The Devil’s Pact, The Tyrants’ Daughter Chapter 8: In the Sight of Mount Shasta


The Devil’s Pact

The Tyrants’ Daughter Chapter Eight: In the Sight of Mount Shasta

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2015

Story Codes: Teen male/Teen females, Female/Female, Incest, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Ass to Mouth, Lactation

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Notes: Thanks to b0b for beta reading this!

Sunday, June 5th, 2072 – Chasity “Chase” Glassner – Redding, CA

“So she’s coming along?” I asked when my siblings and Queenie met us downstairs. Sarah was with them, dressed in Queenie’s shirt and Reina’s pants. Sarah swallowed, her blue eyes wide as she stared at me.

“Yeah,” Rex shrugged, his hand sliding down to fondle Sarah’s ass. “We had a nice family get together last night. Sarah’s got nothing left for her here.”

“She’s coming,” Reina nodded vigorously. “She’s our sister. She can’t be left behind to be tormented by these fanatics.”

“It is dangerous,” Sister Stella pointed out. “We’ll be leaving the safety of California and crossing into Oregon soon. And after that is Washington State itself. It’s a stronghold for Glassnerites.”

“We’re children of Mark,” Rex shrugged. “The Glassnerites will love us.”

“Please let me come,” Sarah whispered. “I won’t be a bother.”

“Plus she’s lactating,” Rex’s hand on her ass slid up to squeeze her breast through her shirt. Sarah’s cheeks reddened. “It’s delicious.”

“Rex,” Sarah moaned, shuddering in shock. “You shouldn’t say such things in public.”

“Chase is no stranger to loving her siblings. It won’t be long before the pair of you are licking and sucking and loving each other,” Reina promised her. “You loved what Queenie and I did to you last night, right?”

Sarah nodded, her cheeks going even more scarlet. The poor girl was as unprepared for the depravity of the twins as Queenie had been. I wondered how long it would take them to completely corrupt Sarah.

“Chase knows how to lick pussy,” Queenie added, hugging Sarah from behind.

I guess Queenie had been dragged into that same depravity by the twins. I bet it wouldn’t be long before Sarah was just as wanton. My pussy itched. She was beautiful. “She can come,” I said and hugged Sarah, kissing her on the lips. I gave her just a flick of my tongue before I broke the kiss. “You’re our sister. I wouldn’t leave you here if you didn’t want to stay.”

“Fine,” Sister Stella sighed. “I guess I can’t blame the girl for wanting to get away from this town. But we don’t have enough tents. Where will she sleep?”

Rex laughed. “Sister Stella, you can’t be that stupid. She’s our girlfriend.”

Reina nodded. “There’s plenty of room in our tent. We love sleeping tight. It makes for so much fun at night.”

Sarah’s cheeks blushed darker. “It was…fun last night.”

“All right, we need to get going, okay,” I said. “I bought some supplies while you four were sleeping in.”

Rex’s grin spread across his brown face, his blue eyes twinkling. In some ways, he looked so much like our father. He definitely had his appetite. I bet father would be proud of Rex for building his own little harem.

I guess I was a little proud of him, too.

I put my arm around Rex, pulling him away from his women. “Is Sarah sticking around permanently?”

“Maybe,” he nodded. “If we all get along. She’s pretty amazing.”

“You’re turning into quite the stud. Are you sure you’re up to the challenge of pleasing those women?”

“I have more than enough stamina,” Rex grinned, his hand slipping down to squeeze my ass. “I can even visit you and Sister Stella some time and share my love.”

“Stella doesn’t like men,” I told him.

“What a pity,” he sighed. “She’s cute.”

I glanced at Sister Stella, her platinum-blonde hair peaking out from her white veil, her gray eyes on mine, a slight smile on her lips. “Yes, she is.” My heart raced faster. I did love staring at her.

“Is she going to be permanent?” Rex asked.

“Did you finally notice?” I giggled. “Or did Reina explain things to you?”

“Queenie,” Rex shrugged. “Well?”

“Maybe.” My cheeks burned. “Hopefully.”

