The Rakshasa’s Heart Chapter One: Rakshasa’s New Slave


The World of Erasthay

The Rakshasa’s Heart

Chapter One: Rakshasa’s New Slave

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2016

Story Codes: Female/Female, Male/Female, Fantasy, Magic, Female Domination, BDSM, Sadism/Masochism, Public, Violence, Spanking, Voyeurism, Interracial, Sex Toy

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Princess Malakisha – Ankush, The Queendom of Naith

The Arena exploded with cheers, the peasants and lowborn humans rising in the stands, screaming their bloodlust as the new fighters entered the white sands. I leaned forward in my seat in the royal box, a palpable excitement shooting through my heart as the gladiators marched towards the center.

“Oh, you are going to love this match, dear cousin,” Kushini purred, her pink tongue licking her furry chops. Her leather pants creaked as she rubbed her thighs together. Whiskers twitched and her tiger-like ears flicked. Her breasts, both bare, quivered in anticipation. She ran a hand up her rich, dark skin, cupping a breast. The nipple ring piercing her right nub glinted in the sunlight, marking her a member of the royal family. Like all rakshasas, she looked like a human woman from the neck down. But her head was that of an orange-striped tiger, feral and wild.

I played with my own nipple ring, my ears flicking. A wet itch swelled in my pussy at the striking, brawny Halanian gladiator who strode out. He was a new acquisition. I could see his muscles ripple beneath his ebony skin, his head gleaming in the harsh sunlight streaming onto the white sands of the arena. Splashes and pools crimson glistening across the otherwise pristine fighting area, still fresh from the last fight.

I breathed, my sense of smell enhanced in my Rakshasa form. I never let my human face appear in public. The mortification of appearing like one of the vermin who scurry through the Queendom and who filled the stands would lower my status among the royal family for years.

“Yes, he is a treat,” Kushini purred. She squeezed her tits, her slitted eyes sparkling with lust. “Can you smell him? The promise?”

“Yes,” I purred, tugging on my nipple ring. Unlike Kushini, I dressed as befit my station, a princess of the Queendom of Naith. I wore a purple sari trimmed in gold that covered my left breast and fell down to my mid thighs. I wasn’t a whore in tight pants and baring both tits.

Or a deviant who demeaned myself by fighting in the arena like a human.

The sword Kushini wore was a disgrace. Such an open exhibition of power. No subtly. And she was second in line to the throne! Two deaths away from being queen.

“I watched him spar yesterday,” Kushini moaned. “Oh, dear cousin, you should have seen him fight.”

“You think he can defeat Henyak?” I asked as Queen Adroyna, our grandmother, stepped up to the front of the box, still looking regal despite her age, her orange fur spotted with gray that gave her an air of dignity.

None had ruled longer than Grandmother. Three of her daughters, my own mother included, and two granddaughters had died trying to assassinate her. And she had dealt with her own brood sisters and jealous aunts before I was even a glimmer in my mother’s eyes.

She exuded strength without resorting to something as crass as wearing a sword on her hip.

“Such a delicious fighter,” Queen Adroyna said. “So strong.”

“His blood shall decorate the sands,” boasted Henyak from below. He was a brawny human, a native Naithan with brown skin. He wore a kilt of leather straps studded with iron studs and a steel helmet, his trident gripped in hand. He was a champion, a man who had fought for years and years. No longer even a slave.

He enjoyed the danger. Especially fighting new gladiators with promise, ending any threats to his supremacy before they could rival him.

“Such a promise,” Queen Adroyna purred. “Kill him, and I shall shower you in gold, my beloved Henyak.”

“He’ll have to close his eyes to fuck her old cunt,” Kushini purred beside me only loud enough so our body slaves and me could hear.

Lucy, my pale-skinned slave, gave a wicked giggle as she knelt before me naked, her skin glistening with expensive oils, filling the air with a lovely scent of lavender and holding at bay the unwashed reek of the peasants crowding the stands, eager for their entertainment and relief from the drudgery of their pointless lives.

My eyes flicked to the Halanian. Bakiir didn’t appear afraid at all. I caught a flash of white. A smile. A mocking grin as he flicked his sword and held onto his round, wooden shield. His sword arm was clad in banded steal from forearm to shoulder. Beside that, he wore a loincloth, showing off his solid body.

Those muscles.

“Lucy,” I purred, “attend me.”

“Yes, Mistress,” my beloved slave-girl purred. She was my treasure. Secaran slaves were so rare. That pale skin was so exotic. I made sure she stayed out of the sun. She shifted, lifting her youthful face. I’d owned her for three years, molding her into the perfect servant. I saw the love in her brown eyes, the smile on her lips, her face delicate, farmed by her soft, brown hair.

