The Devil’s Pact Chapter Three: Customer Service



The Devil’s Pact

Chapter 3: Customer Service

by mypenname3000

© Copyright 2013, 2014

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Regretfully I walked out of the Heavenly Creatures Salon. I really wanted to stay and watch Mary have her pussy eaten out by Joy – the fine-ass Asian stylist – but the place reeked of so much nail polish remover my stomach felt queasy.

Oh well, Mary was going to have a good time, and I couldn’t wait to see her freshly waxed pussy. I smirked, wondering if she would remove all the hair. Or maybe she would just leave a landing strip of bright, auburn curls. I closed my eyes, picturing Mary’s beautiful, nude body: smiling, heart-shaped face; small, firm breasts covered in freckles; curvy waist; and a line of fire leading down her groin to her wet pussy.

I opened my eyes and continued walking to my old Ford Taurus and climbed in. Since I spend my days driving around selling used vacuum cleaners, I practically lived out of my car. It was full of fast food wrappers and other garbage. I really needed to clean it out. Mary deserved better than to ride around in this filthy car. She hadn’t said anything, but it was obvious she didn’t like riding in my car. Maybe I should just get a new car since this one was a piece of shit. A Mustang, maybe, black and sleek. That would work.

Fuck, I definitely should get a new car. I could do whatever I wanted.

Smiling, I stuck my keys in the ignition. Hopefully it would start. The engine cough, sputtered. I feathered the gas and, for a moment, I feared my car wouldn’t start. Finally the engine fired up noisily. Relieved, I drove up the street to the Best Buy and parked my car. I didn’t bother to lock it. There was nothing in the car except trash. And anyone was welcome to take that.

I walked into the Best Buy and headed for the electronic section and browsed the camcorders. There were a lot of choices. I read the specifications, but I wasn’t exactly an expert. I probably would just go with the most expensive one. It’s not like I planned on actually paying for it.

“Can I help you, sir,” a bubbly, female voice asked and a flowery perfume filled my nose.

I turned to see a tall, lanky blonde in a Best Buy blue polo shirt and khaki pants. Her face had that chiseled, Nordic beauty and her eyes were an ice blue. Pinned to her breast was a nametag that read Jessie. “You definitely can help me,” I told her, eying the way her tits filled out her polo shirt. “You want to make me happy, don’t you?”

Jessie smiled. “That’s what they pay me for, sir.”

I looked around for a place to take Jessie and fuck her. Maybe a bathroom or the backroom. No. I could just fuck her right here, amongst all these people. My cock was growing hard and painful in my pants as I thought about fucking her in public. Nearby was a Geek Squad kiosk in the middle of the computer department and I had an idea. I told her to follow me, and I lead her behind the Geek Squad counter.

“You shouldn’t be back here, sir,” Jessie protested.

“Can I get on the PA system from here?” I asked her.

“Yes?” she asked, frowning. “But customer’s aren’t allowed to. It’s for staff only.”

“Key up the PA for me.”

Without question she picked up the phone and dialed some numbers. As she was handing me the phone, someone behind me shouted, “Hey, customer’s aren’t supposed to be back here! What are you doing, Jessie?”

Jessie gaped at the balding man whose nametag said he was “Oscar” and the store’s general manager, Oscar. “I’m … sorry, sir,” Jessie stammered. “He needs to make an announcement.”

It was Oscar’s turn to gape at Jessie. “And you were just going to let him? C’mon, Jessie. You’ve worked here …”

I cut his tirade off with a simple, “Stop talking.” I chuckled in amusement as he almost bit his tongue in his haste to stop talking. “First off, Oscar everything I do in the store is allowed. Now you’re going to go and get the best camcorder you sell, open the box, and film what I do here.” He nodded. It looked like he wanted to talk and I remembered my last command. “You can talk again.” I would have to be careful what I told people.

“Okay, sir,” Oscar answered. “Jessie, this man is allowed to do what he wants, so help him out in anyway.”

“Sure, Oscar,” Jessie agreed, chipper and friendly.

I turned back to Jessie and took the phone from her. “Is it ready?”

She nodded. “Just talk into the phone, sir.”

“Attention Best Buy shoppers,” I announced over the PA. “I want everyone to believe that it’s okay for people to have sex in the Best Buy. You will not try to interfere with anyone having sex in front of you. You will not be offended. Watching someone have sex is going to arouse you. So, if anyone is interested, I’m going to be fucking Jessie in the computer section and you can come and watch. Otherwise, continue shopping and enjoy your morning. Thank you.”

“Wait, what!” Jessie exclaimed, stepping back from me. “No fucking way is that happening, asshole.”

“Oscar told you to help me out in any way,” I leered at her.

“He didn’t mean that,” Jessie protested.

“Sure he did. You want to be helpful. My cock’s hard and needs to cum,” I told her, “And your pussy’s getting all hot and bothered. You need a cock in you bad. So bend over the counter and let me fuck your cunt hard.”

The anger on her face vanished instantly, replaced with desire. “Sorry, sir, you’re right. My boss told me to help you out. Besides, I’m supposed to make sure all our customers leave satisfied. It’s the number one rule of retail, after all!”

