The Devil’s Pact, The Cult of the Ghost Chapter 7: Bitter



The Devil’s Pact

The Cult of the Ghost Chapter Seven: Bitter

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2015

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Notes: Thanks to b0b for beta reading this!

Friday, July 18th, 2014 – Sheriff Caleb Barends – Boise, ID

My boots stomped on the ground as I followed the Holy Sluts into the Boise Airport’s terminal. Behind us, the C-130 cargo planes disgorged the Legion—the private army of the Living Gods—on to the tarmac.

Alison and Desiree had come to take charge, and they did not seem happy with me. These two women were among the closest to the Gods. The first two sluts chosen to serve. The two given the important task of hunting down Warlocks. Countless evil had been stamped under their boots, including the Patriots.

I led their party, the two holy sluts, the Holy Vizier and her companion Candy, and ten heavily armed, special forces soldiers. The special forces men were all hard, carved from marble, their eyes sweeping about as if they expected attack even here.

“We’ve been shelling them constantly,” I reported. “The Idaho National guard has dumped every ordinance they have into the Warlock’s damned shield without putting a dent into it.”

“Oh, I don’t think they’re Warlocks,” the Vizier said, adjusting her glasses. She took a seat at the conference table in the airport terminal. “The shield spell would not produce a green barrier if a Warlock cast it.”

Vicki and Amanda walked out with trays of iced tea, their heads downcast like proper slaves. They were naked, their bellies just swelling with my children. They were beautiful and looked almost the same. Both sisters had blonde hair, blue eyes, and nice tits. Vicki was slightly taller, though she was younger by a year.

“More sex slaves, Sheriff?” Alison asked, her eyes roaming my sluts.

“I took all three in during Wormwood,” I answered. “They swore to serve me and are happy. Right girls?”

“Yes, sir,” they both answered, keeping their eyes downcast like good sluts. “We love to serve you.”

Alison’s eyebrow raised. “And you hit them during sex as well.”

“Of course,” I smiled. I loved to smack my sluts around. Listening to them cry made the sex so much sweeter. “They love it, right?”

“We do,” Amanda quickly answered.

“We’re fortunate to serve him,” Vicki added.

“So the national guard’s shelling hasn’t done anything?” Sam asked, staring at the photos of the shielding, her slanted eyes furrowing. “There has been no noticeable weakening of their shield?”

“No. Not that the engineers can tell. It appears to have the same radius.”

“It is anchored in six spots,” Sam said, tapping an aerial reconnaissance photo the Air National Guard took. “A hexagonal magical circle. That is very interesting.”

Alison and Desiree, however, did not seem to care at all what Sam was saying. They were staring at my sluts. “Do you want one of them to pleasure you?” I asked, wishing to placate their foul mood. “They know how to make a woman cum.”

“My wife and I will require all three of your sluts to serve us while we’re here,” Desiree said.

“Night and day,” Alison added, putting her arm around Amanda. “Umm, they’re pretty things. We’re going to need them constantly.” She leaned in and whispered in my slut’s ear. Amanda smiled, then shot me a look, and stared back down.

Impudent slut.

“Now I know you’re important and all,” I said. “But those are my slaves.”

“The Living Gods have yet to finalize the rules for taking sex slaves,” Alison said, fixing her eyes on me. “Until that time, only the Gods may possess them.”

“I misspoke,” I flushed. “They act like my sex slaves. Willingly. They’re my submissive sluts.”

Alison’s hand went to her throat and the choker that identified her as a Holy Slut. “Well, they will be submitting to us for the duration.”

“Maybe permanently,” Desiree added, stroking Vicki’s hair.

I bristled, my hand squeezing into a fist.

Alison’s eyes met mine and they hardened. “Sergeant Holland, the sheriff is going to focus all his energy on this problem. You and your men will be with him night and day to make sure he stays on task and isn’t distracted.”