She pushed my thighs apart, her fingers sending shudders up my body. My heart raced. I petted her hair, loving her hot kisses on my flesh as she moved up my thigh towards my burning pussy. How I treasured her.

Loved her.

My heart, though none of my sisters, cousins, aunts, or even my grandmother could know that I loved her. They would use her against me. In public, she was just my pussy licking slave.

I shuddered as her lips found my shaved twat. They were so soft and hot and wet as she nuzzled against my pussy. Then her tongue flicked out, making my entire body shudder and a purr rise in my throat. My eyes were locked on the gladiators, Bakiir and Henyak taking their positions.

“Such bold confidence in Bakiir,” Kushini said, rubbing her thighs together. “I can see why you are so wet for him, Malakisha.”

“Mmm, yes,” I groaned, the sound of my name drawing my attention from the fighters. “What a slave he would make.”

“You would buy him?” Kushini’s ears twitched.

I didn’t show my wince. I was so excited, my blood boiling. Bakiir was a specimen. So solid. So strong. He could break me in half. How sweet it would be to see him on his knees before me, begging to worship my cunt.

Lucy’s tongue slid through my pussy folds and flicked my clit. I groaned, my ears and whiskers twitching. I pulled hard on the gold ring piercing my nipple, twisting the dark nub. The tingles raced down to my hot pussy, to my clit bathed by Lucy’s amazing tongue.

“Start it,” Kushini purred, her body so tense now, her nipples thrusting so hard from her small dress. She was so short and petite, a waifish Rakshasa, almost innocent-looking until you saw the bloodlust in her eyes. “Fight!”

“Kill him, Henyak,” Queen Adroyna said.

The men sprang at each other. Bakiir’s muscles rippled as he moved across the white sands, dust kicking up from his sandaled feet. My pussy clenched, Lucy’s tongue feeling so wonderful as she probed it into my snatch. I moaned as she savored the spicy taste of my musk.

Kushini tensed then let out a purring moan as Henyak’s trident crashed into Bakiir’s shield, wooden splinters flying. Then Bakiir’s sword swung, striking the trident. Metal rang as the men danced around each other, both their bodies rippling, oiled by sweat and glistening in the noon sun.

I watched Bakiir intently as he moved. I loved every moment of his powerful body moving. I seized Lucy’s hair with my left hand, pulling my beloved slave’s mouth deep into my cunt. I ground on her as the air rang with weapons meeting, clattering.

The crowd cheered.

Bloodlust thickened the air.

Kushini purred.

Other princesses in the stands watched, some having body slaves devour their pussies or fuck their cunt, brawny slaves who would breed dominating daughters. Rakshasas who would claw and fight and make the Queen of Naith stronger by fending off their attacks.

What a daughter Bakiir would give me.

“Oh, yes,” I groaned as the men came together. I gripped Lucy’s hair so tight, humping against her wonderful tongue.

The beautiful girl caressed my thighs as her tongue slid through my folds and brushed my clit. My nub throbbed, my pleasure swelling in my depths. Delight rippled through me. I purred louder and louder. She sucked on my labia. She nibbled on my clit. She pleased me while I watched the men fight.

Crimson flashed. Blood sheeted down Henyak’s chest, a glancing blow from Bakiir’s sword.

“Yes,” moaned Kushini, an orgasmic sound, her fingers pulling on both her nipples. She purred as loud as me now. “Kill!”

She licked her chops as Henyak roared, thrusting hard with his trident. Fast, quick thrusts, driving Bakiir back. My pussy clenched, my stomach tensing. My orgasm swelled in me as Bakiir took a wound in his thigh. Blood spurted.

I groaned.

My nose twitched. Over the lavender oils adorning my slave, I smelled that wonderful aroma. Blood. Coppery. Vital. Life. I breathed in Bakiir’s scent as his leg buckled. It collapsed, bringing him to a kneeling crotch, leaving him vulnerable.

Lucy sucked on my clit.

I sucked in a deep breath.

“Kill him,” moaned Kushini, on the verge of orgasming from the violence alone.

Henyak drew back his trident as he kicked aside Bakiir’s shield, leaving the Halanian open to attack.

I smiled, seeing the look on Bakiir’s face as he faced death.

And came.

My pussy spasmed. Juices flooded into Lucy’s hungry mouth. My heart lapped at the cream flooding out of my pussy. I shuddered, my tits heaving, my left beneath my sari, my right exposed for all to see. I yowled and growled.

Henyak thrust.

“Las’s cock, yes!” growled Kushini, shuddering beside me in orgasmic delight.

Bakiir acted.

He sprang to the side, using his wounded leg. He wasn’t crippled like Henyak and the crowd thought. Bakiir rolled, bringing his sword up and swinging it hard. Henyak tried to recover, to pull back, but the blade caught him in the throat.

