The World of Erasthay – The Knight and the Acolyte Bk 8, Chapter Five: Songbird’s Passion


The World of Erasthay

The Knight and the Acolyte Book Eight: Labyrinth of Love

Chapter Five: Songbird’s Passion

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2016

Story Codes: Male/Hermaphrodite/Teen females, Female/Female, Male/Female, Fantasy, Magic, Oral Sex, Body Modification, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Creampie, Anal Sex, Double Penetration, Sex Toy, Domination/submission

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Warlock Faoril – The Golden Hunger sailing the Nimborgoth

Thunder rumbled in the distance. Lightning illuminated a squall on the dark horizon. Night had fallen and the Golden Hunger rocked, her sea anchor deployed, the crew singing songs on the mid deck, their brawny chests illuminated by several lanterns around the boat.

I watched them from the stern deck, leaning on a railing. A few glanced at me, giving me huge, possessive grins. I shifted, remembering the gangbang in the hold my first night on the ship. They were all eager for a repeat performance.

Laughter came from a group clustered around Castor, a Thlinian pirate, and the Halanian pirate named Abdwal. Based on the hand gestures and pantomime, it was an obscene conversation about fucking some woman at the same time.

Minx emerged from the hold. “Found them,” she said as she raced up the steep stairs to the stern deck. Almost all of our party was on deck save two. “They are coming.”

“Good,” Angela said, the knight’s expression grave in the shining ball of pink light Sophia had conjured to illuminate the stern deck. Somehow, the soft light made Angela’s blue eyes even harder.

She was committed to finding a way to overcome our latest obstacle—the Knights Deute and Priestesses of Slata hunting her down. Their tactics and magic were effective. All the knights were as skilled fighters as Angela, maybe even more skilled. They had more experience fighting monsters, and they were armed with the ritual magics of Slata protecting them and granting them a level of coordination not possible otherwise.

I played with the gold nipple ring in my hand. My body tingled while I held it, spreading a numbing fuzz through me, suppressing my magic. It felt just like I had after the alchemical weapon the gnome bounty hunter had used on us in the volcano.

Minx plopped herself onto Xera’s lap as the elf sat cross-legged on the corner of the stern deck. The impish halfling wiggled to get comfortable. She looked like a child on a mother’s lap thanks to her short stature and slim body, her head pillowed back on Xera’s naked, large breasts. The elf smiled, her ears twitching.

Chaun and Xandra emerged from below deck, Xandra’s pale face flushed, her blue hair disarrayed. She had a smile on her lips. I blinked. She hadn’t smiled much since her kidnapping into the Mirage Gardens and the realization that the efreet master had disguised himself as Chaun to fuck her. But now her petite frame clung to Chaun as they crossed to the deck. He let her go up first, his hands grabbing her ass, pushing her up while she giggled, her voice melodic like a bird’s.

“Well, I am sorry to keep you all waiting on us,” Chaun said. “We were having a very deep conversation.”

Xandra nodded, traces of cum staining her chin. More ran down her thighs from beneath her skirt.

“Oh, I can see that,” chortled Minx. “Chaun must have been talking very deep to make you smile like that.”

Xandra’s pale cheeks blushed.

Thrak popped his knuckles and pushed off the railing. “Well, let’s figure out how to beat those knights.”

“Yes,” Minx hissed. “Ooh, they made us all look like idiots. And those priestesses…”

“We know what they can do now,” Angela said. “Magic is out and force of arms as well. We need unconventional tactics.”

“Sleeping bombs,” Minx said. “I tried sticky bombs, but that knight blocked my attack with his shield and threw it at me at the same time. Had me all tangled up. I’ve never seen anything so…so…”

“Amazing,” Xera suggested.

“I didn’t want to say it,” Minx admitted, “but, yes. Amazing. He didn’t even look at me. No one has reflexes like that.”

“The Ritual of the Womb,” Sophia said. “Two knights and two priestesses united as spiritual siblings all reborn in Slata’s metaphorical womb.” She shuddered. “Sounds so icky.”

“Pregnancy and birth is part of womanhood,” Angela pointed out.

“The icky parts,” blanched Sophia. “The parts that require a man. Saphique was wise to distance herself from it and embrace femininity in its most pure form.”

Minx giggled.

“And that is what gave them preternatural reflexes,” I said. “The priestesses were spotting for the knights. What they saw, so did the knights, letting them react to instantly.”

“We need to blind them,” Chaun said. “Obscure their sight.”

“A smoke or fog?” Xandra suggested. She hunched her shoulders whenever anyone looked.

Chaun stroked her arm. “Can you do that with make smoke with your elementals?”

She nodded. “An air and water mixing together would work. Though if I had my earth totem, I could raise more dust, but…” She sighed and rubbed her hand. “So long as my elementals didn’t touch the knights, their antimagic protection wouldn’t matter.”

“Cut down visibility to say a few feet,” Thrak grunted. “We’ll be lost in it, too, but at least the knights might be vulnerable.”

“Could you do magic to negate any of the priestesses, Sophia?” Xera asked. “Is not dispelling and abjuration common in faith magic?”

“Yes,” Sophia said, shifting. “But, well…”

“She was a poor student and never paid attention in classes,” Angela said and gave the white-robed acolyte a smack on the ass.

