Message from Master Ken

Master Ken has graciously offered to edit my stories and asked me to post a message from him:

“Also, hello, everyone. I feel extremely privileged to be working with J, and I hope my suggestions will prove to be pleasing to you all. I do not make changes to his manuscript, I merely point out suggestions and leave it to J as to whether he finds them a positive improvement, with a smoother readability. All the creativity is his, and his alone. Just saying. To work with a writer who knows when and where to end a chapter, leaving one with both a sense of conclusion to an episode and an anticipation of the next is a real honor. I can only hope this increases his well-deserved positive votes. Thank you, J, for having me onboard!”

I’m very pleased with the quality of his editing.


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2 thoughts on “Message from Master Ken

  1. Kenneth Bartle

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