The Devil’s Pact, The Tyrants’ Daughter Chapter 13: Portland


The Devil’s Pact

The Tyrants’ Daughter Chapter Thirteen: Portland

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2015

Story Codes: Teen female/Teen female, Teen male/Teen females, Incest, Lactation, Sex Toy, Oral Sex, Watersports, Violence

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Monday, July 4th, 2072 – Sarah Glassner – Outskirts of Portland, OR

I couldn’t sleep. We would be entering Portland in the morning. The city looked ruined, the half-destroyed buildings stretching for miles and miles towards the blue line of the Columbia River. For such a major city, it was terrifying that it wasn’t as well maintained or even inhabited. No travel seemed to come from the city. There were probably bandits occupying the city, but we had no choice. It would take days hiking up or down the river to the next bridge. Time was growing short.

My teeth chattered. I prayed to my father, to God, to anyone that would listen to protect us as we crossed through the ruined city. Washington State was on the other side of the river. I couldn’t wait to get out of war-torn Oregon.

“Still can’t sleep,” Aoifa whispered as she pressed against my right side, her round, freckled breasts rubbing against my side.

“No. I’m too tense.”

“You need to relax,” Aoifa smiled, her hand sliding up to cup my lactating breast. Her fingers swirled around my nipple, the nub hardening. “The Gods will watch over us. You’re His daughter. He wants this trip to work.”


“We’ll aide Their rebirth,” Aoifa smiled. “Chase will realize how wrong she was. It will be amazing.”

I swallowed. Did I want that? The world was so much better when my father and his wife were in control. And I would be a demigoddess. People would worship me. I would have all the luxuries that I could ever want. I would never have to be afraid of my heritage.

“I guess that sounds nice.”

“Of course it does,” purred Aoifa as her lips nuzzled into my neck. “Now let me help you rest, divine wife.”

I shuddered as her fingers pinched harder at my nipple, a drop of my milk beading out. I bent down and touched the bead, bringing it to my lips. I savored the creamy, sweet flavor. Aoifa smiled, licking down, eager for a taste.

Everyone loved my breast milk. And I loved sharing it. Aoifa’s lips latched onto my nipple. My body shuddered as the pleasure shot through me. She suckled, drawing out the milk. I held her, moaning softly. I didn’t want to wake up Rex, Reina, and Queenie.

Morning would be the start to a long day.

Aoifa’s hands crept down between my thighs. I parted them, shuddering as her fingers found my wet pussy. She suckled hard, my milk squirting into her hungry lips. I closed my eyes, my fears melting away as the delicious delights of Aoifa’s fingers and lips carried me off into bliss.

“You are so wonderful,” I moaned, stroking her fiery-red hair. She had such exciting hair. They gave her such vibrancy.

Aoifa lifted her lips from my nipple. “And you taste delicious.”

I gasped as her fingers pushed into my dripping pussy. I shuddered and bit my lip as a roll of pleasure washed through me. Aoifa lowered her lips, suckling eagerly. My eyes fluttered as I squirmed in delight.

Reina rolled over in her sleep, her body snuggling up to mine. I held her, enjoying her soft breasts rubbing on my flesh as Aoifa fingered me. The redhead dug her fingers deep into me. I moaned again, my hips bucking and squirming as the pleasure built and built.

Aoifa took a hard suck, filling her mouth with milk. Her green eyes twinkled as she moved up and planted a kiss on my lips. Her tongue thrust into my mouth, sharing my breast milk with me. My pussy clenched in delight. Her thumb brushed my clit.

I came, moaning into her mouth as we snowballed my breast milk. My body bucked and spasmed. Aoifa fingered me harder, her tongue thrusting into my mouth. My moans were muffled by her sweet kiss. I felt so naughty as my pleasure washed through my body and my breast milk poured down my throat, hot and warm.

“Oh, damn,” I panted as Aoifa broke the kiss. “You naughty wife.”

Aofia winked at me. “Just loving you the way your Father would have wanted.”

“Grab the strap-on,” I moaned. “And let me love you back.”