Sophia’s cheeks pinked. “Yes. Plus, magic isn’t really taught until you’re a full priestess. And I’m only an acolyte. Saphique gave me magic early to help us on the quest. I guess she knew it would be difficult.”

“So you couldn’t negate their ritual,” sighed Chaun. “That would make this easier. I could affect them with my music. Instead of giving us courage and steadfast hearts like I did in Hargone, I could inflict fear or confusion upon them.”

“Your music is still magic, Chaun,” I said. “A very subtle and special magic, but your songs wouldn’t be any more effective than my magic or Xandra’s elementals.”

“No, their warding was powerful,” Xandra said.

“A full ritual,” sighed Sophia. “Six priestesses working in concert. It would fail, eventually. But how much magic would you have to pour into their warding to defeat it?”

“Probably a lot,” I said and tossed the golden nipple ring to Sophia.

She caught it out of instinct. The moment her hand closed about it, the pink light she conjured snuffed out. Sophia gasped and shivered. “What is this?”

“An alloy of gold forged with a rare metal called chromium,” I answered. “It negates magic.”

Sophia tossed it back. The moment it lost contact with her hand, her pink light sprang back into existence, gently bobbing before her.

“Like the gnome bounty hunter’s antimagic bomb,” Minx said. “I’ve heard of them, but they’re supposed to be very rare, the ingredients hard to find.”

“There is a source in the Queendom of Naith where the nipple ring is from,” I said. “Apparently, the rakshasa royal family keeps it as a closely guarded secret to protect their queens and princesses.”

“And how did you get one?” Sophia asked.

“It’s Captain Thyrna’s,” Thrak answered. “She surrendered it to me for the demonstration.”

“Really?” A grin spread on Sophia’s face. “Is that what you two were doing for the last hour? Convincing her to surrender to you.”

Thrak nodded his head and a flush shot through me. Thyrna was a good pussycat now.

“One nipple ring isn’t enough,” Thrak said. “The moment they drop it, their magic comes back. We need what the bounty hunter had.”

“Negating magic would be interesting,” Angela said. “But it also negates our magic users, removing them from the fight.”

“But it would allow us to fight effectively against the knights,” Thrak said.

“Still, six on two…” Angela shook her head. “Even without magic, they would overwhelm us. No, we need to separate and isolate them. Alchemical bombs and dust cloud sounds like our best options to deal with the knights.”

“The bombs could be used on the priestesses,” Sophia said. “Those Slata whores were hiding in the wings spotting and working rituals. Just hitting them could cut down our enemies. Without magic, they are as useless as me in a fight.”

“You’re not useless,” Angela said, stroking the acolyte. “You took the Doge hostage.”

“And she can enchant weapons,” Xera added. “Her blessed blades gave us advantages against Fireeyes’s zombies. Perhaps they would be as effective against armor.”

Sophia shook her head. “It would only matter if they had magical protections on them. I didn’t notice any warding spells beyond the magical negation.”

“We should arrive in Grahata ahead of them. Captain Thyrna promises us a fast crossing. But I expect they won’t be too far behind us. They will ambush again. And there is only one place they know we’ll be.”

“They’re going to hit us coming out of the labyrinth,” Chaun sighed, running a hand through his silvery hair. “When we will be weakened from facing the minotaur.”

“Which is another problem entirely,” I said. “The Labyrinth. The entrance is on a mechanical clock. It opens for a six hour period in the night, three hours before midnight and three hours after. The rest of the time, the entrance is closed. It is a confusing maze. No one ever returns and the Minotaur never escapes. It might even shift around once we’re inside.”

“Elementals cannot get lost,” Xandra said.

“Neither do I,” Minx said. “Cernere commissioned the labyrinth. But I’m a better thief.”

“Than the Goddess of Crime?” Sophia asked, raising a brown eyebrow.

Minx nodded, her metallic-red hair glinting.

“And then we just have to face Gewin’s son,” Minx chortled. “A warrior that’s never lost a battle. A demigod.”

“A unique demigod and not a race,” I sighed. “Those always prove challenging.”

“And he doesn’t possess Las’s blood,” added Chaun. “No lust to use against him like the erinyes.”

“Is it at all strange that I am more worried about the knights than the Minotaur?” Sophia asked. “They beat us handily. I didn’t like that.”

“They are the enemy we know,” Thrak said. “The Minotaur is a distant fear, more legend than reality. A beast no living soul has seen except the women sacrificed to feed his bestial hungers every decade. To live and die in the labyrinth as his bride.”

Sophia scowled “At least we will put an end to that.”



A giddy thrill danced through me. We had a plan to deal with those Las-damned knights and their cunty priestesses. They had made me so horny today. I was still horny after Xera was kind enough to lick me to several orgasms in our cabin before our meeting.

I squirmed on her lap, loving the feel of her large, pillowy breasts against the side of my head. I craned my head back, staring at her chin, her green hair falling about her face. I licked my lips, wiggling more.

“Someone’s still horny,” Xera said, looking down at me. Her four-leafed clover glittered tucked behind her ear.

“Want to use the ointment?” I asked her.

Before Xera could answer, though the grin sliding across her face already told me what she would say, Xandra stepped before us. I blinked at the avian. She rubbed her hands together, her shoulders hunched tight.

“Yes?” Xera asked with a polite tone. “Did you need something.”