I shuddered, my pussy spasming so hard, rapture surging through me as the blood spurted. The crimson arched through the air. Kushini yowled so loud, then roared out as her powerful climax wracked her lithe body.

The rapture boiled my mind as I stared at Bakiir, his enemy’s blood splashing across his dark chest, adding color to that ebony body. I licked my tongue across my chops, Lucy lapping up my juices gushing out of my pussy.

“Yes!” I snarled. “Yes! Auction!”

Queen Adroyna’s head shot to me, her graying ears twitching as she stared at me heaving in orgasmic delight. “You wish to buy him, Granddaughter?”

“Yes,” I yowled. “Auction!”

Konayveh leaned over and whispered to Queen Adroyna. He was a brawny, red-skinned Thlinian slave, chief of the queen’s bodyguard. Her head nodded as she looked at me. “It has been three months since you initiated an auction.”

I licked my chops, my orgasm peaking. “I know, Grandmother.”

Her eyes narrowed. She had been looking forward to fucking Henyak. Her peach should be dry at her age, but she kept it lubed with young men. The queen turned, facing Bakiir as he stood over his enemy, breathing hard, blood streaming down his wounded thigh. He faced the queen.

“Auction, gamemaster,” she snarled.

The fat human who ran the games stepped out, his body draped in expensive gems. He had glutted on the entertainment of the capital. He rubbed his chubby fingers together as he stepped up beside Bakiir.

“Your august majesty,” he said with a bow. “Let the bidding start at 500 dupondius.”

“900 dupondius,” Kushini barked as she gained her feet and rushed towards the edge of the box. My ears twitched as she shot a look over her shoulder, licking her chops. Her right hand rested on the hilt of her sword, fingering the pommel, an ivory tiger head snarling in bloodlust.

I stood, my ears twitching. My fangs hungered for her throat. That cunt! “1000 dupondius.” She would force me to waste my income for the month on this slave. I strode forward. “You have good taste, Kushini.”

“So do you, Malakisha,” she said, no hint of her pettiness in her voice.

“1100 dupondius,” pregnant Atoshia said. She was my niece though she was older than me by two months. Her tiger ears twitched. She gave me a hungry smile. “Yes, you do have good taste, Auntie Malakisha.”

I ran my tongue over my fangs. Oh, wouldn’t it be nice to just rip out her throat right now, too. But I couldn’t show weakness like that. Killing publicly, killing out of anger, was trivial. Brutal and easy. No, when you killed your rival, it had to be planned, it had to be elegant. It had to be done at a distance, but clearly at your command, proof that you were a cunning killer. A true predator.

Something Kushini should learn. Twice she’d killed with her sword.

“1500 dupondius,” Kushini said, her whiskers twitching with amusement.

“You must really want to lick his body clean of Henyak’s blood,” I said.

She shuddered in delight. “Such a treat doesn’t come along that often.”

“1600 dupondius,” I said, licking my chops.

“Interested in blood yourself?” Kushini gave me a side-long glance. “I thought your interest ran towards…other refreshments.”


Her whiskers twitched. “2000 dupondius.”

My niece gave a vicious snarl, pushing off from the railing and marching away, clutching at her swollen belly. Lucy giggled behind me. I glanced at my cousin and said, “2000 dupondius is a lot to pay for a man you’ll use once. Unless you plan on doing more than practice your sword on him.”

“He is skilled.”

“Especially when he’s unarmed,” I said. “2100 dupondius!”

“Unarmed?” Her words were flat, a hint of a growl rumbling in her throat. “You think I’d waste him with such needless butchery.”

“Isn’t that what you do with all those slaves you buy?”

“Garbage from the docks.” A delicious shudder ran through Kushini. “Now him… He is something special. Look at him. Bleeding but standing so strong, so proud. He maybe a slave, but he doesn’t believe it.”

“No, he doesn’t,” I said, staring at him.

“2500 dupondius,” Kushini shouted, a glint in her eye. “How badly do you want to see him worshiping you like that little whore behind you?”

Anger flared in me. But I didn’t rise to her insult. I didn’t even twitch a whisker. “2600 dupondius.”

“That badly,” Kushini said. “Enjoy him, my dear Malakisha.”

“I will.” Then I gave her a look. “Though I considered letting you have him. How much more can you borrow from your mother before she grows angry with you.”

Her lips curled back, baring fangs. Then she whirled and stalked off, her two brawny slaves following after her. I leaned on the railing, staring down at the slave. Lucy pressed up beside me, her lavender scent filling my nose.

“He is a gorgeous one, Mistress.”

“Yes, he is,” I said. Then, in my mind, added, my heart to the end of the sentence. “He will be worth every gold coin.”


My pussy burned as my new slave was chained into place. Bakiir stood defiant. I’d paid for the priest of Gewin to heal his wound. I wanted him whole and unmarred before my fun. Thushin and Issanik, two of my favorite slaves, yanked Bakiir’s thick arms into place.