“Oh, yes,” Aoifa shuddered, leaning over to grab it from beside our blankets.

I slipped it on. It was a little awkward with Reina cuddled up against me. She was so cute as she slept. I gave her a quick kiss on the lips after I had the strap-on properly placed, the base of the dildo rubbing on my clit.

Aoifa stretched out beside me, spreading her thighs. Her pussy glistened in the faint light inside our tent. I moved down between her legs, taking a quick swipe through her sweet musk. Aoifa gasped and arched her back as the pleasure trembled through her.

“If you eat me, I’ll scream,” Aoifa moaned. “And wake everyone up.”

“I can’t have that,” I giggled, sliding up her body. I hefted my right breast, still full of milk. “Here’s a pacifier for you.”

I thrust into her tight pussy with the strap-on as Aoifa greedily reached out and grasped my breast. Her mouth locked onto it. I shuddered as she suckled, her cheeks hallowing. My milk squirted into her mouth as my hips pumped the dildo in and out of her pussy. I shuddered with every thrust as the base of the dildo rubbed on my clit.

Fireworks burst inside me. I gasped and shuddered in delight. The pleasure built inside me. Aoifa’s fingers massaged my tits as her mouth greedily sucked. She moaned, vibrating my nipples. Her hips bucked into mine as our bodies undulated together. Waves of tiny bliss rolled through me, emanating from my clit and nipple.

“That’s it,” I purred, my hips fucking her faster. “Drink your fill. Mmm, Mommy loves nursing you.”

Aoifa sucked harder, her body bucking beneath me. My pussy clenched at my kinky words, propelling my hips to fuck her harder and harder. Aoifa’s hands groped my breasts, her teeth nipping my nipple between sucks.

“Your breasts feel wonderful,” I purred. “Mmm, you love it. You love nursing from Mommy.”

Her eyes danced with delight. My milk flooded her mouth with every one of her hungry gulps. My hips hammered her faster. The waves of pleasure rippling through me grew more and more powerful. I fought to keep from moaning loud as I nursed and fucked my wife.

“Drink deeply, baby girl,” I purred. “You need my yummy milk to be strong for tomorrow.”

Aoifa bucked beneath me. Her fingers dug into my teat and her moans were muffled by my nipple. I savored her pleasure. I loved making one of my spouses cum. My hips hammered her harder, my own orgasm building and building.

“Yes! You’re making Mommy feel amazing!” I purred as my orgasm burst through me. I shuddered and thrashed, slamming the dildo deep into her as the pleasure boiled through my body. I clenched my teeth, fighting down the urge to scream.

And then the pleasure left me, and I collapsed on Aoifa. She held me, nuzzling at my neck. I felt so relaxed. My eyes closed and I drifted off to sleep in Aoifa’s arms.


Tuesday, July 5th, 2072 – Rex Glassner

I held the rifle I liberated from the soldier outside Salem in my arms. It only had four bullets. I wished I had more. It was a bolt action rifle. Reina stood nearby, gazing down into Portland, a smaller caliber rifle in her arms. It was semi-automatic. She would empty the two shots in the weapon’s magazine in a heart beat.

I hoped we wouldn’t need them.

Sarah and Aoifa held hands as they joined us. Sarah’s face seemed pale, but Aoifa whispered encouraging words to her. She was probably quoting scripture from the Glassnerian bible. Aoifa had her faith in my father and step-mother.

I didn’t. I had faith in my family traveling with us.

“We need to be quiet,” Chase said as she looked at the city. “It appears empty, but I doubt it. Let’s not attract notice.”

Sister Stella nodded. Today she held Alison’s bridle. Chase had her bow out and the string limbered, a quiver of arrows dangling at her side from her belt. My older sister scanned the city. The Willamette river was a blue snake winding through the ruins, leading out to the Columbia off in the distance. A bridge spanned the Columbia River, looking green and gray from here. And Washington was on the other side. Mount St. Helens in the distance across the river, its peak looking half-collapsed.

