Haunted by the Futa Ghost Chapter Eight: Ghostly Futa Sixty-Nine


Haunted by the Futa Ghost

Chapter Eight: Ghostly Futa Sixty-Nine

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2016

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I rubbed the polish carefully into the statue of Kanshu-no-Kami, the mighty kami wrestling the dread yokai Yokubō-no-Tako and keeping him imprisoned. I shuddered as I reached one of the octopus-like tentacles wrapped about Kanshu’s leg. The artist who had sculpted the statute caught the features perfectly.

But so long as I danced the Kagura on every equinox, Kanshu would keep the yokai trapped, protecting our province.

Behind me, the slap of my father’s feet echoed through the shrine. He emerged, wearing a simple yukata of gray against the summer heat. The cry of cicadas bled through the walls. I wore a light yukata, too, though mine was a pale brown, my legs bare beneath it, my hair tied back to keep it out of my face as I cleaned.

“Otōsan,” I said, my stomach writhing. I felt so different now. I was no longer a virgin. In the onsen my Ōjo-sama had deflowered me with her kokeshi. And then I had taken her maidenhead, pretending the bundle of itadori fibers was my cock. It as the happiest moment of my life. “May I ask a question?”

“Yes, Sayuri-chan?”

“Are there any kami who exhibit both masculine and feminine qualities?” I tensed, keeping my hands polishing the statue.

“A curious question. Why?”

“Oh, just something Mitsuko-hime brought up while we bathed yesterday at the onsen yesterday.”

My father grunted. “You spend too much time with the Daimyo’s daughter. She is above us. If you displease her, her father may take retribution on us.”

I hesitated. “But if I don’t wash her back, won’t that just displease her more?”

He grunted again. Then he answered my question instead of talking about Mitsuko-hime. “Yes, there is a futanari kami. Hangetsu.”

“The changing moon?” I blinked.

“Supposedly, the kami can appear when the moon is half-full, when he changes from male to female or vice versa. They say the kami is female when the moon is full and male when it is new. But at the full moon, the kami is both.”

“I see. And… how do you summon the kami?”

He gave me a hard look. “Keep cleaning, Sayuri-chan. If the sanctum isn’t spotless, I will take the willow branch to you.”

“Yes, Otōsan,” I squeaked even as hope beat in beneath my breast. There was a futanari kami. How could I learn how to summon him or her?


500 years later…

Yoshiko groaned as she woke from her dream of Sayuri’s life. She had experienced the ghost’s happiest memory, the day Mitsuko had taken Sayuri’s virginity with a strange dildo made of bundled plant fibers. Yoshiko had been inside Sayuri, feeling the toy slide in and out of her pussy, the beaded cord holding the bundle tight rubbing on her sheath.

It had been quite pleasant.

“I bet you did love that day,” Yoshiko whispered. “But what happened after it? Why did the shrine burn? Who killed your father? Why did Mitsuko kill herself in that scary forest?”

The memories Sayuri had shown Yoshiko were a blur. They had spilled one after the other, almost assaulting her. Mitsuko didn’t look much different from the day she took Sayuri’s virginity to the night the princess killed herself. And the tree… It looked so much like the tree before her school, the same species of Japanese Pine.

It couldn’t be the same tree. That one had to be dead, right? When Sayuri lived had to be hundreds of years ago.

“But trees can live long.” Yoshiko lived in Redwood, a small community in the foothills around San Fransisco Bay. It was named after the Sequoia trees that grew in the area. The Great Sequoias, the famed huge redwoods, could live for thousands of years. So why not a Japanese Pine Tree? “But I thought that was a cutting sent from Japan.”

Redwood’s sister city in Japan, somewhere on the slopes of Mount Fuji, had given the cutting to Redwood Academy back in the late forties not long after World War II ended, a peace offering. It has to be a cutting from that very tree that Mitsuko hung herself. Were you both freed as ghosts last night? Did you join her in death, Sayuri? Is that how your life ended, dangling beside the girl you loved? It’s so so sad. You did it. You became a futanari, but it was too late.

Tears beaded Yoshiko’s round, blue eyes. She was half-Japanese, looking petite and Asian save for her large breasts—the biggest at her school—and her Caucasian eyes. She pursed her lips, wiping her eyes and then sat up, the sheets falling off her pillowy tits and spilling about her lap.

She was sleeping in Lori’s room, but her friend was gone. “Lori?” Yoshiko frowned. Must be in the bathroom.

Yoshiko fell back on the bed, head on pillows. Her mission to make contact with Sayuri had failed. She just couldn’t get through to the ghost that she was the one dead. She was trapped in the memories of that happy day.

“Probably why she keeps thinking I’m Mitsuko and made me into a futanari. It’s what they both wanted.”

