The Devil’s Pact, The Tyrants’ Daughter Chapter 15: Paradise


The Devil’s Pact

The Tyrants’ Daughter Chapter Fifteen: Paradise

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2015

Story Codes: Teen Male/Teen females, Female/Female, Incest, Orgy, Oral Sex, Violence

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Tuesday, July 1 9th, 2072 – Sarah Glassner – Paradise, WA

I couldn’t help staring at the golden statue of father standing with his wife Mary. The larger than life edifice rose out of the center of the wildflowers. The statue was well maintained and there were dried flowers about its base and melted wax from candles.

“They hold ceremonies here,” I said as Aoifa walked up to me.

“Yes. When I was ten, my temple pilgrimaged here. On this very night, the young children played until we were tired. After midnight, the priests and priestesses from a dozen temples had an orgy around the statue.

“So why aren’t any worshipers here?” I asked her. “Second Missionaries speaks of that very holiday. We’re in Glassnerian territory and there is evidence that they come here, so why aren’t they here?”

“I don’t know,” Aoifa frowned. She glanced over at Chase and Sister Stella for a moment. “Maybe this ritual is different and only a select few are coming tomorrow.”

“I guess.”

“Come on,” Aoifa smiled, tugging at my arm. “Queenie is making crowns of flowers for us and our husband is going to take us on this holy ground. Maybe we’ll even conceive a child.”

A smile crossed my lips. “I would love to conceive a child.” One to replace my poor, dead son.

Aoifa took my hand and let me across the field. Reina and Queenie knelt, a crown of flowers about both their heads. Rex stood beside them, naked and hard. He had a nut-brown body covered in compact muscles. He was just yummy.

Aoifa stripped out of her priestess robes, unveiling her ivory, freckled breasts and cute ass. I couldn’t resist giving her a squeeze. I was a lusty woman. I was my father’s daughter. Aoifa giggled and shook her ass as I caressed her.

“Get naked, Sarah,” Queenie commanded, looking so regal with a crown of flowers and nothing else on her. She had big tits, as large as mine, and her black hair fell down her back in a magnificent braid.

I stripped out of my boots, shirt, and jeans, plopping down amid the grass and wildflowers, the fronds tickling my wet pussy. I giggled as Queenie reached over with her crown, her breasts kissing the flowers.

“I declare you to be Queen Sarah,” Queenie declared. “Third wife of the mighty Rex Glassner, God-King of Mankind.”

“God-King?” I giggled.

Rex grinned at me while Reina rolled her eyes.

“He is a God-King,” Aoifa moaned, squirming beside me.

“And I declare you to be Queen Aoifa,” Queenie added, dropping a crown on Aoifa’s flaming locks. “Fourth wife of the mighty Rex Glassner, God-King of Mankind.”

“I am so humbled by this honor, sweet wife.” Aoifa cupped Queenie’s chin and planted a hot kiss on her lips.

“My loving wives,” Rex smiled. “I am here to anoint you and make you Goddesses of Mankind.”

“Oh, thank you,” Reina snorted even as she reached out and grasped his cock. “Is this where you’re going to ‘anoint’ us from?

“What do you think?” Rex asked.

“That we married the biggest pervert in the world,” Reina moaned and leaned in, sucking on his cock.

The rest of us joined her, crowding in. It was tight, our cheeks kept bumping, but we passed his cock around, licking and sucking. Aoifa was on my left and Queenie on my right. I kissed their lips in between nibbles and licks on Rex’s cock.

My pussy grew so wet, itching in the grass as I squirmed. Aoifa and Queenie’s tits brushed mine. My nipple ached, leaking milk. Rex ran his hands through our hair, brushing our crowns as we pleasured him. He had a huge grin on his face.

“I love you all,” Rex moaned. He shuddered as our lips and tongues caressed the tip of his cock. “You are all amazing.”

“You’re all right,” Reina giggled. “Though maybe we can find a better cock out there.”

