The Devil’s Pact, The Tyrants’ Daughter Chapter 3: The Rivers


The Devil’s Pact

The Tyrants’ Daughter Chapter Three: The River

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2015

Story Codes: Teen male/Teen female, Teen male/Teen females, Incest, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Voyeurism, Virgin, Ass to Mouth

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Notes: Thanks to b0b for beta reading this!

Tuesday, August 11th, 2071 – Chasity “Chase” Glassner – Sierra Nevada, CA

The sun rose, shining through my window.

It roused me from my thoughts.

All night, I had sat on my bed, staring at my hands, the pain slowly fading from my spanked ass. But the hurt in my heart only intensified. Joab had been the first person in a long time I had cared for. He was strong and passionate. He loved me.

And maybe I loved him.

But I messed it up.

I replayed the fight over and over in my mind. I said such nasty things to him. And what he said to me in return…I deserved to be called a whore for how I treated him. I never opened up fully to him.. I never let him get close enough. I kept him at bay to protect me from harm.

And now I was alone again. The twins didn’t need me. They had each other. The way they had looked at each other across the dinner table reminded me so much of the gazes my parents shared. Rex and Reina were soul mates, meant to be.

I was just in the way. They were sixteen. They knew how to care for themselves. Did they even need me anymore?

A low, throaty gasp came from downstairs. A bed creaked. My bedroom was right over Rex’s. The twins were awake and making love again. I listened to them last night as I stewed. Reina moaned so beautifully, gasping her passion for her twin.

They should have their privacy. They were like newlyweds, delighting in the exploration of each other’s bodies, discovering all the beauty sex had to offer. They knew how to work the farm and care for our livestock, and soon they would have their own children.

Their own family.

And they would keep getting older. If I stayed, I would be forced to watch as Rex and Reina grew old together. I would have to bury them. Bury their children.

A long line of graves stretched before me, disappearing into the misty future. I was cursed. Everyone I loved would die and I would just remain, drifting on. How much grief could my heart take?

I stood up, smoothing my skirts.

It was time to let the twins enjoy their life without my unnatural existence haunting them.


Rex Glassner

A hot, wet sucking sensation on my cock drew me up from sleep. I groaned, opening my eyes to a curtain of dark-brown hair spreading across my stomach, my twin sister’s blue eyes flashing up at me as she bobbed on my cock.

“Mmm, that’s nice,” I groaned as she worked her mouth up to the very tip of my cock, her tongue swirling about the crown.

“I always wanted to do this,” Reina giggled. “I was just so scared that we’d be caught by big sis. If only I knew she wouldn’t care.”

“So much missed opportunities,” I grinned as she returned to working her mouth on my cock. Her tongue was agile and pleasing.

She had to love me to give me such pleasure.

I should return the favor, my lust whispered.

“Turn around,” I groaned. “Let me eat your pussy.”

Her mouth popped off. “Ooh, I was hoping you’d ask. Let’s…sixty-nine.”

“Sixty-nine?” I asked.

“It just popped into my head,” she said as she swung around, straddling my head with her spicy, shaved pussy. “I think that’s what this is called.”

“What a weird name,” I said right before her pussy pressed against my lips.

I could happily drown in my sister’s snatch. I loved the feel of her hot flesh sliding against my lips as she humped her hips. Her mouth engulfed my cock, sucking harder as I licked and nuzzled her flesh, my tongue starting at her small clit and sliding up to worm into her tight hole.

She squealed about my cock when I did, a delightful, humming bliss engulfed me. I shuddered, my hips bucking up into her sucking mouth. I wrapped my arms around her hips, squeezing her plump butt, pulling her down harder, smearing her juicy pussy about my face.

I loved pleasuring her.

I bet she’d love it if I teased her asshole, my lust whispered.

What a naughty idea. My fingers worked across her butt-cheeks, dipping into her crack. She squirmed on my face as I brushed her puckered sphincter. She shifted, groaning about my cock as I circled the opening.

She bucked hard when I pushed my finger inside her.

Reina’s pussy clenched on my tongue, her asshole squeezing on my invading finger. She writhed atop me, cumming hard. A delicious flood of her cream poured into my hungry mouth. She gasped and moaned about my cock, her voice humming about my sensitive tip.

