The Devil’s Pact Update – 11-29-13

Hey everyone

For this in America, I hope you had a happy thanksgiving yesterday.

I hope to have Chapter 24: Homecomings up tomorrow. It wraps up the second arc and sets start the events of the third arc. After I got home from thanksgiving dinner I wrote up a short, side story. It follows Bill and Erin Connar from the Best Buy orgy in Chapter 3. It’s part of series of side stories following the various people caught up in the orgy and how it affected their lives. I’m calling this series ‘The Devil’s Pact Tales from the Best Buy Incident’. Bill and Erin’s part is called Practicing Cuckoldry.

I planning on starting Chapter 25 today.

I saw Catching Fire, if you’re a fan of the books, you’ll love the movie. It hit all the important plot points, the characters were spot on. Really enjoyed the actress playing Joanna. She hit the unstable crazy that is Joanna. Shame it was PG-13 because I would have loved to see her naked body when she stripped in the elevator scene.

Well, I got to go to work, have a great weekend everyone,


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