Happy New Years!!

Hey everyone

Just wishing everyone a happy new year. May 2014 be better than 2013.

Work is going great on the Story. My editor has the final part of Rachel’s Honeymoon, and then he’ll start work on chapter 33.

Sadly, the spam bots are back. You guys don’t see them because I have to approve someone the first time they post a comment. Most days I get forty to fifty spam comments. Really annoying to sort through and find the real comments. The last few days I had only three or four. But, I’ve been up four hours and there have already been ten or so. So, fuck you spam bots, I hope you have a terrible 2014.

Take care everyone


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5 thoughts on “Happy New Years!!

  1. Athul

    Well if spam is a concern, give people a chance to moderate the content. Lots of people would be interested. I would be. Least I could do to help. And as a group, it won’t be a load. Btw it would be great if there was a story directions poll and/or forum. Ie if u like direction being suggested. Please feel free to ask for any help, especially to speed up the chapter releases.

    – A loyal reader.

    1. mypenname3000 Post author

      It doesn’t take long to deal with the spam, it’s just annoying. I will look into the forum and poll idea. If you have any suggestions for story ideas, any specific type of sex scene you’d like to see, side story ideas, feel free to leave a comment on the sight. I have incorporated people’s ideas in the past, added specific sex scenes, etc.

    2. mypenname3000 Post author

      I created a forum, if you want to moderate Athul, let me know by email and we can get his set up.


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