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Hey, everyone!

Well, the Hell Chronicle is over and we’re moving on to The Tyrants’ Daughter. It was unanimous in the poll to release The Tryants’ Daughter uninterrupted. I’ve been eager to share this story with everyone. The moment I penned the final words of the Devil’s Pact in February 2014, I’ve been thinking about Chase’s story. She maybe my favorite character I penned. She’s been battered down by life and needs a lifeline. So let’s meet the characters of The Tyrants’ Daughter

Chase: Well, that’s an easy one.
Rex: Twin brother of Reina, one of Mark’s many bastards. His mother is Isabella.
Reina: Like her brother, she’s inherited Mark’s sex drive.
Sister Stella: A nun on a mission to stop Mark and Mary’s new plan.
Queenie: An innocent girl corrupted into naughty fun.
Sarah: A daughter of Mark and ostracized by the new society.
Aoifa: A priestess of the Living Church who remains faithful after Mark and Mary’s deaths.
Astarte: The only great demon to escape Mark and Mary’s justice.
Shadow: A demonic creature that stalks Chase.

Then the way will be clear to publish stories from the World of Erasthay!

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