Yoshiko closed her eyes. She was so tired from the dream and trying to break through Sayuri’s denial. Her breasts rose and fell as she struggled to remember any details about the dream. Where was the strange castle Sayuri had walked through? And why did all the courtiers look at the shrine maiden for help, including Mitsuko-hime?

Why did I see shadows of tentacles through the rice paper door? And it sounded like a girl was squealing like she was being fucked.

An itch shivered through her pussy. Yoshiko groaned, her thoughts going back to the hot spring memory. She had interfered, joining in the fun and haunting Mitsuko as a ghost, popping her cherry with her girl-dick.

Yoshiko’s clit throbbed in memory of the sweet embrace of hot, tight pussy. The fluttering of delight across her snatch swelled. She squirmed, her legs parting a bit while her clit ached, threatening to grow into a girl cock. The fluttering grew. She blinked.

It felt like someone licked her pussy.

“Sayuri-chan,” groaned Yoshiko out loud, yanking back the covers. She couldn’t see the ghost, but she could feel the tongue licking through her folds, sliding up to her clit. Lips latched about her nub, sucking hard. “No. If you’re not going to be helpful, just go away.”

Lori didn’t want to be a futanari. She had a boyfriend. Chris was Yoshiko’s best friend, and though she loved Lori, she didn’t want to break them up. Even if she had so much fun fucking her best friend with her girl-dick.

“I have to figure this out, Sayuri-chan,” protested Yoshiko.

But that sucking mouth and fingers stroking at her wet pussy lips was too much. Her clit blossomed. Yoshiko’s back arched as her dick swelled into the futa-ghost’s hungry mouth. Her eyes fluttered, breasts rising and falling as she moaned.

It was so hot and warm in the futa-ghost’s mouth. The spirit sucked hard, her tongue swiping about the swelling crown of Yoshiko’s dick. Moans escaped her lips as her hips undulated, rising up, pushing the cock deeper into the ghost’s mouth, loving the licking, swirling tongue teasing her.

“Oh, you are such a horny ghost,” panted Yoshiko.

The ghost’s hand grasped her dick, stroking the shaft while the lips and tongue loved the crown. Yoshiko shuddered again, staring at her dick swaying in the air before her, manipulated by a spirit she couldn’t see. Her precum flowed, swiped up by the ghost’s hungry tongue.

And, faintly, the ghost’s outline appeared, like the rough sketch an artist might make in light pencil, shaping the drawing before they went in for more detail. The hint of fingers, cheeks hollowing, silky strands of hair.

The lips popped off. The hint of a tongue, a faint outline catching the highlights, licked across Yoshiko’s dick.


“What?” Yoshiko blurted out, hearing her name whispered. Before, Sayuri had only moaned “Mitsuko-hime” or “Ōjo-sama.”

The ghost moved. Her body slipped over Yoshiko’s. Pale suggestion of legs straddling her head. A thick cock dangling down at her lips, the crown coming into more and more detail, throbbing hard, thrusting from a long shaft. The hint of curly pubic hairs hiding a tight slit.

“You want me to suck your cock?” Yoshiko asked. “It’s like our first time. You drank my pussy juices to become solid. Now you’re drinking my precum. Do I need to drink yours? Will that do something? Did I get through to you?”

The ghostly girl-cock nudged Yoshiko’s lips. She could feel it wanting to bury into her mouth. So she opened her mouth, swallowing the futa-ghost’s dick. Her tongue swiped across the slit. She furrowed her brow, almost tasting something salty.

It was like remembering what precum tasted like.

The futa-ghost sucked harder on Yoshiko’s dick, sending flutters through her body. Her pussy clenched and she moaned about the ghost’s shaft. Her tongue explored it, feeling the crown, brushing the slit and remembering the taste of precum even stronger. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked, giving the ghost as much pleasure as she received.

It’s fun sucking a cock while having mine get sucked.

Her hands tried to grasp the ghost body but fazed through her flesh. Her body tingled when they passed through where Sayuri’s body occupied. Yoshiko couldn’t touch anything but the futa-ghost’s dick. Yet. But with every suck, the thighs around her head, the pussy hidden by curls, the dick in her mouth became more and more solid. Color entered Sayuri’s flesh, that same dusky, pale-olive skin tone Yoshiko possessed.

Mmm, yes, you’re becoming more and more real. And then what happens? Are you going to give me some answers?

Or are we both just going to enjoy ourselves and cum so hard?

Yoshiko wouldn’t mind that. Her pussy clenched every time Sayuri’s sucked. The ghost’s tongue grew warmer, wetter with every second. It made her squirm and shudder, the pleasure increasing. The flavor of Sayuri’s precum stopped being a memory and became an actual liquid that coated Yoshiko’s tongue.