My balls swelled. My cock erupted.

My sister swallowed down all my cum.

“Damn, you came hard,” I gasped as she swallowed the last pulses of cum. A buzzing warmth filled me.

“God, that was hot when you shoved your finger into my ass,” she giggled, spinning about. She gave me a hard kiss, her lips salty. I moaned into her kiss, holding her tight.

When she broke it, she laid her head on my chest and drowsed. The sun shone bright through our window, clearing the mountain peaks. We had to get up. I didn’t want to, but there were always chores that needed to be doing.

Reina resisted. She was always lazy.


Reina Glassner

Chase wasn’t around when Rex finally dragged me out of bed. We broke our fast on fresh eggs he collected from the chickens, and I whipped up a pair of vegetable and ham omelettes while he milked the cow.

There were a hundred chores we had to do. And Chase was nowhere to be found. I wasn’t too concerned. After last night, I’m sure she just needed time to be alone. When her dark moods fell on her, she often wandered up into the mountains for the day.

She’d come back.

After a morning spent weeding, I took a quick shower, shuddering as I dumped cold water over myself. Chase always spoke glowingly of a proper shower. There still was running water in some of the big cities, I’ve been told, but the pipes of the cabin had burst during a cold winter when I was a toddler, and Chase didn’t have the know-how or the parts to fix them.

The day was warm, and I was feeling horny. My butthole tingled, and my lust spent all morning whispering how exciting it would be to be fucked up the ass by Rex’s big cock. It was such a dirty thought, and my pussy grew juicy and excited.

I found my twin weeding the small patch of corn we grew, the stalks almost ripe. Soon we’d be having fresh corn on the cob with a slab of butter. I groaned, not wanting to churn any butter today. We had enough to last for a few more days.

“Want to go to the bluff?” I grinned, arching my eyes.

The bluff was our spot we’d sneak off to have privacy before Chase learned of our intimacy. It overlooked the Truckee River. Sometimes, Queenie would wander down to a little pool that formed off the main river, protected by an old landslide from the river’s stronger current. We liked to watch her bathe nude in the river while we made love above her on the soft heather.

“We don’t have to go to the bluff to make love,” Rex grinned. “I can till you right here.”

“But it’s Tuesday,” I purred, shifting my hips. “Maybe Queenie will show up.”

The excitement burst in his eyes. “Let’s go,” he said, seizing my hand and pulling me away from the corn, almost dragging me with his excitement.

I giggled behind him, jogging to keep up with his longer legs. My skirts swished about my ankles as we headed through the gate and followed a deer trail into the woods. I felt so safe here, even if there was the occasional bear or mountain lion. The towering pines creaked as a wind blew. Ahead, the babbling rush of the Truckee grew louder.

We reached our bluff, peering over the side to the black pool down the steep slope. The river flowed smooth here, but farther down, white rapids splashed. The water had carved the pool out of the bank. The current eddied in a circle in the pool beneath the shade of a large oak tree.

“No Queenie,” my brother groaned.

“Well, I guess you’ll just have to put up with me,” I said.

“Mmm, that’s just as nice,” he said, pulling me to him. My small breasts pressed against his muscular chest.

“Good answer,” I grinned before planting a fierce kiss on his lips.

We sank to the soft heather that grew on the bluff, our hand busy stripping each other naked. The sun was warm on us as we writhed naked, our hands exploring each other’s bodies. His cock was hard, rubbing against my pussy as we squirmed, exciting me badly.

But it was my asshole that burned.

“I want you to make love to my asshole,” I whispered as he kissed down to my heaving, perky tits.

Rex’s grin grew. “You want me to shove my cock up your backdoor?”

“Your finger was amazing,” I squealed as he nipped at my nipple. “And I bet your cock would be even more amazing.”

“You were tight and hot…” he said, considering my request.

“Oh, I know you want it. You’re a horny pervert.”

“You’re the one that wants me to fuck your ass. I don’t know, but that sounds pretty kinky to me.”