“Good. You need to be happy, too.” Rex squeezed my ass again. “Whenever you need it, my cock’s ready and willing.”

“You horny brat,” I laughed and pushed him away. “Sister Stella’s giving me all the attention I need right now. Besides, your women would be mad if I drained you dry.”

Rex grinned.

Sister Stella moved up beside me as Rex grabbed our pack mule Alison, pulling her along. His women gathered around him, chattering away as they shouldered their packs. Sister Stella’s hand slipped into mine, warm and soft, and a shudder of heat ran through me.

“Did you mean that?” Sister Stella whispered.

“I did,” I said. “When this is over, and you take away my…powers, I want you to stay with me.”

“But I’m a nun. I have my duties.”

“Your gift can be past on to another woman.” I tensed. “You don’t have to keep being one. Or I’ll come with you on your missions, but…”

“You would grow old and I would stay young.” Sister Stella’s hand tightened on mine. “When I accepted this gift, I was so happy. I felt like I had purpose for the first time in my life. I thought I would be doing this forever.

“And then I met you.”

She looked at me, her gray eyes so wide open. “Wow.” Tears beaded in my eyes. “That’s beautiful.” I swallowed, fighting my emotions. The townsfolk of Redding were watching us walk by as we headed back to the ruins of I-5 to continue north.

“I’d like to stay with you,” Stella said. “But…I’m so torn. I don’t know, yet.”

I squeezed her hand back. “I understand.”

“Good luck, Holy Saint!” a boy shouted.

The cry began to spread. I glanced around, my shoulders hunching. I hated the worship people gave me. None of them knew the truth about me or why I killed my parents. They all thought I was this semi-divine being, a righteous angel that had gladly destroyed the Tyrants.

My hand was dirty, stained with my family’s blood. The look of disbelief on Father’s face was seared into my mind. The hilt of that filthy dagger had been seared into my palm. I would never forget plunging the dagger into his side as he hugged me. He had been so happy to see me.

And I stuck a dagger in him.

“I’m such a monster,” I whispered, hunching my shoulders. I needed to get out of this town and away from their blind worship.

Sister Stella squeezed my hand. She was a wonderful woman.


Tuesday, June 7th, 2072 – Sarah Goldman – Mount Shasta, CA

Walking wasn’t so bad when I had my new family with me. I was just so thrilled to be with them. The twins and Queenie were amazing, so loving and generous. Even if my nipples did ache from their constant suckling, I was so happy.

It was worth a little tenderness to share my mother’s milk with them.

After the first day of walking, I thought my feet would fall off. The moment we were in the tent, I couldn’t believe my lovers still had the strength to fool around. But as they started rubbing my feet, massaging away the pain, I began to grow horny, too.

The three of them licked and nuzzled my feet. I gasped and squirmed and let them do whatever they wanted to my body. And last night was just the same, though my feet didn’t hurt quite as much. Once we were in our tent, we were writhing together. It didn’t matter who you licked and touched in that tent, it just mattered that we shared our passion with each other.

“Isn’t that beautiful!” Queenie squealed, breaking away from us as she raced to the concrete barrier of I-5 as it wound around Mount Shasta. The massive mountain loomed over us, its summit topped by snow. Queenie hopped over the barricade into a field of wildflowers.

Reina caught my gaze and beamed at me. I took her hand, and we raced to join her. The field was so beautiful, carpeted with reds, oranges, blues, purples, pinks, and white. So much beauty. We giggled as we leaped over the barrier.

“What are you doing?” Rex demanded.

“Picking flowers!” Reina declared, bending over and began plucking wildflowers, her fingers weaving the stems together.

“I guess we can break for lunch here,” Chase said with a shrug.

Rex sighed, leading Alison the mule to the barrier and tying her lead. He hopped over and sat on the barrier, watching the three of us as we sat down in the field, weaving the flowers together to form crowns.

“For you, Queenie,” Reina declared, dropping the crown on her head. The black-haired woman beamed, her face so pale and innocent. My heart beat faster as I finished my crown and placed it on Reina’s head.