“Let’s do this,” Queenie whispered, coming up alongside me. “I want to get out of Oregon.”

I nodded, giving my wife a playful nudge of my shoulder. “We’ll stroll through Portland and by this afternoon we’ll have left behind this awful place.”

Queenie nodded her head.

Chase led the way, her eyes scanning as we entered the outskirts of Portland. The houses were wooden, one or two stories, their roofs half-collapsed and their yards jungles of grass that obscured the houses. The asphalt of the road was cracked, wild grass and weeds growing out of any crevasse or hole. Roots of trees pushed up bulging lines across the roads. We left I-5 behind. There were barricades across it that seemed too suspicious.

Birds chirped happily in the trees above us while gray-furred squirrels scampered and played. The day grew warmer and warmer as the sun rose. It would be a hot day. Heat danced above the broken asphalt. Bees buzzed around the flowers, happily pollinating, not caring that civilization had ended in Portland.

Keeping a constant vigil was taxing. A headache began to spread across my temples, and it became harder and harder to keep scanning around, looking for any sign that we were in trouble. The residential neighborhoods gave way to the city center. Rusting cars, their tires all flat and rotten, lined streets. Windows were broken and colorful graffiti covered everywhere.

I was beginning to think Portland was deserted when the woman screamed for help.


Reina Glassner

“Help! Please!” a woman screamed, startling all of us.

We were deep in the city’s heart. Tall buildings loomed around us, made of concrete and steel. Rusting stains dripped down the buildings while creeping vines crawled up them. Faded signs adorned them, proclaiming stores and restaurants that had long been abandoned.

I cast my gaze, looking for the woman.

“I’m hurt! Someone! Anyone! I need help!” sobbed the woman.

I spotted her down an alley. She was at the next block over, lying in the middle of the street clutching her injured leg. She was young, her hair blonde. Her cries for help tore at me. I ran towards her.

“She’s over here!” I shouted.

“No! Stop!” Chase shouted behind me.

I was halfway down the alley littered with garbage and rusted bins when I stopped and turned back. “What?” I asked. “Why?”

“It’s a trap!” Chase yelled, motioning with her arm for me to come back.

I glanced at the girl. She wasn’t alone. There was a man brandishing a gun, aiming at me. I squeaked in fright and raised my rifle. I pulled the trigger. The gun barked twice, kicking into my shoulder as I kept squeezing the trigger.

Both my shots missed.

The man fired back. Concrete dust exploded as the bullet struck the wall near my head. An arrow buzzed past me and took the man in the chest. He fell with a gurgling sigh as I threw my gun away, turned, and ran back down the alley. More gunshots rang out and I screamed, ducking my head.

“We need to move!” Chase shouted, pointing up the street as I burst out of the alley. She fired another arrow as I ran up the street. Sister Stella was already leading Alison in that direction.

Rex ran to me, holding his rifle. He suddenly aimed it, firing and working the bolt action. His shots kept missing a dirty man covered in rags who had burst out of another alley. This man held a club. The rifle clicked every time Rex pulled on the bolt action to chamber another round.

“Come one!” Rex groaned as he chambered the last bullet. The wild man raced right at us, his beard tangled with filth.

Rex fired. The wild man screamed, clutching at his belly as he fell. Rex tossed his empty rifle down and grabbed my hand. I squeezed my twin’s hand as we raced to catch up with Sarah, Aoifa, and Queenie.

“Keep running!” Chase screamed behind us.

With a flash of golden light, Chase appeared beside us. She could teleport with her powers, but she could only take with her what she could hold and not a person. Why were we even with her? If she was alone, she could just teleport to Paradise and stop our father’s rebirth.

Bullets cracked behind us. I hunched my shoulders as we ran, dodging around rusted cars and fallen poles of wood tangled with black wires. I threw a glance over my shoulder. The blonde woman had picked up a weapon and fired at us as she chased. Bullets pinged into rusted cars and crashed into buildings.


Chase Glassner

“Keep going!” I told the twins as I turned.

