New Release: Futa Chikan Surprise

Futa Chikan Surprise

AphroditeSisterhoodLogoMy new futa release set in the Aphrodite Sisterhood Universe. All my futa stories take place in the same universe, with connections between them. If you’ve never heard of chikan, it’s a Japanese fetish were women are groped in public, usually subways. Futa Chikan Surprise can be picked up for $2.99 on Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, and Amazon AU, and for Kindle Unlimited subscribers, you can burrow Futa Chikan Surprise for free!

futachikansuprisecoverSara, a hot blonde, has to ride the subway to work everyday. Only today something unusual happened, her gorgeous butt is groped. But not by a man, but a beautiful, sultry redhead. Aroused and confused, Sara gives into the molestation, her lusts burning hot as she enjoys every second of the redhead’s attention. But when something hard presses into her rear, Sara realizes her nameless, lesbian lover is something far more.

A futanari!

Sara knows she’s going to have the subway ride of her life as the sultry, redheaded futa plays with her body and shows her just how much fun a woman packing something extra between her thighs can be while their fellow commuters are oblivious to the fun the pair are getting into!

Futa Chikan Surprise is a 4400 word futa-on-female story that will scorch your eReader. This story is not for the faint of heart.

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2 thoughts on “New Release: Futa Chikan Surprise

  1. Natas

    Sorry, but I do find it quite annoying that you are plastering this blog with all those new books you are about to release. It kinda feels like a market place and not like the good old Devil’s Pact blog it used to be…


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