The Devil’s Pact Slave Chronicles Chapter 7: Dawn, The Glory Holes



The Devil’s Pact Slave Chronicles

Chapter Seven: Dawn, The Glory Holes

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2015

Story Codes: Teen male/Teen female, Teen males/Teen female, Domination/submission, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism, Orgy, Prostitution

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Note: Dawn was given to Missy, Mary’s little sister, to be a slave. Thanks to b0b for beta reading this!

Friday, September 6th, 2013 – Dawn Cooper – Washington High School

“I think that’ll do it,” Damien said.

I leaned naked against the sinks in the boys cafeteria bathroom. There was a chill in the restroom that made my nipples hard as rocks and my arms pimply with gooseflesh. Damien, my Mistress’s boyfriend, was climbing down a step ladder. He had just finished screwing a pair of webcams into the ceiling.

“Ohh, it’s working,” Missy, my Mistress, cooed, bouncing on the balls of her feet. She waved her hand up at the camera while staring down at her smart phone. With an excited squeal, she threw her arms around Damien’s neck and gave him a kiss.

They made a cute couple. Damien was tall, gangly, with a handsome face and a very cute butt. Missy had strawberry-blonde hair and was as gangly as her boyfriend, still growing into her mature, female body. Of course, none of us in the bathroom would grow older, we were all bound to Mark, our aging permanently halted by the Zimmah bond. Missy and Damien would look fifteen forever, and I would look seventeen.

“Do I really have to do this, Mistress?” I asked; my stomach roiled like a bubbling pot of stew.

“Yes,” she firmly said.

“I’m scared and…and this is so humiliating,” I protested. “It’s bad enough that every boy in school will think I’m a slut, but do you have to broadcast it over the internet?”

Missy whirled, and her sapphire eyes fixed on me. I flinched as she strode over and painfully pinched one of my fat nipples. I gasped and fell to my knees, fighting back tears as she twisted the sensitive nub. I hated when she did this. I shifted my thighs, my poor clit aching and my vulva itching to be touched.

“You spent the last few years bullying me!” Missy hissed. “We aren’t even close to being even yet.”

“Sorry, mistress,” I quailed, shrinking beneath her gaze.

I had been terrible to her before Mark and Mary readjusted my outlook on life. I probably was mean to Missy because deep down inside I loved her. I must have been trying to repress that part of me by treating her so meanly. But Mary had realized the truth. She had taught me that deep down inside me I was a dirty slut that just wanted to be Missy’s slave.

Missy delighted in owning me and had spent the summer finding new ways to humiliate me—all part of my punishment. I had a tramp stamp that read “Anal Slut” now, and she made me spend an hour in the men’s restroom at the South Hill Mall bent over the toilet. I had to beg every man who walked into the stall to fuck my ass.

They didn’t use lube and it hurt so badly. I don’t understand how I came three times that day; my ass was sore for a week. Another time, I had to stand on a street corner and prostitute myself for an evening. Disgusting bums and crackheads used me for five dollars. There was the memorable night that Missy sent me to a party—I don’t know how she learned about it—and thirty guys jerked off on me, covering me from head to foot in cum. Lillian, one of Mark and Mary’s sluts, had been so jealous when she learned about the party.

“I made three hundred dollars off that one,” Missy had declared a few days later. “I sold your video to a Japanese bukakke site.”

And today I was going to service any boy who came into our high school’s bathroom. There were three stalls and Damien had drilled a pair of glory holes into the middle stall. Any cock that shoved through either hole, I had to satisfy with my mouth or pussy. For the privilege of using my body, the boys would have to pay twenty dollars to get in.

“Do I at least get a break?” I asked.

“If you need to piss, there’s a toilet in there. Just don’t stop servicing their cocks,” Missy ordered.

“What about lunch?”

Missy laughed, “You’re going to drink so much cum, you’ll get all the protein you need for the day. Besides, we left a case of bottled water for you in there.”

I couldn’t think of any other objections. Missy knelt down and stroked my face. “You’re going to have so much fun, and you know it.”

“No I’m not,” I complained.

“You always love it,” Missy smiled. “You’ve loved every mean, degrading thing I’ve done to you. I can smell your pussy. You’re dripping wet, aren’t you?”

I nodded, flushing in shame. Why did I get off on being treated so badly?

