Update and New Poll

Hey, there’s a new poll. Click here to add your input on how publications will be going forward!

This poll is on how I release my stories going forward. I currently see myself having a Main Story, the Knight and the Acolyte, which I devote a writing day to once a week to write a part. This is also why I release the story every Thursday right now. I don’t want to get caught up with where I’m at because I find it useful to go back and change unpublished parts because I had a better idea or my idea did not pan out (this happened with book 2. I had planned on introducing the next character in it, had that character appear in the prologue, then the mage stuff took up more space then I intended, so I pulled his scenes and you’ll see them next week).

Now the side-stories are what I write for about a half-hour most evenings. It’s something I do at the end of the day if I feel up to it. I have written the Vampire Kiss, the World of Erasthay Shorts, and the Bimbo Treatment this way. I have been rotating through these three stories and a fourth series that I publish on Smashword under Deana Michaels. I can continue doing a chapter of each or concentrate on one side-story to completion. Chip in on the poll for what you’d like to see.

Take care all!


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