Her hands brushed actual flesh. The ghost became more and more real. Solid. Skin like silk. Yoshiko stroked up and down her ghostly futa-lover’s back, sliding down to a pair of delicious buns, squeezing them, fingers kneading in.

I remember how much you loved playing with my asshole. Let’s see if you like it as much as I do. Did Mitsuko finger your asshole?

I bet she did. She was a naughty princess.

Yoshiko dipped her finger into the ghost’s asshole, searching, teasing, wanting to make Sayuri squirm and shudder. Yoshiko felt so naughty, her hips wiggling and shaking. Her entire body buzzed with the thrill of the pleasure racing down her cock. She sucked harder on Sayuri’s dick, playing with her asshole, circling, teasing.

Shoving her finger into her bowels.

The ghost bucked. Her hot, tight asshole gripped Yoshiko’s finger. The futa-ghost sucked so hard on her dick. It ached, the cum almost exploding out of…wherever it came from. My ovaries? She pushed her finger deeper and deeper, probing the ghost’s asshole, loving the feel of her squirming and undulating.

It made her feel so wicked. So naughty. She pumped her finger faster and faster, reaming the ghost’s asshole and sucking on girl-dick.

Moans came from the ghost, muffled by Yoshiko’s cock. The sounds hummed around her sensitive crown, bringing soft groans from her own lips. She savored it, hips bucking, sliding her cock in and out of Sayuri’s lips while fingering the ghost’s asshole faster and faster.

Yes, yes, we’re both going to cum so hard. Let’s flood each other’s mouths.

Yoshiko shuddered and undulated. She humped against her ghostly futa-lover, fingers clenching into Sayuri’s ass and probing deep into her bowels. Yoshiko slipped a second finger into the ghost’s asshole, loving the velvety texture, her own asshole and pussy clenching.

Ghostly fingers stroked her pussy. They pressed into her depths. The futanari squirmed on her friend’s bed. They pumped in and out fast, probing deep and wiggling, teasing, driving her snatch wild. The pressure built and built.

Oh, Sayuri-chan, you are so naughty. I’m going to cum so hard.

Both futanari were moaning. Sayuri’s body fully solid. Her small breasts pressed into Yoshiko’s stomach while her far larger tits rubbed against the ghost’s belly. Both squirmed, savoring their sixty-nine, fingering each other’s holes.

I’m going to cum, Sayuri-chan. I’m going to flood your mouth. Flood mine. I love girl-cum. It’s so wonderful.

The lesbian futanari’s entire body convulsed. Her orgasm exploded through her. Jizz spurted into the ghost mouth while her pussy spasmed about Sayuri’s probing fingers. Yoshiko howled about the dick in her mouth, muffling her passion.

Hot bowels clenched on her fingers. Cum erupted into her mouth.

Yoshiko and the futa-ghost writhed as they shared their orgasm. Pleasure boiled through Yoshiko’s mind. She gasped and heaved on the bed. She bucked, her dick buried in a warm, wet, sucking mouth, the fingers probing her cunt keeping her pleasure roaring through her. She gulped down the salty jizz spilling into her mouth, swallowing it.

Absorbing it.

And then Sayuri vanished. Yoshiko’s fingers buried in tight ass suddenly just hovered over her. No dick filled her mouth. No lips wrapped about her cock or fingers buried in her cunt. Yoshiko gasped, shuddering, blinking her eyes.

“What was that about, Sayuri-chan?”

Gentle hands stroked her body. …Learning, Yoshiko. Sharing…

Yoshiko’s eyes widened. She could hear Sayuri-chan speak in Japanese but understood the words. “I can speak Japanese now?”

…No, you can merely understand my words. We shared our…essences…

…You were delicious…

“So you can’t speak English?”

…English? What strange tongue is that? Is it one of the tongues spoken in China? Or from a land beyond them?…

…Did they take over Japan?…

Yoshiko groaned. “We’re not in Japan. We’re on the far side of the world in the Americas. What year was it that you died?”

…The Thirtieth Year of the Eisho Era…

“Well, what’s that in a proper calendar?” groaned Yoshiko.


Lust shot through Lori. Her cock throbbed in the depths of her gender-swapped girlfriend’s cunt. She stared with hungry lust at the clit-cock Chris just grew. Her girlfriend had started out the day as a boy, became a girl, and now was a futanari, transformed by Lori’s own girl-dick.

“This is fucking hot,” Lori gasped. “My girlfriend is so hung.”

“Yeah,” Chris groaned, her beautiful, tanned face framed by blonde hair, her big tits pressed into Lori’s smaller, rounder tits.

The redhead groaned as she grabbed her girlfriend’s dick. She stroked up and down Chris’s cock, loving the feel of the girth, precum spilling across Lori’s belly. Ravenous lust shot through her to be fucked by this big dick. All the questions about the ghost who had transformed Chris into a girl, and who had then possessed Miyu and was trying to kill her, shot out of her head by the surge of lust.

