The Devil’s Pact Update 12-14-13

Hey everyone

Master Ken has graciously offered to be my editor and he is editing Chapter 30: Tiffany’s Tale right now and it will be posted as soon as he finishes. Mary has finally been reunited with her mother and will learn just what happened to her mother while Mark deals with a mysterious voice as he clings to life.

I have a side-story that should be coming out next, about Rachel, the woman on her honeymoon that Mark and Mary met in chapter 27 while they were in New York.

I am writing Chapter 31 right now. I always find the chapter after an arc ends to be the hardest to write. That would be chapters 12 and 24 previously. I know where the story is heading next, I just need to figure out how to get there.

Again, big thanks to Master Ken for offering to edit.

Take care,


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