His face was hard, eyes defiant. He didn’t resist Thushin and Issanik, but he wanted to. I could see it in his face. His thoughts worked behind his defiant mask, pondering how to escape. He knew Thushin and Issanik were as strong as him. And I had more slaves in my kennels, other brawny warriors that I’d broken.

He would try to fool me with complacency.

I loved my dungeon. It was the favorite part of my quarters in the Zigurrat. Dark and sweltering, the heat trapped in here. No airy balconies to enjoy the sight of the city of Ankush spread out before me, no cooling breezes to take away the heat. Not in here. The walls were unrelieved stone. Black iron chains hung from the ceiling, each ending in manacles. From hooks on the wall hung my toys, all my flails and whips and paddles and crops. So many fun instruments to play with.

The manacles snapped shut about Bakiir’s wrists, the locks clicking into place. Then Thushin and Issanik pulled on the chains, ratcheting them tight. Bakiir’s arms were yanked upward and away from his body, pulling taunt the muscles of his torso. His face flickered, feeling the strain in his arms.

“Mmm, you are such a brawny delight,” I purred, walking around him. My hand trailed across his ebony flesh, feeling the hardness of his muscles. Stone. Unyielding. My fingers slid down his back to his ass, squeezing it. “You are going to be such a delight.”

“I’m not afraid of your whips,” he growled.

“Good,” I purred, nuzzling my furry muzzle between his shoulder blades. He was so tall as well as broad-shouldered. My whiskers tingled as I rubbed them across his back. He shuddered as I licked at his spine, tasting the salt of his sweat.

My pussy was so wet.

I pressed my naked crotch into his ass, humping against him, my nipples rubbing on his back. I never wore clothes in my dungeon. No one did. This was a place of pleasure and pain, and those were best experienced naked. My hands reached around him, my pussy growing more and more juicy. I felt his rippling abs on my way down to his cock.

And what a cock.

I gripped his girth, my pussy clenching in eager anticipation. I licked at his spine again, sliding up his shoulder blades and making him groan. His dick twitched in my hand, hardening, swelling, growing even bigger as I stroked him.

“Mmm, yes,” I groaned. “Doesn’t that just feel nice?”

He didn’t answer.

My hand squeezed hard on the tip of his dick, crushing his crown. My other hand found his balls, holding them. “I asked you a question, slave.”

“Yes,” he said.

I squeezed his balls. Hard.

He bucked, teeth grinding against teeth as he fought the pain. His ass clenched. I shuddered, rubbing my clit on his hard muscles, tingles racing through his body. Chains rattled as he fought the pain.

I loved warriors.

“Mistress,” I said. “You address me as Mistress. Understand?” I relaxed my hand on his balls.

“Yes…Mistress,” he said, the defiance thick in his voice. He’d give me this, make me think he weakened. But soon he’d mean it.

I stroked his cock again, still hard, his precum growing slippery at the tip. “Good.” I gave him a love bite, letting him feel my fangs but not penetrating the muscles of his upper back. “So answer my question. Does this feel good, slave?”

He shuddered, my hand stroking so fast, my thumb rubbing that thick, spongy crown. “Yes, Mistress.”

“See,” I told him. “What did you think I would do to you here? Hurt you?”

He gave a barking laugh. “I know how you Rakshasa’s deal with men.”

“Oh, that we hurt you? Make you bleed and howl? That we eat you?” I licked my lips. “That’s so true. But we need you, too. You might be the one I finally breed with. The father of my first daughter. She might be queen one day. Doesn’t that excite you?”

“No,” he growled.

“Mmm, but your dick says otherwise. You are so hard. So eager for it. You didn’t even soften when I crushed your balls.” I squeezed them again, his cock throbbing in my hand as he grunted through his teeth. “Oh, yes, you are going to be so much fun to hurt.”

I pulled away from him, my pussy dripping. I glanced around the room. Lucy knelt like I’d trained her, her eyes staring up at me, shining with such dewy excitement. Beside her knelt my two male slaves, their cocks both hard before them.

I had trained them well. “Thushin, the chair. Lucy, my heart, choose your instrument.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Thushin said, rising.

“Mmm, I will, my heart,” Lucy said as she rose, her small tits bouncing. They were such lovely breasts. My eyes flicked down to her tight slit, her pussy freshly shaved and glistening. The gold ring piercing her clit, marking her a royal slave, was coated in her excitement.

She loved whipping a man as much as me.

Thushin stood, his brown skin rippling. He was a native Naithan, his cock bouncing before him as he moved to the stout, wooden chair in the corner and sat on it. His dick was so hard; the cock ring tied about the base made it so swollen. He could not cum, could not get relief for his erection, until I allowed him.