“Yes, ma’am,” a dangerous-looking soldier answered, his nose crooked and his eyes hard as they fixed on me. I shivered and swallowed.

“Are we done with all of these tedious games?” Sam asked. “We have far more important things to worry about than three whores.”

“Yes, we’re done,” Alison sweetly smiled.

“Good. I maybe able to disrupt the shield. I’ll need some time to get ready.”


Sunday, July 20th, 2014 – Marybeth Sargant – Caissa County, ID

“Lick my pussy, Daddy,” Gabriella moaned as she straddled nothing.

Well, the Ghost was under her, but you couldn’t tell that. She ground her face on nothing while her sister Remelda worked her caramel hips up and down, riding his thick cock. Zelda lounged next to them both, her legs spread and her young pussy gaping open.

The Ghost had planted a big load of cum into her pussy just moments before.

“Aren’t they gorgeous?” Ursula purred.

I put my arm around her neck, pulling my blonde girlfriend tight. Her daughter Gabrielle’s mouth gaped open as she came on her father’s lips. The newest generations of Lionesses worked hard to please the Ghost.

The last two days had been a blur of sex. I barely cared that we were under siege. The Ghost was back. I’m not sure he had even slept for the first day. His cock was in constant use, fucking every mouth, cunt, and asshole he could. Every last member of the cult had been fucked by him at least twice.

He loved his daughters best. I couldn’t blame him. It was so hot knowing the Ghost was shoving his thick cock into his daughter’s flesh. There was nothing forbidden inside this farm. No act was too filthy for the Cult to revile in.

Remelda’s round, brown breasts jiggled as she leaned back and Gabriella’s hungry lips fell forward, engulfing her half-sister’s tit. Remelda’s stroked Gabriella’s heavy tits as her sister suckled, her hips writhing faster.

“Oh, yes! I love Daddy’s cock buried in my cunt! And I love my sister sucking on my tits.”

The trio seemed very close. In the dream world, Gabriella, Remelda, and Zelda had bonded over being the cheerleaders daughters. It was a pity the entire squad hadn’t been knocked up by the Ghost. I would have loved to see the Ghost’s daughters prancing around in the black-and-gold cheer outfits of the Lionesses.

Ursula’s hand slid down to squeeze my ass. “I want to tell him,” she whispered.

“Right now?” I asked, her fingers teasing my asshole.

“Oh, Daddy! Shoot your cum inside me! Oh, fuck!”

“When he’s finished with those baby sluts,” giggled Ursula. Her finger probed inside my asshole. I was lubed by the Ghost’s load. He fucked me an hour ago and his cum had slowly leaked out of me, running invisible down my legs.

I loved every second of that.

“I think that’s a good idea,” I smiled.

I wanted to marry Ursula. But we needed the Ghost’s blessing. Many women in the cult had paired off, forming closer connections with another member. We were all the Ghost’s women, his harem of wives, but that didn’t mean we couldn’t love someone else. Rhonda May and Marissa closer than sisters should be—which was hot. Tammy and Cheryl-Lynn were always loving each other. Lizzy and Heather always seemed to be hanging about. I’m not sure if they realized they actually loved each other, but they were so obvious sometimes.

I gripped the door frame as Ursula worked her fingers in and out of my backdoor. I groaned, squeezing down. Her other hand slid up my front, cupping my breast. She leaned in, her lips nibbling at my ear.

“You like that, slut?” she hissed. “Do you like my finger up your ass?”

“So much,” I groaned. “Umm, keep working those digits in me.”

I shuddered, heat tumbling through me. A second finger slipped into my asshole, burning pleasure rushing through me. My bowels squeezed on her plunging fingers, soft sighs escaping my lips. She traced my finger with hers, teasing my hard nub.

“That’s it, slut. Watch the ghost fuck his daughters and cum like the filthy whore you are.”

“The filthiest,” I moaned. “I helped the Ghost molest you, after all.”