Oscar the General Manger returned and filmed as Jessie bent over the counter, firm ass straining against her tight, khaki pants. Jessie undid her khakis and wiggled out of them revealing a pair of Hello-Kitty panties. I motioned to Oscar to film that sweet ass as she pushed down her pink and white panties, uncovering pussy was surrounded by blonde, curly hair that dripped juices. Her clit hardened, expanding pink out of its hood, and her inner lips were engorged and peaked out of her tight slit.

“Get a nice closeup of that cunt,” I ordered Oscar as I unzipped my pants and pulled out my hard dick.

I moved behind Jessie and rubbed my dick on her pussy. She moaned slowly as I pushed my cock into warm, inviting depths. She was wet, but not as tight as Mary. But she still felt great on my cock. Around us, a crowd of employees and customers was starting to form. Jessie’s cunt squeezed on my cock as she seemed excited by all the eyes on us. The spectators spurred me on and I fucked this whore hard and fast, the counter creaking beneath her.

Jessie screamed, “Fuck my cunt, fuck my cunt!”

I looked around the crowd and saw a young couple, mid-twenties, watching us intently. The man was average looking, with an athletic build. The woman with him was a petite blonde. She was wearing a purple dress with a loose, flowing skirt that fell to just below her knees and a tanktop blouse with a plunging neckline that revealed a magnificent bosom. For such a petite woman, she had such a large pair of tits. A wedding ring glinted on her hand and a gold band gleamed on the man’s.

I stared intently at the wife and she blushed. God this was hot. I smiled at her and the husband glanced at his wife and then stared daggers at me. I licked my lips suggestively at the wife as I gripped Jessie’s hips, switching to slow, deep stokes. It drove Jessie crazy. She begged me to go fast again. I enjoyed her velvety cunt gripping my entire cock as I slowly fucked her. It felt so damned amazing.

“God,” I moaned. “You feel so good, Jessie!”

“You too, sir!” she panted. “You’re filling me up! Oh, fuck! Faster! Oh, faster, please!”

“Fuck that bitch fast!” some guy yelled from the spectators.

“Yeah, give it to the whore hard!” another guy shouted.

That was a great idea. So I picked up the pace, fucking Jessie hard and fast. My balls were tightening, slapping against her clit every time I bottomed out. “Oh, fuck!” I moaned, plunging once more deep into her cunt’s embrace and unload my sperm deep into her.

Jessie panted. “Are you satisfied, sir.”

“I am, thanks,” I said as I pulled my cock out of her cunt, my cum ran out of her pink pussy.

Jessie moaned in disappointment. “Maybe you want to stick it back in, have another go?”

“I’ll stick it in you, bitch!” a spectator called out.

I did want to have another go, but not with Jessie. I glanced at the wife and saw her eyes were staring down at my glistening dick. “Just stay like that, Jessie,” I told her, then I turned to the wife. “The woman in the purple dress, come here.”

As she stepped forward her husband grabbed her arm, stopping her. She struggled hard in his grip. “What the hell, Erin?” he demanded.

“Let me go, Bill,” she protested. “I need to go to him. Please, Bill.”

“Let go of Erin,” I ordered him. He released his wife and she stumbled forward, almost falling. Regaining her balance, she walked behind the counter and stood next to me, looking up at me.

Erin was short, barely coming up to my chin. I could smell the herbal shampoo she used to wash her hair with. Staring down at her I saw that the roots of her hair were dark brown, so not a natural blonde, and her eyes were a hazel, brown with flecks of brilliant green. Bill followed his wife behind the counter, face reddening with anger. He muttered under his breath and paced like an angry bull. I was pretty sure he was working up the courage to hit me. I glanced over at Jessie, still bent over the counter.

“You need to cum, Jessie?” I asked her.

“So bad,” she moaned, shaking that fine ass. “Please, stick your cock back in.”

“Bill, fuck Jessie,” I ordered. “Don’t stop until she cums.” Bill moved towards Jessie, fumbling at his pants, almost tripping in his haste to get to her wet cunt.

“What the fuck are you doing, William?” his wife asked icily. She tried to grab her husband, but he easily pulled out of her grip, and buried himself into Jessie’s wet cunt with a low sigh. She started slapping her husband’s back and trying to pull him off. “Stop fucking that girl, Bill! Christ, what the fuck are you doing.”

“I can’t stop,” Bill moaned, hips pumping away. “I just have to fuck her!”

“Mmmhh,” moaned Jessie. “That’s better. Give me a nice fuck, sir!”

“How’re those sloppy seconds, Bill?” I asked

“Oh God!” he moaned. “She so wet. And tight. Crap, that’s nice!”

“William Connar,” Erin cried, hurt painting her face. “Why are you doing this?”

I pulled Erin to me and she wiggled in my grip. “Don’t resist,” I whispered as I cupped her face in my hand. She relaxed in my arms, tears swimming in her hazel eyes. “Erin, you want to get back at Bill, don’t you?”

“Yes,” she hissed, fighting back her tears. Her lips were red and full so I kissed them. She froze, not fighting, but not kissing me back, either. I realized I only told her not to resist.