“Well, I was going to ask Minx,” Xandra looked down at me with her sapphire eyes, “if you would like to…join Chaun and me… In our cabin… To make love.”

I arched an eyebrow. “Are you inviting me to a threesome? Did Chaun put you up to this?”

She shook her head, sky blue hair dancing about her delicate features.

I glanced around her at the changeling bard. He spoke with Faoril, his silvery hair tinged pink thanks to Sophia’s light while his skin appeared even darker than night, almost an absence of color. I hadn’t been with the changeling yet. He had an effeminate, handsome, almost beautiful face. Long, pointed ears like an elf.

“Sure,” I answered. “Can Xera join us?”

Xandra’s cheeks blushed prettily and she nodded.

I gave a wicked giggle. “Oh, you’re going to love the ointment, Xandra.”

The avian blinked at me.



A nervous flutter went through me. Tonight was our new relationship. Our more open one. Chaun and I would share women or he could fuck any woman he wanted. And whenever I saw a man that made me wet, that made me ache to fuck him, Chaun would become him.

And I could act out my fantasies with him, getting lost in the thrill of being with another man without violating my oaths to Luben any more than I had. The God of Love and Marriage must already be disappointed in me after taking on two of the pirates in the hold earlier this evening.

But that was the past.

Minx lay naked on the floor of our cabin on a pile of blankets and tasseled pillows. She squirmed, her hands squeezing her round breasts. They were small but sized perfectly for her miniature form. She licked her lips, her hips shifting.

I leaned down between her legs. A strip of metallic-red hair led to the tight slit of her pussy. I nuzzled at her, licking through her flesh and savoring the lavender flavor of her pussy. I gasped in awe, savoring the different taste and licked again and again.

“Oh, you lap so daintily,” giggled Minx, her hips humping as I licked through her small pussy.

“I can’t believe you can fit Chaun’s cock in your pussy,” I told her.

Behind me, Xera sucked and bobbed her mouth on Chaun’s cock, the elf’s ears twitching while my husband groaned. He looked so beautiful and handsome as he moaned, the muscles in his chest rippling beneath his black skin.

“He can shrink it for you.”

“No!” Minx gave me a look. “The bigger the better. I take Thrak’s and Xera’s cocks all the time. And Thrak is bigger than Chaun.”

“He is,” I blushed, remembering the enraged orc ramming his cock into me as I lay pinned to the desert sand, his piercing rubbing hard at my pussy walls.

“I can take him. Pussy’s stretch.” Minx shuddered as I leaned over and licked at her pussy again, loving her flavor. This was so…wonderful. To indulge. To not feel guilty. Minx was a woman, not a man. I could enjoy this. Chaun had broadened my desires, enlightened me to more pleasures to be found.

“Chaun,” I smiled, turning to my husband, my lips sticky. “I want to watch your cock slide into her pussy.”

“Yes, yes, your wife’s tongue was nice, but I need a cock in me. I’ve had enough tongue tonight.” Minx giggled wickedly, looking at Xera.

The elf popped her mouth off Chaun’s dick. She licked her lips. “She had plenty of mine this evening.”

I couldn’t help giving a wicked giggle.

Chaun walked to us, his dick bobbing, hairless balls swinging. I grasped his dick, stroking him. I couldn’t resist leaning down and licking at the tip, gathering a salty drop of precum and tasting a hint of Xera’s mouth on his cock. It was almost like we had kissed indirectly.

I kept a grip on Chaun’s cock as he knelt before Minx. I brought the dark tip of his dick to her pussy. She was pink inside like an avian’s pussy, an elf’s pussy, or a human’s pussy. Were all pussy’s pink inside regardless of the color of skin?

“Fuck me,” Minx moaned as I pressed my husband’s cock to her tight pussy. “Ram that big dick in me, Chaun.”

I shuddered and watched as the tip of his dick pressed forward. Her pussy lips spread around the girth, stretching wider and wider. My cunt clenched in sympathetic pleasure as my husband forced more and more of his dick into her.

“Yes,” Minx hissed, looking so small beneath my husband, her face only coming up to his lower chest. Her small thighs locked about his waist. “That’s a nice cock, changeling. Feels so familiar.”

“Like Xera’s?” Chaun asked as he bottomed out in her. “Your favorite dick?”

“Yes,” gasped Minx. “Now fuck me with that cock.” Then she turned her head, sapphire eyes meeting mine. “In my pouch is a small jar. Rub the ointment on Xera’s clit and enjoy.”

“Oh, okay,” I said as my husband drew back his hips, Minx’s tight pussy lips clinging to his ebony shaft. It glistened with Minx’s juices. He slammed in, his balls smacking into her small frame. She groaned, trembling beneath him.

“Yes,” the halfling hissed. “Fuck me, Chaun. Make me squeal on that wonderful cock.”

I opened up Minx’s pouch, digging through the clay balls. They had different markings on them. Some were sticky bombs, some sleeping bombs, and others were lust bombs. I pushed past a felt bag wrapped up with metal and then found a jar. I opened it, revealing a reddish-white paste. I scooped a dollop on my finger.

It smelled like ginseng.

“What does this do?” I asked the elf, an expectant grin on her face.

“Something wonderful,” Minx moaned as I knelt down between the elf’s thighs.