Futanari had insane sex drives.

“I have to test this cock out,” grinned Lori. “The first pussy your new dick ever tastes.”

“Oh, fuck yeah,” Chris grinned. Though her voice was higher pitch, the inflection and tone was exactly the way she would have made them as a guy.

Only now she had big tits and a big cock. Becoming a futanari had really helped Lori to appreciate women, especially big tits. We have to get Yoshiko in the mix. Chris and I could fuck her together. Lori knew her girlfriend had always wanted to fuck their lesbian friend.

“Ooh, we’re going to have fun with Yoshiko. After we have our fun.”

“Oh, yes,” Chris groaned, her pussy clenching on Lori’s dick. “How do you want it?”

“I want this dick from behind,” Lori said, her head snapping to the right. They were parked on a small overlook with a magnificent view of the Bay Area. She wanted to scream out her passion while her big-dicked, gender-swapped girlfriend fucked her from behind. Her pussy was so hot and wet to be filled. “Where everyone can see us.”

“Oh, damn, that’s so hot,” groaned Chris. “Lori, you are so wild.”

“That’s why you fell in love with a redhead,” she laughed. “You wanted one wild slut. And you got her.”

Chris laughed and slid her pussy off Lori’s dick. The friction made the redheaded futanari shudder. Her head leaned back, squirming on the backseat of her mother’s Prius. Chris’s pussy leaked jizz, her blonde curls matted with cum.


The Prius’s engine suddenly growled to life. Lori gave a gasp, blinking. She had left the car on, and the gas engine had to start up to top off the batteries for the electric motor. She debated reaching through the front seats to hit the ignition button, turning off the car.

But then she saw her girlfriend’s naked, bubbly ass walking towards the wooden railing. That ass could not be ignored.

Lori was out of the car in a flash, her dick bobbing before her. She crossed the gravel naked, feeling so free, the warm, California sun shining on them. They would give quite the shock to any sightseers.

But it was a weekday, before five, and not in tourist season. They probably would have it all to their selves.

Lori’s shoes, the only thing she didn’t take off, crunched on the gravel as she raced past Chris, smacking her ass in the process. The blonde laughed, tits and cock both jiggling before her as Lori tore off towards the railing.

“You little imp,” Chris groaned “I’m going to fuck you so hard.”

“Oh, yes,” moaned Lori. She reached the railing, pressing her belly against the rough wood as she bent over it. Her dick thrust through the gap between planks as she gazed down at the bay. “Come fuck your naughty slut. She needs that big dick.”

“You are just as horny as a futanari in a doujinshi,” laughed Chris.

“No, I am far hornier.” Lori shuddered, staring down at the Golden Gate bridge and the beauty of the Bay. Alcatraz was a little smudge. She glanced from Oakland to the far more impressive city of San Fransisco, the famous Transamerica Pyramid—which looked more like a big dick with a spiky top than any pyramid to Lori—thrusting up from the center.

Imaging fucking that cock.

She even spotted the far smaller Coit Tower. She pictured the city in her head from her many trips there with Chris and Yoshiko, often in her mother’s Prius, trying to match up her memories to the vista lined up before her. She wished all those people bustling down there could lift their gazes, look up on this distant hill, and see her naked body.

“I am about to be fucked by my big-dicked girlfriend!” Lori screamed at the top of her lungs.
A flock of crows answered, bursting from a nearby tree and cawing in alarm as they flew off to find another place to roost.

Lori giggled, wiggling her hips. “Come on, Chris, fuck me!”

Slim hands gripped her waist. They felt so different than she remembered. Not the strong hands of her boyfriend, but the feminine delight of her girlfriend. And then that hard, thick cock rubbed at her pussy, sliding up and down her slit. So much bigger than it ever had been.

I really could get used to this. Maybe we could just be futas…

“Chris!” Lori screamed out as her gender-swapped, futanari girlfriend rammed a huge dick into her tight cunt.

Friction burned down her sheath as the dick slammed all the way into her depths. Her own girl-cock throbbed before her, twitching from the force of the thrusts and aching from the pleasure. Chris’s dick felt so good in Lori’s depths, churning the redheaded futanari’s pussy as she gazed out at the entire world.

She felt so drunk all of a sudden, buzzing from the height as she leaned over the lookout and savored the thrill of her girlfriend’s huge dick filling her cunt. It was magnificent. Her pussy clenched down on the girth, savoring it, wanting to maximize every wonderful iota of friction as Chris drew back, the cock withdrawing.

Preparing for another plunge.

“Damn, my slutty girlfriend is hung,” Lori groaned, her red hair waving about her face as a breeze rose. Tree branches swayed, whispering as pine-covered limbs rubbed together. “So fucking hung! You hear that San Fransisco! None of your girlfriends have dicks as big as mine!”

