The Knight and the Acolyte – My Final Thoughts

Two years ago I began writing the Knight and the Acolyte two years ago. I developed it five years ago. It rattled around in my head as I drove my vehicle for my former day job. An idea of combining filthy erotica with my favorite genre: fantasy. The vast majority of the story made it through unchanged. I had all the places they’d visit decided, I knew all their relationships, how each were betrayed. Though the vampires did get cut. But there were surprises. I had no idea Angela and Sophia would end up in a BDSM relationship. It just evolved out of the naughty encounters. I didn’t know when Xerathalasia would use the fairy’s boon, but I knew I’d figure it out.

And I didn’t know what would happen past reaching the dragon’s cave. How that would all play out. I had ideas of going past it, to have Angela embrace her destiny. But it just never felt right. It wasn’t her character. I’d be forcing it into it, much like Sophia was trying to force her into it. And she would have done it, but it wouldn’t have been right. Then I debated on should Angela live. Should she die? Should Sophia die? Should they both die? Countless versions of this story has lived, breathed, and died in my mind. No other part of the story held such scrutiny as the ending.

Because it’s the important part of the story. You have to stick the landing. I don’t know if I did it. Like all my invested stories, these characters are real to me in some way. Their stories are now written, they’ve lived it, and now their futures get to live on in our collective imaginations.

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8 thoughts on “The Knight and the Acolyte – My Final Thoughts

  1. Eric Myles

    Well, now that all’s said and done, there’s one important question. Where do you go from here? Will there be a sequel or do you move on to the next big epic? Decisions, decisions

    1. mypenname3000 Post author

      If there is ever a sequel, it would be about Thrak and Faoril and their adventures. As for what’s next, I have another series in this world called the Rogue’s Harem.


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