“And last for you,” Queenie said. She lifted up her crown of flowers and gently set it on my head. And then she kissed me. “You deserve to wear this. You’re the daughter of a God.”

A tear trickled down my cheek. “Thank you.” I touched the crown, the sweet scent tickling my nose. “I…I…”

Reina put her arm around my shoulders. “It’s time, isn’t it?”

I glanced at her, my eyes widening. Her blue eyes were knowing. “Yes, it is.” I looked around at the wildflowers and the majestic Mount Shasta looming over us. “This spot is just beautiful.”

“I hear our father married Mary in a field of wildflowers,” Reina nodded, standing up. “I think this is perfect.”

My cheeks reddened as she helped me up. “I think so, too. I knew I would marry Rex the moment I came up to your hotel room.”

“You’re marrying all of us,” Queenie corrected me as she stood. “Don’t forget that.”

“I won’t,” I sighed.

“Well, let’s go tell the oblivious groom.” Reina glanced at our brother and shook her head. “Look at him, he has no idea what’s going on.”

“It’s best that way,” Queenie giggled. “It keeps him from interfering.”

Queenie and Reina put their arms around my waist and the three of us walked to Rex. He grinned as he saw us, hunger in his eyes. “Are we playing?” he asked, licking his lips. “Because I am feeling mighty thirsty.”

“Get down on your knees, Rex,” Queenie said. “It’s time for you to propose to Sarah.”

“Huh?” Rex blinked.

“Sarah’s ready and we all know it’s going to happen eventually,” Reina informed. “So let’s just get it out of the way.”

“It’s so pretty here,” Queenie added. “This is the perfect spot.”

“For me to propose?”

I giggled at Rex’s confusion. “For us to get married. You need to pay attention, dear.”

“Marriage? What?”

“Yes, so get proposing,” Queenie said. “We don’t have all day.”

“But make it super romantic,” Reina added.

“That’s a lot of pressure to put on a guy,” Rex muttered as he slipped off the concrete barrier. He took my hand, a warm flush rushing through me. “So, you want to get married, huh?”

“Is that my proposal?” I demanded in annoyance.

“Do better or there’s no sex for you for a week,” Reina admonished.

“You could never go one day without sex,” Rex laughed.

“I have two other wives that I can have fun with,” Reina blushed.

“But you’d miss my hard cock pushing into your tight pussy.”

Reina’s lips pursed. “Just do a better job, okay.”

“Right.” Rex took a deep breath, looking up into my eyes. “Sarah, you are one of the three most amazing women that I’ve know. You have beautiful breasts and delicious milk. I love to touch you, suckle you, make love to you.”

“This isn’t an appropriate proposal,” Queenie blushed.

“I want to keep making love to you and suckling your creamy milk. I want you to be my wife so we can be together forever, enjoying each other, loving each other, and sharing our joy with these conniving sluts.”

His vulgar words made me smile. “I will,” I declared. “You can suckle from my tits any time you like.”

“How about now?”

“We’re not married yet,” I laughed.

“What is going on?” Chase asked, walking over. She had a crown of flowers over her auburn hair, a matching one graced Sister Stella’s veil-covered head.

“We’re getting married!” Reina exclaimed.

“You already are married,” Chase reminded her. “I performed the ceremony myself.”

“We’re marrying Sarah,” Queenie added, giving me a hug. “Sister Stella, will you do it.”

“Right here?” the nun asked.

“It’s gorgeous,” I gushed. “Please do this.”

Sister Stella glanced at Chase. Our oldest sister shrugged her shoulders. “At least they won’t be fucking out of wedlock.”

“Three wives,” Sister Stella shook her head. “This is such a departure from the church.”

“And so is what we did last night,” Chase reminded the nun, giving her a hug. “I don’t seem to recall you objecting.”

“I don’t know,” Reina giggled. “I heard her passionate moans.”

“Those weren’t objections,” Chase winked. “But encouragements.”

Sister Stella’s cheeks were crimson. “Fine. I’ll marry them.”

More tears ran down my cheeks.