“So kinky!” I moaned, writhing on the soil. “And you know you want to do it. You want to ream my tight asshole until you cum in my bowels.” My butt-cheeks clenched as I imagined how wonderful his cock would be.

“Fine. Since you want it so bad, I’ll fuck your ass.” His grin grew. “I do love you, so I’ll do this arduous task.”

“Such a great sacrifice,” I said, rolling my eyes. “You only get to shove your cock in my tight hole and explode. But I thank you, sir, for suffering for my pleasure.”

My brother laughed, his fingers rolling my nipples. I moaned, biting my lip as I savored his fingers playing with me. My hips humped, rubbing my hot pussy against his stomach. Rex leaned down, sucking on my pink nipples again before working lower.

I gasped as his tongue probed my belly button, my hands reaching down to grip his brown hair and push him lower. His tan face rubbed across my light-brown stomach, reaching my curly triangle of pubic hair. He nuzzled my soft down, before diving between my legs and licking at my pussy.

“Oh, yes,” I gasped as he nuzzled through my pussy.

Rex loved to eat me out. And he was so good at it. I squirmed on the heather, my fingers playing with his short hair as pleasure rolled through my body. His tongue worked lower down my vulva, sucking and nipping.

He pushed my legs up, lifting my ass from the ground. His lips moved lower. I squealed as he licked at my asshole. Rex groaned, savoring my asshole as his tongue stirred new, exciting pleasure through me. My pussy clenched as my toes curled.

“Oh, wow! That’s so hot,” I gasped.

A girl’s song floated to my ears.

I shot up, rolling onto my hands and knees.

“Hey?” Rex exclaimed in surprise. “What’re you doing?”

I crawled to the edge of the bluff, my ass shaking at my brother. The song meant Queenie was down there.

I peered over the edge. I couldn’t make out the words as the girl slowly unbraided her black hair, letting the long curtain fall down to her ass. Rex joined me, groaning in delight as Queenie worked the buttons on her blouse. Her dress fell off, exposing her chemise and ruffled bloomers.

“Damn, those are lovely,” Rex groaned as Queenie pulled off her chemise, exposing her large, pillowy, creamy tits. Even from up high, those breasts seemed big and soft. I wanted to bury my face in between them.

“You need to keep licking my ass,” I panted. “Get me ready for your cock.”


“Once you’re in my ass, you’ll be able to watch Queenie,” I promised. “Imagine watching her swim while you’re buried to the hilt in my tight ass.

Rex didn’t hesitate. He dived behind me, planting his lips right on my sphincter. I groaned, his tongue working into my ass as his fingers probed my pussy. He brought his juice-covered fingers to my asshole, working them in, my pussy juices lubing the way.

I groaned. I didn’t know how my brother knew to do this, but I loved it. He worked first one, then two fingers in and out of me. He pumped faster and faster, the friction growing easier for him with every pump of his fingers.

I shuddered, squeezing down on him. I delighted in the sensations, shaking my ass as he plunged his fingers over and over into me. My pussy clenched when he shoved a third finger, stretching my ass open enough.

“I think you’re ready, sis,” panted Rex, rising up, his cock nudging my ass.

“Yes,” I moaned, my eyes fixed on Queenie swimming in the pool. Her pale limbs disappeared into the dark water, her bubbly ass breaking the surface as she dived under. I groaned, licking my lips at the thought of tasting her ass.

Rex’s cock pressed on my asshole. He groaned and thrust into me. My asshole expanded. My eyes widened and a powerful shudder ran through me. His cock was so thick, reaming deep into my bowels. A hot, burning pleasure shuddered through me.

“Damn, that’s wonderful,” Rex moaned, leaning over me. “And she is gorgeous.”

“Uh-huh,” I panted.

It would be so much fun to make love to Queenie, my lust whispered. I want to taste her pussy and feel those wonderful, pillowy tits on my face. Then I want to watch Rex pop her cherry. His cum tastes wonderful, but I bet it would taste even better eaten out of Queenie’s pussy.

“Yes!” I moaned at the thought, licking my lips.

My body shuddered, a hot, tingling wave rolling through me. I pushed back into my brother’s thrusts as I came. The pleasure radiated out from my clenching pussy. My nipples ached as they swayed beneath me.