Missy kissed me and all my stress and fear melted away. I loved this petite girl with all my heart, even if she was only fond of me. I didn’t care, I was lucky enough to serve her. She broke the kiss, stroked my face gently, and beamed at me.

“Go in there and make me lots of money.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

I crawled into the stall. They left a cushion for me to kneel on and a case of bottled water. I sat on the cushion and heard the first period bell ring. My stomach boiled and I shook. I couldn’t do this. I wanted to bolt, to run away, but that would make Missy unhappy. I couldn’t make her unhappy with me. I was her slave. I had to obey.

The door opened; sneakers squeaked as they crossed the linoleum. My first customer. One of the bodyguards was out front, collecting the money. Once again, I was whoring myself out, and this time the entire world could be watching. Missy was streaming this to one of those webcam sites where people could log in and pay to see my humiliation. They were probably hundreds of perverted guys jerking their cocks right now.

The stall to my right opened. My heart beat faster. Jeans rustled and a zipper rasped. There was a nervous cough and a muttered voice, then a skinny, white cock stuck through the four inch diameter hole wrapped in duct tape. The dick waved in the air, half-hard, and I could only stare at it, frozen in fear.

I couldn’t do this.

“You gonna suck my cock or what,” a petulant voice asked. “I paid good money for this! This better not be a prank. I’ll kick Damien’s ass.”

My hand reached out and grasped his cock. The dick throbbed in my hand, expanding as my hand stroked slowly up and down the shaft.

“Shit,” the guy muttered.

I was mesmerized by his cock, the head dark red, a drop of precum forming at the slit at the tip. I licked my lips, moved closer and closer to the cock, and then I swallowed it. The guy moaned in disbelief as I sucked hard.

“Fuck!” His cum erupted into my mouth, thick and salty. Then he pulled away, fastened up his pants, and fled the bathroom.

“That wasn’t so bad,” I muttered. I licked my lips, looking up at the webcam. Feeling bold, I winked for the crowds jerking off to me.

The bathroom door banged open. “I hear there’s a slut that loves to suck cock in here!” a voice full of male bravado declared.

I knew what to say. “Stick your cock through the hole and I’ll drain your balls dry.” I was surprised to hear how calm and sultry I sounded. I guess I knew Missy would be mad if I sounded scarred.

The stall opened and a small cock shoved through. I sucked it into my mouth. I didn’t have to unhinge my jaw to swallow it, which was always nice. He tasted of baby powder, and I had to work extra hard to keep my mouth lubed with spit.

“You dirty slut!” he groaned. “I’m in the cafeteria bathroom right now! Twenty bucks and some chick’ll blow you.” He laughed. “Just posted that to vine, yo, and tweeted it out.”

Even more people were going to know about my humiliation. My cheeks burned and my pussy ached to be touched. A single trickle of my pussy juices tickled down my thigh. The cock suddenly erupted in my mouth, blast of thin, watery cum filled my mouth. He tasted sweeter than the last boy, and I swirled it around my mouth. I swallowed it all, squeezing my thighs together. My pussy was on fire.

“You are one dirty slut,” the guy laughed. “Peace.”

The stall door opened again.

“You’re gonna love it man,” the guy I just blew said. “She’ll suck your nuts dry!”

The new boy didn’t answer. I bet he was shy. I pictured a nerdy boy, his glasses slipping down his face. A virgin who only had his own hand to pleasure his dick. I would be the first girl to ever touch his cock. He’d probably shoot the moment my lips touched his little dick.

I blinked in surprise at the monster that was shoved his dick through the hole. He must be nine or ten inches when he was hard. Whoever this guy was, he must the envy of every boy in school. I knew a few girls that would kill to feel this cock stretching out their pussies. If he was a shy virgin, I hoped I would give him some confidence so he would go out there and get some cunt.

“What a big one you got,” I purred. “Umm, I love ’em big.”

He didn’t answer. I licked up his cock, a strong, musky flavor coated my tongue, then lapped at the tip while my hand fisted life into his cock. He ballooned up—definitely ten inches. I couldn’t even fit half of him in my mouth before he brushed the back of my throat.

“Oh, shit!” he suddenly exclaimed. “Fuck, that’s amazing!”