Rex Glassner

I stood with Reina on my left and Queenie on my right, both my wives arms entwined with mine. They beamed, looking radiant with the flowers perched on their foreheads. Sister Stella stood nearby, her back stiff, her lips tight. She really didn’t approve of this.

I didn’t care. I was excited to add Sarah to our family. She was amazing and fun, and not just because her breasts were filled with the creamiest treat I had ever tasted. She was family. She was our sister. It felt so right to bring her into our marriage. My heart beat faster as she walked closer, clutching a bouquet of flowers before her, a big smile on her face.

Chase escorted her, our big sister also beaming, though her smile had an amused cast to it. Despite being sisters, Sarah and Chase didn’t look much alike, though they had the same blue eyes, just like Reina and me. Chase took after Mary, her face freckled and her hair auburn, but Sarah had brown hair, like our father. She almost looked like a fair-skin version of Reina.

Queenie hummed the marriage march and bounced on her heels. Her shirt was half-unbuttoned, the day growing hot, and her impressive cleavage kept distracting me from Sarah’s radiant approach.

Reina’s fingers tightened on my arm. “Stop staring down Queenie’s blouse,” she hissed softly. “Pay attention to our new bride.”

“They’re so inviting,” I whispered back.

Queenie didn’t stop her humming, but her smile grew larger.

I pried my eyes away to watch Sarah’s approach. When she arrived, Chase handed her off to us. The three of us took Sarah’s hands, holding them as we faced her, Chase beaming at us. A tear formed in her blue eyes.

I didn’t pay attention to Sister Stella’s sermon. It wasn’t long, and it was all about love and fidelity. She quoted a few passages from the bible. I just kept staring at Sarah, my heart beating faster. My nose was filled with the scent of flowers and my three women. Finally, Sister Stella got to the important part.

“Do you, Sarah Goldman, take Rex, Reina, and Queenie Glassner to be your lawfully wedded husband and wives, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?” Sister Stella asked.

“I do,” Sarah smiled in a ringing voice.

“Do you, Rex, Reina, and Queenie Glassner, take Sarah Goldman to be your lawfully wedded spouse, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?”

“I do,” I said in unison with my two wives.

“Then by the power invested in me by the New Christian Church and in the sight of our Lord and Creator, I declare you husband and wives. You may kiss your bride.”

The three of us pulled Sarah to us, our arms engulfing her, our lips meeting in a kiss. We all couldn’t kiss at once, but we tried, our lips moving from spouse to spouse, sharing our love and happiness.

My cock hardened in my pants as these three amazing women writhed against me. My head spun with heady excitement. I don’t know who pulled us down into the wild flowers, but we all went willingly, hands touching and stroking, undoing buttons, pulling off clothes.

“I guess we’re camping here then?” Chase asked.

“Yeah!” I groaned as my shirt came off, three feminine hands roaming my muscular body.

“We’re celebrating,” Reina declared, pulling me down to the three women.

“You can join us?” I added, glancing at Sister Stella.

The nun blushed and shook her head.

“What a pity,” I laughed and buried my face into Sarah’s exposed breasts. I latched onto her dark-red nipple, sucking hard. That wonderful, delicious, creamy breast milk flooded my mouth. I swirled it about before I swallowed.

“Don’t hog,” Reina moaned.

I sucked another mouthful, turning to kiss my twin sister on the lips, thrusting my milk-filled tongue into her mouth. She pushed me onto my back, settling down on me as we kissed, her lithe, naked body writhing on mine.

My cock throbbed hard beneath her belly, leaking precum as we shared our passion. Hands roamed our bodies, teasing us. Reina broke the kiss, letting out a moan as Queenie sucked my twin’s small nipples into her hungry mouth.

“I think you’re still thirsty,” Sarah smiled, bringing her milk-heavy breast to my lips. “Care for a suck?”

“Yes,” I grinned, opening wide as she lowered her round breast to my lips. I held her close, nursing hard, letting that creamy, delicious treat pour down my mouth. My hand pushed down her pants. My fingers found her soft landing strip, following it down to brush her hard clit. She groaned, hugging me harder as I lightly rubbed her sensitive bud and suckled from her lips.