Bullets whizzed past me as I drew back my bow, an arrow knocked, and fired. I took the blonde woman in the throat. She crashed to the ground, rolling in a heap as she gurgled in pain. The other bandits kept running, shooting on the move.

If they had bothered to stop and aim, we would have been in real trouble.

I fired a second arrow, taking a bandit in the hip. He stumbled, crashing into a car. His fellows left him behind as he screamed in pain. He ripped out the arrow and blood pumped out of his wounds, squirting through the air. I must have hit the femoral artery.

I summoned the Light and rose into the Heavens before I flashed back down two blocks up the street beside the twins. A horn sounded behind us, a low, rolling tone that seemed to vibrate the air. Another horn answered and a third.

Horns bellowed from all directions.

“How many of them are there?” gasped Reina, throwing another look.

“No idea!”

I had five arrows left. I turned, drawing another. I aimed. A bullet struck my hip. I didn’t flinch as the pain burned through me. I wanted them to shoot me. I could take the pain. I loosed my arrow and caught a bandit in the chest.

“Cunt!” a voice screamed.

I jumped, turning to my right as a filthy, wild-haired woman leaped out from behind a car, a wicked-looking dagger in her hand. She slammed into me, her brown hair whipping into my face as we fell to the ground, her dagger thrusting and trying to stab me.

“Get off me!” I snarled, grabbing her dagger.

She spit in my face. Her breath was foul and her teeth rotten. I headbutted her, breaking her nose and throwing her off of me. I rolled to my feet just in time for a big brute to swing a two-by-four at my head. I ducked the plank and punched the man in the gut.

He didn’t even feel it.

“Gonna enjoy you, cunt,” hissed the big man. He had a huge boil along the side of his nose oozing puss.

I shuddered in disgust.

The big man drew back his two-by-four as the filthy woman scrambled to her feet, blood pouring out of her nose and staining what may have been her blue dress. It was so filthy, I couldn’t be sure. I fell into a crouch. More bandits were rushing me.

Perfect. My family would get away while they focused on me.

And then the shadows moved. A man screamed as tentacles wrapped around him, ripping off his head. My demonic lover crashed into the big man, his jaws crushing my would-be-rapist’s head. Shadows eyes met mine, burning with his love for me.

“Thanks,” I smiled at him. “I love you.”

I said the words without thought. I didn’t even have time to consider them as the filthy woman stabbed at me. I caught her hand, twisted her wrist, and ripped the knife from her grip. I shoved her back and then flashed into light and appeared beside Sister Stella.

“What is that thing?” the nun asked, her eyes narrowing. “Where did the demon come from?”

“I don’t know,” I lied. “Let’s keep going.”

“Why is a demon attacking them?” Sarah demanded as the man screamed behind us.

“Your Father sent him,” Aofia breathed. “I told you. He ensures that we reach paradise. We shall be the instruments of the Living Gods rebirth.”

“That’s impossible,” Sister Stella spat, staring at the Shadow.

“It doesn’t matter!” I snapped. “Do you hear the horns? More are coming. We need to keep going. We need to cross the Interstate Bridge and get out of this city and into Washington.”

Sister Stella glanced at me and I flushed. I hated lying to my lover. But I didn’t want to speak about Shadow to her. I was afraid she’d realize that I was coming to love the demon. He was always there for me, protecting me. My heart beat faster. I grabbed Sister Stella’s hand, giving her a squeeze.

“Come on! Let’s get going.”

Sister Stella nodded. She ran behind me, pulling Alison along. The pack mule had no problem moving swiftly. She was a smart beast. She knew now wasn’t the time to be stubborn. Ahead of us, Queenie, Aoifa, and Sarah ran while the Twins brought up the rear.

My side ached but we couldn’t stop.


Queenie Glassner

My sides split and my breasts ached. Running with big tits wasn’t fun. They bounced beneath my loose shirt, smacking into my chest and each other. Aoifa panted beside me, her freckled face flushed and matted with exertion.