My pussy clenched as I moved to him, turning, and lowering myself to his lap.

His cock brushed my pussy. I shivered, my hips undulating, then I slid my cunt down his dick. I groaned, his shaft spreading me open. He filled me with his girth. I groaned, my ears twitching as I took more and more until he filled me with his girth.

He groaned, arms hugging me. His strong hands roamed my stomach, touching me as I watched Lucy go to the wall, staring at the various whips and flails, her slim hips wiggling with excitement, her brown hair sweeping down her lithe back.

“Which shall she choose for you, slave?” I asked, staring at Bakiir.

He stared at me, eyes so hard. “I don’t know…Mistress.”

My pussy clenched hard on Thushin’s cock. He groaned, his hands squeezing me. I leaned back into his brawny chest, savoring his strength. He was so solid. His hands moved, one sliding down to tease my clit, the other to grope my breast. My ears twitched as he nuzzled his face into my fur.

Lucy smiled, pulling out a thin riding crop made out of stiff bull leather. She swung it in the air, shuddering at the stinging sound. “I think this will do, my heart.”

“Indeed,” I purred, staring at Bakiir’s eyes as Lucy advanced on him from behind.

Swish. SMACK!

He grunted, his body tensing as the riding crop crashed into his mouth. His ebony cock bounced before him. I squirmed on Thushin’s dick, stirring his shaft through my pussy. A wild wave of heat washed through me.


A twitch crossed his forehead as his body drank in the stinging pain. Lucy had such a wicked smile on her lips as she walked around him, her hand caressing his muscular body. She reached his cock, her pale fingers wrapped about his ebony girth.

“Mmm, did you like the kiss of my crop, slave?” she asked.

His eyes snapped down to her. “No, I didn’t, slave.”

Lucy shivered, stroking his dick with her left hand and cracking the riding crop across his chest with the other. I purred at the stinging slap echoing through the room. I shivered upon my slave’s cock, his rough finger rubbing at my clit, sending such delight through me.

“Slave?” Lucy asked. “Oh, I am so much more than a slave.”


Her fingers rubbed the crown of Bakiir’s dick.

“I’m your punishment and your reward,” Lucy purred, stroking his dick faster. She leaned in, licking at the dark welt rising across the muscles of his chest.

He sucked in a breath, arms pulling at his chains as she licked along it.

“Mmm, I can give you pleasure.” She rubbed the palm of her hand into the tip of his dark dick, her pale ass wiggling. “Or I can give you pain.”

She bit his nipple. Hard.

“Worship our Mistress, and you get pleasure.” Lucy purred. “Defy her, and you get pain.”

The crop swung hard.


I purred louder. I shuddered on Thushin’s cock. I loved watching my heart work. She was such a wonderful woman. So loving, so vicious, so eager to inflict pain for both our pleasures. I could watch her play for hours.

“Do you want to worship her?” Lucy asked, falling to her knees before him. She still stroked his huge cock. “Do you want to be rewarded?”

He gave me a stony look, full of all his stoic defiance. He would take every whipping she gave him without flinching. He promised to never break, to never worship me, to never be my obedient slave like Thushin and Issanik.

I groaned, wiggling more, purring louder. I drank in his defiance. Pleasure rippled through me, partly from Thushin’s finger rubbing hard circles on my clit, but more from this strong, defiant man before me. Oh, I loved it.

And then Bakiir’s forehead furrowed. His defiance cracked. It was easy to fight pain, but when you had a hot, beautiful woman’s mouth locked about your cock, sucking so hard… That was hard to fight. He shuddered, arms pulling against the chains as she bobbed her head. I could hear her noisy sucks, my clit throbbing, knowing how delicious her mouth was.


She cracked the crop into his chest as she sucked. It swished again over her head to smack into him. He shuddered as it struck him, pain and pleasure burning through his body at the same time. I loved it. I smelled the salty scent of his cock mixing with hot pussies.

Lucy dripped her sweet juices down her thighs.


She moaned, sucking hard on his cock, her head moving. Her ass wiggled as he knelt before him. I loved the sight of her pale butt-cheeks and her lithe back. Her brown hair danced about her shoulders. And then there was his solid, ebony bulk, such a contrast between the two.


I purred louder and louder. Thushin’s hands moved from my breast and clit. He grasped my waist, lifting me with his brawny strength, fucking my pussy up and down his restrained cock. He groaned, savoring the delight of my cunt.


While I savored the delight of Lucy working.


Bakiir’s face tightened. He grunted, groaned, fighting against her sucking mouth. The chains rattled and clinked. The riding crop slapped into him over and over. The welts rose on his flesh, marks of pain while pleasure boiled through him.

It confused him.

“Yes,” I purred. “You want that release.”

He shook the chains.