“You’re so hot,” groaned Rex. “That’s it, Reina. Cum on my cock. You’re an anal slut.”

“Yes!” I hissed. “Your anal slut, Rex. Mmm, I love my brother’s cock.”

Below, Queenie floated on her back, her pillowy tits rising above the dark water.

“I want her,” Rex groaned in my ear. “I want to suck on those tits.”

“Yes! I want to join you. We can suck on them together.”

“Damn!” Rex grunted, pounding me harder. The bliss of my orgasm faded, but pleasure still burned in my ass. I pushed back, another climax swelling inside me. “Oh, damn. I want to watch the pair of you sixty-nine.”

“Oh, yes!”

His thrust hammered my ass, his balls slapping hard into me.

“I want you to lick my cum out of her pussy.”

“Oh, yes, Rex!” I gasped, so close to cumming again. My fingers curled, biting into the soft heather. “We’ll fuck her together.”

“Oh, yes,” Rex groaned, burying his cock into my asshole.

Hot heat flooded me. I loved it when my brother came inside me. I shuddered, bucking into his cock’s thrusts. My asshole drank down his cum, eager for every tasty drop. I bit my lip, trying to keep my moans from being too loud and carrying down to Queenie.

“Queenie and you together,” Rex groaned, the last blast of cum flooding my ass. “I can’t wait to see that.”

“Oh, yes. I want it, too,” I panted.

I want to go down there and seduce Queenie, my lust said, and explained its naughty plan. I grinned at my brother. “Want to play with Queenie today?”

“But…she’s so proper. I’ve tried to do more than kiss her.”

“Let me relax her,” I smiled. “I know she wants you. She’s told me before.”

Rex’s grin was hungry. I grabbed my dress, pulled it on, and headed for the trail that led down to the pool.


Queenie Hanford

I loved relaxing in the pool. I was away from my family. Here, I didn’t have to pan for gold or pull weeds. I was away from my step-mom and her constant, belittling insults, and from my bratty, younger half-brothers who loved to put frogs in my dresses or pull hard on my braids.

Here I could just relax as I drifted in the cool water.

I stared up at the oak tree, savoring the privacy and my freedom. The cool water lapped at my hot flesh. My thoughts drifted to Rex and his blue eyes. He always made my body feel so warm, my pussy itching to be touched. I knew it was a sin to touch myself, the Reverend always said so, but sometimes I just couldn’t resist.

I had seen Rex without his shirt on once, his muscles rippling beneath his golden-brown skin. He was so handsome and strong. My hand slid down my stomach as I floated in the pool, reaching to scratch the hot itch forming as I pictured Rex shirtless, bending over, his tight ass stretching out the pair of jeans he wore.

We were both sixteen now. It wouldn’t be long before he was officially courting me. In a few years, we’d be properly married, and he would finally satisfy my itch without it being a sin.

My hand moved closer.

I just couldn’t resit. My body seemed made to sin. My nipples were hard and aching, while my pussy was so hot, even with the cool water caressing my vulva.

My fingers reached my curly, black pubic hair. I kept it neatly trimmed, but I did enjoy stroking the downy tuft. I moved lower, brushing that wonderful, sensitive button. I shuddered, electricity sparking through me.

It wasn’t time to play with my clitoris yet.

My fingers stroked my hot vulva, sliding up and down my dewy lips. I moaned, squeezing my eyes shut and imagining Rex’s strong fingers caressing my intimate spot. My legs spread a little wider apart, allowing my fingers better access.

I moaned as the first trembles of passion trickled through my body. I stroked harder and—

Footsteps crunched on the trail.

I gasped, flipping over and sinking down to my neck in the water. I was in the center of the pool, my toes just touching the rocky bottom. I glanced at my dress next to my towel and bar of soap. Who was coming? My brothers knew better than to try and peak on me; my step-mom would tan their hides.

“Hello?” I called.

Reina came around the bend, a big smile on her face.

“I see you had the same idea as me,” Reina said as she began unbuttoning her dress.

I relaxed. “Hi, Reina. How’s your brother doing?”

Reina giggled, giving me a knowing look. “Oh, he’s doing just fine. We were working together, tilling a new field hard, but it’s sweaty work and I needed a bath.”