Xera’s pussy was shaved bare, her lips thick, engorged with excitement. Juices glistened on her flesh, and the scent of marigold flowers filled my nose. Elves had such wonderful perfume. I leaned down and spread open her pussy lips, finding her clit poking pink out of its hood. She had more pussy lips than Sophia or Minx, an extra set folded inside of her.

More places to lick and explore.

Xera shuddered as I rubbed the ointment on her clit. Her body convulsed, her large breasts shaking. My pussy clenched again as she let out a long, low, throaty moan of absolute bliss. I wondered what the substance felt like and—

Her clit grew.

“Luben’s sacred oaths,” I gasped, my head flinching back as the clit thrust before her, pink and throbbing.

Minx chortled as the pink clit grew thicker, wider, longer. The color faded to match Xera’s pale skin tinged with green. The tip flared into a mushroom-shape, becoming a cock. A slit appeared in the spongy crown.

And precum bubbled out of it.

A wave of excited heat washed through me. Though she had a cock, Xera was still a woman. She had a wet pussy, the folds wrapped about the base of her cock. This wasn’t breaking my marriage vows either.

I didn’t have to be afraid of licking her cock, swirling my tongue around it, then sucking it into my mouth.

So I did just that.

“Oh, Xandra,” Xera moaned, her back arching, her large breasts jiggling before her as she ran a hand through my sky-blue hair.

I savored her cock filling my mouth as I sucked on it. The salty flavor of her precum sent excited shivers through me. I felt Minx and Chaun’s eyes on me as they fucked, watching me blow the elf. That excited my pussy. I shifted my hips, juices trickling down my thighs as my cheeks hollowed. I loved the taste of her cock in my mouth.

This was such a wonderful thrill. An exciting discovery to get to enjoy.

I breathed in deep through my nose. A hot shiver rushed through me as I bobbed and slurped down her cock. My fingers stroked down the shaft until I found the wet folds of her pussy instead of a pair of balls.

“Xandra,” groaned Xera as my fingers stroked her petals. “Mater’s cock, that’s lovely. You are such a sweet thing. Chaun is lucky to have your love.”

“So lucky,” Chaun groaned, his voice thick and throaty.

That sent a pleased shudder through me. I sucked harder and shoved a pair of my fingers into the hot, wet silk of Xera’s pussy. The elf moaned louder, her ears twitching as she leaned back onto the pillows.

The slap of Chaun’s balls and flesh smacking Minx’s tiny frame joined Xera’s moans as I blew her. It was so exciting. I pumped my fingers in and out of her pussy as I pressed my thighs tight together, massaging my aching clit.

“Yes, yes, blow my elf’s cock,” Minx moaned. “Pleasure her while I take care of your sexy husband.”

“Yes,” Chaun groaned. “The halfling’s pussy hides such sweet delight. I savor plunging into depths so tight.”

I wiggled my hips, savoring the pressure on my clit and the juices dripping down my flesh. I was so sticky and excited as I bobbed my mouth up and down the elf’s cock. Chaun had taught me how to please a dick.

And from her gasps and moans, I pleased her.

My tongue swirled about the crown of her dick before I slid back down her cock, the tip brushing the back of my neck. I sucked in a deep breath into my nose before I pressed farther down her shaft. I relaxed my throat like Chaun taught me and swallowed her cock.

“Mater’s cock. Chaun, you have been teaching this sweet things such naughty tricks.”

“Oh, she took every inch of your dick, Xera,” Minx groaned.

“She is an apt pupil,” grunted Chaun. “My wife is very enthusiastic about learning how to satiate me.”

I was. He was my husband, and I loved his body. Other men, and women, excited me, but he had to come first in my devotion. I wiggled my hips more, my small breasts jiggling beneath me. Chaun watched me with his violet eyes as he plowed the halfling, savoring the sight of my lips pressed around the base of Xera’s cock, tasting her marigold pussy juices.

And then I slid back up, sucking so hard the entire way. The elf bucked, gasping her delight as I climbed higher and higher. I reached just the tip, my tongue bathing the crown, swiping up her precum while her pussy clenched down on my fingers.

“You wonderful, sweet avian,” gasped Xera. Her hands stroked my cheeks. “Oh, yes, you are just so precious. Chaun, treasure her.”

“Always,” Chaun groaned.

I shuddered. A small orgasm rippled out of my pussy, my clit throbbing between my thighs. My husband’s sweet words made me flutter in delight. I sucked so hard on Xera’s cock as I moaned my excitement.

Her pussy spasmed about my fingers. Her back arched, breasts jiggling. She moaned out in musical elvish.

Hot cum spurted into my mouth.

I shuddered as the elf-jizz splashed into my mouth. Thick and creamy. In a heartbeat, my mouth was full, cheeks bulging with her cum. I swallowed the huge load, the warmth working down to my stomach as more and more cum exploded into my mouth.

“Yeah, drink her cum,” Minx moaned. “Oh, yes. I love it. You made my elf cum. Cernere’s nimble fingers.”

“Gods, your pussy gets tight when you cum,” Chaun moaned. “Las’s cock, yes.”

“Cum in me,” gasped Minx. “You’re wife looks like a cum-slut. I bet she would love to lick me clean.”

I shuddered, moaning about Xera’s erupting cock. I swallowed another load of her thick, wonderful cum as Chaun sped up his hips, his balls thwacking against her. Minx shuddered beneath his large body, her arms gripping him, hands barely clasping behind his back.

