Poll Results

Hey everyone

Ghost of Paris Chapter 3 won the poll. The Ghost has enjoyed watching the girls of the Boone High Varsity Cheerleaders practice, the Lionesses, and now he’s going to get to know them very well. I had a lot of fun writing this chapter and I included some naughty cheers in it.

Lionesses are hot.
Lionesses are wet.
Lionesses will explode
And cum all over you!

A new poll is up for what will be released after Chapter 39. I’m rooting for Alison and Desiree get married, but I’m a romantic.

I finished Ghost of Paris yesterday. It’s ten chapters and a short epilogue. The Ghost is going to have some fun at a church, on a bus, in a locker room, and at a wedding. Then I started writing the Slave Chronicles, beginning with ‘Hikaru, the Perfect Slave’

Take care


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