“Let’s eat Sarah out!” Queenie gasped. “Get her nice and ready for our husband’s cock.”

“Oh, yes!” Reina giggled.

Sarah was pulled away from me. I swallowed the milk in my mouth as Queenie and Reina pushed her thighs apart. The pair of vixens settled between her thighs, leaning down to lick and nuzzle at her pussy, both women taking turns to please our new wife.

“Oh, that’s wonderful,” Sarah moaned.

“You need to lube your cock,” Reina purred. “Queenie and I are ready to help with that.” Reina shook her hips as she bent down to lick at Sarah’s pussy.

My cock throbbed. I needed no more encouragement than that. I moved behind both women. Sarah smiled at me, her eyes fluttering as she squeezed her breasts together. White jets of milk flew up, landing on her tits and running across her mounds. My gaze fell on the two gorgeous asses, Queenie’s pale rear and Reina’s brown. I gave them both a squeeze, trying to decide which pussy should I fuck first.

“Don’t just stand there and watch,” Queenie moaned, throwing a look over her shoulder. Her crown of flowers was still on her head, though the flowers were a little crushed from the fun she was having.

I seized Queenie long, black braid, pulling her head around so I could give her a kiss. Sarah’s tangy pussy stained Queenie’s lips, an added delight to kissing my buxom wife. When I broke the kiss, I told her, “I want to fuck you both. It’s hard to choose.”

“Fuck me, Reina’s busy, husband of mine,” Queenie smiled.

“Oh, you little slut,” Reina gasped, popping her head up. She shoved Queenie’s mouth down to Sarah’s pussy. “Now I’m available.”

“I think you cheated,” I laughed and drove my cock into Queenie’s pussy. I shuddered as her tight flesh wrapped around me.

“Cheaters never prosper,” moaned Sarah. “Oh, yes, Queenie. I love it when you do that! Get me so wet for our husband’s cock!”

I slammed my cock in deep a few times, then ripped it out of Queenie’s pussy and slammed into Reina’s hot sheath. Reina moaned her appreciation, leaning down to lick and suck at Sarah’s pussy, both of my wives cheeks pressed together as they hungrily feasted.

“Yes!” Sarah gasped, a convulsion rocking her body. “Both tongues. Oh, yes! Mary’s tits, that’s amazing!”

I ripped my cock out Reina’s pussy and slammed back into Queenie’s, my hands squeezing her ass. A naughty idea popped into my head as my balls smacked into Queenie’s clit. Reina wiggled her ass, moaning as she devoured Sarah. I reached over, giving her asscheeks a squeeze, pulling them apart to witness her winking, dark hole.

I want to fuck both their asses. Their pussies have lubed me. I grinned. It was such a naughty thought my subconscious had come up with.

I ripped out of Queenie’s pussy and slammed into Reina. Both of my wives were tight, but I loved how they felt different. You could blindfold me and I would recognize all my women’s cunts just by the feel of their sheathes wrapped about my dick. I rubbed at Queenie’s pussy as I plowed Reina, all three women gasping and moaning.

“You’re so sexy, Rex,” Sarah moaned. “I love watching your chest ripple as you fuck them. Mmm, I’m going to cum.”

“Cream their faces. The sluts are eager to drink your juices,” I laughed.

“Oh, yes!” Reina moaned. “Our brother knows us so well.”

I ripped my cock out of Reina, moving over to Queenie. I didn’t bury into her pussy.

“You naughty husband!” Queenie gasped, her head throwing back as I slammed into her burning asshole. “Oh, yes. Fuck my ass.”

“Don’t stop licking me!” groaned Sarah, pulling Queenie’s face back to her hot pussy. “I’m so close to erupting. Keep going. I need your tongues to make me cum!”

Queenie’s ass clenched down on my cock as she went back to tonguing my sister. I savored her tight grip, fucking her slow and hard. My balls tightened. I didn’t want to pull out. I wanted to keep fucking her ass until I erupted.