I popped my mouth off Xera’s cock. “Flood her, Chaun. I want to lick her clean. Every last drop. She already taste wonderful.”

“Yes, dear,” Chaun groaned and slammed into Minx.

His back arched as he grunted his pleasure. I licked my lips, admiring his ass clenching. It was such a cute ass. Minx groaned as he flooded her pussy. Mine clenched in envy as I crawled from Xera, moving behind them. I stared at my husband’s balls.

“Fill her up,” I moaned, leaning forward, nuzzling at his three balls.

“Gods, yes,” he groaned and then grunted. “Minx, you have quite the tasty snatch.”

“And I love your cock,” she grinned. “Naughty of you to change its shape in mid fuck. Changelings are special.”

“Uh-huh,” I nodded, my tongue licking from his balls to the union of their flesh. I lapped at Minx’s pussy lips stretched about his girth.

Chaun pulled back. His cock plopped out leaving Minx’s pussy gaping open. It swam with his seed. I latched my mouth over her pussy, his cum pouring into me. I shuddered, salt flavored with lavender juices. My tongue swirled through her depths, gathering up all the delicious cream I could find.

My fingers kept her lips pried open as I rooted for my husband’s jizz. Minx shuddered, her small thighs pressing on my face as she humped against me. Fingers pinched at her metallic-bronze nipples, pulling on them, her small breasts jiggling.

“Oh, yes. Chaun, your wife is hungry for your cum.”

“She is,” Chaun chuckled, sitting beside us, watching. “And her ass is wiggling. She needs a cock in her. Xera, would you be so kind?”

“Gladly,” the elf moaned behind me. “Her mouth was wonderful, but her cunt will be even better.”

“Yes, yes, fuck her,” Minx moaned, arching her back again, grinding her hot pussy against my licking mouth.

I didn’t stop tonguing her, swiping my tongue through all her folds as I searched for every drop of Chaun’s cream I could find. The salty jizz ignited delight on my tongue every time I scooped it up and brought it into my mouth. I savored it swimming and swirling through my mouth before I swallowed it, adding more spunk to my belly.

Xera’s delicate fingers grasped my hips. Her huge cock nudged at my pussy lips. I shuddered as she stroked it up and down, teasing me, driving me wild. Oh, she was so naughty. I knew she would fuck me so hard until i exploded.

“Fuck her,” Minx moaned.

“My wife needs it,” Chaun said, his hand stroking my back.

I shivered as his finger traced up and down my spine, the tingles making my pussy clench. Then Xera thrust into my tight depths, spreading me open. I moaned into Minx’s pussy, my hips humping back into Xera’s hard thrusts. Her flesh smacked against me but no balls hit my clit.

It was so different than a man fucking me.

And I loved it. My pussy gripped her cock as I humped and rocked my hips into her thrusts. I tongued and nibbled on Minx’s pussy. I had exhausted all of Chaun’s cum but was still enraptured by her tiny folds and lavender flavor.

“That’s it, my beautiful songbird,” Chaun said, still stroking my back. His finger traced my spine, just dipping between my butt-cheeks before sliding back up.

“I smell pussy,” Minx giggled, her head turning, and then she seized Chaun’s dark cock and licked at the tip. “Mmm, I taste good.”

“You do,” I moaned, pleasure churning in my pussy as Xera fucked me so wonderfully hard.

The elf’s tits bounced and slapped above me as she gasped and groaned, savoring my tight pussy. Chaun shuddered, his finger stroking me faster as Minx tried to suck all of his cock into her mouth. But she just couldn’t open her mouth wide enough.

I hardly could.

And then Chaun’s dick shrunk, growing narrower. Minx’s lips slipped across the crown. The halfling groaned, her head twisting as she worshiped the tip of my husband’s cock. Her obscene sucking sounds as she blew my husband made my pussy clench on Xera’s cock.

“Oh, she’s a wild one,” Chaun groaned, his finger dipping deep into my butt-crack before tracing my spine. “And how is Xera pleasing you?”

“So much,” I sang, my excitement building in my depths. “She’s thrusting so deep into me.”

“Then sing.”

I didn’t stop my passion from bubbling out of my throat as I licked and nuzzled at Minx’s hot flesh. I rocked back into Xera’s hard thrusts. The friction swelled in my depths. I trembled, my excitement building and building, hurtling me towards my orgasm.

My voice sang higher in pitch the closer and closer I came to erupting. Chaun’s finger sent tingles racing through me as he stroked me, my pussy clenching hard on Xera’s cock, drinking in every inch of friction, her cock teasing my pussy with her hard thrusts.

“Chaun,” I gasped as his finger dipped between my butt-cheeks and found my sphincter.

“Sing,” he said, voice throaty with pleasure as Minx blew him.

He shoved his finger into my asshole.

The intrusion sent burning bliss radiating to my pussy. My sphincter clenched on his finger. I threw back my head, my hair dancing about my face, and sang a song of wordless pleasure as my orgasm exploded in my depths.

My pussy convulsed on Xera’s plunging cock.

My breasts jiggled beneath me.

I sang with all my passion as Chaun pumped his finger fast through my ass. Waves of ecstatic pleasure washed through my mind. My song was wordless and honest. I put every sensation I felt into my song, my voice trilling.