“Good, hop up on that counter next to Jessie, and fuck me,” I told her. “That’ll show him.”

“It will,” she snarled and hopped up on the counter, sitting next to her husband fucking Jessie. She spread her legs, the shadow between her thighs promising pleasures to come.

“Bill, I’m going to eat your wife’s pussy till she cums,” I told him as he fucked Jessie hard. “Then, I’m gonna stick my cock up her cunt and cum deep in her.”

“What!” Bill demanded angrily, still fucking Jessie hard. “Don’t touch my wife, asshole.”

“Oh, you’re one to complain! You’re balls deep in that hussy!” his wife retorted.

“Sorry,” Bill apologized. “I just couldn’t resist!”

“Bastard!” Erin hissed.

I knelt before her and pushed up her skirt, exposing a purple thong covering her pussy. I pulled her thong down and exposed a beautiful, shaved pussy. Her inner lips were large, thick, and protruded an inch out of her slit. I stroked the lips of her cunt with a finger and her juices started to bead on her labia and her clit began to engorge. I swiped my tongue, tasting her musky flavor. Erin moaned as my tongue found her clit, swirling around the hard nub.

“Oh God, Mark knows his way around a pussy,” Erin gasped, vindictively. “Unlike some men I know.”

“I try,” Bill complained.

“Not hard enough,” Erin retorted. “Fuck, his tongue is wiggling inside me. Keep doing that!”

“You always complaining and nagging. Nothing I do is good enough for you, Erin!”

Erin moaned, rubbing her cunt on my face. “Oh, fuck! That’s good! And I wouldn’t complain if you weren’t fucking some fucking whore.”

“Hey!” protested Jessie, wiggling her ass on Bill’s cock. “I’m not a whore. I’m just giving good customer service!”

Erin’s left hand gripped my head and she let out a low, throaty moan. Juices squirted into my mouth as she came hard. “Oh God, oh God!” she screamed. “I’m cumming! Fuck! Fuck, that’s amazing.”

I stood up and wrapped my arms around Erin and tried to kiss her. She turned her head and I kissed her cheek, instead. Oh, well, I told her to fuck me, not kiss me. I grabbed my cock and rubbed the head against her wet labia. I moved it up and down, bumping her clit, and finally finding her pussy hole. I slid in and it felt so hot to be sliding into a married woman’s cunt.

Her husband watching, helpless to stop me, just made it hotter!

“God, Bill,” I moaned. “Your wife is nice and tight.”

“Fuck you!” Bill yelled.

“Sorry, Bill. I’m having too much fun fucking your wife.” Erin’s legs wrapped around my waist, tight, and her hips were fucking me back.

“Oh, god!” Erin moaned. “He’s deep in my pussy, Bill.”

Bill panted, he was fucking Jessie hard now. “It doesn’t feel as good as my cock?” he asked, desperately.

Erin moaned. “It feels different.” Erin watched her husband fuck Jessie. “Is her pussy better than mine?”

“It’s, oh fuck, different,” Bill panted.

“Oh, I’m gonna cum!” gasped Jessie. She let out a muffled squeal as she came, bucking on the counter.

“Oh that feels amazing,” Bill groaned, fucking Jessie hard and deep. “Here it comes, whore!” Bill came in Jessie’s pussy and then pulled out and stumbled back, panting. Then he grabbed my shoulder and tried to pull me out of his wife. Luckily her legs were wrapped tight around me, keeping me buried in her inviting cunt.

“Let go, Bill,” I ordered. “Stand there and watch me fuck your wife. You can jackoff if watching your wife getting fucked turns you on.”

Jessie stretched, a flood of cum running down her legs. “Thank you, Bill,” she said in her bubbly voice, “I had a lot of fun satisfying you!”

I looked at the crowd watching. “Jessie, bend back over that counter. There are plenty of men who still need satisfaction.” I looked at the crowd, fucking Erin slowly. “Who wants a go on Jessie.” A pimply faced Best Buy employee named Kevin shot his hand into the air faster than any of the other guys there. “Kevin, start fucking her cunt. Anyone else who wants to fuck her, form a line.”

Jessie squealed in delight, “So big!” as Kevin buried his cock into her cunt.

“Oh, god, I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long,” Kevin moaned.

Several men formed a line behind him. The pimply faced kid pumped his hips like a jackhammer and came in just a few strokes before he stumbled away gasping for air. The next guy in line, an overweight fifty year old, stuck his cock into Jessie’s messy pussy.

“Come on, Erin, I’m sorry,” Bill pleaded. “You don’t need to keep fucking him.”

“You came in that slut’s pussy,” Erin hissed accusingly, writhing her hips as I fucked her, “so he can cum in my pussy!”

“Sorry,” Bill mumbled.

I groped Erin’s large tits through her dress and bra, feeling hard nipples. Erin nibbled on my ear and clawed at my back. “Are you enjoying watching me get fucked, Bill?” Erin asked her husband.

“No,” Bill answered.

“Then why’s your cock hard?” Erin asked. “Hmmm, its getting so hard. You like watching your slutty wife getting plowed!” Her pussy was squeezing pleasantly on my cock. “I like you watching, honey. It’s making me feel so sexy and naughty!”