I smiled, remembering how the Ghost enlisted my help to seduce Ursula. I got to lick her pussy as he fucked her. That had been so hot. My pussy clenched, dripping with my excitement. My pants joined Gabriella and Remelda’s.

“I’m cumming, Daddy!” Gabriella gasped. “Momma, watch me cum!”

“I’m watchin’,” purred Ursula, her fingers fucking harder in my ass. “You’re so beautiful.”

A minute later, Remelda gasped and moaned, slamming down on the Ghost’s cock. Her dark-brown body shook, and then she fell back. Her pussy gaped open, hugging the Ghost’s invisible dick. Then he popped out and her pink lips closed tight.

The bed shifted. “What did you two sluts wanna ask me?” growled the Ghost.

His hand squeezed my tit, molding my flesh. His fingers found my nipple, my pink nub stretching and deforming. I shuddered and gasped, my orgasm rippling through me. “Oh, yes! Oh, yes!” I gasped.

“That’s not the answer to my question,” laughed the Ghost. “I didn’t ask if Ursula was fingerin’ your cornhole.”

“Sorry,” I panted, struggling to think.

Ursula let out a surprised sequel. The ghost pinned her to the door frame. Her legs wrapped around thin air, her pussy gaping up as his cock slammed into her. I knelt down, my eyes wide as I watched her pink tunnel stretch around nothing. I could see how deep he was penetrating, her tunnel collapsing as he drew back.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” I panted.

Gabriella pressed her lithe body against mine, smiling as she watched her parents fuck.

“What did you two sluts want to ask me?” grunted the Ghost. “If you’re fixin’ to be fucked, I’m always glad to shove my pecker up your cheerleader cooches.”

“We wanna get married,” moaned Ursula, humping her hips. “We want you to marry us, Ghost.”

He paused. “What’s that? But you’re both women?”

“So?” Ursula asked. “We love each other as much as we love you. We wanna show the Cult how deep we care for each other.”

“Oh, that’s so wonderful,” gasped Gabriella. “Then Momma-Marybeth will be my real momma, too.”

“Yep,” I smiled, nuzzling my soon-to-be step-daughter’s lips. She kissed like her mother.

“I reckon that’s fine,” the Ghost shrugged, his hips slamming harder. “So long as I get to fuck both you purtee brides.”

“Of course, Ghost,” I laughed. “We wouldn’t want it—”

The explosion rocked the house.

Women shouted. Glass rattled. Shelves crashed. Gabriella clung to me as she shrieked in terror. Green light burst outside, flooding through the window. The shield wavered, rippling like a tidal wave had shot through it.

“What was that?” the Ghost grunted, pulling out of Ursula.

“I don’t know!” she gasped.

“Outside!” Deidre shouted above the rest. “We need to strengthen the shield! They hit us with more than artillery!”

My heart thudding, I pried Gabriella off of me and followed Ursula and the rest of the women outside. The shield looked weaker. Not as green. I shuddered; not as thick. I clutched my chest in fear. An Asian woman stood at the perimeter, studying the shield. Another woman, her hair dyed half blue and half pink, stood nearby and seemed to be writing notes.

“That’s the Vizier,” Carla shouted. “The Theocracy has arrived in force.”

I swallowed. “We can hold, right? We can hold for months and out last them?”

Deidre stared at the shield.

“We can hold, right?” I demanded, seizing her arm.

“We can,” she nodded. “Let’s strengthen the shield.”


Sheriff Caleb Barends

“That is so interesting,” Sam smiled, walking back to the command tent.

I scowled at the Asian woman. “You failed.”

“I did,” she nodded, still smiling. “But I learned so much. It’s far stronger than I thought. And they are already strengthening it.”

“By fucking?” I glanced back at the orgy of women writhing on the mattress they left out.

“Yes. They are gathering immense energy through their orgy, and they’re channeling it back into the shield.”

“Can you bring it down?” I wanted this to be over. I wanted my sluts back. I hadn’t seen them since the airport. And wherever I walked, three special forces soldiers accompanied me. If I even showed interest in talking to a woman, they stepped in.