“Beautiful,” Chaun groaned, jamming his fingers in deep. He closed his eyes, savoring my passion, his body swaying to the rhythm of my song. He hummed along, following my complex notes of rapture.

He could sing as beautifully as any avian.

Minx shuddered, swallowing as Chaun came down her throat. Her hands snatched out, pulling my head to her pussy. Xera’s hard thrusts forced my lips into Minx’s depths. I licked again, my song cutting off as my orgasm died.

Others needed to cum, too.

“What beauty,” moaned Xera.

“My songbird,” Chaun groaned, his dick popping out of Minx’s mouth.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Minx gasped. “I could feel your rapture, Xandra. Wow. Oh, wow, that was… Wonderful!”

Her pussy gushed lavender juices as she screeched out her orgasm. I drank down the flood, my pussy clenching down on Xera’s cock, massaging her, eager for the elf to finish. Her fingers tightened on my hips.

She slammed into my depths.

Her cum flooded into me as the elf moaned her pleasure, her voice almost as beautiful as my Chaun’s. As she spurted her elf-seed into me, Chaun lifted my head and kissed me hard on the mouth. I shared Minx’s flavor.



Xandra ground her pussy on my face, my cum pouring into my mouth from her hot depths. I drank it down, loving the sweet flavor of her pussy cream. It was almost an innocent flavor, but made naughty by my salty jizz mixed with it.

“Time to go for a ride on my favorite cock,” Minx chortled, grabbing my dick.

I groaned into Xandra’s pussy as Minx slammed her tight cunt down my elf-cock. She let out a shuddering moan as she wiggled her small body on me. I lapped harder at Xandra’s snatch as I shuddered, groaning into her pussy.

“It’s hard to believe your body can take that cock,” groaned Chaun. “You’re so tiny.”

“And I have another hole,” giggled the Minx. “Care to fuck my ass, Chaun?”

“Do it,” Xandra sang as she squirmed on my mouth.

I couldn’t see, but I could hear every rustle of Chaun moving, picturing the changeling as he moved behind me, his cock thrusting hard. His heart quickened its beat as he moved. Skin slid on skin as his cock pressed between Minx’s butt-cheeks. She stopped bouncing on me as she groaned.

I shuddered, my pussy clenching as I heard the sound of Minx’s sphincter parting for Thrak’s cock and the wet slid of his dick into her bowels. It grew so tight in Minx’s pussy. I could feel Chaun’s cock invading her bowels, filling up the halfling. My ears twitched, brushing Xandra’s calves.

“Your dick is all the way in her,” gasped Xandra. “Wow.”

“I feel like the goose stuffed for the Doge’s party,” groaned Minx, her body twitching. “Two cocks. Oh, yes.”

Her hips moved.

Ecstasy shuddered through my body. I licked and nuzzled at Xandra’s pussy as Minx squirmed on our cocks, working her hips. Chaun groaned, his balls smacking into her taint with loud thuds, his groin smacking her asshole. Minx’s thighs hugged my hips as she bounced and moaned, her small fingers stroking my belly up to my breasts.

She gripped my nipples hard, holding onto them almost desperately as she gasped and moaned. Her body twitched. The wet slide of our cocks working in and out of her holes echoed through the cavern. Her pussy sounded juicier than her asshole, which had a rougher cadence to the strokes.

“Gods, yes,” Minx moaned. “Oh, Gods, that is so good. Cernere’s nimble fingers, yes! I…I…”

Her pussy went wild on my dick. She was cumming already, massaging my shaft buried in her depths. I groaned, thrusting my tongue as deep into Xandra’s pussy as I could as I shuddered. Minx bounced, going wild with delight.

“Damn,” groaned Chaun. “Damn, your bowels get tight, Minx.”

He grunted as he thrust, fucking her harder, driving her down my cock. Minx’s fingers pinched so hard at my nipples. Delight shot through them. My pussy clenched and my dick ached in her tight, spasming depths.

She kept bouncing and cumming. Mindless words spilled from her lips. She was lost to the ecstasy of our two cocks reaming her. Xandra ground on my mouth, gasping in amazement as she watched the halfling’s convulsing body.

“Luben’s sacred oath… How is her ass, Chaun?”

“So tight,” he grunted. “So tight, my songbird. Las’s cock, but she’s driving me wild.”

“I’m driving you wild?” screeched Minx. “I keep cumming and cumming. Yes. Yes, pound me. Oh, I love both your cocks in me.”

Her fingers twisted my nipples hard. Pain flared. It made my dick throb more. I groaned into Xandra’s pussy. Her excitement sang out of her. She ground her clit into my lips as her juices gushed from her pussy, bathing my mouth in her excitement.

“So hot. My husband’s cock is reaming her tiny asshole. Cum in her, Chaun. Oh, wow.”

“Please, cum in me,” gasped Minx, her pussy spasming harder. “Cernere’s nimble fingers. Oh, yes. I can’t… I’m… Gods, yes!”

She was incoherent with rapture. I thrust my hips up, my dick aching in her depths. The pressure built in me. I squeezed Xandra’s thighs, pulling her tight against my licking tongue and sucking lips as my toes curled.

My ears spasmed.

I came.

“Mater’s cock!” I grunted as my cum boiled into Minx’s tight, orgasming pussy.

Hot bliss shot through my body as I unleashed a flood into her. Chaun slammed his dick in deep, grunting as he joined me in ecstasy. Minx’s screeching moans echoed as she spasmed and thrashed on us. Her pussy milked out every last drop of cum.