“Does it, Erin?” Bill asked, hesitantly.

“Mhh,” she moaned. “It does. Knowing you’re getting hard watching me is making me so hot.”

My hand slid down her back, squeezing her ass. I pulled her skirt up, exposing her butt, and slid my fingers down her crack. I pushed one into her tight asshole, sinking into her velvety flesh to the first knuckle. Her cunt tightened on my cock, and she gasped and bucked on me, laughing throatily.

“Ohhh, I like your finger up my ass,” she cooed in my ear. “Bill never plays with my asshole.”

“It’s dirty,” he protested.

Erin’s cunt squeezed my cock as I fingered her ass. “Oh, god! I’m such a slut!” she moaned. “Watch as I cum, Bill!” Her cunt spasmed on me as she came, milking my cock and I moaned and came deep in her, spurting my cum three times into her womb. I pulled out and she smiled at her husband. “Stick your cock in my cum-filled cunt,” she begged her husband.

Bill stared lustfully at his wife, stroking his cock. “I want to, Erin,” he moaned.

“Then hurry up, Bill,” she panted. “My cunt’s all wet and sticky.”

“You can move again, Bill,” I told him. Bill was in his wife by the time I finished the sentence, her limbs wrapped around each other and lips meeting in a passionate kiss.

“Your cock feels so good in me,” Erin cooed. “I love you, Bill!”

“Oh Erin! Love ya too, babe!”

I grabbed my camcorder from Oscar. “Thanks,” I told the manager. “I want you to grab some extra memory cards, the best windows laptop you have, and some accessories. Ring them up for me for free and leave the bag at the front register for me. Then you can join in the orgy.”

“Of course, sir,” Oscar said and headed off to follow my orders.

With the camera I surveyed the crowd of about twenty people who were watching. Most were guys, but there were a few attractive women in the mix. So I ordered them forward. There was a raven-black haired beauty, tall and busty, named Marcy. Fatima was a dusky, middle-eastern girl of about nineteen wearing a headscarf, conservative blouse and long, black skirt. There were two blondes. Veronica was the one with a bad bleach job and red highlights, and Ashley was the blonde with sea gray eyes and huge breasts, easily 48DD. I had all four stand front and center before the crowd.

“Ladies,” I ordered them. “Pick a partner and start fucking.” I looked at the crowd. “If they choose you, do what they want.”

Marcy, the raven-haired woman went to her boyfriend and rubbed his cock through his pants. “You got something for me, Joey?”

The man smiled. “Oh fuck yeah, Marcy.” Marcy pulled out Joey’s cock and devoured it, bobbing her head furiously as Joey moaned, “Fuck that’s good.”

She popped the cock out of her mouth. “You like it, sugar?” she asked, the licked up the shaft and sucking this cock back in her wet mouth.

“Love it when you suck me, Marcy.”

The Veronica had pulled a man out of the crowd. I saw a wedding ring glinting on her fingers as she fumbled with his belt. Another man, her husband I presumed, watch dumbfounded. Veronica puled the stranger’s cock out, and stroked his dick before pointing to the floor. The guy laid down, cock erect, as Veronica shrugged out of her jean shorts and blue panties. I zoomed in on her pussy and found a patch of neatly trimmed, brunette hair and thick, protruding pussy lips. She straddled the guy and sat down on his cock. She let out a low, throaty moan as she sank down on all the way on the cock and started riding him reverse cowgirl style. She motioned to her husband, pulled out his cock, and licked and sucked his shaft.

“Fuck, Veronica,” the blonde’s husband moaned as she bobbed her head on his cock. The other guy gripped her hips and guided the motions of her fucking. “What’s gotten into you?” he asked. Veronica just moaned around his cock.

Fatima pulled down the khaki pants of a curly brunette who worked for Best Buy. Her nametag read Lucy and she looked like a deer in headlights as the dusky girl pulled first her pants and then her yellow panties down her hips. Lucy’s cunt was shaved bare, save for a landing strip of brown hair leading to the top of her slit. It was so hot watching the Muslim girl’s dive into another woman’s muff and eat her out with gusto.

“Oh, shit,” Lucy moaned. “Jesus, what the fuck … oh crap! Ohhh, that feels nice. Mhhh, tongue my clit.”

My cock was hard, and I needed to stick into some girls hole. I really didn’t care which woman or even which hole. Ashley, with her enormous tits, fucked a middle aged man. Her pants and panties lay discard on the floor, and one leg was hooked over one of the man’s arms, showing off his cock plowing into her blonde furred pussy. Her asshole winked at me from between the soft globes of her ass.

My cock was still wet from Erin and Jessie so I just stuck it up the blonde’s ass. She screamed in surprise, ass clenching hard about my dick. The other guy kept fucking her pussy, and I could feel his cock through the walls of her ass. It felt a little weird to feel the other guy’s cock, but I was too horny to care. I filmed my dick as it disappeared into the woman’s tight ass, her butt cheeks jiggling. I sucked at her white neck, reveling in her ass’s firm grip on my dick.