“You want to explode into her hot, sultry mouth.” My pussy clenched on Thushin’s cock. He hefted me faster and faster, grunting, groaning, loving the hot, tight silk of my pussy burning around his dick.

The friction was so wonderful.


“You want to drown her with your jizz,” I groaned.

Lucy moaned, bobbing her mouth so hard, sucking so noisily.

Bakiir grunted as the riding crop slammed into him again. His face twisted. He tried to be defiant. He tried to be strong. But he wanted that release. His climax ached to explode out of his balls and into her mouth.

“Beg for it,” I purred. “Beg to flood her mouth. Her pussy!” I grinned at him. “Imagine sliding that ebony monster into her tight cunt. To pump away at her pale flesh.”

“Bitch!” he snarled at me. “You and your gods-damned kind are all bitches. Las’s foul seed gave you only poison.”


“He did,” I moaned, shuddering. Rakshasa were born from the God of Lust, a race of all females, needing males to feed our appetites for pain and cock and cum. Needing them to reproduce. “He made something wonderful in us.”


“Gewin’s mighty cock!” he snarled, pulling harder at his chains.

“You want to cum?” I moaned, my pussy clenching so hard on Thushin’s cock as he worked my cunt up and down his girth.

“You know I do, bitch!” His eyes glared at me. “Tiger-headed whore! You want to fuck me. You want to feel my cock in your cunt!”


“Crawl to me and I’ll fuck you!” he snarled.


He bucked at the flogger smacking into his welted chest.

“You are about to erupt in her mouth,” I purred, leaning forward as Thushin slammed me up and down his cock. The pleasure burned so hot through me, the friction sending delight rippling through me.

“Yes!” he growled. “I’ll flood her mouth with my cum—” Pain burned across his face. He stared down in fury at Lucy, who’d stopped sucking. “You gods-damned whore!”

She’d bit his cock. Hard. Her hips wiggled faster. The crop fell from her hands to plunge them between her thighs. She rubbed at her pussy while Bakiir fought against the pain, shuddering in his chains.

Lucy came.

Her juices gushed from her pussy, splashing the stone floors and flooding the dungeon with her sweet musk. I shuddered, savoring the pain burning in Bakiir’s face, the pleasure reaching through my heart’s body.

“Beg!” I snarled at Bakiir. “Beg and you can cum in her mouth. The pain will end!”


His voice thundered through the room. My orgasms exploded inside me.

I drank in his defiance. My pussy went wild about Thushin’s cock. He groaned, wanting so badly to flood my cunt with his cum, but he couldn’t. Not with his cock bound by the ring. That made my orgasm even sweeter. I snarled and roared as the pleasure shot through me.

I bucked on his lap, staring at Bakiir. I loved his ebony muscles straining. The defiance burning through his limbs. It made me so wet. It made me so hot. My climax surged higher and higher through me.

I would enjoy breaking him.


Lucy trembled on my bed, her small breasts jiggling as she felt my whiskers kiss her silky, ivory thighs as I nuzzled closer and closer to her sweet cunt. I breathed in her musk, licking my furry chops. My pussy was on fire.

“Malakisha, my heart!” moaned Lucy when I buried my furry snout into her pussy and feasted.

My thick tongue rasped across her shaved flesh, gathering her sweet juices. She groaned and shuddered, humping against me. Her small breasts heaved and jiggled. She shivered, her fingers squeezing her nipples while I flicked her clit piercing.

She shuddered again. Her moans were so sweet as she writhed on my satin sheets. Cool air wafted in through my open windows, twilight settling over the city of Ankush. Braziers standing around the room burned sandalwood to keep the stink of the humans from profaning my bowers.

My heart’s juices melted on my tongue. I savored her musk. I licked and loved her flesh, my whiskers rubbing on her thighs. Delight shuddered down to my pussy as my sensitive whiskers, so long and delicate, caressed her silky flesh. My ears twitched, drinking in her moans.

“Oh, my heart!” she gasped. “Oh, you spoil me! The queen’s dried-up cunt, yes!”

“Mmm, shower me in your sweet juices, my heart,” I purred between hot, hungry licks. “Shower me in your delight.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” she moaned. “My heart! My beautiful princess! My Malakisha!”

I lapped with furious hunger, my tongue lashing up and down her pussy. I licked and lapped and teased her. I made her ache and moan. I made her shudder in pure delight. She humped so hard against me. The bed creaked and groaned beneath her humping. She writhed, her small breasts jiggling as she squeaked out her pleasure, her fair face burning with crimson passion.

I loved it. My pussy was so hot as my tongue rasped across her pussy. Then I pressed it in her, licking through her silky depths. A rakshasa’s tongue was thicker than a humans, like a tiger, rough and teasing. It made her groan and gasp, her moans echoing through the room.

