Devil Pact Update 1-5-14

Hey everyone,

My editor has Chapter 33, but its a complex chapter and taking a little longer to edit. Sorry for the delay.

I’ve added a forum, link can be found on the right side of the blog, along with links to a Poll and a post where I will also be posting updates on the releases.

Anyway, here’s a preview for Chapter 33: The Calm Before the Storm. Now, this is unedited so it probably has many mistakes. But, there is one slut that hasn’t made her decision on whether or not to stay. Xiu was shot and was too injured to get the chance.

Mark and I marched down a few doors to Xiu’s room. Xiu looked so tiny on her hospital bed, she was sleeping peacefully, her round face relaxed. Unlike Alice, she didn’t have a respirator to breath for her. Mark walked up to her and took her hand and she woke up and smiled up at him. He whispered a word, and healed her.

She gasped loudly as the scarlet light enveloped her, bolting upright in the bed. When the light faded, the color was back in her round cheeks and her almond eyes were wide with amazement. The IV that had been in her arm had been forced out of her flesh. Xiu ripped off the sensors and threw her arms around Mark. “Oh, thank you, thank you, Master!”

Mark stroked her face. “Xiu, I’m going to free you from my control for the next twenty-four hours. I want you to decide if you want to be our slut. Or if you do not want to be our slut, I will free you.”

Confusion appeared on Xiu’s face as she was released from Mark’s control. She frowned, looking at us, then stood up from the bed and walked over to the a plastic bag on the counter that contained her personal affects. She striped out of her hospital gown, her petite, olive-skinned body was beautiful. Her skin was flawless, her ass firm and slim, and her huge breasts swayed as she moved, topped with dark nipples. She fished around in the bag and pulled out her nipple piercings. She frowned, trying to stick the piercing through her nipple.

“I’m not pierced anymore,” she whispered in surprise.

“I guess I healed you too well,” Mark grinned.

Xiu laughed and pulled out her gold choker with her name written in emeralds, and clasped it about her throat. “I am yours,” she answered and bent over the foot of her hospital bed, grasped her asscheeks and spread them, exposing her tight asshole. “Fuck my ass, Master. Hard!” A broad smile appeared on her lips. “Make it hurt, Master!”

“And what about me?” I pouted as Mark was moving behind her.

“I would love to eat your pussy, Mistress,” Xiu said, licking her lush lips. “I am your sex slave. Use and abuse me for your pleasure.”

Xiu gasped loudly in pain as Mark fucked her ass. He shoved his cock roughly into her unlubed ass. Lust shown in Xiu’s eyes, the slut loved to be hurt, got off on it. I climbed on the bed, spread my legs and felt some of my exhaustion melt away as Xiu’s tongue lapped at my slit. She buried her face in my snatch, her nose bumping my clit, her fingers spreading my lips open as she dug her tongue furiously inside her.

“Oh fuck, that’s nice, slut!” I moaned. I caught Mark’s blue eyes and he smiled at me as he pounded her tight ass. “Eat my pussy! Yes, yes, that’s so fucking nice.” I gasped as Xiu shoved two fingers up my tight pussy.

I watched Xiu’s ass jiggled as Mark’s groin slapped into her cheeks, filling the room with the slap of flesh. I grabbed Xiu’s black hair with one hand and pulled her face tight against my cunt as my hips writhed in pleasure. Mark was thrusting harder into her ass, pushing Xiu’s face into my pussy as he bottomed out in her asses.

“Your ass is fucking tight, slut!” Mark moaned. “I love fucking your slutty ass!”

Xiu moaned happily into my pussy. “Are you going flood this naughty slut’s ass, Mark?”

“I am, Mare!” Mark panted.

I could feel my orgasm building inside me. Skillfully fueled by Xiu’s lips and fingers. Her tongue fluttered at my clit as her fingers slid along my pussy walls. I groaned, my back arching, as Xiu sucked my little pearl between her lips and curled her fingers just right. My orgasm exploded out of me as the little slut found my G-Spot and I splattered her face with my girl-cum.

“Oh fuck, that was great, slut!” I moaned.

“I’m so happy, Mistress,” Xiu answered from between my thighs. “Master’s cock feel so amazing in my ass! Umm, I’m going to cum, Master! Ohhh, thank you, thank you for making me cum!”

“Fucking slut!” Mark groaned and slammed his cock into her, his face contorted in pleasure as he flooded her ass with his cum. “God damn, that was good, slut!”

Mark pulled out of her ass and I rested back on Xiu’s bed. Xiu turned around and quickly knelt down and started cleaning Mark’s cock off like a good slut. Mark stroked her black hair and smiled at me.

Well, take care everyone


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2 thoughts on “Devil Pact Update 1-5-14

  1. mike h.

    Perfect teaser. Dude that was wrong to stop it like that though…lol. Is the whole story gonna b in book form eventually?

    1. mypenname3000 Post author

      When it’s all done, I think I’ll reedit into a book. Writhing a chapter at a time is interesting. There are certain things that I thought were important in the earlier stages that I wish I never introduced. There’s a prologue I would add (how Mark found out about the Pact), as well.

      My editor got through 90% of the chapter before he had to stop for the day. It is a beast, and it will definitely need a second edit. I had to make many minor changes.


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