Fucking sluts. If the Living Gods knew how Alison and Desiree treated Their faithful servants, They would not be pleased.

“Can you take it down?” I asked. “You spent a day gathering the energy for that strike.”

“Maybe,” she smiled. “Candy is already readying our next attempt. Instead of one focused strike, I’m going to try and hit it with two attacks.” She touched the reconnaissance photos. “If I hit this southern and southwestern edges simultaneously, I may disrupt this anchor point.” Her fingers touched a point between those two sides.

“How sure are you?”

“Oh, thirty percent,” she shrugged.

“How can you be so blase about this?” I asked. “Those are abominations in there. They pollute Idaho with every moment they remain.”

She raised her eyebrow. “I’m studying a phenomenon I’ve only found hints of in my research. Whomever these Sapphicists are, they are using magic I am not completely familiar with. I need to experiment. Every time I strike, I will learn something new and refine my methods.”

“So you’ll bring them down?”

“Oh, I might need Mark and Mary to do the actual striking, but I shall figure out the method before they return from their anniversary celebration.”

“You’re going to bring the Gods in on this?” I asked, trembling in awe.

“Undoubtedly,” she nodded. “They can do things that I cannot.”

“They’re Gods,” I whispered, my heart beating with joy. I was going to meet them. They would see my sluts were returned to me. The Living Gods would understand that a man needed his property. “They can just wave their hands and bring the shield down.”

Sam raised her eyebrow. “I always marvel at the effectiveness of their propaganda machine.”

“Sam, I’m almost ready for you,” Candy shouted.

“If you’ll excuse me, Sheriff.”

Propaganda machine? What was Sam implying? They were Gods. Of course they could just wave their hands and dismiss the shield. Did she not believe in their powers?

“No, they’re Gods. I’ve seen their miracles. The Holy Vizier is just testing my faith.”

I strode out, hoping Sam’s next attack would crush the shield so the cunts could pay for humiliating me.


Saturday, July 26th, 2014 – Deidre Cheshire

I leaned against the beam that supported the porch’s support, staring at the Theocracy’s minions swarming around the edge of the shield. Sam’s attacks hadn’t penetrated the shields, but it was only a matter of days now.

I took a deep breath of the dust swirling around.

The Ghost’s hand gripped my waist. His touch lifted my spirits and sent a shiver of warmth through me. He slid up my waist, squeezing my heavy breast. His hard cock nuzzled at my ass. He was always ready to fuck.

“Can I ask you a question, Ghost?”

“Sure, sweetness,” he whispered in my ear, his voice deep gravel.

“How do you have such stamina?” I asked, his thumb pinching my nipple. “When you first appeared, you didn’t have the ability to last so long. Then you did?”

He chuckled. “You don’t wanna know my real name.”

“You’re the Ghost,” I shrugged. “And I do know your name. But that doesn’t matter who you were before you made your Pact. What matters is how you touched us all.”

His hard cock pressed against my asshole. His cock was damp, slick with some other woman or teen’s juices. Probably one of his daughters. I groaned, pushing back, savoring his thickness entering me. No cock ever felt as good as his.

“I made a Pact with Astarte,” he answered. “I made a deal with that slut demon and gave her Darleen to possess until sunrise. And you heard what happened that night?”

“Oh, yeah,” I moaned. “The little cunt ran wild. I heard she got pregnant from that night. I learned that right before we left.”

The Ghost chuckled. “Astarte used her hard.”

He thrust deep into me, then drew back. A slow rhythm, stirring up my passion. “Did Astarte use you hard? In Hell?”

“That she did,” he groaned. “They both did. Fuckin’ Lucifer.”

“I’d rather fuck you,” I moaned.

He chuckled, his balls slapping into me. “So what’s gonna happen when the shield fails?”