And then she collapsed on my breasts, gasping, moaning, begging. “Too much… I can’t…”

Xandra slumped off of me. “Wow,” she sang. “Wow, Chaun.”

“Uh-huh,” the Changeling groaned. I blinked my eyes, watching the pair cuddle as I held Minx on my stomach. The ointment wore off, my dick retreating out of her pussy. My cum flooded out a moment later.

Minx’s eyes were closed. Her breath slow, regular. She was asleep, head resting on my breasts. I stroked her hair, smiling at her. I didn’t want to move her. I liked the feel of her light body on me. I listened to her heartbeat and felt the rhythm of her breathing as the pleasure bled away from me.



“How are you feeling after that?” I whispered in Xandra’s ears as we cuddled on the pillows, Xera idly stroking the sleeping Minx’s hair. The halfling put her all into everything, especially sex.

“Wonderful,” Xandra smiled.

I stared into her eyes, searching for any hint of guilt or regret.

She stroked my face. “It was wonderful, Chaun. I mean it.”

I smiled and kissed her gently, glad that she could enjoy herself with women and hermaphrodites and not rip herself apart with guilt. I never wanted to drive her to such pain again. I couldn’t believe how callous I was of her feelings.

I savored the white aura about her, a married woman who loved me. I never wanted to hurt her again.


Acolyte Sophia

“I have been looking forward to this, Captain,” I declared, striding forward, my marble dildo strapped to my groin, the base pressing on my clit.

Captain Thyrna was bound to the railing of her ship, naked, her golden-brown ass wiggling, juices dripping down her thighs. I had tried to seduce her the evening I met her, the night we fled from the Doge’s palace, and she had rejected me.

Rakshasas hated other women. I could see it in her eyes as she looked back at me. She didn’t want to be fucked by a woman’s dildo. But she was also so wet. I understood why. She had submitted to Thrak. He had tamed the wild rakshasa.

So being fucked by a woman, while her entire crew watched, made her wet. I wasn’t happy about the crew watching part, but Angela was eager for this. Her blue eyes were intent on me as she leaned against the mast, a smile curling her lips.

“She’s all yours,” Thrak grinned. He smacked his pussycat’s ass. “Beg for her.”

“Please,” Thyrna moaned, her voice throaty. “Please fuck my naughty cunt with your dildo. I need it. And then, when you’re done, I want all my crew to enjoy me. Your captain needs all your cocks to fuck me.”

The crew were eager and hard. I wish they wouldn’t jerk their cocks right now. And they better not get any cum on me.

I focused on Thyrna’s ass, her thighs glistening in the lantern light. Her pussy was hidden in the shadows of her thighs. My clit throbbed against the smooth, cool base of my dildo. I moved forward, the shaft bobbing before me, caressing my nub.

My juices trickled down my thighs, too.

I grasped the rakshasa’s hips. She wasn’t transformed, which I appreciated. I didn’t need a tiger-headed woman growling at me and straining at her bonds while I fucked her. I brought the dildo to her pussy lips and thrust.

The base pressed down on my clit. Thyrna growled, her back arching, the ropes groaning as she pulled on them. I wiggled my hips, savoring the feel of my crotch pressed into her round ass, my pussy clenching.

And then I turned on my dildo with a spell.

It hummed to life, vibrating against my clit. The effect on Thyrna was wild. She threw back her head, yowling like a cat in heat, her hips rocking back into me, her muscles flexing in her arms as she yanked on the bounds.

“You like that, Captain?” I purred, fucking my vibrating dildo in and out of her cunt. “You like the feel of a humming toy fucking into your depths? I bet you do, slut. You’re just a horny, wanton pussycat.”

I smacked her ass, savoring my brief stint as a dominant.

“Say it,” I moaned, my clit aching as the vibrating base massaged rapture through my body.

“I’m a horny, wanton pussycat,” she yowled, eyes burning as they stared at me. Her lips writhed.

“And you love my toy. Don’t you?”

“Love it,” she yowled. “Ooh, you are stirring my pussy up.”

“Pussycat’s a budding lesbian,” I purred, smacking her ass before thrusting my dildo in.

I savored the smack of my hand on her ass. My pussy clenched each time I did it, her ass growing darker and darker. It was like I polished her golden-brown skin, giving it a burning glow as I fucked her. The stinging smacks echoed over the splash of waves on the hull, the creak of rope, and her yowls of pleasure.

I fucked her harder and harder, my pleasure brewing in my depths. My small breasts jiggled with each stroke. I gripped her hips as I hammered her. I had to cum so badly. I didn’t care about her pleasure. This was about me.

“Yes, yes, yes, you are such a wonderful pussycat to fuck,” I moaned. “Oh, this is so hot. I love how your ass is crimson. Do you love it?”

“Yes,” she yowled.

“Every spank.”

“Every one.” Her hips rotated. She jerked at the ropes again. “Yes, yes, stir my naughty cunt up.”

“Are you going to cum, pussycat?” I moaned, my hips a blur. This was so hot.

“Gods, yes!”

I shuddered, my pussy clenching and relaxing. Juices trickled down my thighs. My body trembled. My clit ached, massaged towards ecstasy by the vibrations. I moaned, squeezing my eyes shut, focusing on my pleasure, every thrust bringing me closer and closer to cumming.

