Sex Slave Chronicle Update

Over halfway done writing the rough draft for the sex slave chronicles. I’m using these stories to also add some endings to various characters, so many of these can’t even be released before the main story’s finished, sadly.

Hikaru “The Perfect Slave”: Hikaru belongs to Mark’s D&D buddy, Tom, and she manages his harem of Japanese slaves he’s acquired. Contains Bondage, incest, and watersports.

Velvet “Double D Coffee”: Velvet belongs to Chris, another one of Mark’s D&D buddies. Chris and Velvet open up their own bikini barista stand staffed by busty women (a DD is a small bust size) and offer a special service. Contains prostitution and titty fucking.

Julie “Naked in the Park”: Julie was Karl’s boss, a complete bitch, and now she’s his slave and payback’s a bitch too. Contains Exhibitionism, humiliation, and watersports

Starla “Sexretary”: Strala is George’s secretary and secretly George and Shannon’s sex slave. She keeps George’s spirits up at work with blowjobs under the desk. She’s such a profesional, not even unexpected visitors will stop her from sucking her bosses cock. Contains oral sex, attempted seduction, and MFF threesome.

Kim “Cockteasing Sister”: Kim has fallen on hard times, unemployed, just broke up with her boyfriend, and forced to live with her older brother Quatch, Mark’s best friend. Her only fun: teasing her poor brother with her hot, little body. Contains Incest and an interesting Master/Slave dynamic.

Via “Freedom”: Via is confused when Antsy frees her from slavery and goes to see her friend Diane for advice. Contains Girl-Girl action, watersports, and romance.

Joy “First Wax”: Joy, the stylist from Chapter Two, belongs to Mark’s mom Sandy. Betty, Sandy’s girlfiend, insists the hot MILF get her first wax curtsy of Joy. Contains Lesbian threesome.

Felicity “Horny Schoolgirl”: Felicity decides to visit her Master, Sean (Mary’s Father) on the last day of school and pretends to be a struggling student in need of some extra-curicular help. Contains Spanking, Teacher/Student sex

Dawn “Gloryhole”: Dawn was a bully to Missy until Mary made her Missy’s slave. Now Missy enjoys putting her slave in humiliating situations and for the whole day she has to spend in the boy’s bathroom satisfying any cock that sticks through the gloryholes. Contains blowjobs

There are four others yet to write involving Mrs. Corra, Alice, Diane, and a sequal to an unpublished side-story. The Alice one will wrap up her character and serve as her ending.

Well, take care everyone

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