Update 7-7-14

Hey everyone,

Tomorrow will see the final chapter of the Devil’s Pact released: The Fall of Rome. The Epilogue will be released on the following day. I hope you guys find the ending satisfying.

On Saturday, Ghost of Paris Chapter 7, which took first place in the poll, will be released and I’ll be switching to releasing on Saturday. See the release schedule in the forum for what’s coming up. I’ll have a new poll up soon.

Today I also released Cuckolding the Cheat (Naughty Wives 3). Frank and Evie are joined by Cherry and are up to a lot of naughty fun! Wife Watching, Exhibitionism, Phone Sex, Cheating spouses, Secret Webcasts. Coupon on the sidebar to the right.

I have a newsletter. If you sign up on the form on the sidebar, you get two free ebooks, including ‘A Submissive Bride’ a BDSM romance. Helen is getting married and she’s going to show everyone just how submissive she is!

Take care,


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