“No we can’t,” Aoifa insisted. “He’s a God.”

“Thank you,” Rex said, stroking Aoifa’s red curls. “I’m glad one of my wife’s appreciates my magnificent cock.”

“Maybe we have a brother with a better one out there,” Reina moaned.

“Maybe,” I giggled.

“Your sisters are such sluts,” Queenie moaned. “I don’t want a better cock. Yours is perfect. Maybe you should only bless Aoifa and me.”

“Maybe. At least you two appreciate me.

“Oh, no,” I gasped, leaning in and tonguing his cock.

“We appreciate you,” Reina sighed. “I’m not sure why?”

“Because you’re a horny slut that’s addicted to my cock.”

“Oh, right.” Reina leaned in and sucked on the tip.

“Mmm, that’s it,” Rex moaned, his hips thrusting forward.

“You’re hogging,” I pouted, pulling the cock from her lips so I could swallow him.

“Yes,” moaned Rex.

We kept stealing his cock and playing with it, sucking it between our lips. Rex groaned and shuddered. I knew those moans. We all stroked him, pressing our faces together, eager for his anointment.

“Take it!” he groaned and sprayed us with cum.

I was his wife. I loved him and my fellow wives. We licked each other clean while our husband watched. And then we all made love as the sun fell. I didn’t know what tomorrow would bring, but I had one last time with my spouses.


Wednesday, July 20th, 2072 – Chasity “Chase” Glassner

The day dawned hot. The power building in the ground swelled with the climbing sun.
And no one came. I frowned as the day slowly ticked by. I stared down the mountainside, waiting for my parent’s worshipers to arrive and perform the ceremony. Sister Stella stood at my side, shifting with agitation.

We could both feel the energy swell as the day wore on.

“What is going on?” I demanded.

“I don’t know,” the nun sighed, shaking her head. “You can feel the energy building. Why wouldn’t they be here to take advantage of it?”

“Did we travel all this way for nothing?” I swallowed. My family had almost died crossing through Oregon. It couldn’t have been a waste.

“I had the Ecstasy. The angels spoke in my dream. I don’t understand.” Sister Stella shook her head, her platinum-blonde curls tumbling about her head. Her gray eyes met mine. “I don’t get what’s happening. It is July 20th, right? We didn’t lose track of the days while we were marching?”

“No.” I shuddered as the ground almost groaned beneath my feet. “Feel all that energy beneath us. This has to be the day.”

Reina and Rex walked over. Queenie, Aoifa, and Sarah were near the edge of the meadow. I had made them wait over there in case something went wrong. But the twins ignored my orders. I sighed and glanced at them.

“What is taking so long?” Reina demanded. “I thought we were going to see father.”

“I don’t understand,” I sighed.

Sister Stella took my hand. “Well, I can still take away your power. If you want to.”

“Yes,” I nodded, trembling beside her. “I want it so badly. Free me.”

Reina bit her lip, but I gave her a reassuring smile. Sister Stella was giving up her power, too. We were going to start a life together. We’d go to Tacoma with the twins and their spouses. We’d be happy there, growing old together. Maybe we’d adopt some kids.

Tears beaded in my eyes. My future finally seemed real to me. I pictured the house we’d have, white with a red door, a tree growing in the backyard. We’d decorate it with doilies and dolls. We’d make a wonderful life. We’d watch my nieces and nephews grow up, helping Rex and his four wives take care of their children. I knew there would be plenty. They were a horny bunch.

I pictured a family again.

“Let’s do it,” I told Sister Stella. “If my parent’s don’t want to break free, then that’s fine.”

“Good luck,” Reina smiled and hugged me.

Rex nodded and then he led Reina back across the field.

“I’m nervous,” I smiled at Sister Stella as she took my hand. Another tremble passed through me. Everything was about to change.

“Don’t be. You’re in my hands.”

I nodded at the nun. My lover.

She led me to the center of the field by the statue. Her hands were gentle as they stripped me naked. She caressed my auburn hair and my freckled breasts. Her gray eyes stared into my blue as her touch banished my fears.