Chris laughed and slammed her dick deep into Lori’s depths. “You love it, slut. You love being filled by big dicks.”

Lori shuddered, loving being called Chris’s slut. She was her slut. It made Lori feel so free, to be wild with her girlfriend. Her hips moved, stirring Chris’s plunging dick as the blonde fucked Lori hard. Tits slapped together, adding a beat to the staccato smack of Chris’s groin on Lori’s ass. Each thrust pressed the redhead’s stomach into the rough wood of the fence.

Her moans exploded out of her. Her smaller breasts bounced before her as she wiggled and groaned. She leaned father out, a sea of trees spread before her, merging into a green blur as they descended towards the bay and the city. Her head spun. She almost felt like she was flying.

Fucking and flying.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she moaned, savoring Chris’s dick plunging over and over into her depths. “Oh, you know how to work that cock. Stir me up, make me cum!”

“I’ll make you cum so hard, Lori.” Chris’s fingers tightened on Lori’s hips. “I’ll ram my cock so deep in you. I’ll churn you into a froth!”

“Promise?” gasped Lori, blue eyes wide with pleasure.

“Always! I’ll always fuck your pussy to a froth. I’ll give you all the pleasure you want!”

“And let me fuck you back?”


Chris rammed her girl-cock into Lori’s depths hard, their flesh slapping loud, echoing. In the background, a cell phone chirped, but Lori didn’t care. She hardly even noticed it. Only a passing thought flitted through her lust-addled brain wondering who had texted her.

And then her girlfriend’s huge dick rammed into her pussy again, friction bleeding pleasure through her body. And she didn’t care about the text. They could go fuck themselves right now. She was being plowed by her hung girlfriend.

She clamped her pussy down on Chris’s girth, creating as much friction as possible, wanting to drink it all in. She wanted that dick reaming her, ramming into her, making her explode with primal passion. She wanted to burst with ecstasy.

“Yes, yes, yes,” gasped Lori. “Fuck me! I love it! Love you.”

“Good!” Chris groaned. Her right hand moved and smacked Lori’s ass. “You have such a cute rear. Love watching it bounce as I fuck you.”

“Oh, it’s nice,” agreed Lori, bucking back. “So nice. Oh, yes, oh, you are making me tremble. I’m going to explode so hard on your dick.”

“Excellent,” groaned Chris.

The pleasure raced to the tip of Lori’s dick bobbing before her. Precum dripped off the edge of the overlook, falling on the tops of trees below. Her crown throbbed. That wonderful ache of building pressure made Lori tremble.

She loved it. She loved having a cock. There was something so wild about it. There was rapture cumming with both a dick and a pussy. Two different delights, one powerful and fast, the other consuming and slow, spreading out the pleasure that her dick delivered in a few short heartbeats of spurting jizz.

“I’m going to cum,” Lori moaned, her body buzzing with the heady rush, her head dancing as she stared at the ground below her.

“Already?” Chris asked with pride. “Damn, my girl-cock is the best. Or you just pop-off as easily as a twelve-year-old boy.”

“Your cock is the best!”


The friction of his dick sawing in and out of her washed through her body. Lori drank it in, feeding the pressure at the tip of her dick. Her pussy clenched and relaxed, squeezing down hard to increase the friction before just enjoying the slide of hot cock into her tight cunt.

Her back arched, thrusting her breasts out to the world. The pressure swelled in her core, pressing down her urethra to the tip of her dick. It begged to escape.

And Chris’s dick gave her that release.

“Chris!” she screamed as her cum erupted.

White girl-jizz soared into the air before her then rained down on the sequoias growing along the slope below. Spurt after spurt sprayed the evergreen trees while her pussy spasmed on her girlfriend’s thrusting cock. Rapture, born in her pussy, swept through her body while ecstasy shot from her dick. The duel delights met in her mind.

And birthed passion.

“Yes, yes, yes! My girlfriend made me cum!” she screamed, hardly noticing Chris’s hands spreading apart her butt-cheeks. “So good! All you sluts out there wish your boyfriend’s dicks were as big as my girlfriend’s!”

“Lori!” groaned Chris. “Damn, I fucking love you.”

“Good,” she gasped as her girlfriend’s dick slid out of her cumming cunt.

Lori’s dick fired the final blast of jizz to shower on the trees below, her blue eyes widening. Chris’s cock, the tip soaked in pussy cream, slid up Lori’s taint and between her butt-cheeks, finding her sphincter. The wide head pressed on it.

“You horny slut!” Lori moaned, still trembling in bliss.


“Where is Lori?” Yoshiko sighed, setting down her phone. Her friend hadn’t answered her text and she was beginning to believe that Lori had left.


