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Hey everyone,

Chapter 33 will be posted probably tomorrow. The second edits is finished and since it was such a huge chapter, I’ve sent it back for one last edit.

Once it’s posted, the current poll will end. Right now, Coffee After Work is winning.

Coffee After Work is a sequel to The Number One Rule of Retail and is part 2 of 4. It’s told from Kevin’s perspective, Jessie’s co-worker, who’s had a crush on Jessie since she started working at the Best Buy. Thanks to the incident, Jessie’s started to notice him and he’s working up the courage to ask her out. It’s very short, but leads into the meat of their story with parts 3 and 4.

Tied for second are Alison and Desiree Get Married and The Ghost of Paris.

Alison and Desiree get Married is pretty self-explanatory. It goes into a bit about the growing religion around Mark and Mary.

The ghost of Paris is a nine part mini-series that follows a man who makes a Pact with the Devil to be invisible so he can perv on women.

And tied for last are Willow’s First Day and Lesbian Cuckold.

Willow’s first day, which I’ve since renamed Willow’s Fantasy, follows Willow on the day of the Clinic’s opening, and she’s eager to fulfill her fantasy of molesting a patient during a gynecological exam.

Lesbian Cuckold is a Tale of the Best Buy experience. Told from Kristi Shelly’s perspective. Her wife, Ashley, was gangbanged at the Best Buy and she has to adjust to the changes in Ashley’s sex drive after the incident.

Well, take care everyone

I also added some new pics to the Character Pictures: Chasity, Korina, and Jessie


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