Then I undressed her, revealing her barely-budding breasts. I pinched her soft, pink nipples, bringing a moan to her lips. She shuddered as I pulled her down to the fields, her body atop mine, our breasts rubbing together.

“You have to fully trust me,” Sister Stella whispered. “And love me. That’s the only way this will work.”

“I do,” I moaned. “I love you so much. My heart beats for you.”

Sister Stella smiled and kissed me.

The power throbbed beneath us. I moaned into her kiss, my eyes closing as I sank into the pleasure of her touch. Her hand ran along my body, a light touch that teased my skin. I shuddered. I felt electrified. The pleasure shot down to my pussy.

Her kiss grew more passionate. Her hips shifted and her hot, wet pussy brushed mine. I shuddered as our clits kissed. The pleasure rippled through my body. My nipples tingled as they stroked her small mounds.

I slid my hands down, cupping her ass. My fingers dug into her flesh, pulling her harder against my pussy. I shuddered. I loved tribbing her. Our tongues danced through each other’s mouths as we writhed and humped each other.

Our musk joined the sweet scent of the flowers. A gentle breeze wafted through the meadow. My heart beat for joy. This was such a romantic spot. I would marry Sister Stella here. We would be together forever—just like my parents.

Sister Stella broke the kiss, licking her lips. “Can you feel the passion building between us.”

“Yes,” I moaned as my body trembled.

“The closer you come to orgasming, the closer our souls will become.” The nun stroked my cheek, her hips undulating and grinding her hot pussy against mine. “Do not hesitate to open your soul to me and invite me in. Only then can I free you.”

“Okay,” I moaned.

“Let me feel your love for me.” She slid down my body, her hard nipples brushing my stomach as her lips nibbled up the swell of my breasts. “Let me hear how much you love me. Give me all your passion and trust.”

“I am! I love you, Stella!”

Her gray eyes twinkled like stars as she engulfed my nipple. I shuddered, hot pleasure building through me. Her fingers kept stroking my flesh, teasing me as her lips and tongue played my aching nipple. I caressed her platinum-blonde hair, so light it was almost white. My hips humped, rubbing my hot pussy on her stomach, my clit shuddering in delight.

“That’s it,” she purred as she kissed to my other nipple. “I can feel your trust. I love you so much, Chase. I will set you free.”

“Yes!” I moaned as she engulfed my nipple.

The flowers waved around us as the breeze blew. I sucked in deep breaths, savoring their perfume mixed with our excited musk. Sister Stella made love to my nipple. She sucked and nibbled, swirling her tongue about the sensitive nub. She gave me every pleasure she knew.

Her hands slid up and down my body. She rubbed at my thighs and caressed my side. Everywhere she touched me sparked with radiant pleasure. Her mouth sucked harder at my nipple. She moaned in delight.

And then she kissed downward.

“Yes!” I gasped. My pussy was on fire. The energy hummed through me. A charge attracted us. My soul began to crack inside me, opening up to her.

“You smell so delicious,” purred the nun as she neared my pussy. “I could drown for eternity in this scent.”

“My love, you will!” I groaned as she took her first lick through my pussy.

Her tongue was so agile. I humped against her face as she drank my juices. I gasped and moaned, my pleasure growing. I was about to be free of the damned power Tina and Doug foisted on me all those years ago.

Sister Stella’s fingers rubbed at my clit as her tongue swirled through my pussy. She nibbled on my labia as my hips bucked. I moaned and shuddered. Her fingers rubbed harder and faster on my clit, stirring pleasure through me. I bucked and gasped.

“That’s it!” the nun moaned, her eyes almost shining silver as the energy swelled between us. “Open your soul to me. Surrender fully. And I will free you, my love.”

“Yes!” I screamed, my hips bucking. My orgasm swelled. I was so close. My soul cracked open more, almost yawning wide.

“Surrender to me!” she moaned, her fingers flying over my clit.