“Oh, crap!” moaned the guy. “Christ her cunny’s tight. I’m in heaven! Crap!”

“Oh fuck yeah!” Ashley moaned. “This is what a real cock feels like! Oh, it’s so hot! Christ, your cum is shooting up into my womb!”

“Crap, I haven’t cum that fast in years,” sighed the middle-aged man, pulling out of the blonde’s cunt. He turned to walk off and froze. “Evie, what are you doing?”

A plump, middle aged woman, who was straddling a Mexican stud and riding his cock hard and fast, turned to the guy. “Ohh, just having some fun, dear,” she panted as she fucked herself on the man. “Come here and I’ll jerk you off till your hard then you can stick it in my ass. That looked really hot watching you double team that blonde.” She grabbed his cock and stroked it a few times and then popped it into her mouth.

“Oh, Evie,” moaned the guy. “You haven’t sucked my cock in years. I forgot how nice it was.” His wife grinned around his cock.

I continued fucking the blonde, pausing only long enough to pull her red blouse over her head. Underneath was a beige bra that strained to contain her huge tits. I easily unclasped her bra, then I resumed fucking her velvety ass; the soft flesh of her tits overflowed my hands as I groped and kneaded them. The blonde was panting, fucking her ass back into me. My fingers found her nipples, and they felt thick and large. I pinched and twisted them between my fingers.

“Oh fuck,” the blonde moaned. “Fuck my rear! Ohhh, god that’s good.” Her fingers were between her legs, playing with her cunt; her ass rippled on my cock. “Fuck, I’m cumming.”

The rhythmic squeezing of her ass on my cock as she came felt too good to resist; my balls tightened, and I erupted deep into her. I rested in her ass for a moment, the pulled out, panting hard. Her ass was so tight that none of my cum leaked out.

I slapped her ass and ordered, “Suck my cock clean, slut.” Smiling, the blonde knelt down, cleaning the taste of her ass off my cock. “You like sucking my dirty cock?” She moaned a muffled yes around my cock.

As she sucked my cock, I surveyed the store. More people were fucking then just the ones I ordered. Everyone was getting in the spirit. Women were fucking one or two guys. One woman was on hands and knees sucking one guy off as another fucked her ass. One lucky guy had a woman sitting on his dick and another sitting on his face. The two women were making out, caressing each other’s tits as they enjoyed the man beneath them.

Fatima, the middle-eastern chick, was on her back, her blouse open and Lucy, the Best Buy employee, sucked at her large, dusky tits with their dark brown nipples, while two guys jerked off watching them. Lucy moved lower, pulling up Fatima’s long, black skirt, and pulled aside her plain, white panties and ate her cunt. One of the guys groaned, and shot white jizz on Lucy’s naked ass and cunt. The other guy lasted only a little longer before cumming on Fatima’s tits, white cream contrasting with her coffee-colored skin.

The store was filled with moans and groans. People were cumming and then switching partners right away. I saw Bill watching a black guy fuck his wife’s pussy and stroking his cock lazily. The black guy tried to kiss her mouth. “I only kiss my husband,” Erin complained. When the black guy came in her, she pushed him away and went to her husband. They kissed and then Bill was sliding back into his wife. “That’s the dick I love,” she moaned. The black guy just shook his head and walked off.

I looked over and saw that Jessie was still bent over the counter with probably her seventh or eighth guy fucking her cunt. Cum ran in thick rivulets down her legs. The guy in her grunted, cumming inside her and pulling out; her cunt, spread obscenely open, dripped semen. Another guy stepped up and plunged in as Jessie cried out that she was cumming.

Damn, I was getting hard, again. I knelt down behind Lucy and shoved my cock into her cunt. One hand grasped her hip, trying to avoid touching the other guys cum on her ass and back, while filming her eat out Fatima’s pussy. Lucy cunt was tight like a glove and it sucked at my cock. Fatima smiled at the camera and played with her cum stained tits. She scooped big gobs of the greasy, white semen and sucked into her mouth as she writhed on Lucy’s pink tongue. Then she smiled shyly at me while tugging hard at a dark nipple, breast stretching as she pulled at her nipple.

I fucked Lucy hard and fast and filmed Fatima panting and moaning on Lucy’s tongue, face contorting in pleasure. She screamed something in Arabic as she orgasmed, juices squirting onto Lucy’s face. Lucy gasped in surprise and wiped female cum out of her eyes. Fatima panted, smiling in pleasure; her hand rubbed her stomach in slow, lazy circles. My orgasm neared, spurred on by Fatima squirting in Lucy’s face. I pulled out, wanting to cum on both sluts.

I pulled out of Lucy’s inviting cunt and motioned for them to gather around my cock. Both girls knelt before me, mouths open and tongues out. I stroked my dick, slick with Lucy’s juices, a few times, then I shot ropey, white strands across both their faces. Cum stained Lucy’s curly, brown hair and the Fatima’s headscarf. The two kissed and licked my cum off each other’s face. One would gather a mouthful of cum and then kiss the other, sticking semen stained tongue into her mouth and sharing the bounty of my cum. Lucy followed a strand down Fatima’s neck and discovered the other guy’s cum staining Fatima’s breasts, tongue licking about her dusky tits. I would love to see Mary lick my cum off another woman’s tits.