But Reina’s ass beckoned.

“Fuck!” I moaned as I ripped out and moved my cock to Reina’s puckered ass. “Ready, sis?”

“Always!” she moaned.

I thrust into her ass. She was as tight as Queenie. Reina moaned her delight as I sank into her depths. I squeezed her hips, pushing hard until I was buried all the way in. And then I drew back out, shuddering the entire time. She clenched, massaging me with her bowels, eager for my cum.

I went back and forth between their tight asses. Sarah came hard, moaning and screaming for all the world to hear. She bucked and gasped, milk leaking from those delicious tits. My balls were begging to unload as I watched Sarah beautiful body convulse.

I ripped out of Reina’s ass, stroking my cock. “Fuck, you three are the sexiest women in the world!”

My cock erupted. The first blast of cum painted Reina’s shaved slit. I quickly aimed my cock at Queenie as the second blast erupted, squirting right across her clit and labia, the thick, white cum mixing with her dew covering her slit. I shuddered with each blast, the pleasure flowing through my body.

“Oh, that’s hot,” Reina moaned, lifting her dripping face up from Sarah’s snatch.

“We need to sixty-nine,” Queenie nodded. “I want to lick your snatch clean, wife of mine.”

Reina nodded her head excitedly. “Rex, your new bride is ready. Fuck her hard.”

“Yes!” Sarah moaned.

Reina pushed Queenie down and straddled her face. Reina leaned over and sixty-nined Queenie, their arms wrapped around each other as the noisily feasted, licking up my cum. I grinned as I moved between Sarah’s thighs.

“Aren’t they sexy?” I grinned.

Sarah nodded her flushed face. Her hand reached down and grasped my cock. “And so is this.” She stroked me, wet with our wives’ pussies and dirty with our wives’ ass. Sarah guided me to her wet pussy, rubbing my cock up and down on her slit. “Are you going to consummate our wedding?”

“Yes,” I grinned and drove into her hot depths.

I leaned over Sarah, kissing her on the lips as our bodies writhed together. Reina and Queenie moaned beside us. Sarah’s hard nipples were wet with her milk as they brushed my chest. Her pussy was tight and hot as her hips bucked up into my thrusts.

“You’re so sexy,” I moaned into her ear. “I love fucking my sisters.”

“Is that why you married me?” Sarah moaned. “Because I love fucking my brother!”

I nipped her ear. “Saucy slut. Keep working those hips. Oh, yes.”

The sun warmed my back as I made love to her. Sarah’s thighs wrapped around my waist, pulling me in as our bodies heaved together. I shuddered, her fingers clawing at my back. I loved every moment with her. I worked faster, harder, pounding her with all the vigor I could muster. I wanted to spill my seed in her.

“Rex!” she moaned, her pussy squeezing down on my cock. “Oh, yes! Keep doing that! I’m going to cum so hard! I love it! I love cumming!”

“Do it!” I moaned, pounding her harder.

Her thighs tightened about my waist as she gasped. Her body shuddered beneath me and her blue eyes rolled up into her head. She writhed as her orgasm washed through her. I held her tight, savoring her flesh writhing beneath me.

“Cum in her, husband of mine,” Queenie said, a big smile on her pussy-smeared face. I could tell she had cum hard on Reina’s mouth.

Queenie stretched out beside us, her big, pillowy tits brushing our flesh. I pulled her in close as I slammed into Sarah. Reina plopped down on the other side, her fingers rubbing at my back as she nuzzled and kissed Sarah’s lips.

My balls tightened. I slammed into Sarah’s pussy. I flooded her with cum.

The pleasure was intense. I groaned as every muscle in my body tensed. And then the explosions of rapture rushed through me. Sarah’s pussy squeezed down, milking out every drop of my cum as I collapsed on Sarah and held my three wives.


Chasity “Chase” Glassner

“Look at them go,” Sister Stella giggled, sitting up in the grass. Her naked breasts were kissed by the tips of fuzzy stalks.