“I love you, Stella!” I screamed as my orgasm crashed through me. My body shuddered as the delight burned through me.

My soul opened.

And something dark, foul, and treacherous reached into me and seized the golden power. Sister Stella’s eyes blazed like a thousand stars as pain exploded through me. It wasn’t her love that filled me. It was greed.

Greed for the power I possessed.

“No!” I howled as the realization sunk in. She had never loved me. She had never been a nun. She had always been a demon.

“Yes!” Stella cackled, her face twisted with greed into something ugly as she ripped at the golden power.

“Who…are…you…?” I sobbed as I struggled to fight against her. My heart was crushed by betrayal. The entire trip was a lie.

“Astarte, Queen of Heaven,” moaned Stella. “I will again rule.”

I screamed in agony as my treacherous lover raped my soul.


Queenie Glassner

Chase screamed.

The world rippled and grew dark. Stars burst across the blue sky as night suddenly fell. “It’s Astarte!” I screamed, my fever dreams coming back to me. “She’s hurting Chase.”

“That fucking bitch!” Rex snarled, rising beside me.

“Stop!” Aoifa shouted.

Rex froze, glancing at our red-haired wife. She strode before us, her eyes glowing silver. “You cannot interfere with the Queen of Heaven.”

“Aoifa?” I gasped in shock.

Rex marched to Aoifa. “What is wrong with you? Why are your eyes silver?”

“You cannot interfere. Astarte shall gain the power to rule the world. Your choices are simple. Serve her or die.”

I shuddered at the clinical words spilling from Aoifa’s lips. They didn’t sound like her at all. “She did something to you,” I gasped. “Sister Stella cast a spell on you when she exorcised your powers.”

“She never exorcised my powers,” Aoifa answered. “She showed me the truth. I have been given powers.”

“She’s killing my sister!” Rex snarled. “Your holy daughter. You can’t stand here and do nothing.”

“Owr!” Aoifa snarled and suddenly a bright light burst before Rex. I screamed in shock as he stumbled back, falling into Reina’s arms.

“You fucking bitch!” Reina snarled.

“I don’t get this,” Sarah gaped. “You love the Gods. Why would you help Astarte?”

Chase screamed again. Stars seemed to shine about Astarte as she knelt over my sister-in-law.

“Sarah’s right,” I said. “You love the living gods. You’re not a servant of Astarte. You wouldn’t betray your family. We love you. You have to fight.”

Rex groaned behind me. I moved closer, my body trembling. Aoifa stared at me with her silvery eyes. I couldn’t see her pupils. She looked so strange and monstrous now.

“I love you. We all love you. So fight and come back to us.” I grabbed her arm and brought her hand to my breast. “Feel my heart beating. It beats with love for four people. Including you, Aoifa.”

The silver dwindled in her eyes, flickering out for a moment, her emerald irises appearing. And then she screamed and the silver came back. “Yashen!

Power struck me. I was suddenly so sleepy. I stumbled back and unconsciousness crashed over me.


Chasity “Chase” Glassner

“No!” I screamed as Astarte raped my soul.

Tears poured out of my eyes. I sobbed and moaned as she struggled to rip the golden light from my body. Sister Stella’s face stared down at me, but there was no tender love there any longer. I spasmed as the pain flooded me. It beat through my body. Her foul touch was in my soul, polluting me.

“Get out of me!” I screamed.

“But you opened yourself up to me,” Astarte purred. “You shared your wonderful love with me.”

“You lied to me! You tricked me, you fucking bitch!”

“And you were so eager to believe me. So desperate to be loved by anyone. I barely had to seduce you. You were begging to crawl into my bed. You are as much a whore as your mother.”

“How are you even out of Hell?”

“I never went there.” Triumph shone on her face. “I am the Queen of Heaven. I am the mother of Prophecy. I knew Lucifer’s plan would never work. I used the Ghost of Paris to prepare my vessel. When your father killed me, my soul went into my vessels. I lived quietly in Paris, Texas, biding my time, waiting for your parent’s pathetic rein to end.