Reina’s dress slipped off. She never wore a chemise and bloomers beneath her clothing. She could be such a wicked girl. Her breasts were light-brown and smaller than mine. I tried not to look too hard at them, my pussy itching as I noticed how hard her pink nipples were.

Sometimes, I thought of Reina like I did Rex.

Reina grabbed my soap as she slipped in. “Wash my back for me?”

“Sure,” I smiled, taking the bar of soap from her, trying not to stare at her pink nipples bobbing just above the water.

I shouldn’t have desire for a woman. That was even more inappropriate than my fantasies about Rex.

Reina turned away from me, pulling her dark-brown hair over her right shoulder, exposing her supple back. I lathered the bar of soap between my fingers, setting it on the pebbly beach before running my hands up and down her back, my fingers unable to stop tracing down her spine, dipping towards the tops of her asscheeks.

Stop that, Queenie.

I forced my hands back up to her shoulders before washing along her sides, my fingers itching to reach around and find out if her breasts felt like mine. Or at least, like mine had felt when they were as small as hers.

I resisted my terrible impulse.

“All done,” I said, my voice breathy.

“Thanks,” Reina smiled, turning around, her nipples grazing my heaving breasts. They were so hard.

My pussy flushed with heat.

“Let me wash your back.”

“Sure,” I said, my nipples so hard. I turned around, unable to stop my heavy breasts from brushing hers.

Reina moved closer, the water lapping at my waist. Her soft hand pushed my black hair over my shoulders. “You’re so pale,” she giggled as she ran her soapy hands up and down my back, her fingers relaxing.

“That’s why I have to bathe here. I’d burn so bad if it wasn’t for the shade.”

Reina giggled. “And it’s such a remote, intimate spot.”

Why did she have to say intimate? My pussy clenched as her hands worked lower.

“I bet you wish my brother would come along.”

“Reina?” I gasped.

“I’ve seen you look at him.”

“It’s not proper. We’re not married.”

“So if you were married, you would want to swim with him here?”

My cheeks burned. “Yes,” I whispered. “If we were properly married.”

“Why wait?” Reina asked, her hands soaping my sides.


“He’s always mooning after you. He loves your big breasts.”

I gasped as Reina reached around me, her hands seizing my pillowy tits. She squeezed them, her fingers sinking into my pliant flesh as she pressed her back against me. I was so aware of her hard nipples rubbing on my skin.

“What are you doing?” I gasped as my nipples ached. I squeezed my thighs together, fighting the fiery itch.

“I’ve always wanted to touch your big breasts, too,” Reina purred, her lips nuzzling into my neck. “You’re so beautiful. Rex and I both love you so much.”

I swallowed, her fingers finding my nipples, touching them. “This is wrong,” I moaned, even as the electricity shooting from the tips of my breasts drove back my morality. I wanted to surrender to her touch. “We’re both women. We can’t do this.”

“Sure we can,” she purred, humping her groin into my ass. She was so hot in the cool water. Her fingers rubbed my nipples. “We’re doing it right now.”

“Reina,” I panted. “No. We can’t. It’s a sin.”

“I don’t care. This feels so right. I’ve wanted to touch you for so long. My brother and I have so much in common.”

I groaned, the pleasure of her fingers weakening my resolve. I needed to pull away. I was a good girl. I couldn’t do this. What would Rex think? We were practically engaged, all but promised to each other since we were children.

“I’m betraying your brother.”

“He doesn’t mind,” Reina giggled. “In fact, he would think this is hot.”


Reina nipped my neck, her right hand sliding down my body as her left kneaded my tit. Her touch burned my flesh. She was reaching for my pussy. I couldn’t let her touch me there. I seized her hand, stopping it from caressing my aching vulva.

“What are you doing?” Reina purred. “Just give in. I know you want it.”

“It’s a sin,” I stubbornly repeated. My pussy begged me to give in and be naughty.

“It’ll feel so good. Just relax and let me make you cum, Queenie. Let me love you.” Her finger pinched my nipple harder. A jolt of electricity shot straight down to my pussy. I moaned, biting my lips, my grip weakening.