I licked my lips, stretching as I did. Sister Stella’s pussy stained my lips. I put an arm around her shoulders and watched my siblings and Queenie. Rex was on his back, Queenie’s big tits wrapped around his cock while Reina licked Sarah’s pussy.

“They’re inexhaustible,” I sighed, leaning my head on Sister Stella’s shoulder.

“Youths,” Sister Stella giggled.

“How old are you?”

“I was born in 2014,” Sister Stella answered.

“So we’re the same age,” I laughed.

“But we don’t look it,” the nun smiled. “Should we stop them? Maybe we should keep traveling.”
“The day’s lost,” I shrugged. “Besides, we’re almost to Oregon.” I swallowed, glancing north. “Let them have their fun.” I wasn’t looking forward to Oregon.

“And we can have ours?” Sister Stella grinned, pushing me back down.

“Definitely,” I purred as Sister Stella settled atop me, her body lithe. I cupped her small breast, pinching her nipple as we kissed. My sweet and spicy pussy stained Sister Stella’s lips. I tasted so much like mother. I closed my eyes and pictured I was kissing mother for a moment, enjoying her passion.

But mother had bigger tits.

Sister Stella’s pubic hairs brushed my pussy as she settled atop me. She humped, rubbing her vulva against mine. I moaned into her kiss, the passion stirring inside me. I ran my hands down her supple back, squeezing her ass and pulling her against me, my clit tickled by her curly, trimmed bush.

“Mmm, that’s nice,” I moaned as our hips writhed slowly together.

“Oh, yes,” Sister Stella nodded as she stared down into my eyes. “It’s always nice with you.”

I squeezed her ass again, pulling her harder into me. Our clits brushed, pleasure shivering through me. I rolled her onto her back, my breasts pressing against hers. I kissed her again, tribbing her harder as we shared our passion.

Sister Stella’s tongue swirled in my mouth as we made love. Her fingers dipped down, squeezing my ass. I gasped as her fingers wormed into my asshole. My ass clenched, driving my clit harder against her pussy.

“You naughty nun,” I moaned, breaking our kiss. “Keep fingering my ass.”

“It’s such a hot ass,” she moaned, shoving a second finger inside me.

Every brush of my clit against her flesh stirred my passion. I moaned and shuddered, squirming harder, savoring every moment we humped our bodies together. I leaned back over, letting my tongue explore through her mouth. She tasted so sweet and her body was so warm beneath me. Our pussies ground together, smearing each other with our excitement and building our pleasure. I humped harder, eager for another cum.

“Sister Stella!” I moaned, squirming atop her, my bowels clenching about her probing fingers. “You wonderful woman. I love you.”

She beamed. “I love you, too.” I leaned down, kissing her as my orgasm exploded through me. My pussy squirted hot juices onto her cunt, my bowels clenching around her finger as we trembled together, cumming together. Her juices warmed my pussy and thighs, our breasts pressed together. I bucked one last time atop her as she writhed beneath me.

“I don’t ever want to leave this field,” I sighed as I cuddled her.


Sunday, June 12th, 2072 – The Preacher – Three Miles South of Medford, OR

“There they are,” I grinned, peering down at the ruins of I-5 through the ferns that grew on the ridge. Sarah Goldman walked with her fellow spawn of the Tyrant while the false nun walked with the demon in Saint Chasity’s skin. “Three children of the Tyrant and the demon who claims to be Saint Chasity, just like I promised you.”

“Amen, Preacher,” Captain Adamson smiled. “We will bring the Lord’s justice on those vile sinners.”

I grinned. That sinful, demonic impostor thought she could drive me from my flock and there wouldn’t be consequences. I gripped the rifle in my hands. The Holy Liberation Army of Oregon would show that cunt what happens when God’s chosen were interfered with.

“Let us smite these heathens!” I shouted, brandishing my large, wooden cross with one hand, my rifle with the other.

Captain Adamson nodded. “Mortars, fire!”

The tubes hissed as their shells were launched, arching down at the six travelers on the road.

Joy beat in my heart and I cried out, “Hallelujah!”

To be continued…

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