“Lori. Softer on the r.” Yoshiko shook her head. “My mom has trouble with L’s, too. Anyway, she’s my friend, and when I fucked her with my girl-cock, she became a futanari, too.”

…Is that my fault?…

“Well, you were trying to make me into Mitsuko with a dick.” Yoshiko shivered as the ghostly hand stroked her cock. “And I guess that worked. And then it’s just passing on. At least to Lori. Don’t you know how this works? You’re the ghost.”

…I’ve never been a yūrei before…

“So, what is the last thing you remember?”

Sayuri hesitated. …The onsen. When Mitsuko used the… To take my… To make me…

“Yes, when she popped your cherry with the dildo made of bundled plant fibers” Yoshiko shook her head. “That can’t be the last thing you remember. Don’t you remember the fire or the woods—”


Yoshiko winced. The shout made her brain feel punched. I guess I’m not hearing her with my ears.

“Sorry,” Yoshiko said.

…You said you thought Mitsuko-hime might also be a yūrei?…

“Well, yeah, I think the tree at my school looks a lot like the one I saw in your memory. Could your souls have been trapped in the tree.”

…It is possible…

“Then let’s go to my school and see if we can find Mitsuko-hime. I don’t know where Lori is, but we can do this together.” I’m going to kill Lori. I can’t believe she just left me. The urge to strangle her friend shot through Yoshiko for a moment. “Let me get dressed. And stop playing with my dick. I need it to shrink.”

…But it’s so much fun, Yoshiko-chan…

Yoshiko quickly dressed. While her clothing wasn’t identical to a Japanese schoolgirl uniform—since it wasn’t—but it was close, like the spiritual sister to one. She enjoyed the look of crisp, white blouses tucked into pleated skirts with knee-high socks. Yoshiko would be the first to admit she had a fetish for cute, Japanese schoolgirls.

And anyone who checked her browser history would discover the same. Especially Hentai pictures of schoolgirl lesbians. Yuri hentai was her favorite thing in the world. So feminine, so loving, so romantic, and so sexy all at the same time.

No, no, don’t think about that now. Need to keep calm.

So long as she wasn’t horny her clit stayed a clit.

She managed to keep her mind out of the gutter, chatting with Sayuri and answering her questions. The ghost flitted around the room, nudging objects. Pencils, Lori’s laptop, discarded clothing, stuffed animals, and an alarm clock all were lifted into the air.

…And what is this?…

…And this material, it is so strange. What is it?…

Yoshiko answered those questions. Dressed in her blouse and gray skirt, socks pulled up her thighs, her plain, cotton panties—just the type a schoolgirl would wear—seated over her crotch. She grabbed her bookbag and slipped out of the room, her heart thudding.

“You can’t let anyone else know you’re around, okay?”

…I will not bring shame to you, Yoshiko-chan…

Yoshiko blinked then nodded her head.

She headed downstairs while wearing her shoes indoors—which felt so alien to Yoshiko since she grew up with a Japanese mother that absolutely forbade wearing shoes in the house. She reached the first floor. She could hear Lori’s mom in the kitchen. She paused at the door. The older woman, her hair darker than Lori’s, cooked with a glass of white wine in hand.

“Hello, Mrs. Watson,” Yoshiko said politely, hands folded before her.

“Oh, dear, you’re up. Are you feeling okay? Lori said you fell asleep.”

“I am feeling much better, thank you.” Yoshiko gave her a smile and swallowed as she noticed a lock of Mrs. Watson dark-auburn hair lifting off her shoulder.

Sayuri, what are you doing?

“Lori said she had to take care of something super important” Mrs. Watson shook her head. “She ran out of here, taking my car, without letting me ask her where she was going.”

“Oh,” Yoshiko said. “Well, I have to be going.”

“Oh, yes, dear. And if you see my daughter, tell her we’re having a talk when she gets home.”

“I will. Bye.”

Yoshiko gave a slight nod of her head—a gesture she picked up from her mother—and then darted to the door, hoping Sayuri’s ghost followed and wasn’t still playing with Mrs. Watson’s hair. It was warm as Yoshiko stepped outside, the California sun burning bright in the blue sky. Yoshiko hurried down the walkway to the sidewalk.

…Her hair was such a strange color. And her eyes were round like yours. Her skin was such an unusual shade…

“She’s European, like my father,” Yoshiko said.

…What is that metal contraption? Is it a carriage?…

“Close. It’s a car. A…machine driven carriage. Doesn’t need horses or anything.”

One drove by and Sayuri gave a little gasp of awe. As Lori hurried through the small community of Redwood, walking back to her school and sending more texts to Lori, she was peppered with the ghost’s questions. Everywhere Sayuri looked, there was something new for her to goggle at from flashing lights of signs for business to telephone poles, glass windows, cell phones. The poor ghost was almost overwhelmed by all the changes to the modern world.