“Please,” I begged one last time as I fought my sinful desires.

“Surrender,” cooed Reina.

My fingers loosened. I couldn’t fight my lusts. My pussy was on fire.

Reina’s hand shoved between my waist. I gasped in delight, my eyes shooting open as she caressed me. I bucked in her grip, her fingers strumming along my vulva. I bucked and moaned as her fingers found my aching clit.

I came fast. My body was primed, and all it took was her forbidden, sinful touch to set me free.

“Yes!” I gasped, bucking in her arms. “Oh, yes! You’re touch is so gentle!”

“That’s it. Cum! Mmm, your pussy’s so hot.”

I shuddered and moaned, surrendering to the bliss.

“Damn, that is hot.”

I gasped in shock. Rex sat naked on the beach, his hard cock thrusting forward. “Oh, no! Don’t look, Rex! I’m so sorry. I couldn’t resist your sister.”

“It’s okay. You two are so hot. The two women I love are playing together. What couldn’t be sexier?”

I gaped at his hard muscles, my eyes wandering down to stare at his hard cock. He was so thick and throbbing. My pussy clenched as Reina kept stroking my vulva. My orgasm hadn’t satisfied me. I needed more.

“Why don’t you suck his cock,” purred Reina. “While I get your pussy ready for him.”

“But…” My mind reeled. They both wanted me.

Rex held out his hand. “That would be so hot, Queenie. Let us love you.”

“We do love you,” Reina whispered. “And we want to do such naughty things with you.”

Rex’s hand took mine, pulling me from Reina. The water splashed about my legs as I stumbled forward. I fell to my knees before him, his cock right before my face, throbbing, the tip covered in smeared precum.

Reina moved behind me as Rex grabbed my black hair. He pulled my face to his cock. He was so strong. I couldn’t resist him. I didn’t want to resist him. I opened my mouth, not sure what to do as his cock bobbed before me. I had heard of blowjobs; some of the loose girls in Truckee whispered about them.

“Lick the tip, then swallow him,” Reina purred.

I nodded, sucking in a deep breath before I let my tongue caress the tip. A salty flavor mixed with a sour tang. I frowned, savoring the flavor. It wasn’t bad. I licked again and Rex groaned. I looked up at him. He grinned, his blue eyes shining.

“Keep going, Queenie. That’s amazing.”

I licked again, swirling my tongue up, savoring the sour flavor. I opened my mouth wide. He groaned as I swallowed him. Reina’s fingers stroked my pussy as I swirled my tongue about his cock and bobbed my head.

“That’s it,” Reina purred in my ear, her fingers sliding up my pussy and then between my butt-cheeks. She brushed my asshole.

“What are you doing?” I gaped.

“Please don’t stop!” groaned Rex.

“Sorry!” I swallowed his cock as Reina’s finger slipped into my asshole.

“Just giving you a taste of what Rex gave me,” she purred.

I didn’t understand.

“Mmm, I bet you can taste my sour ass on his cock,” she purred, her breath hot on my ear.

What was she saying?

“I loved it when he fucked my ass. It was almost as nice as when he fucks my pussy,” Reina giggled.

“It was tight,” Rex groaned. “I fucked her on the bluff as we watched you swim naked.”

“You were so beautiful,” Reina moaned, fingering my ass faster.

I groaned, squeezing down on her invading finger as I pictured the twins naked and writhing together, expressing their love. And they were inviting me to join in. I sucked harder, cleaning Reina’s ass off her brother’s cock.

It was so naughty.

My orgasm suddenly burst through me. I shuddered and moaned around Rex’s cock as my bowels clung to her finger. I shuddered, my virgin pussy spasming. The hot waves of bliss washed through me. I loved them.

“I think she’s ready,” Reina smiled.


Rex Glassner

Queenie trembled as Reina and I laid her down on a pile of our clothes on the gravelly beach. Reina stretched out beside Queenie, Reina’s brown skin contrasting against Queenie’s pale. Reina leaned over, nipping at Queenie’s fat, pink nipple surmounting her huge tits. I leaned over, sucking on the other one as Queenie gasped in delight.