My clit absorbed every sensation. The nub transmitted the bliss to the depths of my pussy. I groaned, trembling, coming closer and closer to exploding. My eyes rolled back into my head. I moaned and gasped and shuddered in pure ecstatic delight.

I came.

“You naughty pussycat,” I moaned, my strokes growing erratic as my pleasure rippled through my body. “Oh, you made me cum, pussycat.”

“Good,” she yowled, her body trembling. I could read the signs in her form. She was on the verge of cumming.

I smacked down hard on her ass as the pleasure burned through my mind. Her screeching moans joined mine as she came on my magical dildo. I swayed, new stars dancing across my eyes. Lightning flashed on the horizon.

“Saphique’s sweet pussy,” I moaned as my orgasm peaked.

And then the crew howled. They clapped and whooped. I shuddered. I had forgotten they were watching. I whispered the spell to end my dildo’s humming and turned to see them, cum splattering on the deck as a few had lost control watching them.

Angela grinned and nodded her head as she pulled her fingers out from between her thighs. I had pleased her, too. I shuddered again as I tottered towards her, the pirates rushing to queue up behind their captain and gangbang her into oblivion as I slumped against my Queen, my head resting on her naked breasts.

“What a wicked show,” she purred. And then her eyes widened, her cheeks went green, and she groaned. “Oh, no.”

She pulled away from me and rushed towards the other end of the railing. I winced and hurried after to hold her hair.

She still wasn’t used to sailing.



Thyrna’s howls and screeches as her crew fucked her were delicious to behold. I shuddered as Faoril’s mouth bobbed on my cock. She was kind enough to blow me while I watched my submissive pussycat’s gangbang.

“Yes, yes, yes, Castor,” howled Thyrna as she took on her second crew, the brawny man hammering his captain’s cunt as hard as he could, balls thwacking.

“She is taking them all,” I groaned, the cum boiling in my balls.

Thyrna’s face twisted with pleasure. Her wavy-brown hair danced as she tossed her head. Her breasts, dangling over the side of the railing, bounced and slapped. She loved it. Her eyes would catch mine, glinting in the darkness like a cat’s.

I could see it. She found what she truly craved. She had dominated every brawny man she could, searching for someone stronger than her. Someone to seize her by the scruff of the neck and make her purr.

“Gewin’s mighty cock, Faoril,” I grunted, my balls unloading into her mouth.

I savored her gulping down my cum. My eyes rolled back into my head. The boat swam around me for a moment as the pleasure peaked through me. And then I groaned through clenched teeth as the final spurts pumped into Faoril’s hungry mouth.

My lover swallowed. She sucked softly, her tongue bathing the sensitive head of my cock and playing with my cock ring. I grunted, tingles rushing through me. She sucked a final time and popped her mouth off.

“Take it, Captain,” Castor grunted. “You slut. You whore.”

Thyrna yowled in rage as she came hard, her back arching.

Faoril giggled. “Oh, Castor is getting whipped once you set her free.”

I smiled. “Yes, he is,” I said, pulling her naked body to mine. “The crew’s going to learn tomorrow that she’s still the captain.”

Faoril leaned against me. “So we have a pet now.”

I nodded my head.

“Are you keeping her once this is all over. Once Dominari is dead?”

“Maybe.” I shrugged. “There’s nothing left for me back at my people. My brother is the chieftain now.”

“Nor is there a place for me at the Collegiate Tower,” she sighed. “So pirating?”

I didn’t answer. I just watched Thyrna as Abdwal took his turn, ramming his large, ebony cock into her sloppy pussy. The captain moaned, her head tossing as she fucked her hips back into his hard thrusts, my thoughts drifting to the future.


Lady Delilah

The coast of the Nimborgoth lay ahead, the seas darker than the shore. Clouds drifted through the sky, obscuring most of the stars. One bank of clouds glowed silver, diffusing the moon’s light. My tongue flicked out, annoyed.

My trip to Shesax was not profitable. King Edward was up to more scheming to kill Angela. After the disaster of Raratha, he had the legal authority, and the support of Angela’s own organization, to kill her. Six knights and six priestesses of Slata and been dispatched to hunt her down.

The cunt of a goddess was interfering again. She had found a new way to try and stop the sword from being reforged.

Anger made me hunger. I gazed down at the fishing village below, lights burning from hearth fires. It would be so easy to land, to satiate my hungers just this once. To break my oath to my husband and…

No. I swore I never would harm more than was necessary. I promised him as he lay dying. He laid this charge on me. I would follow it through all the way to the end. Even if things have spiraled far beyond every prophecy I had studied. Events were too chaotic for any oracle to predict properly. Turbulence of minor changes created vast wakes crashing into the future.

Fear tinged my anger, muting it. What if I failed? All these centuries of preparing for this, of watching, nudging events, end ensuring prophecies were unfurled. What if it all came to naught because of the pride of the King of Secare?

Because of Edward, Fourth of his Name.

These knights must be stopped. Six knights and six priestesses of Slata. Their Goddess would be whispering to them, guiding them, showing them how to defeat Angela and her companions. They had to be crushed.

In Grahata, I may have to kill them. To risk losing control and breaking my vow. “I am sorry, my love. But you gave me this charge, and I will see it through.”

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 6.

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