Men screamed behind us. That scary demon pursued us, killing everyone that came across our path. The city of Portland was alive with bandits and wild men. They seemed to pour out of every street and alley, growing thicker as we neared the bridge. They each wore filthy rags, and it was often hard to tell the men from the women.

Sister Stella glanced back at the demon, her eyes narrowed. I made the mistake of looking back and almost threw up. The demon’s tentacles lashed out, ripping men and women apart, painting the ruined streets of Portland red with blood and viscera.

“Keep going!” Chase kept shouting. “And take the next left. We need to get back on the freeway.”

A faded, green sign hung over the street. A white arrow pointed to the left with the words “Northbound I-5” printed on it along with a list of cities and their distances: Olympia, Tacoma, and Seattle. I took the left, holding tight to Aoifa’s hand. Ahead, a car choked on-ramp led up to the freeway.

Men waited on the on-ramp.

“Chase!” I shouted in fear, ducking behind a rusted car as they hurtled rocks and bricks at us.

Golden light flared behind me. I peered around the edge of the car. Rocks pelted into the metal, denting and scraping off chips of paint. From the sky, a beam of golden light slammed down into the middle of the attackers. Chase was amid them, swinging her knife.

The attackers roared, turning on my sister-in-law. I squeezed Aoifa’s hand as Chase’s screams roared over the crowd. She could heal through anything, but she still felt pain. Tears beaded down my eyes as a sob trembled through my body.

“Chase!” Rex screamed out loud. “Do something, Sister Stella!”

“My powers are not useful in combat!” the nun cried back. “I’m no monk!”

The shadowy demon surged down the street, his tentacles painted with blood. A man screamed, still wrapped up in the tentacles, seemingly forgotten by the demon. But then the demon hurtled him into the mass of attackers swarming Chase. I winced as the poor men crashed into the crowd. He was thrown so hard, his body had to be broken.

And then the demon jumped into the horde almost like it was trying to save Chase. Was Aoifa right? Was the demon sent by my father-in-law?

“Thank you for sending us Your defender and for all Your love,” Aoifa prayed beside me, casting her gaze up to the heavens. “I will walk through this dreadful city without fear because Your Divine and loving gaze is upon me. Thank you for sending me to be wife to Your Divine children. I am so grateful to be part of Your august plan.”

I shook my head at her.

An explosion boomed through the streets. I screamed in shock. A second one followed. A few of the attackers had broken free from the melee and hurtled grenades at the demon. The shadowy monster didn’t even seem to feel the explosions.

“Interesting,” Sister Stella said as she huddled nearby.

The demon left behind a pile of dead and went after the men throwing grenades, its tentacles lashing out and ripping flesh. Chase flashed down from the skies beside us, golden light blazing from cuts and bruises. She almost shone with light from her many injuries.

“Come on!” she shouted, her words slurred. Her jaw look crooked. “The way’s clear!”

I burst out of hiding, dragging the praying Aoifa with me. We ran for the sloping on-ramp. The shadowy demon leaped over us to charge at the bandits following us. It definitely wasn’t after us. We were going to make it. We reached the top of the on-ramp and got onto the freeway. The Interstate Bridge lay ahead of us.

Rex bent down, grabbing something off one of the dead man, clutching it in his fists. Was it a grenade? I didn’t care, I kept running towards the bridge. A loud, growling roar echoed behind us. I was too scared to look.

The bridge looked to be a mile long, spanning over the wide, blue river. There were two spans, each identical. We were racing up the eastern span, crowded with rusted cars. The western span was strangely clear. Trusses, painted a fading green, supported the bridge as it spanned the river. The roaring behind us grew louder as we reached the foot of the bridge, racing out over the Columbia river.

Washington was on the other side. We would be safe.

“Fuck!” Rex called out. “Look at the other span!”


Chase Glassner

“Dammit, that’s why the span is clear!” I shouted. My entire body ached. Only my healing magic kept me going.

On the western span, rusted trucks and cars raced down it, spewing black smoke from their exhaust. The beds of the trucks were crowded with more of the bandits. They whooped and hollered as they pointed at us, brandishing cruel knives.