And then it hit me. Oh, shit! I forgot all about Mary.

I pulled out my phone and blinked in surprise. It had been nearly two hours since I left Heavenly Creatures Salon. Wow, time flies when you’re fucking. I looked regretfully around. There were still several cute women that I would love to stick my dick in, but Mary was waiting for me at the salon. Sighing in disappointment, I stuffed my cock back into my pants and headed to the front of the store, passing grunting couples fucking all over the store.

At the front counter there were two girls, eighteen or nineteen, tending the registers and watching a woman stuff a bottle of water into her cunt while two guys jerked off on her, spraying her body in thick, white cum. Apparently these two girls had quite the work ethic to still be manning the cash registers. I felt they deserved a reward. According to their nametags the Hispanic girl was Rosalita and the brunette was Stacy.

“Oscar should have left a bag for me?” I asked.

“Oh, of course, sir,” said Rosalita. Her face was flush and her hard nipples dimpled her shirt. She reached behind the counter and pulled out two large bags and walked towards me and handed me the bags.

“Thanks, dear,” I told her. “You deserve a reward. Stacy and Rosalita, I want you both to get naked and then eat each other’s pussies till you both cum. Then go find some other people to fuck.”

“Oh, thank you, sir,” moaned Rosalita. She popped off her shirt, revealing a lacy, black bra that was transparent enough to see the shadow of her areolas. Her bra came off, and I filmed her perky, caramel tits and pink nipples. Underneath her left tit was tattooed, “Sexy” in cursive. She was definitely sexy. Rosalita kicked off her shoes and wiggled out of her tight khaki pants.

Stacy was even faster. Somehow she was already naked. Her tits were smaller, and she was lithe and slender as opposed to Rosalita voluptuous curves. Rosalita finally took her panties off and Stacy pulled her down to the floor. Rosalita straddled Stacy’s face and dove into her pussy. Stacy moaned and then returned the favor, digging her tongue into Rosalita’s wet slit.

I sighed, I really need to go.

I took one last look at the two girls writhing on the floor and ,with regret, I left Best Buy. I placed the bags in the trunk of my car and climbed in. The engine started without complaint this time. A fan belt squealed as I backed out of the parking space. A horn honked at I hit the brake. My heart was beating fast in surprise. I looked over my shoulder and realized I had almost backed into this silver mustang.

The driver was a white guy, balding and fat, in his late forties or early fifties. The Mustang was clearly a mid-life-crisismobile. A woman, probably his wife, sat in the passenger seat. She was frumpy-looking, in her late forties. The driver honked his horn a second time, and yelled something at me. Fuck, this guy was pissing me off. And I had been thinking of getting a new car; it was silver Mustang instead of black, but I could live with that. I stepped out of my car, and the other driver exited his car.

“You fucking blind,” the driver screamed at me, his face turning red. “What the fuck is wrong with you. This is a brand new car, asshole.” He was right; I could see the dealer plates.

His wife stepped out of the car. “Tony, get back in the car,” she ordered.

“I’m handling this, Marge!” Tony shouted, before turning back to me. “Are you fucking mute! Where’d you learn to fucking drive.”

“That’s a nice car,” I smiled. This asshole doesn’t deserve such a nice car.

“And you almost fucking hit it!” he roared. “Christ, what is wrong with your generation? You were probably texting on your fucking phone and not paying any goddamn attention to what the fuck you were doing!”

“Tony and Marge, trade cars with me,” I ordered. “And Tony, stop shouting at me.” I popped open the trunk to my car. “Tony, grab my bags out of the trunk and put them in my new Mustang’s trunk. You will continue to make the monthly payments and the insurance premiums for my Mustang. Now go sit in your new Ford Taurus. This is your punishment for being an asshole. I want you to sit there and think about how you overreacted.”

“Fuck,” Tony muttered and grabbed my bags, placing them in my Mustang’s trunk.

“Marge, there’s an orgy going on in Best Buy. Go in there and fuck as many people as you can,” Marge nodded and started walking towards the store. “Tell your husband all the filthy details when you’re done.”

“Marge,” Tony protested from my car.

“This is the second part of your punishment,” I told Tony. “You cannot leave my car until Marge leaves the Best Buy. And then you will listen to her describe all the cocks she had in all of her holes and how hard she came.”

I laughed as Tony stared despondently at his wife disappearing into the Best Buy. Through the glass doors you could just make out her dropping to her knees before some guy and began blowing him. Hopefully, Tony would learn to not be an asshole in the future.

I climbed into my new Mustang. The seats were leather and very comfortable. The car had that brand new smell; I breathed it in deeply. I had never owned a new car before. I revved the engine, and I grinned at the throaty, deep roar. I pushed the clutch and brake in then put the car in gear. I revved the engine again, and peeled out of the parking lot. God, this car had power. It was a shame I only had four blocks to go in heavy traffic.

