Battered Lamp and The Devil’s Pact Update

Hi everyone,

Happy new years! I hope you all have a great 2015!

Yesterday, I finished the rough draft for The Battered Lamp. It’s not as long as the Devil’s Pact and I’ll be hard at work getting it out to you guys. Tomorrow, I’ll be publishing Chapter 21!

There’s a new poll for the next Devil’s Pact short story. Vote here for what gets released next!

Now that I’ve finished the Battered Lamp, I’m going to start working on The Cult of the Ghost, The Hell Chronicles, and Chase’s Story. I have had a few exciting ideas for Chase’s story and the plot’s coming together nicely.

So what’s in the future? I have two ideas. One is called the Passion of the Pixie. It’s a supernatural thriller about fairies. And not your friendly fairy. 😉 The other story is a fantasy series set in my sexy fantasy world I’ve been working on for years. The story is called the Knight and the Acolyte following a female knight and a lesbian priestess on a quest to slay a dragon. On the way they recruit a band of characters and face challenges. Neither of these stories are a harem story and the Passion of the Pixie is more of a romance with sex than erotica (though there will be plenty of sex).

Take care,



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