said, tapping her foot.

“I could…I could make you cum,” I said. “I could give you pleasure.”

Her eyes brightened. “I like pleasure.” Her hips wiggled from side-to-side. “Do you know what pleasure I like the most?”

“Having your small tits kissed?”

“Nope,” she grinned. “I bet you’ll never guess.” She spun around, her hips wiggling more, her cute rump dancing. “It’s soooo naughty.”

Naughty, eh? I flicked down her body, a grin growing on my lips. “You like having your asshole rimmed.”

She gasped. “How did you know?”

“Well, I happen to be the best ass licker in the world.” I leaned down, my big boobs swaying. “I tell you what, I lick your asshole and make you cum, then you fly me to the Lands of Transition.”

“Deal,” she said. Then she whirled around, bent over, and grabbed her ankles. Her legs were spread wide, the cheeks of her butt parting just enough to expose the pink, puckered rosebud of her asshole. “Please, please, lick me!”

I fell to my knees, a surge of depraved hunger spilling through me. I grabbed her butt-cheeks, parting them more. My futa-dick throbbed before me, thrusting between her legs. I breathed in, smelling the sweet musk of her pussy then the sour tang of her asshole.

I pressed my face between the fey’s butt-cheeks. I nuzzled against her sphincter. I rimmed her asshole, my tongue swiping across her backdoor. She let out such a cooing moan. Her body’s wiggling smeared her asshole across my lips.

“Ooh, yes, that’s so nice, futa,” Sylph purred.

“Officer Cindy,” I groaned.

“Yes, yes, Officer Cindy, keep licking my asshole. You have to please me. I want to cum! I love cumming from ass play.”

“Naughty slut,” I growled and locked my lips on her asshole, sucking.

She squeaked in delight. Her butt-cheeks clenched on my face. I savored her sour musk, my tongue probing against her asshole. I caressed her tight ring then pressed against it. Her sphincter resisted, clenched so tight.

But my tongue was persistent. I wiggled and worked and prodded. She let out a low groan as my tongue probed into her asshole. I reached into her velvety, sour sheath, swirling it around through her rectum.

“That’s so good!” she moaned. And then she proved how limber she was.

Her hot mouth engulfed the tip of my dick. Bent over like she was, she could just reach it as it bobbed between her legs. I gasped in pleasure, swirling my tongue through her asshole as the sucking delight shot down to my pussy. It was such a shock, making me quiver. My hands dug into her butt-cheeks as rapture surged through my body.

Her lips sealed tight about my cock. She sucked so hard, her tongue dancing across the crown of my dick. My pussy clenched. Juices flooded out of my cunt as I moaned into her asshole. I tongued her bowels, making her shake and wiggle.

And moan about my dick.

My fingers found her hot pussy as she sucked my dick. I stroked up and down her pussy lips, teasing her. Her juices dripped down my fingers. I found her little clit, massaging it. She whimpered, her bowels clenching down on my probing tongue.

And she sucked so hard on my dick.

Pleasure rippled through my body. My orgasm swelled so fast. Her mouth so hot. Her ass tasted so good. I frigged her clit and swirled my tongue through her velvety bowels. I made her tremble and moan. Winds swirled around us, caressing my body with frigid touches that sent exciting tingles racing to the tip of my futa-dick.

Sylph’s body trembled. Her asshole writhed about my tongue. She moaned so loudly about my futa-dick. I rubbed her clit as her juices squirted out of her pussy, anointing my big breasts. I groaned into her asshole, trembling, drinking in the pleasure of making her cum.

My pussy clenched.

My dick erupted.

Hot cum spurted into Sylph’s mouth. I probed my tongue deep into her velvety bowels as my body shuddered. Pleasure pulsed through me. Stars danced through my eyes. I shuddered, whimpered. Every blast of cum bathing my mind in ecstasy.

I loved it.

Sylph popped her mouth off my dick. She spun around on me while I trembled in the grip of my orgasm. She kissed me hard. She shoveled my own salty futa-cum into my mouth, mixing with the sour flavor her asshole.

And then something poured into my mouth: energy.

Winds howled around us. They swirled around us as I kissed Sylph, snowballing my cum back and forth with her. My eyes rolled back into my head. My hands gripped her slender shoulders as my orgasm peaked through me.

“Mmm, that was wonderful,” Sylph moaned when we broke the kiss. “Thank you for that yummy cum. I gave you something special.”

“What?” I asked, the wind still dancing around us.

“Something useful,” she smiled. “The wind!”

Then she hugged me and we soared into the air.


Becca Brittany

I found the source of the giggling. It was a golden-skinned woman with hair the color of auburn leaves. She leaned against a massive oak tree, her fingers plunging over and over into her pussy. She kept laughing and cooing her delight.

“Ooh, yes, yes, yes,” she moaned. “Ooh, I’m going to cum so hard.”

My dick throbbed and twitched. She didn’t have a dick at all. She wasn’t even human, let alone one of the Summer futas. She was a fey. My futa-cock throbbed. My pussy grew so wet as I watched her plunge her fingers into her pussy, her auburn thatch covered in juices.

“I need to cum so badly.” Her eyes found mine. “Won’t you make me cum?” She pulled out her fingers. “Please, please, please.” She licked her fingers. “I need something bigger than inside my pussy.”