Excited, I pulled into the Heavenly Creature’s Salon parking lot. I couldn’t wait to see Mary’s waxed cunt. Camcorder in hand, I walked into the salon. Mary sat on a bench making out with the Thai receptionist. Mary’s hands were down the receptionist’s unbuttoned jeans, fingering her cunt. The receptionist was groping Mary’s tits through her Starbucks polo shirt.

“That’s pretty hot, Mare,” I said, filming my girlfriend making out with the another girl.

Mary broke the kiss and smiled at me. “Hey, Mark,” she said, fingering the receptionist hard.

“Sorry for taking so long,” I said sheepishly. “I lost track of time.”

Mary grinned at me. “It’s okay. Malai and I found a nice way to pass the time.” Malai just moaned. Mary nibbled on her neck and whispered in her ear, “You gonna cum for me, baby?”

“Oh, yeah!” Malai sighed. “Keep rubbing my clit.” She bucked as she came, moaning wordlessly.

Mary stood up and smiled sexy at the camcorder and licked Malai’s cream off her finger. She was so beautiful with her heart-shaped, freckled face; cute little nose; and her deep, emerald eyes. Her auburn hair was pulled back into a sexy ponytail. A few strands had escaped and fell loosely about her face. She posed for the camera like a ’40’s pinup girl and blew a kiss at the camera.

“You like your new toy?” she asked, sauntering over to me.

“Yeah, I had a lot fun with it.”

“Is that why you’re so late?”

I smiled and nodded. Mary reached me and held out her sticky fingers to my lips. The receptionist tasted sour and spicy. Mary leaned in and kissed me and I tasted a different flavor of pussy juices on her lips. “Joy?”

Mary just grinned and kissed me second time. “Thank you for arranging it,” Mary told me. “She made my first waxing it a very pleasurable experience. And whose pussy am I tasting on your mouth?”

“That would be Erin,” I told her. “I fucked her while her husband watched.”

Mary laughed wickedly. “You’re so naughty.” She kissed me a second time, then asked “You want to see my waxed pussy?”

I nodded excitedly.

“I think you’ll love it,” she said with a sultry smile and winked at the camcorder.

She pulled off her black, polo shirt and her perfect tits were revealed: pale, small orbs topped with dark pink areolas and hard nipples. Freckles dotted her chest and breasts, enhancing her beauty. I zoomed in on each tit. She kicked her shoes off before turning around and unbuttoned her pants. She wiggled her cute butt as she pulled down her pants and white panties down, exposing her plump, round ass. I gave it a playful smack and Mary giggled, shaking her butt for the camera.

I licked my lips and adjusted my hard cock in my pants to be more comfortable. Mary turned around, hands covering her pussy. “You ready, hun?”

“God, yeah!”

She pulled her hands away revealing a heart of fiery hair above the tight, exposed slit of her cunt. I whistled appreciatively, reaching out to slid my finger around her smooth lips, and then into her tight slit. She was wet and hot and her clit was a hard, little bump. She sighed as I fingered her sensitive clit.

“It’s perfect, Mare,” I whispered in awe, dropping to my knees before her, filming her smooth lips up close.

“Good,” Mary answered. “Because it hurt.”

“I’m sorry, maybe I can kiss it to make you feel better.”

“Maybe,” she answered with a smile. God, I loved her.

I kissed her auburn heart, the hair ticklish on my lips. Then I kissed the smooth flesh around the heart. Moving slowly around the top and down the sides. I moved lower, kissing down the sides of her labia, tasting her spicy flavor. “Feeling better?” I asked, looking up at her.

“A little. Maybe kiss a little to my … ohhh!” She gasped in pleasure as I kissed and nibbled on her clit, tracing the spongy nub with my tongue, Mary’s gasps and moans were sweet music in my ears. It was getting awkward holding the camcorders and sucking on her clit. “Take the camcorder, babe.”

Mary took the camcorder and I dove back into that smooth, sweet pussy, savoring her scent and taste. “Mhhh, you look good with pussy on your face,” Mary huskily said as she filmed me. “You like to eat my pussy?”

“Love it, Mare,” I moaned; mouth full of her sticky juices. “My filly tastes amazing.”

“Ohh, you’re doing great, hun,” she moaned. “Umm, keep doing that to my clit! Fuck, fuck, that’s feel so good!”

I gripped her plump ass, pulling her cunt hard against my face. Her juices flooded my mouth and I drank her sweet nectar. Mary gasped as I sank a finger into her tight ass. Her hips bucked and her cunt danced on my face. Her moans were low and throaty now, her ass squeezing on my finger.

“Oh, oh, yeah! Gonna cum, gonna cum!” Her voice was shrill as she came, body writhing on my face. “Oh, fuck, that was so good, hun!”

I kissed up her body, up her flat stomach, pausing to tease her bellybutton with my tongue. I reached her small breasts, kissing both her nipples. I kissed the hollow of her throat, tasting her salty sweat, then moved up her throat to her ear, nibbling at her soft lobe. I kissed down her jawline and ended at her soft lips, her tongue caressing my lips.

“Mmm, I do taste amazing,” she purred, licking her lips. “So, you promised to take me shopping.”