“My heart!” she squeaked, bucking so hard. “Oh, yes, my heart. Oh, that’s so good. Oh, I love it. You spoil me. My heart, yes!”

I purred as I spoiled her. I would give her anything, bedeck her in jewels, parade her on my arm, but my family would see me as weak. You did not love slaves. You did not love anything. Humans loved. We were rakshasas. We were predators.

We feasted upon them. How could you ever love your prey?

But then I met Lucy. The first time I saw her crying in the slave pens, draped in rags, her body whipped and bruised, cum dribbling down her breasts and face, something kindled in my heart. She was destined for the brothels. Or to be sold as a kennel slave to pleasure gladiators and fighters. But her eyes met mine. Those soft, brown doe-eyes. The moment I locked on them, I was lost. That pleading desire to be saved, rescued, gripped me. That innocence drowning in filth. Innocence I could mold, shape, turn into a vicious predator.

She had stolen my heart with those eyes. And then given me her own.

So I licked her harder. I loved my sweet Lucy. My heart. She moaned and gasped, trembling on the bed. Her hands squeezed those firm, small tits. Her moans echoed through the room as she quivered and shook on the bed. Her brown hair swept across her face.

“Yes, yes, yes! My heart!” Lucy gasped. “By the queen’s shriveled tits, yes!”

Her juices squirted out of her pussy. A geyser of passion. My whiskers twitched in delight as she matted down my fur. She trembled and bucked. She ground against me as she moaned out her rapture. She humped so hard on me, smearing that hot cunt on my hungry lips, drowning me in her passion.

I licked and lapped. I drank down all her passion as it raged through her body. I savored every drop of it. My whiskers rubbed into her thighs as she squirmed and groaned. I kept licking her, my cunt growing so hot and juicy, eager to take her.

My hips wiggled. My dildo, strapped to my waist by a leather harness, swung between my thighs. Its base rubbed on my clit, giving me a taste of delight as I kept eating my beautiful heart. I devoured her cunt. I licked through every cranny.

And she kept cunning.

“Malakisha!” she howled. “I love you! I love you so much!”

My ears twitched at her words. My pussy clenched. My heart raced. I licked my chops, gathering up her sweet musk. I stared up her flushed body, such joy burning in her brown eyes, that naughty smile on her lips.

“Oh, let me reward you, my heart,” she moaned, writhing. “Mmm, plunge that dildo into my cunt. Fuck me hard! Pound me! Take your pleasure in me!”

I purred louder. My tongue licked at her pussy one final time, making her back arched. I flicked her clit and then kept licking, dragging my hot, rough tongue across her shave pubic mound. She squirmed, giggling as my tongue reached her stomach.

I probed into her bellybutton.

“My heart!” she squealed as I swirled around, tasting her sweat pulling in her cute innie divot.

Then I licked higher. I loved the flavor of her skin. The heat beneath her. My round breasts rubbed on her pale skin. I wasn’t as dark as Bakiir, only a rich brown compared to his deep ebony, but it still was a delicious sight. My nipples ached as they caressed her flesh, my nipple ring twisting on my right nub.

I licked between her breasts. I paused, swirling my tongue around her right mound. Her firm tit quivered. Then she squealed as my rough tongue swirled over her pink nipple. Everything about her was so pale and soft.

“Oh, yes, Malakisha,” she groaned, squirming, her stomach rubbing on my nipples. “Mmm, you spoil me.”

“I love you,” I growled, my voice thick with primal hunger. I nipped her nipple with my sharp fangs.

She gasped.

Then I pounced on her. Our breasts pressed together as my open jaw seized her throat. My teeth pricked at her neck, dimpling her skin. I felt her pulse pound through her throat. It didn’t increase. No fear sweetened her scent.

She knew only a little more pressure from my bite and I would rip out her throat. I could kill her, and no one would care. She was my slave. I could feast on every bit of her, use her to feed every one of my hungers.

“My heart,” she moaned. “Fuck me! Satiate yourself.”

I rammed my dildo into her cunt while gripping her throat.

Her thighs locked around my hips as my dildo plunged into her pussy. Now her heart raced faster as pleasure surged through her. She hugged me, rubbing my back while moaning her pleasure, her throat vibrating in the grip of my jaws.

The base of my dildo pressed on my clit. I plunged in hard, fast, thrusting into her depths, stirring her cunt to a hot froth as she groaned and shuddered beneath me. She humped up into my thrusts, driving the toy harder into my clit as our bodies slapped together.

“My heart!” she squealed. “Yes, yes, yes, love me! Ravish me!”

No fear. She felt my teeth and had no fear.

I loved her so much.

I drove my hips hard, my clit aching, throbbing. I hammered her, delight rippling out of my cunt and through my body. My ears twitched as her fingers traced my spine, sending tingles racing through my body. Driving my hips to fuck her harder, faster.