Lust shot through me. I didn’t think, couldn’t think. I just ran towards her across the carpet of leaves. I pinned her body against the tree trunk her breasts rubbing against mine. I kissed her on the mouth, tasting her honey-sweet pussy juices.

And rammed my clit-dick into her snatch.

The fey shuddered against me as I buried into her. Her pussy gripped mine. She giggled into our kiss, her body undulating. I pumped my hips hard, fucking my futa-cock over and over into her depths. Pleasure rippled through my body.

“Oh, yes,” she purred, breaking the kiss. “Oh, yes, this is what I crave. I need the amazing Becca Brittany’s futa-cock in me!”

“You know who I am?” I gasped in shock, staring into her green eyes. They were such a deep color, like the shade of spring leaves.

“Of course I do,” she whimpered. “You’re the futa-reporter. You’re famous.”

I grinned at her, my hands sliding up her body as I fucked her hard against the tree, her silky snatch massaging my cock. “I am famous.”

“Yes, you are,” she purred, humping against me. “Mmm, yes, just ram that girl-dick over and over into me. We’re both going to cum so hard, aren’t we?”

“Yes, we are,” I groaned. The pleasure surged through me. It boiled through my ovaries. My moans sang out through the autumnal woods. “And who are you?”

“Want to interview me?” the fey moaned, her thighs wrapping about my waist, gripping me so hard as I fucked her.

“Yes,” I moaned.

“I’m Dryad!” she breathed. “Ooh, yes, what a lovely cock. So good. You’re going to make me cum so hard.”

“Dryad,” I breathed, savoring it. I would write a best-selling novel about this. I would tell the world about my wild time in Faerie. How I won the contest and defeated those sluts of Summer.

I wasn’t giving up being the famous futa-reporter.

“And what court do you serve?” I panted, our nipples kissing, her pussy squeezing down on my dick.

“Neither!” she moaned. “I’m a wild fey.” She giggled. “Ooh, we’re getting so wild now, aren’t we, Becca?”

“So wild,” I groaned.

Pleasure rippled through me. Her pussy gripped my futa-cock so tight. I drove into her so hard as my hands cupped her breasts. I squeezed them. The tree rustled and groaned as I plowed into her. She squirmed against it, gasping out her rapture.

I would make this slutty fey cum on my dick. I would make her howl and moan. She bucked against me, undulating her body, grinding her clit into my pubic bone every time I buried into her cunt. Her snatch tightened as I drew back, increasing the friction.

I loved it.

“Mmm, what reward are you going to give me?” I panted, remembering B mentioning Fey would give us gifts if we pleasured them.

She gave me a wicked grin. Her arms stretched over her head, her tits jiggling in my hands as she undulated. “What type of gift would you like?”

“Something to help me win,” I groaned, sliding my hands up her sides.

Her pussy clenched in promise on my dick. I shuddered, my fingers stroking past her smooth armpits, utterly hairless. Then I worked up her smooth arms until my hands gripped hers, raised above our heads. I kissed her again, plowing hard into her, so eager for my reward.

My orgasm built and built in me. My pussy dribbled juices down my thighs. I moaned into her mouth, my tongue dancing with hers, building us both to our explosion or rapture. I pumped away into her pussy. She whimpered, her snatch clenching down hard on my thrusting dick.

The tree rustled overhead.

Her pussy spasmed about my dick.

She broke the kiss, howling, “Yes, yes, yes! I Love cumming!”

“Good!” I snarled, lost to the pleasure of fucking her spasming pussy. I drove my dick hard and deep into her juicy snatch. “I’m going to cum so hard in you.”

“Do it!” she howled.

I slammed forward. As the branches seized my wrist, my dick erupted. I gasped, groaned. Pleasure fired through me as my cum pumped into Dryad’s hot cunt. She moaned and whimpered. Her body thrashed. Her breasts heaved. Her spasming snatch milked out my seed as I swayed, the skeletal tree limbs gripping my wrists.

I blinked through the pleasure, looking up and seeing my hands bound tight by the tree. “What?”

“Mmm, such a good cum,” she purred as her body melted into the tree, her pussy sliding off my dick in the process. She vanished into the bark.

“What’s going on?” I shouted, shuddering, my heart screaming in my chest. I shook my wrist, but the tree held me fast. “Let me go!”

“Well, well, well,” a voice said from behind me. “Looks like you got yourself into a predicament. Maybe I can help.”

I threw a look over my shoulder. A brunette with a round face grinned at me. She was my daughter’s age, her breasts teenage firm. She cocked her hip, her futa-dick swaying before her as a toothy grin spread across her lips.

I didn’t recognize her.

I groaned.

“Yep, I’m one of Summer’s futas,” the girl said, stroking her dick. “I’m Kimmie! And you’re that sexy Becca Brittany.”

“Oh, no,” I groaned, twisting my wrists in the branches, but they held me tight.

“And I am a big fan,” Kimmie grinned as she advanced. “I have wanted to fuck you ever since I became a futa.”

“This is not fair!” I howled. “You bitch, Dryad! Let me go!”

The tree giggled as Kimmie grabbed my large breast and ran her thumb across my nipple.

I was so fucked.

To be continued…

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