“We die.” I looked over my shoulder at nothing but the far wall. I hoped I was staring into his eyes. “But we’ll be together. I saw to it. We’re all bound tight. Where you go, we’ll follow.”

“Right back down into the furnace?”

“But we won’t be tied to one of the demons. We’ll have power. I’ve been channeling some energy towards that. I knew this would all come to an end one day. Maybe not this fast. But Mark and Mary would never let us live in peace.”

“No, I reckon they wouldn’t. They killed me, and what harm was I causin’? Just havin’ some fun. I weren’t no threat to them. They was scared of me.”

“They still are,” I sighed, his thrust growing harder. “They brought the might of their empire down to kill us.”

The Ghost laughed.

Pleasure roared through me. “Oh, Ghost. Fuck my ass. Use me! Cum in me! I’m your whore!”

I loved saying these filthy words. I loved the way he made me feel. I was his property. He desired me more than any other man. I had never been satisfied until the Ghost fucked me. And now that the Theocracy was ruining the world, I’d rather spend my eternity with this man and the Cult than bow to the Tyrants.

I gripped the column, my breasts bouncing. I gasped and moaned, crying out to the Theocracy. Let them see how free I was. Let them see how much I enjoyed my Ghost. He was far better than the pathetic man and woman the Theocracy was brainwashed into following.

“That’s it, sweetness,” groaned the Ghost. “Work that fine ass. Make my pecker explode in your cornhole. Fuck, yeah. My balls are fixin’ to drown your ass in cum.”

“Do it,” I panted, my hips shaking. His lips kissed and sucked at my flesh. “Dump your cum in me!”

He grunted as he held me tight. His hand slid down my body. His fingers brushed my clit. I gasped. Fire erupted inside me. I shuddered in his arms. My bowels writhed about his thrusting cock. I screamed my bliss for all to hear.

“Take it, sweetness,” he grunted, burying his cock into me. “Take it all.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” I sighed as his cum pumped into me.

“Umm, that was a good fuck, sweetness.” He pulled his cock out of me before smacking my ass. “Buck up, cunt. Like you said, we’ll all be together. So enjoy yourself and join the rest. Those sluts inside are missin’ ya.”

I found his body, leaning against him. I pushed my lips forward, found his neck. I moved up, searching for his lips. When I found them, I kissed with all my passion. He kissed me back, his arms wrapping around my body.

“Shit, sweetness. You gone and got me all excited. What you gonna do ’bout that?”

“Why, I think my pussy can sort your pecker out,” I grinned.


Monday, July 28th, 2014 – Sheriff Caleb Barends – Boise, ID

I couldn’t help trembling as Air Force One landed. The blue and white plane was majestic as it taxied across the airport. A wall of the Legion stood at attention, their weapons ready to be used. I had my best uniform on, the wrinkles ironed out, my boots polished. Alison and Desiree lounged nearby.

They had no decorum. They were just sluts. Holy Sluts. Why the Gods would send such useless cunts was beyond me? I’m sure they had their reasons. But I hadn’t seen my dear sex slaves since they arrived. My poor balls were backed-up with cum.

But the Gods would straighten that all out. He would understand why I had to chastise my sluts. After all, no one had more slaves than the God. The door to Air Force One opened and His guards poured out. They were slaves, dressed in the sluttiest outfits, like a parody of cop uniforms.

Their weapons weren’t parodies, and with the amulets hanging about their necks, they didn’t need body armor. But they sure looked slutty. My Gods know how to live, surrounded by willing, half-naked women.

The stewardesses waited at the entrance, their breasts heavy and naked. I wish I was closer to fully admire their beauty. The Gods appeared, hugging and kissing Their stewardess, Their hands roaming about the sluts’ body in the doorway.

“They are perfect,” I whispered as They descended the stairs.

He was tall and strong, His gaze sweeping about, His back straight. She was gorgeous, naked and lovely, Her breasts jiggling as She walked. The Goddess often appeared naked, showing off the perfection of Her body. Energy seemed to dance off of Them. Every bit of Their bodies projected confidences.