As I suckled, I settled on my knees between Queenie’s spread thighs, her pussy covered by wet, black hair. Queenie seized my cock, guiding it to her dripping pussy. She rubbed it against her slippery flesh. I shuddered in delight, pushing against her flesh. I wanted to bury my cock in her.

Her thighs wrapped around me, pulling me in tight. I kissed up to her lips, Reina moving out of the way so I could drape my muscular body across Queenie. The beautiful girl looked up at me, her hazel eyes trembling with desire.

“Do you…love me?” she asked.

“I do,” I answered. “As much as I love Reina.”

“We both love you,” Reina purred, nuzzling at her ear. “Now relax, and let Rex make you a woman. He’s so good at it.”

“Yes!” Queenie moaned.

I found the opening of her pussy, my cock pressing against her thin hymen. I pushed, her cherry stretching before my cock. I kept up the pressure, Queenie groaning beneath me. Her cherry popped and half my cock buried into her succulent depths.

“Yes!” she gasped in delight, shuddering beneath me. “Oh, yes! That’s what I needed. Oh, yes! You’re inside me, Rex.”

“I am,” I grinned, savoring her delicious depths. “And you are so tight.”

I drew back my hips and slid my cock back into her depths, shuddering in delight. Queenie let out the most wonderful gasps and moans as we made love, her hips writhing beneath us. She held me tight, rocking to my rhythm.

“Oh, wow! Oh, yes! I love it!” gasped Queenie.

“Oh, you two are so sexy,” Reina moaned. “Oh, I wish you were fucking me. My pussy is so wet.”

Wouldn’t it be hot if Reina sat on Queenie’s face while I fucked her, my lust whispered.

Yes, it would.

I straightened up, throwing Queenie’s pale thighs over my shoulders. Her pussy squeezed tight on me as I hammered deeper into her pussy, her pillowy tits bouncing. She gasped and writhed, staring up at me.

“Sit on her face, Reina,” I panted.

“What?” Queenie asked.

“You’re going to lick Reina’s pussy. Make her cum.”


“I want you to love her like you’re loving me,” I groaned.

Queenie bit her lip, glancing at Reina. “Okay. I…I want to love Reina, too.”

“Oh, you’re the best, Rex,” Reina smiled, kissing me as she straddled Queenie’s face.

I groaned, watching my lover’s tongue slide through my twin sister’s pussy. I fucked Queenie faster, Reina gasping and shuddering atop Queenie’s mouth. I leaned in. sucking on my sister’s pink nipple as my cock throbbed in Queenie’s tight pussy.

“Oh, yes, Queenie! Ooh, eat my pussy! Mmm, you’re such a fast learner.” Reina squealed loudly. “Yes, shove your tongue into my hole! Ooh, yes! I’m gonna cream your face.”

The three of us gasped and moaned, our bodies shuddering. My balls ached to fill Queenie up with my cum, making her fully mine. Reina’s hands squeezed on my shoulders as she shuddered on Queenie’s hungry mouth.

And Queenie’s pussy writhed about my cock as she came hard.

I savored the velvety massage, my hips fucking faster. My sister squealed loudly, adding her passionate climax to Queenie’s. My hips thrust faster, my cock unable to take the tight grip of Queenie’s pussy any longer.

I exploded into her.

The three of us collapsed into a sweaty, passionate, satisfied mess. Queenie was on my right and Reina on my left. I grinned as I held them both, Queenie’s lips sticky with my sister’s spicy juices.

“Wow,” Queenie panted. “That was amazing.”

I could only moan my agreement.


Chasity “Chase” Glassner

I stared down at the Truckee River. It flowed and tumbled out of the Sierra Nevada, away from Rex and Reina. It was the fastest way to leave them. I couldn’t die. I could only feel pain. As I stepped off the cliff, the frothy rapids rushing up at me, I hoped that maybe, just maybe, I would actually die.

The golden light flared as I plunged into the water, my bones breaking on the jagged rocks. I savored the pain as I swept downriver. I deserved to suffer.

If I stayed around Rex and Reina, I would only end up killing them. This was for the best. Maybe I would be swept all the way out to the Pacific. Then I could drift forever as flotsam.

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 4.

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