“I really must thank you, Chase. You did so much for me when you killed them. And when I have your power, I shall rule the entire world.”

“No!” I sobbed. “Help me!”

“Your siblings can’t help. Aoifa’s mine. She was so easy to dominate when I pretended to exorcise her.”

She wrenched, tearing some of the power away from me. She was stronger than me. Only my anger at her betrayal kept me from giving up. I wasn’t about to let this treacherous bitch win.

“Shadow!” I screamed.

“Is that what that demon is called?” Astarte purred. “Wherever did you collect him?”

Shadow answered my call. Hope beat in my heart as he materialized behind Astarte. His tentacles writhed from his bestial body. His coal-red eyes burned with love for me. At least his affections were true.

With a snarl, Shadow’s tentacles launched at Astarte’s back. Black, ropy tentacles wrapped around the demoness, squeezing and trying to crush her body. Shadow tried to pull her off of me, but she resisted. Her metaphysical hands kept tearing away more and more of my power. Shadow clawed at the field of wildflowers as he backed away, trying to pull her off of me. He kept going back, his tentacles stretching.

Astarte wouldn’t budge.

“You can do it, my love!” I roared.

“You love this foul beast,” snorted Astarte. “You are a whore. Does your pussy loved to be raped by his demonic tentacles?”

“Fuck you!” I snarled.

“Done that. You’re not nearly as good a fuck as you think you are.”

Shadow howled as he kept straining to pull the demoness off of me. Astarte didn’t even seem to care. She kept ripping at my soul. I shuddered in pain. I wasn’t about to let her beat me. I just had to hold on until Shadow saved me.

His tentacles tore in half, leaving black ichor spraying across the flowers. My demonic lover sprang back, tumbling across the ground as he howled in pain.

“No!” I cried.

Astarte wiggled out of his severed tentacles. Her silvery eyes bore into mine, reaching into my soul. I screamed as she tore more of the golden power away from me. The pain shook my body. My bones throbbed in agony.

I howled with Shadow.

But my demonic lover wasn’t out of the fight. He gained his feet, snarling with rage. He lunged forward, jaw snapping. He could engulf most of Astarte’s slim body in a single gulp. He leaped, landed before us, and bit.

His jaw crushed down on the demoness. Silver energy burst from her body.

Shadow vanished in starry light, his body disintegrated. Dark motes drifted around us. One fell on my lips—a final kiss.

“No!” I sobbed in horror. More grief filled me. “Shadow!”

My grip on the golden power slipped. Astarte shuddered as she ripped it from me. Her body blazed in golden light. The demoness rose in triumph. I had doomed the world. I had been seduced by a pretty face and the promise of liberation.

I had been tricked again.


Mary Glassner – The Abyss

Tears ran down my cheek as I watched my daughters agony.

“It’s finally time,” my husband whispered, his blue eyes swimming pain. “We knew there would be a price.”

I nodded my head and looked at Reina. I touched her mind the way I had so many times before. She had been prepared for this moment. Her and her brother. I seized her soul in my hand as Mark seized Rex’s.


Rex Glassner – Paradise, WA

I struggled to stand up, stunned by Aoifa’s spell when she cast a second. Anger boiled in me as a great, languish sleep suddenly fell upon me. I tried to fight it, clutching onto my anger at Sister Stella or whomever that bitch really was.

Aoifa was my wife, and that bitch had fucked with her.

But Aoifa’s spell was too strong. I couldn’t fight it. I sank into sleep.

Everything was gray. There was mist roiling about my feet. I frowned, looking around. I thought I had fallen asleep, and yet I felt so awake. But there was nothing here. Just this endless fog and—

“Hello, son.”

The masculine voice startled me. I jumped and whirled about. A man stood facing me, tall, with dark hair and piercing, blue eyes. He was fit and well-dressed in a black suit. I recognized him from the statue.