“You should see Japan. Tokyo is this huge city now with buildings that tower hundreds of feet into the sky.”

…Tokyo? I have never heard of that city…

“Oh, really. It’s like the most important city in Japan. It’s by Mount Fuji, I think.”

…I grew up in the shadow of that mountain. I have never heard of a city called Tokyo…

“Well, five hundred years have passed,” Yoshiko answered. She had googled the date Sayuri gave, the Thirteenth Year of the Eisho Era, and learned that would be 1516. Now curious about Tokyo, she stopped sending texts and tweets to Lori and instead read about Tokyo on Wikipedia. “It used to be called Edo,” Yoshiko explained. “Back when you lived.”

…You can look up knowledge on that device?…

Yoshiko nodded. “I guess in your time, Edo was a little fishing village. But when the this guy called Tokugawa became the Shogun about a hundred years after you died, Edo was where his castle was, so it became important. Than about a hundred-and-fifty-years ago, Emperor Meiji moved his capital from Kyoto to Edo and it was renamed Tokyo. Now it’s the biggest city in Japan.”

…The Emperor moved from Kyoto?… gasped Sayuri.

“Yeah, I guess a lot has changed,” Yoshiko said. She looked up. Across the bustling street was the gates to the Redwood Academy. “There’s my school.”

Miyu, the Japanese exchange student, walked out of the gates, her back rigid. She turned left, walking away from Yoshiko. Heat flushed through the half-Japanese girl, remembering the video she watched on Lori’s phone of Miyu fucking a blonde in their school this afternoon. Apparently, Miyu was also a futanari.

“Miyu!” Yoshiko called, waving her arms. She wanted to dart across the road, but traffic was so heavy. She hit the crosswalk button. “Miyu! We should talk! I’m a futanari, too!”

But Miyu didn’t hear Yoshiko’s shouts. She moved with a brisk, determined pace, other pedestrians on the sidewalk melting out of her path. Her gray skirts swirled about her thighs. Yoshiko sighed as the exchange student rounded the corner.

“We’ll never catch up to her,” Yoshiko sighed, hitting the crosswalk button again. “Stupid light.”

…Who was she?…

“A futanari. Did you haunt her before haunting me?”

…I don’t know. Until I sucked your cock, everything about your world was so vague. You grounded me…

The light changed and Yoshiko shrugged. They hurried across and entered the gates of Redwood Academy. It was a private school, built over a hundred years ago. The grounds were pristine, well maintained, the buildings all made of old, red bricks. Near the main building was the lightning-struck Japanese Pine Tree, the main trunk split in half. The tree looked so dead, the once vibrant-green needles looking a dull brown, drying out, the reddish bark graying.

A ghostly hand seized Yoshiko’s, squeezing tight. A whimper whispered through Yoshiko’s mind.

It does look like the tree Mitsuko hung from, thought Yoshiko. She gave Sayuri’s hand a comforting squeeze. “I’m here with you. Okay. Let’s go explore the school. We don’t have to stare at the tree for long.”

…Thank you, Yoshiko-chan…

Gripping the ghost’s hand, the pair walked up to the school. Yoshiko pushed open the doors, the halls sounding so quiet. She took only a few steps into the school when she heard footsteps running behind her.

Yoshiko turned and groaned. The last person in the world she wanted to see was running at them—Kat Rollins.

Yoshiko’s bully burst into the school, a big grin on her face. She was a tall girl, dressed in a punkish look, a spike collar about her neck, her tits half-exposed by the mesh top she wore with the smallest bra possible beneath, a hot red color to attract the eyes. A sneer appeared on Kat’s lips.

“So the dyke’s here, too,” mocked Kat. “And I bet I know why.”

Yoshiko flushed as she faced her bully.


Chris groaned as she shoved her new girl-cock forward. Lori’s ass felt even tighter than she remembered, just like Lori’s pussy had. It was so different having a huge clit-dick. It thrust from Chris’s body lower than her boy-cock had and the girth and length really let her dive deep into Lori’s pussy.

And Chris was hoping to have the same experience fucking Lori’s asshole.

The pleasure engulfed Chris’s cock as the pussy cream lubed the way. He pressed forward, diving deeper and deeper into her girlfriend’s asshole. Hot bowels embraced her dick. Lori’s grunting groans echoed over the wind and rustling trees. Chris pressed forward deeper and deeper, bottoming out in her girlfriend’s bowels.

“I’m so deep in you, baby,” Chris moaned, her large tits heaving. She shook her head, blonde hair whipped by the wind. “So deep.”

“And you just love my ass, don’t you?”

“It’s so tight now that my dick is huge.” Chris drew back her cock, shuddering at the hot friction caressing the crown. Her pussy clenched—which was such a new experience. Instead of aching balls she had an itching cunt, juices dripping down her thighs. “I can’t wait to cum in you.”

