The Devil’s Pact Update 2-9-14

Hey everyone,

Gotten some great feedback on Chapter 35. Chapter 36 is with my editor and we’ll get it to you guys as soon as it’s ready.

If you have any questions for Master Ken, my editor, he can be reached at He’s a great guy, teaching me about grammar and helping to improve my writing. As you may have noticed I use semi-colons now.

Nearing the completion of my rough draft for the main story. I’m writing the climatic chapter (hoping to finish it today), with two chapters for a denouement and a short epilogue.

Take care


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6 thoughts on “The Devil’s Pact Update 2-9-14

  1. mr_davis

    Love the story but I have a question for you. Over the past few chapters, the planning of Mark’s demise has ratcheted up significantly with the acquired powers of Lilith as well as Desiree’s ex (can’t recall his name right off). So my question is, with all these sub – characters gaining more and more importance to the overall plot, will you, the writer, need more chapters than you initially thought would be required to fully resolve these different plot angles or do you see yourself writing some spin – offs for these characters? Thanks and again, LOVE the story.

    1. mypenname3000 Post author

      It’s going to be fifty-two chapters. Chapter fifty-one starts the ending, so I’ve already fully resolved all the plot angles and I’m bringing the story to its close. I’m about a third of the way through writing chapter fifty-one, I hope to finish it by tomorrow and have chapter fifty-two and a short epilogue done within the week. There will be more side-stories that I plan to write.

      Glad you love the story.


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