The Gods knew They were in charge wherever They trod.

The Legion parted as the Gods strode forward, surrounded by Their bodyguards. Alison and Desiree hurried forward, squealing like schoolgirls. The bodyguard parted for the women and Alison threw her arms around His neck, kissing Him with wild abandon. The Goddess hugged Desiree tight, kissing the slut with the dignity Alison and Desiree lacked.

The sluts trailed after the Gods. I swallowed, saluting as they approached. He saluted back. “Sheriff Barends,” He said, His voice deep and majestic, stirring my soul.

“My Gods,” I breathed. “It is an honor to meet you.”

“You have our sympathies on the loss of your men,” She said, reaching out to touch my hand. “All who die in our service fighting evil shall not be forgotten.”

A warm flush passed through me. The Goddess touched me. Tears leaked down my eyes. “Thank you. We all are ready to die for you.”

“Such noble spirit will be needed to fight the coming darkness,” She said. “But faithful service is always rewarded.”

“Thank you.” I licked my lips, wanting to ask her a question. “I…I would…there is one thing…”

She raised an eyebrow. “What do you want, Sheriff?”

“My women were taken by your Holy Sluts,” I carefully said. “To serve them. I greatly miss them and I’m sure Corina, Vicki, and Amanda miss me.”

He looked back at Alison. “What’s he talking about?”

“Oh, the fucker was beating on these three girls,” Alison shrugged. “So we confiscated them.”

“How did he beat them?” She asked, blinking Her green eyes in shock. “He appears to be under our commands. His aura is black.”

“I didn’t beat them,” I objected. “I never assaulted them.”

“Oh, he convinced himself that they were his willing sex slaves and it was just disciplining them as part of their sex play,” Desiree answered. “We dragged the story out of the three girls, mi Reina.”

Her green eyes locked on me. “Is this true?” the Goddess demanded, Her words reaching into my soul and seizing me.

“It was just discipline,” I answered. “They were willing. They understood their place in the new order.”

“Women’s place isn’t to serve men,” the Goddess said, Her anger swelling. “All women serve us, after that, a woman, or a man, has the right to choose servitude or freedom.”

“They choose,” I quailed, trembling in fear. “They were willing.”

“They were coerced,” the cunt Alison corrected. “They feared worse things would happen if they didn’t submit. They were so terrified of him. He beat them, cut them, and burned them.”

“51,” He commanded. “Have this man beaten. He is no longer the Sheriff of Caissa County.”

The words struck me. I was no longer the Sheriff. “I’m sorry, My Lord,” I blubbered, falling to my knees. “Please, have mercy.”

The Goddess looked down at me. “You will never hurt, assault, slap, or spank another Human whether in anger, sport, jest, or play. You will never discipline another human being, even in roleplay, with any part of your body or any object. You shall serve Corina, Vicki, and Amanda in whatever way they see fit. You are their slave until the day you die and will obey every one of their commands.”

“Yes, My Lady,” I cried as Her will chained my soul. “I will be their slave. I will never hurt a soul.”

A Black bodyguard, a choker reading 51 was tight about her neck, pointed at two of the bodyguards. They drew collapsible batons from their belts, flicking them open. These women may look like sluts, but they moved like cops.

I screamed as their clubs struck me, battering me to the ground. The Gods didn’t even watch my discipline. “I’m sorry,” I screamed. “I’ll be perfect from now on.”

Blow after blow landed on my arms and legs, slamming into my sides. I reached out to the Gods and promised to always be faithful.

Alison and Desiree spat upon me, delight crossing their faces. “I hope you learned your lesson, asshole,” Alison laughed. “You are not Master. You’re just a piece of shit.”


Marissa Myers – Caissa County, ID

I held my twin sister. Mark and Mary had arrived. They stood outside our shield, gathering whatever energy they needed to attack our shield. It had barely held with Sam, a human, attacking us. Mark and Mary had real power.

