New Polls

I just put up two new poles on the forum, seeing where interest lies in my next writing projects:

Next Incest story after Preacher’s Sinful Naughty

Next story after Boarding School Encounter.

In the Devil’s Pact rewrite project, I hit Chapter 32. Out of the entire series, I feel I really messed up this chapter. Between framing it as a series of flashbacks and covering huge swath of story in recap in the paragraph, I am glad to rework it into something better. It’ll have to be split into two parts because I’m working in Alison’s wedding side-story and with the great deal of additional scenes.

The Knight and the Acolyte is coming along great. I started writing Book 8 last week. The story is coming together far better than I imagined 4 years ago when I conceived the story. And I’ll begin posting Book 6, introducing the last of the major character the nameless shaman, next week. So that’s great to get to it.

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2 thoughts on “New Polls

  1. JimM

    I think your next incest story should involve the whole family. The younger siblings starting from questions, experimenting, hearing parents or something like that. Starting in the home as secret between different family members and then carrying over while on a family camping or RV trip, where it becomes less private because of the close proximity of everyone.


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