I sucked hard, humming to add that extra sensation to his cock. I was in such awe of his thick cock, I wanted to give him the best blowjob I could. I wanted to worship this monster. As I sucked, swirling my tongue around the tip, I wondered what this monster would feel like in my pussy.

The incessant, needful ache in my pussy couldn’t be ignored any longer. I needed a cock to scratch that itch.

“What? Hey!” the boy exclaimed as I popped his cock out of my mouth. “I was so close.”

“Hold your horses,” I muttered.

I turned around, bending my legs slightly, and scooted my ass back until I felt that cock prodding my pussy. I braced my arms against the opposite side of the stall and shoved back, groaning as that monster stretched my pussy. It was wonderful. I felt so full. Every nerve in my cunt seemed to ignite and a mini-quake rumbled through my body.

“Holy shit!” the boy exclaimed. “Is that your…?”

I groaned as I kept pushing back. I didn’t stop until my ass touched the cold metal of the stall. “Yeah! You’re balls deep in my pussy!” I purred. “Don’t be shy and tear my cunt up with your big cock!”

The hung guy pistoned his cock in and out of my cunt. I screamed my pleasure, looking up at the cameras so they could see my face contorted in passion. His dick reached deep inside of me; every stroke seemed to send aftershocks through me. I could smell my pussy and feel the juices running thick down my thighs.

A cock appeared in front of me, shoved through the glory hole from the other side. Dark brown, six inches. I didn’t hesitate. I sucked this new cock into my lips. I was such a whore. I moaned around the salami in my lips, savoring the salt of his precum.

“You one nasty puta,” groaned the boy with a light, Mexican accent. “Suck my mast, puta. You like my big, Mexican verga?”

I did, and I tried to make my moan sound like a yes.

“Oh, fuck,” the boy pounding my snatch moaned. “Oh, fuck. Holy shit! So hot! Gonna cum!”

“Do it! Cum in me!”

The virgin stud buried into my cunt. He groaned as jets of his cum pumped inside me, warm and sticky. I sucked harder on the dick in my mouth, moaning like a slut as a powerful orgasm quaked through my body. The cock in my pussy pulled out, leaving me feeling vacant.

I needed something in my pussy, fucking my poor, nasty cunt.

I was about to release the Mexican’s cock and shove that dick in my pussy, when a new shaft shoved through the glory hole straight into my pussy. The new cock wasn’t thick or as long as the last, but it was better than nothing. I clamped my pussy down as I sucked harder on the Mexican stud’s cock. The owner of the new cock moaned in surprise as he fucked my hot pussy.

“Jesus, I’m in your cunt!”

“She’s a nasty puta!”

The Mexican grunted and thick, salty cum flooded my mouth. I swallowed, and more and more kept pouring in. It seemed like a month’s worth of cum flooded my mouth, leaking out and dripping down my cheeks and neck. Without a word, the cock withdrew, and I gasped for breath.

I looked over my shoulder and saw the cock fucking me was black. “Oh, yes, fuck me. Pound my White snatch!”

“You best believe I am, breezy!” he groaned. “Gonna bust a nut in your sweet cunt!”

He grunted like an animal as he rutted in my sloppy cunt. I gasped and moaned as another orgasm trembled through me, wildly tossing my blonde hair as I came. His thrust grew harder, more insistent, the stall creaking as the metal flexed.

“Here it cums, ho!” he moaned. “Take it! Take it all!”

I fell to my knees on the cushion when his cock pulled out of my cunt, breathing heavily. Sweat drenched my body and the air reeked of sex. Cum dripped out of my cunt. I reached down and gathered a big glob then looked up at the camera. I happily smiled as I swallowed the cum, putting on a show for the viewers.

Maybe Missy was right about me.

The bathroom doors opened and a pair of footsteps echoed through the bathroom. “I can’t believe we’re doing this,” a boy nervously chuckled.

“Don’t be a pussy,” his friend said. “Let’s get our dicks wet!”

Two, white cocks, both average sized, pushed through the holes. The one on my left was uncircumcised, the pink head hiding in a sweater of flesh. The other cock, on my right, had an angry red tip already leaking precum. Smiling like a girl in a candy shop, I reached out and grasped both cocks, stroking them. Which to suck first?

I watched the uncircumcised cock, sliding the foreskin up and down on the head. Licking my lips, salty with the Mexican’s cum, I leaned over and sucked the uncircumcised dick into my mouth. This cock had a strong flavor that made my mouth water. I explored the foreskin, wiggling my tongue inside while my right hand kept pumping away on the other cock.

