Looking for a New Editor

Hey Everyone

Master Ken, my great editor, is stepping down once the main Devil’s Pact series reaches its conclusion. Editing has just taken up too much of his time, and he needs to take a break. So I’m looking for someone to spot my silly spelling and grammar mistakes. The main story will be wrapping up in a few weeks so if you’re interested email me at my_pen_name3000@hotmail.com. I’m also going to switch to only one post a week, on Saturdays, starting once the main series finishes.




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4 thoughts on “Looking for a New Editor

  1. b0b


    I had offered to edit your stories earlier too, and i would be willing to them all over again if you so decide. I am based in India, and so the time difference could be a problem, but the rest is definitely workable.

    1. Master Ken

      um, no offense, bob, but if you can’t write a grammatically correct post, you should probably not be James’s editor. James, I am still willing to edit the stuff you intend for publication, just not the xnxx.com stuff. just try to keep the chapters short. lol Ken


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