The Devil’s Pact Update – 11-15-13

While writing chapter 20 today, I realized that I was typing Samantha for Mary’s older sister who is named Shannon. Samantha is Mark’s sister’s full name, although she usually goes by Antsy. So i went back to my draft of Chapter 19 and realized about a quarter of the way through the draft I started calling her Samantha. Thank god for the find/replace option.

Apparently this is an issue i have. In chapter 18 I called Mark’s friend Karl by Kurt a few times. A reader caught it and pointed it out to me. I need to pay more attention i guess.

Hope to have Chapter 19 posted on Sunday and on Monday a short story tentatively called First Webcast, following up on Cynthia and Vivian from Chapter One and the command Mark gave them at the end of the chapter.

Hope everyone has a great day


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