“You’ll love it. Cumming with a cock and pussy is the best! The pleasure just ripples through your body. It leaves you gasping, shuddering, and groaning. It slams into your mind. Fuck my ass, Chris!” Lori squeezed her bowels. “I want to give my girlfriend all the pleasure I can.”

“Damn, you are so sexy,” Chris moaned, leaning over her girlfriend, staring out at the vista.

Fear mixed with her lust. If the railing broke, they would fall. But it was also so exhilarating, a spice to the pleasure reaming her bowels created. Her breasts brushed Lori’s supple back, nipples trailing across silky skin, shooting delight down to Chris’s cock and pussy.

Her hand slid around Lori’s waist, finding her hard cock. Chris seized it, the redhead squealing in delight, her bowels clenching so hard. Chris loved that. She stroked her girlfriend’s dick, sliding up and down in slow strokes as she plowed into tight ass.

“Oh, god, this is different. Stroking your dick while I fuck you.”

“Uh-huh,” Lori moaned. “Oh, that’s great. Jerk me off. I want to cum on the trees again.”

“Yes,” groaned Chris, her strokes growing faster and faster. She couldn’t stop herself—her dick was wrapped-up in ecstasy.

Every stroke through Lori’s bowels sent flutters of pleasure out of Chris’s clenching pussy. The ripples tingled her fat nipples and made her toes curl in her socks, the only thing she wore. The dick throbbed in her hand, precum smearing on her palm, lubing the way to stroke Lori faster and faster, to give the redhead more pleasure.

And Chris loved giving her redhead pleasure.

She stared at Lori’s hair rippling in the wind, fiery strands catching the sunlight, bursting from bright orange to deep red as the strands undulated. She was so beautiful, so sexy, so hung. She was a futanari. They were real.

I’m a fucking futanari. Chris marveled as she plowed her girlfriend’s asshole. Jesus, this is so amazing.

In the back of her mind, she knew there were far more important things to attend to, but her cock, her pussy, her girlfriend’s sexy ass demanded they fuck. Her lusts consumed her, drove her hips to keep pumping away. She groaned and gasped, reaming her cock deeper and faster into her girlfriend’s bowels, bringing herself closer to exploding.

Chris squeezed her thighs tight, her folds rubbing together, juices smearing on her flesh. She leaned over Lori more, massaging the redhead’s back with pillowy tits. Chris’s nipples throbbed, one more delight adding to the pressure building in her cunt.

“Damn, I’m going to cum so hard,” Chris groaned, stroking Lori’s dick faster and faster. It was like jacking off but hotter. That’s my girl’s dick I’m holding. My futanari girlfriend’s dick!

The thought spurred Chris to pump her hips faster.

“Yes, yes, flood my bowels, Chris! You naughty slut! Flood them! Cum in them. Just spew all your jizz into my bowels!”

“Uh-huh,” Chris panted. “Oh, I’m going to pump you full of jizz. So much cum will explode into you. You’ll be dripping jizz all week.”

“Yes!” Lori gasped and came.

Chris groaned in shock that Lori could cum so easily. The blonde futanari felt the cum racing down her girlfriend’s dick and exploding out into the air. Over Lori’s shoulder, Chris witnessed the white shooting down to the trees below. Hot bowels spasmed about her shaft, milking them. Her pussy clenched, itching, the pressure building.

She drove her dick deep into Lori’s asshole.

“Lori!” Chris gasped.

“Cum in me!” Lori begged, voice so thick with her passion. “Do it! Do it you gender-swapped slut!”

Chris’s cock exploded in the depths of Lori’s bowels. Hot cum spurted from the blonde’s dick. She shivered, squeezing out loads from the redhead’s dick. Chris moaned with each pulse of cum bursting from her dick while she experienced the delight of cumming with a cock and a pussy.

The feminine pleasure rippled out of her cunt, mixing with the far more familiar pulses of rapture shooting from her cock. They slammed together, entwining and plunging like a hot knife into Chris’s mind. All thoughts ended.

There was only the pleasure of cumming into Lori’s asshole.

“I’m filling her ass with cum!” Chris screamed in her feminine voice, almost screeching hoarse as she cried out as loud as she could. “I’m flooding her asshole! My futanari’s asshole! I love this sexy futanari!”

“Yes!” Lori moaned, trembling, leaning out so far over the ledge. “My girlfriend is a hung futanari with the biggest tits!”

Footsteps crunched on the gravel behind them. Chris’s head shot around. The color drained from her cheeks. Her girl-cock softened into a clit in record time, popping out of Lori’s ass. A violent tremble ran through Chris’s body.

Miyu walked towards them, her face fixed.

“She found me!” Chris gasped, her heart clenching in fear.

To be continued…

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