After a minute I popped it out of my lips and sucked in the circumcised dick into my lips, fisting the uncircumcised shaft. I alternated, sucking on one for about a minute, then sliding my mouth around the other. My fists never stopped pumping. It was exciting, both cocks felt so different in my mouth.

I was sucking the circumcised cock, my fist squeezing hard and flying up and down on the uncircumcised cock, when it erupted and sprayed my hair in thick sticky cum. I pulled the other cock out of my mouth, pumped it fast, and let the cum spray on my tits. Thick, white streams splashed on my round boobs, running slowly down my orbs.

“I love it!” I moaned. “Drench me in your cum!”

Another cock shoved through the hole, and I backed my pussy on it and let him go to town. I loved every second of it. And right on queue, a thick, black cock appeared before my lips. Moaning in delight, I bent down and happily sucked it into my mouth.


March 19th, 2016 – Asunción, South American District

I stepped out of the glory hole room, my body drenched in Paraguayans’ cum. Missy was always so kind to provide diversions for me on the dreadfully boring inspection tours. One of the men had a nice, fat cock that gave my pussy a nice workout. A stream of cum leaked out of my cunt, perhaps seven or eight men’s worth.

“Here’s a towel,” Damien smirked.

“Thank you, Master,” I smiled.

I wiped the sticky cum off my breasts and smiled as Mrs. Corra nursed the very cute Kaitlynn. She was a pink bundle of joy, born just last month to Missy and Damien. Thanks to a concoction Sam whipped up, Mrs. Corra’s massive tits produced the sweetest milk. My hand went down to my belly where my daughter grew. I was starting to show, a gentle swell curving my belly. Another concoction from Sam insured I would birth a daughter—Kaitlynn’s future slave.

I envied my Mistress’s daughter; she would get to grow up with her own slave.

The city of Asunción had been the beautiful capital of Paraguay, sitting on the left bank of the Paraguay River. It had been a city of culture, one of the earliest cities built in South America. Now it was half-rebuilt ruins. Chemosh, the demon that conquered South America, had wrecked considerable damage in the six months he had ruled. Mark and the Legion had slain the demon in Sao Paolo Brazil last March. A year later, the damage hadn’t even become close to being repaired.

Missy walked up, speaking with an architect and the newly-chosen Mayor of Asunción. She was accompanied by General Turner from the Legion and a squad of soldiers and bodyguards for protection. After slaying Chemosh, Mark had established the District of South America and gave it to Missy and Damien to oversee. They were just the figureheads while they learned how to rule from General Turner. He made the day-to-day decisions.

For the last year, we had been busy, traveling from city to village, making sure supplies were getting through for the rebuilding process and soldiers were recruited to fight against the demons. Last month, the Legion had liberated England from the demoness Astarte’s forces and were preparing the liberation of Europe across the English Channel.

“I think things are going great,” Missy declared, shaking hands with the Mayor.

Damien nodded.

“Asunción is able to send another thousand men and women to the war effort, divine sister” the Mayor added. Missy was the “divine sister,” the mortal sister of the Goddess.

Missy walked over and slipped her arm around her husband. They were still both gangly and youthful. Missy still had a pair of A Cups, cute little titties with big, fat nipples. Not even her recent pregnancy did much for her bust.

“Where are my handmaids, Mrs. Corra?” Missy asked.

“Miss Brentwood, Miss Song, and Miss Jones are at the local Church,” the former teacher replied. The handmaids were Missy’s friends from High School. A group of girls that worshiped her as their own goddess and had a lot of wicked fun with Missy and Damien during school. Only three, however, agreed to be bound and serve Missy forever: Emily Jones, Sallie Brentwood, and Macy Song.

“Go fetch them,” Missy ordered, then turned to me. “Did you enjoy yourself, slut?”

“I did! Thank you for arranging it, Mistress,” I smiled, kneeling down before her.

Missy rubbed a hand through my sticky, blonde hair. A happy thrill went through me as she petted me. She looked at her hand, grimacing at the cum staining her palms and fingers. “Boy, they really hosed you down today.”

“And I loved every minute,” I beamed before I licked the cum off her fingers, happy that I was her slave.

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