There was no way we could make it across before them.

I glanced behind us and saw Shadow flowing along, dancing between pools of darkness. His burning eyes met mine. I pointed at the other bridge. I hoped he understood.

He did.

Shadow launched himself across the bridge.

“Shit!” Rex cried out. “What’s the demon doing?”

Metal groaned. Shadow didn’t go for the racing cars. He attacked the supports. I gaped, slowing to a halt as Shadow ripped huge chunks of metal from the bridge. A tremble ran through the structure, waving through the concrete bed.

“How strong is the demon?” whispered Sister Stella. “I’ve never seen one so strong.”

I only nodded my head.

The cars drew closer to the far bank as the bridge shook violently. The trusses groaned, bending under the weight as more and more struts were ripped out by Shadow. With a loud snap, the center of the bridge collapsed.

The destruction was catastrophic, rippling out from Shadow. The bed of the bridge collapsed into the river as the trusses ripped apart at the rivets. Great fountains of water splashed into the air. The bridge collapsed faster than the cars could drive. They neared the end, but it was too late. The bridge bed dropped out beneath them, sending the bandits plummeting into the river below.

“Yes!” Rex cried out.

“Run!” Queenie shouted.

As the groaning, shearing stopped as the final parts of the bridge collapsed, I heard the rhythmic clap of hooves. More bandits galloped horses down our span. Rex tossed his grenade. It bounced down the span and exploded, ripping through a pair of horses and their riders in the center of the span.

We ran, weaving through the cars as the horses chased us. Guns cracked and bullets pinged off metal. We neared the other end of the bridge, all of us running as fast as we could. If it wasn’t for the cluttered junk on the span, the horses would have already caught up to us.

And then the bridge groaned and shook beneath our feet.

“What’s that!” screamed Queenie.

“The demon’s bringing down this bridge!” Rex shouted. “Fuck! Run faster!”

Metal groaned behind us. What was that stupid demon doing? We were still on the span.

“Go, go!” I shouted.

Horses neighed behind us. A great splash crashed through the air. Metal groaned louder. Parts of the truss crashed down before me. I leaped over the green-painted steel. More and more of the trusses buckled as the road bed vibrated beneath my feet.

Rex and Reina made it across, turning around, motioning for us to come. Sister Stella was almost dragged across by Alison, followed by Sarah and Queenie. Aoifa pounded at my side, her face covered in perspiration.

The bed dropped two feet beneath us.

Aoifa fell forward, hitting the concrete hard and screaming in pain. The metal groaned. We were on the last section. I glanced behind us in time to watch the bridge collapse, taking the bandits and their horses down into the Columbia. Our section groaned, dropping another foot.

“Aoifa!” Rex shouted, leaping onto the span. He grabbed Aoifa with one hand, heaving her up and half-carrying her to safety. I grabbed Aoifa’s other hand.

We jumped. The bridge collapsed beneath us. We landed on the edge, falling in a tangled heap on the far end. Reina, Queenie, and Sarah seized Rex while Sister Stella grabbed me, pulling me from the crumbling edge.

I looked behind us at the city of Portland, sucking in deep breaths.

“We made it,” Rex laughed as he lay on the ground. “Oh, fuck, we made it.”

I nodded my head, watching as the Columbia river rippled over the half-submerged sections of the Interstate bridge. We were in Washington. I was almost home. I stood up, my legs rubbery from the exertion, and looked around at the ruined city of Vancouver, Washington.

“We need to keep moving,” I panted, pointing at the railway bridge that crossed a mile away. “They can still follow us.”

“Yeah,” Queenie panted, helping Aoifa up. “I want to get as far away from that terrible city as I can.”

“Portland used to be such a nice city,” Aoifa sighed. “Such a loving place.”

I looked around. Shadow was nowhere to be seen. I knew tonight I would sneak off to find him. He deserved his reward for saving us today. My pussy clenched in delight. I wanted to experience my demonic lover’s passion again.