Our flesh slapped together. She moaned and twitched, crying out her love and passion. Her voice was so sweet. Our spicy and sweet musks filled the air with beauty. I breathed in her scent, our cunts, the sandalwood incense. I savored it all as I rammed the dildo over and over into her.

My clit ached.

My pleasure swelled.

“Yes, yes, yes, Malakisha! Fuck me, my heart! Oh, the queen’s wrinkly ass, yes! Plow me! Plow my cunt! Cum!”

My pleasure swelled with every thrust. The base of the dildo caressed my throbbing clit. My pussy clenched. Juice dribbled down my thighs while my jaws twitched. One bite, and I would taste her blood. I would feast on her.

I wanted to. My hips plunged faster. My teeth tightened. No fear from Lucy.

She just bucked and squirmed and moaned. So trusting. So loving. I could never hurt her. I rammed my dildo into her depths. Her body shivering beneath me. Her pleasure squeaking out of her lips as she came.

And so did I.

A rumbling snarl burst from my throat as she trembled beneath me. I purred so loudly as the rapture flooded through my body. Her hands held me. Her thighs gripped me. Her moans sang through the air as we shared our passion. Our love.

My jaws released her throat. I nuzzled my muzzle against her lips, licking her face. She kissed me, working her lips against my fangs. I shivered, letting my change go, letting my human face appear. Fur and whiskers retracted. My ears shrank, my wavy, black hair growing, spilling about my face as my lips became soft like hers.

And then were we kissing with no fangs, no fur, no barriers. Our bodies pressed tight, holding each other as our orgasm peaked. Only with her did I reveal my human face. Her hands moved, touching my smooth cheeks, eyes moist and dewy.

“My heart,” she sighed when I broke the kiss.

I rubbed our noses together, wanting to purr, but unable to with human vocal chords.

We held each other for a while, kissing, nuzzling, savoring the feel of each other. And then she said, “It’s been two days. Do you think he’ll ever break?”

“Yes,” I purred.

“But, two days without cumming… And the kennels are so noisy.” Lucy gave a wicked giggle. “Thushin and Issanik are enjoying their women as much as they can. And so are the others. I didn’t know a man could go two days without cumming. Not willingly.”

“He’s restrained?” I asked.

“Unable to touch his cock.” She shivered beneath me. “Thushin has that redheaded whore of his pressed up against the kennel bars, her tits shoved into Bakiir’s cell as he fucks her from behind.”

I laughed. Thushin loved his redhead. I bought the girl for him as a reward. She lived in his cell, ready to be used whenever he wanted.

“But…” Lucy’s face fell. “Bakiir has lasted two days. None of the others has.”

“He’s so strong. He’ll hold for days longer. And when he does break, he will be devoted to me.”

“Not as devoted as I am,” she said.

“Who can be?” I rubbed her nose. “But you’re not my slave. Not really.”

She kissed me hard. Then she let out a groan of annoyance.


“I have my assignation,” she said.

“With Konayveh again?”

Lucy gave a wicked grin. “He has to fuck that old, toothless queen’s dried-up cunt. He yearns for hot, tight quim.”

I rolled off of her. “Enjoy your lover.”

“He’s…fine,” Lucy shrugged. “But he gossips.”

I smiled. Why else did I let Lucy have her lovers?


“Your cock looks so hard,” I purred as Bakiir stood in his chains, arms outstretched. Lucy knelt before him, her pale finger stroking his ebony cock.

He jerked at his chains. He liked to do that.

“A week without cumming. How your dick must be backed up.” I knew he would impress me. Worth every dupondius I paid for him.

He spat to the side. Then groaned as Lucy engulfed his cock with her mouth.

My whip hissed through the air and…


A bleeding line appeared on his back. I shuddered at the scent of coppery blood spilling in the air. My hips wiggled. He growled through the pain and pleasure, Lucy sucking so hard on his cock as I drew back the whip.



“NEVER!” he howled, pulling so hard on the chains.

I drew back the whip. Lucy moaned as she sucked, her hands gripping his ebony ass.

The whip hissed down at his back, his muscles so tense, his arms straining so hard.


My pussy clenched. Juices dripped like molten lava down my thighs.

“Worship me!”


“Serve me!”


“And then you can cum. You can spill your seed in Lucy’s mouth and erupt!”

He howled in pure rage, blood dripping from his wrists, the manacles biting into his flesh. The links of the chain ground together as he strained. A trickle of dust fell from the ceiling as I cracked the whip across his back.

Another bleeding line appeared. Blood ran in hot rivulets down his back, filling the air with that—

A cracking groan resounded through the dungeon.

His right chain ripped free the bolts anchoring it to the ceiling. With a bellow of rage, he whipped the heavy length of metal at my head.

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 2.

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