“Yep,” the man nodded, a boyish grin spreading across his face. “I am Mark Glassner.”

That voice was familiar. I blinked. It was the sound of my subconscious. “You’ve been talking to me all my life.”

“I have. I’ve been nudging you while Mary has been nudging your sister.”

“What is going on?” I looked around at the gray. “Where are we?”

“Your soul. Your mother made a Pact with me and Mary. It allows us to touch your souls in a more direct manner.”

“What? I don’t understand.”

“Isabella was a fervent worshiper. Young and eager.” The smile on my father’s lips grew. “So eager. Your mother was lithe in our bed when I took her virginity. She was the last virgin I slept with.”

“And?” I was growing impatient. My wife Aoifa was possessed and Chase was being killed by some demon pretending to be Sister Stella.

“And she was the perfect tool to save Chase.” His smile fell. “Mary and I messed up. We didn’t give our daughter what she needed. And then she was tricked into killing us. It broke her soul, but because of that damned holy power inside her, she couldn’t die. So Mary and I, along with a few of our servants, had to find a way to free her and keep her spirits up. You and your sister were perfect.”

A chill passed through me. “Did you know my mother would die?”


I flinched.

“I know. I’m a bastard. I did far worse to save Mary once. And I would do far worse to save Chase.”

“But…but…” I sputtered. “My mother worshiped you.”

“And she was eager to pay the price. She believed we were gods. She would have done anything for us.”

“You’re a fucking asshole!” I clenched my fist. “Fuck you!”

“She died and she got her reward. She is with us in Hell, perfectly happy. She watches you and your sister. She’s patiently waiting to meet you. It’ll be awhile, son. But one day, you and Reina will meet her. But that’s beside the point. Mary and I gambled everything on getting Chase here with Astarte.”

“You knew that nun was Astarte?”

“How else were we going to free our daughter from the power?” My father sighed. “I know Chase is in pain right now, but she’ll be free of it. Liberated to live how she chooses.”

“By letting that demoness kill her?”

“That’s up to you. Mary and I manipulated everything to this point. We put Aoifa in your path both to heal Queenie and so she could fall under Astarte’s spell and put you to sleep at this very moment so we could talk.”

“Aoifa summoned you to save her town,” I growled. “You could have saved it.”

My father shrugged. “My daughter was more important than a few thousand people’s lives. They’re happy down in Hell. We reward our followers. We’re not like the demons. We don’t torture and prey upon them in Hell. It’s really a much nicer place than it used to be.”

“You just don’t give a fucking damn about them up here?” I roared.

“Nope. We were kicked out of this world. We found a better place.” He sighed. “But that’s not why I’m here. Chase will be consumed by Astarte. She won’t die; she’ll be turned into the demoness slave. You all will. So let me possess your body for about thirty minutes and I’ll stop Astarte, restore Aoifa to normal, and save Chase.”

“And if I tell you to go fuck yourself?”

“Then you and everyone you love will be tortured by Astarte.”

I shivered. “It doesn’t sound like much of a choice.”

“No. Like I said, I’m a bastard. I’ve manipulated you your entire life for this one moment.” A smile crossed his lips. “But I encouraged you to have a lot of fun.”

I ground my teeth. “I fucking hate you.”

My father just looked at me with those blue eyes.

“Fine. Possess me. Save my fucking family, bastard.”

“We have a Pact.”



The power filled me. All my planning for the last eighteen years had worked. My rituals had gathered all the power at Paradise, and Chase had been stupid enough to believe my lies. My demons ringed the field. They had feasted for days, killing all Mark and Mary’s stupid, deluded followers that sought to worship here.

I didn’t want any interference.

Chase sobbed beneath me. She was such a beautiful specimen. I would make her my chief concubine. She would rule at my side, forever my degraded slave. How her parents would howl and gnash their teeth in Hell as I despoiled their children.

I would find every one of Mark’s bastards in the world. I would make them all love me.

“We’ve been looking for you, Astarte.”