“The shield’s gonna hold, right?” my sister sobbed.

We were all gathered in the basement. Carla was in the back, mixing up punch of all things. This didn’t seem like the time for Kool-Aid. Everyone was scared and facing Deidre and the Ghost. We knew he was there. We could see his hand fondling Deidre’s breast.

“We’re going to be safe, right?” Lizzy asked, clutching her daughter Hannah.

“No,” Deidre announced, her voice cutting through everyone’s fear. “The barrier will not hold.”
“What’s going to happen then?” Marybeth asked. The cheerleader, normally so bold and fearless, trembled in her wife’s arms. Ursula clung to her, their daughter Gabriella hugging both their waists.

Why didn’t I marry Rhonda May when Marybeth and Ursula were hitched? Why did I let the last vestiges of my parent’s morality hold me back? I held my twin tighter, our bodies shivering in unison.

“They’ll kill us,” Deidre answered. “You know that. But don’t despair. There is something waiting for us after death. We will all be together. With the Ghost. We all swore to him. We all swore to be his. Has that changed?”

“No,” I shouted in unison with my twin, adding my voice to all the other women.

“We’re still gonna face hardships in the afterlife,” Deidre continued. “But we can carve out something for ourselves. A kingdom ruled by our Ghost. It’s either that, or surrender to the Theocracy and hope they’re merciful.”

“They weren’t merciful to the Ghost!” Heather shouted. “They executed him! They’ll do the same to us.”

“So I say we end things on our own terms!” Deidre shouted.

“Let’s show these fuckin’ Gods that they don’t control us,” the Ghost said. “They reckon they control the whole world. Well, they don’t control us.”

“No they don’t!” Marybeth screamed. “We’re fierce! We won’t bow to their brainwashin’ nonsense!”

“I brought enough cyanide to kill us all when we left Texas,” Deidre said. “This was always gonna be our fate. Maybe we coulda lasted longer, but the Theocracy was gonna find us eventually. Those Tyrants need everyone to toe their line. They can’t have any individuals. So I prepared. Maybe I shoulda told you, but I couldn’t be sure y’all would have the heart to see it through.”

“We would have,” I shouted, surprised at my voice. “We want to be with the Ghost. We left our families behind for him. We knew what we were signin’ up for.”

Deidre nodded, her eyes brimming with tears.

The Ghost took the first cup, plain, plastic, the type you’d get at picnic, and drank the punch, the liquid disappearing into his invisible mouth. I held my sister, looking in her eyes. She looked into mine. We drank ours together without fear. I grimaced; there was a bitter taste behind the cloyingly-sweet flavor of artificial fruit.

Darleen’s words rose up in my mind, whispered from that strange night where my twin and I had been under her spell:

“Together you came into this world
Together shall you depart, arms entwined
Life dedicated to one man
For your love shall you die,
The drink shall be bitter,
but eternity shall be your reward.”

“Darleen knew,” I laughed as my insides twisted. “Eternity shall be our reward.”

My twin nodded. We sank to the floor, holding onto each other as the bitter poison burned through our bodies.

We were falling, falling, falling into Darkness.

Darkness gave way to fire.

We stood on in a twisted, blasted forest. The trees were skeletal, the bark stripped away by the searing wind, leaving behind pale-white wood. The wind scorched our bodies, but it did not consume us.

I stood, my sister holding on to me. I turned, facing the Ghost at the center of us. He was invisible but, for a heartbeat, chains flickered into life. They were wrapped around our throats and ended at his fist. But he was unbound, unchained.

“I reckon we’re gonna carve out our kingdom right here,” the Ghost promised.

I nodded. “We’re gonna carve out our eternity,” I called out a green sword forming in my hand. I had no idea how I made it. But the sword felt right.

Deidre smiled. “I told you I was prepared.”

Foul beasts howled and cackled in the woods. I wasn’t afraid. The Cult of the Ghost wasn’t going to lose to some measly demons.


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