I laughed. “Yeah, Mare. Let’s see what trouble we can get into.”

Mary grinned. “Can’t wait, hun.”

I laughed. I had awakened a horny, sexy woman this morning. She seemed as insatiable as I was. I threw an arm around her, pulling her tight. I just knew we were going to have so much fun together.


Sister Theodora Mariam – Los Angeles, CA
“Gracias, Sister Theodora,” Esmeralda said, hugging me and kissing both of my cheeks.

I smiled at the elderly Hispanic woman, before turning to lock St. Afra’s fellowship hall. I had only been the caretaker for the church for two weeks, and I was finding the parishioners to be a warm and friendly group. For twelve years I had been Sister Theodora Mariam of the Sisters of Mary Magdalena, ever since a Magdalenite Sister rescued me from the filth of my life: enslaved to a Warlock. During that time, I had served as the caretaker for many churches and St. Afras has been friendliest by far.

“You have a nice day,” I told Esmeralda with a smile, waving as the seventy-year old Hispanic woman walked towards the street.

The Los Angeles sun beat down on me; I started to sweat in my gray habit and white veil. I wiped sweat away from my forehead. I prayed that I would get used to this heat. My last post had been in Winnipeg, Canada. I fanned my face with a hand, trying to create a breeze, and thanked God that I didn’t have to wear the full wimple that the older generations of nuns wore. There was some shade in the back of the church as I walked to the caretaker’s small house.

The caretakers house was a small, one story dwelling. The exterior was the off-white adobe common in LA and the Southwest, and was roofed in faded, red tiles. Inside there was a small kitchen, bathroom, a bedroom and a small living room that doubled as a dining room. I unlocked the front door and stepped into the blessedly cool, air condition living room. I thanked the Lord for providing me with a working A/C.

I sat down on the faded, blue couch and turned the TV on. The evening news was on, the sports anchor, a handsome Latino man, talked about last night’s Dodger game. They won in extra innings. I pulled my shoes off and rubbed at my white, stocking clad foot, deciding to relax a few minutes before cooking my dinner.

“In National news, there was a gas leak this morning in a Best Buy in South Hill, Washington State,” the female anchor announced. She was a big-titted, Hispanic gal wearing a low-cut blouse to really show off her assets. “The shoppers at Best Buy received more than they bargained for as the gas caused some strange behavior.”

“They took off all their clothes,” the male anchor continued, “and engaged in inappropriate behavior in the store.” He was a clean-cut white guy, broad-shouldered and with chiseled features that caused an itch of excitement between my legs.

The footage cut to a woman being interviewed outside the Best Buy. Behind her, firemen and cops were leading stumbling men and women out, draped in yellow blankets, to waiting ambulances. “I walked into the Best Buy and it was full of naked people,” the woman being interviewed said. “It was horrifying. There were people BLEEPing everywhere.”

“Authorities report over thirty people had to be taken to local hospitals to be examined,” the male anchor said when they cut back to the studio. “They are expected to make a full recovery.”

“The source of the gas has not been discovered,” the female anchor continued. “Authorities have not ruled out the possibility of a terrorist attack.”

I turned off the TV.

That was no terrorist attack. It was the work of a Warlock.

Some poor fool, who sold his soul to the Devil. Based on the orgy, it was some sad, lonely guy who had never had sex before and was playing out his juvenile fantasies. For seven hundred years my Order had fought the forces of darkness. One of my Sisters – hopefully myself, but likely the more experienced Sister Louise, the other Nun in North America – would soon receive the Ecstasy and be sent into battle.

Sent to exorcise the Warlock and his Thralls.

That’s how I had joined the order. I had been the Thrall of a Warlock. He stole me from my husband and my beautiful daughters and I degraded myself with his lusts. Then Sister Louise Afra rescued me. And I had been fighting the Lord’s fight ever since.

“Please, God,” I prayed. “Let me be Your instrument to thwart this evil.”

My excitement built inside me. It had been two years since I exorcised a Warlock. My hand undid the belt cinching the waist of my habit and lifted the robe up, exposing my plain panties. I touched my crotch; my pussy moistened my gusset. I rubbed my clit through my panties, savoring the memory of the last exorcism I had performed.

The Warlock had a huge dick and it stretched my pussy till it hurt, a pleasant pain that made the press of flesh that much more exciting. I pushed aside the leg band of my panties and stuck two fingers up my cunt. I remembered how hard I had cum when that Warlock shot his jizz in me, and I exorcised the Devil’s powers from him when he orgasmed.

“Oh, please God,” I prayed, fucking my fingers hard in my cunt and ground the heel of my hand into my clit. “Please, please God. It has been two years since a man’s been inside me, Lord.” I could smell the scent of my arousal, and delighted in the musky fragrance. “Two years since I battled Evil. If it is Your will, oh Lord, then send me out to fight!”

My orgasm rolled over me, my cunt clenched on my fingers. Breathing heavily, I pulled up my hand, wet and sticky and licked my spicy flavor off my fingers. Savoring my orgasm, before I crossed myself. “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.” I purred, reaching down to my cunt again.

I needed to cum again.

To be continued…

Click here for Chapter 4

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