I spun about. The twins stepped through my radiance. Their clothes dissolved away, consumed by my silvery light, but not their flesh. I narrowed my eyes. There was something different about them. They moved with power.

“Who are you two really?”

Rex smiled. It was boyish. I recognized that smile. An angry hiss escaped my lips.

“You hid under our noses for years,” Mary said through Reina’s mouth.

I spat at the whore, “How are you possessing their bodies?”

“Astarte, we have your powers and Lucifer’s powers. We have all the powers of hell.” Mark shook his head. “You made a mistake when you incarnated as a human. You have a thread. We’ve nudged your threads for the last eighteen years. Did you really think this was your plan?”

“I have the power of Heaven, stolen from your daughter! I will rule the world.”

Rex shook his head. “Not enough of the power of heaven. Not enough to stand up against us.”

“We have a place prepared for you, Astarte,” Mary purred through Reina’s voice. “We owe you for the pain you inflicted on our daughter.”

“You broke her heart.” Mark’s words crackled around me. Power hummed in the air. “You broke my baby-girl’s heart.”

I screamed in pain.


Chasity “Chase” Glassner

I blinked my eyes as the silvery radiance died. The woman I had loved fell dead to the ground at the feet of Rex and Reina. I stared at the twins in shock, confusion filled my mind.

“What is going on?” I coughed. My body still ached.

“We set you free,” Rex said. But there was something in his tone. Something in his eyes.

“D-daddy?” My voice quivered.

“Yes,” he smiled, kneeling down beside me and taking my hand.

“I’m here, too,” Mother said through Reina’s voice.


“The twins will explain,” Father said. “They’re not happy with us.”

“You didn’t hurt them?” I swallowed.

“Only emotionally.”

“Is this…your plan? Are you and mom back? Are you…going to conquer the world again?”

“We’re not back. We never were coming back.” My mother caressed my face with Reina’s hand. “We’re done with this world. The Creator cheats. He will never let any power rule it forever. We were merely allowed to conquer the world so the Creator could demonstrate just how powerful he is. We have found a better place.”

“I don’t understand. You always wanted to rule the world.”

“We ruled the world, and all it did was drive you away.” Father shone through Rex’s eyes. “We failed you, Chase.”

“We’re so sorry.” Tears misted Reina’s eyes. For a moment, they were almost green. “We were selfish. We didn’t want to give up our power. I always thought you’d understand one day. That you would come back.”

“I did…” My hand remembered clenching the knife. “I…I’m so sorry.”

“You have nothing to be sorry for.” Father, through Rex, squeezed my hand. “We love you Chase. We’ve set you free of the Creator’s power. You are free to live how you want.”

“We’ll wait for you,” Mother smiled.

“We have to go. We’ve stolen Rex and Reina’s bodies for too long.”

“Daddy!” I sobbed. “Please, stay.”

“The bastard’s gone,” Rex spat.

“So it worked?” Reina whispered.

“I guess,” I swallowed. The power was gone. I was liberated from it. “What happened?”

“Our father is a bastard,” Rex repeated.

“Your parents manipulated everything, even Astarte, to this one moment so you could be free. They love you a lot.”

“You’re all they love,” Rex muttered.

Reina sighed. “Rex. They love us, too. They made sure we were happy. They gave us three great women to love.”

“We found them on our own.”

Reina shook her head. “Mary explained it to me. They made sure we would save Sarah from her torture, they rescued Aoifa from being killed by the Christians, and they made sure Queenie would live by giving Aoifa healing powers. They wanted us to be happy, too.”

I hugged the twins. “I’m free,” I whispered. “And they forgave me.” I sobbed into their arms as Queenie, Sarah, and Aoifa joined us.

I was finally free.


Epilogue: A Hug

March 19, 2073 – Chasity “Chase” Glassner – Tacoma, WA

I penned the last sentence of my autobiography. I wiped the tip of the quill off on a rag and caped my jar of ink. I stood up from the writing desk, my hand trembling. My story was told. The twins would see it published and Sarah would treasure it.