Sister Stella put her arm around my waist, snapping me out of my daze. Her kiss was hot and loving. I shouldn’t sneak off. I had Sister Stella to satisfy me, to love me. She was so sweet and gentle. But she couldn’t take me hard like Shadow. She didn’t have his strength or passion.

“Let’s keep going,” I smiled when we broke the kiss.


Reina Glassner – Six Miles North of Vancouver, WA

I found Rex outside, staring up at the stars, when I woke up to pee. I moved to my twin, lying down beside him. We were both naked. The night air was cool, the day’s heat a distant memory. I was so sore. I cuddled up to him, kissing him on the lips as his hand drifted down to my ass, giving me a squeeze.

“What are you doing out here?” I asked.

“I can’t sleep,” he groaned. “That demon. What was it?”

“I don’t know.”

“Chase ordered it to destroy the bridge.” Rex looked at me. “What’s up with that?”

“Maybe Aoifa is right. Our father sent us a protector.”

“Sent Chase a protector,” Rex corrected. “When she teleported, it came after her. It protected her.”

I yawned and shuddered. “Come on. Let’s go back to bed.”

“Do you think Chase is lying to us?”

“Why would she lie?” I asked.

“I don’t know.” Rex sighed. “What is going to happen when we reach Mount Rainier? Are we going to let Chase and Sister Stella stop our Father from being reborn?”

“Yes.” I looked into my brother’s eyes. “Chase knows what she’s doing. I trust her.” I stood up. “Now go to bed.”

“Why are you out here?” he asked, smiling as the moonlight painted my curves.


Rex grabbed my hips, pulling me to his mouth. He buried his face between my pussy lips, gluing his mouth to my slit. I shivered as he sucked and tongued me, his hands massaging my ass. I shuddered. Peeing in someone’s mouth was so intimate.

I relaxed and released my stream of piss into his hungry mouth. He drank it down, slurping with eager hunger. I moaned in delight. His tongue swallowed gulp after gulp of my piss. I stroked his hair, shuddering atop his lips.

Rex swallowed my piss and then he was swallowing my pussy juices. I shuddered as my stream died, but my passions swelled. I slid my hands up my body, squeezing my breasts as his tongue slipped through the folds of my pussy. He caressed and pleased me. I loved every second of his delicious tongue exploring my folds.

“Rex,” I moaned, my eyes fluttering in delight.

His tongue knew every wonderful spot inside me. I shuddered in delight. My ass clenched as I rubbed my pussy on his hungry lips. I moaned out in delight. More and more bliss churned through me. My teeth clenched as the pleasure swelled through me. He groaned, tonguing me harder, eager to drink down all my excitement. He was such a great lover.

I loved my twin brother so much.

His tongue fucked into my pussy as his hands clenched on my ass. He pulled me tight against him. The pleasure blossomed inside me. I groaned, squeezing my tits. My nipples were so hard. I threw back my head, staring up at all the millions of shining stars.

I hoped Father was watching us.

My orgasm exploded through me.

Rex greedily drank down all my excitement. He loved pussy juices. He was such a horndog. Just like our father. The pleasure died down inside me, a few last waves of pleasure flowing through me. I pulled away from Rex and stared down at his hard cock.

I needed to be fucked.

I stretched out on my back. “Come fuck your twin sister,” I grinned.

“You naughty whore,” he laughed, stroking his cock. “I love to fuck you.”

Rex moved between my legs. His smile was eager and his blue eyes twinkled in the starlight. I gasped as he thrust into my wet pussy, his hips slamming away. My tits jiggled at the vigor of his strokes.

“How beautiful,” Aoifa whispered. “Sibling love, especially between twins, is so special.”

I grinned at my wife’s naked body. I bet she has to pee. I’m so thirsty. “Do you have to pee, Aoifa?” I asked, licking my lips.

She nodded her head. “I drank so much water when we camped.”

“Come sit on my face.”

Aoifa smiled. “You are such a wonderful goddess.”

Goddess. I did like being called that. No wonder Father got caught up in it.