Nothing was left to hold me to this world. It was time to move on. It was time to see the rest of my family. The twins would grieve. But they would move on. They had Sarah, Queenie, and Aoifa, and soon they would have their own children to love. Queenie and Sarah would soon give birth, and Aoifa’s pregnancy was coming along. Even Reina had finally conceived—she had been getting worried.

I walked out of the house, marching through the streets of Tacoma.

My family was happy here. The twins and Sarah were demigods, and they enjoyed the worship—and Rex enjoyed the women—that came with such august ranks.

It was still dark, though the sun brightened the horizon. It felt wonderful to walk free of any burdens. I smiled, savoring the icy air on my cheeks, the gravel crunching beneath my feet, the soft rustle of leaves in the trees. My steps grew lighter, my smile broader. I skipped. I felt like a girl again, instead of a weary, old woman trapped in a young girl’s body.

My auburn hair flowed behind me as I began to ran, my laughs following after me.

I was free.

I reached the Narrows Bridge. The vast, metal frame still survived, the cables arching from the cliff’s edge to the distant towers. No one used it to cross any longer. Huge patches of the concrete bed had fallen into the Puget Sound far below. I walked along the steel girder, the green paint faded and splotched by red rust. The wind howled, whipping at my hair as I reached the center. The Puget Sound rippled below, driven by the fierce gusts.

I climbed over the railing and looked down at the dark waters.

“I’m coming home,” I whispered.

I spread out my arms and fell forward.

I was falling, falling, falling.

Into Darkness.

The Darkness gave way to light.

Grass tickled my cheek, sunlight warmed my body. I blinked in surprise as I pushed myself up. The grass was so green, so vibrant. My eyes widened when I realized where I was—the mansion. The home I had grown up in. People surrounded me. The maids and bodyguards, the sluts, my siblings and grandparents, all the people I had killed that day.

They all had welcoming smiles.

A dark form, a shadowy demon, prowled on the edges, his eyes on me. I smiled at my demonic lover, and then at the rest of my family. I knew one day the twins, Sarah, and Aoifa would join me. But they deserved to live their lives first.

Then my father and mother stood over me, tears running down their cheeks.

“Daddy?” I whispered as I rose.

He hugged me in a crushing embrace. This time I didn’t stab him with a dagger. This time I hugged him back.

“I love you, Daddy,” I whispered as the tears poured down my cheeks.

“I know.”

Mommy hugged us both. I savored the embrace of my parents. I was finally home.


Reina Glassner

I came downstairs, rubbing at my stomach. Morning sickness was not fun. A sob drew my attention. It came from Chase’s study. I padded across the floor and peered in. The very pregnant Sarah sat at Chase’s desk, staring at our sister’s book.

“She finished it?” I asked, tears beading my eyes.

Sarah nodded.

My sister was free. I didn’t want her to leave us, but I understood. This world only held memories of all the pain she had suffered. She would be happier with our father.

We would all see Chase again. But not for many years.

Sarah opened the book to the first page. She had been eager to read it, but now her hand trembled. Sarah cleared her voice and read, “My name is Chasity Alberta Glassner, the Tyrants’ daughter. I write these words down so my motivations will not be lost to time, and so there will be no confusion, speculation, or misunderstanding about my actions.

The End of the Devil’s Pact

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10 thoughts on “The Devil’s Pact, The Tyrants’ Daughter Chapter 15: Paradise

  1. Sin

    Just wanted to congratulate you on completing the series. Job well done. Quick question, is there any origin to shadow or is he just a random demon. It seemed like there was supposed to be something else there but it was cut short. Just my curiosity for loose ends.


    1. mypenname3000 Post author

      Shadow was literally a random demon. He had managed to survive the demon wars and had stayed in the, well, shadows. When he came across chase, he tried to kill her, but her prophetesss powers instead dominated the demon. That’s why he started protecting loving her.


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