“Piss in her mouth!” groaned Rex as Aoifa straddled my face, descending her shaved pussy to my eager lips.

Rex kissed Aoifa as my tongue swirled through her shaved pussy. My fingers spread her plump vulva apart and I found her urethra. I locked my mouth around it, sucking hard. Aoifa squirmed atop me.

“Is that piss on your lips, my lord husband?” Aoifa asked.

“Reina’s,” laughed Rex, his strokes growing faster. “Let me hear you piss in Reina’s mouth.”

“Yes, my lord husband.”

Aoifa’s tangy, salty urine flooded my mouth. It wasn’t as strong, watered down, but I still loved it. A strong flow poured into my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could. Aoifa moaned atop me as my pussy contracted on Rex’s cock. My orgasm burned through me as I drank my wife’s piss down. It was so filthy. I loved every second of it.

I moaned as I drank it, almost drowning on her flood as my body bucked into Rex’s thrusts. He grunted, savoring my cumming pussy around his cock. The force of Aoifa’s piss diminished as my orgasm reached its peak.

“Oh, my divine wife,” moaned Aoifa. “Thank you for this intimate gift.”

“You’re welcome,” I moaned around her pussy. I attacked her, eager to make her cum and drink her sweet juices.

Aoifa squirmed atop me. She shuddered and moaned her delight a she shifted her pussy atop me. I drank and slurped, wanting to devour every bit of her. She was wonderful. Sexy. I loved her so much. Rex’s cock kept slamming into me, hot pleasure rippling through my body. I moaned and gasped into Aoifa’s pussy.

“Oh, yes! Such a wonderful tongue, my lady wife!”

“Cum on her face!” Rex growled, hammering into me. My pussy clenched down on his girth. “You are so hot when you cum, Aoifa.”

“I am eager to please,” Aoifa moaned. “Cumming on her face is such an exquisite bliss.”

I moaned my agreement.

Rex’s strokes grew more aggressive. I knew my brother. His orgasm approached. I couldn’t wait to be flooded with his hot cum. I wanted to bear his child. I hoped I wasn’t barren, but we had been fucking for over a year without a child.

When was my last period? I hadn’t been keeping track. It might start any day.
Unless I was pregnant.

“Breed me!” I moaned between licks. “Cum in me, Rex!”

“Yes!” he growled.

“Cum in your sister!” Aoifa panted. “Oh, yes!”

She squealed, her voice high-pitched. She shuddered atop me as a flood of sweet pussy juices poured into my hungry mouth. I groaned as I drank them down. I loved the naughty feeling of her juices sliding down my throat.

Rex slammed his cock deep into me. He groaned as his cum built inside him. “Reina!” he cried out as his hot cum filled me. I savored the incestuous mix burning through my nethers.

Aoifa slipped off of me and I grinned, savoring the lingering pleasure flooding through my body.

“What are you doing out here?” Chase asked, walking out of the darkness into camp.

I frowned. “Using the bathroom. You?”

She swallowed. “I was…taking a walk.”

I frowned. Her clothes were disheveled and her face was flushed. Was she having sex? But with whom?

“Well, get to bed,” Chase yawned. “We have another long day ahead of us.”

I nodded as she went into the tent. I glanced out at the darkness and wandered what my sister was hiding.


Mark Glassner – The Abyss

I stared at my youngest daughter Reina as she stood up. She frowned at Chase. Our daughter had once again allowed the demon to fuck her. The demon was the only variable left in the plan. We didn’t send him. And since he wasn’t a living creature, he had no thread I could observe and manipulate.

Mary’s arm tightened about my waist. “Only fifteen more days, Mark.”
I smiled and nodded. “I can’t wait to see her again.”

“This is going to work, right?” Mary asked. “Astarte won’t foul this up.”

“No,” I said, hiding my own doubts. “Everything will work out perfectly.”

“Portland didn’t go as we planned. If it wasn’t for that demon…” Mary shuddered. “What if he’s Astarte’s pawn?”

“He’s not,” I reassured my wife. “He loves Chase.”

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 14.

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